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Episode 240


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 240 for March 22, 2010: The Texas Reach-Around.

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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, everybody, we are all gathered together to talk about technology news with Mr. John C. Dvorak.

John C. Dvorak Hello.

Leo Laporte Wearing his – [ph] this (01:31) is good, in honor of March Madness, his referee shirt.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, exactly.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I like it.

Becky Worley Keeping the peace between me and Leo.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, could that be? Yes, it is. Becky Worley. Hello, Becky.

Becky Worley Hello.

Leo Laporte What are you up to these days, ABC News is Becky Worley?

Becky Worley Yeah. But doing a little, working on my Twitter account, so if you folks want to follow, bworley.

Leo Laporte Bworley.

Becky Worley Yes, w-o-r-l-e-y.

Leo Laporte We should have picked you when Kevin was on a couple of weeks ago. We picked a random Twitter user.

John C. Dvorak Who’d bailed.

Leo Laporte No. She came back.

John C. Dvorak Oh! Did she?

Leo Laporte Oh! Big time. She is rather enjoying…

John C. Dvorak Somebody clued her in.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Said hey, you could – this is not a bad thing.

Becky Worley Well, what was the…

Leo Laporte So remember that Conan O'Brien picked, he had no followers, right? So, people kind of said, Conan, you are not a real Twitter user. So he picked at random one person to follow, and she is – what was her name, [ph] toejam, football (02:25) what was it? It was I think.

Becky Worley [Ph] Mojo [indiscernible] (02:32) whatever it is.

Leo Laporte Very good, you got it.

Becky Worley I was with you.

Leo Laporte Her name is Lovely Button and Lovely Button now has 28,344 followers from none. Thanks to Conan O'Brien. Well, we said, we should do the same thing.

Becky Worley Think so.

Leo Laporte We should show our power, the power of the TWiT. So I said Kevin pick somebody at random. He did, he actually did a search on Twitter for the phrase, “I hate technology”. And found a woman…

John C. Dvorak Smart move.

Leo Laporte Yeah. A woman from New Zealand who had – that was her first tweet, she had three followers. Her name is Lisa Tickled Pink, I am happy to say that Lisa Tickled Pink currently has 25,343 followers.

Becky Worley See?

Leo Laporte And you know what? She is loving it.

John C. Dvorak I thought she hated it.

Becky Worley She doesn`t hate technology anymore.

Leo Laporte No, you know what? I talked to her.

John C. Dvorak [ph] I wander if she turned off (03:23) her mails, oh, you talked to her?

Leo Laporte I talked to her. We did an interview on Radio Wammo in Auckland, Kiwi FM, and she said – At first I thought I did something wrong because I had like 12,000 emails from Twitter. So she didn’t understand, somebody explained to her, she said. “oh, this is great”. And she is actually really gotten into it.

Becky Worley What’s interesting, David Spark did this thing about how – if you are in technology Twitter is a part of your résumé. How many followers you have…

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley …is an indication of what [ph] your reach… (03:55)

Leo Laporte It’s key. Yeah.

Becky Worley And it’s funny because I remember when you guys – I was obscenely pregnant when Twitter was really exploding and you guys were talking about it all the time and I just was off the radar completely for the first year and a half of Twitter…

Leo Laporte Now you care.

Becky Worley …because I was having kids and doing that and now it’s like…

Leo Laporte You were like being normal.

Becky Worley Okay. I am back on TV, I am doing this and okay, Twitter, right. Umm hmm.

Leo Laporte Better follow it. So what is it at bworley?

Becky Worley B-w-o-r-l-e-y. Thank you very much.

Leo Laporte Let’s give her a nice big plug, ladies and gentlemen.

Becky Worley I appreciate you.

Leo Laporte So guess why we are talking about this? Go ahead, John.

John C. Dvorak Well, I was going to say if people want to look at crackpots doing Twittering, you should just check out my son’s Twitter/TwelveTwo.

Leo Laporte Twelve?

John C. Dvorak Yeah. Twelve, t-w-e-l-v-e; two, t-w-o.

Leo Laporte And why is that he’s had a TwelveTwo?

John C. Dvorak I have no idea.

Leo Laporte Means something. Probably means, let’s smoke pot.

John C. Dvorak [ph] Well this is the key (04:51), he has decided to take this thing to a meta level.

Leo Laporte Place the bookmark in my book. Now I can find my place when I return to it later. Found the screw, it was where I left it. Put down a screw, not sure if it is where I left it. I guess, you have to read them in order.

John C. Dvorak Well, it would help.

Leo Laporte Lost power, cannot use electricity. Power is back, the lights are on again. The electric kettle boiled the water but I waited too long. I will have to boil it again. This is good, this is kind of funny.

Becky Worley That’s funny.

Leo Laporte He’s only got nine followers. Let’s follow him everybody. Maybe follow – now, here’s a reason you should follow Lisa Tickled Pink, because I am going to pick one of her followers at random and give that person an iPad and I am going to Lisa Tickled Pink an iPad for her trouble.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, right.

Leo Laporte So you should follow her because I want her to be…

John C. Dvorak Oh also you’re a [ph] double (05:40) – you’re up-ing the ante here with this kind of gimmick.

Leo Laporte I am up-ing the ante man.

John C. Dvorak This is old radio trickery.

Leo Laporte It is. I am going to give an – so Lisa, because I felt bad. I said, well I better give her something. So we’re going to – I have ordered two iPads, one for Lisa, I am going to FedEx it to her, she won’t be able to get in New Zealand. So, I’m going to FedEx her an American made iPad, well actually Chinese made designed in California iPad and then one of her followers we’ll pick it random on April 3rd and give that person an iPad unless Lovely Button still is beating her, then none of you win. How about that? Can we do that?

John C. Dvorak Yes, that’s kind of a threat, I like threatening the audience; that is a positive thing. That’s new – it’s kind of new to the Internet.

Leo Laporte Hey you know what today is, this is the fourth anniversary of Twitter, the very first tweet was posted by, I can’t remember his name, Alex, on – one of the guys, on March 21, 2006.

John C. Dvorak Well, that’s fantastic.

Leo Laporte God that was really a downer. Let’s move to the news.

Becky Worley Does it make you feel old?

Leo Laporte That it’s four years old? Well, how old is your kid?

Becky Worley Two.

Leo Laporte So you really, I mean you missed the boat by two years.

John C. Dvorak Yes, you are way off.

Becky Worley Well, I was…[indiscernible] (6:45)

Leo Laporte Well, okay, you got pregnant nine months before that if my calculation`s are correct.

Becky Worley You are good that way.

Leo Laporte And that would mean two years and nine months.

Becky Worley Yes, you know, three years ago.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Becky Worley Yeah. I have an excuse people, okay.

Leo Laporte She was pregnant.

Becky Worley Yeah, with twins, hello.

John C. Dvorak It seems to me that it’d be just the opposite, if you were pregnant [ph] you’re going (07:05) to find something to do with your…

Leo Laporte Anything.

John C. Dvorak Yes, so you’d find some meaningless thing to do like twittering.

Becky Worley The only thing you can do to satisfy anything that’s you know make you feel good is watch bad television when you are pregnant, let me tell you.

Leo Laporte And which particular kind of flavor of bad television?

Becky Worley I think it was Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Leo Laporte Oh, God, so bad.

Becky Worley I know, I’m so sorry, now she’s on Dancing With the Stars.

Leo Laporte She is, Kate Gosselin, she had her lips done I think.

John C. Dvorak My son just jumped from nine to 156.

Leo Laporte Well, there you go, there is the power.

John C. Dvorak [ph] Or (07:32), maybe it’ll give him more impetus to post more often.

Leo Laporte Don’t confuse things, though, I’m not giving an iPad to followers of TwelveTwo.

Becky Worley Just to redirect, on my…

Leo Laporte One more thing.

John C. Dvorak He has an iPad.

Becky Worley What?

Leo Laporte Lisa Tickled Pink – does he?

John C. Dvorak Yes, it’s like it’s ruined the family.

Leo Laporte I mean how did he get an iPad?

John C. Dvorak He bought one.

Leo Laporte You can’t buy one. They are not out ‘til April 3rd.

John C. Dvorak Oh no, [ph] I obviously gave him an iMac (07:51), never mind, I still haven’t woken up.

Leo Laporte Lisa Tickled Pink’s last tweet is actually about Lovely Button, apparently Lovely Button has a stylist, she says, now they are fighting, where did I go wrong, [ph] plus (08:05) people would be champing at the bit to get me in beige she said, [ph] kind of into (08:07) pink.

John C. Dvorak So to the news, what is the story about the iPhone and a 4G ad? There is no 4G iPhone.

Leo Laporte There isn’t. But Sprint is announcing, you know, they are doing that Clear thing and – Clearwire, and they – Sprint has released an ad that features the iPhone, now they don’t have the iPhone.

John C. Dvorak Clearwire is WiMAX.

Leo Laporte Yes, 4G, that’s the 4G that Sprint’s going to use, it’s WiMAX.

John C. Dvorak But it’s not – is that the official 4G or is that just WiMAX, I mean there is nothing new about WiMAX?

Leo Laporte No, that’s a good point, in fact WiMAX has turned out to be kind of a flop, we were under-whelmed by 4G speed in both Vegas and Austin.

John C. Dvorak You are using WiMAX?

Leo Laporte We tried, yes, well, they call it Sprint 4G Clearwire WiMAX.

John C. Dvorak So it wasn’t like the WiMAX that they are using up in Portland or…?

Leo Laporte It’s the same WiMAX, there is only one.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, Clearwire.

Leo Laporte Clearwire.

John C. Dvorak And it sucks? People in Portland all tell me oh, it’s fantastic.

Leo Laporte Yes, it wasn’t – I wasn’t – it was not much faster than our other 3G connections, maybe a lot of people were using it. So here is the deal, the Overdrive is a mobile router that uses Sprint’s 3G/4G and turns it into WiFi so you can use it with an iPhone via WiFi.

Becky Worley So it’s like a MiFi card?

Leo Laporte It’s like a MiFi.

Becky Worley Okay.

John C. Dvorak Can you tether?

Leo Laporte Are you kidding? No, but you can WiFi.

John C. Dvorak I guess that’s a no.

Leo Laporte You can’t tether because to tether you would need – the phone would need to be doing it.

Becky Worley Yes, the MiFi is the tether.

Leo Laporte The MiFi is like a…

Becky Worley The device itself…

John C. Dvorak No, I’m just thinking – I was thinking about the 4G. I got an iPhone…

[Video Presentation]

Leo Laporte It’s just like a MiFi. Is that your son?

John C. Dvorak That looks like a – was eating a turd.

Leo Laporte [ph] Wasn’t it awful (10:05)?

[Video Presentation]

Becky Worley [ph] Eating an apple (10:06).

Leo Laporte Do [ph] you (10:07) not eat a lot of fruit?

Becky Worley No, you are eating the apple.

Leo Laporte Get it, the Apple’s knowledge.

Tom Merritt Knowledge, a pun…

Becky Worley You are eating the Apple brand.

Leo Laporte Oh, I’m sorry. God we are slow…

Becky Worley Okay, so you went [ph] to (10:20) genesis.

Leo Laporte I went [ph] turd (10:20) on you.

Becky Worley You went to [ph] faecal (10:21) humor.

Leo Laporte Yes, he went scatological, I went biblical, you got it.

Becky Worley They are eating the Apple’s lunch.

John C. Dvorak Yes, well, then Apple is going to go after them.

Leo Laporte I don’t think they can. What do you think about these lawsuits, the Apple, I never did ask you John, of the HTC lawsuits?

John C. Dvorak Yes, what about them?

Leo Laporte What do you think? Is that Apple being…

John C. Dvorak Apple?

Leo Laporte It`s Apple being Apple?

John C. Dvorak Yes. We can sue somebody. Let’s do it.

Leo Laporte Let Apple be Apple man!

Becky Worley Well, aggressive and predatory may not scare the big boys but it scares enough of the small guys away.

John C. Dvorak HTC is not as small as they look.

Becky Worley No.

Leo Laporte Seems to me that it’s…

Becky Worley

[ph] They`re quite big (10:57) aren’t they?

John C. Dvorak Are they?

Becky Worley Yes.

Leo Laporte It’s almost an admission that they are not making it in the marketplace when they have to sue people. You know, it’s like well…

John C. Dvorak But they have – that’s been their tradition, making it or not making it.

Leo Laporte They don’t care, they just – they are litigious.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte So, Palm had a very bad Friday.

John C. Dvorak Palm is in trouble.

Leo Laporte Do you think Palm is dead?

John C. Dvorak Well, I predicted Palm was dead when that little – when that phone came out.

Leo Laporte The Pre.

John C. Dvorak That`s what I called it – Pre bankruptcy.

Leo Laporte So Palm really put all its eggs in the Pre basket. They killed everything else that they were doing, they said we are going to develop a new OS, they hired away much of the Apple iPhone team including Jon Rubinstein, who is now running the company, and designed what they thought would be a Palm killer, I mean a iPhone killer, the Palm Pre, running a new operating system webOS and really by killing everything else they said we are going to make it on this or we are not going to make it. Well I think the jury is in, and it’s not been good for Palm.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know what they are going to do.

Becky Worley They had a ton of buzz.

John C. Dvorak They had the head start.

Becky Worley Not last CES, two CESs ago.

Leo Laporte Yeah, when they announced the Pre, everybody was excited about – that was the pre-CES they showed the Pre at, right?

Becky Worley It looked gorgeous.

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak Stock flew at that point by the way.

Becky Worley It was big – it had a couple of nice…

Leo Laporte Friday it was down 28% or something like four or five bucks. I mean it was [ph] flat (12:20).

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but right after the announcement and during that little period that you would have invested in Palm you would have made a fortune. I think it went 5x or something like that. Now it’s – would have been a good short, but…

Leo Laporte I am sad because I really love Palm and I was an early Palm – PalmPilot user and…

John C. Dvorak Yes, so was I.

Becky Worley I had a Treo forever.

John C. Dvorak Yes, so was I. I had one of those too.

Leo Laporte Treo was great.

John C. Dvorak They dropped the ball somewhere along the line.

Leo Laporte Where did – yeah, that’s the question. Where did they go – what could they have done differently?

John C. Dvorak Well, they could – I think management, they kept swapping management around to finally getting people that never had a vision.

Becky Worley Why didn’t they get in bed with Apple?

Leo Laporte I feel like they did everything they could. I think the Pre was a really nice phone. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the Pre, maybe if they made one mistake it was making it Sprint instead of Verizon.

John C. Dvorak I don’t think that was it. I don’t think the Pre was exciting enough. It wasn’t different enough. Keyboard was kind of funky.

Leo Laporte It wasn’t different enough. You have to be so much better to beat the iPhone.

Becky Worley There were two things that were – three things that were different, one the keyboard, tactile, good; two, wireless charging. It had that hockey puck that you could put the Pre down on, a lot of people loved that.

John C. Dvorak [ph] Conductive charging (13:21).

Becky Worley Third thing it had a mirror on the back of it so you could put your lipstick on with it, that rocks.

Leo Laporte You noticed that.

John C. Dvorak I didn’t see the mirror. There was a mirror?

Leo Laporte Yeah, well, it was shiny when you slid up, when you slid up the key – slid down the keyboard, there was a very shiny metal.

Becky Worley And [ph] wasn`t (13:38) that, also multiple apps at the same time?

Leo Laporte It had multi-tasking.

Becky Worley And…

Leo Laporte It had multi-tasking absolutely. So here’s the sad news, I am trying to get the results. They actually did worse than the – this is always bad – did worse than the analysts’ most negative…

John C. Dvorak That’s bad.

Leo Laporte …predictions.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. You might as well shoot yourself if that happens.

