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Steve Gibson

Steven Maury Gibson[1] (born 26 March 1955), commonly known as Steve Gibson, nicknamed "Steven Tiberius Gibson" by Leo Laporte,[2] is a computer enthusiast, software engineer, and security researcher who studied EECS at UC Berkeley. In December 1985, Steve founded Gibson Research Corporation,[3] which is most well-known for its SpinRite software. Steve currently resides in Irvine, California.[4]

Early Life

Steve Gibson was born in Dayton, Ohio[5] in 1955. He is the son of Maurice Gibson.[2] When his father was choosing Steve's name for him, he deliberately wanted to choose a name of which Steve could be proud.[2] His father chose Steve's middle name of Maury based upon his own first name of Maurice.[6]

From the ages of 13 - 15, Steve worked for Tecnica Education Corporation in San Carlos, CA to improve their time-sharing machines.[3] From the ages of 15 - 17, he worked for Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Palo Alto, CA.[3] From 17 - 20, he was the Vice President of Systems Development at Advanced Information Design in Mountain View, CA.[3]


Steve Gibson is the co-host of Security Now! on the TWiT network.

Steve is extremely ardent about making the show each week. He has hardly missed any week of his show in the over 11 years since Security Now! began. On the few occasions it has happened, it was nearly completely involuntarily, requiring much effort by others to persuade him. It generally only occurs during the TWiT winter break. In fact, during episode 155, Steve continued broadcasting through an earthquake that knocked items off his shelves as live viewers could clearly see.[7]


Gibson has had a very long career in the technology field - his resume lists jobs he has held back to the age of 13. He began in hardware projects but moved more towards software development in the 1980s. One of his early successes during this period was a light pen graphics system for the Apple II.

Gibson is an advocate of assembly language programming, and prides himself on writing smaller applications mostly in Intel x86 assembly language, including much of the code of the SpinRite hard disk utility used at the beginning of the PC era. He is one of several advocates of optimizing computer programs and reducing the size of their executables.

In the 1990s, Gibson began to move into the computer security field, developing and distributing a number of security tools, including the ShieldsUp! port-scanner, and the LeakTest firewall tester. In 2000, Gibson created one of the first adware removal programs, OptOut.

Gibson's latest work is SecurAble, which is a program that will tell the user if their CPU supports 64 bit, DEP (Data Execution Prevention) and hardware level virtual machines.

Gibson Research Corporation

Gibson Research Corporation or GRC is a computer software development firm founded in 1985 by Gibson. The company is registered in Laguna Hills, California. GRC has created a number of niche utilities over the years, the foremost of which is SpinRite, a hard disk scanning and data recovery utility.

As of mid 2008 GRC had three employees, including Gibson. Gibson also founded Gibson Laboratories, Inc. in 1981, a predecessor to GRC



Steve Gibson is a contributing editor to InfoWorld magazine. His writings try to provide visibility into the world of hackers and crackers, of which he counts himself one of the former.

In April 2006, Gibson made an acting appearance alongside technology columnist John C. Dvorak in the video podcast Up in Smoke.


It's often asked what the "funny lights" behind Steve are. These are his PDP-8 computers running "Deep Thought". A full explanation can be found in the video DeepThought-SBC.

Steve's Picks

Steve's favorite e-mail client is Eudora.[8] His favorite text editor, which is the one with which he codes computer programs, is BRIEF, the Basic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facility.[9]

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