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Security Now
Episode 001

Security Now: 001

News & Errata

  • Introduction of Steve Gibson
    • Iomega and the click of death [1]
    • Steve and Spyware
    • Coined term spyware
    • First anti-spyware utility, Optout[2]
    • Shields Up [3]
    • Leak Test [4]


  • Zotob Worm
    • Hackers analyzed a Microsoft update patch, found the vulnerability it was fixing, and then created a worm to take advantage of it in Windows 2000
    • XP had the vulnerability, but is not susceptible as Windows 2000
    • A firewall or a NAT router would protect against this worm
    • The biggest infection is from corporate networks
    • Corporate networks were infected by people who brought infected laptops in to work. Since corporate computers did not have individual firewalls on them, just the corporate firwall
  • A worm self-propagates, whereas a virus has traditionally been defined as the user has to do something to get themselves infected

External Links

  • Transcription of episode[5]
  • Download this episode[6]
  • Download 16kb version of this episode[7]

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