Leo Laporte Shares of Palm fell the most in more than two years in NASDAQ trading after it forecast sales this quarter that were less than half analysts’ estimate, half. Revenue in the period ending in May will be less than $150 million. [ph] They (14:20) fall – falling short of the $300 million average estimate from analysts, its 11th consecutive quarterly loss, shares 29% down to $4 on…

John C. Dvorak Wow! $4.

Becky Worley Is this an incorrect hypothesis that okay there is the iPhone, there are random phones that are running various sort of…?

Leo Laporte Well there`s Black – look, there is BlackBerry, there is iPhone, there is Android which is huge. Microsoft comes back into the game with Windows 7 Phone which they have just announced but won’t be out ‘til the end of the year.

Becky Worley So my point is it’s either Windows 7 Phone or the Google Phone or the Android phones that pushed Palm to the periphery and one of those…

Leo Laporte I think you are right.

Becky Worley …was unexpected and I think that was probably Google if you look at the long [indiscernible] (15:01)

John C. Dvorak No, I don’t think so. I think the iPhone has been around for a while now but I think that really caught everybody flatfooted.

Leo Laporte Stronger than expected.

Becky Worley Well, fair enough but…

John C. Dvorak Well, that’s because it was a new paradigm.

Becky Worley But I am talking about their comeback which happened well after the iPhones…

John C. Dvorak Yeah I mean, they were – that's why I was predicting that – I was actually stunned by the stock going up as much as it did, but that's why I was using that joke pre-bankruptcy and all this other stuff. And I was doing it on this show way before it came out...

Leo Laporte You were right.

John C. Dvorak …and I kept – staying with that theory because I didn’t see how they could possibly come back from the situation as it now exists, which is we have a new paradigm for a phone which is a phone with no keyboard that you would – like the Google’s Nexus, you talk into it and then tell it what you want to type.

Leo Laporte Nobody wants a – nobody wants a keyboard, I think.

John C. Dvorak I think that's true. I think it’s old school to have a keyboard on one of these things. I still use my little Nokia with the keyboard, but I like…

Leo Laporte The E71, you still like that.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, because you know, the keyboard is nice, the phone is slick, it’s light.

Leo Laporte But I look at the – the phones that I am using are DROID…

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte …Nexus One and iPhone. DROID has a keyboard but I never slide it out.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte [ph] I just use the on-screen… (16:03)

John C. Dvorak I believe the Google, the Nexus One, that…

Leo Laporte I love the dictation. It’s great.

John C. Dvorak …the dictation thing is astonishing.

Becky Worley Well, there are a couple of subgroups that I think make this interesting. So for my dad, I was just looking for a phone for him and he desperately needs a full-sized tactile numeric keyboard.

Leo Laporte He’s older.

Becky Worley Right. Then you have got hardcore texters who love the Sidekick – teens.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley They love that flip-out.

Leo Laporte Microsoft owns that now.

Becky Worley And then one of the things I think as we – if I can transition this slightly – is like the smartphone world is actually declining, it’s not growing as fast as it used to be.

Leo Laporte Really?

Becky Worley That’s a major byproduct of the economy.

Leo Laporte What are they buying? Oh, they are just not buying.

Becky Worley Data – well, a huge part of it is that all smartphones must – mandatory – be sold with a data plan.

Leo Laporte Right, so it costs more yearly and monthly.

Becky Worley And those data plans are substantial. If you are trying to cut back, it’s a really, it’s a no-brainer. Boom.

Leo Laporte You’re right. It’s another 30 or – $30 a month.

Becky Worley That’s $400 a year.

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley Smartphone goes away because you can’t even buy the smartphone if you can’t afford the data plan.

John C. Dvorak Well, if you can get a smartphone, an unlocked one, you don’t need a data plan. You can just pop in a SIM card and use WiFi for the data.

Becky Worley But again, then we were talking about a $500 phone, if we’re – only a third of U.S. adults own smartphones right now.

Leo Laporte Is that true, really? Wow!

Becky Worley Only a third.

John C. Dvorak That’s actually high. I think that's a big number.

Becky Worley Of adults.

John C. Dvorak It used to be next to nothing.

Becky Worley A third of adults.

John C. Dvorak Fine. But I’m just saying, it’s next to nothing now – I mean, it was next to nothing and now it’s a third. That's I think a huge growth rate. I think the smartphone’s going to take over and I agree with all the numbers that you are throwing out there, but I think that the trend is clear and that is everybody is going to have one of these keyboardless smartphones that you flip around with your thumb and I just don’t see anything competing with that.

Leo Laporte Is the iPad going to change any of this?

John C. Dvorak No, the iPad is a joke.

Leo Laporte Really, you think so?

John C. Dvorak We bet on this already.

Leo Laporte I know and I am going to win that bet.

John C. Dvorak You might.

Leo Laporte What did I bet? I bet it would sell four million copies…

John C. Dvorak Five.

Leo Laporte Five in the first year.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, 12 months.

Leo Laporte 12 months. Easy.

Becky Worley That seems [ph] big (18:01) to me, because of the price point.

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte Easy, easy.

Becky Worley Five million in the first year seems big.

Leo Laporte Apple’s building seven.

Becky Worley Okay, wait.

John C. Dvorak They are building seven million?

Leo Laporte That’s the story, yeah.

John C. Dvorak Okay.

Becky Worley I want to finish one thing on phones and then I want to talk iPads, if I can be so…

Leo Laporte We got more on the phones because the Palm CEO says, we could have been somebody, I could have been a contender.

Becky Worley Well, Charlie, why didn’t you take care of me, who was the Charlie who didn’t take care of me?

Leo Laporte Charlie! If we could have launched – this is Jon Rubinstein – if we could have launched at Verizon prior to the DROID, I think we could have gotten the attention that DROID got, and since I believe we have a better product I think we could have done even better.

John C. Dvorak I think they are missing the point.

Leo Laporte I think it’s too late.

John C. Dvorak They are missing the point too. The DROID got a lot of attention because it’s open source and it runs Linux and it does this and it does that, and it’s – I mean I think they are missing the point. They are just…

Leo Laporte The Google Phone, the Android now is available from Google to run on AT&T as well as T-Mobile. They just did that. They’ve announced Sprint and Verizon in the next month or so. So they are going to be on every platform, it’s almost. And I love this Nexus One. I actually think this is a great phone.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you seem to like it. I like it too, except it’s so slippery.

Leo Laporte You keep saying you drop it.

Becky Worley Slippery, I love how you say it.

Leo Laporte Look at what they did, look at what they did, they put a little Google Buzz widget on there now. I like Google Buzz , but I’m the only one, I’m the actually the one who uses it.

John C. Dvorak Host of Buzz.

Becky Worley That’s because you have no filter for privacy.

John C. Dvorak No, he doesn’t care.

Becky Worley I can remember when you first started at Call For Help you’d show pictures of your infant children on the air.

Leo Laporte What's wrong with that?

Becky Worley It freaked me out.

Leo Laporte But what's wrong with it?

John C. Dvorak It’s pretty dumb.

Becky Worley I was just…

Leo Laporte Why? What, is some bad guy going to say, oh there is a baby, I’m going to go find out who that guy is and take his baby?

John C. Dvorak It’s just a bad policy.

Becky Worley I don’t know, it just creeped me out back in ’97, ’98. It was just a little…

Leo Laporte I was just ahead of my time.

Becky Worley That’s true.

Leo Laporte Now, when I weigh myself it goes out on the Internet.

Becky Worley Did you get my pitch?

Leo Laporte What's your pitch?

John C. Dvorak You’re going to – by the way, weighing yourself…

Leo Laporte By the way, I weigh 217.5 pounds.

Becky Worley I pitched you.

John C. Dvorak And by the way, you are going to overload the network.

Becky Worley So Calacanis also weighs himself in public.

Leo Laporte He weighs himself in public, yeah.

Becky Worley And my theory was…

John C. Dvorak What is the point of this?

Leo Laporte Well, it keeps you honest.

Becky Worley Well, it keeps you honest. My theory was to make it a game.

John C. Dvorak It keeps you honest to make the thing – what, do you lie to yourself? Oh it says 205, nah, it says 190.

Leo Laporte You can…

John C. Dvorak It keeps you honest.

Becky Worley Because shame is a powerful motivator.

Leo Laporte Shame, baby.

John C. Dvorak Unless you weigh 300 pounds, you are not going to be shamed into anything.

Leo Laporte I’m getting close, I am shamed.

John C. Dvorak Getting close.

Becky Worley My suggestion was that you and Calacanis – and I’m in if you want, and any other techie people, set a goal…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley …what your weight needs to be by August, and then we do TWiT, The Pool Party.

Leo Laporte We should, oh!

Becky Worley And we put all kinds of like metrics around…

Leo Laporte I’ll do that. And Jason will do that.

John C. Dvorak [ph] He’ll do anything if you tell Jason to do it (20:32).

Becky Worley And we show up in our suits. We have to have some sort of…

Leo Laporte Are you going to do it too?

Becky Worley Well, I think we need to get like Veronica or somebody…

John C. Dvorak [ph] Yeah, she’s no (20:39).

Leo Laporte People will come to see you in a bathing suit.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. Get Veronica, I’ll go to that event.

Becky Worley That’s what I’m saying. So anyway, I’ll work on the metrics for it.

John C. Dvorak We’ll get her – I don’t know why she hasn’t picked up her Star Trek outfit that we had done for her.

Leo Laporte You – because you humiliated her, that’s why.

John C. Dvorak So [ph] do one with Howe, which was (20:54) – so let’s look at the – this is actually part of the show I think.

Leo Laporte What, are you looking at my texts?

John C. Dvorak No. No. I should be. Jeez, what am I thinking? So, no, I’m looking at the apps.

Becky Worley You have got leverage in your hand right there, buddy.

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak Now I’m going to go over a few of them and so you can recommend or not…

Leo Laporte I could tell you whether they are good or not.

John C. Dvorak You got the Yelp, YouTube, yes, we are not going to do any of those.

Leo Laporte All the standard ones.

John C. Dvorak wpToGo, I don’t know what…

Leo Laporte That’s WordPress.

John C. Dvorak Okay, who needs it? Where – what's Where?

Leo Laporte Where – you press a button, it knows where you are and it tells you what's around you. It’s – there is a number of location-like applications.

John C. Dvorak Is Where good, is that the one I should get?

Leo Laporte Where is pretty good. Aloqa is another one that’s pretty good. The truth is, with Google – Google’s own applications, and Bing is pretty good that way.

John C. Dvorak Bing!

Leo Laporte You’re kind of set, you don’t really need these extra ones.

John C. Dvorak Okay, you got Ustream, Ustream [ph] black (21:39)

Leo Laporte That’s Ustream, both I can watch and broadcast from that phone.

John C. Dvorak Oh fantastic.

Becky Worle You know, the Ustream biggest day ever was Tsunami Day?

Leo Laporte Yeah. You know why?

Becky Worle Biggest day ever for a non-corporate event.

Leo Laporte So I’m watching CNN, I’m watching all the TV stations, what are they playing? Ustream.

Becky Worle Ustream.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I saw that too, I was – I thought that was ridiculous.

Becky Worle Michael Jackson was the biggest corporate day they’ve ever had and like by a factor of 7%, the Tsunami was as big, but it was all independent…

Leo Laporte You know who owns them now effectively? [ph] Sun’s Son, (22:08) Masayoshi Son.

Becky Worle No way.

Leo Laporte Major investor in Ustream.

John C. Dvorak He owns Ustream?

Leo Laporte Yeah, he just put like 70 million into Ustream.

John C. Dvorak Interesting. What's TuneWiki?

Leo Laporte TuneWiki you will like, it’s a – so there is a site called TuneWiki that is a Wiki where people put lyrics up. TuneWiki is a alternative media player, it’s available on the iPhone too, that plays your music but posts the lyrics in-sync to the music as you are watching the music.

John C. Dvorak Oh really? That’s nice.

Becky Worle Oh, it’s a karaoke app.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that sweet?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, [ph] that is cool (22:33).

Leo Laporte And then also it has a button in there, you can find the videos that…

John C. Dvorak Skitch Henderson comes to mind.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worle Wow, you guys are dating yourselves.

Leo Laporte I think Mitch Miller is who you are thinking of.

John C. Dvorak Oh, I’ve given up, I don’t care.

Leo Laporte I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…

John C. Dvorak Stream fur…

Leo Laporte StreamFurious is a radio – internet radio.

John C. Dvorak Oh, is it? Oops, ah, doggone it. You just touch something on this thing, it goes crazy.

Becky Worley 10 to 20% of people who have smartphones plan to lose their data plans in the next year.

Leo Laporte 10 to 20%, because it’s too expensive.

John C. Dvorak She is preoccupied with this topic, ladies and gentlemen.

Leo Laporte Well, I think she’s got a good point. I mean, she says that there is a vulnerability in the smartphone market.

John C. Dvorak She hates smartphones and she is now taking it out on the show.

Becky Worley No, I just like to take the [ph] technorati (23:10) and take them to task for the average folks who are sort of…

Leo Laporte Take them down…

John C. Dvorak Trying to provide useful information to the listeners by reviewing these apps, but…

Becky Worley …who are budget conscious, that’s all I’m saying.

John C. Dvorak Becky goes on and on about this one topic, she is preoccupied.

Becky Worley [ph] Rah rah rah rah rah (23:25)

Leo Laporte So I got another site that I do called Blippy. You know what Blippy does? It tells everybody what I bought, like from all the credit cards and everything.

Becky Worley Are you serious?

John C. Dvorak Oh that’s – is that posted on the internet?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Becky Worley Wow, okay, that is hardcore.

John C. Dvorak Why?

Leo Laporte It’s actually – you know what, it’s strangely compelling.

John C. Dvorak I think he has already had three glasses of wine.

Leo Laporte Because you can watch what Jason Calacanis has bought.

Becky Worley That could make me blush.

Leo Laporte You can watch what a lot of other people have bought. And then you see what they buy. That’s how I found out about the WiFi Scale. Philip Kaplan, Pud, bought the WiFi Scale. And I thought, oh that’s cool, so I bought it, and apparently like seven or eight from have bought WIFi Scales because of that.

John C. Dvorak Oh man.

Leo Laporte So it’s got a business model of some sort.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I think I’m moving to Alaska.

Becky Worley That’s – that’s, for me, that’s way over…

Leo Laporte Too much? What would be – okay, you are a woman, and I think there’s a very big gulf between what men and women are willing to share online.

Becky Worley Yeah, you said this last week about...

Leo Laporte Do you not think?

Becky Worley ...location-based stuff.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Gina Trapani was saying that on TWiG, that that’s a big difference.

John C. Dvorak That’s why I like that or whatever that is.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but nobody is going to rob my house.

Becky Worley Yeah, PleaseRobMe.

Leo Laporte Nobody is going to rob me.

John C. Dvorak Well, no, that’s because you have only got…

Leo Laporte Oh, that reminds me, I haven’t checked in here yet.

Becky Worley Oh got to check in.

John C. Dvorak Check in on the house.

Leo Laporte You know, that was the weirdest thing at South by Southwest is that, you go anywhere and the first thing you do when you step in the door, everybody has got their head hunched over their smartphone checking in on Gowalla and Foursquare.

John C. Dvorak You don’t think that’s pathetic?

Leo Laporte Yes. It’s actually – I actually do think it’s pathetic, but I still do it.

Becky Worley But you know what, I know that you go to the gym a lot.

Leo Laporte You could tell. You follow me.

Becky Worley I do. I know that you go to –

Leo Laporte You are my friend.

John C. Dvorak You know what, I am going to set up one of these accounts, and then just bull[beep] my way through the whole day. Yeah, I met this –

Leo Laporte That’s like your son, the TwelveTwo. Look, Eric Longstaff just checked in at the K-Mart.

Becky Worley Wow!

