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Episode 247


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This is TWiT: this WEEK in TECH, episode 247 for May 10, 2010. Made in America.

This WEEK in TECH is brought to you by GoToMeeting visiting important contacts from New York to LA and Bangalore to London is time consuming and expensive. Have meetings online instead with GoToMeeting. For your free 30 day trial visit and by To download two free audio books of your choice go to and don’t forget to follow audible on twitter at Audible_com and by the new Carbonite Pro. It’s simple, secure and affordable online backup for your small business. For free trial and to learn more visit It’s time for TWiT this week in tech the show the coverage is the latest tech news we analyze, we chew, we swallow and then we spit it out so that you can understand it and joining us in the spit brigade right now, he has his very own spit bucket, Mr. John C Dvorak.

John C. Dvorak Hello

Leo Laporte Channel Dvorak, he’s wearing a University of Kentucky wildcats shirt. Where’d you get that?

John C. Dvorak Kentucky baby

Leo Laporte Baby, you know, have you ever been to Kentucky?

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah I have, I like Kentucky.

Leo Laporte Oh you have, I love Kentucky, Louisville.

John C. Dvorak I went to Louisville as a matter of fact, I visited Cassius Clays’ house.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak And…

Leo Laporte That’s right, he’s a famous Louisvillian.

John C. Dvorak He was a famous guy – brother of Henry Clay, the famous Senator – Civil War Era and I learned a couple of interesting things.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, are you saying Cassius Clay was a descendent of Henry Clay?

John C. Dvorak No he was a brother. Yes, a brother. Cassius Clay…

Leo Laporte Not the boxer Cassius Clay?

John C. Dvorak No but…

Leo Laporte Okay, now I understand because I thought that was very strange.

John C. Dvorak No and then here’s the kicker, so I am going around this...

Leo Laporte So, Cassius Clay was named after this old guy from Kentucky?

John C. Dvorak Yeah! And here’s the kicker, inside the house there was a newspaper clipping from 1860- something or other…

Leo Laporte Yeah

John C. Dvorak Because a famous Ethiopian was visiting the area and he went specifically to visit Cassius Clay and his name was Muhammad Ali.

Leo Laporte Ali, now that’s weird.

John C. Dvorak I think it’s because Cassius Clay the boxer visited the facility of the Cassius…..

Leo Laporte And they thought he was Ethiopian?

John C. Dvorak No and then he saw the thing on the thing and I like that name.

Leo Laporte That’s where he got the name?

John C. Dvorak I am sure of it.

Leo Laporte Wow! You know the weirdest thing I don’t know if you went to the cemetery though but the gravestone, Cassius Clay’s gravestone says “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.

John C. Dvorak He’s not dead.

Leo Laporte Not the boxer, the old guy.

John C. Dvorak Oh! I am sorry, I stepped all over it.

Leo Laporte I’m so sorry, I screwed my joke up. Also here Owen JJ Stone oh! Doctor!

Owen JJ Stone Hello sir!

Leo Laporte He came because he heard there was Candy.

Owen JJ Stone I did and I crashed the [indiscernible] (3:25). And I am happy I did that.

Leo Laporte We put him in the big chair you’ve never sat in the big chair.

Owen JJ Stone I love the big chair.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that good?

John C. Dvorak It’s very comfy.

Leo Laporte It’s so comfy.

Owen JJ Stone I want to take this with me; I want to tie it to the top of the [ph] prez when I roll out (3:34)

Leo Laporte So comfy. Thank you for being here Owen, it’s good to see you.

Owen JJ Stone Thanks for having me, sir.

Leo Laporte Also joining us for the first time ever and I am thrilled to have an M.G. Siegler of Tech – now of TechCrunch

M.G. Siegler Right, how is it going?

Leo Laporte You’ve been around the blog though and from your blog and where were you right before TechCrunch, you were at ReadWriteWeb? Where were you?

M.G. Siegler No, at VentureBeat for about a year and a half.

Leo Laporte VentureBeat, that’s right. But to my mind the best reporter at TechCrunch, the best writer and a really must read at So good have you on M.G.

M.G. Siegler Thank you, great to be here.

Leo Laporte Thank you for joining us, and my old friend who I haven’t seen in years, did you see the balloons go by?

Cali Lewis I got the balloons, I’m so thrilled.

Leo Laporte Just for you, just for you, some balloons for Cali Lewis and it’s so nice to see you Cali from Texas, from beautiful Texas. And are things going well for you Cali?

Cali Lewis Things are going well, lots going on, on this end and…

Leo Laporte She’s doing something kind of cool called [ph] Open CAB (4:33) I want to find out more about that later, okay?

Cali Lewis Absolutely

Leo Laporte May be I’ll show up.

Cali Lewis I am counting on you showing up, I’m going to plaster your name and picture all over the website.

John C. Dvorak You already promised [indiscernible] (04:40) that you would show up so. And everybody heard it.

Leo Laporte Oh shoot. I know I said schedule permitting.

Cali Lewis Yeah, yeah

Leo Laporte Schedule permitting, I did say that, didn’t I?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, he’s not going

Leo Laporte August 27, well that’s, I don’t know that’s when the school starts; I don’t know I have to look. I would love to go.

Owen JJ Stone Don’t count on it.

Cali Lewis I would love for you to come.

Leo Laporte Well thank you, Cali. So, boy have we talked about – actually I would love to get your take because we haven’t had you guys on, on this whole iPhone thing and I know M.G. you are following this fairly closely. Is there any new news, I mean I know that the guy who found it on the bar stool says he regrets not looking for the owner more

M.G. Siegler Alright

Leo Laporte With more severity, sedulity

M.G. Siegler Yeah! Sounds like they’re just kind of saying what ever the lawyers tell them to say at this once still.

John C. Dvorak And now give us the story, because I don’t know what you are talking about.

Leo Laporte Oh come on, get out of here John C. Dvorak. The really big question M.G. is – is there any movement at all on the shield law issue. You remember of course that Jason Chan the writer for Gizmodo who showed off the stolen or missing or lost or purchased iPhone. His house was searched a couple of weeks ago by the REACT squad which is a special Silicon Valley police unit.

M.G. Siegler Right

Leo Laporte They confiscated computers, laptops, iPads even his business cards. He had a letter….

M.G. Siegler Get those business cards just in case.

Leo Laporte I know, he had a letter from the Gawker COO who is also an attorney saying this is a working journalist he’s protected by the California federal shield laws, you may not take anything and they took the letter.

John C. Dvorak I love these guys.

M.G. Siegler Take everything

Leo Laporte They said oh good thanks, and they added that to the pile. So, but then a couple of days later they said well we are going to pause the investigation till we get a legal ruling on whether this stuff is admissible, whether there is a shield law protecting it. Is there any movement on that law?

M.G. Siegler As far as know, there hasn’t been a lot going on in the past week or so, I mean they are still trying to determine – the key thing of this is if he or Gizmodo or Gawker, the parent, purchased the actual stolen unit and knew it was stolen at the time then does that throw out the shield law claim that they are trying to make.

Leo Laporte Right

M.G. Siegler That’s the key thing.

Leo Laporte I don’t want to – I mean I know we’ve beat this dead horse for weeks on end, I just wanted to get to a check in. There is nothing more to say?

M.G. Siegler No, nothing. Well I do one thing to say that hasn’t been mentioned.

Leo Laporte Yes, we haven’t talked to you since this all broke.

M.G. Siegler We talked about this in the last cranky geek show quite a bit and it was interesting because everybody was kind of in agreement on one thing which is kind of the embarrassing tendency for media people from online and offline and Podcasters to pile on Jason Chen without all the evidence in, as though there is all stolen goods and I saw it on the blog to, the comments: ‘Oh it was stolen goods, thrown them in jail, stolen goods, it was stolen goods’. And they went on and on like everybody’s a cop and I found it very reprehensible to be honest about it.

Leo Laporte I also think it’s kind of – there are two sides to it and it really comes down to Apple lovers and Apple haters. The Apple lovers are saying stolen goods and the Apple haters are saying Apple instigated the investigation; it’s just a lost iPhone. You know it’s everybody’s got a political possession on this based on their feeling about Apple.

M.G. Siegler But I think for the most…

Leo Laporte Which is – has nothing to do with the legal issues.

M.G. Siegler I think for the most part people were overly harsh with Jason, as though he did a terrible thing and the thing that was ironic is that here he is, a guy serving the public good by getting this phone and deconstructing it in such a way that he can tell us what some of the new features might be, which actually as a consumer – kind of a consumer’s attitude about things because it gives people the ability to say well may be I should wait and buy the next generation phone instead of buying this one because the public does need this sort of knowledge. But nobody gives him credit for any of that and all they do is jump all over to him and when they – and now of course they stole, everybody – the cops took all the stuff, they were a little more sympathetic but I was very upset by [indiscernible] (8:54).

John C. Dvorak I am very unsympathetic, in fact I saw a recent blog post; that said you know why aren’t journalists hopping mad over this, a clear violation or a seemingly violation of shield laws. Cali, I’m sorry go ahead.

Cali Lewis No, I was just going to say as far as we know Jason didn’t actually have anything to do with the grabbing of the iPhone. He is just the one who held it out. Correct?

M.G. Siegler Right

Cali Lewis You know I think by the time this is all over and some authorities come to a decision, we’re probably not going to be paying much attention to at that point.

M.G. Siegler Well, I think that the story is already over the hill but another one that came and checkbook journalism as though this is something illegal – bothered me a bit too.

Leo Laporte I just – I wish there were more attention paid to the legality of the search and because I think it’s so important to emphasize and I know that it’s not a popular point of view but to emphasize that working press is protected in the interest of protecting free speech from unwarranted searches and that this I think – I’d be very interested to see what ends up happening with this.

M.G. Siegler It’s bound to be amusing, I’m sure.

John C. Dvorak Well, there is raids everyday in America lawful and unlawful and the funny thing about it is that once they take your stuff they say oh we’re just going to hold it but they have all of his stuff.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

M.G. Siegler That they took from…

Leo Laporte ‘We’re not going to search it, we’re just going to find out if it’s legal to search it.’ But they’ve got it.

Owen JJ Stone Exactly. Once they take it. Now he’s at home, no business cards, no computer, no laptop, no phone, I mean...

John Dvorak The business cards is what it gets me.

Owen JJ Stone Seriously! Going through his underwear, I mean you cannot…

John Dvorak They probably did.

Owen JJ Stone …operate or have business. You cannot be a reporter. You can’t do anything with your life until we’re done putting your life on hold. It’s amazing.

Leo Laporte I have one thing to say. Forerunner!

Owen JJ Stone There we go.

John Dvorak I would like to see him. I would…

Leo Laporte Inside joke, folks.

John Dvorak I would hope that he has some leverage and can sue the pants off of everybody responsible. And I think it’s a possibility.

M.G. Siegler Supposedly, I think in the warrant too, they had the ability to take his passport and his driver’s license. But they didn’t take that, they just took the business cards.

Leo Laporte That kind of indicates it was a criminal investigation, right?

Cali Lewis Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Owen JJ Stone I want to take some from Apple’s class action suit. Lest they might come raid my house, they can take my business cards any day.

Leo Laporte There is a story that actually will get – it does get me up in arms. It is very to me – very offensive, and I think a big deal. And I’m going to talk about the FCC protecting the public interest. This one is a shocker, and I’m going to quote from Molly Wood in her Molly Rants blog:

‘The Federal Communications Commission decided yesterday that the movie industry can remotely disable analog video outputs on your home theater equipment to prevent you from recording certain programs – obviously things like first-run movies. They’re afraid, they assume that you’re a thief, your number goal in life is to take that first-run movie they’re showing at cable, burn it to be a DVD, put a blanket on your front lawn and sell it to your neighbors. The FCC has ruled that it is in the public interest, – that’s a direct quote, in the public interest – that the Motion Picture Association of America has selectable output controls. That’s the euphemism they gave for the ability to reach into your home theater equipment and disable the analog hole. This enables the quote, new business model of delivering on-demand movies close to the theatrical release dates.’

I think this is appalling.

Cali Lewis Ridiculous. Now, next they’re going to be asking for control of our own microwaves and our computers, it’s just like, go on.

Leo Laporte Now they did kind of say that they – maybe the Motion Picture Association of America had asked for a little too much, so they have quote “limited and conditioned” the waiver in a manner that they – the FCC says balances the interests of content owners – Hollywood – to protect their highest-value content and to offer consumers access to early release high-value content.

So this is for you, people. We’re doing this for you, so that you can get movies before they’re out on DVD. But in order to do that, we’re going to have to let the Motion Picture Association reach into your AV gear and disable audio and video outputs in the set-top box.

John Dvorak Well I saw this coming with the Motorola box that came sometime ago and somebody was doing a teardown and told me that they had all these amazing capabilities to do stuff on the network and these are all disabled.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah. If you look at the Motorola boxes, they got FireWire. They got Ethernet. They got all these – and if you actually have opened the box, they’re not connected to diddly. They just put it in the box. It’s not connected.

Owen JJ Stone The best thing about that and everything you just said is, is that it stops maybe my grandmother from recording a video, which she would never do.

Leo Laporte Right.

Owen JJ Stone But people that are smart or technologically savvy would just get the audio source from somewhere else…

Leo Laporte Yeah sure.

Owen JJ Stone …put it in their Final Cut and stick it, and get about their business. I mean where do they think the stuff comes from? Half the stuff leaks from Hollywood anyway from some crackhead getting 2, $3,000 for selling it on the black market and people distribute it. The stuff that comes out ‘screener!’ That means it was in somebody’s house, and somebody ripped it and put it on the Internet. I mean you can’t stop that beast, so just doing that, it doesn’t do anything. So yes, disable my sound.

