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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 276, recorded November 28, 2010: Derp.

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It’s time for TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers the latest tech news and joining us – we’ve got a great cast, I’m really exited. From Toronto, Vancouver, wherever the hell you are – somewhere north of the border.

Amber MacArthur I’m in Toronto, Leo.

Leo Laporte In Toronto, Amber MacArthur, the host of net@night, and a long time friend, my former co-host on Call for Help, hi Amber.

Amber MacArthur Hi there, good to see you.

Leo Laporte Great to have you, thank you for being here. I see right behind you, I see my face, Andy Walker’s and we can’t see it but I know you are there on the right.

Amber MacArthur Yes I am there. I also have one of your old books here Leo but I won’t pull that out.

Leo Laporte Please, please. Also here, Dwight Silverman. Great to see you Dwight.

Dwight Silverman Good to be here Leo. Thanks for having me.

Leo Laporte Houston Chronicle.

Dwight Silverman It’s already been a lot of fun.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah. The pre show was a little different. We do believe, we are not sure – we believe – we believe Andrew Baron of Rocketboom is on his way. At least, the last we heard he was coming to the San Francisco Bridge. Now we don’t know what bridge that is, because there is no San Francisco Bridge but if – but if was at the San Francisco Bridge someday he’ll be here.

Amber MacArthur He’ll be there, I know he twitted about it a couple of times. I don’t know maybe he is living in a different time zone.

Leo Laporte Well there is a chair for him right there, anywhere.

Amber MacArthur Excellent.

Leo Laporte Yeah. He is in New York still doing Rocketboom, I think, right?

Amber MacArthur Yeah, he sure is. He’s doing Rocketboom, he has Magma, we’ve talked to him about that on net@night. But as we were talking about just before the show, Know Your Meme, it has become such a huge internet hit. That’s where they take all the latest internet memes and they really talk about how they happened and the history of the memes and I think it’s surpassed Rocketboom as far as traffic.

Leo Laporte Wow. It’s kind of like Snopes for memes?

Amber MacArthur Yeah it’s very cool actually, I’ve watched a lot of them and it’s always fun. You know, everything from David After Dentist, to all the different memes that we follow along, so they do a really great job of that.

Leo Laporte You know, the Charlie Bit Me guy has a twitter. I don’t known, you know you do one thing by accident like David at that dentist, where just by accident a father tapes his son and didn’t even really think that it was going to be a video others would see, he just didn’t understand how to make it private on youtube. Now it’s got, I don’t know how many, tens of millions of views. He’s made he says well over $100,000.

Amber MacArthur Oh yeah, I mean he’s turned it into a full business.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dwight Silverman Yeah.

Leo Laporte And then the Charlie Bit Me, which is a great internet meme. They’ve got a twitter feed. I mean these are little kids, I don’t think they’re tweeting.

Amber MacArthur Probably not.

Leo Laporte Yeah, probably not. So there are some very, very big stories. And I think the biggest one which is breaking right now is WikiLeaks. I really don’t know what to think of Julian Assange and the whole WikiLeaks thing. A lot of people I greatly respect, including Jay Rosen of NYU, yeah NYU and Jeff Jarvis who hosts our TWiG show of – and is at CUNY in New York. Both very esteemed journalists, not only just a journalist but teachers of journalism and kind of arbiters of journalism, say that WikiLeaks is great. Jay Rosen said, it’s the first kind of multinational journalistic enterprise, or non-national journalistic enterprise. What do you – let me ask Dwight because you’re also a journalist, a practicing journalist, what do you think of WikiLeaks?

Dwight Silverman It’s very intriguing. There are a lot of obviously a lot of ethical question involved there. The army private who gave the data to WikiLeaks that is, you know, being – has been parceled out over time, obviously is in a lot of trouble as a result of this.

You know, so far I kind of haven’t seen anything that I think, oh this puts our nation at risk, or puts any individuals at risk and the WikiLeaks folks have said themselves that no one has been hurt as a result of the release of it. But, you know, it’s – I think government needs to operate transparently. You end up with questions of whether that’s true in wartime and whether we are in wartime.

Leo Laporte We, I think everybody agrees there have to be secrets…

Dwight Silverman Right, right.

Leo Laporte …of some kind.

Dwight Silverman And some of these are you know, some – a lot of the stuff that I’ve seen, particularly in the New York Time story today, is kind of intriguing and embarrassing and a lot of it also has already come out. So I’m not sure if – unless there is more there that we haven’t yet seen or that hasn’t yet been yet being found, so far I’m kind of, I’m not seeing kind of the big threat that a lot of people think is there.

Leo Laporte Well, and, I – you know, they did the right thing, at least with the initial release, of releasing it first to true journalistic entities like the New York Times.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, that’s how they’ve been doing it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, letting them vet it first. Kind of, this reminds me of the Pentagon Papers, which is something you and I grew up with Dwight.

Dwight Silverman Right. Right.

Leo Laporte And equally embarrassing to the U.S. government, nevertheless, very, very important pieces of journalism. And leaks, important.

Now the New York Times says that the releases so far have been kind of embarrassing to governments. The real question, I guess we’d all agree we don’t want something released that will cause people’s lives to be lost, right?

Dwight Silverman Right.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, definitely.

Dwight Silverman And you don’t know what, whether, if that will happen before, you know something is released. There may be something in here that, you know, doesn’t seem sensational but could cause great harm because of a nuance that, say the New York Times or anybody else going through it will miss. And what’s interesting is that someone, somewhere was trying to stop this with a denial of service attack earlier today. Obviously, they had already given the data to news organizations.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you are blocking the wrong site. It’s not – it wouldn’t, taking down WikiLeaks isn’t going to do anything. WikiLeaks, the cable archive is up right now. If you go to cable – at least as we do this show, and this is where the secret U.S. embassy cables are. Part of what protects them I guess is that there are so much data.

Amber MacArthur There’s so much. That’s one of the things I mean, I just – when you go through it and you look at the archives and how much information there actually is there, I was just kind of diving in earlier on today. I mean most of it isn’t going to mean a lot to the average person, I would say.

Leo Laporte Right. Somebody said in the chat room, well, oh but why are they only leaking U.S. stuff? Well I think the point of WikiLeaks is everything, right, not necessarily just U.S. stuff. They happen to have this treasure trove right now but it’s not only thing WikiLeaks does.

Dwight Silverman Well, and in this case it came from this private who downloaded just a slew of documents all at once and obviously he is going to get it from U.S. sources.

Leo Laporte Yeah. And he was a soldier. So I mean, a number of people said on twitter, treasonous, including government representatives. And, you know, somebody I know, Adrian Lamo, who is a hacker is the guy who turned him in. Lamo, as often the case with hackers, people often go online to boast in chat room and so forth, he discovered this guy and he turned him in.

And he said, he felt he had, felt an obligation to do so. So there this – really – no clear point of view in any case. Even the tech community on this.

Amber MacArthur I think though this is going to be just the beginning of what’s going to be a bigger problem over the next few years. You know with more people sharing more things electronically, and people being able to find ways to access the information. I mean it really goes to show you that it doesn’t matter who you are, we live in a world where if you want something to be private, it’s increasingly more difficult to actually protect that.

Leo Laporte Right, right. That’s where Jeff Jarvis, we love talking to him because he is the guy who says everything should be public. If it’s all public, why – then everything is okay.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, either do that or if you’re having conversations that are sensitive then you don’t write them in any type of document that is saved electronically, right.

Leo Laporte And you don’t go flying anywhere either. It’s, I think it’s very interesting that at the same time that this debate is going on over WikiLeaks, there is the debate going on over the – these scanners at the airports that the TSA have put in and the very personal groping that’s going on. And there’s dissent over that too, just as many people think it’s fine, in fact many of the major newspapers say, get over it. You know, be searched. Whereas if you read twitter there is nothing but anger.

Dwight Silverman Bruce Schneier has a really good piece on the fact that, you know, essentially what – his point is that this is closing the barn door after the horse is out, you know.

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman In each case, we have set up, according to him, a set of very technological attacks on an approach for harm that’s already done. You know, we’ve got the body scanners in because of the underwear bomber, right?

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman But that’s already happened and so the terrorists try something new and come at us from another angle and then we put in a block to that but that’s already happened.

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman And so, Bruce essentially says that that’s a complete waste of time and money. He said the two things that they’ve done that have been successful has been getting people to fight back and – and I forget the other one. But getting people to fight back is kind of – is, you know, one of the prime things and in the case of the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber that’s exactly what happened.

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman People on board the plane took over.

Leo Laporte Turned him in and said, hey, what are you doing?

Dwight Silverman And turned him in. Right.

Amber MacArthur I love how –

Dwight Silverman And [ph] Schneier (11:16) says that’s a security success.

Leo Laporte I guess it is. Now, Bruce always – Bruce calls it security theater.

Dwight Silverman Right.

Leo Laporte He says this is the appearance of security although let’s face it, that’s not so bad. I saw another article, somebody said, well, so what if it doesn’t work? So what if it’s theater, if it makes people feel safer when they fly and keeps people in the air then that’s a benefit.

Amber MacArthur I love how creative people are getting. I don’t know if you guys have seen the guy in Colorado who invented the body scanner proof underwear. So funny and then I think there is underwear as well that you can actually a message on it.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s metallic. It has the Fourth Amendment on it.

Amber MacArthur Yes, there is those and then there’s actually a pair that you can’t scan through when you go through the scanner.

Leo Laporte There’s fig leaves. Now I think if you wore that, word of warning, they are going to pull you aside and grope you.

Amber MacArthur You are going to get groped if you wear those.

Leo Laporte Did – you’ve seen the bumper stickers? Can’t see London, can’t see France, unless we see your underpants.

Amber MacArthur Oh, that’s so funny.

Leo Laporte Grope discounts available. These are TSA bumper stickers. If we did our job any better we’d have to buy you dinner first.

Amber MacArthur I don’t want to jump ahead, Leo, but I know we’re going to talk about that Twitter account for the TSA which is also –

Leo Laporte There is only one.

Amber MacArthur [Ph] Fairly (12:23) amusing.

Leo Laporte There is only one, right? Now there are a lot of fake Twitter accounts but the TSA – what is the TSA Twitter account?

Amber MacArthur I think I have it here. Hold on one second. Opened it up earlier.

Leo Laporte I’m flying, I’m flying on Sunday. I’m flying to France. It will be very – I don’t – I’m going to get the x-ray if I can. I don’t want to be felt up.

Amber MacArthur Yes. You want to get the badge though don’t you Leo, the Foursquare badge?

Leo Laporte Yes, I will. By the way, that’s awesome. I will, if you do a check-in from the airport and you, what do you have to say, like TSA groped me or something and you’ll get a special TS I’ve been groped badge.

Dwight Silverman It’s the TSA blog team.

Amber MacArthur Okay, so it’s the TSA blog team. Yeah, I just got it as well. And I guess it’s real but I almost can’t believe it. I don’t know if you guys felt the same way when you –

Leo Laporte Well, do you remember Blogger Bob? I think we talked about Blogger Bob on TWiT a few months ago. He was blogging for the TSA, maybe – poor guy. 10,000 people following TSA blog team, they talked here about the fake Twitter accounts. They say, Happy Thanksgiving. TSA opt-out turns into TSA opt-in. That was the 24th, we talked about that too. People were saying, oh, I’m not – I’m going to get patted down. Bad idea.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, the funny thing if you read the Gizmodo article on this –

Leo Laporte Most of this is re-tweets.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, exactly.

Leo Laporte Almost all of this is re-tweets, yeah.

Amber MacArthur But they go into, in the Gizmodo article, they go down through conversations that the TSA team blog has had with individuals talking to the TSA on Twitter and this one woman is really angry and she sort of swears at the TSA and the TSA blog team writes back and goes, umm… – U M M and dot dot dot, I mean they’re just…

Leo Laporte Oh jesus. It’s just some intern they hired.

Amber MacArthur But they write things like, no pie for you, when people don’t like their – I mean I don’t know at all if I want to laugh or cry at some of these comments.

Leo Laporte I think they hired some college kid. They said, you know about social media? Yeah. Okay. Can you do our Twitter? We need somebody on the Twitter.

Amber MacArthur And there’s all these smiley faces. I don’t know. I mean I just – I guess I want the TSA to have a more stable or yeah, appearance or more serious appearance on Twitter.

Leo Laporte Well, should they have an appearance at all on Twitter? Dwight Silverman Well that’s a good question.

Amber MacArthur Well, I think they can but I think they need to sort of decide who they’re going to be there. Like right now if you look at the tweets that have been highlighted on Gizmodo, they’re really just having a lot of fun with different messages. Then they’ll have like cute little jokes. I don’t consider airport security funny.

Leo Laporte Apparently, they don’t either. Go ahead and try those jokes at the airport, see how they feel.

Amber MacArthur Exactly, yeah. Good point.

Dwight Silverman Actually, the TSA has a really useful feed where they tweet the waiting times at security locations for various airports.

Amber MacArthur Oh, that’s good.

Dwight Silverman And that’s actually useful.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dwight Silverman That’s the kind of thing they should be doing.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I mean, Amber, you know, you wrote the book “Power Friending”. I presume it’s your opinion that every company should – should government agency be on Twitter?

Amber MacArthur I’m not sure every government agency needs to be on there but I do think if you’re going to be on there, you need to decide that you’re going to kind of extend your image to people, you’re – extend your brand and I would say the TSA isn’t this fun light brand and nor should they be. And so to go to their Twitter account and see them having a lot of fun. Like you said, if you went through security and you tried to do the same thing, you’re going to end up there for a lot longer, you’re going to miss your flight. So I think they need a bit of an overhaul and kind of need to rethink their presence there because it’s very – it’s – I mean it’s kind of cute but I think at the end of the day, we don’t want cute for our airport security, right?

Leo Laporte No. Yeah, not me. So, let’s move on and there are other stories including the federal government – apparently ICE, which is a division of Homeland Security, shutting down not terrorist sites, sites violating copyright including If you go to these sites, you will find a big logo of the Department of Homeland Security saying pending a criminal investigation, this site is shutdown. Is this the beginning of what has been promised from the federal government – of the federal government, using ICANN which is extensively an international – well, it’s a U.S. organization but it really represents the international Internet, using that to basically to support an agenda that is, you know, the copyright holders, the agenda of the IRAA and the MPAA?

