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Episode 272


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This WEEK in TECH 272: Spill The Wine October 31, 2010

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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 272, recorded October 31, 2010: Spill The Wine.

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It’s time for TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers all the tech news. Hello, everybody. I’m Leo Laporte. And we’ve got such a crowded studio today. We really have our entire panel in studio. And when I built the studio, I never imagined that we’d need any more than one or two cameras. But now I’m wishing we had seven or eight cameras. There is he is. That’s Loic Le Meur from LeWeb and Seesmic entrepreneur--

Loic Le Meur Hello.

Leo Laporte Pull the microphone right up into your face there that we could hear you.

Loic Le Meur Sure, right up in my face. There we go.

Leo Laporte There you go. And we hear you have such a great voice.

Loic Le Meur Very good.

Leo Laporte You’re – how can I describe you, Loic? You are an entrepreneur?

Loic Le Meur Yeah, I created five start-ups. So I guess that’s a good…

Leo Laporte You’re on your fifth start-up?

Loic Le Meur Yeah.

Leo Laporte And you also do conferences and LeWeb is coming up in Paris?

Loic Le Meur Yeah. I did this to help you up with the start-ups and entrepreneurs raise money and get ideas and get inspired.

Leo Laporte It’s cool. It’s exciting.

Loic Le Meur Yeah. Two and half thousand people coming from 50 countries. There will be a…

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (2:49).

Loic Le Meur And Leo Laporte.

Leo Laporte I will be there. We’re going to do a show from there, which is going to be fun. That’s December 8th and 9th.

Loic Le Meur Absolutely.

Leo Laporte LeWeb dot –

Loic Le Meur Net.

Leo Laporte If you want – no more. John C. Dvorak is wearing his Mountie outfit for Halloween. Hello, John. That’s good, you look good. Actually, he looks like Smokey The Bear. Say this, John. Say, ‘only you can prevent…’

John C. Dvorak ‘Only you can prevent forest fires.’ That looks good.

Leo Laporte John is on some sort of drug that doesn’t allow him to consume. So –

John C. Dvorak So, I’m consuming water.

Leo Laporte You’re having water and the rest of us are drinking wine. A fine wine, a Zinfandel today.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I’m not missing much, believe me.

Loic Le Meur It’s pretty good.

Leo Laporte And…

John C. Dvorak He’s such a nice guy.

Leo Laporte To John’s right – he’s being very nice. He is being very un-French. To John’s right --

John C. Dvorak (In mock French accent) ‘This is crap!’

Loic Le Meur Wait until I finish this glass.


Leo Laporte He will like it better.

Loic Le Meur Right.

Leo Laporte To John’s right, Lisa Bettany, We haven’t had you on in an age. And you know why?

Lisa Bettany Hello. I don’t know. Why?

Leo Laporte Because of Camera Plus. Zip! Can you not talk about that still? Okay, so we won’t say a word. We don’t know what it is, we won’t talk about it, we have no idea what happened. And when you can talk about it, come back and let us know. Is there a reason you can’t talk – is it being litigated or is there something going on?

Lisa Bettany All I can say is we’re working with Apple and –

Leo Laporte Okay.

Lisa Bettany We’re optimistic.

Leo Laporte Good. That’s good!

Lisa Bettany We’re optimistic.

Leo Laporte That’s good. We’re working with Apple and we’re optimistic.

John C. Dvorak And optimistic in the same sense.

Leo Laporte Usually don’t hear that. It’s kind of an unusual combination, isn’t it? Yeah.

It’s just for people who don’t know – and by the way, hi, I’m over here. If you’re watching the video, I don’t know what happened. We lost a camera. I don’t know what happened. I have no excuse for this.

Camera Plus is a very popular iPhone app that sold half a million dollars worth in the first month, I think. Was very successful. I won’t put the camera on you, Lisa. So you don’t have to feign ignorance. And – but then got pulled from the app store, we’re not sure by whom. But we do know why. Because in fact I still have it on here. Because it allowed you to change the physical hardware on the phone so that you can use the volume control to snap a picture, turning the iPhone 4 is something that’s really much more like a point-and-shoot camera. Love the idea. Apple – quite rightly – said it’s against our rules, you can’t do that. And there’s a disagreement at that point. So you are optimistic that something will come out?

Lisa Bettany Yeah, yeah. We’re working with them and we haven’t just sat by and done nothing. So we’re working on everything. But yeah, we are optimistic at this point. But it’s in their hands.

Leo Laporte Right. And I might say, one of the things Lisa and I are working on is a camera show soon.

Lisa Bettany Yes.

Leo Laporte We really hope to get this off the ground very quickly. And this will be more of a how-to-show.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, I really want it to be do-it-yourself with whatever camera you have, because how I started was with really no gear making things out of duct tape and no stuff like that. So that’s what I wanted.

Leo Laporte That’s what I want, too. Because a lot of what you see on podcasts – even our own This Week in Photography show that Alex Lindsay did here – is for high-end enthusiast people who can afford anything. Although I have to say, we got Loic with his 5D mark II, We’ve got John with his Panasonic GH1, we got – I mean the cameras here are flying.

John C. Dvorak This has got a 1.2 lens in it.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Lisa Bettany I know.

Leo Laporte Yeah, pretty sweet, hey, John?

Lisa Bettany I know.

John C. Dvorak Ridiculous.

Leo Laporte It’s super fast.

Loic Le Meur It has glass in it.

Leo Laporte That’s got a lot of glass. So now we’ve already turned this into a snobby photo show. It’s actually mine, I’m lending it to him.

John C. Dvorak How many cameras do you have?

Leo Laporte Plenty.

John C. Dvorak What, do you buy every camera that comes out?

Leo Laporte Close to it.

John C. Dvorak Most of them?

Leo Laporte No.

John C. Dvorak You have the – half the cameras here are for...


Leo Laporte I feel it’s my job to buy – well you’re using my new MacBook Air. What do you think of it? The 11-inch Air?

John C. Dvorak I like it. It’s a little small.

Leo Laporte Loic and I both love it, I think.

Loic Le Meur It’s pretty fast. I’ve switched like – it’s been two days and it’s as fast as like a regular one.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I no longer use my 15. It’s so light and frankly kind of replaces the iPad for me, I have to wonder if Apple might lose some sales to this.

John C. Dvorak I’m in twit live two, ladies and gentlemen. Twit live two.

Leo Laporte Oh, we’ll shunt you back to the main channel.

John C. Dvorak No, this is fine. I prefer being with the…

Leo Laporte The people?

Loic Le Meur No, it’s very cool. It’s a surprise for me how fast this is. The MacBook Air.

Lisa Bettany Did you have the MacBook Air, the original?

Loic Le Meur Yeah, it was very slow. It was horribly slow.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I did not buy one for that reason. And it overheated, it had a terrible overheating problem.

Loic Le Meur I think it’s mostly linked to a flash memory hard drive, right? Which is so fast it enhances everything.

Leo Laporte It’s pretty clear in fact after you use this that really now a days, processors are more than fast enough but what’s really slowing your computer down is drive access. You speed up drive access even a little bit with an SSD, which they have done in here, it boots in 15 seconds, it launches an app in one bounce or less.

Loic Le Meur And you fire up with like Skype and Evernote and 15 tabs in your browser –

Lisa Bettany Oh, wow! The Skype is – I just disable, yeah.

Loic Le Meur I really try to like make it go slow, and I could not.

John C. Dvorak Oh, don’t worry about it. It will happen on its own.


Leo Laporte It will slow down just fine in a little bit.

Let’s talk about the mobile event. You’re kind of into mobile a little bit, Loic. Or you were with Seesmic, you did the the mobile video and so forth?

Loic Le Meur Oh, Seesmic does Android, BlackBerry, iPhone –

Leo Laporte And you do mobile apps?

Loic Le Meur Yeah, yeah. And even Windows Phone 7 since last week. So we are into mobile…

Leo Laporte Oh, really? You announced a Seesmic for Windows 7?

Loic Le Meur Yeah, we have it since last week.

Leo Laporte Oh, congratulations.

Loic Le Meur One of the very first social networking [indiscernible] (8:24) Facebook, Twitter and more in one app and we have it since last week. We had our desktop on Silverlight Microsoft, and it’s the same code base as for the phone.

Leo Laporte So it’s easy?

Loic Le Meur Easy, yeah. We did it in half the time it took us to do the iPhone apps.

Leo Laporte There’s a strong argument for WPF and Silverlight.

Loic Le Meur Yeah. It’s been very nice to [indiscernible] (8:26). The team is really happy, and…

Leo Laporte And now what you think – Twitter made an announcement this week about trademarks and the use of the word ‘tweet.’ And one of the things they said which would directly impact you is they’re not really crazy about you using any of the Twitter marks in an application that is more than Twitter. And you are more than Twitter.

Loic Le Meur Yeah, that’s why it’s called Seesmic.

Leo Laporte It’s not called…

Loic Le Meur Tweet something.

Leo Laporte Tweet thing? Yeah, Tweet Deck is another one that’s going have a problem.

Loic Le Meur I don’t know about that. So I –

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Should have taken action earlier, seems to me.

Leo Laporte Twitter or --?

Loic Le Meur Twitter. I think in general it’s not very small to like call your own brand. You don’t own a brand if you use someone else. It’s like if I called you know my next company, Leo Laporte something.

Leo Laporte That would be a mistake.

Loic Le Meur Yeah.

Leo Laporte And you started a podcast network called This Week In.

Loic Le Meur Right. Well --

John C. Dvorak Who would do something like that?


Leo Laporte That’d be nuts. It would be crazy, you won’t want to do that.

Loic Le Meur And I have no idea who you are referring to.

Leo Laporte Or after Twitter, you started a podcast network called TWiT. But of course, we preceded Twitter. I would like to point out, it’s pointless but I’d like to point out anyway. TWiT was here first, damn it.

John C. Dvorak What is that light over there?

Leo Laporte And now, we will take a break to answer John’s question. What light? Over where?

John C. Dvorak That over there, those little dots.

Leo Laporte You don’t see others of them around?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, yeah, there’s a couple.

Leo Laporte Those are called – so we’re in a video studio. How do you like that sepia shot? We are in a video – Oh!

Lisa Bettany Oh!


Leo Laporte It seems that my camera is going in a demo mode.

John C. Dvorak And now I’m even better.

Leo Laporte This is the FBI witness protection program.

John C. Dvorak One more glass of that wine and you will pixilated.

Lisa Bettany Whoa, that’s spooky!

Leo Laporte This is our Halloween edition.

John C. Dvorak This is great radio, ladies and gentlemen. Great.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Moving along. Top stories. Facebook’s going to do an event on Wednesday. They say it’s a mobile event, November 3rd. Anybody have any thoughts about what – Facebook’s really been running stuff out like crazy. What are they going to do?

John C. Dvorak So they bought out iodrop.

Leo Laporte I’m so mad.

Lisa Bettany I know. I love that.

John C. Dvorak Everybody was relying on that.

Leo Laporte So mad about that.

John C. Dvorak They said ‘hey! We sold to Facebook. Screw you.’

Leo Laporte They did. They shut it down. Now what they really wanted was Sam Lessig. You must know Sam, Loic. I mean he’s really a great guy.

Loic Le Meur I don’t know him personally but I know of him and yeah, he’s a great guy.

Leo Laporte And so it’s a real acquisition…

John C. Dvorak Well, what kind of a great guy is he if he was a – if he shuts down the service?

Leo Laporte Well he didn’t, Facebook did. But he of course agreed to be taken…

John C. Dvorak Shut down.

Leo Laporte Shut down. Mark Zuckerberg said, very clearly, ‘We have never bought a company for the company’s assets. We always buy for engineers.’

John C. Dvorak Well why not leave the site running then?

Loic Le Meur Which is the same as FreindFeed.

Leo Laporte They left FreindFeed running. I mean it’s kind of neglected, but they did leave it running. But I drop was such a great tool. I really miss I am going to miss You can’t sign up now for an app.

Lisa Bettany I guess Dropbox would be the other ….

Leo Laporte Isn’t – is it as good?

Lisa Bettany It’s not – I mean, you can’t just send it randomly. But I mean I use Dropbox for everything.

Leo Laporte I signed up for a new service, I’m going to see it if it’s good. They Tweeted ‘oh, all you people come to us.’ It’s called – I can’t remember…

John C. Dvorak One of those – names of companies you can’t remember.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, I’ll find it here. I can’t remember the exact the name. But the idea of it is that you right click on any file on your own computer if you have an account, and it will automatically share it publicly. So it’s kind of like But nobody’s got the functionality. That was a really great...

Loic Le Meur I think Facebook will announce – they even have a set of libraries already for BlackBerry, for iPhone, for Android. As a developer you just stick it into ….

Leo Laporte Is that you’re using for Seesmic?

Loic Le Meur Yeah. For example, for BlackBerry, Seesmic on BlackBerry only has Twitter. And we want to add Facebook. They have a BlackBerry library...

Leo Laporte Oh, isn’t that nice.

Loic Le Meur Which has like – which is like a month old only.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Loic Le Meur And I think they just want to replace your address book in your phone. And what I’m expecting is like a very deep integration to the phone with more libraries like these. Also I think Zucker has changed his mind from web-based only being kind of everything into native apps. So probably an iPad app that could be...

Leo Laporte Really? There is no – there is a Facebook App on the iPhone, but there is none on the iPad.

Lisa Bettany iPad, yeah.

Loic Le Meur And not on – I guess, it’s never been very important for them. And I hear from like friends at Facebook that is getting into more and more…

Leo Laporte So you’re saying their focus was to pull you there on the website. And actually the iPad experience on Safari at Facebook is great.

Loic Le Meur It’s great, yeah.

Leo Laporte You don’t need really…

Loic Le Meur I don’t know but I think they are getting more and more into native. Which I think is good for the users.

Leo Laporte Native, meaning?

Loic Le Meur Meaning you have an app, an actual app, and not only web-based.

Leo Laporte They – truthfully, they shouldn’t care how you get on it as long as you’re using Facebook.

Loic Le Meur Well, except they want to replace – they completely want to be kind of not the OS of the phone, but they want to be your address book.

Leo Laporte Right.

Lisa Bettany Right.

Loic Le Meur Right? Because they have world’s address book with a hundred million members.

Leo Laporte Right. If you keep – they’re better than Plaxo, if you keep your stats up to date.

Loic Le Meur So if you buy any phone, you just connect to Facebook and you have all your address book.

Leo Laporte Plus the pictures….

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Loic Le Meur Exactly.

Leo Laporte So this is the program that they were tweeting, saying, we could replace It’s Tonido, And they both….

John C. Dvorak What is that name?

Leo Laporte I don’t know, it’s confusing. You know what it is, John? You can’t find any more domains.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte You can’t no longer own a domain that hasn’t been taken, right?

John C. Dvorak No. Actually…

Leo Laporte So they could come up with baby talk. Where did you get the name Seesmic, Loic?

John C. Dvorak Which is a good name. It’ a good name.

Leo Laporte It’s a great name. Seismic, sieze the day.

Leo Laporte I sees me, you sees me.

John C. Dvorak Intel has this basic theory that they – it wasn’t their theory, it was these naming convention guys. The idea was – and then of course it was adopted by AMD and others – is that you want the name to infer and imply different meanings. So when you have Pentium, you had like it was ….

Leo Laporte It sounded like a toothpaste.

John C. Dvorak It was also a 586, but it was also pentagram for all you witchcraft people. I mean, penta – there is ….

Leo Laporte Oh. Christine O’Donnell.

John C. Dvorak And then the AMD chips all have an athletic sound – Athlon, sounds like athletic, it sounds like marathon, it sounds like athlete.

Leo Laporte So that’s why they name this company Twit.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, because it sounds like a bunch of jerk-offs.


Leo Laporte Because it rhymes with tomorrow.

