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Episode 236


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 236 for February 22, 2010, Leave It To Molly.

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Leo Laporte This is TWiT, this WEEK In TECH, the show that covers the technology news from the week, oh no, I am sorry that’s Buzz Out Loud. This is the show where we just kind of goof around for an hour and a half. And we are so glad you are here.

Molly Wood I am glad to be here.

Leo Laporte Yes Molly, what is here? So good to see you.

Molly Wood No.

Leo Laporte You’ve returned to Buzz Out Loud?

Molly Wood I have. I am back on Buzz Out Loud every day.

Leo Laporte Yea, I tell you it’s a much better show.

Molly Wood I have never made so many people so happy all at once, it was a really a gratifying feeling.

Leo Laporte Isn’t it, just to know that they want you, they love you, they want you back?

Molly Wood I like that show.

Leo Laporte And now you are ranting professionally.

Molly Wood I am, I have decided to rant in written form and not just in audio and video. I am going back to my writer roots actually. I have a new blog, it’s, which is its own rant.

Leo Laporte Yeah that’s a rant right there.

Molly Wood Yeah, I then – I filed a bug for that.

Leo Laporte Do you find that once you start like ranting that you could rant about almost anything? Like you just start looking for rants.

Molly Wood Pretty much, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood In fact someone twittered me the other day and he said like, why do you let, I don’t even know what it was. Why do you let a commercial bother you, you know, on TV.

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood And I just wrote back and I said have you met me, I let everything bother me.

Leo Laporte Oh! That’s good, that’s a tag line. I let everything bother me.

Molly Wood I let everything bother me.

Leo Laporte Also here Mr. Mark Milian from Los Angeles, the LA Times. So good to have you Mark.

Mark Milian Good to be on again.

Leo Laporte Yeah Mark...

Mark Milian And I let nothing bother me, by the way.

Leo Laporte Really? You kind of, you are one of them – you look just like Justin Long, I am a Mac guy.

Mark Milian The Mac guy.

Molly Wood Just like living the life in LA, [indiscernible] (3:11) the times what could bother you.

Mark Milian I’m on my MacBook, I’ve got an iPhone here, I could be the Mac guy.

Leo Laporte I am, I’m Mark Milian, I’m a Mac, and of course Molly is a PC.

Molly Wood That’s true.

Leo Laporte Earlier I was wearing a t-shirt that says, I think I still have it here, it says “I’m a Tech God” and “Windows 7 – It Was My Idea”. Is that – now see, do you rant against Windows ever because that is a terrible, a terrible slogan, Windows 7 – It Was My Idea, that’s kind of silly.

Molly Wood It’s not the best slogan I’ve ever heard. I mean, you know, yeah, sure, I rant about everything, like I said, everything bothers me. But Microsoft does – I mean bless their little hearts they may have the worst marketing department on Earth.

Leo Laporte Oh my god. What is the name?

Molly Wood In all of human history, really.

Leo Laporte The new name, okay, so the World Mobile Congress went on this week in Barcelona and they announced the new Windows Mobile 7, except it's not called Windows Mobile 7, it's called Windows 7. Windows Phone…

Mark Milian Windows 7.

Molly Wood Windows Phone 7.

Leo Laporte No, you missed a part, Windows Phone 7 Series.

Mark Milian Series, ah, terrible name.

Molly Wood Oh, right.

Leo Laporte Could you come up with a worst name?

Mark Milian It’s just dramatically awkward.

Leo Laporte It’s just terrible. And it’s so unmemorable, I mean, I’ve been saying it all weekend, I still didn’t remember it.

Molly Wood Yeah, it’s beyond awkward, it’s just word solid. I mean, it's like aphasia, it’s just ooh, I don’t understand…

Leo Laporte Windows 7, 7 Word Series Phone.

Molly Wood It's like – remember when Yahoo! had – this was my favorite name ever actually, Yahoo! Go For TV, Yahoo! Go For TV.

Leo Laporte Go For TV.

Molly Wood Yahoo! Go For TV.

Leo Laporte It’s like when Tina Fay goes, I want to go there, it is just…

Molly Wood Want to go…

Leo Laporte Want to go there, it’s just crazy, crazy man. Anyway what are your thoughts about the new Windows 7 Series Phone Mobile thing, whatever?

Molly Wood Well, I mean I think just by the word solid name, this is the first time I’ve seen Microsoft doing something in the mobile space that looks vaguely promising. It’s based on Zune, and it incorporates all of these kind of things that, I saw Bill Gates at E3, what, three or four years ago showing off the idea of having your XBox Gamertag integrated into your Windows Mobile Phone, and it was like, hallelujah, and now four years later it's here, which is great, but it is too late.

Leo Laporte Mark, have you – I mean none of – nobody has seen these phones. It’s all – basically what I’ve seen is video.

Mark Milian Yeah, but I’ve spent a lot of time obviously with the iPhone since I have one, and with the Android for many years trying all the different Android phones for views. And I like that they didn’t just pull out a carbon copy of the iPhone OS, it’s not just little chicklet buttons, but it's rather like, this – like new fresh like these big Lucida Grande I think is the font face they are using and it just looks really nice and it looks kind of fresh and original, because nobody has used the Zune before. So it feels like a newer face.

Leo Laporte It’s fresh because, well what is this Zune they talk of. No, I agree with you. I think that it’s kind of – it's refreshing just for the fact that they didn’t try to do an iPhone, I think you are absolutely right.

Molly Wood They did a tiny bit, try to do a Palm Pre, which I think has been a little overlooked that they are really doing kind of the deck of cards interface.

Leo Laporte Oh because of the slide. But what they say is that it doesn’t just slide this way it slides this – up and down and left and right. It’s like a…

Molly Wood Which it does on the Pre too.

Leo Laporte Oh the Pre you slide up and down too?

Molly Wood Yeah the Pre totally has the X-axis sliding, just like...

Leo Laporte Oh! I didn’t know that. Okay.

Mark Milian Yeah, well you slide up to close files, right.

Leo Laporte That’s right. That’s right, that’s right. So I guess, okay, so it is a little Pre’ish. Although I think big fonts, really nice graphics, I’m a little annoyed that you have to have like ads for – essentially what are ads for Microsoft products in there like Xbox Live and…

Molly Wood What? What are you talking about?

Leo Laporte Well, I mean you’ve got a tile for it, I guess you could get rid of it, right. I don’t know.

Molly Wood Which is awesome, because you can integrate your Zune [indiscernible] (7:21).

Leo Laporte Yeah, but what if I don’t have a Gamertag?

Molly Wood Well, you should totally get one.

Leo Laporte Oh! It’s my fault.

Molly Wood So I guess in that sense may be it is a little bit of an ad for that.

Leo Laporte Maybe I should.

Molly Wood I’m sure you can turn it off though. I’m sure it’s going to have a customizable tile screen or whatever.

Leo Laporte I hope so.

Mark Milian I’m wondering if you can switch the default search engine from Bing to Google, because they were pushing that Mobile Bing quite a bit with this.

Leo Laporte Right. And whatever rumor that Apple was going to do a deal that put Bing on the iPhone, that must have been a bad rumor because that never happened.

Mark Milian That was definitely a bad rumor.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood That was an upsetting rumor actually, that just maybe feel really kind of dirty, that didn’t feel comfortable to me at all.

Leo Laporte What do you – do you use a Pre today Molly?

Molly Wood No, I’m on the DROID, I broke up with my iPhone and then now I’m very happy with the DROID.

Leo Laporte You know what I like? I’m using the Nexus One and I loves it.

Molly Wood Oh! Yeah.

Mark Milian I was just testing that phone, it’s great.

Leo Laporte Isn’t it nice?

Mark Milian Yeah I mean it’s – they all – all of the improvements that haven’t – I don’t think they’ve rolled them out to DROID yet, right? The…

Leo Laporte No, it’s 2.1, and DROID only has 2.0.

Molly Wood Yeah, yeah.

Mark Milian Some of that stuff is awesome. Like they somehow managed to improve further on the navigation app.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Mark Milian Which is just incredible and it's free in the first place, but, yeah, there is so much good stuff going on with that, Nexus One.

Leo Laporte [indiscernible] (8:44) we are talking about, I haven’t asked you guys what do you think of Buzz?

Molly Wood Buzz, I ranted against Buzz actually.

Leo Laporte Oh what a surprise, oh really?

Molly Wood On Molly Rants.

Leo Laporte You didn’t like Buzz, what a surprise. What didn’t you like about Buzz Molly Wood?

Molly Wood The giant privacy nightmare.

Leo Laporte Oh that!

Molly Wood On Buzz.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s nothing.

Molly Wood Yeah, the part where everybody that I really like it and close to on Gmail suddenly became part of a public friends list that everybody could see all the time, and also the fact that it pulled as my internal profile picture, at least it didn’t publish it publicly, but as my like profile picture that it showed me, it used like a picture from my DROID that I hadn’t ever [ph] offered it (9:20).

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s really bad.

Molly Wood I know. I mean on top of all of the terrible things that it did including, and this may be the worse thing of all cluttering up my Gmail inbox, which was unacceptable. It also I think like pulled this DROID picture out of thin air and that was just creepy as hell.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no, that is creepy, now, but it didn’t publish it?

Molly Wood It didn’t publish it, no, it just published the list of all of my close friend.

Leo Laporte I’m going to channel a Google engineer.

Unknown Speaker Well, but you didn’t have a profile so we had to supply a picture because you didn’t – did you not create a Google profile, Molly Wood?

Molly Wood And then it’s just so, I’m sure they were thinking, well, it's just so useful, it was a very Steve Jobs kind of rollout actually, it was very like, well you want to do this.

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood You want to have everybody in your contact list as your public contact list, everybody that you email a lot, of course they would be your contacts. And it's like, never mind the fact – I mean I think the big mistake, okay, the first big mistake was I can’t believe they didn’t learn from Facebook that you don’t opt people into this kind of thing.

Leo Laporte Into anything, yeah.

Molly Wood And then the second mistake is just the idea of having social networking as part of email, I just feel like those are two really different paradigms right now, still. Email is still private space at least to me.

