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Episode 252


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This is TWiT, This WEEK in TECH, episode 252 recorded June 13, 2010: The Legend of Vuvuzela.

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It’s time for TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers the latest tech news. Joining us at studio right now from NSFW, Scam School and BBLive, do you still do it, Brian Brushwood, live?

Brian Brushwood You know, we do BBLiveShow from time-to-time. It’s very intermittent whenever I’ve got something that’s not really a proper show, just want to connect with the audience, I’ll hop on

Leo Laporte And the only TWiT’s commentator who both breathes fire and sleeps on nails, Mr Brian Brushwood from

Brian Brushwood You had to say both those because I got you eating fire the very first time I came.

Leo Laporte Fabulous. Fabulous.

Brian Brushwood The video’s out there on YouTube.

Leo Laporte And ladies and gentlemen, he’s back after a complete travesty last week which John did not participate in. He has accepted my beg, my pleads – my pleading and begging. He’s coming back, John C. Dvorak from Channel Dvorak. What did you say, that it was a terrible show last week. Did you say that?

John C. Dvorak I was kidding.

Leo Laporte I was just kidding!

John C. Dvorak [indiscernable] (2:25)

Leo Laporte It’s just a joke.

John C. Dvorak I kid, I kid.

Leo Laporte Hey, John. How you doing? I haven’t seen you in ages.

John C. Dvorak Well here I is. I was going to come up today but I felt it was going to be boiling up there.

Leo Laporte It is, it’s 90 something, 93 something.

Brian Brushwood I was shocked because I guess I was driving through the fog at first. It was a beautiful 73 degrees and then 20 miles later it was 93 or something.

Leo Laporte You hit the marine layer.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, we got the marine layer here so it’s only 70 something, maybe.

Leo Laporte You should come up, don’t you like warm weather?

John C. Dvorak No, I do. In fact I like but went its 100 degrees it seems to be a bit much.

Leo Laporte We had a premature early heat wave here. So, we are going to – we have a lot of tech news to talk about and we will certainly get to that in a few hours.

Brian Brushwood First, Vuvuzelas. And go.

Leo Laporte First the Vuvuzela. We can’t do this show without that.

Brian Brushwood This is our tribute to the World Cup.

Leo Laporte Okay. Have you guys been watching the World Cup, did you watch any of the games.

Brian Brushwood I only watched the U.S. versus England and that was really neat because all of the Internet took a break to pretend they care about soccer. It was adorable.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it was fantastic, you spending all that time watching that fantastic game one-to-one because I couldn’t, I couldn’t bear the excitement.

Leo Laporte This is really the problem soccer has in the U.S. It’s just – it’s incomprehensible to Americans.

John C. Dvorak It’s dull.

Leo Laporte Although with the youth soccer I would think that Americans at least know the rules now but it’s still dull. It’s no less dull. Why is it that the world find soccer so exciting?

John C. Dvorak They got nothing, that’s why.

Brian Brushwood I used to think the exact same thing with hockey because hockey also has low scoring games until I went and saw a hockey…..

Leo Laporte Hockey is exciting.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, a hockey game live. But I was like well this is….

John C. Dvorak Hockey live is astonishing.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Maybe we should see more live soccer. So the problem is the field is massive so everything is spread out.

Brian Brushwood It’s so big! So big!

John C. Dvorak I’ve seen live – I saw Olympic – the winter Olympics were in LA. I saw the live soccer game and I’ve seen the live soccer game in the big stadium in Rio de Janeiro, 350,000 capacity.

Brian Brushwood Any Vuvuzelas?

Leo Laporte Wow! That’s a big stadium.

John C. Dvorak The only thing interesting about Brazilian soccer in Brazil is that the game is kind of interesting about the last five minutes when they actually start to play.

Leo Laporte Right. I like – and you don’t see this so much, at least I haven’t seen so much in the World Cup, I like the faking, where the guy like just touches you and he goes ah, ah… and he falls on the ground and writhes.

John C. Dvorak Flopping, yes, flopping.

Brian Brushwood Where they’re trying to draw a red card on them or something.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but they haven’t, it hasn’t – I guess at the World Cup you don’t really do that. It’s kind of not [indiscernable] (4:50)

Brian Brushwood I would imagine if you are ever going to pull it out it’s for the World Cup.

John C. Dvorak The British do, that’s what the British are known for.

Leo Laporte They’re famous for the flopping.

Brian Brushwood It’s their acting, it’s the Shakespearean instinct deep inside them.

Leo Laporte Alas poor Yorick, ah, ah, ah. So, the thing that, though, that stands out for Americans and I guess it’s controversial, is this buzzing that you hear the entire time.

Brian Brushwood Oh, it just – it’s like I want to start confessing states secrets. I am so unable to handle this non-stop.

Leo Laporte It’s called they say a Vuvuzela. Sometimes…

John C. Dvorak Why is it called that?

Leo Laporte I [ph] don’t know (05:21), it’s …..

Brian Brushwood It’s also called – what’s the other name of it?

Leo Laporte Lepatata.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, it either sounds like a body part or a disease. Your pick.

Leo Laporte Vuvuzela does sound like a – a little bit like a….

Brian Brushwood Body part?

Leo Laporte Lady’s parts.

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Leo Laporte Your vuvuzela is hanging out. It just sounds that way. I don’t know, maybe it’s me.

John C. Dvorak It is.

Leo Laporte And lepatata sounds like a condition that you might get if you take some – something and you get the lepatata. May cause…

Brian Brushwood Hey, I had some wild days in my youth and now I got a little bit of the lepatata.

Leo Laporte Sausage fingers or lepatata.

John C. Dvorak So, they make a segue.

Leo Laporte That’s the sound, that’s a single – the sound of…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I think that’s a ship out here.

Leo Laporte That’s one vuvuzela. Now there is, the good news is for you folks who have an iPhone, there is a vuvuzela – many actually, vuvuzela iPhone apps.

Brian Brushwood Was there really a number of them?

Leo Laporte More than one, and this is virtual vuvuzela. There is a free version, I got the pro version.

Brian Brushwood You got the pro version.

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

Brian Brushwood Because you don’t mess around when it comes to your vuvuzela, sir.

Leo Laporte With the pro-version you could pick your country. So I am going to pick Cameroon, because I’ve always been a fan of Cameroon and then when you play the vuvuzela, see the horn has the Cameroon colors.

Brian Brushwood See you would think they would have like different tones for different countries.

Leo Laporte No, no.

John C. Dvorak This is bogus. [indiscernible] (06:38) totally bogus.

Leo Laporte What do you mean, bogus?

John C. Dvorak What do they do, do they get the Cameroonians to show up in some stadium and then record this, this is nonsense.

Leo Laporte No, it’s not Cameroonian vuvuzela, and I think it’s just the same vuvuzela, they just have the national flag.

Brian Brushwood By the way, for anyone still listening to the broadcast, you’ve passed the test, now you get tech news.

Leo Laporte All right, here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the tech news, so Steve Jobs takes the stage on Monday which now, I don’t know why, but for some reason seems forever ago.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, you’re not kidding.

Leo Laporte Does it seem like it was this week that they announced the new iPhone?

Brian Brushwood I think part of it, you could blame Tom Merritt because it was, it was as though – because I tuned in, that’s where I got the coverage, was live TWiT.

Leo Laporte We covered it live here, yeah.

Brian Brushwood Right, and it’s like I really felt like I was there, I guess there was only one day after last Sunday but you’ve had a while for it to kind of process and sink in, you don’t seem that jazzed about the iPhone 4.

Leo Laporte Umm, not really.

John C. Dvorak You just completely bought into the Nexus One, right?

Leo Laporte No, you know, well, I have to say I’ll probably get an iPhone for – I don’t know if I will choose it, but the Nexus One has started to become a little unresponsive to my fingering and that worries me a little bit. I think its vuvuzela’s on the blink.

John C. Dvorak It’s fallen out of love.

Brian Brushwood I made the prediction, I made the prediction on Sunday night that whatever it is you were hoping for on the iPhone 4, expect just a little bit less and during the announcement all my friends were sending me tweets, they were rousing me, like, what else do you want, lasers?

Leo Laporte What do you say.

Brian Brushwood But it’s like…

Leo Laporte It’s everything you want and less.

Brian Brushwood That’s what I expected, and I’d like to think that I nailed this one because it did have everything that we expected from the gawker previous…

Leo Laporte We kind of knew, because, yeah they had the hardware.

Brian Brushwood But I was genuinely surprised that there wasn’t a 64 gigabyte option available, because at 32 gigabytes I am always running out of room on my current phone, and I don’t know that I want to spent $300 just to continue to have that problem. I’d love to make that go away.

Leo Laporte In fact you could almost say that the story the iPhone is what it didn’t have, you are absolutely right.

Brian Brushwood And that’s, of course that’s, that’s always the easy way to go within…

Leo Laporte All right, let’s talk about what it did have. It has a new screen they call it the Retina Display although the folks from – the head of science at DisplayMate and others, physicists, have pointed out that in fact it is not a retinal display.

Brian Brushwood I think that depends also on how far apart, how far from your eyes you are holding it, and…

Leo Laporte Precisely, precisely, so Raymond Soneira – so here’s the claim, Apple’s claim is…

John C. Dvorak Wait, wait, wait, can you explain what a retinal display is supposed to be and why this isn’t one.

Leo Laporte Apple’s claim is that this, the resolution, the dots per inch or pixels per inch of the new iPhone, which is admittedly very high, 326 pixels per inch, is so high that it’s “higher resolution than the human eye.”

Brian Brushwood Is able to perceive.

Leo Laporte So, well yeah, if it’s higher resolution than the eye can see then you wouldn’t see dots.

Brian Brushwood Now I am posting a link in the chatroom, for anybody in the chatroom, that is a very good photo that Robert Scoble took of a unit in his hand that really does show how good…

Leo Laporte It’s amazing looking.

Brian Brushwood It is very, very good.

Leo Laporte It looks like paper. It looks like you are, holding, however, Raymond Soneira who is at DisplayMate, these guys have done this for years, you know him, John, they really are the kind of the kings of display technology, he is the president. He says, and by the way he is also a Ph.D. in physics, he says that the truth is, and of course just as you say, Brian, it’s how far you are away. The angular measurement of the retina is 6 arc-minutes minutes per pixel.

John C. Dvorak Oh, yeah.

Leo Laporte So if you wanted to hold an iPhone 4G 20 inches away it would have to have 716 pixels per inch. In other words, that the 326 pixels per inch is only good if you have got it at arm’s length. It’s not, it really isn’t…

Brian Brushwood Right, what about if you have less than 20/20 vision?

Leo Laporte Well, I yeah.

Brian Brushwood If you have less than perfect 20/20 vision…

Leo Laporte But as you say, as you say, the people who have seen it, see I haven’t seen it, but the people who have seen it say it’s very crisp, very clear. My concern is it just means that type can be smaller, I mean look how small the type is in Robert’s picture…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that’s a good point Leo. It’s annoying, something of this type, the 2 point, 3 point font?

Leo Laporte I guess I could zoom in and then it would be more legible, but I am not…

Brian Brushwood This is also, from where I am sitting, I experienced both this launch and the iPad launch remotely watching the way other people reacted to it and this is very, very similar to it in many regards. One, with the iPad, everyone who was there and touched, it loved it. Everyone who wasn’t there did not understand it and it looks like this is very much the same, everybody who has seen the display in person says look, Apple’s prone to exaggerate on a lot of things, they are not doing that on the screen.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s why I am reserving judgment, because I think, yeah, and we’ll see it soon, in two weeks we’re going to see it, [ph] the 25th (11:31).

Brian Brushwood But can I also say that the mere fact that we are even having this conversation is evidence to me that Steve Jobs is the P.T. Barnum of our generation.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brian Brushwood The mere fact that he is able to frame it in this over-the-top language which is like, I would look – like how different is this display from what you got on the EVO, is it significantly better?

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s much higher resolution.

Brian Brushwood Oh it is much higher, good, good.

Leo Laporte Much higher resolution. So, look, this is laser printer resolution, that’s pretty good, I mean, you are looking at the quality of a piece of paper…

Brian Brushwood I don’t see it.

Leo Laporte …on a laser printer, I can’t see these dots and this is 300 dots per inch. So, I can’t – look we’ll have to see it.

Brian Brushwood Okay so the display….

Leo Laporte It has that – it has another thing that I think is completely stupid which is FaceTime, and again P. T. Barnum Jobs or P.T. Jobs as we call him….

Brian Brushwood PTJ for short.

Leo Laporte That sounds like – doesn’t it sound like H.R. Pufnstuf, it sounds like a cartoon, P.T. Jobs and – he acted as if Skype never existed, like you’ve never seen a video phone call.

Brian Brushwood This is that moment that I said whatever you’re hoping for, expect less. I was absolutely hoping that it would be Skype out of the box that we could – my family could be on the home computer.

Leo Laporte You have to be Wi-Fi.

Brian Brushwood You have to be on Wi-Fi. But having said that this is the feature that I have looked for in every single release since the very first iPhone, absolutely 100%.

Leo Laporte Really?

Brian Brushwood And like, you know it’s like I’ve got a six-year old and a two-year old at home. This is – and the only part that, and of course the ads show this touching moment, of baby taking first steps and a deaf couple talking through sign language and all these things; but the one part that had me screaming was it shows the guy in a hotel looking at his kids and I’m like lies, no hotel has Wi-Fi that good.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood All hotels have terrible, terrible Wi-Fi.

Leo Laporte It’s getting much more like that actual demo on the stage that [ph] Steve (13:18) Jobs did with the [ph] frozen (13:19) video.

Brian Brushwood Which we didn’t even get to that part yet. How about the meltdown?

Leo Laporte Yeah he was not too happy.

Brian Brushwood I found a page 6 item in the San Francisco Weekly afterward, three hobos were killed randomly shortly after ………..

Leo Laporte Someone must die, someone must die. So apparently nobody at Apple figured out that all the journalists present would be using their own Wi-Fi access points aka a MiFi and it wasn’t the lack of bandwidth, it was the number of access points.

Brian Brushwood It was the interference.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood It was just – you couldn’t get a clear signal from one side to the other.

