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This is TWiT: this WEEK in TECH, episode 281, Christmas Week 2010, our best stuff.

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Leo Laporte Hello and happy holidays from all of us here at TWiT. I’m Leo Laporte and frankly we didn’t really want to work the week after Christmas so we are just going to do a best stuff episode this week. And since we are a podcast it really doesn’t make a lot of sense just to rerun stuff so we asked you as you may remember for your favorite moments from the year gone by. There’s some good ones in here, Felicia Day accidently revealing her WoW account, and that moment with Chatroulette, and let’s not forget when Amber had her technical difficulties, so without further ado let’s get to The Best Of TWiT and a happy holiday from all of us at TWiT.

Also with us from, the great Xeni Jardin. It’s so good to see you, Xeni.

Xeni Jardin Hi, Leo.

Leo Laporte Thanks for joining us. She is not drinking – oh my God! Oh my God!

Xeni Jardin I got my nails done especially for the show, see.

Leo Laporte She has got some bizarre fruit. What is that?

Xeni Jardin I think it’s called the Hand of Buddha, Mano de Buda, but maybe some of the TWiT audience can tell me exactly what it is. I’d like to call it Cthulhu fruit.

Leo Laporte Yes. She’s got the nose.

Brian Brushwood Have you tasted it? Does it – it looks citrusy. Is it citrusy?

Xeni Jardin It’s – if I can put on a wine snob adjective flow for a moment here it is like a really fine fresh lemon with hints of jasmine and undertones of fruitcake.

Brian Brushwood And undertones of death.

Leo Laporte I want it.

Brian Brushwood Of Cthulhu.

Leo Laporte I want it, well, Cthulhu, entices you into your death.

Brian Brushwood That’s right.

Leo Laporte And big deal, no, but my very serious point is, and I’m with you, Brian, on this is that that’s – I think that’s going to be progress when people just go this is how we are…

John C. Dvorak This is bull crap. This is a passive attitude to our privacy which is going to ruin this country, that’s why people are walking through that x-ray device, they don’t give a crap that they are getting essentially a chest x-ray…

Owen Stone Wow! I got violated…

John C. Dvorak And if they opt out they get patted down, their nuts get grabbed and nobody complains about it.

Owen Stone I had my nuts grabbed and I was not excited about it.

Brian Brushwood All right. Let me say two things, first of all, I’m with you on the x-ray thing, if I have to choose between the peep show and getting felt up I always choose being felt up, it’s awkward and they are ashamed to do it and that’s the way an invasion of privacy should be.

Leo Laporte You want to make them feel bad.

Brian Brushwood That’s right. That’s right, that’s why you are grabbing my junk and it’s awkward for both of us and that’s how it should be. But let me say, what I’m trying to say about the warts and all and understanding who people are, this is a manifestation of the high-definition culture that we are joining into and it’s not just our privacy on Facebook, it’s the fact that we watch high-def TV and you can see the zits on people, you can see the makeup that Jay Leno’s wearing on the Tonight Show.

Leo Laporte Because the truth is…

Brian Brushwood We see things the way they actually are.

Leo Laporte In the first 100 years of media it polished people, it made a – it lied about people, and I think that we all agree that the magazines and television and movies created a false standard that was unattainable and has caused great pain for normal people for the last 100 years. Media has misused its ability. This is an opportunity for media to say and this is kind of what we do here – boy! This is warts and all media if you ever have…

John C. Dvorak This is false argument. You are equating somebody’s having a lot of makeup on a TV show with 250 line scan with the invasion of personal privacy.

Brian Brushwood No, no, I’m not. Because I’m fundamentally opposed to the x-ray machines and in fact I don’t know they had recently or is it coming up, Wednesday November 24, 2010 is National Opt Out Day. Now, most people don’t know on the x-ray machines you can always opt out. All you have to say is “I opt out” and then they give you a pat down search.

Leo Laporte And then if we all did it…

Brian Brushwood I do that all the time.

Leo Laporte Air traffic would stop.

Brian Brushwood Well maybe, I don’t know.

Owen Stone Listen, when I just flew here this weekend I wore the same sweatpants I wore last week to go to LA. This weekend when I came in he is like, oh, they just changed the rules this week, do you want a private screening or do you want us to pat you down here, and I’m like what do you mean, he is like, well, do you want us to take you in the back room or do you want to do out here, what does it entail? I have to go in your waist band, put my hand down your pants, and I do it out here, and I stood in front of everybody and he did it and he was like…

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, what’s the alternative? Can I go through a machine?

Owen Stone No, the alternative is for him to go in the backroom and pat…

Leo Laporte He is going to put his hands down your pants no matter what?

Owen Stone He did, yes. And I said I’d rather have him do out here in public because just what Brian said, he is already ashamed to do it and I feel like he is not going to go as deep…

Leo Laporte When did this happen?

Owen Stone This weekend. They just changed…

Leo Laporte They are required to put their hands down your pants?

Owen Stone They just changed the rules. He put his hands on it – his hands…

Leo Laporte Wait a minute. You are blowing my mind here.

John C. Dvorak No, they grab at your nuts, they don’t necessarily pull it…

Owen Stone This is the…

Leo Laporte This is the new TSA is that you have to get frisked…

Owen Stone If you are wearing sweat pants or baggy clothing…

Leo Laporte Oh, baggy clothing.

Owen Stone I was wearing sweat pants, they are not baggy, they are sweat pants, he put his hand, this is my waistband…

Leo Laporte Because I got to tell you, if I have to get my – somebody’s hand down my pants I’m not flying.

Owen Stone And ran his hand around the ring of my waistband and then patted the front and then patted my butt and then my crotch.

Leo Laporte Oh geez. And you know it’s all security theater, it does absolutely nothing.

Brian Brushwood That’s the part that kills me. Is that – is that for all of the federalization, for all of this giant bureaucracy, for the $5 that you have to pay for every single flight going and coming back everywhere you go, we get not 1 percentage point bump. And it kills me.

Leo Laporte In security?

Brian Brushwood Yes. And it kills me.

Owen Stone And the guy was embarrassed to do it. And he says sorry like five times. He’s like I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Leo Laporte Excuse me, but would you like that job?

Owen Stone No.

Leo Laporte Horrible job.

Brian Brushwood And I ran it – or you know what’s funny is, anyone who follows my Twitter feeds.

Leo Laporte Xeni, just – I apologize. I just want to apologize.

Xeni Jardin You know I didn’t realize that this broadcast was going to be about warts, man boobs…

Leo Laporte I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

Xeni Jardin Is this Maxim or…

Leo Laporte I just don’t know what to say. Later, we will talk about poking the Queen. But first…

Brian Brushwood There is one item that I wanted to make sure we did talk about and I don’t know how much time we have left but, holy cow.

Leo Laporte What time is it? Okay, we got time.

Brian Brushwood We got time, good.

John C. Dvorak It’s 7:00.

Brian Brushwood Holy cow, did I not…

Leo Laporte The bottle is not empty. We got time, dude.

Brian Brushwood I absolutely love Xeni’s post about “Damn You, Auto Correct”. That is the greatest website on the face of the planet.

Leo Laporte It is so funny.

Xeni Jardin It’s the best.

Leo Laporte I meant to read this on the radio show because everybody identifies with this. Tell us about this, Xeni.

Xeni Jardin Yes, so there is a blog where somebody has been capturing screen grabs of really embarrassing or funny auto corrects that happen on different smartphones where people are texting back and forth to each other. The one that I think grabbed for Boing Boing was somebody said, I reached a really, really high level of anal birds.

Leo Laporte Oh, my god.

Brian Brushwood Oh, my god.

Leo Laporte OhDoctah, OhDoctah.

Brian Brushwood OhDoctah just spat out the galaxy.

Leo Laporte We got to spit-take out the galaxy.

John C. Dvorak All right, a spit-take.

Brian Brushwood OhDoctah just spat out a galaxy.

Leo Laporte And I missed it, damn. That’s why we need an actual director.

Xeni Jardin The first time I saw the site I think I went…

Leo Laporte A spit-take?

Xeni Jardin 10 full page of these screen grabs.

Leo Laporte It’s really, really, really great. But aren’t they all the iPhone? Let’s face it. This is the iPhone.

Xeni Jardin I think a lot of them.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Owen Stone Oh my God!

John C. Dvorak Yes, it’s old Newton technology apparently.

Leo Laporte Yes. Here is somebody – I guess I lied earlier, I feel pretty good right now. Is that because you took something? Not yet, I ate something and did some humping jacks. Bible study on the 19th; I could probably do the 11th, since I have this Friday off, I will need all my spareribs for school next week, I am traveling.

Brian Brushwood So we made a game out of this on NSFW last week.

Leo Laporte Did you?

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Leo Laporte This is TWiT. This WEEK in TECH, episode 717, no that’s wrong. Christ!

iPhone 4 has been jailbroken already. Didn’t take long? You can now go to and it has kind of like an all-in-one push button jailbreak and now it’s legal.

Brian Brushwood I am sure they waited until it was legal.

Leo Laporte Yes, right, they were very concerned.

John C. Dvorak Yes, it’s legal but it doesn’t – Apple still cut you off.

Leo Laporte No, they can’t cut you off, could they cut you off?

John C. Dvorak Sure. Why not?

Leo Laporte They could just – so the FCC ruling doesn’t mean that they couldn’t just say well, okay, but we will…

John C. Dvorak You can do whatever you want. It’s totally legal, but we are not going to give you any service, you’ve just broken your warranty, that’s the old excuse. Oh, you could do that but then you are ruining your warranty.

Leo Laporte That’s what Apple said.

John C. Dvorak So they put a screw on the back, it’s legal to unscrew your cell phone but if it’s got a little of a sticker saying if you remove this screw you lose your warranty, boom.

Leo Laporte That’s what Apple says.

Brian Brushwood That’s what weird about the fact that…

Leo Laporte Go ahead, Baratunde.

Baratunde Thurston Here’s my key question about this, because I got the original iPhone and jailbroke it to work on T-Mobile, so I didn’t break my plan and I loved it. I had Cydia apps running, it was, it tasted like freedom and I like freedom.

Leo Laporte Tastes like freedom, might just write that down.

Baratunde Thurston But I also ironically felt like a fugitive because I was running week-to-week, month-to-month in fear of the latest software update, so I am kind of like sniffing around, I don’t want to have my phone unjailbroken by Apple’s latest push, does this new ruling that jailbreaking is legal now prevent Apple from undoing your jailbreak in its latest software updates or are they still going to have that practice of sabotaging your phone at their own whim.

Felicia Day Does jailbreaking make it work either as a phone or an Internet device because mine is literally an inoperable brick, and I don’t know if anybody else is in L.A. but I think I’m pretty close to actually swapping it out, because it just does not work. I have yet to have a phone call that didn’t drop.

Leo Laporte But you don’t want phone calls, Felicia. This is a feature.

Baratunde Thurston That’s a feature.

Brian Brushwood This is like the iPhone 4 is like a girlfriend who drives you nuts. She won’t pay attention to you. She never listens to you. She breaks everything, but oh my God, she is so hot. I can’t, I can’t give her up.

Leo Laporte And ladies and gentlemen, this is why COED Magazine says NSFW is a must listen-to podcast.

Brian Brushwood That’s exactly right.

John C. Dvorak Can you go over that laundry list again, I was highly amused.

Leo Laporte I didn’t even understand it.

Brian Brushwood Dude, the iPhone is so messed up, the reception’s up and down, but the…

Leo Laporte Have you had a boyfriend like that? Felicia Day, have you had a boyfriend like that?

Felicia Day Oh no, I am very choosy.

Leo Laporte Your iPhone 4 is your boyfriend like that?

Felicia Day Yes, I’m about to give him the boot. It’s just – it’s ridiculous how much money I pay a month. I feel like, I should be able to pay a percentage of my bill for the percentage that actually the phone actually works. Too bad that’s not legal.

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, now jailbreak is not going to fix that. This is cool you go to the site and basically it’s a web page and it says jailbreak me. It works on all the iPhone devices and you slide, it’s on the phone. You slide to jailbreak.

Baratunde Thurston Nice.

John C. Dvorak That’s it?

Brian Brushwood Used to be pretty hard.

Leo Laporte Who has an iPhone 4 here? They want to jailbreak it, anybody in the studio?

Baratunde Thurston I’m not living like a fugitive.

Leo Laporte Boy, I’m getting a lot of not mine.

Baratunde Thurston I can’t return to that life.

John C. Dvorak Nobody wants that or has the guts to do it.

Leo Laporte No, if I had my iPhone 4 here I would absolutely do it because…

Brian Brushwood What the hell, I’ll do it.

Leo Laporte All right.

Brian Brushwood There is this awkward moment like, are you serious, you really will? I should have backed it up beforehand…

Leo Laporte We need some jail breaking music.

Baratunde Thurston By the way in answer to my original question chat room is weighing in and saying Apple updates do undo your jail breakage.

Leo Laporte Yes, of course they do. Yes.

Brian Brushwood So for those listening.

Leo Laporte Yes. Did you ask that question? I’m sorry I didn’t even hear you say that.

Baratunde Thurston I did. That’s all right.

Brian Brushwood So I could jailbreak it now then just, in fact the new update came out last night. Obviously it was downloading as I was sitting at…

Leo Laporte 4.0.1?

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Leo Laporte There’s one even past 4.0.1?

Brian Brushwood I don’t know. I know that I finally synced my…

Leo Laporte Or you just didn’t get around to it, yes, 4.0.1 came out a while ago.

Brian Brushwood All right.

Leo Laporte So, go to on Safari.

Brian Brushwood All right. What could go wrong here?

Leo Laporte Works on iPad. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I won’t – you don’t have to do it. I’ll do it to my iPad.

Brian Brushwood All right, maybe I’ll do it…

Leo Laporte Or you want to do both?

John C. Dvorak Why would you want to break an iPad for?

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak This doesn’t make any sense.

Leo Laporte What do you mean it doesn’t make any sense?

Brian Brushwood Jailbreakme,

Leo Laporte

Baratunde Thurston Does that work on my Chocolate phone?

Leo Laporte You have a Chocolate phone? You are so black!

Felicia Day Chocolate LG.

Brian Brushwood Leo? Leo.

Baratunde Thurston Now I have to…

Leo Laporte Okay, I have to explain that. I have to explain that.

