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Episode 226


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Leo Laporte Bandwidth for this WEEK in TECH is provided by AOL Music and where you can get free MP3s, exclusive interviews and more. This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 226 for December 21, 2009. The Sacred Straw Man.

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This is TWiT; this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers all of the technology stories of the week in a kind of desultory, half-assed way and then we analyze, in an equally desultory fashion. Joining us as always, he is the tech guru with has Great Wall of China hat on, ladies and gentlemen, John C. Dvorak. Hi John.

John C. Dvorak I am here, hi, I just in from China.

Leo Laporte Yeah did you get that in China, the Great Wall hat?

John C. Dvorak Yeah I got it at the Great Wall.

Leo Laporte That’s neat.

John C. Dvorak What do you think I paid for this hat?

Leo Laporte 43 yuan.

John C. Dvorak Two bucks.

Leo Laporte Two bucks, I know. You know – stuff’s cheap in China.

John C. Dvorak They have a long bill. That’s what I used to have for our [ph] kids (02:07) to keep them away from the mic.

Leo Laporte For those who are not watching the video, he is now bonking the mike with the bill of his cap. That’s kind of sad.

John C. Dvorak That way I can’t get too close, I can’t overmodulate.

Leo Laporte That’s a good – I need that, I need that.

John C. Dvorak Yeah you do.

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s a mic-away. Also here, Lisa Bettany from beautiful Vancouver, Washington. Hi Lisa, it’s great to see you.

Lisa Bettany Vancouver, Washington?

Leo Laporte I mean Vancouver, Canadia.

John C. Dvorak Vancouver, Washington.

Leo Laporte Well isn’t that like just over the border?

John C. Dvorak No that’s the joke of it, it’s across from Portland.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s very confusing.

Lisa Bettany It’s actually quite a drive, so.

Leo Laporte So did they steal your name or did you steal their name?

Lisa Bettany I like to think that we were the first to Vancouver.

Leo Laporte You were because Gassy Jack blew up the gas works there in 1802 and that was the founding – no I know, I know my Vancouver history, you are pretty amazed, aren’t you?

John C. Dvorak I thought that Vancouver, the name came from the island. Wasn’t Vancouver Island named before the city?

Leo Laporte We are – I’m just going to hold the camera on Lisa ‘til she says something.

Lisa Bettany Well let’s ask Google.

Leo Laporte She’s wiki – she’s Wikipedia-ing!

John C. Dvorak There you have it.

Leo Laporte Are you a – Lisa you’re not – no, she’s a native of Saskatoon.

Lisa Bettany Yeah I am a [indiscernible] (03:21)

John C. Dvorak Saskatoon is the Paris of Canada.

Leo Laporte It’s the Paris of Saskatchewan, I’ll give you that.

John C. Dvorak That’s what somebody told me once, I have never been there. I have always wanted to visited Saskatoon.

Lisa Bettany Paris?

Leo Laporte What is Saskatoon, all I know from Saskatoon is the show Corner Gas.

John C. Dvorak It’s a college town.

Leo Laporte Is it?

Lisa Bettany Yeah, I mean Saskatoon itself is a really pretty city, there’s lots of rivers and bridges and that kind of thing.

Leo Laporte But you got out of there as soon as you could. Admit it.

Lisa Bettany Yes, I don’t like the cold. I don’t.

John C. Dvorak And she doesn’t have the Saskatoon accent.

Leo Laporte She doesn’t. You – that’s where you…

Lisa Bettany Oh, I can put in on, though, eh? Ya know.

Leo Laporte Oh.

John C. Dvorak Yeah there you go. Now you are talking.

Leo Laporte Is that how they talk in Saskatoon?

John C. Dvorak Worse.

Lisa Bettany I don’t think so. I think that’s more like a [indiscernible] (04:02)

Leo Laporte That’s Edmonton. That’s Alberta.

John C. Dvorak Edmonton is wow.

Leo Laporte That’s Alberta, that’s how they are talk in Alberta. And this tour of Canadian accents brought to you by Ford Sync, no, no, I won’t do that. And let’s also introduce Andrew Warner, I am so glad Andrew is here. I’ve wanted to get Andrew on this show for some time actually. He is – interviewed me for his website Andrew is an entrepreneur, a man who at a very young age founded a business that reached $30 million in annual sales, cashed out after the web bust, you survived and did well and then I guess you’re just kind of, you know, taking it easy, living a Life of Riley and you decided to start a site called mixergy. How would you describe mixergy Andrew?

Andrew Warner Well you know the way that you guys on MacBreak Weekly investigate insanely every Apple product that comes out.

Leo Laporte Yeah obsessively.

Andrew Warner Well I do the same thing with internet businesses.

Leo Laporte So you’re – you study entrepreneurship?

Andrew Warner Exactly. I want to know everything about how they got their first users, how they made their first few dollars, how they grew, how they sold, like that kind of in-depth conversation is what I do with entrepreneurs like you. You came on mixergy as you said and you talked about how you built up TWiT.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So you’ve Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Jimmy Wales that kind of people and the reason you’re on, we are going to talk about this in a bit. You just interviewed Chandrasekhar Rathakrishnan, the guy who is building the JooJoo, the guy who took the CrunchPad from Mike Arrington and we are going to get his side of the story, I’m fascinated to hear what happened that it’s not the same story we’ve heard so far.

John C. Dvorak Ha!

Leo Laporte Ha! So that should be interesting. We have all the tech news too, but before we go too much further I want to mention somebody who is a friend of TWiT, Roz Savage who did a show with us for a long time, Roz Rows. She’s the woman who was rowing across the Atlantic. Well she was the first one row to cross the Atlantic and then she rowed – is rowing across the Pacific right now, with the idea to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. She is doing it stage by stage. She has completed stage I and stage II. We covered those with the Roz Rows podcast. She walked to Copenhagen from London for the Copenhagen climate summit. In Copenhagen everything she owns was stolen. Her computer, her laptop, her phone, all her gear, everything was stolen. Last night my coat and bag were stolen while I was at an event in Copenhagen. In my bag were my laptop and iPhone, I have no insurance, no money, she walked there, no ride home and now no credit cards.

John C. Dvorak How do you walk there?

Leo Laporte It’s a long walk.

John C. Dvorak How do you get there?

Leo Laporte She’s an adventurer.

John C. Dvorak But from London, how do you walk to Copenhagen?

Leo Laporte Well there probably was a ferry involved.

John C. Dvorak Well, that’s not the same as walking.

Leo Laporte She walked while she was on the ferry. She probably kept stepping, or ran to keep up with the ferry. Anyway there is a fundraiser – this is the last day of the fundraiser. Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield organized this to try to get enough money together to get Roz – at least kind of somewhat replace her stuff. It’s on (sic) if you go to – R-O-Z-S-S-T-U-F-F, last chance to donate. They’re about halfway to the goal, they’ve raised a lot of money, $3,600 but they need 6,500 to replace everything including her laptop and her phone. And Roz is a great person who really has – what is that you’re flashing, John, what is that? Visit Only John would be crass enough to plug ChannelDvorak…

Lisa Bettany That’s horrible.

Leo Laporte Well, I’m giving an impassioned plea.

John C. Dvorak Hey, we should the girl some gear from some of these vendors and just have them ship her new equipment. Come on.

Leo Laporte Yeah. You’re right, but you know – I think it’s kind of cool that her fans have…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, no I think it’s great.

Leo Laporte …have gotten together and they’ve raised so much money. And so that’s – I’ve wanted to give that a plug.

John C. Dvorak How did she – what happened, was she at the bus stop, she turned around, boom! her stuff was stolen? I mean, how much thievery is there in Denmark?

Leo Laporte You wouldn’t think – I thought Denmark was like safe and you know – I don’t know. It’s the Vancouver of Denmark.

Lisa Bettany Really? Okay.

John C. Dvorak It’s the Copenhagen.

Leo Laporte I’ve been to wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful city.

John C. Dvorak Yeah I’ve been there a few times. It’s nice, it’s gorgeous.

Leo Laporte Tivoli Gardens, beautiful.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I never made the gardens unfortunately.

Leo Laporte Well, you’ve got to go. I was with kids and you know it’s kind of an amusement park. I was there, it was really fun.

So, Andrew Warner, you got to speak Chandrasekhar, Chandra he’s called.

John C. Dvorak Oh, by the way, you never introduced me, Leo.

Leo Laporte I believe I did. Remember the hat that bumps into the microphone.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

John C. Dvorak You mean this.

Leo Laporte Yeah. John, you’re turning into my mom and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

John C. Dvorak Hey, your mom’s my biggest fan.

Leo Laporte She loves you. She said you cut that part out where I said I was his biggest fan. I said no, I didn’t cut that out. You’re were in there mom. Mom got a lot of –

John C. Dvorak All right, I’m sorry. Go ahead, go ahead. I was just kidding.

Leo Laporte Mom got a lot of fan mail. Andrew has turned bright green. What’s going on Andrew?

Andrew Warner Where is my camera?

John C. Dvorak He’s plugging a pool table.

Andrew Warner Should I turn my camera off and back on? I see myself in a little window on Skype.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Plugged it in – I don’t know what happened.

John C. Dvorak This is a –

Andrew Warner There, there we go. I’ve been broadcasting it, looks like it’s back.

John C. Dvorak All right. So let’s hear the story, the real story or one of the stories.

Leo Laporte So you interviewed – and you can hear this interview at This week you interviewed Chandra. Tell us his side of the story – maybe we should recap that Mike Arrington at TechCrunch, a year ago announced he was going to build a tablet, a touch tablet called the CrunchPad that was going to be kind of open source community developed. He, at some point, teamed up with Chandra’s company which is called – what’s it called?

Andrew Warner Fusion Garage.

Leo Laporte Fusion Garage. And then they were about to debut this a couple of weeks ago and the – two days before the debut according to Mike, Fusion Garage shows up – and sends him an e-mail saying ‘that’s it, we’re taking the prototype, we are going to sell it on our own.’ They renamed it the JooJoo pad; Mike says ‘we’re going to court, but the CrunchPad is dead.’ All we’ve heard so far is mostly Mike’s point of view and then – now they did do a demo of the JooJoo pad and we’ve seen video of it. What does Chandra say happened, Andrew?

Andrew Warner Well, first of all, I saw that demo, I had him demo it in the interview and this device is beautiful, and it just re-affirms our excitement for a tablet; you see it and you start to instantly understand where it fits into people’s lives, and I could see myself flipping through magazines, watching videos on this device. So what Chandra says is that he had the device before he ever got together with Michael Arrington; he says he met Mike at TechCrunch50, he showed him a prototype of the deice and Michael Arrington got so excited about it that he said, I want to buy out your business, like right there, the same day that he talked to him.

Leo Laporte Was this after Arrington had said we’re going to do a CrunchPad?

Andrew Warner Yes, as I understand it, yes.

Leo Laporte Okay.

John C. Dvorak Oh, so wait, let’s get the timeline.

Leo Laporte This is kind of like – you know, John, this is kind of what you hypothesized happened.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte So what’s the timeline?

Andrew Warner The timeline, I actually don’t know the exact dates on this but Michael Arrington…

John C. Dvorak I know, I don’t care about the dates, I want to know the sequence of events.

Andrew Warner I see, okay, so…

Leo Laporte It sounds like Arrington had announced the CrunchPad and began development of it. TechCrunch50, was it this year’s TechCrunch50 or a year-ago’s Techcrunch50?

