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Episode 259


This transcript is provided by our friends at Pods in Print

Leo Laporte This is TWiT and it’s time for tech, or at least something vaguely approaching tech. Actually no, there’s not going to be any tech in this show today at all. You know why, because we’ve got the best damn cast we’ve ever had in our lives, in studio with me right now, from Scam School and NSFW, Mr. Brian, my-hair-is-standing-on-end-because-I-am-so-excited-to-be-here Brushwood.

Brian Brushwood That’s exactly correct. Thank you, Leo, for having me in studio.

Leo Laporte It’s good to see you.

Brian Brushwood It’s always good to be here.

Leo Laporte

Brian Brushwood Indeed sir.

Leo Laporte Also, to Brian’s left, virtually speaking…

Brian Brushwood I was like what?

Leo Laporte …the lovely Felicia Day, the star of the Guild! And of a new sci-fi channel show, called…?

Felicia Day Oh! It’s a movie, Red.

Leo Laporte Red! Oh, you were looping for Red.

Felicia Day Yes.

Leo Laporte But then you have a new show. You’re going to be a regular on…?

Felicia Day Oh! I going to be recurring on Eureka.

Leo Laporte Eureka!

Felicia Day That’s why I’m leaving Thursday for Vancouver. So that’s exciting.

Leo Laporte Goodness, goodness gracious. She’s so busy and yet there’s a new season of the Guild coming up.

Felicia Day Yeah. Did you see this painting behind me? Look at that.

Leo Laporte That’s the ‘Will Wheaton [indiscernible] (2:41).’

Felicia Day Yeah.

Leo Laporte ‘The bodice-ripper’ version.

Leo Laporte Wow! I didn’t realize that that there was an actual painting.

Felicia Day Oh no. That’s going to be in the episode on Tuesday. So stay tuned, the premier of the painting.

Leo Laporte Oh, wow! I’d love to know the story behind that thing.

Felicia Day It’s a good story. It’s just basically my Kindle obsession allowed me to read all the books I was too embarrassed to buy, and that’s why I thought of that story for it, to have this crazy painting.

Leo Laporte I love it. It’s so nice to have you, Felicia. And we’ll find out more about the upcoming season of The Guild in just a bit and all the other projects you’re working on. But let me introduce also, Mr. John C. have-a-nice-day Dvorak.

John C. Dvorak You don’t recognize this.

Leo Laporte Did you get that hat at – yes, that’s Microsoft Bob!

John C. Dvorak So I’m digging around the closet trying to clean out the place and I found this hat. But more importantly – and I’m putting this up for auction ladies and gentleman, and I couldn’t believe I even had it – a Bob Frisbee.

Leo Laporte Wow!

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte That should get $1.50 somewhere.

John C. Dvorak I’m thinking more.

Leo Laporte Do you think there’s a marketplace for Bob?

John C. Dvorak For Bob memorabilia?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak No, that’s unfortunate but – just because…

Leo Laporte Who would want that?

John C. Dvorak I don’t know.

Leo Laporte I think the hat – the hat will be good.

Felicia Day What about the paperclip guy?

John C. Dvorak That hat, by the way, is the hat that Steven Spielberg…

Leo Laporte Yeah?

John C. Dvorak Not this exact one, but he wore a Bob Hat when they rolled out the first announcement for DreamWorks.

Leo Laporte Oh, wow!

John C. Dvorak Spielberg had a Bob Hat on.

Leo Laporte Did Microsoft have an investment in that?

Brian Brushwood Was he wearing it like, ironically, or – calling it Bob…

John C. Dvorak I guess it was, apparently, I think Paul Allen had some money in there and some other people.

Leo Laporte Ah, interesting. So also with us, Mr. Baratunde Thurston.

Baratunde Thurston Hello.

Leo Laporte Who has kindly taken time off from his new book to join us.

Brian Brushwood Recently deputized as well.

Leo Laporte You’re a deputy?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, we deputized him as producer for this episode.

Leo Laporte Really?

Baratunde Thurston Oh yeah I was dragged into duties, extra-ordinary circumstances called for the activation of my services as co-producer of this week’s show.

Leo Laporte Well, I think you’re the official runner up so if I’m unable to perform my duties, you step in.

Brian Brushwood As the vice Leo.

Leo Laporte And you wreck…

Baratunde Thurston As long as I get a gun, I’m happy.

Leo Laporte You get a gun?

Baratunde Thurston Yeah.

Leo Laporte Alright.

Baratunde Thurston In case you go crazy, you never know.

Leo Laporte So Baratunde actually did some work prepping for this show and since he’s the only one who did we’re going to deputize him and let him struggle. We’re talking before the show began, we were talking about something – well, you know about photo bombing right? Photo bombing everybody knows about.

Baratunde Thurston No, I just heard that out of your mouth for the first time right now.

Brian Brushwood I don’t know if it’s like – is it like a Google bombing thing or the whole jumping in the background and ruining other peoples’…

Leo Laporte It’s the jumping into the background, exactly.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, messing up other people’s photos.

Leo Laporte Right, so there’s a new photo bombing, where you take a photo bomb – photo bomb is like there’s a cute couple posing for the picture and then a waitress in the back going ‘hey!’ and you don’t know that it happened until you go home and you look at your pictures and you go ‘aww, this is ruined by that waitress!’

Brian Brushwood Digital cameras ruin that because now you know right away.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s true.

Baratunde Thurston But digital editing software solves it because we have Photoshop now.

Leo Laporte Photoshop. Well it’s Photoshop bombing! I think this is what’s happened now. This is a meme that is now making the rounds where you take a photo bomb, and instead of editing out the bad, you take the funny face and you put on everybody’s face.


Brian Brushwood Alright, I smell an NSFW episode here.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think this is the kind of thing you do on NSFW. And then – you do it in real time though. You ask people to submit theirs…

Brian Brushwood Oh yeah, no, we unleash the demon hoards of the internet and it’s amazing what they can accomplish in no time.

Baratunde Thurston Wow! Okay…

John C. Dvorak So go to

Baratunde Thurston

Felicia Day

John C. Dvorak Yeah and go down to, let’s see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 photos down and you’ll see a classic example of what we’re talking about.

Leo Laporte Okay.

John C. Dvorak It’s the guy with the sunglasses and somebody behind him…

Leo Laporte Oh dear, oh dear! It looks like it’s Baratunde, but that’s because I haven’t pressed the button. Here’s the guy – it looks – he’s wearing sunglasses but behind him, I think the woman, there seems to be…

John C. Dvorak She’s kissing this guy’s gut.

Baratunde Thurston That’s horrifying! I’m scarred!

Leo Laporte But that’s not a new meme that’s the old meme, now we got…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but it is funny.

Leo Laporte It’s very funny.

John C. Dvorak The old is still the best.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s good to explain what photo bombing is, so that – I’m trying to find – I was looking at this all day this morning and it was so funny and now I can’t find it, where you Photoshop the photo bomb. Somebody will send me a chat room link, right?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, the demon hoards.

Baratunde Thurston This is – this is lying right? We’re just – this – we’re calling it photo bombing but it’s lying, right? That’s what we’re going to discuss?

Leo Laporte It’s the next – yeah – well it’s the next stage. You take a photo bomb and then you add other peoples’ – you take the bad picture and you put – you spread throughout.

Felicia Day It is like manbabies? Remember that,

Leo Laporte Yes, exactly like that.

Brian Brushwood Oh yeah.

Felicia Day That was my favorite.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s exactly like manbabies. But I can’t – now I can’t find the link so I’m sorry I even brought it up.

John C. Dvorak No, well there we go then, a whole segment goes down the tube.

Leo Laporte Jeez Louise, what is wrong with me?

John C. Dvorak Well, that didn’t take long.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood You know what, part of me hopes that this was all just a big mistake and it was something that Leo dreamed and we start dreaming right now.

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t that be good? It could be – I just dreamed it. No I was looking at it, and it will probably be on here. I was looking at it on my ‘puter. My iPad.

Brian Brushwood My poo what? I’m sorry?

Leo Laporte My iPad.

Brian Brushwood Excuse me? This was a dream, wasn’t this?

Leo Laporte My ‘puter had it. Okay I’m sorry I even brought it up. Hey what happened to the unofficial guy who’s supposed to keep track of things here? Would you step in, Deputy Dan, and fix this show?

Baratunde Thurston Absolutely! Let’s get this show actually started, we’re going to write that segment off…

Leo Laporte A big story! Let’s get a big story!

Baratunde Thurston …as a sort of audio-video test phase of the show. And why don’t we start off, actually this is a pretty interesting story, Clive Thompson, the great writer who does work with Wired and all sorts of other magazines, had a story about how no one’s making phone calls anymore. The incredible shrinking cell phone bill and through his studies, especially of younger people, it’s something we’ve all sort of anecdotally probably observed but minutes of use per cell phone user as tracked by the official sources are actually declining.

Leo Laporte Does this surprise anybody? Anybody at all? I mean doesn’t everybody text now? Felicia, you probably don’t make phone calls anymore, do you?

Felicia Day I actually hate phone calls more than anything. I have a kind of a phone phobia, so if there’s any way that I can avoid speaking to somebody, I mean I literally it’s – if somebody calls me and I’m not expecting it, I – it’s like somebody showing up on my doorstep, it’s so invasive to me!

Leo Laporte You don’t want to talk to somebody on the phone but see, me, I don’t want to make a phone call, I…

John C. Dvorak Leo, you don’t want to talk to anybody.

Leo Laporte No that’s true. And you know why, after that last segment you know why, I’m embarrassed that I’m so goofy and so messed up.

Felicia Day Now there is an amazing website…

Leo Laporte Are you shy Felicia? Are you shy, is that what’s going on?

Felicia Day I just don’t like things that are unexpected, so, yeah I don’t like…

Leo Laporte Unexpected.

Felicia Day …generally phone calls are something, somebody wanting something or like business or – I love my mom but sometimes she wants to talk about like the stakes that are on sale at Target for like an hour and I don’t have time for that.

Leo Laporte They sell steak at Target?

Felicia Day Yes, they do, Supertarget.

Brian Brushwood They sell everything at target.

Leo Laporte Really.

John C. Dvorak They do now.

Leo Laporte Are they good stakes?

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Felicia Day I am not sure we don’t have one in L.A. We have the tinier one.

Leo Laporte Would you have your mom call me? I would like to know more.

Baratunde Thurston This point that you’ve raised Felicia about, you don’t want – people want something and I think like we are used to such asymmetric communication like a text is not that distracting, because you don’t have to engage with it when it comes in, say with an email, to some extent even with an instant message does not necessarily synchronize. You can pretend you are not there and kind of let the conversation go walk away from the computer, but a phone call is a sort of old school, like I want your time. I want it right now. I don’t care what are you doing and what client talks about the articles that there is no presence detection, people don’t know if you are busy or not, right. So you, some just call out of the blue, you could be in the middle of something very important. There is no status associated with phone availability or thing where there is with this other communications.

Leo Laporte This reminds me of the discovery that people must have made when the phone was first invented it’s like what is this thing ringing in my living room. I don’t want it there.

Brian Brushwood I think the novelty early on made it clearly the best mode of communication compared to, you know the pony express, but what I like most about the article is the asymmetry allows certain things, for example you sound smarter when you send a text message because you can re-write it 4, 5 times and you get to make sure you say exactly what you want and exactly the right amount of words and you have by it’s very nature it’s acceptable to get it as you mentioned either 30 seconds or 5 minutes or even hours away.

Leo Laporte I think text…

Baratunde Thurston Do you sound dumber when you spell your, u r.

Brian Brushwood I think I can’t handle it, everyone sends me like shortened u r, letter u letter r, it just like I will rewrite, I write in complete sentences using proper punctuation and I just can’t not do it and I don’t know why.

Felicia Day It’s just kind of curt self centeredness, doesn’t it, because it’s like we are going to communicate on our own terms and not really care about what the other person needs or wants from us. I mean that basically right.

Leo Laporte I think we’ve just proven that this entire panel is intensely neurotic.

John C. Dvorak I’m not buying any of it I think…

Brian Brushwood Self absorbed.

Leo Laporte Self absorbed and neurotic.

John C. Dvorak And neurotic, they – demanding.

Brian Brushwood But you just think about…

Felicia Day There are so many ways that people could get to you, I mean they are really, there is just no solitude anymore, so I don’t know, I kind of look at it like that.

John C. Dvorak I look at my caller ID and I say do I want to take this call, no, and so I just don’t answer the phone and if do answer the phone I am curt and terse.

Leo Laporte But don’t people…

John C. Dvorak Why are you calling me?

Leo Laporte Yes, actually John invented this, you can call John. In fact for a long time he didn’t even have voice mail. You don’t have an answering machine?

John C. Dvorak I still don’t.

Leo Laporte So if you call John, it rings and that’s all. That’s it. You invented this, John, what am I talking about. This is your…

John C. Dvorak Let me give you a back story because this actually began when this – you used to buy these voice answering machines and they used to play tapes and for a while you had a few of your friends do this cute tapes, they were kind of little plays or…

Leo Laporte Oh, I hated that; they would go on for hours, nobody’s home.

John C. Dvorak Stuff like that, only not quite that lame.

Leo Laporte That was better than most of them I thought.

John C. Dvorak Well, maybe. So anyway, but what happens is that I was traveling a lot during those era and then I get to come back and it would be 95 phone calls backed up and then I, we had one or two guys just stew me out, why didn’t you return my call? And so what I noticed is that if you don’t pick up at all, in other words the phone just rings forever nobody gets mad at you, it’s their responsibility.

Leo Laporte Felicia, you should try this, this is a new thing you could do, just don’t answer it.

Felicia Day I don’t ever answer the phone.

Leo Laporte And take off the voice mail.

John C. Dvorak She is already doing it apparently.

Leo Laporte No, but she has voice mails. So there is your mistake.

John C. Dvorak Voice mail is no good.

Leo Laporte Because voice mail, they think they’ve reached you.

Felicia Day Well, but it’s like a pit, it’s a vast pit. So people know after a while that if they leave a message they will get me 20 times faster, they just email me or text me.

Leo Laporte How long before I think we are going to see a movement in this country of resistors who don’t have unheard – you don’t have, you don’t have Facebook, you don’t have Twitter, you don’t have voice mail, you don’t even have email. We are going to see people who are going to turn away from all these technology because it’s overloading us.

Brian Brushwood I am going to go out in a limb and say you’re in a different position than most of the America.

Leo Laporte Most people don’t have their problem.

Brian Brushwood Most people are not inundated with thousands of request for their attention every single minute.

Felicia Day True.

Leo Laporte Just me and Felicia.

John C. Dvorak Wake up, you were looking for that call from the job that you are looking for.

Leo Laporte Just do you want to get calls, is that what you are saying?

Brian Brushwood Meanwhile, I am about tempted to give out my public cellphone number right now, I just want people calling me.

Baratunde Thurston Come on, do it, do it.

Leo Laporte That’s what Scoble does, okay. So here it is, this is the picture, this is a nice couple. They were in a restaurant right, and the waitress; isn’t that sad, the waitress comes up behind them and makes probably the ugliest face, I mean really if I could just zoom in…

Brian Brushwood She has a condition, Leo.

Leo Laporte She’d got a condition, that is just a horrible face…

Baratunde Thurston She looks like a buffet.

Felicia Day She needs a lot of pity tip.

Leo Laporte So here’s what you do, you search, thanks to the chat room for telling me it’s photobomb face swapping is the new name. This is photobomb face swapping, so what you do is you take that horrible face and you put it on everybody and now, well I don’t know what.

