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This Week in Computer Hardware (known as PC Perspective for the first 22 episodes, after which the PC Perspective Podcast began to be recorded on the TWiT network) is a show focusing on cutting edge PC Hardware with lots of comparisons and benchmarks. It is broadcast exclusively on TWiT Live. The show was hosted by Leo Laporte,and Ryan Shrout, and now is hosted by Ryan Shrout and Patrick Norton.

Since December 2009, This Week in Computer Hardware has been an official TWiT podcast located at

About the show

Want to know what to buy when building a new machine? This is the place to find out... This show covers the latest motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, RAM, cases, and anything else that goes inside a computer. Also reviewed and tested are accessories like 3D glasses. Ryan first appeared on the TWiT network in 2008 during the build of the latest Ultimate Gaming Machine where he provided his expertise on selecting the various components of this awesome gaming machine. Benchmarks of hardware are a normal item covered on the show to help you decide on which component is best suited for your specific need.

Ryan has his own podcast which you can find on his site Ryan broadcasts from and lives in Florence, Kentucky. He has moved into a new office with the main purpose to expand the video content of the show.




Recent Episodes

Recent episodes can be viewed and downloaded here

Show notes

Additional show notes for this Week in Computer Hardware can be found here.


Music by: Dan Lueders

The theme for This Week in Computer Hardware can be downloaded from here.

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