John C. Dvorak Absolutely.

Leo Laporte Perfect.

John C. Dvorak It’s a very good name.

Leo Laporte Great name. So Seesmic is just – but now you started as a video. You started as a video company so you have completely changed.

Loic Le Meur No. It isn’t – it wasn’t related to video ever. I think as an entrepreneur you need to find like names which are not close to brands that could attack you, that’s the first thing.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Loic Le Meur Second….

Leo Laporte Twit, Twitter. Like that you mean?

Loic Le Meur Yeah. For example. Nothing with Twit, you mean? You never know, right?

Leo Laporte They didn’t exist when I named this company.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte It was Odio.

John C. Dvorak And actually we had a chat about this name of this company in Europe. At one point thinking of not using it, remember?

Leo Laporte I know. I wish I had done something else.

John C. Dvorak No.

Lisa Bettany No.

John C. Dvorak He got the best name in the world.

Leo Laporte Actually I guess, you are right now. It’s okay.

Loic Le Meur I have a similar one, Leo. I have acquired a little company called

Leo Laporte Ping? Yeah, you bought Ping, that’s right.

Loic Le Meur And then Apple launched this Ping.

Leo Laporte So what do you do?

John C. Dvorak Lawsuit. Sue them.

Loic Le Meur Well, first you try to wonder if you actually are going to be sued or not.

Leo Laporte They might sue you.

Loic Le Meur Because the thing is you have a golf brand, which also – which actually has a trademark.

Leo Laporte Ping is a golf company, too.

Loic Le Meur Right. So it gets actually a little complicated.

Leo Laporte But when you get – it is my understanding, when you get a trademark, you get in an area. Like, we have trademark. Twit is a trademark in producing audio and video for the Internet. So when I went to Twitter, they said well, that’s fine, because we’re social media, you’re in podcasts and the trademarks are in different areas, they don’t conflict and I think I accepted that. So it’s the same thing with Ping, except that and Ping Apple, they are similar.

Loic Le Meur Yeah. Actually would be a great name for them. I should probably sell them.

Leo Laporte You should just sell it to them.

Loic Le Meur Hey, Apple.


Leo Laporte Just sell it to them. I do – I use Seesmic desktop. I love Seesmic desktop.

Loic Le Meur Thank you, Leo.

Leo Laporte That’s a Silverlight app.

Loic Le Meur Yes. It’s PC and Mac. And it has 55 plug-ins, so you can have searches, for example Ning or very cool ones like there is a plug-in where you can even listen to music. We should do a TWiT, a Leo Laporte plug-in.

Leo Laporte Oh, we could.

Loic Le Meur You could have you latest shows and play them right there.

Leo Laporte So there’s an API that makes it easy to do that?

Loic Le Meur Right.

Leo Laporte That’s cool.

Loic Le Meur People can get. And you could have your shows there and play them right there.

Leo Laporte So if you’re Foursquare, are you terrified at this point? Because Facebook’s having this mobile event. And Facebook in fact we found out that more people have signed up for Places like by a factor of ten than have signed up for Foursquare. 4 million Foursquare users, something like 40 million Places users. Although – I don’t know if you use – do you use Facebook Places, Lisa?

Lisa Bettany I don’t because when it was – when it first came out I wasn’t able to do it in Canada. And now when I do it, I can never add any of my friends to – so I’m at this location and I can never add a friend, it never ever works.

Leo Laporte Because your friends have wised up and they say, you are not going to add us.

Lisa Bettany And also…..

Leo Laporte Because you can change, that’s a privacy setting.

Lisa Bettany It is. And even with someone who – like, Pete has this problem as well. So we can’t tag each other. So it’s kind of like, what’s the point? And Foursquare and Gowalla all feed into Facebook Places anyways. So Gowalla lets me take a picture at the same time which is what I want to do.

Loic Le Meur So you’re at Gowalla?

Lisa Bettany I am. I like taking pictures, and it’s kind of just for me rather than I’m announcing to the world where I am.

John C. Dvorak Where’s that photo you’re supposed to send me?

Leo Laporte Come on, John. That’s a side conversation, John. Come on, John. Please, I beg you.

John C. Dvorak This is the time. You can’t get commitments from anybody unless you have them on the air.

Leo Laporte She’s busy doing things.

John C. Dvorak No, not that one, I’m talking about that one. You were going to send that one that was – that weird shot that I said it was on your website, that’s got the – she already forgot.

Lisa Bettany Lisa’s a really accomplished photographer.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. She has some shots that are necessary to have on the wall.

Leo Laporte I think so. Yeah.

Lisa Bettany I’ve actually never printed any of my...

Leo Laporte Printed at all?

Lisa Bettany No.

John C. Dvorak Just send me the thing, I’ll print it.

Lisa Bettany My walls are blank. I kind of like to stare at a blank...

John C. Dvorak You should get one of those giant Epson printers, like a 9800…

Leo Laporte I have that, I love that.

Lisa Bettany Oh yeah.

John C. Dvorak What, you have a 9800?

Leo Laporte No, I don’t have a 9800. I have the 5200 – something like that.

John C. Dvorak That’s the only one.

Leo Laporte It’s 19x14.

John C. Dvorak I’m talking about a 44-incher.

Leo Laporte Oh, no, that’s huge.

John C. Dvorak You know what I am talking about, ladies and gentlemen? A 44-incher.

Leo Laporte I know what you’re talking about, John.

John C. Dvorak So...

Leo Laporte Where the hell would you put such a thing?

John C. Dvorak You put in it – you could have room in here. There’s plenty of room out there for 44-incher.

Leo Laporte We can barely fit 4 people into this room.

John C. Dvorak And then you can print giant posters.

Leo Laporte It’s a side business. So I actually still use Foursquare to check in on Facebook. I don’t use Places that often.

Lisa Bettany It’s just one more thing. I mean, it does – like when it first came out, I’m like, oh this is great. Then I won’t have – because I sort of have gone back between Gowalla and Foursquare and – which one is actually…

Leo Laporte Should people be afraid of Facebook? I mean, they really have become more and more dominant.

Lisa Bettany Well, I mean – obviously there’s a problem with the whole – whether they decide to just release your information. And there’s privacy.

Leo Laporte Well, there’s a privacy issue. But people should be afraid of Google for the same reason, right?

Lisa Bettany But at the end of the day, it’s kind of like just censor yourself before you put yourself on the Internet.

Leo Laporte Right. Loic, you kind of live a little bit – you’re not exactly dependent on Facebook, but you live a little bit on the …..

Loic Le Meur Well, a little bit. We have a lot of Facebook users and you can of course at Facebook can pretty much have all our apps. But – so we are like, you know, the risk is limited because we are on the Twitter ecosystem, on Facebook, on Google’s.

Leo Laporte You were smart enough to diversify. Would you worry if you were only – if you were a Facebook app developer for instance?

Loic Le Meur I think it’s very dangerous, in general, to be relying only on one platform. And Facebook has been extremely fast in embracing new trends and the Foursquare versus Facebook.

John Dvorak Look at the old Microsoft experience.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John Dvorak Hey, let me see what you got there, buddy. That looks pretty good, get out of here.

Leo Laporte On the other hand, Microsoft built a platform that everybody built upon. I mean, all –

John Dvorak Doesn’t mean Microsoft has to steal their stuff.

Leo Laporte Well, that was the embrace and engulf and devour, embrace and extend model. So as long as you didn’t let Microsoft in because they would – what they would do is come to you and say we’d like to acquire you. Let us see everything.

John Dvorak Yeah, they want to you to – yeah, open the kimono --

Leo Laporte Once they had seen everything, then they’d say, well, we decided not to buy you anyway. We’re just going to --

John Dvorak Yeah, this stuff is dumb. We can do it ourselves, screw you.

Leo Laporte We are just going to copy you.

Loic Le Meur You can’t as a start up – lot of – you shouldn’t forget all the traction you get and actually even Foursquare is getting --

Leo Laporte Well, that’s exactly it. That’s exactly it. So it’s a platform which is – I mean Microsoft – we wouldn’t have the PC revolution today if Microsoft hadn’t come along and built a stable Windows platform that everybody could develop on.

Loic Le Meur Same with Facebook.

John Dvorak That’s an erroneous assumption.

Leo Laporte You don’t think that’s the case?

John Dvorak No. I don’t think so at all.

Leo Laporte Don’t you need --

John Dvorak I mean somebody else would have come along. It’s always been that way in I-Tech.

Leo Laporte Somebody would have done it.

John Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte But somebody had to do it. And Microsoft happens to have done it.

John Dvorak Yeah, somebody had to do it. It could have been Digital Research. They --

Leo Laporte DR-DOS.

John Dvorak If they had their act together at the time.

Leo Laporte Gary Kildall hadn’t gone for a plane flip.

John Dvorak Although you have to say that, if you remember, what was that one operating system that had the big fat arrow? It was the pre. It was one of the first GUI?

Leo Laporte GEM or something.

John Dvorak GEM.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John Dvorak Yeah, well, they went and pre-sold GEM to a whole bunch of people. And if you talk to the lawyer, Gary Kildall’s lawyer and you hear the stories about how GEM was pre-sold to a whole bunch of companies. And Bill Gates personally went from place to place to place to place and unsold the deal.

Leo Laporte Brilliant, see, but he – that’s Bill Gates.

John Dvorak And this was --

Leo Laporte And that’s why it was Microsoft because Bill is a shark.

John Dvorak But if it wasn’t for Bill being a shark, somebody else would have come along.

Leo Laporte Right.

John Dvorak We still would have had a good system because look at the Apple, I mean it wasn’t sold that way.

Leo Laporte Right.

John Dvorak It was just more passive but it’s fine.

Leo Laporte But the reason I bring it up is because Facebook at this point I am sure is thinking of itself as a platform, right. They are saying, well, we don’t want to own the universe. We want everybody to live in our ecosystem.

Loic Le Meur But when they also – it’s like, all of those platforms sometimes look just shut down. If you remember the way they changed the way the apps can post to a stream.

Leo Laporte Right.

Loic Le Meur Right? Do you remember an app called Super Wall?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Loic Le Meur That’s gone.

Leo Laporte It’s gone because you can’t do it.

Loic Le Meur That went from like 10 million users to zero, I think.

Leo Laporte So the risk is that they’ve developed a platform but they are not consistently supporting the developers.

Loic Le Meur It’s very risky. The minute they decide you are too spamy or you’re too--

Leo Laporte Right.

Loic Le Meur Or you make a deal with them like Zynga has grown so much in the game industry because they were the first ones to really jump into the social --

Leo Laporte But I notice that Zynga is running its own servers now and you can do FarmVille on the iPad.

Loic Le Meur iPhone.

Leo Laporte And the iPhone. They have clearly said, well, we are not going to put all our eggs in the Facebook basket.

John Dvorak Yeah, no, they are smart.

Loic Le Meur And also they are giving a lot of money to Facebook.

Leo Laporte They are paying Facebook.

Loic Le Meur Oh, yeah, they share revenues. They buy a lot of advertising.

Leo Laporte So Facebook has an incentive just for --

Loic Le Meur Exactly.

Leo Laporte But see this is what’s changed because Microsoft didn’t take – this is what Apple wants to do with its App Store. Microsoft didn’t take a cut of all the software sold on Windows.

John Dvorak No, now they probably regret that by the way.

Leo Laporte They wish they’d thought of that but they didn’t do it.

John Dvorak You know these models change over time.

Leo Laporte And they made a stable API and if there is one thing you can say Microsoft did for better or for worse, it was support legacy software. They were very careful never to change Windows.

John Dvorak Well, that’s because they modelled themselves after IBM, which was a huge legacy freak, and they – Microsoft wanted to do the same thing.

Leo Laporte So here is the question. Should Facebook be operating that way? Or I mean it’s certainly short-term better for them to be cutthroat and protect the platform. But doesn’t that scare away developers too? I mean doesn’t that hurt the ecosystem?

Loic Le Meur I think they are really becoming a social platform and that’s --

Leo Laporte So you have to play?

Loic Le Meur I think you have to play and you get so many users, right.

John Dvorak I think --

Loic Le Meur It’s all a question of risk against –-

Leo Laporte So they are actually operating --

Loic Le Meur You have to.

Leo Laporte They are operating from such a position of strength and power.

John Dvorak They might as well abuse it.

Leo Laporte They might as well squeeze everybody.

John Dvorak This is the Silicon Valley model.

Loic Le Meur They are the first real challenger to Google.

Leo Laporte Yeah, they are.

Loic Le Meur Because if you do search in terms of social, you get so much more information by the filter of you friends of course.

John Dvorak Google knows this. And they have meetings once in a while, I’m sure. They say what we are going to do. I don’t know. Well, let’s say what their next move is.


Loic Le Meur Google Buzz.

John Dvorak We’ll figure it out.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, let’s.

John Dvorak Do you like – Microsoft did with – Windows won’t run till Lotus won’t –

Leo Laporte Ain’t done until Lotus.

John Dvorak Ain’t done until Lotus won’t run kind of model. Google can pull something off.

Leo Laporte So it’s going to be a very small backlash for because – but those of us who use and love are going to be pissed off that Facebook did this. I mean I have to say. And that’s all Facebook did.

John Dvorak All of our art on No Agenda was –

Leo Laporte You use

John Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte I love and I don’t know if I should be mad at Sam Lessin or be mad at Mark Zuckerberg who should – blame them all. They are all sons of bitches.

John Dvorak Yeah.


John Dvorak Notice how Leo is like opening up his vocabulary with –

Leo Laporte I am inspired by No Agenda. I think that I have learnt from you guys.

John Dvorak Adam’s got a foul mouth. What can I say?

Leo Laporte He does.

John Dvorak I rarely cuss.

Leo Laporte Nobody paid $333.33 to be a producer on this show. Although I told you after I mentioned that –

John Dvorak You want to get into the Ford thing how much money they are paying you?

Leo Laporte Okay, let’s talk about Ford actually. It should be a good time to mention Ford.


John Dvorak Wow, am I good or what?


Leo Laporte I want you to drive a Ford Fiesta. How am I going to do a commercial from over here? Okay, I am going to have to get back here. Hey everybody, Leo Laporte here. This is not going to work.

We had such a good time. We went to the Rouge plant in Detroit, which is where the power of industrial America in many ways was born. This is the plant that Henry Ford built in the 20s when he realized that so many people were going to buy Ford automobiles that he needed to control, the entire chain in the Rouge plant would arrive by ship, metals – not even metals, iron ore would arrive by boxcar. And at the other end of the plant a car would come out. I mean just an amazing place.

And in the 21st Century, I think Ford is reinventing itself. Now go to the Rouge plant, the plant we went to, it’s light, it’s sunny. They have a green roof. It’s actually growing, which helps them keep it cool, absorbs water. It really helps the environment. It’s really a pretty and amazing place. If you get a chance, if you are in Dearborn area, they do have tours of it. And it’s just amazing. And then once you see how they are building their automobiles you get a real sense of pride in the fact that what I thought was dying, frankly, which was industrial America is actually turning the corner in the 21st century.

They took no money from the government. They are profitable. They are doing a great job. I want you to take a look at the Ford Fiesta, just a spectacular new car, with an EPA estimated 40 highway miles per gallon. No other compact car is more fuel efficient. And that’s just the beginning. Oh, don’t laugh at John. It just eggs him on. Where is the glasses? Get John the glasses.

John Dvorak Thank you very much.

Leo Laporte It’s not complete, John, unless you have the glasses. We will get you the glasses.

John Dvorak I look like an old woman.

Leo Laporte You do. That’s why I am saying, you need the glasses.

John Dvorak There is the glasses right there.

Leo Laporte Glasses kind of – without the glasses, nobody knows that you are the king of rock and roll. Oh man, everybody, this is the Halloween edition.

John Dvorak How does it work?

