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Episode 263


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This is TWiT: This WEEK in TECH, Episode 263 recorded August 29, 2010: Done Hoeing.

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It’s time for TWiT: This WEEK in TECH, the show that covers the latest tech news but today I don’t know it’s really going to be a show about the people on the show, I think, because we have an all star cast, this TWiT has been awaited for years, Kevin Rose is here, my good buddy.

Kevin Rose Hello.

Leo Laporte One of the original Twitters.

Kevin Rose On show number one.

Leo Laporte Show number one, and of course the founder of Digg and Diggnation which is the number one podcast in all the world probably at this point and we will talk about Digg 4, the new Digg. I know you have been getting – you’ve kind of been on the griddle on this one.

Kevin Rose It’s been crazy, crazy few days.

Leo Laporte We will talk, we will talk. I am sure there is lots to say. Also with us Mr. Dwight Silverman from the Houston Chronicle.

Dwight Silverman Hello.

Leo Laporte And the tech blog there, hey Dwight.

Dwight Silverman How are you?

Leo Laporte Very well, nice to have you here.

Dwight Silverman I am excited to be on with this great lineup. This is like one of the best lineups ever.

Leo Laporte I agree. You and I will be…

Dwight Silverman I am going to just sit back and listen.

Leo Laporte Yeah, exactly. You and I, we will just – we will just throw them a question once in a while. Also with us Robert Scoble, the Scobleizer.

Robert Scoble Yo!

Leo Laporte Yo, yo, yo.

Robert Scoble I am sunny Half Moon Bay, it’s a rarity.

Leo Laporte Is it sunny out there? Wow!

Robert Scoble It’s beautiful, here, I’ll show you.

Leo Laporte No wonder your white is so unbalanced. Look at that, green grass and blue skies for ever. Nice to have you Robert.

Robert Scoble Yeah, it’s been a while.

Leo Laporte And somebody who has been here in three years, it’s been so long that people thought we hated each other, Mr. Adam Curry.

Adam Curry Hey. [Hot Pockets]

Leo Laporte The hot pocket guy.

Adam Curry Hey, Leo.

Robert Scoble That’s amazing.

Leo Laporte The howl of No Agenda and his new show the Big App Show, which is a very good idea. It’s a podcast but each one is – each individual show is an individual app.

Adam Curry Yeah, it’s an app about apps. Actually it’s…

Leo Laporte It’s an app about apps. That’s what I mean.

Adam Curry It looks like the app is running on your phone, so it’s better than looking at text descriptions or screen shots actually show you the app running and it’s looks full screen on your phone.

Leo Laporte It’s clever because frankly I think that’s what everybody in content is doing is writing an app around their content, Condé Nast.

Adam Curry Yeah, everybody. This is what you do these days. And what I found amazing is that no one has really caught on to the idea of using an app as something for episodic programming, it’s not like something you just download once and it only does one thing, I mean updated with RSS feeds and everyday there is a new episode.

Leo Laporte Well, musicians have done that, I mean you could buy albums that update themselves.

Adam Curry True.

Leo Laporte Things like that, so the technology is there. We have a TWiT app that has all the latest TWiT shows. It…

Adam Curry I love your TWiTPad app, that’s my favorite, I really like…

Leo Laporte Isn’t that nice?

Adam Curry Oh, yeah that’s real good. I wish a version like that was available for the iPhone. I would feature it for sure if it was on the iPhone.

Leo Laporte There is one for the iPhone actually.

Adam Curry The same kind? I haven’t seen it.

Leo Laporte The same guy, ShiftKeySoftware.

Adam Curry Really?

Leo Laporte Craig wrote it first for the iPhone and then there is an iPad version.

Adam Curry I will put on this week.

Leo Laporte Thank you, I appreciate that.

Adam Curry Sure.

Leo Laporte Lots of stories today, I don’t even know where to begin, I guess, let’s talk a little bit about the news then we will talk about the personalities on this show, give Kevin a break, poor Kevin has been grilled for the whole week about Digg 4. I love just on the record Digg 4 is fantastic you know that, because it’s kind of…

Kevin Rose It was your idea.

Leo Laporte It was my idea, the feature said I wanted, but I know some of the Digg fans are not happy. We will talk about that in a bit, but first we should start about – with our old friend Paul Allen suing everybody except Microsoft and for some reason Amazon claiming he basically owns every technology on the web. I am surprised he didn’t sue you.

Robert Scoble He has seen quite a few people, didn’t he?

Leo Laporte The idea was that his company Interval Research which was a blue-sky R&D company. I remember it was running while we were doing TechTV Paul on TechTV and Interval was going on while we did TechTV. It was, in fact they closed it because it was just too blue-sky. They weren’t creating any products. Well I guess they created some patents and now Paul is suing Google, Facebook, eBay, everybody, all the big players on this saying that he has the patents that basically are used to, I don’t know, it’s kind of, they are such vague patents.

Adam Curry It’s for processes like recommendation engines, stuff like that.

Leo Laporte Which is odd that he didn’t sue Amazon, he sued Apple.

Adam Curry No, I think Amazon’s listed, Amazon is listed.

Leo Laporte Here’s the, here’s the run down. Google, Facebook, eBay, Apple, Yahoo!, AOL, Netflix, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples and YouTube.

Adam Curry Oh, right. eBay, I got eBay, not Amazon, yeah.

Leo Laporte No Amazon and no Microsoft, of course Amazon uses Paul Allen technology and Microsoft as he is the major investor obviously, one of the guys who started it.

Kevin Rose Yeah, they probably…

Adam Curry Is it Amazon as well?

Leo Laporte Yeah, there is some technology that Amazon uses that’s a Paul Allen venture.

Robert Scoble Microsoft also has 803 lawyers.

Leo Laporte Well, you think Google might have a lawyer or two in its back pocket.

Robert Scoble I am sure they do.

Kevin Rose Why is he suing Office Depot?

Dwight Silverman I suspect that they licensed it, that they essentially have struck a deal with it and probably, Paul Allen’s been talking to Google and all these other folks for a while and may be he has not been able to score a hit with it, but he is there in Seattle with Microsoft and Amazon and they are probably already licensed.

Leo Laporte Is this an example of a patent troll?

Kevin Rose Absolutely. I mean I can understand if he was going head to head with one of these companies and he has put out a business, and they were using his patent, and they had infringed on his patent and now he wants to get a little something back, but the guy’s a billionaire and he is just sitting on his patents, why does he – why sue OfficeMax and Staples, like that’s on his list of people he is suing.

Leo Laporte He is crazy.

Adam Curry So let’s go back to the origin. This is about business processes like the 1-Click which is the famous Amazon patent which…

Leo Laporte Amazon has that patent and has declined to pursue it.

Adam Curry I thought Apple paid for it.

Leo Laporte Maybe they licensed it to a few people, but Amazon could have, I mean, everybody uses 1-Click. Amazon could have been much more aggressive. And I think what they decided, I remember that reading, Jeff Bezos decided we are going to own it, we are not – we could pursue it, we could go after people but we will not.

Adam Curry But obviously this shows that the Patent and Trademark Office is severely broken.

Leo Laporte Screwed, it’s screwed up. It’s bad news.

Adam Curry But I do have a contrarian view on this though, I would like you to bear with me for a minute if I can try and roll out for you Leo.

Leo Laporte Anybody with a voice with types like that can talk all day Adam Curry.

Adam Curry So, I don’t know Paul Allen. I don’t know if he is a nice guy or douche bag. Did he close TechTV?

Leo Laporte He did. He is not a douche bag. He was kind of a do first.

Adam Curry Right. Well, he is definitely smart, we know that and he is probably – he is not smart?

Kevin Rose He has had some bad investments.

Leo Laporte I would say he is not the smartest guy I ever met. We don’t know, we don’t know, we can’t tell.

Adam Curry He’s not in great health.

Leo Laporte Well he retired from Microsoft because he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but he seems to have recovered from that and I think that actually wasn’t a pretty good move on his part because he got out of Microsoft, took the stock with him and now has a giant submarine and ship.

Adam Curry So take this, let’s try this out. Let’s say you are Paul Allen, you don’t know you’ve had a near-death experience of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I guess it could be terminal and you want to work on your legacy and I think the tip off is actually that he didn’t list Microsoft and Amazon in as – in his lawsuit, because he didn’t want to give them any hassle and here is why, I think Paul Allen is actually a patriot in the truer sense of the world.

Leo Laporte Oh, my God!

Adam Curry Bear with me.

Leo Laporte I am bearing, I am bearing, I don’t know if I am with you but I am bearing.

Adam Curry So we know that the patent, this patenting of software and the way the Patent and Trademark Office run is severely broken. So, what if he went after – I mean if you want to really for once and for all get rid of the stupid patent lawsuits, the best way is to get the biggest tech companies on the planet and all of their legal teams and have them all ban together to prove that your patents are stupid.

Leo Laporte Well maybe he’s fighting to show how bad the patent law is. Is that what you’re saying?

Adam Curry Then we have jurisprudence that these patents are bogus and maybe he is doing this as his final legacy for the world…

Leo Laporte I love it.

Adam Curry And saying let’s just have every – like all the lawyers, Google app, I mean, Facebook all these guys, of course they are going to win, they are going to prove that no way these patents you have are bogus which will immediately obfuscate any other stupid patent and software, I think the guy is a genius.

Robert Scoble What if they don’t win?

Adam Curry They will win, please. They are going to win. Look at the law firm they have got, Susman, what is it, some rinky-dink firm, Susman Godfrey who represent little guys against oil companies…

Leo Laporte That’s the Interval Research attorneys?

Adam Curry That’s the ones, yeah. That’s not, that’s a small firm, that’s not a big firm.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s interesting.

Adam Curry So I really think…

Leo Laporte Well, that might be a good theory, Adam, most of your stuff is crackpot but that --

Adam Curry I don’t know, I think you should play the Hot Pocket sound again.

Robert Scoble Don’t egg him on.

Adam Curry A special request from Dallas, going out to delight everybody.

[Brief sound clip]

But think about it, this – if you had nothing but money and you could drag all these guys into a fight and of course Google and Apple, they are – we will fight this vigorously, I wish some one would say something different, we will fight this, it has no merit, we will fight it vigorously. Why don’t they just say he is a douche bag that will be much simpler and I think that’s exactly what he is doing. He is trying to prove once and for all that these patents are no good and he is going to get the biggest guys in the world to prove it and they are going to turn around and go, oh wait a minute we can’t actually sue people over our bogus patents anymore including that douche bag [indiscernible] (11:38) who has the podcast patent.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah. What is the status of that?

Adam Curry Well, he is just sitting there, he’s ready to troll, right?

Leo Laporte That’s why – if I call them netcasts, am I off the hook? No! Because it’s still a podcast!

Adam Curry He has patented episodic subscriptions and it was awarded.

Kevin Rose The RSS or…

Adam Curry The business process of episodic content delivered by subscription.

Leo Laporte This has been a kind of a Sword of Damocles hanging over the industry’s head for about two years now and he has not done anything about it, but --

Adam Curry Yeah, he is just sitting there, so I hope Paul Allen get a great job --

Leo Laporte You know what he is waiting for, Adam? He is waiting for somebody to become big enough to be worth suing.

Robert Scoble He gets Leo.

Adam Curry Yeah, absolutely, absolutely.

Kevin Rose Yeah, Leo, you are number one.

Leo Laporte That’s – I am going to put my head down.

Kevin Rose For the record, Leo’s show is five times the size of Diggnation, so if you want to take him.

Adam Curry Here comes Leo. [Sound Effect] Got you.

Leo Laporte Oh, God. No that’s probably what he is waiting for right, I mean may be he could sue Yahoo! or Google or somebody but…

Robert Scoble If there was one reform I would like to see come out is that you are not allowed to sue after two years of somebody breaking your patent, using your patented idea.

Adam Curry Why not just make software…

Robert Scoble That way at least you get the…

Adam Curry Why not just make software copyrightable, that’s different. I think it’s writing, it’s words, you write it in a – people write it in IDE or a text editor, I think it’s copyrightable that would be great, because then we have, you can even copyright it under creative comments, it’s all set up. The whole idea of this trademarking or patenting is ludicrous and it’s actually stifling innovation.

Robert Scoble Totally agree.

Adam Curry You know it’s a broken system.

Robert Scoble Well, it’s interesting to go back and look at it why the Patent Office was invented, it was actually invented to try to stimulate innovation and get more people to invent things and it’s now being used against innovators.

Leo Laporte Let us, actually our friend Kevin here just had, was it a tea with Jonathan Ive?

Kevin Rose No, so here is the story. Basically, Jony Ive, I guess it goes by Jony, J-O-N-Y…

Leo Laporte Jony Ive.

Kevin Rose Jony Ive of Apple fame of creating the iMacs and the iPads and iPhones and the main head designer. One of our guys at Digg reached out to him and said hey, do you want to go have lunch, you want to grab a cup of coffee and he wrote back and he was like, yeah, sounds good.

Leo Laporte What a good idea.

Kevin Rose I know, so here’s the problem now, we are about to go visit him and he writes us on Friday that he had to jump into a meeting with Jobs and he couldn’t make it, so rescheduling for next week.

Leo Laporte Oh so he haven’t had it yet?

Kevin Rose Haven’t had it yet, but I told --

Leo Laporte Will you Twitter, will you Foursquare, will you go Gowalla?

Kevin Rose I will. I will probably tell him to take a picture or two. I told him to bring Steve if he wants to, that’s fine.

Adam Curry ‘I’m Jony Ive and I wear tight t-shirts. I’m Jony Ive, I invented that, I designed it all.’

Robert Scoble Kevin, are you doing this at the Apple headquarters?

Kevin Rose We are going – actually we are meeting at a place around the corner from Apple, so…

Robert Scoble Maybe you can actually shoot a picture because when I have had lunch with employees out there, they don’t let me take pictures. They are very secretive.

Kevin Rose Yes. They pick some secret little spots…

Adam Curry That’s so cool, man. I am jealous. The only Apple employees I get to hang out with are open carrying nuts who want to take into the shooting range.

Leo Laporte I think that this is, you know, they often say, if you had one person you could interview, who would it be. I think Jon Ive is absolutely one of them.

Kevin Rose Oh sure. He’s in my Top 5 for sure.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Yeah. The guy who designed the iPod, the iPhone, the iMacs…

Adam Curry I am not that bill you are holding Leo. I designed it, I’m Jony Ive.

Leo Laporte So I love this theory and I know, Kevin, you wrote a little bit about it. Wednesday, Apple’s got a big announcement. It could be just more iPods. But there’s a lot of theorizing that there will be an iPod touch with the front facing camera, the retina display. That seems reasonable. Obviously an updated Nano, some people say it will be square. But here’s the real question. You said, and I think I agree with you an iTV might be a really good move.

Adam Curry I think you’re right, Leo. I heard you talking about that I think last week on TWiT. Was it last week?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Adam Curry And boy, I hope so. It’s fantastic. You’ll get your content through apps and wasn’t – didn’t Jobs say at the D Conference [Developers Conference] that you had to circumvent the whole cable industry other than getting your bandwidth obviously. I think it’s great for content producers as well. Wouldn’t it be great to just…

Leo Laporte Well you are doing it, you’re doing an app. You’re ahead of the game. So Kevin’s post is why Apple’s iTV will change everything on Kevin Rose’s blog and I couldn’t agree more with him. Kevin, why don’t you kind of summarize what you think?

Kevin Rose Well, I mean, I have heard the rumors like everyone else about the different things that are coming to iTV. Apparently this is going to be like a $99 device. So something that’s within the price range of an average consumer and the device will be iOS powered. So the same OS that powers the iPhone, the iPad, it’s just going to just run on this device.

