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18% science, 27% irreverence, 22% current events, 56% geek life, 13% non-sequiturs and $19 of ranting. That's the formula for "Padre's Corner" – A show that's not necessarily about tech news, but created by those who love news about tech. Join Padre each week as he picks up the stories that fall through the cracks and geeks out with your favorite folks from around the Interwebz.



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Recent shows

Below are recent episodes you can download or watch.

  • Padre's Corner 13Stargates, Windmills & David HewlettApple KINDA won their latest legal skirmish with Samsung, robot doctors are curing Parkinson's disease and SciFi is getting reboot. Joining us this week is Science-Fiction legend, David Hewlett.
  • Padre's Corner 12The FCC & The Nuclear OptionOn this episode of Padre' Corner, I talk about what make us laugh, give you a REAL example of how Heartbleed works, go nuclear on Chernobyle, then hang with Evan Brown to talk about faith, trolls and the FCC.
  • Padre's Corner 11Liar, Liar, Rants on FireLithium, Mars Rovers, and solar-powered death rays (for tanning) -- and that's just for starters. On this episode of "Padre's Corner" we get a visit from the REAL star of "Night Attack", Justin Robert Young. We then proceed to talk about naked Germans, Russians in Space, iAmericans and being French... right before we lose the plot talking about Ed Snowden's Modeling pics.
  • Padre's Corner 10Turbocharged Body PartsI know you don't want to die while riding on TOP (or underneath) a train, so you should probably watch this episode of "Padre's Corner" - I talk all about Mercedes dominating F1 with a fancy, split-Turbocharger, explain the Heartbleed bug IN ENGLISH, then I'm joined by Brian Brushwood who shoots the sheezy about Apple being bad, the DHS being evil and body parts being grown.
  • Padre's Corner 9Wireless with Lamarr WilsonOn this episode of "Padre's Corner" - I kick it with +Lamarr Wilson after talking about making patriotic-love, designing water towers, and revamping F1 racing.
  • Padre's Corner 8Supernova to the FaceJoin Padre as he muses about "body compatible" technology and stars taking a supernova to the face. He also rants about debtors prisons, then invites Allyn Malventano to join him in a discussion about crazy-fast (and crazy-priced) video cards, texting while driving, and all things Occulus.
  • Padre's Corner 7Inflation CreationIn this riveting episode of "Padre's Corner", we muse about Mt. Gox finding 200,000 bitcoins in their other pants, go all ga-ga about the discovery of B-Mode polarization, rant about banking, then get chill with our guest, Dale Chase.
  • Padre's Corner 6Lasers, Plutonium and Street FashionJoin padre as he talks about snakes (or lasers) on a plane, Google's plans for China and makes a case for Nuclear power. Later, he's joined by @akaTRENT who tries to educate the good Father about the finer points of street fashion. Also joining us are our friends at CorridorDigital, who show us how the "Instakill" stacks up in the video game world.
  • Padre's Corner 5Nukes Rise, Bitcoin FallsAre "nukes in space" the key to space travel? Will Facebook blanket Africa with drones? Are Bitcoin fanboys killing what they love? Sit a spell with Padre and Chase Nunes as the geek out over the weeks coolest stories.
  • Padre's Corner 4Jesuit OverloadJoin Padre and his guest, Rev. Mr. Eric Sundrup, SJ as they enjoy some of the weeks most interesting stories. We talk about how sponges can save lives, make fun of bitcoin and Padre rants about the politics of extremism.
  • Padre's Corner 3Sad TromboneJoin Padre as he muses about mosquitos, hackable car networks, doge stuff, and net neutrality. Later, he's joined by Lou Maresca and they geek out over Amazon's new content strategy and how Sony lost its groove.
  • Padre's Corner 2Ranting with a Who-liganWant to know what a leveraged buyout is? Feel like piloting your icebreaker sideways? How do you feel about cops behaving badly and networks pretending like the Internet doesn't exist? Join Padre and his guest, Paul "The Book Guy" Alves as the tackle the pressing issues around geekdom.
  • Padre's Corner 1Pooping, Spying and Buying with Chase NunesWe talk a little about sloths and moths, encourage 4-chan, and talk with Chase Nunes about his dream to make Internet broadcasting his full-time job.

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