Andrew Warner A year ago it sounds like.

Leo Laporte Okay, so it would have been very shortly after the CrunchPad was announced then.

Andrew Warner Right. So, Michael Arrington decides instead of building it himself this guy – according to Chandra, Chandra’s got a device that’s already starting to –that’s already getting close, he’s got a prototype, he says I want to buy your business, Chandra gets excited that he has a potential buyout and he starts to talk with Michael Arrington and his people about how they can work together, how they can buy out his business.

He says that – it sounds to me like he is being a little mysterious here about what went on behind the scenes, partially because of the lawsuit, but what he’s saying is that because there wasn’t a buyout he couldn’t put the name CrunchPad on his device and because there wasn’t a buyout Arrington and the TechCrunch people didn’t contribute nearly enough to claim partial ownership of this.

Leo Laporte So he says that basically Mike defaulted on his agreement to buy him out.

Andrew Warner Yes, and he also says that the guys from TechCrunch had nothing to do with the development of the pad. He says that…

Leo Laporte Now, Mike says we bought a house; we had developers from Fusion Garage and CrunchPad developers all working together in a house, does Chandra deny that?

Andrew Warner He denies that they’ve had any input in the creation of the device. He says that he and his people designed it, everything from the software to the hardware to the user experience and I pressed them on this over and over again. Because you know, user experience is tough and for a company that’s never created hardware like this before to come out and create something so beautiful that’s so intuitive to me sounded a little suspicious, but he kept saying that he and his guys had the experience to build this thing and they did it on their own.

And he also says that the time that the TechCrunch people were in Singapore, where TechCrunch says that they were at Fusion Garage’s office helping them think through the pad, Chandra says they were only in his office once, the only reason that they flew to Singapore was to talk about a potential buyout. It sounds like he thinks that TechCrunch was dragging their heels, that they weren’t making this buyout happen fast enough and if they’re not going to buy them out, they haven’t contributed anything to the pad, Chandra took the pad and named it and started selling it on his own.

Leo Laporte So, here’s the chronology, I’m looking at Wikipedia, according to Wikipedia, the CrunchPad project was announced July 2008. Now TechCrunch50 in 2008 was in September, so Mike would have announced this in July and three months later, or four months later, three months later I guess, seen this device at TechCrunch50…

John C. Dvorak And flipped!

Leo Laporte Well now, he did have a group led by Louis Monier working on a CrunchPad and they had prototypes; they had prototypes that they showed in early 2009, in April 2009. In June they had the near-final industrial design…

John C. Dvorak Was it their prototype or was it the other guys, was it the Indian’s?

Leo Laporte Mike Arrington writes that the hardware, software and industrial design improvements seen in prototype C, the third prototype were all driven by Fusion Garage. And this is a quote from TechCrunch, “But one thing I’ve learnt about hardware in the last year is that you need partners to actually make things happen and the credit for what we saw today goes entirely to the Fusion Garage team.”

John C. Dvorak So it was the Fusion Garage product?

Leo Laporte Sounds like it.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, and he’s admitting it.

Andrew Warner And that’s what Chandra kept saying over and over again; that Tech Grouch on their blog, in person kept giving them credit for designing, developing this pad.

Leo Laporte In July 2009 it was reported that Arrington had founded a company of 14 employees around the tablet in Singapore, but you are saying Chandra said ‘that Singapore office was our office.’

Andrew Warner Yes, he is saying that – as far as I know, TechCrunch does not have an office in Singapore, but Chandra is saying that the TechCrunch people only visited his office once. Which sounds surprising that they’s go all the way to Singapore and only be in the office one time, even if you’re doing due diligence to buy out a company I’d expect after all that trip to go into their office and spend some time with them.

Leo Laporte We got a real case of ‘he said, he said’ here. I don’t know.

Andrew Warner But at least now we see both sides of it; we see that Chandra’s saying that he did the whole thing on his own and TechCrunch didn’t have any input in it, TechCrunch is saying they developed it and these guys stole it from them. And now we can –

John C. Dvorak Well you know, in regards to the one visit to the office in Singapore – it’s possible that he was going to Singapore for more than one thing, I mean there’s a lot of things to do when you’re in Singapore, and he could have had meetings of all sorts.

Leo Laporte Well that’s true too, yeah.

John C. Dvorak I mean, so I don’t think they took a trip to Singapore to stop by and say hello and then take off and go back home.

Leo Laporte Here’s the bigger question, though, is there – so you think that this – there is a market for this based on seeing it Andrew, that you think this is a – and at what price.

Andrew Warner It’s stunning and there’s nothing like actually seeing the device, especially after we saw that ESPN video where they showed what they would do if there was a tablet out there. When you see what magazines have in mind for this thing and you see the device itself, you start to imagine how it would fit into your life. Now I don’t want another device; I’ve got my Mac Book, I’ve got my iPhone. I buy too many gadgets as it is, but if you think about it this thing is about the size of a magazine, a little thicker than a magazine. You could see yourself on the couch reading a magazine on this thing; you can see yourself in bed reading a magazine with this thing. And in fact you think about the Kindle, which only does one thing which is read books, you compare it to a tablet whether it comes from these guys or comes from Apple or someone else; you say ‘who would want the Kindle that only does one thing?’

Leo Laporte What do you think Lisa; you’re a gadget hound, is this…

Lisa Bettany I am a gadget hound.

Leo Laporte Is a tablet attractive to you as something you’d want?

Lisa Bettany I have to say that I wasn’t swept up in the Kindle [ph] fury (17:44) at all.

Leo Laporte Well you couldn’t be because you are in Canada, right? It doesn’t work in Canada.

Lisa Bettany Exactly. Exactly, but even the concept of it, I mean I actually read a lot of stuff on my iPhone and I mean when I’m not reading on my iPhone I have a laptop or I don’t know, I guess the concept hasn’t really caught on, I like to work at –

Leo Laporte What if, what if you could buy a device that’s twice the size of the iPhone to read your books on?

Lisa Bettany But then I would have that and an iPhone and a point-and-shoot and a camera and a laptop. And I think that – I mean I guess if we’re looking at devices becoming more all inclusive and getting rid of all the bits and pieces, that’s sort of a good step forward, but I mean when I have already invested in all the stuff that I’ve got I don’t know if I’d want to add another piece of gear to my bag.

Leo Laporte So this – so it sounds like you want the iPhone to do everything and are content with the iPhone even as a reader?

Lisa Bettany Yeah. I love my iPhone.

Leo Laporte Even if Apple, you haven’t drunk the Apple Kool-Aid to the extent that if Apple came out with a tablet in the next nine months that you would say, ‘okay, we’ll I’ll buy that.’

Lisa Bettany No, because I haven’t even hopped onboard with the new MacBook Pros or – you know, I’ve just, I kind of have my…

Leo Laporte This is kind of my feeling, I agree with you.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, I mean it’s – I’ve got what I need, and I don’t have the money to just go spending on every new little gizmo. And I think what you are talking about is – isn’t something that that would appeal to me in that sense.

Leo Laporte John, haven’t we seen tablets already from a lot of companies? Microsoft tried to do this a couple of times.

John C. Dvorak Well the…

Leo Laporte I mean the UMPC, the Ultra Mobile PC.

John C. Dvorak We have seen maybe four iterations of tablet computing…

Leo Laporte Going back to Grid and Slate.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, going back further and further and further and they keep going back, and the problem, I still believe they keep improving the technology, the public still doesn’t buy them and I think it has something to do with the price. I think they’re just too expensive. If you already have a laptop, if you can get a – unless they bring them down to about half the price of a laptop I don’t see them going anywhere.

Leo Laporte CrunchPad was...

John C. Dvorak I think that’s the key.

Leo Laporte CrunchPad was supposed to be 200 and now the JooJoo is what 400, Andrew?

John C. Dvorak 499.

Andrew Warner Well it’s 5, almost 5.

Leo Laporte $500.

Andrew Warner Yeah.

Leo Laporte That does seem like a pretty high price point when you get a netbook for $250.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, exactly. I mean why would you want that when you could have a netbook or something that could do everything and you could type on and yeah…not falling in love.

Leo Laporte Our Friendfeed chatters say, ‘hey, you remember yuppies. Yuppies want status symbol.’ Yeah, it’s a yuppie…

John C. Dvorak Yuppies are dead. All the yuppies are dead.

Leo Laporte I think the yuppies, yeah, they got burned out by the –

John C. Dvorak They got wiped out.

Leo Laporte Yeah. They are gone, man. There’s no yuppies here, man. All the yuppies is gone. Well, so it’s interesting. What you think is going to happen, Andrew? Do you think this is – you love this, you think this is a market?

Andrew Warner I do. I think – I think that now we’re starting to see content being potentially created for this device, I could people getting into it as a laptop replacement.

Leo Laporte I am not going to – I’ll tell you right now. I am not going to buy something where there is a lawsuit swirling around it, where there’s –

John C. Dvorak Why?

Leo Laporte Where – because…

John C. Dvorak What difference does it make?

Leo Laporte Because you don’t know if that company’s going to be around.

John C. Dvorak So what? They’re probably – if they’re around or they’re not around.

Leo Laporte People care about that, John. People don’t buy products from companies that are not going to be around.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but what difference does that make? You buy the product, it either works or it doesn’t and then if the company goes broke, so what?

Leo Laporte No, look at Archos. Archos has been making this kind of products for years but because they’re in France and nobody’s ever heard of them – we even gave them the best of CES award in 2003, I think, for the early Archos products but it – this is where Apple has such an advantage, and Amazon, too, has such an advantage: they have the supply chain. It’s soup to nuts, you know the company is going to be around to support…

John C. Dvorak Wait, wait. You just can’t, kind of – I think you contradicted yourself. Is Archos still in business?

Leo Laporte They are but they’re not exactly…

John C. Dvorak Well that seems to be a prerequisite for what you just said, that they have to stay in business. They stayed in business; didn’t do them any good.

Leo Laporte They survived. I don’t think it’s exactly thriving. I mean people buy the – Archos has a tablet. Did you know that Archos has a tablet?

John C. Dvorak As far as I’m concerned if I buy a piece of gear and the company goes broke the next day, as long as the product still keeps working, I’m only going to have it for a couple of years anyway. I mean I’m not going to keep the thing until I – until – I mean how many – look at how many, for example, let’s look at the iPod. How many iPods do you personally own?

Leo Laporte Oh God. What is it…

John C. Dvorak Well, is it triple digits?

Leo Laporte It’s like candy. No, I mean probably half a dozen.

Andrew Warner Well John, I think a better question is how many times have you returned one of your computers to Apple or had them replace a screen or had them fix a keyboard? These devices do potentially have trouble, whether it’s scratches or dead pixels. You want a company to stand behind it and replace it and support it.

Leo Laporte My JooJoo is broken. Who’s going to fix my JooJoo? I broke my JooJoo. I just – even, the whole thing doesn’t…

John C. Dvorak You broke your what?

Leo Laporte That’s what they’re calling it, the JooJoo.

John C. Dvorak Oh I’m sorry. I’m thinking of something else.

Leo Laporte I don’t know [indiscernible] (23:07)

Lisa Bettany Yeah, the name’s a bit of-putting.

Leo Laporte Yeah, more than a bit. Oh well, all right. So enough said. Somebody just…

John C. Dvorak Probably means something [ph] in Hindi. (23:16)

Leo Laporte Somebody just pointed out that I just bought a Pioneer Plasma TV even though they’re going to stop making them.