Leo Laporte See now I know. I don’t even know who Eric Longstaff is but apparently I [ph] know where he is (25:10).

Becky Worley See? Mom, I am at church again.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s good. Just checked in, Ma, Saint Vincent De Paul, there it is, it’s right on here. So that’s the church over here.

Becky Worley Oh is it?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley That’s the same as the…

John C. Dvorak Well, let’s go get him and beat him up.

Becky Worley No, that’s the – where that you send all your…[ph] the place where you’ve given me (25:24).

John C. Dvorak Let’s track him down. This is the perfect app for stalkers.

Leo Laporte You know what, from now on, because the TWiT cottage is right next door to Saint Vincent De Paul’s, so right now –

Becky Worley Is it really a parish as opposed to the place where send your giveaways? You know that’s what Saint Vincent de Paul is, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s Saint Vincent’s church, it’s not – there is no de Paul. I added the de Paul.

Becky Worley Okay, just being clear as the token Catholic in the room.

Leo Laporte No, you’re right, it’s not de Paul. No, no, but see from now on, instead of being the mayor of TWiT Cottage I am going to check in at the church because they – the geo location isn’t so accurate that it really knows where I am. So I am just going to say I am in church every day.

Becky Worley You would totally be the man, what do you get?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you know there is the TWiT church.

Leo Laporte I would get something from the Pope probably.

Becky Worley You would get free wine.

John C. Dvorak Get some from the Pope.

Becky Worley Every day.

John C. Dvorak There’s a joke in there and I am not going to use it, ladies and gentlemen.

Leo Laporte Thank you very much. Thank you very much, John, you just saved me a lawsuit with the Vatican.

Becky Worley Wow!

John C. Dvorak The Vatican’s got other problems.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley One other thing on the phones.

Leo Laporte One other thing.

Becky Worley To prove John’s point that I never – I’m like a dog on a bone.

Leo Laporte It locked.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, what’s the pattern?

Leo Laporte Were you trying to see my texts?

John C. Dvorak No, I am going – no, I am going to go back over these apps.

Leo Laporte He was trying to see my texts.

John C. Dvorak No, I wasn’t trying to see your texts, and I don’t care what they say.

Leo Laporte Give me the phone, I’ll unlock it for you.

John C. Dvorak You know, you can – sometimes you can look at this and kind of figure out…

Leo Laporte You know how you could tell? From the smudges.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte You could see where the finger smudges are, you can unlock it.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Becky Worley Oh, very smart. Prepaid phones growing by 20% this year.

Leo Laporte That’s because of all the drug dealers.

Becky Worley No.

Leo Laporte They’re buying burners. He’s a burner guy.

Becky Worley No way.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, totally.

Becky Worley No, Boost and Virgin and AT&T all have these plans now, all the major carriers have the prepaid plans and it’s the content…

Leo Laporte Right. But those are feature phones, right? They are not smartphones when you are buying one of those?

Becky Worley Not, they are – I think predominantly they are just texting and unlimited texting and calls but for people who are [ph] on the fence (26:55).

John C. Dvorak Ta-da!

Leo Laporte Did you unlock it?

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah.

Becky Worley Wow!

Leo Laporte You did not unlock my phone.

John C. Dvorak Watch.

Leo Laporte That’s not it.

John C. Dvorak You’ll get – I’ll show you. I got it. It’s – tell me it’s not this: straight up and then through the middle.

Leo Laporte No, that’s not it. No, that’s not it. Go ahead and do it, see what – if it unlocks. He’s looking at the smudges. He’s trying to decode the smudges.

Becky Worley That’s Dvorak’s old school hat.

John C. Dvorak No, this is still on its…

Leo Laporte It’s thinking. This is one thing about the Nexus One I am not fond of, it’s kind of – oh it’s – because you tried so many times, it locked out? Good.

John C. Dvorak What do you mean good?

Leo Laporte Good.

John C. Dvorak We’re trying to review apps here.

Leo Laporte The last time he was in here he tried to log into my Mint application to see how much I was worth, what my net worth was. I publish that on the Internet, John.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know how to use Mint, so that’s probably not a true story.

Leo Laporte It is a true story. I’m seeing, I go in here, in Mint and it’s like 20 times somebody’s tried to log into Mint.

John C. Dvorak Believe me, that wasn’t me.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, sure, sure, sure.

John C. Dvorak Here we go.

Leo Laporte Mint; Mint is another great application, that’s not on the iPhone. So the people who are in charge of these things, and I don’t know who that would be…

Becky Worley And what are these things?

Leo Laporte These things would be, the record industry, the movie industry, copyright holders, have decided that the word piracy is too sexy.

Becky Worley Ahoy, matey!

Leo Laporte They were the ones who created the term in the first place but now they realize that unfortunately…

Becky Worley They created a monster.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Johnny Depp.

Becky Worley Pirates of the Caribbean.

Leo Laporte So they are thinking of calling them vampires.

John C. Dvorak What? I didn’t – I missed this story.

Leo Laporte That’s a bad one.

Becky Worley No. He’s playing.

John C. Dvorak That’s not true.

Leo Laporte No, that’s a joke. That would be funny though if they did.

John C. Dvorak You know it didn’t surprise me.

Leo Laporte They are blood sucking – I could just see them saying, oh no piracy is too sexy, let’s see, what could we call them…

Becky Worley Bring back Hilary Rosen she’s good at this.

Leo Laporte Yeah, they are blood sucking vampires. That’s not sexy. Is it?

Becky Worley No.

Leo Laporte No.

Becky Worley Yeah what would be the like…

Leo Laporte They want to call them Thieves.

Becky Worley No but even that, I mean if we are really talking about not glorifying, parasites?

John C. Dvorak I got a good one.

Becky Worley I mean that’s not my word, I am not saying that…

John C. Dvorak So we should change the word piracy, she said blah, blah, blah translation we should choose it and dissect it, how about fat bastards?

Becky Worley That’s a good line. Have you ever had fat bastards?

Leo Laporte All you guys fat bastards stealing our stuff, get in me a belly, you little musical thief.

Becky Worley Oh he’s got Scottish on us.

Leo Laporte I did.

John C. Dvorak As best he can.

Leo Laporte As noted, I love this, this is from the article in Ars Technica, as noted copyright scholar William Patry argued in his most recent book “To say that X is a pirate is a metaphoric heuristic, intended to persuade a policymaker that the in-depth analysis could be skipped and the desired result immediately obtained. Claims of piracy are rhetorical nonsense.”

Becky Worley The pedagogy on that is phenomenal.

Leo Laporte Phenomenal. You studied that, you got like a doctorate in that. Don’t you?

Becky Worley I have a strange post graduate degree.

Leo Laporte What is your degree?

Becky Worley It’s in a combination of education and computer science, it was a program that ran through both of those programs.

Leo Laporte Educational technologies.

Becky Worley It was called learning, design and technology. How to teach people through technology and I modified it, how to teach technology to people.

Leo Laporte So you have a master’s.

Becky Worley Yes.

Leo Laporte So should I call you master or mistress?

Becky Worley Let me get my leathers out. Hold on. Yes, you should.

Leo Laporte I should call you master.

Becky Worley That’s right. I think that this is marketing, what could you call piracy?

Leo Laporte Well, they want to call it thievery, but it’s not – it’s not technically thievery.

Becky Worley So I was at a…

John C. Dvorak Then what is it Leo?

Leo Laporte Copyright violation.

Becky Worley But that doesn’t…

John C. Dvorak Why don’t they call them copyright violators?

Leo Laporte Because that doesn’t sound bad.

Becky Worley They are violators.

John C. Dvorak They are violators. They are violators.

Leo Laporte Oh! Violators.

John C. Dvorak That sounds bad.

Leo Laporte They could call them child molesters.

Becky Worley That is one that has a definite negative connotation.

John C. Dvorak Why not everyone else does.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley So you know that perception is not – they are right, I was talking to someone the other day about another person that we know, and he was, oh that guy is so great, he always – he is such a geek, he downloads all the latest movies for us and shares it with everybody, he is so generous.

Leo Laporte He is a copyright sharer.

Becky Worley He is, that’s the perception.

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley Is that you are a copyright – you are a sharer.

Leo Laporte You are a Robin Hood.

Becky Worley No. I don’t even think they – it crossed their mind whatsoever.

Leo Laporte That there was anything illegal?

Becky Worley If it’s on the Internet, it must be okay, that means it’s there to be gotten.

John C. Dvorak No, it is – actually there is a sociological problem because that is absolutely true mostly – there is a lot of people who don’t think twice about any of this stuff.

Leo Laporte How about, we’re getting a suggestion from [ph] Titus (31:27) in the chatroom, carpetbaggers.

Becky Worley Carpetbagger, bagger is always a good.

Leo Laporte Carpetbagger.

Becky Worley No.

Leo Laporte Data molesters.

John C. Dvorak Call them…

Leo Laporte Data molesters. That’s good.

John C. Dvorak Yeah actually that would work.

Leo Laporte Copy thieves.

Becky Worley Oh what about…

John C. Dvorak Terrorists.

Becky Worley What about…

John C. Dvorak Let’s go all the way.

Leo Laporte They are terrorists.

Becky Worley …some sort of things like it inflates your price, so it hits you and your pocket book, like…

Leo Laporte Oh they’re stealing from me.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that’s believable.

Becky Worley If everybody was paying then your movie tickets would cost less.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that will work.

Leo Laporte Yeah, right.

John C. Dvorak Sure.

Leo Laporte Sure they would.

Becky Worley I’m just saying that what the anti-piracy people are saying.

Leo Laporte That doesn’t -- that’s not going to convince anybody, I don’t think.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, apparently they are not going to be able to come up with another word.

Becky Worley Yeah, they are screwed.

Leo Laporte We’ll be back in a moment, we’re talking with Becky Worley of ABC News, Good Morning America. Mother of five. How many kids? Twins.

Becky Worley Twins.

Leo Laporte Two. Just two. And Twitter her at bworley. I had it spelled wrong. I had it bworlett. So if somebody named bworlett suddenly gets a lot of followers. Give them back. Also with us John C. Dvorak, and Channel Dvorak, the place to get all of John’s many, they said you sounded drunk this morning on No Agenda.

John C. Dvorak They say it every week. I just get up, you know I am up…

Leo Laporte Yeah. That’s funny.

John C. Dvorak If I am going to be drunk in the morning, I think I’d have a – maybe it would be funny.

Leo Laporte Packet beggers.

Becky Worley Packet beggers, that’s fun.

Leo Laporte Yeah, Packet…

John C. Dvorak So you were listening to the show this morning, is that what you are telling us?

Leo Laporte Yeah. I listen all the time, I love No Agenda, it’s where I get all my conspiracy theories.

John C. Dvorak You just hate the show, this is what we figure.

Leo Laporte I hate it with a passion.

John C. Dvorak You are just looking for some…

Leo Laporte I hate it so much…

Becky Worley Bandwidth hog?

Leo Laporte Bandwidth hog, no, it’s been used. Now you look really tiny, I put the microphone up in your face and you are looking so small, and see when I – now watch, just look over there, see I put Dvorak on, he looks massive.

Becky Worley Yeah, that’s right.

John C. Dvorak I am huge.

Leo Laporte He’s huge. And then I put you on, you look like a little tiny person. I got to zoom in or something.

Becky Worley It’s all right, I’ll take tiny. Trust me.

John C. Dvorak The tiny Becky Worley. We had actually a pretty good no agenda today.

Leo Laporte What were you talking about?

John C. Dvorak I don’t remember.

Becky Worley That is a marketing guy, right there.

Leo Laporte It was something. You know what, you should tune in and find out.

Becky Worley Prior to your coming…

Leo Laporte This portion of the show brought to you by, thank you Becky, you are so good. What do they do at ABC if it’s time for a commercial?

Becky Worley They go to black, whether you are talking or not.

Leo Laporte They do. They probably do, don’t they?

Becky Worley Shut up Worley.

Leo Laporte Because you are on a live show, when you do GMA, there is no like…

Becky Worley And the most important…

Leo Laporte And we’re out, and we’re clear.

Becky Worley No, I was demo-ing the Google Voice Search and I searched Stephanopoulos using Google Voice Search and we’re up on a [ph] hard break (34:07) and I said, and look at the results and I turned the camera – the phone to the camera.

Leo Laporte Downy fabric softener.

Becky Worley They saw the camera for maybe three frames and then they went completely black.

Leo Laporte That’s all you need.

Becky Worley Well then, Jimmy Kimmel grabbed it and…

Leo Laporte You are kidding?

Becky Worley No, Kimmel grabbed it and he had me turning the cam – the phone to camera to show the results of the George Stephanopoulos search using Google Voice Search and they showed a picture in the phone of Snuffleupagus.

Leo Laporte I remember that. That was very funny, you were famous. George Snuffleupagus.

Becky Worley I was mortified.

Leo Laporte What do you think, do you think a writer was watching and said hey that should – that there is a joke.

Becky Worley Hey, there’s material.

Leo Laporte There’s material.

Becky Worley That’s right. Well, the people on CBS had it easy, they had Harry Smith, gee, that’s real tough to test the Google search on that.

Leo Laporte I think George Stephanopoulos is good.

Becky Worley Right. This was good.

Leo Laporte George Stephanopoulos is actually probably…

John C. Dvorak I get, when you try me you get…

Becky Worley It worked.

Leo Laporte Here give it to me let’s try it.

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (34:59).

Leo Laporte You rebooted my machine, what the hell you are doing?

John C. Dvorak I am trying to…

Becky Worley Well do an ad and then we’ll come back to it.

Leo Laporte You are such a hacker, he rebooted, he’s trying to get into my system.

John C. Dvorak So…

Leo Laporte I am wiping off all the fingerprints., ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve got a bad guy like John C. Dvorak, trying to get into your data, you need to back it up, back up is so important and that’s why I recommend Carbonite online backup. Let me tell you, there is two things that are critical to backup, first of all, it’s got to be automatic, because you know what, you’re not going to remember to do it, you’re just not, it’s got to be easy right, because if it’s hard, you’re not going to do it. And the most important thing is, it has to be offsite, now let me make the case for why offsite, you might be – you’re backing up right now, you burning to the CDs or DVDs and put them in the stack, maybe you put them into the book shelf, or you’ve got an external hard drive, this is probably the most common method, right. You back it up, you’ve got an external hard drive hooked up by USB, you’re backing it up, you feel good, you got two copies of everything and then what happens, your house falls down, there’s a fire, there’s a flood, bad guys break in, happened to Francis Ford Coppola, he was working down in Buenos Aires, rented a beautiful, lovely house, had his computer there. Francis is no fool, was backing up regularly. The bad guys broke in the house, they stole the computer and they stole the backup. And I shouldn’t laugh, because the guy was devastated, he said, twenty years’ worth of scripts lost. He did not have – yeah, it’s a terrible story. He did not have offsite backup, that’s why offsite is so important.

And I think Carbonite really is the easiest solution. In fact, you could try it right now and see how quickly you could set it up. You’ve got to have high speed internet. Don’t do this on dial-up. And of course if you have a lot of data and not a very fast connection, it may take a while to back it up. But once you’ve got it all backed up, then the updates are quick, because it just updates changes.

It will take you a couple of weeks to try it, and I think this is worth doing. Go to, and use the offer code TWiT. You don’t even need a credit card or anything, you could just start using it for two weeks. If after the two weeks – and I really want you to do the trial – if after the two weeks you decide to buy two months off. And by the way, two months off, it’s already a low price, it’s less than five bucks a month for unlimited backup, every bit of your personal data inside your computer backed up automatically, encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption, so it’s absolutely private. This is just a great solution. They have an iPhone app, so you can see what’s backed up, download the files if you need to. You can log in to your Carbonite account from any computer, Mac or PC, it’s just a great solution.