Leo Laporte Which opens up a whole app library.

Kevin Rose Right. Exactly. All they have to do is recompile it, takes 5 minutes and boom, your app is working on your iTV. But the interesting thing is some of the stuff I was thinking about was we already have these other devices like our iPhone, iPad. These can instantly be remotes and controls and give us an interface to interact with the iTV. I mean I don’t know, there’s a game on iPad called Chopper 2, it’s a helicopter flying game.

Leo Laporte Which you control with the iPhone. I love it.

Kevin Rose Which you control with the iPhone. You’re just sitting there and steering. It’s pretty awesome. So …..

Leo Laporte Well, more than that, this Magic Trackpad which kind of doesn’t really have a use case, it’s like a big trackpad, now it makes sense. That’s a $60 peripheral for – with a sit-back interface, right?

Kevin Rose Right.

Leo Laporte Sit back on your sofa and now control your iTV with it.

Kevin Rose Yeah. I mean, I just think that opens up a whole different range of users. My mom would love an iTV if I could instantly take a picture of myself and friends and say publish to my feed and then it goes up to my .me, all of a sudden, she turns on the TV, gets a notification, pictures are waiting, videos are waiting. Just another, I mean, it’s about time, it’s…

Robert Scoble So, Kevin, if you only have 200 bucks this Christmas to spend…

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Robert Scoble Do you buy the Xbox Connect or do you buy this iTV?

Leo Laporte That’s a tough one, iTV.

Kevin Rose Yeah. I am going iTV…

Leo Laporte First of all, Kevin’s got a little more than 200 bucks to spend this Christmas. Second of all --

Robert Scoble Well I just wanted to put some constraints on it.

Leo Laporte No. I think the iTV is good. But wait a minute, because there’s also Google TV which is going to have many similar features to be controlled by Android phones instead of iPhones.

Kevin Rose Right.

Leo Laporte Is it a two-horse race?

Kevin Rose Well, that was funny. I was at Google just a week ago and they were talking about some of the people wrote in and said, hey, come and check out the Google TV, want to show you our boss, blah, blah, blah…

Leo Laporte Could they get it working?

Kevin Rose I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Google I/O, it didn’t work so well. Yeah.

Kevin Rose What’s really weird to me is that – so one of the things I’ve been thinking about is that they have this Chrome OS coming out, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Kevin Rose And this is based off of Linux and it’s kind of like based around the Chrome browser with a browser.

Leo Laporte It’s a browser. It’s just a browser.

Kevin Rose It is a browser, right? So – but then they have Android apps in the OS. So why have both? To me like why don’t you just stick with the Android OS, make that kind of like the OS that runs anywhere, allow it to run on their Google TV, allow it to run on a laptop, whatever maybe?

Leo Laporte We’ve debated this on this WEEK in GOOGLE, our show about Google. And the consensus I think we have come with is, well, it’s like two tries. Why not develop two and figure out which one’s going to make it?

Kevin Rose You can make Chrome….

Adam Curry I think it’s no contest. It’s a no contest between --

Leo Laporte You think that Android is the winner here, right?

Adam Curry No contest between Apple and Google. Apple knows how to talk to the consumer and they are going to have the right price point, the right offering. The interface is going to be great.

Kevin Rose Right.

Adam Curry If it really is true.

Leo Laporte You know what they have, they have the store, that’s what really makes it.

Kevin Rose Well, the interface ….

Adam Curry They’ve got the money from the money loop closed, absolutely.

Kevin Rose The interface, Adam, I actually think is a great point because I was – one of these Google engineers that I had lunch with, they said to me, one of things we are not good at is making things sexy. Like we can’t make ….

Adam Curry Or usable.

Kevin Rose Right, so they understand that. They don’t have the designers. They don’t have Jony Ives.

Robert Scoble They also don’t have the supply chain. I mean, I visited China and actually visited some of the Apple’s supply chains, the companies that make Apple’s stuff. And Apple has the best supply chains wrapped up. They are not going to work for somebody else and that’s what – when people say, well, what’s going to happen after Jobs disappears from Apple. That’s the number one thing that’s going keep Apple important, is that supply chain and their ability to make these cool devices and ship them in high volume.

Kevin Rose Yeah, the other thing…

Dwight Silverman Apple also has – go ahead.

Kevin Rose I was just going to say the other thing I am really excited about is the idea how’s it going to change the cable and satellite industry.

Leo Laporte Well, disintermediates them…

Kevin Rose Yeah absolutely.

Leo Laporte …and turns them into bandwidth plays instead of premium products.

Adam Curry They need to be squashed. They’ve had a monopoly for way too long.

Leo Laporte I don’t know if they are going to go easily. I – guys…

Adam Curry They will not go easily.

Leo Laporte They are going to fight barely. They have already started bandwidth caps. Why do you think Comcast has a 250 gig bandwidth cap? Not because they – right now anybody would use that much, but because if you start watching TV on your iTV, you’ll quickly hit that. So there’s one. And then of course net neutrality. They’ve already decided, they’re going to – they’ll gate this stuff if they have to.

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Leo Laporte They are going to go –

Adam Curry This is very interesting. This is where Google has the huge advantage because they are also in the pipe business. So Google has some real interesting plays going on. You can see now what they are doing with the calls.

Robert Scoble Yeah. But Google doesn’t have pipes to my house yet.

Leo Laporte Say again.

Adam Curry Not yet.

Robert Scoble Google doesn’t have pipes to my house…

Adam Curry Not yet. I think that they are really, really into it.

Robert Scoble …and I live only 45 minutes away from the headquarters.

Leo Laporte I think if Google wanted to do that, they would have bid harder on the 700 megahertz spectrum. I think that they showed that they either don’t have the guts or the will to become a bandwidth player. They could have, they put the 4.6 billion down, but they didn’t pull the trigger on it. They let Verizon and AT&T split that band and that was basically same, well, we are not in it to play.

And now of course of this net neutrality deal, they’ve brokered with Verizon. They are showing really that they don’t have the guts to do it, I think.

Dwight Silverman Leo, also they – Apple has the relationships with the kind of people that do content. You know they kind of have a history of working with the music industry and somewhat with kind of movie industry.

Leo Laporte But that’s who likes this, that’s who…

Dwight Silverman Except the stuff that I’ve read recently – I think there was a Wall Street Journal piece that basically said that only a couple of studios ran on the iTV launch.

Leo Laporte Oh, they’re going to watch. They’re going to watch.

Dwight Silverman And they are not able necessarily to, at the moment, to store anything. I don’t …..

Leo Laporte They don’t have to be in on it, by the way, because let me tell you why. They have got their own place. They’ve got Hulu. Let’s say just Hulu Plus. Well, now instead of doing a deal with Apple and being on the Apple Store at $0.99 rental they make an app, they charge you 10 bucks a month, they don’t need Apple.

Adam Curry Right.

Leo Laporte Apple collects its 30%

Dwight Silverman Except that Apple is talking to them.

Leo Laporte Yeah, sure. Apple wants to put together a play but I don’t think Apple has to put together a play to make this compelling.

Kevin Rose I mean, this is already working though. When I have my iPad and then Lost season was finishing up…

Leo Laporte You’re watching?

Kevin Rose I was watching on the ABC app, I was watching Lost and they had their little ads that ran every 5 minutes or whatever maybe. And in the future if it’s $0.99 an episode, I’ll click buy it now and will go through instantly through the Apple Store, it’s done.

Leo Laporte No accident that NetFlix is on…

Adam Curry I just am very skeptical about this. I mean, I know what it takes to produce television shows and movies and they say, in Hollywood where I reside now, the joke is exchanging real dollars for digital dimes. It’s just not enough money. It really isn’t…

Leo Laporte Well, and that’s what cable companies…

Adam Curry Because of the unionization of…

Leo Laporte Then they’re out of business. That’s what cable companies say, they say we can’t make it as a bits provider. We have to sell premium services or we don’t have – there’s no model for us. I think it’s why Verizon put FiOS all over the country. I think that…

Adam Curry How about Google teaming up with Verizon to distribute content? There is a network that would work?

Leo Laporte Yeah. But it would work where Verizon is, which isn’t everywhere.

Dwight Silverman The other thing is that with – I think that iTV will happen eventually. I think that they will iterate it. I don’t think you’re going see that Wednesday. I don’t think they are ready.

Leo Laporte Well, the guitar on the invite kind of means to me that it’s an iPod and maybe iLife and they would have put something…

Dwight Silverman At least a better iTunes application.

Leo Laporte That’s not going to happen.

Adam Curry Leo, I went to a table read of Family Guy.

Leo Laporte Oh, that must have been fun.

Adam Curry Which was the awesome experience to see Seth MacFarlane do all the voices.

Leo Laporte That must have been so much fun.

Adam Curry So all the actors and all the writers sit at the table and they go through the episode and there’s 80 people work on that show.

Leo Laporte Wow!

Adam Curry 80 people. I mean, how can you afford that with these little monthly subscriptions? I just don’t see it happening.

Kevin Rose I am curious though, I mean, when you take a look at watching an actual ad on the television, like what is the – what’s the CPM on that, like how much do they actually paid for that versus…

Leo Laporte I can destroy this whole argument.

Kevin Rose Versus $0.80 a download, I guess.

Leo Laporte HBO, HBO, they make multi-million dollar productions, True Blood is a very expensive show, Sopranos very expensive show. No ads, all subscription. HBO makes …

Adam Curry But if the cable companies pay per user, per sub…

Leo Laporte The cable companies…

Robert Scoble And that take 20 years to get to that point, all right.

Leo Laporte It’s going to take no time. HBO makes an app, they charge you $15 instead of the $40, what is it that you pay the cable company for HBO? They get all the money instead of giving some of the money to the cable company and they monetize that way.

Kevin Rose I do that in a second, I’d pay for that.

Leo Laporte Absolutely. And especially if it’s on you big screen as well as your iPad, right? I think the app…

Adam Curry There will be winners.

Leo Laporte I think the app model makes sense. My question is, okay, I am the cable guy, I am the guy who owns the pipe. You’re about to take away the biggest slice of my business.

Kevin Rose You hike up the bandwidth cost.

Leo Laporte What do I do to fight it? How do I…

Kevin Rose You’ve got to hike up the cost for bandwidth. You’re going to lose those monthly subscriptions like I cancelled my TV Bing a long time ago. I pay for Direct Ticket which is the NFL stuff and I don’t get anything else and everything else I can see them online.

Leo Laporte How much do you pay for Direct Ticket?

Kevin Rose It’s expensive, a couple of hundred bucks.

Leo Laporte So for a say 50 bucks a year, you put it on your iTV.

Kevin Rose I am in. Done.

Leo Laporte They get all the money? They are done. They don’t have disintermediation. That’s what the Internet does. But the problem is the intermediation is the cable companies or the telcos. These guys are not going down easy. They are going to swing.

Adam Curry That’s going to be kind of scary. I agree that it’s a really, really bad precedent you know. The last week Comcast went out in the North Bay and it was down for – I don’t know, 6, 7 hours.

Leo Laporte We know this because Dvorak couldn’t do his show. He couldn’t do No Agenda.

Adam Curry That’s right.

Leo Laporte It was offline.

Adam Curry That was very annoying. But, yeah, and that used to be just dial in to another ISP or whatever. Now I’ve got to get an AT&T DSL and it just – it sucks. There’s limited partners that you can go to.

Leo Laporte So I guess the question is, if the cable companies, if the bandwidth providers decide to play hard ball, is there – is this why Google is doing the gigabit Ethernet fiber optic in four cities? I mean, who comes along and competes with them?

Adam Curry The sysadmins of the world unite and build the mesh network between all Wi-Fi based stations.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Kevin Rose Yeah, that would be amazing.

Adam Curry That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Leo Laporte Let’s take a break. I think this is a great topic, we can talk some more about it, Digg 4 of course, there’s plenty other news. Kevin Rose is in studio. It’s so great to have my old friend here. Great to have you. Thank you for bringing two six-packs for the two of us.

Kevin Rose You’ve got the drinking to do, Leo.

Leo Laporte I think that should do. I think …

Adam Curry Are you doing Audible, Leo?

Leo Laporte I’ll do – you want to do Audible now? We’ll do Audible.

Adam Curry

Yeah. Yeah. I have a suggestion.

Leo Laporte All right, hold on. Dwight Silverman is also here from The Houston Chronicle. Robert Scoble, he’s not from anyone. He is just – what is that?

Robert Scoble It’s my app.

Leo Laporte You have a camera app?

Robert Scoble No. I have my own app. You can...

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, that’s great.

Robert Scoble Just like Adam Curry has an app, I have an app.

Leo Laporte This is the world – you need an app, Kevin.

Kevin Rose Revision3 has got apps but I need….

Leo Laporte You need a Kevin Rose app. Everybody – that’s the future by the way. Forget domain names, forget brand names, it’s all about individual – I want a Leo app. You get a Kevin app. Adam’s got an Adam app. We’ve got a Scoble app.

Kevin Rose What would your app do?

Leo Laporte It doesn’t matter what it does.

Kevin Rose It’s all about me, man.

Adam Curry Leo app.

[Multiple Speakers] (28:06).

Leo Laporte We actually did that I think on the kilt episode of The Screen Savers.

Robert Scoble Mobile Roadie built my app for me. You should talk to them.

Leo Laporte Well, I do think that that maybe the kind of the ultimate future is complete disintermediation where you don’t even have a big company anymore. Individuals have their own apps because the app is democratizing.

Adam Curry That’s what I am doing.

Leo Laporte It’s completely democratizing, isn’t it?

Adam Curry That’s exactly it. And so much fun, Leo, because I do the camera, the editing, everything. I did a program by myself but I found all these little companies that would help me out, like there’s this company TapLinks that has a framework which is an RSS aggregator and then I found some guy – actually some guys who do design work, and they designed some stuff for me. And now I’ve got the guy working on an Android version. I mean, it’s great. I think you’re absolutely right. Look at you, man. You’ve a little one man shop, really. And you’ve got some infrastructure. But it’s – I think we’re disintermediating all the big companies, particularly when it comes to media, I think it’s going to spread out into the edges and it’s going to be – it will come back eventually. It will be centralized again but for the next 5 or 10 years.

Leo Laporte Will it? Does it need to be? What is the advantage of centralization? It used to be marketing and distribution.

Adam Curry Nothing. Nothing.

Leo Laporte But distribution is available to everybody. Marketing, they don’t do doodley dot for crying out loud, anyway.

Adam Curry I agree.

Robert Scoble Teams. You know it’s getting harder and harder to compete as a single guy…

Leo Laporte Right.

Robert Scoble For certain kinds of things...

Leo Laporte But these are – but Adam just said it. They are virtualized teams, so you join – they break up, they ebb and flow as needed. You get the team that you need for the moment you need it. And then you move on. So everybody has a core competency. You go to the people with the core competency. It’s like Elance, the ultimate, you know, you just – you find what you need, you pair up when you need it, and then you’re done. You move on.

Adam Curry Yeah. So I was looking to do…

Robert Scoble And it still costs a little bit of money to buy a studio. I’ve got $300 worth of light…

Adam Curry It’s almost nothing now.

Robert Scoble $300 camcorder, $400 microphone.

Leo Laporte Let me tell you something. Robert, let me tell you something. How much did the TechTV studio cost? It was – we had two control rooms, $2 million control rooms, we had a $1 million set for TechLive – you say it costs something, Robert, it’s true. But it costs such a fraction of what it used to.

Robert Scoble Oh, absolutely. You can – and I’ve done shows with just my laptop, and just the speaker and microphone.

