Security Now 203

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Security Now
Episode 203

Security Now 203: Boyer and Moore

News & Errata

08:45 - 24:05

08:45 - 15:43

  • Adobe Shockwave has a remote code execution problem

To fix this in IE 8:

  • Click the gear
  • Select manage addon's
  • Select show all installed addon's box
  • Scroll through the and look for "Shockwave" this is NOT the same as "Shockwave Flash"
  • You must first uninstall Shockwave restart your computer and then reinstall the new version from Adobe's site

15:44 - 16:55

  • Google Chrome has an exploit where a malicious formed reply to a HTTP request can take over your machine

16:56 - 18:23

  • There is a exploit in the Foxit addon "JPEG2000/JBIG2"

18:24 - 24:05

  • When Micheal Jackson died Google thought it was being DDOS'd due to the large volume of traffic hitting it all at once and the LA times website crashed as did twitter multiple times.

Spinrite Story

24:06 - 30:45 Michael Barber (Unknown)

  • A listeners TiVO was playing up so he ran Spinrite on it at level 3. It found no errors but it fixed the problem.

Boyer and Moore

34:15 -

34:15 - 42:29

  • You have a big block of data (The Buffer)
  • You also have a pattern which is a shorter string of characters
  • You are trying to find any locations where that pattern occurs in the buffer

  • This can happen when you search for something in a text document or when trying to find viruses on your computer

  • One way to do it would be to start and the beginning of the buffer and look for the first letter of the string
  • Then see if the next letter is the second letter in the string and repeat until all of the letters match

46:18 - 01:03:00

  • Think of the buffer as scrabble tiles and the pattern is a shorter similar string of scrabble tiles
  • Imagine the string's tiles below the buffer and using the previous method you slide the tiles along until the first letters match and then check the rest.
  • What Boyer and Moore did was check if the last letter matched.
  • If it did not and the letter in the buffer did not occur anywhere in the string you could move the pattern tiles down by its length

  • If the tile in the buffer does occur in the pattern:

Need Notes

  • Java Applet animation demonstrating Boyer and Moore string search [1] found at Wikipedia.



  • Audible
  • Ad time: 0:32-0:43 and 30:44-34:13


Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson (Unabridged)
Narrated by Richard Ferrone



Production Information

  • Recorded Date: July 1, 2009
  • Release Date: July 2, 2009
  • Duration: 1:05:21
  • Log line:
  • Edited by: Erik with Tony
  • Notes:
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