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The following URLs are direct links to our video and audio streams. HLS streams should work on iOS devices and Roku players, but can be flaky here or there.

You can also get stream information via the TWiT API.


Twitch does have HLS support, but you need to use a "Client ID" to get access. This Python script might help. (Pay attention to comments/corrections at the bottom of the page.)

Here's the procedure used by one developer to get access:

  1. Install Python 3.6 on windows (Installed All Users, Add path to environment variables)
  2. Open command prompt as Administrator (to insure complete module installations in next two steps)
  3. pip install requests
  4. pip install m3u8
  5. Create Twitch account
  6. Create developer acccount (by default creates same as Twitch)
  7. "Register App" thru developer portal
  8. Per Git comments, modify line 11 (added ?client_id=mysecretid to end using client secret id from registering app)
    1. Modified line: TOKEN_API = '{channel}/access_token?client_id=mysecretid'
  9. Run script from a command prompt which provides Video URLs (sorted by quality). For example: "2284.5947265625 kbit/s (720p), resolution=(1280, 720)"
    1. Command: python twit
  10. You will get a very long URL that is custom to you.



The ID of TWiT's YouTube stream changes often when the stream has to be restarted and it if was offline for more than a minute, so we discourage you to link to the live stream with the URL from your browser that contains an ID number. The ID will change and your link will break.