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Episode 207


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Leo Laporte Bandwidth for this WEEK in TECH is provided by AOL Music and where you can get free MP3s, exclusive interviews, and more. This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 207 for August, 10 2009: Grandpa's Woody.

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This is TWiT; the show that covers all things technological every week. We bring together some of the most interesting people in the technology community to talk about this week’s tech news and we’re going to have some fun today.

We have – Scott Johnson says boys versus girls. Scott Johnson is Mr. Extra Life. He also does The Instance podcast and he is proto-podcaster, he has been doing this since long before anybody else.

Scott Johnson Very, very long time. I am thrilled to be here Leo, thank you so much for having me on the show.

Leo Laporte Oh!

Scott Johnson I am excited to talk Tech with someone I’ve watched since the Tech TV days. This is a big moment for me.

Leo Laporte Oh gosh. And your Web comic EXTRALIFE has been around since…?

Scott Johnson 2001, June of 2001 start of the comic and the shows started rolling in around 2003 – 2004, and most recent was AppSlappy the show for App Store lovers and iPone – iPhon – iPhone –

Leo Laporte iPone onners.

Scott Johnson iPone onners. iPhone freaks out there that just can’t get enough of the App Store, so we started that a couple – a few weeks ago and that’s doing well and -- having a great time.

Leo Laporte I did Scott’s – Scott and Tom Merritt have a new podcast called, Extra – I’m sorry, called FourCast, F-O-U-R-Cast.

Scott Johnson Yeah.

Leo Laporte And I did that last week and had such a good time and I thought, well I should get Scott on the show and then he said well if I come on the show, you better bring Ms. Veronica Belmont on the show.

Scott Johnson Heck yeah! She’s – we’re old friends.

Veronica Belmont Hello!

Scott Johnson I just love Veronica. She’s the greatest. She’s like the weird little sister I never had.

Leo Laporte Veronica is this – is Scott our GuildMaster? Should I be bowing down to him?

Scott Johnson Yeah.

Veronica Belmont He’s up there, Randy is really our boss guy in the Guild but, yeah, Scott’s up there too…

Leo Laporte For the horde!

Veronica Belmont …these days.

Scott Johnson Veronica and I were there the day we founded in it, day one.

Leo Laporte Alea Iacta Est.

Scott Johnson Correct, you should be in there.

Veronica Belmont Close, but yes.

Scott Johnson You should be in there, Leo. You’re still on our rolls.

Leo Laporte I am in it. What do you mean I should be in there? I am on the rolls dude; I just don’t play the silly thing. You know why – you know why?

Veronica Belmont My life’s work.

Leo Laporte Every time I launch Warcraft, World of Warcraft now it says “check back in five days, we’ll be updating”. You know, if you don’t update like every time, you pay the price – it takes hours.

Scott Johnson Yeah, it’ll back you up pretty bad [Indiscernible]

Leo Laporte And now they’re using peer-to-peer. So it’s even slower than before.

Veronica Belmont On the day I met Scott was through Buzz Out Loud actually. He was a listener and called in all the time with really great comments and then I think one time he mentioned that he had a World of Warcraft podcast, so I started listening to that.

Leo Laporte The Instance.

Veronica Belmont And we became buds, yeah

Scott Johnson Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, great – show. Well speaking a buds from Buzz Out Loud, ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Molly Wood is also here.

Molly Wood Hello.

Leo Laporte Another …

Molly Wood It’s so nice to be here.

Leo Laporte …alum from Buzz Out Loud.

Molly Wood I know, I didn’t understand the word of what was just said because I didn’t go the WoW route but the Buzz Out Loud thing – yay!

Leo Laporte I got two words from Molly, Bullet Bourbon, baby.

Molly Wood Oh. I hope that’s not the still the first bottle.

Leo Laporte I’m almost out. It’s still the first bottle. No, what do you think I am, a lush? Molly brought me this the last time she was in studio, it is good stuff.

Scott Johnson You fuelled your guest appearance on FourCast with that if I recall.

Leo Laporte Absolutely. I discovered that it goes very well with Odwalla lemonade.

Molly Wood That’s funny because I was also drunk when I did FourCast.

Leo Laporte Were you? I think that was the inspiration.

Molly Wood Your glasses of wine [indiscernible]

Scott Johnson [Indiscernible]

Molly Wood You should know that for today I have a nice summer Lambrusco, which is sort of like a fizzy red wine, and it’s really, it’s quite lovely.

Leo Laporte Oh, how delicious!

Molly Wood Yes, it’s my goal to do TWiT with some sort of liquor all the time.

Leo Laporte Let’s …

Molly Wood Also it’s hotter than blazes, so we need whatever we can get…

Leo Laporte It is and Molly is out on a deck of her lovely, palatial estate in the Oakland Berkley Hills. She actually owns the Oakland Berkley Hills.

Molly Wood That’s true, the whole thing.

Leo Laporte And it’s just gorgeous, the view is spectacular.

Molly Wood It is nice, it is.

Leo Laporte Spectacular.

So let’s get to the stories. And the big story of course was the Thursday meltdown that everybody experienced when Twitter was not online Thursday morning. Kind of an interesting story. It turns out that it wasn’t an attack on Twitter; it was an attack on one Twitter user, and not just on his Twitter account, but on his Facebook account, on his YouTube, on his LiveJournal, he’s a Georgian blogger – he’s a Georgian blogger straight out of the Soviet – former Soviet Republic of – blogging from Tbilisi and wearing the #42, it’s – and I can’t pronounce his name Cyxymu – some weird name.

Molly Wood Yup. That’s what I call him.

Leo Laporte But this started apparently with a – with somebody, and you just got to think it’s the Russian government, I mean who else would want to shut this guy down. He – they started sending out spam, ostensibly from him, with links to his articles, but they sent out so many millions of these, people clicked and pretty soon his blog, his Twitter, his YouTube, his Facebook are all staggering under the weight. Next step was to DDoS it.

Veronica Belmont DDoS, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah. And you got to wonder about the fact that of all the sites, Twitter was the only one that really couldn’t handle the traffic.

Veronica Belmont Well Facebook had a lot of trouble for a while, especially – mostly in the United States, which is funny they brought up the servers back in the area that the particular user was located and people could get onto Facebook in that region but people were having a lot of trouble everywhere else in the world.

Leo Laporte So they – what actually turned out, according to Facebook, they blocked him everywhere else in the world.

Veronica Belmont Yeah.

Leo Laporte So the way that they solved their DDoS was, they said you can – if you are from Georgia, you can see his page but everybody else, we’re going to block it. And that way I guess most of the traffic – the DDoS traffic was not coming from Georgia, but from all of the owned-computers here in the United States and in China and around the world.

Scott Johnson Well, once again, a thing like this...

Molly Wood Well on Facebook – I mean Facebook had slowness, but Twitter was nuked. I mean it was absolutely unavailable for days and I think is still pretty flaky and Facebook did seem to, even though it had trouble, it seemed to weather it a little bit well than – a little better than Twitter.

Leo Laporte They recovered quickly, but what's interesting is Google, which also was hit didn’t even stumble, didn’t even quiver. But Twitter, yeah, I mean does this say something about Twitter’s infrastructure that one…

Scott Johnson Well doesn’t that – that’s what this serves to do, once again, is that an attack like this, that’s supposedly on one guy, takes down the entire service. It’s a total wake-up call to Twitter, they’ve got to figure out a way to scale better and I know we talk about – it’s been talked about a billion times on this show alone, but they don’t – they are not ready for something really, really major, for people who really want to take them down.

Leo Laporte Dave Winer has been saying – actually I asked Dave to come on the show but he couldn’t make it – Dave Winer has been saying this is – Twitter needs to be distributed, Twitter needs to be distributed, and boy this points it out. And what he’s – Winer’s saying is there shouldn’t be one Twitter, there should be a lot of Twitters, federated together so that – one goes down, it doesn’t mean Twitter goes down.

Molly Wood Well, and he’s been saying that for a long time because Twitter just had so many performance issues for so long. And this, I think, has got to be frustrating for Twitter because it is a giant setback in that sense like they kind of barely had recovered from the Oprah onslaught and then – after which they got embarrassingly slow. And then they basically proved that they can’t handle a DDoS attack as well as your local bank.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, but they are saying even now that they don’t even know when things are going go back to normal again, it could be any amount of time. It’s the – the scaling issue is definitely a big deal, but they’ve – they’ve done better. I mean they’ve added tons more servers and the more money they get, the more they build up their infrastructure. But I don’t think they were expecting this kind of thing; although they probably should have been. It’s only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Scott Johnson So who it really dings is people like – everybody with their – trying to use the API, to use their little services, I use TweetReel on my iPhone and they are down for days and days and days.

Veronica Belmont That’s one I’ve not heard of before.

Leo Laporte TweetReel is great, isn’t it?

Molly Wood Haven’t heard TweetReel.

Scott Johnson Yeah, it’s awesome, great app.

Leo Laporte It only does one thing. You don’t Twitter from it, you upload video or pictures from it.

Scott Johnson Yeah.

Leo Laporte But you can – so it solves the iPhone problem –

Molly Wood I don’t have a 3GS.

Leo Laporte Well I think it will work with – oh, you can’t do video, but you could still use it for pictures. But the problem with video on the iPhone 3GS is that even like a 10 second video, the iPhone says no that’s too big, I won’t send it. But TweetReel doesn’t care. So I was TweetReeling from China. In fact when China was blocking Twitter, I was able to use TweetReel to get out, which really…

Scott Johnson TeetReel’s awesome, it’s awesome.

Veronica Belmont It’s so odd. The downtime didn’t even affect me for some reason like was – I was shooting all day on Thursday and I just kept hearing about all these problems like I was checking Techmeme and everything every so often. But I sent out a couple of Twitters, I don’t know if they made it out there, but I didn’t have any actual issues doing anything or reading tweets that whole day. So I don’t know if I was just in some kind of like safe pocket or if I was just on at the right times, but I was like, what's everyone talking about? I don’t understand what's going on [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte I noticed it.

Molly Wood I think you must have been on base for sure because I was going crazy that whole day like I can’t believe how. I had to go ghetto with Facebook. It was just so depressing.

Leo Laporte Well, as EvilMonkey says in our FriendFeed room, is Twitter really that important?

Molly Wood Well, you know, I think it’s actually – I mean, whether or not it’s that important, it’s certainly is perceived that way because all day long the media was calling CNET for comment.

Leo Laporte It was the number one story on the Times, in Newsweek it was the number one story – number two story on NPR, it’s as if the Bank of America collapsed or something. It was huge.

Scott Johnson It upset your addiction.

Molly Wood It’s like some major communication infrastructure went down.

Leo Laporte Yeah, and it’s not.

Veronica Belmont Telephones are gone.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Scott Johnson I miss the people I follow, was my problem. So I – as soon this was hit, I was like wow! It’s quiet on Twitter, there is something wrong. It feels like apocalyptic almost. I hated it.

Molly Wood I felt lonely.

Leo Laporte Really?

Molly Wood I was all alone without my peeps. I didn’t like it.

Leo Laporte Wow! Twitter really is an addiction. It’s like Starbucks.

Molly Wood It really is, it’s bad. It’s bad, it’s a bad addiction and I think it’s totally bad for I think a certain – a certain kind of – maybe not a certain kind of person, because I don’t want to paint myself with some sort of personality brush. But if you have a really good dialogue going with the people that you follow and who follow you, then I think it can be really, it can feel like you are all of a sudden kind of off in the void and none of your friends are calling you right now.

Veronica Belmont But there’s so many other ways to reach out to people. I mean, we are all on Facebook, and we are all on FriendFeed, or at least we should be. And so I think there’s a lot of different ways to kind of feel that gap if you don’t have Twitter for a little while, for a day.

Leo Laporte FriendFeed got really busy. I live on FriendFeed, It got very busy.

Molly Wood No.

Leo Laporte No, no. You don’t need a replacement.

Veronica Belmont Molly’s like, no.

Molly Wood I don’t want to do those other things. I only want Twitter.

Leo Laporte Were you an early Twitter adopter, Molly?

Molly Wood No, I was late. Veronica knows. I was pretty late. I didn’t adopt it until 2007. I think it was right around the time I went on maternity leave, like right after I had my son and I had discovered it just shortly before that. So maybe February, April 2007, so I mean, I guess relatively speaking but it had been around.

Leo Laporte Kids don’t use Twitter. Teenagers don’t use Twitter. My teenagers kind of very sketchily – they like Facebook, they like MySpace. Younger people don’t use it, it tends to be professionals in their thirties and later. Yes?

Scott Johnson My daughter, my 15-year old daughter started using it. She un-followed me and I said, what are you doing? I asked her that and she said – she says, Dad you tweet too much. It was like well crap! I mean, I can’t even get my own daughter to follow me.

Leo Laporte Your daughter says you tweet too much!

Scott Johnson Yeah, yeah. So it that’s not a sign of addiction, I don’t what is.

Molly Wood That’s a Maury episode right there.

Leo Laporte Daughters…

Veronica Belmont My mom’s on Twitter but she only follows me and LeVar Burton. She just really likes LeVar Burton.