Leo Laporte It’s going to cost less and less and less.

Dwight Silverman Leo, you’ve said it before, the only differentiator, the only thing it will come down to is content. Making the content is like everyone was, ‘oh, you know, Apple could come in and do that big app show’. Well, go ahead and let them. Find someone who knows how to do it. I’ve been doing segments for videos for 25 years, you know. I don’t care whether it’s Whitesnake or the GateGuru app. I can do it all.

Leo Laporte Aren’t those the guys that blew up that club in Providence?

Dwight Silverman GateGuru?

Leo Laporte No, Whitesnake.

Robert Scoble No, no, that was Great White. That was Great White.

Leo Laporte Great White. I confused them, sorry. Go ahead.

Dwight Silverman So overall, the nature of business is that things break up and then they come back together again…

Leo Laporte They re-coalesce. Right.

Dwight Silverman Bigger pieces, and then dissolve and break up. And nature does the same thing. So we’re in a period right now where the current structure is being taken apart. But Adam’s right, you know, eventually everything will be centralized, we’ll have another round 20 years from now media companies…

Leo Laporte Ah, I don’t know. I don’t know. I disagree. I think…

Dwight Silverman But it will be done differently. It will be done differently. But we’ll have them again.

Leo Laporte That’s – the idea is that there’s an economy of scale, right? But I think what’s changed is in this digital universe, these digital tools don’t benefit from – or don’t require the economy of scale, because we are now spread out completely, we don’t need to be in any one spot. Paul Graham talks about how stupid, how foolish the idea of building an office with cubicles in it. It’s very industrial age, the idea – “well, you’ve got to have your employees there so you can watch them, make sure that they’re putting out 13 sweaters a day” or whatever it is.

Robert Scoble Although it’s very interesting that TechStars and Dogpatch Labs is doing that. And not because they want to watch the employees, but because there is some value of having a lot of people in one place so ideas can get shared easier.

Dwight Silverman Right, right.

Robert Scoble And yeah, you can use technology like Skype – in fact, I visited SimpleGeo in Boulder, Colorado and they have an office in San Francisco. And they have a live Skype that’s always on, on an LED – LCD monitor.

Leo Laporte For that reason, for that reason, right? So they can – there’s a lot of Digg guys doing that, right. Yeah, that’s a neat – I like that SimpleGeo business.

Dwight Silverman But I think that the decentralization for wireless, definitely what’s going to happen, it’s even happening in Hollywood. I’m doing an app with Eli Roth. I mean the guy’s like, ‘well, you know, I just did my movie, this is great, now I want to do something else, and I can’t really make money on movies anymore.’ It’s really hard. DVD sales are in the tank, and he wants to move to the app model.

Leo Laporte It’s pretty clear that humans like to congregate. So that’s not going to go away. We’re social beings. I talked about – my dad’s a college professor, and 15 years ago we talked about the future of the university. He said you don’t need the – you don’t need the library, you don’t need the lectures. You need the collegium. Originally, universities, they weren’t professors and students, it was scholars gathering together to talk. So that will continue, I don’t think that’s going away. I think that’s why you have communal workspaces.

Dwight Silverman And bars.

Kevin Rose You know WordPress is a really good example of someone that’s done a great job of this. I think WordPress has – I can’t remember the last – but it’s the 20 or 30 employee kind of count, and they’re all remote.

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose But they fly together like once or twice a year, they all get together, they do their little brainstorming pow-wow, and everything else is IRC, chat, like chatrooms…

Leo Laporte Is it a negative, do you think?

Kevin Rose They seem to be doing very well. They love it. I mean you get to work from home or a café or anywhere else that you want, and you know, different developers will get together if they’re in the same city. But overall, they’ve said nothing but good things about it.

Adam Curry Don’t forget your add, Leo.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Let’s talk about Audible. And then this is such a good conversation I hate to interrupt it. But it’s not an interruption to talk about Audible. Audible’s that great site that I talk about all the time where you can listen to – this is the kind of thing Audible’s all about, is expanding your mind, listening to great ideas from great thinkers throughout the ages or being entertained by great literature. A-U-D-I-B-L-E dot com. I just did a count – almost – they’re very close now to 80,000 books. And you can get two of them for free.

Go ahead.

Adam Curry I’ve been a fan of audiobooks – wow – since – let me think. Did they – were they on that first Rio player?

Leo Laporte They were. Very good. That was my first Audible player. Yup.

Adam Curry And they had their own player and now it’s gotten a little less, because now I’m kind of balancing between podcasts and I do also like iBooks. But audible, particularly if you get something like a really weighty book, here’s one that I just got – and I’ve been a member for a long, long, long time – jeez, must be six, seven years by now that I’ve had an Audible account and 63 hours worth of:

[Sound clip: Choir singing “Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand”].

Leo Laporte You’re such an objectivist.

Adam Curry No, I’m far from an objectivist.

Leo Laporte Is that your philosophy? Is that your philosophy? You like that stuff?

Adam Curry No, no, not at all. But I really, really enjoyed the book because actually my fiancée who turned me on to it, she bought it for me and she said, you are John Galt, and I’m like, what?

Leo Laporte Yeah, you are.

Adam Curry And then I read this book and I was like…

Leo Laporte Is she Dagny Taggart – what was the name of that woman?

Adam Curry Oh, yeah, it’s Dagny. Oh, yeah. Well, actually she wants me to be Hank because they have couple of hot sex scenes in the book which…

Leo Laporte There’s some really hot stuff, yeah.

Adam Curry Which is not read really hot in this particular version of Audible…

Leo Laporte And then he unbuttoned my blouse and…

Adam Curry It’s a hot scene, Leo. You’ve read Atlas Shrugged, haven’t you?

Leo Laporte I love Atlas Shrugged, but it is long, as you said 60 hours – 63 hours

Adam Curry 63 hours I think on the Audible.

Leo Laporte Scott Brick does it. He’s one of my favorite Audible narrators.

Adam Curry He’s good, he’s good.

Leo Laporte This could be yours for free and then you got another one. So why not get this and the Fountain Head, let’s see, that’s 60 hours.

Adam Curry Oh, another – yeah, another good one, absolutely.

Leo Laporte That’s 32 hours. So almost a 100 hours for free.

Adam Curry And then go get a Leonard Cohen record, jump in the bathtub and pull in the toaster.

Leo Laporte Look, Audible’s got everything, it’s got Ayn Rand, it’s got mysteries, it’s got thrillers, it’s got The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, that whole millennium. Did you – you seem like you’d be a guy who would like the Steig Larsson...

Kevin Rose I haven’t read yet, but...

Leo Laporte Oh, Kevin, you got to read them.

Kevin Rose Yeah, I know.

Leo Laporte Oh, my – well, this is the way; you listen to them and you know nowadays we are busy, we don’t have time to read a book, you go to bed, you want to go to sleep, you don’t have time to turn pages, listen in your car when you’re driving around, listening on the high speed train – on the high speed train. There’s no high-speed trains in LA.

Adam Curry They will. They’re coming.

Leo Laporte [Sings] “In the year 2525….”

Adam Curry We’re building them.

Leo Laporte Like I said, in the year 2525 – so – but I know, I listen at the gym, do you listen when you’re rock climbing?

Kevin Rose Not rock climbing because you got to listen to your [indiscernible] (36:55) otherwise it will drop, but at the gym for sure, if I’m running on the treadmill.

Leo Laporte Play on. What? Play on. What? “I’m listening to Ayn Rand, do you mind?” In the weight room…

Kevin Rose On the treadmill.

Leo Laporte Treadmill, which is the most boring looking. There’s nothing more boring.

Kevin Rose It’s a great way to kill time.

Leo Laporte Than the treadmill, the Stairmaster, the bicycle, you got to have some, and that’s where Audible really is great. – now this will play on almost anything, they just added their Zune support, they just added Android support. In fact the Android app is really slick, you get your whole library on there and you can get any book, same thing on the iPhone now., two books could be yours or 100 hours. I think that might – you might have take the cake there Adam for the longest Audible recommendation.

Adam Curry The longest book on Audible. How do they make money on that? I mean it’s only – first you get two free if you go to and I guess any book, right? So Atlas Shrugged would be one of your two.

Leo Laporte You got a credit, and I think even sometimes these long books are, let’s say – I want to sort by running time. The most – the longest books on, that’s just the way to buy. Buy your books by the pound.

Adam Curry By running time. Let’s see, I’m going on vacation, I’ll have seven days in the sun. Let me just stack it up.

Leo Laporte Here’s one; The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer. I read that. It was a great book; 57 hours. That’s one credit. You can have that. Let’s look at – oh, yeah, Atlas Shrugged is I think the longest book on there, 63 hours, I think it’s the longest, I’m looking.

Adam Curry I’ve done it.

Leo Laporte You’ve – you’ve actually broken a record here. Dune is only 21 hours. I think you got it. I think you did it.

Adam Curry And even for the women out there, how about Eat, Love, Pray? Is that – is that on Audible?

Leo Laporte And for the ladies’ night, Eat, Love, Pray. And actually it’s on – I have it on my – I’m listening to it as well.

Adam Curry It’s got to be better than the movie.

Leo Laporte Julia Roberts eating [indiscernible] (38:45), what’s wrong – what could be wrong with that?

Adam Curry Well, you know what happened. I went to see at 6 o’clock. It was great because you go to the Directors Guild and they have a theater the way it’s supposed to be, the sound was beautiful…

Leo Laporte Oh, screening rooms, yeah.

Adam Curry It’s, yes, its screening was really good and I hadn’t eaten. And then first she is in Rome and there is all these foods and it’s very hard to make food look good on camera, but this looked really good. And so for the whole Pray and Love part, my stomach was growling, I’m hungry and like just get out of here, I need some pasta.

Leo Laporte Eat, Love, Pray, even better.

Adam Curry Yeah.

Leo Laporte Adam, I know what you are doing, you’re auditioning for Audible, aren’t you?

Dwight Silverman Oh, he’d be great. He’d sound wonderful.

Adam Curry Let me tell you. I would love – I would love to do audio books. I’ve actually done a couple just for myself but I didn’t really want to release them. I’ve done that Tom Swift because that’s on…

Leo Laporte Oh, how fun.

Adam Curry I read that as a kid, you know Tom Swift and his electric grandmother and his hovercraft, and I love reading Tom Swift, and so I have actually read a – I think it is the hovercraft one that I read and I edited it and everything. But it’s hard, you really need a producer to do that right.

Dwight Silverman It is really hard…

Adam Curry It’s really hard to do by yourself.

Leo Laporte I did a story for Cory Doctorow, one of his short stories; he’s actually doing an audio release – it should be out soon I think.

Dwight Silverman I love his short stories.

Leo Laporte Neil Gaiman reads one of his shorts stories, I do, and a bunch of people and it was – I had to do it two or three times. You’re right you need somebody sitting there and said, slow down, you mispronounced that – that voice changed, he was a Scotsman last time. It’s hard.

Adam Curry That Cory Doctorow story that – where sysadmins save the world.

Leo Laporte That’s the one. Yes, I love that, where they’re in that…

Adam Curry Oh, God, love that story.

Leo Laporte Here in the basement and the world is ending, yes, so good.

Adam Curry It’s awesome. Yes, I know I’d love to read it – yes, Leo, I am auditioning to read Audible books and at the end of every one, I will say

Leo Laporte They sent me an email saying we have a book for you to read, it’s 13 hours and I said, well, how long will that take and where do I have to go and they said…

Kevin Rose What do someone get paid for something like that?

Leo Laporte You know that was the question I really…

Kevin Rose Is it per word kind of thing?

Leo Laporte It can’t be…

Adam Curry I don’t think it’s very much probably.

Leo Laporte You can make a lot of money doing that. Don’t you think?

Adam Curry Scale, scale.

Leo Laporte What is a scale for book reading?

Adam Curry No, I think it’s just – you probably do $800 a day. So full day, 8 hours. So you probably do a couple of grand for reading it. Just scale I think.

Leo Laporte I have found the longest audio book on Thanks to Ecchu. We weren’t even close. Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written, complete set by John Piper, 153 hours and 33 minutes.

Kevin Rose Wow! How many ratings does that have?

Leo Laporte It’s not rated yet, because it literally came out 8 days ago.

Adam Curry And the first person is still listening to it.

Leo Laporte I don’t understand how this guy could write a 153-hour book on Paul’s letter to the Romans. It – the letter itself is what a 100 words? Unbelievable.

Adam Curry Must have been pissed of.

Leo Laporte I got to listen to a little bit of this.

Adam Curry Yes, I got to listen to that now.

Leo Laporte What could possibly be in this book that it’s a 153…

Leo Laporte Oh, you know what it is?

Adam Curry It’s a sermon.

Leo Laporte It’s a 153 minutes – hour sermon.

Adam Curry That’s a little tough to listen to someone who is talking like this. It’s a bit much.

Leo Laporte For the rest of your life.

Adam Curry Yes.

Leo Laporte Story number two, do we even cover one story yet? I don’t think so. USA Today says, we’re calling it quits firing 130 people, we’re going to go digital, we’re not – I don’t know when they are going to kill the print edition but it sounds like they are. Oxford Dictionary print edition gone. This is – is this the beginning of the end for newspapers?

Dwight Silverman Yes, I think so.

Leo Laporte You work for the newspapers, let me ask, Dwight because he is a ink stain wretch

Dwight Silverman This is what you have me on, Leo. Is when you have these – stories like this.

Leo Laporte I called Dwight.

Dwight Silverman Make sure my employer doesn’t listen.

Leo Laporte No, the Houston Chronicle will live forever.

Dwight Silverman In some form, I think so, yes.

Leo Laporte I mean some of the story here is not that USA Today is failing because it’s printed, it’s because the print edition of The Wall Street Journal became the nation’s newspaper.

Dwight Silverman Right, it’s a matter of competition. I think print will always be around in some form, what’s on it is going to be different just like the way AM Radio changed when FM came along I think there will always be print. Print is a good technology in and of itself and there are times when it works better than others but I think the future of news and the future of local news is indeed digital, I don’t want to say necessarily say the web because I kind of agreed with the wired piece that the web is – being deprecated and apps like – you guys were talking about earlier I think are going to be the future, I think people will use – will get their information in very precise ways through precise applications and so I think that’s what every media company should do. Unfortunately, The Houston Chronicle does not yet have an app, we are working on one with – through Hirst. But I think that is indeed the future and the web is being deprecated for sure as well as print.

Leo Laporte And I guess it’s kind of…

Adam Curry Can I have – a real world example of USA Today; Jonathan Schwartz is really nice, he wrote an article about the big app show and I got – I could track most of it and I think because it went online first and within a couple hours I had, I don’t know like, 15 – 20,000 downloads of the app, the next day it comes out in print, it’s nothing. Like crickets.

Leo Laporte Really?

Adam Curry Like no one cares.

Robert Scoble And this has been true for a long time, my friend runs active words and he had article about five years, six years ago now and he got 40 downloads from the article.

Dwight Silverman There is very little transfer from print over to digital. We run in the Chronicle a reference or refer to something that’s online. It drives very little traffic from what we can tell. However I think that’s a matter of the audiences being very different. You know people are not going to go, look at something put in their newspaper put an issue down and then go to the web and tap on it but I think that when you have these two different audiences, each one them cares passionately about it. And what’s funny is, digital people, who are really into using the web and apps to get their news, when their name appears on the newspaper, they go crazy. When we have a story that runs in the newspaper, with somebody in Houston who’s involved in digital community here, they go nuts because their name appears in print.

Leo Laporte That’s so exciting

Dwight Silverman So it still carry some power.