John Dvorak If you go to the Golden Triangle of piracy down off the Malaysian coast where they stamp out the DVDs all over Asia and every place else, these things are essentially perfect. There’s the actual DVD source code for the original product or the product that will eventually come out, because some of the features are missing. And they – and that’s just what you said. That somebody got buyoff or extorted…

Owen JJ Stone Whatever.

John Dvorak …and next thing you know this. So this is – just hurts nobody but the public that just wants to do honest backup.

M.G. Siegler And I mean this is Hollywood again doing the thing that they’ve been doing for a while now, you know. We saw this a little bit with their deal with Netflix and Redbox to kind of pull back…

Leo Laporte That was frustrating. Yeah. 28 days. So Netflix can only give you a DVD 28 days after it comes out in the store.

M.G. Siegler Right, and their idea there is of course to prop up falling DVD sales which have been following for the last couple of years or whatnot, which was once – one of their big golden cash cows. But this idea is even more crazy, because this is going to lead to just more piracy. It’s like – like they really think that people aren’t going to be – figure out a way to get around the stuff if they want to. What they’re trying to do is obviously make a little window in between the theatrical release and the DVD release so they can charge more in certain hotel rooms and stuff, you know, where they have movies that are on there before they’re on DVD so they can charge like 15 bucks or whatever and you can watch it, and they’re trying to stop people from pirating it.

But the whole idea is just backwards, thinking – they really just need to figure out a way to make their content ubiquitous and fairly priced, and then they will have to worry much less about piracy then they do now.

Cali Lewis Why don’t they get this? Why are we struggling even to this day? I mean it’s been so long, you know? And they’ve done so many things that all of us, we understand that they’re doing it wrong. But what is it going to take and what can we do to convince them otherwise? Is it going to take a generation in between? But then by that time, things are going to be so far past that we can’t come back to where we are.

Leo Laporte Well, who does the FCC represent? I mean does it represent Hollywood? Is that – when it says this is in the public interest, is Hollywood the public that they’re talking about here?

John Dvorak The Hollywood people can go to Washington D.C. but the hotties, actresses, starlets and the rest…

Leo Laporte I don’t think it is the hotties, I think it’s the money. We got a bag, a black bag of money, they say you would, Mr. Senator and Mr. Congressman would you like to –

Owen JJ Stone They got hotties and bags of money.

Leo Laporte Hotties and bags of money.

Owen JJ Stone Hotties and bags of money.

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t corrupt me – the money, but the women would? Is that what you’re saying?

Owen JJ Stone I don’t – have you seen some of these senators lately? Some of the senators might want some guys, I mean you got to figure out…

Leo Laporte We know that. Hello. Public knowledge points out that some people might actually buy on demand movies, people with older HD TVs that only have component and don’t have HDMI and with HDCP, the copy protection required and not be able to play them. Sony’s response? Call the FCC if that happens. I [indiscernible] (17:00) number I will call them.

John Dvorak I will bet you in the chatroom somebody can get that number right now.

Leo Laporte Let’s not. I’m trying to get them on the show. Don’t harass him.

It’s just, it just strikes me as so not in the public interest. And as you said, you’re absolutely right, there is something called BitTorrent. If I can’t watch the movie, what am I going to do? I’m on BitTorrent, right? I’m going to get it. And not only that, I’ll get it in high-def, it will be better quality, and then I’m going to burn a DVD and put it on the freaking blanket.

Owen JJ Stone And can I enlighten you something about…?

John Dvorak What are you so worked up about?

Leo Laporte I’m pissed!

Owen JJ Stone Well, let me help you out too, besides the fact of all the geekdom and BitTorrents. When I go to my local barber’s shop, there’s a guy at the table and he’s got every CD, every DVD already burned and ready to go. And let me tell you, this dude’s making 2, $3,000 a week selling two for five DVDs. So don’t think it’s just people BitTorrenting, there’s just one guy that BitTorrents, goes to a barber shops. It’s not just what happens in rap videos. I mean people are really slanging physical content on the streets of new releases that come out. So it’s not just BitTorrent, I mean…

John Dvorak It seriously surprises me, I’m telling you, but I can’t believe you go to a barber.

Cali Lewis [Laughter]

Owen JJ Stone All this hair? It has to be maintained, sir.

Cali Lewis Are you going to give us his name?

Leo Laporte Yeah, where can we go to find those [indiscernible] (18:21)?

Owen JJ Stone You can go to…

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (18:28).

Owen JJ Stone [Indiscernible] (18:29) through the roof right now if I gave out his name.

Leo Laporte BoingBoing said that after this decision this is the appropriate sound. We are the MPAA.

[Advertisement] (18:35).

All right quick, what show is that?

John Dvorak Outer Limits.

Leo Laporte Outer Limits, very good. Where did your audio go? You got to talk – John, I know the microphone stuff is new to you, but you got to talk into it, like this. The Outer Limits, very good.

John Dvorak I’m taking the lessons from Patrick Norton.

Leo Laporte I know, the king of...

John Dvorak [Indiscernible] (19:15).

Leo Laporte Basically this – I didn’t know this. But this selective output control is already in your set top box, it is already built in. So it just – they just needed FCC permission to use it. So they can already disable functions on your set top box.

Cali Lewis As of when? When did this happen?

Leo Laporte As of when did they get permission? Friday.

Cali Lewis When this start appearing in our TVs, in our set top boxes?

Leo Laporte Let me see here.

M.G. Siegler It’s been several years for sure. I think in the BoingBoing article, they talk a little bit about – why didn’t they just – if some of the manufacturers were against this, why didn’t they just not put it in? Of course the put it in so that they could turn it on eventually. So it’s been there, some of them have been in there for several years as far as I know.

Leo Laporte BoingBoing says it probably also in your Macs and in your Windows machine as well. This HDCP DTLA, another device based copy protection is in the TV, it’s in the set-top box, it’s in the AV receivers, it’s in everything, your DVD player.

M.G. Siegler I like that.

Leo Laporte How are they going to reach into it though? I mean, I guess it’s got to be a set-top box because then the cable company can do it because it…

M.G. Siegler I just don’t like anybody being able to reach in my laptop to do anything that I don’t want them to do. That seems like a problem. My cable box, I rent that. I mean, jumping there dude, you want to [indiscernible] against the wall (20:30), bring me a new one. My laptop, somebody reaching to my laptop, might get smacked in the face repeatedly.

Cali Lewis Well then, I’m talking about that…

John C. Dvorak What if they are thousand miles away, how are you going to do that?

M.G. Siegler I will find somebody. There is the plane, I got here, I’m thousand miles away.

Leo Laporte Don’t mess with a doctor.

Cali Lewis He’s got attitude.

Leo Laporte He’s got too.

Owen JJ Stone You said laptop, that just sounds shaddy.

John C. Dvorak Lot of talking.

Leo Laporte You heard what…

M.G. Siegler I’ll make a video, I will blog about it.

Leo Laporte I have a blog – I have a blog and I’m not afraid to use it.

M.G. Siegler There you go.

Leo Laporte All right. I want to talk about the difference between billions and millions and why Procter & Gamble cares in just a second. But first we’re going to talk a little bit about our good friends at Citrix, the folks who do GoToMeeting. Citrix has such a great line of products. Now we’ve talked about their new GoToTraining, their GoToAssist. GoToMyPC, which is the remote access solution. And GoToMeeting is the solution that gets you off the road oh doctah. So you don’t have to make all those trips all over the place. You can have those meetings online and they are frankly more engaging, more fun than doing it in person. I mean, we work with app developers all over the world, Australia, Los Angeles, we work with agencies in New York. We have a web-designer in Poland, Ludwik Trammer, who does the Giz Wiz search page.

M.G. Siegler Awesome.

Leo Laporte How do you think – you think I’m going to fly to Poland to talk with Ludwik? No. We fire up GoToMeeting and then he can show us what he’s doing, I can take control, sow him what we want. It’s the easiest online meeting service available. Secure, fast and easy. In fact, if you go right now to, you’ll have installed before I’m done talking., 30 days free GoToMeeting. 128-bit encryption make sure that no one can spy on your meetings. You can show PowerPoint presentations, anything you can show on your computer, I want you to try it today.

So people haven’t talked much about this stock market thing that happened. I was sitting here – I think it was Thursday and I was doing Windows Weekly and all of a sudden I see the chatroom saying, the Dow has just dropped 500, it just dropped 600 – it just dropped 1,000 points, it was the biggest drop ever in the history of the Dow came right back. But here is the interesting thing. It might have been, according to CNBC, a simple typo.

Cali Lewis I don’t believe it.

M.G. Siegler You know what, all I want to know is…

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (22:55) finger trade.

M.G. Siegler I want to just find out who made the most money in that 10 seconds and arrest them.

Leo Laporte It seems a little odd.

M.G. Siegler That’s what I want to know.

Cali Lewis I mean, but if you look at it, because traders they have a specific amount that they are able to trade, right, without additional approval. So if you – if you look at the difference between a million and a billion, people aren’t going to be able to hit that button, I mean we are talking about three extra zeros here. And if somebody has approval to do a million dollars worth…

John C. Dvorak Let’s assume that this thing wasn’t that, and I’m not – I don’t come on the show and I assure you to plug my show.

Leo Laporte However – I hear a however coming.

John C. Dvorak But, a big but…

Leo Laporte Thank you. That’s why I said however.

John C. Dvorak If you listen to today’s No Agenda, Curry actually has apparently somebody connected to Goldman Sachs who discusses what they say happened, which was they were beta-testing some software…

Leo Laporte That makes more sense because first of all…

John C. Dvorak And it crashed the system.

Leo Laporte The initial story said the guy typed a ‘b’ instead of an ‘m’. When you make – when you make a trade you don’t type o-n-e m-i-l-l-i-o-n.

Cali Lewis I pronounced zeros here.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So that was on the face of it a little suspicious.

M.G. Siegler Why? They are all grown-up…

John C. Dvorak They will never get to…

M.G. Siegler [indiscernible] (24:20) with some stock prices went from to 40 to zero dollars in one second.

John C. Dvorak No, actually nothing went to zero but one – one stock went from $45 to $0.04.

Leo Laporte Procter & Gamble went – cut in half. And that’s the one that they think it was a Procter & Gamble futures trade error. Citigroup says well it didn’t happen with us. Everybody is denying it. The NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange, because it hit both, said they may cancel some trades that took place during the frenzy. I think there is one thing that we know for sure. Computers did this.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, absolutely.

Leo Laporte Right?

John C. Dvorak Yes, those pesky computers.

Leo Laporte Computers did this.

Cali Lewis Is it possible though that a lot of people are just extremely antsy and skittish given everything that’s happening over in Greece?

Leo Laporte Well that’s what the news story said, oh this is about Greece, but why I mean it was like that? It was the most – I’ve never seen anything like that.

Cali Lewis I mean I think there were something that [indiscernible] (25:15) but...

M.G. Siegler And people just started selling like crazy, I mean that’s why it dropped that fast regardless of the [indiscernible] (25:21)…

Leo Laporte So as soon as they saw it.

M.G. Siegler Yeah. Anything going down [indiscernible] (25:25).

Leo Laporte But we know there is a lot of program training too so that there are ceilings and there are floors and then when the floor is hit, sometimes people go get-out, get-out, get-out, get-out now. And then I have to say I had a [ph] metal ceiling (25:33) – floor because as soon as I saw Apple down whatever it was 30%, I thought buy now. There is a chance.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] trades withdrawn away (25:44).

Leo Laporte Well it’s also – unless you’ve got a special pipeline, go ahead and try. Go to E*TRADE and try to buy.

John C. Dvorak No, actually Horowitz was talking about this on another show…

Leo Laporte The Disciplined Investor?

John C. Dvorak No, my – the DH Unplugged.

Leo Laporte Jesus Christ. How many shows do you do?

John C. Dvorak Oh, listen to him!

Leo Laporte For crying out loud.

John C. Dvorak He was – he’s – you know who is [Indiscernible] (26:06).

Leo Laporte I love Andrew, he’s great.

John C. Dvorak So Andrew says he tried – they did everything they could to buy one share of anything, it was impossible.

Leo Laporte Right, there’s too much volume.

John C. Dvorak And they are hocked in.

Leo Laporte Right. So even if you are hocked in, you couldn’t do it.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

M.G. Siegler What does Greece have to do with anything in the world anymore that people would say, oh because Greece is rioting, like what comes out of Greece.

Leo Laporte Well, because they owe – because they – if they owe to us or others [indiscernible] (26:28) and they default. [Indiscernible] (26:30).

M.G. Siegler [Indiscernible] (26:31) lend us some more money.

John C. Dvorak How much is really more of a, I think more Middle Eastern than Greece is.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (26:37)

John C. Dvorak You are moving over too far.

Leo Laporte [Ph] Domas (26:40).

John C. Dvorak Yeah, there you go.

Leo Laporte [Ph] Domas baby, olives (26:44).

John C. Dvorak Those Greek olives.

Leo Laporte [Ph] Sheep (26:46).

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (26:47).

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (26:50). This is like…

Cali Lewis Did they answer your question?

Leo Laporte Did they answer whose question?

Cali Lewis He asked what Greece had to do with anything.

M.G. Siegler If [ph] you are (26:58) like it’s a global economy. I’m like Greece is so small on the radar of things…

Cali Lewis But it’s not. It’s…

John C. Dvorak Nobody said it had anything to do with Greece.

Leo Laporte No, that’s what the story was initially. Go ahead Cali, go ahead.

M.G. Siegler The story was [indiscernible] (27:07) because Greece is rioting and the stock market is plummeting because of Greece. And I’m like, really?

Leo Laporte Boys, boys. Go ahead Cali.