Lisa Bettany It is.

Leo Laporte John, you look like Larry Bud Melman.

John Dvorak Thank you very much. Bud Melman, thanks, yeah – Dave --

Leo Laporte John C. Dvorak as Larry Bud Melman in the Larry Bud Melman Story.

John Dvorak I can’t remember what I was supposed to say. I can’t read the prompter.

Leo Laporte In a time when one man, short, fat and bald could own the entire media empire.

John Dvorak Thank you very much.

Lisa Bettany Leo, I worry because every time I come here, something like this happens and people blame it on me.

John Dvorak It’s your fault.

Leo Laporte They think you are at fault?

John Dvorak She is a troublemaker.

Lisa Bettany I created the hat madness.

Leo Laporte Really?

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte Oh, no, no.

Lisa Bettany They’d be like, oh --

John Dvorak You should give her --

Leo Laporte It’s not Lisa’s fault.

John Dvorak It is her fault.

Leo Laporte It’s not Lisa’s fault. This is how it is.

John Dvorak She is trying to show off [indiscernible] (28:45) what guys do, disgusting.

Leo Laporte Oh, you’re showing off. You’re right. You know what? You are right.

John Dvorak You are the one that was showing off your gut a minute ago. So that’s like --

Leo Laporte Really, did I actually bare my midriff?

John Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte I am so sorry. That must have been a very – that is not, I will be honest with you, John, clearly not calculated to win a woman’s heart. Let me just put it that way. If I had a six pack, okay, maybe.

John Dvorak Just pulling out the kerosene.

Leo Laporte ‘We didn’t light the fire.’ EcoBoost V6 engine in this Fiesta is incredible, 365 horsepower, that’s standard in the SHO. The Ford Fiesta has the – I wish I can remember the acronym, really cool high efficiency engine, just very peppy.

John Dvorak Super high output.

Leo Laporte It is. That’s what SHO means. But no, I mean the – it’s the Ti-VCT engine in the Fiesta.

John Dvorak Oh, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte It’s just an awesome, awesome car. I want you to take a look at Ford. And of course, with all of those cars, you get the Ford SYNC. And that’s so key. Take a drive today at a Ford dealer near you, the Ford Fiesta, and take at look the Ford SYNC, the handsfree, awesome.

John Dvorak So they won some advertising award recently for their advertising.

Leo Laporte Did you see – well, they do these great viral things like the Lamborghini versus Fiesta.

John Dvorak These Ford guys must have something on the –

Leo Laporte They are.

John Dvorak The only guys I know that they sponsor this show which is not a trivial thing to do.

Leo Laporte No, they are very --

John Dvorak They are savvy.

Leo Laporte They are savvy, exactly the word I would use. They were at BlogWorld doing test drives because they want bloggers to be aware – now she’s got the --

John Dvorak Do you have the [indiscernible] (30:18) back in here?

Lisa Bettany Yes.

Loic Le Meur Will you stop touching Lisa like this? John, come on.

Leo Laporte What did he just say? I don’t understand.

Loic Le Meur I said stop touching Lisa like this.

John Dvorak I am grabbing Lisa.

Leo Laporte I don’t understand.

Loic Le Meur Maybe I should try French.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you know what?

John Dvorak Do your French accent, Leo.

Leo Laporte ‘No, because if I do the French accent, with Loic here it would be embarrassing, and perhaps he would say it is insulting to the’ –

Loic Le Meur No, no, no, no. We’re never insulted, Leo, you know.

Leo Laporte ‘No, you know I know one thing in France, they love the American accent because Americans are very cute, isn’t it?’

Loic Le Meur Yes, it’s very good. No, no, I really like your accent, Leo, by the way.

Leo Laporte ‘Ouais, ouais, ouais, I say ouais because it sounds like I am saying yeah.’

Loic Le Meur So you’re getting ready to Paris?

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah.

Loic Le Meur They are looking forward to it?

Leo Laporte ‘Oh, yeah, just réalisé [French]’

John Dvorak This is Lisa’s fault.

Lisa Bettany See!

Loic Le Meur Very good.


John Dvorak Seriously, I am telling you. It’s really – I’ve actually --

Leo Laporte I don’t have to --

John Dvorak I have a contract in the show and she’s not supposed to be here ever.

Leo Laporte I don’t have to present in French, do I? At LeWeb?

Loic Le Meur Oh, yeah, you have to. Oh, did I not tell you?

Leo Laporte Oh, crap.

Loic Le Meur You’re going to present a show en français.

Leo Laporte ‘En français? Oh.’

Loic Le Meur The entire show will be en français too.

John Dvorak I was going to go to Paris this week for the Broadband Conference and I just said no. Because they’re on strike. You are going to get stuck there.

Leo Laporte But the strike will be done, right, Loic?

Loic Le Meur Oh, yeah, no, we don’t strike.

Leo Laporte I don’t care if I get stuck in Paris, I really don’t.

Loic Le Meur No, no, this is near Christmas. So near Christmas --

Leo Laporte Nobody strikes.

Loic Le Meur Stop those strikes because we have to rest --

Leo Laporte We have to rest for Christmas. We are getting the time off anyway. So why strike?

Loic Le Meur Right, exactly, no strikes in December I hope.

Leo Laporte So I’m going to do on the 8th between – well, it will be in Paris, it will be 6 P.M. but here it will be I think 9 A.M.

Loic Le Meur Right.

Leo Laporte And we will stream it live. You stream the whole thing live via USTREAM. Don’t you?

Loic Le Meur Yeah, we had 250,000 people watch live.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s fantastic.

Loic Le Meur Up to 10,000 simultaneously.

John Dvorak So what is this show? What’s it’s --

Leo Laporte LeWeb

Loic Le Meur It’s LeWeb.

John Dvorak LeWeb, the LeWeb Show.

Loic Le Meur It’s a lot of --

Leo Laporte It’s Loic’s show.

John Dvorak People always go into the LeWeb Show. He is the LeWeb guy.

Leo Laporte Oh, Scoble talks about Mike Arrington goes every year.

John Dvorak Yeah, LeWeb, LeWeb, LeWeb.

Leo Laporte That was the year – a couple of years ago that Mike Arrington – that fits you beautifully. You should wear that.

Loic Le Meur Thank you. I’ll keep it.

Leo Laporte He’s wearing the Uncle Sam hat.

John Dvorak Where is the – it’s in France?

Loic Le Meur It’s in Paris. And it’s all in English. And when we started, we said, if you don’t speak English, don’t show up. And the French press loved it of course. We did it at the --

Leo Laporte But then Mike Arrington said, European entrepreneurs are lazy

Loic Le Meur Yeah, Mike showed up and said that --

John Dvorak They’re totally lazy. It’s a know fact. Arrington’s right.

Leo Laporte It’s too late. You can’t go now. It’s all right.

John Dvorak I can’t go anyway. I never get invited to these things. I am snubbed.

Loic Le Meur Well, I’m happy to invite you.

Leo Laporte No.

John Dvorak Too late, I can’t go. I can’t afford to get a ticket --

Leo Laporte He is clever. That’s why --

Loic Le Meur Actually, Lisa is coming, so --

John Dvorak Is she?

Lisa Bettany I am.

Leo Laporte What?

Loic Le Meur Are you?

Loic Le Meur See, everyone goes to LeWeb.

Leo Laporte Oh, are you going?

Lisa Bettany I am going, yeah.

Leo Laporte I didn’t know that!

Loic Le Meur Oh, I didn’t know that either, great.

Leo Laporte My voice did go up, didn’t it? It went up a little bit. You’re going? Oh, how exciting.

Loic Le Meur So yeah, you are not going to say that Europeans are lazy, right?

Leo Laporte Hell, no.

John Dvorak Oh, yeah, you should.

Leo Laporte No, you know what?

John Dvorak Don’t be cowed by this guy.

Leo Laporte I aspire to the European way. You enjoy life. You don’t work 70, 80 hours a week. You take August off. But you still accomplish something. Look at me. I work 11 to 2:30 every day.

Loic Le Meur Right, exactly.

Leo Laporte And then have a long lunch. I take a nap. And that’s – I am done for the day. Isn’t that how they do it in Vancouver?

Lisa Bettany Umm.

Loic Le Meur Vancouver.

Leo Laporte Umm, your voice is getting high too.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Go ahead.

Lisa Bettany I have to say that the people I have met here run start ups work 20-hours a day.

Leo Laporte Really interesting article and I recommend everybody read the New York Times today, a profile of Ev Williams, Twitter and Jason has told me this as well that entrepreneurs – maybe you can defend yourself, Loic, entrepreneurs are kind of messed up.

Loic Le Meur Yeah, well, actually Mike had a great article today, have you seen? Pirate?

Leo Laporte No.

Loic Le Meur You had to.

Leo Laporte On TechCrunch?

Loic Le Meur On TechCrunch, yeah. He is on the – he’s at the top of Technium too.

Leo Laporte I’m sorry. On AOL TechCrunch?

Loic Le Meur He is saying that entrepreneurs are pirates in which – they don’t respect any rules. They just go wild.

Leo Laporte That’s what makes them.

Loic Le Meur Exactly. And they don’t fear risk. If you fail, it’s okay.

Leo Laporte If you believed in the status quo, you wouldn’t make a good entrepreneur because you wouldn’t be creating, right?

Loic Le Meur Exactly, so it’s just not boring. It’s cool

Lisa Bettany I think the main thing is --

Loic Le Meur Here you go.

Lisa Bettany -- is focus.

Loic Le Meur I like it. Are you a pirate?

John Dvorak So now – since you are going to LeWeb and he is going to LeWeb, he has to take you to a good restaurant while you are there.

Leo Laporte I don’t have to because Loic is having a speaker dinner that’s going to be on Wednesday night.

John C. Dvorak What? A speaker dinner! It’s going to be rubber chicken French style!

Leo Laporte No! where is this speaker dinner?

Loic Le Meur No, no it’s in the gallery which is like a museum, it’s going to be all privatized for us, it’s going to be crazy.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, how many people?

Loic Le Meur What, in that place?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, how many people at that dinner?

Loic Le Meur Well, we have more than a hundred speakers.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, see there you go. It’s going to be…

Leo Laporte It’s a great event. If you’re in Europe, December 8 to 9 you should go to le talk. It’s not too late to get tickets is it?

Loic Le Meur No, no it’s not too late. Absolutely not.

Leo Laporte Le rubber chicken. Are you a pirate? Well here’s the thing – this Ed Williams article, talks about how Ev as a kid growing up in Nebraska, he says ‘fifty miles from nowhere’ instead of being rebellious as a teenager his attitude was, screw it, I’ll do it myself, he was a loner and he had the attitude, I’ll do it myself and this is his struggle – according to this article, I thought it was quite a well write – I don’t know who wrote it, I have to find out – quite a well written profile of Ev. It said essentially that Ev’s problem all along – he solved it somewhat now in fact Dick Costello coming along is really a change for him was that he did it all by himself and some things he didn’t do very well. And so…

John C. Dvorak You mean, oh! I don’t want to get into it.

Leo Laporte Well like scaling.

John C. Dvorak No, I am not – I’m thinking about this thing.

Leo Laporte With blogger, and they talked a little about some of his partners who felt kind of forced out. Not merely Jack Dorsey who was founder of Twitter and former CEO who was forced out by Ev but even partners at blogger and Pira and some other places. So, but it’s a great profile obviously Ev cooperated with him and I think it’s very interesting. And I’ve been told this before that, in order to be an entrepreneur, you had certain antisocial attributes perhaps.

Lisa Bettany Oh yeah!

Leo Laporte You think so.

Lisa Bettany Oh yeah. I live with one.

Leo Laporte Yeah, Pete’s a good example. Pete Cashmore.

Lisa Bettany Yeah

Leo Laporte Of Mashable is a perfect example.

Lisa Bettany Yeah I think it’s, I mean…

Leo Laporte I mean he’s a great guy, he is very affable. But at the same time he’s driven.

Lisa Bettany Well, he works possibly twenty hours a day. And it’s that focus that I wish I would have known from age 13 on exactly what I wanted to do then.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute now Lisa, because you’re a figure skater?

Lisa Bettany I was a figure skater.

Leo Laporte You’re working towards the Olympics, you had that kind of drive you couldn’t have done it without that kind of drive.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, you know to start that early in tech, because I just…

Leo Laporte Well you blew it. You did something the way you blow your back, you’re kind of dead.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, but one thing, I…

Leo Laporte It’s not your fault, I mean you could have – who knew that – Lisa had an accident, your partner dropped on your head.

John C. Dvorak There was a flat spot, he has a soft spot on his head.

Leo Laporte I do, my Fontanelle never closed. That’s a – it’s a sad story.

John C. Dvorak It is.

Leo Laporte Do entrepreneurs, somebody’s asking on the chat and Adrian wants to know, make good spouses or boyfriends?

Lisa Bettany Umm, what I…

Leo Laporte I think Adrian wants to know if you’re available.

John C. Dvorak ‘They make lousy ones!’ Yeah, good luck when you get home.

Leo Laporte No, Pete’s not watching. He’s writing right now, he’s busy.

John C. Dvorak He’s probably is watching to see what…

Leo Laporte No, he’s not watching.

John C. Dvorak You’re constantly hitting on this poor woman.

Leo Laporte Me?

Loic Le Meur The solution is to get two entrepreneurs together.

Lisa Bettany Yeah. I mean, I’m a workaholic as well, so it works out really well…

Leo Laporte You have that drive, absolutely.

Lisa Bettany …that we can have dinner in front of our computers and not talk.

Leo Laporte Right.

Loic Le Meur Right, in your bed you can Tweet yourself.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, it’s good.

Loic Le Meur That’s what we do all the time with Charlene, my wife.

Leo Laporte Now is Geraldine, is she an entrepreneur?

Loic Le Meur Yeah, I’m actually completely full of it as always because she actually organizes the entire conference loweb.

Leo Laporte She does, yeah.

Loic Le Meur About 95% of my time is going to Seesmic and she does everything. So I [indiscernible] (38:37) invite speakers and...

John C. Dvorak Aha, well that explains it.

Leo Laporte What is your, I mean Ev has a family, lot of entrepreneurs have families. We were talking with Jay Allison, we did a great interview with Jay Allison earlier this week and he talked about startups as an addiction. He said – I said – because we’re talking about the stress of being for sale because Digg was for sale a couple of times and went through all the due diligence. You don’t know if you’re sold yet, the lawyers get in, just the stress of it, I said how do you survive? They said, survive it? I’m addicted to it, I have to have that. I have to have that daily what are we going to do, what’s next, how do we survive.

Loic Le Meur It’s definitely not about money, it’s…

Leo Laporte It’s not about money.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Loic Le Meur It’s a question of building something and even if you fail, you know its okay. You’d rather avoid it but we have three kids if you were asking about family, we also have three kids.

Leo Laporte You have three kids, I know you do, yeah.

John C. Dvorak Do you remember their names?

Loic Le Meur Yeah. I’m training them to be entrepreneurs too, so I’m solving that.

Leo Laporte How do you train somebody to be an entrepreneur?

John C. Dvorak No, I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak ‘Make it work! Get to work! You’re five, get to work!’

Leo Laporte This is somewhat a legitimate question because I’m on the board of trustees of the local high school and I’m of the opinion that the best thing you could teach kids today is not to be a good worker in a cubicle but how to do their own thing.

Loic Le Meur You need to inspire them and I think you know, what you have in this country which is really cool that entrepreneurs are generally heroes, you know.

Leo Laporte They are, aren’t they?

Loic Le Meur Steve Jobs is a hero.

Leo Laporte They are celebrated, yes.

Loic Le Meur Google founders Sergey and Larry are heroes and well, like in Europe generally it’s more like you hide success. You don’t show it and I think that’s amazing.

John C. Dvorak In Mexico, you get kidnapped.