Leo Laporte Yeah

Robert Scoble Yes, it’s still fun to have a newspaper with your name in it and keep that for your family.

Leo Laporte That’s kind of old fashioned.

Adam Curry The real problem is not of course is conversation…

Robert Scoble But it’s permanent; there’s something permanent. I mean I have a lot of newspaper like I have, when I was in The Economist, I have it framed up here. You know that there’s something permanent about it where things on your footboard they just go away. You know.

Kevin Rose Screen capture. The…

Robert Scoble It’s not the same man.

Leo Laporte Kevin’s in the digital millennium, he is…

Kevin Rose I just feel like papers are so – I mean it just feel the news is already stale by the time you read it

Leo Laporte It is; it is. Tomorrow is stale.

Dwight Silverman Well, that’s if you live on the web and you then go to look for the newspaper. But there are people who don’t pay that much attention to the web. You know, you guys are kind of in a bubble…

Robert Scoble The thing though, Dwight, they’re dying…

Kevin Rose I don’t know where – if we are the bubble anymore the…

Dwight Silverman And over time…

Robert Scoble They are dying.

Robert Scoble My father did say I’d never use a computer. He’s dead, but my son…

Leo Laporte I don’t think that killed him, I want to be clear on that.

Robert Scoble But my son, my sixteen year old son doesn’t read paper. He reads on the iPad.

Dwight Silverman If you walk up to a woman in the Walmart in Pearland, Texas and she’s got a baby on her hip and she’s trying to pick out the cheapest disposable diapers to buy and you ask her if she’s tried Flipboard, she’s going to think you’re nuts. And that’s the majority of the people who are out there right now

Leo Laporte Right. But Dwight that’s the…

Robert Scoble They used to be true when you ask them about Facebook. Now everybody knows what Facebook is, so…

Dwight Silverman Right, it is changing, but…

Robert Scoble So, most people in United State and almost…

Dwight Silverman You can’t think that the cutting edge digital world is what everybody experiences because that’s not.

Robert Scoble Yes, but do you think that will be the case twenty years from now?

Leo Laporte No.

Dwight Silverman Yes.

Leo Laporte Really?

Robert Scoble No way.

Dwight Silverman I think it’s more of a yes

Robert Scoble Hell, no.

Adam Curry How about trying this on for size?

Kevin Rose Oh, we got a fight going.

Robert Scoble In a bank account, my son’s going to pay you off if it’s not true.

Dwight Silverman Robert, you’re being ageist and I don’t like it frankly, because, yes seriously there’s a lot of people who aren’t as hip and technologically adept as we are.

Leo Laporte It’s not aged, it’s IQ. There’s plenty of young people who doesn’t use the Internet. It’s not aged, it’s education, it’s IQ, it’s – let’s face it, social economic status.

Adam Curry If the news organization would report some actual news, then they might get people buying their papers.

Leo Laporte Well that’s interesting.

Dwight Silverman I misunderstood the comment that you made. Well I agree that in twenty years, the woman in Walmart is going to understand that.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Dwight Silverman I agree with that, very much.

Leo Laporte Yes, just as they understand Facebook today.

Dwight Silverman Right.

Leo Laporte And, well now, look he’s pulled out something, what is that? That’s the Wall Street Journal.

Robert Scoble It’s a printing plate from one of the Wall Street Journal I got.

Leo Laporte That’s cool, that’s memorabilia.

Robert Scoble This is a physical object, that’s why it’s sort of cool to be in a newspaper because you can actually hold it.

Leo Laporte And you can say some day, kids, in the old days we got news on these things.

Robert Scoble But this is actually a printing plate, that actually…

Leo Laporte They used to press that against the tree that was smushed and they used some black stuff and it would leave an impression on the wood and we’d – the truck would bring it to our homes.

Dwight Silverman And now do that for vinyl records, Leo.

Leo Laporte Ohm they do it now.

Robert Scoble The reason this is going away and going away pretty quickly is its expensive and its slow.

Kevin Rose And it kills the environment

Leo Laporte And it kills – and it’s not better in any way, shape or form

Kevin Rose You all been doing a lot news actually recently. This guy right here.

Leo Laporte Oh he likes his new Kindle, no, by the way I haven’t seen it yet, it’s smaller, isn’t it?

Robert Scoble Look how tiny that thing is.

Leo Laporte It’s a little smaller, but the screen is the same size as it was.

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte But the bezel is smaller, it’s more elegant

Dwight Silverman You find yourself clicking the sides by accident.

Kevin Rose No yet, no, I’ve…

Leo Laporte I might have to get one of those, that’s pretty nice.

Kevin Rose $139.

Leo Laporte I know, that’s the one without 3G, but you don’t feel like you need to…

Robert Scoble No, I got the 3G one.

Leo Laporte So that’s…

Robert Scoble And how much longer is it going to be the – is it going to be 139 bucks? The cost has already come down from around 400, right?

Kevin Rose Exactly.

Robert Scoble In two more years that thing is going to be 40 bucks…

Leo Laporte In two more years Amazon will give it to you as long as you buy four books.

Robert Scoble Exactly. In fact, Google’s going to…

Adam Curry John Dvorak would say, we need to move on to the next topic.

Robert Scoble I expect Google to give something away like that and subsidize it with advertising, right?

Leo Laporte Adam Curry is now channeling John C. Dvorak. It’s an amazing thing.

Adam Curry Just trying to help, Leo.

Leo Laporte Yes, thank you very much. No, I think this is an interesting topic actually this new Kindle, it’s…

Kevin Rose You got to see how small it is, I mean how thin that thing is.

Leo Laporte It’s beautiful. Yes, yes, it’s just really nice.

Dwight Silverman But should be free.

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte How long before though, okay, what’s the form factor? Roll up? What’s the next thing?

Kevin Rose I’m happy with this for a while and any other thing that rolls up…

Leo Laporte Is it tough enough, you could slide it in your back pocket? You can fit; you wouldn’t want to sit on it.

Kevin Rose Yes, I don’t think you’d want to sit on it.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Kevin Rose It only fits.

Leo Laporte It needs to be a little tougher.

Kevin Rose I don’t know it feels pretty good.

Leo Laporte Yes, I have to say what’s interesting, all you have to do is change them from beige to black and it’s better.

Kevin Rose It’s that much cooler.

Leo Laporte It’s the Jony Ive principle.

Dwight Silverman You can actually still buy a beige one.

Adam Curry Johnny Ive…

Leo Laporte ‘Change it from beige to black and look, it’s a whole new device!’

Dwight Silverman I love buying books, I don’t know, just – it works for me…

Leo Laporte Do you read books?

Dwight Silverman I love setting the background color to sepia and I’m off to the races, it is great.

Leo Laporte So you do read, you just don’t buy physical books?

Dwight Silverman Oh I buy lots of physical books.

Leo Laporte Oh you do?

Dwight Silverman Tons of them, I love physical books.

Leo Laporte Oh.

Dwight Silverman But, it’s really – it’s just not that handy. It’s – just…

Leo Laporte Do you read it on the iPad?

Dwight Silverman I’ve heard about a book and it was boom I had it within seconds, Fortune’s Fool, about the music industry and its demise. Great book. You know just download it immediately, it’s brand new, I mean – didn’t have to go anywhere.

Leo Laporte Do you read it on the iPad or on the Kindle?

Dwight Silverman Well I read it on my iPhone and iPad both because that syncs back and forth.

Leo Laporte Right?

Kevin Rose I got to tell you the reason I got the Kindle, well it’s super cheap, a 100 bucks is not crazy, the other reason is, I am sitting on the iPad and all of a sudden you’ll remember that you have Angry Birds behind the scenes. You’re sitting there and reading and all of these jumped out and started playing Angry Birds.

Leo Laporte You’re such an Angry Birds fan!

Kevin Rose It’s the best game ever!

Leo Laporte Would you please explain because I don’t – to me…

Adam Curry They are doing a movie of Angry Birds.

Leo Laporte I played it many time

Robert Scoble And they’re doing a movie and a TV show.

Leo Laporte They’re doing an Angry Birds movie?

Adam Curry Yes.

Leo Laporte What the hell is that? What’s that? What’s that you got there, Robert?

Robert Scoble Since we’re talking about books, I bought this last night, it’s completely hilarious, it’s a book by a Lane Smith and it just makes fun of all of us digital types, so let me just page through it. And it says, okay let me move my mic…

Leo Laporte This is a book that makes fun of digital people.

Robert Scoble Oh yes, it’s a book!

Leo Laporte Well, that’s going to work.

Robert Scoble And let me just read it to you. It’s such a kid’s book. It says ‘what you have there? It’s a book’ and…

Dwight Silverman Oh brother!

Leo Laporte Is this from Milan?

Robert Scoble How do you scroll down? I don’t. I turn the page. It’s a book!

Leo Laporte I turned the page!

Robert Scoble “What is wrong with it?” “No, it’s a book!”

Kevin Rose Is this what you read your kids at night, Scoble?

Robert Scoble Where is your mouse?

Leo Laporte It’s a book!

Dwight Silverman Okay, let’s talk about Digg 4.

Leo Laporte We’ll talk about Digg 4, but first we’re going to read this children’s book.

Adam Curry I like my nighttime story with Scoble actually.

Leo Laporte It’s time for bed.

Robert Scoble Can it text, can it tweet. No, it’s a book.

Dwight Silverman I tried chat room, I tried.

Leo Laporte Bed time with Robert.

Adam Curry Bed time with Scoble

Leo Laporte Everybody loves bed time with Scoble. But meanwhile, back at Angry Birds… So here’s Angry Birds, by the way just came out from webOS so you can put on your Palm Pre and it’s out for Android soon.

Kevin Rose You haven’t played it; you haven’t locked in any of the special levels.

Leo Laporte Well, okay, let me see where am I right now? Poached eggs, I guess I’m on poached eggs, so that’s like the baby level, right?

Adam Curry Oh yes, you are pretty fine.

Leo Laporte I can’t get this one, help me.

Kevin Rose You look on YouTube and YouTube will have the…

Leo Laporte So, you shoot the bird

Kevin Rose And then tap again to expand, tap! Oh dude, redo it.

Leo Laporte What do you mean?

Kevin Rose Hit the pause button upper left.

Dwight Silverman When it’s flying, you go…

Kevin Rose Yes

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, you didn’t tell me this, so.

Kevin Rose Okay, sling back.

Leo Laporte Sling it and then you double tap after I fire…

Kevin Rose No, no, just let go, let go

Dwight Silverman One tap

Kevin Rose Tap the screen, now. There.

Leo Laporte Now he told me that.

Dwight Silverman Awesome.

Kevin Rose Yes, now it’s out.

Leo Laporte So you get three birds if you tap the screen.

Kevin Rose On that one, yes, so every bird is something different.

Leo Laporte Oh I didn’t know that.

Adam Curry When they have less power, they have less mass so…

Dwight Silverman Yes.

Adam Curry There you go, perfect!

Leo Laporte I’m getting good, and how do you lock that – see now I get congestion, it’s congested.

Kevin Rose Those birds – the blue birds are really good at glass, you want to aim from the glass.

Leo Laporte Oh so aim at the glass.

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte Okay like right there, okay, let’s see.

Kevin Rose You kind of screwed up but…

Leo Laporte I kind of screwed it up, it’s too late.

Kevin Rose It’s a cool game.

Dwight Silverman The song is the cool thing about it.

Robert Scoble Angry Birds, I was sitting next to an executive at one of the major game companies is playing Angry Birds.

Leo Laporte See, how do you get that guy? Oh! I got him, but now this one’s protected.

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte Nothing I can do.

Kevin Rose That’s the king right there.

Leo Laporte It’s over. I have to start over. This is why, I’ve been playing this stupid level for four weeks, of course now that I know the double tap, maybe I’ll get better at it. Four freaking weeks, I’m going back to my farm, you guys are boring.

Adam Curry I get my farm.

Leo Laporte You had a farm, what happened to your farm, Kevin?

Kevin Rose Get tired with those farms after a while. I mean there is enough hoeing and I’m tired of hoeing.

Leo Laporte Kevin’s tired of hoeing, you heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen. Oh! I’m sorry – mispronunciation error. So Digg 4.

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte You were – you’ve been taking – we’ve talked about Digg 4 before you debuted it here and we’re really thrilled.

Kevin Rose That’s your idea.

Leo Laporte Well, it wasn’t really my idea. But I like the change, the idea being that of course you can continue to follow everybody. But if you want you can also follow people that you know as in Twitter, and constrain your news that way.

Kevin Rose Right, so just to give everyone a little background on that feature, we’ve had that feature forever.

Leo Laporte Oh! It has?

Kevin Rose For the last three years.

Leo Laporte Oh I didn’t know it.

Kevin Rose It was just tucked away.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Kevin Rose Like there was a friend and you go in and follow someone – we didn’t call it following we called it Adam is a friend.

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose And then you would get their Diggs and see all the comments and everything but it was like a hidden feature.

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose So the main reason we made My News the new default is that upcoming – like the upcoming section where people would actually Digg stories to get them on the homepage, it was used by a very, very small amount of people. So --

Leo Laporte And they were gaming it, weren’t they?

Kevin Rose Well there is a lot of spam in there --

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Kevin Rose There was just a bunch of crap that was going on there that we looked it down we said okay, we have – it was less that 1% of the audience was actually going into upcoming, it was less than a half a percent actually that were going in there. And so how can we get – when you Digg a story, how can we push that out to your friends and the people that you know?

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose So we can help spread the message because I was Digging great content but no one would see it.

Leo Laporte Right, I want to follow Kevin Rose. I want to follow Robert Scoble.

Kevin Rose Right.

Leo Laporte That’s who I want to see.

Kevin Rose So basically what we tried to do is make that the new default view. And so what we did is we created a directory of users and this directory – some of the people out on the Internet have said, like, it’s clear the publishers are paying you for this. And we’ve never taken a single dollar from any publisher.

Leo Laporte I’m in that directory, you didn’t pay me for that.

Kevin Rose Yeah. You didn’t pay us for that.

Leo Laporte No.

Kevin Rose So basically, what we tried to do is like, okay, what is the most popular content on Digg. We reached out to some publishers, to some wacky sites, like the oatmeal, the onion, Scobleizer, Leo, Adam I’ll add you to list if you want to be. But essentially what we’re trying to do is create a directory of interesting people and tastemakers that you might want to follow to find good content. Right?

Robert Scoble So Leo there is news baking on Digg right now, I just dug an article that says Google is in talks with major studios to rent movies via YouTube.

Leo Laporte Oh.

Robert Scoble And so if you’re following me, I dug that, so you’ll see that on your Digg screen.

Leo Laporte Cool.

Kevin Rose Right, so that would be on your – right at the top of your news when you log in to Digg if you’re following Scobleizer.

Leo Laporte Cool.

Kevin Rose So – but here’s the issue though, there’s a couple of problems, we’ve had a lot of feedback that’s come in. And so what we’re trying to do is basically spend the next week and look at the stats, look at the usage, look at the feedback, and figure out which things we need to fix. Because every time we do a release there’s always something that we have to fix. The promotion algorithm is clearly broken, it’s not looking at enough diversity rules that we’ve had in the past, so we’re trying to fix that.

Leo Laporte Is that one of the things people complain about?

Kevin Rose Yeah, definitely I mean, we had a day where we had probably 10 or 15 stories from Mashable on there. So Mashable went out and said to their audience like everyone sign up for our new Digg account, follow us, Digg their stories, and the audience did that and we used to have this, this little piece of the algorithm that would go out and make sure there was enough Digging diversity in the story before we promoted it. That didn’t – that is no longer working on the new Digg and so we promoted a bunch of Mashable stories. Like a bunch in a row, which we’ve never done before. So that’s coming back, we’re going to fix that.