Dwight Silverman Well I’m curious about what the due process was in this. I mean –

Leo Laporte They said that they had a –

Dwight Silverman They said they had a court order.

Leo Laporte Court order, yeah.

Dwight Silverman But the people who have been quoted who own these domains indicate that they have been given no notice of this. Apparently, they’re going directly to DNS and changing it over but shouldn’t the owners, the people who hold the domains, who want them directed through specific DNS locations, shouldn’t they be notified? It almost seems like there is some kind of violation there of due process.

Leo Laporte This domain name, not the site, not the hardware – this domain name has been seized by ICE, Homeland Security Investigations pursuant to a seizure warrant issued by the United States District Court. What is the crime? Willful copyright infringement.

Amber MacArthur I just don’t – I mean it’s not going to stop people, you know. That’s – I can’t see people going there and saying, oh, okay, you know what, I see this message and I am going to stop trying to get copyrighted materials online. I know in Canada, for example, I think we’re one of the top nations as far as pirating music and movies and television shows and one of the reasons is we just don’t have access to some of that content, we can’t buy a lot of TV shows and movies on iTunes like, compared to the U.S., for example. And so there is this huge demand to be able to go online and get access to this.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dwight Silverman So, Amber, if they – you can’t get it and if people are going to do it anyway, does that mean that the federal government of either country should not try to enforce it?

Amber MacArthur Well, I think they should try to enforce it. I just don’t think it’s going to stop it. So I agree, they have a – they definitely need to do something about it, I guess, in their minds but I don’t it’s going to have a major effect on people there who are trying to find these different files. There’s just too many other places to go. So in some ways, I think they should try but I just don’t see it as being time well spent, I guess I could say. I don’t see an end to it.

Leo Laporte Well, and I have a problem because I think that it raises much larger issues, because this is a fairly heavy headed way to do it and it really is impacting the free flow of the Internet to steal the domain name and to use a fact that ICANN is an arm of the Commerce Department in the United States. See, I think – there are a lot of countries who said, we don’t want the U.S. Commerce Department running the global Internet. Well, doing this kind of thing is exactly underscoring what they are saying. Basically, to defend American interests, they are breaking the Internet.

Dwight Silverman And these sites have taken and moved to different domains that aren’t under the control of ICANN. One of them moved to a dotinfo domain and so it kind of takes it out of the realm of what the U.S. could do with it. But I’m very interested and I hope that in the next few days as this develops, that we get to see exactly what the due process was and how this was determined. I mean, as far as I know, there has been no trial; there has been no indication of what they did to determine that these sites were primarily copyright infringement. Now, some of them, I understand, from based on the domain names themselves, it’s obvious that that’s what they’re trying to do. But not all of them do that, not all the content that’s flowing through them is copyrighted or not for distribution.

Leo Laporte Well and that’s why the Torrent Finder issue is particularly challenging...

Dwight Silverman Right.

Leo Laporte ...because in fact it’s just iframes and the guys who runs it, runs it from Egypt. So this really doesn’t sound right, doesn’t sit right, it really bugs me especially when I read quotes like this: this is John T. Morton, Assistant Secretary of ICE, saying “American businesses under assault from counterfeiters and pirates every day, seven days a week. Criminals are stealing American ideas and products and distributing them over the Internet.” There’s also a bill, which is currently making its way through Congress – I don’t know how pronounce it, COICA? – the Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act, which the EFF says, it’s basically an Internet censorship bill. The operator of Torrent Finder says ‘my website does not even host any torrents or direct link to them. I am sure something is wrong.’ He says his server is still up and running at a different address. And it may be running outside the U.S., I don’t know, I mean I’m not sure – I guess ICANN could in fact block it worldwide if they should choose to.

Amber MacArthur You know, I didn’t realize, I don’t know if you guys know more about this, but I didn’t really is what a big issue cybersquatting is for many big companies out there. And I don’t want to take this too far off track but I work with a client right now who makes these great big down parkas, the name of the company is Canada Goose and there are so many companies right now in China who are squatting on names that sound like Canada Goose and selling products that look exactly like their products for like a quarter of the price. And with Canada Goose there’s a bit of struggle right now to even show up in Google results because they’re so advanced as far as understanding SCO and how to get to top of Google search result. So there is a – I think that’s such an interesting thing happening online right now too, although obviously very negative and hurting a lot of companies as far as sales.

Leo Laporte Well speaking of SCO, we’re going to take a break and come back and I want to talk about DecorMyEyes, which is a very interesting study and gaming Google, and a big New York Times article today about this site. I think it should – now see to me this should be blocked for the bad jacks [indiscernible] (22:14). Just forget the rest of it: it’s just a bad, bad name. DecorMyEyes. Thank goodness I’m not running ICANN.

Before we get to that, though – and I think it’s really interesting story, I want to talk a little bit about our friends at Citrix and the great GoToMeeting, which is a really great service for people who don’t want to travel but need to meet with people around the world. A lot of times it’s nice to meet face to face, but frankly who can afford to do it all the time? Nobody can and nobody’s got the time, the money, not to mention the stress of flying these days; this is why GoToMeeting is hotter than ever. GoToMeeting lets you meet, lets you have a conference call that is as good as a in-person meeting because of the visual aspect that GoToMeeting adds. It’s very simple, you can install right now free for 30-days. Just put it on your machine, very lightweight, won’t occupy much space or bother you in any way until you’re ready to have a meeting. Then you can do it ahead of time, send out an outlook invitation or an email with a link or even while you’re on the phone with somebody, say ‘hey go to, I just started to meeting, this is ID’ they enter in that 9-digit number, suddenly they’re – without any software on their site, they download it, it takes 30-seconds and suddenly they’re seeing your computer on their screen. You can show them the PowerPoint, the Keynote, because it’s Mac as well as PC, you can show them the drawings, the spreadsheets, the websites. You can collaborate together, you can even give them control of your machine for training or vice versa. Very easy to install, try it right now for 30-days. Once you’ve installed it, just have a meeting. By the way there’s a great iPad app out too for GoToMeeting. Makes it really fun to have meetings out in the backyard, unless you got Wi-Fi, it’s fantastic.

So you – I’m sure you’ve read this in New York Times article today about DecorMyEyes.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, definitely. I cannot believe –

Leo Laporte Amazing story. Amazing. I just went to the website and look at this: “your feedback is important to us. Would you be willing to give us one minute – a one minute feedback?” I don’t know if I want to even click a link on this site. It makes – it’s terrifying. What are they –

Dwight Silverman I was reading that story...

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dwight Silverman ...and the writer talks about going to the owner – the owner of the website, his house in Brooklyn, and he’s sitting there and having this conversation with the guy. And he paints such a wonderful picture of what this guy is like and as a reporter, you can feel him as he talking to him, he’s thinking to himself ‘this is a great story. This is a great story. This is a great’. I am surprised the reporter didn’t explode in that house.

Leo Laporte He really – he said –

Dwight Silverman I know that feeling.

Leo Laporte ‘I have struck gold.’

Dwight Silverman Oh yeah. Right.

Leo Laporte You know he said it.

Dwight Silverman And there is a reason why it runs on for what, it’s like six pages?

Leo Laporte It is. Seven pages. Very long story.

Dwight Silverman Seven pages on The New York Times website, it’s a great story.

Leo Laporte David Segal “A Bully Finds A Pulpit On The Web”, it even it had a good title. And so basically it starts off with a story of one Clarabelle Rodriguez who typed the name of a eyeglass brand, a frame, into Google. The very first site that showed up right at the top of the page was this And now because she said – because it was the number one – not a paid ad but the number one search result she clicked on it. They had the Lafont frame she wanted so she ordered them. “It was the start” – this is The New York Times – “of what Ms. Rodriguez would later describe as one of the most maddening and miserable experiences of her life.” She got counterfeit frames, she got overcharged, the guy threatened her, the guy took pictures of her house and said I know where you live. When she asked to have the credit card charge returned, the credit card company said ‘okay’. Then the guy called them posing as her, got it turned around, she called the credit card company, she said ‘well take it up with him’. But the funniest thing is this guy loves the bad publicity because it gives him Google juice.

Amber MacArthur It’s unbelievable. I cannot believe this story. I just can’t imagine people who are finding this company, that they’re actually going to go and spend money even after reading all of these reviews, though I think –

Leo Laporte Well not anymore.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, well it gives them Google juice. The reality is that it’s short-lived as far as his popularity online and it’s not really a long-term strategy to continue to do well.

Leo Laporte So the reporter talked to Danny Sullivan [indiscernible] (26:51) of And we’ve talked to Danny before, he’s a really smart guy. This is his – he covers search engines. And Danny pointed out that ‘well if you search for DecorMyEyes on Google, you’ll see all the negatives’. That’s what Google said. Just search for the company, you’ll see the problems. But he said ‘look, this isn’t the problem. She didn’t search for DecorMyEyes, she searched for Lafont frames.’ So she never saw the negatives. She only saw companies that sold Lafont frames. Because of all the negative links to DecorMyEyes – this is how page rank works, the more links the better – in fact many of these negative links come from a site called Get Satisfaction, we use it a TWiT. A lot of companies use Get Satisfaction as a place users can go to complain or to ask for – it’s a kind of a customer service site, third-party site. And it has a lot of Google juice. If there are a lot of links on Get Satisfaction that’s going to raise your search results up. Doesn’t matter that they are negative links.

Dwight Silverman And you can’t have Google doing links based on sentiment because there are so many angry links say out there against Barrack Obama or Sarah Palin and it would drive those websites, the White House’s website way down and so that’s not a solution. Danny makes a really good suggestion that when you search for, say, a brand of eyeglasses and this is one of the search results, that alongside or underneath the result for that specific site, you see some of the ratings that come up. In fact, it might be interesting for maybe a competitor for Google to do something like that.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I mean you can imagine Google including, say, Yelp star ratings or something on there.

Dwight Silverman Or does Get Satisfaction use a star rating system?

Leo Laporte I dont know. I dont think so. The way it works for us, if something goes wrong with one of our feeds or something, people go to Get Satisfaction and say ‘hey your feed screwed up’ and we have staff looking at that on a regular basis. There are a lot of companies I know use Get Satisfaction.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, definitely. And I think the funny thing about this story is I think this is one of the reasons I rarely ever buy anything online anymore just based on...

Leo Laporte What?

Amber MacArthur ...the Google search. Well I don’t –

Leo Laporte Really.

Amber MacArthur Well I depend on my online social networks like Twitter and Facebook and I’ll go there and say, ‘hey I want to buy sunglasses online, does anyone have a recommendation?’ Because for me sifting through all the results on Google, it just isn’t that informative and I just don’t rely on it or trust it as much as I would trust my own social network.

Leo Laporte Interesting.

Amber MacArthur So I think social search – this is obviously has a really bright future and I – if I’m staying at a hotel in a new city I’ll go there and say ‘hey has anyone heard of this hotel, what do you think?’ Because to me Google just isn’t relevant necessarily, as much anymore, because I can’t rely on these other networks.

Leo Laporte So this is actually a problem for Google. Google’s response was ‘well what are we supposed to do? We can’t – we’re not going to censor this result. This is a true result.’ What – does Google have a responsibility here?

Amber MacArthur I don’t think so. There’s lots of crappy products and sites out there.

Leo Laporte You don’t want Google to be the arbitrator of ‘this is good, this is bad.’ I mean that’s...

Amber MacArthur Not at all

Leo Laporte Or what you’re talking about Dwight which is called sentiment analysis.

Dwight Silverman Right.

Leo Laporte Where it’s not merely how many links, just how many negatives versus positive links, but you don’t Google to be the arbitrator of that either. Why should Google do, Dwight? I mean what – besides...

Dwight Silverman Google should give you – do what it does best, which is give you data. And if it were to show you some of the responses should get satisfaction or some other – there are other services that do provide ratings. I think if it just gives you the data along with each e-commerce site that offers to sell you something, I think that’s probably the end of Google’s responsibility.

Leo Laporte Let me do the same search. Here is an opportunity for Bing. Same search on Bing. And I search for LAFONT frames and I get the LAFONT company as the first few places. Maybe I don’t get – I don’t get – let me put frame…

Dwight Silverman Is DecorMyEyes even after the story still tops on Google?

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s an interesting question. Let’s try it on Google.

Dwight Silverman See if Google has taken action.

Leo Laporte They don’t say exactly what her search was. I’ll try LAFONT frames. is number one. I don’t see DecorMy –, coolframes – now, I don’t know that these guys are better or worse, that’s part of the problem. So I guess just let the buyer be aware, people should be perhaps before they buy doing…

Dwight Silverman I don’t see the site there at all.

Leo Laporte I don’t see at all. What if it got delisted?

Amber MacArthur Yeah, maybe.

Leo Laporte The quotes from him are just stunning.

Amber MacArthur I think though even if Google does something, and even if they include Yelp or any other services that provide recommendations that people have given, I can still see companies out there who kind of gaming the systems, right? And for me, that’s why again I rely more on kind of a trusted network of people that I know or loosely know than going to search results. Because I know companies now who are going to Yelp and they are putting in fake reviews. TripAdvisor to me is just a disaster when you go to the site because it’s too --

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah, yeah. I used to love TripAdvisor but you can’t trust it because you don’t...

Amber MacArthur I know. You can’t trust it anymore because you know hotel administrators are in there. And so who do I trust? I trust my own networks people who have faces who I have seen or know somehow even if it’s just online.

Leo Laporte Now Facebook – I mean Bing did of course this Facebook thing. You can see there is my – hi Leo, Bing just got better with your Facebook friends. So, this presumably will be – I don’t see it but presumably they could have – if my Facebook friends have been choosing frames, I guess, maybe I – let me try glasses frames. This is interesting. This is one of those solutions just to put social graph information in here.

Dwight Silverman This should be an interesting task case for Blippy.

Leo Laporte Oh.