Mark Milian That actually hit me immediately what you are talking about with Facebook. Because this just totally reeked one of Facebook’s many blunders, it’s like these engineers that have no mind for public [ph] testing (10:48) and no sense of personal privacy that it’s just this mindset like, well, we’ll do it for you, right, we don’t need your permission, this is what you wanted. Like you are saying, this is what you want to do, right? This is – I mean this is like Facebook’s public update, its news feed, this is beacon, it's just these engineers that are like, why wouldn’t you like this. I mean isn’t this the way to go, this is like the easiest thing to do, right. We will do it for you.

Leo Laporte And then, Eric Schmidt has the nerves to say, but nobody was hurt. That was like his justification for it, well, you know, nobody was hurt by this.

Mark Milian And did you see the class action lawsuit that’s being filed?

Leo Laporte Yeah, lady in Florida, yeah.

Mark Milian Right, abusive ex-boyfriend, who sees her contact list, basically who she is emailing with most often namely her new boyfriend.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s good. So, now of course, because I’m exactly the opposite of Molly, I’m Molly twisted, I loved it, and I didn’t mind, but I also understand why people were upset by the whole thing, it wasn’t a good thing.

Mark Milian You also got 10,000 followers almost immediately.

Leo Laporte Within a week.

Mark Milian You know, your bathroom scale has almost as many followers as me on Twitter.

Leo Laporte What’s your Twitter head, we are going to fix that?

Mark Milian It's just my name Mark Milian.

Leo Laporte M-A-R-K-M-I-L-I-A-N please, please, I beg of you, just follow the guy, because I don’t know if I can – I don’t know if I can handle the approbation.

Mark Milian Rather you just plug leos_scale, that’s…

Leo Laporte No, no, no, that’s the opposite we don’t want that. Oh dear! Well, yeah I know it’s – I don’t know why anybody would care, because Leo’s Scale the only thing it does is every morning it says how fat I am, maybe that’s why, maybe that’s why that’s the [ph] peel of it (12:43).

Mark Milian That’s how – you are cutting down. You’re looking good.

Leo Laporte I am slimming down baby. Thanks to Leo’s Scale. Thanks to the fact that I am humiliated in public every morning whether I like it or not. And you know – did you know that I did this – and when you get on the scale, it tweaks it immediately, like you can’t like go, oh shoot, and jump off, like oh no, don't say that, it’s too late. Because I tried a couple of times, I’m going that’s wrong and I jumped up, and no, too late. So I know it’s a mistake. Did I mute you Molly? I mute you Molly, I’m sorry.

Mark Milian Brutal. [indiscernible] (13:20).

Molly Wood [indiscernible] (13:21).

Leo Laporte There we go.

Molly Wood I was thinking like, more power to you sweety.

Leo Laporte I am sorry I muted you Molly.

Molly Wood You did.

Leo Laporte Yeah that doesn’t happen often I am sure, but I accidentally…

Molly Wood Have I been mute all this time because I’ve been saying really smart stuff.

Leo Laporte Yeah, the whole show – the whole show. She was so good folks I wish you could have heard her. Oh man! Is she brilliant? How is that, is that good?

Molly Wood Oh better, you can hear me now. I have been seeing [ph] Tau Kenneth (13:45) weighing himself in public and I was thinking…

Leo Laporte Yeah, he is doing it too.

Molly Wood You know. It must be a little hard, like, good for you, but – no thank you.

Leo Laporte No woman would ever do that.

Molly Wood I mean it’s just – it’s just the kind of, right, like this is the kind of thing that only a geek would think of, like how Google admitted that they didn’t test Buzz anywhere else but inside Google. So, of course it made perfect sense to them to just sign up everybody because it was like all your buddy is from Google, and then the whole idea of the scale was just like, you know, maybe you should like ask some girls about this stuff.

Leo Laporte But now they fixed it. They fixed it. So it’s okay now, right, I mean they fixed it.

Molly Wood You know, I think it's fine and I think it's great. It should definitely be an opt out thing. You know, I am glad that configuration had start…

Leo Laporte It is now. Yeah, when you…

Molly Wood I still don’t want it, like it just doesn’t make any sense to me as a paradigm, I already have Facebook and I don't want social network in my email.

Leo Laporte Well, see now, this is what I think is funny because people who are on Facebook bitch about privacy on Buzz, I mean Facebook is not – I mean let's face it, it’s a [ph] siv (14:41).

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte But you know…

Molly Wood I mean – well, but you can’t configure it, right, like I think that all of things that Facebook did wrong are the things that Buzz did wrong too, like opt you into all of the stuff, and Facebook definitely should not be left off the hook, like just because Buzz is bad doesn’t mean Facebook is not bad.

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood I mean they, you know, the fact that when they rolled out their new privacy thing they opted everybody in, if you hadn’t changed your default privacy settings then all of a sudden your default privacy settings became everyone…

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood …on the Internet. I mean that was almost just as bad except that on Facebook you already opted into the people that you’re friends with and not – and you knew that that was a public facing thing. The idea that Google would come along and all of a sudden make all of your email contacts public, I think was just…

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

Molly Wood I can’t even believe that they thought that was okay.

Leo Laporte No, absolutely reprehensible, they backed down, I don’t why Eric Schmidt wasn’t a little more apologetic, but that’s, you know, I think that’s kind of Eric, he is also the guy who said “hey, if you are not doing anything wrong you shouldn’t mind if everything you do is seen online, what do you got to hide.”

Mark Milian I think the common thread between these companies that they don’t seem to realize is that social is a very sensitive subject, people have their personal privacy beliefs and…

Leo Laporte Right.

Mark Milian This is just a business to them. I mean in real life like social interactions there are unspoken subtle nuances like, I am not really surprised that these engineers don’t get those certain things, but this is like just causing problems for a huge population.

Leo Laporte John C. Dvorak is in the chat room, I am going to pull him up. I want to get him on the show too so he can rant, then there will be ranters and you and me Mark. Let me get John on here. And then we are also going to take a break, because I want to get a commercial in. So, let me see if I can pull up John.

Molly Wood All right. Hello John. [indiscernible] (16:37) engineers in your chat room, could you ask them what the hell is wrong with this stupid laptop?

Leo Laporte Molly looks like Miss – they are saying you look like Mrs. Cleaver, like June Cleaver.

Molly Wood [ph] I am serious (16:48) like more messed up and odd looking by the second. [indiscernible] (16:51) everyone it's an HP ENVY 15 and it’s a turd, help, send help.

Leo Laporte Nobody is ever – nobody is going to ever let you buy any of their products, you understand that, right?

Molly Wood It really shouldn’t – because it should be said out, because I have this magnetic field and I break [indiscernible] (17:07)

Leo Laporte She breaks everything.

Molly Wood …has already gone back to get fixed, like the hard drive died, the N key didn’t work, now the webcam stuck on like either night mode or Veronica Lake vision, what the hell.

Leo Laporte I like it. If you put on some pearls, you would be a hot TV star from the ‘50s, you got any pearls? She’s looking around. All right, we are going to take a break, when we come back, John C. Dvorak and more news including – I know you guys will have something to say about this, a school that now admits it’s spied on its students using their laptops 46 times. But that’s all.

Meanwhile, folks I want to talk a little bit about GoToMeeting. My good friends at Citrix have put together a great product based on their Remote Access Technology, you know you’ve heard about Citrix I’m sure for years. They do GoToMyPC, that’s great high end enterprise stuff and GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is meeting software designed to make your meeting just pop to life. We all have phone calls, you know, those conference calls where you want to show them something visual and you can’t, a chart, a picture, a spreadsheet, maybe a PowerPoint presentation. It’s frustrating, because you are trying to explain it.

This slide here, if you are able to see it has a graph that contains four bars, one is red, one is blue, one is green, that’s not going to work. Call lasts longer, a picture is worth a thousand words, and with GoToMeeting you can show them that PowerPoint, you could show on the spreadsheet. You can collaborate, you can even train, because you can give them control of the program even if they don’t have it on their system. I just love GoToMeeting, I want you to try it right now for free by going to We use it on a couple of our shows now to show screenshots, it’s fantastic. For sales presentations, for product demos, for training Try it today, I think you are going to like it.

Mark Milian And I used GoToMeeting for the first time the other day, it was an engineer who was showing me Office Ink, and he is – I mean he is based in Chicago, so…

Leo Laporte How did you like it? Pretty cool, ha?

Mark Milian It was really cool actually. And I was on my like piece of crap computer at work, and I was like – I really don’t think this is going to work and just put in the password instantly it came up and, yeah, I had no experience with anything like that before.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I love it. Love it. I don’t know what’s happening with John. John, are you going to – are you here John, are you going to come in?

Molly Wood John do you hate us?

Leo Laporte Mr. Dvorak?

Molly Wood Come on, look I found some pearls.

Leo Laporte Mr. Dvorak. You did, let me see.

Molly Wood I did, yeah. I went during the break, lots of pearls.

Leo Laporte Oh! You look – look at that, she looks gorgeous. Now you do look like June Cleaver.

Molly Wood June Cleaver, that’s awesome. That’s what I was going for. Can we go back to the Veronica Lake, wasn’t that all good?

Leo Laporte You also look like Veronica Lake.

Leo Laporte And you look gorgeous. And she is wearing ton of makeup which looks – you should, you know, in black and white even it looks even – extra special, you look more like a Lauren Bacall now.

Molly Wood Yeah, I guess if this thing is going to be a turd, it might as well be like a Lauren Bacall.

Leo Laporte Well made up turd.

Molly Wood Yeah, seriously.

Leo Laporte Let’s see, John says he is trying to connect, I will try again with John. Meanwhile, what do you think about this school in Pennsylvania. I guess they must be a good school, they give their kids laptops when they matriculate. What happens is, a kid is called on the carpet by the Assistant Principal who says we know what you did. And the kid says what? Look, look at this picture, and it’s a picture of the kid in his room. And apparently this Assistant or Vice Principal used a photo taken automatically from the kid’s laptop by the webcam, the kid, good for him, said ah, I don’t think that’s right. That it’s right.

Molly Wood That doesn’t sound quite right.

Leo Laporte It didn’t sound right, and where did you get. So, the parents come in and say, ah, what’s going on. Well, it turns out that every laptop is shipped with software that would let the school take pictures from the laptop’s camera, listened on the laptop’s thing. Now they say it’s in case the laptop is stolen, and yeah there are Mac programs like this, this one called Undercover that will do that. But now it’s starting to come out that maybe they have used it before and maybe really they are using it to spy on the kids and…

Mark Milian Well, they used it 42 times.