Baratunde Thurston I actually prefer if you leave it hanging awkwardly out there.

Leo Laporte What is the name of your new book?

Baratunde Thurston How to eat chocolate.

Leo Laporte No, no. What is the name of your new book? I am going to get hate mail. What is it?

Baratunde Thurston How to be black.

Leo Laporte And is one of those steps have a Chocolate phone?

Baratunde Thurston No.

Leo Laporte But it could.

John C. Dvorak You can have an old brown Zune.

Brian Brushwood Oh! My God. What’s going on?

John C. Dvorak What?

Leo Laporte I’m going to get so much email now. Fortunately I don’t have them yet.

Baratunde Thurston We live on the edge here, but that’s cool. That’s cool.

Leo Laporte So any announcements you made, we got The Guild – is this season –?

Felicia Day Four.

Leo Laporte Four? Wow.

Felicia Day I know. We actually had our third anniversary on July 27, last Tuesday.

Leo Laporte That’s kind of amazing.

Felicia Day It was the third anniversary of uploading the first episode.

Leo Laporte Now you don’t put ads in The Guild?

Felicia Day No, we do have a pre-roll now that we have – we work with Sprint and Microsoft and they do a pre-roll on the episodes and when we’re on Xbox LIVE we have a Sprint logo on there but…

Leo Laporte So you can make money – you do make some of the money that the production costs are covered by the advertising?

Felicia Day All our production costs are covered by Microsoft and Sprint.

Leo Laporte Yay.

Felicia Day So yes, they have been our – for the third year, we are so lucky – I mean really knock on wood, we are in the privileged top...

Leo Laporte I want that.

Felicia Day Yes. And the great thing is that they really let us make our show. They really don’t impose their – it’s not like branded entertainment...

Leo Laporte Right.

Felicia Day Is what I am saying, because a lot of web video is going the way of basically an extended narrative commercial...

Leo Laporte Right.

Felicia Day And I feel like that doesn’t really push the medium forward in a way that that allows the most creative – there are some really good branded entertainment shows out there but they are definitely two different sides of the entertainment coin and we’re just really lucky to be able to have a sponsor who has been – this is our third year, it’s just fantastic.

Leo Laporte Well, and you’re in this for the creativity; you’re not in this to make a buck.

Felicia Day Well I mean I need to pay my bills.

Leo Laporte Right.

Felicia Day But yes, I definitely would make a lot more money if I just concentrated on my acting career in Hollywood but just a fact that we – we are able to fill a Comic-Con room as big as huge million dollar an episode TV shows, it’s kind of gratifying to me. I mean it’s just – yes, it’s pretty cool.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s really…

Baratunde Thurston Those headphones aren’t going to buy themselves, that’s great.

Leo Laporte For those not watching, Felicia is wearing the world’s largest pair of World of Warcraft headphones.

Felicia Day To light up – I wish I could get them to light up.

Brian Brushwood Are those are the ones that make crazy voices like if you want to play a troll or an ogre or whatever?

Felicia Day No, that would be cool, though, I want those.

Brian Brushwood Yes, there is like – there is some with the hardware switch, you just flip it and all of a sudden and you sound like now you are 8 feet tall.

Leo Laporte Stand back, I have a steed.

Felicia Day My characters are always cute. I just like cure characters.

Baratunde Thurston There is a question Felicia from the chatroom about Gina Trapani’s involvement in The Guild, did you have notes or updates on that?

Felicia Day This is actually – yes, it’s a really good story, the year that Dr. Horrible came out, I think that was three years ago, I had an escort around the back – they were volunteers who volunteer and they escort us to the panel room to the signing, through the crowds, and a woman accompanied me and in the middle of it running I was like, I got to pee. So this woman takes me to the bathroom and then we go, back and then the next day when I get home I get an email saying, hey we are not allowed to do this during the hours, but I just want to say I am a huge fan of yours, Gina Trapani.

Leo Laporte Oh my god.

Felicia Day And I saw her sign that and I was like, oh my god, I am a huge Lifehack geek, so we just completely geeked out over it and then for season 3 she came and volunteered, she helped us at our Comic-Con booth. I just saw her fleetingly this year but it was just like, I wish you told me then because I am a huge fan of you.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s really neat. That’s really great.

Baratunde Thurston That’s great when that happens. And that question comes to us courtesy of Hartwell in the chat room, so thank you, Hartwell; thank you, Felicia.

Felicia Day Thanks, Hartwell.

Leo Laporte So when I volunteered to take you to the bathroom, you didn’t notice that was me, Felicia?

Felicia Day That was a security problem.

Leo Laporte Okay, I’ll take you.

Brian Brushwood The chat room points out that it’s the Logitech G35 headset that you could do the nutty voices with.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Brian Brushwood If you want to be able to mask yourself on the fly.

Leo Laporte What is your World of Warcraft character – I am sure everybody knows this, Felicia, I should know this?

Felicia Day I have an 80 priest, she is – her name is [beep], oh no [beep].

Leo Laporte Your priest name…

Felicia Day No, I should not have said that, why did I say that?

Leo Laporte Why? Is that a secret?

John C. Dvorak Now she is going to be swamped with harassment.

Felicia Day Can you bleep that out of the…

Leo Laporte Yes, I mean there is a lot of live…

Brian Brushwood Hey look, there is one thing the Internet’s really good at, it’s keeping secrets. So don’t worry.

John C. Dvorak No worries.

Baratunde Thurston But that’s – I think that’s the testament to the intimacy of the show.

Leo Laporte Exactly, yes.

Baratunde Thurston Makes you feel so comfortable, it was like we were like real friends hanging around, drinking rum and Cokes, about to go have a great dance party.

Leo Laporte So forget that she said that her character’s name is [beep], I’ll erase that from your mind. And if you look for [beep] in what is the realm that you hang out with.

Felicia Day [beep].

Leo Laporte If you looking [beep] please don’t harass Felicia, okay.

Felicia Day Yes.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Felicia Day I like everybody, but I just like to play in silence. So – no anyway, I…

Leo Laporte Do you go on quests? Do you go with groups and do stuff? Or do you just kind of hang out by yourself, you fish a lot?

Felicia Day I like during the quests, actually I just rolled a Horde character just so I can get all the quests in before they release Cataclysm, because all the lore is changing so…

Leo Laporte Oh yes, you know that’s actually a big story. Cataclysm is going to completely change WoW.

Felicia Day It’s completely redoing everything. And I’m so excited because you could be able to fly in the old cities. I’m like a vanilla WoWer, like I don’t play as much as I would like to nowadays, because I’m so busy.

Brian Brushwood Just get Baratunde’s book.

Felicia Day But when I was hard core rating it was vanilla…

Leo Laporte ‘How to be a black WoWer.’

Baratunde Thurston Just for the record, I’ve never – I don’t play these immersive games, I like dumb things where I can drive machines and crash them into other machines and maybe shoot at something. But this is fascinating, all this language, so keep going.

Leo Laporte Let me just put it this way. If she’s an 80 level vegemite, that means, what? At least several hundred hours, right? At least?

Felicia Day Oh, if you look at my account, I have several hundred hours logged, that’s for sure.

Leo Laporte Easy.

Felicia Day I mean I really haven’t been able to play very much at all lately. But like I said, I just rolled a Horde character and I’m going to concentrate on that until...

Brian Brushwood Yes, for those of you who can’t hear quite well, she said ‘Horde’ character, all right?

Leo Laporte Horde! So you can be humans, or you can be for the Horde. I’m Horde by the way.

Felicia Day Yes. But you can be a pretty Blood Elf, which is what I rolled, sorry.

Leo Laporte Blood Elf’s cool. As long as you don’t have a Night Elf Mohawk. Have you run into the Mohawks?

Brian Brushwood Me?

Leo Laporte Anybody. The Mo – you know, they made Mr. T, they allowed Mr. T’s Mohawk, I mean this is kind of cruddy, they’ve screwed up.

Brian Brushwood They actually created a class for Mr. T?

Leo Laporte It’s not a clash, it’s like a Mohawk spell. Right, Felicia?

Felicia Day Oh, no. Yes, they did. It was like a marketing campaign. Mr. T did a TV – a commercial and then they had a spell where you could fling at people and you’d get a Mr. T Mohawk hat.

Brian Brushwood They’re getting a little more tongue-in-cheek in all the World of Warcraft stuff. Like I know in Cataclysm, they’re doing a bunch of quests for goblins, where you’re essentially going on like fratboy beer runs and that kind of thing.

Leo Laporte Really?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, yeah. They changed all their names but it’s very, it’s very clever.

Leo Laporte That’s pretty funny.

Felicia Day I think they’ve always been clever though, there’s always been a lot of humor…

Baratunde Thurston I just have no idea what’s happening right now.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Felicia Day …in World of Warcraft. And I think that’s kind of its appeal, like it doesn’t just – it kind of appeals to everybody. And not like the hardcore RP, which I love that kind of stuff, like Dragon Age and…

Leo Laporte I love Dragon Age.

Brian Brushwood I’ve never seen Baratunde so disengaged. He’s just like ‘nerds!’

Baratunde Thurston I’m super engaged. I just don’t know what you’re saying.

Leo Laporte Let me put it this way. We got the cover for your book, you ready? There you go. Right there. How to be a night hawk – Night Elf Mohawk.

Brian Brushwood That’s Mr. Baratunde and Felicia Day.

Leo Laporte There you go right there.

John C. Dvorak There you go.

Baratunde Thurston That would be a great collaboration. Let’s make it so.

Leo Laporte I hope Felicia’s changed her account by now. Coming up some fun with Amber, but before we do that I do want to mention our sponsors. All year long, in fact for the last few years Audible has been a big part of the TWiT family. We really love Audible. You know I love Audible books. I listen all the time. There’s so many great books to choose from. We’ve got a special holiday deal for you.

If you go right now to, you can get two books free. There’s so many great choices. I am not going to even make a pick this year. I’m just going to let you browse through the Audible site, so many great titles in fiction, non-fiction, history, there’s some holiday titles as well. Was it called the Red Sweater, the Red Communist Sweater, something like that?, there’s some Jean Sheppherd pieces too from Christmas, remember of course he’s the guy who did the Christmas Story.

I love Audible, it plays in my car, when I get in the car. It plays on my iPod, my iPhone, your Zune, I should say my Zune, I actually have a Zune. I found my Zune, my Zune HD and Audible plays beautifully on it. Even on a Kindle, GPS devices and so forth,; two books absolutely free, just for you. You can cancel at any time, those books are yours to keep now.

Let’s get ready – this was – I should set this up a little bit. This is actually not something that appeared on TWiT, it appeared before TWiT. We were trying to get Amber on the line and she completely rejiggered her studio set up, including her microphone. And unfortunately she had no idea that instead of sending us audio, she was – well, you’ll see what she was sending us.

Note that while you’re watching this, Amber doesn’t know what’s going on. She’s baffled, she thinks she is sending us regular audio and we are just laughing at her. Watch carefully for her reaction.

Leo Laporte [Background noise throughout (23:02)] The helicopter has landed. Yeah, this is like TWiT 57. There’s something that Amber and Andrew Baron together…

Dwight Silverman You killed, Leo. This might be the best TWiT ever.

Leo Laporte Let’s just put that out, another TWiT is in the can.

Have I told you about Ford lately? Jesus! Carbonite Pro, great stuff, get it,, 30 days free. GoToMeeting, fantastic, get it, 30 days free, Drive a Ford, great stuff, TWiT Ford thing, whatever it’s called;, go there. Okay but good night everybody, bye-bye. Best TWiT ever.

Dwight Silverman You ought to put that out just like a …

Leo Laporte I think we will. This is TWiT, this Week in TECH, episode 276 recorded November 28, 2010, Leo Loses it. Amber….

Dwight Silverman Does she know that’s what it’s doing?

Leo Laporte She looks so peaceful. She looks so peaceful sitting there. She’s not going to do anything. She’s just sitting there. [End (26:29)]

Leo Laporte So you want to talk about Google cars?

Tom Merritt Oh yeah, these self-driving cars are pretty cool.

Leo Laporte Autonomous vehicles, article in the New York Times, Google Cars drive themselves in traffic, I wonder if there is an ice-cream truck with Eric Schmidt not driving. The idea behind this Dmitri Dolgov, is a Google engineer, I just do it because I can do a Russian accent.

John C. Dvorak Googlegov.

Leo Laporte He is a Googlegov. He is driving – well I guess they put an engineer in there just in case it crashes.

Tom Merritt Well to make it legal, to make it street legal.

John C. Dvorak Just put a dog behind the wheel. That would be funnier.

Leo Laporte But if they…

John C. Dvorak Just put a dog behind the wheel.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s right, have an engineer. So if you’re driving – now, see I’ve driven Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is a twisty, crazy, scary road. And if I were to see a Toyota Prius with a curious funnel like cylinder on the roof and no one at the wheel, I think I would freak out.

Tom Merritt Well they had to put somebody at the wheel. So that’s why nobody was freaking out. Because they couldn’t tell he wasn’t driving it. But to actually make it street legal, they did some look at the rules of the road in California and found out that you can have automatic systems as long as there is somebody there monitoring them, so they had an engineer, who could turn off the automatic driving by hitting the brake pedal, by speaking a word and one other way. And they said they only had to actually do that half a dozen times on this long trip.

Leo Laporte A thousand miles these cars have driven without a driver, the rotating cone on the top is called LIDAR. It’s a sensor on the roof that scans more than 200 feet in all directions to generate…

Tom Merritt For lies!

Leo Laporte Lying radar! To generate a precise three-dimensional map of the car’s surroundings. It then has four automotive radar sensors, three in front and one in the back to determine the positions of distant objects. It has a position estimator, a sensor on the left rear wheel, which measures movements made by the car. I guess it’s giving you kind of dead reckoning, there is also a video camera in the front windshield, near the rearview mirror that’s detecting traffic lights. So there is – and there are computers…

John C. Dvorak And all this for less than $250,000 million. I want one.

Leo Laporte It says seven test cars have driven 1,000 miles without human intervention and more 140,000 miles with only occasional human control. They even went down Lombard Street, which is the twistiest street in world, in San Francisco. The only accident was when one car was rear-ended whilst stopped at a traffic light. Wasn’t even the car’s fault.

