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Mostly Photo, hosted by Leo Laporte and professional photographer Lisa Bettany, was a weekly show on the TWiT network that helps everyone take better pictures by teaching you how get the most out of your digital camera. The show has a flickr group where viewers can submit their own pictures that they have taken. After the 10th episode it was announced that Lisa wouldn't be able to host the show full time anymore due to increased commitments with her iPhone app Camera+ as well as other applications with tap tap tap. She may return as a guest on the show as her time allows.

The show was re-branded as TWiT Photo with Catherine Hall.


Recent shows

  • Mostly Photo 11 - Mikkel Aaland - The future of photography, past and present.
  • Mostly Photo 10 - Chris Marquardt - Street photography through the lens of Chris Marquardt.
  • Mostly Photo 9 - Stu Maschwitz - Great advice from Stu Maschwitz for your video as well as photo projects
  • Mostly Photo 8 - Rick Sammon - Advice to live by with Rick Sammon, the godfather of photography.
  • Mostly Photo 7 - Catherine Hall - Great tips on wedding photography with Catherine Hall.



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