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This is TWiT: This WEEK in TECH, episode 295, recorded April 3, 2011: Magical Hand Gesture.

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Leo Laporte This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers the tech news of the week. And I have brought in a massive panel of social media experts to dissect and explain what is happening in the world around us today. Starting with from South Austin, Texas El Diablo…

Brian Brushwood And a little Jerry right here on my shirt.

Leo Laporte Mr. Brian Brushwood.

Brian Brushwood Hey, how are you doing Leo?

Leo Laporte Great to see you Brian.

Brian Brushwood Always love being here.

Leo Laporte You’re in town for Scam School.

Brian Brushwood Yeah just shot three – three nights of Scam School, 12 episodes.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Brian Brushwood Taken a day off, visiting Petaluma.

Leo Laporte You shot 12 episodes at once?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, we rocked four of those a night.

Leo Laporte Jesus.

Brian Brushwood We never know what we’re going to get in terms of the crowds or how drunk people are going to be?

Leo Laporte So you want to get them all to drunk?

Brian Brushwood Yeah. Well – but not too drunk. So it’s like, early in the evening that’s when you do like the puzzles maybe middle evening card tricks and at the end you’re like – which is longer my left thumb or my right thumb? Now, give me a drink?

Leo Laporte Also with us – which is longer, your left thumb or right thumb? Becky Worley.

Becky Worley [Indiscernible] (2:30).

Leo Laporte From Good Morning America. Now, I have up for you just your Twitter handle, bworley.

Becky Worley That’s me, bworley.

Leo Laporte Is there anything else you’d like me to...

Brian Brushwood Becky’s legs.

Becky Worley Yeah, I’m with you.

Leo Laporte Becky’s legs. Is there is a Becky’s legs Twitter account?

Brian Brushwood There definitely is – there is a Becky’s legs twitter account.

Leo Laporte Oh man! Is it a busy account?

Brian Brushwood I don’t know. But it definitely ties in to one of those stories we have coming up later on in Twitter.

Leo Laporte Alright. We’ll stay with that.

Becky Worley That’s exciting.

Leo Laporte Also here, good to have her infact she’s got a specific beat today from This WEEK in LAW, Denise Howell.

Denise Howell Yo, good to see you?

Leo Laporte Bags and Baggage and Blogarithms. Good to see you. It’s great to have you on.

Denise Howell Wonderful always to be on TWiT.

Leo Laporte Thanks for being here. And finally as if that weren’t enough the Scobleizer is also here from his mountain lair at Half Moon Bay.

Robert Scoble Yeah, it’s a beautiful day today.

Leo Laporte Sounds like that should be in the Caribbean. Half Moon Bay, man.

Becky Worley It would be if they had more that 12 days of sunny year, although it appears to be one of them and poor Scoble is inside with us.

Leo Laporte Well, Robert, thank you for joining us. We appreciate this.

Robert Scoble I can look at it out the window; maybe I’ll take the camera and show it to you. It’s beautiful – beautiful day.

Leo Laporte It’s a rare beautiful day in Half Moon Bay normally the foggiest place in the world.

Becky Worley Oh my God. Well, I can see maverick, so it’s big, it’s big out there.

Leo Laporte Is that, that’s the big surfing spot mavericks.

Robert Scoble Yeah, somebody just died there a week ago.

Becky Worley I know it’s been harsh.

Leo Laporte Oh dear, that’s terrible.

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte Let’s see.

Becky Worley Way to bring the room down Robert. Nice way to start off the TWiT, great super. It’s going to be a major opera show.

Robert Scoble Well, you know whatever [indiscernible] (4:00) with you life.

Leo Laporte A little later on Robert is going to start a new feature on TWiT news of next week. No seriously Robert wants to do that.

Becky Worley Alright.

Leo Laporte Like stuff people will be talking about next week. I’d like that.

Robert Scoble I got a few things that we were talking during the pre-show about these new 3D cameras that are coming out tomorrow and I got some iPad apps.

Leo Laporte We actually got a little bit of a discussion over 3D because I’m of the opinion it’s a gimmick, I just don’t understand why people are still making a 3D stuff. I don’t think anybody is going into buying it’s just people – consumers are going to be upset that they fell for this scam but then you – Brian you like the idea of 3D at least in terms of movies in theatres.

Brian Brushwood Yes, well I – don’t hate the idea for the implementation, certainly we have a very crude implementation of 3D right now.

