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Episode 200


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, episode 200 for June 22, 2009: Salad Daze.

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It’s time for TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers all the computer news of the week, in a very haphazard kind of lame fashion. So if you’re looking for real news maybe you should tune to Buzz Out Loud. Meanwhile, back here at the ranch – they just had their one thousandth you know.

John C. Dvorak Did they?

Leo Laporte Yes they did. John C. Dvorak, from ChannelDvorak. Hello, John.

John C. Dvorak Hello.

Leo Laporte Of course, immediately, as soon as you come on, David Prager, moves his mic arm so that it’s right in your shot.

John C. Dvorak Good, good. Thanks, David.

Leo Laporte David, could you just bend that somewhere else. There you go, that’s much nicer. So I better say hello to David Prager dodging the cameras right now from Revision3.

David Prager Greetings.

Leo Laporte I’m told you are actually the guy who runs Revision3.

David Prager Kind of.

Leo Laporte He doesn’t want to take responsibility for that.

David Prager There’s other people that do a lot of hard work.

Leo Laporte They work really hard like Mauricio who’s back here with the camera stealing all my ideas. Also in the big chair, the easy chair, the comfortable chair, it’s Mr. Patrick Norton.

Patrick Norton Hey, everybody.

Leo Laporte And via Skype from the Space Shuttle Atlantis, it’s Roger Chang.

Roger Chang Greetings.

Leo Laporte Greetings all. This is – the reason you have these old timers back on the show, besides the fact that we dearly love them, is that it is TWIT 200.

John C. Dvorak Congratulations, Leo.

Leo Laporte Thank you very much, John.

David Prager That’s like four years.

Roger Chang How many weeks off has the show taken – a total of like three, four?

Leo Laporte Quite a few. Oh yeah. Oh god we took time off all the time.

John C. Dvorak So it’s not really the 200th show.

Leo Laporte Well it’s the 200th show, it’s not the 200th week. So I don’t know what week it is.

David Prager I remember you would leave and a couple of times Patrick just came up and did the whole thing.

Leo Laporte Patrick did the show. And he stopped doing that after one edit session that went I think for a non-stop 48 hours.

Patrick Norton It wasn’t quite that bad. It think it was 19.

Leo Laporte It was a long edit session.

David Prager The rendering and then the upload.

Leo Laporte He decided this isn’t for him. In fact, now…

David Prager No actually I think it was more the wanting to preserve my marriage and my health point.

Leo Laporte By the way we are recording on Father’s Day and there are three fathers here, maybe four, I don’t know about you David.

David Prager No, I’m still clean. I’m still free.

Patrick Norton So we have the unclean and the clean in the room. Those who have bred will be called unclean by David Prager. Breeders.

Leo Laporte So, happy Father’s Day to you, Patrick, the newest father in the bunch.

Patrick Norton Thank you.

Leo Laporte Happy Father’s Day to you, John, the longest term father in the bunch. Notice I didn’t say oldest.

John C. Dvorak Indeed.

Leo Laporte And Happy Father’s Day to me, just the oldest. And, Roger, no children yet?

Roger Chang None, that I know of.

John C. Dvorak That he knows of, there’s the old line.

Leo Laporte That’s the old – I was waiting, I was just hoping that somebody would come up with that. Have you guys been glued to Twitter and CNN watching the Iran stuff?

John C. Dvorak Nope.

Leo Laporte Not at all?

John C. Dvorak I got – at first I did but I got a little suspicious when I kept seeing all these signs in English saying – all the signs they’re carrying are in English.

Leo Laporte The whole world is watching, well that’s because they know who is watching.

John C. Dvorak Yeah well then the whole thing is just a setup, it’s just a scam.

Roger Chang Well why do say that? I mean it’s not like people locally will be able to watch or…

Patrick Norton So there’s not a revolution going on, there’s a few hundred…

Roger Chang … be able to access a lot of that media, I mean.

David Prager Well I think there’s just so much – so many people wanting to participate and a lot of people that are just like yeah me too, so there’s a lot of people that want to support something. And so they’re hash-tagging half of their tweets to include support for a cause. And so then it’s hard to kind of vet and see what, aside from the yeah me too, type of a tweet.

Leo Laporte Do you think it’s bogus for me to have turned my avatar green?

John C. Dvorak Oh absolutely. Come on.

Leo Laporte I support the…

John C. Dvorak This is a meme that we don’t need.

Leo Laporte What’s wrong with this?

John C. Dvorak Every time somebody turns around, they got some avatar; turn it black.

Leo Laporte I like this green.

John C. Dvorak Make your webpages black.

Leo Laporte I did that one too, what’s wrong with that?

John C. Dvorak It’s all meaningless. It doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s just –

David Prager You’re so cynical.

Leo Laporte Yes it does.

Patrick Norton Did you vote in the last – did you vote in the last election?

Roger Chang Is it more cynical than I am?

Leo Laporte In the U.S. or in Iran?

Patrick Norton In the U.S.

Leo Laporte Of course I voted in the last U.S. election.

Patrick Norton Then you can turn your avatar green.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I agree. If you didn’t vote…

Patrick Norton I don’t think it’s particularly useful. I don’t think it’s…

Leo Laporte I think it’s useful. I think it’s useful. I don’t think it…

Patrick Norton Have your written your congress person? Have you expressed concern to the State Department?

Roger Chang What is it, John?

Leo Laporte I don’t think that would be particularly useful.

Roger Chang [indiscernible] particular kind of bites you so much?

John C. Dvorak I think Patrick just made a good point, have you written your congressman about this?

Leo Laporte I don’t know if that’s useful.

Patrick Norton Why is that not useful? Why is not contacting…

John C. Dvorak That’s go to be more useful than changing your avatar.

Patrick Norton So let me get this get straight. Since you’ve opened this particular hideous can of worms…

John C. Dvorak Here we go.

Patrick Norton Since we do not have communications coming from most of the United States armed services, since we have a rabidly destroyed country, two destroyed countries with damaged infrastructure, in Afghanistan and Iraq. And we have a genuine revolution of the people happening in an attempt to have a democratic change in leadership representing the viewpoints and interests of the majority of the population, I think we should.

If we’re going to say, if somebody is going to tweet me “Dude, you really need to like post the links to this, because it’s like, it’s important, it’s like change”. And it’s like, one, I think you should contact your congresscritter, I think you should contact the State Department. And you know why?

David Prager I don’t think it’s…

Leo Laporte I disagree. I don’t think there’s a role for the Unites States government to play. On the other hand, I think for the people of the world to say we’re – show some solidarity with the Iranian people is great. What is the U.S. government going to do? It’s nothing the U.S. government…

David Prager I totally…

Patrick Norton The U.S. government has a huge interest in what’s going on.

Leo Laporte Well what are you going to do, march in and say well your election was thrown, you can’t. The U.S. government…

David Prager I’m not saying – I’m not saying you should.

Leo Laporte I think what the U.S. government is doing is actually completely appropriate, which is nothing.

John C. Dvorak I agree. I’m with Obama.

Patrick Norton Well the U.S. government is doing what it’s supposed to do, which is basically, yeah, Obama’s playing it how he’s supposed to. He’s…

Roger Chang I mean, I think you’re missing the point.

John C. Dvorak One at a time, go ahead Roger.

Roger Chang Well I think you’re missing the point. The whole point of the Twitter thing was two-fold. One, is because Twitter was the main conduit for a lot of the communications. And they encouraged people to help basically obfuscate who in Iran was actually twittering so they could be safe-guarded from the authorities.

Two, was to show that there was enough support outside – directly from people, not from government agencies, not from governments. So I think it was a way for people who feel that there are people with them, but they didn’t necessarily need to get governments involved, which would have complicated matters for them if the government in Iran will say “Aha, look, the BBC, part of the United Kingdom, is obviously biased against us. And this is just merely a large plot against the government of Iran by foreign powers”.

John C. Dvorak Roger, I heard this meme already. I heard it – it came from either from Sean Hanitty or Rush Limbaugh and it goes like…

Roger Chang Oh please it came out way before…

John C. Dvorak It goes like following – it goes like the following. It’s like we have to show our support here in the United States because it will give the Iranian people over there, once they find out that the American public is behind them, it’ll give them the impetus to go ahead and finish the job or whatever…

Leo Laporte Well I don’t know if I buy that either.

Roger Chang No, I don’t…

John C. Dvorak That’s what I’m telling you, that’s what the right wing meme is.

Roger Chang No, no. I disagree with that assessment entirely. The whole point was to just give moral support. It wasn’t there to kind of do it for them. I mean, I think…..

John C. Dvorak I know, that’s what I just said.

Roger Chang I’m just saying – it sounds like you’re being extremely cynical about the whole thing.

John C. Dvorak Oh, I’m sorry.

Roger Chang No, I…

Leo Laporte That’s just John.

John C. Dvorak I’m sorry, I didn’t really mean that. I was just being cynical.

Leo Laporte I’m sorry, I’m cynical he says.

David Prager The real tie in here is just – the real story, at least from a tech perspective, is the fact that more people are able to have a voice now as would have ever been possible because of social networks. And so…

Leo Laporte I think it’s remarkable. The State Department contacted Twitter and said to say, “We know you’re planning down time, this was last weekend. Can you not do it because people are using this in Iran?”

David Prager Oh wait, didn’t somebody mention talking to your congress person and the State Department about why you think we should support a country that’s trying to change its leadership through elections.

Leo Laporte Well I’m not saying it’s the right thing for the State Department to do, I’m saying it’s showing how – you’re not listening. I’m saying it was important – it showed how important Twitter was. I’m not saying it’s the right thing for the State Department to do. I’m saying this is the validation for the use of social networking in a revolution. A great piece by Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic last Sunday, saying “The revolution will be twittered”. Now I’m not sure Twitter is the way, in fact I have to cop to something, because I used Twitter this morning, I saw Mousavi has been arrested, re-tweet this, it’s been confirmed on the CNN. And I fell for it and I re-tweeted it.

John C. Dvorak Oh you fell for that?

Leo Laporte What – I didn’t – I was running out the door, and I thought well let’s spread the word if it’s true, but I should have. What am I supposed to do though, how am I supposed to research that? Yeah I did fall for it.

John C. Dvorak You don’t jump to conclusions.

Leo Laporte I shouldn’t have done that. I agree.

John C. Dvorak You can go to – there’s a million ways of finding out.

Roger Chang The BBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times.

Leo Laporte On the way in, I was hopping in the car, I did listen on the way in, I scanned the dial trying to find confirmation. I did not find confirmation.

John C. Dvorak The first thing I got the other day was I saw these phoney pictures of the plane, rear of the plane blowing off and it’s being sent around the net.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Taken from somebody inside, they describe…

Leo Laporte I usually don’t fall for this.

John C. Dvorak I didn’t fall for that at all.

Leo Laporte I didn’t fall for that one, but I fell for the Mousavi one. And I admit – and that was a mistake, I usually don’t fall for them. But that isn’t what people are using Twitter for, shouldn’t be using. My point is not for news gathering.

John C. Dvorak Well I think the real point is the fact that you, a very experienced user who is very sceptical in terms of these hoaxes, would fall for something...

Leo Laporte I know, I fell for it. Yeah.

John C. Dvorak ...means that you can just imagine what grandma Ohio is doing.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

David Prager Well the same rules of journalism should still apply, at least the same code of ethics on someone whose job it is to disseminate news, to report on news, to investigate news. You have to uphold the same standards.

Leo Laporte We had this conversation last week. And it’s not – the point is that it’s not analysis, it’s news, it’s happening stuff as it happens and it should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s not…

David Prager All of this stuff is also being amplified by the fact that – and mainstream media is even going off to make sure that everyone knows “Hey, we’re not allowed to be on the ground in there”. Everyone submit – I mean they’re jumping all over Twitter, all over Facebook, and all over YouTube to look for videos that people have posted from the ground in there, because they’re not allowed to do anything. I don’t know how much of it – obviously there’s people there that are trying to report from – that are journalists, and then there’s all the citizens out there. If they were more of First World country, everyone and their dog would have a freaking iPhone that shoots video…..

John C. Dvorak I would recommend everyone reading my current MarketWatch column at It’s called the seven flaws of Twitter. And it discusses this problem.

Leo Laporte And by the way, Iran in the cities, is a First World nation in many ways. Highly educated, and that’s why you’re seeing this happen, where you might not see it in Somalia, you would see in….

John C. Dvorak Yemen.

Leo Laporte Or Yemen. Roger, you were going to say something?

Roger Chang No, I’m just – that is the danger of any kind of….

Leo Laporte Instant media.

Roger Chang Instant media where you have feeds raw, and you don’t have time to digest or analyze and go through and, basically either have the option to kind of re-tweet it or just kind of sit on it. It’s one of those things that I – it comes with the technology.

Leo Laporte Let me reiterate my initial question though. Isn’t it compelling? And here’s what’s interesting. Last weekend, CNN, the meme on Twitter was CNN failed because CNN didn’t cover it. I guess they’re covering it this weekend wall to wall. Now, I don’t know if that’s because they’re listening to Twitter but I suspect it is. CNN seems to be very twitterfied.

John C. Dvorak I wonder if Twitter didn’t exist, if CNN would have been so highly – so on over the…

Leo Laporte Interesting. Isn’t it?

John C. Dvorak It’s possible that…

Leo Laporte Isn’t that interesting? I think they did!

John C. Dvorak …that they got so humiliated because that’s all people talked about because there was a slash that the CNN failed.

Leo Laporte

  1. CNNfail, exactly.

Patrick Norton Yes, but that’s also, I mean if you think about CNN was there, they were covering the war in Kuwait. It’s kind of, they really made their bones, and mostly it’s been the 24-hour news cycle in the last five years and the 24-hour news cycle…

Leo Laporte Which they abandon unfortunately on the weekends. All these stations abandon it.