The other stuff is we want to bring back upcoming because if there’s some people that really are passionate about, they care about it, like sure we can add that back, there’s no problem. And – but the big one is really, we want to make sure that directory of users that we’re presenting to you is not just a list that we pick at Digg not just something that a handful of people sit around a table and say who should be first, who should be second, but really that is powered by the users. So what you’ll see in the future is that everyone will be in the directory, every single user of Digg will be listed in the directory. And you’ll be ranked based on how good of a Digger you are, so how good you are at finding cool content. So when you go to the tech section if you are one of the best tech Diggers, meaning your contents all is being dug by a bunch of other people that are in the tech, you’ll be being ranked high. So that means that that’s not going to be a major corporation or organization it’s going to be an individual --

Leo Laporte Or if it is it’s because people voted on it.

Kevin Rose Exactly. If it is Engadget, it’s Engadget, because they have good stories, right? Or if it’s you, it’s you. It’s basically – but it’s going to be fair and open to everyone and I think honestly looking at feedback that, that’s a big issue that I absolutely think that we screwed up on. Like we should have had it that way from day one, but you know it’s going to take – the first thing we have to do is stabilize the site because we’ve been getting a lot of broken wagons for a while now…

Leo Laporte I like it, instead of a fail whale, you have a wagon whose axle’s busted.

Kevin Rose A broken wagon.

Adam Curry Hey, Kevin?

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Adam Curry Can I ask you a question?

Kevin Rose Yeah, absolutely.

Adam Curry And I’m – I’ve never really used Digg, I did sign up for the Digg 4 beta couple weeks ago when you were on the show and you’ve talked about Digg a lot and I have no dog in the hunt but this being This WEEK in TECH, I’d like to ask you the question which I think is the elephant in the room which is a really tough one and just take it as a journalistic question.

Kevin Rose Oh! You do, hit me.

Adam Curry I would say that the – some of the vibe that’s out there and I maybe wrong that’s what I’m feeling and hearing is, Twitter came in and ate Digg’s lunch. How would you respond to that?

Kevin Rose I think that Digg is a very different use case, not very different but it’s slightly different, like when you go to Twitter, I’ll give you an example like we have Tony Hawk is one of our suggested users on the Digg profiles and also he is a suggested Twitter user. If you go out and you follow him on both services, you’re going to get, his links and everything that he’s talking about, maybe he’s dropping his kids off to the park, or whatever it maybe on Twitter – on Digg it’s all about the links. It’s only the curated content that you’re finding on the web that you’re bringing, that you’re Digging, that you’re spreading with your audience.

So there is room for everyone to play nicely together. You have Facebook which is a combination of things that your friends are liking, profile, pictures change with your friends, new relationship statuses, things like this, which is put into an algorithm, they spit out a page they think you’ll like, right. You don’t get everything you get a mixture of certain things.

Twitter is everything, so it’s a raw feed, much – in the same way that Digg is a raw feed, you get everything in as it’s being dug presented in your My News. But with Digg we said okay, we’ve always been about the links. So that’s one thing that we’re good at is servicing cool content, why not just we want to cut out all the other crap and just make it just about that raw feed. So I don’t think that, I mean, of course, yes, Twitter is taking some of our traffic there is no doubt about it, Twitter and Facebook. I don’t think that it’s – it’s not like it’s one of these things were I believe that Twitter is the death of Digg, I mean, we still are a very profitable healthy business, just sitting there, doing what we do best. So unless they get into like the link aggregation game, where they create a Zeitgeist of information, where you look at a page and you say okay, aside from trending topics here is the best stuff on tea or whatever it maybe, any type of vertical, that’s kind of where we’re taking things going forward.

So actually let me explain a little bit better, so the way you look at Digg today you think, Diggers have always thought, okay, it’s all about that front page of news, when you go there, it’s like the Zeitgeist of what’s happened in the last 24 hours. Where we plan to take it is that, we want to create this directory where you can come in and say these are my interests; you can come in and say I’m into rock climbing, I’m into tea, I’m into whatever it may be. And when you do that, we want to start monitoring how good you are at Digging and finding quality content in those verticals, right? So we want to build verticals of content based on your interest, based on your Diggs and then create a leader board and create tastemakers in those verticals. So a great example is I created a Twitter directory called WeFollow and little over – around a million people have added themselves to this…

Leo Laporte It’s a great – I think a great solution, yeah.

Kevin Rose And they tagged themselves all these different terms and right now in the WeFollow directory there is 900 people that have tagged themselves under the word knitting. Like knitters, that are really passionate about knitting.

Adam Curry They care, they care deeply.

Kevin Rose They care deeply about knitting.

Adam Curry Yeah.

Kevin Rose So what we’re trying to do at Digg is, okay, let’s follow that same model and how can we build out verticals where we can get these super, uber passionate people about a given topic into these verticals to participate, to gain rank and have like reputation in these areas, and then the best of the best will make it to the front page, and that’s the front page of the top news section of Digg. So if you wonder – a lot of users say, well, why have you created this My News? Well, we want this My news experience to be a really personalized version of Digg. And it’s not just about big media, it’s about following tastemakers, it will be about defining your interest and then eventually hopefully creating a really cool customized news page that you’ll want to consume daily.

Adam Curry So I’d love to be in there under apps. Hey, Leo, you got the chromakey word, it’s awesome.

Leo Laporte I got the chromakey. You are now in Digg. You wanted to be in Digg, you are in Digg, baby.

Adam Curry Well congratulations Kevin on one thing for sure, if you’re a profitable business and making money I think that’s a thing that Twitter has not actually been able to do successfully or seemingly have not, they haven’t come out with a real business model. And that’s on ads, primarily?

Kevin Rose Yeah, we --

Robert Scoble Adam I disagree. Twitter is selling news feeds to Google and Microsoft for 10 of millions of dollars.

Adam Curry Oh! Okay.

Leo Laporte They’re making some money now. They’re not monetizing with ads particularly well, I mean, they have ads --

Adam Curry And they are integrating – I’m sure there’s lots of licensing fees, there tonight is it the Emmys I think are doing something with Twitter. No, I’m sure they’re making money that way, sure, but I kind of like --

Leo Laporte They got the cache, don’t they, that’s --

Adam Curry Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s one of the problems with Tech Press is that the coverage in the Tech Press is all about name and very little about viability, users, anything, it’s about, Lady Gaga.

Robert Scoble Well, you know if market share mattered, we’d all be using Nokia phones.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Good point. Good point. Good point.

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Leo Laporte Let’s talk a little bit about the Emmys, they’re coming up tonight in a just a second and about their social media strategy. Are they just hopping on the bandwagon or is this something real that’s happening. But first, let’s talk a little bit about --

Adam Curry I’m looking for a new car.

Leo Laporte Are you? Do you happen to be looking for a new car because I got something for you? Let me just tell you a little bit about my friends --

Adam Curry I can’t afford a really expensive one.

Leo Laporte Oh you want a Fiesta. That’s what you – I could just see Adam driving this.

Adam Curry Hey that would look good on me, wouldn’t it?

Leo Laporte I could just see you driving a Fiesta, Adam Curry. I got a final --

Adam Curry I really don’t care. I had a smart car in Amsterdam. I loved it to death --

Leo Laporte Well, this – you know what, 40 miles a gallon on a gas engine, it’s pretty darn good. That’s what the Fiesta is getting highway. It’s got an EcoBoost engine. These are the new engines Ford’s putting in.

Adam Curry How does that work, the EcoBoost. What does that do?

Leo Laporte Well, they do – well I’ll give you an example. And you might – this might be the car for you is the Taurus SHO. It’s got a V6 EcoBoost with 365 horsepower, that’s about the V8 –

Adam Curry Wow!

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s V8 horsepower, but it’s very fuel-efficient. The Ford Fiesta, same idea, fuel-efficiency number one, but performance is right in there. We had a great time. We went to Dearborn, Michigan to see the incredible Rouge plant and watch them build these Ford cars and trucks. They’ve been doing it since the turn of the century.

Adam Curry And I recommend if you’re going to buy a car, buy an American car.

Leo Laporte Really? Really?

Adam Curry I am really – I am very pro-American car.

Leo Laporte Really?

Adam Curry Yeah, oh yeah, totally. Well, we need to build something.

Leo Laporte I like hearing that.

Adam Curry I am serious. Does this come with that SYNC stuff with the – all the high-tech audio? Is that an offer?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I am a big fan of that. Have you ever used SYNC? Boy, that is nice.

Adam Curry I’ve heard you talk about it. I’d love to – I’d love to --

Leo Laporte You got to get it – well, look if you go test drive a Ford SHO or the Fiesta, yes the SYNC is in there and you’ll see the hands free calling and the 911 Assist.

Kevin Rose So do you really got a Mustang?

Leo Laporte Look, it’s right out there. You see there? That’s my car.

Kevin Rose Yes. Nice. Red.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that nice? Oh it’s sweet. I’ll take you for a ride.

Adam Curry You know the story about the guy who rolled up in a Fiesta, the new Fiesta at the gas station?

Leo Laporte No.

Adam Curry And he was showing off his – yeah, he was showing off the SYNC and all that stuff, because he had the option in there.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Adam Curry And there was a full – it was a full service, so the attendant is like, wow, and he’s showing all the stuff and the guy reaches in his pocket to pay and he pulls out some change and he has a golf tee.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Adam Curry And the guy says, what’s that? He says, oh that’s to put my balls on when I drive. And the guy, says, wow these Ford guys they think of everything, don’t they.

Leo Laporte I could just tell that was coming.

Adam Curry I’ll be here all week everybody.

Leo Laporte Thank you very much. Starting – look at these, starting MSRP if you go to the Ford Fiesta website is very – even you could afford this one Adam.

Adam Curry This one right here.

Leo Laporte Right there.

Adam Curry How much is that a month?

Leo Laporte That’s – I don’t know. It’s 13,320 according to Ford, 227 a month and with a 40 miles per gallon.

Adam Curry Will they give me credit if I have no credit history?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I don’t know about that. I’m not doing an ad for a dealer here dude.

Adam Curry Oh I’m sorry.

Leo Laporte Go to Ford Lincoln or Mercury dealers, take a look at the Ford Fiesta, an incredible car with 40 miles per gallon EPA estimate. There is no more fuel efficient compact car and there is so much more to make the Fiesta really great, including that amazing Ford SYNC. Give it a try. And thank you to Ford for bringing us out to Dearborn and they had – that plant, they have a green roof, it’s got sedum on the roof, sedum is a like a succulent. And I mean it’s so cool. It keeps the facility cooler, you go inside and it’s nice and cool in there. But it’s very light and airy, really neat what they’ve done. Ford Lincoln or Mercury vehicles drive one this week at a Ford dealer near you the Fiesta.

Adam Curry Buy American everybody.

Leo Laporte I am with you actually, Adam, it sounds like a little jingoistic but you’re right, we got to build something.

Adam Curry Yeah, I mean we build stuff that kills people, so let’s build something that drives people around, that’s – we need manufacturing in this country. That’s the true way to get something go on again. We need it.

Leo Laporte You know that was one of the neat things about going to Dearborn is to see how – what was the state-of-the-art 20th century technology is making its way into the 21st century and they’re really doing some neat stuff. It’s kind of mind-boggling.

Ben Huh – you must know Ben, the I Can Has Cheezburger? guy. He tweeted that he wanted to buy Reddit. And Reddit responded. I love the idea. Ben Huh runs a cheeseburger network and he said, Condé Nast, I’m publicly offering to buy Reddit. It’s one of the best communities I have seen on the Internet. I also believe Reddit would benefit from more resources and less corporate interference. We can offer all of the above. Is this just a publicity – Ben’s good at this – publicity ploy or did he really seriously --

Kevin Rose Yeah, I don’t know how much they would sell it for.

Leo Laporte The Reddit guy responded and said, you can’t afford – I don’t think it’s for sale. What is Condé Nast doing with something like Reddit?

Kevin Rose I don’t know. I mean they bought it here a couple years ago, and essentially it’s --

Leo Laporte It’s not changed.

Kevin Rose Yeah, they haven’t really – I don’t think they’ve given them any funding. I know that Reddit guys came over to the Digg offices here a couple weeks ago, I was out and I missed them but they have – there’s only like four or five guys working on the project. It’s a relatively small team. So it’s too bad. I think that Reddit is an awesome site and they could use some additional help. So I wish they’d kind of ask me to help.

Leo Laporte You don’t harbor any hostility against them for kind of copying Digg?

Kevin Rose No, I think that it’s a unique community, it’s a great community. They have different content on there. There is room for – people were comparing us to Delicious when we first got started --

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose … to – gosh there has been a whole series of different clones and other sites out there. So it’s really where at the end of the day, you really – what type of community you like and want to participate in. So I don’t know – I don’t feel like – they are really good guys.

Leo Laporte What I feel like is that there should be some interoperativity ultimately between everybody and there should be this kind of flow of information. I don’t like silos; that makes me nervous. Do you believe that standards are ultimately a good thing for Digg or does it take business away from you?

Kevin Rose I don’t know that we’ve ever been opposed to any type of standard. But there hasn’t been really one proposed in kind of the social news space.

Leo Laporte There isn’t anything in that space, no. But I look at Twitter they obviously don’t want interoperability. They want to silo that data, that’s their value.

Kevin Rose It’s a lot of sites’ value. I think that that’s one of the reasons why Facebook would not embrace Open – what was the Google’s initiative? OpenSocial.

Leo Laporte OpenSocial, yeah.

Kevin Rose Yeah. So I mean Google kept pushing on Facebook…

Leo Laporte Right. Right.

Kevin Rose …like, hey, embrace OpenSocial and it just didn’t happen.

Leo Laporte They did their own thing.

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Leo Laporte You know Zuck. Is he open to the idea of interoperability or would he like to own it all.

Kevin Rose That’s a good question. You’d have to ask them that. I’ve never personally asked him that question. So I don’t know.

Leo Laporte He’s not going to tell the truth.

Kevin Rose We should have him on the show.

Leo Laporte I’d love – if you could help me get Mark Zuckerberg on the show – I’d be nice. I joined – rejoined Facebook.

Kevin Rose You should totally – what if – I’m going to – I’ll reach out to him…

Leo Laporte I’d love to get him on. It’d be really fun. Wouldn’t that be fun? I’d love to do that. Speaking of FarmVille and anybody – you like that segue?

Adam Curry Good one, Leo, smooth and slick.

Leo Laporte So speaking of FarmVille…

Adam Curry Hey, put a farm behind me. Put a farm behind me.

Leo Laporte I’ll find one. I’ll find you a farm.

Dwight Silverman I am sure Leo’s got a farm or too.

Leo Laporte How do you know Dwight? Do I look like a farmer to you?

Dwight Silverman Just intuition, you know. Journalist’s intuition.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dwight Silverman I can’t get into that. I’ve tried FarmVille and I get a little bit into it and I think I fall asleep.

Leo Laporte Get ready for this. This is an article that just came out in – on CNET. Virtual farm games absorb real money and real lives. CNET. They are talking about FarmVille which is of course on the iPhone as well as Facebook. They just did an iPhone version. 63 million active users. Each spending an average of 15 minutes a day on the game according to Zynga.

Dwight Silverman How does that compare to like World of Warcraft? Is it big?

Leo Laporte Oh it’s a lot less than World of Warcraft.

Dwight Silverman Yeah

Leo Laporte But there are the outliers. Here’s a woman they found – CNET found a woman they called Katie S. She told CNET her daily FarmVille routine consists of waking up at 10 a.m. and proceeding to play the game until well past midnight, although her sessions can go much longer. She says, I’ve been known to stay up all night until at least 5 or 6 a.m. if a new feature is out, and I’m excited about it.

