PC Perspective 10

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PC Perspective
Episode 10


  1. New AMD-based HTPC design and details
    1. Platform includes: MSI 7411 MB, amp and pre-amp cards, Phenom X4 9350, 2GB DDR2-667, ATI Theater Pro TV Tuner, Blu-ray, 500GB, Noiselimit Silent Flux Cooler, NMedia HTPC 1000B chassis, Diamond USB Ir remote
    2. 1080p support, lots of
  2. Massive Phenom II price drops
    1. X4 940 - $275 to $225
    2. X4 920 - $235 to $195
    3. Lack of demand? AM3 parts?
  3. Intel CPU price cuts too
    1. Q9650 - $530 to $316
    2. New Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHz - $133
    3. Single core Mobile Celeron 570 from $134 to $70
  4. Sagging results in tech sector
    1. Intel may post first loss in 88 quarters, consolidating older factories, 5-6k jobs
    2. Salary cuts at AMD, 10% job cuts
    3. ASUS has 1.2B in backed up inventory
  5. World of Warcraft supports NVIDIA 3D Vision
    1. http://arstechnica.com/journals/thumbs.ars/2009/01/21/wow-patch-brings-3d-support-via-nvidias-3d-vision
  6. Seagate HDD issues
    1. Barracuda 7200.11 drives from 160GB to 1.5TB mostly affected
    2. “streaming” data problems resulting in 30 second pauses in activity or even the inability to access data completely
    3. Firmware update offered and free data recovery as well
    4. Actively looking into a recall
      1. The firmware is corrupted. It doesn't interface correctly with the drive and causes it to fail. But, it's failing at the electronics level and not the platter level, so it's not destroying data


  • Contest winners sound cards: J. Chang and Geoff Bishop
  • New contest! This week: Custom key chains from Galaxy with NVIDIA G72 (GeForce 7900) and NV43 (GeForce 6600) chips in them!