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Episode 225


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It’s time for TWiT; this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers all the week’s technology news, the pre-Christmas edition, that’s why I have a little Santa hat on my microphone and that’s why Santa is in studio today; John C. Dvorak from Channel Dvorak. Ho-ho-ho. He’s wearing the Findlay Orange.

John C. Dvorak Findlay.

Leo Laporte What is Findlay?

John C. Dvorak Division 2 football champs from last year.

Leo Laporte And I see we have some Bowl T-shirts that somebody…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, yeah.

Leo Laporte Listeners brought by for you.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, somebody dropped of a bunch of T-shirts for the upcoming Boise State-TCU game which is, by the way…

Leo Laporte Yeah. Pull that microphone right up into your...

John C. Dvorak What?

Leo Laporte I know you are new to the broadcast business but just stick that thing in your face…

John C. Dvorak I feel like being a little Patrick Norton today.

Leo Laporte You're sounding a lot like him.

John C. Dvorak [ph] Roll off back here, talk like this (02:12). So anyway, so they have this crappy game that – I mean I am sure the game will be exciting.

Leo Laporte Boise State versus...?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but these two teams should have been – one of them should have been put up against Florida, or some team to show them that the BCS has issues, anyway. So thanks for the T-shirts whoever brought them by, who was it?

Leo Laporte And what – I know, I forgot the name and then I don’t think it’s on there and what else did you get there? What’s that thing in front of you, right there?

John C. Dvorak A pie. I have a pie.

Leo Laporte Another pie. No that’s true, Ian brought a pie thank you Ian for bringing a pie [ph] to scoff while we chat (02:42).

John C. Dvorak I have also – and Leo got me a cardboard box.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak That I can use for shipping things.

Leo Laporte You know what they say, if you don’t like the taste of cardboard don’t eat the box.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, nothing in it.

Leo Laporte There is something in, that’s an SSD drive, the Intel X25-M, the top of the line.

John C. Dvorak This is the advantage of coming to this place.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you actually get garbage.

John C. Dvorak Check it out.

Leo Laporte Check it out now.

John C. Dvorak 160 Gb, superfast.

Leo Laporte You know, we’re really happy to have Robert Heron back, I was at John’s party. John had a Christmas party – was that a Christmas party?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I think so.

Leo Laporte And so happy to have Robert Heron here, I saw him at the party, I said ‘Robert, you haven't been on in ages!’

Robert Heron Always a pleasure.

Leo Laporte Now, do you still do the home-theater show on Revision3 or is that over?

Robert Heron Yeah. Oh no, we’re still doing HD Nation every week, I think it airs on Tuesdays, every Tuesday you get a new episode and on top of that I’m just busy doing contract work for different companies and traveling around and doing my thing.

Leo Laporte It’s great to see you just back from Korea with Samsung.

Robert Heron Yeah. That was awesome. I have to admit. Just watching the scale of production and how the company works from the inside-out and how LCD TVs are made.

Leo Laporte That’s good.

Robert Heron That and just seeing some of the latest technologies for the next couple of years out to, it was just a – it was mind-blowing, really was.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s great to have you back is the website to go to. We’ll talk about it, big screen TVs and get ready for CES too. Also with us today Mr. Brian Brushwood from the NSFW show. Hey, Brian.

Brian Brushwood I’m doing well. How are you doing? You didn’t even ask me how I was doing, I just had to tell you right off the bat, because I assumed, I predicted.

Leo Laporte I said, how are doing Brian? Did I not?

Brian Brushwood Oh! You did?

Leo Laporte I believe I did.

John C. Dvorak Yeah he did, I heard him.

Brian Brushwood Well, I think I felt it psychically and I just instantly answered how I was doing.

Leo Laporte Well, I felt bad because we kicked you to the ground last night, and I just wanted to make sure you were able to get up.

Brian Brushwood You curb-stomped Scam School with your Best Video Podcast award at, and I’m not bitter at all. Congratulations.

Leo Laporte You know, I didn’t do it on purpose, that’s not – it wasn’t like I was out to get you or anything.

Brian Brushwood I was collateral damage and that’s totally fine. Now that I’m on the TWiT team, I couldn’t be happier…

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s what you have to say, isn’t it? This is – Todd Cochrane does this for Geek News and he has done this every year, he is just great, I really appreciate him doing that and I felt bad because I had to take off, I was there for the first award which was the Giz Wiz won Best Comedy, so thank you…

Brian Brushwood Although he didn’t pronounce it Giz Wiz.

Leo Laporte No…

Brian Brushwood He had an alternate pronunciation…

Leo Laporte He said, ‘Jiz Wiz.’

Brian Brushwood That means something – I wasn't going to say it, but yeah, that's what he called it.

Leo Laporte I did actually correct him when I got on Skype with him, I said, I think that's wrong, it’s not the Jiz Wiz, it’s the Giz Wiz. So he won Best Comedy, I think we won best – TWiT won best video which is ironic, because we’re not even really a video podcast.

John C. Dvorak It is humorous

Brian Brushwood Oh! I guess I noticed that didn’t I?

John C. Dvorak I think a few people noticed that.

Leo Laporte Well, we will be in a minute or two, so that will be okay. Munchcast won for best food …

John C. Dvorak It's like winning the Nobel Peace Prize in advance of actually doing anything.

Leo Laporte Yeah. That’s what I think of it is.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte I’m like Barack Obama in that way, Munchcast won for Best Food and that’s kind of ironic because we canceled that show about six months ago. But that's – we’re bringing it back now. Oops! And I think in the technology science, we split the vote a little bit, FLOSS Weekly was nominated – should have won, but Security Now, once again, plucked the prize, [ph] Best Tech Now (05:56), should have won, but Security Now’s won it before.

John C. Dvorak The Munchcast won?

Leo Laporte Munchcast won best food. It is good little show.

John C. Dvorak It’s not even on.

Leo Laporte We’re going to bring it back and now…

Brian Brushwood Now that it's won an award

Leo Laporte Yeah. And now, we’re also really happy to welcome, thank you Brian, it’s good to have you here. Want to welcome once again…

Brian Brushwood Of course, no, I’m very excited.

Leo Laporte Jason Calacanis who has some good news he want a prize of his own this week, hey Jason. Uh oh.

Robert Heron Cricket.

Leo Laporte Uh Oh!

Robert Heron Cricket.

Leo Laporte Jason, you're muted…

Jason Calacanis Yes!

Leo Laporte Hey, there you go. You were sitting on your mute…

Jason Calacanis Oh! The old DSP 400 got me again.

Leo Laporte Oh! Man, we’re getting new ones. We’re not using those anymore.

Jason Calacanis Oh, we’re not?

Leo Laporte No, I’ll send you a better one – I'll send you another one.

Jason Calacanis You're going to send it to me? What a guy, what a guy!

Leo Laporte Oh! Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, we had a big news this week, a new edition of Mahalo launched, I had – my wife gave birth to our daughter, which was the most amazing experience of my life.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that great?

Jason Calacanis …on Tuesday morning 28 hours of labor. And…

Leo Laporte That’s a long time.

Jason Calacanis …It was – if you take every moment in my life, like, that was amazing and put them together and times it by ten, like, half of the experience of when my daughter arrived. It was – I'm like teary eyed just thinking about it, like cried for the first hour she was like in the world and was like literally shaking, I was so like happy and just in awe of like women and what they are capable of doing, like, my wife is – just amazes me now. Wow! something like…

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s hard work. Not to mention excruciatingly painful.

Brian Brushwood Well, at least all the hard work's all over now, it's easy going for the next 18 years.

Leo Laporte Just coast, just coast, and if you could do anything to keep your kid away from this guy, Brian Brushwood, my advice to do, please...

Brian Brushwood Hey, I’ve got two girls of my own, I got a five-year old and a two-year old.

Leo Laporte Are they breathing fire yet?

Brian Brushwood Not yet, but what’s great about Christmas is for the first time, I’m already teaching my daughter how to – to keep secrets from mommy so that her surprise isn't ruined.

Leo Laporte It’s a heart-warming moment when Daddy teaches the kids to lie, something we all look forward to. The fun thing about having kids, and I think you’ll probably agree Brian, I know everybody else is having kids here, is you get to be a kid again, you get to go the Disney movies, you get to play with toys, you get to go amusement parks, without any apology.

Brian Brushwood Homework seems like stupidly easy, like, I’m so awesome, red goes here, green goes here.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Right through fourth grade then it gets hard again. Trust me. Any advice from – Robert you are not a father I know, but I know John and I are. Any advice for this…

John C. Dvorak For Calacanis?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Document everything…

John C. Dvorak I don’t know.

Brian Brushwood Enjoy every second on it because it’s such a blast to go back and look at your pictures and your videos, which is – that’s the best thing about the iPhone in my opinion is to capture all those little spontaneous moments of pure joy throughout your life

John C. Dvorak And then you can embarrass the kids with this stuff much later.

Leo Laporte Very useful for teenagers.

Robert Heron Yeah.

Leo Laporte I got naked butt pictures, you'll be home at 5.

John C. Dvorak I got some classics. So you want to make sure to collect a lot of photos that can be used for blackmail in the future. You’re going to need it when they are about 12.

Leo Laporte It’s always good to plan for teenage-dom.

John C. Dvorak When they’re teenagers, you really need to pull out the heavy ammunition.

Leo Laporte Don’t do this to poor Jason, they won't be – she won't be a teenager for quite a while.

John C. Dvorak You got to plan in advance.

Leo Laporte It’s faster than you think.

Jason Calacanis People tell me this is – having a girl is a great deal for the dad, because they just absolutely love their dads, and then when they have a problem they go fight with their mom.

Leo Laporte It could be. But it’s not been my experience. My daughter hates me.

John C. Dvorak Well, you are just one of the rare, because most – my – I have this – I have – what Jason said is what's happened with me.

Leo Laporte She is not a Daddy’s girl, my daughter Abby, she’s not. No, but I love her, we get along really well and we have great intellectual conversations but she runs to momma if she is – if she needs succor.

John C. Dvorak Oh, you've been usurped. Interesting.

Leo Laporte I've been usurped, it's true. So there is really no guarantee Jason, you don’t know what’s going to happen, that’s kind of a fun of it.

Jason Calacanis I’m totally looking forward to it. And I appreciate all the – I mean so many people tweeted and facebooked me and flowers and people sent gifts. Like, I’ve never met people and they just sent gifts, it was just so touching, I mean, really nice and just a lot of the TWiT fans posted on my blog and stuff. I really appreciate it, it meant a lot to my wife and I.

Jason Howell You know Jason I just had to say really quick.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, let me introduce you first, Jason Howell is on the on the line from Buzz Out Loud.

Jason Howell Hello, how is it going?

Leo Laporte Hey Jason.

Jason Howell Sorry, I had to butt in just because this is totally on topic that when you had your baby girl I started getting all of these Twitter responses saying, hey, congratulations, you had your baby! So I had to deflect them; my wife is pregnant.

John C. Dvorak Tell them to send gifts.

Leo Laporte I should say the other Jason is on the line.

Jason Howell The other Jason, exactly. I'm like, no, I am not that Jason.

Leo Laporte This is your first also Jason Howell?

Jason Howell Yeah it is.

Leo Laporte And when is your wife due?

Jason Howell She is due February 4.

Leo Laporte Oh see...

Jason Calacanis Ah, so within a couple of months of each other

Jason Howell And we'll be having a daughter as well, so I was silent because I was scribbling down notes as you guys were talking and they scared the crap out of me.

Leo Laporte I think the dads will agree it’s the most exciting, wonderful, hardest thing you will ever do in your life. It really is ..

Jason Howell Yeah.

Leo Laporte Probably I haven’t – Jason probably has more experience, Jason Calacanis with being an entrepreneur, that’s probably very difficult. This is kind of like entrepreneurship in a biological field.

Jason Calacanis Actually, it is more like franchising if you think about it.

Jason Howell Totally.

Leo Laporte Franchising the old gene pool is that what you’re saying?

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah. Anyway, it’s a wonderful thing. Congratulations Jason. That’s really great.

Jason Calacanis Tremendous initial cost, long-term benefit, when they take care of you.

Jason Howell Right yeah. It all comes back around.

John C. Dvorak Put them to work, put them to work.

Leo Laporte My kids have already explained they are not taking care of us, so we are – they say you better be saving because we are not taking care of you.

John C. Dvorak That’s okay, you are going to be fined (11:24).

Leo Laporte How – yeah I am trying to take care of myself. Ozzy (11:29) is going to take care of me. Howell is on the line. I am going to call you Howell, so to distinguish you from Calacanis

Jason Howell That’s fine.

Leo Laporte Howell is on the line.

Jason Calacanis What about Mr. Howell?

Leo Laporte Mr. Howel. Thurston Howell III...

Jason Howell Well thank-you very much, sir.

Leo Laporte Is on the line because yesterday he touched something few of us have touched before.

Jason Howell Actually I will do you one better.

Jason Calacanis We're all dads, so I guess that’s not true though.

Jason Howell Actually, I touched something on Friday.

Leo Laporte You touched something on Friday that we can only dream of touching.

John C. Dvorak Does this have something to with Tiger Woods?

Jason Howell Nothing to do with Tiger Woods that I know of.

Leo Laporte What is it? Actually we can make a little game out of this. What is that Jason Howell touched on Friday that will change our lives forever?

Jason Howell That remains to be seen.

Jason Calacanis Is it organic or is it – yeah, is it alive or …

Brian Brushwood Animal, mineral, vegetable. Which one?

Jason Calacanis That’s it yeah.

Leo Laporte Mineral.

Jason Howell If you consider Androids as being alive, then yes.

Leo Laporte It is the Nexus One. It is the long rumoured and now proven to exist Google Phone. They handed these out, I understand, this week to Googlers. This is – some say this is the phone Google wanted but wasn’t able to get from Motorola or HTC. HTC designed it for Google, it’s called the Nexus. So I have seen pictures, it looks like an iPhone, like a – kind of little bit like an iPhone.

Jason Howell Yeah, I mean it’s a slick looking device. I was at a dinner with a bunch of friends and of course…

John C. Dvorak Keyboard? No keyboard?

Jason Howell No keyboard. It was all touch screen…

Leo Laporte That’s how it should be I think.

Jason Howell It has a little visible scrolling ball at the bottom but pretty much the rest of the face of the phone is all touch screen.

Leo Laporte Having used now that the keyboards on both the N900 and the Droid, I think an on-screen keyboard, if done right, is a better choice.

Jason Howell Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte I like Android's on-screen keyboard.

Jason Howell I mean, I have the Droid and I pretty much – 99% of the time I am using the on-screen keyboard...

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Howell I rarely ever pull out the slide-out.

Leo Laporte Well that’s because – also because the Droid has the worst keyboard in the world.

Jason Howell Yeah it’s a little fussy for me. My fingers I think are just a little too fat.

John C. Dvorak I was just using somebody’s phone the other day that had a really nice keyboard.

Leo Laporte This was – I think you were using mine. I think you were using the N900. Remember you liked the N900 keyboard.