Tom Merritt And they also said, a lot of the time when they had to…

Leo Laporte Go ahead, Tom.

Tom Merritt I was saying, a couple of times when they had to take control was because of bicyclist actually ran a red light in front of them and it was harder for the car to see that.

John C. Dvorak Which reminds me...

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak …bicyclists are doing this all the time. Why aren’t they stopped and cited.

John C. Dvorak Adobe, Microsoft – anybody have any thoughts on this?

Leo Laporte I think it’s bogus. Tom, you covered this when it was breaking news that Adobe – that Microsoft might be acquiring Adobe, they have been meeting with Adobe.

Tom Merritt Yeah, well that’s the – the actual story is that, Steve Ballmer and the CEO of Adobe had a closed-door meeting, it’s reported that they talked about ways of partnering and then somebody, somewhere speculated that maybe they talked about buying, because well there’s one way of partnering is Microsoft buys Adobe and then it just all went off from there, it’s not.

John C. Dvorak My understanding of the story was Ballmer made some allusion to it.

Tom Merritt I never saw a quote, maybe I missed it, but I never saw –

Leo Laporte Well first of all, this will be a huge purchase – I mean how much is Adobe worth? I mean we are talking a big, big purchase – not that Microsoft couldn’t do it –

John C. Dvorak Not as much as Yahoo! 20 billion.

Leo Laporte 20 billion.

Tom Merritt Yeah, so it’s not an easy acquisition, especially from a company that hasn’t acquired publicly any company this year, they’ve done like some small acquisitions but they haven’t made a big deal about. But there hasn’t been anything newsworthy that they’ve acquired all year long. Maybe they are saving up for Adobe, I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak Well the reason for that, Tom, is because they’re still wiping their brows saying, wow we just dodged a bullet with that Yahoo!

Leo Laporte We almost bought Yahoo!

Tom Merritt They woke up with their hangover and were like, what did I – I almost bought Yahoo! last night.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no kidding.

John Graham-Cumming I think it would be a good thing actually if Microsoft bought Adobe because they would concentrate all the really bad security vulnerabilities in one company.

Leo Laporte That’s what we need to do, it would sure help users. It would be bad for Apple though, it would be really a quite a challenge to Apple because Adobe publishes the most – some of the most – well between Adobe and Microsoft probably three-quarters of the Apple software marketplace between Office, Photoshop –

John C. Dvorak But it brings us to the real point here which is Microsoft trying to shove Phone 7 down everyone’s throat, anybody think of – have any thoughts on where that’s headed?

Leo Laporte We’re going to cover – we’ve decided to cover it, even though I have to get up very early in the morning to do it, because it’s 6:30 –

John C. Dvorak In New York?

Leo Laporte Yeah at 6:30 Pacific Time, 9:30 Eastern tomorrow morning, Microsoft will stream this live, Tom you want to come in early, you don’t have to.

Tom Merritt I missed that e-mail.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I’ll be sitting here in my jammies and –

John C. Dvorak Microsoft – let me get this straight, Leo, Microsoft’s going to be streaming it live to the West Coast at 6:30 in the morning, this is their idea of good marketing, right?

Leo Laporte They hadn’t really thought about it, they said, well it’s 9:30 in New York, they hadn’t really thought about it obviously.

John C. Dvorak It’s a Seattle company, people that even work at Microsoft won’t be seeing it.

Leo Laporte Well I mean, yeah. It does seem odd. But we will be here. I’ll turn on the cameras, we’ll stream – I may not look too clean shaven but we will stream it live and I’ll do what we do traditionally with this kind of breaking news which is commentary. Paul Thurrott will be there so we will get him on after the event and ask his opinion, he’s written the book on Windows Phone 7. I – you know, John, everybody I know who’s seen Windows Phone 7 kind of likes it.

John C. Dvorak You know I believe this is probably a good product but that doesn’t mean anything.

Leo Laporte It’s too late, is that what you’re saying?

John C. Dvorak It’s a too little too late, it’s still probably not going to have the display the Apple has and they are so far behind in the – on the curve even though they invented the entire market which is the irony here. They are so far behind on the curve with the new – the new paradigm for these things that I don’t see how they can catch up and I think it’s already too late. I think they are locked out.

Leo Laporte You know who really doesn’t like Microsoft right now? The folks who do Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile, which is a Finnish company, observed in Microsoft ad – online ad copy where they were showing icons for apps, the Angry Birds icon. Rovio said, hey they didn’t ask our permission, we aren’t currently developing for Windows Phone 7, we don’t know if we will develop for Windows Phone 7. We think it’s foul play to show the Angry Birds icon in an ad for Windows Phone 7. I kind of agree this is the hottest app on iPhone, on iPad and now on Android and this is obviously Microsoft saying, hey here we got that too but they don’t. They tweeted it’s – they are not presently committed to bringing the game to Windows Phone and the icon is being used in Microsoft marketing completely without permission. Oops.

John C. Dvorak Well there you have it.

Leo Laporte Oops.

John C. Dvorak In a nutshell.

Leo Laporte That’s a good way to piss off the number one developer for games. Microsoft sent a note to Engadget saying, it appears information was mistakenly posted to Microsoft’s website and has been removed. And of course the offending logo is now gone, but thanks to Engadget we have a screen capture that will live forever.

Tom Merritt Did Microsoft do that out of arrogance you think – just?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Tom Merritt They won’t care, they’ll love the free publicity.

John C. Dvorak That’s very common to Microsoft, yes.

Leo Laporte They probably assume, hey we’re going to be a huge platform, of course they are going to develop for us.

John C. Dvorak Well there is a story that goes along with that, if you want to hear it.

Leo Laporte Yes I do.

John C. Dvorak So when we licensed PC Magazine to Brazil for the first time, I went down there and hung out with the guy who was the publisher, who apparently was a world-class surfboarder – whatever you do when you have this surfboard, I don’t know anyway...

Leo Laporte Surfer, we call it. You mean wind surfer?

John C. Dvorak Yeah, wind surfer, world-class.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak So anyway he brings up the story about Microsoft because he’s getting advertisements for the first few issues and the Microsoft guy comes in and he says here’s the ads I want to put in, I want this ad, this ad and this ad, I want it on page four, and I want this and that. And so the guys says, okay, well this is going to cost – no, no, no, we’re not going to pay for these ads. And he says, what do you mean I am not going to pay for these ads? He says, no, you have to put these ads in because no one is going to think you are a credible magazine unless you have Microsoft ads in your magazine.

Leo Laporte Fair, fair try. Did he do it?

John C. Dvorak No, he told them to screw themselves and slammed the door on them.

Leo Laporte And did people believe that it was a credible magazine without Microsoft ads?

John C. Dvorak Stuck around for a number of years and then now he’s done.

Leo Laporte I would be – I would be incensed by such arrogance.

John C. Dvorak He was incensed. That’s why he told me the story knowing I would repeat it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I mean that is fairly arrogant. Although it’s a reasonable try.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I guess anyone could give it a shot.

Leo Laporte You can give it a shot. It didn’t pan out but you can’t fault them for –

John C. Dvorak Yeah, you can’t fault the guys for trying.

Leo Laporte Trying. Hey, give us a free ad. Look, you don’t ask…

Tom Merritt Like they need it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, like they need it. You don’t ask, you don’t get, right. It’s just that simple. This was a crazy day on Wednesday. So Google TV announcement from Logitech, Facebook announces Groups and this download thing, and then Cisco same day, same time – and all of this by the way happening in San Francisco has a press conference announcing ūmi, perhaps the worst name I have ever heard.

Tom Merritt And it’s not even u-m-e, right, it’s ūmi.

Leo Laporte ūmi, so everybody is saying oomi, ooma –

John C. Dvorak Oomi.

Leo Laporte Oomi.

Tom Merritt Oprah.

Leo Laporte Oprah. Well, if you look at the advertising –

John C. Dvorak Isn’t this some sort of fish roe that’s kind of gooey?

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s what – who said that that sounded like as a bad sushi? I think Molly Wood. It’s got one of those bars over the u. So you know you are pronouncing that long. So that’s u.

John C. Dvorak Oh, yeah, all Americans know that.

Leo Laporte But they –

Tom Merritt Well, they do because of Mötley Crüe.

Leo Laporte Right, Crüe. No, it’s not an umlaut.

John C. Dvorak No, it’s not an umlaut, it’s a long…

Leo Laporte And they neglected to tell us how to pronounce the “i”. So really they have left it up to us, whether it’s ūmi, umy, could be either.

Tom Merritt I would say ūmi looking at that.

John C. Dvorak I would say ūmi.

Leo Laporte Oh, you’d be wrong. See that long bar over the u means it’s a long u, it’s ūmi.

Tom Merritt When I was in grammar school, I was taught that means ū.

John C. Dvorak Y-O-U?

Leo Laporte You were taught that means ū.

Tom Merritt Yeah, and then a smiley face above it means aa.

Leo Laporte That’s a short u.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte Is the smiley face, and a bar is a long u.

Tom Merritt Which is ū.

Leo Laporte Is ū?

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte Long u is ū?

Tom Merritt Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I think it is. I think Tom is right.

Leo Laporte Oh, then they are really screwed up.

John C. Dvorak I would pronounce it oomi.

Leo Laporte Okay, let me ask the chat room. Are there any English teachers, sixth or fifth grade English teachers in the chat room?

Tom Merritt We have a native English speaker. We should ask him?

Leo Laporte Are there any native English speakers in the chat room?

John Graham-Cumming What I’d say is $599 for a video conferencing thing seems like a lot of money.

Leo Laporte I guess we really won’t have to learn the name at all.

John C. Dvorak Why don’t we change the name to ujip.

Leo Laporte Not only is it 599 to buy it but you pay $30 a month to use it.

John C. Dvorak Oh, that’s no good.

Leo Laporte It’s 26 – $26 a month to use it.

John C. Dvorak Can’t you use Skype for free?

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak And it works on a computer. You don’t need this device.

John Graham-Cumming I think it sounds like they woke up in sort of 1985 and thought, wow, video conferencing is going to be this thing of the future and that – didn’t realize it’s already been done.

Tom Merritt There is this mistaken belief and this is in the Skype TV as well that you want to use your television for calling people because your television has video on it. So isn’t that great? I am going to call grandma on my TV. No you don’t.

Leo Laporte No, you are not.

John C. Dvorak Hey, Tom. Do you remember when there was a series – Leo, you probably remember this. There was a bunch of televisions that were brought out in the ‘70s that you run your phone through and when the phone would ring, it would interrupt the TV show and you’d talk, you wouldn’t –

Leo Laporte Just what I want.

John C. Dvorak But you can talk over the TV. It was ridiculous.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Tom Merritt It’s like caller ID on your DIRECTV.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I remember that, yeah.

John C. Dvorak And now the murderer is – ring.

Leo Laporte Ring, ring. Hi, honey. Are you doing anything?

Tom Merritt That was before DVRs when you couldn’t even rewind.

John C. Dvorak Right.

Leo Laporte Now you can’t call a ūmi from your PC. We’ve actually bought a ūmi in order to – well, just because we thought, well, maybe if it’s – like maybe it’s so good. Oh great, this is what everybody wants to watch, you doing a limbo party, oh.

John Graham-Cumming Yeah.

Tom Merritt Flying boxes.

Leo Laporte And then – oh, never miss a thing. Well, I didn’t miss that.

John C. Dvorak Cisco has got their heads up their ass when it comes to marketing. Their latest thing – obviously somebody has a – what’s the name of that girl who was in Juno, the actress?

Leo Laporte Oh, those are the worst ads I have ever seen.

John C. Dvorak Ellen Page.

Leo Laporte Ellen Page.

John C. Dvorak All this says to me is there is somebody in the marketing department who’s got a crush on Ellen Page.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak And so they hired her to do these ads. It’s idiotic.

Leo Laporte They are terrible ads. Let’s just watch one. Just – oh, I just knocked down everything. Let’s just watch one just so you get an idea of how awful these ads are. This is Ellen Page.


That’s great. My local police are watching me –

John C. Dvorak Spying.

Leo Laporte Spying on me with a Cisco system and they are showing Ellen Page how it works. Come on in, Ellen.

John C. Dvorak Right, exactly. Look, here’s Leo’s bedroom.


Leo Laporte That’s not the – what the hell? What the hell? I don’t want that. By the way, who is that ad for? Is it for police departments?

John C. Dvorak I don’t know. It’s not for me.

Tom Merritt I am glad I am an omega. I’d hate to be an alpha.

John Graham-Cumming So in Britain we’ve got CCTV cameras everywhere. And in fact, there is a plan that’s being talked about where the actual citizens can watch the CCTV cameras and report crime to get cash.

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah.

John Graham-Cumming Cash rewards.

Leo Laporte Oh, Great.

John Graham-Cumming So, we’re on the – if you want the bleeding edge of the big brother state, come to Britain.

Leo Laporte Cash rewards, let me just check by the way.

John C. Dvorak Cash rewards.

Leo Laporte 277 people have now pledged to Babbage. We only need 49,723 more. Please, please give generously. Give generously.

Tom Merritt Give till it helps.

John C. Dvorak It’s like the countdown to Bernie Madoff being let go.


Leo Laporte I don’t know what happened I’ve lost control of the switcher. I can’t get rid of this picture. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. I don’t know what’s happened. I pushed the button. You just kind of have to watch this…

John C. Dvorak You pushed the wrong button.

Leo Laporte I…

Tom Merritt A tote board.

Leo Laporte I can’t – we’re stuck on that page. I can’t do anything.

John C. Dvorak It’s a special page. It sticks you.

Leo Laporte I don’t know what I did.

John Graham-Cumming You need to put more coal.

Tom Merritt There it is.

Leo Laporte Oh, there it is. Oh, thank goodness.

John Graham-Cumming Here I am.

Leo Laporte Oh, that was painful. I don’t know. I clicked a button. Well, now I know what that button does.

John C. Dvorak Oh, you just pushed the random button just to see what it does?

Leo Laporte No, I accidentally clicked it. Whatever you do, do not push that button.

John C. Dvorak Okay, what do you got there, Leo, that you hung there? You didn’t hang it there for not to get some attention? What is that?

Leo Laporte No, no, it’s just a – well, we had a visitor from Kuala Lumpur, KL, as he calls it.

John C. Dvorak Yes, KL.