Leo Laporte They used it 42 times.

Molly Wood And they managed to claim that in turning it on 42 times that all of those times were because they thought that it was missing or – the laptops were missing or stolen. Do you actually have that level of problem with the laptops [ph] that you (21:57) give to students, maybe like chain them to the desk instead of spying on them in their bedrooms.

Mark Milian And we are talking to Intercity affiliate right here, you don’t know.

Leo Laporte Is it Intercity affiliate, is that what this is?

Mark Milian I don’t know much about schools, it’s Philadelphia, I’m willing to get to bet that they are buying laptops…

Leo Laporte It can’t be…

Mark Milian … that they are not having too much financial problem.

Molly Wood It’s not Intercity affiliate.

Leo Laporte It has to be fairly affluent. I mean this is – that’s an expensive thing, it’s the Lower Merion School District. Now, of course there is a lawsuit, Blake J. Robbins versus the Lower Merion School District.

Molly Wood Yes, I think.

Mark Milian This story is especially near to me, because when I was in high school like six years ago, five years ago.

Leo Laporte Geez, oh God!

Molly Wood That’s just rude.

Mark Milian Sorry guys.

Leo Laporte Oh, God!

Molly Wood It’s so mean.

Leo Laporte It’s so mean.

Mark Milian We had all gotten laptops, my entire high school in my senior year, but I mean at that point, it was I mean probably their biggest blunder for that particularly year, we all just installed like Super Nintendo emulators and stuff, so no work was getting done. But it was still early days at that point. So they didn’t, I mean they didn’t even know that they could monitor us, I’m sure using the cameras, but they did.

John C. Dvorak Hey.

Leo Laporte That was scary. Hey, that’s John C. Dvorak appearing on your laptop to see what you are doing.

John C. Dvorak I’m trying to look as much like Molly as I can.

Leo Laporte That’s very attractive, you are black and white. You’ve got that much going for you.

Molly Wood You shouldn’t give yourself some hair, now is your big chance.

Leo Laporte Oh! Wow, [indiscernible] zing (23:43).

John C. Dvorak Since I have no hair, it doesn’t really offend me.

Leo Laporte Oh!

Molly Wood Leo has plenty of hair, [indiscernible] (23:45) to worry about.

Leo Laporte Unfortunately, yeah.

Molly Wood But he is – you are just in time John to say like for some reason the school district was totally justified in spying on the students with the security software?

Leo Laporte Yeah, so what’s the deal John?

John C. Dvorak I think it’s simply because the school district are a bunch of perverts and they wanted to see if a kid was masturbating.

Molly Wood I mean, you almost started to wonder though like what possible other reason could there be other than just absolute dirty ones.

John C. Dvorak I just told you the reason.

Leo Laporte Ah! We believe that a child here has been masturbating, we have the pic – well, they don’t ever say what this kid Robbins was doing that the Vice Principal showed on the picture.

Molly Wood I think I read something that said they thought he was taking some kind of pills. They thought maybe I am not sure.

Leo Laporte It was [indiscernible] (24:30).

Molly Wood Like they saw him taking a pill. No, I mean there is absolutely no excuse for this, and I think they should be sued frankly off the face of the earth. Like I cannot imagine, I mean I guess I can see that maybe it was sort of a slippery slope, right, like they turned it on one time because they thought it was lost, and then they thought oh, maybe we can keep an eye of these kind of problem students, and then the next thing you know they are watching them all the time, but you know what, no.

John C. Dvorak You are just making this up as you go along.

Leo Laporte She is trying to find some possible justification, it’s kind of hard to believe.

John C. Dvorak Bunch of creeps that’s the reason.

Leo Laporte You really think that…

Mark Milian What also really kind of pissed me off about this story is that, the consensus in all the coverage was that the courts were saying like, well, we could understand that they were just monitoring site activity, but to go through the webcam, like why is it cool to monitor site activity, even still like, when I had the laptops in my high school they had just a big flowing list of every site everybody was going to, and for that very reason I would get home and then never use my school’s laptop again. And I also love about the story that the kids had just finished reading 1984, it seems like that irony just keeps popping up and like that Amazon book story.

Molly Wood Is that true? Is that really true, it sounds like a big comment.

Leo Laporte It’s too good to be believed.

Mark Milian No, no, it's true.

Molly Wood No, it's too much, oh wow, that’s unbelievable.

Mark Milian 1984 irony never stops. You remember that they pulled the 1984s off of the Kindles nine months ago. Remotely destroyed…

Molly Wood Right, of all the books, yeah.

Leo Laporte So, let’s talk a little bit about – anyway, I guess this school district is going to be in deep doo-doo, the FBI is now involved because – it’s more than – now it’s just not a civil case. Now, the FBI says you’ve violated computer intrusion laws.

Molly Wood Well, and I would not be surprised if at some point there is either a hint of or actual child porn charges. Because child porn charges have been levied against people for far less than this.

Leo Laporte That’s a good point.

Molly Wood And the fact is these parents are saying you probably have webcam footage and pictures of my kid in various stages of undress and that is flat out into extremely bad territory.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s awful, you’re right. Oh geez, I don’t even want to think about it.

John C. Dvorak Jail time.

Molly Wood It's horrible, I mean it's absolutely horrible.

Leo Laporte Yeah, we are talking jail time.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte No wonder the FBI is involved. Oh, that’s depressing. Now, my kid’s school gives them a MacBook with a built-in laptop. What do we do? Do we have to look for that software and try to…

Molly Wood Just put a poster over the webcam which is frankly what I should I do with mine.

John C. Dvorak I always put a piece of gaffer’s tape over my little cameras on those laptops and monitors that have cameras on.

Leo Laporte You tape it over, but then you still have audio. You know it's also a problem because many people, people who use and other USTREAM, video streaming services, Qik, often turn on when they turn on the flash to capture it give permanent permission for flash to take over the webcam and the microphone. So, could even go to a malicious site that we just say, okay, start taping. Flashes you wouldn’t…you wouldn’t know.

John C. Dvorak So Leo you’ve gone back to the Hawaiian look, is this that – is this what you’re – what we’re going to be seeing from now on?

Leo Laporte No, just, you know, it was a rainy day in Petaluma and I just thought I’d bring a little sunshine into the lives of the little people who watch this show.

John C. Dvorak Did you ever tell the story to these people about how you used to wear this wild shirts over TechTV and then one day it’s one of the bosses one of the suits came over and told you to tone it down when in fact this was adding to the entertainment value of the show to an extreme.

Leo Laporte Yeah, we didn’t want to be too dull. Actually I remember…

Molly Wood And that’s why Leo is on the Internet now.

Leo Laporte Yeah damn it, so I can wear my Tommy Bahama shirts.

John C. Dvorak I just think that some of these stories need to be told.

Leo Laporte Thank you, well, you have just told that story.

Molly Wood Although we believe we have so much time in life, so, okay.

John C. Dvorak Who is trying to catch up, so [ph] as you are getting off the choke (28:15) for the first 20 minutes.

Leo Laporte I am sorry, you know we hadn’t…

Molly Wood Yeah on Twitter people are like, sweet John is not on you can keep Leo on track.

Leo Laporte We had a little, we had a little scheduling snafu and I guess we hadn’t – we hadn’t contacted you John, not through any lack of desire. So, Apple has begun a war on porn in the last 12 hours Apple has booted, you’re going to like this Molly, 5,000 applications from the App Store, applications it had approved but now decides that they are too sexy, overtly sexual content.

John C. Dvorak Why did you direct that story at Molly?

Leo Laporte Because she doesn’t like Apple’s punitive, you know, draconian control.

Molly Wood I don't like them bossing me.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood That’s why.

Leo Laporte So you are thinking John that I’m being sexiest.

Molly Wood I like my DROID where I could have all the format I want.

John C. Dvorak No I thought you are being insulting, you make it sound like she’s like some ex-porn girl or something, I don’t know what to do with that.

Leo Laporte No, no, no it's had nothing to do with the porn.

Molly Wood I look a nice girl on this video, this webcam. No I – really I’m…

Leo Laporte You know what I like is that you are – that you are in the kitchen Mrs. Cleaver.

Molly Wood I put the [ph] fork on you (29:29).

Leo Laporte Folks, if you are not…

John C. Dvorak She is in the kitchen, she is like Molly Cleaver or whatever.

Leo Laporte Yeah, and I had her put pearls on, it’s just great.

Molly Wood Yeah, later on I’ll go make a roast.

Leo Laporte For those of you who are not watching on video you must download the video version of this show and watch later so…

Molly Wood This is exactly the kind of thing, I think that Apple…

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood …does, and has been doing all along with the App Store which is kind of arbitrary approval and disapproval of apps, and then what I’ve said to them before, and will say even more strongly now is that censorship is an incredibly slippery slope. And once you start even just a little bit you find yourself in this really uncomfortable position, right? If they hadn’t been so insistent on improving every app in the first place then it wouldn’t be so easy to say, well we want the sexy stuff gone, and then all of a sudden it's gone, and then it's like where do you end, because you are always going to be offending someone. So they could play Whack A Mole like this for the next 10 years.

Leo Laporte You know, it's funny. Because I’m [indiscernible] (30:23), I was complaining about the fact that they were turning down really great useful applications and allowing programs like Tight Body Perky Boobs to get through which is actually a program that was there and has now been removed.

John C. Dvorak What’s the name of it?

Molly Wood It’s gone now John.

Leo Laporte It’s gone John. Tight Body Perky Boobs, but my question is how did this get through the screening process when programs like the Squarespace blogging app gets turned down because its icon is unaesthetic. And so, I can’t really be, I am not going to be a hypocrite to say I’m not glad that these apps are gone, but the point really is the point that you made Molly, which is once they start censoring for whatever reason, bad icon design, they are now in this business, and so they are going to get held to a higher standard, they did not warn any of these application guys that, you know, what you are doing we might pull it off or anything like that. So, let’s just see it’s…

Molly Wood Yeah, it’s not going to be a higher standard necessarily, it’s going to be an increasingly arbitrary standard.

Leo Laporte It's arbitrary, that’s my point.

Mark Milian But this is a time they censored like there is no Google Voice they [indiscernible] (31:29) Google Voice, like you said Squarespace.