Leo Laporte Father who tweet too much…..

Molly Wood Who doesn’t?

Leo Laporte …..and the daughters who love them, on the next Maury. I think it’s good. I like it. I don’t want to drive this story into the ground, and I think we have. I was stunned more by the media reaction to this than the fact that Twitter was down. Big deal, failwhales, we’re used to that.

Molly Wood Yeah, the Twitter love is far outstripping the [indiscernible]

Scott Johnson I don’t think it’s connected, but Molly how’s that BlackBerry and Twitter working for you?

Leo Laporte Twitter loves…..

Veronica Belmont I think the interesting thing, I just think [indiscernible].

Molly Wood I did break up with my iPhone.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, you broke up with your iPhone?

Molly Wood I did. I broke up with my iPhone and I’ve been using UberTwitter on the BlackBerry and I am going to have to say, the iPhone is a better device than the BlackBerry, but the BlackBerry can – and this is astonishing – both send and receive text messages and also make calls at my house and at work.

Leo Laporte Oh, you have an AT&T problem, is your problem.

Molly Wood Yeah, I have an AT&T problem just like everyone else in the Bay Area.

Leo Laporte I saw a tweet there from somebody who said now I understand why there’s so much hate from the ‘digi-rati’; AT&T sucks in San Francisco.

Molly Wood You know, when people come to visit San Francisco, they go like oh now I know what you’ve been talking about all this time, because it’s just – it’s appalling. I mean, I shouldn’t be – it’s one thing that I live up here in a tree house and I guess it would make sense but I don’t have great coverage. But in Downtown San Francisco, south of Market, to be able to make a call or send a text, suck it AT&T, that’s just embarrassing.

Scott Johnson Yeah it is, I admit it. I was sad when I heard you dumped it. But I agree that’s terrible. I can’t believe that – I have great service and I’m out in the middle of the West desert in Utah. I don’t know why I am getting better service than you, it doesn’t make sense in a big city like that.

Molly Wood It’s probably the concentration…

Veronica Belmont I don’t know if it’s too many people or if it’s – it has something to do with the geography and just there are too – being too many people trying to get on to the 3G network at the same time and I feel that there should be ways that they can fix it by installing repeaters around the city or putting up new antennas, or – it’s just like a bandwidth. There’s just too many people on at the same time.

Leo Laporte Show of hands. How many of you go to Verizon if iPhone shows up on Verizon?

Molly Wood In one second.

Leo Laporte Yeah, instantly. Veronica, not you, Veronica?

Molly Wood Not you? Why not?

Veronica Belmont I’ve had bad Verizon experiences in the past. The only time I would switch was if it went to T-Mobile.

Molly Wood Really?

Leo Laporte T-Mobile?

Molly Wood Wow!

Veronica Belmont I like T-Mobile a lot.

Scott Johnson Well you could jailbreak it. Jailbreak and you’re there.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, I know. T-Mobile was great.

Molly Wood I just don’t – I have no interest in being on that and a lot of people asked me why I didn’t just jailbreak my iPhone and go to T-Mobile and I have no interest in being – in that kind of running gun battle with Apple, once I jailbreak the phone. I just – you know what it is? It’s a pain in the butt.

Leo Laporte You know what Apple says?

Molly Wood I don’t want to deal with it. I want to be legit.

Leo Laporte Apple says you jailbreak your iPhone and the terrorists win.

Molly Wood Oh yeah, also, I don’t want to be a terrorist. Yeah, no, that’s just not nice.

Leo Laporte Yeah, because you know, you’re the problem, Molly Wood.

Molly Wood Yeah. No, I am not though, because I decided to be a good citizen instead.

Leo Laporte I have talked to more and more people who, for a number of reasons, have abandoned the iPhone. In fact Jason Calacanis just wrote a scathing article about Apple and how he was – felt abandoned by Apple’s moving away. A lot of people with the Google Voice application problem last week where Apple blocked Google Voice from the iPhone, I think – do you think that - last week’s TWiT was a really much, pretty much like a bunch of us going, Apple you broke our hearts.

Now Molly, you’ve never been an Apple fan.

Molly Wood No, in fact I am kind of happy to see everybody finally coming – coming around.

Leo Laporte The trance is ending.

Molly Wood No I think – like on the one hand, everybody who has suddenly discovered that the closed platform that is the iPhone is in fact a closed platform, I kind of want to say like what are you so surprised about? Of course this was bound to happen and of course they don’t want Google Voice on the iPhone. That is actually not surprising, not unexpected from, you know, given everything that they’ve done with the iPhone and app approval process so far and hardly the only reason to leave if you’re going to leave. Like for me, it’s a great device, it doesn’t work on AT&T, it’s that simple. And yes, it is [indiscernible] – you either like that or you don’t.

Veronica Belmont Well, they are working on a, they’re working on a new web app now, right, for Google Voice, that’s the next thing they are going to do

Leo Laporte That’s - David Pogue had the story in The New York Times. That is fascinating. Google says no problem, we will do it as a web app, it will have every one of the features, now block us Apple, now block us AT&T.

Veronica Belmont I have been already using it that way a little bit for sending text messages back and forth on Google Voice.

Scott Johnson Well it’s set up pretty welll now, it actually works really well now, as a matter of fact. We took so much heat for that on AppSlappy. I can’t tell you how many readers were mad at me because initially I kind of said, I was a little sympathetic, I was like, all right well look AT&T wants to control their network, Google’s maybe got something going on with Google Voice, it just going to kill the network. Making these excuses for Apple and my gosh, I had people - I’ve never had so much hate mail about any issues. So people really are worked up about this.

Leo Laporte Do you think this is the beginning of people turning on Apple?

Scott Johnson Oh man, as I stand in the midst of seven of my Macs.

Veronica Belmont I don’t know, it goes back and forth all the time.

Molly Wood No, no way.

Leo Laporte No?

Molly Wood Because really, if you think about it, the people who are angry about Google Voice are the few people hundred who are invited to the Google Voice thing, I mean, I just don’t think that the mainstream, the people are really snapping up the iPhone in droves, who have perfectly good AT&T service in the middle of America or wherever they live, I honestly don’t think they care if the iPhone [indiscernible].

Veronica Belmont It matters to us, but it doesn’t matter to real users half the time, you know?

Molly Wood Yeah, who have no idea what Google Voice is and no matter how many times you try to explain it, they kind of don’t get it.

Leo Laporte That’s true. It is a little hard – it is a little hard.

Molly Wood It’s kind of hard to explain.

Leo Laporte They say, okay so you’re saying instead of making my phone to make a call, I would call Google Voice and then they call me back and then I’m making the call on my phone, but I am not using….

Molly Wood But I am not really – they’ll go oh, is it Skype? And then you just go…..

Leo Laporte No, you’re still paying for minutes.

Veronica Belmont I’ve got to say though, Google Voice is really nice when you are testing a lot of different phones at the same time.

Leo Laporte That’s what I use it for.

Molly Wood Yeah, I’m sure.

Veronica Belmont Instead of having give people different numbers.

Molly Wood Again, for a few small populations.

Leo Laporte That’s the echo chamber right there. For those of us who have eight different cellphones, there’s nothing like Google Voice.

Molly Wood For those of us who have review units raining out of the sky.

Leo Laporte My gosh Google Voice. But, you know, I often wondered if it wouldn’t be smart for somebody to design a product that would just like make Walt Mossberg so happy that he’d just jump up and down and David Pogue and Ed Baig, all the big reviewers and Ryan Block and Veronica and Molly and everyone goes, oh this is the best thing ever, even though it has no usefulness for anybody else, wouldn’t it be a success because everybody says well I’ll have to – I got to have that.

Maybe that’s what Twitter was.

Veronica Belmont Maybe.

Leo Laporte I think that’s what Twitter is actually.

Molly Wood I think that, you know what I think that product is, Chumby.

Leo Laporte Chumby, definitely.

Veronica Belmont I still want one, I don’t know why.

Molly Wood I want one so bad.

Leo Laporte Oh okay, well you guys. So I have a Chumby that’s in the drawer that I will give one of you. The winner of tonight’s show gets my old Chumby.

Veronica Belmont Girl fight?

Molly Wood I think so, arm wrestle or just straight up mud wrestle.

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

Molly Wood I don’t even know where to go with this.

Leo Laporte Well, you are on diagonal monitors. If there was some way you could like spit at each other across the screen – I don’t know. No, I tell you I thought…..

Veronica Belmont I think I’ve got enough crap around here.

Molly Wood You can’t turn me against my friend Veronica over a Chumby.

Leo Laporte You don’t really want one then.

Veronica Belmont A Chumby won’t come between us, it won’t come between us.

Leo Laporte You must have really wanted one.

Molly Wood I’ll get her later.

Leo Laporte I’ll put you in double box and let you guys fight it out. You could figure out who gets what. No, I got the Chumby. I thought this would be really cool for video right. I don’t know video, what, but video – like I could use this somehow and it’s just stupid, it’s just stupid. There is no reason for a Chumby.

Molly Wood Hmmm….

Leo Laporte Fight girls, fight! For those of you not watching at home on video, you are missing an amazing bout.

Molly Wood And/or you’re totally bored and baffled.

Scott Johnson I’ve got to fight with a blue screen; that’s usually Dvorak here.

Leo Laporte Facebook, now the fourth largest site in the world, the global rise of Facebook, nothing less than astounding says Erick Schonfeld writing in TechCrunch. In the month of June alone it gained 24 million - gained 24 million uniques for a total of, drum roll please, 340 million unique visitors worldwide.

Scott Johnson Get out, crazy.

Veronica Belmont Do we know – do we have any idea what MySpace was at its peak, at its moment?

Leo Laporte MySpace at its peak.

Scott Johnson What was their moment? What was the peak? When would that have been?

Leo Laporte April 2008, but I don’t know exactly what that was. I think it was 150 million as I remember.

Molly Wood I think so. Yeah I think that sounds about right. That is remarkable.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, MySpace [indiscernible] these days.

Leo Laporte Now according to Facebook itself, they only acknowledge 250 million active users. But I think that if you think about it, people visit their Face – if you get 340 uniques a month, that’s because it’s people visiting their pages again and again, right?

Veronica Belmont Well yeah. I mean the pages are becoming like landing areas for bands and people and personalities and so they are trying to kind of take that home page style market that MySpace has had for that kind of thing as well. I don’t know if it will pick up in the same way that MySpace has for music and entertainers and movies and videos and that kind of thing, but it’s possible. I mean, it’s just going to take a while for people to make that mental shift to think that oh, I can go to Facebook to interact with my favorite bands and personalities.

Leo Laporte More and more…

Scott Johnson I wondered if that shift had already happened, because I know, you know MySpace -

Veronica Belmont It’s starting to.

Scott Johnson It’s long been the domain of bands, but if Facebook had sort of picked up any of that.

Leo Laporte Long ago I started using Facebook as kind of – not long ago, like last month as – but long ago in dog years in internet age, as kind of more of my – it’s almost like becoming people’s blog. If you go to, the fan page, that’s more and more becoming like the blog, right.

Scott Johnson The center of the universe for me.

Leo Laporte And I just think that that’s the trend, that’s where it’s heading. Get this, in the month of June, 77 million uniques in the U.S. That’s like a third of the U.S.

Scott Johnson Yeah, people get Facebook. You are talking about how they don’t get Twitter or they don’t get some of these other technologies, they totally get Facebook. My mom gets Facebook in her 70s.

Veronica Belmont They do

Scott Johnson She totally gets it.

Molly Wood Because as much as Twitter seems like it’s dead simple, Twitter is hard to, we’ve talked about this, it’s just sort of hard to get a foothold on Twitter and hard to get that conversation started.

Leo Laporte Easy to use, hard to understand.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, you have to figure it out.

Molly Wood But everybody can understand Facebook; all of a sudden you are in contact with all the people that you used to go to high school with and they’re fat now, so woohoo, you know? That’s easy.

Leo Laporte Yeah I get that.

Veronica Belmont That is not true of any of my Facebook friends from high school.

Leo Laporte They are all gorgeous, I am sure.

Molly Wood Not those ones.

Veronica Belmont Not my friends.

Leo Laporte No, my friends are fat.

Scott Johnson No, Facebook has been really good about getting people that you care about together. Twitter has gotten really good about bringing people together that may have no idea who the other guy is. But Facebook, as long as it has that sort of my mom, my sister, these guys I went to high school, with my buddies from college, they’re going to kind of win that whole – the social part of social networking.

Veronica Belmont Mm hm.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Scott Johnson I think that.

Leo Laporte So I said they’re number four, do you want to guess, gang, who one, two and three are? I think you probably can do that pretty quickly.

Veronica Belmont In uniques, so -

Scott Johnson Google.

Molly Wood Google?

Scott Johnson Google, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah, Google with, get this, 844 million uniques.

Veronica Belmont Wow!

Scott Johnson Good lord.

Leo Laporte That’s almost – that’s a third of the – what is that? That’s a third of the – I mean if you take out 80 – people over 80 and under 12, it’s everybody.

Scott Johnson Yeah.

Molly Wood That’s remarkable.