Cali Lewis No, all I was saying was that there was some speculation that it had to do with Greece and Greece is bigger than just Greece at the moment because of all these other countries that are involved are affected because of Greece defaulting then it’s a much bigger issue than just Greece.

But who is to say, I mean who is to say it was that. It’s just I’m saying that it was potentially that people were skittish over it, but then something happened upfront to – to kind of increase that fear.

Leo Laporte According to the Financial Times – by the way, 1,000 billion dollars was briefly wiped off the market value of U.S. equities. Is that right?

John C. Dvorak Trillion, yeah. Very short time.

Leo Laporte A trillion dollars. The conventional wisdom according to the FT held an incorrectly typed sell order was the likely culprit. This is what Sang Lee, Managing Principal at the Aite Group said, “I’d be shocked if that was not the case, as the fall in stocks was so sudden and extreme.” However, despite the persistence of this story, officials were struggling to identify a specific cause. “We still don’t know what was the initiating signal said Jeff Wecker, Chief Executive Officer at Lime Brokerage. “The verdict is still out.”

I think though if there is a moral here is that we’ve got to have some sort of – this is like war games, this is like global thermal nuclear war. The computers took over.

John C. Dvorak This could be just the warning shot across the bow.

Leo Laporte I think the Chinese did it.

Cali Lewis Let’s just throw away all the computers and done with them.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Can you imagine a trillion dollars of value loss if we were doing this with pencil and paper? I think not. Would have taken a year.

Cali Lewis Please don’t do that. No.

Leo Laporte Back to paper. You have to use a horse. Both the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and BATS and Direct Edge announced cancellation of trades executed between 2.40 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. That was the weird time. But they – they still don’t really know what…

M.G. Siegler I know somebody made some money, somebody made some money.

Leo Laporte I think there is more…

John C. Dvorak Whoever made the money then you can get something going on. But I don’t know if this wouldn’t be – it wouldn’t be so transparent that…

Leo Laporte Didn’t your buddy Mr. Conspiracy Theory have anything to, I mean more to add? I mean seems to me this is – this is the kind of thing the – this is the kind of thing the world global Illuminati conspiracy – this…

M.G. Siegler I’m right there. I’m looking for that [indiscernible] (29:55).

Leo Laporte This is the kind of thing they do. Isn’t it?

M.G. Siegler We talk about it. But I don’t want to [indiscernible] (30:00)…

Leo Laporte Doesn’t he know?

M.G. Siegler Yeah, he does. He apparently has a guy that…

Leo Laporte He has a guy.

M.G. Siegler …that the person who flew over from Europe that was going to – that put the code in play in Chicago was there for one…

Leo Laporte So they were trying some software out?

John C. Dvorak They were trying some software out.

Leo Laporte What was the software supposed to do?

John C. Dvorak It was a Flash trading system, the one that Goldman uses.

Leo Laporte This makes sense.

John C. Dvorak They go in there and they flip the switches…

Leo Laporte Flash trading is designed to make money in very quick, short high frequency trade.

John C. Dvorak H0igh frequency trade, and so they put this thing on the market takes a huge hit immediately. They take it offline as fast as they can and apparently the guy jumped on a plane right then and there and got the hell out. They flew back home.

Leo Laporte This is like a, this is like, when they have armies cross the bridge they have them break stride because otherwise the resonance spills up and the bridge will collapse, this is like that. We got to make them break stride.

John C. Dvorak Anyway so, but it’s a bad signal, this could happen…

Leo Laporte It’s too easy, it was too easy that’s [indiscernible] (30:58).

John C. Dvorak There is something wrong with this computerized trading system, let’s face it.

Owen JJ Stone I don’t trust Wall Street.

John C. Dvorak So anyway…

Leo Laporte Do you trust Main Street Ohdoctah?

Owen JJ Stone I trust half of Main Street more than I do Wall Street.

Leo Laporte Forerunner.

Owen JJ Stone Here we go.

John C. Dvorak Okay, give us on the joke on this forerunner.

Leo Laporte Oh, you weren’t here for this. But the last time Ohdoctah was here he talked about he had gone into an Apple Store. He broke his laptop.

John C. Dvorak Oh right, forerunner, you were going to steal the, you’re going to rob the place.

Owen JJ Stone Yes, I am a thief. Hanging out of barber shops.

John C. Dvorak But don’t walk around with a gun in your hand, may be that would help.

Owen JJ Stone Stop it.

Leo Laporte He came in there, he said he wanted to buy a Mac laptop, the little, all right, I must say a white girl behind the counter…

Owen JJ Stone I should let you read the e-mail [indiscernible] (31:35).

Leo Laporte Spits into his sleeve and says forerunner, and she disappears and a black guy comes out to serve you and the doors are suddenly manned and there is all these guys coming out watching you Ohdoctah because they thought I think you are going to steal it even though he was offering $2,500 cash for a brand new laptop.

Unknown Speaker I’ll let you read the emails that app people sent me.

Leo Laporte Did you ever get any e-mail from the Apple folks?

Owen JJ Stone I got like 30 e-mails from 30 Apple employees.

John C. Dvorak And what were they saying? And what was the joke gist?

Leo Laporte Nothing official.

Owen JJ Stone No everyone started with please don’t post this publicly, every single one.

Cali Lewis And here we go.

Owen JJ Stone I still work there. I didn’t post publicly. I am not reading them out verbatim.

John C. Dvorak What did they say generally?

Owen JJ Stone In general half of them said that’s not their procedure. They just meant floor runner for someone to go bring me the item, they other half said I used trigger words as in I am in a rush and they thought I had a credit cart and I was using a stolen credit card and I said even after I said cash, then they shut up and didn’t reply to that e-mail. So, half of them were like Doug’s my....

Leo Laporte So it could have been a mistake.

Owen JJ Stone Yes, but…

Leo Laporte Could have been that, they said floor runner get me a laptop for this nice gentlemen and…

Owen JJ Stone Yes

Leo Laporte And…

Owen JJ Stone Or I triggered, I used words as I want to buy this now and that made them feel nervous. So next time I go in I just should say I don’t know what I should say but I should be…

Cali Lewis I want to buy this in five minutes.

John C. Dvorak Maybe, yes.

Owen JJ Stone I am going to take a Caucasian friend next time.

Leo Laporte I have a one-way ticket to [ph] Terra Run (33:01) and I am ready to use it.

Owen JJ Stone I am going to take John with me.

John C. Dvorak I have a gub.

Leo Laporte I have a gub.

Owen JJ Stone I am going to take John with me.

Leo Laporte John, nobody will think John as anything.

John C. Dvorak Kentucky baby.

Owen JJ Stone Kentucky Girls, is that the right shirt or he is American, he loves people.

Leo Laporte All right so Facebook this week, oops little mistake that allows people to read other people’s chats.

John C. Dvorak I love that, I think that’s a great feature.

Leo Laporte Oopsy, now, I don’t know about you, a chat sometimes can get a little heated, a little steamy, a little perhaps more than you would like the world to know. Is that not true? Is that just me?

Owen JJ Stone It’s not just you.

Leo Laporte I think it’s true.

John C. Dvorak Now wait, [indiscernible] (33:41) talking about.

Leo Laporte Doesn’t sometime, sometime in chat don’t you do things that you probably would not like other people to see.

John C. Dvorak Oh, you mean like stock market picks and to discuss…

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s it, he is old, isn’t he Cali? He is just an old man. He doesn’t know.

Cali Lewis I don’t know what he is talking about.

Owen JJ Stone He is talking about lady callers.

Leo Laporte I’m talking about the booty chat.

Owen JJ Stone There you go, see…

Leo Laporte Yes.

Owen JJ Stone Got a little love romance going on on Facebook.

John C. Dvorak Do you – you do this, Leo?

Leo Laporte No, I don’t do this. I am a happily married man, but I know others who do.

John C. Dvorak Who?

Owen JJ Stone People.

Leo Laporte We don’t name name’s John.

John C. Dvorak I just want to, why not, this can’t be that bad.

Owen JJ Stone You’ve never heard of sexting, John? I mean the Internet is all about perversion and close natured people having fun with one another, or better yet, talking trash about others.

Cali Lewis It’s why we should throw away all the computers.

John C. Dvorak Anyone have a pen. I got to write this down.

Leo Laporte Throw away the computers again I am talking…

Owen JJ Stone Just throw away Facebook.

John C. Dvorak I really need that pen.

Owen JJ Stone They don’t care about privacies.

Leo Laporte Here, here’s a pen. You don’t want a pen.

John C. Dvorak It’s a joke.

Leo Laporte I got paper, I got a pen and I got a horse outside for you. It’s a Mustang.

John C. Dvorak Yes, e-harmony, there you go. I have a code.

Leo Laporte So anyway, this is just one more thing from Facebook. Is Facebook completely out of control? I mean eroding privacy…

John C. Dvorak It’s out of control making money.

Leo Laporte Well it’s trying to make money but here’s the deal. They made a promise, implicit or not that we would go to Facebook, we would post personal information about ourselves that would only be visible to people we said it was visible to.

John Dvorak And you believed that?

Leo Laporte Yes. Was that a mistake?

John Dvorak Apparently.

Leo Laporte Boy, you’re cynical.

John C. Dvorak No, not me.

Cali Lewis After the second time around, you believed that?

John Dvorak Third time around, isn’t it?

Leo Laporte It’s the fourth.

John Dvorak Fifth.

Cali Lewis I’m just saying, I mean, it’s happened enough that I don’t trust anything on Facebook.

Owen JJ Stone Thank you.

Cali Lewis But the situation is, is that as high and mighty as we get or as upset we all get over it, the majority of Facebook users have no idea and don’t care whatsoever.

John Dvorak They would when their boss gets a hold of their personalized chat and say hey, you and Sally over in accounting have been doing some weird stuff on the Internets.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s going to get worse, because MG reported this week in TechCrunch that Facebook’s going to start adding location updates to your status updates

M.G. Siegler Yes, actually I have a whole new story along that line. I’m probably going to post later tonight. I think I know pretty much everything that they’re doing now.

Leo Laporte Do you want to scoop it? Scoop it!

John Dvorak Come on, scoop, scoop!

M.G. Siegler I’ll tell you to check TechCrunch later. I still got to dig up a few things.

Leo Laporte Boo.

John Dvorak Okay, Leo, don’t bring him on anymore.

Leo Laporte Give us the outline. Give us a little hint?

Owen JJ Stone You are worse than Kevin Rose?

Leo Laporte Yes. Kevin, by the way is not on the show, but he said I can’t come on the show until Digg is done being re-designed. But I’ll come on and I will debut it on TWiT,’ so I’m holding him to it.

John Dvorak Sure he will.

Leo Laporte The brand new Digg will be on TWiT.

So what – give us kind of the outline. Is it more than – clearly, this is scary for people like FourSquare and Gowalla, because Facebook’s huge.

M.G. Siegler I mean, well, yes, obviously. It’s kind of weird that Facebook is going this like, right now. I’m wondering if they might delay what they plan to do for a little bit, because of obviously all these privacy things that are blowing up in their face right now. If they go and turn on the ability to send out your location to every single person and maybe publicly, I don’t think people are going to like that too much. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they delayed this a little bit. But yes, what they’re basically going to do is they’re going to have a feature that allows you to check in to various places around the country and presumably around the world too.

Cali Lewis So then the question is are you going to check in via Facebook or Gowalla or FourSquare?

M.G. Siegler Well, that’s kind of the cool thing that they’re doing. I think they’re going to allow you to kind of bring in all the different streams of all the different check ins. You can bring in your FourSquare check in, you can bring in your Gowalla check in and they kind of all get populated in your news feed or what. I’m pretty sure they’re going to do that. But they’ll also have their own little thing. Because I think the AdAge article about it talked about how they have a deal with McDonald’s and some deals with other brands, that they’ll be able to check in places and get special deals on certain Big Macs and whatnot.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s great. So my insurance company is going to say, ‘oh, Leo, we noticed you ate at McDonald’s fifteen times last month.’

John Dvorak This is one of the reasons I tell people not to get those cards from the grocery store.

Leo Laporte Yes, because it’s only a matter of time.

John Dvorak Unless they give you, yes, the insurance companies are going to get that data and they’re going to say, ‘oh this guy, all he does is eat fat!’

Leo Laporte It’s just a matter of time.

John Dvorak You’re insurance buddy, you’re out, you’re done.

Leo Laporte You have another lemon, these are sugar sprinkled, they’re fabulous, I love them. From Bora Bay. We had a bunch of candy in the studio yesterday. They’re good. And normally we give John wine. Today we’re seeing if sugar will change his attitude.

Owen JJ Stone He seems sweet to me.

Leo Laporte Mmm, baby.

John Dvorak Sure going to buy you coffee.

Leo Laporte I tried to deactivate my Facebook account.

John Dvorak And?

Owen JJ Stone Facebook is evil. I mean seriously, like – the other day, somebody messaged me, like, man, Facebook really knows me, it just popped up the – a tennis thing and I signed up, and it was just watching that they had mentioned they bought a tennis racket. So they just got swarmed with tennis ads and then finally they bought something. In that case, it works out, it’s fine. But it’s just the fact that they’re entrenching everything…

Leo Laporte I don’t think it’s so bad. It doesn’t bother me if there’s an aggregate, I mean Google does this –

Owen JJ Stone But they’re selling you, like body and soul.

Leo Laporte In aggregate. But I just worry that the borderline between what you put on Facebook and where it goes seems to be blurring and blurring and blurring. There’s a great infographic on the web somebody did that shows the five Facebook evolving policies, it’s based on an EFF post about Facebook’s eroding privacy policy. And it just shows how, it’s like an ink stain, your personal information, which was once just you and your friends is now spread out to the entire world.