Baratunde Thurston This is why the Chinese economy will soon surpass the U.S.

Leo Laporte Yes, because we are busy doing, doing this.

Brian Brushwood This is so brilliant; it takes you to the next level.

Leo Laporte Okay, happy family, it’s a little bit of an awkward family photo, but what’s going on with the 10-year old, she has got a weird, she is making a weird face. So what we will do is, actually it’s that person. I don’t think – wait a minute, wait a minute; there is a person underneath the couch. They are sitting on a guy, so this is a very weird awkward family. That’s the kid that they didn’t want to admit that they had. So assuming you see that…

Felicia Day That was actually part of her leg.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s, she has got a, so that could be a birth defect.

Brian Brushwood She’d got face leg.

Leo Laporte She got face leg.

Brian Brushwood You know having a face leg is a new condition sweeping the country.

Leo Laporte Here is a picture, this is from the world…

Brian Brushwood It’s all those processed foods.

Leo Laporte I take it very seriously but there is a weird guy with big guys behind him making a funny face, so what you do is you take those big eyes, you see right there and you give them to everybody, okay. I just thought I’d mentioned the new…

John C. Dvorak I find this to be hilarious.

Leo Laporte Search for, you want to see more of it, search for photobomb face swap. Thank you, chat room for making me…

Brian Brushwood See, it wasn’t a dream.

Leo Laporte It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a dream. It really did happen.

Brian Brushwood And the spirits did it in one night.

Leo Laporte So here’s a story, I am going a - we’ll trade back and forth Baratunde, did you…

Baratunde Thurston Sounds great, it’ll be like ping pong.

Leo Laporte Ping pong

Baratunde Thurston One of my favorite sports.

Leo Laporte Tech news ping pong on TWiT today, iPhone 4 has been jailbroken already. Didn’t take long? You can now go to and it has kind of like an all-in-one push button jailbreak and now it’s legal.

Brian Brushwood I am sure they waited until it was legal.

Leo Laporte Yes, right, say we’re very concerned.

John C. Dvorak Yes, it’s legal but it doesn’t, you can’t go back, they’ll cut you off.

Leo Laporte No, hey can’t cut you off, could they cut you off

John C. Dvorak Sure. Why not?

Leo Laporte So the FCC ruling doesn’t mean that they couldn’t just say, okay, but we will…

John C. Dvorak You can do whatever you want. It’s totally legal, but we are not going to give you any service, you’ve just broken your warranty, that’s oldest excuse. Oh, you could do that but then you are ruining your warranty.

Leo Laporte That’s what Apple said.

John C. Dvorak So they put a screw on the back, it’s legal to unscrew your cellphone but if it’s got a little of a sticker saying if you remove this screw you lose your warranty, boom.

Leo Laporte That’s what Apple says.

Baratunde Thurston That’s what weird about the fact that…

Leo Laporte Go ahead, Baratunde.

Baratunde Thurston Here’s my key question about this, because I got the original iPhone and jailbroke it to work on T-Mobile, so I didn’t break my plan and I loved it. I had Cydia apps running, it was, it tasted like freedom and I like freedom.

Leo Laporte Tastes like freedom, let me just right back down.

Baratunde Thurston But I also ironically felt like a fugitive, because I was running week-to-week, month-to-month in fear of the latest software update, so I am kind of like sniffing around, I don’t want to have my phone un-jail broken by Apple’s latest push, does this new ruling that jailbreaking is legal now prevent Apple from undoing your jailbreak in it’s latest software updates or they still are going to have that practice of sabotaging your phone at their own whim.

Felicia Day Jailbreaking can make it work either as a phone or an Internet device because mine is literally inoperable brick, and I don’t know if anybody else’s in L.A. but I think I’m pretty close to actually swapping it out, because it just does not work. I have yet to have a phone call that didn’t drop.

Leo Laporte But you don’t want phone calls, Felicia. This is a feature.

Baratunde Thurston That’s a feature; this is like the iPhone 4 is like a girlfriend who drives you nuts. She won’t pay attention to you. She never listens to you. She breaks everything, but oh my God, she is so hot. I can’t, I can’t give her up.

Leo Laporte And ladies and gentlemen, this is why co-ed magazine says NSFW is a must to listen to broadcast.

Brian Brushwood That’s exactly right.

John C. Dvorak Can you over that, that laundry list again? I was highly amused.

Leo Laporte I didn’t even understand it.

Brian Brushwood Dude, the iPhone is so messed up, the reception’s up and down, and – but the…

Leo Laporte Have you had a boyfriend like that? Felicia Day, have you had a boyfriend like that?

Felicia Day Oh no, I’m very choosy.

Leo Laporte Your iPhone 4 is your boyfriend like that?

Felicia Day Yeah, I’m about to give him the boot. It’s just – it’s ridiculous how much money I pay a month. I feel like – I should be able to pay a percentage of my bill for the percentage that the phone actually works. But too bad that’s not legal.

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t that be nice. Well – and now jailbreak is not going to fix that. This is cool, though, you go to the site and basically it’s a web page and it says ‘jailbreak me.’ It works on all the iPhone devices and you slide, it’s on the phone. You slide to jailbreak!

Baratunde Thurston Nice. That’s not pretty hard.

Leo Laporte Who has an iPhone 4 here? They want to jailbreak it, anybody in the studio?

Baratunde Thurston I’m not living like a fugitive.

Leo Laporte Boy, I’m getting a lot of...

Baratunde Thurston I can’t return to that life.

John C. Dvorak Nobody wants that or has the guts to do it.

Leo Laporte No, if I had my iPhone 4 here I would absolutely do it because…

Brian Brushwood What the hell, I’ll do it. I’ll do it.

Leo Laporte All right.

Brian Brushwood There is this awkward moment like, ‘are you serious, you really will?’ Yes, okay, back it up before…

Leo Laporte We need some jailbreaking music.

Baratunde Thurston By the way, in answer to my original question, the chatroom is weighing in and saying, Apple updates do undo your jailbreakage.

Leo Laporte Yes, of course they do. Yes.

Brian Brushwood So for this listing.

Leo Laporte Yes. Did you ask that question? I’m sorry I didn’t even hear you say that.

Baratunde Thurston That’s alright.

Brian Brushwood So I could jailbreak it now and then just – in fact the new update came out last night. It was downloading as I was sitting there, yeah.

Leo Laporte 4.01?

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Leo Laporte There’s one even past 4.01?

Brian Brushwood I don’t know. I know that I finally synced my…

Leo Laporte Oh I just looked around, 4.01 came out a while ago.

Brian Brushwood All right.

Leo Laporte So, go to on Safari.

Brian Brushwood All right. What could go wrong here?

Leo Laporte Works on iPad. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I won’t – you don’t have to do it. I’ll do it to my iPad.

Brian Brushwood Maybe I’ll do it…

Leo Laporte Or you want to do both?

John C. Dvorak Why would you want to jailbreak an iPad for?

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak This doesn’t make any sense.

Leo Laporte What do you mean it doesn’t make any sense?

Brian Brushwood jailbreakme,

Leo Laporte

Baratunde Thurston Does that work on my Chocolate phone?

Leo Laporte You have a Chocolate phone? You are so black!

Felicia Day Chocolate LG.


Brian Brushwood Leo! Leo!

Brian Brushwood Now I have to…

Leo Laporte Okay, I have to explain that. I have to explain that.


Brian Brushwood I actually prefer if you just leave it hanging awkwardly out there.

Leo Laporte What is the name of your new book?

Baratunde Thurston ‘How to eat Chocolate.’

Leo Laporte No! No! What is the name of your new book? I am going to get hate mail. What is it?

Baratunde Thurston ‘How to be Black.’

Leo Laporte And is one of those steps have a Chocolate phone?

Baratunde Thurston No.

Leo Laporte But it could.

John C. Dvorak You could have an all-brown Zune.

Felicia Day Oh! My God. What’s going on?

John C. Dvorak What?

Leo Laporte I’m going to get so much email now. Fortunately I don’t have…

Baratunde Thurston You live on the edge here, but that’s cool. That’s cool.

John C. Dvorak Do you have the theme for the Final Jeopardy, you know, where they play that little song as he jailbreaks his phone? That’d be kind of exciting.

Leo Laporte I do, should I play that? So then in other words, in addition to jailbreaking, we’ll also be breaking copyright laws. Is that what you want to do? Is that what you are talking? Okay, wait a minute.

John C. Dvorak It’s public domain.

Leo Laporte No. Go to tell that to Goodman and Toddson. Go tell that to jailbreakme. Have you ever been on – anybody been on Jeopardy?

Brian Brushwood I’ve been on two game shows and I never got picked for either of them.

Leo Laporte I have a…

Baratunde Thurston A really good friend of mine was on Jeopardy, but I never…

Leo Laporte Do they tell you all the answers before the show? No, no, no, because we got enough on both of them now.

John C. Dvorak I had a friend on Jeopardy too.

Brian Brushwood Wait, that’s Facebook.

Leo Laporte Facebook?

Brian Brushwood I’m getting Facebook updates, it was like you look great on TWiT.

Baratunde Thurston ‘Hey, you’re beautiful. You got a girlfriend?’

Leo Laporte Okay, There it is. You’re doing it in Safari?

John C. Dvorak Come on, let’s do it.

Leo Laporte Okay. Let me get the Jeopardy sounds first.

Baratunde Thurston Do it.

Leo Laporte Dr. Mom was on Jeopardy. What was that like Dr. Mom for you? Was that – was that a good experience?

Brian Brushwood Forget the Jeopardy theme, you need the Empire theme.

Leo Laporte Can I slide yours?

Brian Brushwood Yes, go for it.

Leo Laporte Okay. I’m going to slide yours.

John C. Dvorak Don’t do it.

Leo Laporte I’m going to slide mine.

John C. Dvorak Oh! It’s too late.

Felicia Day This is like watching a train wreck, guys.

Brian Brushwood So exciting!

Leo Laporte It broke mine downloading – look, it reset mine.

Brian Brushwood Wow!

John C. Dvorak Wow, the Apple’s been twisted sideways.

Brian Brushwood This is some scary stuff; I’m not going to have a phone anymore.

Felicia Day You just flushed good money down the toilet.

Brian Brushwood She was psycho. I mean she was hot.

Leo Laporte Yes, she was hot but she was psycho. Jeez.

Felicia Day I’m going to try to wipe her brain to make her normal.


Baratunde Thurston This is like really troubling.

Leo Laporte It says, sit tight now.

John C. Dvorak Oh, my God.

Leo Laporte We got to stop with that. That’s worse than the Chocolate.

Brian Brushwood This is terrifying.

Leo Laporte This is – I’m glad to say it’s not my iPhone. Brian Brushwood’s iPhone is about to die.

John C. Dvorak It’s amazing how easily he’s influenced by the group of us in some sort of a…

Brian Brushwood Well, this is just reinforcing my psycho girlfriend idea, because this is like where we’re at a part where it’s like, ‘you should totally break up with her man.’

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood ‘Just do it. Just do it right now, go over.’ And I walk over there, and you guys are all drinking like ‘I can’t believe he’s doing it, is he really going to break up with her?’

Leo Laporte Peer pressure at work.

Felicia Day She’s walking into the kitchen for a butter– butcher knife.

John C. Dvorak By the way, this never goes away. This just stays like just forever now.

Leo Laporte I need a butternut.

Brian Brushwood You know, I will be sad if I lose all my – oh, nom I backed up my pictures. I backed everything up.

Leo Laporte You aren’t going to lose anything. Dude, that’s the beauty of this.

Brian Brushwood All right.

Leo Laporte Nothing will go wrong. All you now have is access to the city…

Brian Brushwood We all know time after time, going to strange websites that you just heard about and allowing it root access, nothing ever goes wrong!

Leo Laporte What can go wrong? It’s completely safe!

John C. Dvorak That’s a good idea.

Felicia Day User agreement, yes.

Leo Laporte Yes, oh! Is there a user agreement, a EULA on this? That would be pretty funny.

Brian Brushwood I get a personal email from Steve Jobs tomorrow.

Leo Laporte That would be hysterical.

Brian Brushwood ‘I saw you last night, Brushwood. You’re out.’

Leo Laporte Why is Kathy Griffin on – in the car, remember in the limousine when – My Sucky A-list, B-list life, whatever…?

John C. Dvorak Why dos this take so long…?

Brian Brushwood My Life on the D-List?

Leo Laporte My Life on the D-List? No, it’s almost done. See, it’s got a little tip of white there and then it’ll be done.

Brian Brushwood Okay, then she is going to be like a prank thing and also she’s going to show inappropriate photos.

John C. Dvorak Now that would be good.

Leo Laporte That’s I’m going to do is I’m going to get a manicure before I – okay.

Felicia Day Do you get manicures?

Brian Brushwood I have to worry about…

Leo Laporte Oh! Yes.

Brian Brushwood I have to worry about that for Scam School.

Leo Laporte Don’t you?

Felicia Day I keep telling men they need to at least – you got to keep it regular. Especially the pedicure. It’s advisable.

Leo Laporte Are you saying men should get pedicures?

Felicia Day Occasionally [indiscernible] (25:12)…

John C. Dvorak Did you use her roll her eyes there? She actually believes this.

Leo Laporte ‘Have you seen... have you seen people’s feet?’


Baratunde Thurston I believe what Felicia Day believes.

Leo Laporte Do you get a pedicure?

Felicia Day Me?

Leo Laporte Okay. No, no I know you do. I know you do Felicia, but I’m asking Baratunde.

Baratunde Thurston I have been known to treat myself to an occasional dose of the finer things in life, including a pedicure.

Leo Laporte You’re very metro. I get a – I used to get a manicure and then TechTV told me they cost too much.

Brian Brushwood You were charging TechTV for your manicures?

Leo Laporte Of course, I was.


Brian Brushwood I don’t put it on my tax returns, I don’t write them off.

Leo Laporte Oh! You better.

Felicia Day You should.

Leo Laporte Look it, look it. See this? My hands now on TV, I need – IRS, notice this? My hands are on TV and you need to –


Leo Laporte Okay, now what is this? Cydia has been added to the home screen, have fun. You’re done, dude.

Brian Brushwood What?

Leo Laporte You’re broke.

Brian Brushwood I am now a renegade.

Leo Laporte You’re a renegade.

John C. Dvorak Wow! It works.

Leo Laporte It works.

Felicia Day What’s the difference?

Baratunde Thurston What are your special powers now?

Leo Laporte Now, it just has a new app store called Cydia.

Baratunde Thurston Listen, you guys do understand what it’s like to be on the other side, you see the world different. It won’t look so gray to me now.

Leo Laporte You’re such a rebel. You are such a rebel. There you go. There’s your broken iPhone.

Baratunde Thurston You are so brave. Right on.

Leo Laporte See. And then…

Baratunde Thurston That was punk now.

John C. Dvorak That was easy.

Leo Laporte Now is it easy? It’s legal, it’s safe and it’s non-fattening.

Baratunde Thurston I don’t know that I’d throw the word safe in there.

Felicia Day We’ll see. He’s going to be weeping in about an hour.

Leo Laporte Well, nothing happened to my iPad, it just crashed. So I don’t know…

Brian Brushwood This is great, though. It’s got like simple – are you an average JoeUser, which is graphical only. Are you a hacker, which means you are graphical plus command line, or are you a developer, in which case, go nuts. So it’s like, I’m dumb. So I’m going to say, user.