John C. Dvorak They go home…

Leo Laporte They go home.

John C. Dvorak They go to the Hamptons.

Leo Laporte Hey, I work weekends.

John C. Dvorak You only work weekends. You have five days off.

Roger Chang It’s funny since CNN has always been billed as kind of that 24-hour news.

Leo Laporte Yes, they let us down. They let us down. Anyway, I think that’s interesting that they’re not doing it this weekend.

David Prager Do you feel let down by CNN?

Leo Laporte I did. On Saturday, I tuned in CNN. I said I want to see what’s going on, and they were showing American chopper reruns with Larry King and I was a little disappointed.

Roger Chang I stopped watching CNN back in 2000.

Leo Laporte Yeah maybe I should. But where do you get your news then?

Roger Chang I – believe it or not…

Leo Laporte Twitter!

Roger Chang Actually, I go – these are my “sources.” The BCC, the CBC, ABC, the Australian broadcasting...

Leo Laporte So, only things with BC in the title. Is that it?

Roger Chang No, I also check the New York Times, Washington Post. I mean I check a lot of – I check at least six or seven on my news sources, and then I’ll go to English language versions of… what, what?

John C. Dvorak Somebody said “see; he’s got all these…” Never mind, I’m just…

Leo Laporte So, the interesting question is why the Iranian government doesn’t completely shut – I mean look, this is obviously painful for them. Why not shut this all off? Can a country just turn off the internet? Block these all – they’re trying to block it.

Roger Chang I mean they can’t block satellite reception. I mean they’ve tried, and they’ve blocked it successfully in certain areas, but I mean unless you blanket the entire country within an – shut down all kind of wireless communication, at some point you have to. I mean the thing is, Iran still has a functional economy that depends on them trading with the outside world. They need to put in orders, to take in money and stuff. I mean they’re not as isolated as people think. I mean they do multimillion dollar contracts with petroleum companies. They do business with the Russians. They do business with the Chinese. Now, that’s an exchange of money, goods and services. You just can’t cut communication 100%.

Leo Laporte I was talking today on the radio show on the new Second Amendment, Second Amendment 2.1. The right to bear technology, because after all, I mean if…

John C. Dvorak I’d rather have the right to bear breasts.

Roger Chang Just so long as they’re not, oh wait…

Leo Laporte You know your blocked by many filtering programs. Block that website.

Roger Chang It’s probably the breast part.

Leo Laporte I think it’s the breast part. Just thought I’d mention that.

John C. Dvorak You don’t have nudity on the site.

Leo Laporte You don’t have nudity, but sometimes it’s sexy.

John C. Dvorak What can I do? I cannot control these guys.

Leo Laporte That’s what I say. When anybody complains about TWiT, I say what can I do? I can’t control these guys. Not my fault. Hey, speaking of not my fault. Jammie Thomas. What about that, ladies and gentlemen? The Minnesota single mother of four who shared, using KaZaa, 24 music files. She was tried last year, the recording industry sued her, and unlike most people – Most people just cave and say here, here’s your $5,000, go away – she fought it. She fought the law and the law won. $220,000 was the first judgment but then a strange thing happened. The judge said, “Wait a minute. I screwed up.” The judge got information from the recording industry to the effect that the law said it was sufficient to show the possibility of somebody downloading the songs, not the actual download. The judge gave that instruction to the jury…

David Prager Oh, yes.

Leo Laporte …and said, “No, I blew it. That’s wrong and you have to prove download.” The recording industry doesn’t like that.” So, the judge declared a mistrial. The mistrial – the second trial ended on Friday. She didn’t work out quite as well as anybody thought, instead of $220,000, Jammie Thomas is now been fined, jury found her guilty, fined her $80,000 a song, a total of $1.9 million for 24 songs.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, of course she’s judgment-proof but that’s beside the point.

Leo Laporte Was did she declare bankruptcy? What did she do?

Roger Chang Yes, what are they going to do? I mean it’s not like she has the money.

John C. Dvorak She can’t pay it.

Leo Laporte It’s like the Pirate Bay. What are you going to do? Come and get it. Come and get me coppa.

Roger Chang What are you going to do, I got no money, I got no money.

David Prager Can they put a lien on?

Leo Laporte You’d think that they could like garnish her wages for life and...

Roger Chang If you declare bankruptcy, aren’t you protected from…

Leo Laporte There is an article. I saw an article that said bankruptcy could be used to…

John C. Dvorak Yes, that’s what you do.

Leo Laporte …to get out of it.

Patrick Norton Well, they have effectively put a severe cramp in her lifestyle.

Leo Laporte That’s pretty bad.

John C. Dvorak Yes, she can’t download any more.

Patrick Norton Well, but I mean also, it destroys her credit rating, she could lose her house, unless she declares bankruptcy. But it’s amazing, like it’s interesting to think…

Leo Laporte 24 songs.

Patrick Norton $80,000 each.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, half those songs didn’t pay out that much to begin with.

Leo Laporte What is the deal?

John C. Dvorak That’s the way to make money in the music industry.

David Prager Was her defense “I didn’t do anything wrong”? Or was her defense “I didn’t do it”?

Leo Laporte I don’t know if she admitted to doing it. I think her defense was “come and get me”.

David Prager Because, according to this copyright law that I’m reading in a Reuters article, I mean they can fine up to $150,000 damages per song.

Leo Laporte Sure, they can go for big-time damages.

John C. Dvorak Yes. So they gave her a break.

David Prager I don’t know, how do they establish the damages as that high originally? I don’t understand that.

Leo Laporte They gave her a break. It could have been worse!

Patrick Norton Well, they were originally just…

David Prager Is it that theoretically you can keep spreading it until they’ve lost that much money?

Patrick Norton These laws were originally designed to stop large-scale corporate pirates. So, people who were bootlegging records or bootlegging…

John C. Dvorak Counterfeiters.

Patrick Norton Yes, counterfeiters. So, that’s how these fines were scaled.

Leo Laporte Is it more embarrassing – who is it more embarrassing for; Jammie Thomas or the RIAA?

John C. Dvorak The RIAA doesn’t care, they’re guileless; they’re not embarrassed by anything.

Leo Laporte Apparently not at this point.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte They ought to be. How do you think American public feels when they see this single mother for – whether she downloaded the songs or not…

John C. Dvorak I think they probably get scared.

Leo Laporte …fined. Well, that’s the point. Isn’t it?

Roger Chang Yes.

John C. Dvorak Yes, you want to scare them.

Roger Chang It’s an example. She’s an example.

Leo Laporte We’ve made an example of Jammie Thomas. I think it’s actually embarrassing for the recording industry, the point where – the more they do this kind of thing, the more people steal. I think it actually encourages this theft.

Roger Chang Wasn’t that the case they were in when they sued that, what, 12-year-old girl?

Leo Laporte You’re right, John, they don’t have any shame anymore, but don’t you think at some point, it goes the other way. It has the – I mean clearly…

Patrick Norton It has the opposite effect.

Leo Laporte Yes, clearly the point of this is…

John C. Dvorak I haven’t seen any evidence of it. That’s the problem. I like the theory.

Leo Laporte Do you think fewer people are stealing?

John C. Dvorak No, I think they’re just doing it more carefully.

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s all. They got better at it.

John C. Dvorak But I don’t think it’s creating a backlash that you’re implying.

Leo Laporte I think there is a backlash. I think people have come to hate the recording industry. They have come to hate the record labels, and as a result, they feel no compunction stealing from them. If you want to discourage people from stealing from you, you don’t make yourself a villain; you make yourself the wronged party.

John C. Dvorak No, I’m not going to argue with you on this point. I am just telling you I don’t see any evidence…

Leo Laporte Yes, you might be right.

Patrick Norton …that the public is buying in to that.

Leo Laporte According to a new survey, 8% of all consumers in Britain, France, Germany and the U.S. admit to downloading video illegally. Two-thirds of those surveyed in Britain often or sometimes watch TV movies and video on their PC or laptop. U.S. consumers not far behind of those. 15% did it illegally according – this is Futuresource Consulting survey. The problem with these surveys is you don’t know if it’s – it’s usually the recording industry or the TV industry that…

John C. Dvorak That’s paying for it.

Leo Laporte …that’s paying for these.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know.

Leo Laporte France’s House of Parliament put a bill last month…

John C. Dvorak What are you looking at, I can’t find these stories, are they...

Leo Laporte Oh, I didn’t put them on there. I just wanted to surprise you.

Patrick Norton Actually, I found it on

Leo Laporte Yes, I put it up there.

John C. Dvorak Now, I didn’t see this.

Leo Laporte I put it up later. It says 8% admit to downloading video illegally. France’s Lower House of Parliament approved a bill last month that will let authorities track illegal downloading over the internet and disconnect repeat offenders.

John C. Dvorak I’m glad the French are working for our Hollywood people.

Leo Laporte It’s good.

John C. Dvorak Thank you France, thank you very much.

David Prager The United States government was working for Hollywood and the RIAA.

Roger Chang Well you know, believe it or not, the French – France actually has its own movie industry and music industry as well, so they have their...

David Prager They were one of the…

Leo Laporte Hold on, hold on. Go ahead, Roger.

Roger Chang Oh, no, I was just saying that France have their own movie and television and music industry as well that have RIAA-like supporters in pushing that particular bill or whatever they call it in the French Government through.

Leo Laporte I missed the subtitle to this headline. 8% admit to downloading video illegally, 92% are liars.

John C. Dvorak Have you downloaded a video, ever?

Roger Chang Well you know, some people just couldn’t [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte Illegally?

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte Hell yeah.

John C. Dvorak I’ve never done it.

Leo Laporte Haven’t you? You’ve never done it? Is that because you don’t know how?

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte Because you don’t feel it’s right?

John C. Dvorak I guess it’s…

Roger Chang It’s not his kind of music they have on there.

David Prager So, you take advantage of illegally – you consume illegally downloaded videos. You just don’t download them yourself.

John C. Dvorak No, not really, I don’t watch that much stuff. I mean I have HBO and I got Showtime, and if I want to watch a movie, I’d rather have it on HD so I can put it on the big screen. I don’t want some downloaded thing I have to go through a rigmarole to watch it…

Leo Laporte It’s better quality when you download it.

John C. Dvorak It’s better quality than in HD from HBO?

Leo Laporte Often.

John C. Dvorak It is?

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak How can it be? It’s pretty good quality.

Leo Laporte Not as compressed sometimes.

John C. Dvorak Well, maybe. I don’t think the digital dish network compresses that much.

Roger Chang So, then where did they get that copy then?

Leo Laporte Well, it depends on what it is. If it’s a movie, they got it from the Blu-ray.

John C. Dvorak I’m also on the reviewer’s list for Blu-ray stuff. So, why should I be downloading anything?

Leo Laporte No, you don’t need to download anything.

Roger Chang I got Netflix so…

Leo Laporte You’re judgment-proof, John.

John C. Dvorak Well, that’s true too.

Leo Laporte You know what I really like is the Roku box for Netflix. Do you ever do that, Roger, where you stream them?

Roger Chang I actually use my Xbox for that and it works great.

Leo Laporte Yes, Xbox does it too.

Patrick Norton Do they have any HD stuff yet, or is it still all standard def?

David Prager They have HD. You can get 720p streaming.

Leo Laporte Probably on the Xbox you can, yes.

Roger Chang Yes, it works. It’s not, compared to…

David Prager It’s not a seamless view, you can’t just hit play and watch the whole thing through. It’ll stop several times.

Roger Chang It actually depends on your connection, I don’t have that issue with cable.

John C. Dvorak How much video do you guys watch?

David Prager As much as we can.

Leo Laporte TV is on 24x7 in my house.

Roger Chang I watch like two hours a day.

John C. Dvorak You’re never in your house. You’re always here.

Leo Laporte I know. That’s why the TV is on. Just so the burglars will think somebody is home. It’s on right now actually. I’m not kidding.

Roger Chang Wow. Environmental destruction for the sake of your…

Leo Laporte Do you think that works? That like a burglar opens the door and hears a TV goes oops, sorry, didn’t mean to disturb.

John C. Dvorak Yes, I think it does.

Leo Laporte Does it?

John C. Dvorak Well, they hear noise. They don’t want to deal with it. I mean there’re plenty of places to burgle. So, why would they want to burgle you?

Leo Laporte I got – my neighbours bought “protected by ADT” signs on ebay. They’re not protected by ADT, they just bought the signs.

Roger Chang Those alarms – my parents used to have one. The thing is, they’re connected to the phone. I don’t know how they are now, but they used to be connected through your phone line. So, if they knew where your phone line was and they cut it, they could potentially sneak into your home. But they eventually created a fail-safe, so if you cut the phone line, it would alert the central office, and they would say well, you might have burglary situation.

Patrick Norton A lot of those services are cellular now, Roger.

Leo Laporte Ours is phone. We have a Bay Alarm and it’s phone, because it screwed up the DSL at first. So I know it’s on the phone. And when – Tony broke in here the other day and the alarm – he calls me, he calls me, he says, “Leo what’s the code?” I hear in the background “beep beep beep” and he says “what’s the code?” I changed the code, so I gave him the code. We never heard from the alarm company, no cops showed up.

John C. Dvorak You know, your best bet is big dogs.

Leo Laporte Woof woof; or a recording of big dogs.

John C. Dvorak Well, that would be good to but they…

Leo Laporte They are.

John C. Dvorak I’ve always though you’d have a recording of a big dog and then you’d have like this lever that when somebody…

David Prager An attack lemur?