Leo Laporte Right, right.

Mark Milian Those bother me. That’s Apple politics, those bother me a lot more that not being able to get booby apps on my phone.

Leo Laporte I agree.

Mark Milian Like you just pull up Safari you can get porn, but for these useful utilities that’s – I mean that’s just politics.

Leo Laporte Right. In an effort to raise the ratings of the show, I would like to now go through the business insider, Silicon Valley business insiders, 15 outrageous sex apps that made it into the iPhone App Store slide show. iJiggles Your Mom, okay, Video Strip Poker, Strip Simon, PUFF!, this application lets you lift the skirts of Japanese girls by blowing into your iPhones microphone to create a virtual gust of wind. Pocket Girlfriend.

Molly Wood That’s funny.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think it's really funny. Pocket Girlfriend, which a lot of geeks, that’s bad as close as they are going to get. The Russian Brides Gallery, My Vibe, I’m not going to go into that one, Adult Tennis Boobs, bunch of pictures of tennis players.

Molly Wood I’m just amazed with this stuff.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, this is what the computer revolution has finally come to.

Leo Laporte This is what it’s all about baby. I can carry that in my pocket.

Molly Wood Boobs in my pocket, finally. I find it kind of adorable like vaguely sweet how many of these apps had boobs in the name, like that seems so almost innocent.

Leo Laporte It’s a quick way to find it, if you do the search. Now, interestingly, there are quite a few apps in the Android marketplace that have, but not nearly the number, frankly, that have sexuality in them.

Molly Wood Although that Android store has, what’s the app, they have the Porn App Store.

Leo Laporte Oh they do?

Molly Wood The app that is like the porn app store aggregator, what the heck is that called.

Leo Laporte Oh, I missed that.

Molly Wood Like I feel whatever…

Mark Milian Thanks for the tip Molly, I missed that one. Here is my favorite.

Mark Milian This is for iPhone too, if you, it’s basically a web app. If you go to – I think it’s, you go to the site and…

Leo Laporte Because yeah, the way Android…

Mark Milian [indiscernible] (33:47) on to the home screen.

Leo Laporte The way Android works is they, you know, you can buy from anywhere. So this is – I think this is one of my favorites.

Molly Wood It’s called MiKandi, sorry.

Leo Laporte MiKandi, okay.

Molly Wood MiKandi, and it’s the world’s first porn app store.

Leo Laporte Wow!

Molly Wood And that’s why you want a DROID.

Leo Laporte Well, I don’t know. This, by the way, this application is still available in the iTunes stores called Nudeit. What you do is you take a picture of somebody and it superimposes a person in their underwear under their head. So it does face recognition and then puts a naked person underneath them.

Molly Wood They made that guy all fat though.

Leo Laporte I know poor guy.

John C. Dvorak No wonder the economy is in decline.

Leo Laporte This is a 99 cent app that is still available. It was just released. So maybe…

Mark Milian Confused by what – I mean the SuicideGirl one is still on there. I have it on my phone.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s the problem with this.

Mark Milian But, yeah, SuicideGirl is on there, Playboy is still there, I am looking right now, they have this you must be 17 years or older to download this game.

Leo Laporte Very strange.

Mark Milian But what – I mean what are their standards for what gets deleted and what stays.

Leo Laporte Very strange.

Molly Wood Exactly. Like that’s what’s so ludicrous about this. Not only are they going to be playing Whack-A-Mole, and pardon language, or you know, euphemism there. But if they keep trying to do this – be in the censorship game, because new iPhone apps are popping up left and right.

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood They are also totally arbitrary and they won’t say what the standards are, and any time you don’t know what the standards are then you have a broken system, because you have no trust as a developer that you are not going to get completely screwed.

Leo Laporte Apple’s statement so far, the only statement they made, whenever we receive customer complaints about objectionable content – why am I getting feedback, is that you John?

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte No. Molly?

Molly Wood Just today’s SFA.

Leo Laporte Molly do you have a – yeah it really is. What is it, John disappear?

Mark Milian Yeah, I’m back there.

Leo Laporte John’s gone too. This is just, I’m – you know.

Molly Wood The whole week.

Leo Laporte The whole week. What is SFA?

Molly Wood So F’ing annoying.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Woods But that’s not how I say it, when I’m not on camera.

Leo Laporte So F’ing annoying. Apple’s reaction, whenever we receive customer complaints about objectionable content, we review them. If we find these apps contain inappropriate material, we remove them. However, 5,000 apps gone in 12 hours sounds like more than, they are just getting around to it, sounds like a new policy.

Molly Wood It’s a purge.

Leo Laporte It's a purge.

Molly Wood It was just so ridiculous, you know. I mean it’s – I don’t know.

Leo Laporte It's a pooch.

John C.Dvorak Talk about some tech stories.

Leo Laporte That’s a tech story. It’s got the word Apple in it.

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah, I guess there is that.

Leo Laporte Does Google make us stupid?

Molly Wood I love the string.

John C.Dvorak Does Google make us stupid, I think proof is positive.

Leo Laporte This is the future of the Internet survey conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project and Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center. Who endowed that? I’d like to endow something Elon University, I’d like to endow an Imagining the Internet Center.

You are asked to consider the future of the Internet connected world between now and 2020 and the likely innovation that would occur. Survey required them to assess ten different tension pairs, there is somebody getting a big grand for this. Each pair offering two different 2020 scenarios with the same overall theme and opposite outcomes. Are you following me so far?

John C. Dvorak I can’t find it on the list of stories.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you got to…

John C. Dvorak Oh, there it is, Google [indiscernible] (37:18).

Molly Wood [indiscernible] (37:18).

Leo Laporte Yeah this is Episode 236, we’ve got…

Molly Wood Google may choose to find it.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Nick Carr on a cover story for the Atlantic Monthly in the summer of 2009 wrote, is Google making us stupid. He said that the online searching and distractions or browsing through the web were limiting his capacity to concentrate, Nick is a smart guy, I don’t think he is stupid.

John C. Dvorak Well he should have changed the title of the story.

Leo Laporte Yeah, Google making me stupid, is what he should have asked.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Molly Wood It’s not Google’s fault, it’s you. Well, but they basically found no. When they did the story, they essentially said it’s not making you more stupid, it might make you think in a different way, but ultimately it’s making you potentially more informed and not more stupid at all.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood But can you prioritize what you keep in your head?

Leo Laporte Now, understand this isn’t a test. It’s a survey. So it could be making us stupid or we are just too stupid to know it.

John C. Dvorak That could be it. This sounds like just a specious argument. As you read this text I am not thinking the way I used to he wrote, in part because he is becoming a skimming, browsing reader rather than a deep and engaged reader. The kind of deep reading that a sequence of printed pages promotes is valuable not just for the knowledge we acquire from the author’s words but for the intellectual vibrations those words set off within their own minds.

Molly Wood That’s awful.

Mark Milian Well, that’s his fault, right? I mean if he wants to skin then he is making that decision. If he wants to Google the renaissance and then read like a 100 page piece about the renaissance he could do that too.

Leo Laporte And he could get it again.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, nobody is forcing him.

Leo Laporte Good point. Good point.

Molly Wood [indiscernible] (38:50) that now just because we have new technology we have to [ph] mow in the loss (38:54) of the old way that we did things and it’s just exhausting the sort of nostalgic exercise and like over intellectualizing the loss of everything that used to be wonderful. Like you have almost the entirety of human history at your finger tips at any given moment on a computer or on your phone, shut the hell up, life is pretty awesome now.

Leo Laporte So says Molly Cleaver. Thank you Molly Cleaver.

Molly Wood Having – you see I have a roast to make.

Leo Laporte We will be right back with Leave it to Beaver right after these words from our sponsors.

Mark Milian Oh mom.

Mark Milian I couldn’t resist, all right, sorry. Get some novelty everybody, we are going to talk a little bit about and then we’ll come back with more great stories. Our guests is Molly Wood from CNET’s Buzz Out Loud in the new page,, where she rants about all sorts of great subjects, she is just the greatest, it's so good to have you on Molly even if you are in black and white. John C. Dvorak.

Molly Wood I will get it fixed.

Leo Laporte No, I like it. I’m not complaining. It’s good, it’s really good. If I could superimpose it over the Leave it Beaver thing, maybe I’ll.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte I see if I could make – merge you together with the Leave it to Beaver thing here.


Leo Laporte That’s good.

John C. Dvorak You’ve got too many toys over there Leo.

Leo Laporte And now, what was your name?

John C. Dvorak It's June, right?

Leo Laporte June Cleaver, but who played her?

John C. Dvorak All right.

Molly Wood Let’s [indiscernible] (40:31)

John C. Dvorak Check it out.

Leo Laporte You know, if the Google weren’t making you stupid, you probably could figure that out.

Molly Wood Barbara Billingsley.

John C. Dvorak No, you probably wouldn’t care.

Leo Laporte Barbara Billingsley, thank you.

John C. Dvorak Billingsley.

Leo Laporte Barbara – very Good. Tony Dow.

John C. Dvorak And the Beaver, and what’s his name as the Beaver.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, someone says The Beaver.

Leo Laporte I think we are going to call this show The Beaver and see if Apple will let it be in the Apple Store.

John C. Dvorak Somebody already came up with I think, I think they nailed the title for the show.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, what’s that?

John C. Dvorak Tennis Boobs. This, guys [ph] SEO (41:08) written all over it.

Leo Laporte We will be back with John C. Dvorak from Channel Dvorak and Mark Milian from the LA Times we are having some fun talking about the week’s tech news, but I do want to mention backup, oh, don’t get scared, I got an easy way for you to backup. You know sometimes I think people listen and I mentioned backup, and they just freeze up because they’ve had a bad experience. You know, you forget to backup, you lose your hard drive and it’s going to happen and you are going to lose something valuable. Your pictures, your music, your financial documents, your email, something is going to go and there is no reason for that to happen.

It’s not just hard drive crashes, I mean the Carnegie Mellon Study, up to 13% of hard drives crash in their first year. But it’s also, frankly, user error, people throwing stuff out. 43% of people lose files they consider replaceable every year. 600,000 laptops lost or stolen at U.S. airports every year, 600,000, and only 3% of those are ever recovered, that’s why Carbonite.