She says she spends about $2000, $100 a month so far on FarmVille.

Kevin Rose Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte She’s reached a – where they found her, she’s at a level of 111.

Kevin Rose This is my mom.

Leo Laporte Does your – my mom does it too.

Kevin Rose My mom is at like level 75 on that Café World where they have to [bleeped out].

Leo Laporte Yeah. And I don’t like that because I have a friend on Facebook who shall remain nameless who keeps sending me like, I just figured it out how to make Loco Moco and, and it’s like, please.

Kevin Rose My mom has a separate account using my dad’s Facebook account, so she can go and have a separate shop, so only so that she can gift herself things.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s the trick.

Kevin Rose It’s ridiculous.

Leo Laporte That’s the trick. Here I put you –

Adam Curry This really just shows how empty and vapid people’s lives are. It’s really a sad statement when I hear this.

Kevin Rose Hey, it’s my mom!


Adam Curry Sorry, dude.

Kevin Rose What does your mom do? Does she play any games?

Adam Curry She’s dead.

Kevin Rose Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

Adam Curry That’s okay.

Leo Laporte Hey maybe she wouldn’t be if she played more FarmVille. Ngmoco We Rule, that’s what I play, says that We Rule has three million registered users who have spent 2.2 billion minutes harvesting crops, erecting buildings and sending jobs to fellow players. The average time spent on We Rule, 45 minutes per user per day, three times the FarmVille. And I mean there are some people spend a lot of money on virtual points. There’s now a website created by a guy named, Ryan G. Van Cleave called For people who are World of Warcraft addicts, I mean there are people who cannot stop playing these games.

Kevin Rose Have you spent any money on Farmville or anything like that? We Rule, come on.

Leo Laporte I spent a little bit, I try not to because it’s really – if you’re patient you can do everything.

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Adam Curry Don’t you have a psychology show on the TWiT Network, Leo?

Leo Laporte I need some help, please.

Adam Curry Well – but seriously, I mean, I think that people inherently really were kind of wired and geared towards building things and since we – why don’t these people go out and build cars or build something productive? Clearly there’s energy and people want to spend time doing something. I just find it unfortunate that we are building virtual farms.

Robert Scoble It it’s making them happy, does it really matter.

Leo Laporte Look, Adam, this is my happy land.

Robert Scoble That’s his happy land.

Leo Laporte Look, you can play it. Just turn around, it’s right over your left shoulder there. Here’s my castle. Look I have dragons and witches.

Kevin Rose I mean, this is like a hobby, though. You’ve got to think it like that too. Some people like gardening.

Leo Laporte It’s like putting ships in a bottle.

Adam Curry Yeah. But do you think gardening would be better than this?

Kevin Rose The thing about gardening is you get fruit.

Adam Curry Why would gardening be better than that?

Kevin Rose Because you get fruit, you get vegetables.

Adam Curry You can eat.

Kevin Rose There’s skin cancer problems……

Leo Laporte Well, I don’t have a skin cancer problem.

Kevin Rose You’ve been in the sun too long.

Leo Laporte No. That’s true. This is very much safer. Look I just collected taxes on the little blue building.

Kevin Rose Yeah. This is just something. People enjoy this, let them enjoy it.

Leo Laporte It’s one thing if you play it 15 minutes a day.

Kevin Rose My sister just sent me a text message saying that my mom’s is at level 108 on Café World.

Leo Laporte She’s catching up with KDS.

Kevin Rose I get it. She won’t admit it, but I know my mom’s spending like half a grand a month on this.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s what worries me, is there are people spending a lot of money on it.

Dwight Silverman By the way, Leo, this is a digression but it looks like your Buzz can tweet just came on stuck. There’s just a…

Leo Laporte I hate that idea.

Dwight Silverman Slew of old tweets showed up..

Leo Laporte That sucks.

Dwight Silverman We thought it’s all there.

Leo Laporte Finally, I am going to hear about that. Buzz can tweet. Pop your Buzz Jerry, Leo. Buzz can screw Leo is what Buzz can do.

Robert Scoble Leo, I love this world, because people on Twitter are – some people are visiting me and some people are sending me links to gaming to Jane McGonigal’s YouTube Twitter TEDTalks.

Leo Laporte Oh yes. She was at Foo Camp, Jane McGonigal.

Robert Scoble Yeah. She was awesome. She was very interesting. You were in here talk, right?

Leo Laporte I was. I don’t – can we reveal what she talked about or is it still secret?

Robert Scoble I don’t know.

Kevin Rose But can I talk about is …….

Leo Laporte I know. If you tell me something, figure I am going to say it because I can’t, I’m too – my brain doesn’t work anymore. I am old and I am playing too much We Rule. She said, I don’t know if this is true or not. But she said, the future is in secrets. We’ve gone so far into this – there’s no privacy, no secrets anymore. You and I, Robert, are the poster children for this.

Robert Scoble Absolutely.

Leo Laporte That people – she says, psychologically – change interest. She says psychologically people are stimulated by both the act of keeping a secret and by telling a secret and if you tell somebody a secret, it is a bond. There is – endorphins are released. And she says then future is in creating, telling, keeping secrets.

Robert Scoble That’s true. I mean, there are secrets I have.

Leo Laporte Tell us one.

Robert Scoble I have a lot of companies tell, show me stuff.

Leo Laporte Tell us one, Robert. Come on, Robert, tell us a secret.

Robert Scoble I can’t talk about it.

Leo Laporte Come on. Tell us about Path.

Kevin Rose Tell us about Path.

Leo Laporte What is Path?

Robert Scoble Tell us about Path, Kevin Rose.

Kevin Rose I can’t talk about it. Scoble knows about this.

Robert Scoble It’s all a big secret. It’s Dave Morin’s new company and it looks pretty cool but I can’t talk about it because it’s not yet…

Leo Laporte It suck. Dave Morin formerly of Facebook?

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Leo Laporte He is not in Facebook anymore?

Robert Scoble People had showed that to me, I want to keep them...

Leo Laporte Oh! You saw it.

Robert Scoble I saw it for few a micro seconds.

Kevin Rose No. Not from me.

Robert Scoble Not from you.

Leo Laporte Have you seen it, Kevin?

Kevin Rose Yeah. I have on my phone right here. You want to see it?

Leo Laporte Yeah. I can see. I won’t tell anybody. You know how good I am at keeping secrets. See, now Kevin and I would have a bond. Go ahead just do it. And you’ll see we’ll have a bond. It will be – this will be a test of Jane’s theory.

Kevin Rose Not here. Not on live.

Leo Laporte Not live. You, Kevin, is actually very good at keeping secret. I think that’s probably necessary both as an entrepreneur and as somebody at Digg, right? But I don’t know how you do it, because when you get drunk at Diggnation, isn’t that kind of hard to not like lab?

Kevin Rose We don’t get as drunk as we used to. But yes it is hard.

Leo Laporte It’s hard for me and I am not even drunk.

Kevin Rose You’ve had half a beer.

Leo Laporte Half is all.

Kevin Rose You get a bottle of wine, it’s good.

Leo Laporte Yeah. But I am not opening it. This is a – thank you for bringing this. This is Sierra Nevada Tumbler.

Kevin Rose Is she lovely?

Leo Laporte Yes. It’s quite [indiscernible] (79:40). It’s a lovely vintage from October. You know I did drive a Ford Flex into the Ford Fiesta at the Ford Test Track.

Adam Curry Awesome.

Leo Laporte They actually – oh, this is scary. That’s really scary. That wasn’t my intent. There we go.

Kevin Rose Hey, Adam, Adam. Hey, Adam?

Leo Laporte Fun with the green screen. I am sorry. Adam, let me fix it.

Adam Curry I – you – I frozed there.

Leo Laporte Did you? Now you’re in a beautiful beach, enjoy the beach and Adam –

Adam Curry I am enjoying. Relaxed.

Leo Laporte Very nice. Relaxing beach. Let me go on, there must be some more news here before we did –

Adam Curry How about this Google calling stuff that you pointed on.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah, well, I’m the only one who’s in the country that can’t use it but Google announced this story.

Adam Curry I’ll state the story.

Leo Laporte Thank you, please. On Wednesday, Google announced that they were going to put free voice calling in Gmail. This is using a Google Chat, Google Talk, you do have to download a plug-in that gives you video and voice and all of a sudden in your chat list is a phone call item, and you click it and you could dial any number in the U.S. and Canada for free. They say free at least through the end of the year. Why is Google doing that?

Adam Curry Well, this is kind of interesting and I – John got really – John Dvorak who I do no agenda with, that really angry with me today because I said I got a story but I am holding it back, I’m keeping it for TWiT.

Leo Laporte Take that Dvorak.

Adam Curry Yeah, he was like – so in 2006 Peter Norvig, I think his name is – is the Director of Research at Google.

Leo Laporte Yep.

Adam Curry In 2006, he said Google is working and in fact I have the whole system here, PDF. Google is working on a system that listens to what your TV is playing in the background, and then serves you relevant adverts. He said, literally – it literally says these ideas will eventually show up in real Google products sooner rather than later. And so I’m wondering is this one of those products where Google – because it’s pretty seamless I don’t remember installing anything and even if I have Flash turned off, it still works and it doesn’t ask me like if you go to porn sites and you want to do a webcam and it says you sure you want to share your video, I mean – unreliably informed about that.

Leo Laporte Google never had a patent on watching your mouse move.

Adam Curry Right, so I’m just wondering the technology is amazing. What goes into it, it takes five second snippets so it does – actually does the analytics on your PC and sends the analytics off to Google which of course they’ve never listened in your conversation.

Leo Laporte They don’t need to, anymore than they’d read your email. They just analyzed it, right?

Adam Curry Right. They analyze it and that’s actually apparently happening on your computers. So I’m wondering if this was…

Leo Laporte So do you know that this is – do you know that this is happening with Google Voice?

Adam Curry I don’t know if it’s happening but here’s the Director of Research saying it’s going to show up in Google products and here we are, my microphone is now active. So I’m curious if this…

Leo Laporte Well, you know why I would credit that? Because after all, again Google told us this, when they put out remember that GOOG-411 and you would get, it was free, GOOG-411 service and they later told us, you know what we did. We used the GOOG-411, to improve our voice recognition and one of the reasons Google’s Voice recognition in Android is so good is because they learned a lot by getting a lot of voice samples from GOOG-411 and corrections.

Adam Curry Yeah.

Leo Laporte From GOOG-411. That’s not using what you’re saying.

Adam Curry Well, I just paste it – I’ll do it again. I will paste this PDF from Google research into the chat room so people can take a look at it. It is pretty amazing what they did and this is from 2006 when they posted this online. It’s pretty cool technology but the whole idea is to listen to what television show you are watching and then serve up ads on your – I guess if you are surfing or anywhere you are and in the future maybe on Google TV. All-in-all it was the guy said it’s going to show up in real Google products and here’s one that might be applicable. I have no idea what’s happening under the hood.

Leo Laporte So you’re saying that what they would do is turn the microphone on, on your computer now that you’ve enabled that and have it on notches when you are in phone calls.

Adam Curry Possibly, yeah.

Leo Laporte Not all the time.

Adam Curry Possibly. Well, it’s Google said they would do it, so – is this is it, is my question.

Dwight Silverman A change in the…

Leo Laporte In the EULA?

Adam Curry Terms of service, yeah.

Leo Laporte Has anybody read the terms of service?

Adam Curry I mean even though you failed on the install, Leo, but everyone is like oh, yeah, cool, Google. I just installed that.

Leo Laporte Wait, wait a minute, I did not fail on the install. It never failed – it failed me.

Adam Curry It failed you. They failed you.

Leo Laporte What you mean? I think, there’s a big deal…

Adam Curry I agree. I mean you’re now activating my microphone and potentially camera. And I think it’s – I’d like some security people to just…

Leo Laporte If somebody tell me who has this, because I am the only man in America who doesn’t. Does it ask permission when you make the call? Does it [indiscernible] (85:01) return on the microphone?

Kevin Rose No.

Adam Curry I disabled Flash on my Safari Browser.

Leo Laporte It’s not using Flash.

Kevin Rose It doesn’t use Flash.

Adam Curry Sorry?

Leo Laporte It’s not using Flash.

Adam Curry Well, I think it does use Flash.

Leo Laporte No, it uses its own plug-in, it has a plug-in.

Dwight Silverman It has its own, that’s why you download a plug-in…

Leo Laporte I don’t have the plug-in so far. What plug-in is it?

Dwight Silverman Because at some point you probably did a video chat, they’ve had a video chat and…

Leo Laporte And you need that plug-in.

Dwight Silverman Or it uses that.

Adam Curry But I don’t have – how do I de-install it then?

Leo Laporte It’s an extension and you’ll see that you have it…

Adam Curry No, I don’t have an extension for it, here. I looked in Safari, I am looking right here. The only extension I have is the click to Flash to disable Flash on Safari. I haven’t, there is no other extension in here.

Leo Laporte You never added Google Voice and video chat to your Google Talk?

Adam Curry If I did, how can I remove it?

Kevin Rose I just had to install it for the first time. It wasn’t working unless I installed it and now that I install it, it says, call phone on here and then it pops up…

Leo Laporte You have to install that and that’s why, it’s not using Flash it’s using its own, but that’s you know what, that doesn’t make a difference with your argument one way or the other, it’s – whether…

Adam Curry Uninstall it and there is no way to do it.

Leo Laporte Oh, I am sure there is a way to do it.

Adam Curry Okay.

Kevin Rose What are we scared of here, that they might…

Leo Laporte They turn the microphone on.

Kevin Rose When? My mic is not on right now.

Leo Laporte How do you know?

Kevin Rose Well – Google is not going to do that.

Leo Laporte You sure.

Adam Curry Oh, no. Google would never do that!


Kevin Rose Do you really think that they’re going to share the mic on.

Adam Curry Here it is. Just listen.

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte They are doing it to your email right, they scan your email for ad links, right?

Dwight Silverman Did they tell you they do that, they’re telling you do that.

Leo Laporte But what if there is no human listening, it’s just algorithmically looking at words that you speak.

Dwight Silverman Leo, Leo. If Google were to do that without disclosing it and it would be discovered, that will be the end of [indiscernible] (86:56) it’s not worth the risk for them to do that.

Kevin Rose Right. That’s it.

Adam Curry They stated they would do it. So we should just check. There is nothing wrong with checking, I am of good belief but maybe we should just check it, could someone please check? I don’t have an extension to look at to turn off.

Leo Laporte I will have someone check.

Dwight Silverman You’ve got This Week in Security.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I’ll ask Steve Gibson, the security guy.

Adam Curry Yeah, that’s the guy.

Leo Laporte That’s interesting. You know they say – they may just want to be into telephony. They may just say look we just want to have people use – look they attached it to Gmail for a reason. Gmail’s are biggest product right now after Search. They have more people who will see it because of the same reason it has Buzz to Gmail, right?

No comment, anybody want to say anything? Scoble, do you think this is crazy?

Robert Scoble No, I’m over privacy anyway, so I really don’t care.

Kevin Rose Scoble wants it turned on…

Leo Laporte You say let him listen?

Robert Scoble Turn it on baby!

Kevin Rose That’ how cutting edge Robert Scoble is, like, he wants his mic turned on. That’s amazing.

Robert Scoble That’s social.

Adam Curry It’s in library, internet plugins, is where I need to look.

Leo Laporte You know, what, I don’t know what just happened to my Twitter feed, but I didn’t, none of these are my tweets. Attention, couch potatoes! Walking boosts brain connectivity, that’s not me. Shooter kills five, injures one. What is this?