Leo Laporte So it does not work on the iPad, it reboots it every time, unfortunately.

Felicia Day Oh uh, is your iPad broken?

Leo Laporte No, it just reboots. It comes back normal.

Brian Brushwood Just got a system message. Congrats on the jailbreak.

Leo Laporte All right, we’re going to take a break. Baratunde, it’s your turn to come up with a story and…

Baratunde Thurston I got one straight out of the chat room. Very excited about it.

Leo Laporte Straight from the chat room, Baratunde has a story to tell. We are going to do that in just a little bit.

Brian Brushwood I’m going to get a tattoo.

Leo Laporte It’s kind of like that, isn’t it?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, I mean listen, you guys, you normies. Straight-laced peeps. Time to write a book, How to be Punk. Step one, jailbreak.

Leo Laporte Jailbreak is punk.

Brian Brushwood [Indiscernible] (27:32) help Leo because you’re too scared to do it yourself.

Leo Laporte Do you have a tatt – you must have a tattoo. You’ve got spiky hair.

Brian Brushwood You know what? I…

Felicia Day Do you wash your hair every night?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, every other night, if I’m feeling lazy. I had to get a tattoo on my wedding night. And my friends…

Leo Laporte Wait a minute!

Brian Brushwood Made it very clear that I was not – that copping out would not be an option. He said I don’t care if it’s a dot on your foot, you’re getting the tattoo. And I was panicked because I was like, [indiscernible] (27:57) home with a tattoo, I’m going to be in trouble.

John C. Dvorak Why do you let people make you do things?

Brian Brushwood Well, that’s part of the fun. And so I remembered Penn Jillette from Penn & Teller had talked once about getting a tattoo with no ink. It was all of the pain and none of the benefits. So I got one of those. I got a – he called it a blood tattoo. Full on tattoo with no ink. And now I’ve just a faint, faint white scar.

Leo Laporte Oh, really? That’s interesting. That’s kind of an interesting thing.

Baratunde Thurston And just for the legal purposes, any such books titled with ‘How to be X,’ I should probably run through my legal counsel, we’ll will be issuing licensing, redistribution procedures later this week.

Leo Laporte When will How to be Black be out and who’s publishing it?

Baratunde Thurston HarperCollins is publishing it, Spring 2011.

Leo Laporte And it’s all in good fun?

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Leo Laporte But you’re saying I should buy it?

Baratunde Thurston I’m saying everyone should buy it.

Leo Laporte Of course, you’re saying that. So am I. Everyone…

Brian Brushwood I’d like a disclaimer on the front of the book like ‘attention, it’s okay to buy this if you are white,’ like something…

Baratunde Thurston I may do that, there’s enough of question about it. We’ll see.

Leo Laporte I think…

Felicia Day [Indiscernible] (29:00).

Leo Laporte Say again, Felicia?

Felicia Day I would feel like – I would feel weird buying that book at the checkout…

Leo Laporte It was worse than buying porn.

Baratunde Thurston Leo, you’re just digging a hole, man! Come on! Leo, you’re killing me!

Brian Brushwood We were – we were doing great, we were going flat smoothly into a commercial, we got a story queued up from the chatroom and then…

John C. Dvorak It will cost you another 10,000 book sales.

Leo Laporte Felicia and I had the same problem. We’re embarrassed.

Felicia Day I mean I wouldn’t buy it. I mean I get paranoid by many things at the store, so I’m not just…

Leo Laporte Like what?

Felicia Day Well, I mean romance novels.

Leo Laporte Yeah, she would – okay. This is her dirty little secret. She loves romance novels.

Felicia Day Yeah, I mean I…

Baratunde Thurston Well here the beauty is on your Kindle, as she mentioned earlier, or your iPad or your Nook or whatever, no one has to know what you bought.

Felicia Day No one. But let’s say, look over your shoulder and see Burning Loins at a certain point, which actually happened to me.

Leo Laporte Burning Loins.

Baratunde Thurston That sounds painful.

Felicia Day Yeah. It was…

Baratunde Thurston What kind of romance is that?


Leo Laporte You think people would be embarrassed to use the phrase – I mean, hasn’t it been overused now?

Felicia Day There is nothing embarrassing about romance novels. There is nothing too embarrassing to write about in a…

Leo Laporte Are they called bodice rippers, is that what they are called?

Felicia Day It’s pretty much lady porn. That’s what it is.

Leo Laporte Lady porn. Okay.

Brian Brushwood I think they’d move more of it like to gentlemen if they called it that.

Felicia Day Lady porn?

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Felicia Day Yeah. Probably, I don’t know. I’m not a marketer but yeah, I think it could go there.

John C. Dvorak I don’t think so.

Leo Laporte I’m trying to find the painting that you’re going to show on The Guild. It is episode 1?

Felicia Day It’s – oh, that’s episode 3, that’s out Tuesday. It’s out on Wil Wheaton’s blog, I believe.

Leo Laporte Okay. I’ll find it.

Felicia Day Or it’s on our Flickr account as well,, I think.

Leo Laporte Because it’s a beautiful, beautiful work. Who did you have paint that?

Felicia Day Greg Aronowitz, our production designer. He also did all the – he’s an amazing, amazing artist. He also made the weapons for the Date My Avatar video, and he did all the production design for the Game On video that just came out last week.

Leo Laporte Well we’re going to play that video, the Bollywood video. I love that video.

Felicia Day Oh, I’m so glad. We had a great time making it.

Leo Laporte Stay tuned, we will end the show – we ended net@night this week with it, and it was worth playing the game. We’ll end the show with it – I thought it was hysterical. It was…

Felicia Day We differently called in a lot of favors to make something that grandiose. But we had a really fun time.

Leo Laporte Yeah, there is a lot – there’s a lot in there.

Felicia Day Boy!

Leo Laporte So here’s the picture – I’m going to let you enjoy this while I get ready for the commercial. This is the cover of Baratunde’s new book…


Baratunde Thurston How to be Scottish.

Leo Laporte How to be Scottish. Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day and his massive sword. And actually the cleavage ain’t bad either, that’s good – you bodice looks like it has been ripped.

Felicia Day I can – it’s a true story. I can actually inflate and deflate my breasts at will. And that’s how that painting happened.

Leo Laporte That’s awesome.

John C. Dvorak Can we see?

Leo Laporte Oh, shut up, John. For those of you listening at home…


John C. Dvorak Some visual humor here.

Leo Laporte You just missed something – she’s turning bright red.

Felicia Day I’m blushing.

Leo Laporte And this would be a good time to talk about the Ford Fiesta, which has really great bumper, actually.

Brian Brushwood You found out, you did a little hands-on testing on that?

Leo Laporte I did a little hands-on testing on the Ford Fiesta.

Brian Brushwood You were driving the Fiesta or the Flex?

Leo Laporte Flex. So here’s the deal. We were at Ford on Friday, actually it was really cool. We are going to put it on TWiT Specials. We’ve got a very unusual access to the assembly line floor. We actually went down on the assembly. I rode the conveyor belt. Guy screwed a bolt right into my – but, no, I rode the conveyor belt, it’s really cool, it’s really fun and beautiful. It’s a beautiful factory, it’s the F150 truck factory. And then we went to the test track. And he took me for a ride. I actually screamed like a girl. He took me for a ride in the Cobra. And then they said, okay, here’s the Flex, you want to try this auto-park. Well, it’s not auto-park, it’s assisted parking.

Brian Brushwood You thought it was auto-park.

Leo Laporte I thought it was automatic. So they said, just take your hands off the wheel. They didn’t mention keep you foot on the brake.

Baratunde Thurston Oh, that’s funny!

John C. Dvorak Oh, no!

Leo Laporte You drive by – so you’ve tried this before, you drive by a parking space and the thing beeps and you’re saying, first you have to press the button that says I want a parking space as you’re driving because Flex is a big vehicle so it’s a perfect thing for the Flex. So you’re driving by and it goes beep, that space is big enough. Now they had set this up on test track, they had cars in front of me, cars at the back of me. They made it really tough. And they said, now watch. It parks itself. So they said, take your hands off the wheel, press the button and the wheels going bzzz and it’s parking me. Except you’re supposed to keep your foot on the brake because you’re supposed to stop when you get to the parking space, and I didn’t. And there’s video of this unfortunately, I’m sad to say.

Brian Brushwood So what you’re saying is that it’s almost idiot-proof?

Leo Laporte Yeah. No, but I am the idiot, it’s not proof. So – but – well, here’s the thing about this Flex – I mean we must have been at 5 miles an hour when we hit the – and there’s people in the Fiesta, there’s actually engineers laughing in the back in the Fiesta. And I hit it hard. And I thought, this is a big car with a big bumper. I was – I felt so terrible. I thought, oh my god, they are going to – I mean, I’m so embarrassed. And I got out and this is all on video, not a scratch on the Fiesta, not a scratch on the Flex. So actually it was a pretty good test. Thank god, I don’t know. The Fiesta is a brand new design from Ford. The most fuel efficient compact car out there. EPA-estimated – get ready for this is, this is not a hybrid, this is a gar car – 40 miles to the gallon. Amazing engine of 2011 Fiesta is the 1.6 liter Duratec, lot of initials here. Ti-VCT I4 engine.

Brian Brushwood I’ve seen one of these in person. It looked like they’re from the future.

Leo Laporte They do, they’re really cool.

Brian Brushwood Yeah. No, especially if I was looking for a first car – I mean, I’ve got a family and kids…

Leo Laporte It’s a very affordable car. It’s good car for the city. If you live in New York or somewhere where you didn’t have big parking places, if you avoid the Flexes, it’s great. There are optional features like heated leather trim seats. So you’re not really sacrificing here if you don’t want. PowerShift 6-speed automatic transmission, of course, the voice-activated SYNC that you know I wouldn’t live without anymore. That’s the hands-free calling, so you don’t miss a call, or you can just say, “No, I don’t want to call”.

Baratunde Thurston Felicia Day, or Leo.

Leo Laporte They have – it was kind of weird, because they have – on the Android phones they’ll read your text messages on the SYNC when they come in. So I said to somebody send me a message and she sent me kind of a dirty message and the SYNC just read it.

Brian Brushwood SYNC doesn’t care.

Felicia Day That’s cool.

Leo Laporte SYNC doesn’t care.

Brian Brushwood SYNC won’t judge you.

Leo Laporte Didn’t judge me, no. Wow!

Brian Brushwood Not even when you crashed it.

Leo Laporte It was – wow! 911 assist, voice-activated music and podcast browsing. All new 2011 Ford Fiesta. If you haven’t taken a look at one, drive one this week at a Ford dealer near you. I love the exterior. The interior is really roomy. If you get in the backseat, you will see what I mean, it’s not –you’re not making any sacrifices. And it is brand new. I think most Ford dealers now have the 2011 Fiesta. So, go buy and drive one today. I like their – have you seen the Fiesta ads where the – all the things come out and the stuff is really cool.

Brian Brushwood I haven’t seen it but..

Leo Laporte It’s a great ad.

Brian Brushwood Can you say what the MSRP is – like what price range is it is for people?

Leo Laporte I think they start at 12.

Brian Brushwood Oh! Wow. Really?

Leo Laporte 12 to 20.

Brian Brushwood Oh! Yeah.

Leo Laporte And so – yeah. It’s a car for somebody who really wants a great car but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money.

Baratunde Thurston Did Brian Brushwood just say MSRP instead of price?

Brian Brushwood Well, because if you say price that doesn’t necessarily – you say MSRP because since it is an advertisement they have all kinds of agreements about what prices they can and can’t…

Leo Laporte You’re probably not supposed to even say a price, right?

Brian Brushwood Right, right. Exactly. So it’s like the MSRP is what you’re allowed to say all the time in public and in that way wherever – you can visit your dealer and find out if…

Leo Laporte The MSRP is from 13,320.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Brian Brushwood Besides, I watch too much, the price is right.

Leo Laporte Nerd!

Baratunde Thurston That was the whole point of me bringing that up.

Leo Laporte Oh really? You caught him!

Baratunde Thurston Just MSRP, that’s the fine print in car commercials; that’s cool.

Leo Laporte And is that what they say on the prices, right? It’s MSRP? All right.

Felicia Day Yeah. They do, they do. It’s all about being able to estimate prices.

Leo Laporte So, Felicia Day, you would be embarrassed to a book, How to be Black, but you admit to watching prices, right?

Felicia Day No. I was just – I was kidding. I mean [indiscernible] (37:03). It is an interesting book. I am just saying…

Baratunde Thurston This is just great product placement for me.

Leo Laporte I know. I know. I am just selling your book, Baratunde. You could thank me later. There’ll be burning crosses on my lawn tomorrow, but you can thank me later.

Brian Brushwood Oh my god, Leo!


Baratunde Thurston You’re do it again, Leo! Come on!

Leo Laporte I’m not going to light ‘em! I’m not going to wear a sheet! What do you think? You think it’s me? Is that what you’re saying?

Baratunde Thurston I’m going to try to do something here. I’m going to try to get us back on tech track.


Leo Laporte Thank you, Baratunde.

Baratunde Thurston All right. So first of all from my Twitter community, Felicia Day, you’ve got an incredible lovely shout out from Corduroy who can’t wait for the crossover Guild / Dollhouse event to happen and she’s just a super fan. I want to say hello to you and she doesn’t have access to you because you don’t answer her phone calls.

Felicia Day Oh, I’m sorry, Corduroy.

Baratunde Thurston As for the Tech stuff, Big Jim in the chat room actually tipped us off to this, Augen's $150 Android tablet hitting K-Mart later this month. $150…

Brian Brushwood Wait, this month?

Baratunde Thurston Android tablet later this – according to Engadget story just threw it up in the room. And their latest update – they’ve got a video of it running 2.1 and it’s supposed to be hitting K-Mart some vaguely later this month.

Leo Laporte They did show up in the circular and everybody went and they said, no, no, we don’t them yet. But they did give out rain checks. So they must have something coming. But do you want a $150 tablet? What the hell could be in that thing?

Baratunde Thurston Dude, you’d pick $150 for your XO.

John C. Dvorak Boy, it’s got a 800 megahertz processor, an Atom. Not an Atom, I’m sorry, but the one that Apple jiggered with.

Leo Laporte The A4? No, no the ARM.

John C. Dvorak ARM.

Leo Laporte That makes sense, an ARM processor.

John C. Dvorak It’s going to be running Android. And it’s just going to have the same apps everybody else has. I don’t know. It’s probably the only thing that would make a cheap of piece of crap seems to would be the screen itself, if it doesn’t have the right sensitivity and the rest of it.

Leo Laporte I wonder though, I mean really, seriously, how much hard work could you put in that for that price. Because – well, doesn’t target tech say, half.

John C. Dvorak It’s Kmart.

Leo Laporte Or Kmart.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah. According to the – Big Jim again who is now running the show from the chat room, the device is out now. And Engadget gives it a decent take.

Leo Laporte Wow!

Baratunde Thurston I haven’t been able to watch the video yet. They are 9-minute videos each. So I didn’t have time for preview.

Leo Laporte We’ve been waiting for Android tablet. And I really think Android tablets are going to be a compelling choice. You were just telling me, Brian, that oh my god chat, OMG Chat…

Brian Brushwood OMG Chat, yeah.

Leo Laporte Oh my god chat.

Baratunde Thurston I’m going to start calling you Oh my god chat.

Brian Brushwood That will work.