Now there are other companies doing this and I want – I encourage you to try them all. I think the first thing though – and people forget to do this, you should try it as a restore. Just back up one file and restore it, see how easy it is with Carbonite and how hard it is with the other guys., offer code TWiT. I’m a big fan, and I think you will be too.

I’m Leo Laporte, we are talking tech news. The great Becky Worley, my good friend from the good old days of TechTV is here. You know I added a bunch of – I created a personal Facebook account – that’s like not – because my public account was too full – and you’re on my personal account. And I added just TechTV people. It’s kind of fun. They’re all doing so great, aren’t they?

Becky Worley That’s very – I learn a lot from all the old alumns. And it’s a great network of people. And we were the inmates running the asylum, kids really running our own cable network, and…

Leo Laporte That’s a really good way to describe it, because it’s true. We didn’t have much oversight.

Becky Worley It was. We didn’t – I mean – it was kooky crazy. But what I learned from the whole experience was that as insane as we were and just winging it, the billionaires responsible for the structure were crazier than…

Leo Laporte They were crazier. They were crazier than we were.

Becky Worley That, that was a good lesson.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. Yeah, they were. My favorite thing is getting rid of Scott’s show, which was the absolutely the most well produced show.

Becky Worley Best show.

Leo Laporte Internet Tonight with Scott Herriott and Michaela Pereira.

John C. Dvorak Slicker than anything.

Leo Laporte Brilliantly written, very funny, had that incredible tech – what was his name, the tech guru?

Becky Worley The Security…

Leo Laporte The Security Guard?

John C. Dvorak The Security Guard.

Leo Laporte He was so funny.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. And then out of the blue, Paul Allen apparently just took a [ph] Western show (39:02)…

Leo Laporte I don’t like that show.

Becky Worley I know when they jumped the shark, it was when Leo streaked the set.

Leo Laporte You think it’s my fault?

Becky Worley It was. I mean, granted, you were only showing a little bit of butt-crack, but it was still, that’s the moment.

John C. Dvorak Well, now you’d be on the sexual offenders list if you pull that.

Leo Laporte That’s true. I’d have to notify – you broke my phone, by the way. It says, too many login attempts. You must now give me your first born or something. To unlock, sign in with your Google account. All I can do is make an emergency call. You broke my…

Becky Worley The surf guru.

John C. Dvorak Do you have a…

Leo Laporte The surf guru, thank you. Chat room knows all, doesn’t it?

Becky Worley Yeah.

John C. Dvorak So…

Leo Laporte Whatever happened to him? Ed, what was his name?

Becky Worley He was an actor, he did a lot of ads.

Leo Laporte Very talented improve guy.

Becky Worley Yeah. Hey, one story I really loved this week was the disgruntled ex-employee of a car company who remotely disabled all of the cars.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that’s a great story.

Leo Laporte Now this is the thing, though, this is a real eye-opener.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, totally.

Leo Laporte Because this Texas Auto Center was putting a little black box, probably without anybody’s knowledge, on every car that they carried the paper on. So that if you didn’t pay…

Becky Worley In full.

Leo Laporte …in full, they could disable your car, or – and I like this – beep the horn incessantly.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I like the horn beeping one.

Leo Laporte Beep, beep, beep, beep.

John C. Dvorak What’s wrong in my car? The horn’s beeping.

Becky Worley It’s like the techie alternative of the Repo Man.

Leo Laporte Yeah, there’s no Repo Man, we just beep your horn incessantly.

Becky Worley And disable your car until you pay.

Leo Laporte You haven’t paid – they should – it should make – oh you want my phone again.

John C. Dvorak Well, we want to go over these [indiscernible] (40:25).

Leo Laporte All right, hold on, I got to log in. It should make – it should say – they should have a horn – like signature horn tune that says like Defaulter! Defaulter! Pirate! Pirate!

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte Something, really.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I agree. No, these black boxes, they’re trying to – put them in all cars.

Leo Laporte Is this common? They said for ten years this has been – they’ve been doing this.

Becky Worley And they haven’t had any problems with the – they say, in terms of this hacking…

Leo Laporte Okay, first of all. Not a hack. It is dignifying this guy, and frankly, inflating their security to call it a hack. The guy was fired right, laid off.

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte Disgruntled. He asked his buddy for a login, and his buddy who still worked there, gave it to him.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s not a hack.

John C. Dvorak No, no.

Becky Worley And then he – just to be clear about this story, because we might have backed into this – so then the disgruntled employee disables a hundred vehicles or more.

Leo Laporte First he does – like, names of people he doesn’t like. He actually looks at some individual names.

John C. Dvorak Oh, I don’t like him.

Leo Laporte I don’t like his name. Becky Worley? She sounds horrible.

Becky Worley Beep, beep, beep.

Leo Laporte And so either disables the car or in the middle of the night makes the horn start going off. And people couldn’t even turn off the horn, they had to disconnect the battery. That’s how bad it was. Okay, so the Texas Auto Center starts getting calls.

John C. Dvorak There’s some humor in that.

Becky Worley It’s great.

Leo Laporte But then he realizes, wait a minute. I have access to all 1,100 names, and starts going one by one alphabetically through the names.

Becky Worley Oh my gosh.

Leo Laporte So you’re glad your name is Worley.

Becky Worley Oh yeah, you do not want to be…

Leo Laporte But John’s got trouble.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I’d be nailed. Beep, beep, beep. What the hell is going on out there?

Leo Laporte A hundred cars later, they finally figure out – I mean he’s not a hacker, they finally say, well who is this guy? And they find him, they track him down by his IP address.

Becky Worley Well, you mean he’s not a hacker because he didn’t do it in binary?

Leo Laporte He is not a hacker because he --

John C. Dvorak No, he didn’t hack anything.

Leo Laporte He didn’t hack anything. He just borrowed somebody’s login and then what’s the real…

Becky Worley Well, maybe they could say that’s social hacking.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but the Texas Auto Center didn’t exactly secure the damn thing.

John C. Dvorak Well, anyway, so this is a scourge.

Leo Laporte It is – it’s terrible, what if my car’s got it.

John C. Dvorak And they are going to promote this idea so that in fact you see all this chat about putting black boxes in the car and all the crap they’re giving Toyota and they want the black box – the black box, they keep talking about it. At some point, they are going to use these black boxes as a way to just to track you like a dog.

Becky Worley I totally disagree…

John C. Dvorak And they’re going to download…

Becky Worley …from a financing perspective.

John C. Dvorak No, no, not for that, it’s like they’re going to down – for the tax purposes of a broke state like California, they’re going to download your black boxes, they are, well, looks like Becky sped here and here and here, send her five tickets. Here is one for 150 bucks. Here is one for 200 bucks. Here is one for 300 bucks and, boom, that’s an easy $500. Next?

Leo Laporte Do you think they will do it for revenue?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, everything is for revenue.

Leo Laporte Yeah, and the bottom line is all money, isn’t it?

Becky Worley Conspiracy theorists been watching too much…

John C. Dvorak No conspiracy, this is just smart – I would do it.

Leo Laporte If you would do it – if he could he would. Look at him.

John C. Dvorak Absolutely we need money in this state.

Leo Laporte So should Meg Whitman be Governor of California?

John C. Dvorak God, no. Please.

Becky Worley Oh, do not start that conversation at this --

Leo Laporte She is scary. Have you seen these viral videos they are doing? This is kind of creepy.

John C. Dvorak You can’t get your phone working again.

Leo Laporte God, I am trying to do a show and you want me to log in. No, no --

Becky Worley [Indiscernible] (43:20).

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (43:22) he can’t do it.

Leo Laporte I can do it?

John C. Dvorak I’ll chat a little bit then.

Leo Laporte Go ahead, you talk. I’ll --

John C. Dvorak Meg Whitman, I don’t – for one thing, nobody has a prayer against Jerry Brown.

Leo Laporte What, you think Governor Moonbeam is going to win?

John C. Dvorak Oh, absolutely.

Leo Laporte You’re kidding.

John C. Dvorak Oh, here we go, another bet?

Leo Laporte You think Jerry Brown is going to win?

John C. Dvorak Oh. Yeah.

Leo Laporte How many – what should the bet be?

John C. Dvorak One of the bottle of Léoville Las Cases.

Leo Laporte Okay, Léoville Las Cases.

John C. Dvorak Right.

Leo Laporte A bottle of Léoville Las Cases if Jerry Brown --

John C. Dvorak You can beat him?

Leo Laporte I think Meg Whitman could beat him.

Becky Worley Really?

Leo Laporte She has got a lot of money.

John C. Dvorak No, no, I’d tell you what the – here is what the deal is.

Leo Laporte And Californians have shown a real pattern of stupidity.

John C. Dvorak [ph] That’s (43:55) Jerry Brown.

Tom Merritt No way.

John C. Dvorak So Jerry Brown is very personable.

Leo Laporte He is?

John C. Dvorak He’s funny --

Leo Laporte He’s the Ralph Nader of governors.

John C. Dvorak We all look at --

Becky Worley No, he is way cuter. I am just saying.

Leo Laporte Is that how you determine?

John C. Dvorak That’s the way – she is a woman. That’s the way all women vote.

Becky Worley I would have voted for Kennedy. I mean I am just saying.

Leo Laporte Actually I would have voted for Kennedy

Becky Worley I mean. Come on.

John C. Dvorak So anyway, the Brown should be able to take her because I think she’s going to – I don’t have anything against her. I have never met her. But I see her on TV. I think she’s --

Leo Laporte She’s – let me just quote it in nutshell--

John C. Dvorak Coarse. She’s slightly --

Leo Laporte Yeah, she is a little coarse. Let me put it in nutshell. Do you like something factual as opposed to he’s cute. She’s coarse.

Becky Worley Well, he’s dated a celebrity.

Leo Laporte Who? Linda Ronstadt?

Becky Worley Linda Ronstadt. See?

Leo Laporte Who is she dating?

Becky Worley Magazine factor.

Leo Laporte [Ph] Jeremy Dyer (44:47).

Becky Worley Really?

Leo Laporte No.

John C. Dvorak [Ph] I can’t even pronounce that (44:51) name. They didn’t date.

Leo Laporte No, but here – this is the woman who as CEO of eBay buys Skype for $3.5 billion and forgets to buy the part of Skype --

John C. Dvorak Oh, yeah, [indiscernible] (45:00).

Leo Laporte The intellectual property part where you need that so otherwise they could just walk away.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, yeah, that was dumb.

Leo Laporte You don’t want that person to running the state.

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte Why am I arguing for this? This is going to cost me a bottle of wine.

John C. Dvorak It’s going to – yeah.

Leo Laporte But Jerry Brown, well, I like Jerry. I’d vote for Jerry. I like Jerry, he’s Governor Moonbeam.

John C. Dvorak He’s Governor Moonbeam. This is all we need in California.

Leo Laporte He was a good Governor.

John C. Dvorak Besides that he can work with the democrats and --

Leo Laporte You know what the real problem is, the State of California is so structured that the Governor, there’s nobody who can – look who we’ve had. We’ve had The Terminator as the Governor and he became hated.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte The State of California is a weak Governor state. The legislature is scared to death. It’s all done by referendum and you can’t win. Nobody who wins that – why would you want that job?

Becky Worley Well, that’s why Jerry Brown is actually a good candidate because he’s had it and he as nothing…

Leo Laporte He doesn’t care.

Becky Worley He has nothing to prove. He just is trying to [indiscernible] (45:47)

Leo Laporte Well he won’t prove anything because he doesn’t have any power.

Becky Worley Well, he --

John C. Dvorak Well, that will be fun to watch.

Leo Laporte Why does Meg Whitman want to be?

Becky Worley I guess Meg --

Leo Laporte Meg Whitman [indiscernible] (45:53) – why does Meg Whitman --

John C. Dvorak As stepping stone to the presidency.

Becky Worley She has citizenship already.

Leo Laporte Yeah Arnold – do you remember that Arnold tried to make it legal for a non-American [indiscernible] (46:05)?

John C. Dvorak I don’t think that was really his doing.

Leo Laporte I think it was. He has ambitions.

John C. Dvorak Well, he doesn’t anymore.

Leo Laporte Great ambitions. Yeah, not more because you know why? Like so many before him he was broken on the rack of the California governorship

Becky Worley He got smacked down.

John C. Dvorak Pete Wilson did okay as a Governor.

Leo Laporte He did?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I think so.

Leo Laporte What’s he have been up to these days?


John C. Dvorak He’s in bed as we speak.

Leo Laporte Oh, he and Gray Davis are in bed together

John C. Dvorak No, Gray Davis was the worst.

Leo Laporte You can’t – you know – okay --

Becky Worley You guys have really [indiscernible] (46:34).

Leo Laporte One important point, if you’re going to name your kid and you want him to a Governor or any politician or anything, don’t give him the name Gray.

John C. Dvorak I love that name.

Becky Worley Well, that appeals to many people.

Leo Laporte Gray?

Becky Worley Neither black nor white.

John C. Dvorak Okay, let’s get back to the real topics.

Becky Worley Yes.

John C. Dvorak Before the chat room gets out of control.

Becky Worley That’s right.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s all their fault.

John C. Dvorak So what is this Twitter to be available @anywhere?

Leo Laporte Okay, we’re at South by Southwest last Monday. The big speech at Monday is going to Ev Williams at Twitter and the rumor is he’s going to announce a way for Twitter to make money, monetization, finally the holy grail of Twitter. Twitter which is arguably the biggest dot com launch in four years, huge, finally they figure out a way to make money. So now, what does he announce? @anywhere which is bad grammar by the way, I believe you as a writer would confer that.

John C. Dvorak With the @ sign especially.

Leo Laporte @anywhere. Oh where are you? I am @anywhere. So the idea is anywhere you go, you’ll be able to log in with your Twitter credentials through a Huffington Post or Yahoo! or sigh up a whole bunch of people, you just log in with a Twitter but better yet --

John C. Dvorak Why would I want to do that?

Leo Laporte Well, it’s a good question, better yet, you are reading a Huff Po article and you can Twit what you think of that article directly from the Huffington Post.

John C. Dvorak Why?

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

Becky Worley Well, this is --

John C. Dvorak This is like my son’s crazy of Twits. [ph] I’ve reading the (47:57) Huff Po this articles stinks, it’s like what? Stupid.

Becky Worley But what about monetizing journalism and all these paywall issues that are cropping up?

Leo Laporte Well, I think that’s the idea. I mean The New York Times is going to do it; a lot of companies are going to do it.

Becky Worley ABC is trying to figure it out.

John Dvorak [Indiscernible] (48:12) little Digg box on there?

Leo Laporte It’s very much the same. I think you’re right. It’s Digg.

Becky Worley But then…

Leo Laporte Digg this. Digg this.

Becky Worley I mean just to play Devil’s avocado here, doesn’t Twitter then become sort of like a PayPal that creates a micropayment situation and your identity and your credit card could all be on file with Twitter?

Leo Laporte Well, it’s more than that. You’re not even getting global enough. I think the real battle – and then Facebook is involved, Google’s involved and Twitter’s involved – is for what I call, internet namespace. Right now, when somebody says, who are you on the internet? you say, or John says What Twitter wants you to say is @bworley. What Facebook wants you to say is What Google Connect – Friend Connect wants you to say whatever is the Google profile.

So they all would like to be that address book, the definitive place you are on the internet. And that’s what @anywhere is all about, is that well, you’ll suddenly be @bworley, and John will be @ – what is it the real -- ?

John Dvorak The Real Dvorak.

Leo Laporte And I’ll be @leolaporte. The one and only.

John Dvorak Yeah, well I’m The Real Dvorak.

Leo Laporte Did somebody else get johncdvorak?

John Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Bastards.

John Dvorak Yeah. And I can’t…

Leo Laporte And they won’t give it back to you?

