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Security Now
Episode 229

Security Now 229: The Rational Rejection of Security Advice

News & Errata

02:43 - 07:40

  • There's a 0 day vulnerability in Microsoft's IIS

07:41 - 12:30

  • Amazon's Kindle DRM has been cracked

12:31 - 17:37

  • Levi Stoll in Denver, Colorado offers this cool sounding suggestion for cleaning keyboards
    • Fill a container with four to six denture cleaning tablets and use just warm water. Add the key caps, and a few minutes later they come out all sparkly clean and disinfected.
    • Steve notes though that they are very aggressive and may remove the letters from the keys, so suggests retainer cleaning tablets which are meant to be gentler

Spinrite Story

17:38 - 23:45 Phillip Nordwall (Bellingham, Washington)

A listener uses Spinrite to recover data from laptops and PXE boots 108 machines every quarter for a SpinRite preventative maintenance run. He plans to try and cook bacon on a hard drive running Spinrite at some point

The Rational Rejection of Security Advice

27:00 - 01:15:00

  • Paper Episode is Based on
  • Changing your password often has very little benefit as someone is unlikely to capture your password then use it a year later. It will probably be used instantly.
  • We don't really know what the likely hood of someone malicious getting your password and trying to use it to log onto other sites you are registered with.
  • Its tough to teach people about how to check the URL of sites they are visiting
  • Virtually 100 percent of certificate errors are false positives
  • If you notify most banks with a certain time period of being scammed online you have very little liability



  • FordSYNC #7
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