Leo Laporte He’s wanted you to go to Kuala Lumpur for some time. And you refused. So he gave me this little handicraft wood placard that says TWiT.

John C. Dvorak I refused what?

Leo Laporte Well, he told me that he couldn’t get you to KL.

John C. Dvorak I have been to KL.

Leo Laporte Oh, there you go.

John C. Dvorak I would go back in a minute. It’s a fantastic place.

Leo Laporte Daniel, he would go back in a minute.

John C. Dvorak I would.

Leo Laporte He is the host of This Week in Asia, which is not an affiliate of –

John C. Dvorak Is that one of your shows?

Leo Laporte No, I don’t know anything about it. But I don’t – but see, I don’t mind if Daniel does that show. I think it’s a good thing.

Amber MacArthur And Leo can you share because when I tried it, it would say share across all your aspects, so when I tried to share it, it seems I can only share photos, but can you share texts – just conversations or have you, I know – I can’t see if you’ve done anything maybe you haven’t.

Leo Laporte I only have one friend, how can I share across my aspects. You are the only aspect I got.

Amber MacArthur You could share something with me.

Leo Laporte Hey there, Amber so – and I can add photos. Now by the way it’s kind of interesting because right now it’s piggybacking on Twitter and Facebook ironically because when you post that’s where it goes. So I’m going to make that, log in to Twitter, I’m logged into Twitter, I’m logged into Facebook, manage connected services, okay. I probably should post something better than, hey there Amber. What do you…

Andrew Baron Derp.

Leo Laporte …think about Derp?

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte What’s derp? D-E-R-P?

Andrew Baron Derp.

Leo Laporte You just type Derp?

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte Really, what will happen?

Andrew Baron I’m not going to say.

Leo Laporte All right, DERP, capitalize it?

Andrew Baron Sure, yeah that looks good.

Leo Laporte DERP, just like that.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Leo Laporte Okay, Andrew told me to do this, should I add a photo? Nah, no photo, let’s just derp. Okay so I’ve derped now, now that’s going to go to Facebook and it’s going to go to Twitter. Oh, what have I done? Have you just told me to do something embarrassing?

Amber MacArthur I just looked it up, I just found it on Know Your Meme, Andrew.

Leo Laporte Oh, if I’d only gone to know my meme.

Amber MacArthur Derp is an expression sometimes used online to signify stupidity much like the earlier forms of duh and dur.

Leo Laporte It’s like duh or dur.

Andrew Baron Right, yeah. Well I mean we were looking for something to say and –

Leo Laporte No this is perfect. I thank you, Andrew. So now my third post on Diaspora. I mean I think this is okay but I mean it’s no different than anything else, I’m hoping that they put a lot of underlying stuff in here and that there is a lot of stuff going on that we just don’t see and of course the ability to start a seed, and I’m going to wait, once they get out of alpha.

Andrew Baron I’m going to wait too, because every time they do improve it, everybody is going to come back and have a look…

Leo Laporte Yes, yes.

Andrew Baron …so they’ve got the right traction right now.

Leo Laporte Oh, look I got some requests, two new requests for friendship. I’m Leo by the way, join, so now what happens is you drag these people, doesn’t have their name or anything so I don’t really know who they are, that’s Ralph. I’m going to make him a fan, so you’re dragging and doing aspect – but I have to say I like this part of it, because –

Dwight Silverman Yeah the drag and drop function.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s making lists. Remember Mark Zuckerberg said, nobody wants to make lists. This is a very easy way to do it. When people ask you whether they want – you know to be friend you can put them in a bin.

Dwight Silverman Well, if you got another, if you got another set of invitations, Leo, send me one. I’ll play.

Leo Laporte I will, I’ll send you one. Okay. Let me see if I have anymore left, because I had like 20 but I think that they all went away is what happened. So don’t ask me folks. And I ain’t got them, remember Amber, I mean, we just get slaughtered when we say we got invites to anything.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, I remember Newsvine, 1,200 invites, three days of me online, all night long, sending them out to every single person.

Leo Laporte By hand. Whenever – is that still around? Newsvine is still around isn’t it?

Dwight Silverman MSNBC bought it.

Leo Laporte MSNBC bought it.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, owns it.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s interesting.

Amber MacArthur Oh, wow.

Dwight Silverman Yeah.

Leo Laporte Amber, see you did all that work for MSNBC?

Dwight Silverman Eventually.

Amber MacArthur They owe me big time.

Leo Laporte Derp. Invites are currently closed on this Diaspora pod. Oh there’s seeds and there is pods. I wonder if there is stems.

Amber MacArthur You can request that feature, Leo.

Leo Laporte I’d like to be a stem. Tim Berners-Lee says Facebook could fragment the web, yeah, derp. How about this, FCC wants to use texting for 911.

Amber MacArthur Oh…

Leo Laporte That seems like a good idea.

Amber MacArthur Well sure if you have the – you know the average teenager is sending what 3,000 texts a month, there is something like that they don’t use the phone.

Leo Laporte I guess some kids are so fast with their thumbs, “Help, I am falling off a cliff.” They could probably do that fast enough.

Amber MacArthur Maybe they don’t know how to use the phone. I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Right.

Andrew Baron Yeah, also the other thing is you can usually get your SMS to go through sometimes when you can’t get a signal.

Leo Laporte When the phone can’t.

Amber MacArthur That’s true actually.

Leo Laporte That’s a good point. I guess it makes sense.

Dwight Silverman They also want to allow protocols for sending video and audio along with it so, if you’re at a fire you could take a video of the fire and where the location is, send GPS coordinates along with your SMS.

Amber MacArthur Oh, that’s neat.

Leo Laporte That’s actually kind of interesting. I don’t know how valuable it is, what do they need a video of it for, they say fire.

Amber MacArthur The only thing they need to be careful of is – I know with some of the news stations in Toronto, and I am sure it’s the same thing at other places, is because they’re asking for all of this user-generated content, the thing is people are risking their lives to you know shoot video of fires and if there is a car accident, people are sort of pulling over because they want to be able to capture footage and it just makes me a little bit concerned.

Leo Laporte The I-report generation.

Andrew Baron Somebody in the chat was just wondering what would happen if you send in a derp in to 911. What would they do?

Leo Laporte Well, I’m not going to take a chance. I’m not going to take a chance. I’ve already derped the Internet, I don’t know if I want to do anymore derping. I blame you, Andrew.

Dwight Silverman Well another question you could ask is, is SMSing too easy, you know we’ve – to use 911 right now, you pick up a phone, you know you have to dial it, you have to talk to the operator, you know it’s a person to person, and it makes it harder to do or –

Amber MacArthur Yeah.

Andrew Baron Yeah.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, so makes it harder to do something fake, whereas you know, if you just want to prank something –

Leo Laporte Well that’s true.

Dwight Silverman …you just, you know call in a man down at a

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman …location on your phone, and you end up getting the cops, and it’s a false alarm.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Amber MacArthur Yeah, there is no way to gauge you know the tone of it, right?

Dwight Silverman Right.

Amber MacArthur And I think that’s – I’ll tell you guys a quick little story about my old roommate Jenna. Her mom was traveling in Northern Ontario, and she sent us text message that said, bears everywhere send help. And this was the first text message that she – no seriously this is the first text message she ever sent in her life. So Jenna and I are at home, it’s a Saturday afternoon, we obviously didn’t have better things to do, we started freaking out, we started laughing and then we think, oh my gosh, what if it’s true. Because we know she is driving through Northern Ontario, there’s a lots of bears and maybe she does need help. So of course you know I’m on the phone with the RCMP, we try to call her, we can’t get through, there is no signal and so all of a sudden you know like three hours later we get through and her mom starts laughing her head off but – because we couldn’t establish the tone that it was a joke, right. If she had called and left a message, we would have been like okay.

Leo Laporte There is no tone, is there?

Dwight Silverman Yeah.

Amber MacArthur There is no tone and so we got in an embarrassing situation.

Leo Laporte Speaking of lack of tone, I’m told now that my derp post has been retweeted multiple times.

Andrew Baron It’s a meme.

Leo Laporte I’ve created a derp storm on the Twitter.

Andrew Baron That’s why derp is a meme, it just, you hear it and you just start going with it.

Leo Laporte And people are saying this WEEK in DERP, derp, herp-derp, derp. Look at all these derps. And it’s all because of me. Actually, it’s all because of you. I blame you, Andrew.

Andrew Baron Well, you typed it in.

Leo Laporte I was the moron that did it. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I have derped.

Andrew Baron No, that’s awesome.

Leo Laporte Scott Johnson will be happy they say. I won’t be here by the way next week; Tom Merritt will be filling –

Tom Merritt …filling in for the French Leo Laporte. He is at LeWeb right now enjoying himself visiting the Eiffel Tower, eating baguettes, probably drinking wine while we slave away here in his absence.

But we have a great panel for you today starting in the studio this time, Mr. John C. Dvorak. He had some booze to pick up. That’s why you dropped by. Is that right?

John C. Dvorak John C. Dvorak to you.

Tom Merritt That’s right.

John C. Dvorak And yes, as a matter of fact, because I know these guzzlers around here would wipe this thing out if I left it here another week.

Tom Merritt, if you would like to learn more about why you need to put that C in the middle and other things.

John C. Dvorak Yes, just for channel.

Tom Merritt Right.

John C. Dvorak

Tom Merritt John Channel Dvorak. John C. Dvorak, his middle name is Channel. Also joining us from CNET, executive editor, is that right?

Molly Wood Yeah.

Tom Merritt Molly Wood, host of Buzz Out Loud, host of the Buzz Report. I’m just going to list everything you do now.

Molly Wood We could be here a while.

Tom Merritt We could be.

Molly Wood You don’t have that kind of time.

Tom Merritt Hey, it’s great to be doing a show with you again.

Molly Wood I know. I missed you.

Tom Merritt I missed you too.

Molly Wood I wish I was in the studio but it’s too rainy and I can’t go out.

Tom Merritt It’s too rainy yet John C. Dvorak came here.

John C. Dvorak That’s right.

Molly Wood Yes, but that’s because there was booze involved.

John C. Dvorak But again there was a reason as we expressed earlier.

Molly Wood If you had told me about the booze.

Tom Merritt Ah, see, that was our mistake. We shouldn’t have told – we should have told you. Google also ended its week-long suite – well, we don’t if I – going on for a longer than week, but the rumors have been going for a week that they were going to buy Groupon. Apparently, Groupon walked away from it.

John C. Dvorak This is – I am now thinking that this is a publicity stunt...

Tom Merritt For Groupon?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

John C. Dvorak Or for both of them, I don’t know. This whole...

Tom Merritt Well not that Google needs...

John C. Dvorak The deal didn’t sound right, did it?

Tom Merritt It sounded weird that Google would buy a company that doesn’t do anything algorithmically.

John C. Dvorak For that kind of money – and for that kind of money and a make-buy decision that Google couldn’t do it? Come on.

Tom Merritt Was it $6 billion they walked away from. This reminds me of a conversation Molly Wood and I had on Buzz Out Loud years ago when Facebook walked away from – what was it? That was like going a few million I think, right?

Molly Wood Yeah, that was...

John C. Dvorak This is 6 billion.

Molly Wood 30 or 40 million I think. I don’t understand anybody walking away from $6 billion. If that deal fell I think it has everything to do with Justice Department and nothing to do with money.

John C. Dvorak I think it had nothing to do with anything. I think this was a phony deal from the get go.

Tom Merritt Groupon, by the way if you don’t know. It’s pretty popular, so I imagine most everybody knows but it’s a way to get discounts, right. It’s a coupon site. A one deal per day per city.

Molly Wood I don’t think it was bogus though, because everybody else is doing this, Amazon put that money into whatever that one...

John C. Dvorak Yeah, it was 6 billion.

Molly Wood ...same thing. But, no, everyone is getting into a way to try to localize search results and localize reviews so there is no question that Google should want something like this. I just – maybe they didn’t want to pay that much in the end. I cannot see Groupon being like 6 billion – I don’t think so.

Tom Merritt I agree. I heard some good reasons why Google would want to have a company with a huge local sales staff that would – could help out with AdSense.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, they have something like 3,500 sales people, locally.

Tom Merritt Yeah. And they – and Google doesn’t have very many sales people, they kind of rely on AdSense to just work on its own.

Molly Wood So Amazon invested $175 million in LivingSocial. eBay invests – or bought some other company that does – which also does niche like localized searching. So everybody in Google’s space is starting to play in the local playground.

Tom Merritt Maybe this was a move from Groupon to get all of their competitors bought, so they could be the only remaining independent.

Molly Wood That’s convoluted.

John C. Dvorak Well, you know the other – if you’re going to go along that line of thinking, there is also the possibility because we’ve seen Google do this before, try to bid something up to make some sucker aka Microsoft come in and overspend on something that Google really didn’t want in the first place and I think this may have been like one of those deals where you have the dollar bill hooked to a little fish line you know when you throw it out you see if Microsoft tries to pick it up you pull it away.

Tom Merritt Does $6 billion for Groupon – I think everybody agreed that that was just an outrageous amount of money for this company at least right now. Is this a sign that there is a bubble in venture capital in investing?

John C. Dvorak No, I think it’s pent-up demand because there is no – nobody can do an IPO because of Sarbanes-Oxley and...

Tom Merritt I was waiting for.

John C. Dvorak Well, you know I’d bring it up when I can, he’s the one who set me up with a slow pitch, so nobody can do an IPO and so you got all these people they got money they want to invest, they want to throw it at companies and they can’t so they have to buy these companies because these companies can’t go public and get some money to grow. It’s ruining the economy, it’s ruining the country, it’s ruining the business. We’re screwed because of this.

Molly Wood I think there is a venture bubble, though, too. I mean I think there is a way everybody’s over relying now on purchasing smaller companies to build up your portfolio and as a result venture capital guys are just throwing money at these tiny companies that are wanting to get bought. And I just yesterday had – wait, Friday, had lunch with somebody who is going to work at a start-up, and said, it’s warm body time again in San Francisco where they’re just pulling people off the street, giving them the hot meal, cleaning them up and putting them to work.

John C. Dvorak You’re spraying them down. Get in the room here we got a – hose them down, hose them down.

Tom Merritt That’s why all those start-ups have showers, it’s not for the bikers.

John C. Dvorak It’s hosing them down.