Dwight Silverman You know.

Amber MacArthur Yeah.

Leo Laporte Tell me about Blippy.

Dwight Silverman Blippy is – isn’t Blippy the…

Leo Laporte It’s – Philip Kaplan is one – either – I don’t think he is a founder but I think he is very involved in it.

Dwight Silverman It’s where you – you make social your credit card purchases.

Leo Laporte Right, right. Or Netflix or iTunes or…

Dwight Silverman It’s specific sites. And so you share them with other people and, you know, if it were more widespread and you can provide along with your credit card information some rating of the experience, that would be interesting.

Leo Laporte So the reporter – I love this – the reporter tracks down the guy who owns DecorMyEyes. His name is Vitaly Borker. He lives in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn in a large brick house. His welcome mat is emblazoned with a Russian phrase that roughly translates to “go away.” Not welcome – go away. So he sits down on leather sofa and says, “What do you want to know?” On the first floor of the large brick house and home office where he lives with his wife and two-year-old child. Toys are all over the floor. Workers are noisily drilling nearby, renovating the garage.

Mr. Borker perks up, explaining his business philosophy like a professor unveiling new research, talking at a frenetic pace, tossing in plenty of profanity and ending sentences with “do you understand?”

“When I fly to Las Vegas I look down and see all these houses. If someone in one of those houses buys from DecorMyEyes and ends up hating the company, it doesn’t matter. All those other houses are filled with people, too, and they will come knocking.”

He says, “I’m not a salesgirl at Macy’s following a customer around the store to make sure you’re happy.”

He says he first heard about Get Satisfaction when he got an e-mail from one of the site’s employees, who was trying to mediate on behalf of unhappy customers.

He says, “They wrote to me, ‘We’d like to talk to you; you should take a proactive approach.’ ” Mr. Borker sneers and rolls his eyes. “I sent him a photograph of this and he flipped them off”.

Amber MacArthur What? They need audio or video of this interview.

Leo Laporte It’s – he actually – apparently he worked at Lehman Brothers where…

Dwight Silverman Oh, that explains a lot.

Leo Laporte He did back end computer systems for the mutual funds. He’s been sued by several luxury manufacturers, including Chanel, that accused him of peddling counterfeits. But, I mean all of this publicity has weirdly enough end up helping him. He says he stumbled upon the upside of rudeness by accident.

“I stopped caring,” he says, and for that he blames customers. They lied and changed their minds in ways that cost him money. At some point, he started telling them off in the bluntest of terms. To his amazement, this seemed to better his standing in certain Google searches, which brought in more sales.

So initially he’d hired a company, SEO company to write positive things about him online. Then he realized odious behavior worked much better and didn’t cost him anything.

Amber MacArthur So he does this on purpose?

Leo Laporte Yes, yes.

Amber MacArthur Oh, my goodness!

Leo Laporte It’s – you are right, eight pages, Dwight, and is – you can’t put it down. It’s just amazing.

Dwight Silverman It almost reads like fiction. You know, it’s so good.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dwight Silverman Almost reads like – at point he says that towards the end of the month he backs off because one of his resources, if he gets too many complaints, will cut him off. So he gets nicer towards the end of the month. And then when the new month starts, he is mean again.

Leo Laporte Apparently, MasterCard says they are looking into him. He says, “Don’t worry, there is no such thing as shutting someone down on the internet. It isn’t possible. If Visa and MasterCard ever shut me down, I’d use the name of a friend of mine. I give him 1%.”

Amber MacArthur I can’t wait to the viral videos come out with someone depicting this guy and using all the script.

Leo Laporte It’s amazing. It’s amazing. So he – he’s – I mean, I think he is skirting pretty close the law, I mean he’s threatening people. The police – Ms. Rodriguez went to the police. She said they were sympathetic but they said, we are still trying to build a case. She said, “I wanted them to know if anything happens to me, who did it.” She was that afraid. She was that afraid.

Amber MacArthur Okay, I take back my comment about not wanting to buy from there because now I kind of want to buy from there.


Leo Laporte And see how mean they could be.

Amber MacArthur I do. So he might have a bit of a spike over the next few weeks in terms of traffic because I certainly want to buy something and see…

Leo Laporte You just want to be abused.

Amber MacArthur I guess so. I suppose so. But it is intriguing nonetheless.

Leo Laporte He was arrested October 27th, this is according to the Times, accused of aggravated harassment and stalking Ms. Rodriguez. He confirmed he’d been arrested, he played down the charges, he says it’s already been dismissed. Not so. There is an arraignment coming up. About 18 months ago, he says, a detective showed up at his door and arrested him on an accusation of physically threatening a woman who was a customer.

“She must have known somebody,” he says, “She is a psycho.” Wow! He says he is the Howard Stern of online commerce.

Dwight Silverman The description of his voice actually is…

Leo Laporte It’s more Bronx than Russian, isn’t it?

Dwight Silverman It’s Bronx with a touch of Russian.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I don’t know if I can do that one. So I’m going to stick with, “Hey”, he says, “I’m doing fine.” He says, “I’m sure this is taking a toll on my health”. “I probably won’t live as long as you.”

Amber MacArthur Is that what he said?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Amber MacArthur Oh man.

Leo Laporte So the reporter says, “Maybe you should find a more mellow job, maybe become a shepherd or something”.

“I love this”. “I like the craziness. This works for me.” Unbelievable. Unbelievable. So it’s not Google’s fault, is it?

Dwight Silverman No.

Amber MacArthur I don’t think so.

Leo Laporte Is he gaming Google? No.

Dwight Silverman He’s gaming Google.

Leo Laporte Is he?

Dwight Silverman He’s gaming Google, yes. But in kind of a most unexpected way and so long as Google doesn’t show you exactly why somebody is getting those hits, he can continue to do it except it looks like they have pulled it down because I would [indiscernible] (39:06) the results.

Leo Laporte I don’ see it, yeah. The site is still there. The site is still there. It’s just not on the Google. And Google can do this. I mean, it’s just the one thing that Google will do and feels no compunctions about doing and/or explaining it to you. They’ll just take out.

Amber MacArthur It reminds me though, I mean if you think about it, it’s not – he’s not doing anything new in terms of what's been done in the offline world. There’s offline with celebrities – think about celebrities…

Leo Laporte soupnancy. Think about the soupnancy, right?

Dwight Silverman Right.

Amber MacArthur Sure, yeah.

Leo Laporte No soup for you.

Amber MacArthur And think of bad press as being a good thing, all publicity is good, right. I just found their Twitter account by the way, DecorMyEyes on Twitter…

Leo Laporte Oh, is it good?

Amber MacArthur And they only have one, two, three, four tweets, but the most recent one is from 22 hours ago and it says, “Have a look at this publicity stunt. Wow! We are famous!”

Leo Laporte Oh, Jeez! Oh, Jeez! Talk about unrepentant.

Amber MacArthur So there is 250 people following.

Leo Laporte Oh, I’m going to – Dec – is it just DecorMyEyes?

Amber MacArthur Yeah, I’m going to follow up – I can’t --

Leo Laporte This guy is going to be an Internet celebrity.

Amber MacArthur He is.

Dwight Silverman How many followers does he have?

Leo Laporte Just a couple hundreds.

Amber MacArthur He has 250 followers. He’s is not listed anywhere, but that’s not a big surprise. And he’s following 44 people. He has – it says he has 8 tweets actually.

Leo Laporte I’m telling you, full of surprise for this article. At the end, we say – this is the reporter again. We say our goodbyes, and I ask him to sit for a photograph. No, he says, too many psychos out there. Besides, he doesn’t need his face in the newspaper. What he needs is his company’s name visible for all the world to see and all the search engines to crawl in the online version of The New York Times. Along with some keywords, of course.

“Just throw in ‘designer eyeglasses,’ ‘designer eyewear’ and a couple different brand names,” he says, “and I’m all set.

Amber MacArthur Oh my gosh.

Leo Laporte I’m telling you, he’s going to be in Letterman.

Amber MacArthur Oh yeah, he is. I don’t think we are going to see the end of this guy.

Leo Laporte This guy’s – his name has been made ironically.

Amber MacArthur Funny.

Leo Laporte Ironically. So what should you do, should you shop via Google now? You should shop via Google Shopper, I mean, there you see some reviews.

Amber MacArthur Yeah. Definitely.

Dwight Silverman You shop smartly no matter what you do. You do your due diligence and before you buy at a – from any particular site, you search the name of the site. Jeff Jarvis in his post talked about buying from Dell years ago and then not searching on Dell Sucks.

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman You definitely want to search for DecorMyEyes Sucks and see before you can buy their stuff.

Leo Laporte That’s what you were talking about a little bit, Amber, to those. It’s not squatting but I know a number of companies will buy their name sucks, screw their name.

Amber MacArthur Oh my gosh, I would recommend that to any company and there’s like 10 different things that they can buy just to make sure that other people don’t latch on to them. So I think that’s a pretty standard procedure that’s being going on for quite a while. People try to scoop up any of those names so no one else sits there.

One thing on DecorMyEyes, looks like they have a live chat but there’s no one there right now. I think it could be kind of fun one of these days. I should just jump on and see they are rude and chat too.

Leo Laporte Get in there, Amber, chat with them.

Amber MacArthur I am going. I am going to dig up a little more.

Leo Laporte It is just fascinating. And by the way, I interviewed Steve Martin earlier today on the radio show. It was what he wanted to talk about. He thought that was fascinating. So everybody is kind of aware of it.

Amber MacArthur Yeah.

Leo Laporte We are going to take a break. We’ll come back with more, we have lots more in Tech News and Amber MacArthur is here. [Ph] Don’t think (42:32) I don’t need to introduce Amber. She’s the host of our own show net@night, her own show, you see her on TV in Canada, my former co-host on Call for Help, the author of Power Friending, a book of all that how to use social media for your business. Maybe he read that.

Amber MacArthur I hope not. Hey, Leo.

Leo Laporte If I were you, I would send him an autographed copy.

Amber MacArthur I think I might.

Dwight Silverman Get a blurb for the next [indiscernible] printing (42:58).

Amber MacArthur That’s a great idea.

Leo Laporte I have interviewed people like this. The Internet’s full of people like this who have a unique perspective, that’s kind of the fun of it. Also here Dwight Silverman, he is the tech blogger at, does a radio show out of Dallas.

Dwight Silverman Out of Houston.

Leo Laporte Houston, I am sorry, on Pacific Radio there. When is that show on?

Dwight Silverman That’s on Wednesday nights 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock Central Time. It’s called Technology Bytes and we kind of do what you and Amber did with call-in tech help.

Leo Laporte You’ve got to have me back on. That was really fun.

Dwight Silverman We will have you on anytime.

Leo Laporte Okay. I really enjoyed it, I had a great time. You have a great team. Like – there’s like – there seems like there’s 12 people on that show. It’s huge show.

Dwight Silverman The studio feels like that too.

Leo Laporte It’s really full. All right. And Andrew Baron is – hi, Eileen, is he on his way?

Eileen Rivera He said he was going to swoop in.

Leo Laporte He’ll be here any minute now. I’ll tell you what, if he makes it by the end of show, I’ll put him on. That’s a deal. That’s my promise to you. Before we go on I want to thank our friends at Carbonite. They do a great product. You’ve heard about the consumer version of Carbonite, this is an online back-up that is just fantastic. Does everything right, it’s automatic, encrypts 128-bit SSL. Whenever you’re online, even if it’s at a Starbucks or an open access, you are safely encrypted, sending your data up to the cloud where you can retrieve it anytime. You know, if that laptop gets stolen, the hard drive dies, even if you accidentally delete a file, you just log on with any computer to your Carbonite account, there’s your data. You can – they have a free iPhone app, a free BlackBerry app.

Well, a lot – Carbonite fans and a lot of people are using this in business. And the consumer version – they were buying an account for everybody in the office. That’s kooky. So they said look, we are going to do business version. This is for small businesses, same grade Carbonite, automatic backup, 128-bit SSL, you get Triple DES or Blowfish encryption if you want complete privacy. This is good for a law office, a doctor’s office, anywhere we have to secure this data. But here’s the cool part, one account, no charge for the number of users. You could have 1,000 users, you only pay for the data you use and it starts at $10 a month. It’s the single most – I’ve looked at them all, most affordable way to back up your business.

For $10 a month, you get 20 Gigs, so you could have 10 users, 2 Gigs each. That’s pretty typical. $10 a month. I want you to go to, you could try it right now, 30 days free. They’ve got the price list there, everything you need to know. Software for Carbonite Pro is Windows only. Carbonite consumer Windows and Mac and I am told they are working on a good Mac version for business. And frankly most business computers are Windows, so this works fine., a central dashboard so you know exactly the status of all your systems. Your users can back – can restore their – by the way. This is always the embarrassing thing if you’ve got the big presentation that afternoon and you accidentally delete the PowerPoint then you have to do the perp walk down the hall to IT and pray they are there – please will you restore my spread sheet, I need that PowerPoint back. Well, you don’t have to do that because they’ll, they’ll do – they control themselves,

Ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Baron in the house.

Amber MacArthur Wow!

Leo Laporte Sit over here, Andrew. That’s your seat right there. Just in time, Andrew.

Andrew Baron All right.

Leo Laporte Where’s your Movember? I’ve been watching your moustache grow. It’s gone. Here, pull that microphone right up to your mouth, there.

Andrew Baron All right.

Leo Laporte Unlike – and point it at yourself, really aim it at your mouth. Yeah.

Andrew Baron All right.

Leo Laporte Hey. So – did you run into a little traffic on the way?

Andrew Baron This has been an incredible experience not knowing much about driving around in California. Certainly can’t go based on minutes per mile.

Leo Laporte You used Google, did you? No. Yeah

Andrew Baron Yeah. Just also a little unfamiliar with the signs [indiscernible] (47:00).

Leo Laporte I am glad you made it. And by the way, we call that bridge the Golden Gate Bridge. Not the San Francisco Bridge.

Andrew Baron Oh, yeah, yeah. Long story but anyway…

Leo Laporte I am just teasing you. It’s great to see you. We talked to you – last time we talked about, Magma.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte And we were just talking about – as the show began about your Internet memes.