Leo Laporte We have the same crude implementation we had in 1956 with House of Wax.

Brian Brushwood Well, we do and don’t but when you get to, for example, James Cameron created the entire real 3D company so they could tell the kind of stories they wanted to tell and they make big changes as far as the circular polarized lenses, you can tilt your head left or right and he’s getting ready to make more announcements saying that Avatar 2 is going to be in more than 24 frames per second which we haven’t seen.

Leo Laporte What does that mean? I mean that’s what film is, so it means he’s shooting at – like video style?

Brian Brushwood What – no, he’s talking about 48 or maybe even 60 frames per second.

Leo Laporte And what will be the advantage?

Brian Brushwood Well, Roger Ebert wrote a giant article trashing 3D…

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood …saying I hate the fact that we’re spending all our time focusing on 3D, I think it – like you, he says that it’s a gimmick. He says a decade ago I saw film shot in 60 frames per second and that was magical, that was like a window into another world. Now James Cameron, who is a big believer in 3D, also seems to agree and says let’s also take it to 60 frames per second, that’s going to be a win and I think this is the equivalent of – it’s a good idea with rough implementation and as each successive generation gets better and better and better there’ll be a time when all of a sudden 3D won’t be a joke.

Now let me stay unequivocally, I love 3D in the theatre, I hate 3D in the home right now, I think it is gimmicky, I think it does induce nausea. I think the glasses are horribly overpriced in – of course there are some with the passive lenses now and they are dimmer, but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m not – I have no problem with 3D as a motivating force to get us to develop new technologies. Did you see there was one YouTube video, somebody released, of them using multiple projectors to create a floating hovering 3D image in the fog that you can see from different sides as you walk around it? Do you guys see that?

Becky Worley I haven’t seen that. We’ve seen sort of holographic projectors in one form or another ever since Star Wars but it just doesn’t – and there is multiple technologies for it, it’s just what’s the practical application, why do we need this, why is the industry shoving this down our throat?

Leo Laporte Well to sell more TVs.

Becky Worley Right. And – but is there…

Leo Laporte And you know it’s funny, the irony was the movie industry started it because they want to give us something we couldn’t get at home.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte Because they wanted people to keep going to theatres then the TV industry was responded by – “Okay we’ll make those too”.

Brian Brushwood Well that and that’s the hard thing it’s like, it’s a rough position I’m trying to defend because I am in favor of a novel, awesome experience at the theatre which 3D could be a part of, but I am not in favor of the commercialization and the way people are telling you, you got to buy a 3D TV it – do not but a 3D TV right now. If you want to get a new 3D now, it’s not the time.

Leo Laporte Well…

Brian Brushwood And of course you don’t have the choice.

Leo Laporte …here I am.

Becky Worley I agree with you, I just bought a new TV and it does not.

Leo Laporte Here I am – here I am arguing for a 3D TV because most of the best TVs from every manufacturer have 3D capability you may not use it.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte But if you’re going to get the top of the line…

Robert Scoble And here what, what we were talking about before the show started was these new cameras are going to get hooked together and you’re going to be able to film 3D at home and put it up on YouTube, and I didn’t even know this until I’ve visited this company on Friday, but YouTube, if you put the video side by side of the left and right eye it actually lets you watch 3D on YouTube and it lets you choose the kind of glasses or TV set that you have it senses that there’s these 3D videos that you’re putting up and lets you switch them. It’s really smart.

Becky Worley We saw the Sony Bloggie come out at CES which had the same 3D capabilities.

Leo Laporte It would – didn’t come out. They talked about it. They don’t know when they’re going to ship that sucker.

Becky Worley It was announced. Yeah. And I mean…

Robert Scoble This is the…

Leo Laporte Well you know what came out this week? Let’s talk about real stuff that came out…

Robert Scoble Let’s talk about This WEEK in TECH.

Leo Laporte This WEEK, Nintendo 3DS, they say…

Brian Brushwood The way – why you sigh?

Becky Worley I saw it – I saw it, you haven’t see it?

Leo Laporte Not impressive.

Brian Brushwood Really?

Leo Laporte It’s got a little slider and I think this is the best thing and I wish all 3D devices had this, you could turn down the 3D or turn it up. It’s okay, stuff jumps out at you it’s kind of interesting, it almost feels….

Becky Worley And its glasses free.

Leo Laporte Yes, glasses – it’s lenticular, which means you have to hold your head just in the right position.

