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Episode 212


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, episode 212 for September 14, 2009: Leave the Gun, Take the Calacanis.

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It’s time for TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers – somebody sent me a note saying why are you guys always covering the last week’s news, can’t you come up with something new. We could do ‘Next Week in Tech’ but we’d need a crystal ball to do that, I am afraid.

Joining us – we, I’ve got a great bunch of people of here. For the first time in studio with us ever, Mr. Jason Calacanis.

Jason Calacanis I am thrilled to be here. It’s awesome.

Leo Laporte From, and you are here for a special occasion because it’s almost been a year ago, somebody bid $10,000...

Jason Calacanis 10,000

Leo Laporte For you to do a commercial on TWiT.

Jason Calacanis High society, that’s one high society as we say in the [ph] poker biz (02:13).

Leo Laporte That’s pretty – yeah – is that what they say?

Jason Calacanis 10,000 – you know – a large would be 1,000 and a high society is 10 so,

Leo Laporte Yeah

Jason Calacanis Right now I am behind three high societies. No I am not, don’t worry, if my wife is listening.

Leo Laporte She is going– what? We’ve got a child on the way you can’t be gambling anymore, Jason.

Jason Calacanis Oh boy, but yeah, it’s pretty amazing.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s great so we are going to do the ad for and the truth is they donated the money to benefit charity: water and they said you know what we really want you to do a PSA for charity: water. So we’ll be glad to.

Jason Calacanis Which is like double mensch.

Leo Laporte Double mensch, double mensch – you spend the money and you get the PSA, that’s very nice.

Also here and really I didn’t plan it this way and frankly I have no way to get out of it at this point. Loren Feldman.

Loren Feldman Hey, all. Hey, all.

Leo Laporte Who just kind of came along, [ph] I didn’t know (02:58).

Loren Feldman I was just here chaperoning Mr. Calacanis. I didn’t mean to bum rush or anything like that.

Leo Laporte It’s Jason’s driver. No, I am thrilled to have you on.

Loren Feldman [Ph] Okay, thank-you sir (03:20).

Leo Laporte As soon as I saw you I said, Loren, you’ve got to be on the show. Loren is with 1938 media, he is actually a brilliant manipulator of the interwebs, and a comic, and we used to do a lot of stuff with him on The Gillmor Gang, so I’m glad to have you.

Loren Feldman Thank you very much for having me.

Leo Laporte This is your first time on TWiT?

Loren Feldman Yes, sir.

Leo Laporte I think it is.

Loren Feldman Yes, sir.

Leo Laporte A guy who needs no introduction from gdgt is also here, Ryan Block. Good to have you, Ryan.

Ryan Block Hello, hello. Thanks for having me.

Leo Laporte I bet you’re sad you’re not in the studio right now, you’re missing all the…

Ryan Block I am, well – it was like two to three weeks ago I was actually in studio but you were gone.

Leo Laporte Right.

Ryan Block And Tom was hosting.

Leo Laporte Right.

Ryan Block So, I am going to make it up there at one point when you are there, maybe while Jason’s there. I don’t know, Jason’s is never really up.

Leo Laporte Well I am very ….

Ryan Block Don’t you have like a conference to be doing or something tomorrow?

Jason Calacanis You know, I’ve got people who do that. No, it’s a system so I have lots and lots of people. You know how it is with Engadget, back in the day, like you guys would do all the hard work, I’d take the credit. Isn’t that the way it works? People would come up to me and they’d go oh my god I can’t tell you how much love Engadget it’s so brilliant and I’d say, thank you.

Leo Laporte I did that.

Jason Calacanis No, I would always say, I basically do about 1% of the work which is signing the checks and dealing with all the lawsuits and then Peter and Ryan do all the other 99% which is making a kick-ass product.

Leo Laporte Last time you were here, Peter was on with us.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte Now we get the other half.

Jason Calacanis gdgt is [ph] killing me (04:30).

Leo Laporte So TechCrunch50 is tomorrow. This is …..

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte This is – tell me about the – I mean – plug time: tell me what TechCrunch50 is.

Jason Calacanis Basically, three years ago Mike Arrington – screw you, Mike Arrington by the way.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I like that sticker on your laptop, that’s very attractive.

Jason Calacanis This is my – this is going to be a special...

Leo Laporte It says, remember kids, Uncle Leo says, screw you.

Jason Calacanis Screw you, Mike Arrington.

Leo Laporte It doesn’t say Mike, but, you know, you could add the name of your choice.

Jason Calacanis It’s for the name.

Leo Laporte I am going to autograph that and give it to Mike.

Jason Calacanis Oh! Yes.

Leo Laporte And say no hard feelings.

Jason Calacanis I will bring it down for him. So, basically, three years ago, Mike and I were having dinner. I was telling him about the conference businesses they used to run in the [ph] silicon reporter (05:04) days. I said you should do a conference. He said what kind of conference should we do? I said you know the demo conference that charges people $20,000…

Leo Laporte Wow!

Jason Calacanis ….to – for six minutes on stage, I said why don’t you let 20 people pitch their new idea for a start-up because I’m a start-up guy, I worked my way up in the industry, I’ve got a lot of love for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and start-ups. Let them pitch but don’t charge them and get all the best VCs in the world, get the angel investors, get the press in the room. We could do that, we know all these people. And we’ll give them a great start to launching their company and he said, yeah but we have to have a prize. And I said well that’s a great idea. What if we put up like $10,000? That’s not enough, like – I said we could put up 25? And he said we got to put up 50. And as Mike is prone to do, you know, he comes up with an idea and then it’s on TechCrunch.

So basically it’s like we are doing this conference, $50,000 top prize. I’m like, okay I guess I am doing a conference but you know it’s – this is year three, over 700 people apply, 50 amazing companies are going launch over the next two days and it’s all for free. And whoever wins gets $50,000….

Leo Laporte How do you make money on this thing?

Jason Calacanis Well, we went to the top companies in the ecosystem, which would be Google, Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund, Charles River Ventures, all these incredible big companies, AOL et cetera, Microsoft, Bing bought two sponsorships and we charge them for our sponsorship [ph] and level (06:22) sponsorship is $35,000.

Leo Laporte That’s great. And the people come to the conference because I know [ph] Ray (06:29) is here, you also pay to attend.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, so when the conference first is announced it’s $1,000 then it goes to $2,000 and then it goes to $3,000. So if you wait which is what all the VCs do, you pay three. And then we give away 150 student tickets, we have 150 volunteers from Berkley and all the local schools.

Leo Laporte Sounds cool, sounds like fun.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, and each of the start-ups who comes gets a couple of tickets. So it’s a lot fun,

Leo Laporte You really – I mean, obviously love startups. You have – you have done several of your own. You have a show, This Week in Startups.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I mean I just do it.

Leo Laporte It’s got to be like crack for somebody who is – for an entrepreneur like….

Jason Calacanis If you are press it’s – there’s nothing better than it because we basically go through 700 companies to get down to about 150 really good ones and we put 50 good ones on stage and then the other 100 go into what we call the Demo Pit, they basically give them table at the event to show their stuff.

Leo Laporte I think PhoneTag is in the Demo Pit.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte As a matter of fact.

Loren Feldman The Demo Pit is a great spot.

Leo Laporte Have you been in the Demo Pit?

Loren Feldman I have, I come as a guest of Mr. Calacanis for the last couple of years. And …

Leo Laporte What do you do in the Demo Pit?

Loren Feldman I just go and I goof with people.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s fun.

Loren Feldman I make videos.

Leo Laporte You make videos there?

Loren Feldman Yeah, I make videos for the guys there and it’s really a great spot. I mean a lot of action happens in that Demo Pit.

Leo Laporte I love – just love the name.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte The idea that everybody’s in the pit – battling it out.

Jason Calacanis Well, it’s basically our way of sticking it to the other competitor in the space who charges people, which I just found...

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis …as an entrepreneur, it just rubbed me the wrong way. I just felt it was abusive.

Leo Laporte You mentioned….

Jason Calacanis It’d be like you charging people to be on – you know – you like some product.

Leo Laporte But they were first. Right?

Jason Calacanis They were first, I mean, they’ve been around for I think 20 years.

Leo Laporte They started the whole idea. Yeah.

Jason Calacanis What happened was, it started really with Stuart Allsop who wasn’t charging and then it was like well, you have to buy one ticket, you have to buy two tickets, you have to buy two tickets and a booth. And it went from one to six, to twelve, to 18,500. You got to buy a couple of extra tickets. So basically you are spending 30, 40 grand to launch your company, which is fine if you raised [ph] a seed round (08:14) of capital but the gdgt guys or Twitter or Digg. You know, when Kevin Rose started Digg he’s not going to pay that money.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis So the good news is we get the hot startups because they wouldn’t go to – they wouldn’t waste the money on it. Only like a venture-backed, dopy start-up would go blow that kind of money on something. Basically when it comes down to it – is if you are quality, you come to our show

Leo Laporte You don’t have any money?

Jason Calacanis If you are quality, you come to our show because even some of them have the money and then if you are not quality, and you have to buy your own stage, you go to the other one.

Loren Feldman Also you know at that stage with the start-up it would be a lot better for them to take that 20, 30 Gs and put it into their product rather than marketing, you know.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, of course, of course. I mean, I don’t have to do these conferences. It’s frankly, a lot of work. I spent the last like two weeks, three days each week in rehearsals with the start-up companies.

Leo Laporte You rehearse with them?

Leo Laporte I spend 10, 12 hours a day for six days. I mean, I [ph] did all their efforts (09:05).

Leo Laporte Because you want their presentation to be good and….?

Jason Calacanis I want their presentation – yeah, I mean, it’s in both of our interests. I want to put on a good show but most of all I want them to have a good start. So, it’s amazing how much the people who start a company, how poorly they can represent themselves. They don’t – we have a very simple rule, show don’t tell. We try to get them to actually show their product.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis And every one of them wants to do something other than that. Like they want to play a movie clip, they want to talk about the industry, they want to put up a chart, they have three circles. Anything their bios, their investors, their competitive metrics…

Leo Laporte But I worked hard on this – I get a presentation.

Jason Calacanis They come with this but I just rip it apart and taped them this year. And there are moments in it which are American Idolesque like, I am ripping them apart. And I said listen I am going to rip you apart in here, I’m going to savage you so when you get in front of Marc Andreessen or Sequoia Capital or Charles River…

Leo Laporte Do people – are people actually able to raise money here?

Jason Calacanis Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte So the VCs believe that this is a good model for them to find people?

Jason Calacanis Absolutely, I hosted the rehearsals at Sequoia Capital, the number one venture capital firm in the world and Sequoia Partners came in and watched probably half of them and I personally introduced my, maybe 10, favorites to different partners at Sequoia, and I personally, anybody who I put on that stage of 50 I tell them…

Leo Laporte Is there still money out there?

Jason Calacanis Oh yes, VCs are independent of the whole financial crisis. They’ve raised a bunch of money from…

Leo Laporte In fact, they need to do something with the money.

Jason Calacanis That’s exactly right. They have to put it to work or else basically they don’t get it.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis And they don’t get their -- what’s called management fees.

Leo Laporte Baksheesh, oh, management fees, yes.

Jason Calacanis They get a little management fee there.

Leo Laporte Yes, some management.

Jason Calacanis They’re excited to do it, so I personally tell anybody who is in the 50 and anybody who is an alumni, I’ll make any introduction at anytime to anybody I know. It’s my way of giving back.

Loren Feldman You’ve had some success stories, lots of success stories…

Jason Calacanis Yes, Powerset.

Loren Feldman With the money right? Who got a bunch of money?

Leo Laporte Powerset got bought by Microsoft.

Jason Calacanis Yes, and Mint…

Loren Feldman Mint.

Jason Calacanis Yammer, yes.

Leo Laporte I finally started using Mint. I didn’t – I was so afraid of Mint for a long time.

Loren Feldman Me too.

Jason Calacanis It’s a little scary.

Leo Laporte But, boy, it’s great, once you get all your stuff in there after a while it’s kind of cool, I mean, I get alerts and…

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Leo Laporte Your wife just spent a thousand dollars…

Ryan Block I’m just worried, you know, I have you know, so many people hate me, I just don’t want to put like – you know, what happens if the guy at Mint just doesn’t like me, you know.

Leo Laporte I don’t think the guy at Mint…

Loren Feldman And just goes into my account…

Jason Calacanis That’s not the guy you have to worry about, he owns stock, he is not going to…

Loren Feldman No, I know, but I just…

Leo Laporte The guy at Mint…

Loren Feldman I get nervous just like putting that kind of stuff out there.

Leo Laporte So you haven’t done that.

Loren Feldman No, no, no. I don’t think I ever will.

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s so cool. Have you seen the iPhone app that shows your Net Worth and…

Loren Feldman Yes, I know.

Jason Calacanis You can take that out at a party, it’s really great. The ladies love it.

Leo Laporte Oh, the ladies love it.

Jason Calacanis Excuse me, may I show you my Net Worth on my iPhone.

Leo Laporte Ryan please, by the way, I know, Ryan, you’re kind of out in left field because you are…

Jason Calacanis Yes, oops sorry.

Leo Laporte Over Skype, so please just jump in at anytime if you have anything to add.

Ryan Block No, no I’m enjoying listening to hear Jason pitch his conference. So, wait, wait, so, Jason, though obviously a lot of companies going on their – what’s the selection process. How do I get in?

Jason Calacanis Yes, it’s a great question. It’s an open process where anybody can apply and there is a website and we take applications up until the end of June; we’ll do that again this June, and you have to make a video where you talk into the video and do like a webcast, maybe screen cast your product, tell us about it…

Leo Laporte Doesn’t it disadvantage people who aren’t very good at presenting their ideas?

Jason Calacanis No, because we don’t grade it on presentation skills during that phase, and basically I take it upon myself in the rehearsals to get them through that part.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis And I mean we have people who have English as a second language, I mean, all kinds of other challenges with that.

Leo Laporte You know what’s exciting about this is there are still good ideas out there; there are people doing really creative interesting stuff and it is kind of great to give them a chance to expose that to the world out there.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely.

Ryan Block I think what’s funny though is – you know you talk about how the start-ups are – they really want to just give a deck, you know they want to talk about financials, they want to talk about business plan, you know the funny thing is like that’s what they have been trained to do, you know that’s what every VC firm wants, they want you – they want your deck before they want your demo.

Jason Calacanis Right.

Ryan Block So you have to kind of un-train that, right, you have to kind of teach them that, okay, the time for that is now over, now you’ve got to be product, you got to show your product.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely

Ryan Block You got to be – your product.

Jason Calacanis I mean, with gdgt, I never looked at your business plan, I didn’t care about it and I…

Ryan Block We don’t have a business plan.

Jason Calacanis If you did I would be worried.

Leo Laporte Do you have investors in gdgt, Ryan? Mr. Calacanis apparently…

Ryan Block It’s easier, yes, it’s easier to call it gadget. Yes, Jason is actually – full disclosure, one of our investors, and we have a number of others.

Leo Laporte Not including me. Although I invested time into the site, I have entered in 20 gadgets so that’s actually considerable amount of work, believe it or not.

Loren Feldman Yes, I think it’s cool with that – I mean I like the site.

Leo Laporte I love the idea.

Loren Feldman Yes.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, when they told me the idea I was like, here is the check.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis Let me know who to make it out to.

Leo Laporte It’s been public for a month or so, Ryan?

Ryan Block We launched in July 1, actually I would have liked to have launched the TechCrunch50 but we just had a whole bunch of other stuff.

Jason Calacanis I begged them to.

Ryan Block Yes, I know, it would have been really fun. I would have really enjoyed that…

Jason Calacanis You know what you had a sponsor so that -- you got to take the cash. I think you would have won.

Leo Laporte Really?

Jason Calacanis I think – they…

Leo Laporte What kind of thing wins at something like this?

Jason Calacanis Well, the first year was Mint and it was pretty clear Mint had a very big vision that was going to be a very successful business that’s where – there is two votes for the $50,000, because 25 comes from me and 25 comes from Mike and we both agreed Mint hands down the first one and I think we were very right about that, I mean, they have a $200 million valuation right now and a very good service.

Second year we really liked a thing called Good Guide which was creating a guide book, a Wikipedia if you will, or a directory of how good products are in terms of, you know, do they cause cancer, do they have carcinogens in them et cetera…

Leo Laporte That’s something I’d like to know.

Jason Calacanis It’s a cancer guide.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis But we thought Yammer the business – it’s a business version of…

Leo Laporte Oh, I remember Yammer – that was a little controversial, this was Twitter for enterprise.

Loren Feldman Yes.

Jason Calacanis I think it’s a little boring, people thought it’s a little boring a derivative but they are pretty much killing it so…

Leo Laporte Are they doing well?

Jason Calacanis They are doing very well, and they have a lot of paid…

Leo Laporte There you go.

Jason Calacanis Customers so.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Jason Calacanis We pick what we think would be the most successful business and I guess that’s controversial because people wanted TonchiDot, which was doing augmenting reality like the up phone…

Leo Laporte Oh, I love that.

Jason Calacanis A year ago…

Leo Laporte I thought that was really cool.

Jason Calacanis I wanted to give it to them but I just thought…

Leo Laporte It’s too early.

Jason Calacanis I don’t think this would ever become product…

Leo Laporte It’s not there.

Loren Feldman Right.

Jason Calacanis And it hasn’t.

Leo Laporte It hasn’t.

Jason Calacanis So you know.

Leo Laporte Although I love the monocle on Yelp is very fun.

Jason Calacanis It’s a very cool…

Leo Laporte Have you played with that Ryan, of course you have, what am I thinking?

Ryan Block Yes, yes, I mean it’s all a still little bit early but people are really really excited about that kind of stuff.