Andrew Baron Oh cool.

Leo Laporte That is hot.

Andrew Baron Yeah, that’s crazy.

Leo Laporte That’s a bit site now, isn’t it?

Andrew Baron It’s the biggest one we have.

Leo Laporte Hold that right up to you. You got to talk right into that thing because – like this, or kiss it.

Andrew Baron All right.

Leo Laporte Come on, right in there. Yeah. So you can tell Andrew is a TV producer. So what do you mean? I can’t put a microphone in front of my face, you won’t be able to see me. No, that’s what we do here. Think about this as radio, Andrew.

Last time Andrew was on, the infamous TWiT 57, do you remember that?

Andrew Baron Yeah. Oh yeah, that was – caused quite some drama.

Leo Laporte In the Apple Store, you and Jason got into it; that was fun.

Andrew Baron And it was especially a situation where none of us who were there on the program could hear.

Leo Laporte That was the problem. It was my fault and I take full blame for that, I still do because we were in an Apple Store and we didn’t provide headphones. And so nobody could hear what was going on. It was really noisy, everybody was talking at once. You don’t put Robert Scoble and Jason Calacanis in the same room and then expect anybody else to get a word [indiscernible] (48:18), it was just crazy. So Andrew…

Amber MacArthur It’s kind of a Gong Show.

Leo Laporte It was a Gong Show and Amber was there.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Amber MacArthur I was, hi, Andrew, welcome to the show.

Andrew Baron All right.

Leo Laporte

I know, you know Amber well.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte So we’ve already talked about like a number of big stories but we still have many more, so we are not done yet.

Andrew Baron Right.

Leo Laporte Yeah. It’s really nice to have you here, and we won’t mention TWiT 57 ever again. You know, this is TWiT 276.

Amber MacArthur Wow!

Leo Laporte So it was a while ago. We can kind of – we can leave that down.

Dwight Silverman You know what you’re doing now.

Leo Laporte Yeah. We figured it out. We give you headphones now.

Andrew Baron What – Leo, what would you say is the biggest difference between then and now, just in a nutshell?

Leo Laporte You know, before the show was beginning we played a little bit of TWiT 57 and actually there was not much difference. It’s still the – the whole premise of TWiT was just good friends who are really interested in tech, getting together BS-ing basically, we don’t make any pretence to any sort of authority, BS-ing about the tech stories. And in a way it works best that way because nobody feels pressured to say something deep or profound or – and it’s a great conversation. I always think of it as something, you, people who listen would like to feel like they are a part of, like they are sitting around the table with us talking.

Andrew Baron Yeah, well, actually on that note, I would say even up until today every time when I describe TWiT to people…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Andrew Baron …. I – the first thing I always say is that, Leo has the largest audience that I’ve ever seen that is participatory audience.

Leo Laporte They are, aren’t they?

Andrew Baron I mean the amount of…

Leo Laporte If you just look at the chat room and all the stuff going on – yeah.

Andrew Baron ….chat and emails and just how much they are – everybody’s into it, it’s – I think that’s one of the most incredible qualities about TWiT that it has really gone – I don’t know how you did it, but it goes – or how you do it because……

Leo Laporte Well, it’s not me because it’s the audience, it really is. And it’s just – it’s doing what they want and so they tell me what they want and so…

Andrew Baron Yeah, well you are…

Leo Laporte It’s fun.

Andrew Baron You are managing that right.

Leo Laporte This is your first time here, welcome.

Andrew Baron Thanks.

Leo Laporte The all of it. Amber hasn’t been here. The last time Amber was here, it was an empty room.

Amber MacArthur It was. There was a small room, Leo, and I know you had high hopes and I can’t believe what you’ve built now. It’s amazing. Every time I go to the TWiT site, I see all of the different shows. There must be more than 20 now for sure?

Leo Laporte Right. Well, the most important changes that we now have other anchors, it’s not just me.

Amber MacArthur Yeah.

Leo Laporte So, Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane and Becky Worley – we have some really good hosts and we’re adding more all the time and that’s going to make the biggest difference of all. So, I kept the TV stories. So you got here.

Andrew Baron Oh, okay, perfect.

Leo Laporte Number one, Google TV, is it in trouble? According to TechCrunch, Sony is now cutting 25% of its Blu-ray units with Google TV. I have to say I have a Logitech Revue. You probably do too right, Dwight?

Dwight Silverman No, I haven’t gotten one. Yeah, I have asked for one. I haven’t been sent one yet.

Leo Laporte Highly under-whelmed and it didn’t help that ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and Hulu, all blocked the content from it. What are you going to watch?

Dwight Silverman The reviews have not been kind either for it or the Sony version.

Leo Laporte No, too hard to use.

Dwight Silverman Too hard to use and with minimal amount of content that the masses wanted to see, it’s not a real compelling product yet.

Leo Laporte And yet I have to say the promise of it is great. I mean if it’s Android, right? If you could put – this is the thing that got me both Apple TV and Google TV. Just give us the marketplace, let us install apps on this stuff. That’s what made the iPhone, that’s what makes – imagine an Android phone with no apps, an iPhone with no apps, you’d have the same lousy reviews. Won’t you?

Andrew Baron You know, I think the thing that’s interesting about all of – the first thing I’ve noticed about all of the TV over IP boxes whether it’s Boxee, Apple TV, Google TV, it seems like every single one when you turn it on, then you’ve got to figure out a bunch of stuff to start watching.

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron What you want to watch.

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah. I mean the first thing you have is you plug in the Boxee box, you’ve got half an hour of updates. Same thing with Google.

Andrew Baron But even then once you get it all setup, you still have to sit there and play. Usually people like to just turn on the TV and just start watching…

Leo Laporte Right. Do you –

Andrew Baron …and nobody has provided that experience yet.

Leo Laporte First of all as a Internet TV mogul, do you watch TV at all, anymore?

Andrew Baron Still don’t?

Leo Laporte Yeah. You’re a bad person to ask really. You are not even interested in the competition, huh?

Andrew Baron Well, no. Actually, I went through a long period of time where I was interested in sort of like having a pure sense of influence or I’d like to be influenced by other things other than TV.

Leo Laporte You didn’t want that influence. Yeah, that’s smart.

Andrew Baron Yeah, just to try to keep the fresh ideas but yeah, I’m very – I’m interested and like to see little clips and the highlights.

Leo Laporte Right.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, I feel the same way. It’s funny because I don’t even know why I have cable because I never watch it because even Saturday Night Live or any programs like that I just wait for it to show up very quickly on YouTube or another video sharing site because the reality is I’m not going to sit through many programs and if I do, I have my laptop in front of me and then after five minutes, I lose interest in what’s happening on the show.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s because we’re ADD. We are – let’s face it. We are all victim. I don’t know if we’re born this way and that’s why we do so well in the milieu or the milieu has influenced us and turned us into short attention span people. It’s very hard to – which came first but none of us have the attention span to consume TV anymore.

Andrew Baron Yeah, I certainly don’t.

Amber MacArthur No.

Leo Laporte I have to have something – maybe this is the – the promise of Google TV was that maybe you could do both. You have picture and picture, you could Twitter, but it’s not well designed.

Dwight Silverman It has to be a lot simpler than it is.

Leo Laporte Yeah, and the Twitter box is too big and the TV is too small. I mean, it just doesn’t work.

Dwight Silverman When you hear the idea of oh, I can search for television – for what I want to watch, that sounds like a good idea in theory but then what that means is you have to put a keyboard in front of you and you have to be – or you can use a ridiculous remote control where you kind of – where you mouse through the letters that you want. People just don’t like that. People just want to sit back and relax. The closest one I’ve seen to it that does that is Roku.

Leo Laporte I love Roku, that’s my choice.

Dwight Silverman Which is based – it’s just – they uses the channel metaphor, you just move the cursor through a series of boxes that represent channels and once you go into the channel, you just choose what you want to see. It’s very simple, it doesn’t have a lot of choice and not a lot of high-end choice but as a kind of a supplement for TV, it’s great.

Leo Laporte You know the only thing wrong with Roku and the advantage maybe Boxee has is it won’t play your content.

Dwight Silverman Right.

Leo Laporte So the Roku box is everybody on the Internet but if you have content on your computer or on your servers or stuff, it’s no good for that.

Andrew Baron Yeah, and that’s a big missing component there.

Leo Laporte Right, I think so. Although – no wait a minute, though. I mean Rocketboom was one of the early shows that, I would guess, you had more people watching streaming than downloading.

Andrew Baron No, actually, we were always…

Leo Laporte More downloading?

Andrew Baron …more downloading.

Leo Laporte Okay. We’ve always been that way too.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte It’s been my hope, my great dream that it would flip. It’s about 80% download, 20% live.

Andrew Baron It’s still?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Andrew Baron Okay. So, we’ve definitely flipped like…

Leo Laporte You have?

Andrew Baron …we’re way on the – I mean people consume it mostly through flash video now.

Leo Laporte Yeah, okay. So, isn’t that the future? So who cares if it’s stored? Who cares if you could see stored video? Don’t you just want to see what’s on – what’s playing?

Andrew Baron Well, that actually brings up another thing that all of the boxes are kind of missing is that…

Leo Laporte Flash?

Andrew Baron …it’s – but also what about your collection. We’re humans and we like to collect. People have had collections of DVDs even if it’s only 20 or 30…

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron …and on your – if you – like on Apple, it doesn’t store anything and so how are you supposed to keep track of the movies and video clips…

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron …and the TV programs that you’ve watched?

Leo Laporte Well, Netflix thinks you don’t want media. Netflix is now offering and I think this is where Netflix is going, this is actually one of the stories, they are – they are now offering a $7.99 a month plan that’s just instant. No DVDs. And they raised their DVD account by a buck. Doesn’t it sound like they are pushing towards streaming only? In fact, I know Hollywood would prefer that because there is no risk of piracy.

Andrew Baron Sure. Well, streaming still can work even without – you don’t actually need to store it but you still would like a mechanism to be able to bookmark it or…

Leo Laporte Or maybe a Lala style mechanism where it knows what you own, it will stream it for you but you don’t have to store it.

Andrew Baron Yeah, you just need the tags…

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron …essentially like here’s my collection of videos that I like…

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron …but I don’t store them here. I just know how to click to get them kind of…

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman Well, Netflix has that with its queue, using your instant queue, you could queue up movies and you don’t have to necessarily – they are not queued up for you just to watch but that’s how I used it, I have a – I have probably about 20 or 30 in my instant queue and those are kind of my movies, the ones I like to see.

Leo Laporte I noticed I very rarely – I mean I have that documentary that I got on disc five months ago is collecting dust under the TV from Netflix, but I know – I very rarely watch those physical discs. They were sitting there for months. So, I’m going to immediately do the $7.99 thing.

Andrew Baron Well, I don’t think that the queue is really – I mean you’re just hijacking the queue to use for that purpose because…

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron …typically, the queue is just kind of a dump of all the stuff that you think you’re going to want to watch but then when you’re done with it, you want to kind of take it out of the queue and then it just goes away forever.

Dwight Silverman Well, there’s about 20 movies that I probably – that I have in there that I would come back to. I hate to admit this. Well, no actually, I’m proud of it.

Leo Laporte What? What’s your guilty pleasure?

Andrew Baron Can you organize them? Can you organize them based on like titles and categories and…

Dwight Silverman No, no, it doesn’t give you that but I sure wish it would.

Leo Laporte So, what is the movie that you want to see over and over again, Dwight?

Dwight Silverman Dead Snow.

Leo Laporte Dead Snow.

Amber MacArthur Dead Snow.

Dwight Silverman Zombie Nazis. Zombie Nazis, it’s a great movie.

Leo Laporte What is the appeal of zombies? Would somebody explain that? How did zombies get so big in the – and it’s geeks. You go to a Jonathan Coulton concert, everybody is dressed up as a zombie.

Andrew Baron I wondered if that’s Michael Jackson’s thriller that –

Leo Laporte Oh, you guys grew up on thriller? That’s where it is.

Andrew Baron And also you know it’s a big group activity to kind of redo that and…

Amber MacArthur Oh, yeah. We have zombie walks in Toronto that are really popular. I hate to say that. You know funny thing is about Netflix, I don’t know if you guys know this but it’s not that popular in Canada, it actually just launched here this fall and it was a big bust when they launched. They actually hired a bunch of actors to go down to their launch party and pretend that they were Netflix fans who got interviewed by some of the major media outlets in the city, so that was their number one problem is, it was uncovered that they actually hired actors who were interviewed by journalists. Second thing is we have – we have hardly any content, so people were so excited about it. I don’t know if you realize this in the U.S. but in most places, I mean you’re talking, oh, I love zombie movies. I mean we get nothing when it comes to some of these providers. Definitely not zombie movies…

Leo Laporte No zombies.

Amber MacArthur No zombies or any other major television shows that people want. So they just have kind of fallen flat.

Andrew Baron That’s interesting.

Leo Laporte Apparently it’s not a TWiT unless we mention Hitler or Nazis zombies, which we have done both by the way, in fact we have combined them felicitously, thank you Dwight for Nazi zombies, all that remains, Godwin’s, it’s actually the Laporte corollary to Godwin’s Law; Godwin’s Law said that every conversation eventually devolves into calling, somebody calling somebody else Nazis – we, Nazi zombies and then we have to at some point mention jumping the shark and then we will be done. Then we can go home.

Dwight Silverman You just did.

Leo Laporte Oh, yes. Thank you everybody, goodnight.

Andrew Baron Amber, are you saying that Netflix is jumping the shark in Canada?

Amber MacArthur Pretty much, and they have fallen and there is no zombie movies here on it so that’s pretty much to sum up the situation here, it’s not good. People are there – it’s not a popular service at all.

Leo Laporte Isn’t it interesting? Do you think that has to do with the streaming or just lack of awareness or?

