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Episode 210


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Leo Laporte This is TWiT, sound effects provided by Mr. John C. Dvorak at Today, he is going to be in-charge. Are you our [ph] folly artist, John? Now folks if you didn’t see that, what did that sound like? It sounded like John stepping on a duck.

Tom Merritt Oh I saw it, [ph] now I can’t figure it out.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Roger Chang Laughing gas.

Leo Laporte Okay, we got the other voices in now. It’s Tom Merritt from CNET’s Buzz Out Loud. Hey Tom.

Tom Merritt Hey Leo.

Leo Laporte Also here, Roger Chang, from

Roger Chang and HD Nation.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, HD Nation with our friend Robert Heron.

Roger Chang Robert Heron.

Leo Laporte And Patrick is on that too?

Roger Chang Patrick, Robert on HD Nation and Patrick and Veronica on Tekzilla.

Leo Laporte All at

Roger Chang Yes.

Leo Laporte And, of course, Roger and Tom do a show called…

Tom Merritt East Meets West.

Leo Laporte …East Meets West.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Roger Chang Yes.

Leo Laporte And Roger plays East and you play West.

Tom Merritt Or I play East because I’m from out east and Roger plays West because he is from California.

Leo Laporte He is from Modesto.

Tom Merritt We can switch it up.

Roger Chang Yes actually I’m from from San Francisco but I’ve lived in Modesto for seven years.

Leo Laporte So it’s very – so we want to welcome that show to the TWiT Network. You’re going to start producing that live on TWiT right after – on the network right after this WEEK in TECH.

Tom Merritt That’s right.

Roger Chang Yes.

Leo Laporte Every Sunday at 5 0’clock start watching.

Tom Merritt And the audio podcast will still be available at

Leo Laporte We’re not taking that over. You still own the audio, we just – you still own the show, we just want to help you produce it and have some extra content on the [ph] street.

Tom Merritt We got such good feedback when I did it [ph] that week already gone.

Leo Laporte You did it already once. Yeah.

Tom Merritt That we thought, hey let’s make a regular thing in this.

Leo Laporte That’s a great idea. I’m so glad. Thank you for letting us…

Tom Merritt Well, thank you.

Leo Laporte …broadcast it. We’re just – eventually like to get to there something on the network live all the time, I don’t think that’s going to happen but we’ll…

Roger Chang Have you thought of setting up a bird feeder.

Leo Laporte You know it’s really depressing if you go to USTREAM, we’re on USTREAM many, many streams, many millions of people have watched us on USTREAM but the [ph] shaboomie puppies beat us. Like, I don’t even know what they are but they are cute puppies.

Tom Merritt You just need to have some puppies.

Leo Laporte I need puppies.

Roger Chang You need puppies surrounding you.

Leo Laporte Puppy video. John, how of you’ve been these days? Everything going well for you?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, keeping busy. The weather’s been fantastic.

Leo Laporte Nice and hot.

John C. Dvorak Except till today. And, I don’t know, what else?

Leo Laporte That’s it. I just asking. I didn’t really want to know.

John C. Dvorak I know you don’t. Go and as you continue the show I’ll go slam the phone off.

Leo Laporte Okay, get the phone off while we talk about, I guess, we should start with Snow Leopard. Big release of a new operating system. I’m like in calling it Snow Job because I have to say, it don’t feel like the release of a brand new operating system at all.

Roger Chang Doesn’t even really feel like an update, but I mean…

Leo Laporte It doesn’t. They say it’s all – well it’s all under the hood. So is the Emperor’s new clothes.

Roger Chang I noticed initially when I started it up, it did like peg my activity meter like 75% for like 30 seconds for some reason. But it settled down so it runs just like it did before I installed.

Leo Laporte So here’s my favorite Easter egg and I guess it is documented but if you hold when you boot into Snow Leopard, if you hold the 6 and the 4 key…

Roger Chang Yep.

Leo Laporte …it will boot in the 64-bit mode.

Roger Chang Not on my machine.

Leo Laporte Because you have an old machine.

Roger Chang Yes. There is actually like a set list of five machines that will boot into 64-bit mode and it’s the most ridiculous thing ever, it’s – first it was because you know people might be running a Core Duo and say Core 2 Duo, so you had no 64-bit registers and then there was down to the 32-bit, [ph] you’ve five.

Tom Merritt Shouldn’t it be a setting instead of an Easter egg. Like, I would like to run in the 64-bit.

Leo Laporte This 64-bit OS by default boots in the 32-bit.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte Which really underscores the point that 64-bit is silly anyway, it’s – nobody really needs this. If you want more than 4 gigs of RAM that’s about it, right?

Roger Chang Pretty much. And I mean you know, my MacBook is [ph] settled with the old Intel chips, I think the 945 that does not allow the machine to see anything past 3 gigs because of the microcontroller.

Leo Laporte Anyway, anyway.

Roger Chang So I have 4 gigs installed, OS X says I have 4 gigs, if I go to the Activity Meter the RAM usage only starts out at 3 gigs. It’s – I don’t know, 30 bucks went to Apple.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I mean, it’s 30 bucks. If they had chargeg 129, I can see people would be really upset.

Tom Merritt It’s the price of six pints of Guinness roughly.

Leo Laporte When you put it that way it seems a little expensive. A little pricy….

Tom Merritt One evening’s.

Leo Laporte If Microsoft had done this, how [ph] howls of protest and pain. Actually they did, it was called Windows ME.

Tom Merritt Yeah, pretty much, I mean, there is Windows ME is a good example. Right. Because it doesn’t have that much of a graphical improvement, supposedly there is a lot going on behind – under the hood, I think there is more performance improvement going on under the hood with Snow Leopard than there was with ME, but there is a raging debate in the Buzz Out Loud crowd about whether that should just be called a service pack. I think it’s more than a service pack and I think it’s appropriately priced.

Leo Laporte Here’s what bugs me. Here’s what bugs me. It feels like Apple had a lot of improvements, they held back over the last two years, minor little things in the system preference pane, you know, 512 by 512 icons, got to have that. They did some really nice stuff with the assistive technologies, [ph] some of my blind friends are saying much improved but these are all things if you ask me that they could have been releasing over the last two years, somebody somewhere wrote a memo saying, let’s just hold these back and we’ll release it all on a disc and we’ll call it a new version. To me, this is marketing. This is about Apple having something to counter Windows 7 a month earlier. I just don’t think this is a new operating system or even – it’s barely anything at all.

Roger Chang Wasn’t it supposed to [ph] integrate ZFS that…

Leo Laporte This is what really pisses me off, not only they pulled it out, they pulled it out a server also they’re not going to do ZFS.

Roger Chang It is basically what Microsoft did with Vista when they –

Leo Laporte With WinFS.

Roger Chang Yeah, WinFS so it’s like you’re touting all these new engineering benefits and progress and then you take it out at the last minute because either; A, it’s not stable. B, has conflicts. Or C, it’s just – has way too much overhead for what they want. So, I don’t know, it seems one of those things where Apple it does really seem like they’re trying to get mind share right before the release of Windows 7.

Tom Merritt That may be I think part of the reason they’re doing this, though, is to get off of the power PC legacy support, I think that’s the biggest advantage you get from Snow Leopard is getting some of you disc space back. I’ve heard people getting up to 20 gigabytes of disc space.

Leo Laporte Now a lot of that is print drivers.

Roger Chang Yeah, and that’s the thing as when you – when I install OS X, I always selectively installed, I don’t do the multi-language and…

Leo Laporte That saves gigabytes right there.

Roger Chang Right there.

Leo Laporte So in a way, it’s a company saying, we were installing too much stuff so we were going to install less stuff. Ooh it’s an upgrade.

Tom Merritt And there’s some legacy [ph] code gone too.

Roger Chang I don’t know I’ve saw a bigger jump from tiger to leopard.

Leo Laporte Oh it’s much bigger. So the Buzz Out – this is interesting, the Buzz Out Loud crowd is also the same, it’s a little pushback from…

Tom Merritt Yeah, there’s a good debate over it– my opinion is this is appropriately priced. I think it is more than a service pack here but it is not a full operating system jump and so they charged 30 bucks for it. You could make an argue it should have been 15 or 10 or something like that but I think they…

Leo Laporte 30 bucks isn’t a lot of money.

Tom Merritt …I think they’ve got something there to charge for it. [ph] Molly opposite she thinks it’s a service pack.

Leo Laporte Oh she hates Mac.

Tom Merritt [ph] Yeah she does there’s that but yeah and a lot of the listeners agree that, hey – like you were saying earlier, they shouldn’t just be releasing this over time anyway.

Leo Laporte That’s what kind of bugs me is that they maybe were abusing us a little bit by not releasing these fixes over time, there’s a kernel patch in here that it’s been a bug, a major overflow bug, security flaw for something like four years that they finally put into this. It’s stuff like that – come ‘on Apple just release this stuff as you come up with it, you don’t have to hold on to it.

Roger Chang You know if you were a cynic you could say that Apple’s basically testing the waters to see if the public will accept the low-cost or relatively low-cost incremental OS X update and they kind of see that as they continually seed out new versions of OS X on like annual basis, so it costs only 30 bucks, upgrade today.

Leo Laporte Well, they’ve been doing every other year they’ve been 129 bucks and they’re doing fine.

Roger Chang So, maybe they actually want to get off the hardware train and just want to start pushing…

Tom Merritt Oh I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Leo Laporte David Pogue said that anybody who doesn’t like Snow Leopard is, what did he call them…

Tom Merritt A jerk.

Leo Laporte A jerk.

Tom Merritt No, he didn’t say that.

Leo Laporte No, he said a hater.

Tom Merritt A Hater.

Roger Chang A Hater.

Leo Laporte He said anybody who says Snow Leopard is just a – he said there are haters who will say Snow Leopard is just a service pack. I say I don’t know what he said [ph] fyant.

Roger Chang I don’t know, I’m not a hater I’m kind of like [ph] he.

Leo Laporte I think that these guys…

John C. Dvorak Why’s he saying this in the first place.

Leo Laporte I think that Mossberg and Pogue really over-hype this. And I think really what I’d like to say is…

John C. Dvorak That’s why.

Leo Laporte I’d like to say is that this is fine but please don’t rush, don’t get in line, don’t worry – I wouldn’t even get in now because there are compatibility issues and you’re not going to see any real benefit to this until somebody writes software that takes advantage of grand central station, or whatever the hell its called.

Tom Merritt I put the developers version on one of my Mac – on one of my older Mac laptops just to try it out, but I didn’t want to put it on my main one and I pre-ordered from Amazon which kind of is a mistake because I don’t get it until Tuesday now where I could have just gone to their store but I don’t really care because it’s like, yeah, I’ll get it when I get it…

Leo Laporte There’s no hurry.

Tom Merritt …and then I’ll upgrade.

Leo Laporte And that’s the message I’d like to say there’s no hurry. So John, you have any opinion on this or just completely [indiscernible].

John C. Dvorak Well I would like to know, no one has explained with any alacrity why are there compatibility problems with versions for example of Photoshop, I mean what is changed in the kernel that has resulted in compatibility issues…

Leo Laporte Apple’s explanation as I understand is that well, there are tools that used unapproved API calls, things we warned them not to use, we took those out so you’re going to see. Let them almost all these programs like SuperDuper and so forth are being updated right away. I think you could just wait, get Snow Leopard when you get a new machine.

John C. Dvorak They’re not going to upgrade CS2.

Leo Laporte Well this is a – this is a good question, Adobe is using this as an excuse to move people off of CS2 and 3 saying, well we’re only going to guarantee support in CS4. But apparently from – I’ve heard a few people say, no CS3 works fine, it’s just that Adobe is not going to make any effort to support. But I think this is Adobe using – just saying, wow, cool, great we finally get the CS2 people to buy a copy of CS4.

Roger Chang Yeah, CS3 – there’s a great Wikidot – where they…

Leo Laporte They have the whole compatibility.

Roger Chang …reporting all of the compatibility issues on everything. CS2 has probably got problems under Rosetta, as you would expect. CS3 has got minor bugs in Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and I think that’s what we’re hearing about.

Tom Merritt It’s all the Photoshop stuff.

Leo Laporte Yeah. And if you need Exchange, if you want to use Apple Mail with Exchange, it’s a big upgrade, it’s probably worth 30 bucks.

Roger Chang Get your company to upgrade their Exchange Servers.

Leo Laporte Get off of Exchange.

Roger Chang Yeah.

Leo Laporte I just think it’s got a – there are a few specialty markets [ph] area that want Snow Leopard. But for most people they should just be aware don’t run out, this is not what you call it typical OS upgrade. Don’t run out and get it, there is no hurry.