Leo Laporte You would’ve thought they would’ve learnt a little bit because Google had a similar problem with Bluetooth when they were trying to do their Google TV demo. You would have thought that somebody at Apple would say, I wonder, you think – should we be worried about this Wi-Fi working.

Brian Brushwood And it’s tough because how do you simulate that kind of thing. How do you – you don’t know until you get there. It’s like in order to see what kind of interference you’d have, you’d have to have already – I guess, they could have maybe tested during the iPad launch, since that was clearly exactly the same scenario as they dealt with in this one.

Leo Laporte Now here’s an interesting supposition. This comes from Ars Technica, there, Infinite Loop [ph] column (14:28), they are so brilliant. They say that the WWDC keynote W-Fi woes may have been due to iPhone 4 drivers.

Brian Brushwood Really?

Leo Laporte Jobs said from the stage and an Apple engineer later confirmed with InfoWorld that over 500 Wi-Fi networks were in the room and of course no journalist, especially those live blogging was going to turn off his Wi-Fi; I’m sorry. There was just no way that was going to happen. But there are 5,000 people and 500 networks. However, after examining the video from the event, says Ars, and discussing it with two veteran Wi-Fi gurus it seems almost certain that the MiFi was only a part of the problem, a flaw in the pre-release IOS was clearly another element. Apple’s public relations concerned confirmed receipt of a request for comment but none was forthcoming. So this is great, Infinite Loop’s Glenn Fleishman takes a look at the video in slow motion. This is worthy of the [indiscernible] (15:31) film.

Brian Brushwood You can see the hope’s dashing on Steve Jobs’ face.

Leo Laporte Here’s the replay in slow-motion. 06 seconds in the iPhone 3GS has mostly loaded The New York Times but the iPhone 4 displays just a title bar. Oops, that’s not really a good demo. A Wi-Fi icon in the iPhone 4’s status bar is visible at the top, yes, you can see that. 17 seconds in, Jobs bring the back-up set of devices and the backup iPhone is on 4 – on 3G. You can see the 3G indicated clearly, the iPhone 4 can’t acquire a 3G connection. The audience laughs. A wag suggests Jobs try Verizon.

Brian Brushwood That was the moment.

Leo Laporte That was the moment. 47 seconds in; I’m inspired because Jim Cutler, our voiceover guy’s in studio and I think I’m turning into him – 47 seconds in, the demo screen fades suddenly back to the original pair of devices in which the Wi-Fi icon is shown on iPhone 4 but it still has not retrieved the page.

Brian Brushwood Before the episodes over, I want Jim to give a dramatic reading of something.

Leo Laporte Jim is great. We’ll get him a phone book.

John C. Dvorak I have to say, are people that bored?

Leo Laporte Apparently.

Brian Brushwood So here’s the thing about FaceTime. FaceTime, yes it’s gimmicking and it sounds over the top and use that rhetoric that it’s going to change the way you communicate and everything, but this is what we’ve all wanted since the Dick Tracy wrist watch, this ability to get face to face communication with other people; and yes, it’s very, very handicapped right now. And I’m super annoyed by it. I hate that it’s Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi because if I’m in a place ….

Leo Laporte That’s useless, I’m sorry, that’s useless.

Brian Brushwood Yes, I agree, I agree, I agree.

Leo Laporte Because if I have Wi-Fi I am going to use Skype, sorry.

Brian Brushwood Right. By the way and let me put this out to the universe because someone out there can make a mint. Every time I go into a new hotel, the very first thing, the very first page I load is

Leo Laporte Really?

Brian Brushwood And it occurs to me that all I would need….

Leo Laporte You have a lot of data because you stay in a lot of hotels.

Brian Brushwood Oh my gosh, you’re not kidding.

Leo Laporte You know this.

Brian Brushwood There have got to be other people like me, but imagine if they added a feature that you clicked one button and it did geo-location and it knew which hotel you’re at and it had an aggregation of all the hotels true bandwidth throughput, not whatever they’re advertising. First of all, every time you call a hotel in advance, you say, do you have high speed Internet? They say, yes. You’re like well how fast is it………..

Leo Laporte You need to create a website.

Brian Brushwood ….they’re like its wireless.

Leo Laporte Brian, you need to create website where travelers can put this.

John C. Dvorak I’ll join you on this one, Brian, you know the thing is you not only need a website for that but you need a website that discusses what people charge in various hotels. We need a generalized database that shows all the hotels in the country, what they charge and if you have bad rooms, it should be reported. You know some rooms you just can’t get a good connection.

Brian Brushwood I’ll go so far as to say, I would pay a subscription fee to be part of a secret club of people who reported, who consistently had good bandwidth [indiscernible] (18:18).

Leo Laporte Speed Finder does it for airlines; see I can imagine that somebody would do this Wi-Fi.

Brian Brushwood Well please get on it because I’m ready to make that happen, right away.

Leo Laporte I play the vuvuzela in your honor my friend.

Brian Brushwood But the – thank you, but the other thing that is promising about FaceTime is the fact that, they said it would be an open API, is that right? Which means all kinds of software can ….

Leo Laporte They showed the stack of software, it’s H.264; it’s not a standard like H.323 that is a standard for video conferencing. It’s H.264 but it does support – somebody who’s in our chat room knew what all of this was about, VoIP expert said, it does in fact support all of the stacks of software and Skype has said, yes, we’d like to support it. It’s unknown how much Apple’s revealed about how it works.

Brian Brushwood Well, that’s so typical for these keynotes, where it’s like, you want it and its coming.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Just like tethering last year from AT&T which brings up the other big bummer of this week. I guess it happened before the actual announcement.

Leo Laporte No Verizon.

Brian Brushwood But no Verizons.

Leo Laporte I predicted last week on this very show, I theorized that because of the AT&T changing its pricing in the bandwidth tearing because AT&T doubled its early termination fee, I thought, and all of this activated June 7, I thought for sure that means AT&T is kind of beginning to wrap up its exclusivity and Verizon or somebody is going come in. In fact Joshua Topolsky from Engadget was on the show last week, said that why stop there, why not make it on every carrier, but no.

John C. Dvorak How about this for an idea as a thought? I think you mentioned on one of the shows that Apple’s got the 27 booked at someplace or other.

Leo Laporte Yeah, supposedly at Moscone.

John C. Dvorak But the 24 is when the phone comes out, right?

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak So about this for a – as part of a deal that Apple did with AT&T and Verizon.

Leo Laporte You get three days.

Brian Brushwood Oh wow.

John C. Dvorak Yes, they bring the phone out, they say nothing. They bring the phone and everybody gets in line again and they go wrap around the block to grab this phone as soon as it comes out, three days later they make the Verizon announcement.

Brian Brushwood This is some No Agenda talk right here.

John C. Dvorak I’ll like it.

Brian Brushwood [indiscernible] (20:20) on heavy-duty basis.

Leo Laporte Basically it shows that we still...

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (20:23) sense to me.

Leo Laporte ...have not given up with the notion that AT&T is the one and only place you can get an iPhone. It’s just not going to go.

Brian Brushwood So one of the things that really disappointed me was AT&T announced they were doing away with the unlimited use. And they said that could be grandfathered in. I suppose it’s...

Leo Laporte If you bought by June 7. You have to buy by June 7.

Brian Brushwood Right. Right. But I wonder if there’s any way – like I’m somebody, I have the unlimited plan right now, of course. But when I go to buy the iPhone 4, I’m almost certain that they say, well if you want the subsidized price, you need to pick a new plan.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood And – and so they...

Leo Laporte They will. That’s the quote “generous deal” that AT&T is offering, that if you’re due for an update – which happens after one year apparently – if you are due for an update on AT&T anytime in 2010, you can get it for the update price.

Brian Brushwood Yeah. Well I tell you...

Leo Laporte But it extends your contract for another year.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, there’s a big gap. Because I bought it the day it came out and my wife bought hers like three weeks later, she’s not eligible until...

Leo Laporte What?

Brian Brushwood ...February 2010. Yeah. So it’s like – but then again, I mean I’ve been with AT&T for 11 years now, so it’s – I don’t know if I qualify for some other thing on the inside.

John C. Dvorak So that explains your hair.

Brian Brushwood [Laughter]. Every week I look at my bill…

Leo Laporte Ahh! So why? John, you must know. You must at least have a theory. Why – clearly, it’s not in Apple’s best interest to stay at AT&T at this point. Why are they still exclusive to AT&T?

John C. Dvorak Well it’s obvious that there is a good under-the-table deal for Apple. They’re making tons of money on a kickback or something, I mean that’s the only thing I can think of.

Leo Laporte At this point, it must be 100% of every penny AT&T makes is going to Apple. I mean everybody hates AT&T. Apple – if they sold – they could double the sales by going to Verizon.

John C. Dvorak That would be a cool thing to do when their stock starts to fail, maybe they’ll do it then. But I still think...

Brian Brushwood Let me say a few things.

John C. Dvorak ...pushing the 27th thing.

Leo Laporte You think – maybe be that’s – yeah.

Brian Brushwood AT&T – first of all, it is a little bit skewed because genuinely, the service is terrible in San Francisco. And for the life I mean I don’t know why AT&T just doesn’t throw a few hundred thousand dollars at the problem [indiscernible] (22:23) make a dent on it.

Leo Laporte It’s not easy because of rights of way, especially in a town like San Francisco.

Brian Brushwood Right. Well I tell you, like I stayed down by the airport and no lie, I get like 1.3 megabits down, the service is very good.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (22:35) last week, PC Magazine published a study in which they said AT&T had the fastest network almost everywhere except for the Pacific Northeast. Where believe it or not, who would you guess, Jim, is the best? Because Jim Cutler and Don live in the Pacific northeast. It’s T-Mobile. Who would have thought – I would have thought Verizon because that used to be 9x.

Jim Cutler [Indiscernible] (22:57).

Leo Laporte Jim says, T-Mobile maybe getting in next, and that’s exactly right. Steve Wu – I am sorry – Shaw Wu, an analyst with Kaufman Brothers is saying the iPhone could come to T-Mobile as early as this fall. He says the iPhone will be available on multiple carries in the U.S. by next year, and the first carrier to get the iPhone after AT&T exclusivity ends is likely to be T-Mobile. Which is not going to make anybody happy.

Brian Brushwood Well, remember also that whatever network – any other network, whether it’s Verizon, whether it’s anyone – if they had the iPhone exclusivity, they couldn’t handle it. There are so many iPhones –

Leo Laporte Well that’s why you put it on every freaking network.

Brian Brushwood Right, exactly. But that just is. If you spread it around, maybe you’d be all right. But two things disappointed me about the change – about the AT&T unlimited plan. The first was the reaction everyone had, where they checked their data usage and said, oh well, I didn’t cross two gigabytes, so I’m sure it’s fine. And it’s like that’s right now thinking. And now you have this product that’s going to shoot high-definition video...

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood’d going to deal with much larger files, you can have a lot more opportunity with all different programs. Two gigabytes is not going to be a lot in another year.

Leo Laporte I am going to tell you in a second why you’re absolutely right. But before we do that...

[Music clip].

Brian Brushwood You’re going to play the vuvuzela?

Leo Laporte I’m going to play the vuvuzela.


Leo Laporte Actually, I’m going to talk about Squarespace of course is that great place for you to make a great website. If you go to right now, you can set up your Squarespace site for free for two weeks. You don’t even need a credit card. Just go to Now why would you do that? It’s a secret. But exceptional websites.

Hosting, yes, starting at $8 a month, but it also includes incredible Squarespace software that makes it so easy to design a unique and beautiful site. And gives you features like built-in social integration with Facebook, Twitter, Quik, Pandora all of them. Flickr, you get the great iPhone App, which is simply the best blogging app out there. You can import and export your blog from Movable Type, WordPress, TypePad or Blogger. Incredible stats, photo galleries, intuitive editing and very, very elegant customization. You don’t even need to know CSS. Of course if you know CSS, then the sky’s the limit. You can put any arbitrary CSS or Java script in there. But even if you don’t, you can drag and drop your design and really make it gorgeous. Go to the Squarespace site and look at the examples for an idea.

What are you looking at me like that?

Brian Brushwood Well – no, I’m looking at you because you know the CEO of Squarespace, Dane, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Dane Atkinson. He came to be with this brilliant idea, we were never able to figure out a way to make it quite easy. But it’s so easy to take your existing HTML from your current website...

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, yeah.

Brian Brushwood ...and put it in the other.

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

Brian Brushwood He had the – we’ll say, theoretical idea, that on a lark it might be funny to copy somebody else’s HTML, like for example, a famous celebrity blogger or some kind of...

Leo Laporte That’d be funny.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, exactly...

Leo Laporte And make your site look exactly the same?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, exactly, and make your own [indiscernible] (26:03), yeah, so you think you’re going to, but all of a sudden there’s a story about you walking into the Apple Store. And because Squarespace is so easy open an account instantly, you don’t even need a credit card, you’re online within seconds, copy and paste and you freak your friends out with it. And then once you see how easy it is, then you will use the code, TWiT.

Leo Laporte Yeah. $8 a month. But do take a look in – do the freebie, because you’ll be very impressed by what you can do. Everything from $8 for the basic account, $50 a month gives you a Community account with lots of bandwidth, lots of different editors. This is one of the nice things you can do with Squarespace, multiple editors. All sorts of interesting features. The virtual private storage – [ph] servings (26:49) rather make it incredible. You never have to worry about getting Slashdotted or Dugg. We thank them so much for their support of this WEEK in TECH.

[Music clip].

Brian Brushwood I didn’t knew at first – I didn’t know what he was saying, I was like what is that jingle?

Leo Laporte ‘Life is so easy at a Squarespace.’

Brian Brushwood I love it. Did they give that to you or did you bring that?

Leo Laporte We made that up.

Brian Brushwood That’s awesome.

Leo Laporte In fact they haven’t even said we can do it.

Brian Brushwood That’s – in fact I’m pretty sure after hearing this episode...

Leo Laporte They’re never going to want that.

Brian Brushwood ...they’re going to say, please stop playing that jingle [laughter].

