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Episode 198


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, episode 198 for June 8, 2009: Emission Accomplished

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And now we are ready to take off number on the runaway with maverick in the lead.

Tom Merritt All right you are clear for takeoff, that’s a one-niner-five, TWiT, I have you come in heading 17, 140 knots.

Ladies and Gentlemen please put your laptops and fully locked and upright position.

Leo Laporte That is Tom Merritt from Buzz Out Loud; he’s made his way up to the TWiT cottage with his lovely wife Eileen and it’s great to see you both. Thanks for making it up here.

Tom Merritt Hey, thanks for having me. It’s lovely up here.

Leo Laporte You’re getting close to your 1,000th BOL.

Tom Merritt Yes, just a couple of weeks away.

Leo Laporte Yay!

Tom Merritt Very exciting, and you’re going to be on.

Leo Laporte Well, me and a lot of other people I gather.

Tom Merritt Thanks for joining us, we’re going to have a good crowd.

Leo Laporte I mean, it looks like a ton of folks.

Tom Merritt Yes, we are going to have Scott Johnson, we’re going to have Remy, we are going to have listeners.

Leo Laporte Remy Martin? I love him.

Tom Merritt No, one of our listeners. We are going to have a ton of folks. It’s going to be an extravaganza.

Leo Laporte What day is it?

Tom Merritt Thursday, June 18.

Leo Laporte Awesome.

Tom Merritt We’re actually doing two shows tomorrow to make sure it’s on Thursday.

Leo Laporte Why would – I don’t understand.

Tom Merritt Because CNET does a regular third Thursday of the week party and we wanted to siphon off of it.

Leo Laporte I now do understand, you want to get everybody who’s in the studio.

Tom Merritt Totally.

Leo Laporte Also here, you hear her laugh, Denise Howell, the lovely and talented host of our this WEEK in LAW show and just a wonderful person in general. She is the author of the Blogarithms column at ZDNet.

Denise Howell You always get me confused with Doug Kaye. He writes Blogarithms, I write Lawgarithms.

Leo Laporte Okay, I am sorry. I added a B.

Denise Howell And Bag and Baggage.

Leo Laporte That is confusing. And Bag and Baggage. And we are so glad to have you, Denise. It’s good to have you on the show.

Denise Howell Thank you very much; it’s great to be here.

Leo Laporte I am sorry, I am saying you’re Tom Merritt, I am working on that.

Tom Merritt That’s alright, she’s – much better picture.

Leo Laporte I actually – yeah, she’s got a good shot there. This is nice. She took a little time off from her Sunday afternoon to be with us. Also you saw a maverick, Jason Calacanis.

Jason Calacanis Hey, how is everybody doing?

Leo Laporte From

Jason Calacanis Mahalo.

Leo Laporte And we’ve got one newbie in the bunch and that’s Jeff Cannata from The Totally Rad Show. Hey, Jeff.

Jeff Cannata Hey, it’s awesome to be here with all these tech luminaries. I’m in awe of these people that have been following for so long, it’s awesome.

Leo Laporte Jeff is just back from E3, so I trust you’ll have many things to say.

Jeff Cannata Yes.

Leo Laporte About E3. You saw The Beatles for one thing.

Jeff Cannata I did, and Steven Spielberg all in the span of 10 minutes.

Leo Laporte That’s kind of amazing.

Jeff Cannata That’s a big day.

Leo Laporte So we’ll talk a little bit about E3 and about Microsoft’s Natal, and the – the worst name okay, can I say it, the worst name for a project.

Jeff Cannata I think they are saying Natal actually.

Leo Laporte But it’s spelled Natal.

Tom Merritt Did you hear about the port for Palm?

Leo Laporte The what?

Tom Merritt The Pre Natal?

Leo Laporte You should save that out for Buzz Out Loud. So the Palm Pre did come out yesterday and I am holding in my hands and I am very happy to say loving the Palm Pre and the reason I am happy to say is because this – we’ve got to agree, is the last gasp for Palm, right?

Tom Merritt It’s a big gamble, right?

Jason Calacanis Can I ask you a question about that Palm Pre?

Leo Laporte Screw you, Jason Calacanis.

Tom Merritt It was a matter of who was going to ask it first.

Leo Laporte Screw you, go ahead. Yes, go ahead, Jason, please.

Jason Calacanis I have no question about it actually.

Leo Laporte This is – all right, I think it’s fair to ask where I got this and I tell you a lot of people were not able to get it at the Sprint store or Best Buy, a lot of them sold out.

Tom Merritt They only had, like, two or three per store, right.

Leo Laporte Two or three per Best Buy and some stores, Sprint stores was 25 to 60 or 70. But most of the stores I think sold out on Saturday and I understand more will come in on Monday. It’s not an Apple reaction. There are not the lines, and not the press.

Tom Merritt There were lines but they were short lines.

Leo Laporte Yes, however I’ve got to say having played with it. And I think you’ll all have a chance to play with it at some point, in fact here let me pass it off to you, Tom.

Tom Merritt Sure.

Leo Laporte This is an elegant device. If the Apple iPhone didn’t exist, people would be just raving about this thing. They would be going crazy. It’s beautiful and multitasking, the screen, the touch it’s just incredible. I think the iPhone is still beats it because of the range of applications and just the maturity of the platform but this is a really strong effort from Palm. I’m really impressed, I really like it.

Are you going to get one, Jason, are you – what do you use; you use a BlackBerry or an iPhone?

Jason Calacanis I have both. I have both.

Leo Laporte And, see, I use the BlackBerry because of the keyboard but I have to say the Pre keyboard, it’s okay, it’s very small. I think I am more accurate with the Apple keyboard because the Pre unaccountably has no type ahead prediction. It doesn’t even do what the BlackBerry does. So, like the BlackBerry when you get to the end to the sentence, the Apple iPhone too, it puts a period at the end of a sentence when you hit space twice and then starts a new. This doesn’t even do that.

Jason Calacanis What I want is a phone that has the size of the iPhone screen with the keyboard of the BlackBerry. I don’t mind if it’s a little taller than a normal phone. When somebody makes that I think they’ll have reached the singularity of phones.

Leo Laporte I like the size of this. I like the feel of it in my pocket. I think it’s okay that it’s this small. It’s the same resolution as the iPhone, just a smaller screen.

Jeff Cannata All I want from a phone is one that I can use from inside my own home. I think there should be a...

Leo Laporte You can’t.

Jeff Cannata ...when you go shopping for a phone or a phone service, you should be able to take the phone to your house and see if you can make a phone call.

Leo Laporte Are you having trouble? Who’s your carrier?

Jeff Cannata I have an iPhone, so I’m on AT&T.

Leo Laporte And you can’t make a call out of your house.

Jeff Cannata I have to walk two blocks to make a telephone call.

Leo Laporte That’s pathetic.

Tom Merritt I can’t make a call from AT&T in my office suddenly, like within the past four or five months I have to walk outside my office door….

Leo Laporte Really?

Tom Merritt …into the common area, then I get a signal.

Leo Laporte You know, Sprint – people hate Sprint but Sprint has a very good data network. It works fine for me.

Tom Merritt And Verizon, I use for data on the laptop, it’s great.

Leo Laporte Verizon’s going to get this phone. We already know.

Tom Merritt That’s what I am waiting for.

Leo Laporte And the only question is how soon. I guess the question asked is, okay, so Pre is going to get the weekend coverage, what happens Monday? Does Apple come back and just knock the ball out of the park?

Tom Merritt Yes.

Jason Calacanis Yes, that’s a lock.

Leo Laporte With what?

Jason Calacanis Well, there’s this rumour of the tablet size –

Leo Laporte I don’t think that’s going to happen Monday, I think it’s going – in fact, a number of people have said and I think maybe they are right that this is going to held off till later in June. This will be the Steve Jobs’ comeback keynote, that won’t be at WWDC. WWDC they’ll say iPhone 3, they will say Snow Leopard. They’ll give – it’s a developer conference and they will save the big hardware announcement for a Steve Jobs keynote later in the month.

Tom Merritt You think they’ll save the iPhone hardware announcement for later?

Leo Laporte Maybe.

Tom Merritt Yes, it’s possible, I hadn’t thought about that.

Tom Merritt Has Palm put a pressure on them, and does this now mean that they have to come out with it?

Tom Merritt Yes, because I think everybody – there will be an uproar if Apple suddenly goes to their keynote and doesn’t announce the new iPhone. Even the conservative columnists, Kent German at CNET is always like “well, I don’t know”. He’s like “yes, there’s going to be a hardware announcement.” If they didn’t I think that would just rock people.

Leo Laporte So what makes – what announcement does Apple have to make to eclipse the Pre, what do they have to say?

Tom Merritt I don’t think they have to do much. I think they just have to have cut and paste which we already know is there. I mean it’s little things like that, and video and better battery life, that’s enough to make people go “well, I don’t want to switch to Sprint. I will go ahead and go to the iPhone.”

Leo Laporte Pre battery life, by the way is awful.

Tom Merritt Yeah, the battery life on that is horrible.

Leo Laporte It’s terrible. If you are already a Sprint customer though, this is a very good choice I think if you don’t want to change AT&T.

Tom Merritt I think that what’s good for – it may be better for Sprint than it is Palm.

Leo Laporte Did you see this? This is the inductive charger. That’s so cool.

Tom Merritt You have to buy that separate though.

Leo Laporte Yes, $70.

Tom Merritt It’s very cool.

Leo Laporte It’s got Gecko grease on it. And it sticks to anything.

[Sound of charger falling to the floor]

Tom Merritt Almost anything.

Leo Laporte Never mind.

Tom Merritt Good thing is it’s a review unit.

Jason Calacanis You really think if they just –

Leo Laporte Screw you Palm! I am sorry. I’m just trying that out, just trying that out for size.

Denise Howell If they do video on the iPhone, is that a hardware update or software update?

Tom Merritt Well they can do some with a software update because, jail broken iPhones can do all kinds of video.

Leo Laporte I have Quick on the iPhone but it’s very low frame rate though.

Tom Merritt Exactly.

Leo Laporte So if you are going to do decent video, they are going to do a hardware upgrade.

Jason Calacanis Quick on the iPhone is pathetic, and it’s not Quick’s fault but the camera is terrible.

Tom Merritt What is it 1.3?

Jason Calacanis And the bandwidth is terrible and the battery life is terrible which it leads to a terrible experience.

Leo Laporte Jeff, you were going to say something?

Jeff Cannata I was just going to say you really think that if they just come out and announce cut and paste and a few other minor things that people – I think there’s an expectation for people to be wowed at this point.

Leo Laporte And I’ll tell you, it’s going to be, I think it’s not going to be a wow, it’s going to be evolutionary not revolutionary. And I think the revolutionary platform at this point is the Pre. The Pre could surprise people if they come, if they move fast, they get applications in there, they already have pushed out a 1.02 update which seems to have fixed some of the sluggishness I was experiencing. The multitasking is spectacular. Messages and IMs coming in the background, so you see them, the UI is beautiful. You could do other platform this is – I presume Palm is going to do the same thing they did with Palm, with the other Palm stuff which is make a variety of things around WebOS.

Tom Merritt Yes, I agree, I think the Pre is fantastic and I think it’s going to be very good but the reality distortion field even without Steve Jobs I think will come in to play.

Leo Laporte Well there is also inertia isn’t there?

Tom Merritt And it just kind of pulls the wind out of Palm that they have had their weekend and it’s over, instead of having months.

Leo Laporte There’s inertia and I think that Tom Peters used to say this, if something is going to be – if you are going to get people to change to a new technology, it has to be 10 times better. It can’t be one or two or three times better, it has to be 10 times better to get people to move. That may be the case with this.

Jeff Cannata Is the multitasking the killer app? I mean is that –

Leo Laporte It’s pretty good.

Jeff Cannata How does that actually work? If I have two or three things open, does my phone run slower? Am I –

Leo Laporte You know –

Tom Merritt It drains the battery, it’s what it does but I don’t think – have you found it to run slower?

Leo Laporte It’s a little more sluggish, launching is not as fast as it would be. But no, it multitasks pretty well.

Jeff Cannata Is that what the iPhone needs?

Leo Laporte Yes I think so. It does it very – I am sorry, I have a picture of your wife on my phone but that’s just, sometimes how that happens.

Tom Merritt Screw you, Leo.