Amber MacArthur Leo, it’s just the lack of content. I mean it’s the same thing in iTunes. You may think okay I want to go to iTunes and get one of the – a new movie that just came out and for us and many other countries around the world, you got to try to do it and you just can’t get it. So the content is crap and there is a lot of Canadian content and with all due respect to my many producer friends that I have some Canadian content is just weird and not that great, and you know there is just a lack of quality and I think again you know getting back to the point where I said that Canada is one of the leading countries as far as pirating that would be one of the reasons.

Leo Laporte Well, and I think it’s a just a matter of time. I mean…

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte Initially in the U.S. streaming Netflix wasn’t so compelling; it had a – you know it was all crap zombie movies, but now I would say almost everything is going to eventually be streaming and I think we are getting rapidly to that…

Andrew Baron And I mean the reports have been coming about the success that Netflix has been having…

Leo Laporte Right. No kidding!

Andrew Baron In America is insane.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Andrew Baron I mean I have been hearing that they are actually using as much as like 30% of all of the bandwidth…

Leo Laporte During primetime!

Andrew Baron Yes. I mean…

Amber MacArthur Wow!

Andrew Baron That’s massive of all in America, all bandwidth.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Andrew Baron And now they’ve got the TV programs in addition to movies and in fact you know what I think maybe Netflix is essentially right now the killer app that makes you want to, makes mom and dad want to buy an Apple TV or something that allows them –all they want to do is just have just Netflix.

Leo Laporte That’s got to be why Apple TV sold so well, because I don’t think it’s the iTunes rentals, it’s got to be Netflix.

Andrew Baron And Roku all the advertisements, ICSS, Roku, plus Netflix equals…

Leo Laporte Yes.

Andrew Baron What you want.

Leo Laporte It’s about Netflix, and that’s why we like Netflix, right Dwight, is, I mean Roku is because you get Netflix but also get Amazon, you get all these extra channels, there is a lot, you get TWiT.

Dwight Silverman The other night I wanted to see Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, we have U-verse and I couldn’t make it play on U-verse, they are having technical issues, so I used my Roku and went over to Amazon, and rented it through Amazon and it was actually $2 cheaper at Amazon than if I had got it through U-verse, that’s a great deal, that’s great value.

You know the other think Andrew about Netflix is Netflix is really smart because it’s making apps for every device. And putting Netflix on the iPad, on the iPhone is a really smart move, I love watching streaming Video on my iPad, that’s just being able to sit back and hold that right in my face, on a chair is – I do that a lot.

Leo Laporte They won’t put it on Android though because they say it’s not – there’s no DRM, it’s not secure enough.

Andrew Baron Well, the other thing is maybe Netflix is essentially the killer app operating system in a way that all of the boxes are needing and it’s the layer on top of the boxes’ – in other, whatever box you have if you can get Netflix on it, just open it up, go to Netflix and then do everything you want from there.

Leo Laporte Which makes me question Hulu’s strategy because they could – if they could – in fact this is what Mark Cuban said couple of weeks ago in his blog, you know Hulu blocking – the networks blocking, all they are doing is opening a bigger path for Netflix to come swooping in and say that’s fine, we’ll own streaming, no problem, we will take it…

Andrew Baron And what the international issue as Amber just pointed out, I mean it is ridiculous and sad to see the lack of content going around the world.

Leo Laporte Well, and this is why frankly Andrew, you have an advantage, I have an advantage because we have a new model it is not based on regions or countries, we want everybody; we don’t care where they come from.

Andrew Baron Yes, exactly.

Leo Laporte Although I don’t know about you but my advert – many of our advertisers, we are slowly shifting that, pay only for U.S. downloads. We are shifting that. That’s starting to change.

Andrew Baron Yes, and then and also just depends on what kind of advertisers you know you are working with because…

Leo Laporte Well, I’ll give you an example, Ford wants the global audience, they pay for the full audience…

Andrew Baron Right.

Leo Laporte If you are – don’t tell them this, but if you are a smart advertiser you say, I don’t want U.S., somebody like Audible, I want U.S. only but you are going to get everybody else and if you do business and all these other countries…

Andrew Baron Yes.

Leo Laporte But I understand the issue because advertising agencies at best are national; there is no global advertising, you know, they – every country has an advertising budget for that unit; how – who – how are they going to pay, you know, what, I don’t even understand how Ford does it because, I mean, do they make money off sales in Europe, I guess they must figure they do.

Andrew Baron Sure.

Leo Laporte I mean they do ultimately, but does the agency benefit from – I guess they do. I think what is happening is I think corporate’s directing this.

Andrew Baron Yes.

Leo Laporte It’s coming out of the corporate office.

Andrew Baron And they are evolving. You know…

Leo Laporte Yes, they are evolving.

Andrew Baron And making it happen.

Leo Laporte Good news for us.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte Because that’s a real – I think that’s a real advantage that Internet broadcasters have over more traditional broadcasters.

Dwight Silverman Leo, does the issue with Audible only buying U.S. have anything to do with U.S. rights for some of their audiobooks?

Leo Laporte Yes, well, and by the way I was using them as an example, I’m not sure if they pay for – I believe they only for U.S. rights, partly that’s because they have been with us for 4 years, they have kind of grandfathered in, but they – I mean Audible U.K., Audible Australia, they sell – those companies get new subscribers and they make money based on the ads they hear on TWiT, 30% of our audience is outside the U.S. as in Canada, Australia, England…

Dwight Silverman Wow!

Leo Laporte Scandinavia, oh yes, 30%.

Amber MacArthur Wow, that’s significant.

Leo Laporte Yes, so when I do an ad that I get paid only for U.S. I get it – it’s basically a 30% discount. Because I can’t have them figure out how to have different versions for doing countries, that’s too complicated for me.

Moving along, have any – what do you think of Kinect? Let’s talk about, Microsoft Kinect because it’s been out for a few weeks now. Any of you use it?

Amber MacArthur I’ve tried it.

Dwight Silverman I’ve got a Kinect.

Leo Laporte Do you have it, Dwight? What do you think? In other words, my real question is does it have legs?

Dwight Silverman I think it does particularly for younger people, for kids, with me it’s kind of like I’m so out of shape that it’s hard for me to play…

Leo Laporte Okay. You get off your duff and start dancing, Dwight.

Dwight Silverman But the games are really good.

Leo Laporte They are fun.

Dwight Silverman The games are very similar to the Wii, the games that first came out

Leo Laporte But Wii, I think Wii does not have legs, is I guess what I’m implying here. Is that people get tired of the Wii?

Dwight Silverman Eventually Nintendo will do what Microsoft has done. They will take away the controler.

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman They’ll do their own version of that. So the Wii is kind of a transitional product, I think Microsoft had – I think it’s still a 1.0 product but the nice thing is that it’s a very software upgradable. And so they can refine and fix a lot of the glitches, deal with the – there is a little of a lag in it…

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman And I think they can fix that with software, so, yes, it has legs long-term.

Leo Laporte I have to say I like it. Do you like it Amber?

Amber MacArthur Yes, I like it. I mean I have the same issue with the Kinect as I do with watching television, I just find playing games watching TV, I know obviously playing video games is more interactive but I just find it something I get a little bit bored, you know, I guess I don’t like the idea of you know sitting with my computer, being productive, creating content and those type of things so I’ve never been a big gamer, however, I will say that it’s fun. You know I did a demo of it on my TV show here Webnation, and I really enjoyed it, you know…

Leo Laporte Its fun, isn’t it?

Amber MacArthur Yes, there is no barrier to entry, it’s not like the average person can’t get up and understand how it works, which I think is an issue with a lot of video games to get that, you know the family market involved, so I do think it’s, I think they kind of have a hit on their hands.

Leo Laporte Right. Rupert Murdoch says, we are going to do an iPad newspaper. The Daily iPad – yes, you are chuckling, Dwight.

Dwight Silverman Yes, keep reading Leo.

Leo Laporte He says we are going to hire six techs and 100 journalists for a national newspaper that will be 99 cents a week, iPad only, not updated by the hour, not updated every 8 hours, updated once a day, just like an old school newspaper.

Dwight Silverman Yes, good luck!

Leo Laporte We talked about this on TWiG, Jeff Jarvis’ immediate reaction was “that’s not enough”, not enough journalists to do a newspaper. Is that – how big is the newsroom at The Chronicle?

Dwight Silverman You know, I don’t know, post our most recent lay-offs I think maybe about 200 or 300.

Leo Laporte 2 to 3 times bigger. And that’s for Houston.

Dwight Silverman Houston’s bigger for this, now according to – if your, if you are doing it right in terms of combining aggregation as well as reporting you might be able to get away with that if you are limited in your scope; what I’m more concerned about is the fact that he is kind of taking the square peg of an old newspaper and forcing it into the round hole of an iPad app…

Leo Laporte And you are surprised it’s Rupert freaking Murdoch!

Dwight Silverman Well, but you know he is not a dumb guy, and he has got people who are advising him, I mean he needs to have some kind of social aspect which it may have when it actually launches, you know…

Leo Laporte Yes, we don’t know, I mean this is…

Dwight Silverman This is all speculation.

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman But it needs to have some kind of social aspect, it needs to update constantly, I mean I’m not going to just put this thing up and read it…

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman ….. in the morning and be done with it. I want to go back to it and it needs to be my lifeline to the news all day long if it’s going to be a hit and you have to be able to share the content in it with other people. So you need to be able to send links out to your friends, if it’s a walled garden which is as it’s described that’s not going to happen. So he’s – I think the market for – you’ll probably get a lot of interest right at first but as people use it and see that it’s very limited in scope I think it will probably drop off and it’d be very much a niche product.

Leo Laporte I could see [indiscernible] (70:36) for $0.99 a week, if it’s good, it’s well written, I might buy it.

Amber MacArthur Do you guys know of any really good newspaper apps on the iPad though because I know The Globe and Mail in Canada for example, has an iPad app, but it’s really limited as far as the content, they are just of throwing the content there like it seems like they could be possibly doing in this situation. Is there a great example of any……..

Dwight Silverman USA TODAY is pretty good. USA TODAY app is good, also the newer version of The New York Times ….

Leo Laporte I like The New York Times, because it’s the full New York – it’s not select any more.

Dwight Silverman But it’s free temporarily. Early next year they are going to start charging for it which is interesting.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Washington Post is also doing again, free for now, but soon to be paid version of – you know what the best one is, is THE Journal. Now you have to pay for it. But I think The Wall Street Journal is a very good – basically it’s the print edition of The Wall Street Journal, I mean, it’s not updated past – the daily updates. But I would rather read this on an iPad than the paper one. The irony of this is, I called them up and you can – you can buy the electronic-only version but it costs more than buying the print-plus-electronic version.

Dwight Silverman Right.

Leo Laporte I don’t get that. So I get the print version and I just recycle it.

Dwight Silverman To me the best online newspaper and a newspaper in air quotes is Flipboard.

Leo Laporte Really? You think so?

Dwight Silverman Flipboard is way an online newspaper should be.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dwight Silverman It is – it’s still kind of clunky and the design doesn’t always work and I hate the intermediate step where it blows up a story and then you have to go off to the website, which just take me to the web, but in terms of – I use this to read news. This is how I read the news.

Leo Laporte And what it’s doing is kind of interesting. Basically – except for the Facebook page, it’s aggregating Twitter feeds, and just finding the links in the Twitter feeds and then making a kind of a magazine out of it. So even when it says The Economist, it’s not actually The Economist, it’s whatever The Economist puts on its Twitter feed.

Dwight Silverman Right and what I do is I take my – the people I follow and I’ve got them sorted into lists and so I have a technology list and a journalism list and I feed that …..

Leo Laporte You make your own in effect.

Dwight Silverman I make my own and it’s some of the smartest most interesting things on the web organized in a very readable manner and that is the way I like to read.

Leo Laporte This is Scoble’s tech – I don’t make my own list, I use Scoble’s tech influencers list. And it is, it’s a very – it’s good feed. Now this has an advantage over Rupert for one thing, I don’t pay anything for it. It is updated constantly.

Andrew Baron That’s really different because it’s an aggregator…

Leo Laporte It’s an aggregator.

Andrew Baron …as opposed to a content company.

Leo Laporte But from the point of view of the user, isn’t this – I mean isn’t this superior to anything Rupert Murdoch could do?

Andrew Baron I love it and I actually use it but what I keep finding is the way that it organizes it is really abstract.

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron It kind of – when I end up wanting – I like to go through the media that way, but I only end up using it like late at night when I am about to fall asleep.

Leo Laporte Exactly.

Andrew Baron And I am sitting here like just show me some candy or something.

Leo Laporte Right. I don’t do research with it. You’re exactly right.

Dwight Silverman Right, it’s for casual reading, it’s for sitting back…

Leo Laporte It’s like People magazine.

Andrew Baron Yeah, right.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, you can control, you can provide order to it using Twitter lists.

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman That’s kind of the way to do it, so that you don’t have just the entire Twitter feed, your entire Facebook feed, break it down into lists just for this and it works really well.

Leo Laporte Right. Now – but this essentially this is parasitic because Flipboard creates no content, it’s all other peoples’ content.

Andrew Baron Yeah, it’s an aggregator of other’s stuff.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So don’t we need people like Rupert Murdoch to create content so we can aggregate it? I mean you won’t be able to aggregate the Daily because there’s no outbound links.

Dwight Silverman Right.

Andrew Baron I think what’s going to make the Daily interesting, I mean, I agree with everybody’s arguments that it’s kind of not going to work for the reasons that we all have expectations that are higher than what we expect it’s really going to be.

Leo Laporte No, it’s the post-web world. The web exists, you can’t take that back.

Andrew Baron Right. But the thing that I think is – the first obvious point as to why something like that may not work is because most of the time when there’s a new story, then everybody else jumps on the new story and then it’s not a private information that you have to pay for. And so I think the only way that it will work and I assume that this is how they are going to forward is they are just going to have to compile the best journalists that actually really write some significant unique articles. They have to dig up and crack the story.

Leo Laporte We were talking about The New York – you weren’t here, but The New York Times’ article about this crazy guy blaming Google with DecorMyEyes, I don’t know if you saw it, but that’s an example of great reporting. If Murdoch can find even 20 people that good…..

Andrew Baron Exactly.