Leo Laporte I just realized the WTF chat. But OMG chat said that – sold you his iPad because he dislikes it.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, I got it for a steal, for like 350 bucks because he bought the 499 version and it was an open box, so he even got a discount off of that. But he is hardcore Mac fanboy, but he has dyslexia but he is super smart, he figured out ways to work around it. The ways he works around it is on his Android phone, he loves the speech to text.

Leo Laporte So it’s a real big selling point for Android.

Baratunde Thurston And on his laptop, he always uses the robot voice to read like big blocks of paragraph, but reads it at a double speed, so he’s able to work around his dyslexia just fine. But then on iPad, he couldn’t do either of those, it was too frustrating and too slow. And he begrudgingly said I’m going to get rid of it, so I got a steal on it.

Leo Laporte Felicia you are a Kindle fan. Yes?

Felicia Day I am.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Felicia Day Although, I do have an iPad as well, so…

Leo Laporte Oh, do you? Do you read books?

Felicia Day Oh yes.

Leo Laporte You read kindle books on the iPad?

Felicia Day You know, I love the – I do but I honestly have a problem, I feel like it’s a lot easier to red on the Kindle screen as far as going to bed…

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s not a problem. You are right.

Felicia Day Yes. So but everything else, I mean, I love it.

Leo Laporte Is it the weight or is it the light that bothers you?

Felicia Day It’s the backlight.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Felicia Day It gives me like really dry eyes, I notice, if I wake the next morning and I’ve been reading a book on that versus being able to read, and I also read more like a page versus like skimming a website, I notice myself skimming more if I’m reading a book on the Kindle…

Leo Laporte Well, that’s what is funny, because that’s the ironic thing. As I always thought that the Kindle was bad for skimming, it’s good for very linear reading but bad for newspapers or anything you’d want to scan, so , but you think it‘s better for scanning.

Felicia Day I mean, I feel like my eye jumps a lot more and I mean I just enjoy – I feel like I retain a lot more if I read it on the Kindle just because just more gentle on my eyes but that just could be me, I mean, I love my iPad for pretty much everything else.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood The Kindle feels closer to a real book for those who are into the book reading experience, I can totally understand, should we talk about the lower rate Kindle?

Leo Laporte Well, that’s the good news.

Baratunde Thurston Yes.

Leo Laporte Kindle sales have been through the roof; they are saying since they dropped the Kindle price to 189, right, that’s what it went down to, right?

Baratunde Thurston 139 for Wi-Fi only…

Leo Laporte The new ones.

Baratunde Thurston The 189 for 3G, yes.

Leo Laporte Yes, they have these new $139, but they were saying when the first price dropped to 189 for the 3G…

Brian Brushwood They have to be in a race for that magic $99 moment, where if they can hit that number and especially if they can get to the point where you could join a book of the month club a get a kindle for free, then it becomes like the book to read things off, the object to read books on.

Leo Laporte Wasn’t though that what we were debating was what is the cost of the kindle to make, and would they be able to sell it that cheaply, I guess that’s the answer is that even if they are losing money at 139 bucks they make money on the books and at this point they are going to fight to the death with Apple.

Brian Brushwood Well, it seems like…

Leo Laporte And Barnes & Noble, and…

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte No?

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte You don’t think so?

John C. Dvorak No, I don’t think – I mean, I did the last Cranky Geeks weekly show ago with this one of our tech guys who owns everything and it was about the Kmart thing, I realize that there is a bunch of people out there, it’s not like a zero sum game with this gear, and he says, oh, yes, no, I’ve got an iPad but I want to get that Kmart 159 thing…

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak He is going to have two or three of these…

Leo Laporte So they are like Felicia, they have both.

John C. Dvorak Like the perfect example…

Baratunde Thurston But…

John C. Dvorak I mean nobody is as extreme as you are.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I don’t think I’m a good example – well, this is my business.

John C. Dvorak But you’re close enough to it. I mean if it wasn’t your business, you’d still have a couple of more devices than the one loaned device. And so I think a lot of iPad users will have a Kindle, why not, the new one is only 8 ounces or so, it’s really light.

Brian Brushwood They – iPad users will get a Kindle if…

Leo Laporte If it’s 99 bucks.

Brian Brushwood Well, not even price, but if the Kindle does exactly one thing and does it better than anyone else, iPad is just the device because it does a million things, and yes you can read books using the Kindle app on an iPad but what Kindle needs to do is not add any more functionality and needs to focus on being slimmer and lighter and more durable and cheaper and once it does it, it wins the branding battle and when I say electronic books only one word comes to your mind and that’s Kindle.

Baratunde Thurston And I would add to that first of all, brilliant analysis Shwood…

Brian Brushwood I love you Baratunde.

Baratunde Thurston Really.

Felicia Day Unless there is no more words to be said about this.

Baratunde Thurston But I will add words because I do love the sound of my voice. It’s just – analogy to camera phones versus digital cameras is great. I mean for many people the camera phone is becoming good enough and even more than good enough with – being able to shoot HD video but there are still people who carry dedicated Canon or Kodak or whatever they have because they want a device that nails one function really well. So your list of things that Amazon needs to do also keep their catalog the best possible largest, most diverse catalog out there. Because, there are still so many books in the Kindle library that are not yet available in the iBook library.

Felicia Day Yes, it’s so frustrating, if you – if I wanted to discover a new series and they have number 3 on the Kindle and not number 1 and 2, and I generally, I basically won’t read that series because I’m like guys, have the first one at least, and then maybe I’ll be more inclined. If I really love the book to buy a physical copy of the third one, if I don’t have the first one right there at my finger tips I’m probably going to just forget. And the problem with it is also if you request something on Kindle, I feel like Amazon should collect those or you should be able to save it to the…

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, there’s no feedback loop thing.

Felicia Day Yes. So they’ll tell you when it’s actually available.

Leo Laporte You know, actually they do something very smart in a lot of the cases where there is a trilogy, they give away the first book on the trilogy, knowing that you are going to be buying two and three.

Brian Brushwood Well, that’s very clever.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that smart?

Brian Brushwood I didn’t even know they did that.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood It is awesome.

Leo Laporte There are quite a few at least sci-fi trilogies where the first book is free.

Brian Brushwood So I got some behind the scenes experience with the Kindle because for – like must have been eight years ago I published a book called The Professional's Guide to Fire Eating. And the idea was that it would be the one book that if anyone wanted to eat fire they would buy. And I priced it…

Leo Laporte By the way, how are the sales on that? Were they burning up the chart?

Brian Brushwood It’s on fire.

Baratunde Thurston We need a pun meter on this show.

Brian Brushwood But when I put the book out, I made it the most expensive book out of the subject out there because the idea being that nobody is going to say I want to eat fire, and I want to spend as little money as possible learning how to do it, you know.

Leo Laporte That’s true.

Brian Brushwood So I put it out at 39…

Leo Laporte That’s true. Comes up all the time, doesn’t it?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, right? So I put it out for 39.95. And just like three days ago I was like let me put it out on the Kindle, let me see what we do. So I uploaded the PDF, did the whole process and I got to the end and it said, had still questions like, would you rather make 35% commission on this or 70% commission on this.

Leo Laporte And how do you get 70?

Brian Brushwood And I was like, well that’s dumb. I want 70. As I click on it, and then it says, “Okay, what price do you want to charge?” I was like, well, it’s an e-book, and it’s going to be DRMed, I don’t feel like I should charge full price, I tell you what, I’ll give a break, I’ll incentivize it, so I’ll do $20. And there it goes, ah, aha, ah, you said you wanted 70%, which means the most you can charge is 9.99.

Leo Laporte This is how Amazon does it now, Because the publishers really resisted this forced pricing. So the way they do it is they commission you higher.

Brian Brushwood Right. So I’m – I’m trying a short-term experiment. Like the book genuinely – and I reserve the right to yank the book at any given time – but for the moment like I’m going – I’m going to put it put it out for 9.99 and see what happens. But as a Professional’s Guide to Fire Eating on Kindle, and I finally bought it myself on my iPad and I was a little disappointed because the PDF formatting is all jacked up, I’m trying to fix that. But for the moment, limited time, I’m just going to have it up there for ten bucks and see what happens.

Leo Laporte I think it should sell very well.

John C. Dvorak …also on the other device, the Kindle.

Felicia Day This is a hobby I need to take up.

Leo Laporte What other device John?

John C. Dvorak The Kindling, never mind….

Leo Laporte I get it, the Kindling, I get it.

Brian Brushwood Hope for the fire.

Leo Laporte It’s a fire eating, you put it on the Kindling.

Brian Brushwood I thought that was good, John. I liked it.

Leo Laporte Who would buy a Wi-Fi-only version versus the $50 more for 3G? Is it – should everybody just buy the Wi-Fi?

Brian Brushwood Well, I don’t – I mean it’s not like your – I mean when I buy a book, you take time to read a book, and on the Kindle you are going to have four, five books loaded at any time. So it’s not you are going to be at the beach and I’m like, oh I need this book and I need to write now.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Felicia Day I do that all the time.

Brian Brushwood Do you, really?

Felicia Day Yeah. If I’m reading a series, I mean I’ll go through a four, five book series in a week. So obviously…

Leo Laporte So you need 3G. And you know what…

Brian Brushwood And it’s not – it’s not that you are going to – it’s not that you are going to use 3G a lot, but it’s those unpredictable moments when you just finish a book you can’t predict where you are going to be and if Wi-Fi is going to be available at that point. So you could try to build queues and this is like discreet moments, okay I’m at home, let me do my book shopping before I leave town for the weekend or go on this flight or whatever. But it’s those little in between moments…

Felicia Day Absolutely yeah.

Brian Brushwood Even if there is like a few times a year, we are like oh, I should have just maybe sprung with the extra 50, then I wouldn’t have this irritation factor.

Felicia Day It’s also if I gave it to my grandma or something, like they are – then it’s always on, like I don’t have to explain how to hook up the WI-Fi, it’s just always there and she can shop with – with like literally just one click.

Leo Laporte But you know what I do though is I tell…

John C. Dvorak This is the most decadent conversation I’ve heard for a long time.

Leo Laporte What – what do you mean?

Baratunde Thurston That’s clearly not true.

John C. Dvorak It’s decadent.

Leo Laporte As a person who sells books, you should be welcoming our new Amazon overlords.

John C. Dvorak But still.

Leo Laporte So have you seen this website SnapGoods?

Baratunde Thurston Yeah.

Leo Laporte What do you think of that Baratunde?

Baratunde Thurston I should disclose that a good friend of mine is the founder of this company. So everybody listening should realize that I have some interest in his success, because maybe he’ll buy me lunch…

Brian Brushwood ‘How to be a Fanboy.’

Baratunde Thurston The concept behind SnapGoods, Crunch Gear wrote it up. So this is all public. But it’s kind of like a Zipcar for your stuff. I think their motto was something like, “own less, do more”. And it’s somewhat related to what NeighborGoods does in that you can loan out your stuff for a daily or weekly, or even monthly rate if you have a iron with board, a mop, cooking equipment, an immersion cooker, like there things that not everybody needs to own, just as Zipcar has done with cars. You don’t all necessarily need cars, we do occasionally need to use a car. So can we tap into our very, very local communities with a lot of verification and trust behind it and loan out our stuff and make a little bit of money or borrow things from other people in what they are calling this access economy. They are trying to build this not just for peer-to-peer but also for marketers to be able to use so that companies – imagine if you could try an iPad, that might be the best example, but some other device, you’re just not sure about, other than the 14-day return policy, there is not a great way for people to experience these newer and newer technologies without risking hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So if you could pay five or $10 a day to tryout this iPad or Chrome pad, would that be worth it than to convert that into a sale, you might have more loyal customers really…

Brian Brushwood They have to have some kind of built-in way to handle, ‘oops I dropped your iPad.’ Like, dude what’s the story with that?

John C. Dvorak It’s a liability.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, they are using a deposit system right now. They don’t have insurance built in yet. It’s such a new service. They don’t know the actuarial math behind all these different goods that are in the system. So essentially people put a sort of deposit in escrow against any damages that might happen, and if someone breaks your phone while it’s on loan-out, then you get their deposit. And you can set that price as something that would probably closer to replacement cost of whatever it is.

Leo Laporte You mentioned the other guys, NeighborGoods, this is Micki Krimmel’s site, Mickipedia on Twitter and I talked to her at that FoodCamp about this,, same idea though, right?

John C. Dvorak It looks like borrowing the rake.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak I had a guy borrowed my rake…

Leo Laporte This one focuses…

John C. Dvorak …and then came back for my mower.

Baratunde Thurston Oh my god!

Leo Laporte It sounds like a George Gobel joke about to begin.

Baratunde Thurston You’re just killing me. No I think, I am going to think the key difference – I mean they are both in the same space in terms of neighbors sharing things with other neighbors. The twist that I understand from SnapGoods is that they are also going after actual company’s with goods to sell.

Leo Laporte So there might be new items.

Baratunde Thurston The trial products, not just to try things that people already own. So that’s one difference.

Leo Laporte By the way, the cops are on their way for the broken iPhone Brian, I don’t think so.

Brian Brushwood Surely I am waiting on it.

Baratunde Thurston That was me, I am in Brooklyn.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you are used to it. You probably don’t even hear it anymore, it just happens, right?

Baratunde Thurston It helps me sleep actually. So…

Leo Laporte They have those clocks that have these sirens in them.

Baratunde Thurston So number one I think it is a great…

John C. Dvorak Another one of these called says the chatroom.

Leo Laporte HomeAway.

John C. Dvorak So people are just trying to loan stuff. This is to get a vacation home.

Leo Laporte Yeah, there is a lot of that.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, Like VRBO is vacation rental by owner.

Leo Laporte Say again.

Brian Brushwood is vacation rental by owner where it is like you actually rent some person’s house, not through any agency or whatever, but it’s like, I am going to South Padre Island and you just see a bunch of people like I have this house and I am not there that week and you just work out a deal with them.

Leo Laporte Have you used that?

Brian Brushwood Oh yeah, several times.

John C. Dvorak It seems like the good one?

Leo Laporte Is that the good one, John wants to know?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, no, I loved it. I use VRBO for all my vacations. I Digg it a lot and I think the SnapGoods is a brilliant idea, although I can’t wait, I smell a lot of Digg items coming up on hilarious items that are available…

Leo Laporte That have been snapped.

Baratunde Thurston I like that snap.

Leo Laporte It has been snapped.

Baratunde Thurston You have been snapped.

Leo Laporte You have been snapped.

Baratunde Thurston Even I put – I have a spare phone that I got to the conference and I put that for listening. I have a step-ladder that I – I am going to use a step-ladder…

Brian Brushwood You got a hat of used roll of toilet paper.

Baratunde Thurston …three times a year, that’s disgusting.

Leo Laporte But that’s awesome. Another little plug for something that Baratunde is involved in The Onion, of course he is a web editor for The Onion, right?

Baratunde Thurston AO, yes I am.

Leo Laporte AO. And I see The Onion is – now, if you’re getting tired of today’s news that you hear on TWiT or even last week’s news, The Onion is going to do future news from the year 2137.

Baratunde Thurston This is – this is actually our most sort of ambitious news project we’ve ever undertaken. We spent about 2 years putting together this – like 12 minute extended for us is a feature linked news item. Most of our clips are about 2 minutes. It’s in HD and it’s set in the year 2137, the premise is one of our satellites has wormhole technology which allows us to pull in news segments from 127 years into the future. It’s a really dark world where the United States isn’t really anymore. California is run by robots. There’s really aggressive dude runs the country and he got elected by promising that he would kill everyone because life is so terrible. There’s one Israeli and one Palestinian left and they are still fighting.

