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You are blocked from editing pages, not reading them. If you were only intending to read a page and are seeing this message, you probably followed a red link. These are links to pages that do not exist, so they take users to an editing screen. You should have no problem if you follow only blue links.

If the reason given is "username", then you or someone with whom you share an IP address has most likely been blocked for choosing an inappropriate or suspicious username. If you do not feel that the name is inappropriate, or if the name was registered by somebody other than yourself, please contact the blocking administrator.

What to do next

You can either wait for the block to expire, or contact $1 to resolve the problem that led to the block.

If you wish to contact $1, you may do so via email, you can also contact him/her via IRC depending if the user is there or not. He'll be in the #twitlive chatroom if you're lucky.

What you'll need need to know:

  • Your IP address, which is $3
  • The name of the blocking admin, which is $1
  • The reason you were blocked, which is:
  • Your block ID is $5