Becky Worley But with the single viewing screen that’s not hard.

Leo Laporte It’s easy with that kind of thing.

Becky Worley Yeah and you’ve got total control over it and it’s moving according to your head so that’s not a big deal.

Leo Laporte It’s interesting how the reviews range from a game changer to [indiscernible] (8:50). They sold 113,000 of them in the U.K.

Brian Brushwood Well I’ll tell you if there is ever a demographic that this is the right for, it’s going to be the children who are buying the 3D, whose parents are…

Becky Worley Yeah well my 9-year-old nephew, might as well – I consider nephew is like a god child but anyways that’s not important…

Leo Laporte Becky is a sucker, he is a sucker.

Becky Worley He bought it he’s been playing that non-stop.

Leo Laporte No, no he is being suckered by Nintendo who is convincing him he needs to buy this thing.

Brian Brushwood He is getting a novel experience in a low definition format which is exactly what 9 years old want.

Becky Worley It is a toy. It’s a toy, that’s great.

Robert Scoble Not only that but in Petaluma High School, Patrick says that Nintendo is white hot right now.

Leo Laporte The 3DS or the old 3D?

Robert Scoble The old one but they haven’t even seen the 3D but if that holds true the 3D is going to be used in high school as well. But they use it for chatting back and forth and playing games with each other.

Leo Laporte Really that’s interesting.

Becky Worley I wonder if it’s because the Nintendos aren’t banned the way the cell phones are.

Leo Laporte I think it’s exactly what it is.

Becky Worley In the high schools or in the…

Leo Laporte [indiscernible] (9:45) less expensive.

Denise Howell I have a feeling they’re banned.

Robert Scoble Petaluma does not ban cell phones.

Leo Laporte They don’t. Now he takes his iPhone everyday to school.

Leo Laporte My kid takes his to school.

Denise Howell Yeah I think it depends on the age.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte You can’t keep kids from bringing cell phones because parents get pissed off, because they can’t call them kids.

Becky Worley Yes. True.

Robert Scoble By the way if somebody told me some research that 6 year olds are getting cell phones now especially in divorced families because that way they don’t have to talk to the other parent to get to the kid. They can just call the kid...

Leo Laporte Oh jeez.

Brian Brushwood That’s brilliant. I’m down for that as a parent of a 7 year old I would totally, if I just had extra money laying around hook her up with a cell phone.

Denise Howell [ph] Not (10:23).

Leo Laporte There are kid cell phones I gave Henry a kid cell phone. He promptly left it in his pocket and made sure it got washed.

Denise Howell Oh my goodness. We’re getting out in [ph] the weeds here (10:32) but a friend of mine’s child is also 7, like my own, and he came to me with his iPad the other day and said hey my dad said I could download Skype, can you help me set it up and I said okay so I set him up on Skype and ah what a disaster. I mean all of a sudden this kid has a cell phone in his hand, where he otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to have one.

Leo Laporte Interesting.

Denise Howell Yeah I got in trouble.

Leo Laporte I put Chatroulette on the friend’s...

Brian Brushwood Oh! You did that?

Leo Laporte No I didn’t, I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. Although that’s why people are saying that Color application is just basically a Chatroulette with strangers. If you seen it…

Denise Howell Can we talk about Color?

Leo Laporte Yeah this is the one that came out last week.

Robert Scoble Hold on.

Denise Howell Robert is pulling himself together.

Robert Scoble I got to shoot a picture of you guys now.

Leo Laporte But no we’re not in the same room so it won’t work, you’re 116 kilometers away. So Color won’t work.

Robert Scoble That’s okay even when we are in the same room nobody watches it. So…

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s an iPhone app that you take pictures with and it shows you pictures that other people in your vicinity have taken pictures. I think it uses the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth I’m not sure which. Maybe it uses 3G. And it’s shows strangers. The problem is most of the time nobody else is using it so it’s just you.

Becky Worley I was driving through Silicon Valley yesterday trying it and not – it did not get one single hit. And I mean obviously it’s new but…

Leo Laporte No – but the thing – the reason is – it senses people is because they raised $41 million.

Robert Scoble Well I actually interviewed them on Thursday and…

Leo Laporte I’m curious what do you think?

Robert Scoble …wanted to know how it works. It has to be in the same room almost somebody else who is using Color, it uses the compass to know where you’re camera is shooting…

Leo Laporte Oh interesting.

