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Security Now
Episode 240

Security Now 240: Your Questions Steve's Answers 88

News & Errata

02:40 - 08:00

08:01 - 09:20

  • Safari has been updated to fix 16 security problems

09:21 - 10:51

  • Twitter now filters links to remove known malicious links

10:52 - 18:52

  • ATP - Advanced Persistent Threats
  • This is the name for attacks like the ones on Google from China
  • Bad guys are also testing their exploits against current versions of Anti Virus software to make sure it isn't detected

Spinrite Story

18:53 - 22:45 Dr Kent Bullos (Indiana)

Spinrite fixed his sisters computer

Questions & Answers

23:10 -

Comment: [ 01 ]

23:10 - 33:29 Andy Hamilton (Bristol, England)
Listener Comment: If you turn up the security to maximum in Internet Explorer it can break downloads in Firefox

Steve's Comment: Steve has also experienced this behaviour and will investigate a work around

Question: [ 02 ]

33:30 - 38:40 Mark (Melbourne, Australia)
Listener Comment: If you turn up the security to maximum in Internet Explorer and use Sandboxie it can break downloads in Firefox

Steve's Comment: Steve wants to remind people about Sandboxie and thinks it provides good security

Question: [ 03 ]

38:41 - 48:15 Barry Ardolf (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Question: How do I block an IP address, also how do you report a malicious IP ?

Answer: Many personal firewalls allow you to block individual IP addresses, it is hard to report a malicious IP as it often has no accurate registration information but you could try looking up the owner of the IP Here

Comment: [ 04 ]

48:16 - 56:24 G. Wade Johnson (Houston, TX)
Listener Comment: You said Forth is a write only language however I have written elegant Forth code that you can read in the future

Steve's Comment: Steve thinks that some languages are really transparent and easy to read but Forth isn't one of them unless you spend a lot of time using it

Comment: [ 05 ]

56:25 - 01:01:20 Greg W (Brisbane, Australia)
Listener Comment: I have looked into the World of Warcraft hack and it requires a lot of work, it seems strange hackers would do this for WOW accounts rather than bank accounts

Steve's Comment: Steve likes how the one time password system was got around

Question: [ 06 ]

01:01:21 - 01:08:01 Luke (Boston)
Question: What are language VM's ?

Answer: They are normally a idealised processor, it makes it easier to port code to other platforms

Question: [ 07 ]

01:08:02 - 01:14:05 Anon (Unknown)
Question: How do you disable your computers built in microphone ?

Answer: You could plug a microphone jack with a small cord into the external microphone jack this would disable the internal microphone. Although this may not work on a Mac or newer computers

Comment: [ 08 ]

01:14:06 - 01:16:00 Opher Banarie (Laguna Niguel, CA)
Listener Comment: You talked about asking a anonymous caller for there number to ring them back so that you can verify who they are. You shouldn't do this as they can just give you the number of a bad guy. You should look up the companies number in a phone book or online etc

Steve's Comment: Correct

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