Owen JJ Stone Bottom line is, it is free, and if you don’t like it, get off.

Leo Laporte I think I might get off.

John Dvorak Not like this guy – three or four people in the chatroom say, ‘try and delete your Facebook.’

Leo Laporte Well, you can deactivate it. But…

Owen JJ Stone They’ll horde in case you want to come back to junk

Leo Laporte Yes.

Cali Lewis You know, this is a little scary. But I continuously look back five years, even, and we would be scared to death of where we were in terms of privacy a year ago.

Leo Laporte It’s true.

Cali Lewis But now we’re past that and so I mean – it’s a stepping stone, right? We’re continuously getting further and further.

Leo Laporte Are we like the frog in the water that’s slowly boiling and we’re just not noticing it?

M.G. Siegler It is.

Cali Lewis I think so.

Leo Laporte Pretty soon – cooked frog?

John Dvorak Frog legs are tasty.

Cali Lewis Continues down the road, going to be, not the types of things we’re worried about today.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Cali Lewis It’s very interesting and a little scary in itself.

Leo Laporte Well, right now

M.G. Siegler Yes, we have been…

Leo Laporte Go ahead.

M.G. Siegler We have been seeing that over and over again with all the location stuff that’s coming now. It’s like people, when they first hit last year and this first started to gain a little bit of popularity, just within the tech community even. People were talking about; this is going to be the end of times. People are sharing their locations; this is going to be really bad. But now more people are signing up for and getting used to it and now it’s becoming somewhat of a norm.

John C. Dvorak Go

Leo Laporte That’s a silly site.

M.G. Siegler I wrote about that, it’s kind of funny. It’s a funny site. I mean they make a point but they make it in a kind of a roundabout way.

Leo Laporte We interviewed, I mean it’s a jokey thing. I mean look nobody’s going to rob my house because I say that I am here at work because that doesn’t mean my house is [indiscernible] (40:47).

M.G. Siegler At some point it’s going to start happening. Things are going to happen to people.

John C. Dvorak He’s right.

Owen JJ Stone [ph] This girl, that’s super hot (40:53) that does semi-popular podcast. There is going to some nerd who knows that she goes to Starbucks on Mondays, gym on Tuesday and he is going to be like I really love you, you don’t respond to my emails [ph] [indiscernible] alleyway (41:01) and then he is going to be on TechCrunch everybody is like, oh my god [ph] Foursquare, a date rape drug, (41:04) or some crazy stuff is going to happen.

Leo Laporte Now look that happened already with the Craigslist, remember the Craigslist Killer.

Owen JJ Stone Exactly.

Leo Laporte Poor Craigslist, I didn’t have anything to do with it but the guy was meeting people on Craigslist and killing them.

Owen JJ Stone As soon as it happens the party is over and enough people’s houses get robbed and [indiscernible] (41:20).

John C. Dvorak I think you stalker thing is probably more [indiscernible] (41:22) because there are bunch of these –

Leo Laporte Well Cali you don’t, do you – you mustn’t post where you are.

Cali Lewis I actually, I am very careful about where I post.

John C. Dvorak No, you’re not.

Cali Lewis I didn’t get on Foursquare or Gowalla for about a year because I didn’t want to create a circle around where I live, right [indiscernible] (41:43)…

Leo Laporte Oh, very smart.

Cali Lewis …and I actually did get on because it’s a perfect way to do meet ups if I am at a location where I want everybody to join me I can do that and everybody can join, right. But it’s – it has been a concern of mine obviously but, yeah I don’t just post everywhere I am going to Starbucks, to the bookstore, to where ever I don’t.

John C. Dvorak Some people do, some people do.

Owen JJ Stone I don’t play my [indiscernible] (42:08) at all.

Cali Lewis Some people do, right.

Owen JJ Stone I only use it when I go out of the state.

John C. Dvorak Which state do you live in?

Owen JJ Stone New Jersey. Pretty big place [indiscernible] (42:14).

John C. Dvorak Are you in the top [indiscernible] (42:17).

Leo Laporte I check in everywhere I go, everybody knows exactly where I am all the time and still no one stalks me.

Owen JJ Stone Yeah, you are here all day.

Leo Laporte Nobody will stalk me, I can [indiscernible] (42:24).

Cali Lewis Everybody knows where to find you.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s easy to find me.

Owen JJ Stone [Indiscernible] (42:27) days are over.

M.G. Siegler And just, just wait for the popularity of the latitude based ones, where you are not checking in necessarily. They know where you are at all times. I mean that’s a few years away from probably being as popular, right now is the check-in thing, but that’s coming. I mean especially now with the new iPhone coming out you will be able to run applications in the background, so somebody’s location [indiscernible] (42:47) will be continuously up dating.

Leo Laporte Latitude has three million users which is more than Foursquare and Gowalla combined and I kind of wonder how many of those three million people know that your phone is constantly updating at Latitude and saying where you are.

M.G. Siegler [ph] It’s kind of funny – (43:02) you sign-in via the maps application on your Android phone I think they said that over 10% of all Android users have Latitude turned on and I think you are right, I think…

Leo Laporte They don’t know.

M.G. Siegler …I think 80% have no idea that it’s like constantly updating their background – in the background, I mean they do send out emails and stuff and this is what Google will tell you, they’ll tell you – well your Latitude has been on for past three days, if you like to change your settings, please, it’s been like –

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (43:24).

Leo Laporte I think people don’t know because it’s a same thing – it’s really tying back to the Facebook thing. People are told there is – we tell them this Facebook – by the way Facebook executive said, it’s the media that’s worried about, there is pundits, people love the new Facebook changes and maybe they don’t love it but I think it is true they don’t have no clue what’s going on.

Owen JJ Stone Yeah that’s it.

Leo Laporte If we don’t say anything about it, they never know.

Owen JJ Stone That’s right.

John C. Dvorak And we don’t say enough about it.

Cali Lewis That’s why your job is so important.

Leo Laporte But do we – but you do the same thing Cali, but do – are people getting it or they just gone –

Cali Lewis No, [ph] I think they go on…(43:58)

John C. Dvorak I don’t think they’ll understand the implications, I’m sorry Cali. Go ahead.

Cali Lewis Oh! That’s fine. You [indiscernible] (44:04) that’s, okay. I’ll go on, local FOX stations and I did a Facebook segment about privacy, but even still they’re a little bit interested in that but I don’t think they’re all into it, obviously they are not all into it, like we are, otherwise they would be throwing up a fit towards Facebook but that’s not happening and they are continuing to use it, they are continuing to sign-up and it’s just not that – they don’t see why it’s an issue because they’re only doing things in small groups, so to speak. Do you know I mean?

Leo Laporte Yeah, they think – only my friends are seeing it, they think – and that’s the problem. Al Franken, Senator from Minnesota on his Senator page, at, Facebook privacy instructions, Al is not the only Senator is upset about this, Chuck Schumer is also upset and urging an investigation, he says - Al Franken says, basically Facebook now shares your personal information with third-parties, he is talking about the Yelp, Pandora and Microsoft’s thing. He says If you don’t want Facebook to share your information you need to opt-out of the instant personalization program and he gives you the steps which by the way are – his steps are correct, Facebook is misleading because if you go to and you log-in, in fact I’ll do it right now, you go to and you’re logged in on Facebook, it will give you a blue bar at the top of the screen and say Yelp, says hi Leo. What? Yelp is using Facebook to personalize your experience. Learn more – No Thanks. And if you click No Thanks, which I just did –

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (45:46).

Leo Laporte Well, and yeah and –

John C. Dvorak But they’re watching your every move on Yelp is that what you’re telling me.

Leo Laporte Well, you just – which is starting in Pandora but look at – here is the deal, that wasn’t enough, you have to also now go to Facebook, you can’t just – you have to block the application otherwise your friends who have not opted that will be sharing your information with Yelp, Pandora and Microsoft.

John C. Dvorak Microsoft?

Leo Laporte Yeah So this is – I think intentionally misleading, I think Facebook really [indiscernible] (46:19) what’s going on, their settings are not clear, you saw I opted out and yet it didn’t really opt me out.

John C. Dvorak No, your picture was still there.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s because I must haven’t logged in, actually maybe not. I don’t think. Anyway [indiscernible] (46:33) just bugs me.

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (46:34) I can’t imagine why.

Leo Laporte Bugs me. Even though I live in public. Hey I want to talk a little about Carbonite Pro and then we’re going to come back and we are going to talk a little more about Facebook and 88.5 year old woman, who was forced – recently forced to do something by Facebook, compelled her to do something, and I’ll talk about it.

John C. Dvorak [ph] you’re in teasers (46:55) now.

Leo Laporte That’s – you’re going to like that’s a good one too, I am going to tell you, it’s not what you think it is but first I’d to tell you about Carbonite Pro, you mind. I love, as you know, and you’ve heard me talk about Carbonite the backup solution, it’s automatic, in the background, gets the job done while you’re online it’s just automatically keeps you up to date. Number of people, Carbonite found out this that a number of people have started to use the commercial – consumer version of Carbonite in their businesses, because businesses have the same issues, if their Internet, rather – their hard drive goes down or there is a fire or flood, that’s worse for a business, you’re out of business and I know a lot of businesses do what we do here, they have a network attached storage or big drive when they backup to that, but what if there is a fire, and the whole thing is gone, you’re out of business. You’ve got to have offsite backup. It has to be automatic. It has to be able – you can be administered from a centralized position, from a dashboard, with your IT department or maybe if you are a sole proprietor where you can do, and that’s why Carbonite Pro is so great.

If you have been using the consumer version of Carbonite, your small business, you’ll save money with this, it’s more effective, your employees can access their own backup files so they don’t have to come beg you to restore the hard drive and prices for business is low as $10 a month, I’ll give you some examples, if you have eight computers, five-gigs of backup, 25 bucks a month. If you have 18 computers, five-gigs of backup, $50 a month. Talk about peace of mind for you and your employees and talk about keeping yourself online.

You could try it free for 30-days right now. This is a brand new form of Carbonite, so they want to encourage as many people as possible to try it out. It is just [ph] fantastic (48:30). We’ve been using it for a while. I just love it. give it a try, I think you’ll be very, very happy.

Now let me pull up the computer here and show you a little video that happened last night.

[Video Presentation]

There was a campaign on Facebook to get Barry White to host Saturday Night Live over a million people on that Facebook page and last night Barry While hosts Saturday Night Live and listen to what she said. [ph] The power of the people, Facebook made you do it (49:12). She looks pretty good for 88.5. [ph] Had a makeup baby, that’s face work, that’s search. (49:22)

Betty White on Video Presentation (49:52) which was Life of Elizabeth, and of course, back then, we didn’t want to do it live, we just didn’t know how to tape things! So I don’t know what this show’s excuse is. You know, I have so many people to thank for being here, but I really have to thank Facebook.

Leo Laporte I think that’s the first time Facebook got a round of applause.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Ever.

Betty White on Video Presentation (50:22) When I first heard about the campaign to get me to host Saturday Night Live, I didn’t know what Facebook was! And now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time. I would never say that people on it are losers, but that’s only because I’m polite. People say, “But Betty, Facebook is a great way to connect with old friends.” Well, at my age, if I want to connect with old friends, I need a Ouija board! Needless to say, we didn’t have Facebook when I was growing up. We had phonebook, but you wouldn’t waste an afternoon on it.

Leo Laporte I love it. 88 and a-half years old and actually she got some good zingers in there. I have to say.

Cali Lewis I love Betty.

Leo Laporte Isn’t she great?

Cali Lewis Yeah.

Leo Laporte After Golden Girls.

Cali Lewis But she thinks we all are losers.

Leo Laporte Losers.

John C. Dvorak I don’t use Facebook. She wasn’t counting on me.

Leo Laporte You’re not on Facebook. Come on. You don’t use Facebook?

John C. Dvorak No, the only Facebook page I have is not my page, somebody put it up. I do not use Facebook.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte One of the reasons I went back to Facebook…

John C. Dvorak I just think I don’t have – there’s not enough time in the day to be part of all these things.

Leo Laporte John C. Dvorak, 88 and a-half years old.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. You losers!

Leo Laporte You losers! One of the reasons that I use Facebook is – and I am sure Cali it’s true for you too, is that this is where the fan pages are and I tried to delete my Facebook account but then I realized I would no longer have access to any of the fan pages.

Cali Lewis Yeah. They are important for people like us in a different way than – and I don’t mean that like it sounded.

Leo Laporte But that’s a publicity vehicle. Isn’t it?

Cali Lewis It is a publicity vehicle and it’s important to be out there. John, you need to [ph] listen to it, right (52:13)?

John C. Dvorak I use Twitter.

Cali Lewis You know what? It’s amazing. I have always focused really hard on Twitter but the amount of traffic that actually comes through Facebook is pretty incredible.

Leo Laporte So you know that you can tell that you’re getting viewers through Facebook and you probably post, as I do, videos up there, links to shows when I – something interesting happens. You see I can – people know that the show is on. I mean, this is a very useful tool.

Cali Lewis It is.

Leo Laporte They got us over a barrel.

John C. Dvorak You’ve knuckled under, both of you. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Cali Lewis Oh! so, ashamed. I want to go and eat some ice cream now.

Leo Laporte But you won’t delete your Facebook account, Cali?

Cali Lewis No, I wouldn’t.

Leo Laporte You can’t.

Cali Lewis No.

Leo Laporte MG, have you thought about deactivating?