Robert Scoble That’s from Buzz can Tweet, though, right?

Leo Laporte Buzz is putting crap in my feed! Oh, it’s from Digg. It’s from Digg.


Kevin Rose Because you added your Digg account to Google. We don’t push things in the Google. You must have added your Digg account to Google.

Leo Laporte I didn’t add my Digg account to Google, Google must have added my Digg account to Google. Holy Camole! And it’s not stories I’m digging.

Kevin Rose It must be stories you’re Digging.

Leo Laporte It’s not what – I would Digg ‘why California won’t legalize pot?’ I would Digg ‘36 die as Ecuadorian bus runs off road overturns.’ I would Digg ‘thousands rally in Hong Kong to protest Manila hostage deaths?’ This isn’t me!

Adam Curry You must be on No Agenda.

Leo Laporte Is this from No Agenda?

Adam Curry I have no idea, I’m just making that up.

Leo Laporte I think Google’s barfing on me again. I think this is coming from Google, Google’s barfing on me.

Adam Curry Yeah, right here, from Digg…

Dwight Silverman [Indiscernible] (89:22) media plug-in and double click [indiscernible] (89:29) web plug-in, whatever that is. Okay, we’re debugging Google here.

Leo Laporte Double conspiracy theory. Seven connected sites, let me see what I’m connected to. I don’t think I’m connected to…

Kevin Rose There – you’re connected to Digg, there it is…

Leo Laporte Oh, there it is, I didn’t do that on purpose.

Adam Curry Oh yeah, it’s all through Digg, yeah.

Leo Laporte Remove site.

Adam Curry I think that’s a new term though, Leo. Google Barf.

Kevin Rose So why is Google pulling in your Digg links, it isn’t – oh they’re kind of friend feeding or like that, you’re trying to get like, friend feed?

Leo Laporte I just took it out of Google. I never put it into Google. I’m telling you Buzz is buggy. Buzz had a big bug where, you know – if you were one of my followers in Google Buzz and you deleted your Google account all of a sudden nobody can see my buzzes. They – it took them five days to find that one. I’m going to quit Google.

Adam Curry You know what Leo? They heard you complain.

Leo Laporte They’re going to quit the Google. They heard you! Not me. They heard you talking about their secret super secret plan to wiretap everyone in the world, and they said ‘we’ve got to get him, how do we get him? We get him through Laporte.’

Adam Curry I think they just heard you and like – oh we have a problem in sector four, seems like their Buzz is not working, got to switch that on…

Leo Laporte It’s not working, it’s not working, user, algorithmically we will prove Leo wrong. Let’s take a break, I can’t, I’m exhausted.

Adam Curry It’s a long show man.

Robert Scoble Is it over? It’s awesome.

Leo Laporte It’s not over yet.

Adam Curry No, I love it – I mean we can keep going, I’m fine, I’m digging it.

Leo Laporte How long is no agenda?

Robert Scoble It’s like two hours.

Leo Laporte Did TWiT ever end?

Adam Curry Two hours.

Leo Laporte This is shorter than no agenda.

Robert Scoble I don’t think TWiT ever ends, it just keeps going.

Leo Laporte No, no, all I do is I just put up a little thing here like this, I put this up and I say ‘cut there’ and that’s the show, that’s the show right there, that’s the show.

Robert Scoble That’s it, we’re done.

Leo Laporte Yeah man, and then they start another one after I put that up. But Editors, don’t cut that one okay, leave that, leave the stand and don’t take that off. No, leave that – now see I’m really confusing them. Now leave that one end.

Robert Scoble You’re loosing footage over there and I’m being called arrogant by people all over the world right now on twitter.

Leo Laporte Why are you arrogant? You haven’t said a word!

Robert Scoble I don’t know, I don’t – what is it? They’re making fun of me because I hold things up, you know…

Leo Laporte You haven’t said a thing on this show. Okay, you want to be arrogant? In a moment Robert Scoble will explain why tech crunch thinks, there are too few women in tech and it’s their fault. You want to take that one Robert?

Robert Scoble Sure!

Leo Laporte All right, let’s come up with just a bit, but first, a quick word from our friends at Citrix, they are the folks who do GoToAssist. We use – I don’t if you remember this Kevin, we use this on a screen saver from time-to-time to assist people with problems on their computer. They’ve come a long way baby, when you GoToAssist Express, it’s faster, easier to use and a great way to fix problems on Macs or PCs. Dan, you’re in – Dan Hendricks is in the studio, he is our wonderful chat moderator, how many years have you been moderating chats for us Dan? For free, I might add.

Daniel Hendricks Six and a half years.

Leo Laporte Six and a half years. We’ve not paid him one penny.

Robert Scoble Wow!

Leo Laporte And at this point, we – Dan we’re not paying him. He’s free. You set a precedent Dan, oh you’ll keep doing it for free, just keep letting know. I think we’re going to take care of you, because you do a great job in that chat room. So Dan’s an IT, and you know the worst thing is that phone call where you’re going to walk somebody through something, it’s so much easier, like sometimes you attempt to just get into a car and drive over to the site, fly to the site, anything but, click start. Okay got the accessories – I can’t take this anymore.

Adam Curry How about this scenario Leo? I’m sure you have the same that I have, and Kevin has it then Robert and Dwight, I’m sure we all have the same problem. When you know something about computers you – configure stuff – you kind of have to go to guide for your family, your friends and they’re always calling you. It’s like, hey you know my email went – and you’re literally trying to help the stewardess land the 747 you’re on the phone, it’s like how you do all this and when you – I think the easiest thing, this should be a great Christmas gift basically, give all of your friends and family a GoToAssist account and then it will save you hours of time a month.

Leo Laporte You know, you could do Adam Curry, you can actually get 30 days free sign-up and then you do it and then quit. I shouldn’t tell people.

Adam Curry So wait until some breaks then call them.

Leo Laporte Let’s do it all!

Adam Curry No, no, I think this is a very – it’s a valuable service, this is really, really good, it’s like having a tech right there in your computer they can remote control your screen, they can really fix problems, I think this is the future of great services as people on the other end, I love it, I think it’s good, it’s

Leo Laporte Adam is such a great old radio guy, just like goes with it.

Adam Curry I love it, I love doing it. Hey, Leo back to you Leo.

Leo Laporte We can get the mattress discounters on here, we can do a whole...


Leo Laporte They built in features for the tech support professionals, eight sessions at once, remote, unassisted – unattended remote access. So if your client says, ‘yeah, you can have access to the computer’ you don’t have to wait around to them till they show up, you can fix it without their help. You can cut – dragon drop files from your computer to theirs, so if you got a patch or fix, it’s very easy, Mac or PC. You can support a Mac from a PC, a PC from a Mac, a Mac to Mac, PC to PC, it’s just really great. Try it right now, 30 days free, Tell them Adam Curry section.

Adam Curry That’s right. You get 30 days free,; tell them your friends at TWiT said, hey.

Leo Laporte Hey. Did you ever Adam, when you – you were always big time radio, so you didn’t ever have to do this…

Adam Curry Yes.

Leo Laporte …you never did the carpet store or the car dealership?

Adam Curry No, but –

Leo Laporte Bring the kids, bring the old lady, bring the bib slip, come on down, we got hot dogs and balloons for the kids.

Adam Curry But MTV in the days of VJs had billboards and we’d have to read the billboards, so – and they were really cheesy – be like, this – or was it – or ‘the top 20 video countdown is brought to you by Skittles!’ We had to read those and we’re all going ah got to do billboards, you know.’ [Indiscernible] (95:33). I remember them all, it’s horrible. It stays with you, wake up in the middle of the night and you go ‘Skittles!’

Leo Laporte Was – was – was – what is the Fresh maker? Was Mentos there too?

Adam Curry ‘Mentos, the Fresh Maker’. Yeah we had that one too. ‘It’s brought to you by Mentos, the Fresh Maker.

Leo Laporte Yeah you had to say it that way.

Adam Curry Yeah of course you do, the Fresh Maker.

Leo Laporte We had like some – some weird eurotrash accent, it wasn’t really clear what. The Fresh Maker.

Adam Curry Yeah but I was good at it. The Fresh Maker.

Leo Laporte The Fresh maker.

Adam Curry I actually got an extra, the third – I was there for 7.5 years but – I had a contract for the first two years and then the third year they actually paid me extra to do all the billboards for MTV. [Indiscernible] (96:13) was always there.

Leo Laporte Were you a DJ before you went to MTV?

Adam Curry Yeah, I still – my first radio station, I built myself and my mom drove me around the block to see how far the signal would reach. And then I found the kids in the neighborhood who were listening to it, so I built a mixer and then I got a microphone and then for years I was practicing, ‘hey trying to get my deep radio voice, and you got to talk like this everybody, because you know it’s really, really cool, we do it in the morning, everybody!’

Leo Laporte In the morning. We just turned this into a morning zoo.

Adam Curry Yeah, well, let’s bang on the bell. Hey, Leo, how are you doing?

Leo Laporte I think we need to do a morning show with you, Adam.

Adam Curry I’d love to man. Weren’t you going to do that – are you going to do a morning show?

Leo Laporte I do, I want to do a morning show, do you want to be a part of it?

Adam Curry Hell yeah! Hell yeah!

Leo Laporte Would you do it? It would be really fun. I thought it would be a morning show for geeks, you know so –

Adam Curry Sure!

Leo Laporte It would still be kind of fun and entertaining. It’d be kind of thing you – and what – my thought was, you write an alarm clock application for all importable platforms, so that it – that’s the alarm.

Kevin Rose That’s amazing.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Kevin Rose So when you unlock it, just turn off the alarm it starts the webcast right there for you.

Leo Laporte Right and you can take it with you out in the kitchen.

Robert Scoble I’d download that.

Leo Laporte I just gave away my entire idea.

Adam Curry But no it’s good man, it’s great.

Leo Laporte I don’t have to worry; nobody else is going to do it.

Adam Curry But let’s get Dvorak on too; I can’t be without my buddy. I want to make sure no one gets the wrong idea here.

Leo Laporte We will. No, no, we love John. No, no, no, we – and I’ve been thinking there’s a number of people I want to put on this thing. It’d be really fun – kind of a like zoo thing but with the focus on social media tech, bringing the –

Adam Curry And the evil new world order who were trying to kill us; that will be my part.

Leo Laporte You could do that. You could be the conspiracy theorist.

Adam Curry Yeah.

Leo Laporte I like that. We should create a character for Adam.

Adam Curry Yeah, it’s me.

Leo Laporte Like the illuminati guy.

Adam Curry Hi, it’s the illuminati guy everybody, let me tell you what’s going on, well…

Leo Laporte You know that’s – Art Bell made a pretty good living doing it.

Adam Curry Hell yeah, Coast to Coast.

Leo Laporte And that George Noory does it. Every once in a while George will call me, I’ll do a bit on the show and then it’s just – ‘coming up, he was abducted by aliens and now he’s back, we’re going to talk to’ –

Adam Curry Yeah, yeah. That does what always gets me. ‘So the earthquake machine has been turned on once again, we’ll talk about that after this break on Coast to Coast.’

Leo Laporte He’s so serious and you kind of wonder, does he believe this? Does he actually believe this or is he – what’s going on?

Adam Curry Well, don’t get me started.

Leo Laporte Emmy Awards going digital, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, are you going to watch them tonight? Jimmy Fallon, your buddy, Jimmy. You like Jimmy – you know Jimmy pretty well, right?

Kevin Rose He’s cool.

Leo Laporte Is he always been pretty techie? Is that?

Kevin Rose He’s a geek; he’s definitely a geek, without a doubt.

Leo Laporte So they’re asking for jokes for Jimmy. People are supposed to tweet lines, I guess –

Adam Curry Really, it’s that bad? They have to have people write the jokes? Oh jeez.

Leo Laporte ‘We can’t afford writers, so would you please tweet?’

Kevin Rose Holy crap. Leo, did you just tweet a ton of links?

Leo Laporte No, I’m telling you that came out of Google, out of Digg.

Kevin Rose But you saw – but you tweeted right?

Leo Laporte It’s garbage.

Kevin Rose It’s like you tweeted thirty times in a row.

Leo Laporte Oh! Something’s going really wrong.

Kevin Rose Did you see this? Look at this.

Leo Laporte Yeah, something’s really wrong.

Kevin Rose No.

Leo Laporte I’m just going to resign from social media.

Robert Scoble Leo…

Adam Curry So here’s the – here’s what you need to do tonight when you watch the Emmys. Get a bottle of vodka and the minute someone says ‘we’ve just tallied it up, a billion people around the world, they are watching us tonight. Clap, clap, clap, clap’ that’s when you drink the whole bottle of vodka. Because they always do that. And when the ratings come out the next day, it’s like 6 million people watched or something.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, it’s not just a shot, the whole bottle.

Leo Laporte The whole bottle. Adam…

Adam Curry The whole bottle in one go.

Leo Laporte So you know what happened? I just tweeted the entire Digg front page. I did – I did! Thanks not to you – it’s not your fault, Kevin. Thanks to Google Buzz, which just decided for some reason that I am Digg.

Adam Curry It’s a feature.

Kevin Rose No, you’re tweeting this week – TWiL, is what you –

Leo Laporte No, no, ignore the TWiL stuff, look at the other – it’s all Digg stuff.

Kevin Rose Oh there you go underneath that Paris Hilton’s new mug shot.

Leo Laporte I didn’t tweet Paris Hilton’s mug shot. This is all from Digg, including the TWiL stuff.

Kevin Rose This is epic. For people who aren’t watching the show right now like, wow, Leo is chatty today.

Leo Laporte What the hell. What the hell.

Adam Curry This is great interoperability. Silos, there’s no silos. It’s perfect, the flow goes, Leo exactly what you’re asking for.

Robert Scoble Did you turn that on long ago?

Leo Laporte No, no.

Robert Scoble Okay.

Leo Laporte No.

Kevin Rose Oh you’re dropping followers, people are saying.

Leo Laporte I was at – this morning I was at 22,400, oh yeah I’ve lost already a 100 followers. Oh, 22,390, I’m dropping.

Kevin Rose Oh! They’re dropping.

Adam Curry Twitter spam – tweet spam is a spammer…

Leo Laporte A hundred people dropped me. It’s the sound of a thousand voices calling out in agony.

Dwight Silverman Maybe you should tweet about six or seven times when it happened.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that will help. I give up, I’m going to –

Dwight Silverman This is what I don’t like – I don’t like –

Leo Laporte Automated tweets.

Kevin Rose So I don’t like automated tweets and I don’t like kind of trying to converge multiple social media, I think they’re – I think silos to certain extent are good because they are different culture in each one and if you try to kind of blend them, there’s always some kind of disconnect or context problem.

Leo Laporte No, this is why I’m going to write the cynic’s guide to social media. Everybody says that, but it’s a lie.

Robert Scoble No, it’s not a lie.

Leo Laporte Everybody says don’t be a megaphone –

Robert Scoble …Facebook is to turn-off all my tweets that are coming in the Facebook. I didn’t even know you could do this by the way. If you see a tweet in Facebook, you can click the ‘x’ on the – on those status messages in Facebook and it will give you the choice to filter out all tweets or all things of that item. And you can do that for Foursquare or for FarmVille, if Kevin’s playing too much of FarmVille, you can hide everything there.

Dwight Silverman Oh, that’s excellent.

Leo Laporte I already have people on Buzz saying stop spamming Leo.

Robert Scoble You can go to the top of your Buzz and see which –

Leo Laporte No, I already disconnected it. I disconnected it. And it’s reconnected or something is going on – it’s not, yeah, it got reconnected.