Leo Laporte Congratulations to our friend Felicia Day, Emmy Award.

Jason Calacanis What?

Leo Laporte Emmy Award, Daytime Emmy for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, isn’t that great? Isn’t that awesome?

Jason Calacanis Daytime Emmy or Internet [indiscernible] (15:38) Emmy?

Leo Laporte Daytime Emmy, no.

Loren Feldman I think they combined them.

Leo Laporte It was in Outstanding Special Class Short Format Live Action Entertainment Programs.

Jason Calacanis A little golf clap for that. That’s huge.

Leo Laporte Yes, isn’t that great?

Jason Calacanis Is that the first Emmy for an online?

Leo Laporte It’s the first Emmy for something that never appeared on TV, which makes it kind of – makes you wonder what the hell is an Emmy for.

Jason Calacanis Well, I mean, well, I’ll you something, there is nothing on local television that’s, you know…

Leo Laporte No, it’s brilliant.

Jason Calacanis In terms of tech coverage that’s more interesting than this WEEK in TECH, where is this WEEK in TECH’s Emmy?

Leo Laporte I don’t want an Emmy. I got an Emmy.

Jason Calacanis If you get an Emmy you could hold the door open…

Leo Laporte Where is my Emmy? Did you steal my Emmy while I…?

Jason Calacanis You have a Daytime Emmy?

Loren Feldman No, believe me I would if I saw it, but I haven’t seen it.

Jason Calacanis Do you really have an Emmy?

Leo Laporte I have an Emmy somewhere back there, yes it’s sitting back there.

Jason Calacanis There is sort of a joke about Emmy…

Leo Laporte See the golden lady with the sharp wings, that’s…

Jason Calacanis Oh yes, I see it, there’s your Emmy.

Leo Laporte Yes. A lot of good that did me.

Loren Feldman Yes, it’s like my friendship with Jason, same thing [ph] you bring me money [indiscernible] (16:23)

Leo Laporte The same thing. Yes, yes, that’s the same thing. Anyway, congratulations to her.

Loren Feldman Yes, no, that’s great.

Leo Laporte Joss Whedon, I mean, it helps to have Joss Whedon producing and directing. You can’t get much better than that.

Loren Feldman No.

Leo Laporte Doogie Howser…

Loren Feldman Sure.

Leo Laporte In the lead role.

Loren Feldman Real talent. Real talent.

Jason Calacanis He is a great actor.

Leo Laporte Real – you know what he was really good in Dr. Horrible.

Jason Calacanis I saw him in All My Sons, the Arthur Miller…

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis And…

Leo Laporte He is a good actor.

Loren Feldman He is a phenomenal actor.

Jason Calacanis [Ph] It was 150 seat theater in Westwood (16:45)

Loren Feldman No, he is the real deal.

Jason Calacanis Very powerful.

Loren Feldman Real deal.

Jason Calacanis He is legit.

Leo Laporte People – you know I think, because celebrity is so confounded with talent that we kind of lose sight of the fact that there really is in fact a talent called acting, and some people can do it and a lot of people who are famous cannot.

Jason Calacanis Right.

Leo Laporte And when you see a great actor, boy!

Jason Calacanis He’s an actor’s actor.

Loren Feldman Yes, I mean I go crazy about that all the time, you know, I mean just because the technology is here doesn’t mean that somebody can be a Leo Laporte or a…

Leo Laporte That’s a good point.

Loren Feldman Loren Feldman, I mean…

Leo Laporte That’s a good point.

Loren Feldman I studied, I went, you know, I’m in SAG, I went to Stella Adler, I’ve been on stage a hundred thousand times, I’ve bombed, I’ve not bombed.

Leo Laporte So, you know about acting.

Loren Feldman Yes, absolutely, and that’s why I would always go crazy, you know, when “amateurs” would just come in and turn on a camera, it would really kind of piss me off to be honest.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes.

Loren Feldman That’s why I was so excited to meet you the first time, because it’s just like a pro.

Leo Laporte And yet YouTube does give people a chance to have a voice; I mean there is a lot to be said for that democratizing and if somebody has some talent…

Loren Feldman Yes.

Leo Laporte But do you think you have to study or can you have the talent and just get better by doing it?

Loren Feldman No, I think that – excuse me…

Leo Laporte Do you have to go to Stella and say…

Loren Feldman No, no, I was a salesman my whole life, that’s what I did, right out of high school.

Jason Calacanis Which is acting.

Loren Feldman Which is acting…

Leo Laporte Yes, you are right?

Loren Feldman That’s my point is that I did go to Stella…

Leo Laporte You are an actor, Jason, you are an actor.

Loren Feldman Absolutely.

Jason Calacanis I do what I can.

Loren Feldman But you have to take it seriously, though. Yes.

Leo Laporte It’s a craft.

Loren Feldman You have to if you want to be a pro and be [ph] proud (18:09).

Leo Laporte It’s a craft.

Loren Feldman Absolutely.

Leo Laporte I have a friend who is a Hollywood director, he is working on -- right now he is working on the Twilight Zone, and he is a little upset about YouTube. He said, I studied -- he is a Scottish guy, so he’s got great Scottish accent, I studied for 20 years and learned my craft and I was a focus puller or whatever it was, worked my way up, how can somebody with a camera and YouTube accomplish the same thing without that 20 years of study?

Jason Calacanis

Just like Justine with the AT&T bill, I can’t take it. 

Loren Feldman Yes.

Leo Laporte Yes. It must drive people like him crazy.

Loren Feldman Yes, but that’s also…

Jason Calacanis 18 million people watched it.

Leo Laporte What the hell’s going on?

Jason Calacanis [Ph] I pay my (18:50) phone bills, nobody watches it, I played Hamlet, God damn it!

Loren Feldman No one’s going to watch you anyway, it doesn’t matter.

Leo Laporte Well, it helps to be a beautiful woman.

Loren Feldman Yes, I mean, Lisa Nova, I don’t know if you know Lisa…

Leo Laporte Yes.

Loren Feldman Lisa’s a friend of mine, actually, I know her boyfriend from a million years ago, we were in the film business together and that’s like a perfect example because you know, Lisa, blew it out, has millions of viewers, was on MAD TV, quit MAD TV.

Leo Laporte Right.

Loren Feldman She actually made it and quit.

Leo Laporte She went back – she went back to the Internet.

Loren Feldman Yes, yes, she just…

Leo Laporte That’s where the future is though. Or she didn’t like the culture…

Loren Feldman I don’t think she liked the culture, I mean, listen, you know…

Leo Laporte It’s dog eat dog in Hollywood.

Loren Feldman If I ever got off the internet, I’d never come back.

Leo Laporte Well, I often, you know, I often say to NEWTON Media types don’t think of this as a path to true success, getting on CNN or getting in a movie; think of this as the path, this is the future; you don’t believe that, you think mainstream is the future.

Loren Feldman I still do, for now, at least. I mean, listen, I’m…

Leo Laporte There’s more money in it.

Loren Feldman There is more money, I mean I love what I do, it’s great, I don’t have to answer to a director or writers, I can make my crazy silly videos and all of that but if you really want to make money and really have juice I still think it’s mainstream.

Jason Calacanis You know the problem is though you could never create a show like this WEEK in TECH, if you had to deal with those corporate people…

Loren Feldman No, I know.

Leo Laporte I tried, I tried for years.

Jason Calacanis I mean just too much interference and you know…

Loren Feldman Yes, no, absolutely.

Leo Laporte They’re idiots, that’s the real problem, they don’t like technology.

Ryan Block Impossible.

Loren Feldman I mean can you imagine me doing the stuff I do, I mean, they would – it would be impossible, exactly.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Ryan Block Leo’s got his other show.

Leo Laporte I still have a mainstream show but I don’t know if I need that.

Jason Calacanis I bet you get more listeners on.

Leo Laporte Oh, I do. Actually, no that’s not true. No, to be honest, the radio show…

Loren Feldman Right.

Leo Laporte …is probably two million people a week.

Jason Calacanis Oh is it really, I didn’t know that.

Ryan Block The thing is that – there’s still a scarcity in “old school media” – it’s harder to break into. So, at the end of the day, it’s always going to have that appeal as being kind of the end game for a lot of people. I don’t necessarily think that. I mean I am perfectly happy to do a show about gadgets that only...

Leo Laporte Me too.

Ryan Block That – get to your 70,000 people or however many listen to, but for a lot of people I think there’s still something about going on TV, going on radio.

Leo Laporte Well, let me testify here. There is more money in doing what I am doing now than there is on the radio. There may not be a bigger audience but it’s a more involved, engaged, interesting audience on the Internet side of it.

Loren Feldman I think it also – I think it also depends...

Leo Laporte I prefer the audience that we get on the podcast.

Loren Feldman Yeah, I think it depends also what point you are in your career. I mean…

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah…

Loren Feldman When you’re a younger actor making TV or movie is like making it…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Loren Feldman I gave up traditional Hollywood many years ago and never looked back. So, I am very happy where I am at now but listen if I got a TV pilot, I’d take it and I’d be stoked about it.

Leo Laporte You know who needs some help with talent?

Ryan Block New York Times?

Leo Laporte The Software – what is it? The Software Industries Association, the people who fight the piracy, have you seen…

Ryan Block Yeah.

Leo Laporte This god awful video that they did. This is a [video presentation] (21:43). That’s – this is – ha, ha, ha, these guys are in college, right, and they are freshmen. And then over here is the Asian guy who is writing – copying floppies, right. I am just going to fast forward here.

Jason Calacanis It’s always the Asian guy.

Leo Laporte It’s the Asian guy.

Loren Feldman Always.

Leo Laporte Always.

Loren Feldman Sneaky, sneaky guys.

Jason Calacanis Report came out, 87% of copyright infringement, it’s Asian people.

Leo Laporte Geez. Thank you.

Jason Calacanis It’s Asian people.

Ryan Block Thank-you, this was TWiT live

Leo Laporte Thank-you, this was TWiT.

Jason Calacanis I’m mean, it’s not racist, it’s unbelievable. You see those Asians with the [ph] shopping cans (22:26) that’s the problem.

Leo Laporte Stop it. Stop it. It is though. I mean look at this guy. Well, first of all, it’s a very multicultural room.

Loren Feldman Yeah, they make sure to get everybody in there.

Leo Laporte Yeah, they got everybody in there.

Ryan Block No race.

Loren Feldman Look at that nose. But who’s the guy? Who’s the Jew?

Leo Laporte Yeah, Jew, we got Jew, we got a black guy, we got a token girl. There’s no girls in these rooms I can tell you right now.

Jason Calacanis She really wants to be hanging out in that dorm room.

Leo Laporte He’s got a [ph] Sharp (22:45). He’s burning disks.

Loren Feldman And I’ve seen dorm rooms that look exactly like that, yeah, nice and clean.

Leo Laporte And then he gets transported up and DP is going to give him – he’s going to school him [Video presentation] (22:53) Oh, this is so bad. Somebody said this is so bad it makes me want to steal software. Big budget.

Loren Feldman Big budget.

Loren Feldman [Indiscernible] (23:22) who don’t even own computer [indiscernible] ().

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s [indiscernible] (23:12) like this. Oh, I like that. By the way, Jason is the name of the Asian guy. He’s got Jason’s lair. Oh, yeah, he does go to jail. He does. Look, towards the end of the thing, he’s…

Loren Feldman Oh there’s a Klingon.

Ryan Block The Klingons make an appearance?

Leo Laporte For some reason...

Jason Calacanis It’s always the Klingons and the Asians.

Leo Laporte It’s not just Asians, it’s Klingons. [Video presentation] (23:56). And the guy in Newsweek who did the interview on this asked the SIA, why Klingons? And he said I don’t know. He said why not vampires? They are kind of hot right now. We got a deal with Paramount.

Jason Calacanis They’re trying to reach people.

Leo Laporte So he is in jail.

Jason Calacanis Oh, here’s the prison rape scene [Video presentation] (24:16)

Leo Laporte Now do you think this is effective? No.

Jason Calacanis I cannot believe that…

Leo Laporte There’s no talent involved.

Loren Feldman No talent, a ton of money.

Leo Laporte Now, this is I kind of like this. They say instead of stealing…

Jason Calacanis Get a job doing.

Leo Laporte Get a job doing auto-CAD. [Video presentation] (24:37). I kind of like that. Tears came to my eyes here or something. [Video presentation] (24:48), Now wait a minute. Doom?

Jason Calacanis Doom.

Leo Laporte Doom.

Jason Calacanis And the Crypt Keeper.

Ryan Block And the Crypt Keeper.

Leo Laporte And they’re going – watch. They go into Doom now with the Klingons. [Video presentation] (24:58). There’s the Klingons. They are back. [Video presentation] (25:07), I don’t….

Loren Feldman It makes you want to steal stuff.

Jason Calacanis When did this come out?

Leo Laporte Last week.

Jason Calacanis No, no, no, no. Really, when did it come out? This thing came out in ’96?

Leo Laporte This is brand new.

Jason Calacanis No way.

Leo Laporte This is brand new.

Jason Calacanis Hold on a second.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, it gets even better. Now they have an actual felon. [Video presentation] (25:34). Maybe this is aimed like at 14-year-olds or something?

Jason Calacanis I think that if they just played that last piece, it would be quite effective. Actually somebody in jail would be a very effective PSA.

Loren Feldman That piece is effective but you know what? I think that you have to – what would have been effective is saying – just being honest. I mean we are supposed to be in this age of transparency and honesty. I think the good approach would have been like – why you screwing artists? Like, you love music.

Leo Laporte That’s the part in the middle that I kind of dug where it said – make your own stuff, exactly. Make your own stuff. Don’t steal somebody’s else stuff.

Loren Feldman And I would have pushed like…

Leo Laporte Go ahead, Ryan.

Ryan Block Creating content has nothing to do with stealing content. It’s just such a diversion. Go make your own stuff. Oh, great. Yeah, I will make my own stuff. That doesn’t mean I am not going to be a consumer of content.

Loren Feldman And no one makes it anyway.

Ryan Block And the fact is people who are making stuff now are going to be giving it away because it’s the expectation, this generation and all future generations will be giving their content away with the expectation that the content itself should be free and that you’ll make money in other ways.

Leo Laporte You’re believer in a…

Loren Feldman That’s so wrong. Your -- god is that wrong.

Leo Laporte You’re believer in [ph] free Chris Anderson’s (26:44)…

Ryan Block Not necessarily saying one way is right or wrong but that is the expectation now.

Loren Feldman No, you are absolutely correct. That’s the expectation now and that will the death of art in this country.

Leo Laporte Will it?

Loren Feldman Yeah, absolutely.

Leo Laporte But if we can make money in other ways.

Loren Feldman What other ways? I always hear the famous other ways. What are these other ways? What am I going to do? Start...

Leo Laporte Advertising?

Loren Feldman Start a signature puppet line?

Leo Laporte Yeah, there you go.

Ryan Block That’s actually a great idea.

Leo Laporte That’s a great idea.

Jason Calacanis Actually, I would actually order a puppet. Can I get a puppet? Can I get my own [indiscernible] (27:20)?

Loren Feldman All right, forget I said anything.

Ryan Block Then I could make my own Jason puppet videos.

Jason Calacanis Exactly.

Ryan Block That would be unbelievable.

Jason Calacanis I would like to – I want a Ryan Block and Veronica video.

Loren Feldman Your Jason puppet videos are going to suck and I don’t want you to make Jason puppet videos that suck, any more than you want me to make a horrible gadget website.

Jason Calacanis I want to get the – I want the Veronica and the Ryan puppet.

Leo Laporte Have you seen this?

Jason Calacanis Ryan, can we go to dinner? I am trying to level up over here.

Leo Laporte This is a Leo Laporte crocheted figure. It comes on a bowl. You get the headphones and the microphone. What do you think, Jason? Do you think I can make some money on that?

Jason Calacanis I think, screw you, Mike Arrington.

Leo Laporte There’s a little – you can pull a little string in the back that says screw you.

Jason Calacanis I’m [ph] taking (27:56) my ball, which I am sitting on and I’m leaving. Bye, bye, Mike Arrington.

Leo Laporte Mike doesn’t hate me, does he?

Jason Calacanis No.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Jason Calacanis I mean no more than hates me or anybody else.

Leo Laporte Or anybody else.

Jason Calacanis Which is basically everybody.

Leo Laporte I’m just in the group. Happy Programmer’s Day. Today is Russia’s new official holiday. [Foreign language] (28:13). Yes, Dmitry Medvedev has declared holiday for the company.

Jason Calacanis It’s good for patriot Russia programmer.

Leo Laporte Programmer’s Day. 256 day of year, get it? 256 day of year, get it?

Jason Calacanis Like kilobits.

Leo Laporte Like kilobits.

Jason Calacanis Like kilobits in the computer.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis I go to get my programmer, some vodka and new keyboard.

Leo Laporte The translation.

Jason Calacanis It’s good gift.

Ryan Block Since we’re making seriously bad stereotype jokes. I mean what’s up with Russian Programmer Day? The most program that come out of Russia are worms, viruses.

Leo Laporte That’s true. But that’s worth something.

Jason Calacanis But the code, the code is clean.

Leo Laporte Don’t copy that floppy.

Loren Feldman I am really impressed with your Russian accent.

Leo Laporte [Ph] He spared you, I’m like (28:57)

Loren Feldman It’s really unbelievable, here. I am so terrible at accents.

Jason Calacanis We spend many years in military.

Leo Laporte Military. You studied with Stella Adler. I study with…

Jason Calacanis Mandatory service in my country. That’s where we make the worms and viruses on the USSR.