Leo Laporte Let’s watch. Let’s watch a little trailer. This is News From the Year 2137. You’re going to sell this, right? That’s what’s interesting about this.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, this is for sale at iTunes right now. We’ll go broader later. But it’s I think 1.99 for HD and 0.99 for SD. I obviously recommend HD but not just for pricing, just because the graphics are probably the most impressive thing. The satire is very strong but we have the best graphic people I’ve ever seen.

Leo Laporte I think this is really cool. The Onion is so amazing.

Baratunde Thurston …eye-streaming technique – it’s ridiculous; it will blow your mind. You have to watch it like 4 times.

Leo Laporte Here’s the trailer. I haven’t seen the rest. But here’s the trailer from The Onion.

[Video Clip]

Leo Laporte I like it.

Brian Brushwood This may be the timeliest time to announce this on TWiT, because you realize today, August 1, 2010 is the date that they went into the future 15 years ago on The Simpsons and this is the day that Lisa Simpson gets married to Milhouse.

Leo Laporte Aww!

Baratunde Thurston Whoa!

Felicia Day Aww!

Baratunde Thurston Awesome!

Leo Laporte Congratulations!

Felicia Day Oh Lisa.

Leo Laporte This is the problem when you’re writing sci-fi, it never works out, you know, oh, in 2001, we’ll all be going to Mars. And then it never happens. You got to make it…

John C. Dvorak But you got to push it way out.

Leo Laporte …you got to push it so far out that nobody would be alive to remember.

Baratunde Thurston But you can’t argue.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you can’t argue it. Well, good, that looks like a – but I think the thing that is really most interesting – besides the fact that it looks wonderful…

Brian Brushwood Oh, the chatroom’s already corrected me. It wasn’t Milhouse. I forget who it was.

Leo Laporte Who did he marry?

Brian Brushwood I don’t know. I saw the – I actually Tweeted the picture out. For some reason I just imagined – I guess Milhouse was the one like, banging on the window, The graduate-style at the end.

Leo Laporte She married Langdon Alger?

Brian Brushwood Of course she did! Of course she did! How could you not remember that, Leo?

John C. Dvorak Langdon Alger.

Brian Brushwood Good old Langdon Alger.

John C. Dvorak Can you even remember all that are in this chatroom?

Leo Laporte Hugh St. John Alastair Parkfield is who she married.

Brian Brushwood That’s right, that’s what it is.

Leo Laporte You remember that? And Milhouse was the one that didn’t get it. He didn’t get married. Some British guy from Scam School.

Brian Brushwood Oh, that’s right, that’s right. Because the guy turned out to be a giant jerk, that was the point of that episode, that’s right.

Leo Laporte So I love the story – which is not really a fair story, but I have to report it anyway – that the Microsoft Windows Blue Screen of Death caused the Deepwater Horizon.

Brian Brushwood This is so – you know this is unfair.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s unfair.

Brian Brushwood You know this is unfair.

Leo Laporte But it’s a good headline.

Felicia Day Very provocatively written.

Leo Laporte Well, it was buried deep inside The New York Times. You know, they had the testimony of the engineer. He was testifying for a government panel on what happened investigating the accident. And if you go to The New York Times article, it’s way at the bottom of the article. But according to the engineer…

Brian Brushwood They buried the lead is what you’re saying?

Leo Laporte Ah, I think The New York Times had the same reaction that all of you do, which is ‘oh come on!’

Brian Brushwood Come on now!

Baratunde Thurston This would be yellow journalism to promote this as the headline!

Leo Laporte Yeah!

Baratunde Thurston We’ll leave that to TWiT.

Leo Laporte Yeah! That’s right, that’s my job. Problems existed from the beginning of drilling the well. For months the computer – this is The New York Times I’m quoting – For months, the computer system kept locking up, producing what the crew deemed the Blue Screen of Death.

Brian Brushwood Should’ve called the tech guy.

John C. Dvorak We actually ran the guy’s…

Leo Laporte You have the video of it?

John C. Dvorak …his testimony on No Agenda.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s awesome.

John C. Dvorak And he’s actually said that we – he said that – he almost implies that they coined the term Blue Screen of Death which makes the whole thing a little sketchy.

Leo Laporte Yeah, like we called it a Blue Screen of Death, that’s what we called it. Oh, he just didn’t know. So he actually was a whistleblower. He sued them saying that the system that was used to remove dangerous gas from the drilling shack was set in bypass mode. He recalled being told by his supervisor – he had questioned the decision, he was told by a supervisor, ‘no, the damn thing’s been in bypass for five years. Why’d you even mess with it?’

Brian Brushwood This is the equivalent of putting a penny in the fuse box.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood Where it’s like there’s a reason it keeps breaking.

Leo Laporte Right. John R. Smith is a – well let me see – what is this guy’s name, Williams is his name, that did the testimony…

John C. Dvorak There is a bunch of information that came in since this that…

Leo Laporte You think it’s bogus? That he has a…

John C. Dvorak …this guy has some lawsuit pending…

Leo Laporte Yeah, he’s suing them.

John C. Dvorak It’s questionable whether…

Leo Laporte Mike Williams, he was the Chief Electronics Technician on the rig. He said the general safety alarm was eventually set to inhibited because they didn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night with late night sirens and emergency lights.

Baratunde Thurston That sounds like that’s the cause of the disaster, not…

Leo Laporte But it’s not the cause.

Baratunde Thurston It’s our collective addiction to oil with a lax regulatory framework and a company with a history of safety violations on top of irresponsible behavior on the rig itself.

Brian Brushwood And by the way, well hang on, real quick, I got to get this in. You got to mention that incentivizing lax regulation is partly the result of the $75 million limit on liability for offshore drilling, which is a government regulation.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood But by the way…

Baratunde Thurston [Indiscernible] (59:38). Sorry.

Leo Laporte They said I made you go to sleep, Felicia. Let me just check.

Felicia Day No, no, I’m here.

John C. Dvorak She’s still awake.

Felicia Day I mean they’re just being so incredibly articulate, I don’t really have anything more articulate to add to it. I mean I agree.

Leo Laporte How was Comic-Con? Was it fun? Did you have a good time?

Felicia Day I’m still sleeping from it, I mean it’s crazy.

Leo Laporte You didn’t get to sleep at all the whole weekend?

Felicia Day No, I mean, there was a lot to do and a lot to see. And I like to dance at nights so it was – there is a lot to balance.

Leo Laporte This explains all the blog posts; I danced with Felicia Day that appeared the next week.

Felicia Day Yes, it’s really weird. I mean I guess I would just see a – I mean I’m not good with the socialization but one rum and Coke and a dance floor, that’s my crazy diet guys.

Baratunde Thurston That was going to be the most famous quote online today.

Leo Laporte Rum and Coke and a dance floor and you have me; I am all yours, yeah. So any announcements you made, we got The Guild – is this season –?

Felicia Day Four.

Leo Laporte Four? Wow.

Felicia Day I know. We actually had our third anniversary on July 27, last Tuesday.

Leo Laporte That’s kind of amazing.

Felicia Day It was the third anniversary of uploading the first episode.

Leo Laporte Now you don’t put ads in The Guild?

Felicia Day No, we do have a pre-roll now that we have – we work with Sprint and Microsoft and they do a pre-roll on the episodes and with we’re on Xbox LIVE we have a Sprint logo on there but –

Leo Laporte So you can make money – you do make some of the money that the production costs are covered by advertising?

Felicia Day All our production costs are covered by Microsoft and Sprint.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Felicia Day So yeah, they have been our – for the third year, we are so luck – I mean really knock on wood, we are in the privilege top.

Leo Laporte I want that.

Felicia Day Yeah. And the great thing is that they really let us make our show. They really don’t impose their – it’s not like branded entertainment...

Leo Laporte Right.

Felicia Day ... is what I am saying, because a lot of web video is going the way of basically an extended narrative commercial...

Leo Laporte Right.

Felicia Day ...and I feel like that doesn’t really push the medium forward in a way that that allows the most creative. There is some really branded entertainment shows out there but they are definitely two different sides of the entertainment coin and we’re just really lucky to be able to have a sponsor who has been – this is out third year, it’s just fantastic.

Leo Laporte And you’re in this for the creativity; you’re not in this to make a buck?

Felicia Day Well I mean I need to pay my bills.

Leo Laporte Right.

Felicia Day But yeah, I have definitely would make a lot more money if I just concentrate on my acting career in Hollywood but just a fact that we – we are able to fill a Comic-Con room as big as huge million dollar an episode TV shows, it’s kind of gratifying to me. I mean it’s just – yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s really –

Baratunde Thurston Those headphones aren’t going to buy themselves, that’s great.

Leo Laporte For those not watching, Felicia is wearing the world’s largest pair of World of Warcraft headphones.

Felicia Day To light up – I wish I could get them to light up.

Brian Brushwood Are those are the ones that make crazy voices like if you want to play a troll or an ogre or whatever?

Felicia Day No, that would be cool, though, I want those!

Brian Brushwood Yeah, there is like – there is some with the hardware switch, you just flip it and all of a sudden, ‘you sound like you’re 8 feet tall.’

Leo Laporte ‘Stand back, I have a steed.’

Felicia Day My characters are always cute.

Baratunde Thurston There is a question Felicia from the chatroom about Gina Trapani’s involvement in The Guild, did you have notes or updates on that?

Felicia Day This is actually – yes, it’s a really good story, the year that so Dr. Horrible came out, I think that was three years ago, I had an escort around the back – they were volunteers who volunteer and they escort us to the panel room to the signing, through the crowds, and a woman accompanied me and in the middle of it running I was like, I got to pee. So this woman takes me to the bathroom and then we go, back and then the next day when I get home I get an email saying, hey we are not allowed to do this during the hours, but I just want to say I am a huge fan of yours, Gina Trapani.

Leo Laporte Oh my god.

Felicia Day And I saw her sign that and I was like, oh my god, I am a huge life hack geek, so we just completely geeked out over it and then for Season 3 she came and volunteered, she helped us at their Comic-Con booths. I just saw her fleetingly this year but it was just like, I wish you told me then because I am a huge fan of you.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s really great. That’s really great.

Baratunde Thurston That’s great when that happens. And that question comes to as courtesy of Hartwell in the chatroom, so thank you Hartwell, thank you Felicia.

Felicia Day Thanks Hartwell.

Leo Laporte So when I volunteered to take you to the bathroom, you didn’t notice that was me Felicia?

Felicia Day That was the security problem.

Leo Laporte Okay, I’ll take you.

Brian Brushwood The chatroom points out that it’s the Logitech G35 headset that you could do the nutty voices with.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Brian Brushwood ...if you want to be able to mask yourself on the fly.

Leo Laporte What is your World of Warcraft character – I am sure everybody knows this Felicia, I should know this?

Felicia Day I have an 80 priest, she is – her name is [bleeped out], oh no [bleeped out].

Leo Laporte Your priest name…

Felicia Day No, I just said that, why did I say that?

Leo Laporte Why? Is that a secret?

John C. Dvorak Now she is going to be swamped with harassment.

Felicia Day Can you bleep that out of the…

Leo Laporte Yeah, I mean there is a lot of life…

Brian Brushwood Hey look, there is one thing the Internet’s really good at, it’s keeping secrets. So don’t worry.

Baratunde Thurston No worries. But that’s – I think that’s the testament to the intimacy of the show.

Leo Laporte Exactly, yeah.

Baratunde Thurston …friends hanging around, drinking rum and Cokes, about to go have a great dance party.

Leo Laporte So forget that she said that her character’s name is [bleeped out], I’ll erase that for your mind. And if you look for [bleeped out] in what is the realm that you hang out with.

Felicia Day [bleeped out].

Leo Laporte If you looking [bleeped out], please don’t harass Felicia, okay?

Felicia Day Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Felicia Day I like everybody, but I just like to play in silence. So – no anyway, I…

Leo Laporte You go on quests? Do you go with groups and do stuff? Or do you just kind of hang out by yourself, you fish a lot?

Felicia Day I like during the quests, actually I just rolled a hoard character just so I can get all the quests in before they release Cataclysm, because all the lore is changing so..

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, you know that’s actually a big story. Cataclysm is going to completely change WoW.

Felicia Day It’s completely redoing everything. And I’m so excited because you could be able to fly in the old cities. I’m like a vanilla WoWer, like I don’t play as much as I would like to nowadays, because I’m so busy.

Brian Brushwood Read Baratunde’s book.

Leo Laporte ‘How to be a black WoWer.’


Baratunde Thurston Just for the record, I’ve never – I don’t play these immersive games, I like dumb things where I can drive machines and crash them into other machines and maybe shoot at something. But this is fascinating, all this language, so keep going.

Leo Laporte Let me just put it this way. If she’s an 80 level vegemite, that means, what? At least several hundred hours, right? At least.

Felicia Day Oh, if you look at my account, I have several hundred hours logged, that’s for sure.

Leo Laporte Easy.

Felicia Day I mean I really haven’t been able to play very much at all lately. But like I said, I just rolled a hoard character and I’m going to concentrate on that until...

Brian Brushwood Yeah, for those of you who can’t hear quite well, she said ‘hoard’ [emphasis on the ‘d’] character, all right?

Leo Laporte Hoard! So you can be humans, or you can be for the hoard. I’m hoard by the way.

Felicia Day Yes. But you can be a pretty Blood Elf, which is what I rolled, sorry.

Leo Laporte Blood Elf’s cool. As long as you don’t have a night elf Mohawk. Have you run into the Mohawks?

Brian Brushwood Me?

Leo Laporte Anybody. The Mo – you know, they made Mr. T, they allowed Mr. T’s mohawk, I mean this is kind of cruddy, they’ve screwed up.

Brian Brushwood They actually created a class for Mr. T?

Leo Laporte It’s not a class, it like a mohawk spell, right, Felicia?

Felicia Day Yeah. Oh no, yeah they did. It was like a marketing campaign. Mr. T did it, a TV – like a commercial, and then they had a spell where you can fling at people and you get a Mr. T mohawk head.

Brian Brushwood They’re getting a little more tongue-in-cheek in all the World of Warcraft stuff. Like I know in Cataclysm, they’re doing a bunch of quests for goblins, where you’re essentially going on like crap like beer runs and that kind of thing.

Leo Laporte Really?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, yeah. They changed all their names but it’s very, it’s very clever.

Leo Laporte That’s pretty funny.

Felicia Day I think they’ve always been clever though, there’s always been a lot of humor…

Baratunde Thurston I just have no idea what’s happening right now.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Felicia Day …in World of Warcraft. And I think that’s kind of its appeal, like it doesn’t just – it kind of appeals to everybody. And not like the hardcore RP, which I love that kind of stuff, like Dragon Age and…

Leo Laporte I’ve never Dragon Age.

Brian Brushwood I’ve never seen Baratunde this disengaged. He’s just like ‘nerds!’

Baratunde Thurston I’m super engaged. I just don’t know what you’re saying.


Leo Laporte Let me put it this way. We got the cover for your book, you ready? There you go. Right there.


Leo Laporte How to be a night hawk – night elf Mohawk.

Brian Brushwood That’s Mr. Baratunde and Felicia Day. There you go right there.

Baratunde Thurston That would be a great collaboration. Let’s take it so.

Leo Laporte I love it.

John C. Dvorak While on the subject of tech, I got a story.