Leo Laporte So here’s the interesting deal, Hulu – we’ve heard these rumours for a while, but – Hulu is about to start doing an iPad and Xbox version. Now you’ll pay –

Brian Brushwood Oh, dude, I would so pay for Xbox.

Leo Laporte How much would you pay?

Brian Brushwood Well I don’t know – I almost bought – there’s a service called PlayOn that’s sits on your desktop and that allows you to use your desktop to access Hulu remotely. And I used the trial and I loved it. And I remember thinking, I would almost buy this. But the fact that it was tied to my desktop seemed complicated enough that I was worried like, oh, well my desktop’s off, I got to go turn it on or whatever. So if it’s direct – I mean I think I’m going to go – I am going to name that price, Leo. 20 bucks a year.

Leo Laporte Oh. A year?

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte I think they’re thinking 10 bucks a month.

Brian Brushwood Okay, that’s not going to happen.


Leo Laporte No okay, here’s the deal, here’s the deal. By the way, Hulu was [indiscernible] (28:12).

Brian Brushwood To access a website that’s already free to access.

Leo Laporte Right, free. $100 million in advertising revenue last year at

Brian Brushwood Congratulations.

Leo Laporte So it’s doing okay. It’s – according to this story which ran in Reuters, they will continue to offer newer episodes of shows like Glee, or – well, I guess there won’t be new episodes of Lost ever again, but…

Brian Brushwood Or what’s the one, Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Leo Laporte Love that show.

Brian Brushwood Hulu is the reason that I got into that show.

Leo Laporte That’s right, I would not have known of that show if it weren’t for the promos.

Brian Brushwood Your friend comes over and he’s obsessed, he’s like, ‘oh you got to watch it…’

Leo Laporte Yeah, you got to watch it.

Brian Brushwood ‘You got to watch eight episodes right now.’

Leo Laporte So the new shows will be free, which makes sense, because that’s how you get people watching the show, right? But they will charge viewers a monthly fee to see older episodes and other content.

Brian Brushwood I don’t even know if I hate that. That’s kind of okay, because at that point, if you’re going in to the archives and you just want to go back experience the back catalog, I’d pay a premium for that. But mainly – Hulu is a weird case. Because for all of us in new media, we kind of hate them because they represent old media content, but we also want….

Leo Laporte We love it because we like the content.

Brian Brushwood It to be crazy successful, because that means that there is healthy room for growth in the online space.

Leo Laporte Xbox and – maybe they’ll announce this at E3. This might b one of the announcements. Microsoft’s got some big announcements coming.

Brian Brushwood And they claimed – as a matter of fact – I don’t want to jump ahead, but Microsoft said they have a bigger announcement than Natal.

Leo Laporte Than Natal?

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Maybe that’s it.

Brian Brushwood Which by the way, you’re getting up at what time to go see Natal tomorrow? [Laughter].

Leo Laporte Oh, god. We’re doing – we’re going to do – Brian and I are going down to LA right after the show today, because we’re going to cover E3 for a couple of days…

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Leo Laporte So day one, Monday, tomorrow is Microsoft day. That’s the Microsoft press conference. We will broadcast that live at 10 a.m. Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane will be here in studio commentating as we did with the Worldwide Developers Conference on last Monday.

Brian Brushwood And I guess during that time, we’re using their feed, so we won’t be on camera. It will be the regular feed, but…

Leo Laporte It will be exactly what we did with other – with the Google thing…

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte …which was it will be like Mystery Science Theater 3000. They’ll be commenting as Microsoft talks about it. And then you and I are going to be down there, but we have to get up very early.

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Leo Laporte Becky Worley, who works for Good Morning America, got an exclusive with Microsoft to be the first to show Natal on GMA.

Brian Brushwood Wow!

Leo Laporte And to reveal the name and pricing and all the information that we are waiting to hear about Natal. She is going to do that at 4:30 a.m.

Brian Brushwood Oh, my God.

Leo Laporte Well see, that’s because she’s in California. It’s 7:30 East Coast Time and this is a morning show, so that’s…

Brian Brushwood No, I guess that’s right.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So – and then – but she very kindly interceded on our behalf, because basically we were staying there with something on our hands that we didn’t want to hold.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte And just had nothing. And she said, can Leo and Brian come and…?

Brian Brushwood No, I’m not going to be – I will be up that early, but I won’t be there with you, because I – the only flight I could get that allow…

Leo Laporte You son of a…

Brian Brushwood …that allow me to do it [indiscernible] (30:55) tonight.

Leo Laporte Where is my vuvuzela?


Brian Brushwood I’m going to be on the plane, and then I hit the ground running and then I join you.

Leo Laporte Don’t be surprised if at some point about 3:00 a.m. tomorrow night…

Brian Brushwood I get a phone call, and I’m like hello, hello, who is this? Who is this? State your name, sir!

Leo Laporte [Hums] You hear something coming through the phone. I can’t believe you. You’re not going to be there?

Brian Brushwood Here we go.

[Audio clip].

Leo Laporte ‘I have a call for a Brian Brushwood.’ Don’t be surprised if…

Brian Brushwood I’ll be watching you. I’ll be listening to you on my TWiT app.

Leo Laporte So it’s me, just me?

Brian Brushwood Yeah. But then I get there – I arrive at 7 o’clock and I join you.

Leo Laporte Yeah, okay, fine. So I will be all alone with the Project Natal. We will have it right after ABC does, we will have that – we’re going to stream it 5:30 a.m. Pacific, but that’s 8:30 Eastern…

Brian Brushwood Yeah, that’s not bad.

Leo Laporte That’s not bad, that’s afternoon UTC, so you’ll be…

Brian Brushwood Boy, that’s when you’re really stretching. You’re like [indiscernible] (31:51) The World Cup…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, Australians would love it.

Brian Brushwood …it will be in the afternoon sometime.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So in the U.K., you will be able to watch this at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Brian Brushwood That’s right.

Leo Laporte So we will do that. And then, we’ll come back, we’ll cover the press conference. We’ll have that video, we’ll have whatever else they announce, you’re right, they may have something bigger.

Brian Brushwood I got us an appointment, I didn’t know – I made it clear that we may or may not make it on time. But the folks from MTV Games, I promised them I wouldn’t say what game, but if you read anything about videogames in the news, you probably have an idea what videogame we have the chance to get hands on with, on a stage with colored lights.

Leo Laporte You’re kidding, when’s that?

Brian Brushwood We’ll be rocking out, you might say.

Leo Laporte Ooh, ooh!

Brian Brushwood At 12:30 on Tuesday is what I put us down for.

Leo Laporte Okay, awesome.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte So we – that’s – so the next day, we’re going to streamline from the show floor, that will be a part of it…

Brian Brushwood Awesome.

Leo Laporte …starting noon, noon to 2:30. And that’s thanks, by the way, and this I would have never thought I would ever be saying, that’s thanks to G4.

Brian Brushwood No kidding!

Leo Laporte Well, when we – I know, Jim Cutler’s going, ‘what?’

Brian Brushwood Yeah, all of a sudden Jim Cutler totally hulks out, he turns green and stuff…

Leo Laporte ‘G4?’

Jim Cutler You all got fired!


Leo Laporte I know we all got fired. But that was a long time ago and it was different…

Brian Brushwood ‘Jim smash G4.’

Leo Laporte ‘No G4.’ No, I Buzzed and Tweeted that we couldn’t cover it, because this is weird, I’ve never – and maybe, John, you’ve heard of this. But I have never heard of it. This trade show and these press conferences all have done exclusives with other media outlets. So for instance, we can’t be at the Microsoft event because Spike or MTV has an exclusive.

Brian Brushwood Huh.

Leo Laporte And we can’t – we thought we couldn’t stream from the E floor show – E3 show floor because G4 has streaming live exclusive. So we can’t cover this.

John C. Dvorak But they reached out to you on this, right?

Leo Laporte So I Buzzed, I said I’m devastated. We wanted to do E3 coverage but we’ve been told we can’t go in, because G4 is exclusive. And they called us, said well, no, we’ll get you in. So thanks to the G4, the auspices of G4, we’re going to be broadcasting live.

John C. Dvorak Well, hopefully it’s a case where G4 realizes that there are different jobs for different media.

Leo Laporte We are not competing.

John C. Dvorak Well, exactly. It’s like a type of…

Leo Laporte I don’t have…

John C. Dvorak …people who want the coverage that’s up to the minute, walking around, they’re following characters on the show floor, are not necessarily same type of people who are tuning in after 3 o’clock.

Leo Laporte Do I look like Olivia Munn to you?

John C. Dvorak Yeah a little bit.

Leo Laporte Yeah [indiscernible] (34:10) speedo.

John C. Dvorak You know, this whole deal sounds like a croc of crap as far as I’m concerned. Generally speaking, if you’re going to have a press conference…

Leo Laporte Right!

John C. Dvorak …you don’t start throwing exclusives out to people before the press conference.

Leo Laporte This is – I couldn’t figure out John, I thought maybe…

John C. Dvorak It’s got to be part of either the – the only thing I can think of – but this is just, I’m just dreaming this up, I have no idea what’s going on. But it’s possible that they got a better deal at the show, they gave them a discount if they show at – there maybe some underhanded dealings where there is some money changing hands to allow this. Because so far as publicity is concerned, there is no advantage to giving anybody the exclusives.

Leo Laporte No. Why would Microsoft…?

John C. Dvorak It’s a total disadvantage, A; and B, journalists traditionally get very annoyed by this, because they get burned by this and they will blackball you.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak And…

Leo Laporte I almost walked away. To be honest, I said well, all right, you don’t want coverage, I guess you’re happy with G4 and Spike. But if you don’t want coverage, I’m not going to give you coverage. Because this – I mean it’s called a press conference…

John C. Dvorak Right.

Leo Laporte It’s not called a Spike conference.

John C. Dvorak And it’s press-only. I mean it’s a media only…

Leo Laporte Right, so you can go in, but you just can’t stream it. So anyway, anyway, we got it resolved, we’re going to be there, we are going to be – and thank you, G4. What we’ll do is, we’ll go 2, 2:30, their coverage begins at 2:30 – or actually, it may even begin at 2, and they’re going to be covering it live. So it’s actually kind of fun, I’ll probably see Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb and it will be kind of fun.

John C. Dvorak Is this anything besides Microsoft pulling this thing? You said Microsoft, was there another player?

Leo Laporte No, all of them.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, so is the E3.

John C. Dvorak Everybody is doing a deal?

Leo Laporte This is how they do it – apparently how they do it, I think – yeah, Microsoft, ESA, which runs E3 had an exclusive with G4. I think it’s – I don’t know, it maybe the same with Sony and Nintendo. But my thought was, it’s so hard to get coverage, like nobody wants to cover it, so they just – the exclusive was, ‘please cover us.’

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte We’ll give you an exclusive.

Brian Brushwood Oh that’s interesting.

John C. Dvorak That doesn’t make sense to me.

Leo Laporte Like, who’s going to – well, anyway.

Brian Brushwood Well, I’ll tell you this much. Like for the last two years, ever since they restructured E3 and they made it less of a public spectacle, I have set up my computer and watched all of the live streaming things, read all of the liveblogs and enjoyed the news as it came in. And this is very exciting for me to actually be there in person.

Leo Laporte I’m stoked. And tell us about Natal, what – you say there’s going to be some big announcements.

Brian Brushwood Yes, well, Microsoft claims they have an announcement bigger than Natal and…

Leo Laporte What is – Natal may not be so big, let’s be honest, right?

Brian Brushwood It’s like…

Leo Laporte Natal is where you go like, you wave around and you play the game and you’re going like this. Which by the way, if I’m not mistaken I had on my PS2, with the iCam, like ten years ago, right?

Brian Brushwood That’s the thing. It’s like they watched the success of the Nintendo Wii and they’re like, ‘wait a minute. People don’t like regular controls. They like herky-jerky-ing their body all around. I know! No control!’

Leo Laporte ‘No control at all!’

Brian Brushwood ‘You just spazz out in front of your screen!’

Leo Laporte ‘No control! Do whatever you want!’

Brian Brushwood ‘And balls go flying everywhere!’

Leo Laporte ‘Yeah! It’ll be great!’

Brian Brushwood ‘And you get points! Money in the bank!’

Leo Laporte But you know what’s interesting, Sony is going to announce basically a Wii mode for the PlayStation3.

Brian Brushwood Yes. And Sony, what’s interesting is to see the way everybody jockeys for position.

Leo Laporte Eye control.

Brian Brushwood Yes. Right. And the way – Sony’s thing is they’re like, hey man, you can’t be precise with no – you really want to hold nothing? At least hold something. It’ll be super precise and you’ll look awesome pretending to shoot bows.

Leo Laporte I like game controllers. I need…

Brian Brushwood And that’s the way I am, too. I don’t understand this – now the parts that I really do like about Natal, what I have heard about before – and of course all of this will probably be out of date by the time most people listen to the podcast. But the – I love the facial recognition, the idea that you walk into the room and it says, ‘hello Brian, what game would you like to play?’ And that’s the voice I imagine it’d have.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s interesting. So it’ll know it’s you?

Brian Brushwood Right. And more importantly, recognizes your kids. If your kids are in the room, it will say ‘Dad, this is a rated M title.’

Leo Laporte No!

Brian Brushwood ‘We don’t want John watching.’

Leo Laporte It’s going to be nanny Xbox.

Brian Brushwood Well, and I tell you, it’s one of those things that we all hate until we have…

Leo Laporte ‘I don’t think you want to play that, Brian.’

Brian Brushwood Until we have seven-year-olds, and then we’re like, well…

Leo Laporte No.

Brian Brushwood I sure am glad I can turn this off.

Leo Laporte ‘You don’t want to play Modern WarCraft 2, you want to do some more racing.’ I don’t know.

Brian Brushwood ‘You want to play Space Hearts.’

Leo Laporte ‘Yes. How about a nice game of Lego Star Wars? Come on, Brian.’

Brian Brushwood Our kids are having the argument from 2001, they’re like, open the Rock Band 3, Hal.

Leo Laporte Yes. ‘I’m sorry, Dave.’

John C. Dvorak I’m predicting this thing is going to be a bust.

Leo Laporte We will see. We may – we’re going to be down there and we’ll see what happens.