Leo Laporte All right, I got one for – I got one for Ryan. I lost my Kindle on an airplane. I didn’t lose it. I mean I left it there. It was stupid of me. I’m getting off the plane, I am tired. It has been a long flight. I leave the Kindle. Now before I get out of the airport, I go back to the desk and said I left my Kindle. I was in business, I left my Kindle. They said it’s gone. I said, what do you mean it’s gone? Somebody probably snagged it.

Jason Calacanis The pilot?

Leo Laporte Pilot. You know, they see a Kindle …

Ryan Block [Indiscernible] (29:34).

Leo Laporte So, I immediately deactivate it but it comes to me. Wait a minute. That’s got a serial number. That’s serialized. Amazon knows exactly who’s got my Kindle.

Ryan Block Sure. Whoever bought a new book with the credit card.

Loren Feldman Who’s going to buy it? Right?

Leo Laporte So, article in New York Times this week says don’t bother asking Amazon. They won’t help you without a subpoena. And I don’t think I’m going to get a subpoena from the San Francisco Police Department to get my Kindle back.

Loren Feldman To get one of those Mobile Me things set up.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Yeah. This is something that has to change. This is not just true of Kindle; this is true of all consumer electronics. All consumer electronics tend to have serial numbers of some kind, something identifiable. You take them in for repair, there is no alert list. There is no “this is stolen equipment” list that the industry uses. There is nothing like that.

Loren Feldman I mean if you, if you…

Jason Calacanis But what they have is that new Mobile Me service where you can track down your lost –

Leo Laporte I love that.

Loren Feldman Yes.

Jason Calacanis But that’s actually creating a different set of problems. That’s creating a set of problems that people who are actually attempting to find robbers and thieves. I mean, those are not really people that you want to mess around with unless…

Loren Feldman It’s slightly dangerous.

Loren Feldman It is also, well, you have to [indiscernible] (30:43).

Ryan Block If you are Jason and you know Taekwondo then you are going to be all right, but if you are me and you don’t, then that’s not the kind of person who I want to go running down on the street trying to get my phone back.

Leo Laporte You remember that blog post? There is a great blog post about the guy who lost his iPhone. He tracks it down, he goes to the ghetto practically and he is sending messages out. And I talked to a friend of mine…

Ryan Block Yes, there are more of these stories, too. They are –

Leo Laporte Yeah, a friend of mine did the same thing, she was text – she had somebody text the person and she is – I don’t know how this ended, I have to find out. She went to a hand-off. She said I will give you a hundred bucks for my phone and she said they said I would meet up. I do not know, I would not go do that.

Loren Feldman But is it really like Amazon’s responsibility?

Leo Laporte Well, that’s the question, is it? They know.

Jason Calacanis What they should do is brick it.

Leo Laporte They should brick it.

Jason Calacanis They should just brick it. This way there is no market for these devices. So if you steal it, it should be bricked.

Leo Laporte That’s kind of what happens to a cell phone, right?

Jason Calacanis And if you return it to any store you get a $25 gift card. So if you return an iPhone to a store, Apple pays on behalf of the consumer a $25 gift card.

Loren Feldman You mean if you find one.

Jason Calacanis Found, stolen, we don’t ask any questions. You bring an iPhone to our desk, we will give you a $10 gift card, no questions asked. Then we look at the serial number, we offer it to the person, that person pays 5 of the $10 [indiscernible] (31:53)

Leo Laporte In Canada, SIRIUS Satellite Radio will deactivate a radio if you send them a statement, signed statement saying it was stolen. They will say okay, fine, we will brick it.

Jason Calacanis Bottom line is, all of these devices are now both connected and oftentimes registered with the company who makes them. And for that fact that you can count on connectivity for almost every device that you buy now, even a digital camera now often has Wi-Fi. Not always, but often. So it’s to the point now where you could actually set up a system that phones home, a system that deactivates devices, something that helps you find your lost gadget, or at very least turns it off and gives a thief an incentive to turn it back in. I don’t know how long it’s going to take the industry to kind of wake up to this concept that consumers lose devices or devices get stolen…

Loren Feldman Truthfully, I think it sounds like something you should have a section on gadget for this.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s a good idea.

Jason Calacanis That would be good, lost and found. How about we, somebody make a iPhone application like “I shock you” and if you don’t put a password – if you put the wrong password in, like the fourth time it actually shocks you and sound like it explodes like the blue ink, like those sacks of money.

Loren Feldman I mean, it’s a great idea but I don’t see the manufacturers doing it. I see a gadget type site or somebody like that.

Leo Laporte I could see their liability, they don’t want to be responsible.

Loren Feldman They just do not want the phone calls. Just thousands and thousands…

Jason Calacanis It’s the cost.

Leo Laporte It just, it irks me that I know Amazon could tell me exactly who has got it.

Jason Calacanis You should actually – this is the way it should work, is you have your account, you should be able to log in, turn your device off and put a message on it.

Leo Laporte Well, I did of course immediately is deregister it, but the device still works and anybody who wants to register it can.

Jason Calacanis But if they register it, wouldn’t they know that the serial number has been registered?

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s what I am saying. Amazon knows.

Loren Feldman How would they know? Leo could have gifted it to somebody, I mean that’s –

Leo Laporte Well, but that is difficult. I didn’t try, I have to admit but…

Jason Calacanis Somebody needs to cut this portion of the show out and send it to Donkey Customer Support is the title of the YouTube post, Donkey Customer Support at Amazon. Do the right thing, you guys look like idiots to the entire tech community. Why are we paying you $400 for a device? It is obvious that if they know the serial number, they should at least brick the device. That’s a minimum. Allow you brick it.

Loren Feldman Yeah, if they can deal with the 1984 thing, they can certainly brick the device.

Leo Laporte And they did, didn’t they?

Loren Feldman Yeah, absolutely.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte So what happened with that, what was the upshot of that?

Loren Feldman What happened was that they sold copies of 1984 before I guess the ink was signed on the deal with the publisher and the publisher made them pull it. And what they did was they bricked it from devices, didn’t call the customers.

Leo Laporte They erased it?

Loren Feldman Just erased it.

Leo Laporte Furthermore, they have got a couple of lawsuits on their hands from school kids who said you took all – my notes are no longer good, I can’t do my homework. So, but I am saying last week Amazon announced that they were going to do something. They were giving them another copy of 1984 that would work, that would have the same pagination or something? So they made it, they made a little bit better. They apologized.

Loren Feldman Yes, weeks later.

Leo Laporte They realized it was a mistake.

Jason Calacanis It’s a new medium.

Leo Laporte We are learning.

Jason Calacanis Mistake or two, yes.

Leo Laporte Hey, I make plenty of mistakes.

Loren Feldman I did not think that was such a big terrible deal. I mean, it was great – ironic that it was ‘84.

Ryan Block It was so amazing. Yes, so amazing. Literally, of all books in the entire world…

Jason Calacanis Yes. Perfect.

Loren Feldman It had to be 1984. It is so amazing. You really, you couldn’t have picked a better work for them to have gone out read it.

Jason Calacanis I do not have this problem. I listen to audio books.

Leo Laporte We were going to talk about that, why do you want to talk about that right now?

Jason Calacanis What?

Leo Laporte

Jason Calacanis I just was mentioning actually, I love audio books. I was just listening on my iPhone when I was playing poker. I lost 1,500 last night.

Leo Laporte Did you really? Oh, what is that, a…

Jason Calacanis Yes, it is not fun.

Loren Feldman Yes, I don’t have a gambling problem, I lost 1,500. I don’t have a gambling problem.

Jason Calacanis I am up for the year.

Loren Feldman Yeah, I know. All you guys always say you are up.

Leo Laporte Nobody ever really loses money [ph] gambling (35:25).

Jason Calacanis I have a spreadsheet. I am barely up for the year.

Loren Feldman I know, everything in your spreadsheet.

Jason Calacanis I got a spreadsheet with this. Yes, no, I was…

Leo Laporte I have an idea for a show, by the way. We could have tech poker, it will be just like World Poker Tour, you have got your little cameras and everything, but instead we talk about this kind of crap while we are playing the game. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Loren Feldman Would be great.

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t it be great? That is going to be in the new studio.

Jason Calacanis iPhone players. Kindle players. If you have the iPhone or the Kindle on the table, it plays.

Leo Laporte It plays?

Jason Calacanis That means if you go all in – the Kindle is all in.

Leo Laporte Oh.

Jason Calacanis You got to include the Kindle or iPhone.

Leo Laporte You put your gadgets in there?

Jason Calacanis Gadgets count.

Loren Feldman It is the degenerate gambling lingo, Leo. You have got to stay up on the lingo.

Jason Calacanis Gadgets, I raise you a BlackBerry Curve and I throw in an iPhone 3G.

Loren Feldman High societies and all in, and all this stuff , Jason has got going on.

Leo Laporte Kindle plays. Okay.

Jason Calacanis But I was listening to – the main point was, even though I was losing money, I was gaining intelligence because I was listening to How the Mighty Have Fallen which is a really great business book by the guy from Good to Great.

Leo Laporte Oh, he is great. Jim Collins is great.

Loren Feldman Don’t you, while you are playing you have audio book on?

Jason Calacanis I always listen to an audio book.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that distracting, though? How do you…

Jason Calacanis No, not me. Because you know what I do is, I have that little, the headset on the iPhone. You press the button, it pauses.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis So if I am in a hand, I hit the pause.

Leo Laporte That’s a tell, by the way.

Jason Calacanis Well, I know. I know that.

Leo Laporte If Jason hits pause, it’s a big tell.

Loren Feldman Right, yes.

Jason Calacanis And you know what? I know that, so what I do is, when I am going to bluff – people who are playing please pause the program, fast forward 30 seconds – I press the button and then I count my chips and then if I am going to bluff, I better make a big bet, and then I put the music back on and people go, oh, he must have nuts.

Leo Laporte And how is that working for you? Is that working?

Jason Calacanis Down 1,500, so you tell me.

Leo Laporte When Jason pushes the button he is bluffing, he is bluffing, he is doesn’t have it. So,

Jason Calacanis So great.

Leo Laporte I have a jingle.

Jason Calacanis Oh, they have the audible jingles.

Leo Laporte I have – but I have a jingle with you on it.

Jason Calacanis Wait, wait you are using the TWiT one? Because I was going to actually use my URL because I have them This Week in Startups.

Leo Laporte No, you don’t get to use your URL on my show.

Jason Calacanis All right, fine.

Leo Laporte Would I come on your show and use your URL?

Jason Calacanis No, that’s a good point.

Leo Laporte I mean my URL? Wait a minute.

Jason Calacanis No. I would never use your URL, no. This is going in the wrong direction. Keep your URL.

Leo Laporte Keep your hands off my URL.

Jason Calacanis Your URL should be on that side of the desk.

Leo Laporte It is.

Jason Calacanis Okay, good.

Leo Laporte It’s – the URL in question is

Jason Calacanis I bet you that’s a good deal.

Leo Laporte Do you have the platinum on your show?

Jason Calacanis Of course.

Leo Laporte You have it; you have a like Twist 2? Or do you do gold?

Jason Calacanis I have – I don’t want to say the URL, but I have…

Leo Laporte You do gold.

Jason Calacanis I have like three – half price for three months, is that what you do?

Leo Laporte Oh, they are trying that one out on your show.

Jason Calacanis They are trying half-off for three…

Leo Laporte They probably figured more rich people listen to his show, see.

Jason Calacanis Probably.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So what we do is, we just give you two books free.

Jason Calacanis It’s a good start.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis It’s a good start, good start, I mean for middle-income people. That’s a joke, come on, guys. Lighten up, it’s a show.

Leo Laporte

Jason Calacanis Did I just insult everybody who listens to it?

Leo Laporte Okay, you middle-income people, listen up.

Loren Feldman Listen, you little nobodies.

Leo Laporte We know, we know it’s been a tough eight months.

Jason Calacanis The good thing is anybody can afford Audible. It’s 14 – and you know what? Nobody can afford not to have it.

Leo Laporte No, this is education.

Ryan Block I agree.

Loren Feldman A phenomenal service, Audible. Phenomenal.

Leo Laporte This is what you were saying, Jason, is when times are tough, you improve yourself. You invest in yourself.

Jason Calacanis And that’s what Audible does.

Leo Laporte That’s why I am reading The Feminine Mystique. No. You can get that, though, on Audible. Did you know that? Betty Friedan’s highly controversial 1963 work.

Loren Feldman Yes, I actually, I did the reading for that.

Jason Calacanis Oh, did you read the…?

Loren Feldman The audible, if you mean…

Leo Laporte You know who does the reading for it?

Jason Calacanis He came into the room.

Leo Laporte No, no, no, no. This is, this was a big book on feminism

Loren Feldman No, I know. Of course.

Leo Laporte You know who read? Parker Posey does the…

Loren Feldman Oh, really?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Loren Feldman She is great.

Leo Laporte These have, Audible uses the best readers, the best people in the business. Because they are in Newark….

Loren Feldman Oh, in Newark, New Jersey?

Leo Laporte They can go over the bridge and get the best Broadway actors, and they do in their reading. They have been –

Jason Calacanis I didn’t know that.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no, no. They really make a point of getting good readers.

Jason Calacanis I just thought the best voice actors were in Newark.

Leo Laporte I don’t think so.

Loren Feldman Oh, Newark is known for their voice actors.

Leo Laporte Is that true?

Loren Feldman No.

Leo Laporte Depends on the book, I guess.

Loren Feldman Right.

Leo Laporte Jason, you want to recommend this book, what’s it called? By Jim Collins?

Jason Calacanis Yes, it is – I have got to look at my – oh, my iPhone is there.

Leo Laporte You know, I will just look it up.

Jason Calacanis Jim Collins, it’s a…

Leo Laporte Good to Great was great. Do they have that on…

Jason Calacanis They have that. You have got to start with that, if you haven’t.

Leo Laporte That is an amazing book.

Jason Calacanis This would be a good one too, if you are running a company, actually...

Leo Laporte You get both, how the money failed.

Jason Calacanis Ryan, have you ever read Good to Great?

Leo Laporte If you are a startup, you got to read it.

Jason Calacanis Okay, I have to send you that as an investor and board member. Very important book.

Leo Laporte You know who – investor and board member.

Ryan Block Man, I have a stack of books from investors that are just…

Jason Calacanis I will get you the audio…

Ryan Block I cannot read this.

Jason Calacanis That’s the problem, is you are too busy. But if I get you an audio book, when you are on line at Starbucks...

Leo Laporte Exactly.

Jason Calacanis You can listen to it. That’s why you get Audible.

Leo Laporte You listen in the car, you listen – do you, you must...

Ryan Block

Although you are not right about the Starbucks part, but everything else.

Leo Laporte Do you work out? You look like you have been working out.

Loren Feldman Does he look like he works out? He is a gadget blogger. He does not work out. Yeah, he works out. He lifts a pen.

Leo Laporte I listen at the gym. I like listening at the gym because I feel like that’s time wasted standing on the StairMaster, the bicycle or you know whatever. But when I am listening to a book, I am both working out my brain and working out my body. So How the Mighty Fail, is that the one you are recommending?

Jason Calacanis How the Mighty Fall, sorry.

Leo Laporte How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In. Jim Collins is really smart. He actually did a lot of research for Good to Great about what makes a company get great, as opposed to just be average and good.

Jason Calacanis Right, and sustain greatness.

Leo Laporte Sustain it.

Jason Calacanis And in this one, he talks about the ones that fail and he actually uses some examples from Good to Great of companies that have failed.

Leo Laporte Awesome.

Jason Calacanis So you get the sort of whole story arc. You can start with this one and go backwards to the other. It doesn’t matter.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis It’s an easy listen.

Leo Laporte Fantastic. So get it free. Just go to, you get two books and the latest from Jim Collins. I don’t see Good to Great on here. The latest one...

Jason Calacanis It’s on there.

Leo Laporte Is it? Okay.

Jason Calacanis Yeah but anyway.

Leo Laporte You listened to it on Audible, so I know.

Jason Calacanis Yes, but that was a while ago. Maybe they changed or...

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s probably on there.

Jason Calacanis It is somewhere on there, you will find it.

Leo Laporte And How the Mighty – get both of them. Get Good to Great and – no, see it is not on here.

Jason Calacanis It is not on there. Maybe they had a rights thing.

Leo Laporte Sometimes that happens. It expires, yeah.

Jason Calacanis So, this is a great one to get.

Leo Laporte Jim Collins and you get another one too, if you go to, two books for free and then you have got that great platinum account, so you can get two books a month. It is for heavy listeners like me.

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Leo Laporte We thank them so much for their support of This WEEK in TECH. So, half of all Britons, survey says, have been injured by their biscuits on coffee break, just wanted to warn you.

Loren Feldman They injured their biscuits?

Leo Laporte No, they have been injured by the biscuits.

Loren Feldman Oh, I thought they injured their biscuits with biscuits...

Jason Calacanis Is biscuits a colloquial word for something I do not understand?

Leo Laporte Cookies, cookies.

Jason Calacanis No, I know that. I thought it might be something else.

Leo Laporte No, that’s it, just cookies.

Jason Calacanis I thought you meant they spilled tea on themselves...

Leo Laporte Some of them broke a tooth.

Loren Feldman No, biscuits means something else.

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Leo Laporte Some of them bit their lip.

Jason Calacanis Oh, bit their lip.

Leo Laporte Some of them got burned by the tea absorbed by the biscuit, believe it or not.

Loren Feldman Are they suing the biscuit industry?

Leo Laporte No. There is really no reason to talk about this.

Jason Calacanis 92% of people don’t care.

Leo Laporte Well, I beg to differ. I beg to differ. An estimated 25 million adults in Great Britain have been injured while eating during a tea or coffee break, with 500 of them landing in the hospital.

Loren Feldman Well, I think a lot of it has to probably do with the British state of teeth. If they had better teeth, they would be eating this biscuits a lot better.