Leo Laporte …then it becomes a primary source and everybody will read it. It’s a magazine then it’s The Atlantic, then it’s The New Yorker, then it’s a great magazine. But doesn’t he do himself a disservice by not allowing outbound links because, yeah, I now have to get the Daily to read it, that was his idea. But there’s no promoting of it. We may never know that great story exits, only the people who buy…

Andrew Baron Oh we will because…

Leo Laporte We will?

Andrew Baron …as soon as somebody reads it, then they are going to write a version of it…

Leo Laporte Get the link.

Andrew Baron … it will end up on Techmeme et cetera.

Leo Laporte They really write it.

Andrew Baron That’s why I was saying you just…

Leo Laporte Steal it.

Andrew Baron It will be important headlines just like the story you mentioned from The New York Times, we could all summarize that up even though it was like a nine-page story.

Leo Laporte True.

Andrew Baron I mean it’s just like, here’s a guy who is terrible to his customers and he’s actually making that working because he’s gaming Google and Google is …..

Leo Laporte It’s a good point we didn’t – at least on this show we didn’t need to give you an outbound link and if – we’ve talked enough about it that if somebody’s interested, they will get The New York Times version of it and read it…

Andrew Baron Yeah. If you want to go, get the whole thing.

Leo Laporte So they’ll get the benefit of it. I do think that you get much more value though, if somebody can embed a link in a Twitter stream and direct you – the traffic to your site.

Andrew Baron Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s really much more valuable than having a closed walled garden on the iPad. By the way Oprah’s favorite thing, Oprah’s favorite ….

Amber MacArthur I watched that video, Leo, I didn’t actually see the show, but it’s so funny because I can’t tell you how many of my girlfriends watch Oprah and saw that show and were so excited to see her favorite things. But I watched the video that is in the article that you sent across; and I can’t believe it’s like some of her audience members were almost crying. I was so excited to see it. That is her number one product.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute. Her audience members are thrilled that she picked the iPad?

Amber MacArthur They were just so excited. I can’t believe how excited the audience was. Like if you watch the --

Leo Laporte They were hopped up on methadrine or something.

Amber MacArthur I don’t know. And she was so excited too, I was kind of freaked out because – I mean I love the iPad, it’s fantastic but it was really surreal.

Leo Laporte Oprah’s number one favorite thing. This is somebody by the way tapping off the TV. So, this is probably highly illegal what I am about to do here. I mean literally you can hear this is tapped off the TV. It sounds like they’ve got the microphone and pressed…

[Video Presentation]

Leo Laporte Oh please, Oprah.

Andrew Baron She’s just associating herself with the hottest thing on the market.

Leo Laporte You got it. Brilliant.

Amber MacArthur Leo, it comes – I mean, I don’t want to make you watch that but it actually – the iPad comes down in the studio with wings on it, like an angel. And people go crazy. I am not kidding.

Leo Laporte What are you talking about?

Amber MacArthur Leo, I am telling you…

Leo Laporte All right. Let’s watch it, all right. Okay I am going to violate more. Look at these people; they are over excited now. Oh my god, there it is. It has wings on it, she’s dancing around it. It’s like the Victoria’s Secret models only. It’s a thing.

Andrew Baron They are worshipping it.

Leo Laporte Amber, Amber, she could have said…..

Amber MacArthur I told you, Leo. Don’t blame this on me because I’m….

Leo Laporte She could have said a muffler and everybody in the audience would have gone crazy because they are so – you got to understand. Have you ever been to one of these shows, Amber, with a warm up and everything, where they really get you going?

Amber MacArthur Yeah, I have.

Leo Laporte These people are just happy to see Oprah, they are not – they don’t care less what came down in a wrap.

Amber MacArthur It was just surreal though, Leo. I mean I watched the whole thing just so I have a sense of what was going on. And the wings, I don’t know it was just bizarre.

Leo Laporte Look at this woman.

Andrew Baron They look like they just all won like 10 iPads.

Leo Laporte Well, in fact ……

Dwight Silverman She gave them iPads.

Leo Laporte In fact I think that’s what happened, is they said – they realized they all got one.

Amber MacArthur Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte So they were told ahead of the show whatever Oprah picks as her favorite thing, even if it’s a muffler, you get it. That’s why they are so excited, they are getting iPad.

[Video Presentation]

Leo Laporte Wow! How many iPads is this going to sell?

Amber MacArthur I know.

[Video Presentation]

Leo Laporte That’s who’s buying the Daily, right there.

Amber MacArthur And she – you missed where she actually promotes the new Oprah magazine on the iPad, so….

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Amber MacArthur Of course.

Andrew Baron There it is. There it is.

Leo Laporte Yeah. You said once you want to be the next Rupert Murdoch, Andrew Baron. You still want to be the next Rupert Murdoch?

Andrew Baron Well, did I say that?

Leo Laporte I have it on tape. I have it on tape. You told Jason Calacanis…

Andrew Baron Okay. Okay.

Leo Laporte …and he mocked you for it.

Andrew Baron Okay.

Leo Laporte But I think what you were really saying is that this – your generation…

Andrew Baron I have [indiscernible] (1:20:18).

Leo Laporte Well it’s not just you, it’s our turn – I’m older than [ph] Mud (1:20:23). But it’s your turn. It’s the turn of the Internet, isn’t it? And the next Rupert Murdoch will not be a newspaper publisher. He will be – or she will be an Internet publisher.

Andrew Baron Yeah, I mean, the whole idea is that, that both – all of us here actually Amber, you, myself, are colleagues, we’re all in this unique period of time where…

Leo Laporte It is.

Andrew Baron …or in a position where you know, the likelihood of any of us becoming Rupert Murdoch is obviously very slim but we’re all in a position to where we have a more realistic opportunity…

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron …than probably has ever been before and we’re in the beginning of being positioned, so based on how we can make things work from here, it’s kind of up to us to try to take hold of it, the opportunity that is clearly there.

Leo Laporte Not to be self-serving but this is – we’re kind of like the Ernie Kovacs or the Milton Berle, this is – we are getting to invent a new medium.

Andrew Baron That’s a little Charlie Chaplin like.

Leo Laporte Yeah. He basically invented movies in many ways.

Andrew Baron Yeah, I mean…

Leo Laporte So yeah, I would agree with you on this.

Andrew Baron And who knows even…

Leo Laporte Not in a sense that we’ll be as rich or as successful but merely that we have an opportunity in a new medium.

Andrew Baron That the opportunity is there, more realistic than ever before.

Leo Laporte Yes, I agree. Acer announces Android and Windows tablets for 2011, talk about hedging your bets, does anybody want a Windows tablet, anybody? Show of hands? Nobody.

Amber MacArthur [Indiscernible] (1:21:58).

Leo Laporte Dwight?

Leo Laporte Anybody?

Dwight Silverman No, although, I’ll be interested, I’ll be interested to see what would happen if you were to take the operating system on Windows Phone 7 and do that as a tablet.

Leo Laporte I like that, and I bet you we will see that. In fact, I think…

Dwight Silverman Yeah.

Leo Laporte …Microsoft’s hinted that that’s what’s going to happen. I think Windows Phone 7 is actually pretty great. I’m…

Dwight Silverman I think it’s interesting that the – that HP has been reluctant to send out to a lot of reviewers, their current Windows 7 tablet, saying, oh, no, this is just for business…

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman …and you cover consumer stuff.

Leo Laporte You don’t want this.

Dwight Silverman Because from – I’ve not – I’ve not tried one but I have seen video of one and you know how in the iPad when you take it and you turn it on its side it automatically changes in its orientation very smoothly, apparently when you turn a Windows 7 tablet, screen blanks and then reappears in the orientation – in the correct orientation and that’s just – that’s kind of not the experience that I think people [indiscernible] that iPad (1:22:58).

Leo Laporte It’s not what we’re looking for here. By the way, I just – okay, a little plug here. This is the Samsung Focus, I got to go back to the homepage, look at that, there is the TWiT application thanks to Dmitry. There you go, look at this, look at this, beautiful. That just shows you that [ph] each grow to (1:23:18) incredible, these are all the TWiT shows, plays back the video, we don’t have live yet on here, I look forward to the time where we can put live video on here, so we can already on the iPhone, but a really nice job. Thank you Dmitry and if that’s free, if you have a Windows, if you wanted the 25,000 or whatever people [indiscernible] (1:23:37) Windows Phone 7. But have you carried this around at all Dwight, have you used it?

Dwight Silverman Yeah, I don’t have that one I have the…

Leo Laporte This is a nice one.

Dwight Silverman …I have the HTC one but yeah, I love it, in fact, I have always fight the operating system that is inside the Zune and this is what it’s based on --

Leo Laporte It’s basically the Zune, yeah.

Dwight Silverman And even though people made fun of the – the early Zunes, the software and it was pretty nice, and it continued to get good in the last Zune, the Zune HD is a really nice device, largely because of the software and so I’m glad to see that they’ve stuck with this for the phone, it’s surprisingly good.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but that – the Focus has a nice AMOLED screen…

Dwight Silverman It’s beautiful.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s a really good screen.

Andrew Baron I kind of am curious as to whether Windows is going to make it in the long run and one of the biggest races I think they – one of the things I think they have going against them the most right now is that kind of what we’re talking about here like, we’re excited about the apps not the operating system so much.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Who cares about the OS?

Andrew Baron But then now, but I think the reason why Windows may lose is because there is one entity – kind of an entity that does care and that’s the – the manufacturers who either have to license Windows and pay for Windows and kind of deal with it as it is, or to use a free version of Android, if you’re going to shift a hardware, you may want to go with the free…

Leo Laporte Why pay for an OS, it’s – that’s the appeal of Linux, and after all Android is the most widely used version of Linux today.

Andrew Baron I wonder if Android is just going to wipe out – between Android and iOS just wipe out Windows.

Leo Laporte Interesting point of view, I haven’t really thought about that, Microsoft is got to be wondering. I think we got Windows for a little longer.

Andrew Baron I mean, it’s going to take a long time of course because there is so much business and so many people on it. But I just wonder if…

Leo Laporte You know, Apple is clearly positioning itself in some ways to be ready at least if people want to use iOS instead of OS X…

Andrew Baron I can’t believe they haven’t done it yet, they must have a very strategic reason why?

Leo Laporte Oh! I left out one thing, Nazi Zombies jumping the shark and Angry Birds.

Amber MacArthur Oh! Of course.

Leo Laporte Angry Birds Day, December 11, 2010, apparently this is not to celebrate it but to stop the madness. On this special occasion we want to raise our concerns about the alarming levels of avian-porcine aggression worldwide, to our knowledge at least 3 trillion piggys have been popped around the globe this year with millions of feathered fowl lost in the process, it’s time to stop for a moment and think about the consequences people. Angry Birds meet-ups around the world, I can’t – there’s not many games at this – to get this kind of loyalty.

Amber MacArthur It’s crazy, I can’t believe it. You know I have to say and I mentioned it before that I don’t play games a lot but this is one game that I can sit and sort of, it’s so easy, just pick up and just play it for a little bit, right?

Leo Laporte Oh.

Amber MacArthur I know it’s not good.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Andrew Baron Did I read correctly that somebody just said that there are actually 7 million downloads on Android for that?

Dwight Silverman Yes already, yeah.

Amber MacArthur Yeah.

Leo Laporte Free. It’s free on the Android ad-supported, I bet that they make tons more money because of the ads that they do on the – this will be a very good test of Android and whether you can make money on Android application and they do say they’re going to do a Christmas version, they did a Halloween version, and that the next version of Angry Birds will be Angry Pigs, they get their revenge.

Andrew Baron They are the next Rupert Murdoch right there.

Amber MacArthur Yeah.

Leo Laporte It’s a small Finnish company. It’s amazing.

Andrew Baron Although also gaming is you know, really picking up with – in terms of…

Leo Laporte Touch gaming is huge. It’s a form of casual gaming that I think is really underestimated and boy, you know, the Nintendo DS, forget it. People got – there is phones.

Amber MacArthur You know, I cannot believe…

Leo Laporte Go ahead.

Dwight Silverman Have you seen on the – either the iPad or the iPhone 4, the latest release from id, RAGE [ph] AG (1:27:37).

Leo Laporte Yes, unbelievable. I’m not going to go play it, because…

Dwight Silverman Oh, my god.

Leo Laporte Get this, I played it on iPad today and I showed it. And we got pulled off YouTube for inappropriate content.

Dwight Silverman Really?

Leo Laporte Yeah, because it was so violent or something, you get – there is plenty of videos there, but I guess they said, well, the expectation [ph] is of iPad there (1:27:59) you’re not going to have ugly violence. By the way, here is a better shot of all the people – oh shoot, oh shoot – of all the people happy that they’re getting an iPad.


Amber MacArthur It’s crazy.

Andrew Baron Right, it’s like meet the beetles.

Leo Laporte This is like they are – yeah, these are the Oprah audience, they are so happy that they are all getting free iPads…

Amber MacArthur Freaks me out.

Leo Laporte They’re going crazy.

Andrew Baron You know, I guess it’s funny – go ahead Amber.

Leo Laporte Look at this.

Amber MacArthur No, I was just going to say, I know, it’s crazy.

Leo Laporte It’s like – it’s like Chilean miners. It’s like…

Amber MacArthur I was just going to say that one thing about the iPad that, I mean, obviously I enjoy using…

Leo Laporte Look at this guy’s crying.

Amber MacArthur I cannot believe how it’s great for kids too, and I know this with my son Connor, he’s only 21-months now, I guess. But he can literally navigate the iPad.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that amazing? Yeah, yeah, 2 year old.

Amber MacArthur And play games, I mean, a lot of the touch games that they have for toddlers are just phenomenal, and so he sits there, we just went on a road trip and he played with the iPad literally the entire way, he loves it, he said, iPad, iPad, and he can only say 10 or 15 words. But the funny thing about…

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, wait a minute, your baby’s 15th word is iPad.

Amber MacArthur Yeah – oh, for sure.

Leo Laporte Wow!

Amber MacArthur IPad, iPad, iPad, he says it all the time, he loves the iPad, we have to kind of control him now.

Leo Laporte What do you – what do you have him do, what he is doing, he’s not playing Angry Birds?