Scott Johnson And of course they’ve withstood a DDoS attack. If they’re getting that kind of user ship, that alone is a DDoS attack, know what I mean?

Molly Wood Well of course Facebook kind of weathered it, because what is Twitter? Like 20 million users, I think.

Leo Laporte 45.

Molly Wood 45 million, okay

Veronica Belmont Growing fast.

Scott Johnson Higher than I thought.

Molly Wood I’m thinking Yahoo’s got to be still in the top three. Aren’t they like half a million?

Leo Laporte Yahoo, 581 million, very good Molly Wood.

Veronica Belmont Probably, like, Live.

Leo Laporte Microsoft total.

Veronica Belmont Microsoft total.

Leo Laporte Not just live but the whole Microsoft is number 2.

Veronica Belmont The whole thing okay right.

Leo Laporte That’s 691 million, then Facebook. Here is another surprise, Wikimedia is number five.

Veronica Belmont Really? Well that makes sense, I mean a lot of people are – yeah that makes sense.

Molly Wood Really? Wow.

Leo Laporte Right on Wikimedia beating AOL.

Molly Wood You know why? Because it’s all coming from Google. They have such remarkable SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. Like they have such high Google search returns.

Veronica Belmont It’s always like first or second result for most things, it seems.

Leo Laporte Some people have thought that that’s a little suspicious, that their Google is maybe preferring Wikipedia.

Veronica Belmont I have wondered about that.

Molly Wood But why?

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

Scott Johnson I don’t know. Those entries are so keyword filled. I mean they are perfectly key worded just naturally.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, I agree with Scott.

Molly Wood Yeah. Well and I can imagine Google’s algorithm saying this is perfectly relevant because this is in fact the purest form of like information about the topic that you are searching for, you know.

Leo Laporte I am trying to remember the blog post I read, was it John Gruber? I can’t remember. Somebody was saying he had compared Google search results over a period of three or four years and bemoaned the fact that in - three or four years ago, if you searched for something, you would still find good results, but there would be more variety. You’d be a variety of different pages. And now if you search for something in Google, you really tend to get mainstream media, Wikipedia, you know the same old suspects over and over again. Is that because people have figured out how to do it right so that Google finds them? Or is Google up to something? By the way, a lot of those sites are Google sites that you find.

Scott Johnson Google. So they are pretty limber with this. They change the stuff up all the time and when I – well I worked for a company for a while where our goal everyday was to say, how do we get key worded in the best possible way without actually breaking service agreements and making them mad?

Veronica Belmont Yeah I mean tons of like SCO specialists.

Scott Johnson Yeah.

Veronica Belmont Whose whole job it is to like make sure that your results come up on top. So there’s ways to game it for sure.

Leo Laporte But really you want it. I think don’t you want the diversity? Don’t you want Google to…?

Molly Wood I think Google has always had a little bit of a relevance hegemony. I mean it’s almost – it’s almost a search result popularity contest in some ways. Like there is other information out there, but you really don’t see it and you kind of – I do wonder if Google could benefit from something that just kind of said like turn off relevance, just show me everything. Just put on the front page the things that are maybe totally weird, but actually fit my query the best and I would just kind of be curious to see. It would almost be like some sort of Wolfram Alpha experiment basically just to see what would happen if relevance was off.

Leo Laporte I have to say when I search for say Scott Johnson and I see Wikipedia as one of the links, that’s the first one I go to anyway. So Google is just giving me what I really am looking for, right?

Scott Johnson Yeah and some of that – those results are based on – I know Google says it’s not based on clicks, but I have to think, there is something in there that says, okay, well a lot of people clicked on the Wikipedia article for my name, therefore that has higher relevance than something that’s key worded better. I just have to think that’s the case. I am not a 100% about that, but I just – Google has always said: ‘Oh no, it’s all totally organic,’ but I don’t buy it.

Molly Wood No way.

Scott Johnson No.

Molly Wood Maybe it’s not only based on clicks, but come on, everything on the web is about clicks.

Molly Wood Have you guys been using Bing regularly? Have you been trying it out? No?

Scott Johnson I don’t think the results are awesome. I think they are kind of bad.

Molly Wood I think the results are pretty questionable actually. I use it for video search. I actually find it very useful for video search and better than Google in that way. But even then, like not that often because, honestly, anymore I just control K into my Chrome toolbar and type whatever I want to search for and then you know since I’ve never changed it to Bing, it’s like, I don’t go to a search home page and can’t remember the last time I ever did. So…

Veronica Belmont Right.

Scott Johnson I had kind of a ooh, shiny week…

Veronica Belmont I guess that’s a good idea.

Scott Johnson …and I went back to Google after that pretty much.

Leo Laporte All right. There is a – we should do this. There is a blind search engine test.

Molly Wood Oh.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Scott Johnson Oh, all right.

Leo Laporte Let me give you the link to this, it’s Go there quickly before everybody does, oh, shoot, you guys.

Molly Wood I know it’s all totally – oh too late.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Veronica Belmont Fegus?

Leo Laporte It’s down. It’s already down.

Molly Wood I know, I was going to say my little netbook can’t even handle like more than one tab open at a time without dropping my Skype calls, so…

Veronica Belmont You know you’re mentioning [indiscernible] …

Molly Wood Everyone else….

Veronica Belmont ….toolbar, made me wonder, I haven’t even tried, but is there – no, that wouldn’t work.

Molly Wood Can you not change [Indiscernible]

Molly Wood I was thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if you could put Bing in as your default search toolbar for Safari, which I am using now?

Leo Laporte You could do it obviously for IE very easily; you could do it for Internet Explorer. There is a way to do it for Safari, but it’s non trivial.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, it’s not.

Molly Wood Oh, see, I thought all the browsers just kept an updated list of preferences and search engine preferences that you could choose.

Leo Laporte It would be nice if Apple would do that but – yeah I actually was going to try Bing – try to be fair and say I will do Bing for a week and, but in order to do that I’d have to modify Safari because I use Safari most of the time and I couldn’t find an easy way to do that. So…

Molly Wood And they don’t include that. See that’s not cool.

Leo Laporte It’s not cool. Again Apple showing that it’s not exactly open.

Molly Wood Not exactly. Yeah I think you could say they are “not exactly” open.

Scott Johnson But everything else is so cool!

Leo Laporte It’s cool but not open. Last week, I said Apple was like Mussolini’s Italy. You had no freedom but the trains run on time, right.

Molly Wood It’s a very beautiful prison that you live in, like white-collar jail. It’s really nice.

Leo Laporte Yeah, white collar jail.

Veronica Belmont It’s nice here, it’s nice here. They gave me pie on Thursdays.

Leo Laporte So, they should – that should be their ad campaign.

Veronica Belmont It should! It’s jail; but it’s nice here.

Leo Laporte Come to Apple Land; it’s nice here.

Scott Johnson I have five Macs in here and they are all looking a little ominous now. Thank you Molly.

Leo Laporte Dun DUN. Dun DUN. Dun DUN dun DUN dun DUN dun DUN…

Molly Wood They’re like surrounding me. How do you like living exactly how Steve wants you to live?

Leo Laporte Dun da DA! Dun da DA!

Veronica Belmont It’s Steve’s world, we just live in it, Molly.

Molly Wood Now I’m just blatantly baiting it.

Leo Laporte That’s good, no; bait away. Blatantly blait – blatantly blait.

Veronica Belmont Blait away.

Leo Laporte Blait away.

Scott Johnson You sound like me.

Leo Laporte Hey, let’s take a little break. Give everybody a chance to quaff some beverages while I mention our friends at…wow Molly is that you quaffing? It sounds like a little robotic.

Molly Wood No, it’s not me.

Leo Laporte Zzzzzzzshwoooooo…

Molly Wood I am a very quiet quaffer.

Leo Laporte I think we are going to start a rumor that Molly’s actually a Cylon.

Molly Wood That’s true. Well I am a Cylon.

Veronica Belmont Start a rumor?

Molly Wood If I was a Cylon I’d be making better noises.

Leo Laporte I want to talk…

[Buzzing sound]

Molly Wood What is that I wonder?

Leo Laporte I think that’s you.

Molly Wood I am going to mute and see what happens.

Leo Laporte It’s just noise coming…

Veronica Belmont They’re saying it’s me.

Leo Laporte Oh it is! It’s you, it’s you, it’s you, Veronica.

Veronica Belmont What did I do? I didn’t do nothing.

Leo Laporte So, here’s what you do, Veronica. You unplug and plug into the other port. You are on a Macbook, aren’t you?

Veronica Belmont Yeah, yeah.

Molly Wood Aha!

Leo Laporte Yeah, use the ports closest to you.

Veronica Belmont I am on my USB hub, can you hear me?

Scott Johnson Sounding better.

Leo Laporte Yeah, now you are better, you are all better.

Veronica Belmont Okay, I just kept it in the same one.

Leo Laporte It is a weird thing that happens with Macs and –

Veronica Belmont Sorry.

Leo Laporte Whenever you start mentioning Steve Jobs’ name in vain, it starts to buzzzzz…

Veronica Belmont They pick it up on that; they are actually tapped into our conversations now.

Molly Wood That was probably my fault even though it was not my end, so I apologize for that.

Veronica Belmont They’re making fun of me; they’re saying I’m a freaking sound engineer but I couldn’t hear that happening on my end.

Leo Laporte No, you wouldn’t hear it, yeah you wouldn’t hear it. Only we can hear it. Exactly right. I want to talk about GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is fantabulous. I know you don’t like to travel, but at the same time if you are in business, face-to-face meetings with your clients are often very important. There is a way to take that conference call and turn it into something truly useful, truly engaging. Every bit as good as a face-to-face meeting. It’s online meetings. You have probably tried it, but if you haven’t tried GoToMeeting, you haven’t tried the best. Like, you could go there right now, and sign up for the 30-day free trial. You will be done before I am done talking; it’s very easy to install.

And now the next time you want to have a meeting, you can click and send an invitation. It’s very simple, automatic setup or you can even do it manually. You are on the phone with somebody; say “look, just go to”. This is what we are doing all the time. We do – in fact I just had a GoToMeeting the other day, we do it with Ray Maxwell on Maxwell’s House. Say “just go to; here’s the meeting ID.” They enter it in, they don’t even have to have it installed. Within seconds they are seeing your screen on their computer. They see the… it works Mac or PC, so they see Keynote or PowerPoint, they see the drawings, you can work together.

We were – we paid for Ray’s account and then they said you don’t need to pay for his account, you could just – you hold the meeting and give him control. An I said oh yeah, because I can see his computer too; it goes both ways. You are going to try it and you are going to think of 100 ways to use it. I am not able to try to list them all. It is the simplest, securest, easiest way to collaborate, to train, to demo, to do sales presentations. Try it for free for 30 days. By the way it includes phone and voice-over IP conferencing for less than $50 a bucks a month for this for as many meetings as you want, as long as you want,

gotomeetingcom/twit. We thank them so much for their support of this WEEK in TECH. I got an interesting debate, maybe you guys would have some opinion on this. I tweeted this week because there is a new service, IZEA. Have you seen that, IZEA? It pays people to insert ads into their Twitter stream. And I said, on my Twitter stream, I said IZEA ad in your stream, adds in your stream; instead unfollow from me. And then somebody said, well how is that any different from an ad in your podcast. And I had – it actually rocked me back and I had to think about it.

I said, well you’re right. That’s just putting an ad in content, how is that different? And I thought about it and I think now that you tell me what you think guys because this was my answer and I am not – it actually shook me up a little bit. I thought – well I guess you could put ads – there is something that bugs me about having ads in the Twitter stream. And I realized what it is.

Veronica Belmont You know why?

Leo Laporte Why? You tell me?

Veronica Belmont The reason I think – to each their own; if someone chooses to do that, that’s fine, it’s their own business. But to me it feels like Twitter is like a really personal thing in a way. Like yeah, sometimes I self-promote on Twitter, like to a blog post I have written or a podcast I did an interview on, but mostly I try to keep it my personal life, stuff that I am doing, things I think are funny. And when you stick ads in there suddenly it feels like you are kind of selling yourself in a way. I don’t know, it’s like something about it doesn’t feel quite right to me.

Leo Laporte It’s spammy.

Veronica Belmont And I can’t really put my finger on it.

Molly Wood It really isn’t significantly different from having Google AdWords on your blog or – I mean I think it is – I think that I understand the idea that –

Veronica Belmont I don’t do that either.

Molly Wood – that the content – yeah, I don’t do that either. But I can understand the idea that the content feels different but it’s realy not, it’s really all just content.

Leo Laporte Well, here’s the difference. Well, here’s what I thought. And maybe – tell me if I am full of it. When you intermix content with advertizing with the intent to fool somebody that’s when it goes over the line. So…

Molly Wood Is that what IZEA does?

Leo Laporte No, in fact they make it a big point saying no, it’s an ad, blah blah blah. But it somehow seems to me that the Twitter stream for instance if you put Google AdWords in your blog post or in your content, I hate it when people do that. And when you put ads in between posts even. But if you put the ads to the right on the blog; I know that’s the ads, this is the content and they don’t – and they are separated clearly. And I guess that’s what I figure is that people – advertisers pay a little bit more if the PayPerPost thing. They pay bloggers to write articles about their products because it tricks consumers into thinking this is editorial, not advertorial.