Robert Scoble …it actually is listening to the audio, it’s not recording audio but it’s recording a fingerprint of the audio signature of the room.

Becky Worley What?

Robert Scoble So you can tell. Yeah here is why they’re doing that. He says that what we’re trying to do is make it possible for a lot people to go to, let’s say, a Lady Gaga concert and all these shooting pictures will know where the performer is because everybody is aiming at the same place and we’re listening to the audio signature of the room to join everybody into a one Color space and they expect to be able to show you why the closest picture that’s being taken of that event.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s interesting.

Robert Scoble So if somebody is in the front row, the big people in the back row will see pictures that the front row is shooting.

Leo Laporte What do you think of the argument that that is all a red herring and that really the reason they got $41 million is because they figured out a way to collect all sorts of info – it really scares me that they got the mic on, all sorts of information about their users which they will be able to sell, I mean it’s – there’s no sense in the $41 million unless you assume they are up to something clever.

Robert Scoble They – we talked about that a lot they got their money for a couple of reason. One, it’s a super star team and I remember FriendFeed who got $50 million…

Leo Laporte Yeah. Lala. Yeah, yeah.

Robert Scoble …the guy who started Colors started Lala, it’s a super star team, they build already a good team and that got them a call from Sequoia. Sequoia came to them actually but they are building a new kind of social graph.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Robert Scoble If I actually am in the room with you and shooting pictures it joins us, it knows that we have something in common at that point in time and then from then on in fact on my phone you can see other people who’ve shot pictures. These are – people have collected by going around Silicon Valley and going to various parties and things.

Brian Brushwood So it’s a little bit out of focus to us but I ‘m assuming those are all half naked people in there.

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte There is a lot of…

Robert Scoble Yeah, my baby’s photos, other people baby’s photos.

Leo Laporte I have to tell you I – as soon as I thought about it for half a minute I erased Color immediately and I would recommend anybody who listens this show to immediately erase that program.

Brian Brushwood Nobody under 25 will hear that advice, that’s…

Leo Laporte Because there is a – now that I know that it’s also doing sound analysis, that really creeps me out. This is a real flaw in Apple’s permissions system, at no point where we informed that this program was turning on the microphone. I don’t care if they say they’re not using it they’re turning on the microphone in my phone and they never told me that. That’s bad news.

Robert Scoble Well I told you on my show on Thursday.

Becky Worley They didn’t tell me that when I downloaded the Grey's Anatomy iPad app.

Leo Laporte What? It listens to YouTube?

Becky Worley It listens to the TV to figure out where it is in the show so that it can sync, it simulcast of iPad information to where you are in the show.

Brian Brushwood Wow.

Leo Laporte That’s kind of cool actually.

Robert Scoble [indiscernible] (15:01)

Becky Worley I mean…

Leo Laporte I kind of like that.

Becky Worley Well, I mean I used it once, it didn’t like speak to me but it has the same functionality, it’s basically using it as a geolocator or triangulator in this case.

Leo Laporte That’s interesting, but again this is – this strikes me as something really wrong with the iPhone that the only people who know this and can give permission are Apple themselves. They decide presumably they know but there is nowhere when you download this app that it tells you, oh, by the way, we’re going to turn on the microphone.

Brian Brushwood This is the flipside of the curated garden that they have at Apple versus the Android free range market. I would love to see the big debate is, of course, Android’s crappier webstore than iTunes is, but I prefer to think of Android as a shopping mall where there could be a whole bunch of individual curated store experiences. If I might say…

Leo Laporte Because Amazon is in fact shown.

Brian Brushwood Exactly.

Robert Scoble By the way, Color is on Android as well.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you know, I ‘m actually going to download it now and see if it tells me that the microphone is turn on. Did they – did you turn on in the Android phone as well?

Robert Scoble Yeah, they’re using all the sensors in the device to make a new kind of experience.

Leo Laporte Well, presumably I mean one of the…

Robert Scoble I thought that’s just paranoid because it – first of all no one is using this. Second of all, once you start seeing how it’s working, you’re realizing its studying stuff about you that you might not have thought about before it. It’s doing stuff that instagram are [indiscernible] Pick Please (16:38) is not doing.

Leo Laporte The first thing it does is ask you.

Robert Scoble What’s that?

Leo Laporte The first thing it does ask you for your name and a picture, it doesn’t tell you what it’s going to do any of that … crazy about the whole thing.

Robert Scoble Well.

Becky Worley I think the biggest question is this the premise good enough for all the hype?