Amber MacArthur No, he plays all these great games, they have, Old MacDonald where you can touch the pig, and the pig jumps up and down, they have amazing toddler games, I cannot believe – many of them are educational where they can learn the sounds of different animals, he’s got literally…

Leo Laporte Wow!

Amber MacArthur …a dozen apps that are geared towards that age, but what’s really interesting and I cannot believe that he now goes up to the television, when we have it on which is not that often, and he tries to touch the television. He – and he gets really angry because he can’t understand why he can’t interact with the television.

Leo Laporte Mummy when can I pinch it? I want to zoom it.

Amber MacArthur I know. To me this is just a sign of….

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Amber MacArthur …you know, how – first of all, how amazing the iPad is, but the future of media – he really, he can’t handle even a computer screen, the fact that he can’t touch it, if he’s watching a video on a computer screen, he goes nuts.

Leo Laporte This actually confirms what you said Andrew, it’s really, people are going to get so used to that, they are not going to want a desktop operating system. Does it – now, both Dwight and I like – or love in fact our Samsung Galaxy Tabs, these are 7 inch Android based Tabs, so it doesn’t have – does it – do you think, Dwight, it has to be IOS or could it be Android, could it be Windows Mobile?

Dwight Silverman I think it has to be something that’s designed for touch…

Leo Laporte Right, not Windows but Windows mobile.

Dwight Silverman I think one of the [indiscernible] (1:30:39) of Windows 7 is that it’s not designed for touch and even if you do things like HP has done with its TouchSmart kind of shell that sits over it, it’s still a shell, it just doesn’t feel quite right. It’s got to be designed from the get go for touch and that’s why I think Apple wins and Android wins.

Leo Laporte Yes, I keep touching my laptop.

Amber MacArthur I know.

Leo Laporte It’s kind of weird.

Andrew Baron Well, I want my Mac – I thought maybe they would have already come out with an Air that had a touch screen also.

Leo Laporte I love the Air, yes, and of course Steve Jobs says…

Andrew Baron It’s ergonomically not right but…

Leo Laporte You don’t want to have your hand…

Andrew Baron You’d want to do both, you don’t need to constantly do it but I’d want to just go and touch and then type and do some things.

Leo Laporte Yes. Let’s take a little break. We’ve got a great panel here; Andrew Baron is here from, and Magma and the new internet meme, what is the URL of that?

Andrew Baron

Leo Laporte If you just go there everyday you will not be left out of the cocktail party conversations ever again.

Andrew Baron It’s pretty crazy what’s happening over there.

Leo Laporte What’s the hot meme right today, right now? I should go there. Let’s find out.

Andrew Baron Well, a lot of people are still – were kind of recuperating for Tumblr.

Leo Laporte Well, I didn’t even know that. See, I’m left out. I feel left out. I missed out.

Andrew Baron This is really interesting, so you know how 4chan has been causing…

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron Quite a lot of havoc and really doing some interesting hacks on the social web and so they started to attack Tumblr…

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron And then Tumblr was like, hey, we are not going to stand around and get attacked, we are going to attack back. And it was kind of a bloodbath essentially of posting – Tumblr decided that what they were going to do to 4chan is post cute pictures of cats and fun kind of like happy-go-lucky stuff on 4chan because you know how they go around and are always posting like really cruel x rated and stuff…

Leo Laporte And paedobear, and, yes, yes.

Andrew Baron So that was kind of funny. But then I noticed that 4chan also their method of attacking Tumblr was effective, what they would do is they would go around and follow tons of people and then you know how people just instantly follow back quite a bit, and all those people that just followed back, they suddenly wound up with all this really horrible media in their dashboards…

Leo Laporte Oh no.

Andrew Baron So people were like logging in going whoa! What’s going on with my dashboard, it’s like turned into a porn site essentially and so it was kind of funny and at the end of the day it seems nobody will really probably admit this but I have to say I think Tumblr kind of…

Leo Laporte They won.

Andrew Baron I’m not going to go as far as say that they won but they certainly did hold the ground.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes. Andrew is here. Dwight Silverman from The Chronicle, The Houston Chronicle, Chron.blogs –

Dwight Silverman You got it.

Leo Laporte And MacArthur from Before we go on and there is lots more to talk about I want to talk a little bit about the Ford Edge, what a great vehicle. I’m a big – as you know I have become a born again Ford fan driving my 2010 Mustang, the Edge is great. Now amber you have got to get the Edge, so you and Connor and Chris can drive in safety and comfort; it’s got the most legroom in the second row, I like that, it’s got the optional vista roof featuring the front panel which tilts and open but then there is a fixed skylight in the second seat so they are not, they are not travelling in the dark, they are coming along with you, the great ambient lighting, I have that in my Mustang, it can change the lighting, just really slick but the thing I like best is the MyFordTouch. This is amazing, the 8-inch screen in the center console, the two little screens behind the steering wheel, absolute control without keeping – you know your hands never leave the wheel, you can do almost anything, touch and voice commands for entertainment, climate control, phone, navigation, includes a 5 – two 5-way switch pads on the steering wheel, so I mean it’s almost like a joystick, it’s almost like a video game you can play. It is amazing.

I want you to go to a Ford dealer and test drive the Ford Edge, the 2011 Ford Edge and get ready because the 2012 Ford Focus is coming. This is their new international car; if you go to, you can enter for a chance to win a trip to Madrid to be one of the first people in the world to test drive the 2012 Ford Focus. Now I’ve seen it but I didn’t get to drive it. You could be driving a 2012 Ford Focus in Madrid at the Spanish National Institute for Aerospace Technology. How about that?

Oh I got to sign into my Facebook account here. So go to – here is how you get involved, go to, this is through December 31, make a video of 2 minutes or less saying why you should go to Spain to test drive the new Ford Focus and then Ford will donate 10,000 if you win, $10,000 to the charitable cause of your choice, a total of half million will be donated and send you and a friend on a trip to Madrid to test drive the 2012 Ford Focus, now that is a good deal. Tell Ford which charitable cause you’d like to support and why you should win this prize., I can hear Amber going there right now,, wait to make the video after we are done, We thank Ford for their support. They make great stuff. I’m just – you know my Mustang’s right outside. I love it.

Although I wouldn’t mine the new one. Just a hint, a little tip, birthday coming up, just you know it’s a Mustang, that’d be good, just a little thing. But did you see that Facebook wants to trademark the word “face”.

Amber MacArthur I can’t believe that.

Leo Laporte What the hell is that all about?

Amber MacArthur I don’t know what that’s all about, but I’m almost sick of hearing Facebook news, I mean I like the site but – I don’t know – that this is just one of those things I think is absolutely ridiculous.

Leo Laporte Voice of reason Dwight, this is just how business is done, you trademark the words you use, what tell me why?

Dwight Silverman That is ridiculous.

Leo Laporte That’s what I say, come on that’s a plain old English word

Dwight Silverman Exactly, exactly, I mean it’s like – did hand spring ever trademark the word hand? I hope not, it is not [indiscernible] ridiculous (1:36:56)

Leo Laporte I mean you could trademark Facebook; you could trademark Facetime, but come on.

Dwight Silverman Right, but not face.

Leo Laporte Not face. So Amber did you get the invite I sent you to Diaspora?

Amber MacArthur I sure did Leo and I have logged on and I’m not overly impressed, I will say, I don’t know how you feel about it but…

Leo Laporte Well it’s new.

Amber MacArthur It’s new but Leo one thing that drives me crazy is that, I mean I love programmers, but it really looks like it was created just by programmers in the sense that when you log in there is just – it’s not very user friendly in the sense that some of the words and terminology they use and the whole idea of managing your life and aspects, I hate that word that is throughout the site. I don’t know if you noticed that but, aspects are different I guess groups or category…

Leo Laporte It’s just groups, it’s their word for groups.

Amber MacArthur I don’t know – I just – I know it’s new but it’s you know…

Leo Laporte It’s not only new, there ain’t much going on, that’s really the problem.

Amber MacArthur There is nothing there, yes, I didn’t even know where to go, I mean I logged in and I see that you are one of my contacts and then I got to the different tabs, of course there is nothing there because I haven’t done anything. So there is just no content I guess unless you start kind of pushing a lot of stuff through there yourself.

Leo Laporte I like it because I got the name Leo.

Andrew Baron Shoot! I got to get on there and get my name.

Dwight Silverman Well, if it’s a social site then it’s...

Leo Laporte You could get Andrew, wouldn’t that be nice?

Dwight Silverman It’s a social site and it’s in alpha, so by definition it’s not going to have a lot of stuff yet.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s brand new. Yes.

Dwight Silverman It’s up to you to make the stuff.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Dwight Silverman And the fact it’s in alpha, that kind of feedback that you are giving Amber, hopefully they’ll take to heart and do something to make it a lot better. This is often the case if you design something – engineers design something it comes out looking like it’s designed by engineers.

Leo Laporte I have to be honest I invited about 12 people and Amber you are the only one who accepted.

Amber MacArthur Leo, you remember that, okay.

Leo Laporte Yes. From now on invites go to you.

Andrew Baron Well, it doesn’t look like Amber’s all that active right now.

Amber MacArthur But that’s the thing is you don’t really know what to do yet. I mean when I signed up for Twitter there was information there I can easily follow people but here you know if you are sort of searching around it’s difficult to kind of begin using it and when I say it’s not that user friendly it is easy to sign up and get an account but there are just weird things. Like, I don’t know if you noticed this Leo, I think when you enter your birthday you know you can’t even pick like – from a little form, you can’t even pick that year, you actually have to type something in and it’s just – there is little tweaks like that that I think they could have done a better job…

Leo Laporte I like it that you can type in your gender; you can make any gender you want.

Amber MacArthur Oh yes, that was the – that’s the thing, you could be any gender, I kind was surprised by that but I guess that…

Leo Laporte Well, I think that’s good.

Amber MacArthur Yes, sure.

Leo Laporte I’m mannish.

Amber MacArthur I noticed you were mannish– you’re my only mannish friend.

Dwight Silverman He’s a mannish boy.

Andrew Baron I think the whole Diaspora thing is interesting because I know it’s close to my heart because I have always been very proactively outspoken about wanting a decentralized social graph.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s what’s cool about this is…

Andrew Baron Right.

Leo Laporte You can – they call them seeds but you could run – in fact I’d like to run our own Diaspora server on our site…

Andrew Baron Exactly and that’s the promise of it. It’s sort of like what I want more than anything is my own Twitter or my own Facebook version that I can run on my own server and then – and the most important thing is then if Twitter goes down you can just get it from my site or you know it’s decentralized.

Leo Laporte Right, that’s how it should be.

Andrew Baron So that’s how it should be.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I agree with you.

Andrew Baron And nobody should own it.

Leo Laporte We tried to that remember with Twitter – at now we had our own Twitter twit army, we still do on StatusNet and it was But, it just didn’t catch on the same idea you federate all of that but it just didn’t catch on. I think the disappointment with Diaspora and by the way I’m not yet disappointed, it’s early days yet. But, I mean, they raised $200,000 at the beginning of the summer, they’ve been working on this six months. And I mean, I could have written this functionality on Ruby on Rails in about 10 minutes. I don’t understand what they’ve done?

Andrew Baron Yeah, the brand is what’s there now but I don’t know who the people are or what’s going on.

Leo Laporte A bunch of NYU students.

Andrew Baron Right.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Somebody said, well, hey that’s nice that we paid him $200,000 to learn how to program.

Andrew Baron Yeah, somebody should – they should – I think that the best business decision those kids could make right now is to come out here and establish their business and find some real talent that already knows how to –

Leo Laporte Yes, I agree. That’s what Zuck did he dropped out. Drop out kids, we’re telling you, be cool, get out of school.

Amber MacArthur You learned it on TWiT.

Leo Laporte Yeah, just drop out, right now, you don’t need that, you don’t need that education, that’s not – that’s not –

Andrew Baron They’ve got the momentum though and the traction just with the brand and the concept.

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron So they really – I mean, I’m hopeful it will eventually turn into something because we need it and it’s the only thing that’s got everybody’s attention. Just like you’re saying [ph] JIQ (101:37) etcetera –

Leo Laporte I agree. You know they all died, they all died.

Andrew Baron …worked out.

Amber MacArthur But if they want – if they truly want people to start using it, like one thing that frustrated me when I logged in is that invites are currently close, so even though Leo invited me I can’t invite else. So like all of a sudden my, you know my network gets so tiny right; have to may be try to search people who may be on there so it’s – it’s –

Leo Laporte You know, you could have gotten more invites early on we were getting a bunch of invites and then we just couldn’t – they couldn’t keep up, so they’ve closed it down.

Amber MacArthur They’ve closed it.

Leo Laporte They couldn’t – it was a technical issue.

Amber MacArthur And Leo can you share because when I tried it, it would say share across all your aspects, so when I tried to share it, it seems I can only share photos, but can you share texts – just conversation or have you, I know – I can’t see if you’ve done anything maybe you haven’t.

Leo Laporte I only have one friend, how can I share across my aspects. You are the only aspect I got.

Amber MacArthur You could share something with me.

Leo Laporte Hey there, Amber so – and I can add photos. Now by the way it’s kind of interesting because right now it’s piggybacking on Twitter and Facebook ironically because when you post that’s where it goes. So I’m going to make that, log in to Twitter, I’m logged into Twitter, I’m logged into Facebook, manage connected services, okay. I probably should post something better than, hey there Amber.

Andrew Baron What a derp think about –

Leo Laporte Derp?

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte What’s derp? D-E-R-P?

Andrew Baron Derp.

Leo Laporte You just type derp?

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte Really, what will happen?

Andrew Baron I’m not going to say.

Leo Laporte Alright, DERP, capitalize it?

Andrew Baron Sure, yeah that looks good.

Leo Laporte DERP, just like that.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte Okay, Andrew told me to do this, should I add a photo? Nah, no photo, let’s just derp. Okay so I’ve derped now, now that’s going to go to Facebook and it’s going to go to Twitter. Oh, what have I done? Have you just told me to do something embarrassing?