Jason Calacanis Broke a tooth in half with a biscuit.

Loren Feldman Exactly.

Leo Laporte I almost feel like this is The Onion. The biscuit injury threat evaluation survey…

Loren Feldman That can’t be real.

Jason Calacanis Is this what it is…?

Loren Feldman That can’t be real.

Leo Laporte It’s in the Telegraph. Found that the custard cream biscuit was the worst offender to innocent drinkers. It beat the cookie to top of table – top of table of 15 generic types of biscuits whose potential dangers were calculated by the survey. Custard creams get a risk rating of 5.63 as compared to 1.6 for Jaffa Cakes, the safest.

Ryan Block It has got to be nice to live in a country where that is the most major and pertinent health issue of the day.

Leo Laporte It is a big story.

Jason Calacanis I just to want to remind the British that like they had like a bunch of subway bombings. They might want to just focus their research on something other than...

Leo Laporte Focus. Focus.

Jason Calacanis Are we going to find out this study was backed by like the fruit authority who wants people to get all – and fruit is a much safer…

Leo Laporte Exactly. Oh, totally.

Jason Calacanis Nobody’s been injured by a banana in years. Consider a banana with your tea.

Leo Laporte Well, actually weren’t there two, I think two newspapers in India republished a story from The Onion.

Loren Feldman Yeah, yeah. Last week.

Leo Laporte Last week because they thought it was real.

Loren Feldman The Onion’s doing unbelievable work.

Leo Laporte They are so good that people believe it. They are so good. I love their Onion News Network.

Loren Feldman Oh the videos are just stupendous.

Leo Laporte Because they are perfect.

Loren Feldman Yeah.

Leo Laporte They look exactly…

Jason Calacanis What was the story in question? Do we know what sort of …

Leo Laporte Yeah, I will find it for you. I have to go back a little bit.

Jason Calacanis I mean, that is just unbelievable. And it also gives an opportunity to our Indian voices.

Leo Laporte I am going to let you do that, Jason.

Jason Calacanis Why, do we get people upset?

Loren Feldman This story is very good.

Leo Laporte No, I will tell you the truth. It has always baffled me. You can do a Russian accent because they are white.

Jason Calacanis So what?

Leo Laporte But if you do accent of brown or yellow person – and nobody is yellow, by the way. I should clear that up.

Jason Calacanis Yellow is a…

Leo Laporte There is nobody actually yellow.

Jason Calacanis It’s more like off-white.

Loren Feldman [Ph] Is this the night we start a comedian’s show? (44:34)

Leo Laporte Nobody is yellow.

Jason Calacanis No, you can’t do any comedy, I understand.

Leo Laporte But if you do comedy about people who are not white, is not good.

Loren Feldman I have some experience with that. It’s definitely not good.

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Leo Laporte Is not good.

Loren Feldman Not good, not good.

Jason Calacanis It’s no good.

Leo Laporte And so I for a long time thought well, you could do an Indian accent.

Loren Feldman Of course you can. You know what? I have had so many, in fact, at the famous TechCrunch50 so many Indians do just come up to me and say when the hell are you going to goof on us?

Leo Laporte Of course.

Loren Feldman Yes.

Leo Laporte Why not? They have a sense of humor.

Jason Calacanis It is not derogatory.

Loren Feldman They have great sense of humor, Indian people.

Jason Calacanis I mean, you can’t do an imitation?

Leo Laporte So this is from TechCrunch, a fine journalistic enterprise, beloved by all. The Onion, America’s Finest News Source and easily one of the best destinations for quality satire is wiping the floor with real journalism on Google News Spotlight, which is pretty funny. Two Bangladeshi newspapers, The Daily Manab Zamin and New Nation, have been forced…

Jason Calacanis The New Nation has the highest quality standards. We only copy stories from The Onion and New York Times.

Leo Laporte They have been forced to apologize after having regurgitated a news article taken from The Onion website which claimed the Moon landings…

Loren Feldman Oh yeah, was fake.

Leo Laporte Were fake.

Loren Feldman Yes.

Jason Calacanis In a related story, the shuttle is made of cheese.

Leo Laporte The faxed news article Neil Armstrong has told a news conference he had been forced to reconsider every single detail of the monumental journey.

Jason Calacanis I knew it. I told you, Amish, it looked fake.

Leo Laporte This is so bad. Oh my god, this is so bad in so many ways.

Jason Calacanis Stop it.

Loren Feldman I was so excited to come on to TWiT.

Ryan Block All right, I am going to change the subject here.

James Calacanis Yes. Please stop us, save us from ourselves.

Ryan Block How do you feel about an Onion video that has a lot of swears in it? Can you blank out the swears because it is really good?

Leo Laporte Yes, the Onion video – go ahead, tell me the video and I will put it in.

Ryan Block Okay, it is Onion News Network, Sony...

Leo Laporte Oh, I can’t run that one. That’s the whole – the whole…

Loren Feldman It would just be one big bleep.

Leo Laporte It is one big bleep. And in fact I was going to put that on my tumblelog because I love these Onion news and I thought, I can’t because I am a public figure and the kids follow me on the radio show. I made the mistake of putting a link to porn tweeters, porn stars who tweet and I got so much vituperation from – and I like using that word, so I use it again.

Loren Feldman I don’t know what it means.

Leo Laporte I get so much vituperation from radio listeners who said I thought you were better than that.

Loren Feldman Right.

Leo Laporte My husband…in fact, I got an e-mail from a woman who says my husband is a sex addict and I have been protecting him from these kinds of things for the last few years. Now I can no longer let him listen to you or follow your twitter stream.

Jason Calcanis I told her not to e-mail you.

Loren Feldman I thought you went into gambling, Jason. What is up? Gambling is not enough?

Jason Calcanis If there is an addiction, I have it, basically. We will just leave it at that.

Leo Laporte Anyway, they thought it was true, says we thought it was true, so we printed without checking, associate editor, Hasanuzzuman Khan told the AFP news agency. We didn’t know the Onion was not a news site. No, that’s fine.

Jason Calcanis What?

Leo Laporte I can understand that. That’s a cultural thing.

Jason Calcanis Next thing, you tell me, Michael Jackson is not still alive.

Leo Laporte But think –

Jason Calacanis I do not buy that. You would think, you are in a news organization. Even if you do not know what the Onion is, check it out.

Leo Laporte I love it though that this – that the TechCrunch, which is a blog, it gets a lot of heat from mainstream media for not checking its stories. So I think that they kind of have to love this.

Jason Calcanis I just had the greatest idea.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calcanis If somebody wants it, this would be a great like TWiT fan listener project. Make an RSS feed...

Leo Laporte I do not think we have any left. But go ahead.

Loren Feldman [Ph] Not with that (47:58).

Jason Calcanis Take, get an RSS feed of The Onion, mix it with AP and Reuters, but put it all under AP and Reuters logos on a site called like or whatever you can...

Loren Feldman Pick up the stories.

Jason Calcanis And then just see if and just, let it, index it, and see if anybody falls for it. It would be hysterical.

Leo Laporte Oh I am sure they would.

Jason Calcanis Breaking news indicator or something. It would be hysterical.

Loren Feldman On a completely unrelated note…

Leo Laporte Yes, sir.

Loren Feldman It’s four degrees in here.

Leo Laporte Is it nice and cold? Well, you – you have got to wear pants when you come to the Twit. I will turn …

Loren Feldman No, no, no, I don’t want you to.

Leo Laporte No, no, no, no, I just want you – I didn’t want anybody to be uncomfortable.

Loren Feldman No, I am not uncomfortable.

Leo Laporte I am uncomfortable because you are not wearing pants, but I…

Loren Feldman I am freezing. I am wearing shorts. I have…

James Calacanis Alternately you could put your pants back on. Just an idea.

Leo Laporte They are kind of short. Ryan, you are missing a real treat.

James Calacanis Next news screen.

Loren Feldman Ryan, you are missing – Ryan, where are you, in Brooklyn?

Leo Laporte No.

Ryan Block Yeah, I am actually a little glad right now that I am.

Leo Laporte He lives in San Francisco.

James Calacanis Oh, Ryan is out here?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

James Calacanis I would have given you a ride. You should have come.

Leo Laporte I got two Brooklyn – are you all three Brooklyn guys?

Loren Feldman I am originally, yeah.

Leo Laporte And I know Jason is. Where are you from originally, Ryan?

Ryan Block I am actually from Southern California. My whole family is from Brooklyn though. Sheepshead Bay.

Leo Laporte Sheepshead Bay.

James Calacanis Sheepshead Bay. That is good fishing there.

Leo Laporte How you doing? Hey, forget about it. Hey...

Loren Feldman I got out early, though. That’s why I got more class than these other two.

Leo Laporte When did you get out?

Loren Feldman I got out really young and we went to Long Island.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s an improvement.

James Calacanis Yeah, much different.

Loren Feldman What? Long Island is beautiful. Forget about it, we got trees and everything.

Leo Laporte The New York Times had a little problem. The New York Times today put a note to readers on its website with a – saying you may have seen a pop-up box on our New York Times site warning about a virus and directing you to a site that claims to offer antivirus software. We believe this was generated by an unauthorized advertisement. We are working to prevent the problem from recurring. If you see such a warning, don’t click on it, instead quit and restart your browser.

Ryan Block I am glad Jason’s on – I am glad Jason’s on this one because Jason and I, how many times, Jason, have we seen this problem? Back in the day, some crappy ad network giving some garbage ad up on a gadget or one of the other sites?

Jason Calacanis This is why we kicked the ad networks out; I mean it’s not worth that they run end networks.

Ryan Block They’re bad – they’re bad news. You cannot control those ads.

Jason Calacanis You can’t control them.

Ryan Block And they will go with the lowest common denominator, they’ll do whatever they can do to get that click.

Leo Laporte So what happens, you get the...

Jason Calacanis Here’s what happens. You have an ad network like a blank and they say; oh we’re going to make you like $1 CPM or $2 CPM for the 40%, 30%, 80% whatever the [indiscernible] (50:17).

Leo Laporte Why would The New York Times do this though?

Jason Calacanis And they run ad networks too, everybody does and so then – that’s when you see, punch the monkey or lower my bills and this and that, garbage kind of ads -- the big teeth, the disgusting teeth, ads for teeth cleaner or whatever and then they try to slip in things like pop-ups and bad code. And what really any publisher should do is ban any ad network because you make so little, 10% your revenue, it uses 60% of inventory and it drives away the high quality advertisers so never used them. I suggest nobody ever use an ad network again [ph] and any of the (50:52) ad networks who give me hard time [indiscernible] (50:51)

Leo Laporte But this sounds like it was more than a just click me, click me, click me. It was malicious software it was…

Jason Calacanis That’s the bad thing.

Leo Laporte It was…

Jason Calacanis What happens is you have these advertisers who – they sell to anybody and so maybe you have company that wants to…

Leo Laporte With no vetting apparently.

Jason Calacanis No vetting. They can’t vet. There’s too many.

Leo Laporte So they just say whatever the image is we’ll serve it and if they put some malware in the image.

Jason Calacanis Sure.

Leo Laporte The malware is served.

Loren Feldman It’s the Russians.

Leo Laporte It’s the Russians. These programmers they have [indiscernible] (51:16)

Jason Calacanis

Happy programmer day...

Loren Feldman [Ph] Anything that takes us (51:20) back to that accent is good.

Jason Calacanis Winner of Programmer Day is actually person who made this code. It’s good code.

Leo Laporte I want to talk – real, we kind of having really talk about the big story of the week which is 09/09/09. I know Ryan you were there in fact you helped us with our coverage of it. Just a little bit we’re going to talk about the new iPods and…

Ryan Block Yeah, I got one. Ready to show, when you’re ready.

Leo Laporte Oh cool and whether Steve Jobs lied to David Pogue at The New York Times when he said; we never intended to put a camera in there, what camera? That would make it too expensive and in fact don’t you know the iPod touch – it’s a gaming platform. But before we do that I want to mention our friends, our good friends at and here’s a company that I have known for sometime, they do advertising on my radio show and I think they are a really great company for people who are looking for a way to protect their software, protect their data, protect their hard drive. Carbonite is online back-up, back-up done right – if you back-up and I recommend people do this to your hard drive and external hard drive or DVD, that’s fine, that’s fine but you’re not protecting yourself if you’re not backing up offsite and that’s what I love about.

Jason Calacanis You have to do offsite.

Leo Laporte You got to do offsite.

Jason Calacanis What if you get robbed?

Leo Laporte That’s what happened to...

Loren Feldman Fire, God forbid.

Leo Laporte Did you know that that’s happened to Francis Ford Coppola?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, they probably took masters, [ph] things that are (52:45) irreplaceable.

Leo Laporte This guy, he lives in Argentina now.

Jason Calacanis Right.

Leo Laporte He had a computer; he was backing up to an external hard drives, thieves came in and took both.

Jason Calacanis Of course.

Leo Laporte He lost, he says he lost twenty years of scripts. I have 20 years of material gone.

Jason Calacanis Right and for $0.15 a day.

Leo Laporte Five bucks a month. Less than 5 bucks a month. He could be backing up on carbonite.

Jason Calacanis $0.15 a day.

Leo Laporte It’s amazing.

Jason Calacanis Ridiculous.

Leo Laporte So I want to tell you, don’t – it -- great to back-up locally. It’s nice to have it there but carbonite gives so much more. You backing up online, it’s encrypted with AES encryption before it leaves your computer than uses SSL, so it’s double encrypted as it goes through the Internet and it’s completely private that even the folks at carbonite cannot open that encrypted file. It’s yours and yours alone. Here’s a nice feature of carbonite. You can log on to your carbonite account from any computer and see the files and download any files you want. So if you’re backing up your financial records for instance, you need to access to them on a computer, another computer you can get to them, only you but you could get to them.

Back-up for less than 5 bucks a day; unlimited e-mails, photos, music, financial record, office documents, I use it for my podcasts and because we had some incidents where we lost podcasts, and I had to re-record them.

Jason Calacanis That was terrible, heartbreaking.

Leo Laporte It was so stupid, so now...

Jason Calacanis It’s heartbreaking.

Leo Laporte It was stupid. So now, $5 a month, unlimited.

Loren Feldman Unlimited. Wow I am signing up.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Ryan Block Only limitation is your bandwidth.

Leo Laporte Well and that’s –

Ryan Block How quickly you can upload that is an issue.

Leo Laporte That’s why you want to try it right now; if you have a modem you’re not going to use this.

Loren Feldman You said it let it run out on…

Leo Laporte No, it runs all the time.

Loren Feldman Yeah, I am saying but you just hate, you know…

Leo Laporte It runs all the time and it’s smart, the uploader is Mac or PC it watches what’s going on, when you’re idle it starts uploading. So it doesn’t use up your bandwidth unnecessarily, admittedly that first back-up takes maybe a few days…

Ryan Block Yeah.

Leo Laporte Depending on how much data you’re backing up but after that it’s automatic – it’s just always backing up. You never have to run another…

Loren Feldman I use another service like that, that’s twice the price and it’s not as [ph] future set (54:29).

Leo Laporte Yeah. 55 bucks a year, no it’s wonderful.

Ryan Block It might be time to consider a switch because at $5 a month. Why wouldn’t you.

Loren Feldman No I think – I think I am going to.

Leo Laporte If you’re going to do it, I want you to use the offer code twit, would you mind doing that?

Ryan Block Yeah.

Loren Feldman I’d love to.

Leo Laporte I have the wrong one on the screen; don’t do the one on the screen.

Loren Feldman I have about a thousand videos I need to back up.

Leo Laporte Yeah. This is – I use it for my podcasts.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, God forbid the Jason’s Place masters were lost.

Loren Feldman [Indiscernible] the high art (54:45)

Jason Calacanis What a disaster.

Loren Feldman Future generations are going to look at these videos thinking they are important.

Leo Laporte I got to play these Jason’s Place.

Loren Feldman It’s got to be an early one, one of the early ones – when I’m in the crib, or the high chair.

Jason Calacanis Oh it’s genius.

Leo Laporte This is how these guys meant. We’ll do it -- towards the end of the show I will explain with that’s all about …

Jason Calacanis Let’s – let’s get back to tech, because I’m going to get so much hate mail.

Leo Laporte We’re already getting hate mail; the hate mail’s actually coming in now.

Loren Feldman The minute I said, the minute you introduced my name probably [indiscernible] (55:14)

Leo Laporte What’s going on I thought you got rid of him.

Loren Feldman I thought you threw him off, exactly.

Leo Laporte Go to, enter the offer code twit and here’s what you get: two free weeks, you don’t need a credit card so you can try right away just – the offer code twit – I don’t know why everybody doesn’t do that. So great. And if you use my offer code after your trial and buy the service, you get two months free, so it’s even less expensive. So, offer code twit we thank them for supporting our show this Week in Tech and I apologized to them for the show and we’re just going to do our best to make a better show next time. Please [ph] come back (55:48) please, please come back.

Loren Feldman Exactly.

Leo Laporte So you have, let me see it you got the Nano, Ryan there? You go it right there?

Ryan Block Yeah, let’s see here. I will hold up both of them so we can see the difference, see…

Leo Laporte What’s both of them mean? You have two different ones?

Ryan Block This is the old one.

Leo Laporte Okay

Ryan Block In my left hand, and this is the newer in my right hand I don’t know if you can see…

Leo Laporte So it’s the same size.

Loren Feldman Slightly bigger screen.

Ryan Block The screen is slightly different and then on the back, you’ve got – let me see if I can get up [indiscernible] (56:16)

Leo Laporte There’s a little hole where the camera go.

Ryan Block And you’ve got the camera right there – so let me turn that on and you can see I am recording myself guys.

Leo Laporte How’s the video. I have seen a couple of comparisons on the net and it looks okay. Is it comparable to the flip Nano.