Roger Chang I wouldn’t put it past Apple to start putting out some things that kind of encourage you…

Leo Laporte Oh yeah.

Roger Chang …to upgrade.

Leo Laporte It’s only 30 bucks. I mean, look, I have – I bought 10 licenses.

Roger Chang Yeah, didn’t you buy two of the family packs.

Leo Laporte I bought two family packs. It’s cheap – it’s under – it was 8 and 43 bucks on Amazon, so it’s – under 86 bucks I get 10 licenses, it’s cheap.

Roger Chang That’s the thing. If you run into any reason to get it, get it, it’ cheap. But like you say, don’t be in a big hurry. I mean, the QuickTime stuff is kind of interesting, how much was QuickTime Pro in the past like 20 bucks…

Leo Laporte 30 bucks. But you lose QuickTime Pro. Like a Pro…

Roger Chang …you don’t get Pro but you get the new QuickTime.

Leo Laporte Which is not Pro, it’s much less than Pro.

Roger Chang It actually replaces Pro if you have Pro.

Leo Laporte QuickTime X has a lot of missing features, if you are…

John C. Dvorak When do we ever to get to the point where we say that that an upgrade that probably should be free and is 30 dollars is actually quote on quote, “Cheap”

Tom Merritt I think there’s more in here than would need to…

John C. Dvorak I am just wondering.

Roger Chang So you’re talking about QuickTime 7?

John C. Dvorak X.

Leo Laporte Yeah, 7 – is a optional install, it’s still on the disc and you can’t install it, they want you to use X which doesn’t do as much as Pro does. I think they’re going to still sell Pro, you can still upgrade 7 to Pro.

Roger Chang Well I still have final kit on here so I can’t really get rid of Pro.

Leo Laporte You need it.

Roger Chang I need it to export video.

Leo Laporte Exactly. It’s a strange thing they did with that and I’m not really quite understand that.

Roger Chang Very bizarre.

Leo Laporte I’m going to do MacBreak on Tuesday and all the fanboys on Mac are going to yell at me. I just – to me, it’s like, okay Apple didn’t – in their defense didn’t say, it’s the greatest new thing ever happen.

Tom Merritt Exactly.

Leo Laporte Just seems like – it seems like this is less.

Roger Chang It’s less. Well maybe because Windows 7 is considered such the hype. Especially…

Leo Laporte I think this is a marketing – more marketing than anything else, I think they said, where we’ve got something to respond to Windows 7, guys hold back any improvements you want to make we’re not going to push them out as an update we’re going to do it as a, quote, “Polish of Leopard” this is our response to Windows 7. I think this is driven by marketing not by technology, and that’s what I don’t like about it. That’s really I think…

John C. Dvorak You are a hater.

Leo Laporte I’m a hater. I am a hater, come and get me David Pogue.

John C. Dvorak You’re an hater.

Roger Chang Are you going to start just taking all your Macs surrounding…

Leo Laporte No, no I love my Macs but I have to say I did upgrade, I did, no I upgraded this Mac in front of me to Snow Leopard and one of my absolute critical drivers wouldn’t work. So I am – its’ back down to Leopard. And I’m kind of mad at myself for falling for the – you know the hype. Anyway it’s not that big a story I just – I thought I’d start with that so that we can get that out of the way.

And now a story for John. The Kennedy family is using Twitter to update people on the funeral. They started a Twitter account, KennedyNews@KennedyNews in which you can follow the visual and the whole thing. Isn’t that exciting.

Tom Merritt It’s a kind of creepy, but sure...

John C. Dvorak So it is terribly creepy.

Tom Merritt No, it’s – you’ve taken a very solemn ceremony and you’ve kind of.

Leo Laporte We’re tweeting.

Tom Merritt Yeah. Oh hold on, don’t move the casket too quick.

Leo Laporte I am going to Tweet it. And it’s got a nice picture of Teddy. It’s really – they called it KennedyNews but really they could have called it like the Kennedy Wake.

Tom Merritt Yeah, I mean I have seen worst things on Twitter [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte Oh yeah.

Tom Merritt This is probably some aid who is hired to just kind of update, it’s like a live blogging.

Roger Chang [Indiscernible] buyers have picked up casket.

Tom Merritt Why not a live blog of funeral.

Leo Laporte It’s a verified account. I am not a verified account.

John C. Dvorak I am not a verified account either and I have begged them to give me a verification account but they won’t do it.

Leo Laporte The dead Kennedy is a verified account. Is this [ph] J Lo [indiscernible] really running this?

Tom Merritt Yeah I was wondering about that.

Leo Laporte All right, enough of that.

Tom Merritt Nazi punks.

Leo Laporte You know – will [ph] J Lo come back with the band.

Tom Merritt No I guess not

Leo Laporte You say it’s not going to happen

Tom Merritt It’s not going to happen.

Leo Laporte It’s not in the cards. I am sorry, I am so bad today. FTC is banning robocalls unless it’s a robocall that really bugs you.

Roger Chang Except they aren’t.

Leo Laporte That they’re going to keep. Tom which one is – so there’s, I will give you the good news first.

Tom Merritt Yeah, yeah give me the good news.

Leo Laporte FTC Chairman, Jon Leibowitz said American consumers have, quote, “Made it crystal clear that few things annoy them more than the billions of commercial telemarketing robocalls they receive every year. From now on, starting September 1st, violators of the new robocall prohibition will pay penalties of $16,000 per call unless you’re in one of the exempt categories. What are those exempt categories?

Tom Merritt Well, they said the exceptions start out pretty good, right? If somebody is not trying to sell goods but maybe providing information like flight cancellations, their delivery, those are allowed and I want those.

Leo Laporte That’s okay.

Tom Merritt Notices from debt collectors, however, are also given an exception. I guess there’s an argument for that. Other calls not covered…

John C. Dvorak No, it is not.

Tom Merritt …include politicians what charity is to contact consumers directly...

Leo Laporte What?

Tom Merritt …banks, insurers, phone companies, survey calls and certain healthcare messages.

Leo Laporte What?

Tom Merritt That’s pretty much all of the people that call me already.

Leo Laporte You know who can’t call me? My elementary school can no longer call me. That’s it!

Tom Merritt I can’t think of any robocall I’ve ever gotten that doesn’t fall in one of the exceptions.

Roger Chang You know – I – that’s a thing is robocalls are great if you need to spread, like for example school – like ah, school is closed today, keep your kids at home. You don’t what to pay someone – 12 bucks an hour to call people, just have a machine do it.

Leo Laporte Has anybody – John you must have registered on the Do Not Call Registry. Did you – have you registered on that?

John C. Dvorak Absolutely.

Leo Laporte Does that work?

Roger Chang No, I have and I…

John C. Dvorak No, yeah the robocall still come through. The robocall that I get over and over and over and over and over and over and over again is from some carpet cleaning company.

Tom Merritt Does anyone get the one where it says; your car warranty [multiple speakers] – that’s what this is targeting.

John C. Dvorak Oh that’s a scam, that’s just an out and out fraud, that car warranty one.

Leo Laporte They take your credit card and charge it up [indiscernible] and you get nothing. But that one, they’re already going after. They prosecuted that guy.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte But you’re right. This – that would be banned.

Tom Merritt That would be banned even though it was already illegal because that would be fraud.

Leo Laporte That sounds…

Tom Merritt That one is out of business. Oh, too late.

Leo Laporte Consumers already on the National Do Not Call Registry should not be getting live and pre-recorded telemarking calls.

Roger Chang But I do.

John C. Dvorak I do.

Tom Merritt The ones that do business with the company so your bank can call you, your cable company can call you.

Roger Chang Yeah but that's – that’s not the people that are annoying me.

Leo Laporte Did you ever get your carpet cleaned by this company at any time, John?

John C. Dvorak No, why would I want to do that. I always tell people, of course this is a robocall, but anyone who calls me trying to sell me something, I just say I don’t accept phone solicitations for anything. I don’t know them from Adam.

Leo Laporte My wife is a sucker for these. She got – there’s a charity. Any charity that has the word police in it, she would give them money. And they all…

John C. Dvorak I have – I have – yeah, the police – I used to work in a boiler room for a summer.

Leo Laporte Really?

Roger Chang Wow.

John C. Dvorak And yeah, I actually had…

Leo Laporte Well you were young, you needed the money.

John C. Dvorak …the number one best sales for one day and I realized that it was just random numbers. And I just got to see a bunch of scams from both sides. There were people that scam the boiler room so...

Leo Laporte Oh really.

John C. Dvorak Oh, yeah.

Leo Laporte Oh I’d like to know how to do that.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you do that by ordering something and then when you – then when they bring it over, you keep – somehow you get the receipt, but then you send the product back and you end up keeping the receipt and you stick the government for it. And that guy that was running the place, yeah, yeah these guys every year. And it’s the one company in Oakland. They do that every year.

Leo Laporte But he makes enough money,so it’s okay. It’s the cost of doing business.

John C. Dvorak It’s like [ph] very painful.

Leo Laporte So this is something like California Police Youth Charity. I think it’s…

John C. Dvorak But this was – the one I was working for – the one of the things they did was one of this phoney-baloney basketball game for the police department, some crap. And you know the thing is it’s hard that you don’t really know what the deal is, but when somebody calls me I am always flabbergasted and I go – oh! my wife just got that call on the other line.

Leo Laporte That works?

John C. Dvorak And the guy goes, oh I am sorry – they either go, oh I am sorry sir, and they hang up, ah well what was the disposition? I say, I don’t know, you‘ll have to talk to her. And it was [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte Call her.

John C. Dvorak But it gets them off that – that the – the script that they have.

Leo Laporte That’s the key. Get them off the script.

Roger Chang I usually like the police.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] skip the jump.

Leo Laporte Do you hate children? Skip jumpers, yeah they’re using COBOL.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible].

Leo Laporte What is this skip? What was that line skip – skip?

John C. Dvorak Skip jump, jump skip or something like that, some crazy thing.

Leo Laporte So I looked it up, so my wife pledged money to them right and I looked it up. And they are being sued by the Sate of California for fraud. Not a kind of fraud for pocketing a significant percentage of the funds.

Roger Chang So in other words they are non-profit.

Leo Laporte Yes, they are. They won’t say exactly what percentage goes to helping kids play basketball against the police or whatever is they’re.

Roger Chang Playing basketball against [ph] some crazy. I used to get one felicitation from the Sheriff’s Department for rodeos and stuff.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes. If it’s the actual Sheriff I’ll give him money I don’t mind because maybe they won’t arrest me. But – what is the deal, John, you would know this. In California you see these license plates they say, CHP411 Founder, whatever it is foundation.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte And the scam – and supposedly the scam is you pay these guys a lot of money and you never get a ticket again.

John C. Dvorak Yes, I doubt it. I mean, I know in Texas they have a little sticker that you get and you put on your car window right near the window so the cop sees it when you come in there. The only – the way, generally you are not going to get out of a ticket no matter what they tell you unless you are – unless you are part of the – unless you are an ex-policeman and you are actually contributing to some retirement fund.

Now, there is – there are different ways to getting out of tickets with certain kinds of things you can get from the cops. Courtesy badges are one way of doing it. And – but generally speaking….

Leo Laporte A courtesy badge?

John C. Dvorak Yes, there is this little miniature badges, they are about like an inch size and they are usually exact copies of a real badge ….

Leo Laport And it fits right in the wallet conveniently, that fits in a driver’s license.

John C. Dvorak Goes in the wallet and they are from all over the country and ….

Leo Laporte Sounds like you know a lot about this.

Roger Chang Sound like a mason kind of ….

John C. Dvorak You know – I got one of those courtesy badges form [ph] Luke Rider I had the one from the – he had the badge from the DA’s. In fact he still has his badge from the New York, Queen’s District Attorney’s Office.

Leo Laporte Is it like you get out a jail free card?

John C. Dvorak It’s pretty much the same thing. I used it once. I don’t get pulled over much because I drive like an old lady. But – and so mainly because I got a speeding ticket doing 100 or something. So now I drive an old lady. But I pushed the button on the cruise control now because I don’t like to get another ticket. Because this is painful, you have to go through traffic school, it’s ridiculous.

Leo Laporte I know.

Tom Merritt I did that recently.

Leo Laporte No good.

John C. Dvorak But I [ph] did have my little courtesy badge with me. I did have it while I was pulled-over in Los Angeles once. And I showed him – pulled out the wallet, you kind of make clear that you got this little courtesy thing and then they grill you. You have to able to answer some questions.