Brian Brushwood I tell you I am spoiled on the auto-correction from non-physical keyboards. It’s like I am ready for real keyboards where you just kind of mash buttons that are generally where you are trying to type and it just puts everything together correctly. As long as it does that, I am happy.

Leo Laporte That’s one thing yeah, that’s exactly right. That’s one thing that easily implemented but not usually implemented on hardware keyboards. I don’t know why.

Jason Howell Yeah I don’t understand that either.

Leo Laporte So tell us more about it Jason.

Jason Howell Well I mean – I was at this dinner looking across the table and this guy was very cagey with this little phone that was in his hand and I – the first thing that struck me was how small and compact it looked. It definitely – for at first glance looked like an HTC phone. I immediately thought it was one of the new HTC phones that I hadn’t seen in person, I had only seen photos or whatever because I was only really looking at the back. So, I asked him if it was an HTC phone and of course he looked up and he is like no this is actually the new Google Phone and..

Leo Laporte Oh man, this guy is playing you like, it’s like, don’t – pay no attention to this phone I am using here.

Jason Howell He was really keeping to himself about it...

Leo Laporte Sure.

Jason Howell But in a second he said Google Phone, my eyes lit up and he – you could have heard a pin drop. He stopped talking – he is like you are not a blogger are you?

Leo Laporte Little late for that.

Jason Howell But anyway, so – I talked him into letting me play around with it for a couple of minutes. I didn’t really get a whole lot of time with it but enough time to see that it’s a pretty slick device, the screen was super sharp, just really clear, it had some animated backgrounds that I hadn’t seen in – on my Droid, anyways. And just kind of dug into the system's settings a little bit to make sure that it was 2.1 and all that kind of stuff but..

Leo Laporte Now you have used a Droid. So you are a perfect person to take a look at this and tell us how does this differ from the Droid?

Jason Howell Yeah I mean, like I said I didn’t get enough time with it to really see the difference. What I had heard about the new Google Phone is that Google is saying, well this is going to be the actual real Android and the things that are out there won’t do as much as this.

Leo Laporte Well they also said we don’t want to undermine our partners.

Jason Howell Totally, so when I am looking through it, I am kind of looking at the apps and everything. Trying to find something in there that really set it apart and when I was scanning through, I recognized all the icons. It really looked very similar. The only difference that I really saw were very cosmetic differences in the OS. The little grey slider that pulls out the home screen and hides it on the front screen of the Android OS, that was replaced with like a flashy little outline trace of a house that kind of had laser edges on it. I mean just little…

Leo Laporte Little stuff.

Jason Howell Like cosmetic things that I was able to figure out. And it was really snappy. When I was clicking through it, it had really good response time. Yeah…

Leo Laporte 5 megapixel camera according to sightings on Flickr of pictures taken by the Nexus One.

Jason Howell Yeah.

Leo Laporte Actually its – actually on Google’s Picasa not Flickr.

John C. Dvorak 5 megapixel camera with a lens that’s probably a two buck lens.

Leo Laporte Well that’s why I like this Nokia N900 because it has a – they have put a Carl Zeiss lens on it and...

John C. Dvorak Look at the thing, it is the size of a pin.

Leo Laporte Well it’s a little – it's a high F-Stop.

John C. Dvorak And it’s crap. High F-Stop

Leo Laporte High F-Stop It’s actually a pretty good camera, it gets pretty good pictures. But Nokia has always done good camera phones. I think the N900 is on a par with the N95 which is also 5 megapixels. So the truth is – even though I have a Droid which is supposedly 5 mega pixels, it doesn’t look that great.

Jason Howell No, no the pictures on the Droid don’t look good at all.

Leo Laporte I keep using the iPhone with the lower megapixels just because it is – there is more – better pictures and there is more capability built into the phone’s applications.

Jason Howell Completely.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Howell I mean you know, all in all I’d say at the end of the experience I was kind of asking myself, okay I have the Droid, I have had it for, I don’t know for a month, a month and a half now. From what I have seen of this, is it really enough, like am I regretting my purchase right now? And I mean yes it is a prettier phone but really when it boils down to it -- I mean it was an unmarked phone and the guy that had it had plugged in his AT&T SIM card and that kind of where it lost me. It’s like – the reason I got the Droid is because it’s on Verizon and I don’t want to deal with AT&T network. I want to be on Verizon, I have been there for years and so if that’s where this phone is dwelling then it is still not a lock for me. They bring it to Verizon, they make a model that works on Verizon’s network, I'm there.

Leo Laporte Do you agree, Brian?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, I was – that’s the first thing that thought to me when it said that it was a GSM phone, I guess well T-Mobile or AT&T, and it’s like what’s the difference? I was shocked that it wouldn’t have Verizon support. But I have got two questions, first of all number one when are we going to stop calling everything an iPhone killer? And when does the iPhone stop being the benchmark for everything? When do we judge phones on their own merit? And number two, seriously dude is this an iPhone killer?

Jason Howell Oh nice.

John C. Dvorak This has got a pen.

Leo Laporte It’s got a stylus, he’s looking at the N900.

John C. Dvorak This means it’s going to be lost.

Leo Laporte No it – the first thing I did is lose that and then my wife found it in the wash or something. You’re right the stylus on N900. N900's resistive screen; I think it’s got to be capacitive touch if you are going to compete with the iPhone. I think – here is one thing that I do think that is happening with both the Droid, the N900 and probably with this Nexus, the screen quality has improved so much that the iPhone is starting to look like a crappy screen.

Jason Howell Yes, the iPhone has kind of a blurry...

Jason Calacanis Really?

Jason Howell Blurry look to it when you compare it side by side with something like the Droid.

Leo Laporte Much lower res.

Jason Calacanis Which is amazing.

Brian Brushwood That’s not going to take much to fix.

Jason Howell No.

Leo Laporte They got to fix it.

Brian Brushwood But that’s amazing that we are here now. You know I have realized that – we finally bought a case for my generation one iPhone so that my daughter could use it and she put stickers all over the back.

Leo Laporte The seven year old?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, yeah the five year old.

Leo Laporte The five year old!

Brian Brushwood She could listen to her Storynory podcasts on there which is like two years ago, we were shelling out – we were standing in lines, shelling out 600 bucks, how amazing that now it's just like, nah, here you go kid, go nuts.

Leo Laporte Storynory time. I waited six hours yeah from my iPhone 1st Gen. So I think that’s one thing you are going to see in the next generation iPhone which is probably, June, right? Is a better screen, you have to.

Jason Howell For sure, it has to be.

Jason Calacanis I have been benchmarking the Android versus my iPhone, and I have to tell you for the three or four things I do most, which are Gmail, surf the web, Twitter, and Foursquare. I enjoy it more on my Android phone and the Android seems faster.

Leo Laporte Do you use Seesmic or a TwitDroid on your Android phone?

Jason Calacanis I use TweetDroid.

Leo Laporte TweetDroid yeah.

Jason Calacanis TweetDroid yeah and although it doesn’t have the applications available, the fact that I can load the application at any time is kind of cool; like I loaded some of those applications directly from the person who created its site, as opposed to through the app store and it’s faster both on an network basis obviously, but it also feels like it’s a faster processor and memory like switching between applications on my iPhone feels like it takes about five seconds to get out of an application to get into the next one and it feels like it takes half that amount of time on the Droid Phone.

Jason Howell Yeah, it’s super fast.

Jason Calacanis It just feels stable, the Droid feels stable and fast and the iPhone feels sluggish on two levels.

Leo Laporte Same…

Jason Calacanis The processor and the network.

Leo Laporte I think it’s the same – it’s the Cortex-A8 and the G – 3GS. I am pretty sure that’s what’s in the Droid as well. So it’s the same processor, might be an operating system thing.

Jason Calacanis So then the operating system is more efficient maybe?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Memory usage [indiscernible] (20:46).

Leo Laporte It’s not been my – I have to say it’s not been my experience that the Droid is faster. It seems to be about the same. And the N900 also uses the A8. Here is a picture I took of John and who was that Roger at the…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, Roger.

Leo Laporte …at your party with the N900. I think that’s with the flash, it was dark in there. I think…

Brian Brushwood I was about to say it looks like there was a flash, I didn’t believe you for a second, but that’s pretty good.

Leo Laporte It’s good two LED flash on it. It’s pretty good, yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, the lens is some sort of weird…

Leo Laporte Not a great lens.

Jason Howell No.

John C. Dvorak Is sucks.

Leo Laporte I will show you the picture that you just took of me.

Brian Brushwood That’s a beauty right there.

Leo Laporte For those of you now watching on video, looks like Leo is falling asleep. Probably it was at some point during this conversation.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, maybe we should move on to a new topic.

Leo Laporte I could show you some video, you want to see some video? This is video I shot with the phone. Shoots them – this is via N900. I am actually really liking the N900 in terms of – so that’s pretty high quality video, that’s in sunlight.

John C. Dvorak Kind of herky jerk.

Leo Laporte No, that’s unfortunately the way we are playing it off the Mac, if you look at the Mac over here, well, there is a little…

Brian Brushwood That’s the video capture I guess.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it‘s the – I guess it’s a herky jerk, but the quality is stunning.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, well considering it’s a kind of a weird. Are you just shooting yourself or something on a reason in the parking lot?

Leo Laporte No, I was doing a little of log, but I decided not to post it because it was so inanely self referential and solipsistic that…

Brian Brushwood That you felt like you needed to save it for this WEEK in TECH.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I thought I’d show it here. No, I just, well wait a minute, okay, hold on – yeah there is my baby, that’s – it’s no Tesla, Jason, but it does feature the Ford –

Jason Howell I love a Ford Mustang.

John C. Dvorak It features the SYNC.

Jason Howell Oh that has SYNC?

Leo Laporte It features the Ford SYNC inside.

John C. Dvorak Well tell us about the Ford SYNC, Leo.

Jason Calacanis I have to tell you something, well, hold on a second, I went and test drove the Ford…

Leo Laporte Taurus, the SHO?

Jason Calacanis Flex.

Leo Laporte Oh, Flex, that’s great. Isn’t the Flex great?

Jason Calacanis Flex is, that the van?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis And it’s got the sickest computer system in it.

Leo Laporte That’s the SYNC.

Jason Calacanis Is it the same computer system, what’s it called?

Leo Laporte Same thing, we want to buy a Flex for going down to CES because that thing is huge. It’s like their version of the Suburban, look at the pony come up when you turn on the…

Jason Calacanis Ah, Mustang.

Leo Laporte You get a little pony on it. This is a version of SYNC that has the electronics package that’s GPS…

John C. Dvorak Tell us more Leo.

Leo Laporte The idea of SYNC is that you – you don’t take your eyes off the road, you don’t take your hands off the wheel, it gets turn by turn, it does – you can say things like climate, temperature 72 degrees. You can, you can, you can say destination, just press this button right there on the wheel that’s the button you press, because – and you can say things…

John C. Dvorak You’ve finally become Michael Knight, hop into KIT.

Leo Laporte It is, it’s my Knight Rider car, it’s awesome.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you did get on this on this little home made video you did, how did you get the – oh I see using the [ph] Chiron (23:28) on top of the video for…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak This is a commercial you are doing.

Leo Laporte Yeah, thank you John. You noticed, I slipped it in. I slipped it right in there.

John C. Dvorak Holy mackerel that was smooth.

Leo Laporte Look at that.

John C. Dvorak It was smooth.

Leo Laporte Oh man, I am good.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know how you managed it.

Leo Laporte You can get five day forecast using SIRIUS Travel Link, this one I hadn’t started the car so it was acquiring it, but by the time you have driven for half a minute it’s acquired the latest movie listings, the latest fuel prices, ski information, you can get sports scores, this is all built in and you talk to it, now that’s the amazing thing. It’s, you press the button on your wheel, you keep your eyes on the road and you say sports scores NFL and it will tell you the NFL scores. It’s the amazing Ford SYNC and I want you to take a look at it at We are going to take a – we might bring a Flex down. We are going to take the Mustang down at CES. We might bring the Flex down and park it out front, so people can take a look at it, but if you are not going to CES you got to go down to your Ford Lincoln and Mercury dealer and take a look. Did you actually take a test drive in the Flex?

Jason Calacanis I took a test drive because I want to get a second car now that we have the kid, I need a backup car like a third car.

Leo Laporte You know what’s cool. The Flex I drove had in the back, in the pedestal for the people in the back, it had a little cooler which could…

Jason Calacanis It’s got the refrigerator, yeah it’s awesome.

Leo Laporte Yeah, refrigerator / heater!

Jason Calacanis And it’s cheap too; 30 grand.

Leo Laporte It’s a great car. Leather seats, the sound system in that thing is amazing. I think it’s…

Jason Calacanis So I am thinking about getting it.

Leo Laporte You should, you should then you could do a Ford SYNC ad in your…

Brian Brushwood By the way our web producer on NSFW is actually buying a Ford SYNC vehicle. He has gone through all the motions to make sure he actually gets the Ford SYNC. So we will actually have first hand reports on our little show as well.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s good. Oh, that’s good. Yeah, it’s really, I just – I am – in all sincerity the ad has ended now. I am a fan, it’s a really nice system. They are going to open it. They are going to add apps. You know I saw, I saw an HP printer ad last week where there was an app, a Fanda – I think I mentioned this last week on TWiT. There is a Fandango app, this is – we are going to – this 2010 is going to be year of the app, everything your refrigerator, your microwave, your car, your printer it’s all going to have apps in it.

John C. Dvorak There is an [ph] app for Droid? (25:29)

Brian Brushwood I had no idea about that, you really, you are going to able download apps for your Ford SYNC vehicle, the reason is, is because that’s interesting to me because I am convinced that’s what was so great about the iPhone from the beginning is that every few weeks it would randomly get better on its own and the idea being able to do that in a vehicle would be amazing.

Leo Laporte I think everybody is kind of cognizant to of that, that’s why the Android marketplace is so important, by the way new app in the Android marketplace this week, who’s played with Google Goggles?

Jason Howell Oh, yeah.

Leo Laporte What do you think Jason?

Jason Howell I played a little bit with it, I played with it with mixed results, very obvious things like a sign at Walgreens or whatever it’s going to…

Leo Laporte It seems to have text recognition built into it?

Jason Howell Yeah, yeah exactly. It’s not at least to my experience with it, it’s not nearly as strong with things like objects but it’s almost – if you are pointing it at a label and you scan the label like of a wine bottle or something it does a pretty good job of it. It’s pretty cool.

Leo Laporte This is something Google has an asset I think could be a huge breakthrough. The idea is you have in your camera phone an application called Goggles, you point it at something, they in their video use as an example Big Ben or the London Eye. The picture sent to Google which interprets it and then gives you search results based on the picture you took. They say we could do this with faces but we have turned that off because of privacy issues. They’re blurring faces. I think this is really intriguing. What if – I think they should leave it on. I don’t think – I think the government already knows how to do this, so why should we not be able to do it?

John C. Dvorak Right.

Leo Laporte Am I right?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you are dead right on this.

Robert Heron Does it use the location based information as well as what it sees?

John C. Dvorak Crazy.

