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Episode 172

Net@night 172:


Fredrik Mjelle,

"You've been talking a lot lately on Net at Night about the lack of

conversation on twitter etc. and we really feel that there is a void

here that mootly can fill - when twitter gets too much like a

broadcast media and facebook comment only goes skin deep."


The largest ever global research project into people's online activities has released its findings. The TNS Digital Life research involved 50,000 interviews with individuals in 46 countries, covering almost 90% of the world's online population. The study aimed to uncover how the world's online behavior may be shifting, in terms of both consumption and communication. And among the findings were that online consumers in emerging, rapid growth markets are more engaged than those in mature markets, with Egypt and China, for example, having much higher levels of digital engagement than Japan, Denmark or Finland.

  • Social networking vs. e-mail: Facebook and LinkedIn are being used to communicate more so than e-mail in rapid growth markets such as Latin America, the Middle East and China, where the average time spent per week on social networking is 5.2 hours, vs. 4 hours on email. Online consumers in mature markets remain more reliant on email, spending 5.1 hours with e-mail, vs. 3.8 hours on social networking. The heaviest users of social networking are in Malaysia (9 hours per week), Russia (8.1 hours per week) and Turkey (7.7 hours per week).
  • ‘Friends’ in social networks: Consumers in Malaysia top the list with an average of 233 friends, followed by Brazilians with 231. The least social are the Japanese with just 29 friends. Surprisingly, Chinese consumers only have an average of 68 friends, despite being heavy users of social networking sites. The average number of ‘friends’ in one’s social network, across countries, could indicate cultural preference for close (but fewer) relationships, vs. the more ‘American’ broad network of acquaintances. It would be interesting to see how these change over time, as well, as a result of social media permeation – and any changes in how its use evolves for personal vs. professional networking.

Gap has announced on its Facebook Page that it is scrapping its new logo design efforts, acquiescing to a torrent of criticism coming primarily from Facebook and Twitter users. Last week, Gap unveiled a new logo, one it called “a more contemporary, modern expression.” The retailer’s customers were not so thrilled about the change, and Gap decided to ask users for their logo design ideas instead. However, that course of action has now been reversed, as well.

After unprecedented user backlash as well as a majority vote on a recent poll on whether Digg should bring back the controversial “Bury” button, new [Digg CEO Matthew Williams today confirmed that the social news aggregator would be bringing back many of the beloved Digg Version 3 features.

“Recently, we’ve been reinstating a number of the features that many of you loved about Digg. In the past two weeks we’ve brought back the “Upcoming” section, started restoring user profiles from the previous version of Digg, and made small but important tweaks to the site including better pagination. In the next few weeks we’ll bring back the bury button, restore all user profiles (including comment and submission history), add filters and navigation for videos and images, provide a tool for users to report comment violations, and update the Top News algorithm and overall site design based upon your feedback. The result will hopefully be a much better web site experience.”

Picks of the Week

Site of the Night

The project is a unique Web-only music video where every frame is a fan-created drawing. Directed by Chris Milk, it's set to Cash's “Ain't No Grave,” the title track from the posthumous album released earlier this year.

Work on the project – a complex mix of software design and editing – began last September. The website launched in March. After more than 250,000 submissions, a broadcast version of the video has been released for TV stations and eligibility for 2010 Grammy nominations.

For Milk, who has directed videos for Kanye West and Gnarls Barkley, the project is a “living memorial” that befits the song. In it, Cash sings, “There ain't no grave gonna hold my body down.”

Video of the Week

App of the Night (iPhone)

Instagram is a fun & quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your iPhone, then choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the shot into a memory to keep around forever. We’re building the platform to allow you to experience moments in your friends’ lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through images of what happens around them – whether through friends or people across the world.

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