John C. Dvorak No just a big hammer that comes down and slams against the…

David Prager Oh, lever, I thought you said lemur.

John C. Dvorak …slams against the – no it slams against the door so it sounds like the dog has hit the door, the way they do.

Leo Laporte Brilliant idea of a new cable channel, the big dog channel. All barking all the time.

John C. Dvorak Roar…..

Leo Laporte Every once in a while you hear, a rabid, mouth-foaming…

Roger Chang They already make those though, they’re little boxes that you can hang by the door.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, they sell them in China.

Patrick Norton But they’re not in HD.

Roger Chang And they bark every few minutes.

Leo Laporte But they loop, see at the big dog channel, you could have all, all new barking. Never – it never repeats.

Roger Chang Well if have – a big enough, you know, enough storage, you can have…

John C. Dvorak It’d be as good as the Fox reality channel.

Leo Laporte It couldn’t be any worse than half the channels on right now. It couldn’t be any worse. We’re going to take a break, come back with more stories. They told me don’t tease, because if you tease, we’ll just fast forward right through it. The new iPhone by the way, oh actually it’s only reverse skip. They put a 30 second skip on the iPhone.

David Prager They did?

Leo Laporte Yes.

David Prager Oh, I didn’t know that.

Leo Laporte It scared me – it scared me when I first saw it, but it’s only backwards. So if you enjoy this commercial, please listen again, but you can’t skip forward. They do have it, it is pretty easy to skip forward though in the new iPod.

David Prager You just drag the timeline.

Leo Laporte Do not drag, you’re going to – see, what we do is we embed really clever interesting stuff in the middle of a commercial.

David Prager Well, why don’t you just make the commercial compelling?

Leo Laporte That’s too much trouble.

John C. Dvorak Leo’s got a nice banter. He’s very compelling.

Leo Laporte Why don’t you just make the commercial compelling.

John C. Dvorak I’m always riveted to it. I’m totally riveted.

Leo Laporte Is that what you guys do on Diggnation?

David Prager If you have interesting commentary within it, then people don’t want to skip it.

Patrick Norton And Tekzilla.

David Prager We have – you’ve got to – go watch the new Revision3 show Film Riot.

Patrick Norton Those guys are epic.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

David Prager …and these guys make these skits for their ads, they are awesome. Like I will go out of my way sometimes to skip to see what they did for the ad – for the sponsors.

Leo Laporte Don’t you think if an ad’s too compelling though, people forget that there was an ad?

David Prager I mean the point of course is the message.

Roger Chang Too compelling?

Patrick Norton It’s all about the conversions

David Prager But sometimes, I mean, for the sponsors that are looking for just brand recognition to build on recognition of the name of the brand. That’s one thing, that’s easy to do. It’s harder to say, use this product because and still make it entertaining, unless the product is definitely engaging.

Leo Laporte Film riot, watch it.

David Prager Yes, it’s good. Those guys are really good.

Leo Laporte Do they have Squarespace as an advertiser?

David Prager They do, in fact they’ve got two or three Squarespace adds already.

Leo Laporte You know what I should just do, is take one of their ads and play it.

David Prager You probably – it could be arranged. There is a licensing fee as well.

Leo Laporte No, that’s okay. I’ll just read it.

Leo Laporte I have it right here. If you have ever tried to have a high quality website or blog, you know how hard it is. That is why is the place for you to go. How’s that. Is that compelling?

David Prager That’s how Kevin and Alex read all their sponsors in Diggnation.

Leo Laporte Do they? Do they really?

David Prager Yes. And sometimes…

Leo Laporte Just like that? Is that rebellious, are they being rebellious?

David Prager The only time we ever stop yelling on that show is like, let’s do the sponsors again.

Patrick Norton You got to do that with hockey eyes where you can see that you’re reading the card. Hi, I am Leo Laporte

Leo Laporte Yes. Hi, I am Leo Laporte. And I am here to tell you... No, we actually, we use Squarespace, we use it for the Inside TWiT blog, Sarah’s using it, Kevin’s using it now I know. More and more people’s – Amber’s spouse, partner Chris Dick does it for his photo blog. It’s incredible, so it’s not just blogs, it’s not just – it’s got galleries, it’s got forums. If you are on MovableType, or TypePad, or WordPress, or Blogger, you can export right into Squarespace, and right out of it. So you’re never trapped, in fact you can try it free right now.

It’s about the easiest free sign-up I’ve ever seen. Just go to and within seconds you’ll have your first Squarespace blog. Try those templates, they’re gorgeous but don’t feel stuck with them. You can use AJAX to move it around, they’ve got CSS, so if you’re a CSS wiz, you can modify the templates even more dramatically.

Incidentally, they’re still giving away an iPhone, so make sure if you want to win one of the 30 iPhones that they’re giving away at to enter by sending out a tweet with #squarespace in the hashtag. Squarespace will choose one winner each day at random, no purchase is necessary. If you want to know more, all the details, go to They don’t say what your TWiT could be, it could be anything. Thank you TWiT for introducing to #squarespace would be a good suggestion.

I have never seen a Squarespace site get to bogged down even when it’s Dugg. That’s the beauty of it; they’ve got this quite virtual server technology. Try Squarespace,, or just go watch Film Riot.

David Prager Yes.

Leo Laporte And they’ll have a lovely ad for squarespace, if you don’t believe me.

David Prager And you don’t have to do just blogs, they do…

Leo Laporte No everything.

David Prager They’ll build half of any – in their templates you can find, usually any…

Leo Laporte They’ve got forums.

David Prager …usually any web functionality that you want to do. You can almost pick it from a menu, drop it in and then re-tool it, I guess, and customize it…

Patrick Norton So easy even Patrick Norton can use it.

Leo Laporte Are you using it? No.

Patrick Norton I’ve played around with it, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yes but see, there’s no point in you setting up a blog, because you don’t post. How many blogs have we set up for you?

Patrick Norton One. I probably, I’ve set up a couple if you want me to check them out, but I…

Leo Laporte Oh no, no, no, no, no. Even on The Screen Savers we tried to get you tp blog. And then on March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day 2005…

Patrick Norton I blogged just to get you and Kevin off my ass.

Leo Laporte You blogged once.

John C. Dvorak He doesn’t like to blog.

David Prager It looks like is for sale, according to if you go on

Patrick Norton Yeah they’re going to want like 1500 or $2000 for that now.

Leo Laporte What?

Patrick Norton Do you own it?

David Prager No.

Patrick Norton Who’s selling it?

Leo Laporte Some guy.

Patrick Norton Whoever got the domain after it expired.

Leo Laporte Somebody’s got, I – but you don’t need your name. That’s silly.

David Prager What’s your name in the url on Facebook?

Patrick Norton Actually I have my name in another format.

Leo Laporte My vanity url on Facebook?

David Prager Yes.

Leo Laporte ChiefTwit, or LeoLaporte for the fan page, because I had a fan page.

David Prager Oh so you did want LeoLaporte.

Leo Laporte Well I had a fanpage, so I had it a long time ago. If you had a fanpage with more than 1000 people on it, you had it a long time ago. I think, right? What – do have a vanity fanpage John? What are you reading John?

John C. Dvorak Oh I’m sorry; you were done with the commercial I thought.

Leo Laporte Yes John took a walk…

John C. Dvorak He did.

David Prager He got a snack.

Leo Laporte Enjoyed the fresh air. Did you see a little bit of Petaluma.

John C. Dvorak It’s fantastic.

Leo Laporte Yes. Is the door – is the front door open? Yeah, okay, because if the front door’s open we get a little bit of that cow smell comes in, and it really adds to the ag feeling of this show.

John C. Dvorak I have a – yeah, there’s people that put pages up for me, they – here and there. I know there’s one on MySpace, there’s something on Facebook, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte So you, yeah – you don’t see like the type that would..

John C. Dvorak It’s nothing – I’m a Twitter-oriented guy and a blogger.

Leo Laporte But you do THErealDVORAK on Twitter. You do that.

John C. Dvorak I do blogging and that’s it. I mean, how much more stuff do you need to do?

Leo Laporte That’s a good question. How many pages do you have to set up?

John C. Dvorak I don’t know. You know they did a study.

Leo Laporte We have a wide range here. Actually this is actually perfectly set up, because you got Patrick there with zero.

Patrick Norton I’m actually…

Leo Laporte Oh, he Twitters. He twitters.

Patrick Norton Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So that’s kind of half.

Patrick Norton A long time ago I was even in the like top 25 Twitter…

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, remember that?

John C. Dvorak Those were the good old days.

Leo Laporte Before February 9th 2009, but whose counting?

John C. Dvorak I got as high as the top 10.

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak That was [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte And now we’re like in the hundreds, right?

John C. Dvorak We’re down at the – that’s because the Twitter guys decided to screw us.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Twitter.

Patrick Norton What?

Leo Laporte You know the suggested user list?

John C. Dvorak The suggested user list and we were black-balled.

Leo Laporte We were back-balled.

Patrick Norton Who cares? I have a hard core group of followers that can take over the world.

Leo Laporte That’s how I feel. My 120,000 followers…

Patrick Norton Dvorak!

Leo Laporte …were organically generated by – they care about me, they’re not some bots, they love me.

Patrick Norton It’s amazing how many – I’m actually amazed how many bots are on Twitter.

Leo Laporte There are a lot of bots, yeah.

Patrick Norton It’s kind of awe-inspiring. If you get on the right time, before they’ve all sort of have been culled out, there’s just hundreds and thousands of them.

Leo Laporte I’m sure there’s some other news stories we could talk about. Microsoft has decided to kill Windows Live OneCare and replace it with its own free antivirus software.

John C. Dvorak What do you think of this?

Leo Laporte It’s called Moro, code name Moro, live June 23rd.

John C. Dvorak Do you think the – what did this do to the Symantec stock, I didn’t check.

Leo Laporte I would hate to be Symantec or McAfee.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Microsoft announces free antivirus, anti malware, anti spyware, it takes care of Trojans, root kits.

Roger Chang Maybe they should include it in Windows to begin with.

Leo Laporte Well, the funny thing is, they don’t include it in Windows, but you have to go out and download it. I’m confused about that.

Roger Chang I wonder if that’s a legal thing.

John C. Dvorak It probably has something to do with the license, it’s probably specifically in the license, something to do with the fact that this product probably doesn’t work.

Leo Laporte I wonder if – could you – is there grounds for an anti-trust lawsuit here?

Roger Chang Probably.

Leo Laporte I mean think about it, they got in trouble with the U.S Department of Justice and the EU for bundling a browser, now they’re bundling something that actually legitimately…

John C. Dvorak It’s not bundled.

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s not bundled, that’s why.

John C. Dvorak You know, you can take it or leave it.

Leo Laporte That’s why. You don’t have to…

John C. Dvorak They’re not forcing it on anybody. If they don’t want, they don’t have to get it.

Leo Laporte Is it count as dumping if you give it away?

John C. Dvorak Not unless you’re losing money on it and it comes from a foreign country.

Roger Chang Wait a minute. So if Microsoft actually built an operating system without any of the inherent security flaws and it was generally a pretty solid, safe, secure operating system, would they be sued for charting out the market for anti-virus?

Leo Laporte You killed the market for security.

Patrick Norton That’s an awesome concept.

Leo Laporte Microsoft: they made it secure and now we’re suing.

Patrick Norton Windows 7 release was blocked today by a court injunction.

John C. Dvorak Well, by the way, we never going to have to worry about that anyway.

Leo Laporte Why not?

John C. Dvorak It’s academic.

Leo Laporte It’s never going to happen.

John C. Dvorak It’s never going to happen.

Leo Laporte I love it. Activision is saying to Sony, you’re charging – you’re not charging…

Roger Chang Too much.

Leo Laporte You’re not charging too little – you’re charging too much.

Roger Chang You’re charging too much.

Leo Laporte …for the PS3. You’ve got to – how can they go to Sony and say you’re charging too much for a product?

John C. Dvorak They just do it.

Leo Laporte Oh. Never mind.

David Prager They’re Activision.

Roger Chang They probably – I think they did it in an interview.

Leo Laporte It’s not just Activision, a lot of – I think a lot of companies are very bitter about the PS3 and had hoped for more from that platform. But I don’t think how much they’re charging is the problem with the PS3.

Roger Chang Well the problem is there isn’t – the user base isn’t as high as I think they were expecting. I think they were – people were expecting PS2 level install bases for the console, and for the amount of money that they invest in trying to generate a PS3 version of a popular game, they were hoping to make more money than they have been, I guess, is the complaint. And so, Activision is saying well we won’t…

Leo Laporte We deserve to make more money, what’s wrong with you Sony?

Roger Chang So, I think it’s part of just the general kind of push by a lot of people other than Sony to decrease the price and get the – that particular video game console into more households. So they can sell more games.

Leo Laporte I just got a confusing message in IRC, a PM, private message, saying, hey can you tell Nick I need him to make the deposit via the washing machine ASAP. Thank you. So Nick I don’t know what that means.

John C. Dvorak What?

Leo Laporte It sounds illegal, actually.

Roger Chang Via the washing machine?

John C. Dvorak Just drop it in the washing machine.

Leo Laporte Why is that in my IRC channel, what is going on here?

Patrick Norton Leo Laporte arrested today for money laundering.

Leo Laporte Literally.

John C. Dvorak Badda-bing.

Leo Laporte Badda-bing, badda-boom.

John C. Dvorak So how do I get back into the chat room after being kicked off?

Leo Laporte I don’t know why you were kicked off, I think it has to do with the fact that only a certain number of people from one IP address can be in the chat room, and I think…

John C. Dvorak Well I was in it for a while.

Leo Laporte But you were in it before others, I don’t know why you should…

John C. Dvorak Why would I get kicked off? So now I can’t answer these fascinating questions. Maybe I’ll read over here and see what it says.