Brian Brushwood I think…

John C. Dvorak No, I’m talking about the overall, the market for the…

Leo Laporte I agree, I think I don’t get Natal.

Brian Brushwood I’m highly skeptical of Natal as I’ve seen it demonstrated before. But! Natal has that iPad-iPhone effect. Everybody who’s seen it live came away drooling, like ‘there’s something magical about it.’ So I don’t know.

Leo Laporte But you saw that dorky video of Veronica jumping around, I mean…

Brian Brushwood I know.

Leo Laporte And if something that Veronica does, does not look good, that’s not good. There’s pretty much no matter what she does, that looks good.

Brian Brushwood She makes everything look good.

Leo Laporte She makes everything look good. Make everything sound like…

Brian Brushwood If she can’t save Natal, nobody can.

Leo Laporte No one can. So as people turn to the Internet to catch movies, TV shows and other content, eMarketer says that by 2014, 77% of internet users will watch videos online.

Brian Brushwood I can’t believe that it’d be that low!

Leo Laporte Seems like it should be higher now.

Brian Brushwood Well, I mean I guess the way it is phrased is, “at all”, like they will watch any video online. I can’t believe…

Leo Laporte So currently, it is only 66.7%.

Brian Brushwood Take four years…

Leo Laporte This is bogus.

Brian Brushwood And only 11% growth?

Leo Laporte No, it’s going to be 100% of video will be online in the year 2014.

Brian Brushwood You heard Leo, it will be 100% in 20 minutes.

Leo Laporte 100%, yes. In the year 2525, if man…

Brian Brushwood If indeed, man’s still alive.

Leo Laporte Still alive, if woman can survive, they will be watching their video their video on the Internet. Video growth overall is slowing, it says, or will slow.

Brian Brushwood Now, that – I don’t know. It seems like that would be a symptom of maturing. Would it not?

Leo Laporte Yes, I guess 77% means almost everybody, right?

Brian Brushwood I mean virtually everything that comes out on television now is instantly available in some kind of online format, whether it be Hulu, whether it be I guess on demand, YouTube.

Leo Laporte Violent video games are harmless, John, you’ve said this for years, now according to the review of general psychology, Texas A&M researchers examined 118 teens, and found that violent video games actually are quite safe for most youths to play. The only youths who shouldn’t play violent video games are those who tend to be…

John C. Dvorak Violent.

Leo Laporte Violent.

John C. Dvorak Psychopaths.

Leo Laporte Yes, highly neurotic, less agreeable, and less conscientious.

John C. Dvorak Yes, that makes sense.

Leo Laporte If you are not sick already it’s not going to make you sick. In fact, this is kind of interesting, as video games become more popular. Children in the U.S. and Europe are having fewer behavioral problems, are less violent, now this might be false causality I mean we don’t know why, and score better on standardized tests. Violent video games, at least we know this, have not created a generation of crazed whacked-out youth trying to kill zombies with a mallet.

Brian Brushwood This is a very predictable formula that happens year after year, every decade there is a new form of entertainment that puzzles the older generation. In my generation it was Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeons & Dragons are going to make you crazy.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes.

Brian Brushwood You are going to want to cast spells.

John C. Dvorak And by the way Brian, that did make people crazy.

Leo Laporte It made adults crazy.

John C. Dvorak Completely insane.

Leo Laporte You kids.

Brian Brushwood It made adults lonely, is what it made, just sitting in their parents basement at all. And what happens is as the generation gets older and they realize that the world is not going to end and then they are like oh well, we’ll like the next thing. Next it’ll be Twitter.

Leo Laporte We should and Don Reisinger is reporting this on CNET, in his column The Digital Home, he does say, well, that’s one study, a recent study from Iowa, which was actually a survey of 130 different studies on violent video games. Says, in fact youths are negatively affected by violent video games, “We can now say with utmost confidence that regardless of research method, that is experimental correlation or a longitudinal, and regardless of the cultures tested in studies, east versus west, you get the same effect. Exposure to violent video games increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior in both short and long term context”.

Brian Brushwood Though, I wonder how much of that is self correcting because the type of people who have violent tendencies or whatever seem like the type of people who are going to want to express them in a video game environment which I would say is healthier than expressing them in the real life.

Leo Laporte Are you shuffling cards, John, what are you up to there?

John C. Dvorak I’m shuffling cards.

Leo Laporte He is working on his deal.

Brian Brushwood But like meanwhile the type of people who aren’t – who don’t have violent tendencies, there are video games that are too violent like my daughter is six years old and there is this awesome, awesome game on the Adult Swim website called Robot Unicorn Attack.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood And it’s too violent for my six year old daughter.

Leo Laporte Robot Unicorn Attack!

Brian Brushwood It’s a robot unicorn that just jumps, that’s all the game is but when the…

Leo Laporte It scares her!

Brian Brushwood When you jump wrong it blows up, and that’s too violent for my daughter and so it’s like I don’t think…

Leo Laporte How about Vuvuzela Attack? Vuvuzela Attack.

John C. Dvorak I think you guys are high.

Brian Brushwood Robot Unicorn Vuvuzela.

Leo Laporte Oh! Baby, that’s scary. That’s a scary ass game. Now somebody in the chat room is pointing out that that Iowa study is by Craig Anderson and I have to say this underscores the fact that it also depends who is doing this and what acts they have to grind.

Brian Brushwood Correct. Correct.

Leo Laporte Because this guy thinks all media is bad.

Brian Brushwood Who was the guy – there was a guy that recently got disbarred because on the floor he called it simulated murder.

Leo Laporte Jack – yes.

Brian Brushwood Well, the chat room will have the answer for us instantly but I was listening to the PC Gamer podcast and they could barely contain their joy as they reported the news…

Leo Laporte Jack Thompson.

Brian Brushwood Jack Thompson, the guy who is on this outrageous with no evidence to support and bender saying that video games were simulated murder…

Leo Laporte Yes, he was really…

Brian Brushwood Oh my goodness.

Leo Laporte All right, we are going to come back…

John C. Dvorak Wait, before you go of to that commercial let me add something to this conversation.

Leo Laporte Certainly.

John C. Dvorak You know, video games, or I mean most simulations done by the army or if you are going to learn to fly 747 for example, you go into a simulator which is nothing more than a glamorized video game and the army tank corps uses these sorts of games to improve their skills so you can actually, I mean the video game might not turn you violent but if you are – the simulations are real, I mean, you actually do learn things, I’ve always said that my sons who like to play Grand Theft Auto wouldn’t go steal a car, but if they ever did they’d be good at it.

Brian Brushwood Absolutely. And that has two sides. First of all, for example, we went and played Paintball for the first time.

John Dvorak Yes, and I have said this before.

Brian Brushwood I have never played paintball, ever. But the moment the game started, there were things I just inherently knew.

Leo Laporte You knew.

Brian Brushwood Because of I played Counter-Strike.

Leo Laporte Like get the BFG 9000.

Brian Brushwood Yes! Well, no, like, always strafe, always come at them from the side. And more importantly…

Leo Laporte No, it’s true. I was – you know what, I was playing Laser Tag a couple of weeks ago, and I camped on the spawn point. And that really works.

Brian Brushwood And I tell you, there was a time that I honestly think video games saved my life.

Leo Laporte Now it doesn’t work in Mogadishu.

Brian Brushwood I was in an ice skid.

Leo Laporte No!

Brian Brushwood Austin doesn’t get cold weather very often, and when it does, nobody knows how to drive on it. And so sure enough, I started to skid. And it was totally automatic, without thinking about it, I’d been playing a lot of Need for Speed at the time, and I rolled the skid properly.

Jim looks like he has something – you had the exact same thing happen?

Jim Cutler I had the same thing driving up here. I was going…

Leo Laporte He’s not on mic, so. Pull the mic…

John Dvorak Well, somebody in the chat room chimed in, ‘Games don’t make you a killer, they make you a better killer.’

Jim Cutler The same thing happened to me. I was coming up here too fast, and I said to my wife, ‘I learned from the game Blur not to hit the brakes in the turn. Hit the brakes…’

Leo Laporte After the turn.

Brian Brushwood That’s right. That’s right. There you go.

Leo Laporte Yeah. You accelerate into the turn, you brake out of it.

Brian Brushwood So we may be more violent, but we’re safer drivers.

Jim Cutler You notice though that – things are more violent on the road today because of video games, because…

Leo Laporte You think road rage is more common?

Jim Cutler Well, no, 10 years ago, did you ever see people throwing bananas out onto the road?

Leo Laporte No. It’s true. You’d never see that, you’d never see that.

Brian Brushwood Wait, are you accusing us because of Mario Kart?

Jim Cutler Is that what you’re saying, [indiscernible] (46:20) turtle shells that go [indiscernible] (46:23)

Leo Laporte Never would you see that. You would never see that.

All right. We’re going to celebrate some anniversaries in just a bit. I should mention – give him credit, Jim Cutler is in the studio. Jim was for many years the voice of TechTV. He did a lot of our promo stuff, he used to do the voice of many, many television and radio stations. It’s nice to see you.

Jim Cutler Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here. I’d say the ‘netcasts you love,’ and I hear more people say, ‘hey, I hear you’re on TWiT!’

Leo Laporte He’s done the beginning of every show. He’s the guy going ‘netcasts you love.’ And then it’s actually a friend who says ‘from people you trust.’ I should get Don to do that.

Brian Brushwood Can I get you to record an intro for NSFW?

Jim Cutler Sure.

Brian Brushwood Like, ‘netcasts you hate from people you don’t trust.’

Leo Laporte Well, you know, Jim recorded some really funny ones that we’ve used only a few times, like – oh, there was one about Sarah Lane. ‘netcasts you love from people you trust.’

Jim Cutler No, it was when Sarah had broken up with…

Leo Laporte Kevin.

Jim Cutler And I said – it was an intro for when Kevin was going to be on it. I said, ‘hey, Sarah’s my sister,’ or something like that.

Leo Laporte Kevin Rose! I have a few of those still somewhere that I haven’t used, all the gag ones that Jim cut. But maybe you could cut some more. Jim’s the greatest. Jim Cutler –

Jim Cutler Yes, indeed.

Leo Laporte Give you a plug.

Jim Cutler Thank you.

Leo Laporte We shall return in just a – I should make Jim do the commercial, because he’s a professional?

Jim Cutler Is this an Audible?

Leo Laporte You want to do an Audible spot?

Jim Cutler I’d like to participate.

Leo Laporte Are you an Audible listener?

Jim Cutler I got into Audible because of you, are you kidding? I back up with Carbonite. All right? I’m into Audible books.

Leo Laporte He does it all!

Jim Cutler I love Audible.

Leo Laporte He does it all! And by the way, John has put up – I like this – one of those old Indian head test patterns. Where’d you get that, John? That’s awesome!

Brian Brushwood That looks like a physical piece of paper he put in front of the…

Leo Laporte Oh, it definitely is.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

John C. Dvorak It is looking – it moves. Yeah, that is a – I have a copy. I’ll send it to you.

Brush Brushwood What is that, After Effects plug-in? How are you doing that?

Leo Laporte You know, I have one with my head in it. In an Indian – somebody sent me one, yeah.

Brush Brushwood That’s awesome.

Leo Laporte So let’s mention Audible., long-time sponsor of the show, they do great stuff. It’s – you should do an audio book. Have you and Don ever thought about doing an audio book?

Jim Cutler I have – I would love to do an audio book.

Leo Laporte I don’t know if there’s much money in it.

Jim Cutler I know you did one.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I did a short one. It’s a lot of work.

Jim Cutler I got into audio – oh, I did do an audio book.

Leo Laporte You did? In Boston?

Jim Cutler I got into Audible because of you. And I should do the spot like Jason Calacanis does.

Leo Laporte ‘Oooh – Audible.’

Jim Cutler I should say ‘me and Robert Redford were hanging out with Madonna, listening to an audio book.’ No, I’m just kidding. I’m a kidder, I’m a kidder.

Leo Laporte That’s kind of Jason right there.

Jim Cutler But I got into audio books with John’s suggestion. John said – get Economic Hit Man.

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Yeah.

Jim Cutler What a great book! From there, I went on to another TWiT suggestion, which was the book about the divers.

Leo Laporte Oh, Shadow Divers. Awesome!

Jim Cutler What a book! If you’re thinking about an Audible account, just start with those two. It will blow you away.

Leo Laporte I agree.

Jim Cutler They are great books. Audible is terrific because – actually, I need a better account, because I go through a book very quickly. I guess you can get two…

Leo Laporte There’s a Gold account, which is one book a month.

Jim Cutler Yeah.

Leo Laporte And then we have a deal for the Platinum account, which is two a month. You need more than two?

Jim Cutler No, I only have one.

Leo Laporte Oh, you should get the Platinum. So you go to Audible dot – this is such a setup, I can’t believe you did it – just go to And by the way, because Jim is a voiceover guy, we’re not showing his face, just his hands and the microphone.

Go to, and when you sign up for the Platinum account, you get two books. Now, I say free, and I should explain what that means. It means your first two books, they don’t charge you for. They will charge you the next month unless you quit, and you can cancel at any time. And those books will always be yours to keep. So it’s free in that respect.

Jim Cutler I have done that a couple of times. I have deleted a book, and then you go back to the site…

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s always there!

Jim Cutler And your books are always there.

Leo Laporte Yeah, unlike iTunes, you can get your book all the time. Here’s that book you recommended, Shadow Divers: Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War II. This is about – true story of deep sea divers who discover a U-boat. And it is a really an amazing story.

Jim Cutler It’s amazing.

Leo Laporte I’m going to search for – I did a while ago for Audible, my top twenty books. And I should put this link in the show notes. It’s Leo Laporte’s Top Twenty – you could probably just Google Leo Laporte’s Top 20 in And that Shadow Divers is one of them that I highly – these are books that are great books but also great performances. That’s one of the things about Audible.

Jim Cutler Oh, right there, Born Standing Up. I read that one last year. Phenomenal.

Leo Laporte Steve Martin? And he reads it. And he reads it. So it’s his voice, which is awesome.