Leo Laport I’d throw the book at somebody who tried to do that.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] do it with the badge and what is that doing there, who did you and all this stuff.

Leo Laporte I’d throw the book at him.

Tom Merritt What is your quest?

Leo Laporte What – are you trying to bribe me?

[Multiple speakers]

John C. Dvorak When I was working for the air pollution [ph] district we had a lot of during the era when they had cops working there, pulling people for their cars smoking too much. And all of them are ex-cops and they had these little badges in their wallets and the story I got which was kind of interesting is one of the guys who was a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department guy and he had a little courtesy badge in his wallet and he got pulled over the by Highway Patrol. And the guy laughed at him when he showed him the badge.

And it turns out with the California Highway Patrol specifically unless you have a California Highway Patrol Courtesy Badge and you had worked there before they won’t pay attention to this.

Leo Laporte You have to have to right badge.

Roger Chang And you need the right hand shake.

Tom Merritt Even when I was doing – when I was doing search and rescue stuff there was …

John C. Dvorak Court jester!

Tom Merritt ……a sticker you could get from the Sheriff’s Department and they said this will not get you out of tickets. Don’t speed. You might get somebody let you off with a warning because they are feeling nice that day, but it’s no different than any other traffic [indiscernible]

Roger Chang You can’t show – you can’t buy like your way out of …..

Leo Laporte I hope not, I would….

John C. Dvorak You can’t introduce ……

Roger Chang [Indiscernible] friend. I just – oh yeah, you can’t well yeah you are not suppose to….

John C. Dvorak You can in Chicago.

Leo Laporte My name is Daly, what do you say in Chicago?

John C. Dvorak In Chicago the trick is if anybody wants to know not that I study this stuff but the old trick in Chicago and I think it changes to make sure that they keep only the locals aware of how you are suppose to do this, but …

Leo Laporte So don’t use this technique because they will change it tomorrow because you tell them…..

John C. Dvorak Because the old trick in Chicago according to everybody I know is you keep your – this is ridiculous that it even works, I have never tried it and I wouldn’t do it. And I don’t recommend it. But you have your driver’s licenses in a …..

Leo Laporte Just wrapped up in a $100 bill, okay.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it’s in a holder and behind your driver’s license is a folded up 100 or a 50 I think, you can probably get away with. And the cop asks for your driver’s license and you pull out this little holder – completely and you give it to the cop. The cop turns around – supposedly the cop will turn around and look at the license and then he’ll give it back to you and then the 100 will be gone and …..

Leo Laporte That’s how it is in Mexico. That works in Mexico.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know that this works. I have never tried it but I’ve had more than a few locals tell me that this is what you do.

Leo Laporte I wouldn’t do it. If I were a cop and ….

Tom Merritt It’s a pretty low risk way though because at the worst they are going to turn around and go why did you put this in here and say oh I am sorry sir, I didn’t realize it was in there.

John C. Dvorak I didn’t put it in there, I didn’t put it in front of him.

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak No, it’s a very low risk trick.

Leo Laporte I’d be pissed. I would double the ticket. I don’t like it.

John C. Dvorak I did get pulled over once, I didn’t know trick, but I got pulled over once. I was rushing to the airport and it was really funny because the cop pulled me over and I think he expected something – but then he realized I was in rental car from California and he brushed me off as fast as he could to get rid off me.

Leo Laporte Why?

John C. Dvorak Because he would need to go find somebody who had the $100 in the back of the thing. I was just a loser, you know, I didn’t know what I was doing.

Leo Laporte You don’t know how t o bribe me? Go on get out of here. You do not know how to pay bribe.

Roger Chang It’s kind of an expensive bribe, see I think in Mexico you could get away with a cheaper like 20 bucks.

Leo Laporte My wife was arrested when she was younger. She was backing her car, she lived in Guadalajara. She was backing the car out of the driveway and a guy on a motorcycle ran into her. And she said the rule is whoever bleeds was the victim so he cut himself or something. So they came – the cops come and they get in the car with her and say drive to jail because they don’t have a car.

So they drive to the jail, so she drives herself in her car to the jail. They put her in jail and her friends came with a fifth of whisky and that was it.

Roger Chang It’s all good between friends and ….

John C. Dvorak The fifth of whisky got her out?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Tom Merritt That’s pretty cheap.

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak Well she shouldn’t have been to jail in the first place.

Roger Chang I wonder if I can get by with Otter Pops.

Leo Laporte That depends on how hot it is Otter Pops.

Roger Chang Whatever flavor you want.

Leo Laporte I got a whisky flavored Otter Pops. But she says now she has got a record and she is like very proud of that. They gave her – they actually – oh no, that was another time.

Tom Merritt She had done times.

Leo Laporte That was the other time she got arrested.

John C. Dvorak How often does your wife get arrested?

Leo Laporte Well, she’s got two strikes now.

Roger Chang Just in the State of California or just in general?

Leo Laporte Yeah one was in California, one was in Mexico. I probably shouldn’t be talking about this.

Tom Merritt Was the one in California…..

John C. Dvorak You’ll all be hearing about it later tonight.

Tom Merritt As a matter of public [ph] grind.

John C. Dvorak You might as well work overtime tonight, Leo.

Leo Laporte I am not going home tonight. I‘ll sleep here on the TWiT Cottage. It was in Plumas County, I think. She wants to go up there and got her mug shot. She thinks it’s going to be nice to have your mug shot.

Roger Chang You should be able to have you own mug shot.

Leo Laporte You should have your mug shot.

Roger Chang You can do it at home.

Tom Merritt You can get your file from the FBI, why can’t you get your mug shot?

Leo Laporte She says she was waiting in line once at the cops – some lady comes up, I want my mug shot. So she’s gotten it out, she’s gotten it in her head that you can do that. You can go up and demand your mug shot.

All right, we are going to take a break. I’ll call my wife and see if I have still got a place to live.

John C. Dvorak Tell her the show is no good, not to listen to it.

Leo Laporte No, you know what’s bit funny I don’t have to ever worry about that. She’s never once listened not only to TWiT but to any show.

Tom Merritt Until today.

Leo Laporte Yeah, this would be the one she would listen to. She is probably watching live today for the first time ever. She said I went over to a neighbor’s house, and I wanted to watch the show so I went to and there is a naked woman’s butt on there. I said what, where did you go, I said I don’t own the live domain, I don’t know where you went but that’s not dot tv.

John C. Dvorak What was that again, Leo? Let me just check it out.

Leo Laporte Don’t go to I said it will happen. The same thing will happen if put, it has nothing to do with me, but she still blames me for that. She thinks I have got – she thinks I am putting porn on the air.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, she would be driving a better car if you was.

Leo Laporte Yeah she’d be driving a much nicer car exactly.

Tom Merritt And a much more interesting set of friends.

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Moving right along, you were saying there were a number of studies this week that said only kids, only adults use Twitter. Kids don’t like the Twitter. It’s…but you’re saying that was a mistake.

Tom Merritt Yeah there was a bunch of them and now this guy Jeff Cook on TechCrunch says actually we are not looking at the data very closely. In fact, the problem is nobody is looking at the data of the people over 17. He says we recently ran a survey of 10,000 plus U.S. teens, they…

Leo Laporte 10,000 teenagers.

Tom Merritt Yeah to see if we could add anything new to the question. It turns out the question is flawed. Reasons given for the alleged version have ranged from condescending because they have nothing to say to because it doesn’t feel safe, because they can’t afford it. All these reasons are predicated on the widely accepted notions that teens don’t tweet but the fact of the matter is we haven’t figured that people above 17 also don’t post on Twitter.

Leo Laporte Nobody twits TWiTs. Someone said TWiT is worth $15 billion.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte Nobody twits.

Tom Merritt And Facebook is only 9% teen while Twitter is 11% teen. So actually Twitter has more teens on it than Facebook.

Roger Chang Hey that’s the zombie from that game.

Leo Laporte John, John’s dancing it. Oh is that – oh I know which game you are talking about? Yeah, I love that game.

Roger Chang The voodoo, voodoo something. You play basically, play a voodoo doll. Perhaps it’s true.

Leo Laporte What is that from, John?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I was hoping you guys would tell me.

Roger Chang Voodoo something Xbox.

Tom Merritt The point of this whole story is, all of these Xbox stories, it’s all bunked.

Leo Laporte It’s all bunked, it’s all hype.

John C. Dvorak What Twitter story, what did I miss?

Roger Chang Voodoo Vince.

Leo Laporte Oh, you know, the story that people – that teens don’t twit. It turns out that they do TWiT.

Tom Merritt There is a higher concentration of teens on Twitter than on Facebook.

John C. Dvorak I think that’s a lie.

Leo Laporte The problem is nobody twits. That there’re these million of people who have accounts but nobody twits.

John C. Dvorak I twit, I twit about two, three times a day.

Roger Chang I twit two or three times a week.

Leo Laporte I twit maybe once in a while.

Tom Merritt There is a pill you can take for that.

John C. Dvorak You guys are all Twitter haters.

Leo Laporte Oh the worm hath turned.

Roger Chang So much hatred.

John C. Dvorak So this little guy here.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. This came out, this game or whenever it was, was 2003…

Roger Chang Voodoo Vince.

Leo Laporte Voodoo Vince.

John C. Dvorak They sent it out as a [ph] promo.

Leo Laporte Voodoo Vince.

John C. Dvorak Yeah Voodoo Vince.

Leo Laporte It’s got a button eye.

John C. Dvorak I figure it’s got to be worth some. I have a house full of crap like this.

Leo Laporte Is it pristine? Is it in the case? Is it pristine?

John C. Dvorak It was never in a case, it came like this.

Tom Merritt You should just have a – you should set up an eBay section.

John C. Dvorak I think its crap, crap for my house.

Leo Laporte Roger could come over and what would you take, 50%?

Roger Chang Sure.

Leo Laporte Take pictures of everything, list it all on eBay, it will be good a business, Roger. You could probably make 12, $15,000.

Roger Chang I could stay at home all day, just sending and receiving stuff.

Tom Merritt Work from home.

Leo Laporte Work from home

Roger Chang

I had to do that, I did that for my friend once.  He signed up for one of those work from home, deals with the [ph] back up.

Leo Laporte And you do it.

Roger Chang No, he ordered it from the back of the popular [ph] stuff.

Leo Laporte What do you get?

Roger Chang So he got this one where you had to mo [ph] comb mo hair which is basically camel hair.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute. They send you clumps of [ph] mo hair…

Roger Chang And it’s really silly because…

John C. Dvorak Hey honey, I got my new shipment of hair.

Lep Laporte You telling me that this work - I thought it was envelope stuffing.

Roger Chang No.

Leo Laporte Or data entry. They send you a…

Roger Chane And as you progress, you send it back and they send you another batch. It’s distributed – it’s basically distributed labor.

Leo Laporte How much do you get per clump?

Tom Merritt It’s got to be a lot to make it pay, right.

Roger Chang Yeah but you know we were all in college and it was like hey we need money.

Leo Laporte So you sit in front of the TV combing

Roger Chang No, no. You don’t understand it. It’s impossible to comb. You follow directions, you are supposed to soak it in warm water. Doesn’t work, it’s just impossible. So you say screw it. I’m just gonna get a job

Leo Laporte Maybe it’s a scam. Did you pay for the kit?

Roger Chang No, no. You send away for it. They just – it comes in the mail.

Leo Laporte This is your clump of [ph] mo hair.

John C. Dvorak You sent it Ashton Kutcher…

Roger Chang I mean even if it was a scam. Why would you pay money for someone to take hair off?

Tom Merritt What would you do with your stolen [ph] mo hair?

Leo Laporte They are trying to get rid of the [ph] mo hair. They have a [ph] mo hair surplus and they have found a way…

Tom Merritt Government program…

Leo Laporte So, this is an interesting story. The federal government and the Obama administration has requested this. It’s a Senate Bill. They are looking at right now that would give the administration, any administration, not just the Obama administration, any administration the right to declare a cyber security emergency and upon declaration of a cyber security emergency take over private networks for security purposes. And there has been a little bit of furor around this. I mean it mostly is parties. I mean I think if it were Bush, there will be Democrats complaining and if it were Obama it would be Republicans complaining. But do we want the president to have the right to takeover private networks in a national security?

Roger Chang I mean is it [ph] couched in the terms of declaring martial law for a section and you say, okay right now your company’s networks are now run by the government for government purposes kind of thing.

Leo Laporte I think that’s the fear.

