Security Now 248

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Security Now
Episode 248

Security Now 248: The Portable Dog Killer

News & Errata

02:10 - 03:20

  • In 1915 Einstein theorised how to build a laser
  • May 16th 2010 is the 50th anniversary of the invention of the laser

07:30 - 09:55

  • Microsoft's patch Tuesday was this week
  • Two critical patches were released for all supported Microsoft operating systems

09:56 - 11:53

  • 58,000 pictures of school students in their homes were taken by laptops issued by a school without their knowledge or permission

11:54 - 13:34

  • An old worm has been reborn and is spreading through Yahoo messenger
  • It appears as a JPEG or GIF image

13:35 - 14:42

  • There is a 0 day exploit for Safari v4.0.5 and earlier on Windows and maybe Mac

14:43 - 21:16

  • In 2002 it was discovered that all anti virus software is vulnerable to an attack related to the System Service Descriptor Table (SSD)
  • This news has resurfaced and Steve is going to investigate

24:30 - 29:35

  • Steve also believes copy and paste is broken in Windows 7 as reported by Paul Thurrot
  • When you use control + c to copy text it does not always copy the text

29:36 - 32:58

  • Steve took his iPad back to the Apple store when it hung and after telling them he knows Leo Laporte was offered a replacement

32:59 - 40:37

40:38 - 54:01

  • Steve is liking Twitter
  • Steve may start a blog soon

The Portable Dog Kiler

57:25 - 01:39:50

  • In 1971 Steve was 16 and having a problem with a vicious dog
  • The owners did nothing so he decided to take matters into his own hands
  • Steve went to an army surplus store and a electronics shop to get some supplies
  • He built a device which could emit a high pitched sound
  • He then used it on the dog and it ran away
  • The dog then stopped attacking people
  • He then brought it into school for show and tell day
  • Someone then shot a seagull with the device and it nearly knocked it out the sky
  • One night Steve was at school late and on his way out hid behind something and shot the principal with the sonic gun
  • He was caught and told not to bring it back to school


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Production Information

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