David McCullough doing John Adams, unbelievable. Life of Pi, Yann Martel did an amazing job of bringing that book to life. It was a great book. Beautiful, beautiful book. And Yann Martel does a wonderful job of reading it.

Neil Gaiman reads a number of his books. But actually, the recommendation I make for Neverwhere was not read by Neil Gaiman, but was – I don’t think he read that one.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, a lot of people think that ‘read by the author’ is the best way to go.

Leo Laporte Not always good.

Brian Brushwood I disagree. I in general want somebody who is a professional at making book sound awesome.

Leo Laporte Unless the author is John Hodgman reading The Areas of My Expertise. Now there’s an author who can read.

[Excerpt from Audiobook]

Leo Laporte John Hodgman reading The Areas of My Expertise. Don’t get fooled by the ‘abridged’ here. It’s only abridged in the strictest sense of the word, there’s actually more material in the audiobook. And I’ll be honest with you, the hard thing is going to be to choose. Just two books, there’s so many great ones. But, you know, it’s just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with Audible.

Brian Brushwood Once you start, you’re going to be doing it a long time.

Leo Laporte Here is one that I really liked. I don’t know if people know this. C. S. Lewis, who wrote The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is also a famous Christian philosopher. And he wrote a book called The Screwtape Letters, which was the devil writing to a demon talking about how to hoodwink mankind. Now whether you believe or not, it is one of the best most funny books ever written and – actually I’ve got the wrong one on here. The one I like is narrated by John Cleese.

Brian Brushwood Oh, could not be any better.

Leo Laporte So John Cleese as the devil. So there are – apparently, there is a number of versions of this because this is Ralph Cosham reading it. Oh, maybe they no longer have the John Cleese version. Boy, that was incredible.

Jim Cutler Can I recommend one too?

Leo Laporte Sure.

Jim Cutler There is a wonderful author named Paulo Coelho.

Leo Laporte Oh, I love this. I have it too.

Jim Cutler The Alchemist, one of my favorite books, absolutely wonderful.

Leo Laporte Briefly, Apple offered that book for free.

Jim Cutler Did they?

Brian Brushwood Really?

Leo Laporte But you know what? [ph] It can be yours for free (53:15) again, one more time, just go to, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. That’s had an interesting story because that book was not selling. And Coelho really wanted his publisher to give it away. And they wouldn’t. So he went to Russia and – he is Brazilian and gave it away in Russia and got word of mouth going around in Russia and created a whole bunch of interest in this book and literally propelled the book to bestseller status. It’s a fascinating story and really a beautiful book; that little shepherd boy.

Jim Cutler It’s about following your dreams.

Leo Laporte That’s what it is and since you and I both –

Brian Brushwood Dream followers, where has that gotten us? [Indiscernible] (53:58).

Leo Laporte Are there any dream followers in this room?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, right. That’s the other thing I love, is the type of people who show up on this program, all tend to be people who go against the grain.

Leo Laporte Yeah, by the way, Jeff Jarvis called Paulo Coelho ‘the Googliest author’ and what would Google do. He is the Googliest author. A fan posted a Russian translation of one of his novels online. Sales of his book went from 3,000 to one million in three years with no additional promotion.

Jim Cutler It’s that good of a book.

Leo Laporte And so he started putting his books on Pirate Bay.

Jim Cutler Wow.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that a great story?

Jim Cutler He is a cool guy.

Leo Laporte Yeah, he just says, come on, just download it.

Brian Brushwood I dare you.

Leo Laporte I dare you.

Brian Brushwood And go.

Leo Laporte But now they sell. And this is what Cory Doctorow has always said, you don’t have to hold on so tight. People will reward your work if it’s good work;, we thank them for rewarding our work.

Steve Ballmer has been at Microsoft for – oh, John, you can take down the Indian head.

Brian Brushwood He’s gone.

Jim Cutler He’s [ph] morphed. (54:59)

Leo Laporte He’s gone. He’s gone. Oh, somebody is saying…

John C. Dvorak I am back.

Leo Laporte …there is a hardcover of The Alchemist with art by Moebius. Now that would be awesome.

Brian Brushwood Oh, wow.

Leo Laporte Would that not be awesome? Incredible. I wonder where – if I could find my test pattern. I have an Indian head test –

John C. Dvorak Oh, you’re just a copycat.

Brian Brushwood I know I am not, I am what’s on the screen right now.

Leo Laporte I had it first.

Jim Cutler Leo, when John was doing Silicon Spin, I wrote a letter to TechTV – I guess it was ZDTV at the time.

Leo Laporte Get that [indiscernible] (55:30) off the air.


Jim Cutler No, no, no. And by the way, every once in a while –

John C. Dvorak [ph] Get plenty of them (55:34).

Jim Cutler Every once in a while, you have some hipster on your – I forgot who it is. They keep calling him Dvorak. Hey, Dvorak. It’s Mr. Dvorak.

Leo Laporte Mr. Dvorak.

Jim Cutler He’s been around since Mark Twain.

Leo Laporte And deserves to be Mr. Dvorak. (55:45)

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (55:49). Call me Mr.

Jim Cutler So I wrote a letter to ZDTV saying, hey, leave John alone, you’re obviously making him do the same ad-lib at the beginning of Silicon Spin. He’d say, all right, we got these coffee mugs, and he’d hold up, and soon it’s going to be on eBay. And it was the same ad-lib literally everyday. And I know what that is. That’s the producer saying, come on, you got to be loose, John. You got to this ad-lib.

Leo Laporte Somehow I doubt.

Jim Cutler So I wrote this angry letter and then a week later, I get a call to be the voice of TechTV.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s funny.

Jim Cutler And I thought, oh, man, I hope nobody –

John C. Dvorak Where is my finder’s fee?

Leo Laporte You found Jim Cutler in a world where coffee cups are sold on eBay. Steve Ballmer has been – I find this hard to believe – at Microsoft, 30 years ago, June 11 was his anniversary. He was hired on as its first business manager. You want to guess what his salary was as the 24th employee at Microsoft?

Brian Brushwood $22,000.

Leo Laporte No, little more than that, it’s 50.

Brian Brushwood 50,000.

Leo Laporte $50,000.

Brian Brushwood He was the –

John C. Dvorak That’s high for Microsoft.

Leo Laporte Yeah, probably. He has served as the head of Operating Systems Development, Operations, and Sales and Support. Of course, he is the CEO today. Is Steve Ballmer good for Microsoft, John C. Dvorak?

John C. Dvorak Well, I wrote an entire column on this for MarketWatch.

Leo Laporte What a surprise.


John C. Dvorak I think two weeks ago. So, you might want to read it.

Leo Laporte Okay.

John C. Dvorak And I – my thinking is, is that if you take a look at the – in fact, Horowitz and I talked about this. So if you take a look at the graph that’s been going around, oh, look at this compared to Apple. You don’t compare anything to Apple. Apple was up and down and up and down. And in fact the company was in the toilet when Steve Jobs came around. So now they’re trying to make Ballmer look like an idiot because all of a sudden, Apple looks so good and Microsoft has actually been flat.

But if you look at anybody else’s stock from the year 2000 because Microsoft ramped – to 2000, essentially, the stock went flat compared to Yahoo! stock, which took the big dip that everybody else took when the dot com collapse occurred. It never happened to Microsoft. They stabilized at a very high level and kind of stayed there. Yeah, the stock hasn’t done anything since the year 2000 but beside the point the company makes a lot of money and I don’t see anybody else running the company except Ballmer. And I think they criticize him because he is pretty much of a screwball and he is like, he doesn’t do anything –

Leo Laporte He’s a character. That’s for sure.

John C. Dvorak He doesn’t collect cars. He doesn’t do yacht racing. He doesn’t do all the stuff that Larry Ellison does that’s kind of interesting. And so he’s kind of a dull guy by comparison. But the fact of the matter is who would replace him? Nobody.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Who would want to?

John C. Dvorak No, that too.

Leo Laporte Maybe he will run for Governor of California, why the hell not?

John C. Dvorak Or Washington. He’d definitely do better than the person that’s up there. But the point is, is that Ballmer is always being slammed and it’s because he is – I think it’s because he is relatively uninteresting and he also does this crazy – he did the monkey dance and all the [ph] rest of which is (58:41) –

Leo Laporte Yeah, developers, developers, developers.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, as soon as [indiscernible] (58:43) –

John C. Dvorak But he’s – I think he is a good – unless they come up with a genius that can do something wild, I think the company is fine. I mean – but the stocks – it hasn’t done anything and never will again.

Leo Laporte Is it because it’s a hard act to follow Bill Gates’ – how can you follow Bill Gates?

John C. Dvorak Well, you know, Bill Gates was working with Ballmer all those years. And they have had other CEOs come and go. And Gates is a charismatic character and Ballmer is not. That’s the difference.

Leo Laporte Right, right. Well, Microsoft, you know, I think one of the reasons they succeeded in this decade is because they were in the sweet spot of technology, which is selling an [ph] operating system (59:22).

Brian Brushwood The sweet spot of course being dominating all of computer, Internet, OS sales.

Leo Laporte And software, but we are moving to the cloud. And I don’t know if Microsoft can make that move very effectively and I don’t know if Microsoft has much of a future in a cloud dominated world.

John C. Dvorak No, no, I’m not buying into this cloud is everything. I mean a couple of collapses, people losing stuff, I mean the problem I have with the cloud is not that it doesn’t – isn’t a good idea for certain things like maybe backups. But the fact of the matter is you’re on some system, let’s say, Google or some other program that – Google for example, wants you to have – make sure that you use the same exact email address for everything you do there. So you start doing it and you start getting into cloud, you totally involve with the Google cloud, let’s say, and then for some reason or other because of your account being compromised or something else that maybe your Gmail account, you start sending out spam, Google says, oh, this guy, let’s cut him off, you get cut off from the cloud, you are cut off, they just – and who do you call, what customer service exists at Google, you could have all your stuff pretty much tied up from months on end. I don’t trust the…

Brian Brushwood I was really, really shocked, my assistant OMG Chad wanted a particular account on YouTube, and you know that was OMG Chad, the guy had never used it and he was – is in the process of trade-marking the name, so we tried to call because the instructions on the website were very Byzantine, very difficult to figure out what we were supposed to do. I was shocked at how almost belligerently unhelpful, you could tell that there is – you know I’ve worked in a call center before and you could tell when there is a culture that’s been created that pretty much says, yea, give them the run around till they hang up.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood And this was clearly the case. It was just like they stated over and over again, read the paper, read the paper, I’m like I’m reading the exact article you are pointing to, it does not answer my question and you don’t get anywhere until you say can I speak to your supervisor and they say, why they are going to tell you the same thing I’m going to tell you, and it wasn’t until I said, I’m sorry are you refusing to escalate my call to a supervisor that they actually listened and did something about it. I was shocked at how unhelpful real people were when I called Google.

Leo Laporte Google is not known for support; in fact I don’t even know if they have support…

Brian Brushwood You had to do some searching…

John C. Dvorak If you are going to go into the cloud [indiscernible] (61:28) promised – these promised services…

Leo Laporte They better have support.

John C. Dvorak They should find the old group that used to do WordPerfect support. That was notorious for being unbelievably great. I mean WordPerfect was never a product…

Leo Laporte That’s right.

John C. Dvorak …that I ever liked. But it was like people, wow…

Leo Laporte The people liked it just because of the support, yeah. So you are not alone, the Pew Institute, Pew Center of Research people, folks for the Internet & American Life Project said in a survey by 2020 Internet users say they will keep their data mostly in the cloud. However, when asked Chief Scientist, Craig Partridge at BBN, which – who invented the Internet by the way, said I think the big issue will be information privacy, how you really control access to your valuable data if it’s in the cloud. We are seeing this with Facebook, once they got the data, they kind of do what they want with it. How do you retrieve your prized novel or your business records if the cloud fails…

Brian Brushwood I’m much less worried about the cloud failing than I’m worried about my account being compromised. Just in the last six weeks…

Leo Laporte How about this one?

Brian Brushwood …I’ve had two people send me desperate e-mails that they were stuck in England and needed me to wire them some money…

Leo Laporte I get that all the time.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, and it’s like once that happens to your cloud account I mean, they are going to – you are screwed.

Leo Laporte Yes. How about this one? People, we will have a huge blowup, this is Ray Wang, Partner at the Altimeter Group, we will have a huge blowup with terrorism in the cloud and people will go back to the PC, people will lose confidence.

Brian Brushwood Terrorists will blow up the cloud.

Leo Laporte Cyber attacks cripple major systems. The cloud will be there but we will be stuck in hybrid mode or at least the next 40 years as people live with some level of fear.

Brian Brushwood I would – is there a way on Google Docs for me to backup a hard copy of everything like with one click, just one giant file that I could keep on a physical drive in the event that everything becomes compromised.

Leo Laporte Yeah. You should go to the Data Liberation Front.

Brian Brushwood Oh really?

Leo Laporte Yeah, this is a Google project,, Google realized that this was a real concern I think for people that they were storing their stuff and so Google is – Google created this almost this kind of pirate site – organization whose mission statement is user should be able to control the data they store in any of Google’s products, our team’s goal is to make it easier to move data in and out, and so they are exactly doing what you want which is creating a way for people to get the data out, now use Backupify.

Brian Brushwood Most people in the chat room are saying Backupify.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood So that will work for that?

Leo Laporte Yeah, Backupify is pretty amazing but I think what you are going to see is Google themselves realizing that they are never going to get people adopting the cloud unless they answer these specific issues.

Brian Brushwood Well, and chat room is pointing out you can always save the files locally from the cloud but I do not want to go through and save individual files, I want to know everything.

Leo Laporte If you go to Google Docs there is a button that will save everything.

Brian Brushwood Good. Good, good.

Leo Laporte Backupify does it automatically though. See that’s manual, I think you should do it automatically, so Backupify will back up your Gmail and will back up your Flickr. One of the things that made it easy for me to [ph] link (64:30) my Facebook account was I have been using Backupify, so every picture and everything, I don’t have to worry if I had duplicates, I did, I knew I’d – but just in case Google Docs, Google Calendar, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, all backed up, this is a great service, they were giving it away for free when I started doing it and…

John C. Dvorak Talking about duplicates…

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak Is there a program out there, a good one that can just plow through your hard disk, look at checksums and dates and everything and find all – I mean I have so many duplicates of various files and especially columns because I’m always fearful that I’m going to I have this – I keep a thumb drive actually with all my work in it with – it’s like two gigabyte thumb drive I keep in the car and…

Leo Laporte Oh man, there you go. That’s it. Just keep your data in the car.