Ryan Block Not quite but I mean, look this is not a device that you’re going to buy for amazing video quality, it’s not even HD. You’re buying it because -- and you’re going to use it the same reason that you have a camera in your phone and that’s you have it on you and you’re going take video with it occasionally. It’s not – you’re not going to film your child’s first birthday with it.

Loren Feldman As they say Leo,...

Ryan Block That’s not the idea.

Loren Feldman The best camera is the one you have with you.

Leo Laporte I agree. I really agree although I have one with me, it’s called my iPhone.

Loren Feldman Right.

Leo Laporte Nobody would replace – nobody would buy this in addition to an iPhone, right, Ryan or would they?

Ryan Block It depends I mean people buy them for different reasons, it’s a really good workout device. It’s a really good on the go device. There are a lot people who have iPhones, that also have one of these which is – this actually the new Shuffle, I’ll hold it up to the old Shuffle; they look exactly the same, the only difference being – this new one is a special addition, it’s stainless steel.

Leo Laporte I like that. I want that one, look at the mirrors; you could do your hair in that.

Loren Feldman That is nice.

Leo Laporte That’s beautiful. You could put on your lipstick.

Ryan Block So, yes, it’s like [ph] the same as the backing as the (57:36)…

Leo Laporte You are Loren, you’d love that.

Loren Feldman Well for lipstick yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, put on your lipstick.

Loren Feldman Covering my hair …

Leo Laporte Doing your hair, it’s not going to help no.

Ryan Block Yeah, it’s the same, same backing as the iPod Touch, you know, that stainless steel.

Loren Feldman And it’s coming in as an H.264, MP4 I guess. 640x480, the video?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Ryan Block On the Nano?

Loren Feldman Yes sir.

Ryan Block Yeah, I believe it’s H.264 and it is VGA, it’s not HD.

Leo Laporte That’s fine, 640x480 is fine.

Loren Feldman I don’t like HD on the web.

Ryan Block They don’t – here’s just the thing is – the location of the actual camera right here, the way that you hold this normally, you find your finger just constantly getting in the way and it would have been better if they were to put it over next to the screen. That’s usually where the lens is because you’re not normally holding the device on the screen. You’re holding it off the screen. So…

Leo Laporte But they were constrained by what they could put in that small case. They probably didn’t have a lot of flexbility.

Ryan Block It’s an unbelievably small device. I mean, it’s really – it’s like when you hold it on the side you can barely even see it.

Loren Feldman And what’s that retailing at, Ryan, 149?

Leo Laporte 149 for 8 gigs, 179 for 16.

Loren Feldman That’s great.

Leo Laporte I think you’re going to see video everywhere, I mean more and more people are going to have cameras in some form, who this is for is a kid.

Loren Feldman Yeah, a teenager.

Leo Laporte Teenager who doesn’t have a camera phone.

Loren Feldman Great for a Christmas present.

Jason Calacanis How does the FM radio work? Because that seemed to me like something that should’ve been in a iPod I don’t know how many years ago.

Loren Feldman It’s supposed to be awesome.

Leo Laporte I don’t know why you would put an FM radio in there.

Jason Calacanis No, it but if you have a sports game or you have …

Leo Laporte There’s no sports on FM radio. What kind of FM radio you listen to.

Jason Calacanis What about AM radio?

Leo Laporte They don’t have AM radio.

Jason Calacanis Well, but FM – let’s say if you have a talk show you wanted to listen to or traffic.

Leo Laporte There’s no talk show on FM radio, it’s nothing, it’s all music.

Jason Calacanis

If you have no radio period on.

Leo Laporte You know we’re going to have a problem, next tomorrow, the Zune HD comes out and it really has FM radio, HD FM radio.

Jason Calacanis I ordered one of those.

Leo Laporte That’s going to be kind of …

Ryan Block I will show you the FM radio real quick, so it’s got the [indiscernible] (59:38) we’ll skip between them.

Leo Laporte It does have something the Zune doesn’t have though, it has a buffer right. You can rewind the …

Loren Feldman Yeah, it has time shifting yeah.

Jason Calacanis Fifteen seconds.

Ryan Block No, fifteen minutes.

Jason Calacanis Oh really.

Ryan Block Looking at yourself in the camera but yeah it’s got a buffer kind of like a TIVO style buffer, it doesn’t record anything but it does use RDS so you can actually tag songs and then find what they are in iTunes an grab them.

Leo Laporte That’s why they did it.

Loren Feldman Just another way to schlep songs.

Leo Laporte That’s why they did it.

Loren Feldman To schlep songs.

Leo Laporte Now I got it. So you can say I like this song can I buy it, yeah.

Ryan Block Exactly, exactly, and if they has that track data which most radio sessions transmit that now. And they have a track which iTunes more than likely should, then you can just buy it right on iTunes. Later of course; it doesn’t have wifi on the device or anything. Yeah, I mean look, it’s an incremental improvement. I don’t think anybody has been completely blown away by it. But it’s the iPod; it’s the best selling Mp3 player in the world right now. I mean you don’t – you don’t want to screw up a good thing.

Leo Laporte No, I think that’s right. Now, here is the controversy, in fact, I’m starting to believe now, it really is a controversy. Steve Jobs and David Pogue interviewed him after the event. Did you get to speak to Steve by the way, Ryan?

Ryan Block Steve does not speak lowly tech reporters and…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Ryan Block And B-journalists like myself, no. Yes, he speaks to Pogue – Stephen Levy from time to time Mossberg obviously.

Leo Laporte I bet you he doesn’t even talk to Levy anymore now that he’s at Wired not Newsweek. I bet you anything; it doesn’t even...

Ryan Block I don’t know, he may, may be…

Jason Calacanis He is friends with him.

Leo Laporte Is he?

Jason Calacanis They’ve known each other for 30 years.

Leo Laporte I’ve played volleyball with Steve Jobs; it does not mean he’s going to talk to me.

Jason Calacanis If he was smart he would.

Ryan Block No, no. Steve has a very select – he is very selective.

Leo Laporte He picks people who are going to be very positive. However, I think that David got punked a little bit, and I love David; he is a good friend, although I know you’re not a big fan of his, Jason.

Jason Calacanis I did – you know what if he was doing, you know like I’d be fine with it but he is the columnist for The New York Times.

Leo Laporte They need to get somebody else I’ll be honest with you.

Jason Calacanis They need to fire him immediately, and make him a columnist of something. It’s just ridiculous to have the guy who is making crazy speaking gigs, writing the book on Apple, so he is basically getting paid 20 different ways. And then he writes the objective piece or supposedly objective piece about Apple, but he is such an Apple fan boy, you just feel like – I feel like The New York Times in on the take. And I don’t think that’s the role of the New York Times. I’d be fine if he was a columnist on...

Loren Feldman But why can’t they have him just not cover Apple? I mean in this day and age it isn’t everything.

Jason Calacanis Apple is...

Leo Laporte I know.

Jason Calacanis [Indiscernible] (1:02:06).

Ryan Block It really. It’s [indiscernible] (1:02:07).

Loren Feldman Yeah. I got you.

Jason Calacanis But you know the ironic thing about this in the tech circles it’s been known for years that David Pogue has got more conflicts than the Middle East. And he is insane in terms of writing the book.

Leo Laporte David, you know I have to say.

Jason Calacanis Reviewing the products…

Leo Laporte David, you know, I have to say..

Jason Calacanis I know he is a nice guy.

Leo Laporte He is a nice guy, he is a good friend, but I have to say – it really is a little out of control.

Jason Calacanis And going on – he hosts cruises, like hosting a cruise about Apple.

Leo Laporte Well, why do those cruises, Mac mania cruises.

Jason Calacanis I know, but

Leo Laporte So, I guess, I know David.

Jason Calacanis You are radio show host, it’s different you know like you are not writing for The Times

Leo Laporte I’m not writing for the Times.

Ryan Block That was – It’s those expectations, and it’s – the thing with the Times is just when they – you can’t erase conflicts of interest, based on the standards that you have had for hundred of years as one of the oldest old school publications around. You can’t erase those conflicts of interest by just calling them out and saying, yeah, they exist. That’s not enough. You either have to revise your editorial standard or you have to get rid of the person who has these conflicts of interest. [Ph] it has to be one or the other (1:03:05).

Loren Feldman Well, just plying Devil’s advocate for a second here which is I guess what I’m supposed to do, we are always screaming at the Times and mainstream media to change in this and that. What’s the answer? I mean how did they evolve with this?

Ryan Block That’s not the part we want them to change. We like the fact that they have really high ethics and really good impartiality. And so for them to say we were going to just be more new age and more blogger-like and lose our impartiality. That’s not what we want from them?

Loren Feldman I agree that. We don’t want it. I don’t want it either but it just like Leo was goofing on me earlier. It’s like but -- The New York Times isn’t in supposed to make money or him from all these other sources.

Leo Laporte It’s a difficult problem. But I think The Times.

Loren Feldman Than going out of business, people have to feed their family et cetera, et cetera. You know, what is the [indiscernible] (1:03:51)?

Jason Calacanis [Indiscernible] (1:03:53).

Loren Feldman This is embarrassing.

Leo Laporte This is the guy who reviews the iPhone from The New York Times. He does – he does a video called “I want my iPhone”.

Jason Calacanis It’s pathetic.

Leo Laporte I think that is a little bit of a problem, I’ll be honest with you.

Ryan Block Yeah. Look, I’ll put in this way, I mean, and that’s all great and cheeky and it’s good for the traffic.

Leo Laporte It’s cheeky.

Ryan Block I would never have done that at Engadget; I would never have let one of my editors at Engadget.

Leo Laporte That’s a good question. So you wouldn’t let anybody do that at Engadget.

Ryan Block [Indiscernible] (1:04:20), you know why because my readers would never let me get away with that.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Ryan Block And for good reason too. That is the kind of stuff that you put it out there and it says a lot about what you think of the industry.

Leo Laporte So here is – what happens this time. He gets exclusive interview with Steve Jobs.

Jason Calacanis Oh! Really, I wonder why.

Leo Laporte He is a friend.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, maybe also because everything he writes is glowing.

Leo Laporte Jobs, he has Jobs, first question to his credit, hey we thought there was going to be a camera now iPod Touch, what happened? Jobs says, oh no, we never intended to put camera in the iPod touch. That would have made it too expensive. This is a gaming platform. Pay no attention to that. And David goes, okay, next question.

Jason Calacanis He roll on.

Leo Laporte And I think he probably should have said something like you know that’s an interesting spin. No he’s not going to say that to Jobs’ face because Steve will get up and leave, which is one of reasons why I don’t interview Steve Jobs even if I were offered that chance because you don’t – you can’t ask him a serious question.

Jason Calacanis Right.

Leo Laporte So, Ryan is it credible with Steve Jobs said?

Ryan Block No, and the reason of why it’s not credible is because a month or two ago, there was a leak of an iPod Touch that had a camera in it. And they actually cracked open the device and looked at the internals. And those internals with the camera match exactly internals of the new device without the camera.

Leo Laporte We’ve seen, now that iFixit has torn down iPod Touch and it is an exact match with those leaked photos.

Jason Calacanis Well they also just did…

Ryan Block They had this months ago, so it was not like – this is – there is no Smoke & Mirrors here.

Jason Calacanis Yes, I mean and they just…

Loren Feldman We then it just did...

Ryan Block [[indiscernible] (01:06:02) device and it actually had a camera and the camera is now gone.

Leo Laporte So what happened?

Ryan Block And had the same board design.

Ryan Block So the fact is yes they took it out for some reason. Maybe the camera, there was a rumour that they were having problems with the sensors. So they had to scrap it. Maybe they couldn’t get the margin they wanted on it. Maybe they just decided for marketing reasons that they wanted to move more Nanos. We don’t know. We will probably never know.

Leo Laporte I think you will know when in two months Apple has another event. Or maybe they don’t even have an event and they say oh by the way we got a camera now.

Loren Feldman Well one of the Mac sites just did a tear down like yesterday.

Leo Laporte iFixit, yeah.

Loren Feldman iFixit and the space is there.

Leo Laporte That’s exactly right.

Loren Feldman So it must have been technical issue.

Leo Laporte The rumour was that there were chip problems.

Loren Feldman Okay

Ryan Block That’s the rumour.

Loren Feldman It makes no sense for him not to put it in.

Ryan Block It will, I guarantee it will be there eventually. They will eventually put one in there. There is not doubt about it. Especially now that we know that they were actually toying with that and that they basically took it out. We know they took it out. We don’t know why. May never know why. Why is less relevant though and more relevant is when will we have it?

Loren Feldman You know conspiracy theory kind of thing is maybe he didn’t want to take away sales from the 3GS so quickly.

Leo Laporte I think it is purely a technical issue. In fact I feel like Ryan, you were at the event but it seemed to me that it seemed like there was a hole in the event where they would have announced the iPod touch with camera. It makes sense for the line the entire line to be revised with cameras. It makes no sense to leave it out of the Touch. It makes no sense to say it’s a gaming platform and we want to keep the price down.

Ryan Block Yes, also the argument that they gave and I got the exact same answer when I was talking to the people who gave me my briefing which was [ph] Craig Jobs with and Eddy kewell (01:07:52).

Leo Laporte Did he have the same spin? Did they have the same spin?

Ryan Block Yeah I mean my first question was okay why no camera on the iPod touch, and their answer was well we really wanted to get this $199 price point, we wanted to make this the device that was the least expensive to get you to the App Store. People really love the games. People really love the functionality that it has. We are really focused on price. I say well that’s fine for the 199 version but you also sell the 299 and the 399 versions. These are your flagship device. This is the most intense iPod you can buy. Of course it should have a camera.

Jason Calacanis I will why they didn’t put it in. They want you to buy it twice. Well they know there is a bunch of [ph] ham fingered boys (1:08:33) who are going to buy the [indiscernible] (01:08:34) and then they’re going to go iTouch.

Loren Feldman But what’s going to happen when in 60 days from now it does come out with a camera?

Jason Calacanis It’s a technical problem.

Leo Laporte David Pogue will sing, I want my iPod, and you know what, it isn’t David’s issue. It really is The New York Times’ issue.

Loren Feldman It is the New York Times, but I agree you they are totally encouraging it.

Ryan Block Well okay mean you can be the enabler or you can be the enabled. There is problems on both sides.

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

Ryan Block New York Times really does need to amend their policies though. I mean it is not enough to just talk about a conflict of interest. You have to either act upon it or get rid of it.

Loren Feldman They have such problems; [ph] I don’t even think why the path is free now. (1:09:07)

Jason Calacanis Well I mean the other problem is the more people who enables Steve Jobs to -- it is like they are basically giving him The New York Times to as a platform but not holding him to the same standards of other executives.

Leo Laporte That’s my issue.

Jason Calacanis It is like and you put Dave Pogue into the mix and it is like Dave Pogue will not ask him hard questions or press him and what David Pogue should say is I am not going to interview Steve Jobs unless he answers it and they should call him out on the paper and say Steve Jobs…

Loren Feldman Declined to comment.

Jason Calacanis Declined to comment and he won’t do an interview and they just – Pogue will not ask him a hard question. I don’t think. I don’t think he would be hardcore with him. I think everybody in the industry is so in love with him, with good reason he makes the those product they would just – they are not – losing Steve as a contact and losing the ratings from Steve, The Journal, The New York Times. They don’t want to lose him.

Leo Laporte It is the same problem with Bellway journalism. If you are going to cover the White House, you need access to the White House. The White House can say our Congressman and the Congress member can say, you know you are not going to cover me favourably, I am not giving you access. It’s a very difficult job.

Jason Calacanis So the question is do you think the New York Times coverage is as honest as it could be or does the Steve Jobs access issue for New York Times [indiscernible] journal (01:10:10) affect the coverage.

Leo Laporte Well, I’m never going to get access to Steve Jobs, I don’t even want access to Steve Jobs. Same thing with…

Ryan Block It also comes down to reporter [ph] write (01:10:20) reporter basis. You remember Joe Nocera last year with the – with Steve Jobs [ph] ailment story he’s written (01:10:25) and Steve called Joe Nocera this really…

Leo Laporte Oh man, he called him a slime ball…

Ryan Block … [ph] famous (01:10:28) Pulitzer prize winning journalist – calls him a slime ball, right. I mean like it’s from person to person, I mean obviously Jobs and [ph] Poe have (01:10:36) a much better relationship than Jobs and whatever reporter is trying to break some news about Jobs at that moment. Because that’s not what [ph] Poe (01:10:48) does, he’s their product reviewer, he is their [ph] columnist (01:10:51)…

Leo Laporte Somebody is asking – somebody is saying show some examples of bias. I’ll give you an example of bias, this is very clear – the Snow Leopard review which was very positive he said in fact that you are a hater if you say it’s a service pack. Meanwhile he is giving an interview to another – I’ll find the link – to another magazine in which he admits that he installed Snow Leopard in Photoshop – sorry David, not now – so Photoshop CS3 crashed all the time, his printer never worked again. So in fact I think that’s a very clear example of him not reporting the problems he had, reporting a very glowing review of Snow Leopard when in fact to me it was pretty obvious that Snow Leopard wasn’t such a success.

Loren Feldman Does the Times get a lot of Apple advertising?

Leo Laporte I don’t know, that’s another question. They certainly …

Jason Calacanis Yeah, well I don’t think that's…

Loren Feldman I think David is benefitting much more than the Times.

Ryan Block When Apple does a big campaign, The Times is almost always on that website. I guarantee, I’ve sat [indiscernible] (01:11:49)

Leo Laporte And on the website when you do a full page ad, you do it in the Times and on the website they’ve done some amazing things with the switch ads where they’re talking to other ads on the New York Times website. So yeah, absolutely they can. But I think that’s going – I don’t think there is evidence that the Times itself is influenced by that advertising.