Carbonite, since 2006, had backed up over 25 billion files restored two billion files, that’s two billion files the people went thank you Carbonite. I want to make sure that you have Carbonite in your system, you install it, it starts backing up immediately, all of the irreplaceable files in your computer, the stuff internally backed up to the internet encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption so your privacy is guaranteed, and you can get it back so easily. And by the way that’s important, a lot times people try these online backups and they say I love it and then they try to restore and they go, oh no, where is that, not with Carbonite – they even have an iPhone application. So at anytime if you want to see how your backup is doing, you cant go the iPhone or go to another computer even, log into download your file and get it back.

Try it right now by going to, use the offer code Leo for Two Free Weeks and if you decide to buy after the trial you’ll get two free months. Use the offer code Leo less than five bucks a month for unlimited backup. Carbonite, it’s back up done, right, and now we return to Leave it to Beaver.

John C. Dvorak And by the way I want to chat – thank the chat room for the suggestion.

Leo Laporte Oh [indiscernible] (43:20).

John C. Dvorak [ph] Little Chasse Spleen 2003 (43:24).

Leo Laporte Did you get that at the – Cosco – isn’t it like the wine buying time at Cosco.

John C. Dvorak No, this has been sitting in the cellar for – while it’s aged. But there I have to say for people out there who want to know Novato, California to Cosco go there now, the place is loaded with – loaded to the gills.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak Yeah loaded.

Leo Laporte Sad story – loaded.

John C. Dvorak Loaded.

Leo Laporte Sad story this week a small plane crashed in Palo Alto killing three executives at Tesla, not Elon Musk, the CEO was fine. But I thought what was most interesting about this was the coverage. Mashable broke the story, at least that’s the geeks coverage I saw on Twitter as Facebook losses power due to small plane crash.

Molly Wood Right.

Leo Laporte And then CNN says three executives…

Unidentified Speaker They have their priority right.

Leo Laporte Facebook loses power, and then it was CNN that pointed out that there were actually in fact three executives.

John C. Dvorak They were actually people in the plane who died.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Oh well.

Leo Laporte Facebook was out.

Molly Wood Well, they didn’t know for a while I think that it was Tesla executives. It was pretty bad that they were focusing on the Facebook outage when obviously no one, you know, probably not everybody is okay when a plane crashes into a house.

Leo Laporte Yeah that usually pretty bad that’s considered [indiscernible] (44:40).

Molly Wood [indiscernible] (44:42) And then the Tesla stuff came out a lot later and that is – I mean, that’s awful it's a very small company still I think, isn’t it?

Leo Laporte Oh yeah terrible.

Molly Wood That’s really bad.

John C. Dvorak It didn’t take that long for the Tesla material to – the one Tesla guy in particular that came up pretty quick [indiscernible] (44:56) owner of the plane.

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood Right.

Leo Laporte Yeah. New York Times talking about how much you should pay for a digital addition of the Times on the iPad and there is some debate. And I would be curious what you guys think. First of all, how much would it be worth for you to get the New York Times in the iPad instead of say the print edition? Would you buy it? We could do it with the LA Times if you prefer Mark.

Mark Milian We are not charging.

Leo Laporte It’s free, you think you are going to continue the stay free?

Mark Milian Yeah, we are going to stay free.

Leo Laporte I think that’s interesting. You know, Murdoch of course and the Times and others are saying we got to charge, we can’t give it away.

Mark Milian And that’s great for us we get to be the number one paper pretty soon on the internet.

Leo Laporte Yes. The Times is debating the hardcore print guys in the Times according to your resources at or saying 20 to $30 a month. So like 240 to $360 a year, seems like…

Molly Wood It’s about how much paper subscription costs, right?

Leo Laporte No, the paper is pretty expensive, if you just it's like $6 to get the Friday, Saturday, Sunday Times $6 per…

John C. Dvorak What happened to the $0.25 paper they made it all up on advertising.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s long gone John. Well, how old are you?

John C. Dvorak Who knew.

Molly Wood I mean, I think if they are building a full featured, if they are building these really kind of full featured apps that are optimized for these devices not necessarily the iPad, because no one should buy that. But I think that there may be some compelling argument that, you know, towards a subscription fee like I think I would subscribe to papers on a tablet, on a reading device like that.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think how much I am paying right now and that you…

John C. Dvorak How about the…

Leo Laporte What’s the right price Molly?

Molly Wood [indiscernible] (46:40) is going to be a lot lower, I think 20 or 30 bucks a month is…

Leo Laporte It’s too much.

Molly Wood No, it’s a digital addition that’s absolutely ridiculous, I mean I think $5 or $10 a month is probably about where you might find people willing to do it.

Leo Laporte What you have according to is the print folks were afraid of cannibalizing their print business like there is anything left [indiscernible] (46:57).

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] we never (47:00) heard that argument before.

Leo Laporte Yeah. The digital folks say 10 bucks a month we want to charge 10 bucks a month which some would say is still too much, Mark, you would say it’s still too much, but I think 10, I would pay 10.

John C. Dvorak I think $1.

Mark Milian I would pay five or 10 just for bits blog and the main tech and business and world content alone, I think it's worth five or 10 bucks. But I mean at the LA Times we have this philosophy that we are not going to take things away. This is like taking things that everybody online has been getting free for a while and they could easily turn to scores of other organizations to get their news content. I think there are so many other areas that the New York Times could go into, they could do like they could have small teams that build mobile apps, they could create like new products they don't need to take everything and put it behind a wall.

Leo Laporte So you think it’s a lack of vision.

Mark Milian I think to an extent maybe it is a lack of vision. I think they are worried more about how to make up the money in the next two years rather than looking to other ways and having the content as almost a sort of lost leader. I mean John you mentioned the 25 cents fees for the paper and then you make it up in advertising that was always the business model, I mean granted classifieds are gone now. But the business model was never to make people pay upfront and I frankly don’t think it makes sense to go there now.

John C. Dvorak Has Jobs visited the LA Times do you know Mark?

Mark Milian If I knew I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

John C. Dvorak Okay, good. Good answer.

Mark Milian But I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak Oh [multiple speakers] (48:40)

Molly Wood But if you knew it’s your journalistic responsibility to tell us.

Leo Laporte Well that’s an interesting question, is it, I don’t know.

Molly Wood [ph] It’s just – you know like it’s Steve Jobs and so I’m not going to prep… (48:50)

Leo Laporte My personal…

Molly Wood [ph] …an NDA (48:50) if I see him I can’t tell anybody. [ph] He is like on the corny side of… (48:56)

Leo Laporte Molly, if Jobs showed up at CNET even if the Big Boss said you can’t say a word, would you say?

Molly Wood If the Big Boss said, why do you say that?

John C. Dvorak Ask me the question Leo?

Leo Laporte John C. Dvorak, if Steve Jobs came to the house and your wife said, John, you may not tell anyone, would you say?

Molly Wood See that’s not fair.

John C. Dvorak I would tell everybody.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Well, John, you don’t work for anybody.

John C. Dvorak Nobody tells me what to do.

Leo Laporte That’s why you got – you don’t have a job John, you just work freelance for a bunch of people. I have told everybody at the TWiT [indiscernible] (49:27) that they may not say that Steve Jobs was here. It's a secret.

John C. Dvorak When was he there?

Leo Laporte What?

Molly Wood So he was there then is what you are saying?

Leo Laporte Oh-oh.

Molly Wood Okay. Excuse me I have to [multiple speakers] (49:36).

John C. Dvorak You know, for some unknown reason I just can’t see Steve Jobs showing up at the cottage.

Leo Laporte No, he didn’t show up. Actually I think Steve, you know, remember I held up the laptop and send out a signal of the iPad announcement, right, and I have been waiting for repercussions, because, you know, I mean they didn’t tell me not to, nobody stopped me.

John C. Dvorak There is a couple of Steve Jobs’ lookalikes that are in the industry.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak We can do a show and then I will be sitting there and to say, hey, hey, hey that’s a – look, look, look and then you swing the camera, I will grab a camera swing it over and catch him as he runs out.

Mark Milian It's like the Yeti.

Leo Laporte You just see his foot.

John C. Dvorak Exactly, the Steve Yeti.

Leo Laporte You just see a well clad foot coming up the door.

Molly Wood Sure, you could.

Leo Laporte So what was I saying. So Steve apparently did visit the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Molly Wood Wearing the crown or something.

Leo Laporte Yeah wearing a wired hat.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Now, that’s [ph] ValleyVeg (50:33) that can’t be real.

Molly Wood I mean I think the question really is though like you know, with all due respect Mark that LA Times has had some pretty serious finance problems that the New York Times and Wall Street Journal are hoping to avoid. I mean it is a possibility and this is obviously a discussion that’s ongoing in the industry, but it is a possibility that it isn’t sustainable to keep relying on advertising in the way that we have at least not if that advertising has to pay for the cost of manufacturing and delivery. So, a digital edition is going to cheaper, but if it has a value add, and I guess that’s my question, does it give me something more than the web. And if it does, and it’s a great reading experience for whatever reason on this tablet then I don’t know that it’s going to be fundamentally unreasonable to charge a small subscription fee, it’s just that that has to be – I think it’s going to have to be a small subscription fee or people aren’t going to pay it. What if there is no ad?

Mark Milian Well, Molly the industrial model sustained itself for 150 years in newspapers. We are in a economic downturn right now, you kind of have to have faith that it will eventually turnaround and that advertising will be a viable model again. And granted before there was classified ads, but that just goes to the point that there are other business models out there. And it was just never about limiting your reader base.

John C. Dvorak Can I mention something that was being overlooked here?

Mark Milian Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Especially about the New York Times and to a lesser extent, probably to no extent with the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times is, because they set themselves up as a syndicate, two syndicates actually, it’s a New York Times syndicate and then they actually syndicate their entire content to anybody who wants it. And which recreates if you go to Google News, you see there is a huge redundancy of stories from the New York Times and even when you go to New York Times, it blocks you out, it says you cannot read the story unless you are registered, you can cut and paste the headline into Google and find 45 other instance of the exact same story running in St. Petersburg, in Atlanta, in Austin and every place else around the country. These people once the New York Times puts itself on to the little iPad, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same thing and they can just undercut the New York Times. This is what’s cannibalizing the potential for the New York Times, is its own syndication and the fact that it had set out to ruin the newspaper industry years earlier. The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post decided to syndicate their content and their columnist incidentally, so all the paper are in the middle of podunk USA, let’s say, well let’s just fire all our local columnist and just run theirs because it’s a lot cheaper and they kind of ruin the entire country. But now with the internet it has turned back on them, I think it’s one of the great ironies that’s undiscussed.