Leo Laporte What fascinating questions are you getting?

John C. Dvorak Well, I don’t – I’m getting none now.

Leo Laporte Activision is bluffing, Nigerian money royalty. I don’t know what that means at all. Moving along, there’s nothing to see here.

John C. Dvorak She’s going to fix the problem.

Leo Laporte She’s going to fix the problem. China has disabled some Google functions. China says that Google too often links to pornographic and vulgar content.

John C. Dvorak You know, I don’t get very much vulgar or pornographic content from Google. I have to go elsewhere.

Leo Laporte Google has a safe search feature that blocks it.

John C. Dvorak Bing!

Leo Laporte How about Bing? Is Bing good for that?

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte How do you like the thumbnails?

John C. Dvorak That’s why they call it Bing, by the way.

Leo Laporte Ooh.

Patrick Norton Bada. Sorry

Leo Laporte They have the – so if you do a porn search, you get the thumbnails of the video and they play, they play automatically.

John C. Dvorak Thank you very much. It’s very cool.

Leo Laporte So a little, that’s a little help subject – a little help tip there. Was this show, Patrick, you tell me, did this show used to be better than this?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Patrick Norton Yes, okay let’s open up another can of worms. What does everybody think about the…

John C. Dvorak A can of worms is being opened.

Patrick Norton A can of worms.

Leo Laporte I know what you’re, I know where you’re gonna go here, I know exactly which can of worms.

John C. Dvorak Already?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Patrick Norton The reporting on – The Wall Street Journal reporting on Steve Jobs’ liver transplant.

Leo Laporte I knew that’s where you were going.

John C. Dvorak All right. I got, I – let me, can I make a first comment?

Patrick Norton Absolutely.

John C. Dvorak Okay…

Leo Laporte If you say “first”, you’re in trouble.

John C. Dvorak That’s a good – I never thought of that joke.

Patrick Norton First post Dvorak.

John C. Dvorak Okay, so here we go. So, in January there was a rumor floating around that Steve Jobs was buying a house at Memphis, which is where there’s this hospital where he had the operation, by the way, that is known for having the best endocrinology department in the country.

Leo Laporte Is that why, because I was trying to figure out, why Memphis?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte I mean, you’re near Stanford.

John C. Dvorak No, no Memphis has got…

Patrick Norton Memphis is better.

John C. Dvorak … these endocrinology guys. And so that – and everybody, all the fan boys shouted down this rumor. Oh it’s horrible, terrible, horrible. Then in the same month, in January again, there was a slew of rumors about Steve Jobs needing a liver transplant, and this, of course because apparently…

Leo Laporte He has pancreatic cancer.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, sometimes it jumps to the liver and you get a little problem there, even though some, I was reading all the commentors, and they’re going, “oh, he’s an alcoholic”, and it was really –

Patrick Norton And back in the day Apple said that he had a hormone…

John C. Dvorak Imbalance.

Patrick Norton Imbalance.

John C. Dvorak And in the meanwhile, you got shouted down, again all these guys, they had good information about the house, they had good information about the liver transplant, or that he’s going to get one, and they were shouted down. This is your Twitter, your online, your social networking, you guys are all so high on, and they shouted down these guys with really good reports, and now it turns out that it all was true.

Leo Laporte On May 30th, I got an email, I won’t say from whom, it says, Leo, Steve Jobs was just – this is May 30th, this is two months ago – was just recently released from Methodist University Hospital of Memphis after being a patient there for approximately a month. His stay was kept very hush-hush, I didn’t hear that he was there until he had left. My source is an employee who would not divulge other details. And I looked at that email, and I said, I’m not going to report that, I mean I have no corroboration, I guess it was true!

John C. Dvorak Yes, absolutely. And I would believe that story, because based on the other stuff that was coming out. In fact if you started reading the local papers, which you might want to have done, you would have found that there was a lot of buzz in Memphis about Steve Jobs being in town.

Patrick Norton But the Wall Street Journal quotes an anonymous source, and...

Leo Laporte Well this is what’s interesting, the Journal does not usually do this completely unsourced story.

Patrick Norton It’s kind of a big scoop in a way. I’m kind of surprised that – knowing that the way that rumors around anything surrounding Steve Jobs and Apple normally are, I’m pretty surprised that, I mean at least five or six, or probably more than that, people had to know to that Steve Jobs was in this hospital. And it’s not exactly easy to find a major organ to transplant into a human, and the fact that it took two months for…

Leo Laporte Somebody also said that one of the reasons for Memphis is that the waiting list is half as longin Memphis.

John C. Dvorak I think that’s bogus.

Leo Laporte You don’t think that’s true.

Patrick Norton I read the same thing, but I don’t know if it’s true.

John C. Dvorak I don’t believe that part of it. I mean I think that’s just a speculation, I don’t think that…

Leo Laporte We don’t know why Memphis. But you say they have a great endocrinologist [indiscernible]...

John C. Dvorak Yes there’s an endocrinology department at this hospital in Memphis that’s supposed to be the best in the world, period, and that he – it’s an endocrinology problem.

Leo Laporte Well, you know he’s going to go wherever the best is, right.

John C. Dvorak Right he can afford it. So, Patrick, they want you to speak your mind.

Leo Laporte Yes, you started it.

John C. Dvorak You started it

Leo Laporte What do you think of the reporting and the story, and is it appropriate, is it off-limits, or?

Patrick Norton Well, I’d say – partially it’s kind of fascinating to look at the fact that the Wall Street Journal published this without attributing a source, which is forbidden in their rules.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Patrick Norton It’s a sign that…

Leo Laporte It’s a shock!

John C. Dvorak Those are old rules.

Patrick Norton Well, but they’re still following those rules.

Leo Laporte When you say the new Journal, what do you mean, John? Is this the Rupert Murdoch Journal you mean, or?

John C. Dvorak Yes, they’re a little more proactive.

Patrick Norton But for the most part the Journal doesn’t – the journal at least attributes that someone close to it, so it’s just, they’re completely blank on where they got the information.

Leo Laporte If I had read this in the Mirror I wouldn’t have, credited it.

John C. Dvorak There was – the way I would have to assume what happened, they had a really good source, they knew who it was, the editors confirmed it, but the guy could not, because Steve Jobs is a secret freak. They could not reveal who it was, and they had to present it this way, but I’m absolutely sure that the Journal writers and the editors all knew who the source was, then they all were – there was no problem.

Patrick Norton They were obviously willing to trust the source, I’m not doubting that. The fact that the story didn’t get spike…

John C. Dvorak I’m sure the source was a very trustworthy source.

Patrick Norton You know, the story didn’t get spiked, so obviously the Journal trusted the source. But it’s also interesting when people – because some people, I’ve heard people who have been horrified by it, and I think the cold hard fact is Apple is a publicly traded company, and Steve Jobs has been intimate in the resurrection of that company from a failing second-tier operating – I should say a failing second-tier computer company that at the time probably had the best operating system out there.

David Prager At the time, really?

Patrick Norton At the time. The, the…

David Prager I never touched it until OS ten.

Leo Laporte Actually OS nine was not very good, they needed to make the OS ten.

Patrick Norton Yes, it’s true actually, I’m…

Leo Laporte He saved them because he was able to make that jump, bring NeXT’s software in and make that transition.

Patrick Norton And actually that, it was not just, it was that, it was the hardware, basically, he refined the hardware.

Leo Laporte The vision! The iMac…

Patrick Norton It was – the iMac alone; the iMac basically created the entire USB, pretty much created the entire USB accessories. They were already on tens of millions of PCs at that point, there were probably like two keyboards available for USB. The iPod, iTunes, the negotiations with the music industry. He’s been presented, and he’s always presented himself as so core to the vision of this new, successful, vibrant Apple. What I think it comes down to is, as a public company, everything seems to be fair game. Now what I really wish…

Leo Laporte Isn’t it? I think it is.

Patrick Norton What I really wish, is that the Wall Street Journal, and other entities who are looking as closely at the entire banking industry and mortgage industry in the last half a decade as they are with Steve Jobs.

Leo Laporte Yes. No kidding. And it’s a little late to care so much.

Patrick Norton I don’t know…

David Prager Well, talking about this market, I mean, Monday, tomorrow, is going to be the first day that the market opens since people officially knew about this. So there’s going to be –

Leo Laporte Well don’t you think it’s interesting that the journal waited, the journal waited until the iPhone came out, they waited until the market was closed, they waited – it was a triple witching day…

John C. Dvorak Quadruple actually.

Leo Laporte … quadruple witching day, they waited until all of that was done, released it at the least, in fact, the least damaging point they could have released it.

Patrick Norton Probably to make sure that they – to minimize the likelihood that they would be sued for impacting the share price.

Leo Laporte Or, here’s a conspiracy theory, their source, their unimpeachable, absolutely reliable source was Apple itself. If you’re Apple and you want to control this story…

Patrick Norton I’ll tell you one good reason I can buy into that, because a lot of the rumors were about, that he had pancreatic – that it was going to be pancreas cancer, which is pretty much like, if you have pancreatic cancer, you pretty cash everything out and go have a party because you know at that point, medical…

Leo Laporte Because liver cancer, a transplant’s a cure, unless it’s metastasized.

Patrick Norton Yes, absolutely, but for pancreatic cancer, you’re pretty much done.

Leo Laporte You’re dead. So maybe Apple did this.

Patrick Norton So in that case, telling the entire world that it wasn’t pancreatic cancer would be a primary goal.

Leo Laporte It seems like such a convenient time – it seems like the only possible time you could release this information, in the – it was certainly timed in the best possible way for Apple.

Patrick Norton Yes.

David Prager Well, they’re up 60% this year.

Leo Laporte Yes, they’ve had a good year.

David Prager And they’ve done it without Steve Jobs at the helm.

Leo Laporte You’re right.

David Prager So, won’t – if people want to know if Apple’s a soluble business…

Patrick Norton They’ve done it without Steve Jobs at the helm, or they’ve – Steve Jobs is still heading – I would be shocked if…

Leo Laporte I think he’s running it from home.

Patrick Norton …Steve Jobs isn’t having huge amounts of input. Steve Jobs – nobody hired Steve Jobs because of his hands-on skills in managing the day-to-day operations of a company.

David Prager Yes.

Patrick Norton Let me tell you this, everybody who’s ever worked with him says he’s… yeah…

David Pruger Everything he knew before was absolutely true with what he did with the iPod, the iTunes dealings and…

Leo Laporte If it was somebody in the hospital who knew, Swift2001 points out in our Stickam chat, that person’s a felon, because of course that’s a felony, to violate the privacy, according to [indiscernible]. I don’t think it was, I think it was Apple. I think it was Steve’s own people who said, you know, we need to control this story, we need to spin it properly, what better place to do than the Wall Street Journal, what better time to it than after the market’s closed, after the phone is shipped. There is – there were rumors that that’s why the phone shipping date was jumped.

But the question now, there’s a big – another big question, if the, if it was liver cancer alone, the transplant could cure it. If it had metastasized, that’s a very risky procedure, which some hospitals won’t do, because the immuno-suppression drugs that they give you after a transplant in fact can encourage the cancer. They fight your ability to fight the cancer.

John C. Dvorak We don’t know any details.

Leo Laporte So we don’t know; it’s speculation.

John C. Dvorak We will find out because I think they‘re going have to report this to the board or their shareholders or something.

Leo Laporte Best possible scenario, this is it was cancer in the liver only, if the transplant was a success Apple decided to spin the story to control it, so they release this to the Wall Street Journal at the most opportune time for them. Now I would expect to see more from them though before the weekend is out wouldn’t you?

David Prager Well, probably.

Leo Laporte They’re not denying it.

David Prager Well that’s right; if it was absolutely untrue I think they would have said it was untrue.

Leo Laporte They’re neither confirming nor denying.

David Prager They said “Steve continues to look forward to returning to Apple at the end of June and there is nothing further to say.”

John C. Dvorak I would think it’s going to be interesting to see what he looks like when returns.

Leo Laporte It ain’t going to be good if he had a liver transplant.

John C. Dvorak It’s two months after the transplant.

Leo Laporte That’s true.

John C. Dvorak Maybe he is at the gym for all we know pumping up.

Patrick Norton I don’t know. I hope he’s healthy.

David Prager I wish him the best.

John C. Dvorak We all wish him the best.

Leo Laporte To me that’s the bottom line. I mean let’s get him better and he really doesn’t want this attention. I think he understands that –

John C. Dvorak Yeah, well as the CEO of Apple you going to get –

Leo Laporte There’s going to be attention, there’s nothing you can do about it. Maybe let’s just hope this is the end of it and everything is fine. Anybody buy a new iPhone? I did.

John C. Dvorak You did?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Patrick Norton Did you pay — did you buy –

John C. Dvorak Wait, did you get it early before I came out?

Leo Laporte No. And it’s not free either. Screw you Dvorak!

John C. Dvorak Did you get it cheaper than an average person would have? Did you save a nickel?

Leo Laporte No, I brought it at full list.

John C. Dvorak Did you buy a full list just to show off because you got lot of money?

Leo Laporte Yeah, that why!

David Prager Hey, if you get it at full list does that mean you don’t have a two year contract? Because there’s no way –

Leo Laporte I do.

David Prager Why?

Leo Laporte No, I didn’t get it at full list, because remember I bought one of course a year ago like any foolish Apple fan boy and so I’ve had this one for a year, you know, the old 3G for a year.

John C. Dvorak That’s the old one?

Leo Laporte No, this is the new one.

David Prager So you didn’t get AT&T to –

Leo Laporte Well apparently AT&T caved. You heard that, right?

