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Security Now
Episode 002

Security Now: 002

News & Errata

  • This episode was recorded using Google Talk[1]


  • Strider HoneyMonkey Exploit Detection System[2]
  • A Honeypot is a computer set on the internet to be attacked by hackers to find exploits
  • A HoneyMonkey is a computer that mimics users and surfs to websites that are malicious to get infected
  • A common source of websites to tests are hosts files that are published online and links in phishing emails
  • Microsoft found in just one moth, 752 URL's that try to infect Windows XP machines using Internet Explorer
    • They even found one exploit that would infect an up to date Windows XP machine with all patches applied
    • Most of the exploited URL's are pornography sites
    • A user does not have to download anything, or click on anything to get infected, just going to the site can infect a computer
    • Microsoft removed the malicious links they found from MSN search
  • Infecting computers has become a business model now

Notable Quotes

  • Leo: By the way, ladies and gentlemen, this may be the only podcast where you ever hear the phrase, "spoof the IP of the HoneyMonkey."

External Links

  • Show transcripts[3]
  • Steve's shownotes [4]
  • Download this episode[[5]]
  • Download 16kb version of this episoden [6]

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