Scott Johnson Well, I am glad I am not – I’m glad I am not the only one here that turned this down. I had an advertiser approach me, a specific advertiser, not somebody who does this like IZEA but someone said would you be willing to do reviews even though you haven’t seen product or whatever put those right in your Twitter feed and I am just not, I was just, it freaked me out to be honest. And Molly makes a good point; I don’t know why it’s so different but something feels really different about that.

Leo Laporte It feels different.

Veronica Belmont I said that, I said that.

Molly Wood Veronica said that.

Scott Johnson Oh sorry. Well, I’ll give you credit. Here’s the thing. Veronica made a really good point though. She says okay; you want to tell people when you are on a show, or you want to let people know there is a new blog post up, that’s why they are following us. People want to know when my new comic is up on Monday morning. They want to know when ExtraLife Radio posted. That’s why many of them are there. So I don’t see that as the same at all. All I – my bottom line is if you want me to put ads directly in Twitter, we just can’t make a deal. There is no way I am doing it.

Molly Wood I think that – I think we are at a very tough point on the web because we are very conditioned as web users to be anti-advertizing. I think we have been over-advertized to, and so we are exhausted by it and we have gotten very used to a free product. But the fact is like that can’t last forever and the line between advertizing and advertorial is increasingly blurry and there is kind of this question of like, well okay but what you want Twitter to do? Like I am so sort of tired of people –

Leo Laporte But Twitter doesn’t make the money there, you do.

Molly Wood Right, that’s true. But I think people are –

Veronica Belmont Can you tell me what the ads look like in the stream, like…?

Leo Laporte I haven’t seen them. Here – in our chat room, Norman Steven says it would be like having an ad in the middle of a conversation with your friends.

Veronica Belmont Yeah.

Molly Wood But is not what Twitter is anymore? Like are you really, I mean I guess that’s my own, I guess that’s what makes me wonder. Is I am not sure that Twitter really is – even though I just said that I missed my friends when Twitter was down, I think that people really are branding themselves on Twitter, and I think that it’s become – the reason that it’s so important when Twitter goes down is that there is this idea that it’s this huge kind of very important thing. So I think kind of…

Scott Johnson Well, they are branding themselves, yeah.

Veronica Belmont If Twitter is going down, you are missing your friends, it’s not because you missed their branding, it’s because you miss their personal insights and conversation you’re having.

Leo Laporte I miss your brand.

Molly Wood Yeah, but me missing my friends is not the reason that people care that Twitter went down. They care because Oprah is on Twitter talking about her show all the time.

Veronica Belmont I mean you care.

Scott Johnson I agree we are totally branded.

Molly Wood Not other people.

Leo Laporte One at a time, one at a time.

Molly Wood To me that’s not significantly different than having ads in Twitter. Like the reason that Oprah is on Twitter is to advertize. So then I feel like if Joe Bob wants to make some extra money by putting ads in his Twitter feed, shouldn’t he be just as entitled to do that as Oprah is to come on and basically spam all of us all the time with her bullcrap.

Veronica Belmont That’s true but I think it’s, for people who have been on Twitter for a super long time and you have – kind of have built up this reputation and this certain dialogue that you share with your readers, to suddenly interject ads in there and I am not really sure how they are being disclosed, I don’t know if there is like a “this is an ad”.

Leo Laporte At the – yeah there is a hash, well there it is not – the problem partly is that IZEA gives you all these different ways of doing it. But one way for instance is a #ad so there is a hashtag that says it is an ad and it even says “brought to you by…” I have to say I changed my tune. At first I was really dogmatic saying no, I am not going to follow somebody that does this. And then I mean really feel like well, it is kind of like what we do in podcasting.

Scott Johnson [Indiscernible] I just I feel like if I am going to do it – if I am going to do it, I am going to let my readers down. I feel like they are not – they are not going to come there – they are not going to go “Ah! This is why I followed you; I can’t wait to see the ads you are going to post on here.” They followed me for...

Veronica Belmont Yeah, and Leo, I mean you, Leo and Scott and Molly, you all have podcasts that are, well, maybe not Buzz Out Loud, but the other ones are like advertising supported; that’s kind of how you make your career, that’s how you make your money and people expect that. If you have always had ads on there, people have to come to understand that once in a while they are going to have to have that time where they have listen to a little ad or they can fast forward and go through it, but that’s expected. To suddenly interject ads into tweets where you’re not normally used to seeing them I think would be really kind of misleading to my readers in a way.

Leo Laporte I think that was – it felt wrong to me and I couldn’t pinpoint why. And I think it is, there is a – you do have a contract, an unwritten contract when you blog or when you Twitter that this is going to be my thoughts and when this ad comes in there it’s like, wait a minute, somebody – you are selling out.

Molly Wood I don’t think it’s about...

Scott Johnson It’s that currency we talked about the other night.

Molly Wood I don’t think it’s about us doing it. I think it’s the – I think it’s about the people. It’s like the same people on YouTube who are making kind of content distribution partnerships with YouTube. I think it’s about – it’s not about necessarily the person with two or three million followers doing it. I think it’s about people who are building a reputation on Twitter, or who are just kind of on Twitter goofing off and then feel like I might as well get for paid for throwing these ads in once in a while. I definitely think that for us to do it would just be weird and also kind of sleazy because we already get paid for the brands that we’ve build and part of our Twitter outreach is to continue to build that brand and also like make friends on Twitter. I don’t...

Leo Laporte Well look what Facebook does.

Veronica Belmont I definitely think that it’s not something for, like, us to do if that makes any sense.

Leo Laporte Now – and this bothers me less than an inline Twitter ad by the way, what Facebook will do is take your [indiscernible] unless you tell them not to and the default is on that you – that they can do this. So I go to, I am going to my page, Molly Wood has just bought, I don’t know, you just got a new mortgage on your house from a mortgage lender. I go to my page, Molly is a friend of mine. Molly’s picture shows up on Facebook on the right saying Molly just got a loan from XYZ lender, why don’t you?

Veronica Belmont Yeah, their Beacon thing.

Leo Laporte That’s Beacon.

Molly Wood And I am not even getting paid for that; I am just saying that that IZEA thing seems way better than that.

Leo Laporte It bugs me, and by the way I immediately went to my Facebook settings and said you can’t do that, but at least it’s in an ad column, you know its an ad right?

Molly Wood I think you know...

Leo Laporte But it does feel like Molly Wood somehow had some hand in it.

Veronica Belmont Well, to any extent, we are getting in a Twitter hole again as usual.

Molly Wood I know. Here we are.

Veronica Belmont We don’t have anything else to talk about!

Leo Laporte All right, I got one for you. This is, this just in and I thank Dr. Norm in our chartroom, has just gone out of business, you know

Veronica Belmont Yeah.

Leo Laporte This is an internet shortening service, is now in the process of discontinuing service effective immediately. Trim links will continue to redirect. Did put him out of business?

Molly Wood Yeah; of course they did!

Leo Laporte It says there is no way for us to monetize URL shortening. Users won’t pay for it and we just can’t develop – justify further developments as Twitter has all but anointed in the market winner.

Scott Johnson Well, how is and Tiny making their money?

Molly Wood Oh please, that is just bitter cakes. Don’t be such babies, my God!

Leo Laporte “Oh Twitter decided it’s; we quit!”

Molly Wood Well, Teitter had previously anointed TinyURL. So maybe you could have just come in and done a better job like did.

Leo Laporte Well, here’s my point though.

Veronica Belmont Exactly.

Molly Wood Good riddance,!

Leo Laporte This is – this ties into the previous message which is we get a lot of stuff free on the net. Lot of people putting a lot of effort and a lot of time spending a lot of money. If there is no way to monetize, they are going to – this is – they are all going to start going away like did, right?

Molly Wood That was a crowded market. That whole URL shortening thing was taken off, I mean like hot cakes. It was – that was the thing to do but nobody had figured out how to monetize it. is maybe the closest because they are doing some data collection around it.

Leo Laporte They are becoming a search engine. They did the right thing which is there’s search in this.

Molly Wood They innovated, exactly. Like I am sorry that Trim didn’t, but come on, there are 50 million url shorteners out there and if you don’t have a good unique proposition, then bye.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, I like I am a fan.

Leo Laporte I use too because of the stats and then...

Scott Johnson’s great, yead.

Veronica Belmont I like seeing the stats.

Leo Laporte What really is going to become valuable, it’s funny because, which was there before anybody else and really had the opportunity to monetize this, didn’t really. Yahoo once again drops the ball, but the value and the way you can make money on this and this is the way Google makes money on its search. search; has a ton of information about links, about who clicks on it, about their relative merits, they know more than Digg does about some of this stuff.

Veronica Belmont You know, the whole URL shortening thing does make me a little bit nervous though because even though Trim says that all the redirects will continue to work, what if suddenly they don’t? I mean a lot of people are depending on these to send information around and use them as permanent links to things, and if all that breaks down all of a sudden, we have got a bunch of broken URLs all over the web.

Scott Johnson Well. they have to be used the way – I think you have to use these shortener services simply as throwaway stuff. If you use them as permalink stuff you are going to hang on to for a long, long time, bad idea. And I don’t care who it is; TinyURL, whoever. you got to use that for Twitter, get people stuff quick, and be done with it.

Veronica Belmont There were times when TinyURL would go down and when – they have gone down in the past I think. And you know that’s a big issue on Twitter, but using those as permalinks is probably a very, very bad idea for the long run.

Leo Laporte And don’t forget the security issue because you are hiding the length that you are going to and I am sure that that’s a huge problem with people using shorteners to hide the fact that you are going to a bad site.

Molly Wood I think that, I think URL shorteners and Facebook and Twitter specifically are encouraging really unsafe behavior on the web. It’s like click on anything. And Facebook is all about sending you emails that are like “click on this and add an app”, “okay, click.” And then URLs that you don’t know what they are. I mean it’s unfathomable to me in some ways in this day and age that we’re just clicking on links left and right and we have no clue what’s at the other end.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, I wish there was some kind of preview like a mouseover preview like there are in browsers.

Leo Laporte Yeah, and FriendFeed does that, FriendFeed expands them. If you use Power Twitter it does, and I would imagine a lot of the Twitter clients do that. I am sure –

Molly Wood TinyURL lets you create a preview version so that you click and then you get to a landing page where you see a preview of that link, but doesn’t that I know of.

Veronica Belmont People send me links all the time and I just don’t click on them because you never know. So unless there is someone I trust or has a really good description that I have seen floating around then I will. But otherwise I just don’t mess with it anymore.

Scott Johnson Well that’s why they work on Twitter well because you’ve got people you trust first of all and second of all it’s killing the 140K character problem. So you have both those things solved and it’s a great solution, but in every other way I am terrified of those links, I don’t go near them.

Leo Laporte So a couple of, a couple of...

Veronica Belmont A lot of bad stuff on the internet.

Leo Laporte Patent stories in the news; Twitter is being sued by a company called IRIS, Immediate Response Information System saying, “no we invented that”. I’ll read IRIS’ description, you tell me if this is Twitter.

Veronica Belmont This is a Twitter conversation again by the way. Here we go, drink! Again.

Leo Laporte I could do a different one.

Veronica Belmont No it’s fine, no it’s fine. The patent system is broken, I mean it’s kind of stupid.

Molly Wood I don’t know, let’s hear this though, I think IRIS may have a case.

Leo Laporte IRIS is TechRadium’s flagship emergency response mass notification communication service. IRIS simultaneously delivers uniform, reliable and verifiable emergency messages to an unlimited number of contacts within seconds across all means and devices of communication. IRIS will confirm contact has been made and verified by the system. It’s not a micro-blogging system. They call it a mass notification system.

Molly Wood Isn’t’ that texting?

Leo Laporte But texting to groups.

Scott Johnson It’s a broadcast, yeah.

Veronica Belmont Over many different medium – media.

Leo Laporte One of the things is key to this is, I think, to Twitter is follow, right? The act of following. And I don’t know if this involves that, it’s the other way, would you subscribe, may be you would subscribe.

Scott Johnson You subscribe to it, right?

Leo Laporte Maybe you would. So it would be following.

Molly Wood Yeah you would subscribe, you would become part of the group right that wanted to receive the emergency broadcasts.

Scott Johnson Sounds kind of ominous, simultaneously deliver uniform, reliable and verifiable emergency messages to an unlimited number of contacts within seconds across all means and devices of the communication.

Molly Wood Well it seems to have failed an obviousness test, but yeah, in terms of as it is written and depending on when it was granted, could be problematic.

Leo Laporte Well here’s one that really – and it is – you are right. The bottom line in this is nothing to say; patent system broken. A company called VoloMedia says they invented podcasting.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Veronica Belmont It’s just too broad. I mean they really have to learn to, I mean we’ve had this discussion a million times, Molly, on Buzz Out Loud in the past year over patent disputes. And what it comes down to all the time is that people just put out these super broad patents and then they expect it to umbrella over all these different ideas. And it’s just – it’s not specific enough and there is always going to be problems like this going forward and these frivolous lawsuits and patent problems and – where does it stop?