David Prager No, I mean you didn’t get AT&T to subsidize the phone.

Leo Laporte No. They did subsidize it a little bit.

Patrick Norton See, I bought mine because they subsidized at whatever the rate is and I signed a new two-year contract.

Leo Laporte I did that. But I only had mine for year. You don’t get the 199 deal; you get the – you might get the –

Roger Chang 499.

John C. Dvorak This phone is really a lot like the other one.

Leo Laporte It’s exactly like the other one! You know what, it’s very disappointing.

Patrick Norton So, the question is; was it worth buying?

Leo Laporte No. Okay I will tell you there is one reason that it is worth buying and you’re going to read lot of [indiscernible] about this. It is faster; this is the new ARM chip, the 8, and it’s got L2 cache, the other one didn’t. It’s 600 MHz compared to 412, blah blah blah. And it’s snappier; it doesn’t feel like it’s twice as fast, but it is snappier; browsing is much better. But that’s not why you buy it, because the other one wasn’t that slow. It has a compass. That’s not why you buy it.

John C. Dvorak Well that’s kind of cool. I like the compass idea.

David Prager I like the camera. That’s one of the main reasons people will get it.

Leo Laporte That’s why buy it. You buy it because it’s got a 3 mega pixel camera which has auto focus, is pretty good.

David Prager Point two, point two!

John C. Dvorak Ooh! 3 megapixels?

Leo Laporte No, I mean it’s like your E71 has better quality video, but it’s not an iPhone. So it’s the iPhone plus video. And actually I think that’s what’s interesting. You were saying Patrick that they broke it down and its got a better chip in it than –

Patrick Norton Somebody pulled it apart and – I’m sorry, I should [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte It was iFixit probably.

Patrick Norton They said it was capable of doing 720p video, but that the battery life would be so abysmal at that point.

Leo Laporte Right. My advice anybody would not to buy this if you’ve got the old 3G, upgrade to system three, the new firmware which does add cut and past and MMS once AT&T gets off their duff and so forth. But you know, it’s not – did you buy it?

David Prager Good video quality.

Leo Laporte The video quality is really good. I like the video quality. So you bought it David?

David Prager Yeah, I bought it. I mean I paid –I was not under contract so I could get the discount.

Leo Laporte So you had bought the original one? Or you just didn’t have an iPhone.

David Prager I had an iPhone 3G, I don’t understand why it wasn’t under contract, I know I wasn’t. So, they were able to give me a discount. I guess you save about $200.

Leo Laporte Yes.

David Prager So, all things said and done though, I still had to pay for the 32GB one, I think 300 and some odd – just over 300 after taxes and an $18 upgrade fee which I still don’t understand because I thought the upgrade was the hardware.

Leo Laporte They charge you an upgrade fee, can you believe that?

David Prager But they’re like –

Leo Laporte Can you believe that?

David Prager So I said – well I wasn’t going to argue with them because it’s already in there, but I was kind of like confused to myself, what’s the $18 for if the hardware –

Leo Laporte Cell phone companies are a scam.

John C. Dvorak They are ripping you off.

Leo Laporte You know, you might as well ask them why they charge you $1500 a megabyte for SMS messages.

John C. Dvorak I thought it was unlimited data?

Leo Laporte Well if – many phone companies –

Roger Chang SMS is not considered data in AT&T’s world.

Leo Laporte No, if any phone company’s charging you 20 cents a message –

John C. Dvorak What is it then if it’s not data; what is it?

Leo Laporte It’s SMS.

Roger Chang It’s an extra charge, is what it is.

David Prager It’s because they can make money doing it; the same reason people charge for ringtones. People will steal music ad nauseam, but they’ll pay for midi music for their ringtone.

John C. Dvorak A dollar for like a ten second ditty.

Roger Chang That’s why I use TwitterBerry on my BlackBerry and what’s the other one, Tiny Twitter, because if I actually SMSed, I only get so many. I think I get like a hundred or so, and I usually blow through those pretty quickly. So it’s kind of a way to communicate with people without necessarily getting charged a nickel to say “come over”.

Leo Laporte Well, here’s some good news. The chairman – the acting chairman of the FCC, Michael Copps, he has instructed staff to review cell phone exclusively arrangements. Now you know one of the problems with the iPhone is it’s AT&T or nothing; that’s a deal breaker for a lot of people.

David Prager AT&T is horrible in San Francisco. Maybe that’s one little area, but I can’t go across town –

Leo Laporte Oh, I drop calls right and left.

David Prager Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, and it’s not the fastest 3G; Sprint and Verizon are much better. Most people would say “hey, get it on Verizon; I’ll buy the darned thing”.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, because you get all those guys following you around.

Leo Laporte I love those guys. The guy with the glasses; he’s so cute, he’s hot. “In the fast changing wireless handset market we must ensure that consumers are able to reap the benefits so that a robust and innovative competitive marketplace can bestow.” I don’t know what that means. I have no idea; I’m going to have to parse that sentence. But I’m glad that the FCC is looking into it. Do you think they have a chance in hell of eliminating handset exclusivity? No. How can you tell Apple “you can’t make a deal with a carrier for exclusivity.” How can you tell them that? I mean it’s the FCC; I guess they can do anything.

John C. Dvorak They can do anything.

Leo Laporte But still, that’s kind of – talk about anti business.

Patrick Norton That would change the entire cell phone industry.

Leo Laporte I mean it’s just anti-business. If I want to make an exclusive deal with a company to carry my product, why can’t I do that? I have – you know, maybe there are some other arguments about rural carriers being left out and something like that, I don’t know. Anyway my recommendation on the 3G – what do you think? I mean I think it’s nice to have the video, but unless you need the video or a compass…

David Prager I’m excited to have it. Do I need it? No way.

Leo Laporte The 3G would have been fine.

David Prager So I’m now wondering what to do with my 3G. If I should give to somebody or maybe sell it.

John C. Dvorak Give it to me.

David Prager I don’t know, I might give it away

Leo Laporte Gaming will be good on this, this is going to have –

Patrick Norton I’ll buy it for my wife; I’ll buy it so Sarah can have one.

David Prager The thing I say – I’ve always said this about the iPhone is it’s not – I don’t think is a very good phone; I think it’s an awesome little computer.

Leo Laporte It’s a computer.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it’s a nice little computer.

Leo Laporte And it’s a breakthrough. I mean you know that’s what’s very interesting about the iPhone, it’s really put a personnel computer in the pockets of millions.

Roger Chang So it’s kind of what the Newton was supposed to be.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s the Newton.

John C. Dvorak Yes, Bucky bit has to write something intelligent.

Leo Laporte Bucky bit?

John C. Dvorak Ah, nevermind. I’m just looking at the chat.

Leo Laporte You’re talking to the chat room again? Don’t talk to the chat room!

John C. Dvorak It’s real feedback!

Leo Laporte It is real feedback. So is this. [screeching sound]

John C. Dvorak So I went to the roll out of the Olympus Pen.

Leo Laporte Ooh!

Roger Chang I want to get one.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute. A pen roll-out?

John C. Dvorak No, it’s a take off of a fifty year old camera that they had called the Pen, and it’s a retro camera.

Patrick Norton Gorgeous.

John C. Dvorak It’s really actually pretty nice and here’s – for one thing the pictures it takes are – I mean it’s still got the big giant sensor, but the little bitty mini lenses are quite sharp, but I took and dropped this thing on a cement floor from this high, went flying, hit the cement floor. It’s a stainless steel camera –

Leo Laporte Did the PR rep leap and try to catch it, like stretched out?

John C. Dvorak I did this after the PR people were seeing.

Leo Laporte Did you get that for free?

John C. Dvorak I am borrowing it. And screw you Leo, screw you!

Leo Laporte Is this a free Pen?

Roger Chang I want to – so tell, did it break when you dropped it? Does it still work?

John C. Dvorak There wasn’t even – it’s made out of a solid piece of stainless steel, there wasn’t even a nick. I was stunned.

Leo Laporte What make – is this a good camera, or do you just like the retro?

John C. Dvorak It’s a Micro Fourth Thirds. In other words what they’ve done is they’ve taken an SLR camera and they took the mirrors and all the stuff out so they can make it as small as possible, but it still has interchangeable lenses that are even smaller than normal.

Leo Laporte So it’s an SLR?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, without the mirror.

David Prager No, it’s not an SLR, there is no reflex action. That’s what’s great.

John C. Dvorak It’s got a shutter though.

Patrick Norton It’s a range finder.

Leo Laporte No it’s not a range finder, I don’t see any rangefinding.

Roger Chang No. So there’s no viewfinder on it, it’s a Live View only.

John C. Dvorak Three inch LCD.

Leo Laporte So they use a camera, Roger, not a mirror? Is that how it works?

Roger Chang No, there’s the straight sensor behind the lens. If you take it off you will see the sensor exposed.

Leo Laporte But what are you looking at?

John C. Dvorak You look at the three inch LCD like everybody does now.

Leo Laporte Oh I see.

Roger Chang Like a point and shoot. You do have the option to buy an optical viewfinder that slides into the hot shoe but it is not –

John C. Dvorak It’s only for the 17 mm lens.

Roger Chang Yes. It has no built-in flash.

John C. Dvorak No, but the flash that you get with it is a flame thrower.

Leo Laporte Did you bring this thing? Why didn’t you bring it?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it’s in the car.

Leo Laporte Alright we’re going to send Pat – we’re going to do a commercial, why don’t you go get it?

Roger Chang Aw, I should have went up there. I want to hold it.

Leo Laporte Yes, you should always went up here.

John C. Dvorak Anyway, Olympus, the one thing I have to give them credit for, always has the best flashes. So I’m in this huge church, the thing is pitch black. I light the whole place up.

Leo Laporte Oh I bet they loved that. A bunch of blind nuns. All right; you go out, you get the camera I’m going to talk about Audible, how about that. And you can give us a little demo afterwards. You like this chance to stretch your legs.

John C. Dvorak [Groans]

Leo Laporte John’s of a certain age. There he goes.

John C. Dvorak Oh, I’ve got to get up.

Leo Laporte Hey I’ve got to move my – hey by the way, Patrick Norton thank you so much for the cup cake. Should have had two hundred candles, but that’s okay for our 200th episode.

Patrick Norton You can’t put 200 candles on a cupcake!

Leo Laporte That’s really sweet.

Patrick Norton You want 200 candles? Give me the Della Fattoria cupcake back, I’ll go get you 200 candles.

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s from Della Fattoria? Oh, that’s different.

Patrick Norton It’s a serious cup cake

Leo Laporte That’s the best cupcakes money can buy. Mmm, oh that’s good. It’s the best reason to come to Petaluma, is Della Fattoria.

Patrick Norton Or to go to the San Francisco farmer’s market.

Leo Laporte Another – yes. Oh, they’re at the farmer’s market?

Patrick Norton That’s where I buy my bread.

Leo Laporte At the Ferry building there.

Patrick Norton Yes, every Saturday.

Leo Laporte Every Saturday.

Patrick Norton Hi Edmund.

Leo Laporte Yes you would like them. They’re nice guys, I really like them, yeah. Do you know [indiscernible]

Patrick Norton I don’t know [indiscernible] but I’ve met some of the guys that – we were trying to find bread right before Christmas, around Christmas Eve, and I drove to what turned out to be their bakery instead of the downtown store because I thought –

Leo Laporte They are in [indiscernible] they are way out in the country. They have a wood fired –

Patrick Norton I’m always wondering around the countryside.

Leo Laporte You like to drive. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

Patrick Norton Oh it’s absolutely – it’s gorgeous, it’s hell on [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte We’re going in August, you should come. You and Sarah should come with us, bring your son too; they have dinners out at the ranch there.

Patrick Norton Oh really?

Leo Laporte Love to have you come.

Patrick Norton Yes.

Leo Laporte I’ll get tickets for you. It will be really fun, and you can bring the baby and they serve an amazing meal. This, by the way, was not a commercial for Della Fattoria.

Patrick Norton But they do make a wonderful bread and pastry and they have a wonderful café in downtown Petaluma.

Leo Laporte I might have to charge them for this. We’re going to talk about Audible today. I am a big audible fan. Whenever I do all that driving that Patrick does I don’t do it – in fact you know I’ve been commuting to the show this week because family’s all out at the beach an hour away. And I’ve been – it’s great; I missed my driving time because I love Audible. Audible of course is the place you go to get audio books. Sixty thousand now; they are up to sixty thousand books, the best readers in the world. a-u-d-i-b-l-e – I got and email the other day from somebody who say’s “I can’t find, where – ”

It’s Audible. And as long as you’re going there, let me give you a URL, Now when you go to that page, you are going to get a chance to sign up for the Platinum account. Now that’s what I use; it’s a two book a month account. Now I go through two books pretty easily.

There’s a Gold account which gives you one book. The only reason I mention the Platinum account is because you get two free books, you start off with two books absolutely free.

And I guess you know there’s – you could go to the front page, you’ll see they have lots of recommendations; Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities. That would be a great free first book. How long is that; that’s got to be thirty or forty hours? Fun book about the last Wall Street boom and bust. Yeah; twenty seven hours long. There’s also a number of books about Steve Jobs and I’m going to recommend those if you want to find out about the man who transformed Apple, created the success of Pixar.

iCon is probably the one by Jeffery S. Young. That’s the one that Steve got so mad about that they pulled the publisher’s – every one of the publisher’s books from Apple stores worldwide. Ironically there’s nothing bad about Steve in the whole book. I don’t know exactly – maybe he didn’t read it. iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business by Jeffery S. Young; that’s a great choice.