Tom Merritt It’s natural disaster or severe attack. Those are the things. It’s sort of a war time use of communications networks. And this bill clarifies to say under the previous laws that allowed the executive branch to takeover communications networks, the internet’s one of those.

Leo Laporte At 9/11 President Bush shutdown the airways. He said it’s not safe to fly. We are not going to let anybody fly. That was, he had the right to do that, the legal right to do that. So this is extended…

John C. Dvorak Unless you are a Saudi prince.

Leo Laporte Did Prince Walid?

Tom Merritt He got to get out of the country, right.

Leo Laporte Get to fly.

Roger Chang Right before the – right before it went down. It was like oh you better get on the plane now.

Leo Laporte What, he left before it happened?

Roger Chang No, no, he left right before…

Tom Merritt Right before the closure?

Roger Chang Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah, right, right before they closed the [ph] airlines.

Leo Laporte Because you might have stumbled on something if you left before 9/11.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I would think.

Leo Laporte He ran out of the country, right. Right, you better leave right now. We don’t know what’s going to happen. See this is how this stuff gets started. This is Adam Curry is listening, taking notes right now.

John C. Dvorak He already knows this.

Roger Chang [Indiscernible] aluminum foil [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte Does Adam – is Adam one of the 9/11 doubters?

John C. Dvorak A truther.

Leo Laporte A truther, no that’s a birther. Is there a truther as well as a birther?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, the truthers came before the birthers. The fact that birthers are named after the truthers. That’s how they got their name.

Tom Merritt That’s an entirely new methodology. Truthers, birthers.

Leo Laporte So the truthers believe that 9/11 was a government, a U.S. government plot.

Tom Merritt An inside job.

John C. Dvorak You can look it up on the Google. You can look up truther and you will find all these links. There is about six branches of the truthers. One of them thinks it was a U.S. government plot, one of them thinks it was the guy who owned the buildings who set them up to get blown up, there is a million different possibilities for the truthers but they all are, the only thing in common that they have is the fact they think the whole thing was something fake about it and they keep pointing to World Trade Center 7 as evidence.

Leo Laporte And Adam is one of these?

John C. Dvorak Adam will tend to, yes.

Leo Laporte What is it? What is it in the human constitution that makes us want to believe…

Tom Merritt Believe in conspiracies.

Leo Laporte Believe conspiracies.

John C. Dvorak Probably because of conspiracies, like the Guy Fawkes thing where they tried to blow up British parliament, that was actually tried to happen or that…

Leo Laporte That was a while ago. I don’t think that’s in my…

John C. Dvorak That’s where it started I think.

Leo Laporte DNA

Tom Merritt Well it’s the same thing that starts, and I am going to get that real controversy here when I say this, it’s the same thing that starts religions, which is…

Leo Laporte We want to believe.

Tom Merritt If you go back into the anthropological history, people create religions because they want an explanation for things. And so…

Leo Laporte But what if there is an obvious…

Tom Merritt The explanation doesn’t suffice...

Leo Laporte But what if there is like an obvious explanation – a terrorist commandeered a plane and steered it into the building. I mean it seems like we have even watched that happen. What if that obvious explanation’s there. Why is it that we want another one?

Tom Merritt I think part of it is also because people who feel that so many believe; people believe in something that obviously must – there must be something…

Leo Laporte I know the secret stuff.

Tom Merritt [Indiscernible] most people are just too dumb to understand, they don’t see. And therefore they, A, feel somehow empowered…

Leo Laporte Superior.

Tom Merritt Yeah, they feel like they are superior because they have stumbled on to something that people don’t understand that.

Leo Laporte There is also the…

John C. Dvorak Well you know there are – there is evidence of crazier things happening over time, they are kind of suspicious. Like for example in California they ripped out all the little trams all over the state just before World War II and it was, and then it turned out there was a lawsuit some 50 years later against Firestone, Ford and...

Tom Merritt Yeah, that was in Los Angeles, the whole kind of GM – GM, Firestone and Mobil supposedly got…

John C. Dvorak It wasn’t Mobil, it was Chevron.

Tom Merritt Was it Chevron?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, with Standard Oil.

Tom Merritt Oh, standard basically all three of them conspired to remove all the street cars and…

John C. Dvorak It wasn’t even that, what they did was they put all their money into electing local officials and putting them in place to have all these street car tracks removed so buses could takeover and this was in Los Angeles, Fresno, a bunch of there’s a bunch of little towns all over this…

Tom Merritt It happened in St. Louis too.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] that's just good business.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, St. Louis is another one.

Leo Laporte That’s a good idea.

John C. Dvorak And it was a good – it’s a marketing thing. So a lot of conspiracy stuff stems from marketing concepts.

Leo Laporte So if I, okay, snow leopard. No, what I am thinking is may be I could buy some Congressmen, are they cheap?

Tom Merritt Depends.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know I have never tried buying one.

Tom Merritt There needs to be a Web 2.0 site for that.

Leo Laporte I am thinking, yeah. Buy a congressman like they could auction – like eBay.

Tom Merritt No, no like Amazon, so you can wait till the specials happen on the weekend and then you can get a cheaper rate.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s great

John C. Dvorak It’s easier actually just to buy a local official.

Leo Laporte They could call it senate woot and then have a special woot of the day and you get a senator [indiscernible]. Because I am thinking, what I could do is like [indiscernible].

Tom Merritt The [indiscernible] North Dakota.

Leo Laporte If I get a law passed against radio and TV, that would be good for my business I think.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, absolutely, Leo. Let’s do it. I’m in.

Leo Laporte Anyway getting back to Senate Bill S. 773. Senate News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S. 7. This is J. Rockefeller’s bill. We would quote “allow” the president to “declare a cyber security emergency relating to non-governmental computer networks and do what’s necessary to respond to the threat”. Now I think what it’s really aimed at, remember when we found out that the bunch of these utility companies who run the nations electrical grid had Trojan horses and security breaches and they really hadn’t secured their networks at all.

Tom Merritt That’s one of the biggest examples of why you would need this is if you just – suddenly the entire power grid got hacked into and you needed to take drastic measures to cut it off.

Roger Chang I think Katrina was kind of the highlight because once – when that hit, suddenly every available means of communication other than wireless like TV, radio was out and having to coordinate and respond to all these issues at that time, I mean it’s huge. So why not have a system or takeover a system that’s already in place.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, because the government showed such prowess during the Katrina thing…

Tom Merritt No, no I am not saying whether it’s…

John C. Dvorak Can you imagine them taking over these networks.

Tom Merritt Is there a good reason for the government to takeover the internet at any point, is there…

Leo Laporte I think so.

Tom Merritt I don’t know that I can think of anything beyond the power grid.

Leo Laporte Power grid’s really a big one.

Tom Merritt I don’t know I like…

Leo Laporte I don’t think they need to takeover Twitter, but I think the power grid…

John C. Dvorak They can’t takeover because of the porn, they got to stop porn.

Tom Merritt No, no when they take over does that mean they takeover the DNS servers, they take over all the routing, you know what I mean?

Leo Laporte That’s my problem with this is it’s written so broadly that they can take over anything they want. They can do all of those things.

John C. Dvorak Do they even know how to take it over?

Leo Laporte Well this is the other question, it’s with Vivek Kundra and Mr. Chopra and the, at lack of a cyber securities [ph] are, I wonder if we really are better off with these private industry handling this stuff at this point. They haven’t demonstrated any technology savvy at all. And beyond that point, ever, ever. So it’s not just this administration, I mean is it going to…

Tom Merritt Is it going to end?

John C. Dvorak Well there is probably some people at the NSA that could do a really good job of taking over these networks. I’m sure of it.

Leo Laporte That’s what I say, is instead of wasting energy on this bill, what they should be doing is going after these companies, these power grids that are being broken into and say, look guys you got to fix it, here’s the guidelines that we are going to have an independent third-party security audit and we are going to make you fix it now. Why wait till there’s a cyber security emergency? Fix it now. Why are we worried about when there’s a cyber security emergency?

Tom Merritt Yeah, I don’t think this should be about fixing some – the idea with the communications network is we need to keep the lines clear. So, we’re taken over a communications network and we’re stopping all non-essential communication until the emergency is over. Is there an analog to that on the internet where you stop people from because it’s killing torrents and to keep the lines clear?

Leo Laporte There isn’t, is there?

Tom Merritt I don’t think so.

John C. Dvorak Maybe it’s just to help the MPAA.

Tom Merritt I guess you could. Actually, you could go in and say I am going to kill all the P-to-P protocols because we need the bandwidth, because we need the bandwidth to fight the emergency.

Roger Chang I mean, my thing is like so okay if they do take over, can they suddenly say well okay we have hackers from China, we are going to start blocking all IPs from that region automatically and they can do that with a free hand?

Leo Laporte The new version does actually address what I was talking about, it gives the executive branch 180 days to implement a comprehensive national cyber security strategy. Thumbs up on that. And 90 days to develop a plan to implement what they call a dashboard pilot project. I guess a dashboard would be what’s our situation. But the mandated legal review won’t be done for another year. So, I’m not sure why they’re going to wait on that. That’s one of the questions [ph] Declan McColough asks. He actually posts four questions to Charles Stuart at the Commerce Committee and has not received a response but that’s it. I think that’s a valid thing to say. You’ve got 90 days to figure out a plan, 180 days to implement it. Get it out there. That’s what I’d like to see them work on .

Tom Merritt I am with the FF where they say look, there’s no real additional limits, there’s no designation of what makes something a critical infrastructure.

Leo Laporte It’s too vague.

Tom Merritt It just needs more detail…

Leo Laporte Clarity.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte Well, they don’t understand what they are doing. Let’s face it.

Tom Merritt Well, I mean it’s one of those things where – under a benign administration it might not be much of an issue but you get one…

John C. Dvorak Put genie in.

Leo Laporte In our chat room, somebody’s saying the problem is that this is treating the internet as U.S. property. It’s not U.S. property, it’s not any – it’s actually not a national.

John C. Dvorak No but isn’t this less about the internet and more about private networks?

Leo Laporte Yeah, it does say private networks. But that could include the internet.

Tom Merritt Well, that’s what I’m asking, it could include Verizon.

Leo Laporte Right.

Tom Merritt Well, what about all the backbones? That’s what I’m saying?

Leo Laporte I think there’s good precedent.

Tom Merritt No, I understand that, but if you can’t control major arteries of it, you might not control, you can severely cripple.

Leo Laporte I think there’s good precedent for it.

John C. Dvorak What’re we going to do when everything is dependent on the internet and they just shut it down?

Leo Laporte We’re screwed.

Tom Merritt No smoke signals and carrier pigeons.

Leo Laporte You can’t stop the internet John. It’s unstoppable.

Roger Chang It will take over the world and turn it into a grey mush…

John C. Dvorak You got like two backbones, you cut those things off and you are done.

Leo Laporte All I have to do is shut down…

John C. Dvorak Because they stopped the internet down in the South Bay when they had – somebody just clipped two wires and it was down for 24 hours.

Leo Laporte If you kill those 13 DNS servers, the whole thing’s down – unless – hey, we should have a – we should start a project for people to save IP addresses so they don’t need DNS. So, everybody should like we should have a national, we should have a national IP registry so that everybody – if you need an IP address, you could call me and say what is Yahoo because Yahoo – the DNS is not working, and I could say it’s, Roger.

Roger Chang Is that what it is?

Leo Laporte No I made that up

Tom Merritt Maybe we can just wean ourselves off computers and go back to living like our great, great grandfathers.

Leo Laporte I’m so ready for that.

Tom Merritt Back to farming and travelling by Mule.

Leo Laporte Combing Mo hair, send me some Mo hair, I’m going to raise…

Roger Chang There’s a lot of stinking and starving right now.

John C. Dvorak I got a story on this list here that I want to talk about.

Leo Laporte Yes sir.

John C. Dvorak Gamer study reinforces stereotypes, players say.

Leo Laporte That they are fat? Over 35. The average video game player is 35, has a somewhat larger BMI than normal, and if you are woman player.

Tom Merritt That’s not the music; that’s the body mass index. [Indiscernible]

Leo Laporte Body mass index or something like that. Female players reported greater depression than women who don’t play video games.

Roger Chang Maybe it’s because they are depressed that they play video games.

Leo Laporte That’s right.

Tom Merritt The chicken egg thing right.

Roger Chang Chicken egg or chicken ?

Tom Merritt Well, either it works in this case.

Leo Laporte Let’s ask Veronica. She doesn’t seem particularly depressed. She seems happy. Do you think underneath she’s like tears of a clown. She is like…

Tom Merritt What, what the hell are you talking about? I can’t, I can’t…

Leo Laporte Is that why she drinks so much brain tonics? She is really depressed?