Loren Feldman You know what, I think you know David has an issue.

Leo Laporte I think that’s a risky thing to say.

Loren Feldman David has an issue.

Jason Calacanis That issue you can – if you are the largest publication like New York Times you are going to have all the largest advertisers and you can…

Leo Laporte You can’t allow that to influence your advertorial.

Jason Calacanis You are going to have all the largest advertisers and you are going to have – you have to cover those largest advertisers. It’s just – it’s a correlation but it’s not causation.

Loren Feldman I mean this isn’t a new equation we are dealing with, right?

Jason Calacanis That’s not the new part of the equation. The new part of the equation is Steve Jobs being a god that nobody wants to upset, combined with a fan boy being the coverage person …

Leo Laporte Now let me say something…

Loren Feldman Fan boy now on the web.

Jason Calacanis Where he also crushed the – I’m looking at a story here where he just totally crushed the BlackBerry. I mean it’s obvious he’s an iPhone fan. I think what they should do is there should be disclosures as to which device they use, which device they chose to use.

Leo Laporte Now that’s interesting.

Loren Feldman Why don’t they set up a [ph] gdgt (01:12:47) account, why can’t he have a [ph] gdgt (01:12:48) account and let me see his list. I’m not kidding though.

Ryan Block You joke but that’s exactly what we made it for, we made it to add transparency to these kinds of things. People constantly ask me, what kind of gadgets do I use. Well now you know, go to my site, you can see what I use, you see what Jason uses, you see what [indiscernible] (01:13:04) uses.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I put – I haven’t put everything up there, but I’m putting it up there.

Loren Feldman I love that feature. I think that's…

Leo Laporte That’s really fun.

Loren Feldman …great feature.

Leo Laporte And social feature, yeah. So to change the subject a little bit, the good news on this Apple event was Steve Jobs walks up on stage, he’s very thin but he’s clearly got the energy, he’s got the – you know , he’s there, he’s back. And what I really enjoyed – and Ryan you can address this because you were there. In fact I think you brought this up on MacBreak Weekly. Is he – first thing he does is he acknowledges the kid he give his transplant and encourages others to donate organ.

Loren Feldman Very [ph] menchy (01:13:40).

Ryan Block Yeah, it was pretty heavy. I mean look I’ve been – I’ve seen Steve Jobs get up on stage – I don’t even know how many times now, you know, many, many, many times – and he’s always very – he is very on-message about products. He gets up there, it’s time he introduced products. It was very unusual for him to actually talk about something personal. I mean clearly this is as personal as it gets, right. I mean he had a liver transplant. He was very, very heartfelt about this person who died in a car accident and who donated their organ. And you know there are some people who said he kind of had to talk about it because he is a fabulously wealthy man who got bumped up supposedly on the waiting list or he went to Kentucky – he went to Kentucky because the waiting lists are shorter there and that's – that is I think besides the point. But the fact is it’s a great message. I think that people should be organ donors and I think that he’s living proof as to – I’m sorry, Tennessee not Kentucky, anyway Steve is living proof as to the good things that happen when you give that – when you give that gift.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So – and that was right, you are right, [ph] menchy (01:14:54) is good word, it was a classy-class move.

Loren Feldman Very.

Leo Laporte We are going to talk about Facebook. It enhances your intelligence while Twitter diminishes it.

Loren Feldman I believe that.

Leo Laporte And we’ll tell you the psychologists who figured it all out, we’ll explain what happened there. But first I want to mention our friends at GoToMeeting. Yes there is another ad.

Loren Feldman Love that GoToMeeting.

Leo Laporte Okay, thank you.

Loren Feldman Solves a lot of problems.

Leo Laporte I use it a lot actually. We use it on some of our shows to do screenshots, Ray Maxwell uses it from Vancouver. We use it for all our meetings. In fact if somebody says to me I want to use some other technology for online meetings, I say no, no, I use GoToMeeting and that's all I’m going to use.

Ryan Block That’s a default.

Leo Laporte It is the default. And it’s so easy to use now.

Ryan Block It’s been around the longest.

Loren Feldman It’s been around forever.

Ryan Block It’s the stablest, you know it’s going to work.

Leo Laporte It’s secure, it’s fast, there is ads everywhere.

Ryan Block The reason they can spend money on ads is because it works [indiscernible] (01:15:42).

Leo Laporte I’ll never have a problem with a company that says okay try it free for 30 day, you’ll be the judge. And that’s exactly what they do. And to me that’s a company that says we stand behind our product and we know it’s good, so if you try it for 30 days, you be the judge and you can’t beat that. 30 day free unlimited trial, you can have as many meetings as you want – actually that’s kind of the benefit of GoToMeeting in gerenal., you don’t have to time your count your meetings or count how much time you’ve used, you get unlimited meetings for $49 a month, all the meetings you want, includes voice and voice-over-IP conferencing. You have your meetings from your desk, clients love it because it’s easy, they don’t have to install anything, ahead of time they just go to, click a button and boom – they are seeing your screen, your sales presentation, your product demo. You can use it for training, you can say here is how you use this. Now you try it, you can give them control, collaborate on documents, there’s so many ways to use it if you try it for 30 days you’ll get an idea of how you might use it in your business. I want you to try it right now. Go to It is indispensible to business today. We all use it, we use them like – I have – I don’t know how many accounts I have now – hundreds.

Steve Block There was actually one time I really wished our company was using it. Remember how HP had those – that scandal about spying on journalists….

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Steve Block …couple of years back. Well, so I had this meeting with HP one time and they wanted to do a web meeting. And instead of using a service like GoToMeeting, they actually had me install some software. It was their software too. It was like they wrote it, they built it, they had it on their own site, I never heard of it before and I was really kind of freaked out, right, to do this because I mean I have no idea, are they going to start spying on me too. Who knows?

Leo Laporte Yeah, use our software there, you don’t mind that, do you?

Steve Block It was one of those moments I was like, please just – please use something that everybody knows and is familiar with and not this creepy HP spy software.

Leo Laporte I love that. This is not creepy HP spy software, this is GoToMeeting, That's a really good point. We thank them so much for their support. That’s a really good point. I would have been a little nervous about that.

Steve Block You know what I did on Twitter, I just thanked @carbonitebackup, @gotomeeting and @audible_com for sponsoring TWiT.

Leo Laporte You are vey nice.

Steve Block I always do that…

Loren Feldman You know if I had a computer, I would have twitted my massive Twitter following and god knows what would have happened.

Leo Laporte What is your Twitter handle?

Steve Block Seven

Loren Feldman 1938 Media. I don’t want you ever going and reading it though Leo.

Leo Laporte You don’t mention me in there.

Loren Feldman No, never, but please don’t read it Leo.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, now I’ve got to read it, now I’ve got to see it, what's in there, what is it, come on now it’s got to be good.

Jason Calacanis He’s all angry all the time. He’s got an anger management [ph] issue (01:18:24).

Loren Feldman It’s just nonsense. No really Leo, please, I don’t even know what’s up there.

Leo Laporte I think I un-followed you at one point.

Loren Feldman [Indiscernible] Leo it will work out better (01:18:29).

Jason Calacanis Ryan wants to know what it means.

Leo Laporte What does 1938 mean, what does that come from?

Loren Feldman When I started the company, I was 38 and my art director was 19.

Leo Laporte Oh, I thought it was like old timey.

Loren Feldman I like to say, but my grandfather invented web-video when I took over the family business.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I like that. In 1938.

Loren Feldman I’m actually going to do a video as my grandfather doing the first web-video ever. I just haven’t got around to it like most of the other good ideas I have.

Leo Laporte That’s a brilliant idea. How do you make your living?

Loren Feldmen I make videos for big companies that I’m now allowed to talk about.

Leo Laporte Like corporate video.

Loren Feldmen Yeah, I make a lot of corporate videos…

Leo Laporte Lot of comics make money doing – doing industrials, corporate videos, speaking…

Loren Feldmen Yeah, I do boring corporate video work…

Leo Laporte That’s very common. Yeah, I used to do that a lot.

Ryan Block There you go, there is your answer…

Loren Feldmen They don’t even – you know they don’t even want me to [ph] plog (01:19:18) it because they don’t want to be associated with my name, but they like my work, you know.

Leo Laporte What are you saying Ryan?

Ryan Block [Indiscernible] (01:19:25) free video into money, there you go.

Leo Laporte There you go.

[Multiple Speakers] (01:19:30).

Leo Laporte But you are famous – but you are famous for the free video, you give that away and then you charge for the corporate.

Loren Feldmen Right. But I’d much rather not do corporate and charge for the video.

Leo Laporte Well we can’t all have what we want.

Loren Feldmen No, I don’t ever get anything I want.

Leo Laporte So turns out I am following you.

Loren Feldmen No, un-follow me, I’m going to block you as soon as I get home.

Jason Calacanis That’s one of the funny thing he does. He just blocks people for no reason.

Leo Laporte Really?

Jason Calacanis He puts people [indiscernible] (01:19:51)…

Loren Feldmen But the best is when I’ll have somebody sponsor. I did that with Mahalo like this blog is brought to you by I would sponsor my blogs. It’s really nonsense and very uncomfortable Mr. Laporte.

Leo Laporte You sponsor blogs. I love that. I want to buy a blog.

Loren Feldman Yeah.

Jason Calacanis And then in the blog he’s just [ph] railing (01:20:10) on people.

Loren Feldman You know what? My next 10 blogs, I am going to give it to you for free, Leo it’s just this blog brought to you

Jason Calacanis Does anybody….

Leo Laporte Do you twit hen you do a blog, I mean, how does anybody know that the blog is sponsored?

Loren Feldman I say.

Leo Laporte You say it. I am blogging.

Loren Feldman This blog is sponsored by, I will literally type that in.

Leo Laporte That’s really awesome. It’s bizarre.

Loren Feldman It’s like everything with me.

Jason Calacanis It was actually really good to see Steve Jobs back. It was…

Leo Laporte It was, it was really great. He is important.

Loren Feldman He is so – you know what?

Jason Calacanis [Ph] But it’s also, he is (1:20:35) a human …

Loren Feldman I cried truthfully because Steve Jobs, yeah.

Leo Laporte Did you? That’s kind of gay.

Loren Feldman I thought we were not getting into that? You know what it was, I was working in – I was a blue collar guy and I knew that this computer stuff was going to be important. Okay and I remember my first computer was a computer – an Apple Performa 575 and the original iMac. And I locked myself in a room and I taught myself that system and that guy I feel got me out of my horrible gas station type jobs and blue collar jobs that I was going to stuck with. You know, I wasn’t college educated.

Leo Laporte I think many of us can say that.

Loren Feldman I think that most of us can.

Leo Laporte David Pogue can say that. I mean, he transformed the world.

Loren Feldman He really did.

Leo Laporte He did – and you can speak to this Jason. He is not an inventor. You know, Woz invented the Apple too. But Steve productizes stuff. He – the personal computer wasn’t new. But Steve Jobs came along and made it happen. The MP3 player wasn’t new but Steve Jobs came along and made it happen. The smartphone wasn’t new but Steve Jobs came along and made it happen. And he has created at least three categories.

Loren Feldman And what about – we’re not even talking about that other tiny little company he had, Pixar.

Jason Calacanis I think – he is a unique person in terms of obviously a large amount of vision. The ability to inspire a large group of people to perform at a level of perfection in terms of design and just the spirit of the products he makes, whether it’s Pixar movies or the iPhone.

Leo Laporte He cares.

Jason Calacanis It’s truly inspiring.

Loren Feldman But that’s what I love about him, is that he really cares and you can see it in his products that he cares.

Jason Calacanis I think, when there was that sort of moment in time that people thought, geez he is not going to make it. It was very sad for the industry and I think if he hadn’t gotten the transplant and wasn’t with us, God forbid, I think it would have been a cloud on the industry for a decade.

Loren Feldman Absolutely, I completely agree.

Jason Calacanis It’s so great to see him back. He is very so important. I have given Apple a hard time more than anybody about certain issues. But it’s because I love them. I mean…

Loren Feldman Not to get crazy, you’re sounding too much like a fan boy but he is Edison level.

Leo Laporte He is different from Edison because he is not – well, of course actually he is not because Edison really wasn’t a great inventor necessarily but he was……

Jason Calacanis He productized.

Leo Laporte He productized.

Loren Feldman Edison’s under laying was the real genius also

Jason Calacanis Maybe Edison is the proper……

Leo Laporte That may in fact be exactly the right thing.

Loren Feldman He is one of the most important men of the 20th Century. Easily. Easily.

Leo Laporte There’s no question.

Jason Calacanis He transcends business. I mean, that’s really the interesting part is that it’s not just about chips. You look at Intel you are like, yeah that’s an incredible – I mean,

Loren Feldman How many people, Bill Gates is a tremendous man. Whatever, Ellison, Benioiff, whatever. How many – he – you don’t look up to those guys. You look up to Bill Gates because you want to be rich. Okay. You look up to Steve Jobs because you want to be great. And you want to be special and I think that’s the great, great thing about the guy. I mean, I literally watch his speeches and I am a very – I mean, I speak very well.

Jason Calacanis It’s all a different level.

Loren Feldman It’s just unbelievable. It’s unbelievable.

Jason Calacanis When we were - in rehearsals this week we were basically explaining people to channel their inner Steve Jobs and terms of how they speak.

Leo Laporte I actually have a book. My friend Carmine Gallo, who did The Money Machine on TechTV, has written a book called The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, where he puts a lot of this stuff. It’s actually really a great book if you are looking to – I’ll give him a little free plug if you are looking to…

Jason Calacanis The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.

Ryan Block On that point, use key note.

Leo Laporte Say again – yeah use key note. I actually was very grateful that they put that out. I mean, you knew Steve was using something special.

Loren Feldman When they first used [indiscernible] (1:24:13).

Leo Laporte And they finally – and they finally put that out.

Ryan Block He noticed – he – that is like, that is the – the Steve product. He designed that I think from the ground. He didn’t make it obviously. He designed that from the ground out.

Loren Feldman For himself, probably.

Ryan Block No exactly. Every feature that goes into that thing is something that he wants for his next presentation that he gives for the press.

[Multiple Speakers] (1:24:36)

Ryan Block He’s a dynamic man. But you know, like – the thing that makes Steve Jobs so interesting is also the thing that makes him so difficult. I mean, he is so prickly, right? I mean, that’s a very kind word for what he is. I mean, he does not really I think relate to most person.

Loren Feldman He’s not a people person.

Leo Laporte Well, he is – and I have spent some time. I spent a long weekend with Steve when he was still at Pixar. We have mutual friends and I spent some time with him. And even then he knew he was the smartest guy in the room, he made no bones about it, he’d walk in a room and say I’m the smartest guy here, listen to me because you don’t know what you are talking about and it was great talking to him, he had a lot of things to say that were very interesting; he is very ambitious and you know, almost aggressively so, but I think that probably makes a great entrepreneur right, Jason, I mean?

Jason Calacanis Yes, it is pretty, most VCs and investors and companies will tell you that…

Leo Laporte They want to win.

Jason Calacanis They don’t want a very adjusted – well adjusted balanced person at the helm, it doesn’t work well, because you are not going to get a lot accomplished if you are willing to accept you know sort of balanced.

Leo Laporte You got to want to win more than anything. Right?

Jason Calacanis Yes, you got – a certain of imbalance in a personality in terms of traits and I think what you have to know is your own limitations and you know.

Leo Laporte Are these people unhappy?

Jason Calacanis That’s a great question. I think that a lot of entrepreneurs if they get too caught up in themselves, they get too caught up in the pressure of it they can be unhappy; I’m sure Steve Jobs had moments in his life when he was very unhappy, especially when he left to go to [ph] the NeXT (1:26:11)

Leo Laporte That must have killed him.

Jason Calacanis I mean that was [indiscernible] (1:26:13) but he – the man is obviously riding high right now with a lot of joy in playing from a very pure place, I know as an entrepreneur I’ve had down moments, but I feel like I’m playing from a very pure place now, but, yes, it’s a mixed bag, and I’d be lying if I said I think, majority of the time I think that entrepreneurs are always happy.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis It might be the majority of the time that they are frustrated.

Leo Laporte It’s got to be a bit of a rollercoaster.

Jason Calacanis It’s a tough [ph] gig (01:26:40)

Leo Laporte Emotionally.

Jason Calacanis I think because you, no matter what happens…

Leo Laporte We got some entrepreneurs in the room going um-hmm…

Jason Calacanis The analogy I tell people is you know, every person you have working for you has one or two major problems a month and so if you take the total number who work for you…

Leo Laporte That’s why I only have six employees, that way I get a couple of days off.

Jason Calacanis Well, even in that case, so then there is 12 major problems a month…

Leo Laporte That’s right.

Jason Calacanis And they’ll probably make you aware of three or four of them.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis And so you basically can address maybe three or four of them, eight of them you don’t know, and it’s really hard and but he is obviously a great leader and they bring him the problems and they tackle them together, I think he is very happy.

Leo Laporte Alex [indiscernible] (01:27:16) tells a great story, telling story, Alex worked at Apple for a little bit and knows a lot of Apple people and he talks about a meeting, Steve Jobs had a bunch of developers come in the room and one of the developers says, hey Steve, how was your weekend? And Job’s response is can we raise the conversation up a notch a little bit and talk…

Loren Feldman So brutal, just so mean.

Leo Laporte He was like, you are wasting my time now, I don’t want to tell you how my weekend was and…

Ryan Block Well, that’s a…

Leo Laporte No time for social lubrication.