John C. Dvorak Ahah! They got you, they nailed you. That’s the – see that’s what I was looking for, that piece of tidbit.

Leo Laporte John’s always looking to nail me.

John C. Dvorak Well, not…yeah…

Leo Laporte Not literally but just, you know, you’re always trying to catch me off.

John C. Dvorak Just catch you so you – I’m trying to make sure your game is – you’re on your game.

Leo Laporte But I just feel like, look, Pioneer’s not going anywhere. They are just not going to make – I wouldn’t buy – would you buy a TV from Joe’s TV and Appliance?

John C. Dvorak I – no, probably not.

Leo Laporte No, you want to buy it from a solvent company. I think Fusion Garage is the tech equivalent of Joe’s TV and Appliance.

Andrew Warner You know I think the other thing that’s hurting them is this potential Apple tablet. We’re all standing back and waiting to see if that comes out. Nobody wants to buy the JooJoo or…

Leo Laporte It’s true.

Andrew Warner …or any other device.

Leo Laporte The other shoe has to drop, you’re right.

Andrew Warner Yeah until Apple says one way or the other, until we know if they’re going to come out.

Leo Laporte And rumors are that may be nine months, that may be September.

John C. Dvorak So, it be the – would that be the JooJoo shoe?

Leo Laporte The JooJoo shoe. Okay, we have a name for the show anyway. Let me write that down.

John C. Dvorak The JooJoo shoe. And it has to drop!

Leo Laporte The JooJoo shoe is about to drop. Hey, we’re going to take a break and come back with more with our great guests from Mixergy, Mr. Andrew Warner. John’s putting up – John’s putting up his card; John C. Dvorak from It looks like you printed that out.

John C. Dvorak You think?

Leo Laporte Like you were prepared.

John C. Dvorak I just did it a minute ago.

Leo Laporte Is this so like you can change clothes? Is this like the…?

John C. Dvorak Yeah. I’ve done it – let me go back to the wardrobe change thing.

Leo Laporte It’s his modesty screen.

John C. Dvorak This is when I get to see what these different outfits look like and then I can determine what I have to do to look good on TV.

Leo Laporte Lisa, do you know any other guys who call their clothes ‘outfits?’

Lisa Bettany Maybe a few, but they’re very metro.

Leo Laporte Yeah. John is metro, John is pure metro.

John C. Dvorak Oh please. If anybody is not metro, it’s me.

Leo Laporte I don’t know what John is, but you’re right, I don’t think it’s metro. Lisa Bettany is also here from; we’re going to continue with our conversation in just a bit but I do want to remind you that Ford is just breaking new territory all the time with the amazing Ford SYNC and I hear we’re going to hear some great stuff from them at CES; we’ll be there to cover it. In fact, Lisa, we are trying to figure out – I think we are going to get you to drive my Mustang down and…

Lisa Bettany Oh no, me drive?

Leo Laporte Oh you didn’t know that there was driving involved?

Lisa Bettany Well I thought Kiki was going to drive.

Leo Laporte No, Kiki’s flying.

Lisa Bettany What? I’d be driving by myself?

Leo Laporte We’ll find some people. So here’s the deal. So, when we first started our CES thing, I thought it was just going to be fun. So I booked eight first-class tickets on Virgin America to Vegas for the staff. It was going to be their reward for hard work. But then CES got more heated up, we started getting interest, we started – well, now we’re going to cover it.

Lisa Bettany Great.

Leo Laporte So we are going down. But we’ve got those tickets but we now – are now shipping equipment down, I think [ph] Cody’s (26:25) going to be driving the equipment down.

Lisa Bettany So you want me to drive your gear down? That’s it, isn’t it?

Leo Laporte No, we got a guy driving the gear down. I want you to drive my brand new 2010 Ford Mustang candy apple red, 19-inch wheels, V8. Can you drive a stick?

Lisa Bettany No.

Leo Laporte Well, this whole idea has just gone to hell.

Andrew Warner Lisa, you’re not supposed to admit that.

Leo Laporte This whole idea…

Andrew Warner You have to drive the car one way or the other, you’ll figure it out.

Leo Laporte …has just gone…

Lisa Bettany I can learn.

Leo Laporte I can learn.

Lisa Bettany I could take lessons.

Leo Laporte I can learn on my Mustang, okay. Well see, the idea was, Ford was going to sponsor this trip. We were going to stream Lisa, driving to CES, the road to CES with Lisa and the Mustang, listening to the tunes on Ford SYNC. Hey, I got to play you something. This – Ford SYNC is their hands-free Bluetooth music search, turn by turn by navigation. I got an unsolicited e-mail from John Belmont, who is a good friend, an old radio guy, many, many years you probably heard him on AP Radio News on – what was he on, CBS Radio News, he’s now – he’s currently on POTUS on XM. And his brother is, Jeff Detrow is also a very well-known radio guy. He was with Jeff and Jer on the morning team in San Diego. And Jeff bought – he’s never heard the show before – but he bought a Ford Flex and sent John this voicemail message. And by the way, John’s given us permission to replay this, as has Jer, or Jeff rather. And this is – this is unsolicited testimonial.

Jeff Detrow [Recorded message] So I got – the lease was up on my car and I actually bought my car this time; I bought a new Ford. So check this out; you hook up your iPod to your Ford and it’s probably – I don’t know, about 4,000 songs on there, but they have my [indiscernible] (28:16) loaded, right? Check this out; here’s how you play songs, I’m going to put you on speaker phone. You’re going to love this.

All right, so we’re now listening to a great Burt Bacharach song, Magic Moments [indiscernible] (28:26) but I feel like listening to something else, so I’m just going to call it up here. USB.

All right.

Ford Sync [Recorded] USB.

Jeff Detrow [Recorded message] Play track “South American Getaway”. It thinks for a second, and…

[South American Getaway begins playing]

Now how cool is that?

Leo Laporte This is an unsolicited testimonial.

Jeff Detrow [Recorded message] I mean I literally have like 10,000 songs on this mammoth iPod that cost me $200 from Amazon. All right, here we go again, are you ready?

Leo Laporte This is a guy who just got his Ford SYNC and completely unsolicited, calls his brother and says this thing is amazing and does a demo for him.

Jeff Detrow [Recorded message] I’m not kidding, here we go again, here we go one more time.

Leo Laporte He’s leaving a message!

Ford Sync [Recorded message] USB.

Jeff Detrow [Recorded message] [ph] Play track [indiscernible] (29:21)

Leo Laporte Now I got to tell you, when you become a Ford SYNC owner, this is the kind of crazy message you leave. Thank you Jeff Detrow for letting us play that and John Belmont for passing it along. You got to try the Ford SYNC, go to and check it out, or best thing to do, go to your nearby Ford Lincoln or Mercury dealer and say ‘I want to test drive Ford SYNC.’ And come see us at CES, watch Lisa Bettany strip the gears on my brand new Ford Mustang.

Lisa Bettany Oh no. I’m an okay driver.

Leo Laporte I think it will be fun. We’ll – we’ll figure this out. We want you to be at CES. But we need somebody – we’ll fly you to San Francisco, you don’t have to drive from Vancouver. In fact, you know what we should probably just do is drive you to just outside of Vegas.

Lisa Bettany Yes, just a couple of miles.

Leo Laporte And then put you in the car.

John C. Dvorak And then drop her off.

Leo Laporte Drop you off.

Lisa Bettany And then just push the car.

Leo Laporte Yeah. And you can just – yeah, you can –we’ll roll the car into town. Yeah, no, this was a great idea Kiki had, she forgot – she neglected to ask you a couple of things. Now John’s got his new outfit on. He’s wearing the Boise State Broncos T-shirt and…

John C. Dvorak Well, that’s the T-shirt that somebody says, but this is the Kansas Jayhawks hoodie.

Leo Laporte Oh, and man, that looks good.

John C. Dvorak Kansas Jayhawks baby number one.

Leo Laporte John, are you in a rap crew? You have like a special like, you know…

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte What do they call – what do they call that? What do they call that when you are in a group of rappers, is it a crew or that – that’s Mardi Gras.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, crew. That’s it, that’s the ticket.

Leo Laporte You’re the crew. Oh golly. Good golly Miss Molly.

John C. Dvorak Kansas Jayhawks baby, number one.

Leo Laporte Number one. Yeah baby, Jayhawks. All right. Let’s talk about some other stories. Australia…

John C. Dvorak Tech, how about tech stories?

Leo Laporte Tech stories, Australia, you know we have a lot of listeners in Australia who are just going crazy about this. Google in fact has posted a blog. Mandatory – the government in Australia plans to introduce mandatory ISP filtering, the first of its kind among Western Democracies.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, classic.

Leo Laporte Professors Catharine Lumby, Lelia Green, and John Hartley, Untangling The Net: The Scope of Content Caught By Mandatory Internet Filtering has found ‘the kinds of content that could be prohibited under the proposed filtering regime includes not just child sexual abuse material which are of course is always, always the stalking horse for this kind of filtering but also socially and politically controversial material, educational content on safer drug use, politically controversial crimes such as euthanasia, content that’s merely unpleasant or unpalatable to the regime.’

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that’s probably why Dvorak Uncensored will be censored there.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So, now Johnny Worthington is in Australia, he’s listening to the show right now. And John, I would love to get your opinion on this. Let me give you a – let me give you a phone number to call Johnny because I would very much like to get your opinion on this one. You can use Skype to do this Johnny. Just call that number Johnny. Call it Johnny, we are waiting for you.

John C. Dvorak You like saying Johnny.

Leo Laporte I like saying Johnny.

Lisa Bettany Hey Johnny, why don’t you call?

Leo Laporte Oh, God. Go ahead and do that again.

John C. Dvorak Yeah you do that, he’ll call in a minute.

Leo Laporte Do that again, that was – I want to call now.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know why she did.

Lisa Bettany Hey Johnny, we want to hear from you. Why don’t you just call?

Leo Laporte How do you that? How do you that voice.

John C. Dvorak She’s had that voice built into her.

Leo Laporte Is it just built in?

Lisa Bettany It’s just there. It’s just ready to come out whenever.

John C. Dvorak It doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t seem like – there he is. Hey Johnny.

Johnny Worthington Hello.

Leo Laporte So, what's…

Johnny Worthington Hello, hello.

Leo Laporte Hello Johnny. Can you hear us?

Johnny Worthington Yes, I can.

Leo Laporte From Brisbane.

Johnny Worthington Yes, Brisbane.

Leo Laporte That’s in Australia.

Johnny Worthington Yeah, well it’s part of it, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah. What's the story with this ISP filtering?

Johnny Worthington Basically the whole issue comes down to is that parents in Australia – and this is where it’s pitched at, parents in Australia don’t really understand the internet. So rather than actually taking an interest in their kids, or monitoring their kids, they are actually – it’s easier for the politicians to go, ‘no, no, wait, we’ll do it for you, you don’t – don’t have to think about the scary computers; let us do it for you’ and then they put in this filtering – and the problem with it is it doesn’t really work.

Leo Laporte That’s the biggest problem with all internet filtering: it’s crap.

Johnny Worthington It is. It’s total – it just doesn’t work because the people who really want to find the stuff are – they aren’t doing it through the normal channels or find things – ways around it. And the people who are looking for it – the people who aren’t looking for it are just going to get caught up in the web. So it’s like, it’s basically just pure political crap, basically.

Leo Laporte Hasn’t this been kind of floating around for at least a year or two?