Leo Laporte Ah, that’s a good question, that’s a very interesting question, I don’t know. I presume that it could.

John C. Dvorak Could.

Brian Brushwood You know it would great as if it did and it like, knew like if you were in Texas and you take a picture of Big Ben, it would be like this is a photograph of Big Ben. Like it just – it knows you’re a liar.

Leo Laporte Well it does, you can take pictures of logos, text…

Robert Heron Right.

Leo Laporte …and it will then interpret that. I think this is the beginning of…

Brian Brushwood Skynet.

Leo Laporte Yeah, to be honest I think it’s the – well…

Jason Howell Everything is the beginning of Skynet!

Robert Heron Total information awareness.

Leo Laporte Total, TIA, total information awareness, that’s the idea.

Robert Heron Yeah.

Leo Laporte So how long before you are wearing a camera all the time, that’s on all the time and just knows where you are, what’s going on. I walk up to John and says John has four children, JC has just been released from prison, or whatever – and I saw, John, how’s the kids, oh – I mean…

John C. Dvorak Not in prison actually but the Evergreen College, same place kind of, yeah.

Leo Laporte Close. [ph] Haley (28:15) just graduated, that’s great.

John C. Dvorak [ph] Haley (28:18) graduated this…

Brian Brushwood I will tell you what man, I would sign up for that in the heartbeat, wear some glasses that identify all the faces, reminds you of what everyone’s name is.

Leo Laporte Exactly.

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah, well you could do it the way Leo and I doing it is, ‘hey, how are you doing?’ By the way the trick for people who have trouble remembering people because you meet too many, you know I was...

Leo Laporte No John, it’s not because we meet too many.

John C. Dvorak No, that’s the reason Leo.

Leo Laporte It’s because we are old John. It’s because we are old.

John C. Dvorak Anyway the trick for everybody out there is like, ‘so what are you doing? Hey give me your new card’ because everyone always changes jobs around the high-tech business, so you get their new card and then you cop a look at it.

Jason Howell All right. Oh, first thing first.

John C. Dvorak Oh, geez. My brother!

Leo Laporte You know what I hate is when you are there with your wife and the person fully expects reasonably so that you will introduce them to your wife.

John C. Dvorak I hate that.

Jason Calacanis I have a system…

John C. Dvorak Hey, why don’t you two introduces yourselves?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, that’s the trick.

Leo Laporte All right, what’s your system, what’s your system?

Jason Calacanis I got a great system.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Jason Calacanis My wife and I have had this discussion many times and what I say to her is if I do not immediately introduce you to the person you are to stick your hand down and say, hi I am Jason’s wife, Jane, nice to meet you, what’s your name.

Robert Heron That’s exactly it.

Jason Calacanis And it works like a charm.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it would work with your wife, but it’s like, with your casual – you were walking around with somebody else and you have to do this introduction it’s kind of embarrassing.

Jason Howell No, you just have to have that conversation with every fried you have.

Jason Calacanis Well, I also have my business wife Tyler who’s my strategy guy.

Leo Laporte Tyler, we all need a Tyler.

John C. Dvorak We all need a Tyler.

Leo Laporte I have a Dane and he works very well for that, but we all need, we all need somebody like that, but, wouldn’t be nice to have a –

John C. Dvorak A wing-woman is good.

Leo Laporte A wing-woman. Wouldn’t it be nice though?

Jason Calacanis He is my wing guy, but yeah, and he also prepares dossiers for me when I go to a conference or something like that or a dinner, he will research everybody in advance and give me a manila folder when we’re on the flight or whatever on the way there, we will go through who’s going to be there and I will know their LinkedIn page, where they went to school, where they worked before that, so I can say ‘oh yeah you worked at Yahoo! before this, oh yeah, yeah.’

Leo Laporte So for people who can’t afford this, the computer is a better – should be perfect at this. Now Jason Howell, you’re right. It’s not, I mean, I’ve played with it as you have on our Droids and it’s not – it’s far from perfect. But it recognizes some text, some logos.

Jason Howell And I think it’s probably the type of thing that the more you use it, the more people collectively use it…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Howell …they’ll enhance it and make it smarter and – yeah I think it’s a good sign of things to come. I think it’s a pretty awesome technology for that reason.

Brian Brushwood It’s a case for where they have a technological grammar but no vocabulary yet…

Jason Howell Yeah totally, right.

Brian Brushwood …and the more it gets used the more everyone logs in all the words that will eventually start to work perfectly.

John C. Dvorak Okay, next topic.

Leo Laporte I thought that was a very kind of neat analogy…

John C. Dvorak I want to talk about this thing…

Leo Laporte …technological grammar, I thought that was – what.

Brian Brushwood I stole that from a Star Trek episode.

Leo Laporte It all comes back to Gene Roddenberry in the end.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] saw the (30:55) Star Trek movie.

Leo Laporte Pretty good, huh?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I enjoyed it. I was skeptical but I…

Leo Laporte Oh no, it’s great.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, everybody seems to have liked it and they reset the whole series so now they can go off on their merry way and do it over and over.

Leo Laporte John I’d like referred you back to TWiT episode 217 in which we discussed this in great length.

John C. Dvorak Yeah we are not going to talk about that but I want to talk about Calacanis’ Facebook grudge.

Leo Laporte That is an interesting [ph] post. (31:17) Now Jason I know that you don’t – you asked that people do not post your email to websites.

Jason Calacanis I posted it on my blog, it’s at – it’ just – the problem is now my phone is ringing and all these journals are like ‘I’m trying to quote you, where can I find this thing’ and so I put it on

John C. Dvorak Just give a background, we need a background.

Leo Laporte What I did is I sent it out just to the participants here but now that it’s on you can read it yourself. And by the way we have a Facebook employee in studio who shall remain nameless, Mr. Zuckerberg, you don’t have to say anything, it’s really, it’s okay but I told him the name of the – he’s in charge of, I won’t even say that because I would give away your personality. But he works at Facebook and I read him your title, Jason. ‘Is Facebook unethical, clueless or unlucky? Pick one.’

John C. Dvorak ‘Are you still beating your wife?’

Leo Laporte What is – what exactly, is this about the new privacy stuff?

Jason Calacanis This is about the new privacy stuff. For those of you who don’t know, or don’t use Facebook which is nobody, when you logged in this week you saw like a terms of service pop-up, like hey we’ve changed things, your privacy settings, click here to go the next screen and then there’s another screen that says okay click here to set your settings and like most people you click through those terms of service agreements and if you do, which I did, and a lot of other people do, because you’re like ‘ah, I’ll deal with this later whatever it is’, you just turned all of your private information on, the defaults are set to public, to share them with everybody.

Leo Laporte You’re kidding. Is that true?

Robert Heron Cool.

Jason Calacanis And it’s extraordinary and so underhanded, because we all know in the industry that the terms of service and agreeing to a terms of service is a formality. Nobody reads them and the expectation is there will be nothing unreasonable in them if there is the EFF for some pundit is going to go crazy when – they – people do something underhanded, well guess what, Facebook did something wildly underhanded, a week after settling their Beacon lawsuit and I’m the last person to this party, I may have wrote it in the strongest way but [ph] Dan Gilmore (33:17) has mentioned this early in the week as were many other people who are much more qualified to talk about it than I am, but it is unconscionable to – for a company that is as sophisticated as Facebook to make privacy blunders like this over and over and over again.

Leo Laporte Here’s what they say. We are making – privacy announcement, thank you for showing this Brian. ‘We are making some changes to give you more control of your information and to help you stay connected’, now this is what you get on the front page when you sign in.

John C. Dvorak Oh that’s nice.

Leo Laporte We have simplified – we simplified the privacy page and added the ability…

Brian Brushwood By taking it away!

Leo Laporte …to set privacy on everything you share from status updates to photos. At the same time we are helping everyone find and connect with each other by keeping some information like your name and profile picture publicly available. The next step will guide you through choosing your privacy settings. You can learn more about how privacy works here. So if you click that Brian, does it then – has it – see my settings reset to everyone anyway. So I don’t know…

Jason Calacanis If you’ve previously –

Brian Brushwood Well let’s see, I’ll click on it, it says continue to next step now and it does give you a bunch of radio buttons that…

Leo Laporte So but if I ignore that would I – would the old settings...

Jason Calacanis It’s defaulted normally to everybody, to everyone for some reason this one is defaulted to old settings, so unless Facebook changed it today.

Brian Brushwood For some reason; it’s your post dude words are already out.

Jason Calacanis Oh really did they switch it today?

Leo Laporte Oh, I wonder.

Brian Brushwood I am assuming, I don’t’ know if it just automatically headed over to everyone because it’s [Indiscernible] (34:38).

Leo Laporte Ahah. On my…

John C. Dvorak Maybe it was a glitch.

Leo Laporte Oh I don’t know, on mine it’s default settings.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (34:41).

Jason Calacanis No, no, no everybody is talking about this; I am not the only one.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Robert Heron Mine kept old settings when I set that up, so.

Jason Calacanis If you’ve previously changed your settings, it will keep your old settings.

Robert Heron Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Only .01% of people are going to change their privacy settings.

Leo Laporte Oh. So if you never set your settings, it now would be everyone.

Jason Calacanis Exactly. And so what that means is the people who are the most clueless and who have never touched their privacy settings are the ones who are going to get duped.

John C. Dvorak Which are typical Facebook users.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, exactly the quickest.

Leo Laporte I wonder if I can call my mother.

John C. Dvorak Call your mother!

Jason Calacanis So basically what Facebook has done is – they’ve basically said we understand user behavior in this case is to click straight through, therefore we are going to take advantage of that. And this is Facebook’s entire ethical compass which is if we can get away with it and nobody catches us, then it’s okay. And they are really screwing up for the entire industry because they are going to bring the heat down on everybody from the government and there will be lawsuits on this one that will be bigger than Beacon, there is going to be Federal intervention and they are screwing it up for the entire the industry, and people wondered when we would get like another Microsoft type company circa 1980s, and this is it.

John C. Dvorak Jason?

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

John C. Dvorak What – why are they doing this? What benefit do they gain from it?

Jason Calacanis Great question. And I address it in mt email which is they want to take every single piece of information in Facebook that they collected under the auspices of it being private to your network and monetize it. How would they monetize it? By putting it in search engines. All this information will be indexed in Google so when somebody types in John Dvorak…

Leo Laporte Hold on just a second – hold on just a second, I’ve got my mom on line. Mom, you’re on TWiT right now. I just wanted – can you go…

John C. Dvorak We’ve got a David Letterman bit going on here.

Leo Laporte …can you go to your computer?

Unknown Speaker (36:21) It’ll take me a minute, I’m in another room…

Leo Laporte Yeah, just go over to your laptop. You haven’t logged on to Facebook this week, have you?

Unknown Speaker (36:28) No, I’m just not doing it; I don’t understand any of it.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, there you go.

Leo Laporte Just – just a question, just a question, did you ever – go over your laptop and open it up. I just want – we were trying to verify if something has changed on Facebook. When you set up Facebook, did you ever go into your privacy settings at all?

Unknown Speaker (36:46) No.

Leo Laporte No? Okay, that’s good, that’s what we wanted.

Unknown Speaker (36:48) That I keep – I keep having a lot of people seemed to want me to recognize them as a friend. I don’t – I don’t understand it all because I don’t know any one who’s doing it. So…

Leo Laporte How is your FarmVille doing? Are you still doing that?

Unknown Speaker (37:02) My what?

Leo Laporte FarmVille. Your farm, your Facebook farm.

Unknown Speaker (37:09) I can’t – I can’t hear what you are saying honey.

Leo Laporte That’s okay, you don’t have to pretend. We understand. Just open your – no don’t go to TWiT Live, go – just – I want you to go to Facebook and just tell me something, I mean when you open your Facebook.

Unknown Speaker (37:23) Okay, one more second.

Leo Laporte By the way Farm Town much more fun than FarmVille.

Unknown Speaker (37:27) No, but tell me what you were just saying because I just didn’t understand…

Leo Laporte No, no, that’s okay, it’ not important…

John C. Dvorak He was trying to be funny.

Leo Laporte I was making a joke. It’s no big deal.

Unknown Speaker (37:35) Wait a minute, are we – are you…

Leo Laporte We are on the air right now. I’m just – I’m trying to figure out if Facebook has done something to you without your knowledge.

Brian Brushwood While you were sleeping maybe.

Unknown Speaker (37:48) Well, all I know about Facebook is I’m signed up for it…

Leo Laporte Yeah, what – can you – can you go to your computer or are you at your computer?

Unknown Speaker (37:56) Yeah, I’m coming back here now…

Leo Laporte Okay.

Unknown Speaker (37:59) …and I am going at the computer now. What do – and what do I – where do I go?

Leo Laporte Just open you browser and go to

Unknown Speaker (38:08) Okay, okay.

Leo Laporte I just want to see what your settings – your settings. You remember how to log in and all that, you’ve logged in, yeah?

John C. Dvorak This should be in a Facebook ad.

Unknown Speaker (38:15) I got it. I’m going to go to Safari and then…

Leo Laporte Yeah, just go to

Unknown Speaker (38:19) …type in Facebook, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Unknown Speaker (38:21) Okay. Just – now, oh wait a minute. Oh my God!

Leo Laporte It’s all right. Close – close TWiT Live, yeah you don’t want – you don’t want, never mind.

Unknown Speaker (38:32) John Dvorak, I love him, I love him [indiscernible] I love his hands (38:34).

Leo Laporte You love his hands?

Unknown Speaker (38:38) Hey, John [indiscernible] (38:42).

John C. Dvorak Hey.

Leo Laporte All right. Mom, you got to mute the audio because it’s coming – it’s [indiscernible] (38:48).

Brian Brushwood Caller, caller, turn down your radio.

John C. Dvorak Here we go; now we’re in an endless loop of sound.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you got to – you got to mute the audio on that because – yeah it’s…

Unknown Speaker (38:56) [Indiscernible] shout?

Leo Laporte No, not you, the audio on your computer. It’s coming – it’s coming back through. I’m so sorry I started this.

So the question…

Brian Brushwood This is the endlessly recursive episode of this WEEK in TECH.

Leo Laporte The question is, can I stop it or is this going to going to go on forever? That’s the real question at this point.

Brian Brushwood We just pointed the video camera right at the screen, we are looking at the infinite hall of mirrors there.

Jason Howell Exactly.

Leo Laporte Okay. Now you got to – just mute, never mind, I’ll talk to you later, mom. I love you. I’ll call you after the show and we’ll get...

John C. Dvorak So long.

Leo Laporte Bye mom, bye.

Jason Calacanis Good bye mom.

Leo Laporte Bye mom. Oh, I’m so sorry.

Jason Calacanis That was genius.

Leo Laporte Well I thought maybe I could…

John C Dvorak Now that’s show business.

Leo Laporte That’s showbiz baby. She loves you apparently though, John.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, she is a wise woman.

Leo Laporte She loves you – she loves you, John.

Brian Brushwood John Dvorak is wonderful. I love him and his hair and he’s – he’s a good-looking man, and I love your father, but he’s a good-looking man.

Leo Laporte He is a good looking – and he is...