Leo Laporte Thank you, John, go ahead.

John C. Dvorak What is this about this patent that Google’s now going to start tracking your mouse movements?

Brian Brushwood Oh, thank goodness. Because I was just thinking, you know what I really wish they would add? Is knowing where my mouse goes at all times.

Leo Laporte It’s apparently not enough to know where you are in space, but they want to know where your mouse is, in space.

Felicia Day I don’t like that at all.

Baratunde Thurston Nothing could go wrong with that at all, nothing whatsoever.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s just a patent, first of all.

Baratunde Thurston It’s just great, Google is just responsible…

Leo Laporte It’s just a patent.

John C. Dvorak It’s just a patent. It doesn’t mean anything. They’re never going to use it. They just got it patented for no good reason.

Baratunde Thurston What do you think they’re going to do with it later?

John C. Dvorak Well I know what they say they’re going to do with it and I think what they’re going to do with it initially, and I don’t really – you know, Google’s approach to things is they have a lot of – they’re well intentioned. In this case, they’re going to put the mouse tracker on you and as you’re tracking around on the page they can say, ‘well that’s interesting, with the placement of the button down on the lower left side…’ it’s like the eyeball tracking software we had, but you had to bring somebody in to do that. This way they can do it remotely and they can kind of figure out what you’re more likely, what part of this page you’re more likely to click on, what you’re more attracted to and all that sort of things, and what you actually do click on.

Brian Brushwood You know, I hate to say it…

John C. Dvorak And it all flows into the big giant database in the sky so that they can figure out how to sell you more – some more crap.

Brian Brushwood I’d hate to say it, but this is the kind of thing they do to great result in video games. Valve had people when they were doing Half Life 2, they would have them play through the entire game and they would notice sections of the games where people would go like a minute at a time without jumping. And so they would add in something to jump over so that you were doing as many different things for as long as you could, so you got a very engaging experience, where you’re always moving in all these different ways. And I could see applying a similar idea to layout, to search results, that kind of thing. The only thing – and now that I think about it, I really do tend to mouse over whatever I’m looking at, at all times.

Leo Laporte I’m just going to point out. All they’ve done is apply for a patent. They probably have been doing this; you don’t have to patent it to do it. They just want to protect it.

Brian Brushwood They just realized that that now is the time to make money on it.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Actually, a little later on, we’re going to do a special this evening about 5:30 after East Meets West. My daughter Abby was invited to speak at a conference called Tomorrow’s Web. She’s going to – which was cancelled at the last minute. So a number of the kids or speakers are coming in. And one of them is the main developer of Google for the mouse tracking technology.

Baratunde Thurston Get out of town!

Leo Laporte Isn’t that right, Abby? I can’t say it on the air, though.

Brian Brushwood Okay, internet, once again.

Leo Laporte Okay. Vegemite.

Brian Brushwood Along with vegemite? That’s our code word.

Leo Laporte Vegemite.

Felicia Day Vegemite.

Baratunde Thurston Vegemite.

Brian Brushwood Vegemite.

Leo Laporte Vegemite. We have a safe word.

Brian Brushwood That’s the new forerunners. ‘We got a vegemite. Everyone keep your mouths shut.’

Leo Laporte Vegemite.

Baratunde Thurston Are we in the mood for another tech story or…?

Leo Laporte We are in a moment if you hold on to that thought, Baratunde Thurston. Of course you see – you still doing the pop sci thing?

Baratunde Thurston No, I’m not. They didn’t bring the show back. Officially, they might bring it back next year. But The Popular Science’s Future Of, which is what Leo is referring to, it was a show I hosted on Discovery Science channel last year, is not – I haven’t been taping any new things and I have no plans to as far as I know from the network. So I’m kind of in happy weird TV limbo land, because they haven’t said like, “we’re done with you.”

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s pretty common.

Baratunde Thurston But they also haven’t said, “we’re coming back.” But I still run the Twitter account and the Facebook page. I still post cool things from the future, because we got a pretty cool set of content and engaged community. So thanks for asking.

Leo Laporte Well, thank you for being here. We will have your story in just a moment, more tech.

Before we do that though, I do want to say hello to our friends at, its backup done right for your PC or your Mac, automatic, that’s important. Because nobody – frankly, you can have ‘a backup strategy.’ But nobody remembers to back up. Oh, yeah, I’m backing up. When’s the last time you backed up? Last month. The problem is, your hard drive’s going to die, your system’s going to crash, you’re going to lose that laptop and you are going to lose your data at some point.

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And now, ladies and gentlemen. Baratunde Thurston with our next story.

Baratunde Thurston Hey, hey, hey everybody, this is Baratunde Thurston here on This Week in Tech with the latest, and the greatest tech news, the best roundtable of intelligent, witty, clever people to talk about what you care about or what you should.

Coming up next, YouTube extends its 10-minute upload limit to 15 minutes. That means 5 extra minutes of cats slapping monkeys, or whatever it is we’re uploading nowadays.

Brian Brushwood That’s right, traffic and weather together on the five, TWiT network. We’re live with Leo Laporte and Baratunde Thurston!


Leo Laporte I always thought Baratunde would be such a great morning show host. If you’re ever looking for a gig, I think we’d do a morning show with Baratunde, it would be so awesome.

Baratunde Thurston Oh, my goodness. I’m gigged out at the very present moment trying to finish this book, but that would be a lot of fun.

Brian Brushwood When I first signed up for YouTube, I got one of those director accounts where you can go as long as you wanted. And everyone was saying that was a limited time deal? Did that go away altogether or can you still get those?

Leo Laporte We have a director’s account.

Baratunde Thurston No, no, director account still exists, but most people don’t sign up for that. The average consumer account if you sign up as musician, comedian, these other sort of account labels they have, they’ve had this 10-minute limit for years. And the thing I found actually interesting about the story is, I thought that was their sort of way to manage storage. And Google obviously has access to a lot of storage, video is huge, people uploading larger HD type files. But in their blog post, what it really comes down to is their fingerprinting copyright protection technology.

Leo Laporte Oh, isn’t that interesting.

Baratunde Thurston And the ten minute limit was really about making it less practical for people to upload television shows and movies kind of things.

Leo Laporte Aha.

Baratunde Thurston They were able to go to 15, because they basically got a lot more support from the official copyright holding industry with the fact that they were able to digitally fingerprint and do the – I forgot the name of the technology that they’re using, I’ll try to dig it out pretty quickly. But essentially, it allows content owners to be flagged when it looks like their content is uploaded to an account not run by them, and then you can claim it and throw ads against it, et cetera. So they perfected that and they can go from 10 to 15.

Leo Laporte That’s great news.

Brian Brushwood That will be good, because now I can go in two parts when I see a legally uploaded content instead of three.

Leo Laporte Exactly. Saves you a whole part.

We have for some reason a gigabyte limit on how much we can upload to YouTube, but there’s no length limit, but there’s a gigabyte data limit.

Brian Brushwood That makes sense from a storage standpoint, though. I mean you got to take a limit.

Leo Laporte Right. That must be some storage thing.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte We have had videos pulled from YouTube. Quite a few videos.

Brian Brushwood For copyright?

Leo Laporte Yeah. It’s my opinion that – well I just aired something, well I guess this is from the Onion, they’re probably not going to get complaints. But we frequently put clips in like that.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte And from other sources. It’s a new show, so you put in a clip as a news coverage, that’s fair use in my limited knowledge of the law.

John C. Dvorak It is fair use.

Leo Laporte That’s what I think.

Brian Brushwood Well, I ran into the same thing, I do a lecture – a skeptic lecture called Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural, which is all about debunking pseudoscience and the paranormal. And in the whole lecture, there’s a 60-second clip, where to explain the concept of cold reading which fraudulent psychics used to make it look like they’re talking to dead relatives, I play a clip of South Park’s explanation of it. And it sat there for years and years. And then out of nowhere, that section of the lecture just got yanked because a claim from Viacom.

Leo Laporte Actually the Onion did pull one of our episodes.

Brian Brushwood Did it really?

Leo Laporte We had a MacBreak Weekly – I’m being told by the chatroom, we had a MacBreak weekly where I played that very funny Onion video about – is it the Genius Bar, that somebody to talk to? Remember that video?

Baratunde Thurston The Apple Friend Bar.

Leo Laporte Apple Friend Bar. And it’s MacBreak Weekly, I thought it’d be very funny to play it.

Brian Brushwood On topic.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah.

Leo Laporte That video is no longer – my MacBreak Weekly is not longer available, because the Onion complained.

Baratunde Thurston Really?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Baratunde Thurston That’s not generally how we do things. I’m going to actually look into that. Basically, what YouTube allows content people to do instead of looking like douchebags and pulling things, is flagging and claim the video. And what – because we’re not really interested in pulling journalistic references, there are a lot of people who will take the iTunes file that’s in our podcast feed.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah, I wasn’t stealing it, in fact I’m sure, I sent some traffic to the thing, right?

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, so I will – see if that’s…

Leo Laporte I don’t really care.

Baratunde Thurston ...something be decided, because I usually hear about any of those things.

Leo Laporte It might be automatic.

Baratunde Thurston Obviously.

Leo Laporte It might be automatic.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, which is – but that’s also kind of an interesting problem, if basically something’s done kind of in our name without us being notified of it, that’s not a great system either, because you can’t control…

Leo Laporte Almost every episode, I get a notice now from YouTube saying, just so you know, our content system flagged your episode, there are some other people’s content.

Baratunde Thurston Right. Well, here’s what their blog post says about the 10 minute things:

“We spent significant resources on creating and improving our state of the art content ID system and many other powerful tools for copyright owners. Now all the major U.S. movie studios, music labels and over thousand other global partners use content ID to manage their content on YouTube. Because of the success of these ongoing technological efforts, we’re able to increase the upload limit today.”

So that’s all that has to do with is the fact that content ID is more accepted by people who hold copyrights to major…

Leo Laporte I think the content ID is great, I mean that – first of all, Facebook got a – not Facebook. Google and YouTube got a great decision in the Viacom case, where the judge ruled – yeah, yeah, so they were protected by the Safe Harbor provisions of the DMCA, they do have an effective takedown procedure. They do have this very effective content recognition system, so the judge ruled, well, they’re doing everything they need to do, they are not a publisher, they’re a common carrier. And I think that that’s important. But if some stuff gets pulled off, mine gets pulled off YouTube, so be it. It’s not our chief distribution medium.

Hey here’s some good news, the billionth Tweet! I’m sorry.

Brian Brushwood Did you – was that good news?

Leo Laporte The 20 billionth Tweet, would you like to see it?

John C. Dvorak No.

Brian Brushwood Is it safe for TWiT?

Leo Laporte I don’t know. It could or and it might not be.

Brian Brushwood G-G-G-Go, let’s go!

John C. Dvorak Oh great.

Felicia Day We don’t know.

Leo Laporte We don’t know.

Baratunde Thurston That is – that expresses the entire mood, I believe, of our global situation around, nothing could capture the moment in humanity greater than G-G-G-G-go, let’s go.

Leo Laporte Let’s go.

Brian Brushwood Actually I believe that’s the username.

Baratunde Thurston Historians will look back at this moment and believe that this captures the zeitgeist.

Leo Laporte No, the user’s name is OjalJP.

Brian Brushwood No, I think this is an at reply directed at Ojal JP. Oh no – okay, no it is, yeah. It’s directed – it’s @ojal, the user is ggggoletsgo.

Leo Laporte There’s the – this is little Japanese thing, that’s what he saying.

Brian Brushwood No, no, no, no –

Leo Laporte This is what he’s saying?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, that’s the tweet, that’s the @reply.

John C. Dvorak Cut and paste it into Google Translator.

Leo Laporte Translate? It’s Japanese.

Brian Brushwood We’re going to keep with the trend to be like, they say, ‘ching chong, bling blong, ding dong.’

Leo Laporte Oh are you saying I’m –

Felicia Day What’s just happened?

Brian Brushwood I’m just saying you stepped in some puddles, all right?

Felicia Day Did that just happen?

Baratunde Thurston That’s just happened. This is –

Leo Laporte Felicia saying what show is this and how do I get off of it now.

Felicia Day I literally just changed my character name that we were talking.

Leo Laporte Oh good. So you no longer...

Felicia Day No, I am no longer…

Leo Laporte You can do that and nobody will be able to figure out who that was.

Felicia Day Yeah, that’s crazy, right. I just did it…

Leo Laporte Awesome

Felicia Day …this is very bad but I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Thank goodness, were you getting grieved already.

Felicia Day No, no. I just want to be, listen I – when I play I am intense, I am like, I am – sorry, I am questing please don’t call me.

Leo Laporte This is good. So people were trying to chat with you. Hi Felicia, how are doing Felicia?

Baratunde Thurston I am questing please don’t call me.

Leo Laporte This is Felicia Day, I am on a quest right now. Obviously, I’ll get back to you in a couple of months – all right let’s translate this. It detected Japanese Google translates says…

Brian Brushwood It’s going to be a disaster.

Baratunde Thurston It’s going to be huge.

Leo Laporte That is history in the making, that the minutes uncovered may come later.

Brian Brushwood With Gosotto.

Leo Laporte With Gosotto.

Brian Brushwood It’s kind of deep.

Felicia Day Yeah. It’s a haiku, right.

John C. Dvorak The minutes uncovered may come later.

Advertisement That the day minute uncovered.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (81:01) back to you. That would probably be the great [indiscernible] (81:05) TWiT, I will get back to you.

Leo Laporte This is the - This is the 20th of…

Brian Brushwood For us trying to uncover the hidden meaning of that message.

Leo Laporte You know Google does a nice job reading this, let’s just listen for a moment.

[Advertisement] (81:19). That the minutes, uncovered, may come later. W. Gosotto.

Brian Brushwood Now here’s the, I get the press release for the first billionth tweet. I get the press release for the tenth billionth tweet but the twenty eighth billionth tweet?

Leo Laporte No, twentieth.

Brian Brushwood Twentieth billionth, all right.

Leo Laporte That’s a big number, 20.

Brian Brushwood I would say take it easy until a hundred, get back to me at a hundred.

Leo Laporte PC magazine’s done.

Baratunde Thurston You are so unimpressed, Brian.

Leo Laporte He is easy to impress. The graphic designer, PC Magazine under research they say it’s a graphic designer in Tokyo. They say the translation is, the moment – wait a minute, the translator responds to the news is it looks like I posted the twenty billionth tweet, I am getting replies from people all over the world that’s scary, what are the chances, may be I am going to die. It is more amazing than winning the lottery. I thought this was a joke. But Japanese is really a concise language. That’s 140 characters. It’s pretty amazing.

Baratunde Thurston So fair. It is kind of cool that the feature twenty billionth tweet was not in English and tweet and all these tools were obviously English speakers who live in the USA, but it’s easy to forget when you don’t see and understand other languages that there is literally another world of people out there using, defining, editing and tweaking these tools for their own purposes and not that this is a best example of that, but the fact is that it is not an English I think is a pretty cool coincidental stance.

Leo Laporte I don’t know but I think we are very close if not already there that more tweets are coming from non-English speakers than English speakers.

Brian Brushwood Chatroom is saying that the w at the end doesn’t mean with. We read as – or I read it as with but that’s LOL is how the Japanese use it.

Leo Laporte Really? W means LOL?

Brian Brushwood That’s what they are saying in the chatroom.

John C. Dvorak Well, you learn something everyday.

Brian Brushwood Hopefully.

John C. Dvorak I may get some for you here Leo to break the monotony.