Leo Laporte They way it happens is that each background application becomes a card that you can scroll through and then you can tap to zoom in, make it full screen and then slide it off the screen to make it smaller, slide it again to close it, that is elegant.

Tom Merritt It’s really sweet.

Jason Calacanis That’s pretty sweet. BlackBerrys let you run processes in the background but they don’t allow that flip through.

Leo Laporte No, you don’t even know what’s running; you have to kind of figure out what else is going on in the background.

Jason Calacanis That’s the big problem with BlackBerrys, people all the time are like oh my god, my BlackBerry is running slow, something’s wrong. And it turns out they have just got sort of like Windows creep on it, and they get application creep and that’s what this – maybe this solves it, I don’t know. What’s the price point, it’s a $199 for this device?

Leo Laporte 299 with a $100 mail in rebate, that’s why Best Buy is the place to get it.

Tom Merritt Yes, when you buy it at Best Buy, they do the instant rebate. So then you don’t have to send any forms in.

Leo Laporte Of course they only have two.

Tom Merritt Yes. That’s why it’s easy for them to do that.

Jason Calacanis They need to get the – the smartphone costs are still prohibitive, for a massive option. They have to get these things down to ….

Leo Laporte Well, not just the cost of the handset but the – when people see the monthly cost, they really choke.

Jason Calacanis It’s too much.

Leo Laporte Sprint is doing the $99 everything on this, which makes it actually a pretty compelling buy against the iPhone. Yes, you can get a $70 iPhone plan –

Tom Merritt Well that’s what we are going to hear about an AT&T price change I think.

Leo Laporte I hope so.

Tom Merritt They are feeling some heat from that.

Leo Laporte And if that’s the case that’s why you want to support this competition.

Tom Merritt Definitely.

Leo Laporte You need to have other smartphone choices. Now BlackBerry does very well, in fact BlackBerry beats the iPhone so it’s a good competitor. But I think a three way race is exciting, I think it’s good. And I think that John Rubenstein –

Tom Merritt Don’t count Nokia out either.

Leo Laporte No, no, no, the N97 is going to be out any minute now, I can’t wait to see that.

Tom Merritt I am constantly excited about the N series and then disappointed once it comes out.

Jason Calacanis I saw the N97 at the D conference.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis It was – it looked really ugly. I’ll be honest, like Nokia’s – I had the N95, it’s an elegant device, it’s kind of interesting. But it looks terrible, it’s like a phone that time forgot. It’s like a five-year old design. Like look, it flips open and there’s a keyboard inside. I was like, wow, I saw that in 99.

Tom Merritt There’s a movie tie in to Land of the Lost there.

Jeff Cannata It really is. That will never work anywhere outside of Europe. Nobody cares about that ugly looking phone style, I don’t think kids are going to want that either. It just – when you have an object of art like the iPhone, now you have an object of art like the Palm Pre and then you have the utilitarian BlackBerry that has an incredible camera on it. I think the camera, I don’t know if you guys watch my blog, but the 3.2 megapixel camera it’s starting to look like my Digital Rebel, I can’t tell the –

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s the same on this Pre, I just took some pictures. Eileen you just took some pictures, it looks good; the camera is very good. To have a 3 megapixel camera and of course, what is the N97 is it 5 or is it more? It’s 5 I think.

Tom Merritt I think it is more now. I think the N97 is more than 5.

Leo Laporte The 95 was 5. Yes, you are right. These are cameras and phones.

Jason Calacanis You don’t have to carry the camera anymore and then when somebody figures out, there are two features that nobody’s really figured out. One is how to make it a Wi-Fi network like that new Verizon MiFi.

Leo Laporte MiFi is so cool.

Jason Calacanis Like the cradle point, like I have the cradle point that I put by thing into.

Tom Merritt Ah it just [indiscernible]

Jason Calacanis Somebody will make that into their phone and then that’s it. It’s game over. And then two, if they can figure out how to get a flip video type thing working, where you can get HD video and kind of store it. That’s two years out but when those happen two years from now, the idea of carrying multiple devices is going to go away again.

Leo Laporte Denise let me ask you, if Apple makes a tablet, is that a compelling product for you? Is that something you would use, is that going to replace your phone and your laptop?

Denise Howell I don’t think so. No, the thing that I want more than a tablet is an Air because it’s…

Leo Laporte What if you could get something –

Denise Howell It’s everything and portable, you know?

Leo Laporte I guess. What if you get something so small, smaller than an Air, that would do all of that for you?

Denise Howell I would certainly look hard at it. Apple has a tendency to make me drool. So, it’s funny. I went to the very first D conference, years ago now and saw Steve Jobs say, and I am sure he said it more than once, but I just to hear him say it live was pretty funny, that they’d never ever, ever make a tablet.

Leo Laporte Oh yes.

Tom Merritt And they’re never making a video iPod either.

Leo Laporte He also said – and then they make a video – “nobody would want to watch video on anything that small.” In fact it’s pretty much the case that when Steve Jobs says it’s never going to happen, that’s when they are about to release it.

Tom Merritt So e-book reader.

Jason Calacanis No netbook, no netbook.

Leo Laporte Yeah, they just said no netbook, didn’t they?

Jason Calacanis Yeah right, “I’d like to introduce the Apple – ”

Leo Laporte You think they’ll do a netbook? I think they will do a tablet in lieu of it.

Jason Calacanis I can guarantee they will do a netbook.

Leo Laporte No, you think they will. Oh, interesting.

Jason Calacanis I am guaranteeing the Apple TV which turns out now, my intelligence was right on that from two years ago.

Leo Laporte Yes, you made a big deal about the fact that they were going to put an Apple TV in a TV.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, and that’s going to happen. Apple TV is intended to be in the LCD TV. There’s no difference between the 30 inch and what they are going to so that’s going to happen. But a netbook has got to happen.

In Japan the netbooks are free. You get a $40 a month EVDO plan and you get it for free if you have a two year commitment. Can you imagine if you could buy an Apple laptop essentially for 3 or $400 subsidized, 5 or $600 subsidized, what that would do to market share for Apple?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis I was on a flight, just this Virgin flight and I would say two-thirds of the people were online on the flight, of the laptops open.

Leo Laporte Two-thirds?

Jason Calacanis There were about 15 laptops open.

Leo Laporte Is that because it’s new, or do you think it will stay like that?

Jason Calacanis No, people were doing Gmail, people were surfing the web, reading blogs. I looked at – over everybody’s shoulders. And the other people who weren’t were in Microsoft word like one or two of them and then the rest of them were watching movies. And a couple of them were netbooks and I am seeing over and over and over again. I went to a meeting, a couple of meetings in New York, one of the meetings, guy pulls out that Sony one that’s really nice, that fits in your inside jacket pocket.

I think netbooks are –

Leo Laporte The P9?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, that machine.

Leo Laporte It’s beautiful.

Jason Calacanis It’s a beautiful piece of art. It looks like [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte $900 and it’s really slow.

Tom Merritt And it’s not a netbook.

Leo Laporte It’s not a netbook.

Tom Merritt Don’t call it a netbook.

Jason Calacanis That’s the problem. I think the Apple netbook will come. That’s just a no-brainer.

Leo Laporte Really?

Jeff Cannata I don’t understand the desire for a tablet because I figure once it’s too big to fit in my pocket. I am not going to have it with me all the time anyway. So, –

Leo Laporte My friend Alex Lindsay says they’ll make bigger pockets.

Tom Merritt They’ll re-architecture pants around this device.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that what they said about the Segway? Cities will be re-architectured.

Tom Merritt Yes totally.

Denise Howell When I use my Kindle I have the same sort of feeling as I did way back when, when I used my first brick size cellphone. It sort of is made of that same color plastic too which just adds to the experience.

Leo Laporte And what was the feeling?

Denise Howell That you are right at the beginning of something great, that you are using sort of a prototype device. No knock on the Kindle, I love the Kindle.

Leo Laporte I have to say the user interface work – I am sorry to bring this back up, but the Palm has done – the Pre shows me that a smaller screen, smaller device actually can be useful.

I think maybe we don’t need a big tablet if the UI is designed purpose built for this environment and is designed right for the environment.

Tom Merritt Would you read a book on that?

Leo Laporte No.

Tom Merritt There’s a lot of things –

Leo Laporte Would you read a book on your iPhone?

Tom Merritt I read on the Kindle reader sometimes.

Leo Laporte Kindle is fine.

Tom Merritt But it’s more of a stopgap thing.

Leo Laporte Oh the Kindle app on the iPhone.

Tom Merritt Yeah on the iPhone.

Leo Laporte But it’s not good as –

Tom Merritt But it’s wearing.

Tom Merritt People don’t read books.

Jeff Cannata Do you bring your Kindle with you everywhere you go?

Leo Laporte No, do you, Denise?

Denise Howell I do, yeah. But then I am a girl, I carry a purse.

Leo Laporte Oh! You have a purse. All right, so maybe this is going to be the beginning of a new era in man purses.

Jason Calacanis I forgot to say, introducing the Apple Man Purse, Steve Jobs returns with a purse.

Jeff Cannata I’d like to announce my new venture capital company, making a new line purses stylized around the Apple logo.

Leo Laporte I think it could be the case.

Tom Merritt I think what – if it fits Apple’s pattern what will happen is they will say netbooks are stupid, nobody wants a netbook. Then they’ll come out with a device that is essentially a netbook and they won’t call it a netbook.

Leo Laporte But it won’t be a netbook.

Tom Merritt “We’ve created a new device that’s a small cheap computer. A whole new category and we call it …” whatever “i” name they come up with.

Leo Laporte It’s not a netbook.

Tom Merritt Because they didn’t want to call the iPod video. It was iPod with video.

Leo Laporte With video.

Tom Merritt They made a big point out of don’t call it iPod video.

Leo Laporte All right, with video.

Jason Calacanis I think it could wind up being the “MacBook Air something”, you know like the “MacBook Air Mini” or something. “Air Mini” or something, like a tinier version of the Air.

Tom Merritt Yeah, extend that brand.

Jason Calacanis Branch out. Because they could make the Air with a smaller keyboard, smaller monitor, same frame and idiots like me will pay $2000 for it.

Tom Merritt The Air Puff.

Leo Laporte Traffic Mike says he read Boiling Point on the iPhone.

Tom Merritt Oh did you? Wow.

Leo Laporte I think there’s a PDF reader.

Tom Merritt Well, there’s two things to get over. One is I wrote the book and second is reading it on an iPhone that’s a lot of speedbumps.

Leo Laporte We have a ton of stories. This is one of the busiest news days of the year. Denise has some things to say about watching porn. We are going to talk about that. You can’t say the word sex on Bing, by the way, if you are in India. We are going talk about Digg has a new ad system, where you got to vote on the ads, don’t you dare vote on our ads.

Jason Calacanis Genius.

Leo Laporte Tony La Russa sues Twitter.

Jason Calacanis Stupid.

Leo Laporte And maybe a conflict of interest in The White House, is Google getting too cosy with Obama?

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Leo Laporte Well, thanks for joining us we’ll see you next time.

Jason Calacanis And we are done.

Leo Laporte That’s it, thank you Jason, you really just cut to the chase on those. And I think that’s really important. There’s a lot of news, and we’re going to talk about it all in just a bit and I do want to talk to Denise about it. I think you are going to do a TWiL on this, about this thumbnail issue on Bing because this is a copyright issue that’s just fascinating.

Denise Howell Yeah.

Leo Laporte And Bing by the way took the lead over Yahoo! A guy knows a lot about search Mr. Mahalo will talk about that as well.

But first I want to mention Squarespace., Denise, have you moved your site over – you’re about to move your site over to Squarespace?

Denise Howell No I’ve been moved over for – gosh I think, it’s been more than a month now.

Leo Laporte And?

Denise Howell is there and I love it. It’s wonderful.

Leo Laporte This is – I had never heard of them, to be honest, when they came to us and I went over there and the first thing you see when you go to, is this amazing ability to create, take a beautiful template, customize it with AJAX drag and drop. It’s just incredible; it imports all your stuff from WordPress or MovableType or Blogger or TypePad and exports so you’re never trapped.