Brian Brushwood He is handsome.

Leo Laporte And he is a lovely, lovely human being. He is the kind of guy…

Brian Brushwood And he’s very funny.

Leo Laporte Yeah, very.

Brian Brushwood Which is by the way Leo, the chat-room would like to point out that if you were using GoToAssist, you wouldn’t have this problem right now.

John C. Dvorak There you have it. I think maybe this should be discussed.

Leo Laporte Yeah, well, you know, you could also use GoToMyPc for this. I would be able to go, just log right into her system…

John C. Dvorak That’s right, you could…

Brian Brushwood [indiscernible] system (40:20)

Leo Laporte It’s all from – it’s all…

John C. Dvorak If you have her on an account I’m sure.

Leo Laporte Oh, I should actually have her on GoToAssist, absolutely. It’s much easier, and I could have just logged into her system without telling her and just – and checked, but I thought it would be more interesting to have her…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, no, no, it was a moment of broadcasting history that we just created.

Jason Howell Yeah, I was going to say aside from the whole TWiT Live feedback part, I think we’ve all been there Leo.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you don’t have the problem though when you go to talk to your mom you have to say turn down the radio, that doesn’t usually come up.

Jason Howell No, exactly that’s what I mean.

Leo Laporte Yeah. But as long as we are talking about GoToMyPc, I will, and we’ll get back to this Facebook thing, because I think it is a big issue.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte And I – I’m going to – we’re just going to assume, we’re going to stipulate that in fact when you go to Facebook that you do in fact get the everyone, if you haven’t set your settings before, we’ll just stipulate that.

Meanwhile, let me tell you a little about Citrix. The folks who do GoToAssist, GoToMeeting and GoToMyPc, which allows you to access your computer from anywhere, this is a program you need for the holidays. I love telling people about this in December because you can use it free for 30 days, and my recommendation is before you head out for the holidays you go to and you – /twit and you install it. Now it’s not going to cost you anything for the first 30 days. Now, wherever you are, over the river and through the woods, Cancun, wherever you go for the holidays, you’ll be able to get back to your office computer, get anything you need, send or receive email, run any program, you can even take an extra week off because all of that stuff will still get done with GoToMyPc.

Remote access done right. Easy to set up, 128-bit encryption makes sure it’s fully secure and it couldn’t be simpler to use., you use your username and password, there is your computer, you can do anything you could do if you are at work, send or receive email, run any program, access any network resource. Go right now, Give it a try, free through the New Year.

Brian Brushwood Hello Leo, it’s your mother, Leo. I have the GoToMyPc working here, I’m at your aunt’s house and I’m logging into the FarmVille. How do I get more points from GoToMyPc? I think, who is – it’s not – it’s very serious because I’m trying – my other friends – Edna’s Farm is much bigger and I need more Farm space and I need more coins. Can you call your friends…

Leo Laporte At Zynga?

Brian Brushwood At the Microsoft, at the Zynga, Microsoft company and get the points for me.

Robert Heron How do I get my Mafia to tend my farm? That’s what I want to know.

Brian Brushwood And which slot do I put the coins in here in the computer? I have some quarters I’m trying to put them into the laptop. Is it – where do I put them, in the USB is where the coins go for the FarmVille?

Leo Laporte Mom, I love you. It’s not – it’s nothing against you mom, it really isn’t.

Brian Brushwood I love you too.

Leo Laporte We all love you.

Brian Brushwood And l love the Ford Mustang you got me. You are the greatest son. [indiscernible] (43:12) system…

Leo Laporte Didn’t – didn’t Elvis buy his mother a Pink Cadillac, didn’t he?

Brian Brushwood I love the Ford Mustang you got me in red, and I’m telling you the recipes that it comes up when you order a recipe on the Flex system. I made your father rice pudding, he loved it with the raisins, and I’m sending some to you.

Leo Laporte Well, it sometimes it comes up a little bit it repeats but that’s okay. He loves the raisins…

Brian Brushwood It’s wonderful.

Leo Laporte …so much.

Brian Brushwood And make sure you tell the John Dvorak I’ve made rice pudding for him too.

Leo Laporte She probably has. Actually mom’s a very good cook, and she cooks Italian, very good Italian.

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah?

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah.

John C. Dvorak Does she have any like…

Leo Laporte Specialties?

John C. Dvorak ...secrets, or anything?

Leo Laporte She makes a homemade ravioli, it’s to die for.

John C. Dvorak Oh she does! Does she make it with the right dough?

Leo Laporte But she makes the dough herself.

John C. Dvorak It’s that kind of real thin delicate dough?

Leo Laporte With a pasta machine, yeah. It’s very good.

John C. Dvorak Not that harsh, thick, gooey dough.

Leo Laporte When I was a kid we were in Genoa. And nobody in the United States had ever had pesto before and we had this green stuff, and she said ‘what is this?’ And I said, pesto – she brought – she is the person who brought it to the United States, she introduced pesto to the United States.

Robert Heron Wow!

Leo Laporte Yeah, just want to tell you that. That was back in 1967. So you can thank mom.

John C. Dvorak I like pesto.

Leo Laporte Who doesn’t?

John C. Dvorak Who doesn’t.

Brian Brushwood Leo, I made-a you the ravioli with the pesto.

Leo Laporte All right, stop it! Now tell me, so what do – was Facebook intentionally – wait a minute, we didn’t really get to the bottom-line, which is why, Jason, does Facebook do this?

John C. Dvorak What’s the benefit to them, what is it – what do they get out of this?

Jason Calacanis Yes, the benefit is they are watching Twitter take over Google search results and having all this content publicly facing means they get not only all the social traffic, people going there to check their e-mail and add their friends and play FarmVille, they’re going to SEO traffic, so they are going to have their IPO next year, they want to maximize traffic and they want to monetize their other assets.

The only way to monetize those assets is if they are indexing Google, Yahoo! and Bing, they wanted to take everything you put in there under the trust that they’ve build with you and exposed it to the world to make a quick buck on the ads around your photo. So when somebody types in John Dvorak mankini, they can put ads around it now, your bikini pictures John are no longer going to be private.

Leo Laporte So really what you’re saying is it’s Twitter envy.

John C. Dvorak Monetize?

Brian Brushwood See, this is the thing with Facebook. Facebook is like the geeky kid in a teen flick. It’s like, first it’s trying to be MySpace, then it’s trying to be Twitter, come on Facebook don’t you realize that you are beautiful on the inside; we love you for who you are, come on.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know. I’m not buying – I’m not completely buying this theory.

Leo Laporte I think it – I’ll be honest, I know that Face – I know Facebook wants to have a public face. That they – it’s very clear when they did the [ph] Olathe stuff (45:52) when they did the widget stuff that they felt like there’s an opportunity that we are missing, but because from day one we were very privacy-focused, it’s a very difficult thing for them because they know that their users are extraordinarily privacy-focused, that’s why they went to Facebook, that’s why didn’t go to MySpace. Privacy is very important to them, and so it’s a very difficult thing for Facebook because while they’d like to be open, they like to be publicly facing, it’s not…

Jason Calacanis That’s not what they sold the public.

Leo Laporte …it’s not in their DNA, it’s not what they do.

Jason Calacanis It’s not their brand value, it’s not their value preposition.

Leo Laporte So I –

Jason Calacanis It’s not what they sold America on, it’s not what they sold the world on.

Leo Laporte Exactly, and I think –

Jason Calacanis They said come to us and we’ll keep it private.

John C. Dvorak I think it’s just a flub.

Leo Laporte I think they are cognizant. No, no, I think – exactly, I think they are cognizant of that, and that’s why I agree with you John. I don’t think they would surreptitiously do something like this, because there’s too much at risk.

Jason Calacanis So you think that a company that has built the largest social network in history has no idea how to put people through a process to set their privacy settings? That they’re just idiots.

Leo Laporte I think they screwed up.

John C. Dvorak I think it’s a flub.

Jason Calacanis Okay, I mean, I think that you are giving them a lot of credit. If they are that incompetent I’m wondering how they got to 400 million users.

Brian Brushwood In your defense Jason, that was one of the options you gave; they could be clueless and so they are just picking the clueless option.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you gave us the option Jason.

Jason Calacanis All right, but I put there as a joke.

John C. Dvorak Screw you Jason. Screw you.

Leo Laporte He’s been waiting to say that, I could tell you.

Jason Calacanis Well here’s what Kevin Rose says on Twitter a moment ago, he says I see their actions as purely defensive against Twitter, they need public data to build social search trends et cetera. And Kevin Rose is exactly right.

Leo Laporte So – well.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte No you are – I wonder if Kevin’s listening, Kevin if you’re listening, we’d love to have you on.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, Kevin’s not listening.

Leo Laporte Sure he is; that’s why he tweeted.

John C. Dvorak Kevin’s on the number 17 mistress.

Leo Laporte No, that’s Tiger. I’m sorry.

John C. Dvorak Oh Tiger. I keep getting the two of them mixed up.

Jason Calacanis Actually, according to GoWalla, Kevin Rose has a serious tea problem.

Leo Laporte Definitely.

Jason Calacanis He’s checking it like three or four times a day for tea. Kids got a problem, it’s time for a TWiT intervention.

Leo Laporte We should have a tea intervention.

John C. Dvorak [ph] Yeah he need to [indiscernible] (47:49).

Jason Calacanis A total tea intervention: dude, put down the jasmine.

Leo Laporte I’ve been – because of him we’ve gotten connection with this, oh my mom’s calling, wait a minute. Okay, okay, hold on.

Brian Brushwood Leo, I’ve been using the Facebook I cannot figure it out.

John C. Dvorak Here we go again. Round two.

Leo Laporte Hi, mom.

Unknown Speaker (48:07) Hey, hi can you see me.

Leo Laporte Yeah – well we can’t see you till you turn on the video but, she wants to be on the show.

Unknown Speaker (48:13) This is great, I just –

Leo Laporte Hold on, hold on mom. Okay, you got – mom, mom.

Brian Brushwood This is the best episode ever.

Unknown Speaker (48:19) [indiscernible] (48:19).

Leo Laporte You got to turn off the TWiT Live because it’s coming back to me. It’s coming back to me, you got to turn off the TWiT Live.

Unknown Speaker (48:28) Oh okay, just a minute, okay. Okay, just a minute.

Leo Laporte Oh you see it’s going and going and going.

Brian Brushwood Recursive, I told you: infinitely recursive.

Leo Laporte You got to press, there is a silence button.

Unknown Speaker (48:42) Oh god. Oh wait.

Jason Calacanis You can just close.

John C. Dvorak This is how you win awards, ladies and gentlemen.

Leo Laporte Just close that browser window.

Brian Brushwood I think I broke the Internet.

Leo Laporte Close that browser window mom. Okay, we’ll check back with mom a little later on, and see if she has got it fixed there. Open your Facebook mom and we’ll talk, but don’t – not the TWiT Live.

Brian Brushwood I think we got a name for the show: Mombook.

Leo Laporte Mom… it is! But you made a good point that this particularly strikes people who have just assumed that their Facebook is protecting their privacy.

John C. Dvorak A lot of people don’t care.

Jason Calacanis I think that’s part of their whole brand.

John C. Dvorak I think a lot of people don’t realize that half the people out there don’t care about privacy at all. They’ve given up on it.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak I think it’s a huge blunder.

Brian Brushwood That’s everybody under 22 years old. Everybody under 22 could care less, everybody over 22 is deeply concerned about it.

Leo Laporte Did you see what –

Jason Calacanis I don’t think that’s the right age break.

Leo Laporte Did you see what Schmidt said –

John C. Dvorak Shmidt?

Leo Laporte Herr Shmidt.

John C. Dvorak Schmidt, ah yes.

Jason Calacanis This is the most glib and obnoxious comment and he’s a really smart guy.

John C. Dvorak I agree with you 1000 percent on that one. It’s glib, it was arrogant, it was patronizing and it was wrong headed because – like I wrote a column in MarketWatcht that ran on Friday that discussed this in detail and the thing that people don’t realize about privacy is it’s not about you, it’s not about ‘oh my privacy, my privacy’. The idea is that if you don’t have privacy that people who are public servants that may have to vote on something can be blackmailed and other things, bad things can happen if privacy standards are lax. It’s not about you; it’s about the whole system, the structure of society, the opportunity for corruption. We have to protect privacy for that reason alone. It’s ridiculous as someone would glibly say what Schmidt said, he should apologize.

Leo Laporte Let me just say, what he said.

Jason Calacanis Before you saying the quote.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Jason Calacanis I just want to let people imagine this quote and think to yourself Stalin, Hitler, George Bush, the 2nd, and then pick any other – or Kim Jong-il.

Brian Brushwood Darth Vader.

Leo Laporte Darth Vader!

Jason Calacanis Darth Vader, right.

Leo Laporte I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords. This was during a CNBC Maria Bartiromo show called Inside The Mind of Google, they sat down with Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google and asked him whether users should be sharing information with Google as if it were a trusted friend. Schmidt responded, ‘if you have something you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.’

Jason Calacanis Yeah, if you are selling your Google shares, maybe you need to consider this.

Leo Laporte Now I love EFS response to this is fantastic; they quote a Bruce Schneier article that really is right down your alley. Schneier wrote in 2006 that privacy is an inherent human right and a requirement for maintaining the human condition with dignity and respect, he said, ‘for if we are observed in all matters, we are constantly under threat of correction, judgment, criticism, even plagiarism of our own uniqueness. We become –’ and I love this, ‘– we become children,’ mom ‘fettered under –‘ he didn’t say mom, I did, ‘– fettered under watchful eyes, constantly fearful that, either now or in the uncertain future patterns we leave behind will be brought back to implicate us, by whatever authority has now become focused on our once-private and innocent acts. We lose our individuality, because everything we do is observable and recordable.’

John C. Dvorak And there is another aspect of this which I’d mentioned to keep the MarketWatch angle correct, since it’s a stock tip sheet, if you – like I just suggested, give me the Google mail database and let me have at it for about a week, and I’ll be able to determine in every merger and acquisition, I can – the system would be corrupted over night with this sort of…

Leo Laporte The insider information that they have…

John C. Dvorak …insider information is corrupting.

Leo Laporte And well…

Robert Heron People would appreciate the services for the – for giving up – for giving up privacy. They appreciate having that free email service, the social networking status. And if you don’t pay attention to it, like I’ve wanted to encrypt my Gmail account for a long time and then I realized they are never going to make that easy to do. And unless you set up your own email server and take care of that yourself…

Leo Laporte Well that’s a good point, you can encrypt Gmail easily, that’s exactly right.

Robert Heron Not easily.

Leo Laporte Jason Howell

Robert Heron And they don’t want to because they can’t monetize it if it’s all encrypted.

Leo Laporte Let’s put this in perspective, didn’t Eric Schmidt get all pissed off at CNET, Jason Howell, when CNET had the temerity to publish information about him that was publicly available on Google.

John C. Dvorak His home address, right.

Leo Laporte And he cut them off for a year, am I right?

John C. Dvorak Yep.

Jason Howell Yeah, that’s right. That happened not too long ago, like a year and half ago I think.