Molly Wood I don’t think it’s undiscussed, I mean I think everybody is kind of aware that if you would start to – well they got us so good.

John C. Dvorak [ph] I guess the deal (53:18) was listening to my diet ride.

Leo Laporte What did you say John? Oh! I had the wrong picture, there we go. Yeah, look at that. It’s pretty close.

John C. Dvorak That’s pretty good, yeah.

Molly Wood So anyway I…

John C. Dvorak Any old fuzzy, black and white photo.

Molly Wood I don’t know who we are talking about it, I totally forgot.

Leo Laporte I too, I’m sorry. Whatever you say John, you are right, you are right.

Molly Wood So pretty. Now everybody knows that the big argument against the idea of charging for this ID, some sort of premium journalism product, is that you can find that journalism product in some form all over the web, I mean I don’t think that’s undiscussed at all. I think that’s probably the thing that has been keeping everybody up and that including CNET. I just think that there is – I think it’s worth it to experiment.

John C. Dvorak At CNET

Molly Wood Like it may be that there is a market for higher quality news and people want to pay for them, and by the way I should clarify. I don’t like – I don’t read the Times. I’m not a fan.

Leo Laporte I do. I love it.

Molly Wood I think, but there are…

Leo Laporte And I’d pay for it. I’d pay 10 bucks a month easy not 20.

John C. Dvorak I wouldn’t pay that much.

Molly Wood [multiple speakers] (54:20) put into that newspaper and I think that they may find by trying this experiment that people are willing to pay for it.

Mark Milian Well, I think there is evidence to the contrary. Newsday put up their wall, and they are – I mean they are fairly big in their own market, 35 people subscribed to the Newsday online…

John C. Dvorak Yeah classic story.

Leo Laporte Say this again.

Mark Milian I don’t know if that’s exactly the number, but Newsday put up their pay wall and within I think nine months 35 people have subscribed to the online edition.

Leo Laporte In total?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it was something really low like that.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Molly Wood Well, Wall Street Journal makes a ton of money on their online subscription of their newspaper which is outrageously expensive.

Leo Laporte And I pay for it

Molly Wood But they are profitable.

John C. Dvorak For a good reason.

Leo Laporte Why?

Molly Wood It's a good paper.

John C. Dvorak Because it has specific targeted financial information about companies you may have invested in and you need to know about.

Leo Laporte You make money on it.

Mark Milian They target rich people.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Well, you are rich but also…

Mark Milian [multiple speakers] (55:12)

Leo Laporte …that information makes you money so you are willing to pay for it.

John C. Dvorak Or it saves your money or keeps you from losing money; all of the above.

Molly Wood But also it is – it's a high quality journalistic product and that’s what the New York Times is trying to say too is, we are a higher quality journalistic product than, you know, blog XYZ and so we think, and mind you, I’m just playing double side, like they are saying we think people are going to be willing to pay for it and then market will decide whether in fact people are willing to pay for it, I still think it’s worth them trying it.

Leo Laporte According to New York’s Daily Intel, Steve Jobs’ had a top secret dinner at Prana in the Flatiron District, the sometime pescetarian, [indiscernible] (55:55) the sometime…

Molly Wood What the hell?

Leo Laporte The some time pescetarian, Jobs is actually a vegan, I don’t believe he eats fish…

John C. Dvorak Not what you think.

Leo Laporte Dined with 50 New York Times company executives in the cellar dinning room, sat with Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger according to Daily Intel, showed off his new iPad and ordered off menu, this wasn’t on the menu, he ordered a mango lassi and penne, in case anybody is interested, also according to Daily Intel, and I think this ruins the whole story Job showed up wearing “a very funny hat” a big top hat kind of thing.

Mark Milian He was just trying to entertain his new biographer.

John C. Dvorak A top hat? Now, that would be something.

Leo Laporte Hi, I am Steve Jobs.

John C. Dvorak Where is the paparazzi when we need them?

Molly Wood Was he like in disguise?

Leo Laporte Yeah as Mr. Peanut apparently. There was also a tweet that got Steve a little upset, Alan S. Murray who is a online executive editor on February 4th, tweeted from an iPad. It says this tweet sent from an iPad, does it look cool, immediately deleted it, [indiscernible] ValleyVeg (57:06) the deletion ultimately traces back to a furious Jobs, [ph] ValleyVeg (57:10) asked Murray for comment, Murray wrote “I would love to talk about this but can’t." In a later email he added, “I will say that Apple’s general paranoia about news coverage is truly extraordinary” but that’s not telling you anything, you didn’t already know. So, if you get an iPad do not tweet from it. No, I’ve been told, and this is where I think I am getting my come up ins, because I’ve been told that…

John C. Dvorak Who did you just look at Leo?

Leo Laporte Nobody, that was a – I looked off to the right, there is nobody here.

John C. Dvorak Is somebody over there?

Leo Laporte It’s Steve Jobs [ph] in his top hat (57:47). How did you know, John, you’re so perspicacious. I went there to the iPad thing, I streamed out audio, I confess and video from the iPad announcement, nobody told me not to, I never asked and nobody said no. So, I didn’t break any rules that I know of. However, I have a feeling – because CNET did ask apparently, I found out later and was told no. But, I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop like somehow I’m going to get it, right? So I found out today that my arch rival radio host Kim Komando who does a nationwide syndicated computer talk show, claims she is getting an iPad review [ph] event in (58:28) next week, not I.

John C. Dvorak And second place is two iPads.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you don’t really care. The iPad apparently on the 25th, rumor say, will be available for pre-order, I take it you’re not going to pre-order John.

John C. Dvorak You’ve got that correct.

Leo Laporte I am, I would, I can’t wait to get my. Molly?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, well, you buy everything, and you don’t count.

Leo Laporte No but I – I don’t count but I would buy it even if I were a normal person.

Molly Wood Look he’s hopping, that’s adorable.

Leo Laporte I’m bouncing – I’m bouncing on my ball, I’m so excited.

Molly Wood He is like Kevin spacey [indiscernible] (58:56).

John C. Dvorak Just don’t fall over like you did last week.

Leo Laporte I did, I fell off the ball last week, it was quite humiliating. Molly, I take it you’re not going to pre-order an iPad.

Molly Wood I’m not going to pre order come on. Even if I want – even I thought that in its current form it is all that a tablet can be, it’s first generation hardware from Apple that alone is enough reason not to pre-order it.

Leo Laporte Mark Milian, come on, you are going to get one.

Mark Milian I probably won’t get one, but before I tell you why I want to thank you for that live stream of the Apple conference because I was tasked with blogging that remotely which is usually the hardest thing in the world, but I just followed your stream.

Leo Laporte If you hadn’t followed my stream you wouldn’t have gotten it anywhere.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, good yeah.

Leo Laporte We had 150,000 people watching that.

John C. Dvorak It was valuable.

Mark Milian Refreshing the GDGT live blog, but aside from that.

Leo Laporte They were – it was me and GDGT because [indiscernible] (59:45), because everybody else was using CoveritLive and it went down.

Mark Milian Of course, but no, I’m not getting an iPad because I can almost envision no scenario when I would pickup that device versus going to my laptop or going to my phone. I think it would be great for like my mom who has a desktop and a phone but just has no in-between to use like in the couch or whatever.

Leo Laporte Right.

Mark Milian But I – just for me, I don’t really think it makes sense.

Leo Laporte Well I’m going to order one [indiscernible] (60:21) .

Mark Milian I don’t mean to discourage you…

Leo Laporte [ph] I’m going to order two. (60:24) And John I don’t even have to ask you.

Molly Wood You cannot discourage him.

Leo Laporte No.

John C. Dvorak You are going to ask me what?

Leo Laporte I guess you already said you are not going to get one.

John C. Dvorak I’m not going to order one. Why would I. I don’t need another piece of equipment. I’ve got enough stuff. And by the way, since I am here, since you got me on the camera, I have a new poster for sale.

Leo Laporte Oh good let's see it.

Mark Milian Okay.

Leo Laporte Look there is the Barney that got 1.2 million views.

Mark Milian 1.3 by the way.

Leo Laporte Singing in John’s bathtub what is this.

John C. Dvorak This is a Captain Zilog poster.

Leo Laporte Oh I’d buy that.

John C. Dvorak From the 70s.

Leo Laporte Zilog created Z80 which was one of the early microprocessors.

John C. Dvorak And it says Captain Zilog the fireworks have just begun.

Leo Laporte Wow!

John C. Dvorak Handsomely framed.

Leo Laporte He looks like Captain America, and is this to promote the ZAD.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. This is when Zilog was a big shot company they came out with these posters and I – this is extremely rare now. So, yeah, some guy in the chat room typically bid a dollar.

Leo Laporte I’d bid a dollar.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, nice try, so anyway that’s my latest.

Leo Laporte So…

John C. Dvorak I’m trying to get rid of all the stuff.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I know I’m sure your house is full of that crap. So what…

John C. Dvorak Yeah. Well, I got a Barney back there I mean you know…

Leo Laporte You’ve got a Barney, is that a code word for something.

John C. Dvorak I got you a Barney right here.

Leo Laporte Barney back here. So, how could somebody – if somebody want to buy that, how would…what you – what would they do?

John C. Dvorak Just email me and make an offer, and if I see something I like or, you know, anything like somebody just bid 500 bucks I’d sell it for 500 bucks.

Leo Laporte That’d be a good deal.

John C. Dvorak Nope somebody just bid 1000, yeah, sure, name monkey.

Leo Laporte That’d be a good deal.

John C. Dvorak Anyway.

Leo Laporte You like that – go ahead.

Molly Wood Well I have some breaking news.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Molly Wood About the New York Times and the pay wall actually.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Molly Wood It appears that Arthur Sulzberger, Janet Robinson and Martin Nisenholtz of the New York Times at the paid content conference today, said that and this is where now I am not even going trying to double that because that wouldn’t be more. They said they will include blogs in their metered pay wall.

Leo Laporte Oh please.

John C. Dvorak What does that mean?

Molly Wood You know what, no.

Leo Laporte No.