You’ve got – it’s not a blog engine per se because you can do a forum there, you can do a photo gallery, a forum builder. They’ve got Google Maps, amazing stats. And because they’re using this kind of cloud architecture, they can throw more bandwidth at it at anytime. You’re never brought down by a Digg for instance; just kind of an infinite bandwidth. So you’ve been pretty happy with it.

Denise Howell I have been very happy with it. I was on Blogger forever since the cooling of the earth when they started 10 years ago. And like it, and it was easy and there was some loyalty there and I met the people a long time ago and just never really wanted to move. But it was clear that I needed more, I needed a blog engine on steroids which is sort of what Squarespace is.

I was kludging together sites and then linking off my blog to elsewhere to be able to send people to – other information about me aside from just my blog entries. So this was able to package all of it in one place and it’s super fast too.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that nice?

Denise Howell It’s smoking fast.

Leo Laporte It’s next generation website design and it’s a hosted solution so you’re getting the hosting and this amazing content management system. I am getting so many emails from people who are saying “I moved to Squarespace because of your ads, I’ve never seen anything like this. I love it.” People are just flipping out.

I want you to try it free, just go to and if you decide to purchase you’ll get 10% off when you enter code twit, t-w-i-t.

Now there’s also something else that they’ve just started, starting June 8 through July 7, they are giving away 30 iPhones, an iPhone a day. All you have to do is send out a tweet with the #squarespace hashtag. So, do a mini review of Squarespace, put the pound or whatever, put the #squarespace hashtag in it. Squarespace will choose one winner each day at random, no purchase necessary. Go to for all the details.

You can win an iPhone, you don’t even have to sign up for Squarespace just put #squarespace in your tweet and you’ll be eligible to win.

Jason Calacanis Can I mention something about Squarespace?

Leo Laporte Yes, I didn’t know you know anything about Squarespace.

Jason Calacanis I know all about Squarespace, very cool guys from New York. They applied from TechCrunch50 and weren’t accepted because it was like new version, where you try to launch new things at it.

Leo Laporte Right, they have been around for a couple of years.

Jason Calacanis But I almost fell off my chair when I saw it and I just want to take a moment because we do this on This Week in Startups to tell all the people who are fans of the show, This WEEK in TECH should all say right now on Twitter thank you to Squarespace and then put #twit at the end. This way the sponsor knows that …

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s a good idea.

Jason Calacanis …the thing and if they see 100 people mention Squarespace right now, they’re probably going to advertise more and then…

Leo Laporte They are getting great results. They are very happy here, and we’re really happy to have them.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, but why not say thank you to Squarespace. That’s something a listener can do. That takes 10 seconds and really helps the show.

Leo Laporte I never thought of that. Thank you for saying that, that’s a good thought.

Jason Calacanis Say thank you to Squarespace on your tweet.

Leo Laporte For supporting TWiT. Yes.

Jason Calacanis Specifically for supporting TWiT.

Leo Laporte We appreciate that. How is that going, This Week in Startups?

Jason Calacanis Fantastic.

Leo Laporte I love the show.

Jason Calacanis Oh, that’s very kind.

Leo Laporte The first time I watched it, I thought this is like King Jason dispensing his knowledge. Come to Jason. He will tell you. Or the guru on the mount.

Jason Calacanis Life is not a bowl of cherries.

Tom Merritt Ah, poor David Carradine.

Leo Laporte Oh, yes, a moment of sad silence.

Tom Merritt A moment of silence for –

Leo Laporte Kung fu.

Jason Calacanis We just had 47 people in the last 90 seconds thank Squarespace on Twitter.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s nice. Thank you, everybody.

Jason Calacanis But anyway, the show is doing really well. Thank you being cool about me borrowing the sort of “This Week In”. You’ve been really a mensch about that I have say, because I did…

Leo Laporte Well you asked, and I was – you should ask Mel Allen to be honest with you, he’s got This Week in Baseball.

Jason Calacanis I also offered, like hey, can I give a tributary or something. I don’t know what relationship is between…

Leo Laporte But we would like to broadcast the live broadcast at some point.

Jason Calacanis I feel like I have learned maybe 95% of whatever I know podcasting from you. Kevin’s show as well, and anyway, I am thankful that you are cool about me using the “This Week In”.

Leo Laporte And you are going to launch a new one?

Jason Calacanis We are going to do This Week in Advertising, yes.

Leo Laporte Now, what would that be about?

Jason Calacanis I think it’ll be more like the TWiT format than This Week in Startups. So, This Week in Startups is me giving advice mainly in an interview. It’s not This WEEK in TECH. But This Week in Advertising will be like This WEEK in LAW or This WEEK in TECH which would be four people talking about social media marketing, advertising, whatever, and I am not the host. I just did this because I want to watch this show.

Leo Laporte Who is going to host it.

Jason Calacanis You know my guy Tyler…

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis …who was strategy guy? I’ll have him be the host initially and he is just going to bring on three people and talk about advertising.

Leo Laporte We do a similar show but I don’t know how similar it would be, called TWiM, This WEEK in MEDIA with Daisy Whitney.

Jason Calacanis Yes, so this will be just focused on advertizing.

Leo Laporte So, then let me ask you about this Digg thing.

Jason Calacanis Oh, this thing is brilliant.

Leo Laporte This is really interesting. I am not sure what to make of it. So, Thursday, Digg announced it was going to start allowing its users to vote on advertizing. Now, Hulu does it, we should point out, thumbs up, thumbs down on the ads it shows. But Digg is going to charge advertisers a price based on the user feedback. So, the more the ad is hated, the more of the advertiser has to pay.

Jason Calacanis Well, sort of the other way around. You get a discount.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Jason Calacanis If it is. So, they are not going to penalize you for [indiscernible]. Let’s say you start at a $10 CPM. If it’s really good, then you might go down to a five but it’s not going to penalize you up because that would be like short-selling a stock. You have no limit how much you could lose.

Leo Laporte Doesn’t this piss off advertisers?

Jason Calacanis Not if it’s a discount.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but I mean – I don’t know if – do you think advertisers like the idea of people voting? Let me put it this way; you are not going to see this on CBS, NBC or ABC.

Denise Howell No.

Leo Laporte Maybe that’s its genius.

Jeff Cannata If you are stirring up your audience to I am going to show those advertisers, I am going to hate their ads, they are going to go watch them.

Leo Laporte Yes, you are right. Maybe it’s not a bad thing.

Jeff Cannata It’s getting more people…

Leo Laporte It’s like GoDaddy, yeah.

Jeff Cannata It’s turning advertising into content.

Tom Merritt They are going to make people want to – they are going to make ads that they hope people will like and that’s a good thing, right? Which is…

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s clearly the motivation.

Tom Merritt Useful advertising that isn’t going to bother me. We had this argument on Buzz Out Loud and I was like do you like movie trailers? And everybody who had been just bitching that moment before, was like, “well yes”. I’m like “those are ads!” But you don’t think of them as ads because you like them and that’s what good advertising is. It’s something that you don’t think of as oh, there’s an annoying intrusive ad. We only hate advertising because it’s intrusive and annoying. And it has to be sometimes but if you can walk that balance to where it’s both intrusive but not annoying, that’s a good thing.

Denise Howell Right. I stop my TiVo in the middle of fast-forwarding through ads when I see the Apple versus Microsoft.

Leo Laporte And by the way, that…

Denise Howell PC versus Mac ads.

Leo Laporte TiVo records all that information and offers that for sale to both its programmers and advertisers. I remembers we saw at TechTV, they brought in the screensavers, the graph of rewinds and stuff and it’s the most amazing information you ever saw because it tells you in a much more visceral way than ratings, in a much more granular way than ratings what people like and don’t like. You can see, there is a graph and it spikes when something interesting happens because people rewound and watched it again. And it goes down when they fast forward though stuff.

Tom Merritt Wasn’t it Janet Jackson? Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Janet Jackson. Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yes, that was a good example. I rewound that about five or six times. I was trying to figure what the jewellery was. You can borrow it if you like.

Denise Howell So, is this much different though than what Facebook does?

Leo Laporte Does Facebook do this?

Denise Howell They have you vote, yeah, do you like this ad?

Leo Laporte But they don’t give a discount to advertisers, or do they? Maybe they do.

Jason Calacanis No, they don’t give a discount. This is – tying the money to it is a good idea. We tried on Weblogs. Inc and Engadget back in the day where we had Ad repost and we said post a comment of what you think of the product and only 1 of out of 100 hundred advertisers would ever go to it. Like you were saying, they don’t want feedback. It’s too scary. They can even change their creative enough, a lot of these advertisers. And the agencies are building it for clients who don’t even watch the store, so…

Leo Laporte So, now if you dig down an ad, does it stop showing you the ad?

Jason Calacanis I don’t think that’s what happens. I think it just goes –

Leo Laporte Now, that I’d like.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Jason Calacanis Well –

Leo Laporte I don’t want to see any more GoDaddy ads.

Tom Merritt That’s the one segeese [ph]

Leo Laporte They’re gone, yes.

Jeff Cannata Ironically though, I think some of the most effective advertising is some of the most annoying advertising, so it – I actually –

Leo Laporte That has always been the case. Please, don’t squeeze the Sharman is famously successful even though everybody hates it, or hated it.

Jeff Cannata Well, it might actually be worth the extra money to the advertiser to have something that sticks in your head that you hate, but so many people hate it that that’s kind of a feedback as well. That’s kind of something that –

Leo Laporte Bottom line here is this is exactly what the hope was, that new media would be able to do some innovative, interactive stuff that would bring some value to both advertisers, content creators and viewers, and this is an exactly – I mean this is wonderful, don’t you think?

Jason Calacanis There is another reason why Digg is doing this though other sites aren’t to be honest. It’s not meant to be a dig Jay and Kevin, we’re obviously all friends. But the truth is the Digg audience is largely like an anti-commercial audience and the Digg format – So they have Ad Blocker on a lot of time.

Second, the Digg ads, the Digg system is the best of the web, which means if you try to put an ad up there, you are competing against the best of the web. That’s a terrible thing for an advertiser to have to do. Advertising doesn’t work on Digg. That’s their main problem. So, they don’t have a choice but to do something really innovative really like this. People are not going to click on the ads on Digg when there’s 10 stories about Ron Paul, boobies and 7 stories about what’s coming out on the Mac tomorrow. The ads just disappear. How can an advertiser compete with Mac –?

Leo Laporte Well that’s not Digg, I mean that’s a problem everywhere. So –

Jason Calacanis No but it’s specific to memtrackers. Memetrackers are so good, the content, that’s it’s hard to compete. It’s one thing to compete on the New York Time site or Engadget when it’s lot of news, but when it’s the best news, best of the best, it gets…

Leo Laporte That’s interesting, yes.

Jason Calacanis …magnitude horror. I know this because I did the netscape there and –

Leo Laporte I wonder if Fark has that problem?

Jason Calacanis Fark, well that’s why Fark put the ads in the stream. They get paid for people putting stories in there. They don’t actually label it. It’s a little bit shady. But Digg is trying to insert the ads into the stream and by allowing users to vote them up they can do that credibly as opposed to Fark, which sort of did it on the slide. Not that anybody cares. I mean it’s boobies, you know, whatever.

Leo Laporte I think this is – look, advertisers in general face problems. People don’t want ads. They do every thing they can to avoid ads. Anything you can do to add value to the ads or add – make it so that people pay more attention is a good thing and this is an example of how new media can do that, I think it’s fantastic.

Jason Calacanis It’s brilliant and it’s well executed.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Now, let’s talk about Bing, Denise. Bing is Microsoft’s new search engine. It was called Coo-mo [ph]. It’s really – I don’t know – Jason, is it much different than MSN search? Did they really change the technology or is it just relabeled?

Jason Calacanis Yes. I think if you compare what they had before, it was probably they had like a 4 or 5 out of 10 if Google’s the 10 in search. Now they have like an 8, so they’re catching up. So…

Leo Laporte I’d agree. The quality’s very good.

Jason Calacanis …it’s amazing what they have done compared to what they have done previously. It’s not quite Google yet, but they are taking a lot of risks in terms of the design of it. So for that, they deserve a lot of credit. I mean it is phenomenally well executed.

Leo Laporte And by the way beat Yahoo, in a search – well, that’s just kind of sampling, but beat Yahoo in search.

Jason Calacanis It’s a legitimate contender and that is shocking to –

Leo Laporte And you have always told me and I have quoted you many times, each percentage of the search market is about a billion dollars in value.