Loic Le Meur I would say that’s the best way, Leo, is really to show the way. And you know actually the Facebook movie, seeing Zuck and of course a lot of…

Leo Laporte That may inspire a whole generation.

Loic Le Meur Yeah, they ought to be, like one of my three boys and you can say what you want to but the movie is entertaining and the end, but you can create that in what, you did this in five years.

Lisa Bettany Or five seconds years if you are Zuck.

Leo Laporte No, you’re right, you’re right. I talked a lot about the negatives of the movie because I knew too much and I knew that it was lot of those fictionalized and I hated the way women were treated in the movie, but…

Loic Le Meur But it promotes entrepreneurship, right.

Leo Laporte It did, the bottom line was that he and this is what Larry Lessig said in his review of it in the New Republic, he said what the bottom line is you don’t need permission, you don’t need Harvard’s permission, you don’t need the Internet’s permission, you just do it and that’s a big change.

Loic Le Meur Exactly, so I think that’s the best we can teach them, is to just do it and it’s so easy these days, I’m actually trying to get them to learn to code iPhone apps and…

Leo Laporte How old are they?

Loic Le Meur Nine, 14 and 15, but I failed so far completely, completely but honestly as an entrepreneur I tried to hire iPhone developers here, good luck right, so expensive, $100,000…

Leo Laporte Really, because it’s such a useful skill.

Loic Le Meur Yeah, they are very young and they can make so much money by themselves with just having their own apps coding for someone that they don’t, you can’t find any in terms of hiring a team of developers.

Leo Laporte That’s the other side of all of this entrepreneurship is that we are creating a generation that’s runs its own business, but how do you find employees who are content to work for a salary.

Loic Le Meur Exactly.

Leo Laporte So may be the solution is not to find people like that but to find partners or to find contract employee.

Loic Le Meur Well, it forces you to have them in the equity of the company with stock options or small equity I think it’s great, it’s a great dynamic going on that everybody is an entrepreneur somehow, but yeah, if you’re 15 years old you can make quite a bit of money on the app store and other marketplace.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Lisa Bettany That’s interesting.

Leo Laporte Look at you Lisa, you make a little packet on that camera plus.

Lisa Bettany I did, yes. What’s interesting is there has been a sort of, a lot of people are talking about there aren’t any women in Tech. Why aren’t there any women in tech and even when you don’t see that and I think it’s just that confidence from a really early age and the focus, because…

Leo Laporte Do you think we can raise kids, girls today, so that that doesn’t happen in the next generation, any confidence?

Lisa Bettany I don’t think that’s it’s necessarily a really horrible thing that there aren’t that many women in tech because it’s just sort of an interest level and I don’t know, I mean in watching what it takes to run a startup, I don’t know many women who would want to dedicate 20 hours a day, no personal life, all those things.

Leo Laporte Truthfully, there aren’t a lot of guys who want to do that either. I mean, we know them because they are all in Silicon Valley, but you go outside of this bubble that we are in, most people would say were you nuts.

Lisa Bettany As someone is gone through the process of being kind of accepted into the tech community and had a lot of problems getting into it because people like, oh you are just a girl blah, blah, blah. I think that there is still a problem with one like having an interest really early on, because it seems like…

Leo Laporte What should the role of women be then in technology?

Lisa Bettany The booth babes.

Leo Laporte Oh, come on.

John C. Dvorak She has nailed it. What are you guys arguing about, are you guys oh, the big defenders of women’s rights, these two guys? What a couple of phony’s. You don’t like booth babes, is that what you are saying?

Leo Laporte I hate myself for liking booth babes.

Loic Le Meur Oh, that’s different. Let’s get into the psychology of that…

Leo Laporte No, I don’t think so.

Lisa Bettany I think we are seeing there are some women in high powered positions, but...

Leo Laporte But you know what happens though they are seen as domineering bitches, controlling unpleasant, you look at Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina, and the hell they are getting in the political sphere. They are treated or Hillary Clinton, they are not treated as a man would be treated. Oh, John, stop looking at me like that, I am just trying to make some hay here.

John C. Dvorak You can try all you want, you live with an entrepreneur?

Leo Laporte I couldn’t live with, I am not an entrepreneur, I’m a small businessman. I’m a small businessman, getting smaller all the time. I am a small businessman, Carol Bartz there is an example of someone.

John C. Dvorak She cusses a lot.

Leo Laporte She cusses a lot.

John C. Dvorak Nobody says anything about Dianne Feinstein or Barbara Boxer who is an idiot, nobody says bad things about her.

Leo Laporte Okay, maybe you’re right.

Lisa Bettany That’s another thing, that in tech if you’re girl, with boobs…

John C. Dvorak What about a girl without boobs, a flat chested woman?

Lisa Bettany You’re not as good a chance.

Leo Laporte [Sighs]

John C. Dvorak Well, she’s the one who highlighted the boobs, not me.

Lisa Bettany It is easier for a woman like that to get in a position…

John C. Dvorak As it were.

Lisa Bettany Of power, but at the end…

John C. Dvorak I’m sorry, I mean what have I – I was on the chatroom…

Leo Laporte You have been working with Adam Curry way too long, John.

Loic Le Meur There is another example, Marissa Mayer of Google.

Leo Laporte Now there is an example somebody who’s treated with great respect. She is going to be going to be at Le Web.

Loic Le Meur Yeah, she got engaged at Marissa Mayer at Le Web almost on stage. So now we, that’s why we never change the dates of the Le Web…

Leo Laporte That’s her anniversary.

Loic Le Meur ...because Marissa is coming back every year, it’s been three years.

Leo Laporte But there is a very good example of somebody who has a huge, a huge impact to Google is a very important person is treated I think respectfully and she is attractive, I mean nobody, I mean it’s not like, so there you go, there is may be the exception that puts the rule, I don’t know.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, it’s just that…

Loic Le Meur You should see the room when she shows up in stage everybody is like, shuts up, silence right and…

Leo Laporte Well she is Marrisa Mayers.

Unknown Speaker So I think that Larry Page would get this…

Lisa Bettany Yeah, it is if used in the right way and obviously, there are a lot of…

John C. Dvorak How did we get into this topic?

Loic Le Meur I don’t know.

Lisa Bettany I brought it up because…

Leo Laporte I like the topic, I think it’s a fascinating topic, I don’t mind the…

John C. Dvorak No, I am just saying, I didn’t say it was bad, I just said how did we get on it?

Leo Laporte Well, you want to rewind for you and we can listen…

John C. Dvorak No, I don’t care, I just mentioned just to keep…

Leo Laporte I am talk about something called Firesheep in just a bit. We also have some Google news, some big transitions at Google.

John C. Dvorak What about this top story, the Netflix story.

Leo Laporte And we will talk about the Netflix story absolutely; I thought that was very telling that Reed Hastings, in fact I was shocked what Reed Hastings said. We will talk about that in a second. Before we do I would like to remind you that you can back up your data with Carbonite and sleep right tonight. Do you ever fear that your data might not be safe if you’re backing it up on external hard drive, hey that’s good, I am glad you doing it and I encourage you to keep doing that, but what if the worst happens, there is fire, the flood, or an earthquake or somebody breaks in. It happened to Francis Ford Coppola, somebody broke into his house in Argentina, stole his computer. He has been assiduously backing up all his scripts and notes to an external hard drive, they stole that too. He was devastated. He said I lost 20 years of work because that was my only backup. You got to have any off site backup and you got to have one that’s automatic so that you don’t have to remember that’s why Carbonite is so great. Windows or Mac, you install it, you could do it right now, in fact before I am done talking you can have it installed, go to, use the offer code TWiT, two weeks free, you don’t need a credit card or anything, just the name TWiT. Once you install it ‘s now immediately backing up, whenever you are not using your computer, whenever you are online it’s trickling up your data to the Internet, once it is backed up then it will keep, you will stay backed up, no matter, as you work. All your stuff is safe. You can access it, you could verify it by logging in to your Carbonite account from any computer or from an iPhone or an Apple, they have a free iPhone app or a BlackBerry app, free BlackBerry app and see if your data is there, you can even download it. So it is always available to you. I love Carbonite. I want you to try it free. Go to, use TWiT as a coupon code, you could try it free, if you decide to buy, normally it is $55 a year which I think is a great deal for unlimited backup, all your personal data on your internal hard drive if you use the offer code TWiT you will save two months free. So it’s a really good deal.

Lisa Bettany Actually, my mom who now watches this show every week, she told me do you backup.

Leo Laporte You better.

Lisa Bettany But I will.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute because every photographer, this is…

John C. Dvorak I have like three or four copies of every photo that I have taken since 1999.

Leo Laporte If you’re a serious photographer backup is like job one isn’t it.

Lisa Bettany I know, well I do on hard drives but every time I move it’s…

Leo Laporte Can I set you up with Carbonite?

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte I will call them for you.

Lisa Bettany I will for sure use it.

John C. Dvorak So let’s go back to this original story that setup this commercial.

Leo Laporte Netflix.

John C. Dvorak No Coppola.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s a story.

John C. Dvorak Is this a real story?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak What was he doing, I thought he lived in Napa Valley.

Leo Laporte He has a winery and he has, there is the Francis Ford Coppola museum. He has now up at his winery, with like his Oscars and his…

John C. Dvorak But he has…

Leo Laporte He was living in Argentina for quite a while.

John C. Dvorak Why?

Leo Laporte I hear Argentina is great. I am going there on February.

John C. Dvorak Everybody says Argentina is the best place.

Leo Laporte It is the France of South America.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, the Paris.

Leo Laporte The Paris of South America.

John C. Dvorak Buenos Aires is the Paris.

Leo Laporte They have the Champs-Élysées.

Loic Le Meur So, I don’t know, I would love to go there.

John C. Dvorak So the question is that…

Leo Laporte I am going on February, I can’t wait.

John C. Dvorak He didn’t have the same material backed up here in the Napa Valley; he would lug it down there and…

Leo Laporte Really.

John C. Dvorak This is the true story.

Leo Laporte If I can find the article, it happened last year.

John C. Dvorak No, that’s a mistake.

Leo Laporte He said 20 years worth of work lost. I mean isn’t that horrible?

John C. Dvorak That’s terrible.

Leo Laporte I have a friend, a well-known novelist and I won’t say her name because I don’t have permission to but she lived in the Oakland Hills, was writing a novel, she had a backup, local backup. Her house burned down in the Oakland Hills fire.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, Michael Rogers, that happened to him, the Newsweek writer, also a novelist...

Leo Laporte Lost the novel.

John C. Dvorak Here is the irony of Michael’s thing. He had his novel in a fireproof safe, but apparently a fireproof safe doesn’t – it doesn’t protect against the firestorm temperatures.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak So the thing was...

Leo Laporte Melted.

John C. Dvorak It melted, yeah. So you can’t…

Leo Laporte Thieves in Argentina – this was in 2007, I am looking at an article...

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte ...from BBC News, thieves in Argentina have stolen a computer from U.S. film director Francis Ford Coppola which contains the script for his new production, five armed robbers raided his house in Buenos Aires, and took computers and camera equipment. And I don’t know if I could find the quote on this article.

John C. Dvorak Armed robbers?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak

So they came barreling in? 

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Wow!

Leo Laporte Isn’t that horrible? So well Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man, classic story. Right? He wrote a – he had written a second novel, it somehow got destroyed and well obviously it wasn’t a computer era but he never wrote another novel.

John C. Dvorak Well Carlisle had a entire novel thrown in the fire by his maid.

Leo Laporte That’s right.

John C. Dvorak And he just said, what happened to my manuscript? And she said ‘oh I think it’s burned.’ And so he just wrote it again.

Leo Laporte It’s probably better the second time, right?

John C. Dvorak It is always.

Leo Laporte If it is not devastating to you. And that’s what happened to Ralph Ellison. I think he just – he had no energy.

John C. Dvorak No, he didn’t write a lot of books.

Leo Laporte Wrote one.

John C. Dvorak The one is the killer, I mean...

Leo Laporte One’s good enough.

John C. Dvorak If anybody wants to read a good novel read the Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

Leo Laporte If you write the invisible man, you probably could stop.

John C. Dvorak And it’s not about an invisible man, it’s about a – it’s a piece of literature.

Leo Laporte Claude Rains isn’t...

John C. Dvorak No, Claude Rains is not in the thing, and he doesn’t disappear.

Leo Laporte Oh disappointed. So the Netflix story, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, is speaking to a Canadian newspaper in Toronto and I guess he feels Americans probably don’t read Canadian newspapers. Because he makes an admission, I didn’t know this but they recently opened Netflix up in Canada. That’s I am sure huge news, right? Canadians have been – I know from, we have a lot of Canadian listeners, every time I talk about Netflix, they get pissed. So they are charging 7.99 in Canada for something they charge I think $15 or $16 a year, so it’s...

Lisa Bettany Oh wow!

Leo Laporte’s half as much. And the reporter for The Globe, or whatever it is, asks him, well, how come – aren’t Americans going to be up in arms? He said, you don’t have to worry, Americans....

Lisa Bettany Oh right, yeah, I remember.

Leo Laporte They pay no attention to anything that happens in Canada. They’ll never notice. Well now you notice, okay?

Lisa Bettany Isn’t this too – I mean because it’s taken so long for them to get there....

Leo Laporte Maybe he’s feeling bad.

Lisa Bettany’s just like pick bags just to get...

Leo Laporte Maybe he’s feeling bad.

Lisa Bettany ...more Canadians on board.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Lisa Bettany I mean we don’t have Hulu, so give us a break.

Leo Laporte We have Hulu, not such a great thing.

Lisa Bettany I love Hulu.

Leo Laporte Do you?

Lisa Bettany That’s my two favorite things about being in America, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime.

Leo Laporte You like Hulu Plus?

Lisa Bettany Yes.

Leo Laporte What – now Hulu Plus still has ads, right? Does it have more TV shows than Hulu?

Lisa Bettany Yeah. Yeah, it has like all the current episodes...

Leo Laporte I am a member of Hulu Plus. Apparently they are going to charge 4.95 instead of 10 bucks for that, by the way, they’re going to cut that in half. Thank goodness.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte You think it’s worth it?

Lisa Bettany I do. Because I don’t have a TV, I don’t have cable, so if I want to watch any of the sort of trashy shows that I sometimes watch.

Leo Laporte You don’t have – nobody has to know.

Lisa Bettany Nobody has to know.

Leo Laporte You know I made a big mistake and I admit this was a huge mistake. I connected – you know about

Lisa Bettany Yes.

Leo Laporte It’s a website where you connect your credit cards and Netflix and iTunes, it’s like a social – it’s like Twitter but it tweets automatically whenever you buy or watch something. So my Netflix streaming is on there.

Lisa Bettany So it’s embarrassing when you watch like The Kardashians....

Loic Le Meur How many porn movies have been like streamed now live to all your...

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s the Bond movies, that’s what it is. Yeah, it’s a little insane. Embarrassing. Sometimes living in public can be embarrassing.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, I did with my, I censored – like I would turn it off when I’d listen to like...

Leo Laporte Bad rap music?

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte What is the music that embarrasses you to listen to?

Lisa Bettany Probably Britney Spears.

Leo Laporte Whoa!

John C. Dvorak Hello!

Lisa Bettany I liked when I clean my apartment I like to listen to some happy tunes, you know. And then I am right back to my ultra indie like cool songs.

John C. Dvorak Uh huh.

Leo Laporte So when – so only do this when Pete’s not around?

Lisa Bettany Well he’s not cleaning the apartment, I’m telling you that much.

John C. Dvorak Here you go.

Lisa Bettany Entrepreneurs do not clean. Yeah, so this is me.


Leo Laporte Make you feel like cleaning up a little bit?

Lisa Bettany Yes. Oops!