John Dvorak No, the Twitter guys won’t even give me a certified, verified…

Leo Laporte Oh, this is good. I got it, right?

John Dvorak You did?

Leo Laporte Well, yeah, I got verified. It just happened one day. And then I changed my profile information, because it was just a joke, and then I thought well, if they’re going to be verified, I should have like my actual, who I am? And it took away the verified.


Leo Laporte Like, we don’t know!

John C. Dvorak They hate you, you know?

Leo Laporte Yeah I know they hate me.

Becky Worley [indiscernible] (49:45) verified

Leo Laporte We tried – Robert Scoble and I tried to get into the secret Twitter party at South by Southwest, and --

John Dvorak You couldn’t get in?

Leo Laporte We were told, no I’m sorry, you can’t come.

John Dvorak What? You couldn’t – wait a minute, let me get this straight. So I’m hearing correctly. You, Leo Laporte, with all your gear and your like promoting stuff, it’s essentially like a one-man promotion band --

Leo Laporte And a camera. And a camera.

John Dvorak Floating around, and you went to the Twitter party --

John Dvorak With Robert Scoble, who probably single-handedly made Twitter.

Leo Laporte And Scoble, who probably single-handedly made Twitter.

John Dvorak Right.

Leo Laporte And who also [ph] attributes Leo (50:16)

John Dvorak You went to the Twitter party and they told you guys to just screw yourselves?

Leo Laporte We tweeted, actually. We direct-messaged a person, an organizer who – and she said – I can’t remember who it was, but Robert did this. And she said, no, I’m sorry, there’s no room.

John Dvorak There’s no room?

Leo Laporte Or something. And then, Jason hears about it and Jason comes over and says I’ll get you in. I said no, screw that. I’m not going – I’m not Jason Calacanis’ bitch.

John Dvorak Yeah, Totally. It’s embarrassing.

Leo Laporte It’s embarrassing. Oh, Jason will get me in. Pfft.

John Dvorak They should have welcomed you.

Leo Laporte They should have – no, I don’t care. It’s fun – you know what, it’s just fun to rag on them. I love Twitter, I use Twitter like crazy.

John Dvorak Well, they don’t like you.

Leo Laporte You know what’s sad – I don’t care if they don’t like me.

John Dvorak Because you actually probably should have sued them the minute they came out with their product.

Leo Laporte So here’s what I’m really sad about. I love Google Buzz. I know I’m the only one who does.

John Dvorak You are.

Leo Laporte And in fact, it’s apparent now, because no one else is on Google Buzz. It’s like I hear crickets when I go there. And it makes me so sad.

Becky Worley You have a short window to sneak in this world.

Leo Laporte You do. And this is Google! This isn’t just some guy coming along. This is Google – Google somehow fumbled Buzz so badly, that now nobody will use it.

John Dvorak They screwed up.

Becky Worley I actually find it very comforting and refreshing, because I find that anything Apple and Google do, I can get coverage on the network level.

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley But really interesting things that smaller people do, it’s really hard to sell.

Leo Laporte Because they don’t have the name.

Becky Worley Yeah. And so the fact that Google can seriously screw something up, is comforting in sort of an open market sense of things.

Leo Laporte It is. It shows the power of Twitter. I mean twitter is so dominant that even a company like Google can’t march in and say, we want to play in this space, they just certainly can’t.

John C. Dvorak Well.

Leo Laporte Did you ever use Buzz?

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte No. Did you ever use Buzz?

Becky Worley I checked it off a little bit, I followed a few people and I just – I actually found the threads were…

Leo Laporte [indiscernible] (52:12).

Becky Worley Overwhelming.

Leo Laporte Overwhelming

Becky Worley I just don’t need that much data, I need someone who can edit that data and tell me what’s important.

Leo Laporte So I think it, maybe Google did it for me, it’s like Leo Buzz. Maybe that’s – that may that’s what happened, it’s like my Buzz.

Have you seen the campaigns cities are doing to get Google to put in gigabit – we’re going to talk about that in just a second?

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte Topeka renamed itself to Google Kansas for the month of March.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Becky Worley It promised to name the children --

John C. Dvorak Yeah, talk about brown nosers.

Becky Worley Google.

Leo Laporte Well, I’ve made a promise too, and I’ll tell you what that is in just a second. Before I do though I do want to mention, so we’re trying to get it here in Petaluma. And if Google comes to Petaluma, I will do something better than giving them a bottle of Léoville wine. But before we do that, I do want to mention my friends at Audible is a great book store, 70,000 wonderful books, you can listen to there so many times. I was talking to [indiscernible] (53:10) at South by Southwest, very nice woman, and she said because of you I knew about audible but I didn’t subscribe. I heard all the plugs for books and I thought, well, alright I’ll try it and she said I have rediscover reading. I didn’t have time to read. Who has time to read nowadays? But we all have time, when we are in the car or at the gym, just times when you couldn’t hold the book but you could actually get some reading done. And that’s what I love about, I load up my iPod, your iPhone, your Kindle, your Zune and put great books on there and then whenever I’ve got some downtime I can listen.

You remember Nathanael West don’t you at johncdvorak?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, absolutely.

Leo Laporte Author of Miss Lonelyhearts, The Day of the Locust but how many people remember Eileen McKinney?

Becky Worley No.

John C. Dvorak No. She used to be my second grade teacher.

Leo Laporte Eileen McKinney was a literary heroine, the inspiration for her sister Ruth’s humorous stories, My Sister Eileen which became a play, a film, TV show and in fact inspired Leonard Bernstein’s musical Wonderful Town. She and her sister lived in a basement apartment in the village with street level window into which men frequently peered. Husband and wife were intimate with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker, Katherine White, S. J. Perelman, Bennett Cerf and many of the literary theatrical and movie notables of the era.

Becky Worley I think you failed to say that she’s the wife of Nathanael West.

Leo Laporte Thank you very much.

Becky Worley I’m here to –

Leo Laporte There it is; you are brilliant. There is the connection ladies and gentlemen.

Becky Worley Sorry.

Leo Laporte The new book is called Lonelyhearts, The Screwball World of Nathanael West and Eileen McKinney. You’ve picked right up on that, you’re brilliant. This is a neat new book, I don’t know, you have – maybe this isn’t for everybody but if you’re into this kind of great literary era and the great [indiscernible] (55:05) and witticisms and this is a fun book. But as you – you know, okay, that’s not – you don’t want that? Can I recommend another book that I’m just finishing is transform – you should read this John C. Dvorak. Daniel Suarez’s Daemon. Do you want a conspiracy theory?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I don’t worry about being associated with conspiracy theories.

Leo Laporte Wasn’t that what you talk about on No Agenda?

Becky Worley [indiscernible] (55:29).

John C. Dvorak No, no we talk about, we deconstruct the news.

Leo Laporte The illuminati and great global conspi --

John C. Dvorak No. Bull crap.

Leo Laporte Okay, Daemon actually is kind of scary, it’s a murder mystery about a very famous game designer who passes away of brain cancer but leaves behind a daemon computer program which takes over the world.

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah it’s a very popular book. Do you like this book?

Leo Laporte Oh my god – it just – it underscores our vulnerability as we all become more interconnected and dependent on computers. This book just scares the pants off of you because basically if you think about it, it’s completely credible. Suarez is great because he really obviously understands technology, so there’s not, it’s not one of the books where they have kind of boneheaded pseudo technology phrases, this guy really knows what he is talking about and it is such a good book.

Becky Worley Can I make a quick audible plug?

Leo Laporte You make a recommendation.

Becky Worley Totally unsolicited --

Leo Laporte Yes.

Becky Worley Nothing to do with an individual book. I asked my mother the other day, why have you stopped doing your daily walks, and she said because I stopped subscribing to books on tape.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley And I said, well let’s get you hooked up with audible and it motivates her. She only listens to her audible books when she is working out, and so if she’s got a great page turner metaphorically --

Leo Laporte Exactly.

Becky Worley going, it gets her back walking, with the headphones on, and it’s a great way to motivate you to workout in a reward based system if the story is the reward.

Leo Laporte Yeah. It’s been great for me, I go to the gym everyday now, because I can’t wait to read, to listen to my books, and when you have a book like Daemon, you’re exactly right, you cannot put this down. Look at – listen to the review. I heard about this book from Leo Laporte in his podcast. It seemed interesting, so I gave it a go. Damn good book. Leo was right, even though this book is supposed to be fiction, it seems like it can happen in today’s highly computerized world. I read the book over two days while driving across country. I was so impressed with it I’m downloading the sequel Freedom. Leo, are you listening? This is written in the style of Dan Brown on a good day. Totally riveting, I agree, it’s really well written.

By the way, credit to Tom Merritt, who is going to join us in a little bit, but he was the guy who suggested I read this. It was a pick for there, Tom and Veronica Sword and Laser [indiscernible] (57:37). Anyway there’s so many great books, this is the point, [indiscernible] (57:40) things that really happens when audible listeners get together as we – it’s like always like a book group, hey did you listen to this? Hey, did you listen to this? And you’re always looking for great books to listen. 70,000 choices. I am going to give you a way you can get two books free, right row. Go to, you’ll sign up for the Platinum Plan which is two books a month, that’s about right for me. Easily you can do two books a month. That’s what that a long commute I know people who have several Platinum Plans but two books a month and the first two are free and even if you cancel it, and you can cancel at any time, you get to keep those books forever. That’s the thing I like about Audible. When I used to rent books, you’d send them back and that would be it. Audible, your library is your library forever. I have over 300 books that I can go back to anytime and listen to again., please do yourself a favor, give it a try, you’re going to love it. Oh a new one from Michael Lewis. Oh, I’ve got to read this. Remember, Liar’s Poker, wasn’t that a good book, John?

John C. Dvorak No. This new book by Lewis is supposed to be fantastic.

Leo Laporte It’s called The Big Short. It’s a story of the economic meltdown of last year. God, putting that on my list. So apparently Lisa Tickled Pink is Twittering.

John C. Dvorak Oh, she is?

Leo Laporte Of course she is.

John C. Dvorak Stop the presses.

Becky Worley Right. So …….

Leo Laporte This is huge story. Just in, Lisa Tickled Pink says, Leo Laporte, ha ha fantastic. I love that you’re watching TWiT Live, I am naughty in class. If I flunk it’s Leo’s fault.

John C. Dvorak She is a student? I thought she was a middle-aged woman.

Leo Laporte You are so naughty, Lisa. She says I am fading into the background with all that brown. Oh, she wants me to wear pink.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. I think you’d look good in pink.

Becky Worley Takes a big man.

Leo Laporte No, she’s a student.

John C. Dvorak It takes a big man to wear pink, Leo.

Leo Laporte To wear pink?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Does anybody – do any guys wear pink, I mean --

Becky Worley Yeah, preppy guys.

Leo Laporte Oh, preppy. Yeah.

Becky Worley Somebody like – look at John, he’s wearing striped yellow.

John C. Dvorak But this isn’t pink.

Leo Laporte No, but it is like pink.

John C. Dvorak Is it? You think so?

Leo Laporte It’s the equivalent, it’s the yellow equivalent of pink. Yellow is the new pink. Didn’t you know that?

Becky Worley So while you guys were at South – well, you were at South by Southwest.

Leo Laporte I would love that. I have never been – have you Beck?

Becky Worley No.

Leo Laporte You’ve got to go.

Becky Worley No, because I – well, I don’t want to make a big deal about it.

John C. Dvorak It’s the biggest party in the world where nobody gets laid.

Leo Laporte Really? Is that true?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Because it a bunch guys? There’s actually quite few --

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but there are --

Leo Laporte You know what? It’s the sexiest computer conference I have ever been to. There are a lot of women there, very attractive women.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but – yeah, so is that why you liked it?

Leo Laporte Uhm..

John C. Dvorak Just getting that straight – straighten that out.

Becky Worley I don’t want to make a big deal because I was some place [ph] where there are – (60:20)

John C. Dvorak Where were you?

Becky Worley I was at the Home & Housewares Show in Chicago.

John C. Dvorak Really?

Leo Laporte Oh, man!

Becky Worley I am just saying.

Leo Laporte Oh, man. You trumped me, man.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that would have been a good one.

Leo Laporte Now, people get laid there.

Becky Worley Oh! Dude.

John C. Dvorak I was cleaning the bathroom and I vacuumed.

Becky Worley I found a great new vacuum from Panasonic, a good mop. It has a salad spinner in the bucket.

Leo Laporte A mop and salad spinner.

John C. Dvorak A vacuum with a salad spinner, or a mop with a salad spinner.

Becky Worley A mop with a ……

Leo Laporte That’s been around for years.

John C. Dvorak That’s crazy. That’s crazy talk.

Leo Laporte You know, I’ve seen that. The spin and go.

Becky Worley Oh! I loved it.

Leo Laporte They could`ve said seen on TV.

Becky Worley It’s brand new as seen on TV. That’s good stuff. But I found it interesting, I did have a point – besides……..

John C. Dvorak I want to hear about the vacuum cleaner.

Becky Worley You can wash all the parts of it…

John C. Dvorak Did you get a sample?

Becky Worley No. I don’t – I don’t roll like that.

Leo Laporte It doesn’t suck and roll like that, she says. She`s not allowed to.

Becky Worley You can pull all the pieces out and wash them all independently so that your dog smell does not pervade through the home as you vacuum.

Leo Laporte People say, I smell like a dog and I just – I don’t.

Becky Worley I have not noticed that ……

John C. Dvorak Who says you smell like a dog.

Leo Laporte She just told me, my dog smell doesn’t penetrate. Go ahead.

Becky Worley What I noticed was that …..

Leo Laporte Take a whiff. I don’t think I smell like a dog.

John C. Dvorak We don’t want to see this on the screen.

Becky Worley But the TWiT that we did last summer where it was 103 degrees in here. You smelled like dog.

Leo Laporte I smelled like a dog. I smelled like a dog.

Becky Worley CES – I didn’t notice any deficit of innovation this year. I didn’t notice that there was any like result.

John C. Dvorak What does that mean?

Leo Laporte That is faint praise.

Becky Worley Well I didn’t – I expected that R&D budgets would have been absolutely slashed because of the economy.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley But at the Home & Houseware Show, it was a dearth of innovation a.k.a nothing, baby.

Leo Laporte A dearth of innovation.

John C. Dvorak So there was nothing but you said the Panasonic had a good vacuum cleaner. That was it?

Becky Worley That’s my point. I found a mop with a salad spinner, a silicon pot to boil vegetables in and a cup cake maker. Whereas I did not see a major dropdown in innovation at CES and I found it fascinating that technology and consumer electronics still get so – they were not affected by the recession as much as something that ………

John C. Dvorak That’s because of [ph] Moore’s (62:29) law, you can’t stop. It’s like you’re on a treadmill and you can’t stop running so there’s always innovation showing up.

Leo Laporte Otherwise you`d just ………..

John C. Dvorak Let’s go to [ph] Pablo in (62:34) Walnut Creek. I have that clip too. Let’s go to [ph] Pablo (62:40) at Walnut Creek. I am writing books all the time.

Becky Worley [indiscernible] Is that like … bay (62:43).

Leo Laporte I have the virtual Dvorak soundboard. So anytime John’s not here, I could just play these clips.

John C. Dvorak He just runs those but …….

Becky Worley That was not off the soundboard, by the way. That’s another noise.

John C. Dvorak Well, I don’t remember all the details. So in other words, this is what he thinks of your analysis, Becky.

Becky Worley I know, I know.

John C. Dvorak He’s playing old Dvorak clips.

Becky Worley You know what? I am the only chick that comes on TWiT that you two can abuse and I take that as great, great compliment.

Leo Laporte I get where you're going with this Becky, which is that innovation lives in the tech sector where in the home and houseware sector it’s a little bit slower.

Becky Worley In what other sectors.