John C. Dvorak Right. But it’s okay for him to be on the other side of this argument.

Jason Howell Right, tables have turned, haven’t they?

John C. Dvorak He should come out and say something, this is…

Leo Laporte He is getting lambasted for it and rightly so.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte And I’ll tell you what, while I might give Facebook a free pass here, I’m certainly not going to give Eric Schmidt a free pass, this is too much in his face all the time, and there’s no way.

Robert Heron I took his statement though, and I thought more of along the lines that look, if you use Gmail you are susceptible to being having everything looked at and you should be aware of that. I mean that is – I’m putting words in his mouth, but…

Leo Laporte He said basically what police have said, police states have said always which is, if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear from us.

John C. Dvorak Exactly. And by the way this all stems from Scott McNealy who years earlier, when Schmidt was actually the Science Officer at CTO I believe.

Leo Laporte Oh, I didn’t know that.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte There’s a little connection.

John C. Dvorak McNealy says, ‘privacy is dead; get over it’, just…

Leo Laporte Very famous.

John C. Dvorak …again, just – again a patronizing comment. And Schmidt, I guess there was just that they all feel that way over there. I think it’s just disgusting to be honest about it. They don’t think about the implications.

Leo Laporte It’s clear there’s a financial incentive for either Facebook or the Google to know more about you, because the more they know about – in fact I’ll be honest with you, I’ve thought about it too. I look at – and you are an investor in this, Jason Calacanis, I look at gdgt and I say inspired because obviously Peter – and I don’t blame them for this, but Peter and Ryan said, what’s the single most important thing that Facebook does? They get, they create a compelling environment that gets people to volunteer personal information which they can then use to target ads. gdgt, same idea. Tell us what gadgets you have and advertisers will very gladly buy that information – maybe in aggregate, maybe not individuals – but buy that information, and use it to target ads at you. Isn’t that, Jason, why you invested? Isn’t that why it’s a brilliant idea?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, listen – there is opting into something and it being very clearly stated that that’s why you’re doing it. So if you choose to not care what phone you use, that’s fine. If you choose to care what your sexual preferences are or who you vote for, that’s a whole another story. If there was a site like gdgt – there’s also Goodreads, which is like, what books have you read. So you give something – here are the books I’ve read, or in gdgt, here’s the phones I’ve owned or computers I’ve owned, to get something in return. You get to meet other people who have the same interests as you and the advertising is just a bonus. They’re not giving your names to people; they’re just putting up an ad for an iPhone case if you have an iPhone.

Leo Laporte Well, isn’t that just exactly what Google is doing?

Jason Calacanis If Google is saving your searches, which you would rather not have them save, and most people think are not saved for 18 months, it’s wildly different. When you put in a search, you don’t assume that you’re sharing that with anybody. When you go to gdgt, you say, ‘I would like to put this picture of an iPhone on my profile,’

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis That’s very explicit. So I think there’s a difference between explicit and implicit data and how you use it.

Jason Howell I guess the question though, there, is why do – and I’m not saying I’m for this – but why do we expect different out of a company that offers a search engine versus a company that offers you the ability to compare your tech gadgets.

Leo Laporte Or Facebook. Or Facebook.

Jason Calacanis I’ll tell you why. Because in no case have your search results ever been shared with anybody. And in the case of putting on your profile, whether it’s MySpace, gdgt, or whatever, what city you were born in or what your favorite movie is, you do expect people to see it.

Jason Howell Right.

Jason Calacanis And people have learned in a social network, your friends see it, other people don’t in the Facebook case. And so there are some big differences. But the overarching thing, when we had Leo’s mom call in is…

Leo Laporte She doesn’t know. She doesn’t know.

Jason Calacanis Most people don’t think about it. Therefore it’s incumbent upon us, the technology industry, to behave ourselves. And what’s happened right now between Eric’s comment and Facebook’s insanely unethical behavior in my mind, you put these things together, and then you start having regulation. Then you start having regulators, the EU, and other people sort of saying, you know what, this industry can’t police itself, they’re taking advantage of people, we need to step in. And that’s the worst thing for us.

Robert Heron And by the way, that was the best part of your letter, I thought, was the fact that if we don’t do it, somebody else is going to do it for us. It’s going to be government, it’s going to be clunky and ham-handed and you’re not going to like it, so be good now before you get the alternative.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely. And somebody who is sitting next to Zuckerberg, I know he’s the golden child and he can’t do anything wrong, and I see him at the TED conference with 50 sycophants around him treating him like he’s Jesus Christ or something.

But somebody – the adults who are around him need to sit him down and say, by the way, technical might is not equal right. You need to have some ethics, you need to start thinking about the users and loving them for what they’ve done for you, because you know what, Facebook’s not public yet and he hasn’t cashed out yet. That spot on the Forbes billionaire list is not locked. That whole system could come apart if it loses people’s trust.

And if he doesn’t think so, he can look at what’s happening to MySpace right now or what happened to Friendster three years ago. The mighty can fall and Facebook might have just tripped. And they may be falling flat on their face if they do this another one, two, three times.

Brian Brushwood And you nailed it with all of the – with all the other things that came before it. This is a very fickle market, the social networking site. I mean how quickly did everybody jump from MySpace to Facebook? And if something else comes along that’s a little more fair, it could be all over.

Jason Calacanis If you ask people in our industry what they think of Facebook, if they think they’re ethical and whatnot, they will say hands down, no. People do not trust them with their data.

Leo Laporte Really?

Jason Calacanis That is – I have 150 responses right now, every single one of them is ‘I don’t trust.’ And I’m going to print them without people’s names on them and with permission.

Leo Laporte You know, and there’s – underlying this, there’s an even deeper release of information that I think is actually more significant. If you take a Facebook quiz, for instance, and information about you is released to the quizmaster and also to other parties to the quiz –

Jason Calacanis Holy cow, Leo, that is dark. I had never even considered that. I thought that the great crime of those is that they were a waste of time.

Leo Laporte No.

Jason Calacanis I never didn’t even think about that – that’s brilliant.

Leo Laporte Oh, no, no. In fact who was it, was it EFF – somebody – or it was Epic? Somebody put out – or maybe it was the ACLU, put out a Facebook quiz, kind of – using their platform. And then said, here’s what we know about you, and worse, here’s what we know about your friends. Because you’re also – by taking the quiz, releasing information about your friends to the quizmaster. And I’m sure Zynga and Farmville and other applications running on Facebook have a similar issue.

The quiz, if you want to take it on Facebook, is called ‘What do quizzes really know about you?’ It’s from the ACLU. I recommend you put it on – you take the quiz – but only if you trust the ACLU, because they’re going to learn a lot about you. And you will then see exactly what happens behind the scenes. And it was kind of an eye opener to me. Because it’s not only that the quizmaster learns about you, but they learn about your friends. You’re giving them information about third parties that the third party didn’t agree to, and didn’t even take the quiz!

Robert Heron That is in the fine print of every one of the applications you install on Facebook, and that’s one reason I stay far away from those things, I just don’t. And I’ve gotten in the habit now of hiding every friend of mine who installs a new application.

Jason Calacanis Well, and look – and here’s the trend. Where are all the mischievous marketers going and operating? Inside of Facebook. And how is Facebook making their money? Through these mischievous operators buying more application installs. So not only does Facebook have questionable ethics, they are building a whole ecosystem of people with questionable –

Leo Laporte They’re a platform for privacy invasion!

Jason Calacanis Exactly, and for doing all kinds of things like what Zynga was doing with those offers. And I give Mark Pincus who – disclaimer – is a personal friend of mine, credit for getting rid of those offers.

Leo Laporte Did he really, though? Did he really?

Jason Calacanis He did. He turned all of those offers off. And I had two-hour phone calls with him over the last – during that period of time. And I was like, dude, this is not good for your brand. This is going to be the end of it for you. You have to get away from these things. It’s not worth it.

He turned them off. He walked away probably from 50 to $100 million a year in those offers. They were probably 20% of the money he was making. And he walked away from it. Which is a big deal for a business, but not a difficult decision on a – are you long your brand or are you short your brand? He needs to be long his brand. And when people find out, oh, if I play – if people find out, oh, if I play these games, my information is getting stolen? That’s it, they’ll stop playing those games.

Leo Laporte It just worries me a little bit that – now maybe I’m changing my mind, John, that it’s not a blunder. Because you see somebody’s built this platform. What’s really kind of sad is that they didn’t even have to do this. There’s plenty of opportunities to make tons of money on Facebook with opt-in.

John Dvorak I still think it’s a blunder.

Jason Calacanis If it was opt-in –

John Dvorak I think they were just careless, it’s a careless – they’re careless. I mean Jason thinks they’re incompetent, and you’re not taking sides to this –

Leo Laporte I’m starting to think they’re not so incompetent when I think about other examples; Beacon, this quiz issue.

John Dvorak You think they’re evil?

Leo Laporte This quiz issue…

John Dvorak Well, maybe. Maybe you’re convincing me, I don’t want to hear any more!

Robert Heron Do you think we could get away with making legislation that makes opt-in the law of the land?

Leo Laporte I wish.

Robert Heron I don’t think there’s the will to do that, so.

Brian Brushwood It seems like a clumsy solution, just making a law. A blanket law seems to add a lot of unintended consequences. I think that what’s happening right now is the right way to police it, I think Jason’s method of getting the bright daylight on it has a sterilizing effect. I think things will move right.

Jason Calacanis If you look at what happened with the Apple issue – we spent, what, six months on this program talking about Apple running the Application store in a heavy handed method? And now you have Android in the market and you have Apple taking a different approach to the App Store, getting a little bit better, a little more open, perhaps?

So I do agree that the pundits can have an effect. But it’s a limited effect and it’s a rear view mirror effect. These people should be behaving themselves. And they have a privacy expert at Facebook. Like, they hired some guy after Beacon to be like the privacy guy. And if you look at how they worded that box, I mean I think that John was snickering during it, and rightfully so. Like, well these are to help you and we’re here to help you. And if you have friends like this who are helping you, trust me, you don’t need enemies.

Leo Laporte Let’s take the ACLU quiz. When you take a quiz on Facebook, what can the quiz see about you? Everybody now, I want your answers – only your answers to its questions; only information that is set as public on your profile; almost everything on your profile even if you use privacy settings to limit its access.

Jason Calacanis I’m sure it’s only answers to the questions, I’m sure nobody –

Leo Laporte Yeah, right. It’s everything, even if you said no. So by the way, as you take it, they will then – oh, I can’t go back. They will then say, oh, this is what we know about you. Look at the event you just said yes to. Look at the – oh no, now I’ve lost it because I have to go back, I pressed the back button. Don’t press the back button.

Brian Brushwood They’re like, what we know about you: you’re an idiot who takes these things.

Leo Laporte You moron.

Robert Heron So all Facebook applications and quizzes override your privacy settings?

Leo Laporte Apparently.

Robert Heron You agree to that with every one?

Leo Laporte What info about you can a quiz see when your friends take a quiz? Now this is the one that really scares me. So I’m not taking a quiz, but John’s my friend on Facebook. He’s a moron, he takes a quiz. Guess what? They can see everything about me.

John Dvorak I can?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John Dvorak Cool.

Leo Laporte So check out what this quiz can see about some of your friends. Now, I’m taking a quiz, but this is what I’m going to learn about my friends, oh I guess it didn’t show it. There must be some safeguards here, right? My information is safe because Facebook’s default privacy settings prevent application developers scouring my information. Facebook carefully screens developers, Facebook uses technical measures to limit how developers collect and use personal information, none of the above, and that’s a problem.

Brian Brushwood Is that the spoil alert? Is that every one of these is the worst possible scenario?

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte Yes, right. It’s an easy quiz. If you are worried about the quiz, it’s very easy. So what do I do? Give up and quit Facebook forever? Resign myself losing control over my personal information.

Brian Brushwood Donate money to the ACLU.

Leo Laporte Demand the right to control my information without sacrificing the right to use new technology. I think that’s what we are saying here. And if you do take the quiz and I don’t know, it may be that this has changed, they do give you a link to update your privacy settings but they will also show you what they have learned about you from taking…

Brian Brushwood By the way the chatroom is making some weird allegations, they say the thing is Leo nobody with a brain actually enters information into Facebook. And I couldn’t disagree more. I would say the vast majority…

Leo Laporte I did.

Brian Brushwood Yes, of course because…

John C. Dvorak I know what took you.

Brian Brushwood That was – the whole thing is sold on is be honest with us and we will share your information with your friends and you will be able to find unique ways that you guys match up together. That’s the whole way the bill of goods that made it better than MySpace.

Leo Laporte You know Ben Mezrich in his book The Accidental Billionaires, the story of Mark Zuckerberg says the reason Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facebook was because it was a great way to hook up.

John C. Dvorak Yes, he was looking for dates.

Leo Laporte It was – and if you think about it that’s what’s sexy about Facebook.

John C. Dvorak That’s what you find by the way on a lot of those – some of these sites that do – the dating sites were set up by guys who were just looking to cherry pick.

Leo Laporte Well, even if not…

John C. Dvorak Set up the big dating site…

Leo Laporte Why do you think it went viral because a bunch of Harvard undergraduates said, I can find some chicks on here! And I think in some subtle way that’s really still what’s going on with Facebook, not maybe to hook up, but that is the – you got to have a carrot and the carrot is so to speak…

Robert Heron I can find quite a few things, I use it mostly for just keeping track of peoples’ birthdays but it’s also that like six degrees of separation where – what about a friend of my friend who is probably an old friend of mine that I haven’t hooked up with in a while or just talked to in a while and being able to connect with those people and for that it’s pretty neat, but you do give up a lot of on the side of privacy in terms of quizzes and other information just being posted.

Leo Laporte One word, if we haven’t seen/read enough, one more story then on Facebook that we are going to move on, health insurers caught paying Facebook gamers virtual currency to oppose reform bill.

Brian Brushwood Oopsy!

Leo Laporte Facebook users playing games like FarmVille, for instance, get addicted…

Brian Brushwood Mafia Wars.

Leo Laporte Mafia Wars, Friends For Sale! Looking for virtual goods; now this was the scam that you were talking about earlier Jason that Zynga stopped doing but there are still third party offers that they can accept, right? And one of them is a anti-reform group called Get Health Reform Right, they will pay you virtual currency so can buy a fence for your virtual pig by taking the survey and on completion sending an email to your congressional representative saying “I am concerned a new government plan could cause me to lose the employer coverage I have today. More government bureaucracy will only create more problems”.

John C. Dvorak Is this the [ph] Ken Ley (1:08:03) letter.

Leo Laporte Yeah, and it sends it automatically.

Robert Heron That’s diabolical, I like that.

John C. Dvorak Diabolical, it’s lame, give me a break, this stuff doesn’t work.

Leo Laporte Oh, I don’t know.

Brian Brushwood If they really wanted to make their point when your pig got sick you’d have to fill out forms in triplicate to get the vet out. Then you could make that happen.

