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Security Now
Episode 247

Security Now 247: The Multiverse

News & Errata

14:08 - 16:58

  • In versions of Opera prior to v10.53 a highly critical remote code execution vulnerability exists

16:59 - 20:03

  • Adobe reader problems related to executable code inside PDF's are continuing to escalate, Adobe has yet to do anything about it

20:04 - 20:49

  • Microsoft has released a patch to fix a Remotely exploitable buffer overflow in Media Unicast Services on Windows 2000 Serverreplace
  • A previous patch for the problem was removed due to it only being a placebo patch

20:50 - 23:36

  • The US treasury's websites are installing malware in visitors' computers as they are hosted on network solutions servers which were compromised

23:37 - 32:32

32:33 - 36:40

  • Steve is delighted that HP purchased Palm as it means HP's tablets wont just run on Windows
  • Steve is also frustrated that patents will prevent cool features being on all devices

36:41 - 41:31

Spinrite Story

41:32 - 43:08 Lance (Concord)

Spinrite fixed the computer of a listener's sister and fixed a drive containing tons of unbacked up data

The Multiverse

47:15 - 01:18:30

47:15 - 53:00

  • Recap of stacks and hardware interrupts

53:01 - 59:45

  • You can load say 5 programs in memory and then have a operating control access to resources
  • You used a timing mechanism to generate hardware interrupts and when they are raised the operating system decides if another program should get access to resources now

59:46 - 01:05:00

  • Then programmers said that they wanted there one program to be able to do multiple things at once
  • So the idea of a 'thread' was born
  • Now the operating system decides which thread gets access to resource each time the hardware interrupt is raised instead of the program as a whole

01:05:01 - 01:06:12

  • Intel then decided that its hardware would do 'Hyper Threading' which created the idea of threading in the hardware
  • Its processors had multiple program counters so you really could do multiple things at once

01:06:13 - 01:11:08

  • Then Intel introduced 'Multi Core Processors'
  • Now you actually have multiple full processors in a single chip
  • Software got faster without the code being changed when this was introduced as operating systems got smarter as the operating system scheduler managed demand for resources better

01:11:09 - 01:18:30

  • As Intel realised they couldn't just keep increasing the clock speed they decided to come up with other ways to increase speed
  • RAM didn't scale as well as processors and we quickly hit the limits of RAM performance
  • So other techniques were used such as getting more bits at once and introducing the L1 & L2 cache

Notable Quotes

Leo: "Hell has frozen over, Steve Gibson has joined Twitter"


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Dead In the Family: Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery #10 by Charlaine Harris (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Johanna Parker

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