Leo Laporte This is monotonous.

John C. Dvorak Here it is.

Leo Laporte Bottle of Chateau Leoville guess why John is holding that bottle.

Brian Brushwood What is that?

Leo Laporte That is a fine Bordeaux, one of the best Bordeaux’s in France, right John.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Leo Laporte You spent a little price, a little bit of, it’s pricey. You smell a little bit of money with pocket change.

John C. Dvorak Which is – it’s beside the point.

Leo Laporte He was going to give it to me.

John C. Dvorak I start – you’re going to get it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, sure. Why am I going to get that John? Why exactly would I get that?

John C. Dvorak We saw you could - load it over me regarding the bet we made that I apparently will lose shortly.

Leo Laporte I am actually embarrassed that I made that bet to…

Baratunde Thurston What was the bet, I was out of this.

Leo Laporte So, and I made a bet for 100 bucks with somebody in the chatroom I thought, but this was in January of this year when the iPad was first announced. I said this is going to be huge. They will easily sell 5 million in the first year and everybody said, oh you are crazy. There is no way. John even said I will bet you a bottle of the best Bordeaux and this kind of…

John C. Dvorak Well, Leo – any Leoville because it’s your name, your namesake wine. You actually own the place I think.

Leo Laporte I do, so you’ve actually doubly rewarded me.

Brian Brushwood So is he going to drink it now for you or you’re just going to send it over.

Leo Laporte Yeah, John’s going to drink it for, we will do that John. Why don’t you just drink that [indiscernible] (84:19). This is your wine and I am drinking it, take that Laporte, you going down, MBE is the chatter who was, owes me $100, actually not yet because there hasn’t so 5 million, it could – sales could suddenly just stop and…

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you’re right. Yeah, that’s going to happen.

Leo Laporte In a way I am not thrilled about it to be honest, because I think in some ways it’s a regressive device as much as, I think it’s a great device, it is not a content creation device.

Brian Brushwood No, but what it does is…

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] (84:49) mechanism you said so yourself.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s the only thing I said which is, is that people should not think this is a computer. It is for consuming not for creating.

Brian Brushwood It very much is not a computer, but – and you are right. I didn’t think I’d like it because it is content creation or content consumption only, but it opens up several places to consume content that I’ve never experienced before, like at the gym or on the airplane.

Leo Laporte Have you – do you like Flipbook? Have you played with Flipbook?

Brian Brushwood Love, love, love, love Flipbook.

Felicia Day Oh, yeah, that thing is great.

Baratunde Thurston Oh, I have some comments about – Flipboard – isn’t that what’s it called?

Leo Laporte Flipboard, yeah.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, that too.

Felicia Day Flipboard, yeah.

Baratunde Thurston So here is – I want to – I have to throw this because I have not yet read much criticism, some pretty outlandish statements that their President or CEO has been saying, so they do this really cool thing with your tweets and your Facebooks to make it visually stimulating and pull the pictures. But what they are doing with publisher content seems very like 1990s scrapping republishing stuff that I thought we had sort of moved past in the age of the Internet. And so they are taking not just our RSS feed, but I think using readability to pull multiple paragraphs, the content and so restyling people stuff. And what he says, the President, is that they’re going to sell ads against this and then share that ad revenue with publishers…

Leo Laporte Oh thanks, isn’t that nice of you.

Baratunde Thurston And be able to do so at 10 times the rate publishers can get on their own, which I believe is based on nothing. And I haven’t been able to find any publishers who can say like, oh, yeah, we’ve been talking to Flipbook and they’ve proven they can get – like they haven’t sold a single ad yet as far as I know. So I just – I don’t know how you can make big statements on a [indiscernible] Chronicle (86:23) you can sell it 10 times the rate when you have…

John C. Dvorak You know that layout that you just had there with all different pages would be great for Chatroulette, don’t you think?

Leo Laporte So what this is, is it’s actually a Twitter scrapper. So what it does, first you sign into your Twitter or Facebook account. What it does first is it gets your Twitter feed and then it gets all the articles linked within the feed and creates a magazine out of it, and if you want to read more, they say we’re only putting as much material in this as the RSS would, we are not putting – even though it is scrapped….

Baratunde Thurston And that’s not – that’s not true by the way.

Leo Laporte I agree. If you look at the – the canonical example is the big photo, the Boston Globe’s incredible photo page. It includes the full versions of the photo, which you cannot get on the feed.

Brian Brushwood But I will say there is a number of articles that I started reading, and I always, if the article engages me, click through to the actual website.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood And so I’m sure there’s got to be some haggling over the – who gets what, I don’t…

Leo Laporte There’s no ads, there’s no ads until you go to the full website. And you do get the full picture here. It’s – look, nobody can argue it’s a beautiful presentation, right Baratunde?

Baratunde Thurston Yeah. No, and well here is what – I mean I’m pro-net, pro-open access to things but it’s been really interesting being on the producer side when I’m with this media organization and just the idea of we’re gong redirect existing views and take them to this ad-free environment, they’re not just ad-free but they change their design. People put a lot of thought and time into how they want their stuff to look, and you are going to manipulate that and claim – and then claim you are doing them a favor, it just seems a little [indiscernible] (88:04).

Leo Laporte That’s R. Crumb. This is an R. Crumb exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. Well here is – I – I’m 100% behind you. And in fact this is why I have some misgivings about the iPad. In some ways it feels like moving back to the walled-garden of content. And what the focuses is on beauty of presentation and less so on content itself. And it does worry me just a little bit. I have to say no I’m a big fan of Hacker News, the Y Combinator news feed which in its feed only gives you the headline. So already this is giving you far more than the headline. Now they say they honor robots.text, so if Hacker News wanted to use robots.text, I guess it would be honored, although I’m not sure.

Brian Brushwood And what he says in these interviews, and this is one extended interview in the San Francisco Chronicle I’m referring to is any publisher who is unhappy with the way in which we are using and presenting our content can contact us and tell us what they’d be happier with.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood Which I think again is just a weird way to do business. It’s like I’m going to take your stuff and put it over here…

Leo Laporte And then you can – yeah.

Felicia Day Yeah.

Brian Brushwood And if you are unhappy with what I’ve done with your stuff, than it’s on you to come tell me what you prefer.

Leo Laporte I have to say if they did this with my podcast I’d be furious because we lose money basically by this.

Baratunde Thurston But here is what I do like about it, like the consumer, the reader, the visual [indiscernible] (89:25)...

Leo Laporte It’s great for us, yeah.

Baratunde Thurston It’s inspiring. And it does show you another way to do things. So…

Leo Laporte Well – and it’s nice [ph] mesh up (89:34) because this is the article and then you have the Twitter content that’s associated with it.

Baratunde Thurston And I really haven’t seen anything quite – even though it kind of normalizes the reading experience across different brands outside of whatever their design direction is, it’s beautiful to a large degree and it’s – it is simple when it kind of creates its own navigation key, that’s really exciting from a design [indiscernible] (89:56).

John C. Dvorak Hey, no offense to anybody, but this thing is so illegal, it’s ridiculous.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s a good question, John.

Brian Brushwood You know what? This is just the second iteration. This is a new dance – a new iteration of the same dance that YouTube did. YouTube launched, it was a great idea. It was the right implementation. Unfortunately, it was filled with pirated content. But once it grew to prominence, they were able to work things out. Now we have a sensible system that works as far as revenue sharing, people can put music inside their videos. I am sure they are going to have to --

John Dvorak Once they make $0.05 from any of this stuff, these guys are going to get sued to death.

Leo Laporte Well, Dave --

Baratunde Thurston To Brian’s point, I think that --

John Dvorak This is an article [ph] of mine (90:28) that you’re showing right here from The Economist --

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John Dvorak And they somehow put some advertising revenue. But this case has already been settled. It was done years ago with that new site that used frames around the outside of regular newspaper articles.

Leo Laporte Right, this is kind of like that, yeah.

John Dvorak They got sued.

Baratunde Thurston But, Brian, I think – Brian, your point about YouTube is interesting. But YouTube, their onus was, it wasn’t YouTube itself, putting content into the YouTube system --

John Dvorak Right, there you go.

Baratunde Thurston -- that have millions of users. This case – this is a corporate entity called FlipBook with $10 million of EC funding --

Brian Brushwood Yeah, that’s very nice.

Baratunde Thurston That has 50 employees who are actually hand doing this.

Leo Laporte Yeah, what if YouTube had said, oh, we’re going to get all your videos and we’re going to put them all on our site. And if we make any money, we’ll give you some.

Brian Brushwood Leo, you’re right. That is a different wrinkle. But it’s – I still feel like this is a case where eventually everyone’s going to make a lot of noise and then eventually two people will sit down on the table and some kind of revenue share that makes everybody happy or relatively happy will be worked out.

Baratunde Thurston I am really curious about it, yeah.

John Dvorak Wishful thinking.

Brian Brushwood [Indiscernible] (91:29) will be sued out of existence.

Leo Laporte It’s kind of what Dave Winer said should happen. Actually, I thought that the father of RSS might have something more serious to say about this. And in fact, in his blog post, he said, well, I am tempted to say, this is horrible and this is violating the tenets of RSS and said, what I’d like to say is we got to work to make a kind of RSS or a way of signaling from a publisher how they’d like to be included or whether they don’t want to be included at all in a compilation like this. But to me, the reason I bring it, I think it’s very appropriate as we talk about the 500 millionth iPad being sold in the next month or so, this is what – to me, this is what happens with the iPad, as you become very focused on the beauty of it, not with the sources, and frankly, as I am reading The Economist, yeah, I can push the button that says read the rest of the article, but three paragraphs in, that’s enough, I am moving on.

Brian Brushwood Oh, not me. I keep going. I always click on the --

Leo Laporte You’re a smarter man than I am.

Brian Brushwood No, no, I am a sadder man than you.

Baratunde Thurston But I think web analytics prove you’re a rare reader to actually read the full story. And just everybody in the chat room keeps saying, this is just an RSS feed.

Leo Laporte It’s not.

Baratunde Thurston It’s most definitely, absolutely not an RSS feed.

Leo Laporte It’s a scrape.

Baratunde Thurston As the operators of some RSS feeds that are in this app I can guarantee you, it’s not the case that you can see from other’s images, multiple paragraphs, they are using some kind of extra scraping which again I think is based on readability which is a really cool web plug-in, but it’s not just RSS.

Leo Laporte That’s interesting.

Baratunde Thurston So that’s kind of part of the issue, yeah.

Leo Laporte The guy who started this started Tellme and he sold it to Microsoft for a lot of money.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah.

Leo Laporte So it’s – this is what comes up for me when I see the iPad. As much as I like the iPad, and as much as I knew it was going to be a success, I worry a lot about what it does to turn us back into takers instead of makers.

Brian Brushwood I wonder if you couldn’t --

John Dvorak Rhymes.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I like rhymes. I am the Jesse Jackson of white people.

Brian Brushwood Let me --

Baratunde Thurston Thank you, good night.

Leo Laporte And Baratunde is out. No, no, no, I was just kidding. I was kidding.

Brian Brushwood Oh, the heat is back on Leo.

John Dvorak I thought that was one of the chapters in his book.

Leo Laporte You’re breaking my heart.

Baratunde Thurston You’re just inspiring more chapters.

Leo Laporte I know, I know.

Brian Brushwood I don’t know --

Felicia Day Rewrite.

Brian Brushwood I don’t know – I think it’s kind of delightful that we’d hit this --

Leo Laporte Oh, no, I am sorry.

Felicia Day What are you doing?

Brian Brushwood [Indiscernible] (93:52)

Felicia Day What are you doing?

Leo Laporte I though you changed it.

John Dvorak Leo, you bad person.

Leo Laporte I though you changed it.

Felicia Day Well, but still people can --

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (94:05) alright, so I really should name it [beep]. The show should not be named that.

Felicia Day No, not at all, thank you.

Leo Laporte I am so sorry. I thought you changed it. I thought it didn’t matter anymore.

Felicia Day I did but people could possible find back – it’s the Internet.

Leo Laporte I am so sorry.

John Dvorak She is going to be --

Leo Laporte I’d like to – right now, I’d like to apologize to Baratunde Thurston, to Felicia Day --

Brian Brushwood No, don’t apologize, that just makes it worse.

Leo Laporte To John C. Dvorak.

Brian Brushwood Don’t apologize to me.

Leo Laporte To Brian Brushwood and I am now retiring as President of the United --

Alright,, let’s get another ad in here before we get – before we’re taken off the air entirely, Now, Felicia, I know you read a lot of books, but do you ever consider Audible audio books?

Felicia Day The only thing – I am more of a visual reader but the one thing that I do enjoy audio wise is language tapes. That’s the only way I think to learn.

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s a good way to learn. They have those actually on Audible is a great book store of audio books, 75,000 and growing all the time. In fact, Baratunde, I hope your book will be on

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, yeah, we’re definitely working on the audio part. I hope to reading it myself. And that’s sort of the things I was most excited about. I’ve been listening to audio books since IX grade and a big, big, big fan --

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t that be great?

Baratunde Thurston Love Audible, love audio, let’s do it.

Leo Laporte Yeah,, you can get your first two books for free if you go to You’ll sign up for the platinum account which is two books a month, and the first two, as I said are absolutely free. You can cancel it any time and keep those. So you get no charge for the first month.

Woody Allen has just released an entire collection of his short stories and books that he reads. They are just hysterical. This is brand new. Mere Anarchy, Without Feathers, Side Effects, and Getting Even, some real great stuff read by Woody Allen. There is great science fiction. There is even bodice-rippers. Were you an Outlander fan? Did you like Outlander, Felicia?

Felicia Day It was --

Leo Laporte Not your favorite?

Felicia Day I mean I did like it. It wasn’t one of my favorite?

Leo Laporte What’s your favorite romance title?

Felicia Day I mean I like the ones who’s vampirish. Alright?

Leo Laporte Dance with the Devil: Dark Hunter, Book 4?

Felicia Day What?

Leo Laporte What?

Felicia Day I don’t know if I’ve read that one. Is it new? Do I need to buy it? Let me get it in my computer.

Leo Laporte Sherrilyn Kenyon. I’ll tell you what. Let’s listen to a little bit of Dance with the Devil.

Felicia Day Oh, I don’t read – those are really woo.

Leo Laporte Really? These are like sexy, sexy or?

Felicia Day Those are a little naughty. I mean they are good. I mean – listen, I have read her. She is not one – it’s – I have read some of those.

Leo Laporte I wonder if we’re going to get in trouble listening to this.

[Audio Book Presentation]

He said buffer. So Dark Hunter, that’s so – but these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, you’re looking for love.

Felicia Day No, I mean listen, it’s escapism.

Leo Laporte It’s escapism. I agree. Well, see, there is a whole romance category, that’s all I am saying.

Felicia Day I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know. Hearing it might make it a little more naughty.

Leo Laporte Sure. It would. Let’s just see here. This is Stranger by Megan Hart. Let’s see how naughty this gates.

[Audio Book Presentation]

I don’t know about you, I am getting pretty hot.


Undead and Unwed: Queen Betsy, Book 1

Felicia Day Oh, that’s a good book.

Leo Laporte Is it? MaryJanice --

[Audio Book Presentation]

Well, this sounds good. That’s – is that a juvenile or is that for adults?

Felicia Day It’s adult. It has a whimsical chicklet kind of quality to it.

Leo Laporte It’s good. How about Naked by Megan Hart?

Felicia Day Okay, wow.