Roger Chang I have actually never known her to be….

Tom Merritt I would not call her depressed.

Leo Laporte She is pretty [ph] chipper.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte So, I don’t think this is true. Curtis, sexy geek 134, says, “I have been playing video games since 1978 with the [ph] Atarey 2600. When I was six years old, I play about [ph] 48/ 4-8 hours a week with a lot of variation. I’d always planned to become a video game designer/computer scientist.”

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte “But pursued a career as an orthodontist instead.” He says he is near 35, he’s not fat and he’s not [indiscernible].

Tom Merritt I hate these stories because every time you come out with something and say well this is sort of the survey shows the higher percentage of people do this way…

Leo Laporte I am not that way.

Tom Merritt I am not exactly like that.

Leo Laporte No, it’s an average

Tom Merritt Kids don’t twitter. I am a kid. I twitter. Kids twitter. I am a kid. I don’t twitter.

Leo Laporte You are upset by the…

John C. Dvorak That’s the way all news is.

Tom Merritt I know, I know.

Leo Laporte It’s all made up. You are upset by the tension, the natural tension between anecdotal evidence and fact.

Tom Merritt Yes. Or statistical.

Leo Laporte Statistical fact.

Tom Merritt Well it’s factish?

Leo Laporte Factish.

Roger Chang Factoidish.

Tom Merritt It’s more factists than a [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte How about this one? Here’s a fact [indiscernible].

Tom Merritt I want a high representative sample.

Leo Laporte Use a…

Tom Merritt Like the entire population.

Leo Laporte Use a cell phone, go to jail. In Utah, after a crash here, that killed two scientists and prompted a dogged investigation by a police officer and a local victims advocate, Utah has passed the nation’s toughest law to crack down on texting behind the wheel. If you should text behind the wheel and causes a crash that injures or kills somebody, 15 years in jail and a fine of, I don’t know a lot of money, 15,000 I think it was.

Tom Merritt 15 years in jail?

Leo Laporte Yes. Hell yeah.

Tom Merritt All for it.

Leo Laporte Go for it. If you – and I think…

John C. Dvorak I don’t think people should be talking on the phone when they’re driving around.

Leo Laporte No. they should be doing anything.

Roger Chang People should be doing a lot lesser things. People eat…

Tom Merritt You know what people should be doing while they are driving around?

Leo Laporte Driving.

John C. Dvorak Driving.

Tom Merritt You know I know I’m an old man…

Leo Laporte Is this the [indiscernible]? Oh, it is cranky geeks. Wait a minute. I accidentally have put together a cranky geek’s panel.

John C. Dvorak How come we haven’t shown up on this show by the way?

Leo Laporte I’ll show up. We have stuff to do. I am busy. You day what do you tape.

John C. Dvorak We do every cranky geeks on Wednesdays at 12:30, screened live.

Leo Laporte I have things to do on Wednesdays. I do other shows on Wednesdays. I can’t leave this ball. I have to sit on this ball all the time.

Roger Chang I don’t know what gets me is like basically all these in car entertainment systems with DVD players – screen. I saw one guy watching the movie on his dash. He had like a TV on his dash and he’s like…

Tom Merritt Which is illegal.

John C. Dvorak Which is illegal.

Roger Chang But unless a cop manages to just pull up right alongside and actually see him doing…

Leo Laporte Sir, you were watching that TV.

Tom Merritt I had the Slingbox playing on the iPhone up sitting the desk watching it and realized and I was in the passenger seat but then I realized oh – this is probably a bad idea.

Leo Laporte In California, texting is banned while driving but you know what the penalty is for texting while driving in California?

Tom Merritt A hundred bucks?

Leo Laporte $20.

Tom Merritt $20? You know I almost…

John C. Dvorak $20…

Roger Chang I got – I almost got – see this is…

Leo Laporte I put a $100 folded up in my…

John C. Dvorak A parking ticket in San Francisco is a 100.

Leo Laporte Officer here is a $100 for that $20 fine, that’s wrong, it doesn’t make sense.

Tom Merritt It’s one of those things because I almost got in a collision because of the person next to me – in the lane next to me was texting and they were making a left turn without looking and they were like literally coming into me and it’s like times like that that you kind of get of road warrior rage where you just want to chase him down and like crush their car, because you are just – it’s like…

Leo Laporte Hey, don’t be a hater.

Tom Merritt I think the hater on people who don’t properly operate a vehicle and endanger everyone’s lives.

Roger Chang You know what I think I will be. For this one instance.

Leo Laporte You are a hater man, you know.

John C. Dvorak No haters.

Leo Laporte I’ve done it; you’ve done it, we’ve all done it.

Tom Merritt Texted

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Roger Chang No.

John C. Dvorak I’m never texting while driving.

Tom Merritt I’ve never texted while driving.

Roger Chang I’ve actually pulled over and put the car in park and then texted but…

Leo Laporte So I have…

John C. Dvorak So I’ve done that.

Leo Laporte So what you can do, you do with – you put your hands through the steering…

Roger Chang This is good

Leo Laporte And then you can type like this…

John C. Dvorak This is the technique.

Tom Merritt How to…

Leo Laporte While you are driving.

Roger Chang You know what you should develop a thumb board for the steering wheel so you have…

Leo Laporte There you go.

Roger Chang And then you’ll have a heads-up display that has a text so it always looks like you are looking straight ahead.

Leo Laporte That’s a great idea. Do you think I can sell that?

Roger Chang Probably.

Leo Laporte That would solve the problem.

John C. Dvorak It would.

Roger Chang You’d be like a fighter pilot, click, click, click.

Tom Merritt Yes, because that’s not distracting.

Leo Laporte It’s a business.

Tom Merritt You know the Swedish regulators are going to ban the word bank from domain names.

Leo Laporte What? Why?

Tom Merritt If you get a .se…

Leo Laporte You can’t be really big bank .se?

Tom Merritt They are extending the law that prevents anyone from having the word bank in their name without proving they are a legitimate bank to domain names. So no…

Leo Laporte Oh, you have to be a bank first?

Tom Merritt You have to be a bank to call yourself a bank in Sweden, and they’re saying that…

Leo Laporte That’s right…

Tom Merritt And that applies to domain names now.

Leo Laporte I think that makes sense.

Tom Merritt What about blood bank? Yes.

Leo Laporte You could be a…

John C. Dvorak What about sperm bank?

Leo Laporte Okay. Maybe in Swedish they don’t call it a blood bank or a sperm bank.

Roger Chang What if you have embankment in it?

Tom Merritt Well yes, I mean, I guess it doesn’t apply to just…

John C. Dvorak What if it’s a riverbank?

Tom Merritt Yes.

John C. Dvorak The Riverbank Inn.

Tom Merritt What, of course, Tom Bank, can you just happen to be Swedish?

Leo Laporte All right, all right.

Roger Chang Isn’t that one Dutch ISP going to start doing metered Internet where they’ll basically charge you according to what you are using it for? More video you get charged more, more…

John C. Dvorak That’s a great idea.

Leo Laporte Actually that’s what you always said should happen John. Isn’t it?

John C. Dvorak What, metering the Internet, of course.

Leo Laporte Yes. Aren’t you a fan of that?

John C. Dvorak Absolutely.

Leo Laporte Didn’t we have a big fight over that?

John C. Dvorak And by the way, something came up in the – I was reading some tech journals out there, I guess Australian, somebody came up with another one of my I think one of my wonderful ideas from 2003…

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak Saying that we should license computer users. There is too many [ph] bowling heads …

Tom Merritt You mean like ham radio operators?

John C. Dvorak Out there, that’s a hazard to navigation; there are idiots that are going for Nigerian scams, they are getting viruses all over the place, the only reason we have a problem with all these blots is because people are stupid; they need to be licensed.

Tom Merritt License Internet usage.

Leo Laporte Just like drivers. See how well that’s worked?

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte License people on the Internet.

Tom Merritt Plenty of unlicensed drivers on the road.

John C. Dvorak You know…

Leo Laporte Are those are ones txting…

John C. Dvorak You have to use a computer you have to take a test.

Leo Laporte What kind of test? Who would design – would you design that test, John?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I will.

Roger Chang Could be – it’ll be called the Dvorak test, like the Touring Test.

Leo Laporte Well, John used to ask people what search engine they used to see if they knew anything. And if they…

John C. Dvorak It’s true.

Leo Laporte If they said Yahoo! or MSN, they’d go…

Roger Chang You should throw in a couple of questions about wine too, that way you can kind of stratify the various…

Leo Laporte Like your upscale or downscale.

John C. Dvorak Yes, like having a chauffeurs’ license or a truck driver’s license, you have to have a little more skills.

Roger Chang More skills.

Tom Merritt So your bandwidth would be to – let’s combine these ideas, your bandwidth gets determined by your score on the test. Everybody can have internet access but you’re limited to dialup if you don’t pass the test?

Leo Laporte That’s a good idea.

John C. Dvorak I like it.

Leo Laporte That’s great. You could do less harm.

Roger Chang So if you are a Mensa member you automatically like give – or do you authorize…

John C. Dvorak No, you will automatically be booted from the whole system.

Leo Laporte If you are a Mensa member and say you are a Mensa member never again.

Tom Merritt And you are on Internet too.

Leo Laporte You are not allowed to use the Internet ever.

John C. Dvorak Unless you can come up with some really good puns.

Leo Laporte Is that your favorite form of humor?

John C. Dvorak Well, you know, Mensa is notorious for their – a typical Mensa philosophy is that the highest form of humor is a pun.

Leo Laporte What?

John C. Dvorak Have you ever heard of that?

Tom Merritt I believe that.

Roger Chang Yes, coming from Tom, pun master.

Leo Laporte Tell Oscar Wilde that. He was a master of the pun. So The Pirate Bay has been sold to GGF.

Tom Merritt Is it finished…

John C. Dvorak Golden Gate Fields here in Albany?

Leo Laporte Yes, no, Global Gaming Factory X. The shareholders voted to acquire Pirate Bay on Thursday; the majority of stockholders at GGF gave the acquisition it’s blessing. However, they need 60 million kroner; they got to go to the, that’s $8.2 million, that’s the – I guess that’s the fine. Is that the fine that they have to pay?

John C. Dvorak Can you stay with that Swedish accent Leo, come on.

Leo Laporte Trading in Golden Gate Fields shares has been suspended because our key target the stock exchange for GGF is listed…

Tom Merritt Yes, so, how are they going to get the money to make the acquisition when the stock…

Leo Laporte They can’t, the stock is suspended.

Tom Merritt So there is no acquisition yet?

Leo Laporte No, there is no acquisition.

John C. Dvorak I’m like a sucker for these voices.

Roger Chang It’s so funny because I work with a Swede and…

Leo Laporte They don’t talk like that; of course not.

Roger Chang No, nothing close to it.

Tom Merritt That’s the Finnish.

Roger Chang I know.

Leo Laporte That’s how the Finnish – the Finns talk that way. We have many Swedish and Finnish listeners for whom – to whom I apologize.

Roger Chang They are now sending you rocks, lots and lots of rocks.

Tom Merritt And [indiscernible] coupons

John C. Dvorak Hot rocks.

Leo Laporte CEO Johan Ljungberg said he had not heard from GGF in three or four weeks…

Tom Merritt Getting better.

Leo Laporte Very hopeful

Tom Merritt You are working into it.

Leo Laporte I’m working maybe into it. It’s just not right. Is it?

John C. Dvorak I just lost it. You became an African or something at the end.

Roger Chang [Indiscernible] Vikings have invaded Ireland.

Leo Laporte They did.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Leo Laporte So that’s really the Irish accent is Swedish accent.

Tom Merritt That’s how it came about. It was a little historic…

Leo Laporte Top of the morning to you, and the rest of the day for you, may the road rise up and away, on your going out of the way, on the way.

Roger Chang Will the road rise to meet you.

Leo Laporte Rise to meet you on the way out the door; don’t let it hit you in the butt.

John C. Dvorak That’s good. That’s like a combination thing.

Roger Chang You know if this whole tech thing fails you could just do impersonations all day.

Leo Laporte Bad impersonations

Roger Chang You can do like those…

Leo Laporte It’s my future.

Roger Chang Remember they used to sell a novelty phone messages for…[indiscernible]

Leo Laporte Yes, I can do that. Yes, hello, John’s not here right now. Would you like to leave a message or a [indiscernible]?