Jason Calacanis Yeah I mean if – that’s way they were going to spend 40 billion, 30, 40 billion to buy Yahoo’s 20%.

Tom Merritt It’s that good.

Jason Calacanis I mean they are going to pay a little more, because Yahoo has extra things attached to it like their investment in Japan’s worth a couple of billion.

Leo Laporte So, Denise has a really good post on her Lawgarithms column, the June 2 post, in which she asks ‘is Bing playing fast and loose with fair use?’ What’s going on? What’s Bing doing?

Denise Howell Well Bing is providing live video previews and it’s actually not something that’s live –

Leo Laporte As many a 14-year-old has just learned, by the way.

Denise Howell Yes. So, when you go and do a search with the safe search controls turned on, you’ll see that when you mouse over one of the video thumbnails that you get on the search results, it’s not just a screen capture of what’s going on but the video starts to play. And there is an interesting interview, the person who flagged the fair use issue was Andy Plesser of BeetTV and he asked me if I had taken a look at it and I did and then I put up my post, and Andy continued to look at it as well.

The problem is…

Leo Laporte Didn’t Google get in a little trouble for the thumbnails in the search?

Denise Howell Google has had many – and lots of search engines…

Tom Merritt For image search, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Denise Howell …have had lots of litigation over how much of something you can display in a search engine in order to index and then point people off.

Leo Laporte But Google won that case, the porn thumbnail case.

Denise Howell Nobody’s ever – yeah, there was a porn case that involved still images that were in line linked.

Leo Laporte Perfect 10. That’s right, yes.

Denise Howell Perfect 10 versus Google. Google won, because even though they were showing full-sized images – and that’s problematic under the fair use analysis. Under fair use, you’re not allowed to detract from the market value of the original or to do something that basically replaces the need to go and see the original. So, that’s why this Bing video search is something problematic. They don’t, it appears, play the full video of everything that’s included in the search engine, although I am still kind of digging around it and it seems like for short videos, you’re getting awfully close to the full thing.

There is an interesting interview that Andy Plesser did with Stefan Weitz is his name and I just put a tiny URL for the interview. It’s and there’s Stefan talking about how they organized this video search and how they decided which parts of the video to display. And he goes ahead and says we actually do try and pull out something relevant so that it’s meaningful for you when you –

Leo Laporte Well, that’s good.

Denise Howell Well, it’s good and it’s dangerous from a fair use perspective. Because if you’re replacing the need and dis-incentivizing people from actually going to see the original if they can just sit there and happily watch the thumbnail…

Leo Laporte There’s the best of yes.

Jason Calacanis This is brilliant but overreaching.

Denise Howell But that’s about it though.

Leo Laporte But the thumbnail only plays a few seconds, right? I mean, it doesn’t…

Denise Howell Right. So, this gets really interesting when you delve into the porno-sphere. Because if you turn off safe search and you just do a search for porn and –

Leo Laporte You can watch all that porn without leaving Bing.

Denise Howell And if they are pulling out what they think are the…

Leo Laporte What’s is the best?!

Denise Howell …most salient parts!

Leo Laporte Salient or salacious..?

Jason Calacanis Let’s just say – can I just say the mission can be accomplished…

Jeff Cannata I’ll pull out my salient part…sorry

Jason Calacanis …with the Bing search result, if we just leave it at that.

Leo Laporte The mission will be accomplished, yes.

Jason Calacanis Right. Which means there is no reason to go the porn site.

Jeff Cannata Right.

Jason Calacanis Therefore, as a legal test, Denise, you would say if the mission is accomplished therefore it’s infringing upon their ability to do trade?

Denise Howell You know – I don’t know if the mission accomplished test was actually raised in Perfect 10.

Leo Laporte How about emission accomplished? I am sorry I shouldn’t have gone that way.

Tom Merritt I don’t get it.

Leo Laporte I don’t get it either. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Jason Calacanis ‘I don’t get it but I made the joke on it’. No, this is going to be shut down within a couple of weeks, guaranteed. This is way unfair.

Denise Howell I was honed in on the copyright issues when I posted about this but the real outcry about it is parents and educators and libraries.

Leo Laporte No, I wasn’t too pleased when I saw this because I do have – I am using OpenDNS to block, but you can’t block Bing or you could block Bing I guess. Maybe it should block Bing.

Tom Merritt It doesn’t go into the porn stuff right away. You have to go in and turn off the safe search, right?

Leo Laporte But anybody can do that.

Tom Merritt Well yes.

Leo Laporte I can’t force my kid not to use safe search.

Tom Merritt Well you can’t force your kid not to use the internet too, or you could force your kid not to use the internet, too. So, I mean, there’s safe search in Google for images as well.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I am just saying I can put OpenDNS on my router and the kid can’t change it and then he’s got a hard time going to porn sites. On the other hand, if he figures out he can Bing them…

Tom Merritt Well he can Google images. I it’s just a matter of degree, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s a little different.

Denise Howell It’s significantly different than looking at a still image if…

Leo Laporte Oh, really? Really?

Denise Howell …folks are so inclined to go check it out.

Leo Laporte I wouldn’t know.

Denise Howell It’s rather overwhelming when you first hit the page

Leo Laporte It is – try one of these, it is kind of amazing when you see these thumbnails. It’s like…

Tom Merritt Don’t you think that If you turn off the safe search, it turns it into the ‘BadaBing’? Hey-O!

Jason Calacanis It’s almost like DJ kind of a thing because when – forget about the porn search, but anything you pull off, if you just sort of roll over it in a row, you sort of get this weird montage of stuff.

Tom Merritt Yes because they don’t turn off. They keep going for whatever seconds they’re pre-programmed or selected to do so. If you just swipe across, it becomes a cacophony.

Leo Laporte Somebody was saying in the chat room I seem a little paranoid my kids are going to search for porn. I am just using them as an example there. Good kids and they don’t search for porn.

Tom Merritt You are using the metaphorical kids.

Leo Laporte Metaphorical kids. Henry searched for ‘boobies’ once but that was it. He actually searched for ‘Ron Paul’s boobies’ which I thought was a little strange.

Jeff Cannata Who hasn’t?

Leo Laporte Who hasn’t after al? He found it on Digg. So, here’s an interesting thing. Digg, for some reason, has decided that you can’t search for the word sex if you are Indian.

Denise Howell No, Bing, you mean.

Leo Laporte What did I say?

Tom Merritt Digg.

Denise Howell Digg.

Leo Laporte Digg, Bing, I’m, you know…

Tom Merritt Don’t disrespect the Bing.

Leo Laporte Don’t disrespect the Bing. So, apparently, sex is a high-volume search string from India, ranking above 60 on a scale of 0 to 100 since 2004, according to Google.

Tom Merritt It’s easy to change your country though with Bing, apparently.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Tom Merritt You can just say oh, ‘I am not in India, I’m in the US’ and you can search all you what.

Leo Laporte If you say you are from China or Hong Kong or Singapore, no luck. Arabian country, no luck. But if you say you’re from the US they say ‘anything goes! Oh, you’re from France, ha-hah!’

Tom Merritt And then searching for sex is much different than searching for boobies on porn. I mean you could be searching for health information or gender typing. There is a whole lot of other things. I know it’s no as fun to imagine that you might be including that search stream on, that it’s now blocking.

Leo Laporte Is there a legal reason, Denise, that they might want to do this? I mean do they have to do this for certain countries?

Denise Howell Yes, the different countries have – and some countries are more restrictive than others as to what they will permit search engines to deliver and then it’s up to the search engine if they want to do business in that country, if they are going to comply with the local laws. And I am sure that’s why Bing has made this decision. They’d rather not be blocked. They’d rather not be sued.

Leo Laporte Do you think this Yahoo lead is meaningful at all? I mean it’s just everybody kind of – Bing became the number two search engine on Thursday with a 16.28 share of searches.

Tom Merritt I just went to and searched sex and I got a lot of results. Now, maybe that’s because my IP address isn’t masked, but the Google India –

Leo Laporte In other words, the Google is not doing it.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Leo Laporte Do you have safe search turned on?

Tom Merritt I do.

Leo Laporte Because you have to turn on safe search on Bing.

Tom Merritt A lot of health returns.

Leo Laporte Health returns.

Tom Merritt No, I didn’t.

Leo Laporte Did you get any thumbnails?

Tom Merritt

“Full free porn videos and DVDs” is the first result on

Leo Laporte Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Denise Howell So, as long as we’re talking about international things.

Leo Laporte Yes?

Denise Howell Somebody DMed me right before the show with some breaking news from the E.U. and that is that the Pirate Party has just got elected to a seat in the European Parliament.

Leo Laporte What did they get? 7% of the vote? They got a huge…

Tom Merritt Is it proportional representation there? Is that how it works?

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

Denise Howell 19% between 18 – 35 year olds.

Tom Merritt Do you know what the good news about this is? They’re no longer have to cam the – the proceedings are actually going to have them straight to DVD.

Leo Laporte So, is this a response to the Pirate Bay prosecution? Was this – are there real candidates being fronted or is this just a kind of a protest vote? What’s the story here? They got a seat. So, they’re going to have a candidate.

Denise Howell Yeah they got a seat! Yes, exactly. I think it’s a combination of both. I think that this is a big enough issue and has been public enough there that people have finally just said ‘let’s get some new perspective.’

Leo Laporte Deep Tier says the E.U. has been boarded.

Tom Merritt Arrr!

Leo Laporte Arrr!

Denise Howell I am reading the stories on it and it says votes are still being counted and I think they might have had another candidate also from the party. So, who knows?

Leo Laporte Wow. Wow. I wonder if the candidates are Pirate Bay guys or if they have got somebody else there that they’re running.

Denise Howell No, it’s somebody else.

Leo Laporte The Pirate Party.

Denise Howell Yes.

Leo Laporte I think that sounds like a great party to be in.

Jason Calacanis In related news, Boing Boing is running for senate

Jeff Cannata ‘You know party like a pirate party, because a pirate party don’t stop’.

Tom Merritt It’s doing well in Somalia.

Leo Laporte Who’s running for Senate?

Jason Calacanis In related news, Boing Boing has just been elected to the Senate [indiscernible] will be representing the Boing Boing contingent.

Leo Laporte Oh, right. Well, let’s keep with the legal news. Tony La Russa is suing Twitter.

Jason Calacanis Fail.

Tom Merritt Sign stealing, right?

Leo Laporte Yes. He says an unauthorized page that used its name to make light of drunken-driving and two cardinals pictures who died damaged his reputation and caused emotional distress, filed a suit in the Superior Court of California and San Francisco seeking unspecified damages. He is basically saying ‘you didn’t bother to authenticate that it was the real Tony La Russa

Jason Calacanis In related news, he’s suing Gmail for Tony La Russa 17. AOL it’s the best Tony La Russa. I mean give me a break, it’s the most stupid thing I’ve heard.

Tom Merritt ARF is handling this case, the Animal Rescue Foundation. He is saying that this is because of the – he doesn’t want a bad name, it affects.

Leo Laporte For ARF, that’s his big cause, his big charity.

Tom Merritt It affects ARF. Yes, it affects their ability to get adoptions if people see this Twitter account and think that Tony La Russa is saying all these horrible things, they won’t want to support ARF. What I don’t understand is he says he tried to get Twitter to take it down but they wouldn’t and Twitter is usually very responsive in these sort of situations when they receive a request.

Leo Laporte Well, it is worse because this lawsuit includes a screenshots of Tweets with the heading hey, there Tony La Russa is using Twitter with a picture of the manager.

Tom Merritt And then it says Bio Parodies are fun for everyone.

Leo Laporte Oh, he didn’t miss – missed that part.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Leo Laporte That’s the page you see if went – it’s the site – account is down now. But if you went to that you’d see that. Anybody would see that though. I don’t know if that’s –

Denise Howell The problem with the lawsuit is Tony’s probably sued the wrong party as Jason was pointing out. That he have broad sweeping immunities in this country for intermediaries like Google and here Twitter.

Leo Laporte They’re protected. They’re a carrier.

Denise Howell Yeah, they are broadly protected. But it raises a really interesting issue, because Twitter is becoming more and more like some sort of domain name registrar.

Leo Laporte Well, yeah that’s true.

