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Security Now
Episode 249

Security Now 249: Your Questions, Steve's Answers #92

News & Errata

08:05 - 13:00

  • Adobe Shockwave (NOT Flash) has eleven security problems which are fixed in the latest update

13:01 - 18:45

  • The Mozilla plugin check, will now check if the plugins for all major browsers are up to date
  • Mozilla Plugin Check

18:46 - 22:15

  • The latest version of Safari on Windows (v4.0.5) has two unpatched problems

22:16 - 36:15

  • Car control Systems can be hacked
  • The researchers found that they could turn the car off, disable the brakes and make the instruments give false readings IF they have physical access to the car

36:16 - 46:05

  • When Google was taking its 'Street View' photographs and geo-locating routers they accidentally captured packets of data from open Wifi networks

46:06 - 50:13

50:14 - 52:52

  • Verisign has sold it's PKI, VIP & SSL services to Symantec

52:53 - 54:05

  • Steve has changed his twitter handle to @SGGRC

54:06 - 01:01:34

  • Steve will not send you the plans for his 'Portable Dog Killer'

Spinrite Story

01:01:35 - 01:07:35 Mark Gotslig (Unknown)

Spinrite fixed a listener's laptop which would not boot

Questions & Answers

Comment: [ 01 ]

01:09:48 - 01:12:02 Paul Stob (Nashville, TN)
Listener Comment: My son listened to the 'Portable Dog Killer' episode and started disassembling things

Steve's Comment: This is good and represents a lot of emails Steve got

Question: [ 02 ]

01:12:03 - 01:18:05 Mike York (Seattle, WA)
Listener Comment: I'm a First competition judge and enjoyed last episode

Steve's Comment: Leo wants to sponsor a first team and do a podcast. Steve likes building physical things as well as writing software

Comment: [ 03 ]

01:18:06 - 01:20:11 Matt (Unknown)
Listener Comment: I am also seeing the copy and paste bug in Windows

Steve's Comment: Another listener wrote in convinced that this starting happening after service pack 3 for Vista

Question: [ 04 ]

01:20:12 - 01:26:41 Anon (Unknown)
Question: What does a magic packet do in Windows, is it a security concern ?

Answer: When you turn your computer off the LAN adapter still has power so that it can tell the computer to turn on if it receives a so called 'Magic Packet'. The "magic packet" is any broadcast packet where somewhere in the data payload of the packet, there are six bytes' worth of all ones. That is to say, FFFFFFFFFFFF, six bytes of all ones, followed by 16 repetitions of the MAC address of the NIC whose computer you want to wake up. This is not a security concern but you can turn it off.

Question: [ 05 ]

01:26:42 - 01:30:20 Vegard (Norway)
Question: Why are you using a hosted wordpress blog rather than hosting it yourself ?

Answer: To host it yourself you need to install SQL server and this has too many vulnerabilities for Steve

Question: [ 06 ]

01:30:21 - 01:40:59 Richard Doyle (Sydney, Australia)
Question: Have you ever thought of writing a book about the fundamentals of computing in a simple easy to understand way ?

Answer: [ Leo recommends How Computers Work by Ron White (ISBN 10 - 0789736136, ISB 13 - 978-0789736130). Steve isn't going to write a book but his retirement plan is to create an entire open source free environment around the most ideal, beautiful instruction set that we've ever had, and write an entire world, a computing world in that - meaning assembler, editor, operating system, environment - with the goal of teaching a low-level operation of all of this stuff.

Question: [ 07 ]

01:41:00 - 01:43:12 Anon (Unknown)
Question: Will you do an episode on how networks and the internet works ?

Answer: Yes, we are going to do this roughly around the start of year 6 for the podcast

Comment: [ 08 ]

01:43:13 - 01:48:22 Ashley Black (Reading, Berkshire, England)
Listener Comment: When I moved to a new office I brought my router with me and when my iPhone tried to locate me through nearby routers it would still think I was at the old location as the skyhook database was not updated

Steve's Comment: This is cool


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