Court rejects cap on cable market share again. This is actually very aggressive. An appeals court overturned a rule; the FCC has been trying – as for a long time had a rule that said that a cable company could not have more than 30% of the nation’s subscribers, you know, Comcast can’t have 30 – more than 30%; Comcast has had 25% and they want to be bigger, so they sued and a court of appeals said that the rule, the 30% rule was arbitrary and capricious; actually it’s better if you say arbitrary and capricious, and they threw it out; big victory for Comcast.

Real defeat for the FCC. It seems sensible to me that no one media company should dominate.

Roger Chang You mean like what’s the radio Clear…?

Leo Laporte Clear Channel, totally dominates, and by the way I want to thank everybody at Clear Channel for giving me a job. So, let’s not slam Clear Channel, okay Roger?

Roger Chang Or [ph] VS radio?

John C. Dvorak Are you working at – what’s your connection to Clear Channel?

Leo Laporte Premiere which syndicates my show is owned by Clear Channel

John C. Dvorak Oh, you mean the KFI Show?

Leo Laporte Well, it’s all over the country but there is many of them…

John C. Dvorak Yes, but what kind of money you make from that compared to this?

Leo Laporte Fearing a cable monopoly, Congress in 1992 directed the FCC to set limits on how many. Wait a minute, I’m sounding like Linus Torvalds.

Tom Merritt Let me get this right. The cable companies came in and said, “We want monopolies in every region”.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Tom Merritt Okay. So, make it legal first have a monopoly in every region, the only one cable company.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Tom Merritt But then the government said, “Okay, but we don’t want a monopoly for the [ph] entire country…

Leo Laporte Right.

Tom Merritt And they said, no, no, no, we want one for everywhere too.

Leo Laporte Yeah, we want the monopoly nationwide.

Tom Merritt So why don’t we just cut out all of this crap and say, you know what, the United States grant – just grant a monopoly to one company and get it over with it. Forget [ph] free [indiscernible] competition.

Leo Laporte By the way, Web-1194 says, “we Finns don’t talk like that, screw you Leo”. That’s exactly how he said it.

John C. Dvorak The Finns don’t talk at all.

Leo Laporte No that’s right, that's why they invented texting. We have – we can thank the Finns for this whole texting thing because they didn’t want to talk to people. They wanted to – they were very shy, they are very shy people. They are.

John C. Dvorak And they like to drink.

Leo Laporte It’s good for you. So I think this is – to be honest with you, I think you are exactly right Tom. I think this is what protects us from an utter monopoly.

Tom Merritt I mean I love that these companies are constantly saying we don’t want government regulation when they absolutely want government regulation.

Leo Laporte In their favor.

Tom Merritt Just as long as it’s benefiting them.

Roger Chang Isn’t that how it always goes? Rules that benefit someone are always good laws, but if laws that somehow it kind of…

Tom Merritt We always protect free speech unless we are offended by it.

Leo Laporte Right.

Roger Chang Exactly.

Leo Laporte The FCC led by Obama appointee Julius Genachowski said the commission is reviewing the decision and will take it into account on future actions to implement the law. One FCC commissioner, Robert McDowell, was more vocal, saying “I disagreed with the decision to re-impose the cap in 2007:” He said this – I knew this, I knew this would happen.

Tom Merritt So he is all for this?

Leo Laporte He is all for it [indiscernible].

Tom Merritt But I’m fine…

Leo Laporte Do you want Comcast to own [ph] 15/50% of the cable market? I don’t think so.

Roger Chang As long as there is unfettered competition.

John C. Dvorak I like Comcast.

Tom Merritt Exactly, that’s my problem. I’m fine with getting rid of a cap as long as you can have…

Leo Laporte And then get rid of the local monopoly.

Tom Merritt If you can have local competition as well and I can choose, sure. But if I’m locked in the Comcast locally, all I can do is go to Direct TV or DISH.

Leo Laporte And while we are at it – while we are at it, the FCC also protects cable operators from other ISPs using their physical [ph] plan, right? The phone companies are required to let DSL providers use the central office. But for years the FCC has said oh no, cables is an infant industry, we have to protect them. So…

John C. Dvorak No, let them – that’s good, there is something to be said for that Leo which you really want to, want to think in a [ph] meta sense say, let them do their own thing, let them have their protection, let them build out the infrastructure, then screw them later in the game.

Leo Laporte Right, when it really hurts.

John C. Dvorak Later in the game.

Tom Merritt Now it’s later.

John C. Dvorak It’s not later yet.

Leo Laporte No, it’s like – it’s like a patent. The idea of a patent is to protect you for the investment for a limited amount of time. I think the cable companies have been protected, they dug those ditches, yes it was very expensive. But that was 30 years ago. They have been protected for 30 years. All right, you want to eliminate this rule that you can’t have 30% market share, fine. We’ll also eliminate, I’m with you Tom, we’ll also eliminate the rule that says you have a local monopoly, and let’s while we are at it allow ISPs to use the cable for their – so there is little competition in the internet service market.

Tom Merritt That’s the quid pro quo of giving you the protection.

Leo Laporte Yeah

Tom Merritt Verizon – Verizon’s laying their own FiOS cable – John do you know – does anybody know if they are getting any kind of protection? I don’t think they are.

John C. Dvorak No, in fact I think your theory is absolutely correct. This is about time we opened up this backbone.

Leo Laporte It’s been long enough. It’s been long enough. They got their money.

Roger Chang They got their time, they got their money. If they didn’t make their money, well, maybe…

Tom Merritt They made their money

Roger Chang Yeah. So…

Tom Merritt That’s one of the – the ruses they are trying to perpetrate on the people of the United States is that the cable companies are somehow not making money. They are making more money all the time.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I’m with you on that. Not that we have any anger against Comcast for any reason at all.

John C. Dvorak I like Comcast, I think they are Comcastic.

Tom Merritt None. No, I got a very generous severance package from them.

Leo Laporte You did?

Tom Merritt No. I got a severance package.

Leo Laporte They fought me tooth and nails on the severance package. You like Comcast John. Is that right?

John C. Dvorak They are Comcastic.

Leo Laporte You just wanted to say that, didn’t you?

John C. Dvorak I love saying that.

Tom Merritt My Comcast internet was out last night…

Leo Laporte Really?

Tom Merritt …actually. Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s not so Comcastic.

Roger Chang You know actually I’ll have to say that my Comcast is a lot better than my AT&T.

Tom Merritt You know, mine is too. Well, I didn’t have AT&T but had AT&T lines, I had a different ISP.

Leo Laporte Do you use Comcast for phone?

Tom Merritt No.

Leo Laporte No. Anybody? Do you use it?

Roger Chang No.

Leo Laporte John, you don’t use Comcast for phone?

John C. Dvorak I use AT&T.

Leo Laporte No. Anybody I know who uses Comcast for phone says “oh, they’re not so good”. But we – we are willing to stand corrected if Comcast wants to call in.

Tom Merritt They’d donate.

Leo Laporte 1800-555-1212. Give us a ring any time. We’ll be glad to put you on the show.

Tom Merritt Just [ph] Twitter it, you’ll hear.

John C. Dvorak Frank, Twitter it.

Tom Merritt Yeah, Frank [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte Frank will get back to me.

John C. Dvorak Frank?

Leo Laporte Yeah, Frank, Frank Eliason.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, Frank, Comcast Cares.

Leo Laporte Real briefly I want to mention folks, the great deal that Audible is offering you all for audio books. Now this is deal you [ph] can get behind . If you go to, that's you can sign up for that Platinum account, that gives you two, count them, two audio books from Audible. I’m a big Audible fan. I have to say I listen to Audible like crazy. What am I listening to – I’m still listening to Game of Thrones. That thing is long – that’s a long arse book.

Tom Merritt That’s only the first…

Leo Laporte I know…

Tom Merritt …in the series.

Leo Laporte …I got them all. And it's long, but I’m still on the first. But I’m getting there. I’m getting there. It’s wonderful. The guy is such a good reader. Also listening to a book that [ph] Annie Anaco recommended called Writing Down the Bones for writers. It’s really good. I think John went off to [indiscernible]. Oh God, John’s put up a picture of Microsoft Bob. I think John’s actually, I think John’s studio is in the bathroom. And he just wanted a little privacy. What is he doing, Microsoft Bob, where did he get that? It’s awesome. He has a lot of that crap. He said he did. That’s probably like a mouse pad.

Roger Chang He’s probably turned his house into a museum.

Leo Laporte I think it is. I will tell some stories about John while he’s gone but first let me remind you It’s a great book store of audio books, 60,000, wonderful titles. I love signing into Audible and just to see everyday – they’ve done a really nice job of the front page giving you ideas for stuff to read. Just going to log in here real quickly, we could see what’s on the front page at I don’t have a book pick for us this week, but it’s all right we’ve got the site, we can may be find something wonderful to listen to in business, in classics, in fiction, history, science fiction. The new James Patterson on sale 995, The Alex Cross's Trial, 995, on sale. The Ted Kennedy biography by Edward Klein, we recommended that a little while ago, great stuff,, sign up for the gold account you get two books, two books a month. The first two are free and even if you decide not to stick around, you get to keep those books. This is good, this is a good one. This is good for those people who gain too much. Raise Your Social I.Q.: How to Do the Right Thing in Any Situation by Michael Levine. How to mix business and social relationships. Thank-you notes and why they are indispensable. E-mail versus snail mail. How to behave on a first date? That would be good for you, Roger? You could use that. Roger Chang Yeah, totally.

Leo Laporte Racism, politics, and sex. RSVP or else! The Ten Commandments of social I.Q. The basics of friendship. Just an example of the kind of things, see you can learn? You are in the car, you are driving home, maybe you had a bad experience on that first date, you can get the book out and you can learn. Also in sci-fi, they’ve got the, o’ boy. This is science and technology, the Feynman Lectures.

Tom Merritt Oh. Nice. Well, that’s long.

Leo Laporte There’s quite a few of them. Wow. This is fantastic.

Tom Merritt Are they the tapes of Feynman reading?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think so. The Feynman Lectures on fiction. Let’s – yeah, let’s play a little bit. If you’ve never heard, let me see if you can hear his voice on this.

Richard P. Feynman ….a system which is similar to those artificial wave machines that they have in the first [indiscernible] you have harmonic oscillators…

Leo Laporte He had a great New York accent.

Richard P. Feynman And starting irregularity in one place which is analogous to putting an electron in one atom will ultimately produce irregularities moving all around. In other words the electron makes its way in the quantum mechanics or analog of the…

Leo Laporte This guy was so brilliant. They have the complete Feynman Lectures. All – it was 32 volumes, I can’t remember, 20 volumes, all of them on here. I didn’t know they have got them all now.

Tom Merritt That’s crazy.

Leo Laporte This is fantastic.

Tom Merritt I have those on a CD collection at home.

Leo Laporte You probably have the Six Easy Pieces, no?

Roger Chang No, I have – it’s the lectures.

Leo Laporte The lectures; this is the one I have. This is the Essentials of Physics. This would be a great one to start with because it’s five hours, six lectures in his inimitable style. You would really learn the basics of physics here.

Recorded Voice …the tapes from the original Feynman course all these years and they have graciously allowed Addison-Wesley to work in partnership with them.

Leo Laporte This is great. That’s of course the foreword. I don’t know why they do that.

Tom Merritt The current [ph] Certain Lazer book is also on there.

Leo Laporte What’s that?

Tom Merritt The Forever War by Joe Haldeman.

Leo Laporte Is it good?

Tom Merritt It’s great.

Leo Laporte What’s it about?

Tom Merritt It’s about Vietnam essentially. But really the premise is a guy goes off to fight this alien race away from earth. Relativity kicks in; when he comes back, everybody he knows is old, close to death.

Roger Chang I love it. [ph] It changes…

Tom Merritt So he goes back and re-enlists because he can’t adjust and Earth isn’t – [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte I have read this. I loved that book. That was a --

Tom Merritt Yeah, it’s a great allegory. Unfortunately it’s something I actually have to finish reading. Started --

Leo Laporte Now there are two Forever Wars on here. Don’t get --

Tom Merritt Yeah, not Dexter Filkins.

Leo Laporte Don’t get the Dexter Filkins one; that’s a different story. This is Joe Haldeman narrated by George Wilson. That’s a good one. Man, see this is why you need two, it’s not even enough. So get one, get the Feynman Six Easy Pieces and The Forever War. There you go. And get your Science Quotient and your Sci-fi Quotient. They also have many of the books about Feynman on here too. It’s just a wonderful book.