Leo Laporte It’s not. That’s the other issue. It’s not but that why I think that there is more to this than meets the eye otherwise what’s the business model?

Becky Worley Robert, you had such a great post about this that you were excited about it and everybody, will it then…

Robert Scoble No, no, when I first got it I really had a bad first experience and that’s why I got rated 2 stars on this – in the store because if you are not with somebody else, it doesn’t do anything.

Leo Laporte Right.

Robert Scoble And also the UI is goofy and the guys who started it admit they really blew the UI They tried to make it too simplistic and it’s just too hard to figure out.

Leo Laporte In this world you don’t get a second chance. They push a new version of it but I don’t think it matters, it’s done. $41 million down the tube. Thank you, Sequoia.

Becky Worley That’s the problem with having that much superstar attention as if you don’t get it right the day you open the gates you’re toast.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you‘re dead meat. You’re dead meat.

Denise Howell Yeah. And we’re into this area with mobile apps that they don’t necessarily have to have privacy policies.

Leo Laporte Apparently not.

Denise Howell Yes, so – whereas Google gets these bi-annual reviews now as a result of Buzz. There is really nothing to clamp in on as they’re having done something wrong here because the law is still on such flex as to what mobile applications have to do.

Leo Laporte Does it scare anybody that – now we’ve learned that this program turned on the microphone and was listening, now they’re not – using it in any nefarious way. But they didn’t have to tell us. They just did it, doesn’t it mean that there may be many other apps that are doing the same thing? Doesn’t that bother anybody?

Brian Brushwood I mean yes and no. It’s one of those things where the mere fact that we’re talking about it now on a very large platform…

Leo Laporte Well, thanks to Robert who found out.

Brian Brushwood Of course, but there’s always [indiscernible] (18:14).

Robert Scoble By the way it’s not the only app that uses the microphone. Shopkick uses the microphone to know whether you entered the store. You turned on shopckick and it’s actually listening for an inaudible signal that they’ve put in the front of, let’s say, Macy’s. So they have a speaker in front of – inside Macy’s that when you take your iPhone inside Macy’s, inside the front door, it senses the audio signal that’s inside and gives you points for entering the store.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Robert Scoble And that’s one. The other app that uses the microphone is IntoNow which does what Denise says. It listens to your TV programs that you’re listen – that you’re actually watching.

Leo Laporte Becky said that, yeah, yeah.

Robert Scoble Yeah and this is a news – new app coming out of a company in [indiscernible] (18:55) and it listens to the TV signal, they’ve – for five years, they’ve been recording 148 channels of TV. So CNN, ABC, NBC, Discovery channel, et cetera; and they have a way for it to look up the audio footprint of any minute of TV or any twelve seconds of TV and tell you what you’re watching and where in a show you’re actually watching. And that’s pretty interesting and then it shares that. So it checks you into the TV show like Foursquare does and builds a feed, so you can see a feed here of all my friends and what they’re actually watching on TV right now.

Leo Laporte The difference there, at least they’re saying this is what we do, I mean Color didn’t mention this microphone.

Robert Scoble Well, it’s pretty obvious what it’s doing and Color…

Leo Laporte Yeah. Doesn’t that bother you, Brian? As a libertarian, I mean let’s talk about invasion of privacy, I guess the libertarian would worry of the government…

Brian Brushwood Right, correct. The government has nothing to do with this. This is – to be honest, I think in a free market place of ideas, what happens is that somebody has an unfair policy and it’s individual business that is too intrusive, a show like this talks about it, words spreads around the campfire and either people decide they don’t care and they’ll accept it in which case that’s fair too or they decide that’s not cool and Color has to change it or they go out of business.

Leo Laporte As long…

Becky Worley And just put up a warning.

Leo Laporte But wait a minute, that’s only if Color tells people. Now look at the Color privacy policy at Here’s what we collect.

Brian Brushwood But there’s a profit motive for people like us to try to find them with a [indiscernible] (20:23) things that are wrong.

Leo Laporte How would you know that this application even – because they don’t, by the way, say that they’re collecting audio? How would you know?

Robert Scoble I don’t get it.

Brian Brushwood Because Robert Scoble will interview them.

Robert Scoble [indiscernible] (20:32) they are building – the way they’ve term it if they’re building a fingerprint of that moment in time of the audio in the room. So they’re not recording the audio, they’re not listening to audio, there’s no audio file being transmitted up to their servers but they’re recording a wave form of the audio and building a fingerprint out of it and that’s sort of how this new IntoNow app works. They actually didn’t record the audio of the TV shows, they recorded some sort of fingerprint.