Leo Laporte Remember when British Telecom said “we invented hyper-linking?”

Scott Johnson Yeah.

Veronica Belmont Yeah. It’s baloney.

Molly Wood Yeah. Well – and in VoloMedia’s case, like they definitely filed this patent a really long time ago, the original version. But then they amended it later to basically cover the technology –

Veronica Belmont What the hell took them so long?

Molly Wood – that was specifically podcasting. So then it’s like, how can you, after a ton of priority has already been established, how can you go back and amend a patent filing to include all of that stuff? It just seems absolutely ridiculous that that patent should be granted at all, but since it was there is no question that podcasting is in trouble from VoloMedia.

Scott Johnson Molly talking about patent law is one of my favorite things on earth, by the way.

Leo Laporte That’s why I bring her on.

Scott Johnson I love it, I love it.

Leo Laporte I know, she get’s me all hot.

Molly Wood It is crazy hot.

Leo Laporte Did you ever consider a legal career, Molly?

Molly Wood I often think about going to law school actually, often.

Leo Laporte I think you really…

Veronica Belmont You would be awesome at that.

Leo Laporte Yes, I think it would be really…

Molly Wood That’s my total, like, I won the lottery and I’m just going to do a thing, I know that it seems like that shouldn’t be a like a lottery dream but boom, intellectual property law, I would love to do that.

Leo Laporte You’d do IP law?

Molly Wood Yes, I think I would really love it.

Scott Johnson You’d be great; holy crap, I wouldn’t want to square…

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t she – no, she’d be an incredible advocate I think.

Scott Johnson Yes.

Molly Wood Maybe I’ll start going to night school.

Leo Laporte Yes, you’ve got plenty of time.

Molly Wood Yes, some lawyer, like call me or something and then...

Veronica Belmont Yes.

Leo Laporte It’s too bad you can’t apprentice, remember that’s how you would learn something, you wouldn’t go to school, you’d be an apprentice.

Molly Wood Yes.

Leo Laporte You should apprentice to a lawyer.

Molly Wood I just want to take like a whole bunch of classes and then all of a sudden be a lawyer, I don’t know, can you do that? I guess so.

Scott Johnson No bar exam, no bar, nothing like that.

Leo Laporte No bar exam.

Molly Wood I’ll take that.

Veronica Belmont Definitely, you can’t call yourself a lawyer until you pass the bar exam.

Leo Laporte She’ll pass the bar. She’s brilliant.

Molly Wood Yes. I’m not scared of tests.

Leo Laporte I ain’t scared. I ain’t scared.

Veronica Belmont I’m scared of tests, I hate tests.

Molly Wood Oh quit it. I ain’t scared of your tests.

Leo Laporte I ain’t scared. Would you do patent law?

Molly Wood Would I like – would I do? Yes, I would do patent law.

Leo Laporte I’d do patent law.

Molly Wood I actually think…

Leo Laporte I’d do it.

Molly Wood I think patent and trademark law…

Veronica Belmont I would do the heck out of that.

Leo Laporte I’d do it.

Molly Wood I’m definitely – I’m much more interested in intellectual property law, specifically, like the – kind of the first amendment stuff, the intellectual property infringement and I guess I would get into patent and trademark law but…

Leo Laporte I think it’d be fascinating, I think you are absolutely right.

Molly Wood Fighting unfair patents, awesome.

Leo Laporte Yes, I think you are absolutely right.

Scott Johnson I think you should have been around in the 60s, that’s what I think.

Molly Wood That’s my second career; my dad wanted me to go into entertainment law.

Leo Laporte Being around in the 60s in your second career? Oh really? Interesting.

Molly Wood Yes. I was like no, that’s a lot of school.

Leo Laporte You could be like Ari Gold, you could be an agent.

Molly Wood Way too much school.

Leo Laporte Hug it out, bitch! You could be the agent, it would be great.

Veronica Belmont I mean stay in school kids.

Molly Wood Yes, say yes, kids. Lots of school for you.

Leo Laporte Did you graduate, you graduated?

Veronica Belmont Me? Yes, yes.

Leo Laporte I didn’t.

Veronica Belmont I did.

Leo Laporte I didn’t, and that’s why my career has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Molly Wood Yes, noticed that.

Leo Laporte If I only had that BA.

Veronica Belmont Learn from doing.

Leo Laporte Be cool, stay in school, I’m talking to Andrew, my nephew who is a – you’re a student at Cal Poly in Engineering. Be cool stay in school.

Molly Wood Be cool dude.

Leo Laporte That’s right.

Molly Wood Yes.

Leo Laporte He is going what a – meanwhile back at Squarespace, let’s take a break and – see, this is what I do, I try to make it very clear that was content, this is an ad. Right.

Veronica Belmont That was a good job. You did a good job.

Leo Laporte This is an ad. This is the ad portion of the show and then I say we’ll be right back after this word, I don’t…

Scott Johnson From yourself?

Leo Laporte From myself.

Molly Wood Just like IZEA does.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s the thing, I mean I had to say, I had to pull back and say I guess it isn’t that different.

Scott Johnson Oh no, she didn’t.

Leo Laporte Oh yes, she did.

Molly Wood Somebody has to, come on.

Leo Laporte Oh no, you didn’t.

Molly Wood Somebody has to, right? We can’t be all in agreement all the time.

Leo Laporte Can you do that head thing? I’m trying to do it. I can’t do that head thing. Oh no, you didn’t.

Scott Johnson Nice.

Leo Laporte Oh, she’s got it. Oh baby!

Molly Wood You got to snap it out.

Leo Laporte For those of you not watching at home, Molly Wood got it. Any of you use Squarespace?

Scott Johnson Yes, just started.

Leo Laporte You like it?

Scott Johnson Yes, I’m going to use it for one of my, I can’t really talk about it yet, but I’m…

Leo Laporte Don’t say anything, yes, don’t give a…

Scott Johnson Really, really, like it.

Leo Laporte It’s pretty impressive, I have to say.

Scott Johnson I thought you guys were just talking smack, but you are just running the line but I actually got in there and got a name and I went, Leo’s not kidding around, this is actually pretty sweet.

Leo Laporte The idea of Squarespace is it’s a hosting service, so you get, I don’t really want to say it’s like a blog service, it’s a hosting service but running on that hosting service is the most amazing website software you’ve ever used. I mean these guys are brilliant designers and programmers who’ve decided just to make it easier to set up and host a website, and it could be any kind of website, they have an iPhone app, they have social integration with YouTube, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Flickr. You’ve got – it’s great for photo galleries, amazing templates but, even better, once you get the template in there, the way you can customize it with Ajax, you just drag and move margins around, amazing stats, form-building, data collection. And look if you are already on another platform, if you are using WordPress or if you are using TypePad or Blogger, or MovableType, they’ll import and export right out of it.

So, and that’s important by the way, you are not stuck there. You can import it, you could try and you could try and you can export it out if you decide to go elsewhere. So you’re never trapped inside of Squarespace, free for 14 days, you’ll be started in 30 seconds with no credit card when you go to

So it’s very simple to just try it. No reason not to. If you stick around by the way, use the coupon code Twit and you’ll get 20% off your new account. So Squarespace, remember the name, You want to find out more, they say smarter publishing, it’s just amazing.

And they’re really a great company too, really nice guys, Dane Atkinson and Anthony Casalena, and the gang, just really nice. Good, I’m glad you are giving it a try, Scott.

Scott Johnson Yes, I’m looking forward to it, it’ll be great.

Leo Laporte Let me know what you think.

Scott Johnson Sure.

Leo Laporte So, page two.

Molly Wood Wow, is that, we are all the way to page two, huh?

Leo Laporte Page two.

Molly Wood The Sun is coming to get me.

Leo Laporte Is it getting hot out there?

Veronica Belmont You’ve got a nice tan.

Molly Wood It’s like the sun is starting to creep over onto the laptop. Yes, I’ll get a tan on the one arm…

Leo Laporte I like a little flair; I like – it was like Start Trek, the new Star Trek, remember there was all those solar sun flares all the time.

Scott Johnson Yes.

Molly Wood Yes, that was tilt.

Leo Laporte I asked them about that, they said they did that on purpose.

Scott Johnson They overdid it. They overdid it.

Leo Laporte I’m with you, Scott, I thought they did it way too much, it was like oh, my eyes.

Scott Johnson Yes, it was out of control. I don’t know what they were thinking, but it was kind of cool once in a while, but every shot was something gleaning off something else, it’s like, holy crap, please.

Leo Laporte And it’s all CG.

Veronica Belmont A lot of gleaming in outer space.

Molly Wood Yes.

Leo Laporte Well it is true, there is quite a bit, but it’s all CG, so they are consciously doing it.

Molly Wood In space you can see the gleam of the effects. I’m really sorry.

Leo Laporte Have we gotten over Battlestar Galactica? Are we kind of gotten over the grief, in all of that?

Molly Wood I’m still mad. I’m not going to lie.

Leo Laporte You didn’t like the end, did you?

Molly Wood No. I’m angry.

Veronica Belmont I didn’t like the end either.

Scott Johnson I didn’t love the end, I didn’t hate it; but I just miss the show in general, I miss sort of the hard edged sci-fi sort of thing going on, I really hope that they can…

Veronica Belmont No spoilers.

Scott Johnson Caprica and whatever, oh yeah, I won’t spoil it.

Molly Wood What’s the deal with Caprica, it went straight to DVD or something like that or is it actually going to happen…?

Veronica Belmont No, no, no they sent out, they put out the first, the pilot episode and it’s coming out…

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s coming – it’s on my Roku.

Veronica Belmont They released it on like iTunes and other stuff, and then it’s going to air on TV I think, and then they are going to start the actual series.

Molly Wood Oh good, okay, well that will something helpful.

Veronica Belmont Kind of like what they did with Glee.

Leo Laporte Hey, hear this, this just in from Shelter Watch, there’s an online law school which allows you to sit for the bar for $3,000 plus per year, there is another law school which meets only Monday through Thursday at night only for people who want to have a law degree for non-profits, it’s called the People's Law School, $5,000 a year.

Molly Wood Interesting. Thank you.

Leo Laporte So you could, for 3,000 a year you can get a bar, be ready for the bar exam and 5,000 a year Monday through Thursday at night, non-profit, thank you Shelter Watch.

Molly Wood I know, that’s really cool, I like the idea of the non-profit one, that’s pretty interesting.

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t it be neat if after this show Molly becomes a lawyer.

Molly Wood I became a lawyer, yes. It was the one that, like, kicked it off, yes.

Leo Laporte I think we have a name, Molly…

Molly Wood Today is the day…

Leo Laporte …becomes a lawyer.

Molly Wood …becomes a lawyer.

Leo Laporte On a very special Twit.

Scott Johnson Magistrate.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah. Barrister.

Molly Wood I’m getting a white wig, yes I am.

Leo Laporte Barrister Wood, for the defense.

Molly Wood Barrister.

Veronica Belmont I’m going to go to the bar after this show, just a different one.

Leo Laporte And I don’t need to spend 3,000 a year to pass that bar, baby.

Veronica Belmont No, roughly that, I have a big tab.

Leo Laporte Hey, you had a good party by the way, you had Ryan Block, Peter Rojas, you hosted, I know, Veronica for gdgt, we got some –

Veronica Belmont Yes.

Leo Laporte – great video, made a little movie of it; it looked like it was a lot of fun. That went well?

Veronica Belmont It was so fun. Colleen was there, we missed you.

Leo Laporte Colleen and Dane went yes.

Veronica Belmont Yes, yes, we had a lot of fun, we had a line around the block, we had a lot of people showing off new gadgets, the Zune HD was there, for the first time in public and it looks amazing, amazing. Makes me kind of wish I had a Zune.

Leo Laporte Really.

Molly Wood Yes. [Indiscernible] was going absolutely crazy for it.

Veronica Belmont No Macs, I know, no Macs offer yet, but maybe some day.

Leo Laporte I’m a little…

Veronica Belmont So until then you can’t fly with it.

Leo Laporte I’m a little perturbed by the fact that they imply that it’s an HD screen and it’s not.

Scott Johnson The video, the content on it is HD though, right?

Veronica Belmont It plays HD, yes.

Leo Laporte No, it plays it but doesn’t play it in high def, it has – so you could put 720p on it.

Veronica Belmont It looks really good though, I mean, you can tell the difference between what that display shows and like HD then I don’t think you’d really have much of a complaint, because it’s pretty sick.

Scott Johnson But the purpose of having the 720p content I assume is so you can plug it into a TV and really see it in HD, is that the idea?

Veronica Belmont Sick man!

Veronica Belmont Yes, they can – no, yeah, you can, there is output to TV and it looks really good too. So, I’m kind of jealous. I have a little bit of Zune envy.

Leo Laporte We can get you a Windows machine.

Scott Johnson All you need is a Mac software and we are ready to go, dude.