M.G. Siegler No. I mean, it’s funny. I actually think, Cali was talking about it a little bit, they have these blow-ups all the time. This is a particularly bad one, a little bit more sensitive than the other ones have been, but like when they launched their News Feed for example, however many years ago, that was three or four years ago. Everyone was up in arms, like people can see more data now, blah, blah, blah, even though it was the same amount of data you could always see. It was just in new easy-to-read format. But it’s like these things just seem to come around. They have this explosion with several like a lot of people sometimes as many as a few million, but then they seem to blow over right away. And the fact of the matter is that when you’ve got a network worth 500 million people, people have reasons to stick around, either their social graph or like you guys are using it for publicity. I mean they have you locked in there and they are not going to let go.

Leo Laporte I think the key – and this is what I am starting to tell people including very importantly, my kids. We use Twitter, we know what we put on Twitter is public. That’s kind of the point. The only reason this is an issue is because Facebook we had the opposite promise initially was that what we put on here will be private and we will control it. If people assume that everything they post on Facebook is now public, everything, they can’t go far wrong, right? Now [ph] this (54:10) is public.

M.G. Siegler I think Facebook really needs to consider what they’ve been doing with their just settings in terms of the privacy. I mean, if you look at that page, it’s a complete nightmare. I am a pretty savvy guy I think and I have no idea what some of those settings do.

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s crazy.

M.G. Siegler Yeah. So why don’t they just have a thing where it’s like, it’s kind of like more of the Twitter model. I mean, I now they’ve copying Twitter in other ways, why not just go with the whole extent of it and kind of make your public page which everything is kind of out there in the public by default and then you’ve got your private just friend network. So you make it so that people can follow you but you don’t necessarily have to follow them back and they could only see the information that you choose to let them see.

Leo Laporte Right.

M.G. Siegler But it would just be like a two tier system rather than this like this little minutiae details about what you can share and what not with all these different groups of people.

Leo Laporte Matt Cutts of Google has quit according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek reporter Doug MacMillan. Peter Rojas, founder of Engadget, co-founder of gdgt deactivated his account, [ph] Paul Kudrowski (55:10), who is finance guy deactivated his account. Is it a trend or people starting to deactivate their Facebook accounts?

John C. Dvorak Sounds like those guys are people that have, you know…

Leo Laporte Big names…

John C. Dvorak Information to protect…

Leo Laporte I deactivated it and then I realized I’ve killed my fan pages, so I reactivated it.

John C. Dvorak Has it made a difference to your numbers, I don’t think so?

Leo Laporte Deactivating or re-activating?

John C. Dvorak No, either?

Cali Lewis How long was it deactivated?

Leo Laporte Like 12 minutes.

Cali Lewis Right.

Owen JJ Stone Could you stop (55:32)…

John C. Dvorak Why don’t you study it? Why don’t you deactivate it, shut off and see what happens?

Leo Laporte Should I and see what happens? I cannot – I think that’s a risky thing…

Owen JJ Stone Leave it open and stop using it.

John C. Dvorak You’ve been suckered into believing that.

Leo Laporte No, I’m going leave it, I’m going to do it – I am kind of going to do what you say, I’ll leave it open but I’m going to not use it in a private way, I’m going to use it like I use Twitter…

Owen JJ Stone There you go.

Leo Laporte It is now a public forum and then I’m fine with it.

Owen JJ Stone [Ph] Not to worry (55:52) about it, you are using it as promotion…

Leo Laporte Anything I put there…

John C. Dvorak You are using it for dirty chatting now?

Leo Laporte Well, not anymore. I had to stop.

John C. Dvorak Cali, you are using it for dirty chatting?

Leo Laporte Stop it.

John C. Dvorak Just asking.

Leo Laporte You can ask me that question.

John C. Dvorak Just a simple question, I just want to know.

Cali Lewis No, I turned the chat off on Facebook.

Leo Laporte I do too, because I get bugged, just like you probably.

Cali Lewis Yes, yes.

John C. Dvorak I’m sure she gets bugged a little more than you do.

Leo Laporte When you have as I’m sure Cali does 5,000 followers, anytime you show up on Facebook thirty windows pop up and say hey, how are you doing? What are you doing? Are you up there? How are you? Hey, want to play FarmVille?

Cali Lewis And I love that interaction. I absolutely adore it but I kind of need it to be a little bit more controlled so I can get the things done that need to be done like write a show, you know.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak Do you play FarmVille?

Cali Lewis No, no, not FarmVille, I’m just saying the interaction, the conversations.

Leo Laporte Mafia Wars, YoVille, what do you play?

John C. Dvorak Do you play any of the games there?

Leo Laporte Any of those games?

John C. Dvorak They are important.

Leo Laporte Did you see the Zynga, maybe this was from TechCrunch, Zynga is going to, is talking about leaving Facebook, this was a…

Owen JJ Stone They are not going to leave Facebook entirely, they are just going to…

Leo Laporte Well, Pincus is, Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga, the company that does FarmVille and Mafia Wars and all these, the most popular games on Facebook says we are going to start making hundred of millions, maybe close to a billion, they will be valued at, what was it MG, it was like four billion?

M.G. Siegler Four billion, yes.

Leo Laporte They are doing okay.

Owen JJ Stone Mafia has made their money back.

Leo Laporte So at all-hands meeting this week, Mark says we are going to do our own, what is it, online network?

M.G. Siegler Right, Zynga Live, supposedly, you know, so obviously right now….

Leo Laporte Hold on, MG, MG can you unplug and re-plug your USB thing after an hour, so I know this show has now been on for exactly one hour, the chipset in that headset does that.

John C. Dvorak Isn’t that weird?

M.G. Siegler Is it better now?

Leo Laporte Yes.

M.G. Siegler Okay.

Leo Laporte It’s – what is the chipset? It’s the c-media chipset that was in the Plantronics and then they are…

M.G. Siegler It’s Plantronics?

Leo Laporte Yes. It’s so weird, and then we figured it out finally that after it’s exactly one hour it’s got some sort of weird memory leak in it. Anyway go ahead, you were saying, what are they going to do?

M.G. Siegler So, Zynga Live. So obviously Zynga has been, they are on the other social networks but their main thing has been Facebook, you know, obviously they built up that huge following, FarmVille is the biggest social game that there is out there, and they have been talking supposedly because Facebook has been kind of clamping down on what they can do, and the key thing is that Facebook wants them to use their own credit system now which Facebook would keep 30% of, so that would you know cut a substantial amount of revenue potentially out of the Zynga’s hands or if they did the whole thing themselves, you know, they’d obviously keep a 100% of it. So there is talk that they might try and launch their own like social network just for their games called Zynga Live.

Leo Laporte See, I play We Rule on the iPad, I don’t play FarmVille. I enjoy keeping my people happy by building little houses for them and growing cauliflowers…

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] guy who does those (58:42) oil paintings [indiscernible] (58:43)…

Leo Laporte And look at the fluffy little clouds.

Owen JJ Stone Focus Leo, focus, focus, come back to us Leo.

Leo Laporte I had to give up Faceville so instead I play We Rule on the iPad.

Owen JJ Stone Come back to us Leo.

Leo Laporte This is a big bucks business. Why? Because these games are free. FarmVille is free. We Rule is free. But if you want things to happen faster and better, if you are impatient, you go buy with actual money, you go buy some things. This is, in this case in We Rule, it’s Mojo, a case of 300 Mojos, $30.

John C. Dvorak Wow, what a zip!

Owen JJ Stone It’s the second life model. It’s a system that’s been going on with games for a really long time. It’s going to make money. It makes sense for them to go off to their own site and do it and keep all their money and it’s going to work because they have got people addicted to it. I mean, it’s not anything huge besides the fact that they are slapping Facebook in the face which is nice that somebody can do it and somebody has a little bit of clout to sting their pocket for something.

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak Did you say Faceville?

Leo Laporte FarmVille.

John C. Dvorak No, we – somebody in the chat-room says you said Faceville.

Cali Lewis He said Faceville.

Leo Laporte I said Faceville?

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte Whatever.

John C. Dvorak Drunk off the Kool-Aid [indiscernible] (59:47), Leo.

Leo Laporte It’s not the Kool-Aid, it’s the cookies.

John C. Dvorak Faceville, I have to play…

Leo Laporte I love Faceville. All right, well, see President Obama has got it right. You ready? This was a speech, the President of the United States, my friends, gave a speech today at Hampton University, Virginia’s commencement speech, I tried to find the audio, I couldn’t find it so I’ll just have to do it. “Your coming of age in a 24x7 media environment…

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte No, I don’t, I can’t do it.

John C. Dvorak It’s a cadence thing.

Leo Laporte I know. It’s something he does. I just – I love it but I can’t --

Cali Lewis He is so good at impressions.

Leo Laporte I am working on.

Cali Lewis [indiscernible] (60:22)

Leo Laporte Well, by the time he is not President, I’ll be able to do it.

John C. Dvorak No, you should be able to get it within the next two years.

Leo Laporte That’s all I got, huh?

John C. Dvorak No, he is going to get re-elected.

Leo Laporte Oh, okay. You're coming of age in a 24/7 --

John C. Dvorak No, no, you sound like Harry Truman.


Leo Laporte I’m just going to read it in my own voice. You're coming of age in a 24 --

John C. Dvorak Do it in a German voice.

Leo Laporte You're coming of age…

John C. Dvorak There we go.

Leo Laporte …in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content, this is actually interesting, I’m not sure I disagree with him, listen, he is talking to the kids that are graduating from college, exposes us to all kinds of arguments, some of which don't always rank all that high on the truth meter, with iPods and iPads…

John C. Dvorak He is plugging products.

Leo Laporte …and Xboxes and PlayStations, get this, none of which I know how to work – oh, yeah, right.

John C. Dvorak Bull crap.

Leo Laporte And he didn’t inhale either. Information becomes – that’s the new I didn’t inhale. Oh, I don’t play FarmVille. I played it but I didn’t buy any Mojo. Information becomes – this is actually – I think this is a stoop – becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment.

John C. Dvorak Infotainment.

Leo Laporte Yeah, rather than a means of emancipation. He bemoaned the fact that some of the craziest claims can quickly gain traction in the clamor of blogs and talk radio outlets. All of this is not only putting new pressures on you, it's putting new pressures on our country and our democracy. Are Xboxes bad for democracy, John C. Dvorak?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Owen JJ Stone?

Owen JJ Stone What’s bad for democracy is the lack of education that we provide our children in this country.

John C. Dvorak Now you’re talking.

Leo Laporte I think you’re right.

Owen JJ Stone If he wants – the President of United States wants to get up and talk about video games and pleasure, something that takes kids off the mind of things when most people don’t even have things right now.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you are right.

Owen JJ Stone Let’s talk about education, talk about how you’re going to fund schools and support teachers and get a better education in our country.

Leo Laporte Rag on Xboxes, yeah.

Owen JJ Stone Don’t talk about PlayStations and videogames, when you’ve got a BlackBerry and you’re the coolest black President in America with a $200 Oakley’s on, I mean shut up and fix our country. Stop giving me stupid speeches about stuff that we already know.

Leo Laporte Right on, Owen.

John C. Dvorak He need a jingo for this.

Leo Laporte Right on, Owen.

Owen JJ Stone I’m just saying.

Leo Laporte You agree, MG, Is he scapegoating electronics?

M.G. Siegler Yeah, I mean we’ve had – we’re in information overload but it’s both good and bad information.

Leo Laporte It’s hard to say it’s all bad.

M.G. Siegler Right.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it is.

Owen JJ Stone I’ve got my Senators app on my iPad where I can pull up all the records and things that they have voted on. It’s just not those names.

Leo Laporte Hey, what about open government, sure.

Owen JJ Stone I mean so it depends on what you choose to do, what people choose to do with their children, better education, why doesn’t he say, hey, these are some great educational apps for people that want to know about our government and our voting system. Use that on your iPad instead of just planting plants for a zombie. But he doesn’t do that. He makes a blanket statement because people will watch it and say, aa ha, ha, ha, and nobody really gives a crap because they are going out and buy Xbox more anyway. So fix our country. That’s your job.

Leo Laporte You agree, Cali?

Cali Lewis Well, yeah, I agree that he shouldn’t be pinpointing Xboxes as the reason for things going wrong. I mean in education, you’re – you have a very good point but also I would say that our parents should be teaching us more or enforcing rules. Our parents have a duty to sit there and say, okay, you can play Xbox but first your education or something to that effect. I am not a parent. I can’t speak to that but I mean it’s – I don’t think that entertainment and games and Xboxes have anything to do with the degradation of democracy.

Leo Laporte But all right, I am going to play devil’s advocate.

John C. Dvorak I agree with Cali now.

Leo Laporte You are smart. I am going to play devil’s advocate. Are you ready for this? I think there is a lot to be said for the fact that we are perhaps hypnotized by the shiny object, by the focus on consumerism, on getting the latest greatest new thing, yeah, there is some…

John C. Dvorak Oh, wait a minute, who is talking? Who is giving us this lecture?

Owen JJ Stone I bought 32 iPads. [Ph] help me off (64:24) because I am addicted.

Leo Laporte I am culpable. I am not saying I am not at fault at this. Shouldn’t – I mean I agree we could focus on the benefits and the values of this but is that what we focus on in this country or do we focus on what’s the new iPhone?

Owen JJ Stone This is America. We focus on what we want to. That’s our right. That’s what freedom is. Some people are all about education. Some people give a crap. Some people care about disease [indiscernible] (64:45). Some people want to put socks on troops. Some people want to eat doughnuts. Some people want to eat cookies. It’s a choice. It’s a freedom. It’s America.

Leo Laporte God bless America. But I think I do worry a little bit that we – and I think it’s going to make us soft and…

Owen JJ Stone Make us soft…

Leo Laporte But we are soft. Are we soft?

Owen JJ Stone This is America. We’ve been soft.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Owen JJ Stone China does everything for us, everything in this room is made in China. They make our socks and shoes…

Leo Laporte And we even borrow the money to buy it.