Johnny Worthington It has. The only problem is they haven’t been able to make it work. That’s the big delay.

Leo Laporte I remember that the first time they pitched this they – didn’t they – didn’t they offer a free filter to all families on their own computers? And it was cracked the first hour, it was cracked.

Johnny Worthington It is. And they – and they actually still have that. And the biggest problem is, is that it’s not opt-in, it’s opt-out. So it’s not a – sorry, it’s not opt-out, it’s opt-in. So everyone gets switched on by default. So rather than educating people and saying, ‘look, hey, I actually think putting a mandatory filtering on ISPs is a good idea. I think if parents can’t understand and look after the kids, this is a really, really good thing to do.’

Leo Laporte But they should choose it, they should choose it.

Johnny Worthington Yes. Exactly.

Leo Laporte So, what is the status now? Is this law?

Johnny Worthington Not really, it’s kind of weird because our parliament’s sort on a break at the moment for Christmas and everything like that, so it’s – they’ve tried to bring it in and it’s not necessarily working and they’ve just finished the trials and now they’ve gone right, this is cool, we’re going to go ahead and do it. But they’ve still got to get it through the Parliament, I believe, the last little bit has got to go through the national parliament. And the biggest problem for us is that geeks in general or people who use lot of computers are very easily sidelined. So if we make a lot of noise they can go, oh, don’t worry, if you speak out against censorship or filtering against child pornography everyone is going to go, ‘hmm, why are you doing that?’ Rather than actually thinking of the issues, and going ‘no, this is actually about freedom of information.’ I mean, I’m a 29 year old male, I should have the right to view what I want on the Internet. The only problem is it’s very hard for me to say that without someone going ‘oh, do you want to look at kiddie porn?’

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak That’s the straw man argument. It’s ridiculous. They’ve made this thing like the be-all, end-all of all decision making.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s, well, because it’s a sacred cow, you cannot, straw man or sacred cow, you take your choice. You cannot…

John C. Dvorak The Sacred Straw Man.

Leo Laporte It’s a sacred straw man; you cannot stand up and say ‘I’m against it’ because then they can easily say, ‘oh, so you believe in child pornography?’

Johnny Worthington

‘Won’t someone think of the children?’

Leo Laporte Yeah, ‘think of the children.’ But that’s not what this is about. The question I have is why does the government want to do this? Is there some other reason or are they just stupid?

Johnny Worthington Because no, it’s actually very smart. It’s so they can say to the parents ‘look, you don’t have to understand the Internet, you don’t have to stand over your kids’ shoulders and watch what they’re doing; we will do that for you.’ Let the big government take care of it for you and it’s kind of funny because the current government in there now is sort of my political leanings, but I’m looking at them wanting to slap them across the face going no; this is stupid. What are you doing?

Leo Laporte Right. Johnny I’m so glad you could call in, I know you’re practically always there in our FriendFeed room. Johnny does a really great FriendFeed podcast called FFundercats, and where would we find FFundercats?

Johnny Worthington FFundercats is at, that’s two Fs for awesome.

Leo Laporte Two Fs for awesome.

Johnny Worthington Yes.

Leo Laporte Johnny it’s great to talk to you and I’d like to add, we are starting to do something on the network where we do world news check ins, we call it our Tech World Beat and I’d love to add you to that list of people so we can, as we call around, talk to people…

Johnny Worthington I’d love to be on it.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Johnny, really appreciate it. Johnny Worthington from Brisbane; I thought best to get this story from somebody who’s actually living there. Kind of a crazy idea, but do you say John this is the kind of thing that you see an other countries doing? This kind of filtering?

John C. Dvorak You mean me?

Leo Laporte That’s kind of filtering? Yes. Why would they do that?

John C. Dvorak I – well half of Russia right now is filtered away.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak There’s a – in fact in Brazil where I’m fairly well known, half the country can’t get to my blog.

Leo Laporte So this, so governmental filtering is not a…

John C. Dvorak Well, these are mostly ISP filtering right now.

Leo Laporte Okay.

John C. Dvorak But why are they doing it?

Leo Laporte Yeah, what’s their interest in it? Maybe that’s a competitive thing if they say, ‘hey, come to our ISP, we’ll protect your kids.’

John C. Dvorak Maybe.

Leo Laporte But – and I’m fine with that because then I would say, okay, have fun, and I’ll be somewhere else. Andrew, what’s it like – Andrew’s in Buenos Aires right now. What’s the Internet; you obviously have great bandwidth in Argentina.

Andrew Warner Absolutely, and frankly that’s one of the reasons why I decided to come to Argentina. I think Governments need to understand that they no longer have a chokehold on their people. We can fly, we can work from whatever country we want and we are more and more are going to pick the countries that have freedom and that freedom to us is represented by what kind of Internet access they give us because that’s what exposes us to ideas, that’s what lets the world hear the ideas that we have and I’m – if I’m going to start a company I don’t know that I would go to Australia and start it because of this. If I were an entrepreneur in Australia…

Leo Laporte Oh, I love that.

Andrew Warner …I’d consider leading and going someplace where I have the full Internet at my disposal. And I could see why ISPs actually would want to be a part of this; it seems like ISPs are bothered that anything could go on their networks.

Leo Laporte It lets them off the hook.

Andrew Warner They want control.

Leo Laporte And there is a subtle threat that if you don’t do this then you could be prosecuted as transporting child porn. Because they have been let off the hook up to now as common carriers that they are not responsible just as the phone company’s not responsible for what you do on a phone, they are not responsible for the data that goes across their network. But if something like this happens, then it’s kind of the implication is well if you don’t do it we might hold you responsible.

Andrew Warner And then what are they going after next? Is it going to be what we watch, is it going to be BitTorrent is also the next step after that and then it’s competitive phone services.

John C. Dvorak Somewhere behind all this lurks the RIAA and the MPAA.

Leo Laporte Why do I feel like that’s the case? I just always think that…

Andrew Warner Why do you feel that? Yeah, I wonder why?

John C. Dvorak Because it’s always the case.

Leo Laporte Yeah, these guys; they are such jerks. All right, moving along, another story, has anybody, have anybody seen the BitTorrented Avatar? Boy, I mean the, no I am sorry did I say BitTorrent? Anybody seen Avatar yet in the theaters, anybody?

John C. Dvorak Why would you, no one’s going to BitTorrent it because the experience is IMAX 3D.

Leo Laporte See why do you think its IMAX 3D?

John C. Dvorak That’s how you bypass the copyright worries.

Leo Laporte Exactly, you make it impossible to BitTorrent. Although get ready; the Blu-ray Disc Association BUDA has – well, it is BUDA right, BUDA has decided that – on a specification for delivering full 1080p high definition stereoscopic video on Blu-ray.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, what’s the mechanism here? Those crappy glasses that…

Leo Laporte Well, you have to wear glasses. You have to wear glasses at Avatar too right?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but you don’t wear shuttered glasses, those are just polarizers.

Leo Laporte Actually they are doing something really weird with Avatar. They are doing two different wavelengths and then you wear glasses that aren’t shuttered and they aren’t polarized; they have filters for the different wavelengths so they separate the image using filters. It’s a very interesting technology. I don’t know…

John C. Dvorak I didn’t know this.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no; this is how they’re doing Avatar.

John C. Dvorak Whose technology is that?

Lisa Bettany Have you seen it, Leo?

Leo Laporte I have not seen it and I have heard mixed reviews. Some people love it, Roger Ebert thought it was the greatest movie ever. Any of you guys seen it? Okay, we got a couple of people on this – pull the microphone up there. We got a couple of people in the studio who have apparently seen it. Adam Jones you are from L.A.?

Adam Jones That’s correct.

Leo Laporte Tell us about, pull that right up into your face so we can hear you.

Adam Jones Hello?

Leo Laporte There you go. So what did you think, Avatar thumbs up, you give it two thumbs up?

Adam Jones I haven’t seen Avatar yet but I do know a bit about…

Leo Laporte Oh, screw you.

John C. Dvorak Oh, please.

Adam Jones I do know about stereoscopic 3D.

Leo Laporte No actually Adam works, he is a camera specialist for [ph] Stop Motion Animation (42:34), so he actually knows a lot about this.

Adam Jones That’s true, that’s true. I worked on a film called [indiscernible]. (42:37)

John C. Dvorak Okay, so tell us what this technology is?

Adam Jones Yes, the technology is it’s digital projection and it is using polarization, and rather than wavelengths of light, its left spiraling and right spiraling.

Leo Laporte The Avatar is not using that.

Adam Jones It’s not using digital 3D.

Leo Laporte It is not doing it that way and that may be how they are going to do with the Blu-ray. Well at least I talked to our home theatre guy today on the radio show and he said that they weren’t using the spiraling. I am aware of the spiraling that’s how everybody has been doing up until now.

Adam Jones And now there’s a…

Leo Laporte They were using wavelength manipulation for the 3D.

Adam Jones Interesting, is that for better color?

Leo Laporte I don’t know, I mean, the real problem with all of this is you got wear these dorky glasses right? It’s Dolby 3D is what they are using and it uses – so it’s from Dolby, John. It uses…

John C. Dvorak Well I thought the Dolby technology was all polarizing.

Leo Laporte No. I’ll read this to you here. Let me find this here I have got it, I have got it; I found a post…

John C. Dvorak Dolby is probably the leader in this stuff.

Leo Laporte Avatar, this is from the – from ‘The Avatar 3D viewing guide’. It’s using these tinted glasses which I guess some of them, some of them might be using the IMAX spiraling.

Adam Jones It’s really great technology.

Leo Laporte I think IMAX is using spiraling. If you go to a Dolby 3D studio or theater this is the RealD competitor. RealD is what a lot of people are using; okay, I am going to read you the different technologies. RealD…

John C. Dvorak One of these days…

Leo Laporte RealD is the most widely installed 3D system in the U.S. This is a regular digitally projected theater using a 2K projector and a polarized 3D system. That’s polarization. Pros: less ghosting than the IMAX 3D, which uses the spiral polarization you were talking about and crystal clear and sharp digital projection, glasses are brand new and you can take them home with you, so you don’t have to share glasses as you do in an IMAX.

Adam Jones Good health and safety.

Leo Laporte You can buy your own RealD compatible 3D glasses in designer brands on the net.

John C. Dvorak Oh brother.

Lisa Bettany Oh boy. [Whistles]

Leo Laporte The Dolby 3D, which is the lead competitor, uses a color wheel 3D system off a single 2K projector. That’s one of the advantages: one projector. Glasses are slightly tinted red-green. They are transparent, so screen brightness is not affected. They are reported to be very comfortable, apparently less ghosting then RealD and a significant increase in the 3D effect. Cons: slight color aberrations can occur in certain scenes across the red-green spectrum and glasses are re-used. So Avatar is being seen in three different ways. You can get the IMAX…

John C. Dvorak So they are actually doing – they did all three technologies?

Leo Laporte Apparently.

Lisa Bettany Wow.

Adam Jones Yeah, you can just…

John C. Dvorak Well, then we can go see it three different ways…

Leo Laporte Book the theater.

John C. Dvorak Let’s go, let’s make it a field trip.

Leo Laporte And this same guide at says ‘for God’s sake, don’t watch Avatar in a 2D theater.’ This movie, which by the way leaves me out because I don’t have stereovision, I only use one eye at a time, so I can’t see this, ‘this movie was made as proof of concept for 3D movies. It would be pointless; you might as well watch the Wizard of Oz in black and white.’

