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Patrick Delahanty is perhaps best known as the creator of, the largest source for anime convention information on the Internet, and its sister site, He is also the founder and host of The Chibi Project where he is responsible for experiments on anime toys.

Patrick is big fan of conventions. He has attended more than 100 of them and is one of the founders of both Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference. He has hosted his popular improv event, Anime Unscripted, more than 40 times at more than a dozen different conventions in two countries and four time zones.

In addition to being a con whore, Patrick is also the voice of the fighter pilots in the Macworld shareware game of the year Escape Velocity and its sequel, EV: Override.

On April 22, 2013, he started working at TWiT as a Web/Digital Engineer. This was revealed by Leo after the March 17th episode of TWiT, the day before Patrick gave his notice at Fortunately, nobody at Monster watches TWiT (or follows any tech news, really... Sad.)

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Other Podcast Appearances

In addition to The Chibi Project and AnimeCons TV, Patrick has appeared in the following other podcasts:

Fun Facts

  • Patrick is 6'6" tall...also referred to as 4'30".
  • Patrick first met Brian at the live Diggnation in NYC on June 4, 2008. Ohdoctah, ohhoe, and Jonny Zavant were present, but he didn't know them at the time. (Many Revision3 personalities such as Shannon Morse and Sarah Lane were also present, but he hadn't met them there.) He met Brian again a couple months later with Dezrah at the 99 Restaurant in Hudson, MA as Brian was headed up to a show at Rivier College.
  • In honor of NSFW Episode 50, Patrick put together a tribute video titled Thnks Fr Th NSFW. He later created iCarly opening parody, iNSFW, which was played as the opening video for the The First Annual Creepass Halloween Special|151st episode.
  • Patrick is a strong force in the Movie Draft. Out of over 1000 people, he placed first in the 2011 Summer Movie Draft for Chatrealm, 11th in the 2010 Summer Movie Draft, 20th in the 2012 Summer Movie Draft, and 13th in the 2012 Winter Movie Draft.
  • Patrick's first visit to the TWiT Brick House was on September 16, 2012.
  • Patrick's father was a guest on This Week in Law episode 398.


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