Molly Wood No, because they are hiring bums.

John C. Dvorak Give them a cut.

Tom Merritt I think the reason there is a bubble is because you have people saying there is definitely not a bubble whenever there – you know that is the true sign is when people say, hey, is there a bubble and people to go definitively, no. This will last forever. This is not a problem.

John C. Dvorak That is a bubble, you’re right. Well that’s…

Tom Merritt And we’re starting to get people saying that.

John C. Dvorak It’s like when people say invest, invest, invest in the stock market and nobody thinks it’s going to crash...

Tom Merritt Right.

John C. Dvorak ...and it crashes. Or oh! It’s terrible; don’t buy any stock and it goes up. I mean, not unusual.

Leo Laporte So if you wanted a Microsoft KIN – and who doesn’t – you better get it now because according to Electronista Verizon is going to return all unsold KIN devices to Microsoft tomorrow.

John C. Dvorak Oh, we got to get one.

Leo Laporte All online sales of the KIN 1 and 2 have been suspended. Basically the KIN, which according to Electronista has only sold 9,000 units is not only so…

John C. Dvorak That many?

Leo Laporte Yeah. John Gruber said 503. And he based that on an anonymous Microsoft source. The real question is, is this going to end up in a landfill somewhere so that Michael J. Fox can hoverboard to it and find it and say, ooh, look at this, a KIN!

Lisa Bettany The KIN, I mean I think their – their marketing campaign, because I have been looking at sort of…

Leo Laporte What went wrong?

Lisa Bettany Yeah. I mean you look at the success of the Old Spice guy, I mean look at that…

Leo Laporte Well, let’s talk – we are going to talk about him next.

Lisa Bettany Yeah. That the success of that versus the KIN where they hired all these actors to go out and meet with their people on Facebook…

Leo Laporte Shoot pictures of their up-shirt T-shirt pictures...

Lisa Bettany But I mean ultimately it’s just the giant brick of…

Leo Laporte Sascha Segan on PC Magazine said, “The KINs are misbegotten, crippled creatures compared to pretty much every other smartphone on the market. They've been priced as smartphones, with smartphone data plans, and they’re being sold as smartphones” but they are stupid, I did that part at the end. So it was a misbegotten device.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, I mean it’s just – it’s just not going to find…

Leo Laporte I want one. John, let’s – we should corner the market on KINs. You know, one of the big…

John C. Dvorak I think they’d be great collector’s item sometime in the future.

Leo Laporte I think so. Especially that KIN 1 because it was so little and cute.

John C. Dvorak The little round one.

Leo Laporte You could stick it right in your bra and carry it around, nobody know you…

John C. Dvorak I stopped wearing a bra, Leo. What about you?

Leo Laporte I’ve apparently revealed too much.

Steve Gibson Microsoft made a big deal of the fact that it was able to synchronize with the cloud which I don’t think anyone really cared about that much.

Leo Laporte Right. Isn’t that interesting?

Steve Gibson It’s like big deal, you know. We really want that, we want all kinds of apps.

John C. Dvorak Didn’t Microsoft just some months back lose its complete cloud at some point and all these people had to get their phone…

Leo Laporte That was the Sidekick, the Danger Sidekick, which is also…

John C. Dvorak The Sidekick crap. So who is going to trust them?

Leo Laporte Yeah. Which has also been killed.

Anand Shimpi So I would say that the automatic cloud syncing stuff, Brian Klug, the antenna guy from our iPhone 4 stuff, he actually did an article called Microsoft's KIN: A Eulogy. And that was the one feature that he actually said, look, all phones need to have this. This needs to be in Windows Phone 7, this needs to be in future versions of Android and iOS. It’s truly like a great example of something that you just – that just works that you don’t really have to touch. Now, the other aspects of the KIN, obviously that’s why it failed. But the idea behind this that you take photos, everything you do is just stored in your own personal account online that you can access from anywhere that is kind of cool, right? Because ultimately at the end of the day that’s what we want; we want all of our content on any device anywhere, anytime and…

John C. Dvorak Yeah. The problem is the anywhere, anytime issue. I mean I have – was up in Port Angeles floating around, looking for a specific place out on a peninsula, and my – and I was using a Nexus One. And the phone just – all of a sudden there was no signal to be had because I was in some area where there was no signal. If I have no signal, zero signal, what good is the cloud going to do me? And this is going to happen once in a while.

Anand Shimpi Yeah, but you still have local storage of information, right?

John C. Dvorak Well yeah. But then why do I need the cloud?

Anand Shimpi It’s for convenience, right? So say you are away from your phone, or say you are on someone else’s notebook and you are like, oh, hey I took these pictures on my phone, I don’t have to show you on the phone, I can pull it up on my notebook or on your notebook or on your TV. I mean it’s just that added flexibility is very nice.

John C. Dvorak Well, you argue for the cloud, I just find it to be just something that’s going to cost me more money.

Anand Shimpi Well, I don’t – I don’t…

John C. Dvorak And yes, the chat room says that Dvorak hates clouds. I don’t hate clouds.

Leo Laporte He also hates puppies, kittens…

John C. Dvorak I hate puppies.

Anand Shimpi So I wouldn’t argue blindly in favor of the cloud. I just think you have to use everything to its benefits, to its strength.

Leo Laporte Well, and that’s the key. Nobody is saying let’s replace computers with the cloud.

Steve Gibson Yes, yes, exactly. So you’re just talking about –

Leo Laporte The Carbonite – that’s cloud back-up, it’s back-up of your data. I mean it’s not like you give up your data. You still have –

Lisa Bettany Do we really need to –

John C. Dvorak I like the back up bit, using the cloud for back up is fine with me.

Leo Laporte Speaking of the iPhone – were we? I think we were. San Mateo –

Steve Gibson When were we not?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I know. Well, a couple more iPhone stories and we’re going to move on. I really want to get to the Old Spice guy for Lisa. San Mateo County, officials have withdrawn a search warrant issued for Gizmodo. Remember, we got all bent out of shape over this.

John C. Dvorak What is this, like a perpetual search warrant? This story has baffled me.

Leo Laporte Jason Chen was the Gizmodo reporter who had the stolen or found iPhone. Authorities searched his house in April. And they wanted to keep the information that they found on those electronic devices that they confiscated. Chen agreed to submit information that was on those devices but the search warrant drew heat from critics and me and many people on this show because they violated shield laws that protect journalists. Mr. Chen’s attorney went to the district attorney saying if you agree to withdraw the search warrant, we will grant you access to the information you’re looking for.

John C. Dvorak What does that mean?

Leo Laporte Well, and this is why there is a shield law because you get the computer and, yeah, you are looking for one thing, but it could be a fishing expedition you could find maybe if this is a journalist that you are targeting, you could find other source information. So the attorney said, look, you’re going to have problems in court with this shield law. Why don’t we give you the information you are looking for and protect the rest of the information on the system? They said, yes, and they dropped the search warrant.

John C. Dvorak Do we have any idea what information they were looking for? I mean they already – I mean he basically – I mean what kind of information could it possibly be looking for that would incriminate him for anything?

Leo Laporte Well, that’s the thing, I don’t know. They don’t say that anybody has been charged with a crime. And –

John C. Dvorak This whole thing is sketchy.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think what happened is that REACT and the district attorney in San Mateo realized that they had a problem with potentially a legal search. So they made a good – they made a deal. They compromised with Chen’s attorney. I think this is actually good news. It means that their shield laws do carry some weight. And I think Gizmodo did the right thing. They said, look, we just want to protect our other sources. We’ll give you the information from – about this specific thing.

John C. Dvorak Hmph.

Leo Laporte Would you buy a Nexus Two, John?

John C. Dvorak The Nexus Two?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I mean – I’m sorry. You don’t buy anything. Would you accept a Nexus Two free?

John C. Dvorak Absolutely.


John C. Dvorak Hey, can I get a plug in?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak My Twitter numbers have not gone up much because I haven’t been promoting it. So I want people to sign on to the THErealDVORAK and get me – I got to get some numbers. It’s like ridiculous.

Leo Laporte John, how many do you have? How greedy will you be?

John C. Dvorak 68,700, something like that.

Leo Laporte How many?

John C. Dvorak It’s nothing.

Leo Laporte Nothing?

Steve Gibson Say it again.

Leo Laporte 68,793.

Lisa Bettany You need more bikini photos.

John C. Dvorak 68,000

Leo Laporte Is that your secret?

Lisa Bettany I’m just saying.

John C. Dvorak That’s only half of what Leo has –

Leo Laporte I don’t want to see John in a bikini. I saw OhDoctah in a towel.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte And I’m still suffering from that. I don’t want to see John in a bikini.

John C. Dvorak I don’t either.

Leo Laporte I think you’d look better than OhDoctah in a towel, however.

John C. Dvorak Well.

Leo Laporte And I love –

Steve Gibson So, John, what is your Twitter account name?

John C. Dvorak THErealDVORAK.

Leo Laporte Oh, but make sure you spell –

John C. Dvorak And that’s spelled D-V-O-R-A-K.

Leo Laporte Make sure you spell Twitter right because I spell that with two Is and I got a –

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah, and you get a parker site.

Leo Laporte Parker site. Here it is – no, no.

John C. Dvorak You know, anyway. Let’s talk –

Leo Laporte No, I want to show your page, there it is.

John C. Dvorak There it is.

Leo Laporte What is with the clouds?

Lisa Bettany It’s a cloud.

Leo Laporte You got clouds on your page.

Steve Gibson Okay.

John C. Dvorak Cloud computing baby, cloud computing.

Leo Laporte That’s the only kind of cloud computing John likes. Wait a minute. Let’s see who John’s following. All attractive women, John. Bobbi – who is Bobbi Eden?

John C. Dvorak Oh, that’s the stripper that was going to give everyone who followed her some oral sex if the...

Leo Laporte Ah.


John C. Dvorak I mean why not take a chance. What does it hurt? You asked.

Leo Laporte Oh, I am happy I asked. By the way, she has got 103,000 followers.

John C. Dvorak She started with 7,000 before she made the offer.

Lisa Bettany Well, there you go.

Leo Laporte And it worked, clearly. She is according to her Twitter page, number 1 Dutch porn star.

Steve Gibson So, John, what are you going to do for your followers?

Lisa Bettany Exactly.


John C. Dvorak Oh, I’m going to thank them profusely.

Leo Laporte Okay, we’ve already –

John C. Dvorak The emphasis is on the profuse.

Steve Gibson You’re going to profuse all over them?

Leo Laporte Profusing all over them once again. So what do you think of this – I thought this was a really smart campaign on Old Spice’s part.

Lisa Bettany Oh, it’s definitely the best, interactive, web based advertising that we’ve seen.

Leo Laporte So we’ve talked before about the Old Spice ad, I’m On a Horse, which I love, it’s like one of the –

Lisa Bettany Swan Dive.

Leo Laporte Swan Dive. Well, and then there was a sequel. Swan Dive came out a couple of weeks ago. Wieden+Kennedy, the agency that did this, just brilliant. In fact we did a video dissecting the “I’m On a Horse”, how they did it, piece by piece with the creatives.

Lisa Bettany Oh, cool.

Leo Laporte I’m catching up with your Barney video, John. I’ve almost got a million views on that.

John C. Dvorak Oh, really?

Leo Laporte You better get another Barney video out.

John C. Dvorak People go to Dvorak Uncensored on YouTube and watch Barney.

Leo Laporte That’s – this is your marketing strategy? This?

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte So what Old Spice did is they got Isaiah, oh, I can’t remember his last name, Mustafa, and he is a football player, really hunky guy, right? And they got him in. And I think they must have just sat there in studio and watched people tweet him.

Lisa Bettany Well, looks like they had him in studio for about two or three days and they were watching any sort of @ tweets and they would actually do a video reply.

Leo Laporte Right.

Lisa Bettany And if you go through, I mean there is like hundreds of them, and there is like Kevin Rose, and –

Leo Laporte Well, that – we talked about that last week because we know Kevin and he kind of said, get well, Kevin. But there was a wedding proposal there. Well, he and Alyssa Milano have been going back and back, back and forth –

Lisa Bettany I mean it’s so smart. I mean it’s the engagement factor that really has made this as popular it is.

John C. Dvorak Isaiah Mustafa.

Leo Laporte Yeah, his daughter Haley sent him a tweet saying why is it you look so much like my dad?


Oh, that’s kind of sweet.

Steve Gibson So he comes up with that on the fly? That’s really good.

Leo Laporte Well, obviously, they have a team of copywriters sitting there, right?

Steve Gibson Yeah.

Lisa Bettany Yeah, it’s just writing, such smart writing.

Leo Laporte Let me see if I can find the marriage proposal because that is really –

Steve Gibson That’s really good.

Leo Laporte This is how you – this is how you do a viral marketing, right?

Lisa Bettany They even did – Reddit did one where they – he gave them sort of an answering machine so you could just like piece together all the different numbers and create your own message on your phone.

Leo Laporte Really?

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte So you could do an Old Spice –

Lisa Bettany You could do, yeah.

Leo Laporte So why does this work when so many other social media efforts by big companies just are terrible?

Lisa Bettany I mean obviously being successful on YouTube is huge but also just – like I said before like the engagement factor that people are engaging in this and then you get all the re-tweets. Then you got all people on YouTube talking about it and I mean it’s just in the right –

John C. Dvorak I have a thought on this too.

Leo Laporte Okay. Go ahead, John.

John C. Dvorak Every one of these things that’s worked has a sense of humor.

Leo Laporte Yes, funny, it’s got to be funny first.

John C. Dvorak And all the ones that are serious never work.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak That’s my thought for the day.

Leo Laporte No, that’s good.

John C. Dvorak Thank you very much.

Leo Laporte Thank you.

John C. Dvorak I’ll be here all the week.

Anand Shimpi They are not trying to push anything on you, right.

Leo Laporte I’ll give you another shot in a second. Say again?

Anand Shimpi They are not trying to push anything on you, right, like it’s just –

Leo Laporte You know what, there you go.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte They never mentioned Old Spice in these things. Well, they do a little –

Lisa Bettany Well, they do. I mean he is saying –

Leo Laporte But in a very tongue and cheek way.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte Here is the marriage proposal if I can play it.


Steve Gibson It’s really good creative, Leo. It’s really good creative.