Denise Howell The names there actually have some meaning. And as far as there certainly could be trademark issues that could attach one way or another. If someone is using your trademark or your name and likeness without your permission, you’ve got some claims. But to go after Twitter here is little bit difficult.

Leo Laporte Didn’t you say that at one point, Jason, on this show, that if – eventually everybody would have a Twitter, this will be like the phonebook for the world?

Jason Calacanis Yes, my premise is that it’s going to be the global log-in system. It sort of – and they’re also going to launch a payment system. So, it’s going to sort of be like if Paypal and Facebook log-in were together – or did I say they are going to launch a payment system? Can you edit that out of the show?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis They are going to launch payment system and when they have a payment system…

Tom Merritt I hear they are going to launch a payment system.

Leo Laporte But are they going to launch one?

Jason Calacanis They are going to a launch payment system. But when they do, I could be like –

Leo Laporte What would you pay for?

Jason Calacanis Anything just like PayPal. I could PayPal a donation to a charity. I could send you 20 bucks that I owe you.

Leo Laporte That’s a good business model.

Jason Calacanis You could send me the 1,500 bucks you owe me from the poker game, finally, three months later.

Leo Laporte Screw you, Jason Calacanis.

Tom Merritt Yeah it’s been 15 minutes, I was about to –

Jason Calacanis Basically I’m invited on the show until Leo pays off his poker debts to me.

Tom Merritt You know Bluestone has a post upon Twitter right now saying ‘screw you Tony La Russa’ essentially. No, seriously. It’s called not ‘playing ball.’ He says ‘with due respect to the man and his notable work, Mr. La Russa’s lawsuit was an unnecessary waste of judicial resources, bordering on frivolous. Twitter’s terms of service are fair and we believe will be upheld in court that will ultimately dismiss Mr. La Russa’s lawsuit.’ Then goes on to talk about a new business opportunity called Verified Accounts where Celebrities at first and maybe businesses down the road will be able to get a verified account by paying, which people will trust.

Leo Laporte They are going to announce verified accounts, yes.

Jason Calacanis Which goes to the concept of a payment system which goes to the global log-in system.

Leo Laporte I like the payment system idea.

Jason Calacanis So this is where they are going to go and it’s pretty clear –

Jeff Cannata I think the logical progression of that is really exciting. I think that if all of a sudden I have @JeffCannata on Twitter and you can send me money that way, you can get to my telephone that way, you can get – that is just the way the internet knows me.

Leo Laporte It does raise this issue though, if @JeffCannata isn’t Jeff Cannata and I send you money, that’s not good. You have to have a way of making sure that the people are who they say they are.

Tom Merritt And it also means that if Twitter loses this case to La Russa that business model…

Leo Laporte Is gone.

Tom Merritt …is not as good. Because who’s going to pay for a verified…

Denise Howell By the way, that post you mentioned squelched rumors that the case is settled. That was all over the headlines a couple of days ago, that the case had been trialed and then immediately somehow worked out.

Leo Laporte Sounds like there is not much merit to this case.

Jason Calacanis There is not a chance in heck that this will ever get anywhere. Period.

Denise Howell I wouldn’t want to be Twitter. It’s got some difficult choices to make. Maybe going down the monetizing your verified account is sort of the best scenario for it. But if they have got a put an infrastructure in place that manages this for everyone…yeah.

Jason Calacanis They don’t put have to put an infrastructure in. What they’ll do is, if it’s unverified then there’s a reasonable expectation, just like the rest of the web that you don’t take it too seriously. I mean I get spam all the time from celebrities or this or that. I mean no big deal.

Leo Laporte That’s true. That’s true. You can send an email right now that says ‘this is Bill Clinton ‘

Jason Calacanis Exactly. What this is – this is…

Leo Laporte ‘Give me back my cigar’ and nobody – doesn’t have to be real.

Jason Calacanis I am guessing that this is some sort of a PR play by this guy, because he’s got a book coming out or he’s got his own – or something.

Leo Laporte Oh no, no, no I think Tony’s genuine here. I know Tony. I think he’s genuine here. I think he may not get Twitter and he may not understand. He’s not getting good legal advice perhaps.

Tom Merritt And he’s a lawyer.

Leo Laporte That’s true.

Jason Calacanis A lawyer. Is he desperate for cash or something? Like what lawyer would ever tell you –?

Leo Laporte No, I think he’s – I think that Tony is understandably angry. He doesn’t really understand what happened. As a lot of people don’t understand Twitter. And thinks that he’s been impersonated in public and –

Jason Calacanis Then send a letter and turn off the account. I mean the fact that he’s going for a lawsuit and money means he’s totally disingenuous

Leo Laporte Tony says he did that. He says he did that. He says he tried to get the account turned off and it wasn’t turned off.

Jason Calacanis How did he try to turn off? I mean did he just send –

Leo Laporte Well, we don’t know but that maybe that would give his case some merit if that’s the case, right?

Tom Merritt Yeah, I mean –

Denise Howell And that gets back to my infrastructure point. How does Twitter respond to..?

Leo Laporte They don’t have the staff. If they get a thousand messages a day saying ‘hey that’s not my account!’

Jason Calacanis I think not. They could easily have the infrastructure to do – there are companies that – you outsource this to, who’ll handle it for you. They can easily get through hundreds of these a day and it would probably be under a hundred a day even for servers like AOL or even Facebook.

Leo Laporte Do we know – I only know one – Mostly Lisa. Tried for a long time to get Mostly Lisa back, was able to get it back finally, but it took a while. Do we know many cases of people saying ‘hey that’s not my name?’

Denise Howell Jennifer Leggio at ZDNet had it happen to her recently.

Leo Laporte How hard was it for her to get her name back?

Denise Howell It was easy, but she knew folks at Twitter.

Leo Laporte Oh well so that doesn’t count.

Jason Calacanis I have helped like a dozen people…

Leo Laporte Well but see if you’ve got an AIM, you have got an AIM Jason. You can go to Ev and say ‘hey dude, hey Biz.’.

Jason Calacanis No it’s not just that, they have – they actually respond to the general e-mail. I know people who have e-mailed general e-mail and have this taken care of. Maybe there was a window during the peak of Oprah madness that it took a day or two. But send a certified letter to their office, I guarantee they handle it. And sending a certified letter to an office is a lot easier than filing a lawsuit, Denise, I think. Wouldn’t be that be the proper protocol?

Denise Howell Absolutely. I’m not behind this lawsuit being filed.

Leo Laporte Always better.

Jason Calacanis What would be the proper protocol if somebody doesn’t respond to an e-mail to it? Because e-mails can get lost, misplaced. Isn’t the proper protocol before you file a lawsuit to maybe send three certified letters, two, before you file it?

Denise Howell Certainly something that’s off the web, yeah, something in paper…

Leo Laporte We actually had – we actually put it up letterhead. We never had letterhead for these kinds of things. We actually had to make – what do you mean we have to send snail mail? So we print off letterhead.

Tom Merritt What and like letterhead is some guarantee of authenticity in these days, you know?

Leo Laporte But you have to have it, I mean you can’t just send it to them on a lying notebook, piece of notebook paper.

Jason Calacanis If you put something in mail, people take very seriously. Very seriously. I’ve done that.

Leo Laporte Yeah. No. Because nobody does it anymore.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I have sent literally handwritten – I’ve handwritten notes on piece of paper like ‘by the way I am going to sue you’ like signed Jason in a FedEx envelope, like really two sentences. ‘Stop. I am going to sue you’ signed Jason Calacanis in a FedEx envelope to people. Once you do that people behave themselves.

Leo Laporte I should try that.

Tom Merritt I think the problem was that Tony La Russa had just stood across the street and then patted his head three times and rubbed his nose.

Leo Laporte ‘You didn’t see the signal!’

Tom Merritt ‘What? Come on!’

Leo Laporte ‘Are you blind? What are you blind?’

All right, we’re going to take a break, come back with more stories for you in just a second. You are listening to TWiT with the great Tom Merritt and Mr. Jason Calacanis aka Maverick, Denise Howell from Lawgarithms, newbie, and Jeff Cannata from the Totally Rad Show. I want to tell you about GoToMyPC right now. GoToMyPC makes it easy to remotely access your system from the – of course it’s easy. For the folks at Citrix, they know remote access better than anybody else. They pretty much created remote access back in the golden days of Windows NT. and they’ve been doing it ever since. GoToMyPC is easy to set up.

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Leo Laporte Thank you. Anything with Jason in it’s good.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely.

Leo Laporte Anything. With a name like Jason.

Jason Calacanis No but really seriously it means a lot to support the show.

Leo Laporte Hey I want to ask Jeff Cannata, because he was at E3. Anybody else go to E3? I think Jeff you are the only one here that was at E3. The big gaming convention was this week. You have been to them in the past. Is E3 getting bigger, getting smaller? This – people seem to think this was the best E3 in a while.

Jeff Cannata I think I would agree with that yeah. It’s definitely on the upswing as far as big to small. Last year was really much more subdued and low key and it was back this year to being a little more bombastic again.

Leo Laporte It’s not what you expect from conferences in these tough times. You kind of expect them to be sluggish and slow and people going ‘ho hum’ but the gaming is hotter than ever. Maybe bad economies are good for gaming. In fact I’m sure they are.

Jeff Cannata Well, we are hitting the stride of all these consoles that came out a few years ago. It takes a couple of years for the software developers to catch up on the new hardware and now we are hitting nearly where these projects that started a couple of years ago, they’re about to come out and it’s really showing off these next generation systems can do.

Leo Laporte Well something happened that doesn’t usually happen at E3. Mainstream media really picked up on the Microsoft story for two reasons. One because they got Ringo and Paul together.

Jeff Cannata That always helps.

Leo Laporte That’s pretty big. They were, were they –

Jeff Cannata And Steven Spielberg.

Leo Laporte All on the same stage.

Jeff Cannata Yoko.

Leo Laporte And Yoko was there. A moving moment. [wails]

Tom Merritt And Mrs. Harrison.

Leo Laporte Mrs. Harrison. What is her name? Is it Patty Boy?

Jeff Cannata Son was there too. I don’t know his name, something Harrison, the son.

Leo Laporte So, the big announcement from Microsoft was “Natal?” [nah-tall]

Jeff Cannata Yeah, they are calling it “Natal”.

Leo Laporte Natal.

Jeff Cannata Yeah.

Leo Laporte Not “Natal” [nay-tal]

Jeff Cannata Not “Natal”, not prenatal, not postnatal. It’s a pretty spectacular bit of technology and they pretty much blew everybody away with their stage presentation and it’s taking the controller completely out of the equation and letting you communicate with system using your gestures and a three-camera system that includes an infrared camera. It’s pretty awesome stuff.

Leo Laporte But is it a product? Will it ever come out and is there anything more than just a great demo in there? Paul Thurrott does our Windows Weekly program, kind off one and said ‘this is’ – and he is a Microsoft guy, said ‘this is ridiculous, come on.’ Then they didn’t even announce a product.

Jeff Cannata A release window.

Leo Laporte Release window? There is no product.

Jeff Cannata Well, Peter Molyneux came out and showed what Lionhead Studios has been working on and he claims that will be a product, this Milo and Kate, I think it’s called. He says that will be a game and –

Leo Laporte Did you use it? Did you get to play with it at all?

Jeff Cannata I didn’t get hands-on with it. No. But I saw the presentations and…

Leo Laporte I mean it looks cool but the demos got to be so deceptive.

Jeff Cannata It does. They also had Burnout up and working on it. So they had an actual pre-existing game working with the technology for people to use, so.

Leo Laporte What did Brian think of it?

Tom Merritt Brian got to actually try it and he said it worked. He was limited in what games he could use of course, but…

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s a very controlled environment.

Tom Merritt But he was able to make it work on him and he’s, you know.

Leo Laporte Well Felicia Day used it and looked good with it.

Tom Merritt And they didn’t calibrate it for him in advance. They could have calibrated it for Felicia, I’m not saying they did, you know.

Leo Laporte Right, but he just kind of showed up.

Tom Merritt But he just walked up/

Leo Laporte So what do you think Jeff, I mean is this going to be on our systems soon?

Jeff Cannata Well, I don’t know about soon. I think it’s far off, but I think that’s kind of a great thing about these kind of press conferences is that it shows you – it gets you excited, it shows you what the future holds. And I think that – they showed two applications for the technology, one was kind of that doing pantomime in front of the screen to pretend like you’re doing stuff, you know which, I’ll admit was a little silly…

Leo Laporte Yeah. We’ve seen that before, the Eye Cam for PS2. I mean isn’t that the same thing?