Leo Laporte She got too excited. Oh we have a wine spill on the keyboard, wait a minute, quick, pop the battery, pop the battery, pop the battery, can you pop the battery on that one? Paper towels are coming. Paper towels are coming. Oh, man, I should never play the Britney Spears, she actually started dancing. Wow!

Loic Le Meur You should drink wine. That’s pure wine.

Leo Laporte Oh man!

John C. Dvorak But this wine is…

Leo Laporte I don’t believe that wine is covered by AppleCare.

Loic Le Meur Actually John, I was Googling you and you’ve actually been a writer about….

John C. Dvorak Yes, I still, I do…

Leo Laporte You didn’t know that, yes, yes, yes, this guy knows what he is talking about.

John C. Dvorak Yes, I’m a wine collector actually.

Leo Laporte That’s how he started.

Loic Le Meur I didn’t know that, I’m sorry, one of my friends just told me on Twitter so I.

John C. Dvorak You don’t have to be sorry about it.

Leo Laporte Well, he was making some fairly derogatory comments about you.

John C. Dvorak That’s fine, that’s what people should do.

Leo Laporte No he wasn’t, I was just kidding.

John C. Dvorak No, I collect Bordeaux.

Leo Laporte Lisa, please, you can’t pop, you can’t pop the battery.

Loic Le Meur What’s your favorite Bordeaux, I’m going to…

Leo Laporte Please let’s have a – would you please go ahead, have a little conversation.

John C. Dvorak Château Bordeaux Margaux.

Loic Le Meur Margaux?

John C. Dvorak Yes, Château Margaux. But generally speaking the weird thing about Château Margaux is there is some people, you like Margaux and they always do a showdown typically with Margaux and Latour which are kind of interesting opposites, one is a masculine and one is a feminine wine, and I always prefer the Latour.

Loic Le Meur Yes.

John C. Dvorak Almost all the time. And then when it really comes down to it, the wine I have most of is Haut-Brignon.

Loic Le Meur So, now – oh, Haut-Brignon is amazing, Palmer is very good too. Now, tell me, how do you – no you don’t like Palmer?

John C. Dvorak No, I love Palmer but I’ve always found that – I’ve always found that it’s – I have been up-sold on Palmer in too many restaurants and I’m always disappointed because it’s just a long story and I bended the Château and I’m not as much of a fan as I could be. I mean I enjoy Palmer but it’s not…

Leo Laporte [French] (57:00).

Loic Le Meur Beaucastel. Do you like Beaucastel?

John C. Dvorak Yes, it’s okay.

Loic Le Meur You should come to Paris this year. I’ll organize a…

Leo Laporte Why don’t we bring him the Loeb?

Loic Le Meur Yes.

Leo Laporte He could be my roomie.

Loic Le Meur You are starting again!

Leo Laporte Yes. Quick, get the wine away from Lisa.

John C. Dvorak Lisa, I wouldn’t move.

Leo Laporte Get the wine away, either take – one or two things, take the wine away or the laptop away but they can’t have both. Yes. And Lisa you are now you are going to back up, aren’t you, dear?

Lisa Bettany Yes.

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak Now, she has been embarrassed, she is humiliated by coming on the show, I don’t blame her.

Leo Laporte No, she is not. No she is not. And we just kicked Lisa laptop out of chat so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Lisa Bettany All right.

Leo Laporte No, [Indiscernible] (57:36) won’t take it over.

John C. Dvorak So are you a Chateau Neuf drinker, is that the deal?

Loic Le Meur No, no, no, I just like Beaucastel and this is also a good friend.

John C. Dvorak Well, that’s different.

Leo Laporte Loic is well connected.

Loic Le Meur We have Gary V also on stage. Gary, you have a friend here if you’re listening. We had – he is entertaining.

Leo Laporte Gary is the Billy Mays of wine. Is that wrong? Is that wrong to say that?

John C. Dvorak Sounds about right.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s what I thought you were thinking. So Foursquare is doing some interesting promotion actually. Speaking of Foursquare, today if you tweet form anywhere and in fact they’d like to invite you all to tweet, we could do a Halloween Swarm, if you tweet from anywhere and say “Happy Halloween” you’ll get a Halloween Badge.

On Tuesday if you tweet, “I voted” you will get an “I Voted” badge which I think is actually a very good use.

Lisa Bettany Yes, I really love their sort of promoting healthy living and like you can check in and get different – I would probably exercise more if I had badges for everything.

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t that be good?

Lisa Bettany I really would.

Leo Laporte Yes, I’m a Gym Rat. I got the Gym Rat badge. Yes, all you have to do, okay…

Lisa Bettany But and even like, I tried, I tried to work out for 45 minutes like I tried, like thumbs up.

Leo Laporte You tried. You should get a badge for that. Why don’t you actually work out for 45 minutes to get a badge for that?

Lisa Bettany Yes, just like smaller, you know, like those running apps, it’s embarrassing if you just run for one mile, but sometimes that’s what you’ve got to serve.

Leo Laporte I think they should – one mile badge would be fine.

Lisa Bettany Yes.

Leo Laporte Loic, how far do you run every day? I know you are a runner.

Loic Le Meur Well, I’m running for New York Marathon next week, so.

Leo Laporte So.

John C. Dvorak He is a serious runner.

Leo Laporte Don’t you hate this guy?

Loic Le Meur I’ve run a 145 miles in October, so.

John C. Dvorak 145 miles?

Leo Laporte In October.

Loic Le Meur In October, so like, ten a day…

Leo Laporte That’s amazing.

Loic Le Meur Well, it’s the – it’s the first time in my life and I’m getting quite…

John C. Dvorak I think I’m going to run to Seattle.

Loic Le Meur We’ll see.

Leo Laporte We’ll chase you John if you’d like, would that help incent you?

John C. Dvorak Next topic.

Loic Le Meur Dennis Crowley, the founder of Foursquare is also running it.

Leo Laporte I would guess that entrepreneurs are frequently runners.

Loic Le Meur Yes.

Leo Laporte It seems like those would be related kind of…

Loic Le Meur Well, it’s easy, you travel, you just need your shoes and – it’s going to be fun because we’ll have those apps, RunKeeper, which like streams your position live so you will be able to follow us during the marathon…

Leo Laporte That’s cool.

Loic Le Meur Speed, live and so it’s kind of cool.

John C. Dvorak Yeah you are right. If you are running, and you just travel with your shoes, what – do you ever get notice these guys who – golfers, they bring this huge bag of clubs wherever they go…

Leo Laporte I’ve just unlocked the Halloween 2010 badge.

John C. Dvorak Whatever. Nobody cares.

Leo Laporte But there’s a Halloween swarm if you would all please check into Foursquare.

John C. Dvorak How about going to the Twitter and giving me some more number…

Leo Laporte Go into the Twitter?

Lisa Bettany Oh, come on.

John C. Dvorak THErealDVORAK...

Leo Laporte Did you actually call it The Twitter?

John C. Dvorak The Twitter and THErealDVORAK needs a couple more followers.

Leo Laporte Okay, follow him on the Twitter, kids.

John C. Dvorak On The Twitter.

Leo Laporte Have you heard about Fire Sheep? This is a…

Lisa Bettany Yes, that is – that is…

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s a little scary. We did a story on it – show on it – entire show with Steve Gibson on Security Now! If you want to know the technical details, but I’ll give you the short and sweet if I can figure out a clean and easy way to say this.

Let me – let’s put it this way. When you go on your webs browser to site like Facebook, the first time you go there you log in. But you don’t want to have to log in every time you go to a new page on Facebook. So, Facebook, to simplify this – and a lot of sites do this, sends you a token, a cookie that is – identifies you for this session. Then from – and every time you move pages on Facebook, that page says, oh let me see the cookie. It sees the token and says okay it’s you. And so you don’t have to re-log in. It’s a nice convenience.

Here’s the problem: If somebody can get in the middle of that transaction and grab that cookie, then they can impersonate you for the period of time that session is going on. This has been well-known to hackers for a long time and it’s a – it requires ARP spoofing or a man in the middle of attack. It’s like non-trivial attack. Well, it was until Wednesday when a guy put out a Firefox extension called Fire Sheep. Half a million people have downloaded Fire Sheep to date and go to and get it for yourself. I did that – I went to my local coffee shop and it, without any additional effort, without any additional trouble, grabs that token, puts a list in a sidebar on your Firefox showing you all the people in the open access spot. You have to do this at an access spot who have logged in, shows you their pictures so you can spot them all – who’s that girl over there? Oh, she is on Facebook. Then you double-click it and it gives you the token and it just logs you right in. You don’t need a password or anything. So I tried it with my friend. I went to a local coffee shop, joined the open access spot. I saw a list of all the people. I said to my friend who was sitting there, it’s okay Vanessa now, because it’s illegal to do this. So I wanted to make sure I have permission of the coffee shop and permission of the person I was sitting next to. Vanessa log into Facebook. She did. She popped up. I see her picture on my system, double-clicked it, I said, look Vanessa, I’m logged into your system, I can update your status, I can change your picture, I can see your friends, I can get your phone number and it works with Twitter, it works with Google, not Gmail because that’s HTTPS.

Lisa Bettany Yes.

Leo Laporte But any non-secured – a huge list of them. In fact, John it’s on there if you want to –

John C. Dvorak Another reason not to use anything.

Leo Laporte Well, there is two fixes and unfortunately both of them are ugly. Fix number one is what Google did which is to – if you are Google – and Google, just put a post up yesterday to encourage people to do this. They turned on HTTPS…

Lisa Bettany Yeah, do that right now.

Leo Laporte …on all the time on – and it’s automatic now on – if you do it on Gmail, you’re automatically always secured in Gmail. This is why they turned it on. You can turn it off but don’t. And from then on, you are protected and this Fire Sheep won’t work on you. So Facebook has said, yeah, we’re looking at and it’s going to take us at least six months to roll this thing out.

Lisa Bettany As if they didn’t know it was there, I mean…

Leo Laporte Well, the thing is it was never easy to do but it was always there.

Lisa Bettany But it was always there.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Lisa Bettany So it’s them and an interesting question is the developer that actually made Fire Sheep, what their intentions…

Leo Laporte Well, it’s interesting because Steve Gibson is celebrating it.

John C. Dvorak Troublemakers.

Leo Laporte No, he was celebrating, he said Eric Butler is his name. He said this is a good thing because it forces the issue, this has been a problem all along but it was so obscured, nobody felt pressure to fix it. So Facebook and Twitter and everybody is going to have to turn on HTTPS. Google posted a blog post this week saying you know what, it didn’t – it was easy for us to do it, it has not used a considerable amount of resources, in fact very – far less than 1% of our server resources, it’s easy for them to do it and everybody should do it. So we will see if these sites do it. The other thing to do is and you should encourage – folks who are listening, you should encourage your Starbucks, your local coffee shop, your hotels who are using up access bus just to turn on WPA encryption. That fixes it.

Lisa Bettany When you – I mean you must travel a lot, do you feel weary of using hotel Internet, Wi-Fi in a hotel or…?

Loic Le Meur Not really honestly. I mean this is scary.

Leo Laporte You should be scared because –

Loic Le Meur Anyone can get your Facebook access…

Leo Laporte Yeah, if you log on to Twitter, they now have access to your Twitter account and can tweet –

John C. Dvorak …Facebook and don’t care.

Leo Laporte Do you use Twitter?

John C. Dvorak I do. My name is THErealDVORAK.

Leo Laporte I’m sorry, I’m sorry, do you use The Twitter?

John C. Dvorak I use The Twitter. And I have been hacked, as you know. We talked about that before. I got recently hacked from my Gmail account, I might add, from some unknown source and some reason. And there’re a whole bunch of friends of mine kept – of course, though I everybody knew this was bogus –

Leo Laporte ‘I am in France right now, I lost my password and all my money. Please send me $1,000 so I can get home!’

John C. Dvorak That’s not a bad one, I would actually do that.

Leo Laporte I’ve gotten that one.

John C. Dvorak But – well, where’s my money? So anyway, the point is, is that it was a just one of these – so I will click on here some bull crap thing and I got like even Jim Warren sent me a note saying I know this isn’t you –

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak And it was from my Gmail account I never use.

Loic Le Meur I would rather be hacked on Loic Twitter or Loic Facebook, than Loic Gmail for sure.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Gmail, you are safe although they can get into your Google account, so they could see your Google web history, they can – there’s a lot they can do.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, whatever they want to do?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak If they are going to go on and look and say well, this guy is dull.

Leo Laporte Well, then they can tweet for you, they can change your picture. How would you feel about that?

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Anything is an improvement.

Loic Le Meur Could have boobs.

Leo Laporte Anyway, this – the other solution as I said turn on WPA2, you get your coffee shop to do that. I hope that this stimulates sites to start using HTTPS. But it – get ready because already it’s a prom on college campuses as you might imagine because most colleges use open networks.

John C. Dvorak This is just another example of how the cloud sucks.

Leo Laporte The cloud, it’s Internet website, that’s not the cloud. Are you saying the web sucks?

John C. Dvorak No, the cloud in general. And that’s what that thing is all about, it’s cloud.

Leo Laporte It’s all cloud’s fault. Get off my cloud.

John C. Dvorak I’m counting your kids to get off my cloud.

Leo Laporte So – are we keep seeing rumors that Apple is going to have a white iPhone but they just don’t release it?

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, they had a good column in PC Magazine on this, I have the explanation.

Leo Laporte What?

John C. Dvorak Well, that Steve didn’t like the white.

Leo Laporte It wasn’t white enough.

John C. Dvorak It was white. But it was not eggshell white, it was off white, it was Arctic white, it was titanium white. It was any white but he didn’t like it. I mean what else could it be? Steve is like a – picky about these things.

Leo Laporte I have another theory.

John C. Dvorak And I think my theory is correct.

Leo Laporte Let’s listen. He is not saying anything.

John C. Dvorak Yeah that’s…

[Video clip]

Leo Laporte I don’t know who did this because this is very funny.

John C. Dvorak …was a white machine by the way.

Leo Laporte So was the White iMac, so was the White Mac, so was the White iPhone.

John C. Dvorak Well those are off white?

Leo Laporte What?

Lisa Bettany What?

John C. Dvorak I’m telling you. Remember what they first came out? It was actually platinum white.

Leo Laporte This is a parody by the way. They just want to give credit. This is ooJLEoo on Twitter and I don’t know what it means but thank you to the chat room for sending that along. It was off white. Remember, they had the White iBooks and they had the problem because people would rest their hands on it and it would turn yellow. Did you have – you had one of those? Did you?

Lisa Bettany Yeah, yeah.

Leo Laporte You had a yellow-white iBook.

John C. Dvorak That’s the reason they never used white again.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak You had a White iBook?

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte A lot of people did. I have –

John C. Dvorak Well, you have everything. It’s besides the point whatever you’re making – we are talking about…

Lisa Bettany It still works.

Leo Laporte Do you still have it? Is it still yellow?

Lisa Bettany I didn’t quite get the yellow but the – it broke off.

John C. Dvorak It fell apart like most of these things.

Leo Laporte I saw quite a few tweets yesterday when my friends who live in Long Island, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut were finally able to watch the World Series –

John C. Dvorak Long Island.

Leo Laporte Long Island. Dr. Long lives in Long Island, don’t mock it. Cablevision blinked and now FOX 5 and My9 are back on Cablevision after two weeks.

John C. Dvorak But they’re still not on the DISH Network.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that fight is still going on, this is because Cablevision said it wanted more money and –

John C. Dvorak No, no, FOX wanted more money.

Leo Laporte FOX wanted more money and Cablevision said no.

John C. Dvorak Well, FOX thought they had them buy the nuts because they –

Leo Laporte It was the Playoffs.

John C. Dvorak They were hoping the Yankees were going to get in the World Series and they were going to get, they had it made. And then the Yankees couldn’t even get past the Playoffs, past Texas and next thing you know that FOX has no leverage.

