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oDTV stands for on-Demand TWiT Video and is pronounced "odd T V". It was an online service started in 2008 by kiwinerd which recorded TWiT Live video broadcasts and published them as a podcast. Along with recording regularly scheduled TWiT programs, oDTV also recorded shows like Maxwell's House and TWiT Fit, which were not available as downloads on the TWiT.tv website. oDTV was a community project and was run by a group of volunteers. It was not affiliated with TWiT, but had been given explicit permission from Leo Laporte to re-publish video captured from the live stream. The project ended naturally in early 2011 as it was no longer needed, but I would like to thank everyone involved, especially all the other member of Team ODTV who contributed volunteer time over the project's lifetime, including steveh, jeh, PcGuy, Ikon, sunkenplanet, sharp65, mikerm, syanick, indiana, RalphSaunders, StormBasiat, CriticalMass, DIX-flatline, iso50, Caleb, DarkPC, Steeve, ChrisJones, DrNumb, FiveOfEight, thelosh, meny311, jdwusami, kylehase, NiteInJail, and Houdini7 from IRC.

We would also like to thank TWiT fans, who donated to our earlier bandwidth expenses, and then Leo Laporte himself, who donated Cachefly bandwidth. In our heyday, we were using terabytes a month.