Lot’s of business books, there’s fiction and non-fiction, Sci-Fi, you’re going to love it. Get your first two books – oh, The Second Coming of Steve Jobs by Alan Deutschmanm also very good. You’re going to get your first two books free. Get both of them when you go to; it will be a Steve Jobs marathon., I am sorry. We thank them so much for their support, they’ve been a great sponsored of the show for over one hundred episodes.

David Prager When you drive [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte You know, you can. Did you see on the new phone –

David Prager You can do it.

Leo Laporte They can – yes, I love what they – who changed my desktop picture? You change my picture on the – you did Dvorak, you changed it from my kids to a dog.

John C. Dvorak I pushed, I just –

Leo Laporte It’s father’s day and you changed my picture to a dog! It’s a cute dog.

John C. Dvorak Who’s dog is that?

Leo Laporte It’s a dog at the beach. It’s not my dog. It’s just some dog.

John C. Dvorak You just take pictures of the dogs?

Leo Laporte Don’t you? What do you doing with that Pen? Anyway, look, before we get to the Pen, I just want to show folks or talk about it. When you’re listening to books now on the new iPhone they’ve added some really nice features. You can – right on the front there, did you notice this? It says 1x or you can press it and it goes to 2x or you can press it again and it goes to half x right on the front of the iPod now.

John C. Dvorak Half x? Aaand heeere iiis theee…

Leo Laporte You know, it doesn’t, because I think it pitch shifts it. Let’s hear it. Oh, that’s music. You want to hear what I’m listening to right now?

Recording Brilliance Audio presents the unabridged recording of Bonk: the curious coupling of Science and Sex.

David Prager It sounds like it is pitch shifting it.

Leo Laporte It is. It’s her same voice, but it’s very slow.

David Prager I love being able to speed up audio books if you’re going to –

Leo Laporte Here’s the 2x. The music –

Recording …or woody. Foreplay. A man sits in a room manipulating his [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte Yeah, you can’t hear but everybody at home can. There is a 30 second rewind feature that can go back 30 seconds in time, which is great for audio books because you know, the cop pulled you over or whatever; you have to rewind back to the original. And it’s got a much better scrubbing feature. As you move your finger down – this I have to say this is almost a reason to buy the new phone! If you listen to a lot of books or spoken word or podcasts, as you move your finger down the scrubbing is slower or faster depending on where your finger is on the screen. This are some nice features about that. Anyway Audible is great on the new iPhone but it plays on all sorts of stuff. On Zunes, on Kindles.

Let’s take a look at the Pen!

John C. Dvorak It’s got a little thing you can –

Leo Laporte Ooh!

John C. Dvorak You can have it so it, like, get’s it’s level.

Leo Laporte Ooh that’s pretty. It’s got a level in it?

John C. Dvorak Yeah. You have to flip the –

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s really cool.

John C. Dvorak Well, it’s for people who take crooked pictures.

Leo Laporte No I always have problems with the horizon. Oh, it feels like an old style camera.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it’s very retro.

Leo Laporte It feels good. Now how much are they charge – it’s a thousand bucks isn’t it?

Roger Chang 800.

Leo Laporte 800. And you want one of these Roger?

Roger Chang Yeah; I already put in my Amazon pre-order.

Leo Laporte Oh, I kind of like it. But now you have to get all new lenses, right?

John C. Dvorak No.

Roger Chang Well this is the great thing.

John C. Dvorak That’s the joke about it; you can get an adaptor for all the regular Four Third lenses and you can get an adaptor for old OM-1 Lenses.

Leo Laporte Oh, I love the OM-1.

Roger Chang And you can get adaptors for the old Nikon, the old Leica M mounts, and the old Canon FD mounts.

John C. Dvorak What happens with adaptors mostly is that the distance from the camera to the censor is such that it’s – you can’t get the lens close enough with an adaptor; the adaptors won’t make it. But this thing is, because it’s been redesigned, the lenses on old cameras have to be pushed way out so there’s all kinds of room for an adaptor.

Leo Laporte Right. This is nice.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it’s got a nice feel.

Leo Laporte Nice, really heavy, solid feel to it.

John C. Dvorak And it takes really outstanding photos.

Leo Laporte And the photos are good, how many mega pixels is it?

John C. Dvorak 12.2.

Leo Laporte And it’s a big sensor.

John C. Dvorak Yes the big Four Third sensor.

Leo Laporte And why did you order it Roger?

Roger Chang Because it’s – first you get the interchangeable lens. It’s a larger format sensor; it’s not as big as an APC.

Leo Laporte It’s not full format?

Roger Chang APS–C. It’s not a full format.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] and it shrinks the lens down to a doink.

Leo Laporte Oh, it sucks it in?

John C. Dvorak It sucks it in.

Roger Chang But it’s super versatile and it’s a lot smaller than my Canon Rebel that I haul around with me, I haul around around right now.

John C. Dvorak I think its good travel camera for people who don’t want to lug around –

Leo Laporte When is it going to be out?

John C. Dvorak In about two weeks.

Leo Laporte Not going to be in time for me to take it to China unfortunately.

Roger Chang Maybe you can stop by the factory.

Patrick Norton I wouldn’t take a brand new camera to China. I’d take a camera that I was used to.

Leo Laporte No, I’m taking my Canon 5D Mark II, that’s what I’m taking, and I have all the lenses.

Roger Chang What are you going to China for?

Leo Laporte I hear there’s Chinese people there.

David Prager When are you going?

John C. Dvorak Good Chinese food.

Leo Laporte Great – the food I’m going for the food.

David Prager You speak Chinese, right?

Leo Laporte I studied Chinese in college but wouldn’t say I speak it.

David Prager Kevin’s going to China for two weeks.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] I know; he is going on a tea-tasting expedition.

John C. Dvorak Who’s this?

David Prager Kevin Rose.

Leo Laporte That’s just an excuse.

David Prager See, I like tea and I’m a fan. I’m a big – tea is great and I enjoy drinking it and I mean, I guess to each their own, to have their passions.

Leo Laporte He’s going to be there when I’m there.

David Prager He’s going to go and basically study tea farms.

Leo Laporte With Tim Ferriss, right?

David Prager [indiscernible] specifically, with Tim Ferriss and Glen Mackles or something.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, they’re not going to go, like, to Beijing, they’re not going to see The Great Wall, they’re just going to go to tea farms?

David Prager To the best of my knowledge they’re going to be planning with pu-erh tea for two weeks. Tim Ferriss by the way speaks Chinese, so that will…

Leo Laporte Oh, he says he speaks everything.

David Prager That would be pretty cool.

Leo Laporte No, actually I bet he does, because he studied, didn’t he study kick boxing in China?

David Prager I don’t know.

Leo Laporte I think he did, yeah.

Roger Chang Kickboxing? Oh jeez, wrong country for that.

Leo Laporte Oh it is?

John C. Dvorak Yes, right. It is the wrong country for that.

Leo Laporte Oh, it is

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that’s [indiscernible] right, it’s the wrong country for that.

Leo Laporte Well he studied some. What did he study?

Unknown Speaker He has kickboxing from Thailand.

Leo Laporte Thailand, that’s right. He went to Thailand. That’s where he learned Chinese in Thailand.

Roger Chang Thai-Chinese.

Leo Laporte No, I studied it. I can’t wait. I’m going to bring my son. I’m going July 2nd to the 18th, I think that’s when Kevin is going to be there.

John C. Dvorak Okay, so you are going during the American July 4 when the United States…

Leo Laporte I land in Beijing at...

John C. Dvorak …celebrates its anniversary, during that you’re going to be there.

Leo Laporte I am going to, you bet. On the 4th of July, I’ll be at the Raffles Hotel in Beijing. Come and see me.

John C. Dvorak Raffles.

Leo Laporte Raffles. That’s the English colonial hotel that used to be in...

John C. Dvorak No, that’s in Singapore.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s in Singapore.

John C. Dvorak You’re just making this up as you along.

Leo Laporte No, I am not. It’s in Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing. Supposed to be very nice. And I’ll light a – they have firecrackers there you know.

Roger Chang Wow.

Unknown Speaker I’ve heard that.

Leo Laporte I believe they invented them. What are you laughing at?

Roger Chang Nothing, nothing.

Unknown Speaker I’m not sure at this point.

Leo Laporte Nothing to see here, move along. Alright let’s see what other stories we have in this compendium of technology news. Oh, I love this story. So the town of Helena, Montana had a policy that if you are a government job applicant, you have to turn over your user name and password to Facebook, Twitter, all your social networking and web groups. You have to tell them so they can log in and look at your Google, your Yahoo, your YouTube, your MySpace. They decided to drop it. They got a lot of heat.

Patrick Norton I bet they did.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Would you hand over – just to get a job. I guess in this tough economy you might hand over. What are you looking at now? You’re not even looking at this.

John C. Dvorak I’m carefully examining it.

Patrick Norton I think it was. Yeah I know I’m glad that there was a public outcry against this.

Leo Laporte "We appreciate the concern many citizens have expressed regarding this practice and apologize for the negative impact this issue is having on", oh I’m sorry it’s the city of Bozeman, not Helena.

Unknown Speaker City of Bozeman.

Leo Laporte Bozeman, Montana. ACLU crushing legality.

John C. Dvorak I think they didn’t know what they were doing when some, I think just some bureaucrat put this up, you know, this idea; threw it out there and didn’t think much about it.

Leo Laporte It said, we’re only going to use this to verify application information.

Patrick Norton But yeah, you are going to use my, my, my – you need my, my...

Leo Laporte My Facebook.

Patrick Norton …my login, my account and my password…

John C. Dvorak Can I have your ATM password too? I need to – let me borrow your card.

Patrick Norton I think somebody went, well, you know, I like what they are doing there in Washington. They are making everybody who wants to work in the federal government give up every e-mail and every public posting they have ever made so we should do that. What’s the easiest way to get all that information?

Leo Laporte That’s true, actually. Didn’t the – that’s the Obama way how they did that...

Patrick Norton But they didn’t ask for your login and your password.

Leo Laporte They just said hand it over, hand over the material.

Patrick Norton What I mean is that the fact that they did that. I mean okay times are tough and people want jobs, they want the security of a government job. So, I can see people turning over the information, but the fact that the government there was asking for that is absolutely horrendous.

Leo Laporte The funny thing is the Bozeman, Representative Congressman, Bozeman, Montana led the fight against the Patriot Act saying it trampled civil liberties. An excerpt from the city application form says “please list any and all current personal or business websites, web pages, and/or memberships on any internet based chat room, social clubs or forums to include but not limited to Facebook, Google, Yahoo ,YouTube, MySpace et cetera”.

John C. Dvorak What’s on Google?

Leo Laporte Well if you had my Google password...

David Prager Google Docs, Gmail.

Leo Laporte No, but worse than that – if I turned – if I didn’t turn off the web history, you could see every site I’ve ever searched for in Google for last five years.

John C. Dvorak Well, I think if I was a bureaucrat I’d want to know that.

Leo Laporte You’d deserve to know that. We can’t hire you – I’m going to make that the policy here at TWiT. You don’t mind that, do you? No.

John C. Dvorak Yes, they are surfing porn right now.

Leo Laporte They have all turned their avatars green, I don’t understand why.

Patrick Norton Sometimes that’s not the most embarrassing thing you can surf John.

John C. Dvorak There is worse? Tell us Patrick.

Patrick Norton I can’t. This is a family program.

Leo Laporte I’m trying to think what it is now. I would like to go there.

Patrick Norton It’s going to be bothering you all during your flight to China.

Leo Laporte Yes. Let’s see.

John C. Dvorak When are you going? Next week?

Leo Laporte Yeah, a week on Thursday.

John C. Dvorak From this Thursday.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak So, you are not going this next weekend though.

Leo Laporte No, I will be here and next weekend it will be the last TWiT I’m part of for three weeks and then I think Alex is going to host some but then, it’s so unfortunate, he is having a baby.

David Prager Oh, another one.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So I don’t know what’s going to happen. We are going to have some stranger off the street. You know a weird thing happened to me last – yesterday my salad was stolen from right here on the front.

David Prager Inside.

John C. Dvorak I’m sorry?

Leo Laporte I had, I made a nice salad, a luscious salad and I had – it was in a brown box just like this and I put it…

Patrick Norton Hey, there’s his salad.

Leo Laporte Oh, there it is. I put it on the refrigerator and I am wont to leave the front door open so that anybody can wander in because I feel like it is an open door policy here. I went back at noon.

Patrick Norton Plus Leo carries a rather large handbag.

John C. Dvorak Somebody stole your salad.

Leo Laporte Somebody stole the salad. They didn’t steal anything else, they didn’t steal the clock – and I thought I’m an absent-minded guy, must have, it’s nowhere to be found, it was stolen and then Colleen confirmed yeah when I came in it was sitting there.

Patrick Norton Somebody was hungry.

John C. Dvorak Are you sure that you didn’t eat it and forgot that you did.

Leo Laporte I didn’t eat it.

Patrick Norton Somebody was hungry and took your salad.

Leo Laporte I think that’s what happened. We have a salad thief here in Petaluma.

John C. Dvorak How would you know it is at least that you be worse?

Roger Chang Big city crime in small Petaluma.

Patrick Norton I mean given there there’s about four million dollars, I mean you’ve already basically told everyone in the world, who knows, about the billions of dollars of technology.

Patrick Norton And that the security and the alarm system doesn’t warn anybody or call the cops.

Leo Laporte And I leave the door open, so come on!

John C. Dvorak This is like the people who Twitter that they are not at home and then they get robbed 10 minutes later.

John C. Dvorak So Ziff Davis is to shut down the ExtremeTech website.

Leo Laporte Yes, I saw that, isn’t that sad?

Patrick Norton Yeah actually I’m very sad about that.

Leo Laporte Loyd Case out of work.