Leo Laporte So, here’s the statement from Cablevision. It says “In the absence of any meaningful action from the FCC”, you know who you are – no, I added that part. Cablevision has agreed to pay FOX an unfair price for multiple channels of its programming.

John C. Dvorak I like the objectivity of their comments.

Leo Laporte Including many in which our customers have little or no interest. They were bitter.

John C. Dvorak The days are over for this whole system.

Leo Laporte I hope so because these guys – I blame them all.

John C. Dvorak This whole cable crap deal is just ridiculous. The prices are way too high for everything.

Lisa Bettany Does anyone have Google TV?

Leo Laporte I do.

John C. Dvorak I’m trying to get 4DTV, that’s what I wanted.

Leo Laporte Not 3D, you want 4D?

Loic Le Meur Why – what’s 4DTV?

John C. Dvorak That’s C-Band, the big old giant 10-foot dish.

Leo Laporte You want a 10-foot dish?

John C. Dvorak Yeah. I want – I got a pad in the backyard. I want to put a 10-foot dish up and I want to get one of these 4DTV --

Leo Laporte Apparently, DISH – speaking of DISH has settled down. When they saw when Cablevision blinked, they settled as well.

John C. Dvorak Good.

Leo Laporte They don’t want to be the only one standing out in the cold although apparently DIRECTV is dropping G4. So, there is some good stuff in the world. There’re some reasons to be happy.

John C. Dvorak So, anyway, yeah, big 10-footer and then you have with all this gear and you move it around and you can catch all these feeds and you can get now 4DTV, refers specifically to HD coming from the birds themselves and you’ve super-high quality.

Leo Laporte I never heard of this, 4DTV.

Loic Le Meur 4DTV on 4G network, that’s cool.

Leo Laporte 4 is the new black.

John C. Dvorak Go, look it up for --

Leo Laporte 4DTV.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, that’s the high definition from the C-Band. I am also going to become a Ham…

Leo Laporte You already are. Really, really? You are going to get a Ham license. You don’t have to learn Morse code anymore though.

John C. Dvorak Right. So, I’m going to get a Ham license. I think it’s the only way to go, get a little generator in the backyard because what’s going to happen is that they are going to shut down the net, they are going to shut down the TV, their cell phone are going to be down and I’m going to be able to talk to people and be able to get out of town safely.

Leo Laporte That’s great. In fact, John will still be doing his show on Ham when the rest of us are long gone.

John C. Dvorak With packet radio --

Leo Laporte With GPRS.

John C. Dvorak …we can still do the Internet.

Leo Laporte Yeah. We can still do – we can still do the Internet with John’s 10 – big 10-inch – 10-foot, we can still do the Internet.

John C. Dvorak Well, I can have the 10-foot dish, so I can get the broadcasts from the satellites and then I can be a Ham and I can talk to people, when you are sitting here fretting because you got no connection.

Leo Laporte Not just – so yeah, I got the Google TV, the Logitech Revue. I should have brought it in so we could play with it, but I have to say not so great, not so happy.

Loic Le Meur Why?

Leo Laporte Did you get one, Loic?

Loic Le Meur We had one in the office actually for two months for –

Leo Laporte Oh, you were early in beta testing.

Loic Le Meur Well, we have an Android app, Seesmic is available on Android and we made sure that on a big screen it works, so we have hidden it.

Leo Laporte I do like the fact that I can use an Android phone as my remote control with my TV but come on, unnecessarily complicated. Doesn’t really add a lot of functionality especially now that the networks are blocking web access.

Loic Le Meur Well, that wasn’t expected, I guess.

Leo Laporte Yeah, well, that’s this battle. This is this Cablevision-FOX thing in another form where these – the companies could create this content are bitter about this whole thing and they are going to block it.

John C. Dvorak This whole thing is collapsing.

Leo Laporte It’s a mess, it’s going to collapse soon.

Loic Le Meur It’s completely collapsing. It’s all going to YouTube and…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah it’s not tomorrow, but it’s within the next five years.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s the problem, in the median – in the meantime we’re all going to – we’re all going to suffer. So I connected it up. You take an HDMI cable from your cable box to put into the Google, this is the Logitech reviews the one I had, put it into the Google TV box, then the Google TV box has HDMI out into your TV. So, it’s going to be between your cable box and your TV and it superimposes itself on there. So you still have your cable guy, and you still have your TV –

John C. Dvorak So, what’s wrong with it, you said it sucks?

Leo Laporte It’s like why am I doing this? So I pressed the – so first of all the keyboard is your – your remote control is the keyboard with a mouse. And you press – if you press the Home button the TV kind of dims out and then you have a full screen of crap. Like stuff you don’t want. Menu items for – even the Netflix which I do love, it’s the old Netflix interface, you can’t subscribe to movies, you can’t – you could only – it’s read only. Unlike the Roku box which has the new Netflix or even the Apple TV which has a new Netflix, it’s the old Netflix.

Loic Le Meur But Leo remember Android sucked when they launched it first, right?

Leo Laporte True, true.

Loic Le Meur So I actually would like to – I think it’s great that TV is becoming an open platform back to platform, right?

Leo Laporte I agree with you.

Loic Le Meur Because as a developer, not that I call myself but I have friends who could in my company, I would love to call myself – we can create apps from the TV…

John C. Dvorak That you want your kids to decode?

Loic Le Meur Yes. I miss that part of my life completely.

John C. Dvorak He basically want to cut out the guys you are paying money to, and you want free labors. This is a very…

Loic Le Meur Exactly.

John C. Dvorak Okay.

Loic Le Meur I have been trying for long time to get my kids to be my employees for free but I failed so far. But anyway you can – so you can code an app out for TV I think is pretty exciting. I think that’s exciting because…

John C. Dvorak Even the Apple TV…

Leo Laporte Well, that’s why I was disappointed that the Apple TV did not have apps. I thought this is a real opportunity and they didn’t do it. So, you are saying it’s easy to code an app for the new Google TV because it’s just an Android app?

Loic Le Meur You can have either web or…

Leo Laporte But, I didn’t see the Marketplace on this Google TV.

Loic Le Meur It’s all very new. Again like Android was – and I’m not working for Google, but I think it’s pretty cool that we can actually build stuff for them because…

Leo Laporte No, and I agree with you. And I…

Loic Le Meur And so yes it’s web based and yes android apps run on it and so if you…

Leo Laporte So down the road this is going to be great.

Loic Le Meur Yes.

Leo Laporte Right now get a Roku box.

Loic Le Meur Yes, and the concept of having finally an open box instead of having whatever Comcast or something box on your TVs is very…

John C. Dvorak Can I say something here I just thought, Loic, a bit off-topic?

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak You are right this thing is extremely quick.

Leo Laporte He is talking about the MacBook Air and isn’t it nice?

John C. Dvorak If I just accidentally loaded something that I have to get…

Leo Laporte And it goes boom.

John C. Dvorak Yes, boom.

Loic Le Meur Yes.

Leo Laporte Don’t you love it?

John C. Dvorak That’s – but it’s amazingly quick, it’s just…

Loic Le Meur It’s very fast.

John C. Dvorak It’s snappy.

Leo Laporte When you start – have to play with the Air for a little while and now that Lisa’s melted her laptop…

Lisa Bettany No, not yet.

Leo Laporte I think we are going to have to get you an Air as well.

Loic Le Meur It’s quicker than your – it’s…

John C. Dvorak Smoking as we speak.

Loic Le Meur I tried a few netbooks and they were always…

Leo Laporte I have bought half a dozen netbooks and…

John C. Dvorak Why are we not surprised?

Leo Laporte Well, this is my job, John, I have to review this stuff. I am not like you where they send me everything. I have to go out and buy it. I am a normal human being.

John C. Dvorak You have so much – what is it called when you have a large audience say…

Leo Laporte Big reach, I have reach.

John C. Dvorak You have reach, major reach, and the fact that you can’t get the stuff for free …

Leo Laporte Isn’t that amazing?

Loic Le Meur It’s frightening.

John C. Dvorak Is – no it’s because he doesn’t try, that’s what it is.

Leo Laporte No, it’s because I am not print. I’ll be honest with you. They are so primitive; they don’t understand what I am doing.

John C. Dvorak This is wrong. What it is, you are going through print channels because we have people at Mevio, a couple of guys there that do nothing but video stuff and they get stuff I can’t even get.

Leo Laporte Yes, they are polluting the waters because they are – Logitech, well, we sent something to Mevio.

Loic Le Meur [Indiscernible] (78:00) getting Palm Pre.

Leo Laporte I am getting what?

Loic Le Meur Remember that, the Palm?

Leo Laporte The Palm, the Pre.

Loic Le Meur You remember that?

Leo Laporte Screw you!

John C. Dvorak Well, maybe this is the reason, you are not…

Leo Laporte I can get review units. I choose not to because I usually find it’s a better experience to buy it, first of all you feel the pain.

John C. Dvorak And you can also give it away to somebody...

Leo Laporte I can give it to somebody like you and then…

John C. Dvorak I could use this thing by the way.

Leo Laporte No, you can’t have that. I am keeping that. You are not getting that.

John C. Dvorak Come on, Christmas gift.

Leo Laporte No. Maybe for a Christmas gift. We actually…

John C. Dvorak Working on it.

Leo Laporte Actually we are going to, now well, tell me, but just don’t tell the employees, we were thinking of giving all the employees a MacBook Air as their Christmas bonus.

John C. Dvorak I think that’s a great idea.

Leo Laporte But then my wife said well what if they don’t want one, just give them $1000…

John C. Dvorak Don’t give them – well cash is okay.

Leo Laporte Yes, because if you give them cash they could buy the Air.

John C. Dvorak But it’s not really a thoughtful gift.

Leo Laporte They are listening – stop listening.

John C. Dvorak A thoughtful gift is where you actually put more energy into it than giving somebody a crappy gift certificate that they are going to lose or cash.

Leo Laporte I think, we are sending – actually we are sending you a gift John. I can give it to you now.

John C. Dvorak You’ve got a funny smile on your face, so it’s not going to be the MacBook Air, that’s what I am angling for.

Leo Laporte It’s a fez.

John C. Dvorak Fez.

Leo Laporte We are sending all the hosts fezes.

John C. Dvorak I could use a fez.

Leo Laporte Let’s see how do you look.

John C. Dvorak I already look like crap in the fez. We have worn them before.

Leo Laporte We already tried the fez? So we are getting 100 TWiT fezes made.

Lisa Bettany You look like a little turtle.

Leo Laporte Very attractive.

John C. Dvorak Looking good, thank you. Thank you very much.

Leo Laporte Thank you very much. One billion YouTube subscriptions according to the Google YouTube blog, 1 billion subscribers, that is an amazing thing. You have a YouTube channel Mostly Lisa?

Lisa Bettany Yes, well I mean…

Leo Laporte You don’t keep it up to date?

Lisa Bettany No. I was a staunch Vimeo supporter until the very last minutes and I so prefer Vimeo, because I’d rather…

Leo Laporte But all the people are on YouTube.

Lisa Bettany I know. I am not really interested in that angle, like I don’t want to be a YouTuber I mean…

Leo Laporte You don’t want to be?

Lisa Bettany I don’t want to be a YouTuber.

John C. Dvorak She doesn’t want to be a YouTuber.

Lisa Bettany I’m not a YouTuber.

Leo Laporte Is it because the comments, because comments are – when I look at our YouTube channel boy those comments are nasty.

Loic Le Meur Comments are mostly spam honestly.

Lisa Bettany Yes.

Leo Laporte Oh. Yes. I’ll show you something.

John C. Dvorak Never heard of such a thing as nasty comments on a website.

Leo Laporte We have a very active YouTube channel.

John C. Dvorak I think – I need to write this down.

Leo Laporte You can watch – you’ve never heard of that, huh? It’s the YouTube. Maybe if I call it the YouTube.

John C. Dvorak The YouTube?

Leo Laporte Now you know what I’m talking. If you go to we have a very active channel with all the shows including the show on it, we put our specials on there and stuff. I go and I read the comments and it’s like, oh.

John C. Dvorak She looks good in a fez.

Loic Le Meur You know the thing they do very well is reference the YouTube videos on Google obviously.

Leo Laporte Right.

Loic Le Meur The way they…

Leo Laporte The search – they are in the search index.

Loic Le Meur They go really high.

Leo Laporte Yes. That’s another reason to be there.

Loic Le Meur That’s why – right. So if you publish your videos only on our platforms and you don’t do YouTube then you are going to miss a lot of search traffic. And we solved – Windows Phone 7 video we launch for Seesmic, got 50,000 views. That’s a lot from searches actually.

John C. Dvorak That’s a lot.

Leo Laporte That’s, you can tell, so I should just ignore comments like oh, god, TWiT 271 sucked. It seems like no one on the panel has any legit.

John C. Dvorak But you killed your comments on your website. It used to have I should mention this to people who are newbies. In the olden days when Leo did the TWiT show, he used to have comments on the website.

Leo Laporte What a mistake.

John C. Dvorak And they were actually quite interesting for a while but obviously because the show was so huge that the moderators couldn’t keep up and so he got a lot of, you suck, this show stinks, Dvorak stinks, Dvorak’s great, why wasn’t he on. It’s like well, I can’t win because if I am on, I suck.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak If I am not on, the show sucks. How does that work?

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak So, trick-or-treaters roaming around the street back there already.

Leo Laporte Hey, it’s that time of the evening. We probably should wrap up. Do we have any candy?

John C. Dvorak Don’t you have another commercial to do?

Leo Laporte Do you have any cocaine?

John C. Dvorak Leo would never have done that in the olden days.

Leo Laporte No, this is the new edgy Leo.

John C. Dvorak Yes, the edgy Leo.

Leo Laporte How do you like that? Are you enjoying it?

Lisa Bettany I kind of like it.

John C. Dvorak I find it refreshing because you space it out just enough to make it acceptable.

Leo Laporte Are you wearing a necktie?

John C. Dvorak You didn’t notice this?

Leo Laporte I just noticed this.

John C. Dvorak Well this show has been going on how long, what time did you start? What time did this show…

Leo Laporte It’s hour and a half, ago. You’re wearing a necktie?

John C. Dvorak Yes, so I could have the Giant’s colors.

Leo Laporte Oh, I get it, black and orange.

John C. Dvorak Black and orange. I can’t believe you didn’t notice it.

Leo Laporte Did you see, and this is stupidest thing I ever saw. No, I know I’m not paying attention.

John C. Dvorak Wow.

Leo Laporte I just noticed. It was in the newspaper today, that people are putting pot in the Halloween candy.

John C. Dvorak No.

Lisa Bettany What?

John C. Dvorak Holy crap!

Leo Laporte First of all, what pothead would waste a pot on little kids?

Lisa Bettany I know, that’s …

John C. Dvorak Maybe they are trying to get people to vote for 19th.

Leo Laporte Oh, no you know, that’s where that story comes from is people is the anti-19.

John C. Dvorak Of course, the anti-19 propaganda is all over the place.

Leo Laporte We should tell people that California will be the first state, well, maybe not the first state, but we have on the initiative…

John C. Dvorak No, we will be the first state.

Leo Laporte It may well win on Tuesday.

Loic Le Meur Let me just express my voice, I think it’s stupid.

Leo Laporte Okay.

John C. Dvorak Why?

Leo Laporte I’ll just explain what it is? It’s the proposition to make it legal to own and sell marijuana.

John C. Dvorak No, actually the selling part is legal but you’ve got to go through a licensing part.

Leo Laporte It still has to be licensed but it is legal…

John C. Dvorak Smoke and grow.

Leo Laporte You know it’s de facto legal here because we have medical marijuana and it’s very easy to get a medical card.