Leo Laporte It’s good writing, good writing.

Steve Gibson That’s what makes it go, yeah, the whole thing.

Leo Laporte And of course, we are playing it. Everybody is.

Lisa Bettany Yeah.

Leo Laporte Everybody is I’m sure re-tweeting it and sending it to friends and by the way, she said yes.

Lisa Bettany Oh, nice.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Would that work for you?

Lisa Bettany Ummm –

Leo Laporte I wonder, you know, I think it’s…


John C. Dvorak Apparently not.

Leo Laporte Well, I remember reading, you know, sometimes people call the sports events, they call the score board and they say would you put the marriage proposal up on the score board. And I was reading I think it was Yankee stadium, the scoreboard people said, yes, we get two or three a week last minute stop the proposal, please don’t do it. Whatever, oh, my God! I’ve made a horrible mistake.

Steve Gibson I sobered up.

Leo Laporte I sobered up. It’s probably what it is. Anyway, so, yeah, I think success, and congratulations to Isaiah Mustafa who has now been on every TV show and he has probably got a great career ahead of him, and again, credit to really the creative behind this at Wieden+Kennedy because they did a great job.

That was fun. Lisa Bettany has been a longtime friend of the show and I have some very good news. Lisa and I are going to do a photography show with some of our favorite photographers including Trey Ratcliff and many others. It’s going to be coming up – in fact, it will probably be the first show to come out of our new studios. More about those new studios coming up in just a little bit. But before we go much further in just a second we’re going to find out what happens when somebody plays Chatroulette live on the air, don’t know who that would be.

But before we do that I am going to have a sip from my giant bowl of Michigan, um, um, um, I did that for Ken. And mention Carbonite Pro, one of our longtime sponsors. We’ve talked about Carbonite Consumer backup for a long time now: easiest, simplest, most effective way to back up your data off-site, automatic, you can get it back anywhere. Lot of people started using Carbonite Consumer for their small businesses. And that’s when Carbonite said, yeah, we really got to do a business version. That’s where Carbonite Pro came from, same ease of use.

And the nice thing about Carbonite Pro is you don’t pay per user. You just pay for the amount of storage you use. So whether you’ve got two employees or 200, all you pay for is how much you’re backing up. And it’s very affordable. Prices start at $10 a month. That gives you 20 gigabytes of backup, enough for 10 desktops each with 2 gigs, that’s a lot for $10 a month. It’s automatic. You have a centralized dashboard. So you know which systems are backed up and which aren’t. And your users can restore the same easy way they restore with Carbonite Consumer with the iPhone app, the BlackBerry app or just by logging into the net from any computer., I want you to try it free in your small business, 30 days, 30 days for free, We do thank Carbonite for bringing us – for keeping us afloat for the last year helping us bring you this great programming. Now back to the Best Of, the holiday special, yes, that explains why I am dressed like this. We are going to find out in a moment what happens when Leo decides to play Chatroulette live on the air and mirth and merriment ensue. Watch.

Even my wife knows about Chatroulette, and she doesn’t know about anything. So I want to go to Chatroulette. So what happens with Chatroulette, is what?

Dwight Silverman You are going to go to Chatroulette?

Jason Calacanis You’re not going to Chatroulette live; you can’t do that.

Leo Laporte Why not? You think that some naked guy’s going to be on there?

Jason Calacanis One out of 20 is a penis.

Dwight Silverman Don’t do it!

Leo Laporte One out of 20 is a penis?

Jason Calacanis Oh, yeah. That’s the tag line.

Leo Laporte So how do I – how do I start this?

Brett Larson But it says Chatroulette does not tolerate broadcasting obscene…

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah, right. Right on.

Brett Larson Why does everything on the Internet have to turn into porn?

Leo Laporte Just click play, okay.

Dwight Silverman Don’t do it!

Jason Calacanis No, it’s going, you have to hit the ‘play’ on the top left, top left. The other top left.

[Sound Effect] [Laughter]

Leo Laporte It works! Where are you – where are you from?

Jason Calacanis Hello, we’re calling from…

Dwight Silverman You chat, you type.

Leo Laporte Oh, you type?

Jason Calacanis Shoe on head.

Leo Laporte Oh, they pressed next. Dudes, you just got – you just got more clicks than you’ll ever have in the rest of your life. All right, so I’m going to play next, so you press next, right?

Jason Calacanis Yeah. You’re now playing Chatroulette.

Dwight Silverman I can’t believe you are doing this.

Leo Laporte Oh!

Jason Calacanis Ah!

Brett Larson There you go.

Leo Laporte Okay, it only took one.

Dwight Silverman I warned you, Leo. You were warned!

Jason Calacanis Oh, Leo.

Leo Laporte Oh! So I really thought this was a – and it’s the same, in a way, it’s the same conversation. It doesn’t have to do with government regulation, but it’s the nature of open. In the article in The Times yesterday, Steven Johnson quotes Harvard’s Jonathan Zittrain, who talks about –

Baratunde Thurston Author of ‘The Future of the Internet – And How To Stop It’.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you’ve read it?

Baratunde Thurston Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Really neat, interesting guy. He talks about generative – the generative power of the net. He says, when you don’t have to ask permission to create and share new ideas; when small, innovative start-ups can compete with giant multinationals – I think of us as exact – a good copy of that. You know, I’m competing with Rupert Murdoch, even though he’s got all this power, thanks to the Internet and inexpensive consumer electronics, I can create television that anybody in the world can see.

So that’s the generative power of an open, free Internet, the kind of thing that we want to protect whether it’s through government regulation – which I know some people don’t like the idea, or maybe through market – free markets, but we need to protect. You’d agree with that, right, Brian?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, I just love the fact that you guys both looked at each other, ‘which some people’ –

Leo Laporte Some people who shall remain nameless, Brian Brushwood, Libertarian. You would categorize yourself as a Libertarian?


Brian Brushwood Yeah, very much so.

Baratunde Thurston Oh, that’s why it’s so fun to talk to you.

Brian Brushwood I know.

Baratunde Thurston It’s great, it’s just great. And I’m saying that seriously.

Leo Laporte You know what a Libertarian is?

Baratunde Thurston Yeah.

Leo Laporte It’s just a Republican in sheep’s clothing.

Baratunde Thurston No, that’s not true, that’s definitely not true.

Leo Laporte You don’t think so.

Brian Brushwood I’d like to think, we get the – we’re just a fan of freedom on all sides.

Baratunde Thurston Yeah, they appeal to a lot of progressive people and like torture and – right, but also me.

Leo Laporte You know what a Socialist is? A Frenchman.

Baratunde Thurston Frenchman. I’m sorry, go ahead. You were setting up the story.

Leo Laporte No, I forgot now where I was going.

Baratunde Thurston The generative, Steven Johnson article.

Leo Laporte Oh, the generative power of the web, the open web. Okay, so then if you believe that, then you look at Steve Jobs and Apple and you say, well, this is the opposite, isn’t it? It’s a walled garden. It’s AOL. It’s MSN. It’s CompuServe all over again, where ‘we control everything rigidly.’ And you didn’t see any innovative stuff happening on those platforms because you couldn’t – it was their way or the highway.

Baratunde Thurston Right

Leo Laporte Well, here’s an interesting thing. Steve Jobs has created this App Store, I think maybe against the will of Apple. It certainly wasn’t their original plan. You know, when the iPhone came out, they said, oh, you don’t need apps, you got web apps, it’s great, you should be happy. That didn’t work. So they created the App Store.

Brian Brushwood It’s like they said, we will never…

Leo Laporte They probably did! ‘We’ll never have apps.’ I’m sure he had some reason why apps were a bad thing, right?

Baratunde Thurston And why you would never want them.

Leo Laporte You wouldn’t want an app? So people demanded an app, year two, they made App Store. Year three, they’ve got 175,000 applications. 185. You can – there’s no one who could say, it hasn’t been innovative, that it hasn’t been generative. What the hell? How did this happen?

And that’s what Johnson’s writing about in The Times, he said, Rethinking a Gospel of the Web, this has been Gospel. Is it wrong?

Baratunde Thurston It’s a spectrum.

Leo Laporte Nothing’s black and white.

Baratunde Thurston It certainly is, and that’s sometimes a cop-out in an argument, but I think in this case –

Leo Laporte I think you’re right.

Baratunde Thurston It is true because Apple has opened the doors wide enough to let a lot of non-Apple innovation in, while still retaining control enough to maintain a user experience that meets their standard. So, not everybody agrees in that intersection. There are people who want apps and capabilities, tethering, routers, voice, VoIP, in the background, true multitasking, that doesn’t meet Apple’s standard.

And so they draw a line that is closer to home than what some innovators want. So, not every type of innovation can happen. What Apple has decided is, well, we can’t do it all ourselves. I mean, there is a benefit to the platform owners in opening up, because they can’t solve every problem, they can’t write every code.

And so they’ve drawn a compromising line which satisfies the vast majority of their audience. And the more purist, the more geek-oriented are less happy because they’d love to do a lot more. They see potential that others might not. And so you get this frustration at that margin. But overall, Apple’s been relatively open. I’m someone who’s pushed for a lot more from them. But I also recognize a lot of what Steven’s written is true.

Leo Laporte Right. All right. So now let me – anybody wants to say anything before I throw the monkey wrench?

Brian Brushwood This really makes me think of the Ed Fulton blog where he said iPad is the Disneyland of computers.

Leo Laporte Disneyland?

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte It’s a sanitized experience.

Brian Brushwood Right, which is very – it’s everything you wish, like, just like the middle of downtown Disneyland is the little quaint American town, it’s the exact picture of how you –

Leo Laporte This is how it used to be in America when everybody ate candied apples –

Brian Brushwood Nothing is dirty.

Baratunde Thurston When no apps crashed.

Leo Laporte No apps crashed.

Baratunde Thurston Right, there was no Blue Screen of Death.

Veronica Belmont It’s an interesting combination, because you have this walled garden where you can create applications and they work really well. And Apple has a set of standards that you develop by. And on the same token, if you don’t like that, you can go to a more open operating system like Android or Palm OS and then you can have that experience.

And it’s like do you either want to make applications that you can sell millions of copies on in the Apple Store? Or do you want to develop something that’s more open and cross-platform on Android or Palm?

Leo Laporte It’s true though, let’s point it out, that there is a very good web browser on the iPad and the iPhone and it’s Safari. And you can even run web apps that I can design and anybody can design. But now here is the monkey wrench. Because in iPhone 4.0 agreement, Apple did something that I think the tent poles are meaningless compared to this. They said, going forward, you may not develop applications for this platform, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, with anything but Apple approved tools.

Baratunde Thurston And I thought they just said, screw you, Adobe!


Leo Laporte Yeah, it was clearly, screw you, Adobe.

Brian Brushwood That’s what – was I wrong in reading it that way?

Veronica Belmont Yeah, that’s what – that’s exactly what they were saying.

Leo Laporte So, you know –

Brian Brushwood How can they – I guess they could tell because the code generated clearly indicates what –

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah. They know.

Brian Brushwood Software was used to put it together.

Baratunde Thurston It’s not quite as sloppy as FrontPage making websites but – that’s rude.

Leo Laporte And this only works – Microsoft could have done the same thing with Windows except that anybody could sell applications. It was an open platform. You cannot sell applications unless Apple says yes, right. So this only works because Apple gets to say what applications run.

Brian Brushwood By the way, this is a really interesting face-off because on the one hand, Apple has first mover advantage. It has all the momentum. It currently has most of the software. But it seems like in the long term – I mean I believe Apple was pretty far ahead in the PC days early on until Microsoft was completely open to everyone.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood And I wonder, it will be really interesting to see if the Android completely open architecture allows for – I don’t know allows for catch up, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte I think an Android tablet could be pretty good.

Baratunde Thurston I think it could be good. But I think Apple has learned from the past. They’re not repeating the same mistake. They’ve – first of all, they integrated a lot more. And the big step is commerce. What Veronica was talking about with – you can go to Android or Palm OS, but you can’t get as large a pool of money at your footsteps as a developer, as a content producer or seller than you can get in the iTunes App Store. They’ve made the friction between you and getting that app and money in between really slick, super smooth, super fast. So if you want…

Veronica Belmont Yes.

Baratunde Thurston You can make a web app.

Leo Laporte If you are a developer it’s pretty good.

Baratunde Thurston Monetizing that web app is a lot harder on an iPhone than selling it in the App Store would be, because there’s no payment system.

Veronica Belmont And plus, as Gruber said, it’s really dangerous for Apple to rely on something like Flash. When if anything happens to Flash and it breaks and suddenly all of these iPhone apps no longer work or iPad apps, then that’s going to be a bad experience for the users.

Leo Laporte I got to feel for John because Steve Jobs actually – somebody said – a developer sent him an email saying, ‘I hate this.’ Jobs said, no, ‘read John Gruber’s blog post because we think he has got it right.’

Baratunde Thurston Yeah.

Leo Laporte And I’ve got – I think that John’s going – he’s cringing, right? ‘Oh damn.’

Baratunde Thurston Looks like he is Steve’s man.

Leo Laporte And although it’s a great honor. But Gruber said some interesting things. Gruber did, in that same blog post, point out that Apple – it’s a lock-in for Apple that Apple is – it’s good for business. He says it’s mostly good for users. And this is the question. Is a move like this for Apple’s benefit or our benefit?

Brian Brushwood Oh, I think it’s…

Baratunde Thurston Well, I think it’s for the benefit of the Objective-C developer whose price just went up because what you’ve done is made development more expensive.

Leo Laporte So you’re saying developers should like it?

Baratunde Thurston I’m not saying developers as a group should like it. What I am saying is they have segmented –

Leo Laporte Right.

Baratunde Thurston They’ve forced the segmentation in the developer market.

Leo Laporte It does mean if you are a company developing mobile software, you can’t develop on one plat – one code that runs on all platforms.

Baratunde Thurston Yes, so they are sort of de-commoditizing development tools.

Leo Laporte Yeah. That’s a good way to put it.

Veronica Belmont Well, it seems a lot of cross-platform applications tend not to be as fully featured and nice to use –

Leo Laporte Again, John Gruber’s point.

Veronica Belmont As ones that are developed strictly for the iPhone or iPad operating system.

Leo Laporte He points to the Kindle app on the Mac and says it’s a – I think a turd was the word he used.