Leo Laporte Right, I understand they fingerprinted it. I understand that, yeah.

Robert Scoble And so they can’t – you can’t listen to that [indiscernible] (21:01)

Leo Laporte Here’s what we collect when we download an user app. We collect the name you gave us, we collect your email address, we collect the unique identifier on your device; it shared for advertising purposes. We collect pictures, videos, comments and actions you take through the app.

Brian Brushwood Hold on, hold on, you skipped over.

Leo Laporte Information on your locations.

Brian Brushwood You skipped the over the line where it says, we store but do not share this information, contact information unless a court requires us to do so.

Leo Laporte I’m not worried about the contact information.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, but you totally skipped over that part though. You’re editing it on the flight [indiscernible] (21:28).

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood …and you’re getting an unfair view of this.

Leo Laporte No, no, no. Okay, fine. I don’t care about my email address. I give that at all the time. I care about the unique identifier of my device which is all they say is not used to contact you. They exactly do not say we don’t share it, they say it’s shared. We collect pictures, videos, comments and actions and we share that, so good, they don’t share my email address, they just share everything else.

Brian Brushwood Well.

Denise Howell Right, but, Leo, you found this on the web, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Denise Howell This is a mobile app. Where are you going to find this when you’ve downloaded it from the app store?

Leo Laporte Good point.

Brian Brushwood Has any body ever read?

Denise Howell And ended up and it starts, you click okay, okay, okay, but it’s not taking you through.

Leo Laporte It’s not presented to me.

Denise Howell No, it’s not taking you through a series of hoops that makes you agree or say you’ve read it or put in a captcha or anything that indicates that you’ve actually grokked this thing.

Leo Laporte So what’s the law in this, Denise? I mean is this allowed?

Denise Howell For in the mobile space, it’s wide open. There’re so – California tends to be the reining in of the folks in the web space because we have this very restrictive law as to what website have to do as far as privacy goes so everyone sorts of ramps up to be able to do business in California.

Leo Laporte I think it’s kind of interesting.

Robert Scoble By the way, Leo, the legal agreement is inside the iTunes when you download it, it’s at the bottom, there’s a link with the license agreement and it…

Leo Laporte So, alright. Good, alright.

Robert Scoble …it’s pretty lengthy.

Becky Worley Does it say that they’re recording your audio because that’s illegal?

Robert Scoble It’s not recording the audio.

Becky Worley And that’s the bigger question. Is it?

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, Robert. It is recording the audio because otherwise, how would they – they’re sending it back to the server, they can’t be doing that that in the phone.

Robert Scoble It’s not the audio. It’s recording a wave form of the audio. It’s the way that they termed it. They made it very clear they’re not recording a wave file that you can listen to.

Leo Laporte Look at, Robert.

Robert Scoble It’s recording a digital wave form of – yeah.

Leo Laporte Robert? Robert? They’re recording the audio and sending it back to their servers…

Robert Scoble No, it’s not.

Leo Laporte …where the audio from everybody else is compared so they know you’re in the same room.

Robert Scoble It’s different though because if I’m – this audio is being recorded, right? You can actually understand it on your end.

Leo Laporte No, let me tell you, I’ll tell you a little hack that just – we were talking about security now. If – people who use VoIP telephony with variable bit rate encoding, even if they’re using a VPN tunnel words encrypted – these researchers are amazing because the size of the packet varies with the variable bit rate encoding. You can actually get about 50% of the true speech.

Brian Brushwood Wow.

Leo Laporte Just by looking at packet sizes. So Robert, Robert…

Robert Scoble They…

Leo Laporte Okay, they’re sending a fingerprint.

Robert Scoble I don’t know anything about the technology and the IntoNow guys when I talked to them, they said they actually record most – only the base because that’s where the really important information is and that’s where the information is that is – has less distortion and less noise from the room because that technology works even if your kids are screaming in the room. It’s really an interesting technology.

Becky Worley Leo’s got his ahah face on – ahah.

Leo Laporte I’m just – I’m just saying if you’re hearing all this and it doesn’t set off alarm bells, you’re not paying attention.

Becky Worley Right.

