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Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurrott (born October 29, 1966) is a technology reporter, author, podcaster, and news editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine. Paul is the co-host of Windows Weekly on the TWiT network attracting over 80,000 downloads each week. Thurrott currently resides in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA.

Windows Weekly

Thurrott is the co-host of Windows Weekly on the TWiT network along with Leo Laporte and Mary-Jo Foley. New episodes are recorded every Thursday on TWiT Live and are released for download by Friday.

Other Work

In addition to Windows Weekly Thurrott is involved in many other undertakings.

  • Runs the popular SuperSite for Windows.
  • News editor for Windows IT Pro magazine.
  • Thurrott is also an author with multiple published books, most recently Windows Phone Secrets.



  • Paul has admitted to having six Xbox 360s in his house. Three have the red ring of death.
  • Thurrott also covers companies other than Microsoft including Google and Apple.

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