Roger Chang Robert Heron.

Leo Laporte Robert’s out of work.

Leo Laporte We should have Robert on our show.

Roger Chang We should have.

Leo Laporte Shoot.

Patrick Norton Jason Cross, Gerald Durham whole bunch of [indiscernible]

Unknown speaker He is actually probably at the Nascar race right now.

Leo Laporte Yeah, he’s just down the road on the races.

Patrick Norton But yes, it’s – ExtremeTech did an amazing kind of [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte That was a great site. Bill Machrone, didn’t Bill start that?

John C. Dvorak Yes. Bill Machrone and Nick Stam was also involved.

Leo Laporte Nick Stam, great people.

Patrick Norton Bill Machrone and Nick Stam were frustrated that they couldn’t generate the in-depth geek technical concept that they…

Leo Laporte They wanted to do something like Tom's Hardware and [indiscernible] – they were looking at those sites saying, we’re Ziff Davis we should be able to create sites at least as good and they did, they made a darn good site.

Patrick Norton Absolutely did. Loyd Case has kept this. It’s just been an amazing operation and it’s really sad to see that it’s going.

Leo Laporte So was it lack of advertising?

John C. Dvorak That’s the only thing I can imagine. I blame the advertisers more than blame I Ziff Davis for this. These guys have been shouting and screaming and yelling, and they don’t advertise much any more, and then the other problem is a lot of the stuff has become outsourced, so lot of the products now either made in China or they are Chinese and the Chinese not that I want to generalize, Roger…

Roger Chang No, it is okay. You have done it before.

John C. Dvorak …is they don’t advertise.

Leo Laporte What do they do?

John C. Dvorak Chinese, Japanese don’t advertise much.

Leo Laporte Well they don’t have a brand. I mean can you think…

John C. Dvorak Acer does.

Leo Laporte Acer, there is a few names…

John C. Dvorak Lenovo does.

Leo Laporte But you can’t. Most of the big type A manufacturers, you got no idea who they are.

John C. Dvorak Asus is, they don’t advertise much as HP for the same product, I don’t know. They don’t believe in advertising. They, if you talk to the Chinese, I said this before, I will say it again, you talk to any Chinese company about their marketing schemes, they all say the exact same answer, best price.

Roger Chang Well, they don’t need to, I mean people are going to come to them to buy, to manufacture stuff anyway, so why spend the money on advertising?

John C. Dvorak Well, I mean but even when they have own brands, it would be probably a useful thing to do.

Roger Chang I am sure they will probably to get to that – they will get around to that in maybe 10 years but right now I think they are so caught up in manufacturing that point probably has escaped them. It is funny because you saw the same thing in Taiwan, I mean before they were just general manufacturers and then as they went up the food chain they became more specialized, they started to – not market maybe under their own brand but they would market under a foreign brand that they’ve purchased like Huffy, there’s a, and Schwin but there is a couple of other U.S. bicycle manufacturers that are owned by Taiwanese firms and they advertise under those brands because people are familiar with them, they’re not familiar with Giant bicycles. So, it could be a case of them trying to instead of build the brand, get enough money and buy one.

John C. Dvorak Well anyway, so it’s a sorry thing.

Leo Laporte It’s sad. This is sad. I’m glad you brought that up.

John C. Dvorak And the worst part about it is that we don’t – the kind of information – I am finding this with news in general: you try to find out something that is going on about some specialty like high tech in this case and you look stuff up and all you get are these advertising sites, these phoney-baloney sites that are trying to sell you something.

Patrick Norton You’ve been using Bing again, haven’t you?

John C. Dvorak I’m sorry

Patrick Norton I like Bing. I look at the results in Bing and only thing I can think is Bing’s search engine algorithm business or I should say search engine optimization algorithm isn’t nearly as robust as Google is. Because a lot of the stuff I have searched on I get websites that are basically, it’s self-referential advertising sites rather than actual results.

Leo Laporte I remember that was a big problem on Google for a long time.

John C. Dvorak You ran into parker sites.

Leo Laporte They finally solved it, I don’t know how.

John C. Dvorak I did a thing with Google the other day, I looked up something and got a parker site.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak Yes, within the top 5.

Leo Laporte Remember, it was epidemic, like two years ago.

John C. Dvorak Yes, they cut most of them out but now it’s like...

Patrick Norton Sure I mean that’s like Matt Cutts’ entire job is running the team that basically beats that algorithm…

Leo Laporte Do they? I was wondering did they do algorithmically or do they manually just block these guys?

Patrick Norton I believe they did it algorithmically.

Leo Laporte Interesting.

Patrick Norton I don’t think that…

Leo Laporte There are probably ways to look at a site and say this is a parker site.

Patrick Norton I don’t think you could – there are so many of them working so hard I don’t think you could manually do it, although anything is possible. And secretly, somewhere deep in the bowels of Google is a giant room full of librarians that individually put your links together every time you ask for a result.

Leo Laporte Speaking of people out of work, our good friend Martin Sargent is trying to get a darn good job at Murphy-Goode Winery. Did you see this? Is Murphy-Goode good wine, yes.

John C. Dvorak Murphy yes, actually there’s been a number of good wines from that winery.

Leo Laporte Thank you.

Roger Chang Just noticed a bottle [indiscernible].

John C. Dvorak Why, are we – they sponsoring us now.

Leo Laporte No.

John C. Dvorak Then what difference does it make?

Leo Laporte They are doing a thing, I think it’s really cool. You remember in Austria – Australia did this right. The best job in the world and you had to apply and you’d get to be a, I don’t know, lighthouse keeper, something really nice.

Roger Chang You get to – you were a caretaker of an island, I believe.

Leo Laporte Yes, it didn’t really sound like that good a job when you really boiled it down.

Patrick Norton I know Kelly Lewis wanted it really badly.

Leo Laporte Yes, she wanted it bad.

John C. Dvorak She wanted what bad?

Leo Laporte This lighthouse-keeper job.

John C. Dvorak Why?

John C. Dvorak Well that’s my question, it doesn’t seem like such a good job frankly but this is a good job.

Patrick Norton Maybe she is more misanthropic than any of us ever knew.

Leo Laporte She really doesn’t like people. This is a good job. You get to – they are looking for a social media marketing representative for a winery, and you get to live in the winery for six months, you get paid 60 grand and so what they are doing is they’re asking people to apply by making a video and so on our own…

John C. Dvorak Oh that’s a good idea.

Leo Laporte Television’s Martin Sargent made a video now. He is leading in the votes but you got to go vote, go to Murphy – actually go right to the website,

John C. Dvorak Oh, we’ll get him, he’s got the job, we have all of the Twitter [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte No, I think that there’s going to be more to it than that. But I bet we could get 10,000.

David Prager [Indiscernible] 50 finalists that I guess are selected primarily by the winery but they are going obviously, they’re going to pay attention to who the people…

Leo Laporte Well sure because if you’re trying to get a social maven, you are going to want somebody who can get 10,000 votes…

David Prager And then each of 50 people...

John C. Dvorak Have them hire Ashton Kutcher.

Leo Laporte Yes, somebody ought to hire Ashton Kutcher.

David Prager Each of those 50 people writes an essay. I am not sure what the instructions for the essay…

Leo Laporte Well, we know how a good writer Marty is.

David Prager Yes.

Leo Laporte His video is very funny.

David Prager And then they fly out the top 10 finalists and do some kind of…

John C. Dvorak Are they are going to do a TV show around it? That's what it sounds like to me.

David Prager I don’t know but you know what, I mean they’ve already gotten…

John C. Dvorak On Fox Reality.

David Prager Look at the press they have gotten, I mean not just us talking about it, but look at the attention they’ve been getting just for doing this. They’ve obviously got, they know what’s going on from the web 2.0 standpoint already.

Leo Laporte You are right. Whoever thought this up really is probably the real person right. The job that Marty is trying to get, but we want Marty get this job. So help him out, just go to, you can only vote once per e-mail address, but I noticed you can vote as many e-mail addresses as you have. So again that slants it towards people who are more Internet savvy.

Unknown Speaker Yes good.

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak So what he’s doing? Is he...

Unknown Speaker But isn’t that what you want?

Unknown Speaker He’s looking for work.

Leo Laporte He’s looking for work, yeah. You got a job for him?

John C. Dvorak No, I wish.

Leo Laporte He does a show here, he does This WEEK in FUN with Sarah every Friday but that’s not enough to live on.

John C. Dvorak This WEEK in FUN.

Leo Laporte As you well know, it’s not exactly a pay check you can depend on, but yes he does This WEEK in FUN. It’s very good and he’s doing other stuff I think, but in fact he is – isn’t he on contract I think with Revision3, he does some stuff.

David Prager A couple of things and then I’m not sure all of what he is doing.

Leo Laporte But anyway, he could be doing this and…

John C. Dvorak It’s a good gimmick.

Leo Laporte It’s a great gimmick, so give him – help Marty out, areallygood –, Murphy-Goode Winery.

John C. Dvorak Let’s see what else we’ve got for news here.

Leo Laporte That’s it, that’s all.

John C. Dvorak That’s it.

Leo Laporte Yes, you said you wanted to go early because it’s Fathers’ Day.

John C. Dvorak I didn’t said I wanted to go early, I said when did you want – no it wasn’t the Father’s Day thing.

Patrick Norton It’s the fear of NASCAR traffic.

John C. Dvorak It was the fear of NASCAR traffic.

Leo Laporte There’s a big race at Infineon.

John C. Dvorak Yes, it’s the road race. I should have gone to this thing, every year Dupont says “Why don’t you come to the race?” And I always forget about it until the last minute because they are the ones who sponsored Jeff Gordon, I can hang out with him.

Leo Laporte Oh that would be cool. He’s a very handsome man.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know about that.

Leo Laporte Number 24.

John C. Dvorak Yes, number 24.

Leo Laporte Yes you knew I knew – I knew that.

John C. Dvorak How could you not?

Leo Laporte How could you not know that?

Patrick Norton I didn’t know that.

Leo Laporte And Patrick, you race.

Patrick Norton In the desert.

John C. Dvorak In the desert.

Leo Laporte Well, this is a road race not a race where you turn left the whole time.

John C. Dvorak Yes, you go back and forth and you go up, in fact it goes up 10 storeys, there’s a hill.

Patrick Norton Really.

John C. Dvorak And it comes down 10 storeys into a left turn.

Leo Laporte This sounds cool.

Patrick Norton It’s a pretty awesome track.

John C. Dvorak It’s a very awesome track.

Patrick Norton But I’m sure you can turn left all the time.

Leo Laporte Its not Formula 1 type of stuff though it’s…

Patrick Norton It’s stock car.

Leo Laporte Oh it’s stock car?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, they’re driving the big stock cars on a Formula 1 track.

Patrick Norton They do everything at Sears Point.

Roger Chang It’s a road course.

Leo Laporte Oh that sounds like a – actually much more fun race than the – than you...

John C. Dvorak I think so too when you had to go round round, and round and round.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s kind of boring.

Roger Chang What technically you are still going around and around, you just are going…

Leo Laporte Up and down and around and around. You do it with lefts, and rights! There’s right hand turns, that’s all I care about.

John C. Dvorak There’s only actually about three or four of these, of the NASCAR guys that can – that are good on road.

Leo Laporte That’s hard. It’s a very different scale I would imagine.

Patrick Norton Well driving at 200 miles an hour is always tricky.

Roger Chang It’s I think it’s the one of two that is actually part of the NASCAR season.

John C. Dvorak I see.

Leo Laporte Do they go as fast? They probably don’t go as fast.

John C. Dvorak No they do about – they average about 90.

Leo Laporte Oh, so it’s much slower, I could do that.

John C. Dvorak Oh sure.

Patrick Norton Oh sure you can.

Leo Laporte Can I bring my Lexus?

Patrick Norton Robby Gordon, Robby Gordon.

John C. Dvorak Blown off the road by these guys.

Patrick Norton It’s been really funny watching Robby Gordon release the in-car footage from the Baja 500 in his trophy truck which is insanely fast. And a friend of mine who’s really -- he is pretty cocky. He is a pretty talented driver was just like – oh my God, because he is basically like, he said I almost peed on myself just watching how fast he was and the passes he made and the lines he took and I’m like, dude, Robby Gordon used to driving 200 miles an hour at the Indy 500 in NASCAR, doing 85 in a trophy truck has to feel like it’s standing still. Also he’s been doing this nonstop for like 15 years, one of the most talented drivers in the world.

Leo Laporte Maybe I could ride my trike. My TerraTrike, it would be good for that.

Patrick Norton Do you have one of those little…

Leo Laporte Ah! Yes. I haven’t shown my TerraTrike?

John C. Dvorak No, is this like that ball you’re rolling around on right now? How come you started rolling around like in this sensuous way we start talking about the trike, what’s the deal?

Leo Laporte Because you know what it is about real bicycles, they hurt your bum. Those seats are not comfortable and this, TerraTrikes, you are sitting you are sitting – it’s like a recumbent and I have memory foam so it’s really comfy I am sitting there.

Roger Chang Holy crap, it’s a grand.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s a 1000 bucks.

Roger Chang It’s actually not expensive.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] money.

Leo Laporte Bikes are expensive these days. No actually they send me that one.

Roger Chang Oh, look your face is on the front page.

John C. Dvorak Does that affect the way you responded right now to that?

Leo Laporte You bet. You bet.

John C. Dvorak But what are you going do about it?

Leo Laporte I am going to plug it like crazy. Now they made a deal, they said to try it for 30 days and you could buy it after 30 days if you really like it…

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte And I do really like it, but I have a feeling they’re not going to ask for a check at this point. Why would they?