Look, you see how much fun it is to browse this book shelf. You get them. You download them. You get them on your iPod, your iPhone, your Zune; you get them on your Kindle or your GPS device. I mean it’s there and it’s ready and you listen to it on the way home tonight;; give it a try. We know you’re going to love it. Are you back, John?

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] Coming back.

Leo Laporte I swear.

Tom Merritt Still.

Roger Chang Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, he has got the Microsoft Bob thing up.

John C. Dvorak I am one of the few people that have – I have an unopened –

Leo Laporte Is that the – that’s the box?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s the box Bob came in. Well, that’s a box. Wow. And it’s unopen; see now that’s worth a lot of money on eBay.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know. It’s got a – it’s got one ding in it.

Leo Laporte It’s got two dings in it now.

John C. Dvorak Two dings in it now; I have actually two unopened boxes of Microsoft Bob. They sent me three copies for some unknown reason.

Leo Laporte Didn’t you – now I am surprised, I thought you stored all this stuff over a Chevron station.

John C. Dvorak No. I should.

Leo Laporte You used to have – wait a minute, you used to have a storage room. I remember going in there when we did the radio show in the 90s. I needed a modem and [ph] Mimi let me in. And it was like [ph] Fibber McGee’s closet, you open the door and all this stuff cascades out. Didn’t you have that? It was over a gas station.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, yeah, it was as a matter of fact.

Leo Laporte I am not imagining it, right?

John C. Dvorak Right.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak That’s where we ran a little operation called World Wear III.

Leo Laporte You want to elaborate what was that about.

John C. Dvorak Well, obviously it wasn’t successful.

Leo Laporte World Ware III.

Tom Merritt You can buy it now, Microsoft Bob unopened, 100 bucks on eBay.

Leo Laporte It’s a buy it now.

Tom Merritt No bids.

Leo Laporte No bids.

Tom Merritt

[ph] 9.99 is the minimum bid.

Roger Chang You are going to have to pay someone to take that – haul that stuff away.

John C. Dvorak I knew if I saved the box, it would be worth something some day.

Leo Laporte Does it run on Snow Leopard?

John C. Dvorak It’s actually kind of interesting. The back of it – I have actually – I blogged this about a year ago, then took screenshots of all the back and the front and all the rest. It’s actually kind of interesting to look at the sales pitch they have and all these little cartoons.

Tom Merritt There are people in the chatroom don’t know what Microsoft Bob is.

Leo Laporte No.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, Microsoft took it off their timeline. Microsoft doesn’t even know what it is.

Leo Laporte Never existed.

John C. Dvorak We know nothing about this.

Roger Chang Very Orwellian.

Leo Laporte You will be glad about this, John. We’ve been talking on TWIT for at least a year about the fact that when you cross the U.S. border, border control has the right to search your laptop. And I don’t mean just like open it up and look at I mean go through the hard drive, looking for stuff.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, they are looking for porn.

Leo Laporte But the Obama administration on Thursday put new restrictions on searches of laptops at U.S. borders. A supervisor now has to approve holding a device for more than five days.

John C. Dvorak What?

Tom Merritt Or 30 days depending on the agency.

John C. Dvorak What?

Leo Laporte Any copies of information taken from travelers machines would be destroyed within days if there were no legal reason to hold the information; once we all got a copy you can destroy it.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Given all personal details that peoples store on their digital devices, border searches of laptops and other gadgets could give law enforcement officials far more revealing pictures of travelers than suitcase inspections might yield.

Tom Merritt Yeah, revealing pictures of travelers, exactly.

Leo Laporte Literally! So there are more restrictions. A supervisor has to be present during the searches. Well, that makes me feel better.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that makes everything better.

Leo Laporte Hey, Joe, come here, look what I got!

Tom Merritt Why do I as a U.S. citizen have to submit to a random search of all – surrender my data for up to five days, maybe 30 for no cause?

Roger Chang Or no – yeah… Probable cause

Tom Merritt There’s no probable cause, it’s a random search.

John C. Dvorak There is probable cause. You had left the country for five minutes. And now you are trying to get back in.

Roger Chang Well no, no but that’s the thing if you left the country for five years that’s --

John C. Dvorak Five minutes.

Robert Chanf Oh, five minutes; so if I jumped over the line and waved at the border crossing and jumped back in.

Tom Merritt You go shopping in Windsor, and went back to Detroit.

John C. Dvorak I got to Canada.

Roger Chang I got me a shining new laptop.

John C. Dvorak A few years ago to Victoria; this is the year that they ran out of flu vaccine in the United States. But I – wanted to get a flu shot. So I went to Canada to their horrible health system and I got a shot up there and –

Leo Laporte Can’t be that horrible when you got the shot.

Roger Chang And you are still alive. Hey wait a minute…

John C. Dvorak So I go back across the border and a guy starts grilling me, what are you doing in Canada.

Leo Laporte I got a shot, man.

John C. Dvorak I said I got a flu shot. He says they have flu shots in the United States. And I said no, as a matter of fact they don’t.

Roger Chang Actually it is kind of – it is a very suspicious reason. I mean like don’t you need to have a Canadian Health Card to --

Leo Laporte I got a flu shot in Canada.

John C. Dvorak No actually you don’t.

Roger Chang You just have to go out there and say.

Leo Laporte I was up there working in Toronto.

John C. Dvorak You have to pay – with a Canadian Health Card everything is free; with no health card you have to pay a fee.

Leo Laporte Officers must consult agency lawyers if they want to view a traveler’s sensitive legal material, medical records or – this is good for you, John, a journalist’s work related information. So you say, hey, this is my notebook.

John C. Dvorak Everything in there – actually my notebook everything is in my notebook.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Tom Merritt Wait, they just, they have to consult a lawyer.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Tom Merritt So they have a lawyer there.

Leo Laporte An agency lawyer.

John C. Dvorak And the lawyer says, yeah go ahead.

Leo Laporte Can they still take the laptop for five days while they consult the lawyer?

Roger Chang Yeah.

Leo Laporte Immigrations and customs enforcement agents cannot keep property for more than 30 days depending on circumstance. Well, it’s a step.

Tom Merritt Depending on circumstance.

Leo Laporte It’s a step.

Tom Merritt It’s not much of a step, this is --

John C. Dvorak Well, the question is do we know anybody out there [ph] that’s in our great listening audience that has actually had anything happened to them in this regard.

Leo Laporte [Ph] Mitnick, Mitnick did remember that.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte We had them on.

John C. Dvorak Poor [ph] Mitnick.

Roger Chang Yeah, but he has enough red flags.

Leo Laporte He does have a history.

Roger Chang He has a pretty – he has a pretty unique history.

John C. Dvorak All right, [ph] Mitnick doesn’t count.

Leo Laporte Here is the stats. Between October 2008 and August 11 of this year customs and border protection officers processed more than 221 million travelers at U.S. borders, only searched 1,000 laptops of which 46 were in depth searches.

Tom Merritt Is that the ones where they keep them?

Leo Laporte That’s probably where they keep.

Tom Merritt I still say it’s --

John C. Dvorak So your chances of wining the lottery are better than your laptop.

Leo Laporte Its pretty – 46 out of 221 million is pretty good.

Tom Merritt That is pretty low.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Tom Merritt But TrueCrypt gives you that false bottom OS.

Leo Laporte I like it.

Tom Merritt You really want to be careful.

Roger Chang Is that what they call it a false bottom?

Tom Merritt That’s what I call it.

Leo Laporte I like it.

Roger Chang You mean the file container.

John C. Dvorak Deniability.

Tom Merritt It’s the operating system within an operating system. So you can give them a TrueCrypt login that unencrypts the hard drive and they don’t see anything.

Roger Chang Yeah, it’s a nested – yeah a nested, encrypted – I don’t know the thing is if you notice it and you see how much that file actually takes, I mean [ph] I understand how it works when used it but I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak Use steganography; that would solve that problem.

Leo Laporte Sure.

Tom Merritt But you don’t see that file in the windows.

Roger Chang No, no I understand.

Tom Merritt So when they are going through the thing and they are looking at data…

Roger Chang But the file size remains the same so if you created if you create a small nested file it wouldn’t be an issue. If you created a larger one like say 50% of the actual file.

Leo Laporte You just say [ph] decimal/hexadecimal difference.

John C. Dvorak Well the question – wait there is a question because I know about this technique, is the nested file a separate entity? In other words if you have your encrypted file as and that’s really where you – it’s the container for the encryption and you have a false bottom as you like to put it. In other words a fake password that makes you look like you are unencrypting something and there is a few files in there.

Leo Laporte It’s a whole operating system.

Roger Chang It can be a whole operating system.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Roger Chang It depends on how you use TrueCrypt.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know why you would want that but that’s another story.

Tom Merritt Well, because then when they seize your laptop and they say, hey this is encrypted. Give us the password, you have to. You, give them a password. They open it up, it launches an operating system, they look at the hard drive, looks like it’s a full hard drive but with very few files and you just say yeah I don’t keep much stuff on there.

John C. Dvorak I think Roger has gotten you. Roger, you and I are thinking alike on this.

Roger Chang If you were suspicious of someone you would [ph] scratch – I would scratch, I would have said huh, that seems kind of peculiar.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte They have got just normal stuff on there. Oh, that’s strange.

Roger Chang Well, no, but you --

Tom Merritt I thought you were suspicious.

Leo Laporte You are suspicious. Why do you have a normal --

Roger Chang You have a 250 gig hard drive and yet the OS only sees, you know, 200.

Tom Merritt How do they know you have a 250 gig hard drive unless they take apart the laptop?

Leo Laporte Maybe the OS lies.

Roger Chang It depends on what you are running; if you are running a PC maybe you could.

Leo Laporte Can the false bottom lie? Can it say I’m –

John C. Dvorak I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Well, whatever the case people should be using TrueCrypt’s anyway.

Roger Chang I am not saying that they will be able to see it but they will notice something. It’s like --

Tom Merritt It’s pretty hard to notice. Because it launches up operating system; you right click on the hard drive; it tells you the hard drive is this big.

Roger Chang Yeah, yeah no, no not from the operating system, though that’s what I am saying. You do it from either the BIOS or – and the thing is they do take.

Leo Laporte It’s not going to work. Look at – let’s look this way.

John C. Dvorak I think Roger is right. I think there is a missing piece of this puzzle.

Leo Laporte If it’s not going to work if they really have reason to suspect you.

Roger Chang Yeah and that’s it, that’s my point is that it’s like people who – fill their tank with enough space to put pot in it and – the border guards always like start tapping on the –

Leo Laporte It’s near worked for me. I got to say.

Tom Merritt It’s because it’s soaked with gasoline.

Leo Laporte I know. You really don’t want to light that joints

John C. Dvorak This pod stinks and it burns weird.

Leo Laporte Dell beats forecasts, then surges. On Thursday, Dell reported unexpectedly strong second quarter earnings. They say that they think business is going to really pick up when Windows 7 comes out.

John C. Dvorak They hope.

Leo Laporte Well, this is an interesting thing because I saw another analyst say don’t get too bummed if Windows 7 doesn’t drive a lot of sales because it could just be the bad economy. But I am glad to see that Dell is picking up, the net income 472 million, $0.24 a share. That’s a decline. Well, it’s a 23%. What, 23% decline in net income but that’s good news?

John C. Dvorak That doesn’t sound good.

Tom Merritt No, it doesn’t.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute.

John C. Dvorak I mean they, yeah, their profit probably went up because these guys are slashing left and right.

Leo Laporte I guess when they say unexpectedly strong, they mean well it could have been worse.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, which is always like…

Leo Laporte They exceeded the forecast. That’s – that’s what they did.

Tom Merritt I love Wall Street.

Leo Laporte Excluding costs associated with its continuing revamping, the company reported earnings of $0.28 a share substantially exceeding the forecast of $0.23 a share. So, even though revenue was down 22%, profits were down 23%.

Roger Chang They beat the forecast.

Leo Laporte They beat the forecast. So they had a great quarter. Stock was up 7%. This is like a Ponzi scheme.

John C. Dvorak It’s ridiculous.

Tom Merritt That’s just the way Wall Street works, isn’t it?

John C. Dvorak Either you’re making money or you’re not.

Roger Chang They work quarter-to-quarter.

Leo Laporte They are losing money but it’s not as much as we thought they were losing.

Tom Merritt It’s just like when companies have a positive quarter and make money and then their stock gets trashed because they didn’t make as much as everybody thought.

Leo Laporte Well, okay.

John C. Dvorak Right, which happens just as often is this bullshit.

Leo Laporte No, no, no. I should have read this story more carefully. I – foolish me, I read the headline instead of – good news. We beat the forecast.