Amber MacArthur I just looked it up, I just found it on Know Your Meme Andrew.

Leo Laporte Oh, if I’d only gone to know my meme.

Amber MacArthur Derp is an expression sometimes used online to signify stupidity much like the earlier forms of duh and dur.

Leo Laporte It’s like duh or dur.

Andrew Baron Right, yeah. Well I mean we were looking for something to say and –

Leo Laporte No this is perfect. I thank you Andrew. So now my third post on Diaspora. I mean I think this is okay but I mean it’s no different than anything else, I’m hoping that they put a lot of underlying stuff in here and that there is a lot of stuff going on that we just don’t see and of course the ability to start a seed, and I’m going to wait, once [ph] they get out of [indiscernible] (103:58).

Andrew Baron I’m going to wait too, because every time they do and prove it, everybody is going to come back and have a look so they’ve go the right traction right now.

Leo Laporte Oh, look I got some requests, two new requests for friendship. I’m Leo by the way, join, so now what happens is you drag these people, doesn’t have their name or anything so I don’t really know who they are, that’s Ralph. I’m going to make him a fan, so you’re dragging and doing aspect – but I have to say I like this part of it, because –

Dwight Silverman Yeah the drag and drop [ph] function (104:23)

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s making lists. Remember Mark Zuckerberg said, nobody wants to make a list. This is a very easy way to do it. When people ask you whether they want – you know to be friend you can put them in a bin.

Dwight Silverman Well, if you got another, if you got another set of invitations Leo send me one. I’ll play.

Leo Laporte I will, I’ll send you one. Okay. Let me see if I have anymore left, because I had like 20 but I think that they all went away is what happened. So don’t ask me folks. I ain’t got them, remember Amber, I mean, we just get slaughtered when we say we got invites to anything.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, I remember Newsvine, 1200 invites, three days of me online, all night long, sending them out to every single person.

Leo Laporte By hand. Whenever, is that still around? Newsvine is still around isn’t it?

Dwight Silverman msnbc bought it.

Leo Laporte msnbc bought it.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, owns it.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s interesting.

Amber MacArthur Oh, wow.

Leo Laporte Amber, see you did all that work for msnbc?

Dwight Silverman Eventually

Amber MacArthur They owe me big time.

Leo Laporte Derp. Invites are currently closed on this Diaspora pod. Oh there’s seeds and there is pods. I wonder if there is stems.

Amber MacArthur You can request that feature Leo.

Leo Laporte I’d like to be a stem. Tim Berners-Lee says Facebook could fragment the web yeah, derp. How about this, FCC wants to use texting for 911.

Amber MacArthur Oh, is that it?

Leo Laporte Does that seem like a good idea.

Amber MacArthur Well sure if you have the, you know the average teenager is sending what 3000 texts a month, there is something like that they don’t use the phone.

Leo Laporte I guess some kids are so fast with their thumbs, “Help, I am falling off a cliff.” They could probably do that fast enough.

Amber MacArthur Maybe they don’t know how to use the phone. I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron Yeah, also the other thing is you can usually get your SMS to go through sometimes when you can’t get a signal.

Leo Laporte When the phone can’t.

Amber MacArthur That’s true actually.

Leo Laporte That’s a good point. I guess it makes sense.

Dwight Silverman They also want to allow protocols for sending video and audio along with it so, if you’re at a fire you could take a video of the fire and where the location is, send GPS coordinates along with your SMS.

Amber MacArthur Oh, that’s great.

Leo Laporte That’s actually kind of interesting. I don’t know how valuable it is, what do they need a video of it for, they say fire.

Amber MacArthur The only thing they need to be careful of is – I know it was some of the news stations in Toronto, and I am sure it’s the same thing at other places, is because they’re asking for all of this user-generated content, the thing is people are risking their lives to you know shoot video of fires and if there is a car accident, people are pulling over because they want to be able to capture footage and it just makes me a little bit concerned.

Leo Laporte The I-report generation.

Andrew Baron Somebody in the chat was just wondering what would happen if you send in a derp in to 911. What would they do?

Leo Laporte Well, I’m not going to take a chance. I’m not going to take a chance. I’ve already derped the internet, I don’t know if I want to do anymore derping. I blame you Andrew.

Dwight Silverman Well another question you could ask is, is SMSing too easy, you know we’ve – to use 911 right now, you pick up a phone, you know you have to dial it, you have to talk to the operator, you know it’s a person to person, and it makes it harder to do or –

Amber MacArthur Yeah.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, so makes it harder to do something fake, whereas you know, if you just want to prank something –

Leo Laporte Well that’s true.

Dwight Silverman …you just, you know call in a man down at a

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman …location on your phone, and you end up getting the cops, and it’s a false alarm.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, there is no way to gauge you know the tone of it, right?

Dwight Silverman Right.

Amber MacArthur And I think that’s – I’ll tell you guys a quick little story about my old roommate Jenna. Her mom was traveling in Northern Ontario, and she sent us text message that said, bears everywhere send help. And this was the first text message that she – no seriously this is the first text message she ever sent in her life. So Jenna and I are at home, it’s a Saturday afternoon, we obviously didn’t have better things to do, we started freaking out, we started laughing and then we think, oh my gosh, what if it’s true. Because we know she is driving through Northern Ontario, there is a lots of bears and maybe she does need help. So of course you know I’m on the phone with the RCMP, we try to call her, we can’t get through, there is no signal and so all of a sudden you know like three hours later we get through and her mom starts laughing her head off but – because we couldn’t establish the tone that it was a joke, right. If she had called and left a message, we would have been like okay.

Leo Laporte There is no tone, is there?

Dwight Silverman Yeah.

Amber MacArthur There is no tone and so we got in a embarrassing situation.

Leo Laporte Speaking of lack of tone, I’m told now that my derp post has been retwitted multiple times.

Andrew Baron It’s a meme.

Leo Laporte I’ve created a derp storm on the Twitter.

Andrew Baron That’s why derp is a meme, it just, you hear it and you just start going with it.

Leo Laporte And people are saying this week in derp, derp, herp-derp, derp. Look at all these derps. And it’s all because of me. Actually, it’s all because of you. I blame you Andrew.

Andrew Baron Well, you typed it in.

Leo Laporte I was the moron that did it. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I have derped.

Andrew Baron No, that’s awesome.

Leo Laporte I know Scott Johnson will be happy they say. It’s a 4chan apparently, so I’m now part of that crew. Maybe I’ll put some fuzzy kittens up and then everything will be better.

Andrew, I’m so glad to see you.

Andrew Baron Oh, thanks.

Leo Laporte Thanks for coming up.

Andrew Baron This is such a – like the most – when I look back once again, I mean this is like the biggest opportunity I find in this medium.

Leo Laporte We’re lucky. I really love what we’re doing.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte I feel a kindred spirit in you and Amber, and all the people who are doing this kind of stuff. It’s so early days, we’re not at each other’s throats, we’re just going, come on, come on, come on.

Andrew Baron Yeah, it’s not competitive, we’re all like going along [multiple speakers] (109:46).

Leo Laporte Except for that son-of-a-bitch Jason, but other than him.

Andrew Baron Yeah, true, this is true. It’s pretty – look don’t get me started out

Amber MacArthur Oh, Leo, you speak so loud.

Andrew Baron Actually, shall we?

Leo Laporte No, no, no that’s another, Nazi zombies, Angry Birds –

Andrew Baron Derp.

Leo Laporte Derp and Calacanis and we covered the – we covered it all. So nice to have you up here. Andrew is at, that’s also – there is a link there to and is a great site, if you want to see what’s hot in the Internet video, Thank you Andrew.

Andrew Baron This is my pleasure.

Leo Laporte Thank you. So nice to see you. Amber MacArthur, great to see you. You don’t make it to TWiT very often, I’m glad you could be here.

Amber MacArthur I am very happy to be here. I’ve learned a lot, Derp.

Leo Laporte I think we have a show title by the way. I don’t think there is any question at all.

Andrew Baron Yes.

Amber MacArthur That’s easy.

Leo Laporte What this – the name of this show is. Amber is at, you can find her on Twitter under that moniker, you can also find her on, her weekly video show which is fantastic and on CP24 Webnation and don’t forget net@night which is a great show that Amber does every Tuesday with me at 1:30 Pacific, 4:30 Eastern at or you can subscribe, do it, and get it forever and ever at TWiT and her book Power Friending...

Amber MacArthur Thanks Leo.

Leo Laporte It’s on book stores. Is it selling well? Are you doing well with that?

Andrew Baron Oh yes I can say.

Amber MacArthur Yeah.

Leo Laporte Are you making....

Amber MacArthur I am – I just made it to The Globe and Mail bestsellers list not that long ago, so that’s pretty cool. Yes, so it’s been really a fun process and it’s gotten me a lot more speaking gigs, but Leo who cares about me, Happy Birthday.

Leo Laporte Oh, thank you. I think we’ll call it Happy Derp Day.

Amber MacArthur Oh!, that’s okay.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Amber. Yeah, great book, Power Friending, highly recommended. And last but not least, Dwight Silverman. Thank you for being here Dwight, who rearranged his camera shot, so it looks so much better, he tells me.

Dwight Silverman Derp. Yeah.

Leo Laporte You can – Dwight’s [ph] link role (111:48) is an absolute must read on his blog at, of course you can read him in the Houston Chronicle. Thank you for being here and...

Dwight Silverman Thank you and I really enjoyed getting a chance to meet you Amber and Andrew both, I have liked the stuff you’ve done over the years and it’s great to – to get chance to meet you virtually via Skype.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, you too.

Andrew Baron Yeah, thanks so much.

Leo Laporte That’s what TWiT is all about is getting together, just really great people in the industry so we can sit around and chat. We are doing the best of show this year instead of getting together after the Christmas Holiday, I want to take that day off, boxing day.

So if you would like to help us with that, it’s very simple, go to and nominate your favourite bits or episodes from the past year and we’ll chop it all up and put it all together and make a best of TWiT salad, that’s

I also want to point you to, we’re going to do a special, we sent Sarah Lane down to Los Angeles to do a special on the new TRON movie and she went down to Digital Domain and saw the special effects and how it was made and so forth and that’s going to debut at November 30, Tuesday on TWiT. Do you know when Ilene is going to debut, it will be out. There is a little sample right now on our TWiT specials feed. 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern, for that special. Is it – Ilene is there anything else I need to do, that I have left out? Anything else I have to say? All right, no.

Andrew Baron Actually, do you mind if I pitch in something?

Leo Laporte Please, Andrew.

Andrew Baron I was just thinking about what we just witnessed there with the Oprah audience and I started off talking about your audience and I actually kind of would compare them a little bit but the thing that’s neater about your audience that I liked that was so clear to me when we saw it was that Oprah has wound up with this audience that seems as if they are just sponges waiting to soak up anything without being critical about anything. I’ve never seen anybody do any criticism with their – the audience or any of the commentary, it’s always just, oh I love you, I love you but I feel like your audience which....

Leo Laporte I could use a little more of that by the way.

Andrew Baron ...not that they have – not that they criticize you but that they jump into the conversation and with their criticism on the topics.

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron And so...

Leo Laporte You know, I do – I like a...

Andrew Baron’s such a more valuable...

Leo Laporte I like an audience’s crunchy chewy…

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte …that gives you – that pushes back and that’s...

Andrew Baron It’s not just people who just soak it up whatever you say.

Leo Laporte Well...

Andrew Baron Anyway it’s....

Leo Laporte It might be okay. No I’m just kidding. I think I couldn’t agree more, I think that’s one of the best things about the Internet audience is that they do push back, they do participate, they are in there. And they have some skin in the game. I won’t be here by the way next week, Tom Merritt will be filling in for me. I am going to be in Paris for LeWeb, I’m looking forward to that. Thank you Loïc for inviting me to that and I’ll be back a week from Sunday for TWiT, and of course a week from Tuesday for all the regular shows at Thank you for joining us. One more time, let’s just watch people go crazy as they get their iPad. This is – just to make sure that YouTube really does pull this video down.

[Video Presentation]

Leo Laporte Oh, they went crazy because she took off her dress? What the hell…

Amber MacArthur I think it’s the wrong episode.

Leo Laporte What is that?

Amber MacArthur This is an old Christmas show, I think, Leo.

Leo Laporte This is something different. This is in her current favourite things?

Amber MacArthur Yeah. I don’t think so.

Leo Laporte And then they win a car?

Andrew Baron This is the car one, yeah.

Leo Laporte Must have been the car.

Amber MacArthur Yeah.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s pretty much the same reaction, iPad…

Amber MacArthur Pretty much the same thing.

Leo Laporte iPad car.

Amber MacArthur They got Volkswagen Beetles.

Leo Laporte Huh? They got Volkswagen Beetles.

Andrew Baron They already did that. It didn’t make the news, I guess this time.

Leo Laporte Watch Oprah’s ultimate favourite things.

Andrew Baron That didn’t make my radar.

Leo Laporte Announced that surprised her audience. It doesn’t actually say in this Gawker post, what – why they’re going crazy. It’s just her ultimate favorite things. So that wasn’t this year. That was another year.

Amber MacArthur I don’t think so. I think she is wearing a gold dress. So, I probably am the only one who noticed that.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Amber.

Amber MacArthur That’s why you need ladies on the show, Leo.

Leo Laporte I need more ladies on the show. They say that’s the right episode. I don’t know.

Andrew Baron Well, somebody saying Oprah did to [indiscernible] (116:35) or something I guess [indiscernible] (116:39).

Amber MacArthur She did two – oh, she did two days of it, I think maybe.

Leo Laporte That was okay.

Andrew Baron Maybe the car was the other fav.

Amber MacArthur Oh, wow!

Leo Laporte So somebody’s done an interesting meme video of this. Bees, bees. Oh, my God there’s bees in here. Let them out. Oh, bees. You know it’s pretty much the same reaction. I’m going to get stung to death. Oh, my, god. Oh, my, god. Oh, my, god.

Andrew Baron She is the queen bee.

Amber MacArthur That’s it Leo.

Leo Laporte I just kind of like crap out and I’ll say another TWiT is in the can. See you later.


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