Ryan Block That’s a classic – that’s classic Jobs and my, the question I always ask, all technology, all history aside is who would you rather sit next to on a bus, Steve or Bill, I’d take Bill; Bill, you know, I’ve sat down with Bill a number of times and he is a genuinely a very nice interested, engaged person who I think really cares; Steve, Steve is Steve, you know, he makes great products but he is not somebody you’d want to sit down next to you for, you know, an hour or two hours in the bus. It’s, you know, Bill is something else, he is very, very different, and he is very much I think the every man.

Leo Laporte Yes, I can’t see Steve Jobs retiring and starting a charity and devoting his time to ending you know malaria.

Loren Feldman I think he thinks that he’s probably made a big enough contribution…

Leo Laporte Yes he’s done it. That is what he is doing now.

Loren Feldman Yes.

Leo Laporte This is his job.

Loren Feldman Right.

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Leo Laporte And he might have a point there to be honest.

Jason Calacanis I think he does. I mean if you…

Leo Laporte That’s what he is good at.

Jason Calacanis Would you want Edison to stop inventing to go do something else?

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis I don’t think so.

Loren Feldman It’s like J just said, you know, people who operate at such a high level like that are generally not socially fit all the time, they are just not, I mean and it doesn’t matter whether it’s Jobs, a Michael Jordan type…

Leo Laporte Right.

Loren Feldman When you are at the top of your game and you are pushing…

Jason Calacanis That’s more like a [indiscernible] (1:29:01) type.

Loren Feldman Yes, okay, whatever but the point is…

Leo Laporte Rodman, Shaquille…

Loren Feldman You get there for a reason, you get there because of those maybe off personality traits is what drives you.

Leo Laporte Go ahead Ryan, what were you about to say?

Ryan Block It’s nothing, I’ll abort.

Loren Feldman Ryan, can you raise the level of conversation please?

Leo Laporte I can, Facebook, enhances…

Ryan Block I’m going to drop a bomb on you all. No, look, I mean look, in a hundred years, Steve is going to be remembered and revered and they are going to think of him I think as one of the great pioneers of technology, as well everyone should. But in a hundred years Bill is not only going to have that, he is going to be remembered as the greatest philanthropist that the world has ever known, and I think that we all need to realize exactly what the difference is here, when we are talking about these two men who have built these two amazing companies is, you know, one has kind used that – their company as a Trojan horse to heal the world and I know it’s like a really kind cliché way of putting it but I mean this is a guy who has the world’s greatest fortune at his hands and he is instead of creating the next product he is going out there and he is trying to cure malaria.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think that’s also admirable. I most hate to do the story but I teased it, so I better do it. Facebook enhances intelligence but Twitter diminishes it, claims the psychologist, Dr. Alloway, who is Tracy Alloway who is at the University of Stirling in Scotland. So gives us the chance to do the Scotland accent.

Loren Feldman Can’t do those either.

Leo Laporte It’s great. Has extensively studied work in memory and believes it to be far more important to success and happiness than IQ. After – she – it’s actually interesting. Did you hear that? Memory is more important than IQ to success and happiness.

Loren Feldman Yeah, I read that article.

Leo Laporte Does that make sense? I think – I guess that makes sense.

Loren Feldman I don’t think IQ is – I think memory ties in with the EQ which is more important than IQ.

Leo Laporte Emotional Quotient.

Loren Feldman Yeah.

Ryan Block Yeah. But the funny thing is that people who have the best memory, who you think of as being the sharpest, are often the people who have the best memory. They are not necessarily the people who have the greatest

Leo Laporte They remember more.

Ryan Block Yeah, it’s like you can fake a lot of smarts by just remember whole lot of data.

Leo Laporte That’s what I do.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, tell me about it.

Leo Laporte I don’t know enough…

Ryan Block I’m example number one, no, actually I don’t have a very good memory. I have a terrible memory.

Leo Laporte Do you?

Ryan Block Yeah.

Leo Laporte I have pretty good memory. No, I used to.

Loren Feldman No, I have great memory.

Leo Laporte Do you?

Ryan Block Leo right.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I have a terrible memory for names. So actually that’s not probably – I probably don’t have a good memory.

Loren Feldman It makes sense, right. You have to remember the data to do something with this.

Leo Laporte So here’s the issue. She says on Twitter you receive an endless stream of information but you don’t have to process that information.

Loren Feldman Right.

Leo Laporte You will have to really remember it. Twitter has no history. Twitter is like washing over you like the ocean.

Loren Feldman Right, the stream comes by so fast.

Leo Laporte She says your attention span is being reduced and you’re not engaging your brain in improving nerve connections. Facebook is all about memories. It’s about keeping up with friends, stretching the working memory. So, instant text, instant messaging, Twitter and YouTube not so good for memory. And she has a lot of results working with kids.

Loren Feldman Yeah, I buy that story.

Leo Laporte All right, that’s all I have to say about it. Got no more.

Jason Calacanis Totally makes sense.

Leo Laporte I’m done.

Jason Calacanis Short attention span versus...

Leo Laporte I’m done.

Jason Calacanis I mean watching MTV isn’t as good as watching Nova.

Leo Laporte Did you – here is a entrepreneurs-gone-wrong story. Joost – Joost, the well known Mike Volpi, who was a very well known and beloved CEO at Joost ousted by the Skype guys apparently because…

Loren Feldman A poker problem?

Leo Laporte No, he joined the firm Index Ventures which is part of the consortium to buy Skype.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, there is a lot of bad blood.

Leo Laporte So what’s going on there? He was removed from the Board of Directors as his position as Chairman of Joost by shareholder vote. The company and its Board of Directors are conducting an investigation into his actions during his 10 years as CEO and Chairman.

Loren Feldman Little conflict of interest?

Jason Calacanis No. What’s going on here now is…

Leo Laporte Did he try to buy Joost?

Jason Calacanis What happened was…

Leo Laporte I mean this Skype?

Jason Calacanis Joost was a follow-on company from the guys who brought you Skype and it was supposed to be like this better version of YouTube…

Leo Laporte It’s kind of a flop, isn’t it?

Loren Feldman Yeah, it was supposed to be Hulu.

Jason Calacanis It was a disaster. Anyway, they executed poorly, they were using a client to distribute them…

Loren Feldman [Indiscernible] (1:33:36) you’re right exactly.

Jason Calacanis …anyway, so Joost is a disaster. There were investors in Joost, Index Ventures which is a very successful firm in London, decides they are going to be involved in the purchase of Skype. Skype licenses its technology from the founders of both Skype and Joost, and…

Ryan Block Which is great. Can we talk about for just a second, I mean how awesome is that that these two guys have built this technology, ran Kazaa, run Skype, runs Joost. They built one thing and they just make a bunch of companies on it and some of those companies sell for billions of dollars.

Leo Laporte And they were so brilliant because they sold it to eBay for 3.1 billion and kept the technology. That’s brilliant.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I think they can – I think eBay can rebuild the technology. The problem is the Skype guys wanted Skype back. That’s the back-story...

Leo Laporte That’s really what they want.

Jason Calacanis I mean that’s – yeah…

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (01:34:26) rattling the cage, saying we want out.

Jason Calacanis So basically the Skype guys want it back. Then a bunch of other people came in, Marc Andreessen, Index and his other people and they bought it. Marc Andreessen is…

Leo Laporte So they bought it out from under Skype?

Jason Calacanis eBay sold it to Andreessen and these other guys at consortium.

Leo Laporte Instead of [ph] James Sturm and [Indiscernible] (1:34:41)

Jason Calacanis Exactly, those guys don’t have the money to buy it back. So…

Leo Laporte What happened to the 3.1 billion?

Jason Calacanis They didn’t get it.

Leo Laporte Poker.

Jason Calacanis They got a portion of it and they had investors and so on. They only got a portion of it. And other guys want it. eBay is keeping 25% of the stock I believe. So they are going to take that company pubIic and, when it goes public, yeah, everybody’s going to make a lot of money except the founders. So I think it’s sort of this, the founders are the ones getting, founders feel like they are getting screwed again.

Leo Laporte Again, poor guys.

Loren Feldman Yeah, poor guys.

[Multiple Speakers] (1:35:12).

Leo Laporte How many billion did they keep though, I mean…

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Loren Feldman Part of it was based – like it, wasn’t 1.5 [ph] bil (1:35:20) performance based that they didn’t get.

Jason Calacanis That’s the thing that happened. They didn’t get the other half, so they feel that had a raw deal.

Leo Laporte That didn’t get it all.

Jason Calacanis eBay feels they got a raw deal and now eBay is trying to save face and get money back, this holding has been a debacle for them, they haven’t grown it but, I mean the amazing thing is Skype is so powerful that it hasn’t lost market shares, it has grown even though it has been, yeah, it has been.

Loren Feldman They’re an unbelievable company.

Leo Laporte Nobody even cares, they just use it. It works, it’s great, it’s amazing. We are using it right now, it’s incredible.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, so look for Skype IPO, I mean I said that…

Leo Laporte You think that’s what is going to happen that’s what Index is going to do with it.

Jason Calacanis I knew that what’s going to happen.

Leo Laporte They are going to go public.

Loren Feldman Oh yeah for sure.

Leo Laporte That’s how they make their money.

Jason Calacanis Yes, or I mean they could build its value and sell it to Google for 10 [indiscernible] (1:35:54).

Leo Laporte They are just a holding company, interim…

Loren Feldman Skype’s A.T.&T.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, they are going to, I think eBay made a huge mistake because the, I think the eBay business of auctions is…

Leo Laporte That’s dying.

Jason Calacanis Yes, it’s dying or its reached it’s natural size, therefore they have PayPal which is an amazingly underutilized franchise for financial services and then you have Skype which is an amazing communication platform. What they could have done is said you know what…

Leo Laporte We have got other good businesses.

Jason Calacanis Not sell Skype.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis But maybe take eBay,

Leo Laporte Sell eBay

Jason Calacanis Cut the cost structure of eBay way down, make it very profitable, don’t invest that much I it anymore, it’s like it is what it is, it’s a utility and then put that money in towards PayPal to making banking services, checking services, event services on a global basis and communications services, what if every Skype had a Gmail like address, what if every Skype had a public…

Loren Feldman They were hoping when they bought it that it was going to help their, help their sellers because you could call up, talk about the auction. It was a weird mismatch from the beginning.

Jason Calacanis It was a mismatch but they bought something, it was like buying a car – you were always just going to – you were going to use to transport Apples and it turns out it’s like a model T or something, you’re like wow I bought this beautiful vintage car, I mean Skype was an amazing purchase.

Loren Feldman And they just never really knew what to do with it. I don’t think they even understood how important it really was you know.

Jason Calacanis They did know enough to sell it now.

Leo Laporte Yeah. But they got most of their money back, just a few…

Jason Calacanis Well they still own 25%.

Loran Feldman And they still get 25%.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis They will make a profit on it.

Leo Laporte I didn’t mention when we talked about Facebook, have you guys tried the Facebook Lite? What do you think of that? It’s kind of and Facebook has also announced they are going to use @ symbols. Pretty clear they are going after the big [ph] T (1:37:23).

Loren Feldman It hasn’t rolled out yet [indiscernible] (1:37:22) Oh yeah, they will take them too.

Jason Calacanis Mark Zuckerberg is the new Bill Gates.

Leo Laporte You think so?

Jason Calacanis He has the same…

Leo Laporte He is getting there.

Jason Calacanis Asperger like quality to him.

Loren Feldman Yeah.

Leo Laporte Worse.

Jason Calacanis Singular focus, there is nothing he could talk to you about other than Facebook.

Leo Laporte Right, but he cares a lot about that and he is doing it right, you think. He is doing the right thing, making the right moves.

Jason Calacanis It’s growing tremendously, he will be the first person to get to a billion signups I think, a billion logins [ph] which is where the (01:37:50) big racer who can get to a billion people and…

Leo Laporte He is easily going to win that race, there is nobody even close is there?

Jason Calacanis And he realized, well Twitter could possibly if they got international really quick and caught on. So that’s why people are very hopeful for it.

Leo Laporte There is a – it is interesting to watch Facebook’s signup growth because it goes in clumps – Toronto for a while, everybody was signing up there and you don’t get that with Twitter so much, this network effect is really clear in Facebook. As soon as you create a Facebook account friends are there and…

Loren Feldman Connections are so much clearer and your geography and all of that stuff is tied in.

Leo Laporte Twitters feels more fragmented and I don’t think it has that same kind of viral growth pattern.

Jason Calacanis When you follow people you are not adding them as a friend which is…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis The strength and the weakness.

Loren Feldman To me Twitter is like a graffiti wall, I mean that’s how I treat it.

Leo Laporte It’s getting more like that I have to say.

Loren Feldman That’s really how I treat it.

Leo Laporte So will this Facebook Lite make it more like Twitter or make just one more good feature of Facebook or I mean, what is the idea here.

Loren Feldman Well Facebook Lite, no it won’t make it more like Twitter.

Leo Laporte It is Twitter like.

Loren Feldman I think the ad and fan pages are more Twitter like than Facebook Lite.

Leo Laporte They have a problem though don’t they Jason because they have, they are a private facing kind of thing and competing with a public facing entity which is Twitter, it’s hard to move from private to public.

Jason Calacanis What’s happening is you can’t be both.

Leo Laporte You can’t be both.

Jason Calacanis The strength of Facebook was that it was private and cozy with your family sharing photos.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis And then, they’re looking over the other side of the fence saying, wow this public open stream…

Leo Laporte But how did they do both?

Jason Calacanis I don’t think it’s going to be successful that way.

Leo Laporte So that could hurt them.

Jason Calacanis I think that they got a little too much Twitter envy and they should stay focused on being Facebook.

Leo Laporte You agree, Ryan.

Ryan Block I think I tend to agree, I mean look they’re Facebook, you don’t want to rule those guys out. I mean they are the 800llbs. gorilla right now in the social market and frankly, they are now the kind of de facto identity platform of the internet that…

Leo Laporte That’s huge.

Ryan Block That’s the key.

Leo Laporte That’s valuable.

Ryan Block If I were Twitter I would be a little bit freaked out right now, but I, I tend to kind of agree a little bit more on Jason’s side which is you got to be true to what you are doing and you can’t be everything and everybody to everybody.

Loren Feldman Facebook could change its one line of CSS. I mean they just need to come up with it but no…

Leo Laporte But they could also chase 250 million people away.

Ryan Block They have already weathered the storm switching over to the activity stream system, right, that was a huge, huge shift for them and they caught a lot of flak from their user base. People were not excited to have a Twitter like activities. Remember the old Facebook was not like that at all. And so they have already kind of made that first step and that’s gone okay for them but I don’t know how much further they can go before they actually just start coming off like Twitter and really start to disenfranchise their user base.

Jason Calacanis I don’t think their user base wants to use Twitter.

Leo Laporte No.

Jason Calacanis They don’t. They want to share photos, they want to communicate with their family…

Loren Feldman And I think also they wanted what they like and what Facebook was so smart about and which they will keep hammering home forever is as Ryan just said is that you know who you are dealing with on Facebook.

Ryan Block Yeah.

Leo Laporte But what Facebook wants to do and there is real value there is somehow use the social graph that they have now built and collected and they certainly can use this in some way, look at what CNN did with the election page which was a CNN page by the way but had Facebook widgets you go there, you watch the election and it says here’s what your friends are saying about this election. That’s hugely valuable. If they can make widgets like that that are on other people’s pages I would love to have that kind of thing on my TWiT Live page. That’s valuable, isn’t it?

Jason Calacanis They basically own the entire conversation [ph] around the world (1:41:22).

Leo Laporte No they’ve just came out with widgets. They own the conversation.

Jason Calacanis So they don’t officially own it but they aggregate it. So therefore they own it.

Leo Laporte Do you have to worry about people, I mean I got a kid on the radio show say 11 years old. My parents won’t let me use Facebook. Is it safe? And those parents are very conscious of the privacy aspects and I can say to them, no, it’s okay for an 11 -- I wouldn’t recommend it because you got to be 13 but it’s okay because you are – nobody can see your profile.

Jason Calacanis Not anymore.

Leo Laporte Marketers maybe.

Loren Feldman Unless you know – you just have to know how to set it up.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Ryan Block Well, by default. Isn’t it safe by default?

Loren Feldman I don’t know.

Leo Laporte I think it’s private by default.

Jason Calacanis It’s private by default, you have to open it up but they are trying to have their cake and eat it too.

Leo Laporte They are.

Jason Calacanis It’s a mistake.

Leo Laporte That is difficult to do.

Jason Calacanis Also I would think it’s an internal distraction, like the things that are working really well for them, photo sharing, video, the games…

Leo Laporte They’re the world’s biggest photo sharing site by an order of magnitude.

Loren Feldman And they’re catching up to YouTube on video even.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, [ph] and Bill (01:42:19) wants a search engine, that what’s coming.

Ryan Block And look those are things that Twitter can’t do. They’re things that Twitter won’t do.

Leo Laporte Right.

Ryan Block And those things that if they invest there they have a really, really great opportunity in front of them but of course on the other side all these photos, all these videos they are not public, right. They don’t show up in Google. It’s not exactly benefitting them in the public web to have all this content under lockdown. So, it goes both ways but look they have a technology base. They have the end-user content system that Twitter doesn’t have and may never actually have. I mean Twitter at the end of the day, I think they are going to really focus on the 140 characters and if that’s all they are going to do then Facebook has a lot going for them.

Leo Laporte We got to wrap it up. We have been going on and on and on. It’s been a very long show. In fact I have had to actually start breaking out the see rations for my poor [ph] hosts who are faint (1:43:16) and fading away.

Ryan Block

And by sea rations you mean chocolate…

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (1:43:20) chocolate. That’s close enough.

Jason Calacanis That’s so awesome.

Leo Laporte It will keep you going. It is good, isn’t it?

Jason Calacanis

[Indiscernible] we’re in (1:43:24) San Francisco…

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (1:43:26).