John C. Dvorak Let’s ask this question. What were you expecting to find?

Becky Worley Well call Cat Schwartz she invented the Swiffer. I don’t know.

Leo Laporte I think the Swiffer invented the [ph] Swirler (63:38).

Becky Worley I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak How about – was there any robot cleaner-uppers.

Becky Worley Yes.

John C. Dvorak Well then, that’s innovative.

Becky Worley The Mint, it puts the Swiffer on a robot and it Swiffs your house via robotics.

John C. Dvorak Is there any new room buzz coming down the pike?

Becky Worley No. There’s a [ph] NEDO (63:51) which debuted at CES they didn’t even – yeah, exactly, they didn`t give a [ph] riff (63:55) about the Home and Houseware Show and the big innovation there, it vacuums in straight lines as opposed to circular patterns.

Leo Laporte Well, that is one of the things people don’t like. I don’t know why I am saying this.

Becky Worley You look like you are drunk when you run the Rumba.

Leo Laporte That is one of the things you – there’s these swirly patterns on your carpet, these random swirly patterns and people want it to look like a newly mowed lawn with straight lines and so that actually is a consumer complaint…

John C. Dvorak With the Rumba.

Leo Laporte … with the Rumba is it looks like a random walk vacuum which it is.

Becky Worley Yeah. It looks like a drunk vacuumed your house.

Leo Laporte Nobody wants that.

Becky Worley Nobody wants that.

Leo Laporte Is it who?

John C. Dvorak Hey, what drunk was in here vacuuming your house?

Leo Laporte … but could you…

Becky Worley Could you imagine an NFL game where the field looked like Rumba had mowed it?

Leo Laporte Yeah, but who would have thought designing the Rumba, I mean here you are, you are really, I mean this is exciting, you got a robotic vacuum, this is huge.

John C. Dvorak No, it’s really a sweeper, not a vacuum.

Leo Laporte Okay, whatever but it’s exciting…

Becky Worley It does have a vacuum.

Leo Laporte …but who would have said, wait a minute there is one problem the pattern it leaves behind looks like you are drunk.

Becky Worley Well the mechanics behind it were all based on the bots that they used to find bombs in…

Leo Laporte It’s a perfect because they need to find everything and so it’s guaranteed over a certain period of time they hit every nook and cranny so to speak.

Unknown Speaker Oh that's too bad. Let’s take another call.

Becky Worley [ph] That’s (65:16)…

John C. Dvorak Well, you might as well do the – it’s time, the time and…

Leo Laporte You like the time?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it’s 6:03 am in…

Leo Laporte This was the sound effect that we used to begin every Dvorak on Computers Show, “The time is now 2 am in Bukavu, Belgian Congo, the home of the Jungle Telegraph. We would like to say hello to [ph] Ungat Unga Ump and Mrs Ump (65:37) and all the boys up at the transmitter.” It’s just non-sequitur. John loved that.

John C. Dvorak I just found it to be amusing.

Leo Laporte I found it, I did too as did I.

Becky Worley Sound boards are amazing. Have you guys done the Jersey Shore Soundboard?

Leo Laporte From that show?

Becky Worley Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte I will find that now.

Becky Worley Oh, it’s so good.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So the Jersey Shore, do you watch that? Oh she’s playing it right now. Do you watch the Jersey Shore?

Becky Worley I watched it twice and I am still feeling dirty, I mean…

Leo Laporte I have never seen it.

John C. Dvorak I saw a few minutes of it.

Leo Laporte What is it? What is it, it`s a bunch of…

John C. Dvorak It stinks.

Becky Worley It’s a place where adolescents of Italian-American descent celebrate their sexuality.

Unknown Speaker I would send a picture of my – and a pack of bubblegum and say chew on this.

Becky Worley It’s kind of old school, it`s come and gone.

Leo Laporte Oh Jeez…

John C. Dvorak Since we`ve kind of gone off the deep-end here, maybe we should get back to tech news.

Leo Laporte No, I will cut your hair while you`re sleeping.

Becky Worley It advocates the use of performance enhancing metabolic agents for lifting weights.

Leo Laporte You know what I don’t like this show. And the reason I don’t like this show – there is lot of tanning in it.

Becky Worley There is a lot of tanning.

Leo Laporte It’s because these people know what they are doing. It’s like self-conscious, right. They know they are…

Becky Worley They are made now.

John C. Dvorak All reality shows are that way.

Leo Laporte No, really?

Becky Worley It’s where other adolescents learn not to hit women.

John C. Dvorak Good voice. That's a clip you should use.

Leo Laporte I can use that one. I`m gonna save that one.

John C. Dvorak Yes, save that one.

Leo Laporte Hello, it’s natural.

Becky Worley It’s so much more classier.

Leo Laporte So much more classier. Okay, so I haven`t watched this show. I don’t know this show.

John C. Dvorak But the clips are good.

Leo Laporte I am enjoying it now.

Leo Laporte We smooched.

Becky Worley Smooched, yeah.

Leo Laporte So there is like words like these are Jersey. I grew up in – my family’s from Jersey.

Becky Worley No, you're from Rhode Island.

Leo Laporte But not the Shore.

Becky Worley I mean…

John C. Dvorak So what’s this website?

Leo Laporte Just google Jersey Shore Soundboard, it will pop up pretty darned quick.

John C. Dvorak Never mind.

Becky Worley But I mean the one thing I liked about it is it is sort of one of those galvanizing cultural events…

Leo Laporte It is people, well the reason I am interested is people talk about it nonstop. I mean this is like the conversation because it’s so horrible, right.

Becky Worley It is horrible, it is horrible and it’s come and gone but I just…

Leo Laporte Is it over?

Becky Worley I think pretty much. I mean maybe it will be back but it was epically bad and I loved the soundboard. It took me back to the Arnold Soundboard that we all used to prank call people when soundboards were new and I was like, oh a soundboard, awesome. I`d forgotten soundboards are cool.

Leo Laporte Apple leads the App Store race now. There are – this might be why the Palm Pre had trouble, 2,000 Palm Pre applications; 40,000 Android applications; 170,000 Apple applications.

Becky Worley That is such a fast development because the last time I was on the show…

Leo Laporte That's from June 2009 it was 50,000. March 2010, it’s 170,000.

Becky Worley It was 100,000 iTune apps to 10,000 Android apps when I was last on TWiT.

Leo Laporte Palm’s got 2,000, BlackBerry’s got 5,000, Android 30,000, 170,000 for the Apple.

Becky Worley Now when I was last on we were talking about this and you said that the departure of a couple of the key iPhone app makers was going to be the death of the iPhone App Store.

Leo Laporte I thought so. I was wrong. But, thanks for remembering that.

Becky Worley Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Becky Worley Sorry.

Leo Laporte I was wrong obviously. There was a mini revolt but you know what you got to follow the money and if you are a developer even though Apple takes 30% and has really arcane approval process, sometimes you don’t know why you didn’t get approved or you`ve got an update and they just sit on it for months. All of that you put aside because if you have a hit, you can make millions of dollars. Period.

Becky Worley Leverage.

Leo Laporte There is a market.

John C. Dvorak I wonder if that’s going to continue with this watering down process of having so many apps and a lot of them are redundant.

Leo Laporte That has to make it tough.

Becky Worley And it becomes so overwhelming, it`s hard to know.

John C. Dvorak And they`re redundant.

Leo Laporte I predict it’s all over for the App Store, Apple App Store, please don’t remember I said that. I think the iPad, believe it or not, and I know we have a little difference of opinion on that.

John C. Dvorak Well, that’s because you got money riding on it, and you are going to lose again.

Leo Laporte I’ve got a bottle of freaking wine, man, plenty of wine. No, I believe that that’s going to make it even worse because now there is going to be by the way an iPad store and an iPhone store, and so I think you are going to have even more apps.

John C. Dvorak That’s why I think a mistake.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it is interesting that they bifurcated it like that.

Becky Worley So, quick iPad thought process from you guys…

John C. Dvorak Um, the word of the day, bifurcate.

Leo Laporte Bifurcate.

Becky Worley Bifurcate. Do you think that the book functions in the iPad will be compelling enough to drive it in the mainstream audience even if they don’t give a rip about apps?

Leo Laporte I do.

John C. Dvorak Have you played with one to know this?

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak And you like it?

Leo Laporte Love it.

John C. Dvorak Okay.

Leo Laporte And I think that there is a difference between people who have touched it and people who haven’t. For some reason if you’ve played – did you play with it when you…

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you did. And it’s pretty impressive.

Becky Worley I was blown away by the – not, blown away is strong, but I really liked the e-book function because of the color of the paper...

Leo Laporte Beautiful.

Leo Laporte Yup.

Becky Worley …of the virtual paper, and the page turning and the ability to embed video.

Leo Laporte That’s going to be – I think what's going to really be key is I think you are going to – and I’ve already talked to a number of developers who are looking at ways to do multimedia and books, magazines are going to take off. Imagine a National Geographic. Well first of all, you could get the entire National Geographic collection on one iPad, imagine adding to that photographer’s narrating their – animations, videos, I mean all the things you could do. And I think if you are a modern content creator you’ve got to be looking at that as a real opportunity with the iPad. It’s a new way to look at a magazine. John, you seem bored.

John C. Dvorak No, I’m reading the chat-room. I have to catch up with them once in a while.

Leo Laporte That’s a good idea.

John C. Dvorak But you know I find today’s chat-room guys are just not that interesting.

Leo Laporte No, I think they are fantastic.

Becky Worley It’s because you are not naked.

Leo Laporte Take your – take your yellow referee shirt off.

Becky Worley Take your top off, John.

Leo Laporte In China, this is very strange, not what I would expect. According to McKinsey & Company, the people in the 60 biggest Chinese cities spend 70% of their leisure time on the internet, even in rural towns.

John C. Dvorak Where is this again?

Leo Laporte China. Even in rural towns, 50%...

John C. Dvorak There`s nothing else to do there.

Leo Laporte …far more than watch TV.

John C. Dvorak Maybe they don’t have TVs.

Leo Laporte I think they do, in fact I remember going to a very small town in China this summer where their business was kumquats.

John C. Dvorak Maybe the TVs suck there.

Leo Laporte They had a beautiful SAMSUNG 52-inch TV and a satellite dish in this relatively modest home.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. Right.

Becky Worley They had – they had a whole government plan to subsidize TVs, flat screens for all citizens.

Leo Laporte This is how you keep people fat and happy.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte You give them the consumer goods and then they don’t care about, well we don’t have human rights, but who cares about the [ph] weegers (72:41), I’ve got a 52-inch SAMSUNG.

Becky Worley I interrupted your kumquat story but they had a big tv …

Leo Laporte No, that was the story; they had a giant TV, that was the story. They also had in the same house in the corner there were a bunch of jars where they were fermenting and marinating snakes because they make a lovely snake elixir…

John C. Dvorak How was it?

Leo Laporte I did not try it. But you could see, I mean I’m not kidding they were snakes. And we…

John C. Dvorak Snakes?

Leo Laporte There are mother – snakes on this mother – Chinese house. And then they made soymilk. So we went there and they had her grandmother’s stonemill and she poured the soybeans and my son got to crank them and make soymilk, and I said this is delicious, what do you put in this? And she said gypsum. Is it safe to drink gypsum? Isn’t that the stuff they make drywall out of?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte So apparently they thicken it with gypsum.

Becky Worle Gypsum.

John C. Dvorak I have to look into this.

Leo Laporte That can’t be right. But that’s what she said.

John C. Dvorak I mean lime is what you might use as pickling.

Leo Laporte Gypsum in the soymilk to thicken it. And everybody in the chat-room says, oh yeah that’s right.

John C. Dvorak They do?

Becky Worle Common usage in drywall.

Leo Laporte Drywall and soymilk apparently.

Becky Worle Hydrated calcium sulfate.

John C. Dvorak Well, it is the reason I don’t drink soymilk.

Leo Laporte I don’t think it’s regular soymilk, I think it’s homemade soymilk; same people made the snakes and had the 52-inch SAMSUNG.

John C. Dvorak What were you doing there? Let’s ask that question.

Leo Laporte Spying for the government. McKinsey also found that Chinese consumers are into online product reviews, one in 5 consumers aged 18 to 44 will not – in China, this is Mainland China, Red China, Communist China.

John C. Dvorak The PRC.

Leo Laporte The PRC, one in five consumers aged 18 to 44 will not buy a product or service without first consulting an online review.

Becky Worley They must be really pissed about this Yelp situation.

Leo Laporte What’s going on with Yelp? I bet they are.

Becky Worley The whole issue around Yelp with the…

Leo Laporte Like faked reviews and stuff or…

Becky Worley So that basically the gist of it as I understand that, correct me if I’m wrong, John, you will, is that when Yelp salespeople go to an establishment and say hey, you want to advertise with us, we see you are really prominent on our site and you are getting a lot of traffic…

Leo Laporte And by the way…

Becky Worley And the proprietor of the business says, thanks but no, we’ve got enough free business out of Yelp, we really don’t need to pay for it…

Leo Laporte Yes, that was a mistake.

Becky Worley Within days they say that components of their review structure base some of their reviews disappear, some of their ratings change, Yelp of course refused this and says that their sales associates have no way of manipulating this…

John C. Dvorak I think just a few bad apples in the sales side of the business.

Leo Laporte But these sites are open to manipulation, I think, somewhat. I mean, don’t you think a competing restaurant can get in there and start to bad-mouth…

John C. Dvorak Yes, but the thing about Yelp is interesting as you can reverse engineer the review or figure out where they are coming from and who they are.

Leo Laporte So that if they actively did, if they cared, that’s the question, does Yelp care?

John C. Dvorak No, not even Yelp, I’m talking about the users. When I go on Yelp…

Leo Laporte Well, what are you going to do though?

John C. Dvorak Well, when I go on Yelp, and I see somebody going, oh, this place sucks, or this place is just fantastic…

Leo Laporte Oh, you check it out.

John C. Dvorak I click on the reviewer and see what else – what other reviews they’ve done, if it’s only one and it’s sketchy and if it’s somebody that disagrees with me, I mean, there is a person that gave the French Laundry one star and then if you click on….

Leo Laporte And this guy’s name was Armenian Laundry.

John C. Dvorak No, you click on it and it turns out they were vegans and they wouldn’t like the French Laundry in a million years…

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak And so why are they even reviewing it?

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak I mean, this is like…

Leo Laporte There was so much meat, I was overwhelmed by the amount of meat…

John C. Dvorak There is too much meat.

Leo Laporte All the time every course had meat.

Becky Worley I mean, that’s the point is that this whole thing that’s designed to give you true and unfiltered information from other consumers like you so that you don’t have to be a savvy consumer well now you have to be savvy about using the consumer review sites.

Leo Laporte Right. Well, but of course and that’s what we try to each our kids is that critical thinking is important; you don’t trust everything you read on the Internet; you have to think a little bit about…

Becky Worley You have to ditch the extremes.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes, yes, that’s one way to do it, right, just take the top, and bottom off.

Becky Worley Yes. I rely on Amazon reviews.

Leo Laporte I do too.

Becky Worley I read them religiously.

John C. Dvorak No, those are the – those are some serious planted reviews in there.

Leo Laporte You think so?

John C. Dvorak Oh yes.

Becky Worley Some. Some are really…

Leo Laporte Can you tell?

John C. Dvorak Yes, I think, well, I can and maybe but I think the best ones you can’t, if anybody is any good.

Leo Laporte Right. So you think you shouldn’t trust them?

John C. Dvorak I think I could go in and write, I think personally, I could go into the Amazon site and write a bogus review for something I‘ve never read or had anything to do with just based on a few other reviews and to either slam it or make it sound like the world’s greatest book and no one would ever be able to pick up on the fact that the thing was completely fraudulent.