Tom Merritt Good news. We’re not sucking as much as you thought we were.

Leo Laporte We don’t suck as much. Dell has really been gone through and then here is the press release. Dell improves business performance through continued execution of strategic agenda.

Roger Chang By the way, a couple of people in the chat room pointed out when a TrueCrypt volume is encrypted, you can’t tell from the outside what looks like data and what isn’t.

Leo Laporte It looks like nonsense.

Tom Merritt No, there is no way to tell from the outside because they would just be hidden.

John C. Dvorak It’s not telling the size from the outside and if we got 3 gigabytes on the outside that you can see as...

Roger Chang I know I am not saying that they will be able to see it but they know something’s there.

Leo Laporte No, it’s just slack-space.

Tom Merritt No, it’s all random.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, they go in there you got 3 gigabyte showing on the – on your list.

Roger Chang Yeah, but you can’t use it that’s a thing. You can’t write.

John C. Dvorak Yeah and then you could go in and they open one.

Roger Chang If it doesn’t look like empty space. That’s my point.

Tom Merritt None of it does. The filled space and the empty space both look the same because it’s a...

John C. Dvorak No, when you go into it, you see one file.

Roger Chang Yeah, if you – if you go in to the initial – If you go in to the initial TrueCrypt file and say you do have the false bottom, right, you say you look at it and it says it has whatever amount of space that it has in it.

Tom Merritt It says it has exactly the same amount of space it says from the outside. There is a hidden container in there you just don’t see.

Leo Laporte Is this East Meets West? Is this what East Meets West is like?

Tom Merritt No, we don’t talk about tech on East Meets West

Leo Laporte Yeah you don’t want to be. Now we know why

John C. Dvorak What do you guys talk about on East Meets West?

Leo Laporte Because it’s coming up in about half an hour…

Tom Merritt We have no agenda, John, I know. And we have been doing it since 2005.

John C. Dvorak That’s a great idea.

Leo Laporte One last story. Did you see the Microsoft ad that in Poland was the black guy was cut out?

Tom Merritt Yes. He was pasted over. He wasn’t cut out.

John C. Dvorak Except for his hands.

Tom Merritt He was [ph] turned into a white guy.

Leo Laporte Well, his hand was still black.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Roger Chang Well, Toronto had that thing when they had one of those brochures for the city and there was a Hispanic family and then they put the head of a black guy on top of the man’s head and it was a really bad Photoshop first of all. So it was pretty obvious some one shopped it. But then a lot of people say well it’s seems kind of forced. Why don’t you just take a photo of people in Toronto instead of using stock images?

Leo Laporte This is kind of like when I got Highlights for children and they’d say find the fifteen things wrong with this picture. Okay, the guy’s got a white head and a black hand, the monitor actually is not connected to anything and look that generic computer he’s on,

Tom Merritt That’s a Mac.

Leo Laporte That’s a Mac with the Apple painted out. This is good, this you could have a little contest to this. So I wonder if there is some – by the way, the Asian guy was not Photoshopped out; just the black guy. Is there some sensitivity thing in Poland or is it just – I mean what’s the deal?

Roger Chang I have no idea.

John C. Dvorak They don’t have any black people in Poland and they didn’t want people asking what kind of person is that.

Roger Chang How many Asian people do they have in Poland?

John C. Dvorak Are you sure he’s Asian? He kind of looks Polish.

Tom Merritt He is an Asian Pole.

Leo Laporte I just love it.

Tom Merritt Actually the Microsoft...

Leo Laporte My favorite part is that there’s no wires on that monitor; it’s just – it’s just standing there.

Roger Chang No, I like the fact that they are all grinning.

Leo Laporte They are all so happy.

Roger Chang No, like it’s a [indiscernible] grin. It’s like all...

John C. Dvorak What are they grinning about?

Leo Laporte I don’t know. I have to look at the American one to see.

Roger Chang Microsoft product.

Tom Merritt It’s not news that ads are dumb.

Leo Laporte No, no, that’s true.

John C. Dvorak Stop the presses. Ads are dumb.

Leo Laporte They – oh, I see why they are smiling. They are empowered with the IT tools they need.

John C. Dvorak That will make anybody smile.

Leo Laporte Sure.

Roger Chang Learn more.

Leo Laporte Learn more. She is – look, is that an electric razor she is holding or what is that?

John C. Dvorak She is shaving, shave is going to shave her underarms right after this is over.

Leo Laporte What is that?

Roger Chang Might be a remote.

Tom Merritt Could be a remote.

Leo Laporte I wonder why we haven’t found out – actually it looks like Vancouver, I think they are in Vancouver.

Tom Merritt Yeah, it does look like Vancouver.

Leo Laporte That’s a Vancouver backdrop.

Tom Merritt It’s that blue glass.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s definitely Vancouver.

Roger Chang Yeah.

Leo Laporte Okay optimize your business productivity infrastructure, yes indeed. I don’t know – I can’t even think, okay just from this can you tell what they are selling?

Roger Chang No.

Tom Merritt Business productivity.

John C. Dvorak Microsoft.

Roger Chang It’s IT, it’s supposed to be very obtuse

John C. Dvorak They are selling Microsoft.

Tom Merritt They are selling solutions and empowerment.

Leo Laporte You can’t – can’t even tell what they are selling.

Tom Merritt That’s true with all of this corporate stuff; you can never tell what are…

Leo Laporte I used to do corporate.

John C. Dvorak These are bad ads.

Roger Chang That’s how you know it’s corporate, Tom.

Leo Laporte All right. Ladies and gentlemen I was…

John C. Dvorak You guys get into a slap fight later when you do your show?

Roger Chang We don’t slap, John. When it comes to fisticuffs, we [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte I was thinking maybe you could wear lederhosen and slap each other.

Tome Merritt Is that a fantasy of yours? My wife won’t do it but you guys will. [ph] That’s with a fish, right? right.

Leo Laporte [Ph] Dane didn’t tell you? Yeah.

Ladies and gentlemen I just want to apologize and I hope you’ll come back next week. This is as good as it gets by the way just a little shout out because in fact, I invite. Why doesn’t CNET do a team? We are going to do laser tag.

Tom Merritt Really?

Leo Laporte On Labor Day.

Tom Merritt I will be at Dragon*Con.

Leo Laporte That’s the problem. All you guys are sci-fi Guys so that’s why. We are doing it at Junipero Serra Park. You could join the TWIT team in fact if you don’t want – we have a TWIT team, but apparently we are the only team. So it’s not going to be much of a battle but they have got these really cool laser rifles that are 200 yards accurate, 200 yards.

Roger Chang Can you blind someone?

Leo Laporte No, it’s infrared.

Roger Chang What is the fun without some sort of casualty in the game?

Leo Laporte Where’s the fun in that? Yeah. Well, you can stumble over a log, it’s in the woods.

John C. Dvorak So what is this all about that you are going to do this when?

Leo Laporte It’s the dotcom wars, it’s a laser tag party, funcrunch and ziggy are putting it together.

John C. Dvorak In San Francisco?

Leo Laporte It’s in Junipero Serra Park.

John C. Dvorak Oh, you mean while the bridge is closed so nobody from the East Bay can possibly go to this thing.

Leo Laporte That’s right Labor Day they are closing the bridge.

Tom Merritt No, you go across the Southern bridge…

Roger Chang You could go either to the [indiscernible]

John C. Dvorak Oh, yeah that’s convenient.

Roger Chang Of course [indiscernible]

John C. Dvorak Nobody will be taking those bridges.

Tom Merritt

[indiscernible] on the southern end of the city.

Leo Laporte It’s like just right about SFO, how would you get to the airport, the same way.

Roger Chang Yeah.

Leo Laporte Just go to the airport and head north.

Roger Chang Actually no, San Mateo is about the same distance.

Leo Laporte Yeah I think it’s about [indiscernible].

Roger Chang ….from SFO...

Leo Laporte Yeah don’t want to go across down town.

Roger Chang Because it’s all in San Bruno.

Leo Laporte Yes it’s in San Bruno, easy.

Tom Merritt None of these people outside of California know what we are talking about.

Leo Laporte I know and they don’t care either, but I just want to tell you can play against us if you are Google or Apple. I want to see a Google or Apple team. $52 per participant includes the rental and a delicious lunch or $15 if you just want to watch and have lunch –

Roger Chang I was just wondering why they didn’t go with paintballs.

Leo Laporte Because it hurts when you get hit.

Roger Chang That’s half the fun.

Leo Laporte Should we do a paintball war?

Roger Chang Without the welts to kind of show off your battle scars.

Leo Laporte It really it won’t be fair. [indiscernible]

John C. Dvorak Yeah, let’s go with live ammo.

Roger Chang Colleen would probably mop the floor with you guys.

Leo Laporte Colleen is a paintball wizard; she has designed your own guns and everything. She is going to be our General.

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible]

Tom Merritt No, no I was just…

Leo Laporte We have wireless com sets, it’s going to be a brutal route.

John C. Dvorak Nerd fest…

Leo Laporte Nerd fest…

John C. Dvorak Nerd alert, nerd alert.

Leo Laporte John C. Dvorak is at channeldvorak. He does all these great podcast Tech5, No Agenda, Cranky Geeks.

John C. Dvorak TWiT.

Leo Laporte TWiT too. Yeah, let’s not forget TWiT. I’ve heard he has been on that and you can find up more at Thank you John for being here, I appreciate it…

John C. Dvorak Always a pleasure…

Leo Laporte And for bringing out some of that memorabilia, that’s kind of cool.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte Maybe the Swedish laser tag team will show up and and kick my butt.

Tom Merritt You’ve given them motivation. You mocked us we are going to hurt you.

Roger Chang We all have like the Volvo. [ph] logo on their chest. Or Saab.

Leo Laporte We come from Nokia and now it’s time to die.

Tom Merritt Nokia is Finnish.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I know. I mock the Finns as well.

Roger Chang All right.

John C. Dvorak Can you do a Norwegian accent?

Leo Laporte It sounds exactly like the Swedish accent.

Tom Merritt Now do Danish.

Roger Chang Actually, say welcome to IKEA in that voice.

Leo Laporte Welcome to IKEA.

John C. Dvorak Yes that’s what we need, ethnic humor.

Leo Laporte Let me tell you.

Roger Chang It’s so cheap, but it’s funny.

Leo Laporte There’s nothing like it, there is nothing like it. Tom Merritt is the majordomo at Buzz Out Loud at he also does his own FourCast, which is a great show with Scott Johnson and it’s the forecast of the future with other podcasters. That’s at, f-o-u-r.

Tom Merritt That is correct, or f-o-r-e, I got both domains.

Leo Laporte Oh you are smart.

Tom Merritt So even if you…

Leo Laporte Thinking ahead.

Tom Merritt Mistype.

Leo Laporte You are thinking ahead, very smart.

Tom Merritt And it’s monthly. People are like what happened to it – well, there’s only one a month.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Tom Merritt So what happened is, we haven’t hit the other month yet.

Leo Laporte Guys can – I mean you do so much already and of course Roger and Tom host East Meets West and that’s coming up, we are going to start broadcasting that recording session live. You’ll still be able to get it at, but we broadcast the recording session live in just a little bit.

Roger Chang is also Revision3 where he produces the fabulous Tekzilla show and the brand new show with Robert Heron and Patrick Norton.

Roger Chang Yep, great shows.

Leo Laporte What’s it called?

Roger Chang HD Nation if you are an HD nerd, geek, love home theatre it’s the show to watch. Talk about new movie releases, Robert really goes in depth.

Leo Laporte He loves that.

Roger Chang He – ever since he got that gig doing HDTV reviews it – I think he’s like found his element.

Leo Laporte That’s his element.

Roger Chang He is just so into it

Leo Laporte Isn’t that neat? I love it, when somebody is doing something they love there is nothing like it.

Roger Chang And I am amazed because like in the three years that he has done it, he just went from a virtual outsider to being a very well-known…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Roger Chang ….name in the industry. So, if you want – if you want advice from the experts, HD Nation is the show to watch.

Leo Laporte you can catch us live, we do this show, well. We are doing something live almost all the time at, but TWiT is recorded live before an empty studio audience at 6 PM Pacific. Wait a minute there is somebody there…

Roger Chang One person there

Leo Laporte [Ph] Jared is here. Hi, [ph] Jared.

Roger Chang Don’t leave [ph] Jared out.

Leo Laporte He is not, he is there.

Meanwhile for those of you who are listening to the audio portion, you didn’t miss much. We’ll see – we’ll see you another time, another TWIT.

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End of TWiT 210 - Banned In Sweden.

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