John C. Dvorak So what is the – what is this whirling thing you are telling me about?

Leo Laporte So Adam Jones described this spiral technique. This is – is this what IMAX, I think this is what IMAX uses.

Adam Jones This is what RealD uses.

Leo Laporte That’s what RealD uses, okay.

Adam Jones Yeah, so RealD has a digital projector, right. So a traditional film is made in – is projected in 24 frames per second but RealD ups the – I am sorry the – to about 124 Hz or 148 Hz. Anyway so –

Leo Laporte Because they have to do twice as many frames.

Adam Jones Right, right. So you have, so you have two images, two oculars in your 3D projection.

Leo Laporte That’s how they keep it from looking interlaced?

Adam Jones That’s – well they aren’t interlaced at all in fact; actually they are projecting, like I said, six frames per one frame at 24 frames per second.

Leo Laporte Wow, very high.

Adam Jones So – and you have a screen in front that is synched to each image, so it flashes…

Leo Laporte Shuttering.

Adam Jones Right, but left, right, left, right for each one frame in a 24 frame per second cinema.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Adam Jones And then your glasses are passive. So left eye is left spiraling and right eye is right spiraling.

Leo Laporte So by using spiral polarization, they don’t have to have a shuttering. So none of these use shuttering?

Adam Jones Yeah, the images are projected digitally, so it’s digitally shuttered and then the…

Leo Laporte Right, I see.

Adam Jones …the ocular division is made by screening…

Leo Laporte Can you go to any of these three technologies without the glasses? Or…

Adam Jones You need to separate image because you’re looking at it on the same screen.

Leo Laporte It’ll look at it weird.

Adam Jones And you need that inter-ocular division.

Leo Laporte It’ll just be bizarre.

Lisa Bettany Can I use my glasses from Up?

Adam Jones Yes, that’s the spiraling polarization, the RealD glasses are.

Leo Laporte IMAX was invented in Canada, in Toronto.

Lisa Bettany Probably some of my relatives.

Leo Laporte Yeah probably because you’re fully three dimensional.

Lisa Bettany I know.

Leo Laporte It’s amazing. Even now on Skype, I don’t how you are doing that but you are three dimensional.

Lisa Bettany I know.

Leo Laporte So this – either it doesn’t say how they are going to do this on TVs. Do you know how they do it on TVs?

Adam Jones Some TVs are already 3D compatible.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Adam Jones In fact they’ll show you…

Leo Laporte Are they using one of these three technologies?

Adam Jones I think they are using the spiraling technology but you need active glasses to filter out.

Leo Laporte Shuttering glasses.

Adam Jones Right, to filter out each different ocular.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that’ll ruin you.

Adam Jones Well, actually the glasses are fairly comfortable.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but they’re expensive. They’re hundreds of dollars.

Adam Jones Right and they are battery-powered. So there’s that…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C Dvorak No, you got a problem with the glasses. I mean if you looked at the glassed when they first appeared they didn’t have these warnings out at first, but after a couple of incidents, I suppose, now if you buy a set of these – any of the shuttering devices they tell you that if you are under, I think, the agent nine or something like that.

Leo Laporte They cause seizures.

John C. Dvorak Well, no, it also does something – screws up your ocular nerve…

Leo Laporte That’s good. It’s like Steve Martin in the Jerk. He invented the handle that you put on your glasses but it made everybody cross-eyed.

Adam Jones I’ve had great headaches from poorly done 33D.

Leo Laporte Oh this is not good.

Adam Jones You can really get eye strain.

Leo Laporte Oh I can’t wait to get this technology in my home. So…

John C. Dvorak And I talk to a lot of people that said they get headaches just using – putting them on.

Leo Laporte I’m getting a headache thinking about it. The format relies – for the – this is the new BUDA Blu-ray spec, relies on an extension of the H.264 encoding standard, provides for a fallback to 2D output on players that can’t decode it, so you have to get a new player and a new TV. It requires – it goes along with an update to the HDMI spec to support it. It’s doing something called MVC, Multiview Video Coding. It’s an extension of the H.264 AVC.

John C. Dvorak I wish they’d spend more money on good writing.

Leo Laporte Yeah, just give me a story. You know what the whole – okay, you saw the movie, Adam. Oh you didn’t see the movie.

Adam Jones I didn’t see Avatar.

Leo Laporte Has anybody here seen Avatar? What a bunch of lame geeks you are.

Adam Jones It was released last week.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but you are supposed to go to the midnight show for crying out loud.

Lisa Bettany I’m – I know I usually, I was there for Watchmen, I did Up, I…

Leo Laporte Aren’t you glad you saw Watchmen before anyone else?

Lisa Bettany Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

Leo Laporte No, no, it was a crappy movie. That was the wrong answer. It was god-awful film.

Lisa Bettany It was a good movie, I liked it.

Leo Laporte See, I wait –

John C. Dvorak I saw the film, it wasn’t that bad.

Leo Laporte God-awful.

Lisa Bettany What’s wrong with this?

John C. Dvorak Leo, let’s go back to the way you said you see like separate eyeballs, you’ve got one eyeball, so like a chameleon one eyeball. Is this so you could – so one of your eyeballs can just keep an eye on all that cash you’re making?

Leo Laporte I always got an eye on you, John. I’ve got to keep an eye on Dvorak because you never know what he’s up to.

John C. Dvorak So you can look at that and still do the show.

Leo Laporte No, I was born that way. It’s a something – I can’t remember what it’s called. But it’s [ph] stobismas (50:31) or something.

Andrew Warner I think Dvorak’s going to go a little cross-eyed. He’s got one eye on you and your money and another eye on the sign that shows his website that he keeps flashing. I don’t know how he can do it without them crossing.

Leo Laporte And his head’s pointing a third way. It’s crazy; the man’s insane. All right. As long as you’re visiting why don’t we visit one of our fine sponsors, how about that? John, you may go baste your meat or whatever it is you do in the middle of his…

John C. Dvorak I always have to baste the meat.

Leo Laporte ...silly show, yeah. Actually costume change for Mr. Dvorak. I once saw Carol Channing and she had a – in, I think it was at the Venetian Room at The Fairmont where they had all the great acts and she had a, like, what do they call those screens, changing screens? And she would like every song she’d goes behind the changing screen and come out with a new outfit. She wore 20 different outfits in one show. You’re like that John.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, sure.

Leo Laporte I want to tell you a little bit about and I know, Andrew, you’re an Audible listener.

Andrew Warner Let me call Jason Calacanis and say ahhhhhhh…. I love it.

Leo Laporte Anybody who spends any time – see, Lisa, I was going to set up in the Mustang with all the Audible books, you can listen to books, driving down to Vegas, it would have been so great.

Lisa Bettany I can learn.

Leo Laporte She can’t drive a stick!

Lisa Bettany You can teach me.

Leo Laporte I’ll teach you how to drive a stick. I am going to be teaching Abby and Henry, both my kids to drive a stick. We could have, like, a little driver…

Lisa Bettany They can just sit on in.

Leo Laporte Yeah, we’ll have a driver training thing. I’ll just get a second brake and a steering wheel put in the car, quick. Audible is the leading provider of audio books, more than 60,000 – I think it’s now up to 70,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature, including fiction, non-fiction, periodicals. And right now you can get a free book just by joining Audible. Actually I’m going to give you two books. Go to the Platinum plan, Your first two books are free and Andrew, you’ve got a recommendation for us?

Andrew Warner I’ve got so many recommendations. Let me give you one. If you like …

Leo Laporte How long have you been an audio listener, Audible book listener?

Andrew Warner So long that my user name on Audible actually includes the word PalmPilot.

Leo Laporte Wow!

Andrew Warner Because I never thought I would have anything but PalmPilot to listen on.

Leo Laporte Yeah, now it’s on 135, something like that, devices including your Zune and your iPod. So tell us some of your favorites.

Andrew Warner All right. Actually here, let me give you two of them.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Andrew Warner First is a book called The Real Deal by James Caan. And the only – I never heard of this guy before. To me James Caan was the actor, but apparently James Caan is a businessman in the U.K. and Audible kept showing me his book as one the best sellers. And finally said all right, let’s get it, why not. Because you get these credits and it lets you experiment with books that you wouldn’t otherwise listen to.

Leo Laporte That’s right.

Andrew Warner Yeah, there it is. This is a guy who started out with nothing but a phone in a closet essentially and he built up one of the biggest businesses in the U.K.. He’s – he was in the HR business, in the headhunting space, and you watch him through the story go from being in this little room to building up a team of people in a smoky room that’s still tiny but a little bigger than that little closet to a big company and you watch it grow and you grow and you grow and I trained for a marathon as I listened to this book and man, did I run hard because of that. And that’s one of the reasons why I turned to Audible. I love podcasts like yours and mine, because you get about an hour and a half of information and it’s fun to listen to. But for longer runs, for longer commutes, l like to get lost in a book.

Leo Laporte Me too.

Andrew Warner And some books, like this one, really motivate you and get me – get you fired up.

Leo Laporte James Caan spells just like the actor, C-A-A-N. The Real Deal: My Story from Brick Lane to Dragons' Den. What else?

Andrew Warner All right. Here’s – I’m going to give another one, because I listen to all your shows and I don’t think you guys talk enough about this. You don’t just have to subscribe to books. It’s not just books that you can sign up for with Audible. There’s also magazines and the radio shows, and TV shows that you can listen to. And one of my favorites is Charlie Rose. I bought a one-year subscription to Charlie Rose and I keep renewing it; he’s incredible. He brings authors on and when he interviews an author I almost don’t need to read the book afterwards because he dives so deeply into it and makes it so interesting. So Charlie Rose is my second suggestion.

Leo Laporte You know what, that’s a really good point. We don’t mention often enough that Audible is more than just books. And yeah, you can watch or listen to really, TV shows like Charlie Rose, you can get The Wall Street Journal which I imagine for somebody like you, Andrew, is a real a boon to have that kind of thing.

Andrew Warner And I think they give you The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times for free with a subscription, but in addition to it, you can sign up to something like – and you can tell me if I’m wrong, but in addition to that you can sign up to a show like Charlie Rose and you don’t get just one episode for your credit, you get a month’s worth of shows for that one credit and you are giving people two credits so they can get more than that.

Leo Laporte That’s a really good point, I never get to see Charlie Rose, I always wish I were seeing it. A one month subscription can be added right to your cart. Audible this is – Andrew I am glad we got you on. Great, two really great picks., you are going to get two credits when you sign up for the Platinum account and you’re going to – I promise you, you’re going to love it. The best way to spend time when you can’t read a book, when you are stuck in the car or whatever, it’s just fantastic. Thank you so much Andrew for your recommendations, Andrew; we’ll put those in the show notes so you can just click a link., thank you for your support Audible.

John, you back.?

The Tech Grouch No the guy’s not back yet.

Leo Laporte What the hell, who is that? Who’s that there? There is a guy with a hunting cap and a beard on.

The Tech Grouch I am the Tech Grouch,

Leo Laporte I have been watching your show and you are grouchy. What is – why you are so angry, Tech Grouch?

The Tech Grouch What else is there to do?

Leo Laporte Well you could listen to an audible book or something. I mean you don’t have to be so angry about everything.

The Tech Grouch Yeah, well I listened to an Audible book once.

Leo Laporte Yeah? What did you think?

The Tech Grouch It was a guy talking in my ear, where is the book?

