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Episode 144

Net@night 144: Bobby, You Win


Chetan Surpur & Shashwat Kandadai founders of Polluxapp. Polluxapp helps you tag your itunes library. It analyzes the track's unique fingerprint, (no existing track information necessary) and tags the name, artist, album, album art, genre, year, and lyrics. The application is free to try (can tag 20 songs for free) and then it is $10.00 per year after that for unlimited tagging.


The Chinese government is definitely not pleased with Google right now. In response to Google’s decision yesterday to stop self-censoring its search engine and other sites in China by redirecting them to its site in Hong Kong, China is now censoring some search queries itself. A Google spokesperson confirms to us “it seems that certain sensitive queries are being blocked. However, the site is not currently being blocked.” Checks with contacts inside China also confirm that the Hong Kong site remains accessible.

The @ symbol has been added to the prestigious collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art, the organization announced today. Unlike some other ephemera, the Museum didn't pay a penny for the symbol, nor will it claim exclusive rights to its use.

  • The Onion Gets A Cable TV Show

Web and newspaper comedy favorite The Onion and the Independent Film Channel (IFC) are collaborating to develop a half-hour cable TV series called Onion News Network. IFC plans to air the show beginning in early 2011. This is the second deal The Onion’s made in cable television; it signed with Comedy Central to bring its Onion Sports Network to the air a few months ago. Like Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, ONN will parody local affiliate news and at-a-desk editorial programming on 24-hour news networks. The Onion is known for a harsher and more absurd style of comedy, though, so don’t expect the new series to step on Stewart’s toes if it actually makes it on the air.

If you've ever wanted to give an iPhone app to someone else -- how many of you have wanted to buy games for your kids, for example? -- Apple has good news for you: a "gift" feature is now enabled in the iTunes App Store. It works just like giving music has worked in the App Store for some time now: enter the contact details, and Apple sends the recipient an email with a link to collect their new apps. It's that easy!

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An Ode to Merton from Ben Folds

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