Veronica Belmont He used turd?

Leo Laporte He used that word, yes.

Veronica Belmont I don’t think it’s that bad. But I can see where he’s coming from for other things.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood I mean is the case where the output with using those tools was so unbelievably bad that they just needed to protect the consumer?

Leo Laporte No. I don’t think so. No.

Brian Brushwood I mean this is clearly a ‘we’re going to make it a little bit difficult for you.’

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Veronica Belmont Well, how many consumers are even going to notice?

Leo Laporte Nobody knows.

Veronica Belmont Unless something is breaking, they’re not going to care whether it’s something that’s been developed as a cross-platform application or if it’s something that was developed solely for the iPhone. I mean maybe the geeks will notice if they can’t run an application between Android and you know…

Leo Laporte Gruber notices if the kerning isn’t perfect on an application.

Veronica Belmont Right.

Leo Laporte He’s not the typical user.

Veronica Belmont He is the one percentile.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Veronica Belmont As are we probably in that regard too.

Leo Laporte So is what Apple’s doing anti-competitive?

Brian Brushwood It’s certainly rude.

Leo Laporte It’s rude.


Baratunde Thurston I believe it’s ill mannered.

Brian Brushwood Flash to Apple, you hurt our feelings.

Veronica Belmont Why is it anti-competitive?

Leo Laporte Because it’s saying, essentially, ‘Adobe, screw you.’ Because Adobe has been working on it – but not just Adobe there are other projects as well, to work on cross-platform development products that will include Flash on the iPhone, that will allow Adobe to get back on to the iPhone. And Apple’s basically shut the – slamming the door on them.

Baratunde Thurston Days ahead of that.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Baratunde Thurston But I think what’s interesting – I’ve got into a heated but respectful email argument with someone – I was complaining about –

Brian Brushwood Everything’s fine here officer. We’re all fine.


Veronica Belmont Not me. Don’t look at me.

Leo Laporte If you see a sizzling coming out of the tricaster…

Baratunde Thurston Apparently, Steve Jobs is upset.

Brian Brushwood Apparently, Baratunde said the wrong thing.

Baratunde Thurston It’s a code word. And the house collapsed.

Leo Laporte Here comes Colleen because as soon as she hears liquid pour into the tricaster she gets upset. I am sorry.

Brian Brushwood It seems like a well rehearsed maneuver she just did.

Leo Laporte Yeah. What were we talking about? Oh, yes,


Leo Laporte No, go ahead, what were you saying, Baratunde?

Veronica Belmont He’s like, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte She is worried about the broken glass next to my ball.

Brian Brushwood Oh, like that would ever…

Leo Laporte Get the recorders going because we don’t want to miss that opportunity. Oh, and also, it made you black and white.

Veronica Belmont Oh, wow, look at that.

Brian Brushwood I looked to see if that was me or Baratunde.

Leo Laporte He was actually shade – you were shades of gray.

Baratunde Thurston Where’s that sad tromboning.

Brian Brushwood That’s right.

Leo Laporte Sad trombone; bring it back. So Blippy – I like Blippy, do you use Blippy, Shira?

Shira Lazar I don’t use Blippy. I don’t care to share what I’m buying with people really that much. I just tweet – if I am buying something and I want to share it, I just tweet it.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I think the advantage of Blippy is it’s kind of automatic. You hook up your Amazon or your iTunes, you could hook up a credit card to it and it’s kind of like it automatically tweets your purchases – way to – it’s a conversation starter.

Natali Del Conte I’m starting to research gear that goes along with procreation and I don’t understand how people choose strollers and…

Leo Laporte So that would be a good example.

Natali Del Conte Carriers and that kind of thing and I go to Amazon and the top rated stuff. And I don’t know if this crazy person thinks this stroller’s great. Like, I don’t know anything about this.

Becky Worley Natali, just call me.

Leo Laporte That’s what you do. That’s what you do. You call another mom.

Natali Del Conte So I would appreciate something where like if I did buy this one stroller and people would be like, it will cut your baby’s fingers off then you know….

Leo Laporte You know, it’s funny is that our kids are 18 and 15 now. I know all about strollers from the ‘90s.

Natali Del Conte Oh, yeah.

Shira Lazar That’s great advice, Leo.

Leo Laporte It changes. It’s like…

Becky Worley I hear that Maclaren rocks.

Leo Laporte Exactly, we had a Maclaren.

Natali Del Conte What is that?

Leo Laporte Do they still have Maclarens?

Becky Worley Yeah, they have Maclarens. They are okay. They are like…..

Leo Laporte It’s British.

Becky Worley …the station wagon, they are solid.

Leo Laporte That’s what we had, is a Maclaren.

Becky Worley But we have evolved.

Leo Laporte But you don’t use Aprica. Those are kind of – no, those are junky. No, what do you like?

Becky Worley The City Mini.

Leo Laporte City Mini.

Becky Worley You’ve got to get it Natali, it’s the best.

Natali Del Conte Okay.

Leo Laporte Is it…

Becky Worley Going to hook you up with some serious recommendations.

Natali Del Conte I am sorry to turn this into baby talk you guys, I really don’t mean to do this. But I just…

Leo Laporte Shira’s crossing her legs right now. She’s like I don’t want to know.

Shira Lazar I am enjoying – I am just observing.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Shira Lazar I have nothing more to say.

Becky Worley Should we back into the Blippy credit card exposure…?

Leo Laporte Well, that’s why Blippy’s in the news and somebody told me one of them was mine, but I don’t think that’s the case. So…

Becky Worley It wasn’t.

Leo Laporte Yeah, so, what happened with Blippy is they strip out – they take the raw feed from your credit card, they are using the same service that Mint uses, which is the same service that a lot of banks use. What is it? I can’t remember the name of it is – some silly Web 2.0 wooppy, booppy, dooppy name. But all the banks use it, so you’re not giving your credit card information to Blippy per se, you’re giving it to this third party that banks and Mint use, so it’s not like you’re revealing anything but the information Blippy was getting back did include credit card numbers and a lot of other raw information. Their automatic system strips it out and then posts this kind of bowdlerised version of what you bought. But apparently Google was caching full information and if you did a Google search for Blippy you could get these credit card numbers, but it was only four numbers, right Becky, is that right?

Becky Worley It was five they say and I went through all 18 pages because we were going to do it for GMA and so I started going through all 18 pages and also noticed it was the same four and then one number was on like a later page. And so…

Leo Laporte And they were early adopters. This was from beta, but I was part of the beta, so it made me a little nervous I came really close to killing my Blippy account. And I think I may still.

Becky Worley Did it make you nervous?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Shira Lazar It puts things into question when information like that is released definitely.

Leo Laporte Yeah. That’s a pretty big leak.

Becky Worley Yeah. I called Pud on Friday because I wanted comment from them if we were going to run it on Saturday morning and by the time he returned my call, the information had come out that it wasn’t all users’ credit cards released, it was just four or five.

Leo Laporte Right. It was a pretty minor.

Natali Del Conte Right.

Becky Worley He was doing a lot of damage control and at that point, when I said okay, if it’s only four or five people then we are not going to do the story. And I could hear this feeling of visible exhale of just this incredible relief and he said, my day which already sucks just got less worse.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s a death – it could be a death blow, I mean this is a start-up and that could be the death blow. It’s kind of – they have a – the truth is well, I thought it was a really good idea. Nope, everybody has the same reaction you all did, which is I am not going to do that.

Natali Del Conte Yes.

Leo Laporte So I think it’s dead anyway, but…

Natali Del Conte We don’t really have…

Becky Worley It’s going to be – something like that that creates a huge privacy backlash.

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley From the general public.

Leo Laporte Shira Lazar, Natali Del Conte and who was that Becky. Man, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I have a great job. So, we’re going to take a little break, come back in just a bit, to a proud papa, I don’t know if you noticed but Natali was a little bit pregnant in that.

Our next segment, she will have already had the baby and the proud papa will appear, but before we get to that, I would like to mention our good friends at Ford who have been such a great supporter all year along for along of our shows.

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Let us head back in time to this fall, Clayton Morris, he lives in New York but was born in Philadelphia, he’s a natural born bleeding red Philadelphia Phillies fan and he had a little bet with me because I’m a Giants fan for the National League Championship series. Well, in case you don’t know, well, you’ll find out who win that bet in this next clip.

Leo Laporte It’s time for TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers your latest technology news with deep analysis from great minds, great minds like these. What the hell? Clayton Morris is here.

Clayton Morris What?

Leo Laporte He’s wearing the Phillies outfit, From Fox and Friends, hey, Clayton.

Clayton Morris Hey, Leo. Thanks for having me on your show.

Leo Laporte I believe – and we should get this out of the way before the others join us, because I think they’re nerds. And they’re not into the great manly sport of baseball. But we had a wager, I believe, Mr. Morris?

Clayton Morris Yeah, last week, I think – what was it? During game 1? You Tweeted that Cody Ross was…

Leo Laporte My boyfriend.

Clayton Morris Your new boyfriend. You’re in love with Cody Ross.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Actually, we’re engaged now, yeah.

Clayton Morris I’m glad I sent you guys an engagement present. I said he’s the most hated man in my house right now. Because of course I’m from Philadelphia, so this just absolutely chapped my behind. And then you and I had a friendly wager that if the Phillies were to win, you would end up wearing a full Phillies regalia on TWiT. And if I was to win – vice versa if you were to win, I’d wear a full Giants outfit.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, let me just check here. I believe the – I may be wrong, but I think the Giants won!

Clayton Morris Yeah, so I can’t believe this is – I had root canal one time, and this is actually going to pain me.

Leo Laporte We sent Clayton an outfit. But you know, we forgot one thing, Clayton.

Clayton Morris What?

Leo Laporte The black beard. You don’t have a black beard anywhere, do you?

Clayton Morris If you give me three days – so we can continue the show for three days. I can do that, I can grow it just for you.

Leo Laporte Just grow it. Yeah, yeah.

Clayton Morris All right, I’m going to do this. I have to take my headset off, I’m taking it off…

Leo Laporte This is so humiliating. Poor guy. Oh, my god. Is this what we sent him? Or, yeah, okay. We didn’t make Clayton buy a Giants. It could have been worse, we could have made him buy it.

Clayton Morris I’ve never worn anything but a Phillies uniform. In fact I only wear Phillies underwear everyday. And here’s this Phillies hat – there’s a San Francisco Giants hat.

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah. We sent you the patriotic one.

Clayton Morris So I’m wearing it kind of like Fifty Cent.

Leo Laporte You’re kind of – very gangsta, isn’t it?

Clayton Morris Yeah, I just keep the bill flat and I just keep the sticker on.

Joshua Topolsky I think this looks nice, actually. This is a big improvement.

Cali Lewis You look great, Clayton. Just fantastic.


Leo Laporte Oh, the humiliation. Oh my god. If you have it – if you’re listening to audio, you got to check in for the video. You know what? Let’s do this. Let’s put this on the front page of TWiT. Maybe you have a – I don’t know – Clayton Morris hands on. His first Giants exposure.

Clayton Morris Oh. This is the first time I’ve ever – you know I used to – when I played Little League, I was playing tee ball, I was on the Phillies, when I played Little League I was on the Phillies, you know Phillies’ version of whatever it was. Baseball I was on Phillies. And I’ve been to tons – dozens and dozens of Phillies games. I’ve never once worn a Giant’s outfit.

Leo Laporte I like soft pretzels, does that count?

Clayton Morris Soft pretzels – I’ll send you some soft pretzels and a cheese steak. Or I’m just going to send you – the best cheese steak in all of Philadelphia, a little – people don’t know there – unless they’re from there – is from John’s Roast Pork in South Philadelphia. They’re open only till three in the afternoon. And there’s a line out the door and it is…

Joshua Topolsky Or Pat’s.

Clayton Morris No, no. Pat’s is terrible…

Joshua Topolsky Geno’s, Geno’s.

Clayton Morris Geno’s?

Leo Laporte All right, before you guys get – I better bring in Joshua Topolsky. He is with Engadget. He’s obviously been to Philadelphia once or twice, but he’s – right now he’s in Brooklyn.

Joshua Topolsky Fortunately, yes.

Leo Laporte And not a baseball fan. And also joining us – as long as we’re going through the list here, we should also say hello to Cali Lewis, who is also here. And she’s visiting Atlanta.

Cali Lewis I am.

Leo Laporte So really in some ways, you’re also part of this rivalry, since the Giants beat Atlanta to get to the Phillies game.

Cali Lewis Oh. I claim nothing.

Leo Laporte But you are a Texas Rangers fan?

Cali Lewis Sure!

Leo Laporte Good!

Cali Lewis I enjoy going to Rangers fan – Rangers baseball games. What do they call it?

Leo Laporte It’s called baseball, that’s yeah, homeruns, batters, yeah.

Joshua Topolsky Is that what we’ve been talking about for the past five minutes? Baseball?

Leo Laporte You guys are such nerds. So in fact, maybe Cali and I can have a little wager for the World Series, that might be kind of fun. What would you be willing to do, Cali, if the Giants beat the Rangers in the World Series?

Cali Lewis I’m so not good with bets.

Leo Laporte All right. But I’ll let – you know what? I’ll let Clayton come up with one, since it worked so well for him.

Cali Lewis Right.

Clayton Morris No, you don’t want me on your side.

Joshua Topolsky You look so good in the Giants shirt.

Clayton Morris Because you’re going to end up looking like this if I get involved.

Leo Laporte Fifty Cent! So…

Cali Lewis I think it might actually fall down even further on my head than it does yours. That’s pretty bad.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s pretty big. We – I don’t know why we assumed you had such a large noggin there.

Clayton Morris It’s like Andy Capps’ hot fries.

Leo Laporte Go ahead.

Joshua Topolsky Thank you for pointing on that horrible road.

Leo Laporte NPR is going to fire me as a commentator now. My career is shot.

Clayton Morris No, the only way they do that is if you put on one of your communist hats.

Leo Laporte Well, I would never do that. Where is that hat?

Joshua Topolsky Here we go. Here we go.

Leo Laporte This is going to get me a job on Fox as a commentator, isn’t it? I think it is.

Clayton Morris Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Joshua Topolsky That’s how – Clayton, this is how you got your job, right?