John C. Dvorak Looks like it’s a good thing to do because if the house burns to the ground you are going to have your backups go with it, right.

Leo Laporte That’s why I keep spare clothes and water in the car.

John C. Dvorak Well, I actually keep my spare clothes in water.

Leo Laporte There you go. They’ll never burn.

John C. Dvorak But anyway, so the point is is that is there some…

Leo Laporte Where is the poor mileage?

John C. Dvorak …good program – a good program that goes through your – plows through your terabyte hard drive and gives you a list of the backups, or the ones you have too many copies of, five copies, you don’t need it.

Brian Brushwood That is almost certainly.

Leo Laporte Sure there is.

Brian Brushwood I think that is going to be a…

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (65:45)?

Leo Laporte I don’t know,, the Clone Remover.

Brian Brushwood Yes, did you just make that up, is there a Deduper?

Leo Laporte Oh, there is a lot. There is a thousand Dedupers.

Brian Brushwood Well, I tell you what…

Leo Laporte There is even SuperDeDuper.

Brian Brushwood There is SuperDeDuper, [ph] CooperScooper (66:01).

John C. Dvorak I’ll look into it. Maybe I’ll ask my Twitter followers, maybe they’ll come up with something…

Leo Laporte Duplicate Cleaner.

John C. Dvorak …because you are not taking this seriously.

Leo Laporte No, I’ve given you real stuff. This is all from the chat room.

Brian Brushwood Duplicate Cleaner. I know there is Deduper. I’ve used that. Clone Remover, but the chat room seems to agree that Duplicate Cleaner is their favorite.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, I tell you there’s a lot…

John C. Dvorak I’m seeing a lot of SuperDeDuper.

Leo Laporte I just made that up.

John C. Dvorak Or they are just making fun of you?

Leo Laporte They are making fun of me. Duplicate Cleaner from DigitalVolcano, John.

Brian Brushwood I think there’s a tremendous market for software that interprets all these duplicates, like whatever happened to, I heard there was an initiative that Microsoft was working on a couple of years ago, where it would look at all of your pictures, figure out, hey, all these were taken at around the same time, compositionally they all look really similar, this is clearly a trip you went on and put it in a file and organize them together.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. Whatever happened to that stuff?

Brian Brushwood I don’t know. I am…

John C. Dvorak More BS for Microsoft.

Brian Brushwood …because I’ve got a bunch of duplicate files and I have no idea what came when.

Leo Laporte Well, you know, it seems like, it’s interesting because we’ve been given the tools to pump out a lot of data and it really is easy to create a ton of stuff and we’re just not given the tools yet to manage it. It’s the same thing with information on the Internet. I mean, I think that this has been – the next stage of Internet will be how to make sense of it.

Brian Brushwood Right. We need aggregators, we need softwares.

Leo Laporte [ph] Cheerleaders (67:28), aggregators, interpreters.

Brian Brushwood Just as Google is the finder app that allows us to find anything on the Internet, we need the Meta Google that will allow us to organize and understand.

Leo Laporte And I talked about this on the radio show because I think that Google’s already seen that their days are numbered as a search engine because nowadays search is not what you want. Search is too blunt of an instrument. You want somebody to tell you what’s the hot new thing, what’s the great video, what’s the place to go, how would you use Google to find the best clone Deduper.

Brian Brushwood What I want is go to Google.

John C. Dvorak You can’t.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood What I want is to go to Google and find an annoying giant hi-res random picture in the background. If only they would do that…

Leo Laporte If only they – you mean like Bing.

Brian Brushwood …for about 12 hours until they pull the plug on it.

Leo Laporte I can’t figure out if it’s because they were worried Bing would sue them. Microsoft tweeted the funniest tweet.

Brian Brushwood Oh, dude. Yes, that was my favorite moment of the whole thing. It was Microsoft Europe that put out the exact tweet and I know you’re calling it up right now, but for those who missed it for about – I guess, it was around midnight, on Friday night, I logged in and I was shocked to see what looked like a terrible crappy rip-off of Bing’s nice image [indiscernible] (68:34).

Leo Laporte I don’t know how that got by Marissa Mayer who’s the keeper of the UI.

Brian Brushwood Turned on, this is Google who put out a press release about how they were able to shape one word [indiscernible] (68:46)

Leo Laporte And it says means of…

Brian Brushwood …because we want to stay as [ph] mean (68:49) as possible. And then they do the most obvious hack rip-off of Bing by throwing tacky, annoying, busy images in the background. This is the quote right here, this is the one.

Leo Laporte This is on Twitter by MS Europe, we’ve lost the background image. If found please return to See this is how you should respond instead of that nasty sniping that Apple and Google are doing, where they are hey, just tweet, make a funny tweet.

Brian Brushwood Well, I’d tell you, apparently enough people all disliked it and apparently there was a bug.

Leo Laporte I didn’t even see it. I never got to see it.

Brian Brushwood Oh dude, yeah, and there’s apparently a bug that when you try to enable just going back to the white background it wouldn’t work properly and people were so upset and especially for a company that has built its brand around meaning one thing, precise fast searches with no BS, you know it’s like you go, it’s very simple, very crisp, very fast and you get exactly what you want to do something that’s so out of character and so obviously an attempt to borrow inspiration from the competition.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I like Bing. I like the – but this is Bing, it’s already done, right?

John C. Dvorak Does anybody think it was a joke?

Leo Laporte No.

John C. Dvorak Because Microsoft – Google is always pulling crazy stunts?

Brian Brushwood Not in this case.

Brian Brushwood And one of the articles I’ve read…

Leo Laporte How do you know? Look – by the way, look what’s popular on Bing right now. World Cup results, van der Sloot, Tony Awards and vuvuzela.

John C. Dvorak Well, we have the title for the show.

Leo Laporte By the way I think it’s vuvuzela, I’ve been saying it wrong all this time.

Brian Brushwood You’ve got to remember that Bing has a person carefully curate what images they put on there and they are all framed.


Leo Laporte And please do not blow the vuvuzelas.

Brian Brushwood That’s like an Internet moment right now. You’re like please stop re-tweeting that link, please.

Leo Laporte Please, close your MiFi and do not blow – I would think at the next WWDC, the next Steve Jobs’ keynote we should all bring vuvuzelas.

Brian Brushwood I can’t imagine anything going wrong with that.

Leo Laporte Please do not blow the vuvuzela. By the way they didn’t stop for the vuvuzela.

Brian Brushwood And neither did the live bloggers for WWDC.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it’s a good exercise.

Leo Laporte So a crazy idea. I think there’s no explanation about why Google would even consider doing this. It just doesn’t make – it’s so uncharacteristic. I’d love to know what happened.

Brian Brushwood They wanted to showcase…

John C. Dvorak Maybe it was a hack.

Brian Brushwood They wanted to showcase the fact that you could add a background image if you want. And – but the thing is again, Bing has a person deciding on a balanced image that fits the layout.

Leo Laporte How could it be that they are somehow threatened by Bing?

John C. Dvorak No.

Brian Brushwood It certainly looked that way and I don’t think…

John C. Dvorak Was it a hack? It could be. What if somebody hacked them and he don’t want to admit it or if it was a joke?

Brian Brushwood No. They clearly said…

John C. Dvorak I don’t see if everybody wants to bypass this concept. It was only up for two hours.

Brian Brushwood No, no, it was up for 12 hours and they put out a press release.

Leo Laporte But John, you know why we want to bypass this because if it were true, it would be terrifying.

Brian Brushwood Well, if it was a hack, it was one that involves sending out a press release on behalf of Google saying we’ve added a brand new feature.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak That is actually a pretty good idea for a hack, for a hoax. Send out a press release. Do the hoax. Why would they add this as a feature anyway?

Brian Brushwood Again competition with Bing, people like it on the Bing.

Jim Cutler [Indiscernible] (72:17) world.

Brian Brushwood What is this?

[Sound Effect] [Laughter]

Leo Laporte All right, okay, we are –

Brian Brushwood You got to keep that bookmarked. Every time conversation gets boring, you just play that.

Leo Laporte You want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? [Sound Effect] Anyway, yeah, so Google will not be putting – I guess they have changed their minds, will not be –

John C. Dvorak So let’s get back to this other issue, which came up and which I think is important because I bring it up a lot and I’m going to keep bringing it up, which is the death of these search engines if they can’t deal with SEO. The fact – my example is you try to find – maybe besides trying to find the Deduper, I have always tried – I tried to find the world’s best weed whacker, the little thing with the string that spins around, and you can’t do it because all these – everyone is selling these things. And so they have SEO guys come in and they pump it up, nobody can do a comparison because you can’t – if it’s on Google, if you look it up, you will find this on page 80, you will never get there.

Brian Brushwood There is not like a – like CNET hasn’t – CNET or I guess I don’t know what websites you go to, to get comparisons.

John C. Dvorak There is probably 100 of these weed whackers and yeah, every site will have and maybe there’s a few legitimate sites that will compare five of them, it’s useless. And then if you try, I mean it’s just ridiculous. I know there is a metrics out there somewhere that – where somebody has compared all 100 of them. I will never find it. That’s what Google supposed to do for me. But most of these sites are like, well, that’s – then CNET, including all these guys, they sell these things, it’s all commercial. I can’t find the data. And Google has done nothing about this. They fight it off as best they can with anti-SEO concepts but the SEO guys have beaten the crap out of them.

Leo Laporte But I think it goes even farther than SEO. I think it really goes to the nature of how we get information on the Internet. I think a search engine is a blunt instrument for finding information that was good in the early days. But now because of real time, because of curation and aggregation, basically I don’t think it’s just SEO. There is just too much crap on the Internet. And a simple search as good as Google can get page rank. I don’t think a simple search is going to be enough. That’s why you need human editors. That’s why I think Google has added Twitter to its search results. If you search for World Cup on Google, you will get not only some traditional Google search results, but you will get a live real-time Twitter stream –

Brian Brushwood You know, that’s part of the reason like I have started doing searches and actually putting quotes around actually asking the question because –

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s interesting.

Brian Brushwood I don’t necessarily think –

Leo Laporte And that works?

Brian Brushwood It will lead me to the answer directly but what it’ll – but surely, somebody else has asked this question in a public forum. And a lot of times you get the Yahoo! Answers, which comes up and –

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Sometimes you get good answers, sometimes you don’t.

Leo Laporte And, John, we have gone through this before. Remember there were – link farms were like a real problem on Twitter a few years ago. All you would ever get is a link farm.

John C. Dvorak For Google, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I mean Google, not Twitter, yeah. And so I think that that’s part –

John C. Dvorak Yeah, the [ph] partner (75:09) sites used to come up all the time –

Leo Laporte Yeah, [ph] all partner (75:11) sites.

John C. Dvorak And they finally beat them back but these commercial sites that were all over the place. I mean none – try to find anybody out there. Go to Google and type in find the best cell phone, mobile phone plan, just put that in your search and see what you get. You get thousands and thousands of hits for people that are with bogus sites –

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak Phoney-baloney selling mobile phone services. And it’s just like it’s impossible.

Leo Laporte And that’s what –

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I can find Leo Laporte and that’s about all I can find on Google.

Leo Laporte It’s good for – exactly, it’s good for data objects but not for more abstract concepts. And by the way, that’s the point of Bing. Bing was exactly that, or at least that’s how Microsoft sold it, the idea.

John C. Dvorak It’s just Google warmed over.

Leo Laporte But it isn’t because it’s so hard to do algorithmically. Really the way to do it is with humans. And that’s to me why Twitter – the success of Twitter, truthfully, the success of Facebook.

Brian Brushwood I wonder what the critical mass is. There is some basic number of followers that I bet if you have it, when you shout out a random question, the odds become in your favor that somebody will happen to know the result. Now I try not to abuse it, but, oh my god, if I want a direct answer about something you ask it over Twitter and you get highly curated valuable responses out of the crowd, the wisdom of the crowds.

Jim Cutler Yeah.

Leo Laporte Or you just get a vuvuzela.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, forget the cloud, I am all about the crowd.

Leo Laporte Crowd, I am with you. I am with you and I think that’s what we are going to see. That’s the next stage. And I imagine that Google is running scared a little bit because their dominance is threatened by humans, oddly enough. The algorithmic –

John C. Dvorak Leo, the irony of this whole thing is that’s the way Yahoo! started.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak And then they gave up on it.

Leo Laporte Algorithmic search has its limits.

John C. Dvorak I mean Yahoo! would own the place if they had stuck to their guns and not brought in [indiscernible] (76:55) or whatever it’s –

Brian Brushwood Are they not doing the Yahoo! Answers anymore?

John C. Dvorak No, not the Answers, the original Yahoo! search –

Leo Laporte The direct search.

John C. Dvorak Directory.

Brian Brushwood Oh, [indiscernible] (77:03) actually having people physically make the directory, yeah, of course, of course.

Leo Laporte Although I don’t know if that works either. But that’s I think probably what Mahalo is all about, Yahoo! Answers, I think that’s probably the idea is, human-powered search, right?

Brian Brushwood But even if Google were to add something very simple like a Digg like effect where every time you got a search that gave you obvious SEO, you could just tag it and if enough people would weigh it down, you would bring in that human element. But I don’t know enough about their wizardry to know if that would work with their plan or not.

Leo Laporte There was a site we interviewed them on net@night called Aardvark that was the same idea. It was a recommend – kind of a recommendation search where you would – and Google bought them by the way – you would ask questions and then they would – your social graph would answer the questions. And what happened is, Google said, oh, good, and bought them.

Brian Brushwood By the way, Patrick Norton has been sending me direct messages saying he wanted in, yeah.

Leo Laporte Oh, we get him on.

Brian Brushwood He wanted to know if we were still on. He says he’s been trying to call.

Leo Laporte I am sorry, Patrick.