Leo Laporte Well it’s an audio book. Yeah do you have a computer Tech Grouch?

The Tech Grouch Oh yeah, I’m a computer expert.

Leo Laporte Oh you are.

The Tech Grouch Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte Is that because you live next door to Dvorak?

The Tech Grouch Yup.

Leo Laporte He taught you everything he knows.

The Tech Grouch No that’s the joke of it. I taught him everything he knows. He doesn’t know crap, that guy.

Leo Laporte You mean you’re the inspiration, you’re the guy who teaches The Tech Grouch all his stuff?

The Tech Grouch Yup. It’s always some old fart like me.

Leo Laporte I didn’t think there was anybody older than The Tech Grouch.

The Tech Grouch Oh yeah, yeah. Plenty.

Leo Laporte So is there anything in here, we are going into the Christmas season, a little holiday cheer, little holiday spirit from the Tech Grouch, you can’t be grouchy all the time. Maybe there’s something that you’d like to share with us that’s makes you happy?

The Tech Grouch Well you know there is a lot of – you can buy your own 3D glasses nowadays. Bring them with you.

Leo Laporte Anywhere you go.

The Tech Grouch You know I think there’s a lice problem with some of these glasses. They should not be recycling them.

Leo Laporte That’s a good point, never really thought about it.

The Tech Grouch Oh yeah, it’s dangerous.

Leo Laporte You don’t know who is wearing that glass. Yeah.

The Tech Grouch Also portable radio is handy.

Leo Laporte Portable radio, why would you need a portable radio?

The Tech Grouch Oh yeah. Earthquake.

Leo Laporte Always ready, are you?

The Tech Grouch So Dvorak says he is going to be basting his meat for a while. I don’t why it’s taking him so long.

Leo Laporte Oh why don’t you join the show and you could…

The Tech Grouch It usually only takes them eight minutes or so.

Leo Laporte I know he’s a little slow today. Let me introduce you to Andrew Warner here, he is from Andrew

The Tech Grouch Howdy.

Leo Laporte He does a – they’re podcasts, right Andrew? About entrepreneurship and businesses on the internet.

Andrew Warner It started out doing audio like you and then moved on to video the way you do, I am going to follow everything you do, you just go 3D, I go 3D my friend.

Leo Laporte Ah, you will never see me go 3D. I think that’s something we’re just going to – unless I can get Adam here to help us out, maybe he can. He does stop-motion, it’s kind of cool, worked on Coraline, which was really…

Andrew Warner We can do stop-motion this WEEK in TECH. I don’t even have to move.

Leo Laporte Yeah and Tech Grunch – Tech Grunch! Tech Grouch, let me introduce you to.

The Tech Grouch Tech Grinch.

Leo Laporte Tech Grinch. You know, for the holidays I think we’ll call you the Tech Grinch. Right below you on the screen, Lisa Bettany from

The Tech Grouch Wow, she’s purty.

Leo Laporte She’s a photographer, you know, which is interesting because she’s been a model. She’s been an ice skater, professional ice skater, but now she takes pictures of other models and is a very accomplished photographer.

The Tech Grouch She is vertically integrated. That’s what [ph] we say. (59:15)

Leo Laporte Yeah and she cannot drive a stick.

Lisa Bettany I can’t, I can’t be talented at everything. I have to have my weaknesses.

Leo Laporte It’s because when you were a teenager you don’t focus on the things normal teenagers focused on.

Lisa Bettany No.

The Tech Grouch Can’t drive a stick!

Lisa Bettany Sorry.

Leo Laporte The Tech Grouch is not happy. Did you – how old were you when you started ice skating?

Lisa Bettany Probably three, two.

Leo Laporte What? And then when did you get really serious about it.

Lisa Bettany I started on – probably when I was maybe five or six.

Leo Laporte What, really? Is that true really?

Lisa Bettany I had determination.

The Tech Grouch She retired at nine!

Lisa Bettany No.

Leo Laporte And so you actually moved from Saskatoon to Vancouver to study with a – or was it Toronto? Where did you move to study with a coach?

Lisa Bettany Well, I lived in Calgary and Toronto for – following male partners, because as you know, there aren’t many male figure skaters, so you have to kind of go where they are.

Leo Laporte Go where the guys are, huh?

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

The Tech Grouch San Francisco beckons!

Leo Laporte We have a lot of male figure skaters in San Fransisco!

The Tech Grouch Yup!

Lisa Bettany [Laughter] Oh…

Leo Laporte That’s what I hear anyway. How old were you when you left home to kind of pursue this full time?

Lisa Bettany 16.

Leo Laporte See, this is why you don’t know how to drive a stick.

Lisa Bettany I know.

Leo Laporte You were busy skating. And you were Olympics bound? Was that your goal?

Lisa Bettany That was my goal. And I’m really excited about the 2010 Olympics.

Leo Laporte Coming your way to Vancouver!

Lisa Bettany I know. And I actually live a block away from the hockey venue.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s great.

Lisa Bettany Like, I can see it right out my window.

Leo Laporte So are you going to cover it for anybody?

Lisa Bettany I am; I’m going to be covering it for The Vancouver Province, sort of a daily column and videos.

Leo Laporte And how about – are you going to go to all the figure skating events? You have to, right?

Lisa Bettany I mean it’s so hard to get in.

Leo Laporte But won’t it be kind of bittersweet to go to that? I should say; her career was cut short by an injury.

Lisa Bettany Yeah. Yeah. I mean I’m definitely over that part of it. I don’t like to watch the figure skating event because it’s so tragic. Because it’s always – someone falls and someone loses it and it’s – that’s really hard to take for me.

The Tech Grouch That’s the best part!


Lisa Bettany Well of course you would think that.

Leo Laporte Tech Grouch loves the figure skating.

The Tech Grouch Oh, they fall down, it’s terrific, it’s hilarious. They do it on purpose, by the way.

Leo Laporte No, they do not, Tech Grouch.

The Tech Grouch No?

Leo Laporte No. They don’t fall down on purpose, do they, Lisa?

Lisa Bettany No. No.

The Tech Grouch So let me ask a question. So you’re losing, you’re not gonna win, there’s no chance. How about just going through the wall and getting on there – at least you’ll get on Sports Center?

Lisa Bettany I have seen someone jump through the boards onto a camera.

Leo Laporte On purpose?

Lisa Bettany No, as an accident.

Leo Laporte Oh, how horrible.

The Tech Grouch Wow.

Lisa Bettany But she kept going. It was all good.

Leo Laporte Oh man. They just impress the hell out of me. Yeah, 2010 Olympics, when does that start, it starts soon?

The Tech Grouch In 2010.

Leo Laporte In 2010.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, it’s really soon. I mean there’s a lot of hype going on right now, and I’ll be covering some stuff in January. But I guess it starts on like, sort of middle of February. And yeah, I’ve never been part of Olympic Games, so – and I’m right, sort of, situated right in the middle of it. So I’ll have good – I’ll have to get a really long zoom lens so I can sneak some photos.

Leo Laporte Somebody should get Lisa into the figure skating. That’s ridiculous.

So according to ARSTechnica, Bing doesn’t belong to Microsoft. Microsoft called its search engine Bingo for a while, then removed the O; I didn’t know that.

Lisa Bettany [Laugher].

Leo Laporte But then they called it Bing. But a small company in St. Louis, Bing! Information Design (exclamation mark) is suing Bing, suing Microsoft. They’re a web design firm, quote “dedicated to taking tough, hard to design concepts and boiling them down into simple, easy to understand ideas.” They say that Microsoft’s Bing causes confusion with regard to the relationship between plaintiff (Bing! Information Design) and defendant Microsoft; confuses the public with regard to the origin of the plaintiff’s services and dilutes the value of the plaintiff’s trademarks and, they say Microsoft knew perfectly well that St. Louis Bing existed; it would just take a Google search to find it. And they’re asking not only actual damages but punitive damages.

Oh, thank god you’re back, John.

John C. Dvorak No, I had to get rid of that guy.

Leo Laporte Oh man, is he grouchy.

Lisa Bettany Such a grouch.

John C. Dvorak North Carolina, baby! North Carolina! Oh, I’m sorry, North Central.

Leo Laporte Big difference, John, I don’t want to say anything, but you got that one here last week, didn’t you?

John C. Dvorak North Central, baby!

Leo Laporte [Laughter] Oh, now he’s all North Central.

John C. Dvorak Number one.

Leo Laporte Number one what? They don’t even – do they have a team? You don’t even know.

John C. Dvorak I have no idea. I never got the background around the school.

Leo Laporte You just got the shirt?

John C. Dvorak How about doing some tech news once in a while?

Leo Laporte I did, we did – when you were gone, with the Tech Grouch, we did a bunch of stuff.

John C. Dvorak The Tech Grouch. That guy’s a loser.

Leo Laporte Yeah. He wasn’t really giving us what I would call insightful commentary.

John C. Dvorak No. That’s how pathetic things have become.

Leo Laporte Let’s see here.

John C. Dvorak Well I’m looking at the story rundown, and there’s a couple of interesting ones.

Leo Laporte Pick one that you like.

John C. Dvorak Well, there’s the one at the top, which is now I think on the other page. Hang on.

Leo Laporte You guys, actually – our audience is about to leave.

John C. Dvorak The French court ruled against Google books, that’s a plus.

Leo Laporte Yeah, hold on, our audience wants to get out of here, so can we hurry this up so they can get going? Yeah, the court ruled against the Google book case. Paris court said that…

John C. Dvorak They ruled against Google books and the bookcase that the books are in.

Leo Laporte They don’t like the case, they don’t like the books, they don’t like anything about it, and they ordered Google to pay – Google is going to be thrown out of Europe, I think. They say they’re breaking French law with their policy of digitizing books. They’re getting a $14,000 a day fine, 10,000 euros, $14,000 a day, until Google rids the search engine of literary extracts. They also have to pay 300,000 euros in damages to a French publisher which brought the case. Google will appeal, of course. But this is – kind of – underscores the problem Google’s going to have in each and every country one by one.

John C. Dvorak Well, you know, they need Google more than Google needs them?

Leo Laporte What would happen if Google just said, okay, we won’t let anybody with a .fr – I mean, this is the solution, right? If it violates your laws, sorry, we won’t let anybody with a .fr…

John C. Dvorak The French would probably think that’s great.

Leo Laporte …use Google. Yeah, they probably would, it’d probably backfire. Okay, no problem, we don’t like you anyway, we’ll use our little French thing called Gurgle.

John C. Dvorak You think Google’s going to buy Yelp, that’s the other big story.

Leo Laporte Yeah. That’s very interesting. Google you know does this Google Goggles. Did we talk about Google Goggles last week?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte That was the recognition software that they won’t let do faces, but recognizes monuments, logos, so forth. And shortly after they do that, TechCrunch says Google is going to buy Yelp, which is the biggest online service of reviews. End-user reviews of businesses, restaurants.

John C. Dvorak A very useful site, especially if you – you want to go to a new restaurant and you want to check it out.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So imagine combining Google Goggles with augmented reality, which Google already has – with Yelp. Now you’ve got everything on one. And I think we’re heading towards – we talked about this yesterday on TWiG – towards the Google HU. You know, a Heads Up Display that you wear, just a little helmet – it could actually probably fit in your hoodie, John. I think he’s wearing it right now. He looks like Darth Vader. You put it – a little plastic screen…

John C. Dvorak I am your father, Leo.

Leo Laporte [Laughter] That’s a scary thought.