Veronica Belmont Well, I have – I do have, I have my gaming PC and I guess I could do it that way, but then all my media is like iTunes stuff. I do have some MP3s that I do from eMusic, but I’m lazy, I just buy things on iTunes, I know it’s stupid

Molly Wood So you have like - you are telling us you have a giant DRM content collection?

Veronica Belmont Yes, I do. I do. Old School.

Molly Wood Veronica.

Veronica Belmont Everything, I buy everything on iTunes Plus now, so it’s not, but you know, back in the day. A big part of my library is still all DRMed to heck. I know, I know, blah, blah, blah.

Molly Wood Don’t blah, blah, blah me girl. We’ve tried so hard to encourage you to [indiscernible].

Veronica Belmont I told you I am exceedingly lazy, exceedingly lazy. It’s too easy.

Leo Laporte Scott, you and I, let’s just sit over here in the corner, we’ll let them…

Scott Johnson Yes, we’ll let them fight it out.

Veronica Belmont Everyone is going to give me crap now I know. God darn it, I shouldn’t have said anything.

Molly Wood There you are on the show...

Veronica Belmont My little dark – deep, dark secrets that I buy things off of iTunes sometimes.

Molly Wood Almost the entire point of Buzz Out Loud podcast is non-stop, anti-DRM screed and then we find out that our most famous alum, Veronica, is like oh, yeah I am just sitting on tons of protected AAC.

Veronica Belmont No I…

Leo Laporte [ph] But you didn’t have the choice.

Veronica Belmont It’s like you know when I see stuff I am like I am just going to hit it. It’s like impulse buys.

Molly Wood You are hurting my heart.

Scott Johnson But they have mastered that, they are good at that and that’s why you do it.

Leo Laporte Exactly.

Scott Johnson Apple makes that so easy and so fun and so awesome that you do it and then later…

Leo Laporte But you are justified now because they’ve dropped the DRM. So it’s okay.

Veronica Belmont We all have our vices.

Leo Laporte Well, now we know Veronica is a secret booze-hound and DRM lover.

Veronica Belmont Secret? I love it.

Leo Laporte DRM lover, you’re a DRM lover.

Molly Wood Dr. M.

Leo Laporte Dr. M, DRM lover.

Molly Wood Dr. M., an evil doctor called Dr. M.

Veronica Belmont My secret love affair with Dr. M.

Leo Laporte Oh, here is some news on Caprica.

Molly Wood Oh, thank you chat room.

Leo Laporte They are good, they are good.

Molly Wood [indiscernible] while I wait for this news.

Leo Laporte Caprica starts, according to Ken Shepherdsen in January 22, 2010 on Syfy.

Molly Wood Syfy. On Syfy?

Leo Laporte What’s the story with Syfy?

Molly Wood I feel like I like it better if I pretend it’s French; Syfy.

Leo Laporte What the hell is wrong with them?

Veronica Belmont Well their whole thing was that sci-fi was too general like it didn’t have good branding connotations.

Leo Laporte Oh, so Syfy is not –

Molly Wood I think it was too specific, it was too specifically sci-fi. Like they wanted to be able to branch out into other original content.

Veronica Belmont Really? Well yeah, I guess that makes sense.

Molly Wood Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Leo Laporte So now then they do what? Sufi stories? What does Syfy mean?

Molly Wood Le Syfy would be like a little bit more…

Scott Johnson Hold on though, I have got a theory.

Molly Wood Je l’aime bien le Syfy. J’adore le Syfy. Sorr.

Scott Johnson I’ll speak for the cartoonist guild of the internet and say that that gave us really great joke opportunities. So I am grateful for it.

Molly Wood Okay, well there is that, yeah.

Leo Laporte I bet it did.

Veronica Belmont Doesn’t it make – isn’t it like a swear word in a different language?

Scott Johnson Yeah in Poland, Polish.

Leo Laporte What’s it in Polish?

Scott Johnson I think it’s too bad to say over TWiT. I can’t remember though.

Molly Wood Je t’adore, le Syfy.

Leo Laporte I was thinking of rebranding TWiT because of this twit stuff. twitpic and twitstat. Maybe I should be just TWyT.

Veronica Belmont Oh yeah, let’s talk about the about The Shack for a second here?

Leo Laporte The Shack!

Molly Wood You’re talking about The Shack. I love it.

Veronica Belmont What the hell are they thinking?

Leo Laporte What is wrong with people? Is there a – I think there’s a renegade branding company that is going around talking executives into doing stupid things.

Molly Wood I think the The Shack is kind of cute.

Leo Laporte You like The Shack?

Veronica Belmont Oh god, are you serious? It’s like The Hut. The shack and the hut.

Leo Laporte It sounds like somewhere you would go with – in your woody.

Scott Johnson What?

Veronica Belmont Your what now?

Molly Wood It does kind of – yeah like a [indiscernible] record store.

Veronica Belmont Geez, Leo I knew liked technology but…

Leo Laporte No, it’s a station wagon with wooden sides on it. You young people today…

Molly Wood The problem is…

Leo Laporte …you’re so dirty minded.

Veronica Belmont Get off my lawn!

Scott Johnson Really, they call that a woody? That’s awesome. My grandpa had woody, my dad had a woody.

Leo Laporte Yes, the Country Squires you know, they have the wood on the side, they’re called woodies. And somewhere – The Shack sounds like somewhere you’d go in your woody with your best girl to get a pop.

Molly Wood Yeah it does kind of.

Leo Laporte That’s not dirty by the way.

Molly Wood That’s the problem is that even though I think The Shack is not – it’s an okay name kind of but it doesn’t say anything about electronics.

Leo Laporte Well that’s the point. They don’t want to say radio.

Veronica Belmont Something so blatantly just like general.

Leo Laporte What about the Syfy Shack?

Molly Wood The Syfy Shack-hut.

Leo Laporte The Syfy Shackhut.

Veronica Belmont They took out all the relative – the important words from the name. They should have just called themselves “Pizza”.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah, no that’s a good point.

Molly Wood You are right totally.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s a good point, because Radio is bad but Shack is worse.

Scott Johnson Shack is dumb.

Veronica Belmont All the relevant words are gone.

Scott Johnson Unless it’s S-H-A-Q and the basketball player’s there and then you have a store.

Leo Laporte Now it’s the real Shaq.

Scott Johnson Yeah.

Veronica Belmont Yeah.

Leo Laporte There’s a two-hour pilot of Caprica. That’s what they’ve put out and now – and then they’re going to be 18 in one hour episodes.

Scott Johnson Eric Stoltz.

Veronica Belmont You really want to buy something from a place that calls itself the Shack, like how technologically advanced can a Shack be?

Leo Laporte Do you want to buy something from….?

Molly Wood Well, you’ve been buying stuff from Radio Shack. My big concern is that as they try to rebrand, they are going to try to become a more general electronic store and I consider them basically the ace hardware of electronics goods like I do not want them to all of a sudden be getting rid of those little trays of connectors and aux cables. Don’t start turning into Best Buy with all your little netbooks and TVs because I need you for like cables.

Veronica Belmont The adaptors and the things yeah. I used to run over to Radio Shack all the time to get stuff for the sound room at Buzz Out Loud.

Leo Laporte But that’s where you go because they’re everywhere and you don’t care if it’s crappy. You just need it.

Molly Wood Yeah. It’s utility. They are like hardware store. And I think they have done very well with that. They are still in business when Circuit City and CompUSA are like gone. So why would you try to become [Indiscernible]

Veronica Belmont [indiscernible] Sorry, they’re saying that in the chat room, it’s true.

Molly Wood But then didn’t like why are you going to become Circuit City and CompUSA when they didn’t make it and you, Radio Shack, the hardware store of electronics goods are still there? Just be who you are.

Leo Laporte Be who you are, be yourself.

Veronica Belmont Be yourself Radio Shack.

Molly Wood Love yourself.

Leo Laporte Just be Radio Shack.

Scott Johnson It has some old school flavor, they should stick with it. I agree.

Leo Laporte It’s great a name.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Sony is going to – boy, this is becoming the e-book. I think 2009 might be the year of the e-book. What do you think? Sony now is unveiling cheap, small e-books, relatively cheap. They’re going to do a reader, pocket edition by the end of this month. It will have….

Veronica Belmont 199, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood It’s still 200 bucks. It’s not that cheap for a single-purpose device itself.

Veronica Belmont But it’s still cheaper than a Kindle.

Leo Laporte It’s 100 bucks less than a Kindle.

Molly Wood Yes, but that’s all it does.

Scott Johnson Five inch screen, that’s not bad for something that portable.

Veronica Belmont I don’t use any of the audio stuff in my Kindle though. I think if you just want an e-book reader.

Molly Wood For $199 for a device that has a five inch screen, why not get some kind of awesome ARCHOS portable media player? Or you know like...

Leo Laporte Because it’s battery life.

Veronica Belmont And the screen’s not the same to look at for an extended period.

Leo Laporte It’s hard to – you know, you could use your iPhone….

Veronica Belmont Your LCD screen versus say, sorry LCD you know what I mean versus an e-ink screen which is so much easier on the eyes.

Molly Wood Oh, I agree. I just think if I want an e-ink device that I want it to be like book size. I don’t really understand the idea of the reader, like I don’t understand the idea of any e-ink that’s smaller than a paper book, a paperback even.

Leo Laporte Yeah it should be kind of paperback size.

Molly Wood Yeah I just feel like at that point then I am more compelled to get an all-in-one electronics device as opposed to just a little, single-use thing.

Scott Johnson Important thing to note too, neither of these two devices from Sony are going to launch with 3G --sort of the thing that really makes Kindle attractive.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, you have to connect them to your computer.

Leo Laporte Oh my god.

Molly Wood Can you imagine?

Leo Laporte Oh my god.

Veronica Belmont It’s a big deal when you’re travelling.

Molly Wood Oh, I agree, I totally agree. I am not being sarcastic.

Veronica Belmont I think it’s a huge deal.

Leo Laporte Come on, how often though -- I mean how many books?

Molly Wood That’s like the dark ages.

Veronica Belmont How often?

Leo Laporte Yeah, do you put on a new book on every day?

Veronica Belmont At least probably one or two a week, yeah.

Leo Laporte Really wow. Really, really?

Molly Wood Yeah and you know what, almost all of it [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte For a drunk you read a lot. Do you read – do you go through two books a week? That’s pretty good.

Veronica Belmont Maybe not two books but I download things. I don’t read them that fast but I save them for later [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte No that’s where Amazon has the marketing skill because it makes – again, as point of access, so easy to buy a book on the Kindle.

Veronica Belmont Yeah and they have the three times selection that they do on [indiscernible]

Scott Johnson We talked about this on AppSlappy, it’s the same reason you download apps all the time.

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s so easy to do.

Scott Johnson Yeah you just pull them up and Bam! There they are. And if the App Store wasn’t so convenient on the bus, you probably won’t see as any many Apps in my opinion.

Molly Wood Yeah. Almost every book I have ever bought on the Kindle has been a total impulse purchase, which means that it was nowhere in my computer. It was like – it was like you know after a giant beer and somebody could talk me into buying Infinite Jest like really a …

Leo Laporte Did you read, did you read it?

Molly Wood It just happened like three days ago. I guess I’m going to have to read it now because that’s $10 I can never gat back.

Leo Laporte I have been trying to read that book for 8 years.

Molly Wood I know God, how embarrassing. Now I am that person too with Infinite Jest on my Kindle. I’ll look like such a jerk.

Leo Laporte No I – I think that that’s where the Kindle’s really good because Infinite Jest was a thick book right?

Molly Wood It’s huge, yeah it’s huge.

Leo Laporte Gigantic, so but you can have on your Kindle. You get all the value of having -- carrying the book around. Without actually having to carry the book around.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Or reading again.

Molly Wood And I look like big jerk when anybody looks at my Kindle.

Leo Laporte Or, or reading. You don’t even have to read it.

Molly Wood Oh you get the New Yorker and that book.

Veronica Belmont [Indiscernible] Molly, you don’t just use Google Book, book search?

Leo Laporte Oh, smack down!

Molly Wood Oh.

Leo Laporte Oh no you didn’t.

Molly Wood Touché.

Veronica Belmont The chat room gave me the idea; that was not my idea.

Molly Wood Oh. Well, still. But he was right.

Leo Laporte Snap. Boom goes the dynamite.

Molly Wood Point Veronica / that dude in the chat room.

Leo Laporte What are we going rename Amazon, “The Zon”.

Scott Johnson The Zon. Amo.

Leo Laporte Amo

Molly Wood Amo.

Scott Johnson Ama.

Leo Laporte Ama.

Scott Johnson Or maybe it’s the same, we just spell it with dumb letters. That’s all anyone else is doing. Just spell it wrong.

Leo Laporte So here’s a job you don’t want.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, only weirdos do that.

Leo Laporte This even, when you get your law degree Molly, do not become the White House cyber-security tsar.

Molly Wood Yeah that’s the worst job in the world apparently.

Leo Laporte Melissa Hathaway quit. She...

Molly Wood Out of there.

Leo Laporte She was the leading contender for the position according to the Wall Street Journal. She said can you take my name off – I don’t want the job and she’s also resigned her position in the Obama White House. She was leading the 60 day review of government wide cyber security preparedness.