Brian Brushwood But I don’t know what he says about me, but he said, yeah, I knew you’d still be on Twitter.

Leo Laporte All right, press this button here, press that button there, he should show up magically.

So a couple of more stories. Did you see the Twitter account, the fake British Petroleum Twitter account?

Brian Brushwood Oh, I’ve been following it for a while.

Leo Laporte Hysterical.

Brian Brushwood Wizards.

Leo Laporte Brilliant. BP wants Twitter to put a disclaimer on there. They can’t get them to shut it down. I am sure they have tried.


Leo Laporte There he is, Patrick Norton. Hey, Patrick!

Patrick Norton Hey!

Leo Laporte Thank you for coming.

Patrick Norton Sorry, your email was so late, I was –

Leo Laporte No, it’s my fault. I should have emailed you sooner.

Patrick Norton I was checking my email as I was packing a boat up and I’m like, oh! I have a chance to be on TWiT!

Leo Laporte Oh, I wish you hadn’t done that. You can come on anytime.

Patrick Norton No, no, no, I didn’t –

Leo Laporte I hope it didn’t ruin your day.

Patrick Norton No, no, no. I was just really happy I finally broke down and – what’s the little box that you stick on your dashboard that goes beep when you go under the bridge tunnels?

Leo Laporte Oh, you have a Fast Track.

Patrick Norton Finally broke down and got a Fast Track, yes.

Leo Laporte You didn’t have one before?

Patrick Norton Well, the men could track me with a Fast Track


Leo Laporte Oh, you’re very privacy conscious, I didn’t know that. That’s awesome.

Patrick Norton No, it’s amazing. Actually I lost a lot of time. The baseball game let out, and everything around Third Street was full of Giants fans.

Leo Laporte Were they playing the Vuvuzela?


Patrick Norton I don’t know what the – there was some singing going on.

Leo Laporte [Sound Effect]

I actually can do it now, but the – it’s B flat. [Sound Effect] There it is. You saw – this is an image somebody put in the chat room. What game is that, Brian? Look up on the monitor over there.

Brian Brushwood Oh, that’s the Ocarina of Time. That looks like Link there doing the –

Leo Laporte This is – you played.

[Sound Effect]


Brian Brushwood That’s the Legend of Zelda game right there.

Leo Laporte Legend of Zelda. See, you know these.

Brian Brushwood See, this is good. I passed my first test. I’m in for the E3.

Leo Laporte You can now go to E3 with this.

Brian Brushwood By the way, you’re right. BPGlobalPR, the Twitter account, was asked to put a disclaimer to make it clear that this was not actually BP. So they put, “We are not associated with Beyond Petroleum, the company that has been destroying the Gulf of Mexico for 52 days”, the new disclaimer now reads –

Leo Laporte Beyond Petroleum?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, well that’s what the ads all say. I don’t know if they actually changed their name from British Petroleum to Beyond Petroleum.

Leo Laporte So what is the fake account? BP –

Brian Brushwood BPGlobalPR. The actual one is BP_America.

Leo Laporte We’re not killing animals in the Gulf. We’re creating fossils in the Gulf. Have a little perspective.


Brian Brushwood To create new fossil fuels, see? It’s part of the solution!

Leo Laporte And I love it. Every one of them has the #bpcares.


Leo Laporte Just dumped 40,000 barrels of free $25 BP Cares T-shirts into the Gulf.

Now the interesting thing is that the fine for British Petroleum is somewhere around $60 million. The fine for Limewire for stealing music, over $1 billion.

Brian Brushwood Well, the difference is, in BP’s defense, the government has capped liability for this. That’s part of the – whenever you get government involved with this.

Patrick Norton The government has capped claims of lost business. They have a cap on the amount of lost business they can pay. There is no cap on what they can pay or potentially fine them.

Leo Laporte To fix things?

Patrick Norton Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Interesting.

Patrick Norton There’s a difference. They’re only required to subsidize lost business due to the oil leak.

Brian Brushwood But the RIAA wants $1 billion from Limewire. And I’m sure Limewire is just sitting on $1 billion, can just write a check, make that happen?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Patrick Norton Well, you could say Limewire’s lawyers aren’t nearly as good as the ones – or I should say –

Leo Laporte Pirate Bay’s lawyers?

Patrick Norton Limewire’s relationship to the government isn’t nearly as good as say, the entire oil industry’s relationship.

Brian Brushwood By the way, isn’t there – doesn’t – talk about the RIAA, Hilary Rosen, doesn’t she work for BP now?

Leo Laporte No!

Brian Brushwood Yeah, that’s what I heard! On the chat room –

Leo Laporte Former president of the RIAA, Hilary Rosen.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, or certainly the spokesperson for the RIAA.

Leo Laporte Who then went to work for – I think for Obama, and is now working for BP. Well, that’s interesting.

John C. Dvorak She is?

Patrick Norton Oh, no, no, no.

Brian Brushwood I am almost certain. I could be very –

Leo Laporte Maybe Google can help us.

Brian Brushwood Oh, no, wait. Yeah, it says Hilary Rosen, first the RIAA, now BP, hyperbot.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Patrick Norton No, she works for a strategy group in DC,

Leo Laporte She’s at Brunswick Group, yeah.

Patrick Norton No, I think she left Brunswick and started her own firm and ended up at a place called

Brian Brushwood For an encore, Ms. Rosen in her capacity as a managing partner for the London PR firm, the Brunswick Group, has been hired by BP to put a pretty face on the oil spill in the Gulf!

Leo Laporte Yeah, well, they couldn’t find a better person for that, let me tell you.


Leo Laporte Wow. Geez Louise. She was responsible for the dismantling of Napster, for the passage of the DMCA. She initiated the Grokster lawsuit. She got the Performance Rights Act passed.

Brian Brushwood The rest of the article sums it up by saying, whether you want to listen to music or live on a planet not poisoned by corporate greed, Hilary Rosen is there to say, “you can’t.”

Leo Laporte Wow. You know, she’s like that tobacco industry spokesman in Thank You for Smoking. I mean she’s like – there are some people who just – they don’t care.

We’re going to take a break, come back with more. Thank you for joining us, Patrick Norton, the host of Tekzilla at is here.

Patrick Norton Glad to be here.

Leo Laporte So nice to see you and talk to you, we’ll find out what the latest is with Patrick. He’s also the host of one of our newest shows on the TWiT, this WEEK in COMPUTER HARDWARE.

Patrick Norton Yes.

Leo Laporte With Mr. Ryan Shrout and I show up from time to time.

Patrick Norton Yeah. It’s fun when you show up.

Leo Laporte It’s a great show. You know, and in fact, I used to do it with Ryan. And when I stopped, it was great because when I did The Screen Savers, I was really up on hardware, you and I – you covered it. And so I was able to keep up on it. And then I stopped following it. And – so it was really nice to do TWiCH because there’s a lot of changes going on. It’s a good way to keep up.

Patrick Norton I have to work really hard to keep up with Ryan, because Ryan’s on top of everything.

Leo Laporte Oh, he’s the guy. There’s John C. Dvorak’s – must be time for a commercial.

You know who’s in the studio with us, Patrick, is the old voice of TechTV, Jim Cutler, is here.

Patrick Norton Really?

Leo Laporte Yes!

Patrick Norton Oh my goodness.

Leo Laporte Yes. Say hi to Patrick.

Jim Cutler Dude, you and I wrote an article together a long time ago.

Leo Laporte Did you know that?

Patrick Norton A long time ago.

Leo Laporte Oh, you remember that!

Patrick Norton Like, nine years ago, I think.

Jim Cutler It was like nine years ago and I kept thinking, Patrick Norton, what’s the antivirus guy doing with TWiT?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jim Cutler And then we did TechTV and then I found the magazine and I said, holy cow!

Leo Laporte Patrick Norton in the house. Hey, we’re going to continue on in just a second with this WEEK in TECH and our hosts. But I got to tell you about backup and I got to tell you about something for business from Carbonite. You’ve heard me talk about Carbonite, the offsite backup that does such a great job. It’s automatic, runs in the background every time you’re connected to the Internet without slowing you down or your computer. It’s a must-have for everybody who has got data.

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18 computers, this is an example, 5 gigabytes on each computer, just $50 a month. 8 computers with 5 gigabytes per computer just $25 a month. It’s simply the most affordable way to back up your office. Now you can try it free for 30 days. And I have to say, I did the 30 day trial just to see how it was, really great, really helpful to give you a lot of information, say emails, saying here’s how is it going, what can we do., try it free for 30 days., brand new from Carbonite. We thank them for their support of this WEEK in TECH.

Twitter says, it’s been crashing a lot this week. They call them site availability issues, networking problem. They said it was some networking gear bit us in the butt. Problems are going on throughout the week. It’s interesting. I mean Twitter has been much better of late. I don’t know if – I didn’t really notice any problem this week but apparently teams are responding to this incident. There are no details on what network hardware.

But I have to say Twitter has been pretty good of late and I think…

John C. Dvorak No, it crashed on me a couple of times this week.

Leo Laporte Did it?

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte What do you use to tweet?

John C. Dvorak I used the website.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak How lame is that?

Leo Laporte That’s so sad. Well, you know what we say to people who say that. We say, blow me.

Brian Brushwood Oh, I was waiting for it. Wait, wait, wait, wait for it, wait for it, try again. Could it mean…

Leo Laporte Try again, try again, I didn’t hold it down long enough.

Brian Brushwood And cue this is Vuvuzela.

John C. Dvorak You are a sick man.

Leo Laporte Blow me.

Leo Laporte Wow, that’s very – that’s a musical. By the way, that’s, if you would like to participate in the blow out. Do you guys use WikiLeaks? Are you familiar with WikiLeaks? I think WikiLeaks…

Brian Brushwood I am familiar with it by reputation only. I don’t usually hit on over there.

Leo Laporte It’s a huge, huge asset to the United States, founded by an Australian who by the way does not publish his name because he publishes some really steamy stuff. John, do you ever use WikiLeaks? I mean…

John C. Dvorak Yes, I think it’s a front for the CIA.

Leo Laporte What? What? They don’t know…

John C. Dvorak I mean that guy that got busted just recently he’s talked about how he gave them that video. He gave them other videos and then also a bunch of other things and WikiLeaks never ran any of that stuff and they are not going to.

Leo Laporte Well, according to The Daily Beast and ABC News, Pentagon investigators are trying to determine the whereabouts of Julian Assange, the Australian…

John C. Dvorak Was that the guy recently on some TV show? I mean how hard can it be to find?

Leo Laporte They are worried he is going to publish a huge cache of classified State Department cables.

John C. Dvorak Oh, there is the giveaway. We talked about this on No Agenda today by the way. Cables, what’s State Department cables?

Brian Brushwood We have some very important telegrams, sir.

Leo Laporte Stop.

Patrick Norton You didn’t say it was from this century, John.

Leo Laporte Hitler is attacking, stop.

John C. Dvorak Stop.

Brian Brushwood Dateline 2010, stop. Important cables leaked over the inter tubes.

Leo Laporte Leaked by a 22-year-old Army intelligence specialist, Bradley Manning of Potomac, Maryland, who is now in custody and the Feds are worried because they say these cables are prepared by diplomats and State Department officials throughout the Middle East, regarding the workings of Arab governments and their leaders. Sounds like it could be pretty embarrassing.

John C. Dvorak Well, we heard from other sources that the cables are mostly about Vatican, the Vatican and pedophiles.

Leo Laporte Oh, that would be even more embarrassing.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Brian Brushwood Yes, and shocking.

Leo Laporte What?

John C. Dvorak Yes, we are stunned.

Leo Laporte What?

Brian Brushwood What?

Leo Laporte There is gambling going on.

Patrick Norton Looks like you’re running, sir. I think when they come from me, I hope you do more than that.

Leo Laporte I thought it was – that you guys today were talking, John, about the dangers of sitting, this report direct from the No Agenda newsroom.

[Advertisement] (90:14)

Brian Brushwood She sounds like she is having a hard time keeping from laughing as she says it.

Leo Laporte She sounds like she’s about to laugh.

[Advertisement] (90:35)

Leo Laporte Holy cow!

Brian Brushwood She could not sound happier as she delivers that very grim news.

Leo Laporte You know that the real problem is…

Jim Cutler No this actually – this actually is legit but it’s not new, this has been around for a while.

Leo Laporte Yes, people have been sitting for years.

Brian Brushwood It’s just in, breathing keeps you alive.

John C. Dvorak Noticed that, sometimes you feel like sitting.

Leo Laporte The real problem is that if you’re standing you can’t play the vuvuzela.

Brian Brushwood Oh, don’t do it, don’t do it.

Leo Laporte That’s the real – that’s the real.

Brian Brushwood Thank goodness – thank goodness.

Leo Laporte Oh, I think my vuvuzela is broken.

Brian Brushwood We just drew the monopoly card tactical error in your favour, no vuvuzela.

Leo Laporte Really, seriously. Oh man. All right. What is the story with that John, it’s just some random piece of crap that…

John C. Dvorak No, we related it to some information that appeared on the site, some of the things Obama’s trying to do which was…

Leo Laporte It’s all connected, isn’t it?

John C. Dvorak Oh yes.

Leo Laporte Sitting, Obama, BP.

Brian Brushwood I think – I think we’ve cracked the code right here.

Patrick Norton It’s all connected.

Leo Laporte Does Wave – anybody’s still talking about Google Wave, one year in it was announced at Google IO a year and two weeks ago.

Brian Brushwood Oh my god it was a year and two weeks ago?

Leo Laporte A year and two weeks ago.

Brian Brushwood Wave – I know I used Wave once and I found it novel to watch somebody else typing on it and I have never used it again. I was like, hey look at you, you’re making an update.

Leo Laporte It was novel.

Brian Brushwood Real-time. It was novel like the remote and about as impactful.

Leo Laporte What are you talking about?

Brian Brushwood Well, I think all of this is a fad. I think…

Patrick Norton Brian, I just want to say you’re about to go to E3, you might not want to talk too much crap.

Brian Brushwood I know, I know, I will state very directly; I am highly skeptical I hope I get proven very, very wrong. I hope I walk out totally invasion of this body snatcher realm like Natal, who needs controllers.