Owen JJ Stone The gummy bears, I am sorry…

Leo Laporte The gummy bears made in the U.S.

Owen JJ Stone We make chocolate covered gummy bears here in America.

John C. Dvorak Chocolate covered gummy bears are 100% USA made.

Leo Laporte There you go, none of these are Chinese, give me some of that, none of these…

Owen JJ Stone Those are made in America, Leo, eat that.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, by the Albanese Confectionery Group, are they from Albania?

John C. Dvorak Albanese…

Owen JJ Stone That’s false advertising.

Leo Laporte The other thing I got to say is it’s in zip like bag, it’s kind of compare this to the Chinese packaging. This is kind of, this is not – this is what we have come to.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, no, we have deteriorated. We are back to the early days.

Owen JJ Stone We got rid of our plates, we don’t have packaging…

Leo Laporte What is it we make in America, is it great automobiles, is it airplanes, is it computer technology, no it’s chocolate covered gummy bears, a 100% U.S. made.

John C. Dvorak I bet you that’s not very tasty. I don’t like the idea of a gummy bear with chocolate.

Owen JJ Stone So this is what’s wrong with America, we get down on America. We should just support those guys, because some of those are actually made in America. I am sure those gummy bears taste delightful.

Leo Laporte Here, you can have them.

John C. Dvorak We want to see you eat one.

Owen JJ Stone Save some for Leo.

Leo Laporte Disgusting. Absolutely lousy.

John C. Dvorak You have to now you got a support, [indiscernible] (66:20).

Leo Laporte God bless American gummy bears.

Owen JJ Stone These better be made in America.

Leo Laporte But Cali come on, I am going to let these drugs go on [indiscernible] (66:26).

John C. Dvorak Drugged on power.

Cali Lewis [indiscernible] (66:29)

Leo Laporte But don’t you think – I mean isn’t there something to be said for that, that we are perhaps a little materialistic focused on the wrong thing here?

Cali Lewis Well, of course…

John C. Dvorak Oh my god, come on take the whole – come on put it in your mouth and eat it.

Leo Laporte Just ignore them, Cali. I am going to turn their mics off.

Cali Lewis That’s okay. Well, of course we are focused on the Chinese stuff, we wouldn’t have a billion podcasts, oh I am exaggerating.

Leo Laporte Now that’s Chinese stuff.

Cali Lewis There is a term, geeking it, or it’s all about – it’s all about the Chinese stuff, but that’s what we get our entertainment from, I don’t know about you, but that’s my entertainment. I love that stuff. I am passionate about it, but that doesn’t sway me from going out and learning about a particular topic or focusing on family or focusing on the things that are important. There is always balance and it always has to be balanced in order for somebody to, I think, say that they have had a successful life or that they are focusing on the right things. But you can’t just say, oh well, this Chinese stuff is bad, because it is not.

Leo Laporte I think we are amused to death, and the [indiscernible] (67:37). Well according to Chitika, which is a fully informal number, not approved by Apple. Remember John C. Dvorak, you and I have a bottle of Bordeaux – of Léoville Bordeaux on the line over the number of iPads sold. I said that by the end of the first year there would be more than 5 million sold. Am I right John C. Dvorak?

John C. Dvorak I am sorry, I can’t hear you.

Leo Laporte You said there would not be. According to Chitika, we are now at 1.9 million and they have stopped counting.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] get in a minute (68:14).

Leo Laporte They are back ordered so far now on the 3Gs you can’t get them anywhere. It’s amazing, the iPad is a huge success.

John C. Dvorak So when do I get my bottle of wine?

Leo Laporte You, no I said that there would 5 million.

John C. Dvorak No, no it was the other way around as I recall.

Leo Laporte Oh no, oh shoot.

Owen JJ Stone John, he should be disqualified for buying 32 iPads.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, right, you bought at least 100,000 of them.

Leo Laporte No, you should have made that one of the ground rules and you can – Leo you can’t buy half of them.

Owen JJ Stone He boosted the numbers, John, he is playing games with you.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s true, it’s true I did. All right, we are going to take a break and then in a bit we are going to talk about the dating site for people like me, Apple fans.

Owen JJ Stone Are we Apple fans?

Leo Laporte Finally a dating site for Apple fans.

John C. Dvorak Imagine? What a nightmare.

Leo Laporte It’s my dream come true, maybe I will meet somebody like Steve. I am going to talk about Audible, It’s a great bookstore off the air, it’s amazing on the Internet, 75 million books and counting. You could play them on 500 different devices including of course the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, the Zune, the Kindle. Audible, you got to check it out, fantastic place.

Most of us, we are busy and this is – to me this is the antidote to this shiny thing. Let’s get something that’s got some meat, some fiber, some real information and that’s where Audible can really help. And of course there is lots of fun stuff. There is lots of light stuff, great science fiction, there is mysteries, there is thrillers, but there is also non-fiction history, biography. I try to alternate. So I listen for instance to the new Sookie Stackhouse vampire novel Dead in the Family And then I’ll mix that in with Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris. This is the beauty of Audible. I am always listening and always learning whether I am at the gym, in the car, drunk under the bed, I don’t have to be able to hold the book up to be able to learn. The Last – well, this would be going for John. I’ll make John listen to this one, The Last Thousand Days of the British Empire, a sweeping vivid history of the British Empire in its last three years., here is the deal. I’m going to get you two books free. If you go to, you sign up for that Platinum Account, that means two books every month. The first two are free. You can cancel at any time and those books are yours to keep forever. Chose from New York Times best sellers, award winners, new releases, education, business, classics, fiction and more. I’ve just got The Help. I hear this is really, really good. [Indiscernible] (70:51) raving over this.

In fact, I think for most of 2010, this has been the most downloaded book. I’ll play a little bit just to get an idea what an Audible book sounds like.

[Audio Presentation]

The Help in this by the way are – this is a 1962 Mississippi - The Help.

[Audio Presentation]

What is great about Audible? These are performances. And they have got five great actresses doing this book and bringing it to life. It’s one of the reasons this has been one of the best-selling Audible books for the last six months. So I am listening to that. And then I am also – I am really excited – somebody told me that the – was it The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Have any of you read that?

It’s supposed to be a really good book. And there is a very good Audible performance on here. So I just down – these are my two new books for this month I just downloaded. I get two books a month. It’s by Stieg Larsson and supposedly an incredible kind of mystery, family saga, love story, even financial intrigue. I’ll play a little bit of this. This is Simon Vance – I love his voice, very British.

[Audio Presentation]

If you see my driving by in the Mustang and you listen carefully, you’ll hear a voice coming out of my car and that’s those voices of I love them. I think you’re going to love them too, why don’t you give it a try,, two free books, yours to keep, you can cancel it any time,

What have you got there, John C. Dvorak? Oh, you’ve got some Griller’s Rub. You’re big into the rub, aren’t you?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, well, you have to be at my age.

Leo Laporte No, no, no, this is for me.

John C. Dvorak Yes, this is a Griller’s Rub.

Leo Laporte Do you do rubs?

John C. Dvorak Oh, yeah, absolutely. I have my own.

Leo Laporte It’s a spice rub.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it’s just a – you put --

Leo Laporte Actually, let me see that because the guy who sent this –

John C. Dvorak It’s dry rub. You put it on ribs and --

Leo Laporte It’s a dry rub.

John C. Dvorak And also pork shoulder.

Leo Laporte You might know about this, Cali. This is from Laredo, the Rubio Spice Company.

Cali Lewis I haven’t actually.

Leo Laporte They sent this up to me after I was in Austin because I was waxing poetic about the great dry rub barbeque in Austin. And somebody sent this up to me. So go ahead, take it, take it, John. It’s all yours.

John C. Dvorak I will.

Leo Laporte Sure.

John C. Dvorak I’ll try it.

Leo Laporte Rub your meat with it and tell us how it tastes.

John C. Dvorak I can’t. If only that was possible. So one of the things – I’ve gone through – for people, I’ll tell you, that do a lot of barbecue and of course you need to check out these various proprietary rubs but the – there is one that Paprika company makes and I have only been able to find it in the Chicago area, they make a really good pork rub.

Owen JJ Stone That’s Paprika.

Leo Laporte Paprika is good.

John C. Dvorak Wait, Baldy’s rubs have a lot of paprika in them.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte It’s a Hungarian thing.

John C. Dvorak Right.

Leo Laporte So it’s called Cupidtino. Mike Arrington wrote about this on TechCrunch, a dating site for Apple fans, Cupidtino, named of course after Cupertino. Apparently, MG, he says – Mike says, you’d be perfect for this.

M.G. Siegler Right, yeah, me and Mike get into it a lot about, Apple versus Google in particular.

Leo Laporte Oh, interesting.

M.G. Siegler Yeah.

Leo Laporte And you’re defending Apple and he’s defending Google.

M.G. Siegler Well, mostly as related to the iPhone versus Android.

Leo Laporte Right.

M.G. Siegler He quit using the iPhone and loves his Android. And I am not too keen on the Android phones myself.

Leo Laporte I use the Nexus One. I am very happy with it right now. But I am – I have to admit. I am looking forward to the next iPhone. I am going to take a look at. What you use, Cali? What – are you a --

Cali Lewis I’m on the iPhone.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I thought so.

Cali Lewis But love Android and I actually would break – I am thinking about breaking my contract with AT&T to go over to either the Incredible or the Droid and I can’t figure out which one.

Leo Laporte Incredible. Not even close.

M.G. Siegler Yeah, it’s much, much better.

Leo Laporte Not even close.

Cali Lewis I have had both and I love both. I fell in love with the Droid first.

Leo Laporte Oh, you want a keyboard?

Cali Lewis No, not necessarily. I don’t really particularly care for the keyboard. So I think Incredible is really the one for me. But the sense it’s my kind of first love so to speak. It’s still in my heart.

John C. Dvorak I think I am going to switch phones too.

Leo Laporte Are you still using the E71, the Nokia?

John C. Dvorak I use E71 but then I also have the Nexus, which I like a lot.

Leo Laporte It’s pretty impressive.

John C. Dvorak Well, it’s got a beautiful screen.

Leo Laporte You know what I like? The OLED screen. And I think we are agreed that – is it right, MG, that the iPhone is not going to have an OLED screen, it’s going to have an LCD screen?

M.G. Siegler Yeah, I am pretty sure not. It’s going to have double the resolution what it has now. But it’s not going to be the --

Leo Laporte Ooh.

John C. Dvorak That will be nice. But I think I am going to go with an – I am going to go with the Palm Pre.


John C. Dvorak I know it’s counterintuitive. So that’s where I am going. That’s where I am heading.

Leo Laporte I am sorry. You are kidding, right?

John C. Dvorak No, I am not. I am going to move to the Palm Pre.

Leo Laporte Now that HP owns it, it’s definitely going to be a better product.

Owen JJ Stone You can get some good deals on those now.

John C. Dvorak That’s what I am thinking.

Leo Laporte $29, you could use them as a burner phone.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that’s what I am thinking. Put in a dual card in there, boom, you’re on your way.

Leo Laporte What are you saying, Ohdoctah, what do you use?

Owen JJ Stone My iPhone days are over.

Leo Laporte What?

Owen JJ Stone I am currently not in a contract. And my iPad has made my iPhone useless. I am going to get the HTC Evo when it comes out…

Leo Laporte The Evo looks slick.

Owen JJ Stone Then I can use my iPad, which is a big iPhone

Leo Laporte Yup.

Owen JJ Stone And not have to pay $130 a month to AT&T or Apple crappy service, still get the full features of an iPhone but much bigger. And everybody knows bigger is better. That’s why we love Texas. So I can cut my phone bill down to like what, $70 a month and get under the – out of the clutches of Apple and AT&T.

Leo Laporte That’s smart thinking.

Owen JJ Stone I still have my Apple lifestyle but I won’t have to pay $130 a month.

Leo Laporte You should be on Cupidtino.

Owen JJ Stone I should be but I want to date actual women.


Owen JJ Stone I am sorry. That’s like the biggest sale in America.

Cali Lewis [Indiscernible] (76:54).

Owen JJ Stone There are going to be three women being fought over by 4,000 men with laptops.

Leo Laporte No, no, no, in fact, didn’t we just see a story last week that said women are more likely to date guys with iPhones.

Owen JJ Stone Oh, they can date them. They don’t go on that site to do it though.

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah, you’re right.

Owen JJ Stone There is a lot of women using iPhones and iPads. I just know they are not going to sign up for that.

John C. Dvorak Wait, wait, is that a story a couple of weeks ago?

Leo Laporte There was a story a couple of weeks ago --

John C. Dvorak That women are likely to date people with iPhones?

Leo Laporte Men, I think mostly, yeah.

John C. Dvorak Men with iPhones, why?

Owen JJ Stone Because they got money, if you got iPhone I know you got a job, because otherwise, you ain’t got an iPhone. You ain’t got $130 to throw away, $400 for a new phone to come out every year. If you have got an iPhone, you got money. And women know a man with money and iPhone is a good man to get.

Leo Laporte Are you channeling Oprah or something?

John C. Dvorak He is channeling something like that.

Leo Laporte What the hell happened there?

Owen JJ Stone Well, I know ladies. I know ladies.

Leo Laporte I know the ladies.

Owen JJ Stone I know the ladies. I am a doctah. What can I do?

Leo Laporte He is a doctah. Is that the line you use, I am a doctah?

Owen JJ Stone Yes, of love.

Leo Laporte Owen JJ Stone, the doctah of love.

Cali Lewis It is a very, very good point about the whole iPad experience and just getting rid of AT&T and going with Verizon.

Owen JJ Stone Yeah, I don’t --

Leo Laporte Do you like the iPad, Cali? Are you a iPad fan?