Andrew Warner It’ll be a second set of glasses, we’ll have to have glasses for 3D, glasses for this, for Google Goggles…

Leo Laporte Oh yeah. Lisa won’t mind, she was wearing three headsets earlier.

Lisa Bettany I know, I really…

Leo Laporte You could wear several pairs of glasses.

Lisa Bettany I could. I could. But the whole thing of augmented reality, I mean have you actually used Yelp monocle?

Leo Laporte Yeah, they’re already doing it.

Lisa Bettany But it’s all – it tells me that there’s a Chinese restaurant in my wall.

Leo Laporte [Laughter] Well you have to – you’re not supposed to use it inside!


Andrew Warner Well, look in your wall, they’re – Google can’t be wrong, there might be one.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s true. They might be right. You’re supposed to – Lisa, I know you don’t like to go out, but you’re supposed to go outside and be on the street and then you point the Google – I mean the Yelp Monocle around.

Lisa Bettany But I want to know before I make that big leap.

Leo Laporte Then don’t use the augmented reality, then. That’s the…

Lisa Bettany It’s a bit scary.

Leo Laporte I think it’s just kind of a natural, only TechCrunch has said this, Google hasn’t commented on this and it hasn’t gone through yet. But it does seem like an obvious thing for Google to pick up. A lot of – 25 million unique users every month, lots of very good reviews.

Yes, Andrew?

Andrew Warner What’s surprising to me is that they weren’t able to create as robust a community on Google itself. I know that when I do a search for a restaurant and I do a search for other businesses on Google, Google gives me the ability to – they give me a platform to give my review of it. But it hasn’t been as robust as Yelp. It’s interesting to see that Yelp, even with Google battling them and coming into their space has been able to hold their own.

John C. Dvorak Do you get Yelp in Argentina?

Andrew Warner I don’t think so, I could use it. Would have you got on your head now?

Leo Laporte It’s my mom!

John C. Dvorak No, I took off the hoodie, you were complaining you couldn’t see me.

Leo Laporte Oh, John. John has long, gray hair now. I don’t know where that came from. Do you have that in whatever…

John C. Dvorak Do you think I’ll just do anything to get a cheap laugh?

Leo Laporte Yes, clearly.

Andrew Warner Can you look up – Olivia – I’ve got my wife here watching us. This is my big moment here; I’m on This Week in Tech. So I wanted her to know that married the right man and be impressed by my new fame.

Leo Laporte Does Olivia even know what This Week – does she even know – does she even know what this is?

Andrew Warner Can you, Olivia, look up Yelp in Argentina? See if it has the restaurants that we like here and see if the reviews are accurate?

Leo Laporte I’m sure it doesn’t. I’m sure it doesn’t.

John C. Dvorak They might, you might be surprised. This thing has gone worldwide.

Leo Laporte I’m sure there’s an Argen...

Andrew Warner Services like price line and other services that we’ve come to rely on in the U.S., they exist here but they’re not as robust because there isn’t the culture that there is in the U.S., there aren’t as many reviewer there aren’t as many hotel operators that are participating…

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Warner …at least in the little bit that I’ve been here that’s what I’ve found.

Leo Laporte You raise an interesting point, though, John, or Andrew, why Google couldn’t do this itself. And I think Google has – just historically not very good at creating community, now orkut…

John C. Dvorak Well, they did a good job with orkut in Brazil.

Leo Laporte Well that’s what I found interesting that there are some places where orkut is huge, but not here.

John C. Dvorak Right.

Leo Laporte It did not take off here, and I’m not sure why…

John C. Dvorak But the Brazilians are the most sociable people in the world, so they jump on a social networking thing like there is no tomorrow.

Leo Laporte But why that, and...

John C. Dvorak Do I look like Timothy Leary?

Leo Laporte Yeah a little bit.

John C. Dvorak I think so.

Andrew Warner A little like Andy Warhol actually too.

Leo Laporte Yeah, if you could give it a bowl cut. So I mean out of curiosity John, why do you have that wig in your office.

John C. Dvorak It’s not a wig.

Leo Laporte Okay. It’s a strange thing.

John C. Dvorak I tell you this, do you want to hear the story about the wig?

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak So I was going to, when I was developing a character that you may have seen once in a while that he wears a long beard I actually had an original idea and I was going to use this on the Cranky Geeks show and I had this wig along with a white beard, it was a Santa Claus outfit and this wig was all – was just this curly mess.

Leo Laporte It doesn’t look curly anymore, it’s – what happened?

John C. Dvorak My daughter grabbed the wig one day and she combed it out and now it’s just like – I didn’t realize that it was actually a real wig of some sort. So I couldn’t use it for anything.

Leo Laporte You could use it for a Santa that got caught in the rain, you could use it for something like that…

John C. Dvorak Yes, I should throw some water on it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, the wet Santa…

John C. Dvorak I think this is my new look.

Leo Laporte It’s a good look.

John C. Dvorak I’m going to end up looking this way anyway.

Leo Laporte Did you ever have long hair ever, like when you were at Berkeley, did you have long hair?

John C. Dvorak I had – I only had long hair to a point, I could get my hair – I couldn’t wear it this long, because my hair’s extremely thin and it would always have this split ends and it would drive me nuts so I’d be scratching my face all the time, so I could never really have long hair.

Leo Laporte Wow. It’s more of a revelation than I really thought I would get.

John C. Dvorak Everybody really needs to know.

Leo Laporte John’s split ends

John C. Dvorak I scratch my face all day.

Leo Laporte Comcast is doing something really interesting, they just started doing this, I’m a Comcast customer I checked it out and it’s true. Users who are dual-play subscribers of Comcast cable and Comcast high-speed Internet, this is one way that they can keep you using both we can log on to something called Fancast which Comcast has had for long time, or and they can see on demand pretty much anything they get on their cable. If you have HBO content, you can watch HBO content. 27 partner networks including ANE History, ABC Style, G4, Ovation, Travel, TLC, Animal Planet. Comcast is essentially trying out cable via the Internet.

Andrew Warner It’s not enough.

Leo Laporte It’s not enough. Is this a last ditch attempt to save Comcast?

Andrew Warner It’s another attempt. It’s not the last; it’s one, but they’re are going to keep trying these things, I think they need a bigger vision here. One of the problems by they way with this that you need to be dual-pay, you need to pay for cable and you need to pay for Internet through them and I don’t want – I don’t want cable at all if I’m on my computer.

Leo Laporte That’s a good point but wait a minute what if – what if though that your cable included this – all these shows on the Internet as well.

Andrew Warner I still don’t want a TV anymore. TV to me seems like an out of date technology. I want to watch on my computer. I want to watch on my iPhone. I want to watch away from my home, away from my desk.

Leo Laporte Really.

Andrew Warner I think we need somebody with a big vision here, somebody to stand up and say…

John C. Dvorak I want a big screen, not a big vision.

Leo Laporte Yeah, home theatre, we just were talking about that. How about you Lisa, would you watch all of your – do you watch all your TV on the computer?

Lisa Bettany I do – I don’t have a TV.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think that this is true among people in their 20s now, I know Coleen; same thing. Now you are in Canada so Rogers has done something similar, haven’t they?

Lisa Bettany I wouldn’t know.

Leo Laporte I think Rogers has put – have you got a Rogers? That’s right, because you have to be Rogers subscriber, but I believe Rogers has done something very similar because you can’t get Hulu in Canada, so they said, all right no problem, we’ll do something…

Lisa Bettany Well you can – if you’re sneaky.

John C. Dvorak You can go through a torrent network maybe.

Leo Laporte How do you – what do you do, use a proxy?

John C. Dvorak Proxy.

Lisa Bettany Hotspot Shield.

Leo Laporte And it works like in real time, you get able to watch video.

Lisa Bettany It’s not bad, I mean…

John C. Dvorak What’s the name of this thing? Hotspot Video?

Leo Laporte Hotspot Shield.

Lisa Bettany Hotspot Shield.

Leo Laporte It’s actually a very good service, I use it too.

John C. Dvorak What do you use it for?

Andrew Warner Do you get a lot of lag with that, a lot of buffering?

Leo Laporte That’s what I’d be worried about.

Andrew Warner Sorry?

Leo Laporte That’s exactly what I’d be worried about is that we wouldn’t – you wouldn’t get the – so it works very well.

Lisa Bettany It’s not bad, I mean sometimes you get a bad connection but I mean it’s better than the other option which is…

Leo Laporte Nothing.

Lisa Bettany …nothing.

Leo Laporte Swingbox.

Lisa Bettany True.

Leo Laporte Swingbox. Here’s a story from Maine, a Maine legislator wants to make the state the first to require cell phones to carry warnings they can cause brain cancer. Even though no one in Maine talks like this anymore. Even though there is no consensus among scientists…

John C. Dvorak Now you are starting to sound like Roosevelt.

Leo Laporte I know I think I noticed that, I’m turning into Roosevelt. Today is a day which will live in infamy.

John C. Dvorak Another joke that nobody gets Roosevelt.

Leo Laporte Just you and me. You and me John, well we’re the only two people who remember what Roosevelt sounded like. Now ubiquitous devices carry such warnings in some countries, I didn’t know this some countries actually warn Gavin Newsom wants San Francisco to require warnings on cell phones even though there is no evidence and no consensus among scientists that cell phones cause cancer, they want to put it on their anyway.

John C. Dvorak Well dad-gummit.

Leo Laporte Federal Communications Commission which sets standards for cell phone safety does not require handset makers to divulge radiation levels and they have set a standard for specific absorption rates, in fact I remember when I was at the FCC headquarters, they had a human dummy filled with some gooey stuff that simulated the viscosity and density of flesh and they had a machine that would take a cell phone and move it in small increments around the body and then inside the viscose material they had receivers and they were measuring the radio transmission, how much energy was absorbed by various cell phones. I mean I guess it doesn’t hurt anybody to have a warning on it, but the question is, is there any – there really isn’t evidence that there are risks.

Andrew Warner Maybe it does hurt us, because if we keep seeing these warning signs that really don’t have any scientific basis, we’re going to start ignoring the ones that do have a scientific basis.

Leo Laporte Good point. Good point.

Andrew Warner And that’s what I think the damage is.

Leo Laporte That’s happened in California, right John? Because everywhere you go, you see prop 65 warning. Chemicals in this building are known to cause cancer.

John C. Dvorak Right, they got them on all the gas pumps too.

Leo Laporte Everywhere. Everywhere and you do, you get numb to it and you no longer care and you see warnings that you couldn’t care less is like somewhat, they are BS warnings.

Andrew Warner Now Leo, let me say this…

Leo Laporte He took off his make up, is right.

Andrew Warner Do you see the mask that he’s got on, that John C. Dvorak has on, imagine that in 3-D, and tell me you don’t want to take TWiT to 3-D.

Leo Laporte All right, you are right, you know what, TWiT should be 3-D, that nose, that proboscis is coming right at – it’s 3-D.

Andrew Warner What is that mask?

Leo Laporte It looks like – actually looks like Dick DeBartolo from the Daily Giz Wiz actually.

John C. Dvorak It’s a Dick DeBartolo mask.

Leo Laporte That’s exactly, exactly what it looks like. It kind of, in a weird distorted Dick DeBartolo, keep your finger out of that nose, that’s huge. Are you scared Lisa? Don’t be scared, it’s just John. You haven’t worked with him as long as I have. That’s a very good point Andrew that these warnings have the complete opposite effect.

