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Episode 80

Net@night 80 - Mr. Tweet


  • Mr. Tweet, aka Ming Yeow Ng
  • for greater detail on the mechanics of Mr Tweet; algorithms etc..


  • In the early 90s people were stil takling about routers and switches whereas now the medium has matured they're talking about community and information, debate. Leo says a similar thing happened with stereophiles and audio systems. The conversation progressed from Total Watts RMS etc. but about their favourite bands and such.

Interview with Mr. Tweet

  • Mr Tweet is your personal networking assistant, it finds out who you should follow on Twitter.
  • Twitter is a simple system, it's users invented conventions such as the @ reply for which Twitter then added support.
  • Finding people to follow on Twitter is not easy and Twitter doesn't help by proving functionality
  • No one Twitterer can engineer a feature, it needs to be a grassroots thing (like the # hashtags)
  • Mr Tweet is currently two people
  • There is a noise problem on Twitter, browsing people on Twitter is very difficult, Mr Tweet was created as a solution to these problems.
  • To get help from you follow Mr Tweet on Twitter and within a few days/a week you will be contacted and asked what you want Mr Tweet to do for you
    • You can find new people to follow
    • You can find people within your network that you might want to follow back.
  • Figuring out who you should follow is a two part process.Data collection from Twitter "If it's feeling well then we get the data". The computation of that data
  • Twitter development team are incredible responsive and helpful as they realise the 3rd party ecosystem is essential to their success in a way it isn't for Facebook.One killer app like Mr Tweet can make your service grow
  • Mr Tweet has created nearly 400,00 new connections.
  • Amber is pleased with her suggestions and finds that many of the suggested people were people she thought she was following already
  • The suggested people have statistics beside their names e.g. how many followers frequency/amount of updates
  • There are many different kinds of Twitter users, using it in different ways
    • Tim O'Reilly follows about 100 people, does a lot of re-tweeting, rewarding the people that give him good information by spreading it
    • Loic LeMur follows "like 15,000 people", if you follow both Tim and Loic, Tim's followers will carry more weight because Loic follows probably a lot of spammers and bots. Mr Tweet is trying to ascertain credibility.
  • Ratio of followers/followed doesn't necessarily mean that much: people who follow many people may be earer to learn and get information, or they could be spammers,
  • "We try to see who the user thinks is a credible person, not so much who we think is a credible person, if we were to impose that measure... everybody would see Tim O'Reilly " (27:05)
  • "My one year old kid has no influence on the rest of the world, but he has tremendous influence on me" (28:08)
  • Amazon uses user generated data in their recommendations, how like user A user B is. how to bring these two similar people together
  • slideshow on the ideas behind Mr Tweet
  • Andreas Weigend a Mr Tweet advisor and former chief scientist at
  • Company site of the people behind Mr Tweet (just an info page at the time of transmission)

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