Leo Laporte Do you think, she said – took one look and said; it’s such a mess, there’s no way.

Veronica Belmont She’s like I am out of here.

Molly Wood She was like; it’s not possible.

Veronica Belmont Wow.

Molly Wood I have the sense, I have to say; so Aneesh Chopra was in town everybody knows now like rockstar and I really have the sense after his talks and after he came out in Buzz Out Loud that they’re kind of front loading technology related personnel in the White House but it’s not entirely clear what the differences is in all their jobs are and I have the sense that maybe that whole cyber security thing is kind of just a weird unfunded mandate and that it’s the kind of terrible job where there’s a lot of pressure but maybe no clear idea what you’re supposed to do or how you supposed to get it done.

Leo Laporte 30 people are rumored to have been offered and refused.

Scott Johnson Oh my gosh! I mean what are the White House positions have 30 offers…

Leo Laporte 30.

Scott Johnson …that people turned down. That’s crazy.

Molly Wood And who’s turning down offers to work in the Obama White House. I mean people are so – like desperate to do that but that one job whatever it is.

Leo Laporte Well, the reason is that they made a political concession on this that the cybers are – would be – beholding to both; the National Security Council and the National Economic Council. So you have kind of two masters and to Aneesh Chopra, the CTO and to the Chief Information Officer, so you got four bosses.

Molly Wood And it’s kind of unclear what the difference is in all those jobs are anyway. It is a mess up in there.

Scott Johnson If you like, they’re like token positions. They are not – they have got really no authority. They’re there to say: ‘Hey, look out how open and technology-minded we are as an administration and that ‘s it.

Molly Wood Maybe, like I am thinking that Aneesh Chopra has about six months to really hit people with some specifics, otherwise it’s going to look like that’s a little bit of PR job.

Leo Laporte Tell us about him, did you get a chance to talk to him?

Molly Wood I did, yeah. I mean he’s a really nice guy. I get the sense that he is legitimately interested in technology. He really wants to [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte He came on Buzz Out Loud; that’s impressive.

Molly Wood He came on Buzz Out Loud; he’s like a fan of the show. I mean he actually …

Leo Laporte He talked to Scoble, I mean he even knew who Scoble was.

Molly Wood Yeah, exactly, and I think he is a kind of a legit tech guy. I don’t – I really don’t and we asked him and then he talked about in his speech later at the computer history museum. What is your job and how is it different from the CIO..

Scott Johnson I don’t know.

Molly Wood And the Cyber Czar and frankly to me – I still I don’t know. I still don’t know what his job is and I don’t know what the difference is between…

Veronica Belmont Did he get you more confused?

Molly Wood Yeah, and it was just like all you guys doing the maybe – you might be a little top heavy in the cyber department.

Leo Laporte What is your job? I don’t know.

Molly Wood What is your job? And it was like: ‘Bluh, bluh, bluh.’ Like really nice guy. Not sure what he does or he is supposed to do.

Leo Laporte When the Windows doesn’t work I come over and I bang on the bar.

Molly Wood See that’s – no, that’s the CIO, but that’s not him. Like it’s just, you know a lot of those things were like well, that’s kind of the CIO, but maybe that’s the Cyber Czar, but then that’s sort of me, but then it’s like a, I don’t know.

Scott Johnson He seems qualified to do things.

Molly Wood He’s qualified to do things, yes. I think he might just go in there and talk about technology things.

Scott Johnson That must be it.

Leo Laporte This is an important thing. I mean, the next war will be a cyber war for sure. Look what Russia did to this poor blogger. One guy. I mean, this is not a throw away position.

Molly Wood [indiscernible]. So whatever it is that’s causing people to walk away from that Cyber Czar position, I hope that with this woman leaving and saying hell to the job, that they are going to restructure. Because you are right. it is really important and clearly they have it just kind of not structured right in a management way.

Leo Laporte Hello Americans, stand by for a commercial.

We’re going to come back in just a second. I want to talk about Rupert Murdoch. He is the new – he is the crazy of the week. The new feature on the show: The Crazy of the Week. But first a word from, the folks who do those great audio books, that yes they have DRM on them. It’s not their fault. It is very easy when you buy a book, it’s yours forever. You can go back to the site and download it again and again. They play on hundreds of different devices, your iPod, your Zune, your iPhone. They play everywhere you go. I mean, I have to say Audible – to me Audible is really straightforward and not a problem in anyway. I just listen to it all over the place. It even plays on your Kindle which is kind of cool, so if you want to have a book on your Kindle. Let me just check and see if Infinite Jest, so you can read along.

Molly Wood Oh stop. Oh how embarrassing.

Leo Laporte How long would that be though, if you?

Molly Wood Let’s just have an Infinite Jest book group internet.

Leo Laporte Let’s do that.

Molly Wood You all get it on your Audible and I’ll have it on my Kindle and then we’ll just kind of – we’ll spend like three years trying to read it and then we all give up together. That would be great.

Scott Johnson You are making me want to read it.

Leo Laporte It’s actually a very good book. But it’s just…

Molly Wood I’m telling you, let’s read it together. It’ll be great.

Scott Johnson All right.

Molly Wood Someone else can be in charge of reading the footnotes.

Leo Laporte Audio books are a really good way to read books like that, that you just can’t get through. You know, have you seen Julie & Julia yet?

Veronica Belmont I want to see it.

Leo Laporte You saw it?

Veronica Belmont I want to.

Leo Laporte You didn’t see it, Molly? I thought Molly said.

Molly Wood No, not yet.

Leo Laporte Really wonderful book. If you want to read the book before you see the movie, I highly recommend it. Of course it is a new movie, but you can read the book. It’s by Julie Powell. 365 days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen. This is a true story. She decided to make every recipe in Julia Child's The Joy of French Cooking. That’s what the movie is about. Of course Meryl Streep plays Julia Child in the movie, but what a wonderful book, highly recommended. You can get it on

Before I see a movie, I often like to read the book just in case – just in case the movie is not so good, I don’t want it to spoil the book. So read the book first and you can read it right now absolutely free by going to In fact I might give you two books. They don’t have Infinite Jest I just checked.

Scott Johnson Not enough room their servers.

Leo Laporte Probably not. But you can pick another great cooking book or great thriller, sci-fi. I know before you would pick books on The Sword and Laser, you often list them. In fact that A Game of Thrones is available.

Molly Wood Thrones. Yes, I am just reading right now a book called The Beekeeper's Apprentice on audible. I guess listening to and not reading. But it’s all about a girl that meets up with Sherlock Holmes in his latter life and becomes like his apprentice. It’s really cool.

Leo Laporte Oh that sounds great. All right, we got two books: Julie & Julia and The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King. Oh that sounds really good. Is that going to be on Sword and Laser or you reading it.

Molly Wood No, I am just reading it for fun. I’m listening to it for fun.

Veronica Belmont Do you say reading, is that the right …

Molly Wood I always have said reading when it’s an audible book, because I feel like I cannot think of..

Leo Laporte I think it is. It’s reading.

Molly Wood Another way to put it, you’re reading.

Leo Laporte Dvorak gives me a hard time. It’s every word that would be in the book, it’s as if when your mother reads out loud to you, is she is reading? Yes, reading you the book, you’re reading the book with her.

Scott Johnson Can I make a recommendation for dudes? So because you got these two chicky books.

Leo Laporte Those weren’t chick books.

Leo Laporte That’s not as chicky book, it’s a freaking Sherlock Holmes book.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood It just has a woman in it. That doesn’t make it a chick book.

Scott Johnson I am just saying everybody should go to Audible and they should get The Dark Tower series specifically book one, The Gunslinger by Stephen King read by Steve, what’s his name? Guidall. George Guidall.

Leo Laporte George Guidall is one of their best readers.

Veronica Belmont I have read those books far too young I think. They messed up my head.

Molly Wood Those – I read them within the last three or four years and I listened to all of them actually. I think that they were all audible books for me and that guy who reads, especially The Gunslinger. Oh it is just wonderful, what a great series that is?

Scott Johnson I know, so good.

Leo Laporte I will play a little of bit, so you can hear his voice. George Guidall: he is one of their best readers. I have listened to so many books that he has read.

George Guidall So it was the horn he had once carried, gone for years [indiscernible] other worlds than these. And he missed them both.

He breasted a gently rising dune, although there was no sand here; the desert was hardpan…

Leo Laporte This is absolutely the best guy to read this book.

Molly Wood Oh God, I know that book particularly, oh.

Scott Johnson Any book, any book, that guy is.

Veronica Belmont I also read a good collection on audible lately, what was it called? My Supernatural Wedding – it’s a collection of all different sci-fi and fantasy writers with like, it’s like all the common theme is like weddings and there is like werewolves and vampires and all this really funny stuff. But this is really like sitting [indiscernible] on a plane…

Leo Laporte My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding.

Veronica Belmont My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding, yeah.

Leo Laporte I love the idea. All right. Well, how many books is that now, five, four? Anyway, you get two free. Why don’t you sign up twice? –, you get your first two books free if you sign up for the Platinum account, that’s what I have, two books a month. That’s not enough for Veronica, she does two books a week. So really is a great way to listen to a book. I don’t think you guys have long commutes, but just on the plane, working out in the gym, just wherever you are, it’s a great way to listen., we thank them so much for their support and…

Veronica Belmont Hodgman’s new book is on audible now too.

Leo Laporte Oh, the new one is? Yeah, because the old was.

Veronica Belmont More Information Than You Require, it just came up recently I think.

Scott Johnson The first one is the Areas of My Expertise, which is my favorite.

Veronica Belmont Right.

Leo Laporte Does he read more – more…

Scott Johnson Him and Coulton do it again I think, I heard they were doing it together.

Veronica Belmont Oh, is Coulton in it too. I haven’t listened to it yet. Good, that so was much awesome. So full of awesome.

Leo Laporte When he sings the Hairy Old Lobster (sic) [Furry Old Lobster] song. Just love that. Well you see, this has got to get into it, We thank them so much for their support, lots of great stuff. I asked John Hodgman to – I’m going to be doing a keynote at MacWorld, I’m doing the one that David Pogue did, the MacWorld Live Keynote, which is kind of like a Tonight Show. In fact I’d love you guys to be on it. Not you Molly because you hate the Mac. But –

Molly Wood I frankly think that makes it more hilarious.

Leo Laporte You should come on actually, you could come…

Molly Wood I’ll be your counterpoint.

Leo Laporte Do a rant. I know, you could just sit, you could be like Ed McMann, except instead of laughing you could snort at everything.

Molly Wood Yeah, I’ll just come and be the PC.

Scott Johnson But don’t die!

Leo Laporte I asked John to come on, but now he is speaking at thing called, I don’t know, TED, something like that. So he couldn’t do it.

Veronica Belmont A little show you may have heard of.

Scott Johnson Some little dog and pony show.

Leo Laporte He was good. If you’ve not seen his TED talk from last time –

Scott Johnson It’s awesome.

Leo Laporte It’s so funny.

Scott Johnson It’s great.

Leo Laporte God, is he brilliant. So talking about crazy loons, or loon of the week, Mr. Rupert Murdoch, who has told analysts in a conference call after releasing such crappy results for News Corp. that some people wondered if he could even survive, Murdoch said the digital revolution has opened many new and inexpensive methods of distribution but it has not made content free. Accordingly, we intend to charge for all our news websites.

Molly Wood Well if any guy was going to say it, it would Rupert Murdoch, right? The one guy who has made money off of charging for a news website. The Wall Street Journal website has been behind the pay wall since the beginning of time despite howls of protests and makes money. People pay a lot for it.

Leo Laporte And Financial Times, and Financial Times. But Jeff Jarvis has pointed out yesterday on our This Week In Google Show, those sites make people money, right, because they are financial sites. And your – and the other thing he said is – and by the way, the boss usually pays for it, it’s a business expense so your company pays for it. Can you really get somebody to pay for the Sun or the Daily Telegraph? Probably not. The New York Post? Somebody is not going to pay money to see the New York Post.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, people will just go [indiscernible]

Scott Johnson The Journal is just different people. Yeah, Journal people have to have it, they got to have their fix, and they’ll pay for it [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte I pay for the Wall Street Journal. Sometimes I wonder why.

Molly Wood I pay for the Wall Street Journal, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but I…

Molly Wood And I pay for the website too. I mean I think – I do agree. I think it’s a totally different kind of content and I think that he must be bluffing or he plans to – because the problem is taking something that was free and making it for pay. The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times have been pay long enough that no one – it’s not ever – you cannot transition a free product to a pay product, you just can’t.

Leo Laporte I think you are right, I think you are right. He says the extended downturn has only increased the drumbeat for change. We’re going broke, in other words. Quality journalism is not cheap and an industry that gives away its content is simply cannibalizing its ability to produce good reporting. That’s why we give away all these podcasts. We believe in cannibalizing good reporting. The increase we’ve seen in our Wall Street Journal subscription proves to me the market is willing to pay for that quality.