Adam Curry Yeah, it’s broken.

Leo Laporte It’s broken.

Kevin Rose They said – they said, call the tech guys.

Leo Laporte There you – that’s another funny joke people like to make. Oh, Leo will fix it. No I –

Adam Curry But these are the same people we trust to with our microphone.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I – all right, I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of it. Kevin Rose, thank you for being here. Thank you for bringing beer.

Kevin Rose Yeah, thanks for having me.

Leo Laporte Thank you for watching the last show I will ever do. ‘Officials probe fire at proposed Tennessee mosque site.’ I did not tweet that! Geez Louise.

Adam Curry I think you can sue them for defamation of character.

Leo Laporte Good lord. Kevin is at, Diggnation is still on?

Kevin Rose Yes. Still on. Still going strong.

Leo Laporte And you and Alex will be doing the next one, when? Do you know?

Kevin Rose This week, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff to fix at Digg first, so I’ll get down there…

Leo Laporte Thank you by the way. I think that people don’t understand how responsive and committed Kevin is to listening to people. You’re getting a lot of heat, it must be hard – but you listen?

Kevin Rose Yeah, I mean we’ve got – honestly there is, I would say out of the feedback we’ve gotten at – probably 75 – 80% of its really valid stuff that we’re going to fix. And then there is some stuff that certain spammers start to trying to hit us with and certain people, though, have an agenda that want certain features like – it’s funny we had this one-time where we removed the ‘bury’ feature from Digg, and that was a big controversy.

Leo Laporte Yeah people – well, now wasn’t this though – the issue was that Right Wing spammers...

Kevin Rose That’s the problem.

Leo Laporte ...spammers were burying all progressive or left wing articles.

Kevin Rose And the other way around. It’s on both sides of the house.

Leo Laporte And then it became a war.

Kevin Rose It became a war, and I hate this kind of stuff. But we looked into it and the bulk of burying happening was around political stories.

Leo Laporte Of course.

Kevin Rose And it’s like –

Leo Laporte The most partisan, divisive topics are the ones that are going to get people doing that.

Kevin Rose Yeah. And it’s just a really nasty mess. So we got to figure out how we can potentially fix that problem with algorithms but it’s going to take a while. All I have to say is that honestly, we – everyone at Digg knows the issues that we have, just – it’s going to take couple weeks to get everything ironed out, get it stable, get these features added back, so just give us some time, we’ll get there.

Robert Scoble Yeah, Kevin I just try to dig something in it, and it didn’t let me dig it, so.

Kevin Rose Yeah, it’s another at least a week of stabilizing the side.

Leo Laporte Why is that? Because I mean you are using the same services, the same…

Kevin Rose We’re not.

Leo Laporte Oh, you’re not!

Kevin Rose So it’s a brand new backend, it’s all [indiscernible] (104:41) MySQL –

Leo Laporte Oh that’s a big deal.

Kevin Rose And there’s – there’s new bugs under certain levels of load that we didn’t ever see before. And so, this is stuff…

Adam Curry Kevin, I commend you. This – doing this kind of stuff sucks. When you’ve got users and particularly people who rely on this and you try to progress things and change things, it’s hard, it’s really, really hard. I’ve been in that position in a smaller scale and it’s tough. It’s – no wonder you’re drinking beer.

Kevin Rose That’s right.


Leo Laporte Oh, he was drinking beer long before this.

Robert Scoble Kevin, it’s also because you don’t have enough women on your staff.

Leo Laporte Oh, we didn’t get to talk about Mike Arrington and his link bait post. What exactly did Mike – I was trying to figure out what Mike was trying to say. Basically, he was saying, ‘it’s not our fault, we try, we really want to have women on. But there just aren’t any.’ Is that – or it’s their fault? They’re not –

Robert Scoble No, he knew it was a hot button in the industry.

Leo Laporte Oh, of course.

Robert Scoble He loves putting his finger on things where he knows there’s heat and fury. And it’s been a hot button for a long time. The first programming conference I did in the 1990s, Basic – Visual Basic Programmers Insiders Technical Summit had 425 men and 2 women show up, right? And this has been an undercurrent, it comes up every year or two years when – hey, there’s a show that has no women on it, somebody will write a blog post and say, there’s no women on TWiT, everybody will get their – you know – up in a bunch. And we’ll talk about it. And that sort of what happened this weekend.

Leo Laporte I think there’s a very legitimate point to be made, which is, it’s – if there are not many women, it’s passing the buck to say it’s their fault or there aren’t any women.

Robert Scoble Well, it’s both ways…

Leo Laporte It’s a two-way street and I think that there is – it is also very difficult for women to make it in technology. They are deprecated, they are put down. And it’s not an easy thing at all.

Robert Scoble Absolutely. And just look at the comments that TechCrunch post is getting.

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

Robert Scoble It’s like 600 comments and a lot of them are misogynistic, really horrid stuff.

Leo Laporte And I think it’s a little reprehensible of Mike to go for the hits.

Adam Curry I agree. I agree, Leo. I only have one word for Mike:

[Sound effect of choir singing “douche bag!”].

Leo Laporte [Laughter] ‘There he is – the douche bag of the day, Michael Arrington.’

Kevin Rose Oh boy, you’re asking for it, dude.

Leo Laporte ‘We’re going to send out the little douche bag to Mike, we’ve got one packaged up for him.’

Kevin Rose Wow.

Adam Curry That’s right, Mikey.

Dwight Silverman Just comment that [indiscernible] (107:13) that maybe women are too nurturing to be entrepreneurs?

Leo Laporte Why – wait a minute. Why is everybody is so scared of Mike Arrington? Are you scared of him?

Kevin Rose Because he would rip you apart on his freaking blog.

Leo Laporte Oh, screw him.

Kevin Rose Oh!


Leo Laporte No, you know what, Mike will not rip me. He’s too scared of me to rip me. He’s actually – you know what, he’s not scared of me – because he’s doesn’t care about me, but he’s scared of the TWiT army and he knows that that would be a mistake.

Adam Curry Yeah – oh yeah, I agree. I think that’s a huge mistake.

Robert Scoble TWiT army is no joke, man.

Dwight Silverman Do not mess with the TWiT army!

Leo Laporte No, I don’t – I don’t have anything against Mike. I do have something against – and I think it’s very bad for the ecosystem, people who post link bait articles. Because it’s all about getting hits, not about real content and real discussions. This is a real subject. This is not a minor subject to cover. And to use it for link bait is a big mistake.

Adam Curry [Indiscernible] (108:12) we talked about this on No Agenda this morning. There’s all kinds of weirdness in media in general about women. There was this Summer’s Eve ad, if you want to ask for a raise, you’ve got to literally be – smell nice down there. I’m like, oh my god. And look at magazines and how you’re suppose to look. And I feel very bad for what media and people like Mike Arrington are doing to women. I think it’s [indiscernible] (108:36)

Leo Laporte I have an 18 – I have an 18-year-old daughter who is very smart. Who is – will be and if she wants to be very successful in anything she wants. If she wanted to be in technology or science or math, she’s going to have a much tougher road.

Adam Curry Tougher. Yeah, absolutely.

Leo Laporte Than if she wants to be in sociology, psychology, any of the softer subjects.

Robert Scoble See, I think – there I disagree with you, Leo. Because if you do go through the computer science program and you get a computer science degree, you have a lot of opportunities available to you.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s what Mike’s saying. He is saying if the few women who are in it have more opportunities.

Adam Curry Now, this is social, Robert. It’s a social statement. I mean look at The View. I mean this is what you’re supposed to be. You suppose to be a [ph] yenta (1:49:20) who talks about nothingness. This is – look at how women are portrayed in the media, this is why this happens. And if you want to go left and you want to do something a little different, that’s where – it’s more peer pressure than anything.

Robert Scoble Although on Criminal Minds, the main geek is a woman, right? You know there’s examples on both sides of that fence.

Adam Curry And she’s also hot.

Robert Scoble It is a deep problem. I mean and it goes back to college – in my first year of computer science classes, there was about 40% women, second year 15%. It starts there. And that’s why arguing it out about getting more people on stage and conferences, it really isn’t hitting the right problem. The right problem happens earlier.

Leo Laporte I think this – I wish we weren’t running out of time, but we are.

Adam Curry A whole different show, yeah.

Leo Laporte I would love to do more on this. We will all gather again. I knew that when we got this many people, this many great people on the studio, that we were going to have a great show and I think –

Robert Scoble Well, yeah, why don’t we – why don’t you have any woman on this show?

Leo Laporte We have a lot of women in TWiT. We have Sarah Lane, we have Becky Worley, we have Denise Howell, we have –

Robert Scoble I’m talking about this [indiscernible] (110:23).

Leo Laporte Well, I’ll have a woman next time. We always invited – I always invite at least one or two women to be on the show. We have five panelists today that was so many, that I couldn’t invite anymore. But I almost always invite some – at least one woman to be on.

Look, I would like to get more people of color, I’d like to get more women, I’d like to get more diversity in general. I’m doing what I can. Many of our hosts on TWiT are women. And that comes out of a commitment of –

Kevin Rose Very large percentage of your hosts.

Leo Laporte Yeah. And frankly, the people who run this company are women. And I’m proud of that. And that’s because I’m trying to be gender-blind and colorblind in what we do. And you’re right, there’s no women on this panel. But believe me, before we talk – take this topic or subject on again, I will get some women on.

Robert Scoble I know you would answer that the right way, that’s why I asked that.

Leo Laporte You can ask tough questions, Robert. It’s okay, I won’t…

Robert Scoble No, that the problem is the industry-wide. It’s not just one show or one person –

Leo Laporte It’s more than industry-wide. It’s science and technology-wide. And it’s a big waste, if you ask me. It’s a big waste of talent. And I think that to do – to link bait around that is – of course, on the other hand, look, he stimulated a great conversation. So maybe it wasn’t completely wasted.

Robert Scoble I don’t think so. I think it’s good that we talked with the – we don’t talk intelligently about this issue and I don’t see that happening. You know on the other side, women are doing all these women-only conferences now, Blogger and other things. Does that really help? I mean –

Leo Laporte No, it’s ghetto-izing.

Robert Scoble Yeah, because – here’s an example of something I saw in my career and I’ve seen it happen a few times. In 2002, I did a dinner and we made it open so there was no – we said if you want to come, anybody’s welcome to come. And I think two women showed up, Ben and Mina Trott was one, and I forgot the other one. But 40 other people showed up and they were all men. And a lot of people in that room now are the people who run Twitter. You know, Evan Williams was there. Ben and Mina Trott who run SixApart was there. Dave Winer was there. Brad, who started LiveJournal was there. And if you aren’t there while things are taking shape, while there’re some networking opportunities you –

Leo Laporte You’re at a real disadvantage, yes.

Robert Scoble You’re at a real disadvantage. And those were the people who decide conferences and books and all sort of things. Real powerful people now. And it’s a tough problem that starts early in somebody’s career and I don’t know how to switch it.

Leo Laporte This is a conversation that will go on for a long time, and I’m glad that we started it, but we’re not done with it and we will talk some more.

Robert Scoble It’s been happening for 15 years and well, longer. I mean – you look at some of the pioneering women and this…

Leo Laporte I almost feel like we shouldn’t even talk about it without some women on the panel, so maybe we’ll defer this.

Adam Curry Yeah.

Robert Scoble Absolutely.

Adam Curry Hear, hear. This is – you’re right Leo. This conversation should be had with women in the room.

Leo Laporte Right, bunch of guys saying [indiscernible] (113:27) what do we know?

Adam Curry We know nothing. We don’t know nothing about nothing.

Leo Laporte We’re testosterone-poisoned. Thank you Kevin Rose,

Kevin Rose Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Leo Laporte Dwight Silverman at the Houston Chronicle, Always great to have you. Thank you so much for being here.

Dwight Silverman Thank you, Leo. Always great to be here.

Leo Laporte And don’t forget he’s got a great radio show on Pacifica in Houston.

Dwight Silverman Oh, can I also pimp my book?

Leo Laporte Yeah! What’s the book?

Dwight Silverman The book? My third book is out, it’s ‘Switching to a Mac: No Problem!’ from Wiley. Hit the bookstores last week. And it’s a great way to – if you want to go from Windows to the Mac, it’s a great way to do it.

Leo Laporte Very good, thank you.

Dwight Silverman Thank you.

Leo Laporte I look forward to seeing that. Robert Scoble is the Scobleizer, he needs no introduction. Maybe he can help me with mine Tweet and Buzzer problems.

Robert Scoble Why I already Tweeted, I already Buzzed on your behalf…

Leo Laporte I saw that, thank you!

Robert Scoble …on your behalf and said ‘hey, calm down, everybody. He’s having a problem’.

Leo Laporte And I have an alibi! I was doing a show when it happened.

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte It wasn’t me! Maybe I’ve been hacked., anything else you want to plug? Of course you do, those great videos at Building 43

Robert Scoble, I just took a tour of NASA, that was awesome.

Leo Laporte I love that stuff.

Robert Scoble The wind tunnels, they let me go in the supersonic wind tunnel, that was cool.

Leo Laporte We’re actually copying you with a lot of the things we’re doing with the live view now.

Robert Scoble Oh. Well.

Leo Laporte Well you were down at South by South West, you took – we took – that was fun, are you going to do that again in the spring? Let’s do that again.

Robert Scoble Yeah, let’s do that again, let’s get it – people have been trying to get Curry to come along.

Leo Laporte Adam?

Robert Scoble Yeah!

Leo Laporte Come along down to Austin, baby!

Adam Curry I’d love to, it sounds good.

Leo Laporte I bet you have a pair of cowboy boots in that closet back there.

Adam Curry Oh yeah, I’ve got the cowboy boots, I’ve got my bolo tie, I’m ready to go.

Leo Laporte Snakeskin, baby.

Adam Curry That’s right, I got a python!

Leo Laporte Python! In the morning! Adam Curry – Big App – wait a minute, I got it right here, Big App show – this is really a great idea, you got an app on the iPhone – well, it works fine on the iPad. And you get your…

Adam Curry No, no Leo this is the whole point. The video is produced in portrait mode. So you turn it around. It doesn’t [indiscernible] (115:38). There you go.

Leo Laporte And you get it everyday, you get a new one!

Adam Curry Yeah, a new app everyday.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that a clever idea?

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Adam Curry Free apps, paid apps, just good apps is what I try to do.

Leo Laporte There he is, very attractive young man.

Adam Curry Thank you. And also if I can just plug with the fabulous John. C. Dvorak which we do on Thursdays and Sundays, and of course on the podcast at

Leo Laporte There’s really no need to plug that because it just speaks for itself.

Adam Curry And I really, really appreciate having me on Leo. I would like it if it doesn’t take three years to get back on again.

Leo Laporte Come back again in about two.

Adam Curry Okay.


Leo Laporte No, we’ll have you on soon. You know, it’s always great to have you. Thank you, Adam, for being here. Thank you all for watching. We do have a special, we did on Friday, want to give a little plug to our government 2.0 special, Tim O’Reilly, Jennifer Poshka and a bunch of really interesting people from government and private industry talking about new ways of thinking of government. Government as a platform like the iPhone or Windows, as a platform that people can develop for and improve. And it’s very exciting thing that may be might transform how you think of government.

It’s on our TWiT specials feeds, I don’t usually plug stuff on this show, but it was so important and it was so interesting, I’d like you to give it a try,

I thank you for joining us. Don’t forget, you can watch us do this every Sunday 3 p.m. Pacific, 6 p.m. Eastern time 22:00 UTC at, you could chat at or subscribe to all our shows at

Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time. Another TWiT is in the can.

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