John C. Dvorak People are going to pay to listen some blogger?

Leo Laporte Well no, they have some blog, they have their, if you look in bits they have a number of tech blogs.

Molly Wood It is mostly a tech blog and then that is where the entire argument falls apart, because that is where there are a million different publications that are doing the exact same thing as the New York Times blog and there is absolutely no way that they can try to convince me that that is worth paying for over another blog. See that’s just annoying because I was just kind of playing the…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, and actually that’s a bad mile what they should do is make the blogs free and have their blogs constantly referencing the paid site?

Molly Wood Yeah, something.

Leo Laporte Premium.

Mark Milian [ph] Or a model (63:02)

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood Premium, yeah, I mean this idea that really like their blog is so much better than somebody else’s blog that I am going to pay for it I mean…

Leo Laporte Forget about it.

John C. Dvorak So, what’s the next story?

Leo Laporte I will show you the next story.

John C. Dvorak Screw the Times.

Leo Laporte Screw the Times. We are going to take a break for But meanwhile this moment just – you made me think of this from antique road show John.

[Playback in the background].

Leo Laporte This is a pig – pig on wheels.

John C. Dvorak They are actually discussing it.

Leo Laporte It’s disgusting.

John C. Dvorak I love it. This is the kind of crap I’d have around my house if I have the money.

[Playback in the background].

Leo Laporte What is going on? It’s disgusting.

John C. Dvorak It’s the iPad in ten years.

Leo Laporte Okay. I’ll leave it as an exercise.

John C. Dvorak The iPig, you guys have got good material on that.

Leo Laporte A life sized pig, unreal.

Molly Wood So cute and also animated.

John C. Dvorak The mouth goes up and down with me.

Leo Laporte The mouth goes up and down.

Molly Wood That’s terrifying, [multiple speakers] (64:44).

John C. Dvorak It would scare the crap out of some little kid.

[Playback in the background].

Molly Wood What?

John C. Dvorak That’s you, they are calling for you.

Leo Laporte This moment brought to you by my friends at We’ll be back in just a moment with our great panel, Mark Milian from the Los Angeles Times, John C. Dvorak from and a bunch of great podcasts, and of course Molly Wood from CNET she is back on Buzz Out Loud and has her own page of rants at

You know, Audible, I’ve talk about – I talk about Audible a lot. I am sure you know what I am talking about, when I say it’s a great place to go to get audio books. You guys seen Shutter Island yet, new Scorsese movie, can’t wait to see this.

Molly Wood It’s scary.

Leo Laporte Have you seen? You won’t go because it’s too scary.

Molly Wood No.

Leo Laporte Well you don’t have to bring Eli, you could go by yourself.

Molly Wood I think, I am a bigger chicken than Eli.

Leo Laporte I can’t wait to see it, I am so excited. But you know, what I always do, before I go see a movie is I check, because I love listening to the book first. Especially because listening is a little bit more of a visual, believe it or not. Visual thing than reading it’s kind of counterintuitive. But when I am listening to a book I feel like I am living it. It’s very much like a motion picture. And I hate to spoil the book by seeing the movie first. So, this is the recommendation of the week, you can get this book free, let’s just listen to a little bit of Shutter Island.

[Audio being played back in the back ground.]

Leo Laporte Tom Stechschulte is reading it, he is one of their best readers. Dennis Lehane wrote the book. I am telling you, you listen to this and you will get chilled.

How do you do it? You get it free by going to Buzz is making that noise. I am sorry about that. Let me turn off Buzz. No I am sorry, TWiT2 you get two books. What are we going to do – yeah that’s right, let’s do the Gold Plan. On the Gold Plan you get, I am sorry the Platinum Plan you get two books a month and the first two are free, you can cancel at any time and keep them. He has got another book, Dennis Lehane, called The Given Day. I would get this one first and listen. You have a month to use the credits, Shutter Island are pick of the week, go to, get two free books, iPod, iPhones, Zune, Kindle, plays in most electronic device. But if you go to the device center at you could see if it would work on your device. I think you are going to love it. I listen all the time. We thank them so much for their support in This WEEK in TECH.

Look at John, see he thinks that looks likes Veronica Lake, that doesn’t look like Veronica Lake, that doesn’t even look like June Cleaver.

John C. Dvorak It doesn’t look, just a round free head, this doesn’t look like anybody.

Leo Laporte Kind of looks like that pig actually, looks scary.

John C. Dvorak We got to keep track of that pig.

Molly Wood I think it’s scarier than Shutter Island.

Leo Laporte Worth $2000. If you a get a direct message on Twitter today that says, LOL is this you, and has a link to a site. The site is, do not click the link, do not click the link, Twitter once again subject to malware. It puts up a fake twitter log-in page and, you know, I almost fell for this. I actually – somebody sent me, because I – it’s not unusual for me to be on the internet and a video doing something stupid. Somebody send me – I thought a direct message saying was this you in the video and I clicked the link and I got a twitter login page. And if you don’t think about it, you might just say, oh Twitter is always doing this and log-in while you would go skipping your credentials to somebody else, because it isn’t sending that login page, that’s how this works and that’s how it spreads.

John C. Dvorak Leo.

Leo Laporte What?

John C. Dvorak You never answer your e-mail, but I find it peculiar that because somebody send you what perhaps is a video of you – just saying…

Leo Laporte Well, you are right. Okay, I’m an egotist, is that what you’re saying?

John C. Dvorak And what is that picture, you with that camera floating around the internet?

Leo Laporte It’s a picture of me with a camera.

John C. Dvorak It’s staged.

Leo Laporte It’s not staged.

John C. Dvorak Ladies and gentlemen, these things are staged. You saw Leo bouncing on the ball, it’s because you didn’t catch him the last time falling down on the camera, because he knew he would get like one million hits.

Leo Laporte So I was hoping I would fall again, is that what you are saying?

John C. Dvorak I am now accusing you of that, yes.

Leo Laporte Good lord John, what kind of cynical media manipulator do you think I am.

John C. Dvorak That’s what I said.

Leo Laporte That kind, ha? Well, let me see if I could find a picture of me on that with the camera – it was just a picture, it was an innocent picture of me.

John C. Dvorak Oh please.

Leo Laporte What are you talking about? It was an innocent picture of me and my camera. Now, I admit for those with dirty minds it might be the kind of thing, let’s say Apple would ban from the iPhone, but I don’t think there is anything offensive about it.

John C. Dvorak And you must have that already.

Molly Wood But it is [indiscernible] (70:11) Pennsylvania School District would totally be behind.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I could see I’d be called into the Vice Principal’s office for sure if I had that. I can’t find it. It must have been banned from – oh, no here it is. It’s just me and my camera. That’s all.

Molly Wood Oh! Honey, really.

Leo Laporte What? You guys have…

Molly Wood Let me go find that picture, what was that? This is so silly.

John C. Dvorak It’s the look on your face that gives it a way that you set it up.

Leo Laporte No, it’s a setup, I know what I’m doing.

John C. Dvorak That’s not the look you normally have unless you’re like putting something out.

Leo Laporte It might also had something to do John with the Buzz comment that I put it in there that said, they say it’s not the camera it’s the photographer. I say it’s not the photographer, it’s the lens.

John C. Dvorak Yeah well, definitely a nice lens.

Leo Laporte It’s a good lens.

Molly Wood So now we know that this is the – this right here has been a perfect demonstration of how social engineering works.

Leo Laporte Oh Yeah, No, no, no…

Molly Wood And social happening.

Leo Laporte It’s just for fun, but you know it’s funny.

Molly Wood That’s why it works so well for them to send out a link that says, oh my gosh is this a picture of you…

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak Now the joke of it Molly is that Leo paid me an extra 100 bucks to bring this topic up.

Leo Laporte So, no, I – this is how you get 10,000 followers on Buzz friends.

Leo Laporte No, so I Buzzed that. I thought it was funny I Buzzed it, I though it was funny. What’s really funny…

Mark Milian I love the casual seductive knee on the trunk?

Molly Wood Yeah, it’s rakish.

Leo Laporte It’s rakish. So what I thought was funny is that most of the people on there go ha-ha-ha, is that a camera in your pocket or whatever. They get the joke. But a couple of people go, oh yeah, is that a 72-200 Canon lens, do you use the 2X extended with that? It's like – some people have just, no sense of irony.

Molly Wood I call that the literal internet. I’m surprised that you didn’t have someone who was like, dude did you know that camera lens is totally a new product…

Leo Laporte Yeah, I’m surprised, you’re right, and I haven’t gone through all 121 comments yet, but…

Molly Wood Yeah, someone is in there someone from the literal net is in there.

Leo Laporte Dude. You are exactly right, well, I’m so glad you coined that phrase Molly.

Molly Wood Thank you.

Leo Laporte There is this – it’s just probably a small percentage of people, maybe people who have some sort of brain damage that gives them no sense of humor.

Molly Wood I wish it were smaller, they seem to be all of my Twitter friends.

Leo Laporte They all, painfully obvious, they observe the painfully – they have no sense of irony or like they don’t get the joke.

Molly Wood Are they so – or maybe they are just so anxious to have something to respond with…

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood But I feel like they don’t get the joke. I mean I Twittered one day about watching The Hangover right. I’m watching the Hangover, my favorite movie I had to stop it because I peed in my pants laughing.

Leo Laporte And they think you literally did.

Molly Wood I got [indiscernible] (72:47) 32 ad replies, oh my god did you seriously peed in your pants I can’t believe you put that on Twitter

Leo Laporte Oh gee. That’s just bizarre. Speaking of bizarre here is a couple who met and fell in love at the Apple store and they got married at the Apple store, and in fact.

John C. Dvorak Did he just slap her on the butt?

Leo Laporte He did. Which is I think so romantic in a wedding, of course they’ve replaced the audio on this, the guys – by the way the minister is reading off an iPhone apparently Steve Jobs was quoted in the Wows.

Molly Wood Well, look he is dressed like Steve Jobs.

Leo Laporte Oh he is, he is wearing jeans and it’s black [indiscernible] (73:32). You know, the bride quite sensibly has her back turned to the camera and I am sure will never…

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah, she is the smart one.

Leo Laporte We will never see her face.

Molly Wood I’m so embarrassed for those people.