Leo Laporte Yes. But, see – why would you do that? I mean, I’m saying the smart guy that would do that…

John C. Dvorak To smack down my enemies.

Becky Worley Don’t mess with Dvorak.

Leo Laporte So is your small town of Oakland, California trying to get Google fiber?

John C. Dvorak That’s you. That’s your small town.

Becky Worley Well, you are north of me.

John C. Dvorak Do you know where Port Angeles is?

Leo Laporte Are they? What are they doing? Are they renaming like special, you know…

John C. Dvorak What they’re doing, they’re probably not going to get it, because they are not the most competent at stuff like this but –

Leo Laporte Petaluma is.

John C. Dvorak I pushed Albany, why shouldn`t Albany get it. I think Albany –

Leo Laporte Albany should get it.

Becky Worley What’s the upside? Just back story on that.

Leo Laporte So Google says they are going to pick 5 communities in the U.S. between the size of 50,000 to 500,000 and wire the entire community with fiber gigabit up and down businesses, homes, schools, everything, and sell it to the consumers at a market price, what they don’t say exactly what that would be but it would cost them a lot.

John C. Dvorak $1 million a month.

Leo Laporte It’s going to cost them a lot of money. But the Google’s interest in doing this is just to kind of look at – Google has said our business model depends on people using the Internet more, the more they use it, the more we make, which is true. So one of the things that’s holding us back is bad and expensive Internet broadband and so we want to do something about this. So Petaluma, California, I am sure Albany, California, I am sure Port Angeles are all doing everything they can to get the Google to come to town. In Duluth, Minnesota the Mayor jumped into Lake Superior. Its ice cold I don’t why that would make Google want to come to the town.

John C. Dvorak That would do to make me go away.

Leo Laporte Topeka, Kansas.

John C. Dvorak We got a mayor that`s crazy.

Leo Laporte Crazy Mayor, get out of here.

Becky Worley Keep your shrinkage to yourself.

Leo Laporte Oh my god he is so small. Topeka, Kansas decides to call itself Google Kansas for the month of March. Sarasota, Florida, they renamed a water bound park as Google Island and a local restaurant tourists serving Google-tinis. Columbia, Missouri fans waved 15,000 Google signs at a college basketball game. Holland, Michigan, the board of public works offers $150 worth of dining –

John C. Dvorak If people – wait a minute, stop. If people want this obviously so badly that they are putting – they are humiliating themselves, whey doesn’t AT&T or one of these guys, why don’t they just say hey look at this, there is a huge demand.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s Google’s point. There is a market.

John C. Dvorak Are they that stupid?

Becky Worley What percentage of the United States you think is without broadband.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know but I am just wondering – but we are talking – but nobody has got [ph] gigabit (80:04).

Leo Laporte One-third, it’s far too much.

Becky Worley A third of the U.S. 93 million.

John C. Dvorak That’s too – well, we are number 15 in the world when it comes to this stuff.

Leo Laporte Rancho Cucamonga, California wants to rename itself to Rancho Googlemonga.

Becky Worley That’s good. If I was to rename, that’s the best one. But that’s also a fairly wired city.

John C. Dvorak Yeah give it to them. They win.

Becky Worley This is last mile stuff but this should be rural, this should not be –

Leo Laporte Well you’ve seen the national broadband plan, right? What do you think of that?

Becky Worley Well I think it’s ambitious. I mean it all depends on what your perspective of big government is. If you think that big government’s job is to do things that aren’t necessarily best for the corporation – I mean, a lot a lot of that 100 million people that aren’t wired are rural. Rural America needs it.

Leo Laporte Here’s the problem and they are not going to be wired by Corporate America because it’s not worth it.

Becky Worley Too expense.

Leo Laporte It’s too expense. The population density is too small. So why should we spend a lot of money wiring them when we are only going to make a few bucks so the government has to do it just –

Becky Worley They’re not going to get it done unless it get subsidized.

Leo Laporte The same way that they built the Tennessee valley authority to rural electrification, this is rural internetification.

Becky Worley But we are all hardcore libs so it’s hard to know if we see this the same way.

John C. Dvorak But what were you reading here?

Leo Laporte, the commissioner of the FCC, Julian Janikowski. Speak to us Julian. He said it slowly, so that you could keep up with it if you are on dial-up, national broadband plan. Did you catch that? Actually this guy is really smart. We interviewed him during the election.

John C. Dvorak Lots of talk, no action.

Leo Laporte Okay, okay, let’s look at the plan.

Becky Worley 100 million homes with 100 megabits or better in the next 10 years.

Leo Laporte Right. And by the way they are distributing –

John C. Dvorak 10 years.

Becky Worley Which is all very...

Leo Laporte There’s a lot of pie in the sky.

Becky Worley

...usually divisible by 10.

Leo Laporte But look at this, the government is distributing a speed test application. They are asking everybody to test their speed...

John C. Dvorak And then complain.

Leo Laporte They want to show how – this is approved by OMB, 3060–1129 stroke B, expires 2/28/2013, am I – I am a small business, current street address. By god, it’s like doing the --

Becky Worley No, it’s like [ph] PC Vista (82:13).

Leo Laporte Census.

Becky Worley How did – what do you guys do DSL reports or what do you do to test your --

Leo Laporte

Becky Worley Yeah, Yeah. I mean but I think a lot of people overestimate what they need. So with all the tiered plans, you’re paying – the average American is paying $39 a month for broadband.

Leo Laporte That seems low. Is that all? It seems like it should be –

Becky Worley 39, it was 33 in 2008.

Leo Laporte Oh, really? It’s going – it’s going up.

Becky Worley It’s 39 in the most recent year.

Leo Laporte No, we’re getting crappy – compared to the rest of the world.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, we suck.

Becky Worley We’re 14th, we`re 14th …

Leo Laporte Okay, my download test is in progress, brought to you by the United States Government and UCLA.

John C. Dvorak Oh, please.

Becky Worley What do you think your speeds are?

Leo Laporte Well, I’d say it’s five, but actually we know because I have – you realize I have three – I have a T1, I have Ethernet for the first mile, I have three Comcast DOCSIS 3 connections.

John C. Dvorak I`m going to run a on this connection, see what.

Leo Laporte You’re on the Wi-Fi. So it’s gated.

John C. Dvorak Well, that stinks.

Leo Laporte Latency tests. This is good, it gives us latency. This is actually a pretty good test. The thing is it gets uploaded to government servers. They are going to compile a database. They’re trying to find out how bad the Internet is around the country.

John C. Dvorak 20 megs.

Leo Laporte That’s good if you are on the Comcast.

Becky Worley And I mean you have no idea how many people are on satellite.

Leo Laporte I know and that’s awful.

Becky Worley It is so awful.

Leo Laporte So there is a lot – you know what’s interesting is that they want 100 megabits down but 50 megabits up, why are they – why does the government say we need so much upstream? I’ll tell you why. BitTorrent.

John C. Dvorak What?

Leo Laporte It’s part of the Obama healthcare plan.

Becky Worley Is it?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley Socializing media.

Leo Laporte Socialized media.

Becky Worley That’s what it is.

Leo Laporte I don’t know why. What would your explanation be for why the Federal government would say we need 50 megabits up?

Becky Worley That seems pretty huge.

Leo Laporte It seems like a lot.

John C. Dvorak Well, I think here is one of the things you got to think about, one if you’re going to have 100 megabits down and you’re going to be exchanging any sort of data, you better have some speed up, otherwise the 100 megabits is just wasted.

Becky Worley 100 megabits seem so excessive. I mean that seems --

John C. Dvorak I would like it.

Leo Laporte Google wants to give you --

Becky Worley I know.

Leo Laporte 10 times that, 1000 megabits.

Becky Worley I think that the average consumer needs one for the --

John C. Dvorak Well, that’s crazy talk.

Leo Laporte Well, alright. You’re right though. If you’re trying to get universal, one woud be sufficient.

Becky Worley Right, and right now you can get one for 20 bucks a month. That seems good enough for the average individual.

Leo Laporte They are saying just 100 million homes out of the – how many homes, 200 million in the U.S., half the homes in the U.S., 300?

Becky Worley 300. Well, not homes but ...

Leo Laporte Homes, so they’re saying households.

Becky Worley Okay.

Leo Laporte So this is like probably two-thirds of all households --

Becky Worley Yeah, that’s big.

Leo Laporte Should have affordable access to actual speeds, 100 megabits per second down, upload 50, the U.S. should take the lead in mobile innovation with the fastest and most blah, blah, blah, extensive wireless network. Every American should have affordable access to robust broadband service.

John C. Dvorak And two chickens in every pot.

Leo Laporte Every community should have affordable access to at least a gigabit broadband service to anchor institutions like schools, hospitals [indiscernible] (84:49).

John C. Dvorak Oh, absolutely.

Becky Worley You notice how they never say digital divide anymore?

Leo Laporte Well, that’s what this is all about though, right?

Becky Worley Yeah but nobody ever says that.

Leo Laporte Yeah, this is – I have the same reaction when I see this, John, as you do is it’s easier to say, okay now what?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, talk is cheap. There is one little sub topic I want to bring up because I know that somebody mentioned it in the chat room it’s something we should discuss, when we’re talking about Google

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak Is the Viacom story.

Becky Worley Oh, this is a good one.

Leo Laporte So Viacom is suing Google over YouTube and in the process of discovery, lots of information comes out.

John C. Dvorak Yes, we find out something. What is it, Leo?

Leo Laporte Well, I’ll tell you, John C. Dvorak. First of all, I know something that nobody knows. It didn’t even come out in this because we interviewed Chad Hurley on net@night and he told us that when --

Becky Worley Of YouTube.

Leo Laporte YouTube – yeah, of YouTube, he founded YouTube. When Google – when Eric Schmidt wanted to buy YouTube, they didn’t want anybody to know that Google was shopping YouTube. So Eric said we’re going to meet at the IHOP. So the entire negotiation for YouTube was conducted in an International House of Pancakes down the road from Google. No one knows that. I am the only one in the world who knows that.

Becky Worley And they didn’t even go to Hobby’s?

Leo Laporte No. So here’s part of the deal is that Eric Schmidt says that YouTube is worth maybe say 600 million but we’re going to pay you $1.6 billion because they wanted it fast. That’s kind of a shock. During Google’s effort to buy YouTube Viacom says that Ethan Anderson International Business Product Manager for Google Video said, I can’t believe you’re recommending buying YouTube, they’re 80% illegal, pirated content. Viacom adds, Google and YouTube produced almost none of the most [ph] damning (86:30) internal emails and documents. For example YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley told lawyers that he lost all of his YouTube emails for a key time period in the case.

John C. Dvorak [ph] That’s really where (86:40) I want to get to is the fact that Viacom was uploading stuff --

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte Oh they were uploading stuff even though they were – at the same time as they were saying, there’s pirated material? They were doing it.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, they were the ones that were – they’re pirates. They were sending the stuff. They were going to libraries or using bogus IPs. They were spoofing.

Becky Worley FedEx offices.

John C. Dvorak FedEx offices and uploading stuff so they could say look at you guys you’ve got all our content down there.

Becky Worley No, no, no, no, I don’t think they were doing it as some sort of entrapment; I think they were doing it as a promotional tool for some of their --

John C. Dvorak Now that’s a possibility.

Becky Worley For some of their more sort of low-rent or viral type of shows and --

Leo Laporte Now remember this is Google’s assertion about Viacom.

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte There’s Viacom’s assertions about Google. Google says Viacom “regularly uses, so called stealth marketing to get its content on to YouTube, the goal is to create the appearance of authentic grassroots interests in the content being promoted” and they quote a marketing executive at Paramount, a Viacom company who says that clips posted to YouTube should “definitely not be associated with the studio; should appear as if a fan created and posted them.” But of course everybody would say that. What’s a – that’s not a smoking gun is it?

John C. Dvorak I don’t know I just find the whole thing abhorrent.

Leo Laporte To accomplish that Google says Viacom employees have made special trips away from the company’s premises to places like [indiscernible] (87:50) to upload videos to YouTube from computers not traceable to Viacom. Also they altered videos to make them appear stolen. I think what they do is they put a little cut out of a head in front of it.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, a little Robot and a guy in the middle and another robot.

Leo Laporte A former president of MTV not named testified that Viacom did not take down clips from the daily show on the Colbert report because we were concerned that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert believed that their presence on YouTube was important. Oh no really? Important? Go away.

Becky Worley I think the bottom-line is when old media and new media get into one of these squabbles it’s like a pair of bitchy little girls in a slap fight.

Leo Laporte Well you have a foot in both camps. I mean you have worked for ABC that’s old media.

Becky Worley Yeah, it’s just

Leo Laporte Do they get it? Do they get the sense that they get what new media is all about?

Becky Worley They are scrambling. I mean --

Leo Laporte Would they like to buy TWiT?

Becky Worley Definitely. Yes. We were talking about --

Leo Laporte For $1 million.

John C. Dvorak What?

Leo Laporte I would sell it to them for $1 million.

Becky Worley We were talking about what content people would actually pay for –

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley And I was like you know what I know this guy who just takes donations. How about if we ABC just take donations

Leo Laporte Oh that’ll work. Ryan Williams, would you like to have a PayPal account in which people tip you for the news?

Becky Worley Please NBC they need your charity. I’m talking about ABC.

Leo Laporte ABC. Diane Sawyer.

Becky Worley Diane Sawyer.

Leo Laporte How much are you worth today?

Becky Worley I’m like --

Leo Laporte Anyway.

Becky Worley I mean, but I think that there is a concerted effort on the part of old media to --

Leo Laporte By the way somebody in the chat room is saying Leo don’t sold TWiT. It’s worth much more than 1 million.

Becky Worley $1 million.

John C. Dvorak That’s today chat room.

Leo Laporte Molly Wood has a phrase that she calls it the literal dot net, which is people are so literal on the Internet that no matter what you say, they go, oh that’s true.

John C. Dvorak That’s literally true. At least $10 million definitely $10 million.

Becky Worley I mean that’s a question, what would you guys pay for on the Internet?

Leo Laporte Nothing. Nothing. That’s why I am such a big supporter -- I tried, remember we tried it with TWiT to make it a user supported and that nobody wants to pay for anything. That’s why [ph] Chad (89:51) supported [ph] that’s (89:55) supported free broadcasting. What’s wrong with that?

Becky Worley What about – so how do old media companies evolve without --

Leo Laporte Well they know how to do that; that’s what they do.

Becky Worley No they are working on it. I mean they are thinking outside the box and I’m not speaking as an employee of ABC, I’m just speaking as someone who’s trying to think about this and --

Leo Laporte Of course you are not speaking and we would like to say that Becky Worley’s opinions are entirely her own and not those of ABC, Disney or any associated affiliate company.

Becky Worley Thank you Leo Laporte [ph] that’s fair (90:22). You know it is a challenge and New York Times going paywall. I think they are one of the very few people, one of the very few organizations --

Leo Laporte Do you think they are really going to do that though?

John C. Dvorak They said they might do that.

Becky Worley You read 30 or more articles a month and then all of a sudden you go into a [ph] pay perspective (90:34) that seems fair to me.

John C. Dvorak Why is it fair? I think it’s idiotic and let me give you the main reason why. You have an article that you are going to have to pay for because you are on number 31, right? So you know what the headline is because [ph] it says (90:45) New York Times headline. You cut and paste the headline, throw it into Google and you’ll find 40 papers around the country that take the New York Times feed and they’ll give it to you for free. So why – what’s the motivation for me to give New York Times money when the same --

Leo Laporte That’s the real problem is that the competition, even if it is not New York Times quality material, which it is --

John C. Dvorak No it’s the same, exact stuff

Leo Laporte Which it’s the same stuff. But let’s say they were able to nip that in the bud --

John C. Dvorak They can’t because they are selling it to these papers. It’s a part of their business.