Molly Wood Well, but he is assuming that it’s – that he is offering the quality. Like you – if he is going to say okay, these are the one hundred things that we are going to do to make the Sun absolutely phenomenal and so much head and shoulders better than any other subscription, any other newspaper that you will just be compelled to pay for it, then that’s one thing. But you can’t just say like, hey you know that water that used to come out of the tap, now it’s like nine times more.

Veronica Belmont Yeah.

Molly Wood But it’s the same water. Like, what? No, no.

Leo Laporte No, that’s a very good way to put it. I think you are absolutely right. You can’t back – you can’t backtrack, you can’t start – I couldn’t start charging for TWiT. Everybody would laugh at me.

Scott Johnson Isn’t Rupert around a hundred years old now anyway? I mean isn’t he about to change – the whole thing is going to change hands in the next couple of years.

Leo Laporte He doesn’t really care.

Molly Wood But there still is the open question, right, like what are they going to do? What are they going to do?

Veronica Belmont Well, what are they going to do?

Molly Wood [Indiscernible] good journalism is expensive. I mean he is right about the one thing, good journalism is expensive.

Leo Laporte Another thing Jeff was talking about yesterday – he’s – I just love his take on journalism – is that there are at least a few now, may be more than a handful, of journalism blogs that are making over 200,000 a year. These individual bloggers, it is absolutely possible to make a living as a journalist online if you do it right. Huffington Post said we are going to spend 1.2 million a year on investigative journalism.

Molly Wood Well, I guess here’s the question, right, is – actually when Murdoch says good journalism is expensive, he’s talking about the New York Times’ idea of journalism, the idea that you have to have a bureau in every country that you are sending reporters all over the world and that any other form of journalism is not good. But the fact is like maybe the distributed journalism model is how you do it and it’s actually better because you have boots on the ground that you aren’t necessarily – that aren’t outsider’s – that aren’t American’s. You have boots on the ground in Baghdad that are Iraqis.

Scott Johnson Who’s to say that isn’t better than a single organization that owns all the news which is kind of what he’s saying. That’s what he wants to be, like one guy that owns everything and that’s the only way to get quality. I call crap.

Veronica Belmont Yeah.

Scott Johnson I call crap on that.

Veronica Belmont Crap on that, yeah.

Molly Wood I crap on that. I would say that [indiscernible].

Veronica Belmont I mean I definitely – I really like good editorial and I am willing to pay for that kind of thing like I have magazines that I subscribe to because I like getting that information first before it goes online and it definitely depends, though. I don’t want to pay for just my every day news though. I don’t think that would be something that I would put money into because it’s going to trickle down through other methods eventually. I am going to see it in blogs and I am going to see reprints. So I don’t what the answer is, but I think it’s that.

Leo Laporte Well, I think what’s going to happen. No, it’s troubling because we don’t want the newspaper to go away but it is and we don’t want journalism to go away but it’s changing.

Molly Wood It is changing and it’s sort of – it is exactly like I don’t know what I want but I know it’s not you like – yeah I am stuck.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s all right. I think we are reinventing it. I think you are reinventing it. I think everybody who’s working in this space is trying very hard and cares very much about journalism, about information, about telling the truth, about integrity. I think that it will work itself out, I really do. I don’t think you are going to get in a situation where nobody’s covering this stuff.

Molly Wood Oh no, I mean I think it’s going to work itself out but I think that all lot of people are going to go out of – are going to be out of work and a lot a newspapers are going to go out of business. There is just no question that we are in the really painful period where that is kind of all that Murdoch has left. That’s the one tool he has in his box is to start charging.

Leo Laporte And it aint going to work.

Molly Wood And we’ll see if that works and if it does not work, it shuts him down. But at least some of them, I think people will probably pay for them. And those are the ones that will stick around. But it is kind of – it’s his last resort.

Leo Laporte No, I am with you on that and it is sad to see that happen and the Times and so forth. Although I think the Times, I have been very impressed with the Times’ attempt to go digital. They’re, it seems to me of all the newspapers out there, really thinking about their digital strategy. They made some good applications for reading the Times on the iPhone and online. They are doing a lot of podcasts now, they have got a, I think, a website – their website’s doing, I think, 25 million uniques a month. They are doing pretty well. I don’t know if they are making money. And I know they are losing money, but I think that they are trying to turn around.

Scott Johnson You can tell when these news organizations have somebody there who is thinking this way and you can tell the ones who don’t. That’s too bad, because they need to or they are going to be – they are totally out in the dark.

Leo Laporte Well, I want to say what a great panel you have been. Scott Johnson, I am so glad we got you on, and is his website. The new podcast is FourCast, is that dot…?

Scott Johnson It’s

Leo Laporte That’s it, but I am sure you have linked it to Don’t forget The Instance.

Scott Johnson Yeah, The Instance. If you play World of Warcraft? What are you doing? You should be listening to that show.

Leo Laporte What are you doing? What are you thinking? What is wrong with you people?

Scott Johnson Oh, and they can follow me on Twitter, I always like new friends to talk to. So –

Leo Laporte Veronica got her first name on Twitter. She is just @veronica.

Veronica Belmont Got in early.

Leo Laporte That’s how long she has been tweeting.

Leo Laporte Yeah, she’s an old timer.

Veronica Belmont I think I joined in early 2006, I think was when I got on.

Leo Laporte Early 2006?

Veronica Belmont If that makes sense, or…

Leo Laporte No, you could have, I think they –

Veronica Belmont There’s actually that thing online tells you when you joined.

Leo Laporte I think they started in April 2006 if I remember. I signed up for my first account in December 2006 but I didn’t – I looked at it and said this is stupid. And I didn’t come back until April 2007 I think is when I started.

Scott Johnson I did that too. I think we all do a little bit.

Leo Laporte Er, this is dumb.

Molly Wood I think I heard about it from Tom and Veronica and thought it sounded dumb until they finally explained it all the way, and then I was like “that’s awesome! That’s just what I want to do!”

Leo Laporte Explained it all the way, huh?

Molly Wood Yeah, they sort of. Yeah, I guess so. Maybe I wasn’t listening.

Leo Laporte Well, we had fun because you and I and Tom did that novel for a brief period of time. That was fun.

Molly Wood That was really fun.

Leo Laporte I loved doing that.

Molly Wood It turns out writing a book is lot of work. Maybe we should pick that up again.

Leo Laporte It’s still there, right?

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte It was novel140, something like that?

Molly Wood 140novel, I think, yeah.

Leo Laporte That was really fun. It got really weird.

Molly Wood It did get really weird. That’s the problem is that it got really weird and nobody knew how to pull out of it.

Veronica Belmont Ooh! I joined on the 24th of October 2006.

Leo Laporte You were very early, very early. You are like and did you use it from that day on?

Veronica Belmont I did, I did.

Leo Laporte But you were just, like, a little intern at Buzz Out Loud at the time, right? I mean you were just like a little pipsqueak?

Molly Wood A pipsqueak.

Veronica Belmont Well, no I started at CNET in 2004. So by 2006, I was an employee.

Leo Laporte Oh okay.

Veronica Belmont Yeah.

Leo Laporte I remember the first time I met Veronica, you and I were on TWiT Molly in the Apple store, remember that?

Molly Wood Yes, I do remember that.

Leo Laporte And I think Tom was on too and I don’t think Veronica was always on the show. She was still really kind of the engineer of Buzz Out Loud. And she just kind of peeked around the corner. “I am Veronica.”

Molly Wood And Leo thought...

Veronica Belmont I was intimidated.

Molly Wood That’s girl got potential...

Leo Laporte I wish I had said that, I wish I had known. But obviously she did, and Veronica’s at Tezkilla, Also on Qore on the PlayStation 3 network and where else?

Veronica Belmont Sword and Laser.

Leo Laporte Sword and Laser podcast, she does with Tom Merritt. If you are into sci-fi, it’s a sci-fi book club of the internet.

Veronica Belmont Yeah, we are doing a live show at DragonCon this year in September I get to wear a wig.

Leo Laporte Oh, fun!

Veronica Belmont That’s going to be really, really fun down in Atlanta, Georgia.

Leo Laporte Oh great.

Veronica Belmont So I am really looking forward to that and I am also doing a live RiffTrax – I am hosting a live RiffTrax event on – in movie theatres on August 20th in like 400 theatres around the country. They’re going to – the guys from Mystery Science Theatre are doing a live RiffTrax performance in theatres. It’s going to be simultaneously cast throughout the country.

Leo Laporte You know what the movie will be?

Veronica Belmont It’s Plan 9.

Scott Johnson Ooh! Awesome!

Leo Laporte Of course. The original and so they are going to show Plan 9...

Veronica Belmont They’re showing the whole thing, too.

Leo Laporte He is?

Veronica Belmont Yeah.

Leo Laporte So they are going to show Plan 9 and then will they have the guys in the theatre seats in the front row with their album?

Veronica Belmont I don’t know, no they don’t do that and it’s not like that because they’re RiffTrax now, they are not Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Leo Laporte They are not Mystery Science Theatre anymore, yeah.

Veronica Belmont But it’s going to be really, really fun. So if they are still tickets available in your area, check it out.

Leo Laporte I didn’t know about that. Is there a website?

Veronica Belmont I think it’s [indiscernible] events.

Leo Laporte Just go to RiffTrax.

Veronica Belmont Oh, it’s on my blog too. I have posted about it recently,

Leo Laporte Oh, that is awesome. If you go there they actually have Thursday, August 20 a one night event in movie theatres nationwide, that’s cool. So you can – actually that’s the wrong page, there is. So you can – I’ve frozen the TriCaster. Press the button, press the button, aaargh!

Molly Wood There we all are, there we are.

Leo Laporte Go to the RiffTrax site. It has been acting funky today, I don’t know. It’s because you are on. There we go,, Plan 9 from Outer Space, the worst movie ever made. And funniest.

Scott Johnson And therefore best because it’s awesome.

Leo Laporte And therefore best, yes.

Molly Wood Yes.

Leo Laporte Molly Wood is soon to be a lawyer in a courtroom near you.

Molly Wood That’s right, watch out patent squatters and would be intellectual property...

Leo Laporte Things.

Molly Wood Dictator types, bad guys.

Leo Laporte People.

Molly Wood That’s right.

Leo Laporte And, so what are you doing?

Molly Wood I am going crazy on the Buzz Report lately. I am trying to turn that into the total Daily Show of Tech news and really double that on that. I am still doing Buzz Out Loud twice a week. I do the Mailbag show which is all just reader feedback and making fun of grammar.

Leo Laporte That’s a fun show, I like that.

Molly Wood Which is, that’s like my goof off show.

Leo Laporte That’s the show you should be on, yeah.

Molly Wood And then my other goof off show is Gadgettes which is two women and then Jason Howell the producer of Buzz Out Aloud talking about gadgets in really frankly ways you would not expect. Like we have a whole segment all about vibrators.

Scott Johnson That show was great.

Molly Wood Yeah, for a whole other Molly.

Leo Laporte Oh dear.

Scott Johnson There is nothing wrong with that show, that show is awesome, I love it.

Molly Wood That’s the not at all lawyer type Molly where we, we make fun...

Veronica Belmont You are going to give Leo an aneurysm.

Leo Laporte I’m going to go plotz but you are not – you have nothing to do with the Molly Wood parrot rescue and sanctuary.

Molly Wood I don’t, not yet. I think I might have to get involved though and lend my name to them. I did finally after a protracted battle, I have finally won the rights to

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood So that’s very exciting and then

Leo Laporte So that somebody else had

Molly Wood Yeah, well I made a joke about them rolling out their new personalized URL systems on the Buzz Report and I said, “yeah, don’t take that name because it’s mine” and that’s the big problem with the personalized URLs. And then this kid squatted it and sent me a note that was like, “I did that because you said not to.” And I am sorry to say I unleashed the internet on him.

Leo Laporte Yay. Wapped him upside the head a little bit; that’s good.

Molly Wood And I filed an intellectual property complaint at Facebook and it worked.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Molly Wood Ironically enough.

Leo Laporte Now we had a group on the show, by the way I want to mention this on the FLOSS Weekly show called Open Source Maps and they said that they want me to mention this on TWiT and everybody should go help them. You have seen Google Maps and Yahoo Maps. The problem with Google Maps and Yahoo Maps is they use commercial mapping services. They are very limited on what you could do. A lot of iPhone apps don’t use those because they are limited.

So is the site where they are creating like Wikipedia and they have done an amazing job creating street maps with the help of people with GPSes and so forth. So they wanted me to give a plug to Open Street Maps and invite people who would like to volunteer to help them out to go to And if you look at the wiki it will tell you how you can help out. If you have got a GPS or even if you just, check your area and want to name some streets it’s actually quite amazing.

They have really built an amazing series of maps and it’s very complete but they sure could use some help. Open and they wanted me to give it a plug. So I’m giving them a little free PSA, Molly Wood, Veronica Belmont, Scott what his name, thank you so much for being here.

It has been a lot of fun and we will see you soon, okay.

Molly Wood Yeah, absolutely. Thanks, Leo.

Scott Johnson Thanks.

Veronica Belmont Thank you.

Leo Laporte Great. Take care everybody. Another TWiT is in the can.

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