Jeff Cannata The Eye Toy, yeah.

Leo Laporte Eye Toy.

Jeff Cannata It is and interestingly enough PlayStation announced their own motion controller, which has been completely overshadowed in the mainstream press...

Leo Laporte Oh interesting.

Jeff Cannata …by Microsoft’s announcement. I’ll get to that in a second but then this second application of the technology which is what Peter Molyneux was showing off is really something that allows completely new take on video games. And I think that where people get a little stuck with this from an imagination standpoint is going, “oh I am just going to – it’s just going to be a replacement for my controller.” So I am going to be doing the same types of things except I am going to be pantomiming and there is nothing in my hand and that’s certainly one thing they were showing.

But the Natal also has voice recognition technology built in and Molyneux was showing off this, this thing literally walked up to your television and treat it like you are looking out a window and talking to another person.

Leo Laporte That’s cool.

Jeff Cannata So it’s interacting with games in a completely new way and that person, this Milo character is a little 10-year-old boy that they had mocked up for the presentation recognized people, carried on conversations with them, interacted with them, would – they had – he was recognizing things they were wearing, the color of their shirt for example. He could tell by the tone of your voice whether or not you were joking with him or talking seriously.

It’s pretty remarkable stuff and I think that instead of concentrating on, oh well, I’ll – instead of a controller, I will be waving my arm around pretending there is a tennis racket in it. I think developers are going to take this technology and run with it in a completely new direction where video games haven’t really tread before and I think that’s what exciting about it.

Leo Laporte All right, then you think that this game Milo and Nerdy will be out soon.

Jeff Cannata Well, I don’t know. I am guessing probably more 2011. But Sony also showed off –

Leo Laporte Okay, next year. No, wait a minute that’s two years.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, two years.

Leo Laporte If my math is correct.

Jeff Cannata I am guessing. I have nothing to base that on, but it seems like it’s a little far off.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Jeff Cannata But Sony also showed a motion controller that’s more along the lines of what the Wii has been which is sort of a wand or remote control looking thing, and much more precise than the Wii has ever been and that was actually pretty remarkable too. They were showing pinpoint accuracy and depth perception with that device so that it really could be the kind of thing that would replace in your hand a sword or tennis racket or lots of other things.

And they had showed a moment where the guy who was demoing it literally stunned an enemy and then lifted its head a couple of inches with the sword. You know, like put the sword under the chin of the zombie and lifted the head a couple of inches before striking it. I mean it’s very, very precise one-to-one recognition of your movements.

Leo Laporte And this is going to be out soon?

Jeff Cannata Yeah, they’re saying spring of next year.

Leo Laporte Well, I mean if they were going that way, right? I mean it’s kind of inevitable that we do something like this.

Jeff Cannata Well, there certainly seems to be – the Wii’s success has certainly started an arms race of arms racing. You know, it’s clearly the way all these companies are putting a lot of their energies in and I think that it’s exciting. I don’t think – I think the good thing about the 360 and the PS3’s approach is that I don’t think they are going to replace your controller. I think this is going to be a new different way for games to be made and they will be parallel to more traditional games whereas the Wii really aimed to get rid of the controller altogether.

Leo Laporte I love this video that Microsoft put out of dad being the pit crew so the girl gets to drive and dad’s so happy changing her tire and…

Tom Merritt It’s just like real life.

Leo Laporte It’s just like real life and maybe mom will be the highway patrol officer who pulls her over, I don’t know.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, it’s a shame that this stuff looks so ridiculous and like I said…

Leo Laporte Well, it’s not a shame; that’s kind of a fundamental problem is that you look like kind of a, I mean look what happened to the Segway. You look like a dork riding it. It never took off. If you – I guess you could play this in the privacy of your own home.

Tom Merritt Well, that’s where most of us will play it.

Jeff Cannata If you imagine a game, kind of like…

Leo Laporte Without anybody else around…

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Denise Howell Well, people do Dance Dance Revolution in public.

Leo Laporte That’s true. This is not much difference than that.

Tom Merritt People who dance much better than any of us.

Leo Laporte Yeah, maybe, maybe. Well, I got a Wii Fit, I got a Wii Fit and I got to say I played it like once and I thought I am never doing this again. This was awful.

Jeff Cannata Well, you know, Nintendo is selling this –

Tom Merritt Do you think that – the motion controller from Sony I agree Jeff, is really good. Is it enough to pull Sony out of the basement though? I mean because it’s still, like you say, it’s pretty overshadowed in the press.

Jeff Cannata Well, I don’t know if that will be the thing that pulls Sony out of the basement. I think their incredibly strong lineup of titles that they showed this year will be the –

Leo Laporte That’s what they need. They need some games.

Jeff Cannata They showed off some amazing stuff, God of War III and a game called Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2. I walked away from that conference wanting to play the PS3 games more than any other console.

Leo Laporte Yay! We need – look I really want the PS3 to succeed. I mean I think it’s a great device, it’s a Blu-ray player. I have two, one right there and one at home and I just think it’s really lacking in software. It just doesn’t have anything great to play on it. So that’s good news. You think God of War will be a good game?

Jeff Cannata Oh God of War looks great. It looks fantastic, yeah. I mean if you like really visceral violent games.

Leo Laporte Yeah baby.

Jeff Cannata There’s ripping heads off of people, it’s pretty intense. In slow motion.

Leo Laporte And the reason that Paul and Ringo and Yoko were there was Rock Band Beatles.

Jeff Cannata Yes.

Leo Laporte That’s more my speed.

Jeff Cannata Clearly a large chunk of change was dropped on [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte Do you think this will sell? I mean it’s for – aimed at people my age. It’s aimed at people 50 and older. Do you think it will sell? Dan is a young guy, our chat room monitor, he says yeah.

Tom Merritt Yeah because The Beatles are popular across a whole lot of demo’s.

Denise Howell All the Rock Band’s sell, doesn’t it?

Leo Laporte Really? Young people would want to play The Beatles songs?

Tom Merritt There are still huge Beatles fans in high schools and colleges.

Leo Laporte All right, that’s a relief to hear.

Jeff Cannata Beatles are forever.

Leo Laporte Well, they got a lot of press for it. It certainly was a successful thing to do. Well cool thank you for the E3 report.

Jeff Cannata No, let me mention one more game because it’s really the Natal thing and Sony’s motion controller. I think they are a big deal because that kind of magic that it seems like, wow we are really in the future. And there was another game that kind of was under the radar a little bit, but a lot of the hardcore press is picking up on and it really captures that magical idea also, and it’s a game called Scribblenauts. Has anybody heard of it?

Leo Laporte Scribblenauts.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, like an astronaut, but Scribblenaut. It’s game for the Nintendo DS, the handheld system and it’s absolutely – walking up to it you wouldn’t think much of it but few minutes playing it, it really feels like magic. What you do you are a guy in a two-dimensional world and you encounter a number of problems or puzzles. And the way you solve them is you pull down a little keyboard and type in any noun you can think of and that thing magically appears in the world, functional.

Leo Laporte How would it, how do it know?

Jeff Cannata It has a library of thousands and thousands and thousands of objects and they were challenging journalists to come up and stump it and it’s absolutely spectacular the kind of things that are in that game that you outside the box thinking, you know, somebody mentioned they were having a problem getting past one of the puzzles and they couldn’t figure out how to do it and they were like, “you know what I am just go back in time to a point when this didn’t exist” so they wrote “time machine”, a time machine showed up and they stepped into the time machine and they went back and they got a group of dinosaurs and went back in the time machine.

Leo Laporte No.

Jeff Cannata Yes.

Denise Howell Oh, I am so getting this.

Leo Laporte This sounds so cool.

Jeff Cannata It’s literally anything you can think of. People were writing keyboard cat and the keyboard cat would show up.

Leo Laporte No.

Jeff Cannata It’s absolutely stunning. You know Dracula, and somebody wrote Cthulu and a Cthulu showed up.

Leo Laporte Wow. I don’t even know how to spell Cthulu. That’s amazing.

Denise Howell Is it available now or coming?

Jeff Cannata No, it’s coming in the fall.

Tom Merritt Cthulu madness!

Leo Laporte I think the DS is a really great platform. It’s really done well. Didn’t – now Sony announced its Go! right? Is that going to be important or is that – this is the PSP, a little PSP.

Jeff Cannata Yes, it’s interesting because they also announced the price point which is $250. It’s a little bit much for a handheld game device.

Leo Laporte A DS is what, 150?

Jeff Cannata Well, you can get the new DSi, I think it’s 179 I think, something like that.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Jeff Cannata So, it’s still a little expensive I would say but the PSP Go! is a nice re-design. I think it’s much smaller and lighter than the original PSP but that price point just seems a little high.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Wow. Oh well, it looks cool.

Tom Merritt It’s psychologically high because it’s above that 199.

Leo Laporte It’s psychologically high.

Tom Merritt They should have made it 199.

Jeff Cannata Exactly. 199 is the sweet spot for something and then you can drop it as the years go on but 250 it just seems out of the sweet spot.

Leo Laporte I like that Scribblenauts, that is really neat. Is that for you or for your son, Denise?

Denise Howell I am thinking both, I mean it sounds totally creative for him and I would not own a DS but for having a little boy. And yeah it seems like Jeff, too, tell me if this is right that they are doing a lot with motion and interactivity and that kind of thing for those small platforms as well.

Jeff Cannata Well, you know the –

Denise Howell We have a Tony Hawks game where you make it move by moving the device and…

Jeff Cannata Yeah, the big Tony Hawks game that was announced is going to deliver a new controller much like Guitar Hero gave you a guitar. They are going to ship with a skateboard but that’s not for a handheld device. That’s for…

Denise Howell No, but even the handheld ones, it seems like, you know I saw a commercial on TV with Beyoncé for some kind of rhythm game where –

Jeff Cannata Yeah, it’s called Rhythm Heaven. And the DS really started this whole revolution of new ways to input to all kinds of video game systems. Because when the DS was announced, the touch screen and the stylus were looked at as a kind of bizarre innovation, and that really set the stage for what Nintendo did with the Wii, coming out with the motion controller for that and the DS initially seems very similar to me to what this Natal target video was where it was very conventional ideas of what you could do with the Touch Screen and the Stylus and then as things went on, developers started looking at it as a way to create games that were not possible before that. That did things that really – it wasn’t just shoehorning existing games into a new control scheme; it was creating new types of games. And I think that’s the exciting thing about all these motion control devices.

Leo Laporte And just out of curiosity, did Apple show up there? Because I mean seriously I think the iPhone is turning into a gaming platform. And I’m wondering if Apple made any presence at all at E3?

Jeff Cannata Well I didn’t see Apple, but certainly there were tons and tons of developers showing off iPhone games.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jeff Cannata And that has really been a place for independent developers, or low budget developers for them to put up stuff easily, quickly and cheaply on a device that can do some really pretty spectacular games.

Leo Laporte I would say the capabilities are even better than the DS, but maybe not, I think it’s got a faster processor.

Jeff Cannata Well they – they claim – yeah, they claim that it’s capable of better graphics than the DS.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah. Interesting. I like the portable gaming, I really do.

Denise Howell Jessie Stay in the chartroom, the FriendFeed chartroom says rayscribbledots. If you type in Twitter, the fail whale comes up.

Leo Laporte No? I love it!

Tom Merritt Yes.

Leo Laporte Okay, that’s it, I’m buying it.

Denise Howell I think that was a joke.

Leo Laporte You know, if it’s a joke, I bet Scribble Nauts has it before they release.

Denise Howell Yeah.

Leo Laporte It’s very interesting, very clever.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, there is tons of stuff like that. If you type in ‘ScribbleNauts’ into ScribbleNauts, another version of your main character pops up. It’s like they’d thought of everything.

Leo Laporte That’s handy.

Jeff Cannata And the developers were there as people were challenging it and writing down notes of things that people found…

Leo Laporte Sure. Oh wow.

Jeff Cannata …things that weren’t in it, they were going to have. So it’s just – it’s really cool.

Leo Laporte There must be a lot of extra bandwidth in the DS, or extra-memory in the DS, because to be able to include that big a database with all those objects. There must be a lot of extra memory in there. Well the key is it’s a simple game.