Leo Laporte I thought you said vuvuzela. According – this is story for you John C. Dvorak, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Retired People…

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte 25% of Americans are using social media.

John C. Dvorak Well, I would think this is probably a good thing for them.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, this is people 50 and older. I guess I am in that group too.

John C. Dvorak Use social media.

Leo Laporte I use social media. Half of those…

John C. Dvorak You can’t get away from it.

Patrick Norton There is a great flow chart in Esquire this month that basically helps you decide whether or not you’re too old to be using social media with a bunch of particularly brilliant Donald Rumsfeld references inside of it. Basically like, are you too old to use Facebook?

Leo Laporte Well I think I am. I think I am. Let me see if I…

Patrick Norton You have you use Facebook? You have children. How do you track children without being on Facebook?

Leo Laporte No, absolutely.

John C. Dvorak Can’t be done.

Leo Laporte I actually quit Facebook, don’t use it, don’t know anything about it, Face what?

John C. Dvorak You did this with Twitter too and you came groveling back…

Leo Laporte Well, I’ll admit. I realize that if – how can I cover Facebook without a Facebook account, so I have created a new Facebook account, not that I am going to use it but I just – because for one thing I want to see what are the default privacy settings today if you created a new Facebook account, so that account’s just sitting there.

Brian Brushwood Define privacy?

Leo Laporte Yes, privacy what? How? Yes. They’re okay. They’re okay. I think the biggest thing and I wish that when Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher last week at the D8 conference interviewed the sweaty Mark Zuckerberg.

Brian Brushwood Sweaty Mark – is that the name he’s going by these days.

Leo Laporte Sweaty Mark Zuckerberg.

John C. Dvorak Mr. Sweaty.

Leo Laporte He was really sweaty – I wish they’d asked him a little – pushed him a little –

John C. Dvorak I think you would be too Leo if you had those two sitting across from you.

Leo Laporte Yes, no kidding, I mean they’re tough on him. And they finally released the full video, so I was able to watch the full video. I thought it was more responsive than he was given credit for, but they pressed him but they never did get an answer from him on the biggest thing that bugged me which is that as soon as they made this last policy change, if you had interests – what are you interest in that – it actually joined you to everything you had your interests as and somebody was in the studio last week had said, that he had putted in his interests something like, I am not interested, and neither should you. And he was joined – made-up, they made-up a group called I am not interested, and a group called and neither should you.

Brian Brushwood Brilliant.

Leo Laporte And joined him to it. So it just shows you that how stupid, but it’s a public group. So if you put – my interest is in, I don’t know, baby butchery they’d make up a public group called baby butchery and you’d be the sole member and that’d be pretty embarrassing.

Patrick Norton Hundreds of mildly obscene things are being created in Facebook accounts right now because of you, Leo.

Leo Laporte Exactly.

John C. Dvorak Yes, everybody in the chat room is now cranking out these things.

Leo Laporte Yes, I love babies.

Patrick Norton It’s also – I mean it’s also a part of…

John C. Dvorak Don’t put baby lover.

Leo Laporte You’re right.

Patrick Norton Man, but it’s also part of like Facebook trying to keep on top of search engine optimization to own categories and most importantly to allow its advertisers to directly mark people in certain areas because of the created group and a 100,000 people joined it and suddenly they are the place to advertise for nothing or weasels or 195 mm profile tires or whatever it is. And Facebook’s always been about do it and then ask forgiveness later if you manage to piss off enough of the…

Leo Laporte Exactly.

Patrick Norton …user group. And the truth is they haven’t really pissed off the user group. I think it got to the point where they started to get worried about the eventual stock price based on the ass-kicking they were going to get right press.

Leo Laporte It wasn’t about real users, it was about the press and – that’s what they said. I take you now to Bluff City, Tennessee.

Brian Brushwood Dateline, 2010 Bluff City, Tennessee. Just over the cables comes the following from Leo Laporte

Leo Laporte Brian McCrary, 33, receives a speeding ticket. But after receiving the $90 speeding ticket for cruising through what he called a police speed trap he tried to go to the Bluff City Police Department’s website. He wanted to reschedule his hearing…

Brian Brushwood He said ‘see here sir!’

Leo Laporte …when he noticed something unusual the site’s content had been replaced with a notice saying that the domain name was on the verge of expiring. He saw an opportunity, he waited a few weeks until the name had lapsed, then he bought it. He said ‘I really thought the city would renew it, I was surprised to find it was still out there.’

Patrick Norton Surprised. He was overjoyed to find out it was still out there.

Leo Laporte And so he bought the site, whatever it is,, and he posted stories about speed cameras, features comments from other camera critics. It’s basic – he’s got 1,000 unique visitors. ‘It’s phenomenal’ he says, ‘I hope this will attract the attention of the local representatives to get the cameras removed.’

Brian Brushwood Well, he said – he said that once it hit the – the story hit news wires…

Leo Laporte 95,000!

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Bluff City Police Chief David Nelson said he didn’t even know they’d lost the domain name.

Patrick Norton We have a website?

Leo Laporte Until somebody told him.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I’m sure they can get their website back after they gave him his money back for the speeding ticket and then take it off his record. No problem.

Leo Laporte The chief of police says “I feel like he’s doing out of revenge because he got a ticket”…see.

John C. Dvorak Chief Wiggum’s in the house!

Leo Laporte By the way, you know the web domain was hosted by GoDaddy.

I got a call from Brian Parsons, I haven’t returned it yet. No, what’s his name? Parsons? Bob Parsons?

Brian Brushwood Bob Parsons, yeah.

Leo Laporte I should play it. You want – I’ll tell you what, I’ll give it to you John, you can play it on No Agenda.

John C. Dvorak No, email it to me.

Leo Laporte What is the – what is the privacy, if somebody leaves a voicemail message, does that become public? I mean could I then play it?

Brian Brushwood Well, there’s no expectation that it’s not been recorded, I would think.

Leo Laporte It is, clearly.

Brian Brushwood What it says ‘please leave a message at this recording’ clearly…I would imagine you would have very little –

Leo Laporte Yeah Chief Wiggum said “I had I had no idea it had run out, see. I’m sure we’ll probably be able to get it back, see.”

Brian Brushwood ‘That’s some good domain registration, Lou.’

Leo Laporte GoDaddy says once the name expires, it’s fair game from anyone who wants to snap it up.

Brian Brushwood Which they make it sound like that’s an unusual policy, but when a domain name expires it is – nobody owns it at that moment and it is clear that anyone can –

Leo Laporte Right. Usually there’s a hold – a grace period. Maybe that was the grace period.

John C. Dvorak Isn’t there some lag?

Brian Brushwood And they said what they do is they send an email warning and if they don’t get any response or interest from the email warning then they actually put that message up on the website, because they figure maybe you’ve changed your address. And let me tell you, I almost – I registered with Network Solutions, is that who the original ones were?

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah.

Brian Brushwood Back in the day and I registered it for five years and of course I had gone through like five different email addresses since then and they still had an old one. I almost lost my primary domain and it was just dumb luck that I went to check the settings and I happened to figure out that they were sending stuff to the wrong email.

Leo Laporte According to ABC who talked to general counsel for GoDaddy Christine Jones. The police chief didn’t understand how the domain name worked and his tech guy was out sick and it lapsed. Aww… so somebody else got it. So we hope the tech guy is feeling better and we hope the Chief Wiggum gets his domain name back and we hope that the guy’s ticket is refunded.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, because that’ll happen at all.

John C. Dvorak Right

Leo Laporte Chief Wiggum said before the camera was installed there were nine to 13 accidents in that area every month, so I guess they really did need a speed camera there. Folks we are –

John C. Dvorak You know they’re finding out that most of these speed cameras, especially in San Francisco, are causing more accidents.

Leo Laporte Because people speed up to avoid them?

Brian Brushwood I definitely have almost caused an accident slamming on the brake.

John C. Dvorak No it’s slamming on the brakes.

Leo Laporte Oh!

Brian Brushwood Because I think to myself and it’s like, I usually have my show gear on the back of the truck and I hear it all clanging around behind me.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s bad. Maybe if you drove the speed limit this wouldn’t happen.

Brian Brushwood But that’s just it, is I live on the road that has stop lights and has a 65-mile an hour speed limit. So, it’s like am doing 65 and you see yellow and you’re like [screeching noise].

Leo Laporte And there’s a stop light, no that’s not good. The two should not combine.

John C. Dvorak There’s a couple in Napa Valley on the road on 29 I think that are like 55 mile an hour.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no you’re right. Yeah, you’re right. Hey, we’re out of time. I thank you so much Brian Brushwood for being here. Brian’s going to head out to LA with us to cover E3, our coverage starts tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.

Brian Brushwood 5:30 a.m.

John C. Dvorak What fun!

Leo Laporte What were we thinking? We’re going to have exclusive footage of Project Natal. We’ll be the first after ABC to broadcast that. You can watch it live here, but you can also watch it after in fact (1:41:34) because our coverage of Microsoft’s press conference begins at 10:00 a.m. pacific, that’s 1:00 pm Eastern Time.

Brian Brushwood We’ll have Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane giving live commentary.

Leo Laporte Brian and I will be at E3 in LA then covering it. And on Tuesday we’re going to the show floor and you have something to set up for us.

Brian Brushwood I am already trying to set up as many as I can. I’m really excited about it.

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s going to be fun. And maybe you can teach me how to play The Legend of Zelda or play the Vuvuzela.

Brian Brushwood Or the Vuvuzela.

Leo Laporte is the website and of course Brian’s show is – NSFW is on the TWiT network. You’re going to do a special one right after the show.

Brian Brushwood Yup, early tonight right after East Meets West.

Leo Laporte That will be fun, but normally you’re on Tuesday nights.

Brian Brushwood Tuesday night’s.

Leo Laporte 7pm.

Brian Brushwood Of course at

Leo Laporte On revision3. Speaking of revision3, Patrick Norton hosts the fantastic Tekzilla. It is the logical heir apparent to the screen savers.

Patrick Norton That’s an awfully nice thing to say Leo. Thank you.

Leo Laporte No, I think it’s true, I think it’s true, you and Veronica are the Kate and Leo of this decade.

Patrick Norton This century.

Leo Laporte Of the century, you own the century even.

Brian Brushwood Sorry. Forgot both centuries.

Leo Laporte

Brian Brushwood 2000 was so long ago.

Leo Laporte And catch Patrick on this WEEK in COMPUTER HARDWARE on our TWiT network every Thursday at 6 p.m. Pacific 9 p.m., Eastern.

Right here, John C. Dvorak is at That’s where you can find the listing of all the things he does including No Agenda, the Tech Grouch.

John C. Dvorak Actually the Tech Grouch and The Tech Hippie aren’t on there because that’s not really me if you haven’t noticed.

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s just somebody sounds strangely like you.

John C. Dvorak The new Tech Hippie’s pretty funny.

Leo Laporte The Tech Hippie is very funny.

Brian Brushwood Can you do an impression of the Tech Hippie, I have never heard him?

John C. Dvorak I can’t really, it’s like I tried it a couple of times but it hurts my throat.

Leo Laporte You got to have the shirt to really – I can play a little, you want me to play a little Tech Hippie? Let’s play a little Tech Hippie for you. I think there’s an ad, skip the Reebok ad.

Brian Brushwood Oh you can’t skip the ads – that is shocking!

Leo Laporte Okay, okay – oh what the hell?! They just like zoomed in on her butt!

Patrick Norton That’s the whole point of the ad.

Unknown Speaker I am shocked, shocked. Such content is on the Internet, sir.

John C. Dvorak That’s what I call advertising.

Leo Laporte What they’re doing it again?! What kind of ad is – what is that? What is that?!

Brian Brushwood I am shocked! Shocked that such content is on the internet, sir.

Leo Laporte There’s gambling going on, oh my God. What was that ad for?

John C. Dvorak I don’t know…but I’m going to go check it out.

Leo Laporte Oh my God.

Brian Brushwood Do you pick up the trend of every time I come on this WEEK in TECH is far more NSFW than the actual show NSFW.

Leo Laporte I know, you got to change the name because it’s not not-safe. NNSFW?

Brian Brushwood …What is this?


Leo Laporte Hey, John, by the way don’t we have a bet on how many iPads will be sold, I think John you said, I said 5 million will be sold in the first year. We got 2 million in the first two months.

John C. Dvorak Yeah I am already shopping for the bottle.

Leo Laporte I’m wondering if we should make it like a bottle for every million they go past 5…

John C. Dvorak No I think that’s – the bet’s over.

Leo Laporte Hey, you know, it’s because of things like these vuvuzela.

Brian Brushwood No, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it.

Leo Laporte Because without this…

Brian Brushwood You can’t help it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, there’d be no iPad sales. John C. Dvorak, Thank you John, always great to have you on.

John C. Dvorak All right, see you then shortly.

Leo Laporte See you soon, thank you all for being here folks. We will continue on with East Meets West with Tom Merritt and then right after a special NSFW, don’t forget, what time will we begin tomorrow. 0530?

Brian Brushwood a.m.

Leo Laporte 5:30 a.m. I will be back here with a live streaming coverage of Project Natal, this better be good.

Brian Brushwood All you kids going to bed in Europe, first thing when you wake up.

Leo Laporte This better damn well be good. It was just this…

Brian Brushwood It’s going to be angry, surly Leo reporting.

Leo Laporte ‘What is this? What is this?’

Brian Brushwood ‘Exclusive from E3, the [indiscernible] (1:45:33) makes you look like a jackass.’

Leo Laporte ‘I’ll give you an exclusive…’

Brian Brushwood ‘Jumping around, waving your arms around’

Leo Laporte Live streaming coverage from the show floor at E3. Actually for Microsoft conference Monday 10 a.m. ‘till noon and then live show coverage from the show floor Tuesday noon to 2:30, thanks to the folks at G4 for making that possible and thanks to you all for joining us. Don’t forget you can watch TWiT live, we do it every Sunday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific, 2200 UTC and of course you can subscribe to audio and video versions at and even getting on YouTube. on Leo Laporte. Thanks for joining us. Another TWiT is in the can.

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