Roger Chang My question is, in one of those style bikes, you sit kind of low, do you ever get…

Leo Laporte It’s terrifying.

Roger Chang Do you ever, are you afraid some car is just going to run over you?

Patrick Norton Ah; he has the little orange flag on a stick on the back.

Leo Laporte I have two pennants, I look – it looks like the circus came to town. I have two pennants waving, flapping behind me. I have a horn that sounds like a truck horn; neurrgh! I mean literally you pump it up with your bicycle pump until it’s 100 PSI and then you press the button and it’s really loud, deafeningly loud. I have lights that blink on every surface. But the problem is, you’re this –

David Prager You’re 8 inches off the ground…

Leo Laporte You’re 8 inches! You’re like down here going dur dur dur. Some guy, I am driving – Petaluma has, they have this event called the American Graffiti days. You would probably like this Patrick. All the old cars; everybody brings their old cars. Beautifully – beautiful cherry classic cars and I foolishly rode my trike down.

David Prager Sucking exhaust fumes the entire way.

Leo Laporte And some guy in an F150 shies at a Gatorade container at my head as I’m pedalling down the road.

John C. Dvorak He threw a can at you?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Haha!

Patrick Norton Really?

Leo Laporte Yeah. He missed, but…

John C. Dvorak Heh; bicyclist.

Leo Laporte Yeah but I kind of realized –

Patrick Norton Did you get his license plate?

Leo Laporte No. I chased him!

John C. Dvorak Chased? Come on you…

Leo Laporte I will get you, you punk, you! Come back here!

Roger Chang What would you have done if you had caught him?

Leo Laporte I don’t know. Thank God –

John C. Dvorak Yeah; what would have done?

Leo Laporte Thank God I didn’t catch him. He was up at a stop sign so I slowed down a little bit. I didn’t want to catch him.

David Prager Are there safe drivers here in Petaluma?

Patrick Norton Leo, you could have rolled up along side of him and ripped out one of his, one of his...

Leo Laporte His mirror.

Patrick Norton No actually, you – here’s what you do. We need to get you a little Leatherman tool and you can cut the valve stems.

Leo Laporte Oh great idea

Patrick Norton …off somebody’s wheel.

Leo Laporte Just snip it. He wouldn’t even know.

John C. Dvorak It’s a great idea.

Patrick Norton Roll up next to him, and then about 50 yards lat you can wave as you go by.

John C. Dvorak As you pedal by.

Leo Laporte What you got a flat? Here is your Gatorade bottle; you dropped it!

David Prager We were shooting video while driving up here and we stopped at – we were rolling video in the car, we were cut off by a cop, then we stopped at the red light and then he just ran the red lights. We have it all on video.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s a YouTube.

John C. Dvorak Let’s post it.

Leo Laporte That’s YouTube.

John C. Dvorak Post it.

Leo Laporte Alright, you got it on video. But cops are allowed to do that, they’re allowed to do that.

John C. Dvorak Make sure you have an alternative name so the cop doesn’t track you down.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah. So, no, the TerraTrike is really fun. I really enjoy it, but I do – it does look a little goofy when you have all those pennants and stuff, you kind of look like a nut. But I love riding it, I really do.

Patrick Norton Everybody can mock the pennants but if you don’t get run over, they are working.

Leo Laporte And if you do then what?

John C. Dvorak They are not working.

Patrick Norton It’ll make the corpse easier to find.

Leo Laporte Yes exactly. Bury me with my pennants. Pre is doing pretty well, well yes and no.

John C. Dvorak It has mixed reviews. The –

Leo Laporte I loved it; it was a nice handset I thought.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but you got one early if I am not mistaken.

Leo Laporte I did. I got it one day early.

John C. Dvorak He got it one day early which is going to cloud the review.

Patrick Norton I am sorry, could you – yes actually Seamus has just wandered in with my wife.

Leo Laporte No, I loved it. It’s beautiful.

Patrick Norton I am sorry, let me – I want to –

Leo Laporte It is a work of art actually.

John C. Dvorak I didn’t like it.

Leo Laporte You didn’t like it?

John C. Dvorak No I like the iPhone better.

Leo Laporte The iPhone feels a little clunky compared to the Pre but on the other hand functionality wise I think the iPhone wins, except for multi-tasking; two things.

Roger Chang I think the keyboard is too small.

Leo Laporte Yeah I wouldn’t use the keyboard. I actually, because it doesn’t have predictive text I think the iPhone is actually more accurate because of the predictive text. But I do love the background tasks and the messaging is fantastic. I miss that actually. I wish it had the messaging of the Pre. Any way they have 700,000 downloads of applications, that’s the good news. But –

Patrick Norton How many applications are there?

Leo Laporte Not very many.

David Prager Less than 50 I think.

Leo Laporte Yeah. More than when the iPhone came out, we should point out.

David Prager Well the iPhone didn’t allow...

Leo Laporte Didn’t have apps.

David Prager Yeah, you had to hack it.

Leo Laporte A survey of retail sites reported that most Palm Pre owners are already Sprint subscribers. I guess that’s really not a surprise.

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte That’s one thing the iPhone has done so well for AT&T.

David Prager Well if you’re on Sprint it seems a no-brainer to get the Pre.

Leo Laporte Right. It is definitely the phone to get if you’re on Sprint already, or you don’t want to leave Sprint or you’re willing to move to Sprint. It is not apparently bringing new customers in though. And Sprint has lost more than 4 million contract costumers in the last year. It’s haemorrhaging.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, Sprint’s got problems.

Leo Laporte So that’s not good news.

John C. Dvorak They need to hire that guy without those big people that stand behind him.

Leo Laporte With the glasses.

John C. Dvorak With glasses.

Patrick Norton I have a Sprint EVDO modem and they kind of made me really sad when they gave up. They were the last one to give up on unlimited data.

Leo Laporte I know.

Patrick Norton On their EVDO contract.

Leo Laporte They have 5 G’s now too, right?

Patrick Norton What’s that?

Leo Laporte Five gigabytes limit now.

Patrick Norton Yeah. Everybody has a 5 gigabyte limit now.

Leo Laporte Yeah, like everybody. I just orderd the MiFi; I can’t wait until that comes. That is just a neat device.

Patrick Norton The MiFi?

John C. Dvorak What is it?

Leo Laporte Ooh. Ok, so it’s a – Verizon and Sprint both sell them. It’s about the size of a credit card, fits in your front pocket. It’s an EVDO modem with a Wi-Fi access point built into it. So you put it in your pocket, it’s got – runs four or five hours on the battery full time. Put it in your pocket – it has got a rechargeable – and now you can use Wi-Fi on your iPhone to get to EVDO. So you could use it on any device. You can get up to five people can use it. It’s a really nice –

John C. Dvorak So it’s kind of like a virtual tether.

Leo Laporte Yeah. At 60 bucks a month, five gigabyte limit just like your EVDO card.

David Prager How much is the hardware cost?

Leo Laporte It was under 100 bucks, it’s not hugely expensive. Verizon’s [indiscernible]

John C. Dvorak Ah, for him it’s free.

Patrick Norton I am getting a CradlePoint modem to go with my wife.

Leo Laporte I have a CradlePoint. You want to borrow my CradlePoint?

Patrick Norton Absolutely, they are the bomb.

Leo Laporte Now that I have the MiFi it’s the same idea, but you just put – it’s the whole thing is in this credit card-sized unit. But please borrow the CradlePoint.

Patrick Norton If it is credit-card sized then the packaging on the MiFi is not bad.

Leo Laporte No; it’s really cool.

Patrick Norton The CradlePoint – if you are getting, if you want to use EVDO with a router, external router that is the one thing to get.

Leo Laporte It’s great. I have used that way for a long time, yeah.

Patrick Norton Actually does anybody other than Leo and I carry the EVDO modem? You carry one.

David Prager Mmm hmm.

Patrick Norton John?

John C. Dvorak No. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

Patrick Norton John likes to be offline.

John C. Dvorak I am not – I do like to be offline. That’s your goody box, that big drawer?

Leo Laporte Okay what else do you want?

John C. Dvorak I don’t need anything, unless you got a pop screen.

David Prager He’s got a salad in there for some reason.

John C. Dvorak And one of these little –

Leo Laporte A salad, there is a salad in there.

David Prager Is there salad spinner in there?

John C. Dvorak One of these little pop screens would be ideal.

Leo Laporte I don’t have any more of those, I only have the big ones. You want a big one?

John C. Dvorak Sure.


John C. Dvorak Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pop screen.

Leo Laporte That’s a giant – that’s a good one though. See, the ones we have, the metal ones are not as good as that one. That one is like a lady’s fine silk stocking.

John C. Dvorak Yes, it looks like it.

Patrick Norton You can one of those out of a piece of coat hanger and a lady’s fine silk stocking.

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

Patrick Norton Should you be more budget oriented than John C. Dvorak is.

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

John C. Dvorak Pretty budget oriented, don’t you think? Mooching it from Leo.

Leo Laporte That’s very funny.

David Prager Not everyone has the opportunity to mooch from Leo.

Leo Laporte Just take it. That’s all I care about.

David Prager Although the front door is open and the alarm system is unquestionably –

Leo Laporte Free salad, but nobody gets my cupcake.

John C. Dvorak And he is right here in downtown Petaluma.

Leo Laporte Don’t give out the address. That’s our one security – our one security method is –

John C. Dvorak Well the pit bull I think will do the trick.

Patrick Norton Actually, I got your address off of Google, Google maps.

John C. Dvorak Is that right? Is that true?

Patrick Norton No, I just wanted to watch Leo’s expression.

John C. Dvorak That’s because he knows it could be true.

Leo Laporte It is true. In fact, you can even see a picture of it if you look for TWiT Cottage on Google maps.

John C. Dvorak Oh, really?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Leo Laporte You get the street view and everything.

John C. Dvorak You need some locks for this place.

Leo Laporte Eh, it’s Petaluma.

John C. Dvorak All I have to say, the fact is you are insured.

Leo Laporte We are heavily insured.

John C. Dvorak And who’s going to lug this stuff out of here. I mean that thing, that mixer over there must weigh 100 pounds.

Leo Laporte Exactly. Nobody’s going to take anything. People like me.

John C. Dvorak Well yeah, you are likeable.

Leo Laporte All except Mike Arrington. He doesn’t like me. But everybody else likes me.

David Prager Does Mike Arrington like anyone?

Leo Laporte No, he likes me. We made it up. We kissed and...

John C. Dvorak You made it up?

Leo Laporte He said I was handsome and I had a nice voice. Was that weird?

John C. Dvorak If he said that, yes it is.

Leo Laporte He did say that. It’s very weird, yes.

John C. Dvorak No, he didn’t! He said you are handsome and have a nice voice?

Leo Laporte Yes. It made me a little queasy.

John C. Dvorak It’s kind of creepy.

Roger Chang Who is this?

Leo Laporte Mike Arrington.

Roger Chang Wow! Kind of creeps me out too. And I have never talked to him either.

John C. Dvorak A lot of women think you have a nice voice.

Leo Laporte Yes, I have a voice for women.

John C. Dvorak Yes, you do.

Roger Chang Voice for radio.

David Prager And apparently Mike Arrington.

John C. Dvorak Women and Mike Arrington.

Leo Laporte I have never seen Mike and a woman at the same time.

John C. Dvorak Are you just going to eat this cupcake while we’re on the air? You haven’t signed the show off yet.

Leo Laporte Oh I felt like I had.

John C. Dvorak You haven’t.

Leo Laporte I felt like the show degenerated so much that it was really over.

Patrick Norton It slowed down so well.

Leo Laporte It was so bad, when I got up and left the microphone I figured that’s it, it’s over.

Well I want to thank you all for joining us. I hope we haven’t bored you too terribly but it’s fun to celebrate our 200th episode with guys who’ve been with me for, since the beginning. Actually, John, you joined us in episode 3.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I was banned from the first couple.

Leo Laporte I don’t know if it was that. I do remember the famous episode where your phone and your Skype stopped working and I was reading your comments into the microphone.

John C. Dvorak Oh right, yeah. I was messaging in, “hey I’m offline, help me!”

Leo Laporte Patrick has been here since the beginning as has Roger. Roger and Patrick and David and I started this whole thing at the 21st Amendment Brewpub right after Macworld Expo in January 2005.

David Prager With a data recorder, right?

Roger Chang Wow. Four years.

David Prager And then I remember coming here, you had a little sound board and half of every setup would be you going, that’s AUX1, AUX2 is this.

Leo Laporte Oh God…

John C. Dvorak In the first year it was a disaster.

Leo Laporte It was painful. It would take us an hour to start the show.

John C. Dvorak It was ridiculous.

Leo Laporte Nothing worked, it was all crazy.

John C. Dvorak Now it’s like a machine.

Leo Laporte It is like, practically like a machine.

John C. Dvorak Except that you keep buying new stuff.

David Prager You still have these XLT cameras.

Leo Laporte You know what’s happening? Yeah the cameras – so the next stage is Telos. They are the folks who make the…

John C. Dvorak The ISDN stuff.

Leo Laporte The ISDN stuff which you, I think you still have one of – the old Telos box somewhere. They called and said we’d really like to replace your analogue stuff with digital. So, we’re getting a Telos Axia mixer which that will come in in August and everything will be digital except for the microphones, obviously; they are analogue. But they will be immediately digitized and all go into this digital system.

And then it’s time to replace the cameras with HD and the TriCaster with HD TriCaster and by then, I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak By then it will be another trip to China.

David Prager What do you use the green screen for, back there?

Leo Laporte You want to see?

David Prager Sure, maybe.

John C. Dvorak No, not really, I think another...

Leo Laporte We make pornos on the weekend. Thanks for joining us everybody. Another TWiT is in the can.


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