Leo Laporte Well, let’s say they did.

Becky Worley That’s why Napster is so successful right now and iTunes is failing miserably.

Leo Laporte Free wins, free trumps.

Becky Worley I’m being [indiscernible] (91:15)

Leo Laporte Oh Napster’s gone.

Becky Worley I’m being suspicious to point out that it’s --

Leo Laporte Napster would have succeeded if it hadn’t’ been legislated [ph] out of business -- (91:26)

John C. Dvorak Yeah, if it saved a step and it cost $2 I’m in.

Becky Worley That’s what I’m talking about.

John C. Dvorak But 300 and something bucks a year, I don’t think so.

Becky Worley Well --

Leo Laporte [ph] You can half the (91:35) save a step by the way, you can completely make Napster as easy to use as iTunes.

Becky Worley Fair enough. It’s probably a lack of insight as opposed to technology.

John C. Dvorak But the point is that this New York Times is not going to fly.

Becky Worley I don’t know. I --

John C. Dvorak The Wall Street Journal can do it because they don’t – because the stuff is not syndicated so it’s not all over the net --

Leo Laporte Well it’s simple with the Journal, you know why?

John C. Dvorak Yeah because people think they can make or save money. Leo Laporte They – that – there is a --

Becky Worley And that’s a Bloomberg Model --

Leo Laporte There is a direct. Yeah Bloomberg [indiscernible] (92:03) charges a lot of money for its content.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but the New York Times, unfortunately if they didn’t syndicate they could maybe get away with it especially with the business section because [indiscernible] (92:10) New York Times but they everything – but it’s everywhere. I mean the Chronicle locally has got all the New York Times stuff in it.

Leo Laporte But let’s say they were able to get rid of all of that I think that there’s still the free stuff that maybe is not as good that people will just go for. The point is the Internet is an open, free market of information and if you try to close yourself [ph] from off (92:31) all people do is go okay fine, I’ll go somewhere else.

Becky Worley I’d pay to see Tom Merritt.

Leo Laporte Well, you could do that right now, there he is, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Tom Merritt.

Tom Merritt Oh no not without paying.

Leo Laporte How much did you pay for this face?

Becky Worley So much, such a sweet guy.

Tom Merritt Not much

Leo Laporte Tom is --

Tom Merritt That’s why I do it for free.

Leo Laporte We love Tom Merritt. Isn’t he the greatest?

Tom Merritt Hi, Leo.

Leo Laporte Hey, Tom. Hey we’re really happy because you not only do you do East Meets West and you – he’s getting set up to do that about 10 minutes here with Roger Chang.

Tom Merritt [ph] Is that what you're (92:58) working on that right now?

Leo Laporte But we’ve got a new show of yours that you're doing with Scott Johnson.

Tom Merritt Yeah, we started it off Friday night, Episode 1 and let me tell you it was a blast. Folks in the chat room seem to dig it.

Leo Laporte I loved it. I watched it. I loved it.

Tom Merritt Did you watch it?

Leo Laporte Yeah. I really loved it.

John C. Dvorak Explain the premise to us newbies.

Tom Merritt Okay so here’s the deal, it’s called Current Geek Weekly it’s actually a spin-off of a show that Scott and I do in daily forum and it’s all the geeky stories on the Internet that aren’t exactly tech. TWiT does a great job of covering as you just have for the past hour and a half all of the tech stories of the week.

Leo Laporte How about three hours?

Tom Merritt But there is other geeky and nerdy stuff out there.

[ph] John C. Dvorak Determinable

Becky Worley not that wine. (92:38)

Tom Merritt So Current Geek Weekly provides the safe space for geeks to – and nerds to nerd out about all the other stuff things like space, science fiction, just weird and wonderful stuff.

Leo Laporte You know, I – and Tom’s been kind of promoting this notion that geeks want more than just tech news but there is a lifestyle, there is a kind of a culture of geeks, and wants (94:02) to do more of that on the network, and, you know, you would be pleased to hear this Tom, and maybe you could be part of this, I just talked to Miles O’Brian who you may remember as CNN, he now does a great show called “This week in Space.” And we are going to bring that to the TWiT network as well, including live coverage of launches that Miles does, we are going to have our own [ph] Walter Crunk (94:19) item to it.

Tom Merritt Oh that’s fantastic.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that great?

Tom Merritt Yeah, that’s great stuff.

Leo Laporte And we are going to do…

Tom Merritt Miles O’Brian also the best – he is one of those guys like Bob Price on the Money Watch, because Miles O’Brian is the name of the chief engineer on the StarTrek Next Generation.

Leo Laporte I know, I know. I have to ask Miles which – how did that happen, but I’m sure there is some story there. But Miles will follow East Meets West starting in a couple of weeks with This Week in Space.

Tom Merritt Oh great. Finally you will have something decent after you get done with [ph] these things (94:43).

Leo Laporte Because of the in-between you know, you are the – you are the jelly in between the peanut butters.

Tom Merritt We are the white space, we are the breathing air between the actual content.

Leo Laporte No it will be – it’ll be a lot of fun. And, well, I’m hoping Tom you might stick around and – you and Roger I know are space buffs.

Tom Merritt Yeah, absolutely.

Leo Laporte And might be part of that show as well.

Tom Merritt I would love to.

John C. Dvorak Might as well bring it up with Roger when he is going to quit [ph] Rev3 (95:03) and go into the porn business, which we brought up on Cranky Geeks.

Leo Laporte Why would he go into the porn business? Is he well hung?

John C. Dvorak Money, money.

Leo Laporte Oh.

Becky Worley It’s creepy because he is so wholesome seeming.

John C. Dvorak No, no, no, he wouldn’t be in the movies, he is the…

Leo Laporte What’s his – what’s his attribute? Oh I see.

John C. Dvorak He is like, you know…

Tom Merritt Producer.

Leo Laporte Producer, got it.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Becky Worley He does have a house in Fresno I think. It could be…

Leo Laporte You know, many people don’t realize this…

John C. Dvorak [ph] Plus (indiscernible) (95:24).

Leo Laporte …but more than half of all porn is made in Fresno.

Becky Worley I’m just saying.

John C. Dvorak I thought it was made in San Fernando Valley.

Leo Laporte That’s the other half.

John C. Dvorak Oh really?

Leo Laporte No, just kidding.

John C. Dvorak This is – this is the – you keep bringing up this…

Leo Laporte Who would go to Fresno?

John C. Dvorak I don’t know, you bring it up as a bogus fact.

Leo Laporte [ph] [Indiscernible] instead of (95:36) porn.

John C. Dvorak And that’s believable in some odd way.

Leo Laporte You got – sir, you got to take the lens cap off or you are not going to get much of a shot there yet. So, Tom Merritt great to hear. So, when is the next episode of Current Geek Weekly.

Tom Merritt It will be every week on Fridays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, 6:00 p.m. Pacific and Scott and I are busily gathering geeky-nerdy stories right now. If you’ve got one you want us to talk about or if you have a geeky story of your own we want to read people’s like personal stories as well, send it to

Leo Laporte

Becky Worley Like real geek, like really geek. What’s the geekiest thing you’ve ever seen?

Leo Laporte The geekiest thing I’ve ever seen?

Becky Worley Yeah, like behavior.

Leo Laporte There was this guy, I couldn’t believe it. He – it was – it was at South by Southwest, he had this backpack and this thing with a camera and a light on it, and he was crowd surfing, it was so freaking geeky.

Tom Merritt Right I saw that guy, he came out and put his light down and said “shall not pass”.

John C. Dvorak I cant imagine somebody doing that.

Leo Laporte Yeah, “thou shalt not pass.”

Becky Worley I have heard you talking a lot about this crowd surfing and your concern about being groped.

Leo Laporte I didn’t get groped, I wasn’t concerned, I was disappointed.

Becky Worley You mean your – your backside being groped.

Leo Laporte Any part of me, I would have become…

Becky Worley You know why that…

John C. Dvorak [ph] Zak/You (96:44) could have reached around and…

Leo Laporte Nothing.

Becky Worley No, there is no reach around, that’s a Texas reach around.

Leo Laporte No reach around.

Becky Worley There was no reach around.

Leo Laporte There was nothing.

Becky Worley Let me tell you, there was also no [ph] bum/home gripe (96:53) groping because…

John C. Dvorak Because the camera was on everybody.

Leo Laporte There wasn’t, how did you know?

Becky Worley MPAL. Male Pattern Ass Loss.

Leo Laporte Male Pattern Ass Loss.

Tom Merritt Loss, oh yes.

John C. Dvorak I think they should – I think they should have…

Becky Worley [ph] Steel/Feel has no ass (97:00).

John C. Dvorak I think they should have – I think they should have – you know, if they had any – what – they knew what they were doing, they should…

Becky Worley Yeah. No, you are leaning forward when you stand straight up.

John C. Dvorak They should have – they should have [ph] pants/pinched/passed (97:08) you Leo.

Becky Worley It’s concave.

Leo Laporte It’s not concave.

John C. Dvorak If your pants had come right off in one tug. Damn you Worley.

Leo Laporte Thank you Tom Merritt I apologize.

John C. Dvorak And then – all the people at South by Southwest the opportunity was there and nothing.

Leo Laporte You know, it's funny. Because I have to say, so I’m on the people – say – the first – my first thought is where is my wallet.

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte I did, I patted my [ph] leggage/luggage (97:29) and my wallet was still there, because I didn’t know, you know. But they were very kind and they supported me.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Tom, you are the greatest, we’ll do lots more with you. Tom Merritt is I think one of the superstars of the internet and we are really glad you are part of the TWiT family.

Tom Merritt Thanks, sure.

Becky Worley But he is such a [ph] jerk (97:40).

Leo Laporte Yeah, such a – you’re so mean.

Tom Merritt Thank you too.

Leo Laporte You’re so evil. You know, I should say we all work together with TECH TV and in some ways this is…

Tom Merritt That’s where I learned about male pattern ass loss.

Becky Worley Yeah, you have aspired to it for years bud, you are getting there.

Leo Laporte You guys.

John C. Dvorak As the show goes down the toilet.

Leo Laporte Oh it went down a long time ago John. Thank you, Tom. We’ll talk to you soon.

Tom Merritt Thanks Leo.

Leo Laporte Tom Merritt everybody. I’m just going to leave/lean [ph] (98:05) you up Tom, because, you know, you might as well I got you on that (98:08).

Becky Worley Can I lean to streak the back (98:08)?

Leo Laporte You know, I saw a picture of me the other day, and I don’t – you know, it looks like I have a yamaka on. Is there like a…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, a little bit, little bit.

Becky Worley Do you have male pattern hair growth? You have – you are – your [ph] pate/plait (98:23)…

Leo Laporte I have got more hair now.

Becky Worley Your [ph] pate/plait (98:24) is completely covered and fuzzier. That is weird. What are you on? You know the number one telling item at Sharper Image (98:33) is the laser hair growth stimulator.

Leo Laporte Oh I bet that works.

Becky Worley As of last year. I don’t [ph] know where this (98:38)…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, well that’s obvious (98:38)…

Leo Laporte They are out of business. They are gone.

Becky Worley Oh not Sharper Image, sorry, sorry, sorry. SkyMall.

Leo Laporte SkyMall.

Becky Worley SkyMall, [ph] that’s last (98:44).

Leo Laporte Oh that’s fun, we – I was reading the SkyMall.

John C. Dvorak I love the SkyMall.

Becky Worley Oh I went to their headquarters, it was amazing.

John C. Dvorak They have a headquarters. I thought it was virtual.

Becky Worley And they do a – no, it's in Phoenix or some place in Arizona, I can’t remember, but they have – where all their vendors come and show off their new wares.

Leo Laporte That would be fun.

Becky Worley So like they had the fon – the chocolate fondue fountain.

Leo Laporte You’ve got the best gig in the world.

Becky Worley They had truck antlers turn – car antlers, for the antlers above the windows.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (99:06) I need some car – I want some car, you should get that on the Mustang.

Leo Laporte Oh that would be great.

Becky Worley Turn your truck into a buck.

Leo Laporte Turn your truck into a book.

Becky Worley That thing was awesome.

Leo Laporte Yeah baby.

Becky Worley I got to talk to Richard, the guy, the Sharper Image guy, you know, [ph] Richard Solo (99:20) dude.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah.

Becky Worley He is a trip.

Leo Laporte He is in there, look truck antlers, oh those are good.

Becky Worley Turn your truck into a buck that’s what I’m saying.

Leo Laporte Magnify a picture. Look at that. See it's not – I thought maybe it would be on the hood, but these are smart, they come out of the window.

John C. Dvorak You could use those on the Mustang.

Leo Laporte I sure could.

Becky Worley [Indiscernible] out (99:31) the sides, they are awesome. That’s classy. That’s much classier. That’s – that’s...

Leo Laporte You know, I’m glad they titled this picture “Magnified Picture.”

Becky Worley You are right.

Leo Laporte In case I was unclear, not life size.

Becky Worley So I think that John C. and I should do this weekend in Cosco/Costco [ph] (99:49).

Leo Laporte I would love that. You could do the wine…

Becky Worley Wouldn’t that be funny?

John C. Dvorak We could get – there is a lot of Cosco/Costco [ph] (99:53) information out there.

Becky Worley I know.

John C. Dvorak All you have to do is visit.

Leo Laporte John C. Dvorak is at channel Dvorak,, and how many shows are you doing, have you counted now, how many shows…

John C. Dvorak I don’t do that many shows, I do this show, I do No (100:06) Agenda.

Leo Laporte Tech5 is daily though, so that’s like five.

John C. Dvorak Tech5, yeah, but that’s five minutes. And then I also do the Horowitz and DH Unplugged and that’s it.

Leo Laporte It’s quite a few.

John C. Dvorak Well, not by your standards.

Leo Laporte No, by my standards you are a lazy son of a gun.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Where is my – where is my… I have a whole folder of Dvorak stuff.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, one of these days, bang zoom.

Leo Laporte Bang zoom. Where did I put it, I had a whole…

John C. Dvorak Yeah. It's gone.

Becky Worley The Dvorak sound board.

Leo Laporte It's here somewhere.

Tele Operator The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand please mash the keypad with your palm now.

Leo Laporte Becky Worley is at Good Morning America and ABC is now considering – reconsidering your contract. But we are so glad you could come and end your career with us, and follow her on Twitter, will you please @…

Becky Worley BWorley.

Leo Laporte And forget that B. Worlet person that’s nobody, nobody you should know about. Lisa Tickled Pink is still trying desperately to become as big as Lonely Toe 25,454 followers, if you follow her you may win an iPad April 3rd, I will pick at random from her followers and give her an iPad as well. She says unfortunately I can’t join in the chat on TWiT, as the internet collection – connection is too slow at school, keep me in the loop, she is in the loop.

John C. Dvorak If the iPad actually ships in time.

Leo Laporte You don’t think it will, I am getting it April 3rd, in fact I am going to be doing the [ph] rating show [indiscernible]…(101:33)

John C. Dvorak Were you going to stand in line?

Leo Laporte No, I’m going to do, I ordered it, they said deliver day and date, and I’m doing the radio show and hope the FedEx guy comes in I can do a live unboxing on the radio show.

Becky Worley: April 1st, I’ll have it on set. New York City.

Leo Laporte You will have it three days earlier?

Becky Worley I’ll just be looking at it, that’s – I don’t know. That’s what I am hoping, let’s just put it that way.

Leo Laporte Did you talk to Apple?

Becky Worley: Why do I feel like I – there is like a cloud of – it's like the black smoke just came into the room.

Leo Laporte Did Steve Jobs say anything? Did Steve say anything about me in the audience?

Becky Worley He did, said you looked really cute. Real, real good Leo.

Leo Laporte Real good. Another TWiT is in the can.


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