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Security Now
Episode 309

Security Now 309: How The Internet Works

Security News

  • Patch Tuesday, 22 security fixes in total, 21 of them are normal privilege elevation, but one is interesting: Since Vista SP1, an updated Bluetooth stack was introduced, that contained a remote code execution vulnerability: an attacker could exploit it by constructing a series of specially crafted Bluetooth packets and sending them to the target machine, the attacker can install or change programs and data, create new accounts with full user right and take complete control of the system without any user notification, all this without the need of pairing.
  • Kaspersky Labs discovered a new type of malware which writes malicious code to the NTFS IPL (Initial Program Loader), instead of the MBR, which is sometimes protected by the BIOS. This code is executed after the MBR stage, which is normally executed to load and interpret the MFL file to understand the disk structure. This malware removes the original code, encrypts it and append it at the end of itself, so that after the malware loads itself (by putting its driver in memory), it executes the real IPL code to continue loading windows.(News article)
  • News about whether the court has the ability to compel someone to give up their passwords, which turns out to be a constitutional issue, the fifth amendment which protects us to incriminate ourselves.
  • News of the World Phone hacking scandal: all the hacking was about that the phone services gives the ability for the client to check their voice mail also from a remote phone by entering a PIN, and for many years the default PIN were 0000 or 1234, now it has been changed. All what the reporters were doing is knowing the phone number of the target and try the default PIN to get the voice mail.
  • Sony misunderstood CAPTHCA's: on one of their Professional Media websites, the CAPTCHA function provides the solution in a hidden field in the page itself, accessible to all CAPTCHA bots.

Twitter Feedback

  • (various thank you for Daemon book)
  • Chrome now blocks insecure script on https pages, blocks completely with no possibility to allow access
  • Gmail email address can contain dots (.) anywhere between the first and last character, in any order, and all of them point to your main address
  • BrowserCheck checks the browser for insecure plugins and addons

Spinrite Story

SpinRite fixed a laptop hard disk

How The Internet Works


  • Three key concepts that the internet is based on, that were new at the time, that are still in use today unchanged:
    • packet routing
    • best effort
    • protocol hierarchy

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