Cali Lewis I do. I really do. Like you were saying, this has been my thought process as well that it does give you a great experience, bigger, and you don’t have to deal with dropped calls.

Leo Laporte Good point.

Cali Lewis I have been hounding on AT&T for a while just because my experience is getting worse and worse and worse.

Leo Laporte So what’s the best phone? You think it’s the Incredible. I think the Evo is a good – now it’s going to be on Sprint 4G, but what a screen.

Owen JJ Stone Yes, and it has [indiscernible] (78:24) built in.

Cali Lewis Yeah, the Evo looks really good.

Leo Laporte Have you played with the Evo yet, Cali?

Cali Lewis Not yet, I am supposed to get it in my hands though, so hopefully soon.

Leo Laporte M.G. Siegler, what’s your bet? What do you think the best phone is right now?

M.G. Siegler I mean I’d still go with the iPhone. I like – I have a Nexus One. I like it. I have used the Incredible quite a bit. I like that a lot. I like that more than Nexus One. The problem with these Android phones is a new better one comes out every two months. So you buy one --

Leo Laporte It’s true.

M.G. Siegler Then you got to buy [indiscernible] (78:47) two months later.

Cali Lewis Yeah.

Leo Laporte All right, well, we’re going to wait a see. The Evo will be out sometime soon. And the Incredible I think right now is the phone to be. I love these OLED screens. I just think that that’s what sense – that’s what totally sense me on the Nexus One is the screen.

M.G. Siegler What do you think about using them when it’s daylight out? Can you see it okay?

Leo Laporte No, no, I can’t. But I am a vampire.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (79:09).

Cali Lewis He is in the studio all day.

Leo Laporte If you turn – MG, if you use the ambient light sensor on the phone, it cannot be seen in daylight, but if you turn the brightness up, you could see it just fine.

Owen JJ Stone You know what else? There is this thing called your other hand, you just cover it. And then you could see everything fine.

M.G. Siegler That’s high-tech, yeah.

Leo Laporte There is a thing called --

Owen JJ Stone You got two. You got [indiscernible] (79:28).

Leo Laporte But you do have to agree that the worst experience ever is trying to take a picture in daylight with any one of these phones.

Owen JJ Stone Yeah.

Leo Laporte You just can’t see a bloody thing.

Owen JJ Stone That’s bad.

Leo Laporte I mean it’s not good.

Owen JJ Stone You just hope and pray.

Leo Laporte Yeah, hope and pray, yeah. Let’s see, any other big stories? Or should we wrap this puppy up and put --

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (79:43), you didn’t talk about that [indiscernible] (79:46) --

Leo Laporte 10%, come on.

John C. Dvorak About WiMAX, [ph] which is (79:49) LTE --

Leo Laporte All right, okay.

John C. Dvorak You can talk about the real time web. You got a whole bunch of things on this run down. You haven’t talked about any of them.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Cali Lewis Darth Vader, I mean you can’t pass that one up.

Leo Laporte What about Darth Vader, he’s back? I thought we vanquished him.

John C. Dvorak [ph] Genie (80:02)

Cali Lewis He’s going to be a voice on …….

Leo Laporte TomTom voice.

Cali Lewis Yes, on TomTom. He did this whole video, it was really cute in where Darth is trying to do these directions. He’s like, go down the Roundabound. I can’t do Darth Vader, I am not good at impressions, but it’s a really cute video and of course I want Darth on my TomTom if I had a TomTom.

John C. Dvorak I thought a lot for a long time that it would be cool to have replaceable voices on all these systems, but I would like to have the old Jewish woman. That was --

Leo Laporte TomTom does any voice [indiscernible] (1:20:35)?

Mr. T Okay. Welcome

John C. Dvorak No. Turn around. Where are you going? You’re going too fast.

Leo Laporte The best TomTom voice.

Mr. T I can get you when we start with a glass of water.

Darth Vader’s Voice You may dispense with the pleasantries.

Mr. T Okay. Great. TomTom Darth Vader, take one.

Darth Vader’s Voice At the end of the road, turn around.

Mr. T Okay. I’m going to stop you. The line is, at the end of the road turn right.

Darth Vader’s Voice That is what I said.

Mr. T Terrific, so let’s just try it again. TomTom voice Darth Vader, take two.

Darth Vader’s Voice At the end of the road, turn round. At the end of the road turn round.

Mr. T Let’s just go forward. Okay. We’re at page five.

Darth Vader’s Voice Page five.

Mr. T I’m sorry. Page seven, we’re at page seven.

Darth Vader’s Voice I don’t have a page seven. You have reached your destination.

Mr. T Is there anyway you could breathe a little quieter?

Darth Vader’s Voice What do you mean quieter? This is how I breathe.

Leo Laporte He’s adjusting the mic.

Darth Vader’s Voice Please take the third exit on the roundabound.

Mr. T It’s roundabout.

Darth Vader’s Voice Correct. Roundabound.

Mr. T You’re saying roundabound. It’s roundabout. Is there anyway you can make it sound a little less depressing.

Darth Vader’s Voice Exit right ahead.

Mr. T Don’t force it. Sound natural.

Darth Vader’s Voice You should have seen his face when I told him I was his father. I told my son who did not know that I was his father that I was his father.

Leo Laporte And [ph] twin sister involved (1:22:16).

Darth Vader’s Voice Here it is. Roundabound. Round a bound.

Mr. T You know, let’s move forward.

Darth Vader’s Voice Silence, roundabound.

Mr. T It’s about being around.

Darth Vader’s Voice Don’t underestimate the power of the Dark Side.

Leo Laporte That’s actually an ad for something that they are doing in the voices are really kind of good.

M.G. Siegler That just took over Mr. T as the – my TomTom voice of choice.

Leo Laporte Mr. T is like turnaround, foe – you turn ahead.

M.G. Siegler But that’s going to be classic.

Leo Laporte Yeah, there is also Yoda TomTom voice. There’s quite a few of these. And there’s a – one of my favorite although, you wouldn’t want to use it for very long, because fans can do voices on TomTom too. One of my favorites is from the game Portal. They have GLaDOS voice but she lies. So she tells you, you should turn left, you should turn right things, like that.

Cali Lewis Oh no.

John C. Dvorak I think that would be good.

Leo Laporte A little confusing. That’s one of the – I think one of the things TomTom does well. I had somewhere. Let me see if I can find the actual Tom Darth Vader voices on TomTom, let me see I can find.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. Somebody should do Stewie and Brian, Can you do?

Leo Laporte They’ve got Homer Simpson. Have you heard these?

Homer Simpson’s Voice Hoo… – You have reached your destination and you can hold your head up high because you are a genius.

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak You know, the problem is --

Cali Lewis [indiscernible] (1:24:00:) ability to do your own voice as well.

Leo Laporte Yes. We can do that, the Nokia one, right?

Cali Lewis Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Kind of confusing.

Leo Laporte Narcissistic actually.

Cali Lewis It is, but I think the brilliance is in giving a friend to do it or something like that.

John C. Dvorak Cali you should do some [indiscernible] (1:24:16) Cali to be telling where to go.

Leo Laporte Can I have Cali’s voice on my TomTom?

Cali Lewis I don’t know that anyone wants to listen to me that much.

Leo Laporte Oh don’t sell yourself short Cali

John C. Dvorak She is saying that to get a compliment.

Cali Lewis No.

Leo Laporte Don’t sell yourself short. We want to hear Cali saying --

Cali Lewis You shut up now.

Leo Laporte What would you say if I were the destination and you have to say something like funny, like Dennis Hopper says, you’re here dude, why would anyone want to go here? That kind of thing.

John C. Dvorak Maybe you should do the German guy.

M.G. Siegler What would you do, Leo?

Leo Laporte You will turn right, now. No I said no. You are not following my instructions.

M.G. Siegler My friend does a great voice. It’s – I can’t do without sounding bad. So I won’t do.

John C. Dvorak You know we – you should get – somebody should get Lisa Bettany, where she does that sexy voice she likes to do?

Leo Laporte Hi. Yes, she does the sexy voice.

M.G. Siegler Leo, you are scaring me.

Leo Laporte I could do it.

M.G. Siegler You could scare me, yes you can.

Leo Laporte Oh you're so – you are such a beautiful man I’d really like you to take a left right now.

Owen JJ Stone Guys, protect me.

John C. Dvorak I will just just push him out of the way when he heads for you.

Owen JJ Stone Thank you.

Leo Laporte Owen, you are here. I am waiting for you.

John C. Dvorak You are sounding like Peter Laurie.

Owen JJ Stone That’s like your Peter Laurie sexy voice.

Leo Laporte Yes Owen, come on Owen. All right, let me play. These are the actual TomTom Darth Vader voices. Here you go.

Darth Vader’s Voice [ph] Depart (1:25:34) your destiny lies with me. OB1 knew this to be true.

Leo Laporte That's when you leave.

Darth Vader’s Voice Turn around when possible. I find your lack of faith disturbing, then take the third left. Sense your way…

Leo Laporte Oh I like that.

Darth Vader’s Voice …the left turn ahead, then go round the round about, the circle is now complete…

…Sith exit.

John C. Dvorak Sith exit, that’s cute.

Leo Laporte What was – what were the other stories that you had in front of you.

John C. Dvorak There was a bunch of stuff you had…

Leo Laporte I am looking at the Rundown. I don’t want to give you short shrift.

John C. Dvorak Yeah because.

Leo Laporte This will be fun, Skypes’ going to a five-way…

Unknown Speaker No more hacking Skypes for me.

Leo Laporte No more Skypesaurus.

Unknown Speaker Yeah.

John C. Dvorak That’s going to be…

Cali Lewis Put right in with their integration into TVs and all that.

Leo Laporte That’s right, five-way video calling.

Unknown Speaker Problems since the 80’s.

Leo Laporte Digg laid off 10 although I think it was a completely reasonable thing. In fact that was handled fairly well, Kevin Rose writes in his blog, we are laying off 10% of our staff which I can’t remember, they’re seven or eight people but we are still hiring engineers because that's where we are putting our focus. This is what happens. This is what happens.

John C. Dvorak Here is the story that gets me. Clearwire may dump WiMAX. It’s a WiMAX company.

Leo Laporte Well, this is the – no – but…

John C. Dvorak But, but…

Leo Laporte WiMAX is like 802.11 it’s open standard.

John C. Dvorak Look it’s also…

Leo Laporte So that they are saying maybe they don’t, yeah 16, they don’t want to use WiMAX anymore for the future for G networking. No, it’s not been very successful.

John C. Dvorak People in Portland love it.

Leo Laporte Well, they are idiots there.

John C. Dvorak No, they are not. In fact Portland is the hot spot. But by the way, thank you for losing your Portland audience.

Cali Lewis I simply live there by the way.

Leo Laporte No, I love Portland. I have many friends in Portland. I have used WiMAX, I have used 4G. In fact in Vegas we used it. Did you try when you were in Vegas, anybody? It’s not much faster. In fact our experience was because we went down to Vegas for CES with every card available including a Sprint Clearwire 4G card and we were never able to get better than 3G performance on it. It was – it did not knock me out. In fact we had to choose whichever was the best technology to stream, we very rarely ended up using 4G.

John C. Dvorak So you're telling me this is a fail for Intel because they are really the driving force?

Leo Laporte They – that’s what who was pushing it, wasn’t it?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah. And I think that WiMAX makes sense for instant getting Internet access to rural areas where we don’t want to pull wire. That makes sense. I think it’s not a good 4G technology. I think this LTE that Verizon’s going to use is…

John C. Dvorak It’s going to cost a fortune.

Leo Laporte Why is it going to cost so much?

John C. Dvorak Because there is a phone company involved.

Leo Laporte Oh that. Same with Clearwire, it’s a phone company involved. You don’t have Clearwire in Dallas, do you have, Cali?

Cali Lewis We do but I haven’t had much luck with it just like you are saying. The tests that I brought haven’t been very successful but then I hear from other people in different parts of the city that are having much better success. So I am not sold on it at the moment.

Unknown Speaker And Philadelphia is pretty quick.

Leo Laporte Is it?

Cali Lewis Is it?

Unknown Speaker It’s faster than 3G.

Leo Laporte I think that sometimes that’s the case because nobody is using it.

Unknown Speaker That will be more like in case of Philadelphia obviously.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Unknown Speaker There is a lot less market there.

Leo Laporte Right. John wrote about the 2009 Telework Improvements Act, a bill which is currently stalled in the House of Representatives that would allow Telework, what is Telework?

John C. Dvorak Telework was formerly called 15 years ago Telecommuting…

Leo Laporte Working from home.

John C. Dvorak Working from home or the beach or Hawaii or wherever you are.

Leo Laporte So this bill – the idea this bill was to promote…

John C. Dvorak Government Telework.

Leo Laporte Government employees to do this.

John C. Dvorak Yeah and [indiscernible] (1:29:28) but even the control freaks in the government because that’s what’s this all about, control freaks that are managers. Oh you are like one of them now.

Leo Laporte I am I am a major controller.

John C. Dvorak They want to see people in the office, they want to see smiling faces, and they don’t care [indiscernible] (1:29:41).

Leo Laporte Oh not me. I don’t want to see anybody. I want them all working home. We actually have more people working out of the office than we do in. Of course you don’t pay the ones working out of the office.

John C. Dvorak Anyway, the point is it’s never going to get anywhere, this is not going anywhere anyway because people are control freaks and I have a few interesting examples during the era. In fact there was a couple of people I talked to who should have known better and they --

Leo Laporte There are so many benefits.

John C. Dvorak They wanted people in the office so they can have --

Leo Laporte They don’t trust their employees.

John C. Dvorak They don’t trust their employees and they want to have meetings.