Leo Laporte Then you’d have something, I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak You should go look at the Robert Reich blog and read his commentary about the – Robert Reich’s of course was the Secretary of Labor under Clinton, he has a really good blog, a public affairs blog, and he has some very interesting things to say about the situation with healthcare right now, and lot of it has to do with the fact that they are exempt from antitrust, and check it out.

Leo Laporte I will, I will. We are going to take a break, come back and talk more about the news of the week, we have got a great cast of characters in here, John C. Dvorak from ChannelDvorak, we have got the great Robert Heron back, haven’t seen him in ages, it’s so nice to see you again, Robert, Robert’s website is Brian Brushwood of the new NSFW, the latest TWiT show, he is showing off his switcher right now. And also of course of Scam School, what YouBooze?

Brian Brushwood Yes, that was the drinking game we came up with. We had Dr. Tiki on so we decided we needed to invent a drinking game.

Leo Laporte YoBooze.

Brian Brushwood So we came up with YouBooze, where it’s like you look at the comments on YouTube and you drink once for racism, drink once for homophobia, drink once for all caps, drink for incomplete sentences. We got hammered.

Leo Laporte That’s a great show. Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern, right? 7:00 PM Pacific at

Brian Brushwood That is correct.

Leo Laporte And it’s soon to be delivered to your Roku box and your iTunes and everything else. Also here with us Jason Calacanis, also known as I feel the need for speed top-gun Calacanis and from And on the phone with us who’s hung along– I’m glad he is hung in there, Jason Howell from Buzz Out Loud, Thank you all for being here. And now Jason it’s time to talk about

Jason Calacanis What?

Leo Laporte What?

Jason Calacanis So good.

Leo Laporte We love – I went back last year…

Jason Calacanis You didn’t tell me that Audible is sponsoring this week.

Brian Brushwood Has nobody made a song out of Jason’s moans yet?

Leo Laporte Oh yes, oh there is one.

Brian Brushwood Have they really?

Jason Calacanis There’s multiple.

Leo Laporte Oh yes.

Brian Brushwood Oh, it’s awesome.

Leo Laporte Jason’s audible ringtone I think is a classic; let me see if I can find that real quickly. So Audible is the place you go to get audio books, great, great audio books, 65,000 total audio books – wait, here it comes, here it comes, here it is.


Oh the audio is not real good on it but there he is, even – you are even wearing the shades, the top gun shades.

Brian Brushwood I don’t think that’s a movie, I think that’s him right now.

Leo Laporte I think you are right.

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Leo Laporte I think you right. Jason Calacanis loves Audible. Oh we all love Audible. If you have got time in the car, if you are driving I know Shwood you love it too if you use – you do a lot of flying because you go out of town for your magic performances.

Brian Brushwood Absolutely.

Leo Laporte And there is nothing like having a library of wonderful books available at your beck and call, and Audible is just the greatest way to put those together. You can download a book in just a minute or two, have it on your iPod, your Zune, your iPhone, any playback device, works great with Ford SYNC by the way, when I get in my car my iPhone hooks up with the Bluetooth and immediately starts playing the book where I left off, so it’s just wonderful, You’re going to get the Audible Platinum account, when you do the Platinum account on Audible you get two books a month and kind of as a way to get you involved Audible is going to give the first two books absolutely free.

Jason Calacanis Like any crack dealer.

Leo Laporte Yes, right. They know, they know.

Jason Calacanis The great thing is people don’t realize, they say, oh we get two books a month, right? And so then you are busy one month, and you are like ‘oh my God I didn’t pick my books.’ The next month you come you got four books. And so it’s not like they take them away.

Leo Laporte What? No, no you keep it forever.

Jason Calacanis It’s not like Netflix. They just build up. And all of a sudden after a year you’ve got 24 books, maybe you’ve only listened to 15. Then you want to make…

Leo Laporte Doesn’t matter, it’s your bookshelf.

Jason Calacanis Then you are on – and I will tell you what happens, we are on a computer so much, you ever get that thing your eyes start to hurt? So I’m on a flight, my eyes are hurting, I can’t read books. It’s – my eyes – I have to use my eyes when I am doing email, whatever. And it’s just nice to be able to sit back, put in the ear buds, put on my Audio-Technica noise canceling headphones which are better than the Bose ones, and just relax.

Leo Laporte That’s the ones I have, I love those, too.

Jason Calacanis And the Audio-Technica ones are half the price.

Leo Laporte Yep.

Jason Calacanis And you know what, you put them on, the noise cancellation and just try it. Sit in your backyard, sit on a flight, sit on a park bench, do it for half an hour at lunch, and I am telling you, you’ll be refreshed, and you are going to be intelligent, because who can keep up with reading books these days?

Leo Laporte I got a…

Jason Calacanis You’ve going to be intelligent.

Leo Laporte Yeah, cocktail parties, you could say oh yeah I read that. And you did.

Jason Calacanis Of course I read that, yeah, sure, of course.

Leo Laporte I know all about this.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I know I got that, of course, yeah, it’s great.

Leo Laporte That’s – I do that all the time for technical books like FREE, Chris Anderson’s book that I – you know you have to read…

Jason Calacanis Absolutely.

Leo Laporte …if you are in the business. Googled, by Ken Auletta.

Jason Calacanis I doing all the – what’s his name? Malcolm Gladwell with the [indiscernible] (73:33).

Leo Laporte Oh, Outliers and Tipping Point, yeah.

Jason Calacanis I have Outliers, it’s a great – I’m playing poker, I’m listening to Outliers, these guys are like talking about nonsense and I’m listening to something really educational and taking their money, I love it. Audible has made me so much money at the poker table. For that reason alone, it pays for itself.

Leo Laporte Now we don’t recommend that or even say that this is possible. But here’s the book that I want to recommend now. This is the new George Clooney movie just coming out now, Up in the Air, where he plays the guy who flies around and fires people. He’s a termination expert. And what I didn’t know is it is based on a wickedly funny novel by Walter Kim called…

Jason Calacanis Oh is that a book?

Leo Laporte Yes, Up in the Air.

Jason Calacanis Oh, now I have got one of my choices for this month.

Leo Laporte Yeah, exactly. This is eight hours and fifty-nine minutes of laugh out loud fun. Witty, satire, I think this is going to be a great Audible pick. But this is again, it’s an example of – whenever the movie comes out, I always get the book first because when I listen to an audio book from Audible, it just brings the – it’s better than a movie, it really brings it alive.

Jason Calacanis Totally.

Leo Laporte I see it in my mind. And so I like to – I do like to read the book before I see the movie.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, is the side-effect of that that every movie you go see, you’re just like – pfft, book was better.

Leo Laporte Often.

Brian Brushwood I would imagine so.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that always the case, I mean usually anyway?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, but it’s nice to see both sometimes, I like to see both. It gives you like a little more perspective – I listened to The Road and we talk about the [indiscernible] (74:50).

Leo Laporte Oh there is an example, yeah.

Jason Calacanis Which is one of the greatest audio books I have ever listened to.

Leo Laporte Cormac McCarthy, yep.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, and now there is the movie. And then there was Shadow Divers, the audio book, which I understand…

Leo Laporte Is there a movie coming out?

Jason Calacanis No, I understand they were talking about making a movie for long time. But let me tell you something, I have Shadow Divers in my mind.

Leo Laporte You bet.

Jason Calacanis Those two those books alone, the Road and Shadow Divers, I guarantee you, if you don’t like them I would….

Leo Laporte That’s a good start. There you go.

Jason Calacanis I mean, that’s an incredible start right there. And if you’re a poker player, Barry Greenstein’s Ace on The River is a must read.

Brian Brushwood By the way, I know we’ve got a million books. But I did want to sneak one in. I just started – and I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so instantly excited about from the get go. I already read World War Z, which is an amazing audio book with an all-star cast.

Leo Laporte About zombies?

Jason Calacanis About zombies? Yeah.

Brian Brushwood And I’ve got The Zombie Survival Guide…

Jason Calacanis I love Zombies.

Brian Brushwood Which is phenomenal, by Max Brooks, highly recommended, already loving it.

Jason Calacanis I love – is there a Zombie category on Audible?

Leo Laporte There ought to be, there’s enough Zombie books on Audible now, including Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Jason Calacanis Let me see, Business, Fiction, History, Kids, Romance, Zombies.

Leo Laporte There it is, Yeah. So we just gave you like five books. But this is what happens with Audible users is, when we get together, that’s the first question is like, what do you want, what’s good, what have you listening you lately?

Jason Calacanis Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

Leo Laporte Yeah. It’s great to be a member of Audible, and I encourage you to do it, get two free books right now with our special offer, We really are glad that they support – they have been with us long time now and we really….

Jason Calacanis Also, This Week in Startups.

Leo Laporte That’s right, on your show.

Jason Calacanis They do my show, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis And I am going to Tweet right now. Thanks to audible_com that’s their account on Twitter. Thanks to @audible_com. Check out That’s what – I’m going to do that and I’m going to put #Twit on the end, like as a thank you.

Leo Laporte Thank you.

Jason Calacanis Because it’s up to you as the people who listen to this show to thank the sponsors, patronize the sponsors, especially when they’re doing good stuff.

Leo Laporte You know what I’ve decided is kind of weird, and I don’t know if this is going to be a good idea or not. But people have started to say, why do you still accept donations if you’ve got ads? So I said, well, that’s a good point. When we started for the first two years, TWiT was run totally on the donations. You remember that, Robert Heron? That was how we did it.

Robert Heron Oh, totally.

Leo Laporte When I was in that little room upstairs. But we couldn’t grow to the size or the number of shows based only on donations. So we started doing ads after a couple of years and now the donations still come in and we really appreciate that. But they’re not tied in any way to performance. So what I said is all right, I am from now on – and this started at the beginning of the month – not going to take any money out of TWiT at all for salary. I used to take a salary, a draw. I will get paid by you. So the donations now are how you pay me or if you hate what you hear, unpay me.

Jason Howell They can take money out of the account?

John C. Dvorak They can take money from your account?

Leo Laporte If they could, if they could, I wish there were – if I could figure, if anybody could find out a way to do this…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it’d be drained the next day because of one gut.

Leo Laporte No, no. No, no, what I would say is…

Robert Heron ‘I think it’s not worth a hundred thousand dollars.’

Leo Laporte Here’s how I would do it. I would say only to the amount you donated plus $1. So even if you never donated, you could take $1 out.

John C. Dvorak Okay here’s the big question, Leo, that you’re going to answer if you’re going to go in this direction, ready?

Leo Laporte I already went in this direction.

John C. Dvorak No, no. I’ve got a better – I’ve got something else. This is the question that people need to know about.

Leo Laporte Okay.

John C. Dvorak It’s not like you’re not making enough money.

Leo Laporte What have you got there? Oh there’s Leo’s tip jar. No, that’s it.

John C. Dvorak There is a tip jar in here with money in it that apparently – guests who come on this show are forced to pull out their wallets…

Leo Laporte I didn’t say you have to.

John C. Dvorak And throw in, there’s a hundred sitting on the top that somebody coughed up.

Leo Laporte Where did that come from?

John C. Dvorak I don’t know. Probably from me.

Leo Laporte John, come on. You carry around $100 bills?

John C. Dvorak That’s all I carry.

Leo Laporte That wasn’t in there when I started today. So yeah, you’re not required to but if anybody wants, we’ll just pass the hat right now.

Brian Brushwood You know what you could do – and I don’t know if this is an interesting experiment or if it’s something that would generate publicity but you could do, what’s the company that lets you buy and sell stock in anything?

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s a good idea.

Jason Calacanis Intrade.

Brian Brushwood You can actually have a fund where people could buy stock in Leo to show their support or sell it if they’re not happy with it.

Leo Laporte That’s a good idea.

Jason Calacanis How many puppies die if they don’t donate?

Leo Laporte No puppies die, and I did say this on my blog, that I do have a day job, the radio show. So my family will not go hungry. But more than half of my income this year came from TWiT. So I’m basically giving up more than half of my income if people don’t like it. All they have to do is to go to, instead of saying donate to TWiT, it now says Leo’s tip jar, tip Leo, something like that. And that’s what we’re going to do with the donations. And you know, if you don’t give me any money, that’s fine I’ll just go home. I’ll let John run the show.

Jason Calacanis He’s going to take his ball, and go home.

Brian Brushwood You can have your own TWiT.

Leo Laporte No, you know what? People have already been very generous.

John C. Dvorak With the ball?

Leo Laporte No, with the tip jar. Look, there’s $100 bill in there.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, and that’s something.

Leo Laporte I’d be eating tonight. So that’s – I don’t know. Do you think that’s crazy? But I think it would be nice if you could pay CEOs what you think they’re worth instead of them deciding what they’re worth.

John C. Dvorak I think it’s a futile effort at cheap publicity.

Jason Calacanis Tread lightly, tread lightly.

Leo Laporte You don’t like that idea, Jason? Bad idea. It’s crazy, man. You’re crazy.

Jason Calacanis Ixnay, ixnay, eh, I whu…

Brian Brushwood He’s speechless; you blew him away!

Leo Laporte Oh, baby...

John C. Dvorak So do we want to discuss…?

Jason Calacanis I’ve got baby formula I need to buy.

Leo Laporte Baby needs new shoes!

John C. Dvorak So do we want to discuss the latest iteration of the CrunchPad fiasco?

Leo Laporte The JooJoo. First of all, name: JooJoo.

Jason Calacanis No comment.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. I thought it was JoJo.

Leo Laporte Well, I think there’s some revisionism going on. It’s J-o-o-J-o-o.

John C. Dvorak Which you would think would be pronounced…

Leo Laporte JooJoo.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte …which is not a good name.

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte Then somebody said, ‘No no; it’s JooJoo.’

Jason Calacanis No, the JooJoo is like a – don’t you – isn’t that like a magical – ah, I’ve got the JooJoo or something. Isn’t that like a power thing?

Jason Howell Yeah exactly.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but I think that’s spelled JuJu.

Leo Laporte It is.

Jason Calacanis Right, well then they should have spelled it JuJu.

Jason Howell But in the Internet world, in the technology world, they always have to make things spell unlike the way they should spell. So…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Howell They’re setting themselves apart like that.

Leo Laporte So, Jason, are you accusing yourself – you know Mike Arrington pretty well. You know probably know the ins and outs of this. What happened?

Jason Calacanis Let’s see. Number one…

Brian Brushwood The filters go up, shields up!

Robert Heron Sheilds on high.

Jason Calacanis Mike will be vindicated. There was not a contract. It was, let’s say, –

John C. Dvorak Huh?

Jason Calacanis I would say it’s probably two-thirds of the ideas and the sort of front end of the thing is coming out of Mike’s brain.

Leo Laporte Here’s what I heard…

Jason Calacanis And then 100% of the back end is being done by their programmers. They colla – I was in the office with these guys. They were collaborating, showing it to me for a year. And so then the guys – they try to pull a fast one and it’s a stupid thing to do. They took the exact wrong approach with the exact wrong guy and their product will never make it to market and…

Leo Laporte Even renamed, even rebrand from CrunchPad?

Jason Calacanis Absolutely not. Mike will be totally vindicated because you know what, no investor is going to touch this and nobody is going to resell it and he’s going to get an injunction I’m sure.