Leo Laporte Josh and Ting Li, they confirm it was their real wedding, they first bonded over a mutual fascination with all things click wheel Josh says, we got to know to each other because Ting was looking to buy an iPod and I managed to strike up a conversation that way.

John C. Dvorak They were both in the place dressed like that and they got married on the spot when they first met.

Leo Laporte No, they came back.

Molly Wood Yes, John, literal net.

Leo Laporte Literal net. I love it. Is it literal dot net or just literal net.

Molly Wood I think just literal net. It’s just like your truncation of literal Internet.

Leo Laporte Maybe I must see if I can get the domain name

Molly Wood It’s gone now.

Leo Laporte Yeah, never mention it. I used to joke says Ting, or maybe this is Josh I don't know, I used to joke that the Apple Store is my church because I am not religious and I loved everything Apple. Ting then came up with the idea of having the wedding there and apparently they quote Steve Jobs in the wows, but those wows have been removed from…

Molly Wood I like how the note says that it’s because of the personal nature of the wows, which were not so personal that they couldn’t put them on the internet, you know what happened Steve Jobs was like, ah-ah.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah. You are absolutely right.

Molly Wood [multiple speakers] (74:57) my quotes up there.

Leo Laporte The audio was…

Molly Wood Just wise up and stop loving him.

Leo Laporte You’re absolutely right. The audio was on the video before and YouTube changed or they changed to put a copyright song there instead.

Molly Wood Right.

Leo Laporte And they said to the personal natures of the wow, but wait a minute, they are – you’re absolutely right Molly, Steve Jobs complained.

Molly Wood I’m not – I’m seriously – I’m not buying that for a second that all of a sudden it was too personal. I mean you had your wedding in the Apple store you weirdoes.

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood Obviously nothing. There is no sense of shame there.

Leo Laporte WorldPress was down, 9.2 million blogs down, boy, that’s a little scary when you are on a site like.

John C. Dvorak It was only down for like a minute.

Leo Laporte Oh!

Molly Wood It was down for 110.

Leo Laporte 110 minutes?

John C. Dvorak It was down for 110, because I saw – when I saw it down it was just backup like within five minutes, I must have caught it at the end.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte You know, why I have a got a…

Molly Wood [indiscernible] (75:51) down for a 110.

Leo Laporte You know why it was a big story, because TechCrunch was on it; that makes it a story.

John C. Dvorak Oh, yeah.

Molly Wood Heaven forbid.

Leo Laporte TechCrunch was down for two hours.

John C. Dvorak Next.

Leo Laporte Sony’s CEO – Sony Ericsson CEO says, Google asked us to build the Nexus One we refused, we declined.

John C. Dvorak Sorry what?

Leo Laporte Bert Nordberg says that Google came to Sony-Ericsson first saying, well, you build our special phone. He says Sony Ericsson is committed to building only its own branded hardware, will not be a subcontractor to anyone. So that...

Molly Wood Well…

John C. Dvorak Well that’s stupid.

Molly Wood Thank you.

Leo Laporte He was wearing a top hat at the time in a maniacal.

John C. Dvorak It would have done nothing but good – besides the goodwill it would have gotten them nothing but publicity.

Leo Laporte And sold a few phones.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, they are idiots.

Leo Laporte Idiots.

Molly Wood They don't need to sell phones, they have those headphones that will change everything about the way you listen to music or whatever.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s so good I threw out my stereo system.

John C. Dvorak Eh-eeh-eeh-eeeh.

Leo Laporte Is that the pig – is that the pig on wheels that you are doing.

John C. Dvorak No that’s music on a Sony headset.

Leo Laporte Oh, okay. I thought it was a pig on wheels.

Molly Wood I want pig on wheels to…

Mark Milian I wonder if there is – if there is something to that manufacturing deal with HTC that Sony didn’t like, I wonder if it was more than just the name.

Leo Laporte Maybe.

Mark Milian Maybe the revenue cut or something wasn’t quite in Sony’s favor.

Leo Laporte It must have been something else. I love this Nexus One though I really do.

John C. Dvorak There is a good article in MarketWatch this last Friday that I wrote about the change in the paradigm of phones.

Leo Laporte And he gives me a hard time about posting a picture with a giant lens.

John C. Dvorak I am just saying it’s a good article, people should read it.

Leo Laporte Think it's several times, is for sale.

Molly Wood [indiscernible] (77:37)

Leo Laporte Remember this was the most, wasn’t this the most expensive domain name ever sold?

Molly Wood It was, but I thought it was like 25 million.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know, well, what was the original price?

Leo Laporte The original price was 14 – according to rumors $14 million, but apparently this is a foreclosure because the people who bought it didn’t pay up, so it’s now going to go to a foreclosure auction on March 18th in person. You have to go to get it. Opening bid for

John C. Dvorak Dollar.

Leo Laporte A dollar, no, $1 million, but I bet it goes for more than that.

Molly Wood Yeah, that’s an investment right there, or it’s just a scam to get like, you know, porn purveyors all on one place and then arrest them.

Leo Laporte What if they Twittered it. Hey dude, I just got One more story, a good story for me LA Times.

John C. Dvorak Wait-wait Leo…

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak What about a Twitter auction?

Leo Laporte Well that’s a good idea.

John C. Dvorak You can get everybody to sign up for – first you conference and then you get a bunch of people to follow the auction so you get a whole minimum number of people, and then you start auctioning stuff off on Twitter.

Leo Laporte Clever. Mark I liked this story in the Times in the technology section, bad memory card could be a ghost Bunny Wong, we all know – maybe we don’t know, but Bunny is a great guy who first hacked the Xbox 360, no, I am sorry the regular Xbox, and Bunny got a bad memory card and he didn’t like it. So, instead of doing we would just throwing it out, he tracks down the story, he was in China for his company [ph] Chumby (79:16), he owns [ph] Chumby or runs Chumby (79:18), overseeing production of the [ph] Chumby-1 (79:24) and there was a bad batch of [ph] Chumbies (79:26). He said they all had Kingston branded memory cards from a single batch. Tried to exchange the batch, Kingston refused. So he went to an electronics bazaar in China and – in fact he tells a story of one surreal scene of a child and his parent sitting in a stall cramming loose SD cards into Kingston retail packages. He bought a few of them, ran tests, found out that these were mostly bad, they were – in fact he concluded that the cards were probably produced on the same line as the certified goods but using defective materials. He says that some of these factories in Shenzhen have ghost shifts [ph] where each (80:14) workers doing their off hours runs a few batches of chips using materials rejected as defective on the day shift and then sells them to these bazaars.

John C. Dvorak Gee, welcome to China.

Molly Wood Yeah seriously.

Leo Laporte It's wild. Kingston says…

John C. Dvorak That’s why you – you know, when you see some of these crazy looking watches because used to be able to find routinely on Canal Street, and other parts of the country. And you look at the watch and you say why would somebody boot like this, watch is an exact copy except for the guts or whatever, like of a Rolex or any number of these crazy watches, and it’s like – and I’ve been to Korea where I bought stuff where I know it’s made in the same factory. I mean it’s just extra stuff, they are running a few extra thousand, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte You might want to be careful about buying these cards from a reputable source, I guess.

John C. Dvorak Well that would be a – I am sure there’s a lot of defective stuff flowing around. There is no quality control why would there be, their stuff is dirt cheap.

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood Even my [indiscernible] (81:05) HP Envy has serious quality control issues. The HP Envy 15 by the way you don’t want to buy it.

Leo Laporte If it weren’t for that though, we wouldn’t have the great Leave It To Beaver Molly Wood.

Molly Wood So we do have the Veronica Lake.

Leo Laporte Molly Wood’s new…

Molly Wood [indiscernible] (81:24) leave it.

Leo Laporte We are going to let you go, Molly Wood’s new blog is Please go there and read how to save satellite radio, someone save TV from Twitter, privacy nightmare, Google Buzz and on and on and on. She’s just pissed off. Not afraid to show it.

Molly Wood I am just unhappy with the smile.

Leo Laporte Thank you Molly, you are the greatest. It’s always great to see you. Thank you for joining us.

Molly Wood Bye, it’s my pleasure.

Leo Laporte Yeah take care, Molly Wood. See you her on Buzz Out Loud down now everyday. Mark Milian writes for the LA Times, where can we find you on the Times, Mark?

Mark Milian At, and my personal blog, which is my Twitter and Google Buzz is

Leo Laporte Always, always, always a great pleasure to have you on, you come up and visit us.

Mark Milian Yes.

Leo Laporte Yeah, we want to do a show with you, we got some ideas, love to do a show with you.

John C. Dvorak You need more shows Leo.

Leo Laporte I don’t have enough shows. I’ve mentioned this before we want to do a morning show in New York. So if you know of any comics, talented people with the tech bent in the Big Apple. I mean, really excited about this. We want to do a three hour morning show Monday through Friday.

John C. Dvorak I think it’s a great idea.

Mark Milian Yeah, we’ve got us….

Mark Milian [indiscernible] (82:40)

Leo Laporte Yeah kind of a social media morning zoo. Well you know when I realized this, I get up every morning, what you do the first thing you get up every morning, you see, you read Twitter to see what happened, what’s going on, what people are talking about, what’s the haps, right. So what if we did a show, where we just read Twitter.

Mark Milian Get John.

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (82:55)

Leo Laporte Yeah, no kidding, you know, because John is in Brooklyn [ph] and Coltman (83:02) and a lot, I mean, there are so many great people in New York because it’s a morning show you want to do it at 6:00 to 9:00 East Coast and repeat it 6:00 to 9:00 West Coast so a lot of reasons to do it in New York. So anyway that’s what we are thinking of.

John C. Dvorak Make sure you get a place that’s got a couple bedrooms in there for guests. I don’t’ care about the show, let’s face it.

Leo Laporte John you know what I think you and I could be roomies in the Big Apple, what do you say? Let’s go in halves.

John C. Dvorak Is this thing on?

Mark Milian Remake of The Odd Couple?

Leo Laporte Yeah. I think it will be good which one’s Oscar though and which one’s Felix. I think John I think you’re Felix and I’ll be Oscar. John’s, that’s where you could find all links to the cranky geeks and tech five and [indiscernible] (83:47) and all the great stuff John does. Thank you guys for being here we really appreciate it, a lot of fun today.

John C. Dvorak Thank you.

Leo Laporte Another TWiT is in the can

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