John C. Dvorak It’s already legal, you could go to a medical marijuana place, for anyone from out of state who wants to do this, you go to a medical marijuana place, you wander in and you say, hey I got a cough. Oh, okay let me write you a prescription, there is a doctor sitting there and for like 50 bucks or 100 bucks whatever they charge, they just sit there, they do nothing else, they are real doctors, they sign a prescription and then you walk across the aisle to the…

Leo Laporte But what the state doesn’t like is they are not going to get any tax revenue. So they want to tax marijuana and help maybe in our deficit, so you think it’s a bad idea Loic?

Loic Le Meur Yes, well, because I’ve kids. And the oldest ones are 14 and 15, and I’m sorry but this, clearly harms the brains.

John C. Dvorak It’s already all over the place.

Loic Le Meur I don’t want to …

John C. Dvorak So what difference does it make?

Loic Le Meur Right but…

John C. Dvorak Won’t you rather have it regulated rather than just completely out of control, and people can be rich…

Loic Le Meur I’m sorry John, but I think if you make it difficult for people to buy…

John C. Dvorak It’s not difficult, that the joke of it. That’s what we just said.

Leo Laporte And it’s an unfortunate thing…

Loic Le Meur Right

John C. Dvorak You can, anyone can get your kids are probably stoned as we speak.

Leo Laporte No, I’m so sympathetic because I’ve a 16-year-old…

Loic Le Meur Well, I hope you are wrong in that.

Leo Laporte I’m agreeing with you Loic. I think, it really is as a parent it’s a very concerning thing and I don’t know how I want to vote, because on the other hand I don’t want…

John C. Dvorak You are a liberal, you are supposed to vote “yes”.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte So it’s the conservative that are voting no.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte But they want the tax money.

John C. Dvorak Well, the smart ones are voting yes, but the typical classic conservative is voting no because…

Leo Laporte I can’t decide.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know – I’ll tell you the…

Loic Le Meur Well isn’t that more…

John C. Dvorak It’s a gateway drug, it’s a, it’s a – we don’t need another intoxicant.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute. What about nullification?

John C. Dvorak Nullification, what about it?

Leo Laporte State’s right baby!

John C. Dvorak I know this would be great, that’s why I want to see it pass.

Leo Laporte Because the Feds have already said even if California legalizes, but we have not and we will go after you.

John C. Dvorak Right.

Leo Laporte So this is a perfect nullification.

John C. Dvorak This will be great.

Leo Laporte John’s a big proponent of this.

Loic Le Meur But, he can go to Amsterdam right now if you want a quick fix.

John C. Dvorak I don’t want a quick fix. I don’t care I’m not a big pot smoker.

Leo Laporte I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy. I’m with you, Loic, I’m not crazy about the idea. I do think it’s there anyway. I mean it’s everywhere in the high schools, it’s not a hard thing to get.

Loic Le Meur It’s there but you want to make it easier.

Leo Laporte Any easier at all?

Lisa Bettany It’s basically illegal in Canada.

Leo Laporte Okay, what’s the Canadian experience? Because I know if I go to Vancouver there’s pot bars.

Lisa Bettany Really?

Leo Laporte Yeah! You didn’t know that?

Lisa Bettany No!

Leo Laporte Just like Amsterdam, no there’s a bar in Vancouver where they sell you…

John C. Dvorak This is legal.

Leo Laporte It’s Quasi, Quasi.

Lisa Bettany Yeah. I mean, I grew up in high school and because I was an athlete I you know I never – it wasn’t …

Leo Laporte You didn’t use at all?

Lisa Bettany No! I mean, not alcohol or…

John C. Dvorak Now you’re in San Francisco. You can change your ways.

Lisa Bettany No. I like – I kind of compulsive about how my body feels, but I have to say that it being more legal has not made it more of a problem.

Leo Laporte So that’ an interesting example. In fact you might say because you don’t have to imprison so many people for dealing and smoking.

John C. Dvorak By the way, here’s a good example. Portugal has decriminalized marijuana and the usage has gone down, it’s been very well documented. That’s what going to happen here by the way. The usage is actually going to go down because this is not going to be some forbidden fruit. And I think – by the way somebody made a point…

Loic Le Meur Then why did you stop, John, then? Why don’t you, you know go like full wave with drugs and go ahead.

John C. Dvorak You’re talking to – I’ve – you have to be Libertarian. As far as I am concerned everything should be legalized and people should …..

Leo Laporte Except abortion because that’s not right.

John C. Dvorak I didn’t say that!

Leo Laporte Oh! I am sorry.


John C. Dvorak I didn’t say that either. I’m very consistent with this policy.

Leo Laporte That’s why I couldn’t understand Rand Paul because he’s supposedly a Libertarian.

John C. Dvorak The abortion thing is a problem for some people who are quasi-Libertarians. But real Libertarians will say look you have – you’re responsible for this yourself.

Leo Laporte I agree! Government has no right.

John C. Dvorak So he’s a borderline Libertarian posing as a…

Leo Laporte I am. I would say most geeks are Libertarian or certainly have Libertarian leanings.

Loic Le Meur No, most people in Silicon Valley are borderline Libertarians.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah. As opposed to crypto-Republicans.

Loic Le Meur And then you make like smoking, I actually think – so take smoking right? The fact that smoking in restaurants is prohibited.

Leo Laporte As it should be.

Loic Le Meur At public places, this will be great. I’m a former smoker myself like 10 years ago.

Leo Laporte But you don’t want to smell that?

Loic Le Meur It’s awful.

John C. Dvorak It’s annoying and not nice. You don’t want to smell that.

Leo Laporte But then a Libertarian would say, go ahead.

John C. Dvorak I am not. I don’t want him smoking dope in the restaurant either. I’m not stopping, I agree with that they shouldn’t smoking dope in the restaurant, you shouldn’t be smoking tobacco, you shouldn’t be smoking crack in the restaurant, I don’t want to smell that either, I just want to eat the food and maybe sniff the wine. I’m not inconsistent.

Leo Laporte Our chat mod Dan says Libertarianism is anarchy for rich people.

John C. Dvorak Fine.

Leo Laporte I’ll buy that.

John C. Dvorak I’m not that rich.

Leo Laporte Chad Hurley’s stepping down after 5 years after founding YouTube and of course selling out for 4 plus billion dollars to Google. In fact apparently he has been transitioning the way for the last two years according to TechCrunch. Most of the day to day operations are held by a Google VP.

Loic Le Meur He’s been into Formula 1 for a long time.

Leo Laporte Formula 1 racing?

Loic Le Meur Yeah. Yeah he’s been financing Formula 1.

John C. Dvorak Who? Really?

Loic Le Meur Yeah.

Leo Laporte Really? He’s got a few billion dollars; he can do whatever he wants.

Loic Le Meur Yeah that’s an expensive sport. He said that on my stage at Le Web last year. He also – he has a club and I think shops some other company that he’s launching…

Leo Laporte So he’s not going to be back in the tech sector you think?

Lisa Bettany Well he’s still on it Google.

Leo Laporte Is he? Or is that just, you know?

John C. Dvorak That’s bull. Most of these guys ….

Leo Laporte That’s like Ray Ozzie staying on with Microsoft.

John C. Dvorak There’s a lot of people that don’t really like being in the world of tech, and as soon as they make their millions they bail. I’ve been observing this…

Leo Laporte Was it Chad or Steve? Was Chad or Steve the real mover at YouTube. Was it Steve Chen who did all the…

Loic Le Meur I don’t know. I don’t know I think Chad has been pretty visionary and I mean being able to make such a huge change in our lives, frankly! We go to YouTube like once every 20 minutes.

Leo Laporte That’s huge, yeah huge!

Leo Laporte Lars Rasmussen the man who started Google Wave, he was the creator Google Maps, was in Australia with his brother. And he has announced, well he hasn’t anything, he’s leaving Google and he put on his Facebook page that he was leaving Google. So the speculation is that maybe he is going to Facebook. There are quite a few Googlers who’ve gone to Facebook.

Lisa Bettany Doesn’t make sense.

John C. Dvorak Where the money is.

Loic Le Meur Well that was Arrington’s point to this morning actually. He’s….

Leo Laporte Follow the money. Pirates follow the money.

Loic Le Meur I’m not talking about him…

Leo Laporte Pirates follow the money.

Loic Le Meur Yeah if you move like – to Google when it starts succeeding, you succeed with Google, when move to Facebook, when it’s starts growing, you see it, that’s actually a pretty good point. It’s not being very entrepreneurial.

John C. Dvorak No, he’s just moving from place to place. Take advantage of the situation.

Leo Laporte His job’s a job.

Lisa Bettany Or maybe he’s a bit…

John C. Dvorak Some people are good at that. Sorry.

Lisa Bettany …a bit disappointed about Wave and…

Leo Laporte Well you got to think he was a little – he and Jens were a little disappointed that Google gave Wave one year and then pulled the plug. I mean they put in a lot of effort into that one.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte There is an interview I see on the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Why I could Google to join Facebook’ an interview with Lars Rasmussen and so on to check out and actually seeing that interview. Says – it feels to me that Facebook, this is conforming exactly what you were saying, Loic. It feels to me that Facebook maybe a sort of once in a decade type of company and he decided any 6 year, 10 year at Google “compelling personal pitch from Mark Zuckerberg” obviously says Lars, they have changed the world already and yet there seems to be so much more to be done there, like an IPO.

John C. Dvorak Exactly.

Leo Laporte And I think it’s the right place to be. Are people flocking to Facebook pre-IPO, Loic? Is that what’s going on because I feel that that will be…

Loic Le Meur That’s obvious, there is a number of companies which will go public. Zynga is the number one and there is a lot of…

John C. Dvorak I think Zynga is more likely to happen. There is some of questions whether or not Facebook has got so much government connections with intelligence agencies.

Leo Laporte You said that CIA is a big investor in Facebook.

John C. Dvorak And that it may not ever go public.

Leo Laporte You listened to Adam Curry again.

John C. Dvorak No, no that’s my thinking. Adam’s got his own thoughts about these things.

Leo Laporte Who does he think, what does he think about Facebook? I am just curious.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know what do you think?

Leo Laporte We have to get him on the show.0

John C. Dvorak We have to get him on the show, get Adam on the show.

Leo Laporte Yeah, he was on, he was on it. We want him back on. You want to move Cranky Geeks over to TWiT?

John C. Dvorak It’s a possibility. There is all kinds of changes taking place. I am doing a daily column now for PC Magazine. You check it out at

Leo Laporte I want to do a show called Angry Nerds.

John C. Dvorak Same thing.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak But you need somebody to host that can actually do a show like that who’s worth a crap which is far and few between, I might say.

Leo Laporte John C. Dvorak.

John C. Dvorak Hmm. There’s a thought.

Leo Laporte Rasmussen said if you were to ask me two or three years ago Facebook was going to be this big, I wouldn’t have it picked it. I have a great deal to learn from Mark and his team. Yeah, he’s going away with the catches. I mean I can knock it, especially once you cancel your, his pet project what are you going to do, what are you going to do?

Lisa Bettany Google Maps is really successful.

Leo Laporte Yes, but he is now – but he is kind of down with that one. The Nexus 2 is going to come out at the same time November 8, according to rumor the same day as the Windows Phone 7. This is the next, the Samsung version of the Nexus.

John C. Dvorak How long do you think it is going to be before the Windows phones, I mean they are advertising a lot, but I think this phone is going to just go by the way-side.

Leo Laporte I am really curious. Like the Kin? You think it’s going to be like the Kin? Well, I’m going to get one November 8 when it comes out, I can buy one.

Loic Le Meur It’s not out in the U.S. It’s out in Europe.

Leo Laporte Do you have, you obviously you have a bunch of new phones with you?

Loic Le Meur No. My team. No, I am based here, remember? So I don’t have one.

Leo Laporte But you developed for the…

Loic Le Meur Yeah, we have one, we have had a developer device for a few months.

Leo Laporte But that’s not the same as the Samsung Focus, that’s …

Loic Le Meur No, it’s totally different. It’s really like very slow compared to the new ones and…

Leo Laporte And everybody wants the Focus that’s the ...

Loic Le Meur But we have the apps so I could try [indiscernible] (93:22) of Microsoft last week and it was pretty nice. I have to say as a developer and as a user the feel is pretty good and what I create them for is that they have done a UI which doesn’t look an iPhone UI. And I think that’s courageous, we will see. The other thing is…

Leo Laporte It’s a big gamble, I mean I am with John on this that it’s a gamble.

Loic Le Meur They sell those for €29 in Europe.

Leo Laporte What?

Loic Le Meur This phone I have read somewhere that some versions of it will go for like €30 and a two year plan, of course, right. But really, really cheap.

Leo Laporte Well they ought to do that here. They are really gauging people to charge to pay 200 bucks, they kind of getting 2,400 bucks eventually out of us.

Loic Le Meur Very cheap, that’s why I mean, I think that…

Leo Laporte Why not give it away? I mean you’re going to make plenty of money over the two years.

Loic Le Meur But, as it was discussed in your last show actually I think it’s a very different market we’re going after, you have like 300, 400, 500 iPhone already high-end [indiscernible] (94:16), 50 bucks or one buck…

Leo Laporte But they didn’t do, they are doing that here, it’s $200 here. But it will be very – that would have been interesting compelling move for Microsoft to say this phone’s free, this phone’s free.

John C. Dvorak They did that with the Kin, after the fact ….

Leo Laporte The Kin was a penny.

John C. Dvorak Pay or take it.

Leo Laporte You could buy it for a penny on Amazon as long as you signed up, it’s yours.

Loic Le Meur The other thing is they have a very big developer network. Right, so all the developers who created games for Windows and programs for Windows can switch very easily the code, which is what we did and that’s the strength, that’s why we already have…

Leo Laporte It’s WPF, right? Windows Presentation? Yeah.

Loic Le Meur Yeah. Incredible item, yeah.

Leo Laporte We are going to take a break, come back with more. It’s so great to have Lisa Bettany in studio, glad you are part of our American crew now. Mostly to see her photographs and soon to be part of TWiT we are going to do a photograph show, the photography show I can’t wait. And the only thing holding me up is just clearing my schedule so I have some time because I want to be a part of it if I can, if you let me.

Lisa Bettany May be a little bit.

Leo Laporte Okay, John C. Dvorak is also here, in a neck tie.

John C. Dvorak Neck tie.

Leo Laporte You know I have a necktie that’s black but has asteroids at the bottom, would you like that instead?

John C. Dvorak Asteroids?

Leo Laporte The game asteroids.

John C. Dvorak Oh that’d be cool.

Lisa Bettany Oh that’s cool.

Leo Laporte All right. John – that’s in my trunk if you want to run out and get it for John.

John C. Dvorak You keep it in the trunk. You keep –

Lisa Bettany Just in case.

Leo Laporte Just in case you need to wear a necktie.

John C. Dvorak So as you keep a bottle of wine in the trunk.

Leo Laporte I have that too.

John C. Dvorak Good.

Leo Laporte Actually I have the 5D in the trunk too.

Loic Le Meur There is wine everywhere here.

John C. Dvorak Lot of wine. He drinks a lot of wine, this guy.

Leo Laporte You missed the booze cabinet. You think I was a lush.

John C. Dvorak If you were there, wouldn’t be anything in the booze cabinet, that’s the key.

Leo Laporte Loic Le Meur is also here and I am really looking forward to LeWeb, I cannot wait. I mean – of course is Paris, which is cool. But 2,500 European entrepreneurs.

Loic Le Meur Yeah, 50 countries.

Leo Laporte It’s going to be freezing in December.

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah. Freezing cold. They are going to have their decorations...

Loic Le Meur All is good. It’s like – it’s fun. You can go by fireplace, you know it’s nice. By the way, it’s the truffle season too, so you can have truffling parties.

Leo Laporte Oh baby. Oh lovely.

