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Scott Bourne,

Scott Bourne is a regular contributor to MacBreak Weekly on the TWiT network. He is the founder of Podango and co-hosts This Week in Photography with Alex Lindsay.

Scott has been involved in photography for more than three decades. He’s the author of four photo books including, 88 Secrets to Selling & Publishing Your Photography, Captivating Wildlife, with David Middleton, 88 Secrets to Photoshop for Photographers, and 88 Secrets to Wildlife Photography with Rod Barbee. Scott’s also authored three photography-related titles for

Scott’s led workshops and seminars for, Palm Beach Photographic Center, Cooperative Communicators of America, WPPA, The Professional Photographers of America, Seattle Art Center, and Olympic Mountain School of Photography. He holds the designation Apple Certified Professional Trainer (T3) for Apple’s Aperture. He’s also previously held the designation Certified Adobe Photoshop Instructor.


  • To pay homage to Scott who bought a metric ton of iPhones and bragged about this fact on MacBreak Weekly, a fan decided to create a site called Scott Bourne Facts. It’s modeled after a similar site done for Chuck Norris called Chuck Norris Facts.
  • When Scott Bourne’s iPhone falls in the water, Scott’s iPhone doesn’t get wet, the water gets Scott’s iPhone.
  • Scott Bourne’s iPhone bill doesn’t come in a box, it comes in by a truck, driven by Steve Jobs.
  • Apple’s best retail location is in Scott Bourne’s living room, and it outsells all other Apple stores 20 to 1.
  • The only effective defense against a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick is a Scott Bourne-owned iPhone.
  • When Bruce Banner gets angry, he turns into The Incredible Hulk. When The Hulk gets angry, he turns into Scott’s iPhone.


Scott Bourne has taken a temporary leave from Macbreak Weekly for personal reasons. (

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