Andrew Warner I’ve got one on my mattress, I’ve got one on my phone soon, on my keyboard, on my wine.

Leo Laporte It’s the nanny – it’s the nanny society that we live in these days. And I wouldn’t mind if there were evidence but there is absolutely no consensus in and in fact most scientific consensus is that at the levels that the cell phone is working at, the energy levels its working at that they are harmless. Unless you glued it to your head and wore it around as a hat, which John might be doing…

Lisa Bettany Or if you slept with it under your pillow.

Leo Laporte Do you?

Lisa Bettany Maybe.

Leo Laporte Why do you do that? Do you think maybe you get an emergency call in the middle of the night, are you worried?

Lisa Bettany I just like to hold it when I sleep because…

Leo Laporte It’s the iPhone, isn’t it?

John C. Dvorak Do you put it – do you keep it on vibrate?

Leo Laporte Hey stop that you ugly…

Lisa Bettany Oh come on.

Leo Laporte …jerk.

John C. Dvorak I just was wondering.

Leo Laporte Jerk. Time to talk about Squarespace, and I’m going to let John do a costume change because I don’t like the John C. Dvorak I’m seeing here today. Squarespace is a great place that lets you, my friends, design your own website using such easy use tools, you start with beautiful templates, but it’s more – by the way not just a blog, it’s exceptional websites of all kinds, Lisa you’d love it for a photo blog, people use it for forums, great statistics, beautiful intuitive editing, all the social media you’d ever want, sites start at just $8 a month, you can blog, you could build, you can host design, most importantly you can impress, and I want you to try it free right now, you don’t even need a credit card, go to try it, it’s very easy to get your data into it, like this is one of the things that really, I think is a great selling point of Squarespace. It imports data from all the major blog engines and exports. So you never trapped from tight pad, from WordPress, from blogger, just get that data over and take a look and boy these templates are gorgeous, you start with a great looking site. But then, you build it, you move it around. They have an amazing iPhone app, Lisa so you can blog from under your pillow. Have you seen the iPhone app, it’s really, really slick.

Lisa Bettany I have it, I mean, I’ve been on WordPress for a while now, but it’s starting to, I don’t know, it’s not giving me what I want, so I’m definitely looking at Squarespace…

Leo Laporte You know what I’m a WordPress user too, one of the things I worry about, one of the reasons we’ve started to move our TWiT blogs over to Squarespace is every five minutes there is a security issue…

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte …and if you don’t keep on top of your WordPress blog and update immediately, you get hacked.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, hacked in – your site will go down...

Leo Laporte It’s ugly.

Lisa Bettany …and it’s sort of – every – there’s an update all the time and all the plug-ins and it’s just such a nightmare to deal with…

Leo Laporte The beauty of this is they keep it updated. You don’t have to do anything, the engine is always up-to-date, you are on their servers, it’s just 60 templates, one, two and three column styles, dropdown menus, point and click visual design let’s you drag and change widths and everything. It is so beautiful, so elegant, SEO optimized of course, WYSIWYG editing interface, spam filtering, great for podcasting, code insertion and video insertion directly from the WYSIWYG interface full iTune support, Litebox for your pictures, I know you like Litebox, it’s the analytics, I mean I – just go to and take a look, actually and you’ll get 10% off as you use the coupon code, TWiT when you sign up Squarespace is amazing. Our insight TWiT blog is running on it now, and I’m just thinking boy I’ve got to move everything over there., the place to go. Let’s see what John looks like now. He just looks normal.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. Looks like I got breasts though maybe I was just…

Leo Laporte That’s the way.

John C. Dvorak 3-D I’m telling you…

Leo Laporte You want to see what John really looks like.

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (83:10) there we go.

Leo Laporte There you go. There you go. What else is going on in the world, anything else we got to wrap this up – what is the big story – what are people talking about an Argentina in tech, Andrew.

Andrew Warner You know what actually here is what I’m noticing around here, theft is what they are talking about…

Leo Laporte Really?

Andrew Warner …in Argentina. So I brought my iPhone here, I’m able to connect it to the local carrier because I Jailbroke my phone, but I can’t take it on public because I’m worried to someone is going to steal my phone apparently there is theft – there is rampant theft for that. Computers you can’t take them out. I’m wondering if we need to lower the prices of these computers just to bring the rest of the world in, so that they are not theft-bait anymore, so that they are more accessible to people, I mean, in Argentina they can afford to buy these computers.

Leo Laporte Well, isn’t Argentina like Brazil…

Andrew Warner I want to bring more people online.

Leo Laporte Is it Argentina like Brazil where they tack on – there is some of these ridiculous tariffs and so these things are extremely expensive.

Andrew Warner Yes. People find out that I am American and they keep asking me to have my friends when they come visit me, bring Dell computers for them and other computers.

John C. Dvorak Right. That used to be rampant in Brazil.

Leo Laporte So in effect you create this black market, this underground where thieves are rewarded because if you buy in-country, it’s so expensive.

Andrew Warner Yes. And how are they going to encourage technology and innovation here, when people have to pay so much for the basic computers.

John C. Dvorak It makes no sense to me either…

Leo Laporte It…

John C. Dvorak I always thought it was screwy.

Leo Laporte It does seem like the thing to do if you’re a government, and if you want to encourage innovation in businesses you make the Internet unfiltered, widely available, high speed, inexpensive, you make sure technology is in the hands of people and then you let them go, and you let them do it and I think, the U.S. isn’t a perfect example either. We pay a lot more for our Internet than in a lot of countries and we get worse quality than in a lot of countries, and there is a constant pressure on the Internet to shut down free and open Internet, but boy, that seems to be obvious that that’s the key to success in this modern economy.

Andrew Warner And it’s also easy in the U.S. and we don’t realize this, it’s lot easier to start a company in the U.S. than it is in much of the world.

Leo Laporte Oh! Really.

Andrew Warner You can just call one of these instant company corporations and they set you up with the company within days. You can’t do that in other company – in other countries, you have to go through bureaucracy, you have to pay, you have to wait.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I used, I asked Kevin Rose who has got about 80 different LLCs, I asked how are you doing? He said BizFilings cost a couple of hundred bucks, you got a business, that’s all you have to do and I was an LLC just like that. Of course I brought it to a lawyer later, he said I wish you’d come to me first.

Andrew Warner Now you’re screwed

Leo Laporte No, no, it’s fine. We’re a Delaware Corporation and – and I found out later that people do Delaware Corporations because venture capitalists like it, and I’m – that was not a good reason to do it, I had to pay extra money to be at California whatever…

John C. Dvorak We found that Washington State has really a liberal approach to these.

Leo Laporte Oh! That’s interesting.

John C. Dvorak …we do our work.

Leo Laporte Do you have any recommendation Andrew, you do this a lot in corporation.

Andrew Warner For starting a company you know what, I actually used it, create my company just Delaware Corporation, the way that you did, but after 9/11, it became a problem, it became harder to open up bank accounts in California, if you’ve got a Delaware Corporation.

Leo Laporte We had to become a California registered corporation. We’re still Delaware but you pay extra money, you’re California registered and then it’s a lot easier, you’re exactly right. Lisa?

Andrew Warner And frankly, what I’ll tell you is that if you ever do need venture capital or do need to go public, you need to be a Delaware Corporation, you just form a Delaware Corporation and have it acquire your other business, so there’s…

Leo Laporte Exactly.

Andrew Warner You’ve got all those benefits.

Leo Laporte We should have done that. Andrew is at, go there. And there’s some great interviews, wonderful stuff up there and I know you have a big fan base of people who have been begging me to get you on TWiT, so I’m so glad we can get you to do it, even though you are not…

Andrew Warner I’m so – you know what I’m so appreciative of people who heard me say that I’d like to be on here, and actually emailed you or tweeted at you...

Leo Laporte Oh man.

Andrew Warner Thank you guys for telling him.

John C. Dvorak The network…

Leo Laporte The network, it’s great. Well, we’re glad – we’re glad you’re here.

John C. Dvorak Well, he is here pretty much in the same – right time zone because north and south is no – it’s not like when we talk to people in the UK, they are like at 2 in the morning.

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Warner It’s 10 PM almost here now on a Sunday.

Leo Laporte Beautiful evening I’m sure too in Argentina. Thank you Andrew, Lisa Bettany how’s the photography going. You’re doing a lot of photography I see you flicker all the time.

Lisa Bettany Well, yeah, I mean, since I got my 5d Mark II…

Leo Laporte My baby.

Lisa Bettany I think if he proposed, I would accept.

Leo Laporte He’s a beautiful camera. he’s a gorgeous camera, if you go to MostlyLisa that’s Lisa’s website. You’re still MostlyLisa on twitter right? You got that back?

Lisa Bettany I am yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Lisa Bettany Yes.

Leo Laporte But is a place to go to see everything you want to know about Lisa. She is also doing some great pieces on photography, if you want to learn about photography. So that’s kind of fun – a lot of tips, look at this voice morphing, this is – I don’t know what you are up to…

Lisa Bettany No, that was silly.

Leo Laporte …but it looks…

Lisa Bettany That was very silly.

Leo Laporte It looks really funny Fisheye Fever, how to take better portraits, it’s really a great site, you’re doing a great job Lisa. And if you would just learn how to drive a stick, then you could drive…

Lisa Bettany I did try…

Leo Laporte We just did, this is the one thing we didn’t ask

John C. Dvorak You have to wait it. Take a Mustang with a 400 horsepower engine and give her the stick to try…

Leo Laporte It is a little powerful. But it’s fun, we’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out. Thank you so much for joining us I don’t have to tell you where you find John C. Dvorak because he’s been flogging it throughout the show,’s the place to go, there it is see. All the stuffs there including his neighbor the Tech Grouch…

John C. Dvorak Deke.

Leo Laporte Deke. The Tech Grouch…

John C. Dvorak You left his hat, I may have to go over there and I hate to see this guy more and once in a while.

Leo Laporte He said he taught you everything you know.

John C. Dvorak That’s bull…

Leo Laporte Okay, we’ve got John fighting with himself now. I want to thank Adam Jones for being in studio with us and kind of setting in the records straight on 3D, that’s really great. And Johnny Worthington for calling him from Brisbane we appreciate that too Johnny for staying up late with us. We thank you all for watching, we have a very special TWiT coming up on Christmas eve, we’re going to get an extra special TWiT on Thursday night, it’s the TWiT holiday special with John Hodgman PC from the – I’m a Mac ads. Jonathan Coulton the great Balladeer creator of the song “Code Monkey” and still alive and I think he is going to peform “Still Alive” for us. Merlin Mann, mister productivity and one of the funniest guys in show business. And a visit from Cammy Blackstone because Munchcast is back after winning the podcast award.

We do want to thank the podcast awards for naming this the best video podcast even against the likes of Diggnation and TEDTalks, I don’t know how that happened, but I think I owe a great debt of gratitude to all of you who watch. So thank you very much. We do this show live every Sunday at 6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific at You can now see video not only on the website, we’ve got it on YouTube, we’ve got a special YouTube channel for all TWiT video, it’s and the iTunes feeds are coming any minute now and of course if you have a Roku or Popcorn player or TV with Yahoo! Widgets, variety of other devices including the Android phones and the [ph] Pompries (90:37), you can watch us there as well, just look for TWiT in your application store.

Anyway you want to get us, that’s where we want to be, we thank you so much for you support, another twit. Is in the can. Merry Christmas everybody. Happy Hanukah.

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