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Security Now
Episode 210

Security Now 210: Listener Feedback 73

News & Errata

When first released the file available through iTunes and on was episode 209. It appears to have been fixed and if not episode 210 is available Here. To redownload the episode on iTunes you will need to delete the episode and close the drop down list. Then hold shift (option key on mac) and reopen the list of episodes.

02:45 - 08:20

  • All Linux kernels based on 2.4 & 2.6 series are vulnerable to a privileged escalation attack updates are available for some versions of Linux
  • Steve claims that it is not remotely exploitable but there is discussion on his newsgroups that it is

08:21 - 11:35

  • Quantcast has been offering clients a service to "reinstate browser cookies that the user deliberately deleted by using the Flash cookies"
  • A report revelead this and they discontinued the service

11:36 - 14:48

  • The Palm Pre is providing geolocation information about all Palm Pre phones, even when you're not using location-based services.

14:49 - 16:55

  • Real Networks have been prevented from selling Real DVD by a court

16:56 - 19:14

  • Twitter was found to be being used to control a botnet

19:15 - 21:33

  • Next weeks episode will be looking at hacking a voting machine

21:34 - 24:20

  • Steve incorrectly stated last week that DynDNS was a hobbyists DNS service it now has an enterprise class service

24:21 - 25:46

  • Steve loves District 9

25:47 - 33:10

  • When you hear a drive clicking it means:
    • When a drive first starts it needs to get the servo information which is stored on the drive
    • If it is unable to lock onto this servoing information it pulls the head back in and performs the "recalibrate operation" then puts the head back out and this is the click you can hear
  • This is something that is normally fatal for the drive and Spinrite can not fix it you would need to send it somewhere to be opened and fixed, or you could try putting it in the fridge / freezer

Spinrite Story

No Spinrite story this week

Questions & Answers

Question: [ 01 ]

37:02 - 39:56 Anthony DiSante (Pennsylvania)

Question: Are there any updates related to super capacitors?

Answer: Not at this time

Comment: [ 02 ]

39:57 - 41:05 Eliezer Martinez (Puerto Rico)

Listener Comment: I loved the episode !

Steve's Comment: Thank you to everyone for the feedback

Comment: [ 03 ]

41:06 - 42:43 Robert Wicks (Atlanta)

Listener Comment: My family are all going to have their Vitamin D levels measured because of last episode thanks

Steve's Comment: Its important for people to have the information

Comment: [ 04 ]

42:44 - 45:26 Jim (Newfoundland, Canada)

Listener Comment: More children were being born with rickets to Muslim women who don't get enough sun on their skin due to wearing the full body covering called the "burka" which only leaves the eyes and hands uncovered.

Steve's Comment: Steve has seen a comment about this

Question: [ 05 ]

45:27 - 50:08 Phill Moore (Sydney)

Listener Comment: I recommend you read "The Vitamin D Cure" by James E. Dowd, M.D.

Steve's Comment: Steve prefers "The Vitamin D Prescription"

Only 5 questions this week due to them all being about Vitamin D



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Production Information

  • Recorded Date: August 19, 2009
  • Release Date: August 20, 2009
  • Duration: 51:14
  • Log line:
  • Edited by: Tony
  • Notes:
  • Removed Astaro ad per request @ 2:32
  • Cut out questions at Leo's request @ 45:25
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