Clayton Morris Right. I was in a full outfit. I was in a – I just had one of the dear leader outfits that you can pick up down at the Halloween Emporium –

Joshua Topolsky Isn’t this the opposite of the, how you get hired at Fox. Don’t you need to put on like a tea – a tea hat or a something –

Leo Laporte There is no tea hat. What are you talking about?

Joshua Topolsky A teapot hat or something.

Leo Laporte Tea hat. Tea hat, what are you talking –

Joshua Topolsky Whatever the tea partiers...

Leo Laporte They don’t wear hats. That’s poncy.

Clayton Morris They are bald.

Leo Laporte All right. Moving along, that is kind of neat. He’s showing a USB key and this is where they put the software, the operating system and so forth.

Clayton Morris The recovery, yeah. I mean look, let’s be honest. The day of the optical drive is really coming to an end and I do believe that. I think that pretty soon we’re going to – most people are going to have fast enough connections to be able to get software online and not be installing stuff on disks. So I think that’s a smart move. The thing about the Air is they are very expensive given how powerful they are. I mean the little one for $1,000, it’s a good price for an – you think oh that’s pretty cheap Apple computer but…

Leo Laporte It also feels like it fits into the product like – product line. You kind of got – you got the iPhone, then you got the iPad. Then it seems like a logical next step to go to the Air, and then the 13-inch. It just feels like that’s a kind of almost a linear –

Clayton Morris Yeah but what about – now what about – don’t forget the sex appeal of it, I mean, I’m telling you what, every woman in the office that I pulled it out and showed it to said that’s hot.

Leo Laporte Oh, dear.

Clayton Morris They said that’s hot.

Leo Laporte They said they liked your 11-inch.

Joshua Topolsky It is a really sexy device. I mean, I – it’s sort of horrible to describe products as sexy, but it’s kind of like sex.

Clayton Morris But it is sexy, that’s what sells.

Cali Lewis Why is it horrible?

Leo Laporte Well, it is easy to… it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful.

Joshua Topolsky Well, I don’t know it is just a weird way to describe.

Clayton Morris Didn’t the Vivienne Tam edition for HP do bonkers sales? I mean…

Leo Laporte That wasn’t sexy though.

Joshua Topolsky It was sexy.

Cali Lewis Yeah, that did pretty well. I have one of those. I mean, it’s pretty and nice and everything but six months, maybe a year down the road, it doesn’t work anymore.

Leo Laporte Right. The Vivienne Tam was the nice girl, no the good girl, and the MacBook Air is the nice girl, or is it the other – I never can remember.

Clayton Morris I think it’s – Vivienne Tam was the slightly less expensive girl and –

Leo Laporte Right.

Clayton Morris Apple is the pricey girl.

Leo Laporte Cali, I just want to apologize. How many people have I offended now so far? I think the Koreans –

Cali Lewis Girls.

Clayton Morris The Jews, girls, women.

Leo Laporte The Jews, girls.

Clayton Morris Philly fans.

Leo Laporte Phillies fans. Is there anybody left?

Clayton Morris Tea Party members.

Leo Laporte Tea Party members.

Clayton Morris I think I offended Tea Party members.

Leo Laporte Well, now Clayton, you can’t have a Phillies hat and a – take off the Giants, go ahead take it off. Take off the Giants T-shirt.

Clayton Morris Oh, I am sorry. I just put this on because I didn’t want people to see me.

Leo Laporte The invisible Philly.

Clayton Morris Yeah.

Leo Laporte No, you are a good sport, Clayton. And you know – oh you went down and got the Air. You stole that from Natalie. That was nice of you.

Clayton Morris Yeah. I did, in case we --

Leo Laporte Or is it Myles’ computer?

Cali Lewis No, that was nice of Natalie to allow him.

Leo Laporte Yeah, maybe, yeah.

Clayton Morris No, it’s mine.

Joshua Topolsky That was horrible.

Clayton Morris Anyway, sorry.

Leo Laporte No, show us more, I want to see more. This is nice.

Clayton Morris You know what, this is great. We showed this on my show on Friday. We got a little stopwatch out.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Clayton Morris And let’s just do a straight –

Leo Laporte Boot time.

Clayton Morris Yeah, let’s –

Leo Laporte You know, I put a Corsair SSD into my 15-inch MacBook from a year ago and it does make a huge difference in boot time.

Joshua Topolsky Yes, I was going to say about this. People are making a big deal about the boot time, but if you put an SSD in any MacBook –

Leo Laporte Sure

Joshua Topolsky …ordinary MacBook, it will boot very, very quickly. My new SSD –

Clayton Morris Even in the new iMacs. Those new iMacs with the SSD where Snow Leopard boots off the SSD are fantastic.

Leo Laporte Joshua, would you know whose drive Apple is using in here?

Joshua Topolsky Well, this actually isn’t a drive. They are hard wiring –

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, surface mounting it, yeah.

Joshua Topolsky NAND flash to the logic board.

Leo Laporte So whose controller, I guess, is what I should ask?

Joshua Topolsky I don’t know. I think we should have a tear down. They certainly have that information.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Joshua Topolsky I should of course know it off the top of my head.

Leo Laporte Our solid state guy, Allyn Malventano, I think said that it’s using a SandForce controller, which is as good as you can get.

Clayton Morris So get your stopwatches out. We did 14 seconds on this which is –

Leo Laporte Okay, ready? Set –

Clayton Morris Yeah, ready and –

Leo Laporte Go.

Clayton Morris Go.

Leo Laporte Oh, there’s blue. It’s blue. There is the Apple. Now, of course it only has 2 gigs of RAM, so it’s not doing a very big long power on self test. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 – 15 seconds to desktop.

Joshua Topolsky This is – I just want to say that this is fast but pretty common for SSDs.

Leo Laporte All right, so let’s play a game, let’s all go to our Netflix queue and see who has the movie that’s been out the longest.

Joshua Topolsky Okay.

Leo Laporte Actually I am going to win this – I mean I’ll lose it because I just got – I just finally gave up and sent a bunch of movies in. I had –

Joshua Topolsky I’m checking that right now.

Leo Laporte My oldest movie is September 23, Where the Wild Things Are. That’s not so bad. That’s not even a month yet.

Clayton Morris What kind of movies are…

Cali Lewis Wait, is there a place that you look at that?

Leo Laporte Yeah, you look at your queue.

Clayton Morris I love how your choices are in NC-17 movies, Leo.

Leo Laporte Okay, stop it.

Joshua Topolsky What’s your date – what’s your date?

Leo Laporte My oldest is 9/23, that’s not so bad.

Joshua Topolsky All right, Clay what do you have?

Clayton Morris Shipped on – City of God, is still sitting at home shipped on 10/05.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s nothing, that’s two weeks.

Joshua Topolsky I got you guys –

Cali Lewis Oh, we’re talking about when they were shipped, I thought –

Leo Laporte No, your oldest DVD that you still have on the shelf – the – how long have you had it for?

Cali Lewis 9/18 is when my last one shipped.

Leo Laporte Oh, you guys are – we are all pretty good.

Joshua Topolsky I got 3/23.

Leo Laporte March. March.

Clayton Morris I am telling you, I was waiting – I wanted Twin Peaks, I got the first season because we’d never seen it. I started watching it, I wanted to get the second, whatever the second season –

Leo Laporte Seven months he’s had Twin Peaks.

Clayton Morris You are the one.

Joshua Topolsky It’s season two disc one of Twin Peaks exactly.

Clayton Morris You are the one.

Leo Laporte You know why --

Joshua Topolsky I swear to God, there’s only disc out there.

Leo Laporte There is no…

Clayton Morris Are you serious?

Leo Laporte You know why, there is no – yeah, just send it to him. Just eliminate the middleman. There is no compelling reason to watch season two. It’s like, okay, I get it.

Clayton Morris Yeah.

Joshua Topolsky No, no, no, I’m sure it’s going to be great, okay.

Cali Lewis I don’t even know what Twin Peaks is.

Leo Laporte What?

Joshua Topolsky I haven’t seen it since 1993, so –

Leo Laporte You don’t know what Twin Peaks is?

Clayton Morris Classic

Joshua Topolsky What? Did Cali just say she doesn’t know what Twin Peaks is?

Leo Laporte You know why, she is 22 years old. She doesn’t know anything.

Cali Lewis I am not, I’m older than 22.

Leo Laporte All right, 25. She has no idea what happened before 1990.

Joshua Topolsky Are you serious? You don’t know what Twin –

Cali Lewis I have no idea, actually I grew up with a really strict family and my stepfather was really, really strict. So I didn’t even have a TV in my house for my growing up years. So I have an excuse.

Leo Laporte Yeah, and he would never have let you watch Twin Peaks.

Joshua Topolsky Can I make the recommendation, Cali?

Clayton Morris Yeah, certainly – especially with the Log Lady intros, you would not want to –

Joshua Topolsky I’m going to recommend that you go on your Netflix and you –

Leo Laporte She can’t, you still have it, you dick.

Cali Lewis Yeah.

Joshua Topolsky No, season one, season one.

Cali Lewis Watch it and send it back.

Joshua Topolsky You are going to get season one on there but you got to go do it now because you’re missing out.

Leo Laporte She is dead, wrapped in plastic.

Cali Lewis All right, I am doing it right this second.

Joshua Topolsky I like it’s actually happening this moment.

Leo Laporte This must be where pies go when they die. Isn’t that Kyle MacLachlan in that too?

Clayton Morris Yeah, Kyle MacLachlan is in that.

Joshua Topolsky Kyle MacLachlan is in a lot of great creepy movies.

Leo Laporte My mind is blowing, this is the Kyle MacLachlan version.

Clayton Morris But it speaks to the way we are watching the stuff, you can jump in your – that’s why I come back to the sort of the à la carte thing and I think the way that people sample things right and you go through your Netflix queue, yeah I feel like I am going to watch Cake Boss tonight or Saw II or if you’re Leo, Wild Things 2 straight to DVD.

Leo Laporte Not Wild Things, wait a minute now I understand what you are saying, not Denise Richards Wild Things, Where the Wild Things Are, the Maurice Sendak children’s movie, you pervert.

Joshua Topolsky Sure, sure, Leo. You got the Dutch Sandwich, you got Wild Things, you got a --

Leo Laporte Although come to thing about it Wild Things was a pretty good movie.

Clayton Morris Yeah what was it, the pool scene?

Leo Laporte The pool scene.

Joshua Topolsky Was Wild Things written by Joe Eszterhas, who is the guy who did Showgirls? Did he also write Wild Things?

Clayton Morris I think he did, I think you are right.

Joshua Topolsky Did he?

Leo Laporte All right. Let’s fast forward to the year 2010 where Aaron Sorkin writes a movie. A movie, kind of loosely based on Facebook. Finally, a man named Mark Zuckerberg who actually lived that sees the movie. He is asked at the Y Combinator Startup Conference, what he thought of the Facebook movie.


Leo Laporte I love that, I think that’s a really great way to end this show.

Joshua Topolsky That’s the most eloquent I have ever seen him be –

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Joshua Topolsky …and I have to say his point is –

Leo Laporte He’s right on.

Joshua Topolsky …really accurate. I think that the perception of – I mean you can – look, if you’ve ever seen Aaron Sorkin talk about these characters, you can tell that he has a tremendous disdain for people who do the kinds of things that Zuckerberg did and the people around him do and I do think there is a real disconnect there? He is right about what the perception from the inside versus the outside and he thinks like of course he is motivated by his hatred for women, that’s why he started Facebook.

Leo Laporte Obviously.

Joshua Topolsky And that’s a very childish way to think about why somebody would start something to work on something like Facebook.

Leo Laporte You guys are great. This was a lot of fun. I’m going to end on a sad note. The Sony cassette walkman is finally

Clayton Morris Oh.

Leo Laporte finally dying –

Cali Lewis Tears for all.

Leo Laporte I remember buying mine. When did it come out, Joshua? It’s like ’85, I think. I remember buying it –

Clayton Morris ’79.

Leo Laporte ’79?

Joshua Topolsky I think it’s before that.

Leo Laporte I remember when it came out –

Joshua Topolsky Was it ’79 or ’81?

Clayton Morris ’79? Wasn’t it ’79?

Leo Laporte I went to Macy’s and it was like $400, really expensive. I remember buying the blue one, with a button that you press that I thought would be like you could talk into it. No, it just muted it.

So we’ll end with a Sony ad. This is straight from to say farewell to the Sony walkman. Thank you, everybody for joining us and we’ll see you next time. East Meets West is coming up next. Another TWiT is in the can.

Joshua Topolsky Thanks, Leo

Leo Laporte And now, ladies and gentlemen, the monkeys in the mist.


Leo Laporte This hell is almost over. Oh hi everybody. I hope you – actually it is over. I hope you’ve enjoyed our best of. I want to thank everybody who went to and voted for your favorite segments. I hope yours made it in there and look forward to a whole year of miscues, dirty subjects and crazy stuff happening in TWiT in years to come. You know we do TWiT every Sunday. You’re always welcome to watch it live; that’s when you get the full brunt of the onslaught. We do it live Sundays at 3 PM Pacific, 6 PM Eastern Time at and of course after the fact you can download it and listen or watch at your convenience.

Now I mentioned earlier in the show that we are going to be moving to a new studio. This is something I’ve always wanted to do is have a little time here out in the fireplace, we’re out in the main offices of the TWiT cottage. As much as we love the TWiT cottage with the addition of Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane, Becky Worley, we’ve just started to run out of room frankly. So we found a great place down the street. Now the cottage is what about 1,500 square feet, 2,000 square feet. So the new place we thought, well, we should get a little more room – 10,000 square feet plus – a 10,000 square feet basement. So we’re moving to a place that is essentially 1,000 times bigger if my math is correct. It’s big. Our Vice President of Engineering says, no as a matter of fact I think your math is incorrect, Mr. Laporte, it would be 10 times bigger that’s all.

So we’re very excited about that. We will be in the TWiT cottage for a few more months, but some time in late sprint early summer, we’ll move to a new facility. We hope to kind of recreate some of the feeling of the TWiT cottage. We know that that’s part of the appeal of this and certainly we’re not going to be any less inept, down home or folksy. We could promise you that.

Thanks very much. Have a great holiday season and all the best for 2011. We’ll hope to see you right back here next year on this WEEK in TECH. From all of us in the TWiT cottage, good night and god bless.

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