Leo Laporte Here’s what some people said, that what happened was that Mike had this idea we all know, for the CrunchPad and that – I think my mom is calling – and that – and she probably has something to say about this too – and that this company came along and said, ‘Look, we’ve got – we have been developing in parallel independently something.’ And Mike said, ‘Well, you know the truth is you’re closer than we are. Let’s work together.’ Is that what happened? How far along was Chandra before they joined forces with…

Jason Calacanis I think they were working on it. I don’t know the total details but I think they were working on a browser-like operating system like Chrome. And so…

Leo Laporte That’s what it says if you go to their company site.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I think they were trying to work on this kind of thing but they weren’t very far along, and I watched for a year as Mike poured his heart into it, did all the branding for it. 99.9% of people’s interest in this is because it’s called the CrunchPad. These guys would be a blip on the radar and there’s no way they would have got the product to the market. And I think what they’re – they’re a little bit high on their own supply in terms of ‘oh, well we built this core technology and all Mike did was promote it.’ Well you know what, ‘all Mike did was promote it’ is a lot. Like a lot.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no that’s not insignificant.

Jason Calacanis You know like the number one technologist – the number one technology blogger with the number one technology blog puts his name on your product. That means something. I mean it’s like Tiger Woods – maybe that’s a bad example, but it means something. And it’s a stupid approach; these guys should’ve just said to Mike, ‘Hey, we’re partners on it and we don’t feel it’s totally equitable, can we change it a little bit?’ Instead they came out guns blazing and said ‘take this deal or leave it, we are out of here and we don’t need you.’ And that is just suicide because the technology industry – it’s pretty clubby and you’re not going to get any distribution or anybody to buy this thing if you screwed Mike Arrington and it’s clear they’re trying to screw him and Mike’s not the kind of guy to back down. And the crazy part about it is, I don’t want to say too much, but I know that people have contacted me about using the CrunchPad and get in touch with Michael, can you put me in touch with Michael?

So it’s completely possible that Mike will have a better product in the market. If you ask me to put my money on something…

Leo Laporte You mean Mike – you mean the CrunchPad continues, it lives on?

Jason Calacanis I don’t want to say exactly but my money is on a CruchPad appearing next year without these guys, this clowns.

Leo Laporte Oh, interesting.

Jason Calacanis I think Mike will have a new partner and create something totally different with another partner.

John C. Dvorak Tell him sign a document this time.

Jason Calacanis Of course, of course.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah, get a good contract.

Jason Calacanis But you know what, I don’t have a contract with Mike for the TechCrunch50 Conference. We came up with the idea together. We formed a company. We have been splitting revenue on it for three years, we are good friends; we don’t need a contract. We’re partners on a conference and it’s worked out fine. Now this doesn’t always happen. I mean, when you started working on…

John C. Dvorak You’re not some guy in India.

Jason Calacanis You may not have had – that’s a good point – but you may not have had a contract with Leo but you guys are tight.

Leo Laporte We don’t have, we don’t have – there’s no paper between me and John.

John C. Dvorak I’m not some guy in India.

Leo Laporte Well, there is paper now; he just gave me 100 bucks. So I guess I owe you.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I’m rolling in dough.

Jason Calacanis Anyway, I got a – it’s going to be – Mike will be vindicated, that’s all I can say, and I got to run because I got a baby feeding on here.

Leo Laporte All right, all right.

Jason Calacanis Thanks for having me on the show.

Leo Laporte Go whip out your breasts and good luck to you.

Jason Calacanis Oh yeah. Did you – yes, my man boobs. Did you mention Gowalla last week?

Leo Laporte No, Gowalla is this location based – you’re an investor, yes.

Jason Calacanis I just wanted to give a quick plug instead of getting my normal plug, just Gowalla’s a really cool piece of software…

Leo Laporte Should I use it instead of FourSquare? Because I am a big FourSquare fanatic.

Jason Calacanis I like FourSquare too and Gowalla has got a little bit more of a game aspect to it and it’s little bit better executed in terms of having more features. Foursquare has more users. But I think it’s sort of a Facebook – Twitter thing or a Aim versus Yahoo! or Yahoo! versus…

Leo Laporte They have an Android app?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, the Android app is either out or about to go into Beta.

Leo Laporte And obviously iPhone app or you wouldn’t…

Jason Calacanis Yeah, clearly it’s on iPhone, but it’s pretty interesting because it uses all – it gives your exact GPS location. So it’s not using a database of stores or stuff like that.

Leo Laporte It’s more like Brightkite then.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, it’s like ‘you’re are exactly here’ and it’s got a gaming aspect. And Kevin Rose also – Kevin Rose is the guy who brought me into the deal.

Leo Laporte He’s an investor as well.

Jason Calacanis He is investor. We both invested in it. And it’s pretty cool business.

Leo Laporte It’s funny because Kevin was a big FourSquare user, as am I. I think Robert Scoble and I are the two biggest foursquare users but I won’t mind looking at this thing. I will, I will…

Jason Calacanis I love both of them. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the…

Leo Laporte On your recommendation alone I will Gowalla.

Brian Brushwood By the way, real quick before you run off and before you close things up on the would-be CrunchPad, a friend of mine, Andrew Maine, twittered out the most hilarious thing. It says – all it says as two quotes, “I am the real inventor of the CrunchPad.” And the other one says, “My dad is Chewbacca.” And then you linked and it showed this picture.

Leo Laporte Ooh. Ow. Ow.

Jason Calacanis That’s not right.

Leo Laporte That’s not right.

Brian Brushwood

It’s the hairstyle that does it. [Indiscernible] (1:26:34)

Leo Laporte Oh yeah.

Jason Calacanis Let’s not get personal, let’s not get – and you know, of all people to be talking about hairstyles.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no kidding, no kidding.

Brian Brushwood That’s just it. I am numb to it.

Jason Calacanis Who is the guy from The Muppets? Beaker?

John C. Dvorak Beaker, Beaker.

Jason Calacanis We got the Beaker haircut over there. 1985 called, they want their haircut back.

Brian Brushwood That’s right. Actually it was Guile from Street Fighter II is what I was going for, but I’ll take it.

Leo Laporte All right. Hey, Jason all the best, congratulations on the new baby. We are so glad we could talk to you.

Jason Calacanis Thanks guys. Good to see you.

Leo Laporte Well done, bravo.

Jason Calacanis And I love the Dvorak. He is so – he is…

Leo Laporte Little guy is beautiful.

Jason Calacanis He is a wonderful guy.

Leo Laporte He is a gorgeous man.

Jason Calacanis He’s a good-looking – and he’s funny too.

John C. Dvorak I think mocking your mom is not a good thing to do.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I love you mom.

John C. Dvorak She’s a woman with great taste and vision. And she raised a good boy.

Leo Laporte She raised a good boy and she knows I love her and I wasn’t mocking her.

John C. Dvorak No, you were…

Leo Laporte I was not mocking her.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, right there you were.

John C. Dvorak Right there, was I mocking her? I’m sorry, mom, I didn’t mean to mock you.

Jason Calacanis The chat room is begging me to go.

Leo Laporte Eric Leone says in our TWiT conversation on FriendFeed that if you have not edited settings on Facebook and log in it now defaults to having your profile and updates publicly visible and he has posted for our benefit on Flickr an image of same so that we can verify that in fact that is exactly what happens. Facebook privacy right there everyone, everyone, everyone. So I guess Eric what he did was he created a new account just to see what would happen because he doesn’t have a picture in there. So Doug, you might want to get on that.

John C. Dvorak So by the way just as an aside. Since somebody in the chat room was mentioning this Findlay thing. I am trying to get a hoodie for the Montana Grizzlies.

Leo Laporte So let me explain something. John, for those not watching video, and I don’t know why you are not watching videos since we now make it available in all forms and in all factors in every venue possible, but if you are listening on audio, John is wearing a bright orange sweatshirt with the word ‘Findlay’ emblazoned across the front. He assures this is a secondary…

John C. Dvorak It was the division two football champs last year.

Brian Brushwood I have played Findlay a couple of times.

Leo Laporte Oh, really? Are you a footballer?

Brian Brushwood No. No, no, no; that’s way I can’t get involved because I love all the schools, like whenever it’s college team versus college team, it’s like I like them both, I played those schools.

Leo Laporte In what sport?

Robert Heron I don’t know. Any. I mean [indiscernible] (1:29:00) I performed...

Leo Laporte Wait a minute. I am really confused. Oh, you played at them. I thought you played for them.

John C. Dvorak You played at Findlay. Where is Findlay ?

Brian Brushwood It’s in Ohio, I believe. Findlay Ohio?

John C. Dvorak Right, so I knew that. Yeah, Findlay, Ohio.

Leo Laporte You’ve probably performed your magic act in every college town in the United States.

Brian Brushwood A thousand schools. I’ve performed a thousand college shows since I got [indiscernible] (1:29:19).

John C. Dvorak Did you play – another one that I got just from one of your fans that came in and dropped off a sweatshirt, a hoodie was from North Central. Have you ever played North Central? And I can’t – and I am thinking well how do you name a school North Central? Is it Central or is it North? How can you have North Central?

Leo Laporte Well there’s South Central Los Angeles.

John C. Dvorak But if it’s central, it’s central or it would be south.

Leo Laporte Jason Howell?

Jason Howell There are plenty of places within central; a northern part, a southern part, an eastern part and a western part.

John C. Dvorak But then why it’s just central?

Jason Howell Well, I don’t know maybe there are multiple places within central.

Leo Laporte Have you played North Central?

John C. Dvorak Oh, they were the basketball champs, not the football champs.

Brian Brushwood North Central where? I tuned out for a second, I was reading the chat room.

Leo Laporte They’re – always a mistake.

John C. Dvorak ‘How about Central Central?’ There you go. There’s a guy that’s got it right.

Leo Laporte [ph] Darth Emma (1:30:06) who’s a professor at Ohio State says Findlay is in Northwest Ohio. How can it be north and west?

John C. Dvorak How about mid-Central? How can it be north and west…

Leo Laporte How could that be? So you now have Findlay, you have…

John C. Dvorak Appalachian State.

Leo Laporte Boise state, what do you need?

John C. Dvorak I need the Grizzlies. The Montana Grizzlies who beat my adopted team, the Appalachian State Mountaineers in the football game this weekend and the Grizzlies have a great logo. It is a good sound, isn’t it; the Montana Grizzlies and they apparently are a pretty decent football team.

Leo Laporte That would be great. Now I just imagine…

John C. Dvorak But it’s only alumni I want to hit up for these things.

Leo Laporte I just imagine. Oh yeah, you just, you know, don’t go to the college bookstore and buy this unless you actually went there. Yeah, yeah. I mean anybody could just do that. John could do that for crying out loud.

John C. Dvorak I could order it by mail.

Leo Laporte He wants it from an Alum.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, someone is proud of his school.

Leo Laporte Proud of his school. He is a Grizzly at heart. So I just imagine – I don’t know why that your house looks like a sports bar with framed T-shirts from all the colleges.

John C. Dvorak It’s actually my laundry. We have a place – a place of Washington that has a big bar in it that we’re going to fix up as a sports bar and that’s exactly what I’m going to do wiht these.

Leo Laporte Oh my God; I got it right.

John C. Dvorak You know, they’ll all be bing, bing, bing across the wall.

Leo Laporte Is it true that the place in the Northwest was a former insane asylum that you bought?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, insane asylum. It still is, as a matter of fact.

Leo Laporte It was – it’s gigantic isn’t it? Somebody told me it’s huge.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it is huge, yeah.

Leo Laporte So big enough to have a sports bar in it. Will you invite people to the sports bar or will it just be you and Mimi?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you can come anytime you want. It would just be me to be honest about it.

Leo Laporte Just the two of you in the sports bar, John all alone drinking.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, there you have it.

Leo Laporte Hey, it’s so good to see you Robert Heron. I am glad that things are going well for you. The website for Heron is

Robert Heron Indeed. I have some articles up there. I need to post some of my old stuff too from PC Mag, I get a lot of requests for some of the reviews I did and some of the roundup articles too but also over at as well.

John C. Dvorak HDNation.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, with Patrick Norton our good buddy. And we are going to see you at CES. You will join us, I am sure, for many of our we’re going to cover the CES up, down and center, so I hope you will be there for that.

Robert Heron I am looking forward to it. Every year I keep thinking I am going to be a little bit jaded in terms of what I’ll see as far as HDTV technologies go, but after some of the recent demonstrations I’ve seen…

Leo Laporte Can you talk about anything? I know that you are under NDA, probably right.

Robert Heron For some of it but you’re going to see just more advancements, especially in the LED-backlit front for LCD televisions. You’re going to see improved image quality, contrast ratios are going to get better overall. I think as far as – I am also looking forward to some of the audio technologies too. A lot of the automatic calibration features of some of the new AV receivers have dramatically improved and you literally are getting pro-calibration for room audio done automatically built right into receivers nowadays at prices that are affordable. So I am looking – really looking forward to checking that out and get my ears on it so to speak. And I think the other big one would be Tru2way. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with that, the open cable standard. They’re finally getting rid of the cable box or integrating that into a TV or having a – basically a standard now the set-top box makers can follow, so you don’t need to use the cable company’s hardware.

Leo Laporte The FCC finally gave up on cable card. They said that this is not working.

Robert Heron Yeah. Well, I think Tru2way is really where it needs to go because the two-way communication aspect; that’s what cable card was really missing. If you do – like, I use cable card but I have no access to my pay-per-view or the on-demand stuff.

Leo Laporte Wow, that’s huge. Oh yeah, you got to have two way, yeah.

Robert Heron For some people. But I’m also – I’m a big TiVo fan and I have – they had better show off something new is I all have to say and they – I think that they have been sitting on it long enough, and they need to – they need to reveal what’s going on.

Leo Laporte Do you know?

John C. Dvorak Do you know?

Robert Heron I have not seen the product but it has been long enough and they don’t have a new box that supports Tru2way yet and some of the new cable providers like Comcast are starting to roll out switched video – switched digital video where basically you have to add a separate box to your TiVo now if you want to maintain compatibility with a switched video system if it’s been deployed in your area. And granted it’s already in the TiVo as far as the firmware goes but I don’t want another box sitting in my rack just to support – to make my TiVo now work with this new standard being adopted by many and probably all eventually – all cable providers, just to allow them – switched video just for a short synopsis is just if you’re sending out 500 channels to all subscribers at once, how about you get some feedback from the subscriber saying ‘hey, I’m looking at this channel right now and how about you only send me that channel’ and then you can save bandwidth.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that would – then you’d have much more bandwidth, sure.

Robert Heron Totally. That’s the whole concept and Tru2way is going to have that built in and to be able to support those kinds of features and…

John C. Dvorak It sounds like a variant of IPTV.

Robert Heron You know…

Leo Laporte That’s the competition, isn’t? That’s the competition.

Robert Heron [ph] And of course, more TV over the internet connection. (1:34:49)

John C. Dvorak Well that’s where you fit right into the scheme of things, Leo.

Leo Laporte I am sitting on the North Central hub.