Leo Laporte Oh, I hate. The worst productivity killer of all.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, meetings. So anyway, it’s a good article. It’s in --

Leo Laporte MarketWatch

John C. Dvorak MarketWatch, so go to

Leo Laporte All right, just wanted to give you a little plug.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, thank you.

Leo Laporte Now, Cali, what is this open thing that you are about to embark on?

Cali Lewis So it’s called OpenCamp. It’s a new conference that I am putting on with a team here in Dallas. Everyone is familiar or most people are familiar with the WordCamps and the Drupal Camps and the Joomla! Camps where everybody is kind of divided and everybody is focused on their own platform, CMS platform and this year we thought why separate everybody. This is really frustrating because I want to network and learn from the people working on other platforms as much as the people working on WordPress, which I am currently on. But so it was really all about bringing everybody together and having a bigger, larger group to network with.

So in the morning, it’s August 27th to 28th, in the mornings of the conference, we’re going to have some general --

John C. Dvorak In the morning.

Cali Lewis I’m sorry.

John C. Dvorak It’s in the morning, yeah.

Cali Lewis Well, so it’s all day, but in the mornings we are going to have general sessions where it’s topics that everybody benefits from regardless of what platform they are using. So promotion, SEO, marketing, that kind of things, things that everybody is going to benefit from. And then in the afternoon we will split off and people can learn about the different platforms or just focus on the one platform that they are interested in and learning how to get more out of it. So I am really excited about it. Leo just said he would come.

Leo Laporte I am looking, August 27th, 28th, 29th.

Cali Lewis He’s going to think about it.

Leo Laporte Can I come – I’ll come the Friday. I don’t know if I could stay for the weekend because I got to do the radio show. But I’ll come Friday.

Cali Lewis Right.

Leo Laporte We’re really big. We’re – in fact, I would like to go there and maybe I’ll bring Ken, our newest VP, Engineering because we’re really big on Drupal.

Cali Lewis Yeah.

Leo Laporte And we are very excited about what we’re doing with Drupal. We redesigned the TWiT site and that’s about when we’re going to launch it. So maybe we could come down and launch the new site and talk about how we’re using our CMS, which is Drupal. I also use WordPress like you, Cali. I use WordPress and SquareSpace obviously. But we can talk about Drupal and how we are really pushing it to the limits with what we are doing.

Cali Lewis I’d love that.

Leo Laporte I’d love to do that.

Cali Lewis And you know what, I have spent some time trying to figure out Drupal but I didn’t have enough time to put into it, right.

Leo Laporte Oh, you need a pro. I have pros.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you can’t do it. Forget it, Cali.

Cali Lewis No, are you saying I’m not smart enough Dvorak?

Leo Laporte No, no, no, it’s not that bad.

John C. Dvorak I can’t do it.

Owen JJ Stone It is that bad.

John C. Dvorak It’s really hard to --

Owen JJ Stone You say that because you're paying pros to do it. We’re talking.

Leo Laporte No, no, wait a minute, let me tell you something, when I launched TWiT five years ago, I chose – I went, looked at all the CMS engines and I chose Drupal for TWiT. TWiT’s been running on Drupal since I think Drupal 3 and I ran it for the first three years. And now I know a lot about Drupal. It’s not that hard. But you’re right. Nowadays if you really want to get a super good Drupal installed you want to go to the pros. And there are very good Drupal programmers in there.

Owen JJ Stone [ph] Far and few between them (93:14).

Leo Laporte No, we have some really good ones.

Owen JJ Stone You probably got all of them.

Leo Laporte Lullabot’s great. They did the original design.

Cali Lewis We have some good ones here in Dallas.

John C. Dvorak Who?

Leo Laporte Lullabot. Yeah, now there is great [indiscernible] (93:24). In fact DrupalCon was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, how many, was it 3,500 people. It was – thousands of people showed up for this.

Owen JJ Stone I wonder how many were actual developers and how many people were trying to figure out what the heck --

Leo Laporte I would say and I have to ask Ken because he was there, but I would say it’s about half people who are doing it and half people who say I want to learn Drupal. This is the time. Drupal is – running on Drupal.

Owen JJ Stone I don’t trust the government. I thought we have already discussed that.

Leo Laporte It was – no, it’s a really great CMS

Owen JJ Stone [Indiscernible] (93:50) because the government’s using it.

Leo Laporte And I love WordPress too, Cali. I am a big WordPress fan. And there are lots of good CMSs. but I would love to talk about – what we are planning to is make a distribution of what we do for TWiT so that others can take the – Drupal has this capability of bundling up these distributions and you could take my distribution, put it on your site and have all the functionality that we have on the TWiT site on your site and --

Cali Lewis Gee, I didn’t even know that. And I would learn something like that at this conference where everybody is kind of getting together. And for example, I didn’t have any – I think if I were to do in a particular site and Drupal was the best one but I didn’t have anybody to go to because I am not connected to that community then that’s a more difficult task than if you had that conversation and that networking ability. So, yeah, I’d love for you to come out and kind of showcase that.

Leo Laporte Well, I should fill you in. Colleen Kelly who has been our Director of Engineering since day one here practically and she built this studio. She was, what, our third employee, Dane, I think it was you, then Frederick, then Colleen, is leaving us. She got a job at Google. She’s going to be a video – streaming video engineer at Google. But the good news is we had a developer working on our website, Ken Shepardson KShep’s been part of our community for a couple of years and he’s going to jump right in where Colleen is leaving. He’s already become our VP of Engineering. So I’m bringing him down because he’s the one doing a lot of this work. I am just saying, “Oh, I like that color, that’s pretty.” But he really knows what he’s doing, Cali. And I’m very exciting about with what we’re going to do the new Twit site; it’s really cool community site.

Cali Lewis That’s awesome.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So good. All right. I looked at my calendar, I can do that Friday. So I will there Friday. If I can stay, if I can find a station in Dallas, that will let me do the radio show from Dallas I’ll stay but otherwise I’ll be there for sure, August 27.

Cali Lewis Okay.

Leo Laporte Okay. See I cleared my schedule for her.

Cali Lewis I adore you, Leo.

Leo Laporte Anything for you, Cali. Thank you, Cali Lewis. You follow her on Twitter at CaliLewis. MG it’s been great meeting you too. I am really thrilled that we can get you on.

M.G. Siegler Yeah. Thank you for having me.

Leo Laporte Anything you want to plug. I know Your blog is I’ve been following you on Twitter as parislemon for a long time. Are you still at parislemon?

M.G. Siegler Yes, yes. still do that, there. Every once in a while when I have a few free seconds.

Leo Laporte Anything else you want to plug. You got your own conference.

M.G. Siegler Oh yeah. There’s a TechCrunch conference coming up. We’re doing this Disrupt thing in New York, the first conference we’ve had in New York ever.

Leo Laporte Oh well, that’s cool.

M.G. Siegler Yeah. May 24 through 26. Should be pretty good. It’s a little bit TechCrunch50 kind of but smaller and a little bit quicker, I think it’s going to go.

Leo Laporte And TechCrunch is doing TV too. What’s the story with TechCrunch TV?

M.G. Siegler Yeah, so I don’t now that much about it because Paul Carr one of the other writers of TechCrunch is kind of in charge of it. He’s been spearheading what we are going to do from an editorial perspective for that. But he’s got a lot of good ideas. I don’t now exactly when it’s supposed to launch, but I’ve been in the studio and stuff and it’s coming together nicely.

Leo Laporte Well I know some really good people we are very good on camera if you want anybody, this Dvorak guy I think he’s got a future in broadcast somewhere.

John C. Dvorak Suck, suck and by the way I know there’s a typo that should have been corrected, so I’ll look into it.

Leo Laporte On your column?

John C. Dvorak Yes. [Indiscernible] (1:37:02).

Leo Laporte Oh! my god I have never heard of such a thing. MG thanks for being here. We really appreciate it, great to talk to you.

M.G. Siegler Yeah.

Leo Laporte Ohdoctah was unexpected I think he smelled the candy and came all the way out of Philadelphia.

Owen JJ Stone I was expecting Danger Dane forget all about me. I almost cried when I was in the parking lot.

Leo Laporte What do you mean? We knew you were going to be here but nobody told me.

Owen JJ Stone It was a surprise.

John C. Dvorak The way it goes now.

Owen JJ Stone I was supposed to bring a candy cake and then I saw the candy….

Leo Laporte I thought you were going to jump out of the cake at me.

Owen JJ Stone I wish that would have happened. That would have been awesome.

Leo Laporte That would have been fun. You could have bought a giant cake and Ohdoctah ………

John C. Dvorak [ph] He let it (1:37:35) go off on Obama that was worth it.

Leo Laporte I like the accent too, is Ohdoctah on Twitter?

Owen JJ Stone I am.

Leo Laporte Owen JJ Stone.

Owen JJ Stone I love the chat room always ask my favorite thing when people go like, oh you’re on Twit, the chat room says, he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, what is he doing on the show?

Leo Laporte No, this is how you can get a Wikipedia page.

Owen JJ Stone I know that’s what I said. And then this gum is amazing by the way. Everybody in the chat room you should check out [indiscernible] (1:37:57). It is not just candy anymore. They’ve upgraded, it’s beautiful and I want to [indiscernible] (1:38:04). But and then they do like, how do I get here? And I am here because I am family and uncle Leo loves me…

Leo Laporte You are family.

Owen JJ Stone And I am bigger than him and he can’t kick me out once I am in here.

Leo Laporte Doesn’t he look scary in his Twitter page, look at that.

Owen JJ Stone I am definitely afraid of myself.

Leo Laporte He says – his slogan on Twitter is I make people love me.

Owen JJ Stone That’s true. It’s the truth.

Unknown Speaker I never lied. Uncle Leo.

Leo Laporte I make people love me.

Owen JJ Stone And I love this gum.

Leo Laporte Leave a little plug [ph] Hot Tomali's Gum (1:38:30). John C. Dvorak is at That’s a place to find all the stuff he does including that crazy podcast in the morning.

John C. Dvorak In the morning.

Leo Laporte Called No Agenda. We had – we have an open line thing we are doing in fact I’d love to plug this, [indiscernible] (1:38:43), one of our editors came to me and said we would need more talk backs, what if I just came in a few days a week after all the shows are done and open the lines and we just let people talk about the news just form the – and one of your people called in.

John C. Dvorak We got nothing to do with it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah, you say that. He called and he said, Ba Ba Buoy to you all.

John C. Dvorak In the morning is when he said.

Leo Laporte In the morning he said and we knew it was him and the only reason we knew it was him because I don’t listen to that show but John [indiscernible] (1:39:11) I was just looking for you, John, John listens, he is a big guy No Agenda.

John C. Dvorak You are a producer I believe.

Leo Laporte No.

John C. Dvorak You are not a producer

Leo Laporte Oh okay.

John C. Dvorak Well you should become one.

Leo Laporte Anyway, No Agenda, Tech Five, Cranky Geeks.

John C. Dvorak PC Magazine, marketwatch, [indiscernible] (1:38:26).

Leo Laporte The Tech Guru.

John C. Dvorak And this fabulous show, TWiT.

Leo Laporte And TWiT. We never – we knew you never plugged that. We do have other shows.

John C. Dvorak In case you don’t need to plug it if they are listening.

Leo Laporte Guess not. There are other shows in the network though. We do find frequently is people know about TWiT, they don’t know that we do MacBreak Weekly about Mac which is…

John C. Dvorak And this food show.

Leo Laporte We do Munchcast which is a fun show. We have talked about candy today.

John C. Dvorak Junk food sounds good.

Leo Laporte Yeah, mostly it’s junk food.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, junk foodcast.

Leo Laporte We do a show about Google, this WEEK in GOOGLE with the great Jeff Jarvis and Gina Trapani, Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, it’s all at

John C. Dvorak Do you ever go home at all?

Leo Laporte If you love what you do and you have a really nice big blue ball to sit on.

Owen JJ Stone What? Is that what you sit on all day?

John C. Dvorak Are you kidding me? You don’t know that.

Owen JJ Stone I did not know that.

Leo Laporte All day baby.

Owen JJ Stone Looks like a skirt. I didn’t know it was underneath the couch. My mind has literally been blown. I am so, so myself, big blue balls [indiscernible] (1:40:20) hit me on the forehead.

John C. Dvorak In the head.

Owen JJ Stone He is fired. This guys is fired. He is attacking guests with blue balls.

John C. Dvorak He almost broke the computer.

Owen JJ Stone He is obviously fired.

Leo Laporte Here. Pass the ball over to JJ.

Owen JJ Stone There we go. I’m going to put my feet up on it.

Leo Laporte Look at that. Oh baby, oh doctah.

Owen JJ Stone I’m taking over the cabbage.

Leo Laporte Oh doctah.

Owen JJ Stone I’m taking over the cabbage. It’s my spot.

John C. Dvorak What are you going to do now, Leo? Oh you are going to do a little KFI.

Leo Laporte I could do it stand up maybe.

Owen JJ Stone I got chair, I got a ball (1:40:42).

John C. Dvorak There is a lot of DJs that do that.

Leo Laporte Yeah [indiscernible] (1:40:44) is a stand…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, he is a stand-up guy.

Leo Laporte That’s why he talks like this because he is a stand-up comedian. Yeah, I sit on the ball on day.

Owen JJ Stone That’s great. I like it.

Leo Laporte Anyway do come to

John C. Dvorak That's why they always say Leo’s on the ball.

Owen JJ Stone I did not know that.

John C. Dvorak Yes, the only reason is not. Nothing to do with anything else. It’s basically …

Owen JJ Stone I thought it was a joke. I am taking this chair and I am taking this ball.

Leo Laporte Thanks MG, thank you Cali, thank you all for being here. Another TWiT is in the can.


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