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Security Now
Episode 366

Security Now 366: The Death of "Clever"

News & Errata

MS-CHAPv2 is being cracked with a 100% success rate

Experts hope to protect protect cars from computer viruses

  • Reuters reports about what is being done.
  • Intel's McAfee unit is looking to protect cars from viruses.
  • In one instance, an infected CD was played in the automobile's CD player that allowed it to get out of the player and into the car's automotive electronics.

Password Security

Spinrite Story

Wayne Scott in Australia writes:

  • "I've known about SpinRite for many years, using it on my own PCs after deciding to purchase a copy when I had to do a recovery on a customer's hard drive. Another company had attempted data recovery before that and returned the drive as faulty and unrecoverable. So I wanted to have a go. Where the data recovery company had failed, SpinRite made the drive readable once again, and I got the data off. The customer was very happy because it was for the tax department."

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