Robert Heron Get your Yahoo! widget ready to go, because that seems to be the big one.

Leo Laporte We are on Yahoo! widgets by the way, thanks to Mediafly. So you can catch us on Roku and Popcorn player but also on any Yahoo!-enabled TV. Do you think there will be a lot more of those as well?

Robert Heron Oh definitely. And it’s also on –

Leo Laporte Is that the future? I hope.

Robert Heron With more high quality content too. It’s going to be – it’s going to be a serious competition for cable distribution I think.

Leo Laporte That’s great. That’s awesome.

Robert Heron [ph] And it’s awesome for some (1:35:23), it just gives people more options. And you know what, maybe you don’t need to subscribe to cable in order to get a good selection…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Robert Heron …maybe you can leverage that broadband connection you already have.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that – over Comcast’s dead body.

Robert Heron I got into it with my local Comcast recently and they cut me a deal for a year, I think, of programming. It’s just it costs so much to get – broadband service in this country is just crazy as far as costs go for…

Leo Laporte Should I wait? I mean I am looking at the Samsung 8500 looking at that and it’s such a beautiful LCD TV.

Robert Heron That’s their flagship TV for 2009.

Leo Laporte Should I wait ‘til after CES and see what people like Samsung, Sony, LG, have to say, [ph] Visio (1:36:02).

Robert Heron It’s close enough now, but you realize that everything you’ll see at – in January in a couple of weeks from now at CES probably won’t be released for – the smaller sets for at least four months and then the larger sets probably not until next spring. So if you can hold out, it’s…

Leo Laporte I’d have to hold out six months though is what you are saying.

Robert Heron Definitely.

John C. Dvorak Oh, Leo for you – you can just buy one and discard it.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Robert Heron But if you’re looking at a set right now you can expect…

Leo Laporte Sell it on eBay.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (1:36:26).

Leo Laporte How about…

John C. Dvorak See it to yourself at a profit.

Leo Laporte You know I asked you this, Robert, at John’s party on Friday but I’m just curious. I was thinking of buying a Kuro, a Pioneer Kuro because they’re off the market in March and I still love that as one of the top plasma TVs out there.

Robert Heron I was surprised you were able to find one. I don’t think they were…

Leo Laporte They are still around.

Robert Heron Really?

Leo Laporte Not discounted.

Robert Heron Because they’ve pretty much gone out of the marketplace and looking at, at least price on – where I used to always go was They’ve started ratcheting back up because of limited availability and I think it’s…

Leo Laporte It’s too late.

Robert Heron Too little, too late at this point.

Leo Laporte Maybe I waited too long.

Robert Heron If you have one, hold on to it. That’s still a record-setting display technology of any flat panel.

John C. Dvorak What set is this again?

Leo Laporte Pioneer’s top of the line plasma, it was the Kuro.

John C. Dvorak Oh that thing, yeah.

Robert Heron The last – I think it was their ninth generation panel technology. It really – it got black levels darker than anybody else’s including any LCD.

John C. Dvorak You had in the lab when I saw it. Gorgeous.

Leo Laporte Gorgeous.

Robert Heron It was – it was a jaw-dropping display and I am really hoping Panasonic picks up the ball since they are the largest Plasma manufacturer in the world.

John C. Dvorak The greenies are going to kill Plasma, so forget it.

Robert Heron You know what, I was – I thought that would be the case but they are hitting Energy Star power consumption levels.

Leo Laporte They are. It’s amazing what they are doing with Plasmas.

Robert Heron I didn’t think that was possible.

John C. Dvorak We had a big argument about this last time it was [ph] in this building. (1:37:44)

Leo Laporte We did, and a number of people sent me e-mails saying ‘Plasma is better than you think, take a look.’ And it’s true that they have really improved some of the Plasmas. So…

Robert Heron It is tough, thought, to do a direct comparison with power consumption against LCD just because you can really, really knock down power with an LCD panel just because of the way it’s – the way it’s illuminated really and I will be curious to see if the upcoming generations of Plasma can cut it, say, another 20%, which is really what they need to do.

Leo Laporte I just bought a Kuro. Whoops!

Robert Heron Really? Did you really?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Robert Heron Keep it, don’t let go of it. That’s a collector’s item.

Leo Laporte It says only four left in stock.

Robert Heron What’s the price on it?

Leo Laporte 3747 for the 60 inch.

Robert Heron Oh, is that the 5020?

John C. Dvorak You got a 60?

Leo Laporte The 6020.

John C. Dvorak You got a 60?

Robert Heron Okay.

John C. Dvorak You got a 60?

Leo Laporte Yeah. I just ordered it, by acc – I just clicked the buy now with one click.

John C. Dvorak Oh, just buy now?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak You did it by accident?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak This is the way this guy operates now.

Robert Heron I’m sure that’s the first time that’s ever happened on Amazon.

Leo Laporte I think I am going to keep it.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, might as well.

Leo Laporte I think I should keep it, right Robert?

John C. Dvorak It’s a write off. It’s write off for you.

Leo Laporte I bought it on the show.

Robert Heron Well just give me a few seconds, now I’m looking this up here, Pioneer 6020.

Leo Laporte 6020, what – is there something wrong with it? I can still cancel.

Robert Heron No, no, no. It depends who you’re buying it from really. I mean I – if it’s being sold [indiscernible] (1:38:46) or it’s being sold directly.

Leo Laporte Abe’s of Maine; how can it bad? This guy’s Abe and he’s from Maine.

John C. Dvorak Abe from Maine, I mean you can’t…

John C. Dvorak In fact he should give you a discount just for mentioning him.

Brian Brushwood I think I bought something from that outfit, some camera parts or something. They were ok when I dealt with them.

Leo Laporte No, I’ve bought stuff from them, they’re fine. Yeah.

Robert Heron Three left.

Leo Laporte If you switch and I switch, it really is crazy. Got ahead; see I switch to you, and as soon as I switch to you Brian, you switch. It’s very – it’s oh my god I am losing it, I am losing it. Okay I am sorry.

John C. Dvorak So as somebody just said Abe’s of Maine is reliable here in the chatroom.

Robert Heron It is reliable.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no I’ve bought stuff from there.

John C. Dvorak Oh you have?

Leo Laporte You know what I’m nervous about, though, is getting a Plasma TV in the mail.

John C. Dvorak Won’t is come with a carrier on a big truck?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, that’s [indiscernible], (1:39:2) because I’ve got a little bit of cash in my PayPal account but you can’t go to Fry’s and spend PayPal money. I guess if you got the card you could, but that’s effort I don’t want to do that.

Leo Laporte My accountant takes the money out of the PayPal account and puts it in my checking account.

Brian Brushwood See, that’s smart.

Jason Howell [ph] Sure not buying TV’s online. (1:39:37)

John C. Dvorak [ph] Yeah. I still have to get a flat (1:39:34) panel.

Leo Laporte Yeah. John, I’ll give this one to you.

John C. Dvorak All right.

Leo Laporte Shit, I got to be careful because when I say that stuff he actually takes me up on it.

John C. Dvorak You mean like this.

Leo Laporte Like with my solid state drive.

Jason Howell Hand it over!

John C. Dvorak And the pie.

Leo Laporte And the pie; it’s yours.

Jason Howell Pie and a drive, thank you.

John C. Dvorak Pie and a drive can’t go wrong.

Leo Laporte John never leaves empty handed from the TWiT studio. It has been great talking to you. Thank you Robert, I look forward to seeing you at CES. It is going to be a lot of fun; Brian Brushwood is the star of Not Safe For Work, NSFW, on our network; he is also the top of the line college magician; you must book him,, and the host of Scam School.

Brian Brushwood Can I promote what we are doing this Tuesday? I don’t think I told you what we are going to do.

Leo Laporte Oh, should I know?

Brian Brushwood No, you totally should. This is cool. We are actually breaking world records, and we are going to break so many world records that we are going to set the world record for records broken on a live stream. There is this website URDB for, it’s the Wikipedia of world records, so instead of Guinness sitting in their ivory tower deciding what can and can’t be a world record…

John C. Dvorak Those Guinness people!

Brian Brushwood These guys do whatever they want. So there’s records – we’ve got somebody who is going to break the world record for most cheeses named in 10 seconds; he is going to do it live on the air; the tallest poker chip tower, they got the most scarves tied around the neck in 30 seconds, but like these insane – and in fact we are trying to get the co-founder and president on the show with us, should be amazing. We are going to have…

Leo Laporte What’s the site? What’s the site?

Brian Brushwood

Leo Laporte And it’s – but it’s a Wiki, so anybody could say I have a record?

Brian Brushwood Correct. You can make up your own record and there is a bit of a submission process, I’m not sure how they vet everything out, but you have to have video.

Leo Laporte Look at this, most scarves tied around neck in 30 seconds!

Brian Brushwood It’s going to be a blast, especially getting the guy – I’m hoping the president joins us wearing like a referee’s outfit and has a whistle, and we’ll have people Skype it.

Leo Laporte Fastest time to eat two Little Debbie swiss rolls – 25 seconds.

Brian Brushwood We’ve already got some of these – fastest time to separate skittles by color; fastest time to eat a bag of skittles, they got – look around, pick a world record and hit us at and tell us what record you are going to break live on the air.

Leo Laporte Here is the longest pronunciation of the word “Fresh”, Steven Yalowitz took one minute and four seconds to pronounce the word “Fresh”.

John C. Dvorak Wow, he must be able to breathe while talking.

Leo Laporte Circular breathing is the only way possible – that could possibly happen.

John C. Dvorak Yes. Can you do that?

Leo Laporte Freeee…

John C. Dvorak I don’t think you…

Brian Brushwood Hold on, save it for the show Leo, save it for the show. In fact actually if John C. Dvorak wants to come on and break a record live on the air.

Leo Laporte That’d be cool.

Brian Brushwood That would be epic. You name it John.

John C. Dvorak I’ll think of something.

Leo Laporte Think of something. I know…

Jason Howell Just do the “Fresh” thing.

Leo Laporte Most sweatshirts worn at once at the same time…

John C. Dvorak Well, no I think there has been – you see those big guys, I don’t think I could beat…

Leo Laporte You couldn’t beat that one. We’ll find something for John.

John C. Dvorak Yes, maybe it’d have something to do with this pie.

Leo Laporte Eat, eat!

Brian Brushwood We don’t want to know.

Leo Laporte Eat, eat.,, Jason, I’m so glad you stuck around, Jason Howell from Buzz Out Loud, what else are you up to these days, Jason?

Jason Howell We’ll, we’ve really just got a whole bunch of live shows at Cnet live, which is so we’re just – basically all of our old audio podcasts have also turned into video shows much the same…

Leo Laporte Yes, I’ve heard of that. I have heard of people doing that.

Jason Howell Yes.

Leo Laporte How is it working out for you?

Jason Howell It seems to be the thing these days, so. It’s been an experience and you know many moments of wanting to pull my hair our as you know, dealing with all that technology but…

Leo Laporte Oh yes.

Jason Howell At the same time it’s a whole lot of fun, so if you want to check that out.

Leo Laporte That’s great. That’s really great, exciting.

Jason Howell Yes.

Leo Laporte Yes. We are moving everything to video bit by bit so far TWiT, this WEEK in FUN, this WEEK in Google, MacBreak Weekly and Windows Weekly are now available on of course your Roku box, and we are working to make that be more timely, there’s a – I’m not sure exactly what the process is, but something odd happened in the process, that’s made it less timely; we are going to solve that, you will be able to get those instantly. You can also go to and get the audio and video now for many of our shows directly from there and now that we have got that going we got high-end, low quality video, low-quality is just for a portable player that kind of thing, high quality for apple TV or your computer, and you can even play the video directly on the web page just by pressing the play video button and a little QuickTime window will open up for those of you who have QuickTime, you can watch. The quality is excellent, by the way, on what we are recording; better than you see on the Flash stream at, so we really – I think we’ve really improved our process and we are doing some great stuff; soon to be on iTunes feeds and then we are going to add more shows weekly so that eventually all the shows will be available on the Roku box, the Popcorn player, your iPhone soon, BlackBerrys now, Android now, Yahoo! TVs now…

Brian Brushwood By the way chatroom is asking when NSFW is getting an iTunes feed and I’m sure it’s any minute now isn’t that right?

Leo Laporte It is literally any minute now. Yes, they warned me that you’d be on the show bugging me, and they said you probably should do this before TWiT and I just didn’t around to it but I will do it any minute now; there’s a process getting an iTunes feed out of it but we do have the NSFW shows on the page, and soon you’ll be able to subscribe to all those shows. It’s just – it’s complicated.

Brian Brushwood It’s not like you got a lot on your plate right now, Leo.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s just complicated. It’s not – it can’t be – all of this stuff, believe me by the end of the year, it’ll all be working fine, it just takes a little time.

John C. Dvorak Either that or a nervous breakdown.

Leo Laporte Yes, I’m having fun and I’ve a – we have a good staff doing it and by the way the staff’s money does not come out of my tip jar. They get paid by the advertisers like everything else, only I have a tip jar. Some people say we should have tip jars for all the hosts and I said I don’t think so.

John C. Dvorak I think you should get a piano in here.

Brian Brushwood I’m okay with that.

John C. Dvorak Put the tip jar on that and have some playing all the time.

Leo Laporte Hey, I’m the piano man, let me play you a tune, I‘ll sing a song and I’ll tell a joke and make you happy too. Money, give me some money.

Brian Brushwood That was a good way to dodge copyright law there, by the way Leo.

John C. Dvorak You could do Stairway to Heaven.

Leo Laporte We are going to make it. We are going to make a beat. We’ll make a beat! Yes, yeah you noticed that; I didn’t do that. I don’t sing happy birthday either; I’ve learned my lesson. All right everybody, hey thank you all for being here. Lot of fun, great show, great conversation, and we look forward to seeing you again, East Meets West is coming up next on and I believe Roger and Tom are right here and ready to come into the studio and I’m going to stick around and do that show live as well.

Hey, one quick note before we go, okay, you can see by the clock that it’s actually much later but I forgot to mention in the show that we are going to do a TWiT holiday special; we are recording it live this Thursday 4:00 pm Pacific Time 7:00 pm Eastern Time, I think it’s 23:00 UTC; John Hodgman, funny man, John Hodgman of The Daily Show, the author of More Information Than You Require: Areas of My Expertise, of course he’s the PC in the ‘I’m a Mac’ ads. And his former college roommate and good buddy and neighbor in Brooklyn will join us, Jonathan Coulton, the creator of Code Monkey and all those great songs.

It’s going to be a fun time. We did this last year, it’s just kind of a random show, we’ll put it in the TWiT feed so you’ll be able to hear it, if you subscribe to TWiT, you’ll get it automatically, we’ll do video this year as we are doing now with all the TWiT shows and we’ll stream it live at, again Thursday 7:00 Eastern, 4:00 pm Pacific, I hope you’ll watch and participate and you know maybe we can take calls, too. In fact I promise you we’ll take calls, so if you want to talk to Hodgman or Coulton, this will be a chance to do that.

Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next week, another TWiT is in the can.

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