Jason Calacanis We’ve got to head up (1:43:27) for a hot chocolate over there later.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Jason Calacanis I like the Cannoli’s. Cannoli. Leave The Gun, Take The Calacanis.

Leo Laporte Leave The Gun, Take The Calacanis. You know that was ad libbed (1:43:34).

Jason Calacanis I know.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that great?

Jason Calacanis I must have seen the same show you saw.

Leo Laporte Well I saw it on the DVD extras, there is a really great Godfather 1, 2 and 3 and Coppola does the narration of Godfather 1 which is really nice and he says, you know I can’t remember the actor’s name.

Jason Calacanis [Indiscernible] (1:43:52).

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s wonderful. He said he made that up on the spot, “leave the gun, take the Cannoli”.

Loren Feldman The best lines are always like that.

Leo Laporte It’s a great line. I love it. All right. We are going to wrap this up but I wanted to bring in Jamie because he paid a lot of money to be on this show and now he’s thinking boy I made a big mistake.

Jason Calacanis That’s okay. We are going to -- this is going to be the greatest commercial ever.

Leo Laporte This is we’re going to clean it up. We are going to clean it up. So Jamie is with I do want to mention PhoneTag. The way this came up is at Twestival, which was almost a year ago. It was all about raising money for a charity called, a wonderful charity called Charity Water and one of the things. I think this was your idea Jason, we were on TWiT at that time and you said why don’t we put up for sale an add on TWiT. I will do the ad and we will see how much money we can make.

Jason Calacanis I don’t know if it was my idea or somebody e-mailed. I think somebody – it was somebody else…

Leo Laporte It was a great idea, it was an inspired idea.

Ryan Block It was your idea.

Jason Calacanis It was?

Ryan Block Yeah.

Leo Laporte Jamie was – Jamie was ….

Ryan Block I remember the show. I remember listening.

Leo Laporte You were listening.

Ryan Block Yes.

Leo Laporte So, Jamie put up 10 grand.

Ryan Block High society.

Leo Laporte Built -- high society, built two wells and that’s how it works in Charity Water.

Ryan Block We all built it.

Leo Laporte We all built it.

Ryan Block With James’ money.

Leo Laporte So tell us quickly about PhoneTag because what he – what Jamie said and I thought this was very classy is – don’t do an ad for PhoneTag. Let’s just talk about Charity Water but just do let’s get a little plug for PhoneTag.

Ryan Block

[Ph] I’ll take (01:45:13) a little plug.

Leo Laporte what is it, do you use this Jason. You’ve been using this for a long time, tell us about it.

Jason Calacanis It’s very simple. You forward your number to PhoneTag. They transcribe the voice mail and put an mp3 on it. You can use any phone you want so it’s independent of your phone carrier, which I like because I don’t want to learn their phone system. I don’t want anything to do with it. I want all of my messages transcribed, that’s very important to me. So, they get transcribed somewhere in another country within a minute, maybe of the phone call going through and I have the mp3 file so I can listen to the original and if they can’t hear on the phone like what exactly is going on [indiscernible] (1:45:48) inaudible – for the word but then I can forward it to somebody or I can hit reply, put the person who left me the voice mail as the [ph] two and (01:45:00) they see the transcript of what they said – voice mail. So it’s just genius.

Leo Laporte I use Google Voice and it does this but the transcripts are terrible.

Jason Calacanis This is a real human being doing it [indiscernible] perfect (1:46:06).

Leo Laporte See I think that makes a big difference, so they are actually accurate transcripts.

Jason Calacanis Perfect, and people spell their names and the number so it – and then the number is in my e-mail, so if I call him back I have it there permanently and then have a permanent record of every phone call I get. So, I don’t pick up my phone unless I know who it is.

Leo Laporte You basically though, you now use your cell phone number as almost a messaging service rather than a phone.

Jason Calacanis Basically.

Leo Laporte You don’t have to answer the phone anymore.

Jason Calacanis And it’s cheap and it’s like I have the history of my entire phone, so.

Leo Laporte I love that.

Jason Calacanis [Indiscernible] I have been using it [indiscernible] (1:46:31)

Leo Laporte So, I can get it as an e-mail or a text or both, yeah.

Jason Calacanis I get it as an e-mail because I like to have it, saved for [indiscernible] (1:46:36)

Leo Laporte Jamie Siminoff is with us actually, he is in the studio. Thank you Jamie for your fine donation, we appreciate it.

Jamie Siminoff Well thank you.

Leo Laporte It’s really nice and things are going well at PhoneTag.

Jamie Siminoff They are [indiscernible] (1:46:46)

Leo Laporte I heard you just made a big deal.

Jamie Siminoff Small $17 million deal with [ph] ITEC (01:46:50), a public company.

Leo Laporte Congratulations.

Jamie Siminoff Thank you.

Jason Calacanis Wow.

Leo Laporte That’s wonderful. Isn’t that great?

Jason Calacanis Only 10,000 how about [indiscernible] 20 (1:46:54)

Leo Laporte You see – you donate some money to a good cause, the karma is good and things happen.

Jason Calacanis [Indiscernible] (1:47:01) but we have to talk a little bit about This Week in Tech sponsorship but anyway we’ll talk about that after.

Leo Laporte PhoneTag, no here’s the deal, they’re going to give you…

Jason Calacanis [Indiscernible] (1:47:09) sure.

Leo Laporte Yeah, they’re going to give you 30 days free because that’s how we do it.

Ryan Block It says 30 days on there but [indiscernible] (1:47:14)

Leo Laporte You didn’t fix it yet?

Ryan Block No Mark couldn’t fix it yet.

Leo Laporte Mark is in the studio, Mark’s been on camera. Mark and [ph] Lea (01:47:23), I think have been on camera the whole time in this show because they have been right behind Loren Feldman which is going to be something…

Ryan Block [Indiscernible] (1:47:28)

Jason Calacanis They look like they have been appalled. Oh my God, what did we spend $10 000 on? This is a disaster.

Leo Laporte It’s a really great cause.

Jason Calacanis Jamie made a great decision on this one [indiscernible] (1:47:40)

Leo Laporte Nice job Jamie. So the deal is you get 30 days free and you can see how this works. It works with anything right, are there any phones that it won’t work, any carriers?

Ryan Block Every carrier, landline, business line, mobile phone.

Leo Laporte That’s cool too. You can use it with multiple numbers.

Jason Calacanis Yes, that’s the great part about it. You could [ph] forward (1:47:55) your desktop to it, [ph] I do that (1:47:57).

Ryan Block Yeah, so it’s the opposite of Google Voice.

Leo Laporte You forward any, all of your numbers to one place.

Ryan Block Yes.

Leo Laporte And all your voice mail goes to the same mailbox with the same text message. So, you see everything that anybody leaves you from anywhere.

Ryan Block Exactly.

Leo Laporte Oh, I like that.

Jason Calacanis And the killer feature, if you give them your address book right, this is the killer feature.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah.

Jason Calacanis If you give them your address book, if it sees that the caller ID is Leo Laporte, it puts you as the reply to, so if I hit reply, you’re the reply.

Leo Laporte Okay, I am signing up.

Ryan Block It really changed [indiscernible] (1:48:26) conversation into e-mail, yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s awesome.

Jason Calacanis If you’re a person who hates the phone and loves e-mail like me.

Ryan Block And me.

Leo Laporte And anybody.

Jason Calacanis This is the perfect thing because it takes everybody who wants to talk to me in the phone and I hate talking to people and sends them – [ph] you know how to talk on the phone at poker table (1:48:36).

Leo Laporte NYC listener says, give him another plug next week when the show is better. All right I will give you a plug next week when the show is better.

Jason Calacanis If I get kicked off the show because of you…

[Multiple Speakers] (1:48:50).

Jamie Siminoff We really wanted to get the Charity Water plugged though.

Leo Laporte Let’s do the Charity Water plug. So tell me about Charity Water Jamie.

Jamie Siminoff So, for $5,000 well I mean obviously you don’t have to give $5,000.

Leo Laporte No, no, no.

Jamie Siminoff Every $5,000 that you give to Charity Water, 100% of that money goes to building a well and each well helps over 250 people and clean water is really the foundation of fixing sort of the problems in poor places like Africa because with dirty water, kids can’t go to school and it’s like all the sort of problems and unrest, sort of come around water and this guy Scott Harrison who started Charity Water is probably one of the great entrepreneurs out there and you should – more than signing up for us though please do, you should really donate something to Charity Water today, $2, $5, 100% of it goes to building a well.

Leo Laporte It’s really cool.

Jamie Siminoff And it really makes a difference so.

Leo Laporte That’s a need idea that they have other donors who cover their office expenses and his salary and stuff so every penny that you give to Charity Water goes to building a well.

Jamie Siminoff Yeah.

Leo Laporte Goes to helping people around the world. Get water so these kids aren’t – missing their whole –these kids have spent all day getting water, bringing it back.

Jamie Siminoff And the water makes them sick.

Leo Laporte And it’s not even good water.

Jamie Siminoff Yeah.

Leo Laporte Charity, I mean this is really important and they have a new thing that they are doing. Because he started this at his birthday, I’ll play a video a little later on. He started this on his birthday. Now they have a – they are asking other people who are born in September to go to and have – see he started by asking people instead of giving me gifts, give me some money and we’ll build a well.

Jamie Siminoff Yes.

Leo Laporte And now he is asking others to do the same, I think it’s really cool.

Jamie Siminoff I said give me an ad and I’ll build a well.

Leo Laporte There you go. Well you did, you built two wells, thank you very much Jamie; I really appreciate it. Congratulations on the success of Phonetag, everybody should try it; and then you should go to And the money you are saving on your first month free you can just donate to, how about that.

Jamie Siminoff Please do, yeah.

Leo Laporte How about that. Hey thank you, you can stay there Jamie, that’s alright, we’re done with Loren. We don’t want any more Loren. I want to thank Ryan Block for being here. this is a great site, it’s a social site for people who are into gadgets where you can record the gadgets you own and talk with other people who own the same gadget or a gadget that you want. You get great information; there’s a wonderful pod cast too. Just a great site, I’m a member there and --

Ryan Block Yeah can I shout out your username and everything [indiscernible] (1:51:18).

Leo Laporte Yes, yes. What is my username? I forgot.

Ryan Block If you want to go see Leo’s list it’s at Really easy.

Leo Laporte I don’t have everything in there. What’s yours Ryan?

Ryan Block No you’ve got a lot of stuff. I’m just slash Ryan and if you join the site, I’m like Tom on MySpace, I’m one of the default like you follow me, but you don’t have to, you can un-follow me if you want. But you’re Leo, I’m sorry Leo Laporte. Jason is on the site. [Indiscernible] Jason is not here? (01:51:50)

Jason Calacanis Yes, I’m here.

Leo Laporte What’s yours? And 1938 Media is on the site.

Ryan Block Oh! Hey, I guess we’re all on it. So you can go and see everybody’s gadgets on the site. I’m at Ryan.

Leo Laporte Look at that, this is cool. So if you have the Lumix DMC-FZ28, for instance, it will say firmware upgrade. So it gives you informations – informations about the stuff you --

Jason Calacanis Lots of information.

Leo Laporte Lots of information.

Ryan Block But yeah so that’s a feature we added two weeks ago. [Indiscernible] did is (1:52:17) we have a new personalized homepage. So as you start adding gadgets to your list, your homepage feed is all of this content and information about your products. So it’s all personalized, it’s completely customizable, you can just see what your friends are talking about, you can talk about your products with the rest of the community. You can just see the content coming in that is about your products, you can get news about that stuff too. So it’s all supposed to be like really personalized, really highly customizable information about your gadget world.

Leo Laporte It says Leo has 16 gadgets and wants nothing. I want nothing.

Jason Calacanis

[Ph] It’s very Zen of you (1:52:54). I have gotten the best responses I’ve ever seen to questions on this, like I have the MacBook Air group and I was asking about my video skips in Hulu… 

Leo Laporte Right, right

Jason Calacanis Sometimes and what’s the story and they were like oh, yes this is the processor in the original MacBook Air where is the SSD is just terrible, the new one solves it and I was like oh great, I spent three grand on a laptop that can’t play videos.

Leo Laporte I told you you should’nt have bought that, [indiscernible] (1:53:18) you’re crazy, Yeah, hey thank you so much for being here Ryan, we really appreciate it.

Jason Calacanis Thanks Ryan.

Leo Laporte Thanks to Loren Feldman for stopping by and driving Jason all around town. It’s great to see you Loren; I don’t think I have ever met you in person, have I? I feel like I’ve known you for years. I don’t know why.

Jason Calacanis Loren, you couldn’t see it, Loren was wearing shorts I think.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis I saw those sexy, sexy legs of his.

Leo Laporte Yeah, they are good looking. For those of you listening on audio, you didn’t miss a thing.

Loren Feldman Thank you for having me, Leo.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Loren. Real pleasure to have you and you can also do a search if you do a search for 1938 media and Baby Jason.

Loren Feldman Jason’s place.

Leo Laporte What is it? Jason’s --

Loren Feldman Jason’s Place.

Leo Laporte Jason’s Place.

Loren Feldman There is a whole category there I believe.

Leo Laporte You are just going to have so much fun. Here is number one. Should I play number one?

Loren Feldman And number one was a really good one.

Leo Laporte Oh look he is in a crib.

Jason Calacanis This is ridiculous.

Loren Feldman [Indiscernible] (01:54:15) so you are going to drive me out of showbiz.

Leo Laporte This is when Jason Calacanis said --

Jason Calacanis Hi I am Robert Scobo of Pontec (01:54:20) I just got $20 million in [ph] vc money (01:54:27) and I have no idea how I am ever going to pay it back but I think if the first thing I do is give a 100,000 of it to Jason Calacanis for non profit. So I hope you enjoy the show. It’s Jason’s Place. Thanks, Robert Scobo.

Leo Laporte Diapers.

Jason Calacanis Hi I am Jason and welcome to Jason’s Place where I talk about everything that is wrong with the internet and that I want to fix it. These are my friends, this is Mark and this is Robert. Hi Robert, I love you Robert. I love you. I love you too, Mark. The first thing I want to talk about is being proposed. They are bad.

Leo Laporte And this is how they met. You sent him a note saying you will never work in this business again.

Jason Calacanis Then I realized this guy is pretty fun. I got to meet him.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah satire is all in good fun.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely

Leo Laporte

Jason Calacanis Wow.

Leo Laporte Great stuff.

Loren Feldman Thank you very much, Leo.

Leo Laporte Jason you are the best. Always good to have you in. Congratulations on TechCrunch50, you’re 3.

Jason Calacanis That’s amazing it has been three years now.

Leo Laporte That’s great tomorrow.

Jason Calacanis Tomorrow.

Leo Laporte Is it too late for people to show up?

Jason Calacanis It is sold out. I think you can get on the waiting list tonight and if somebody wants to thank the sponsors right now.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis Which were @gotomeeting, @audible_com and that, what did I miss?

Leo Laporte Carbonite, GoToMeeting

Jason Calacanis Carbonite Backup and Phonetag…

Leo Laporte And don’t forget Charity Water and

Jason Calacanis So anyway to thank all the sponsors in our TWiT and put #TC50 I will pick one of those people at random --

Leo Laporte That’s a good idea.

Jason Calacanis And give them a free [ph] 3000 odd (01:56:04) ticket.

Leo Laporte Aren’t you nice?

Jason Calacanis Why not?

Leo Laporte Thank you JC.

Loren Feldman [Indiscernible] (01:56:04) do a video interview with that person.

Jason Calacanis Will you?

Loren Feldman Yeah.

Leo Laporte And Lawrence you couldn’t hear this. So he is really off the hook said he would do a video interviewing that person. You did know that no one could hear you when you said that.

Jason Calacanis Why don’t we make it two people. We will make it two people.

Leo Laporte All right. So what you should do is thank…

Jason Calacanis @audible_com, @carbonitebackup, @gotomeeting

Leo Laporte For sponsoring TWiT and and at Charity Water. And then put #TC50 as the hash tag.

Jason Calacanis Yeah I will found it.

Leo Laporte That way Jason can find it.

Jason Calacanis I could do it right now, see who is on there.

Leo Laporte Oh nobody is going to do that.

Jason Calacanis Nobody is going to do that. No you’d be surprised.

Leo Laporte Nobody will do that.

Jason Calacanis There is a lot of people from [indiscernible] (01:56:46)

Jason Calacanis Yeah there is a lot.

Leo Laporte Nobody is listening

Loren Feldman [Indiscernible] (01:56:47) the quality.

Leo Laporte We didn’t chase everybody away with Baby Jason. I don’t understand.

Jason Calacanis That was brutal.

Leo Laporte Thank you everybody for joining as I promise. Actually next week Kevin Rose and Joshua Schachter will be on the show.

Jason Calacanis Joshua Schachter is on the show for the first time?

Leo Laporte Yes he’s never been on. Kevin is trying to get him. So I am counting on Kevin to do pull that one out.

Jason Calacanis He is a brilliant guy.

Leo Laporte The guy who created Delicious. We use Delicious religiously. Is he another one of those guys?

Jason Calacanis He is quirky but brilliant. He has got a dry wit. So..

Leo Laporte I will remember that, dry wit.

Jason Calacanis He likes scotch. Bring some [indiscernible] (01:57:19)

Leo Laporte Okay. Now I know. Thank you very much, really appreciated. It’s been great having PhoneTag on to promote charity: water. Jamie and thanks to Mark and [ph] Lea too (01:57:32) for sitting through here putting up with that. And to everybody else who has been here. It’s been a long show.

Jason Calacanis It’s been like two shows.

Leo Laporte But by the time this goes out as a podcast it’s going to be 15 minutes once I take out all the bad stuff. Another TWiT is in the can.

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