[Audio Book Presentation]

Leo Laporte I can see where this is going.


Felicia Day It’s about men.

Leo Laporte It’s 2 to 24 men. Holy cow. Alright, well I’d just give you an idea. There is no limit to the kinds of things you can get at It is really a great book store. The new Carl Hiaasen is out. I am big Carl Hiaasen fan, by the way, just love his stuff. He is the guy who wrote Strip Tease and so many of those great Florida kind of murder mysteries.

Look, here is the deal. Go browse. As you can see probably, there is something for everyone at, history, science fiction, non-fiction, all kinds of great stuff. How about – this one is a recommendation. I think Paul Thurrott recommended this, Red Moon Rising, Sputnik and the Hidden Rivals that Ignited the Space Age. That’s more for you, Brian.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte I figure you are an intellectual type.

Brian Brushwood No, I am not. I just like space.

Leo Laporte Sputnik, can’t go wrong with that,, plays in all of your various iPod, iPhones, [indiscernible] (99:01), Zune, works great on this Ford SYNC, by the way, I just love listening to books on my car. Audible – the great iPhone app now, a spectacular Android app too, Give it a try. We know you’ll like it.

Brian Brushwood I don’t know if the iPhone one does it but I know OMG Chad loves his Audible app on Android because it will download entire books over the network. You don’t have to Wi-Fi’ed at all.

Leo Laporte Yeah, the only issue on the Apple phone one is they don’t let you download more than 20 megabytes unless you are on Wi-Fi. So the Apple – now, you have jail-broken. So I don’t know. What’s --

Brian Brushwood Now – that’s right. Now I’m punk rock. I totally forgot.

Leo Laporte I don’t know. What’s a punk rock phone? But you’re right. On Android, yeah, you can – and what’s nice? You get your whole library. So I have over 450 books in my library. Any book that I’ve ever bought on Audible is available on Android or iPhone and on the Android, you’re right, you can just download it, listen to it. It’s kind of like that thing where you were talking about with the Kindle where you are in a airport or something, you need a book right now, you can get it right away.

Bam, as Baratunde says. Do you want – what are you listening to these days, anything in particular?

Baratunde Thurston You know what? I have put a pause. I go through phases of big audio book phases. Then I pull back and I get back into podcasting. And then I pull back and I get into music. So I am in a music phase right now. I am actually using, Rdio.

Leo Laporte Do you like Rdio?

Baratunde Thurston I love it. It’s got Android, a web desktop and what do you call that thing, iPhone, and you can sync to mobile which Lala never got to, so I can store my cloud music locally on my phone, listen on the subway, which is a big deal here in New York. It’s really inexpensive for the quality of the catalog they have and I like believe in paying for clean versions of none ripped stuff. So I am really happy with it so far. I love it.

Leo Laporte And this is completely legal?

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, exactly.

Leo Laporte I am trying to get an invite. Maybe you know somebody there?

Baratunde Thurston I’ll hook you up. I will send you an invite.

Leo Laporte Is that how you got it?

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, a friend invited me there, like 10 invites per people, I have a few left, so [indiscernible] (100:57), because they’re probably trying to scale slowly so that their service doesn’t go down.

Leo Laporte Yeah, sure, absolutely.

Felicia Day Hey, Leo?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Felicia Day I have to jump.

Leo Laporte All right, Felicia.

Felicia Day I have to go, I am sorry.

Leo Laporte Well, we are done anyway, I mean so it’s perfect timing.

Felicia Day Oh, yeah?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Felicia Day Okay.

Leo Laporte You made it through two hours. You said you were going to be for an hour. So I really --

Felicia Day I got carried away.

Leo Laporte Thank you so much.

Felicia Day It’s so much fun.

Leo Laporte Just give us a little tour of what’s behind you. What is the – are those figurines, what are those over your left shoulder there?

Felicia Day Oh, I can’t do this in reversing.

Leo Laporte Left shoulder?

Felicia Day This is my throne.

Leo Laporte I love your throne. What is – that is amazing.

Felicia Day Yeah, it is.

Leo Laporte Do you sit in that and hold court?

Felicia Day I judge people.

Leo Laporte That’s good.


Brian Brushwood Wait, people judging people on the internet? I have never heard of such a thing.

Felicia Day I have my – this is going to be on Tuesday, so --

Leo Laporte Can’t wait to see that.

Felicia Day Right there.

Leo Laporte Oh, baby, that’s hot.

Felicia Day And a printer that is no longer networked to my computer so I can’t scan, and I really don’t have the timer inclination to re-hook it up. And then there is a variety of --

Leo Laporte Figurines, it looks like figurines behind you there.

Felicia Day Fairies.

Leo Laporte Fairies?

Felicia Day I am a girl. So I like the fairies. I am girly girl sometimes. And there is a bunch of awards for The Guild mostly --

Leo Laporte Awesome.

Felicia Day -- the Streamy Awards, YouTube Awards, bunch of awards. So it fits all right there.

Leo Laporte Watch the Season 4 is underway. Episode 3 is coming up with Wil Wheaton, should be exciting.

Felicia Day Yeah.

Leo Laporte Felicia, thank you so much for being here, we really appreciate that.

Felicia Day Thank you, guys, for having me. I had a great time.

Leo Laporte Ah, you are the greatest.

Leo Laporte Bye-bye, Felicia, Felicia Day. Also --

Baratunde Thurston Bye-bye, Felicia.

Leo Laporte …might as well say good bye to everybody else as long as we are wrapping up because East Meets West is here and again a special version of the Tomorrow’s Web Conference right after East Meets West Special Abby’s Road edition on Brian Brushwood is the host of Scam School.

Brian Brushwood And NSFW. Do you know who our guest is this Tuesday?

Leo Laporte Who?

Brian Brushwood If you are a fan of Tenacious D, Tenacious D is two people, it’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

Leo Laporte I love Kyle.

Brian Brushwood Kyle Gass is our guest.

Leo Laporte I knew you wouldn’t have Jack Black. I love Kyle.


Brian Brushwood Come on. See how little faith you have in us. We’ve got Kyle Gass and his band Trainwreck coming on this Tuesday.

Leo Laporte See I knew. I was – I could have said I love Jack Black but I was trying to help you out.

Brian Brushwood Very classy, very classy.

Leo Laporte Oh, Kyle, he is the funny one.

Brian Brushwood No, he is the talented one. Jack Black is the funny one.

Leo Laporte Actually, he is the talented musician, yeah.

Brian Brushwood Yeah. But the --

Leo Laporte I am a big Tenacious D fan. They are awesome.

Brian Brushwood Yes, absolutely. And of course if you want to – we always come up with some kind of shenanigan for every guest we have on. And we always tweet it out the morning up usually. We come up with the idea of exactly how we are going to --

Leo Laporte I got a name for your show.

Brian Brushwood What is it?

Leo Laporte The Internet meme machine.

Brian Brushwood The Internet meme machine.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Turn out those heats.

Leo Laporte Because that’s the idea, right. You don’t want to follow – you don’t want to look at Photoshop face swap. You want to start --

Brian Brushwood We want to start the next thing, right.

Leo Laporte The next big thing.

Brian Brushwood Exactly, next week’s memes, but anyway, you can follow me at Shwood to find out what we are going to do Kyle Gass before we do it.

[Sound Effect]

Leo Laporte Brian Brushwood, love it. for all the information. NSFW is the best podcast in the Internet, just ask the coeds. Baratunde Thurston at, Whiskey Fridays is his thing. Drink a couple of --

Baratunde Thurston Whisky Fridays is not my thing. It’s a thing that I am a proponent of, what is a global grassroots movement for change, whereby on Fridays people drink whisky. You can find me at which is the host to all of my web and real world shenanigans. I am currently in a reelection bid on Foursquare to maintain my mayorship of a place called Delicatessen. We have a campaign rally coming up this week.


Leo Laporte That’s great.

Baratunde Thurston Getting really heated. And for those of you who are interested in all that Onion stuff I was talking about supports amazing futuristic news broadcasts with current cash.

Leo Laporte Unless they block this broadcast from YouTube, in which case don’t --

Baratunde Thurston I will get on that.

Leo Laporte No, I think that was an accident. I know I am not worried about it.

Baratunde Thurston Okay.

Leo Laporte There he is, mayor. Some have hope. Some have a mayor. That’s great.

Baratunde Thurston Mayor Thurston, that’s my name.

Leo Laporte See, I never thought of campaigning for the mayorship.

Baratunde Thurston It’s getting pretty heated. We have got a campaign manager. We have got this – obviously, this poster, did an interview with the press last week, going to be issuing some statements this week, maybe start a council of mayors, try to get some economic development going, it’s pretty intense.

Leo Laporte for the full campaign website. You can see all the exciting news at @baratunde on Twitter.

Baratunde Thurston Always a pleasure. Thank you so much.

Leo Laporte Always a pleasure. Thank you so much. Really great to see you once again. Good luck with that book, How to be White.


Baratunde Thurston Thank you, you have inspired me beyond your wildest dreams.

John Dvorak How to be White.

Leo Laporte I want to write that book.

John Dvorak You should.

Baratunde Thurston Well, there is some white people.

Brian Brushwood Leo, you are going to write the book, how to put your foot in your mouth, is that what you are going to write.

Leo Laporte I don’t have to write that book, I live it every day. Thank you, Baratunde, great to see you.

Baratunde Thurston Thank you.

Leo Laporte You are a good sport. You know it’s all [indiscernible] (105:48).

Baratunde Thurston I absolutely know it. And it’s always a good time. For everybody listening who thinks Leo is some kind of horrible person, you are right. But he is a really nice guy, and no, we have this fun game that goes back and forth.

Leo Laporte I don’t know how we got into that.

Brian Brushwood But in all seriousness…

Baratunde Thurston I will sting him back every single time and you will probably just earned yourself a spot in the book in some way.

Leo Laporte Oh, shoot!

Baratunde Thurston I want it to be in print like a permanent lesson.

Brian Brushwood This may come back to bite me in the butt. But it’s like I think there is something awesome about like we have become so multi-racial that we are able to talk openly about the stereotypes and make jokes about them.

Leo Laporte Well, this is what said before we began. I think I said before we began which is that this is one of the last taboos. You can talk about sex now.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte Religion is still tough.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte But race is really a touchy subject. I understand why it is.

Brian Brushwood And it feels so naughty --

Leo Laporte It feels naughty.

Brian Brushwood -- which is part of why we all giggle so hard when somebody accidentally crosses the line.

Leo Laporte Right.

Baratunde Thurston And I think and this is serious [indiscernible] (106:47) all over my nice, beautiful [indiscernible] (106:48) earlier, but the ability to kind of play lightly with these things, it assumes a level of trust and comfort with one another.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I agree, I agree.

Baratunde Thurston And with those watching and participating. There are a lot of people I would not be this comfortable having this back and forth with…

Leo Laporte Right.

Baratunde Thurston You are not one of those people. Brian is not one of those peoples. So we are having a good time with everybody watching should know that who doesn’t know that we know each other and kind of cool. I don’t send Leo too much hate mail, a little bit to keep…

Brian Brushwood Just keep reminding.

Leo Laporte No, look we are far from a post-racial America. We are not even close to post – everybody had hopes that with an African-American President, the things would change. And it’s clear that they – we have a long way to go. But I think it’s important that we have the conversation and I am glad that --

Baratunde Thurston And we’ll solve it in my book, How to be Black. Thank you very much, guys.


Leo Laporte Yes, thank you, Baratunde. And thank you to John C. Dvorak who is in fact the whitest man in all of world.

John Dvorak And I didn’t get any plugs in today. I want to make a note of that.

Leo Laporte Well, do you want to do one now?

John Dvorak Well, I got if you want to see all my plugs consolidated, but THErealDVORAK on Twitter would be a good thing to check out, and of course is always good, the No Agenda Show plus columns in PC Magazine and Market Watch.

Leo Laporte I love the plug. I don’t think – there is nothing – I got nothing against the plug.

Brian Brushwood I would like to back up JCD’s plug for No Agenda because somehow it got out, the false rumor that I was not a fan of the No Agenda podcast.

John Dvorak Oh, here we go.

Leo Laporte All right, break it out now.

Brian Brushwood Somebody paid hundreds of dollars to have John C. Dvorak call me a douche on his show. And I am not sure where that happened, but I am a fan of JCD.

Leo Laporte Did he call you a douche?

Brian Brushwood Well, he read the words, he did --

Leo Laporte What’s the story, John?

John Dvorak Somebody sent us some money with some words to read and I read them.

Brian Brushwood He doesn’t even remember it. That’s the best part.

Leo Laporte Oh, I get it. So what you do, John, is kind of like what I do. I have advertisers. But you’ll just read any old piece of crap if somebody gives you 100 bucks.

John Dvorak Absolutely.

Leo Laporte All right, no pride. He says I’ll do it, no problem.

John C. Dvorak This is a – listener support is a lot different than the commercial stuff you guys do.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I guess. No, I guess I could buy that. I see you are at 70,540 followers on Twitter. We got you over 70,000 last time you were on, haven’t made a lot of growth since then.

Brian Brushwood I just have a suggestion.

John Dvorak No, no.

Leo Laporte We got to get some more people following the THErealDVORAK. Yes, sir?

Brian Brushwood From now on, can we all express our number of Twitter followers in terms of the U.S. city, whose population matches that number?

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s a great idea. So who --

Brian Brushwood I have no idea, I don’t know. It’s bigger than the population of Anarticta.

Leo Laporte How – is there a reverse – what is it?

Brian Brushwood Antarctica. I got gagged.



Leo Laporte Anarcita, yeah, I can figure that. I don’t know what city has population – how – did you use a reverse Google search?

Brian Brushwood I tell you what. Here is what I am going to do. I am going to Google.

Baratunde Thurston has a rank list of cities by population.

Leo Laporte Wow, you are good, Baratunde.

Brian Brushwood I am going to put population 20,000, because I only have 20,500.

Leo Laporte Or you can do it by zip code, John’s 70,540 followers is the zip code of Garden City, Louisiana.

Brian Brushwood Am hoping --

John Dvorak I love Louisiana.

Leo Laporte So where is this

Baratunde Thurston I will try to give you the exact link, but there is a census…

Brian Brushwood You know what? I have the population – I have a Twitter following equal to the population of Fortuna Foothills, Arizona. That’s me.

Leo Laporte How did you find that out?

Brian Brushwood I just typed population 20,000. And it turns out that they have 20,478 which is awfully close to the number of followers I have.

Leo Laporte All right, Wikipedia has the lists of United States cities by population.

Brian Brushwood Let me start addressing my followers as Fortuna Hills, until I get a better city.

John Dvorak I have got the same population as Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Leo Laporte No, that’s the zip. I already mentioned that. That’s the zip.

Brian Brushwood Trying to take it to Gary, Indiana, that’s what he want.

John Dvorak No, it’s the same population. This is a coincidence.

Leo Laporte All right, 200 – that is a coincidence. Their zip is their population. Now I have 213,000 Twitter followers, let me just go to --

Brian Brushwood You have how much?

Leo Laporte 213,000, that puts me a little bit above Irvine, California, but just behind Gilbert, Arizona.

Brian Brushwood Gilbert, Arizona, next stop.

John Dvorak We never heard of Gilbert, Arizona.

Brian Brushwood Next stop, the Leo train, next stop, Gilbert, Arizona.

Leo Laporte Gilbert, Arizona. Thank you, everybody, for joining us. We will see you next time. Another TWiT is in the can.

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