Jeff Cannata The game’s very simple.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Let us talk about the Obama and Google. We go back to our stories; there is a story about Google perhaps getting a little too comfy in the Obama White House. Two senior Google executives have joined the Obama administration since the beginning of the year. Eric Schmidt is on the President’s advisory board on science and technology and now, concerned over the company’s influence inside the beltway, two consumer groups are opposing the appointment of a third Google executive to the White House. Consumer Watchdog and the Center for Digital Democracy asked the President not to move forward with the appointment of Google Public Policy Chief, Andrew McLaughlin, as the nation’s deputy chief technology officer. Is this something that concerns you Mr. – look at him with his cigar – Mr. Mahalo?

Jason Calacanis Actually this is not good for Google because it puts them under more scrutiny. It would be much easier for them to lay low and not…

Leo Laporte There are two anti-trust investigations going on right now against it.

Jason Calacanis Exactly – so, I mean it’s just silly. It’s like the – if they are – they wouldn’t be so brazen as to add all these people and then try to skirt any laws. Google actually is not trying to skirt any laws. They have a couple of issues they have to deal with, with some of the stuff that we all know about in terms of these the anti-trust issues. But the reason they’re adding so many people is because Obama is so tech-savvy that he is bonding with the most tech-savvy…

Leo Laporte And who you are going to go to? You’re going to go to Google, all right, yeah.

Jason Calacanis You can’t mistake cause and correlation. I mean there is a correlation between the fact that Obama is tech-savvy and Google is the most tech-savvy company. There is not some cause that Google is getting treated any differently. In fact what's gong to happen is Google is going to be under double the scrutiny. So Google is – if Google was smart, they can’t control their ex-executives, but if Google was really sinister, they would be not involved and you wouldn’t even know [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s the way to do it. Yeah. If you are the illuminati, you don’t take a role in the White House.

Tom Merritt Well it’s a good point.

Jason Calacanis Exactly, I mean it’s so obvious.

Tom Merritt McLaughlin is not going to be employed, he’s leaving Google, and he – this may be where he goes. But they – Google has said ‘he’s leaving us anyway.’

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s interesting.

Tom Merritt The big objection is that he is a former lobbyist. And the Obama administration made a big deal about…

Leo Laporte Yeah, what about those rules, yeah.

Tom Merritt …how they weren’t going to employ a bunch of lobbyists. So, the Consumer Watchdog and Center for Digital Democracy are both saying ‘hey, we don’t care if the guy was from Yahoo! or Microsoft, he is an ex-lobbyist. That’s what we’re mostly concerned with.’

Leo Laporte Yeah, I understand that, yeah. We’re going to take a – go ahead.

Denise Howell Did you all see the Brian Williams special where he was cruising around the [indiscernible] the White House?

Leo Laporte I wanted to see that. Was that good?

Denise Howell Well what was so fascinating – it was good, it was very interesting to sort of get those one-on-one impressions from people – but what was also interesting was…

Leo Laporte I’m going to BitTorrent that, now that the Pirate Party is in power, I’m going to BitTorrent that.

Denise Howell Yeah. It looked like a start up in there, everyone sitting in an Aeron chair, everyone’s got their mobile device of some kind, everyone’s got their iPod dock behind them in prominent view.

Leo Laporte Well it’s about time we had some young, smart people in there for crying out loud.

Jeff Cannata Thank god.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah.

Jeff Cannata You know I’m sick of the ‘I don’t read newspapers’ party in power. I want everyone completely tied in at every minute of every day.

Leo Laporte They’re probably watching FriendFeed even as we speak.

Jeff Cannata I think they’re in our chat room

Leo Laporte They’re in there. They’re everywhere.

Tom Merritt You don’t know they’re in there.

Leo Laporte I want to mention a great advertiser. A great friend.

Jason Calacanis Oh, no, don’t. no.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis No.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s time.

Jason Calacanis You’re kid – I’m taking my glasses off. Are you kidding me? Hold on a second.

Leo Laporte No, I’m not kidding.

Jason Calacanis Really?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis Is that that time –

Leo Laporte It’s that time, it’s the time Jason loves so very, very much. It’s time.

Jason Calacanis I Can’t believe I’ve been waiting – waiting.

Denise Howell Jason, I think you just passed the mission completion test.

Leo Laporte Yes, okay. Mission completed for Jason, yes…

Jason Calacanis Audible, Audible, Audible, moving on. Audible, Audible, Audible. Let me tell you something about Audible.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis I just got another Audible book that I’m going to be listening to when I go the World Series of Poker, which I may be playing in.

Leo Laporte What, what, what? Tell us about that. Wait a minute.

Jason Calacanis If I can free my schedule up, I’m going to go to the World Series of Poker.

Leo Laporte Now that just means you start a table, you put ten thousand and you hope you get far there, right?

Jason Calacanis Well, listen, the last three tournaments I played, I got in the top to 15 to 25. So it’s not bad. I’m doing okay.

Leo Laporte We’d love to be able to root for you in the World Series of Poker.

Jason Calacanis That would be fun.

Leo Laporte That’d be great.

Jason Calacanis I got – listen, I had sponsors for the last two, I got sponsored the last two tournaments. Anyway, The Road is a movie coming out.

Leo Laporte Cormac McCarthy, what a great book.

Tom Merritt Great book.

Jason Calacanis Now, I haven’t read the book. But I see the trailer for this, and immediately thing I say to myself is ‘this looks amazing.’ I start seeing it in Oprah’s and Oprah's Book Club, blah, blah, blah, and I say ‘you know, I don’t have time to read this. But I have Audible. ‘

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis ‘So what do I do? Just two seconds, bang, now I got it, it’s sitting there in the iPhone.’ I haven’t started yet.

Tom Merritt Just don’t listen – just don’t listen to it in the public. At the end you will cry. You will cry.

Jason Calacanis I – listen, I’m sure I’m going to cry. Audible has made me cry many times.

Tom Merritt That’s why he has the glasses.

Leo Laporte You know who shouldn’t listen to it is, you Denise because it’s about – well maybe you should listen to it, it’s about –

Jason Calacanis No spoilers!

Leo Laporte Okay.

Jason Calacanis No spoilers!

Leo Laporte Okay. All right.

Denise Howell I love Cormac McCarthy, but I haven’t read that one yet.

Leo Laporte This one is about father and son. It’s a beautiful book, a highly recommended book.

Jason Calacanis Well it’s available on Audible. And there’s two versions on Audible. So, if you have the new membership and you get two, and you love the book, get the second. You can listen to it twice

Leo Laporte Oh! Don’t get the same book twice!

Jason Calacanis All right, don’t get the same book twice, that’s insane.

Leo Laporte That’s terrible advice!

Jason Calacanis But you can get The Road and like Jason, you can listen to it in the coming weeks before the film comes out.

Leo Laporte And then get No Country for Old Men, the other Cormac McCarthy, or All the Pretty Horses. You can really do a Cormac McCarthy fest.

Jason Calacanis I think this is what it’s about, because you can get in there if, you can really get it to something. And let’s face it, we all have eye-fatigue from being on our computers all days and we will have iPhones or iPods, this and that…

Leo Laporte No, no, I love it, yeah.

Jason Calacanis It’s just so nice to sit back and have somebody else do the reading for you. When I’m on flights, when I’m in the gym, when I’m in the car, in the Tesla, it’s just what I do. At the poker table I listen to audio books on Audible. This is a genuine –

Tom Merritt Can I tell you something?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Tom Merritt I just completed my third marathon.

Leo Laporte Oh, congratulations. Wow! That’s impressive.

Jason Calacanis Congratulations!

Tom Merritt And the way I train for marathons is I listen to TWiT and I listen to audio books as I run.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s great. What a great idea. I didn’t even think of that, yeah. Any time you got, you can’t hold a book you want to read, there’s no reason to put your mind on hold, unless you need that down time, listening to a great book is just wonderful. It’s entertaining, but inform – you can learn, you can just – and this is – I thank you for this choice because it is a – I actually have listened to this on and it’s a wonderful book. In fact, I didn’t really like the print edition and I got the Audible edition and I loved it. The Road by Cormac McCarthy, get the unabridged.

Jason Calacanis Can we – is there a sample?

Leo Laporte Yeah, you want to hear a little bit of it?

Jason Calacanis Just a little sample because I have it, I haven’t listened to it.

Leo Laporte I can do that. Tom Stechschulte reads it – he is really one of their best readers.

[Audio Plays]

I got to say it’s always better to listen to the book before you see the movie because the book, especially when you listen on Audible, paints a picture in your head that becomes the story. And when you listen to a book, it’s like a movie in your mind, I love it. Get two books, get this and let’s say, No Country for Old Men, another great Cormac McCarthy novel, by going to You sign up for the platinum account, you get two books a month, your first two are on us and this is – thank you Jason, a great recommendation; The Road.

Jason Calacanis And also, you don’t – you may not know this but Christopher Walken also read this book. Here I’ll just play a little sample here of that if you – is it okay if I play the sample?

Leo Laporte Yeah, go ahead, play the sample.

Jason Calacanis [Pretends to do a sample] It’s incredible.

Leo Laporte It’s moving. It’s even more moving.

Jason Calacanis You get the Christopher Walken as your third choice reading it. Anyway, we love Audible.

Leo Laporte We love you Jason. Thank you so much., thank you. You know, I got to do this. I have a – I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this Jason, but somebody made a special Audible jingle for us.

Jason Calacanis What? No.

Leo Laporte Yeah, let me see if I can find it.

Jason Calacanis That’s impossible.

Leo Laporte With you in it.

Tom Merritt While you’re looking, I can mention the Sword and Laser Book Club will be announcing their next book in the next episode, it’s probably going to be George R. R. Martin and A Game of Thrones

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s on Audible. I think all four of those Storm, Fire and Sword of Ice and whatever it is…

Tom Merritt Song of Ice and Fire.

Leo Laporte Yeah all four of them are on there. I have – they’re great. You know who listened to them and fell in love? She doesn’t like these kinds of books, is Roz. Roz Savage is rowing across the Pacific right now. She – these audio books are saving her life. And she’s a huge George R. R. Martin fan, because I had that book on my iPod when I gave it to her, and she said ‘where’s the rest of them?’ And I downloaded them just for her. It’s about 800 hours. I mean it’s – I mean it goes on and on and on.

Tom Merritt Yeah, he hasn’t finished yet.

Leo Laporte Do you mean there is more to that…

Tom Merritt There is one more to come apparently, yeah.

Leo Laporte …saga? I think each of them is 40 hours, I mean it’s a huge thing. I can’t find the one with Jason, it’s so funny.

Jason Calacanis It’s – I think it’s

Leo Laporte You’re kidding!

Jason Calacanis Somebody just posted it in the chat room.

Leo Laporte That must be – I can’t remember who made it, it must be the guy who made it. Let me just type this in here, see if we can find it here.

Jason Calacanis That’s hysterical. Is it like the jingle, like Audible da da da.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s kind of, except that it’s got you moaning in it.

Jason Calacanis Can I ask a question about book clubs though. If you’re in a book club, if you don’t read the book, and you listen to the audio book…

Leo Laporte That counts.

Jason Calacanis But if you confess that to people, look…

[Calacanis jingle plays]

Jason Calacanis Oh yeah!

Leo Laporte That’s another one. There’s one with you moaning in it too, I remember.

Jason Calacanis What is it Audible? There’s one with me moaning?

Leo Laporte Yeah, you go ‘oooo’.

Jason Calacanis ‘Oooo-Audible’

Denise Howell That’s something we didn’t mention by the way about the Bing search. Full sound.

Leo Laporte Full sound, really?

Denise Howell Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Hey-O!

Leo Laporte Good call back. So don’t go to work and do those searches then I guess.

Jason Calacanis It’s in the – it’s in the TWiT live chatroom, here we go. Audible Calacanis. Oh, that’s another one. No, it’s the same one.

Jeff Cannata I think you just created the music video for that song.

Jason Calacanis I think I did, yeah, somebody is going to play that out of the bar now.

Leo Laporte And if Keyboard Cat shows up, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Jason Calacanis Why did I do that?

Leo Laporte All right. Last story: the news is out, Best Buy has leaked a memo that says Windows 7 upgrades will sell for as little as $50.