John C. Dvorak So are there – are the decorations for the Paris Christmas going to be up at the time?

Loic Le Meur Yeah. Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Oh well that’s worth going.

Leo Laporte Really, did they do a big...

John C. Dvorak It’s beautiful.

Leo Laporte I was in Paris two years ago, Christmas was beautiful. But the fountains were frozen.

John C. Dvorak Oh, cool.

Leo Laporte That was weird. The fountains...

Loic Le Meur I miss winter here. I miss it.

Lisa Bettany No, I don’t.

Loic Le Meur Oh come ‘on.

Leo Laporte You will be – Loic broadcast the whole thing on USTREAM.

Loic Le Meur Yeah.

Leo Laporte But we will also be broadcasting my talk. I guess we’re going to do a show like a mini show...

Loic Le Meur Yeah. Yeah we can do whatever you like.

Leo Laporte ...and if we can get Marissa? You think?

Loic Le Meur I’ll –

Leo Laporte Let’s ask.

Loic Le Meur Let’s ask her, yeah.

Leo Laporte And maybe Mike Arrington, that’ll be fun. Maybe we can fistycuffs and Lisa.

John C. Dvorak Screw you Arrington.

Lisa Bettany Screw you.

Loic Le Meur Kevin Rose is there.

Leo Laporte Keviv’s going to be there. It’s going to be a lot of fun. So that will be, I think 9 a.m. on December 8, which is 6 p.m. Paris Time.

Loic Le Meur Exactly. 9 a.m.

Leo Laporte Yeah, 9 a.m. we will broadcast that here. So that’d be really, really, cool. And if you’re in – if you can’t get to Paris December 8 or 9, go to LeWeb.

Loic Le Meur Absolutely. We just actually did a card, TWiT.

Leo Laporte Oh!

Loic Le Meur Yeah, if you go to and your promo card will be TWiT we give you 200 euros.

Leo Laporte That’s a good deal. That’d pay for a phone.

Loic Le Meur I rebate.

John C. Dvorak Oh rebate, I thought you say give 200 euros.

Loic Le Meur I would love to, it’s a family business, but we’re talking about entrepreneurship, we self finance fees, we created seven years ago with my wife and...

Leo Laporte But it’s big now, you have thousands of people.

Loic Le Meur Yes, so that’s what I mean, it’s like I’d love to invite all my friends but then we can’t do the show.

Leo Laporte And it’s not a business anymore.

Loic Le Meur No, we can’t – we just party. We just can’t do it.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak How many friends do you have?

Leo Laporte He’s got a lot of friends.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I guess so.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, definitely.

Leo Laporte I should...

John C. Dvorak No, I mean you have more friends than I do.

Loic Le Meur I have no idea, John but we don’t count as to...

John C. Dvorak I got five.

Loic Le Meur Yours are bigger than mine.

John C. Dvorak Total five. No, they’re bigger because they gained a lot of weight over time.

Leo Laporte Actually one thing that’s people mentioned we probably should do also is record a TWiT while we’re at LeWeb.

Loic Le Meur Yeah.

Leo Laporte Not as part of the presentation, but just pull some people aside.

Loic Le Meur Absolutely.

Leo Laporte Real briefly, I’d like to mention our friends at Squarespace. If you’re looking to setup a website, this is a great company doing some really innovative cool stuff, is where – they say, where exceptional websites begin, and I’d agree that’s where our blog, our TWiT blog inside that runs. It’s hosting plus software. Really one of the best – I bet the best CMS out there, it’s all built in Java, they use Java VPS for their serving. So you’ve got a really slick responsive, robust platform, the application – is you laptop broken?

Lisa Bettany No.

Leo Laporte Oh good.

Lisa Bettany I think I liked it.

Leo Laporte A little – nothing like a little wine bath, you want Einstein or do you want pong, John you get to choice.

John C. Dvorak Well the Einstein’s got a little Giants colors.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak This is funny.

Lisa Bettany That’s...

Leo Laporte Isn’t that funny?

Lisa Bettany Yeah, definitely.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte The Asteroids wasn’t out there? Maybe I wore that one – oh I am wearing it as a thong. I am sorry. You want it? Would you like it anyway because I...

John C. Dvorak No, thanks.

Lisa Bettany Where’s your beard today? I thought for sure you’d have a beard today.

Leo Laporte I had a beard last night for Halloween but it was painted on. Just a little tip, if you are painting on a black beard wash it off before you go to bed, the pillows – oh it’s disgusting. So – did I mentioned, the secret behind exceptional websites, you can try it for free.

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte Just go to right now, log in site name, password, email address, if so forget the password, you can get it back and then that’s capture, and you’re done. Now you got a site for two weeks. And here is a beauty, you can import all of your content from your existing site, it supports all the standard APIs movable type word, press type, add and blog, that means pretty every platform. Seamlessly you get both the posts and all the comments, all the images, all the videos, complete social integration with Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, all of the sites and just gorgeous templates, you start with their basic 60 plus professionally designed templates but then the sky is the limit because it’s very easy to drag and drop and modify anything you wanted to be and if you – one of the things I think that sets Squarespace apart, lot of blog engines, all the sites were kind of the same, you can kind of tell you go to WordPress engine and you know you’re looking at WordPress site. Look at some of these examples sites from Squarespace, everyone looks different. You’d never know that these are Squarespace sites. That’s the beauty of Squarespace. Here’s one they are doing. E-commerce, they have podcasts. I just love it. Squarespace – lot of photographers use Squarespace because it’s so beautiful, it’s really great for your portfolio. They have got slideshows and thumbnails and all that stuff. They have got forms as well. Try it right now – what? What are you laughing at? What

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte You know them?

Lisa Bettany It’s funny. I do.

Leo Laporte Yeah, Brad. You know them?

Lisa Bettany Do I?

Leo Laporte No, or you know him?

Lisa Bettany I know him.

Leo Laporte He’s here to talk for Prop 19, Mon.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte The Ganja is good, mon. Oh, it must be 420, that’s what it is. I’m sorry. I lost track of the time. and if you decide to sign up, let me encourage you to use the twit coupon code because you’ll get 10% off your site for the life of the site forever. Site started $12 a month and actually prices go down as you sign up for longer terms and more features and so forth. Give it a try, we love, I know you will too. That’s good – that’s a good look on you. You know it actually got gypped a little bit on that, I’m sorry. I just offended our gypsy listeners, I didn’t mean to say gyp.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Oh, please. I had somebody calling me out there some 20 years ago.

Leo Laporte Yeah and you know --

John C. Dvorak I happened to be part gypsy.

Leo Laporte And that’s offensive. I got robbed. Oh, now I have offended people named Rob.

John C. Dvorak Oh, now you are offending every robbers.

Leo Laporte Because that was supposed to have marijuana sunglasses and I don’t see --

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] (101:55).

Leo Laporte Do you see a marijuana leaf or anything on their sunglasses? No.

Lisa Bettany I think it’s inferred.

Leo Laporte It’s inferred. Well, you know I also – I had one those hats before they had far more dreadlocks. These dreadlocks are really sparse.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, this is – this is not good.

Leo Laporte It’s terrible. See, it’s supposed to have marijuana sunglasses.

John C. Dvorak What did you buy all these things for? You have a moth in here.

Leo Laporte That came out of it. Oh, no wonder he ate the marijuana sunglasses. That’s what happened. Includes knit cap with detached dreadlocks. Marijuana leaf sunglasses. Where’s the marijuana leaf necklace? Somebody smoked it? Okay.

John C. Dvorak Couldn’t be good for the Tech Hippy.

Leo Laporte Anyway, we do – we – you could say anything you want for the Tech Happy, please. Be my guest and take those Einstein ties as well but don’t take my camera. Whatever you do. This 10th anniversary of the ASIMO robot. Boy, that changed the world, didn’t it? That Sony robot that – boy, that changed the – look to walk like a human.

John C. Dvorak It’s still around, they still show it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, boy, robots they are here any day now. The robots will be here.

John C. Dvorak When I was the editor of Infoworld, one – we had like – every year we did this. What do you think the big – the thing – the theme for next year and in 1981, everybody said 1982 is going to be the year of the robot.

Leo Laporte 1982.

John C. Dvorak 1982 and then if you remember the year after you remembered Bush Neil brought out those crazy – those robots that would fall over and help you get a beer.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak Think get you a beer was the main thing they did.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak And –

Leo Laporte That was it. That was going to be the beginning of the end. So here’s the ASIMO, 10 years old now. This is from Sony, I think, right? The ASIMO, so --

John C. Dvorak No, Honda.

Leo Laporte Honda, that’s right.

Loic Le Meur Sony is AIBO.

Leo Laporte AIBO is the dog. That’s right. So if you can’t for those of you listening, here’s a little white robot walking along. Hey, they can make the robot, why can’t they make a White iPhone? I ask you.

John C. Dvorak It’s not apple thing. I don’t see an Apple robot.

Leo Laporte Look, he’s climbing stairs.

John C. Dvorak That’s most of the users.

Leo Laporte The robot’s looking down and he is going to climb stairs. It doesn’t look human, doesn’t it?

Loic Le Meur Yeah, he’s not fat, Leo.

Leo Laporte Are you making fun of Americans?

Loic Le Meur Why? I’m not.

Leo Laporte Oh, he’s so human, he’s looking through a telescope at the ceiling.

Loic Le Meur I love AIBO. I had one.

Leo Laporte Do you have an AIBO?

Loic Le Meur I had one. I sold it before I – but I should have kept it.

Leo Laporte Sold it before you had kids is what you should…

John C. Dvorak I’ve to pull out a gun and shoot the screen.

Leo Laporte It’s the Elvis AIBO. I mean, I don’t know…

Loic Le Meur The only robot that really walks is the vacuum cleaner, what is it…

John C. Dvorak Roomba.

Loic Le Meur Roomba

Lisa Bettany Amazon keeps telling me to buy that everyday.

Leo Laporte You need Roomba. They must know.

Lisa Bettany They know.

Leo Laporte Well Lisa Bettany, she has been listening to too much Britney Spears – you know why? Because you bought all that Britney Spears music.

Lisa Bettany Probably.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Well there must be a correlation, there could be.

Leo Laporte So Garrison Keillor doing that ad for ASIMO.

John C. Dvorak I’m sorry to hear that.

Leo Laporte That makes it very homey and high-touch so people aren’t scared of it. What was the point of ASIMO? It really didn’t…

John C. Dvorak It was in exercise in balancing, making a robot walk and talk.

Leo Laporte Digg laying off another 37% of its workforce, 25 people. Is it over for Digg? Loic Le Meur, you must have watched from the outside and looked in.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, what do you think?

Loic Le Meur I don’t – I don’t really use the – I like Kevin but I don’t really use Digg.

Leo Laporte I love Kevin. You know, he’s an old-friend and he’s going to be at LeWeb, so we’re not saying anything bad.

Loic Le Meur But I’m not sure about the Digg. I don’t use it…

Leo Laporte We had J. Ellison on, and you know I asked him about it and he said, well, I have a – he said, I’m big stockholder so I hope it’s mpt dead. He said – and then this is true that – and I think this is actually a better question for you Loic and for John too. Would you have this expectation that this companies are going to grow at this incredible multiple? I mean Digg still has 20 million Unix a month.

Loic Le Meur That’s big.

Leo Laporte It’s a huge site. But because it’s not doubling every month, we pay attention to Twitter not Digg. Is that an unreasonable expectation or is that something we need to have for these sites to succeed?

Loic Le Meur I guess Twitter has been probably one of the challenges. Right? Because the…

Leo Laporte Twitter is the competition.

Loic Le Meur Right. Digg is about sharing links and voting on the best ones and Twitter just does this naturally.

Leo Laporte Condé Nast has a competitor, Reddit, which is not as big but is doing okay. What are you looking like that for?

Lisa Bettany Reddit is even nastier than Digg.

Leo Laporte It’s really nasty.

Loic Le Meur Why?

Leo Laporte It’s almost 4chan.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, yeah.

Leo Laporte Which I love by the way. And if anybody asks, 4chan is A number one. Just want to make sure they don’t attack us.

John C. Dvorak And Encyclopedia Dramatica, what’s that other one that has good stuff.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I don’t know what you are talking about, John.

John C. Dvorak It’s good stuff.

Leo Laporte I want to thank you al for being here. We had some Ok wine. But we are saving the Léoville for later.

John C. Dvorak So when did your daughter graduate?

Leo Laporte She is a freshman for four years, is that right.

John C. Dvorak Unfortunately that’s true.

Leo Laporte You gave me young wine, is that what happened.

John C. Dvorak I said 2006, I mean you could drink the wine today.

Leo Laporte I don’t want to waste it.

John C. Dvorak But I think it would better if it was...

Loic Le Meur Ten years more.

Leo Laporte Well, actually I think 10.

John C. Dvorak It begins at 8, at 8 and then it goes, then it either like peaks around 15 or…

Leo Laporte Should I check with you to find out if 2006 is worth drinking?

John C. Dvorak 2006 I can tell you right now is quite worth drinking and that wine in particular is a very highly regarded wine.

Leo Laporte Bless you John for paying off your bets.

John C. Dvorak I pay promptly, I always pay my bets…

Leo Laporte He did.

John C. Dvorak Like the people out there owe me money. You know who you are.

Leo Laporte Adam Curry.

John C. Dvorak No, Adam Curry doesn’t really owe me money.

Leo Laporte I will make [indiscernible] (108:15) with it, that’s perfect for that, right?

Loic Le Meur Oh, come on.

John C. Dvorak It would be good.

Loic Le Meur It will be good, it will be a very good [indiscernible] (108:21).

Leo Laporte Loic, yes it would be. Loic I will see you in Paris in a couple of months.

Loic Le Meur Yeah, thanks for coming to Paris that way. Well your community is expecting you there, the web community too. So you can see a lot of TWiT.

Leo Laporte if you want to sign up it’s not to late, using the coupon code TWiT you will save 200 euro, was it 200 euros?

Loic Le Meur Yes.

Leo Laporte Wow, that’s great. and the Seesmic desktop absolutely is the way on Macro Windows to TWiT, I am a big, big fan.

Loic Le Meur I am so far happy to sit on your seat.

Leo Laporte Well, in fact if you look in my TWiT you will see, I mean I use a lot of different clients, but my desktop client has always been Seesmic and especially Seesmic desktop too, you really did a nice job with that. I really like it. John C. Dvorak is at Channel Dvorak where he has a nice new tie.

John C. Dvorak It’s a black tie…

Leo Laporte Do you ever, but no I gave you a new, the Einstein tie, do you ever wear ties, I mean is that…

John C. Dvorak I used to be, I am a tie collector as a matter of fact. I have about, seriously I have about 500 ties I got in to the 70s and I got all these ties and then of course ties became who needs them and so now I got all these ties that are in this collection, they are going to make a comeback one of these days.

Leo Laporte Ties, I love them. I call them cravats.

John C. Dvorak You can call them whatever you want.

Leo Laporte Lisa Bettany is at, anything else you want to plug.

Lisa Bettany Our new photo show.

Leo Laporte What are we going to call it?

Lisa Bettany I don’t know, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Mostly photos?

Lisa Bettany Oh, the domain’s taken, I tried.

Leo Laporte Oh, really.

Lisa Bettany I should have done that right at the get-go, got all the mostlys, but.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you could just own mostly. It would be like, the mostly, the queen of mostly.

Lisa Bettany I know.

Leo Laporte Well we will figure out a name for it. I will take any suggestions you can email Leo at Kilroy says John collects ties, Leo collects hair pieces. Thank you. I think this is a particularly nice one. Well, I knew the camera would be shooting down so I didn’t want any bald spots or you don’t want see the netting, that’s always horrible when you see the netting from the part.

Thank you all for being here, we will see you next time. Another TWiT is in the can!

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