Jeff Cannata Awesome.

Leo Laporte This is, I think, exactly what Microsoft should have done. Starting June 26, we’re talking 19 days away, 18 days away, and Gadget posted this Best Buy memo. The official on-sale date is October 22nd. And the memo, which dubbed Windows 7 as more than “Just a Vista-that-works operating system”…

Jeff Cannata Is that their tagline now?

Leo Laporte It’s more than just Vista that works. No, we’ve got even some new features. Presale of Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional $49.99 and $99.99, respectively. Buy the Home Premium $50, that’s for upgraders from Vista. That is what Microsoft, I think, needs to do to make whole all the people who had such trouble with Vista. So that is – that is really, really good news. I hope that that’s not a fake. But I don’t think it is. I think Gadget has got a really good track record on these things, so.

Tom Merritt We got an email from a Best Buy employee saying the same thing before that post hit.

Leo Laporte Oh, then it’s for sure.

Tom Merritt Around the same time that that post hit. So they weren’t just reading it, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s great news. That’s – I was kind of – I wanted Microsoft to do something like that. That’s actually even a better price than I had thought.

Jason Calacanis What’s the price exactly?

Leo Laporte $50.

Tom Merritt But only if you…

Jason Calacanis See, this is what they should make all operating system should be, like $50, and then $20 a year, after that, a year subscribe, so for the rest of your life you have the operating system. I don’t like this like spiky pricing, and then it goes back down. Just make it like a subscription model.

Leo Laporte You want sticker shock. I don’t know. Most people buy Windows by buying a new computer. So they never see the price. But go to Staples and say I want to buy the full version of Windows Vista, and you will fall over, dead in your tracks, it’s like 399, it’s insulting.

Tom Merritt No, I did that and turned right around and left, and went and found OEM version online at half the price.

Leo Laporte And that’s what's dumb about it, because Microsoft is missing out on some sales by having outrageous pricing I think.

Denise Howell And encouraging piracy.

Leo Laporte Encouraging piracy, you are absolutely right, yeah.

Jason Calacanis Just make it easy for people. This is why the Android netbooks are going to crush it, crush it.

Leo Laporte Well, but this is what I have to say. I mean you couldn’t get Windows Vista on a netbook because it was such a pig. But Windows 7 runs beautifully, I’ve put it on a number of netbooks, it is – it’s made for netbooks, it really runs beautifully.

Tom Merritt It runs better in virtualization too.

Leo Laporte It does.

Tom Merritt Because I’ve got it running on VirtualBox and VM where both, clean and simple, beautiful.

Leo Laporte It’s really good.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte In fact I think I got some ire because on a MacBreak Weekly a couple of weeks ago, we do picks and my pick was VirtualBox and Windows 7, and I think a few Mac fans said, what are you insane. But some of us have to run Windows and it’s really for free, a good deal.

Jason Calacanis What do they do for – what does this do for video games because you know that was like the reason I still have my Tower PC here to the left, and I have my Mac, and I switch them, is because of video games. So, is Windows 7 is fully compliant with all the grade Mac – PC video games?

Tom Merritt Yes.

Leo Laporte Absolutely, yeah.

Tom Merritt If I were running it on a Mac, I’d probably run it on boot camp for video games.

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah, yeah, don’t run it in virtualization.

Tom Merritt Versus virtualization, but, yeah.

Jason Calacanis Right, of course.

Leo Laporte No, but the point is 7 really is Vista. Vista drivers work, compatibility is 100%. But it’s light-weight, so you’re going to get much better results with your games. Has that been your experience, Jeff, that the PC games run well?

Jeff Cannata Yeah, yeah they do. And $50 is exactly the point at which I will rush out and buy it.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jeff Cannata Otherwise I would have probably waited to the – until the next time I upgrade my computer.

Jason Calacanis Stolen it, stolen it.

Leo Laporte Well, and that’s what people kind of have realized is, your competition is not Mac and Linux, your competition is BitTorrent. If you charge too much, most people who would buy it know how to steal it.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, get a copy from their friend, borrow their friend’s copy, it’s silly.

Leo Laporte Right. And as I understand it, that $50 price is only for the pre-order, like once it actually comes out, I think it goes up to $99.

Tom Merritt So, get it now. Okay, well that’s good to know.

Leo Laporte So might – that might be something worth investigating. I mean all this is a rumour at this point anyway.

Tom Merritt Right, right.

Jason Calacanis If Microsoft was smart, they would make this free – put it on the internet for a – with a subscription model on the backend or something like that.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you might be right, yeah, one year. In effect they have, they’ve given it away free to everybody for a year, this beta is as good as the final version. So they have – they did give the first one free, in a way.

Jeff Cannata Yeah, it works until, what, March 2010?

Leo Laporte March 2010.

Jeff Cannata And then it works for another three months, but shuts off every two hours.

Leo Laporte Get outside, get some fresh – get some fresh air.

Jason Calacanis I like that way too – that’s a good way to enforce the copyrighters like, hey listen , you can still get your stuff off of it, but just you can’t work on it for too long.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis I think this is an important lesson for just pundits and also technology companies, Microsoft makes mistakes for them to look really stupid because they take a lot of chances and they go big, and it’s a big company. But man, in the long term they’ve – they solve things, I mean, Xbox, the next version of the Zune is incredible, Zune 2 looks beautiful.

Leo Laporte That HD, yeah, I’m excited about that.

Jason Calacanis People criticise Microsoft. Microsoft’s problem is they release stuff too often, too early, but that’s a great business strategy and so why should they stop. The Xbox ...

Jeff Cannata The other thing we didn’t talk about with E3 is all of the really cool Xbox live announcements with fully integrating Netflix, LastFM on your 360, Facebook, Twitter on your 360. It’s all smart stuff and it’s all free.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I’m going to do that.

Jeff Cannata Microsoft nailed it.

Leo Laporte Now all they have to do is make an Xbox 360 that doesn’t keep me awake at night and I will be very

Tom Merritt Doesn’t it sound like an airplane…

Leo Laporte [Airplane noise] you can Twitter, you know…

Jeff Cannata You can hear your movie, you can watch Netflix.

Leo Laporte There is a company apparently making – I don’t know if they show this at E3 – making a Xbox 360 case that has all these heat things on it and so it eliminates all the fans and stuff. I’m tempted, I have to say. I’d love to have the Xbox 360 in my living room or bedroom, but the thing is just way too noisy. It’s in the garage.

Tom Merritt I’m with you Jeff, I’m really excited about that Netflix, that you can search the catalogue instead of being limited to have to go to the queue

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s not – wait a minute, I didn’t understand that.

Tom Merritt That’s the big announcement. It’s not just that you have Netflix with Xbox.

Leo Laporte But it doesn’t have to be a play-it-now – it has to be a streaming movie.

Tom Merritt Yeah, it has to be a streaming movie obviously.

Jeff Cannata And they are supporting 1080P now.

Tom Merritt You don’t have to go to the web and make your queue up anymore; you can just search the whole catalogue.

Leo Laporte What does 1080P require? Does it require hard wire, or can you do it over Wi-Fi you think?

Jeff Cannata HDMI or, I think would be…

Leo Laporte No, I just mean for the internet access, you’d have to have a pretty good…

Jeff Cannata Well they’re saying streaming instantly, no wait.

Leo Laporte Yeah, this I don’t buy. I don’t understand that.

Jeff Cannata I haven’t seen it in action yet, but that’s what they’re saying.

Tom Merritt Well you know what it does, from what I’ve heard is it does little pixelation thing at first. So it’s not HD until it catches up. And then it gets – then it kind of upgrades.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s clever. That’s a good way to do it.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s okay. Hey, I want to thank everybody for being here. You guys are great. Let’s go round and give me your Twitter handles. Here is a chance for you to plug your Twitter handle. Tom Merritt?

Tom Merritt You go to me first because it takes the longest.

Leo Laporte Well you got the most ridiculous Twitter handle, so.

Tom Merritt Yeah, well it’s, without an ‘e’ in the middle, a-c-e-d-t-e-c-t, or you can go to and find it.

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah, so you have tommerritt?

Tom Merritt Yeah, I have tommerritt. And I’m just…

Leo Laporte And you still chose to use acedtect?

Tom Merritt It’s a long story.

Leo Laporte Jason’s easy; he’s jasoncalacanis.

Jason Calacanis Yeah. More importantly, do /questions.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s good, that’s the Mahalo questions account.

Jason Calacanis Yeah. The best questions, go sign up for that, it’s pretty cool.

Leo Laporte Great stuff. Denise, your Twitter account?

Denise Howell dhowell.

Leo Laporte D-h-o-w-e-l-l.

Denise Howell And on FriendFeed.

Leo Laporte And on FriendFeed. Which I – I don’t know, I – I know Jason says it’s too complicated, but you and I are using – I see you using FriendFeed more and more. I really love FriendFeed.

Denise Howell Yeah, I love it too.

Leo Laporte It’s where I live now. Jeff – Jeff you are?

Jeff Cannata jeffcannata, that’s j-e-f-f-c-a-n-n-a-t-a.

Leo Laporte You can catch Jeff on the Totally Rad Show at with some guy named Alex, I don’t know…

Jeff Cannata Another guy named Dan.

Leo Laporte Some guy named Dan. Say hi to them, will you for me?

Jeff Cannata Yes.

Leo Laporte Good – my old friends, my old friends. You can catch Tom Merritt on Buzz Out Loud, their 1000th episode coming up Thursday. But make sure you follow it.

Tom Merritt Thursday, June 18.

Leo Laporte June 18, not this Thursday.

Tom Merritt A week from this Thursday.

Leo Laporte Yeah, a week from Thursday. It’s

Denise Howell You’re counting down to 200.

Leo Laporte 200 in two shows, I don’t know what I’m going to do Denise. I don’t – yeah, I don’t have anything planned. Well I’d say we’ll drink, but that’s…

Jason Calacanis Wait, the 200th show?

Leo Laporte Huh?

Jason Calacanis The 200th show?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis I’m going to host – I’m hosting a party for you.

Leo Laporte Oh, thank you. Jason Calacanis.

Jason Calacanis When is that? In two weeks?

Leo Laporte Two weeks. You know, we’ll just have everybody come in, it’ll be fun. Yeah, we’ll have a big party.

Jason Calacanis We have to have a four-hour show live, in a place in San Francisco, live, a thousand people. Let’s rent a space and make a whole thing out of it.

Leo Laporte That’s actually a great idea, I don’t know if we could do it in two weeks, but that’s – I appreciate the thought.

Jason Calacanis Come on, I’ll give you Tyler and Alex, you get one of…

Leo Laporte That’s true, with some good, smart people we can do it.

Jason Calacanis And then boom! Done.

Leo Laporte Jason Calacanis is at, m-a-h-a-l-o dot com. But make sure you also follow his shows, This Week in Startups. Where should people go if they want to watch that?

Jason Calacanis

Leo Laporte Oh, well that’s easy.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte All right. Did anybody I miss, did I miss anybody. Jeff, I talked to you, I talked to Denise. Oh yeah, I’m Leo Laporte on Twitter.

Jason Calacanis Thank the sponsors in your Twitter account. Right now, everybody take a moment, say thank you to TWiT sponsors…

Leo Laporte GoToMyPC, Squarespace, Audible. Yes.

Jason Calacanis Just thank all three. Those guys now are going to get hundreds of messages from you the audience, and they’re going to say, you know what, there’s only three spots on TWiT, we have to buy them for the rest of year. And I’m telling the sponsors right now – we’re going to do this every show, and you’re going to need to buy these for the rest of the year, and if you don’t send the cheque in advance, you don’t get it for the year. Payment comes first then you got locked up for the year.

Leo Laporte This is how he does business. I’m not quite so hardcore. Hey, I want to thank Paul Minshall at for making some ringtones. In fact if you start your recorder right now, you will get some of the new – these are the new TWiT ringtones everybody.

[Music Plays]

Another TWiT is in the can.

[Music Plays]

Jason Calacanis [In reference to Leo’s fight with Mike Arrington] Leo, your best moment ever. Literally, quite literally.

Leo Laporte ‘You troll!’ You left out ‘you troll! You’re a troll.’

Jason Calacanis This is going to be the greatest remix ever, I’m telling you right now. Whoever does the best remix of this, I’m giving him a ticket to TechCrunch 50.

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