Brian Brushwood What – here’s the part that confuses me. It’s like we’re worried about this Color app and the fact that it has some poorly worded privacy policy when in fact their endgame is to deliver you the right coupon just at the time you want to sign up for Netflix. If you want to be worried, you should be worried about the stuff that’s in the Patriot Act; that’s already been [indiscernible] (24:52) on your phone and start listening in the conversations randomly. I mean it’s like –

Leo Laporte I agree, I agree. There’s plenty to worry about, I’m not saying that.

Becky Worley Like the 27 things Google did this week.

Brian Brushwood Exactly, but it’s like if your aim is you’re worried about privacy, I feel like this is a lot of – you actually do harm your cause by focusing on such a minor – this is a nothing app. It’s a tiny app in a giant store. There are so many bigger players out there, if you want to get all worried about privacy.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Robert Scoble But I think [indiscernible] (25:19)

Leo Laporte Really, you think, really, are you kidding me?

Brian Brushwood Well, no, I mean what are they going to do with this?

Robert Scoble I think Leo is right that we should be warned that the microphone is being used.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Robert Scoble And we need to know how it’s being used and what’s being stored and what turns out the other end? Can that audio be decompressed and listened to by a government agency that can [indiscernible] (25:37)?

Leo Laporte Well, in meanwhile, a government agency, the FTC decided that Google gets 20 years of oversight because of Buzz which seems to me a little draconian but maybe Denise, you can comment on that. Is that an unusual amount of time for government oversight?

Denise Howell I’m sorry, backup is what an unusual amount of time.

Leo Laporte Yeah, okay.

Denise Howell I was just honing on the really cogent remarks from the chat room that we should just make opt-in a law and be done with it because…

Leo Laporte Well, that’s true if people read it.

Denise Howell That’s really – yeah, so backup for me.

Leo Laporte So you remember when Google announced and launched Google Buzz.

Denise Howell Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.

Leo Laporte They put out – you were there. We skipped over to that. I jumped ahead.

Denise Howell So is the two-year bi-annual review an unusual amount of time?

Leo Laporte For the next 20 years which in Google time is of – well, I mean that’s forever.

Denise Howell This whole thing is really unusual, I mean for them to have come to this accommodation with the FTC as opposed to some more severe, a two-year bi-annual review is not that big a deal, you know presumably they should be able to pass that with flying colors, but what they got in trouble for was breaching their privacy policy, right? So all that’s going to be reviewed is their policies and are you complying with them? Well, yeah, we are now [indiscernible] (26:59)

Leo Laporte So is it a slap on the wrist? It’s a slap on the wrist.

Denise Howell I think so, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Denise Howell It could have been worse.

Leo Laporte It could have been a lot worse. In fact, I would submit that Google probably embraces this, because they’d love to reassure people that they are getting a bi-annual review on their [indiscernible] (27:15)

Brian Brushwood Well – and that’s the thing. If you read the Google blog, it really does sound like – so it almost…

Leo Laporte They are happy.

Brian Brushwood Vaguely sounds like it was their idea. Let me see if I can actually find it.

Becky Worley We’ve got the JD Power’s FTC seal of privacy.

Brian Brushwood That’s kind of what it is, it’s just like we love you and we love your privacy, so guess what we’ve arranged. We got the privacy police going to check on you every couple of years. Aren’t we great? Buy more stuff.

Becky Worley Yeah, we won’t be driving by your house with our big Wi-Fi slipper anymore because big brother FTC is watching us like a hawk. Every two years, are you freaking kidding me?

Leo Laporte So, Brian, I guess, I agree with you, there are plenty of things to worry about, Color is one of many.

Brian Brushwood Well, yeah, and it’s one of those, you know, it’s the latest thing and it’s attempting to get all hyped up about it but I think as far as what’s more important, an opt-in app that allows you to… take pictures…

Leo Laporte Here is why I think it’s important because we all are carrying this in our pockets all the time, and if this becomes a device that can be turned on at will for audio, pictures, location, buying.

Becky Worley Buying, purchasing history?

Leo Laporte Yeah, this becomes the most, I mean, already is, frankly.

Brian Brushwood And I think this is the difference between you and me. I’m more scared of the government being able to do all that, which it can right now, and you’re more scared of businesses being able to do that.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you’re more scared of the government. I’m not so scared of the government.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte I don’t think businesses – the problem with the business is the – a corporation has no morality; corporation has one duty which is to maximize profits. Which means that…

Denise Howell I think we and our elected representatives have more control over businesses. We can make some statements and have some standards in place.

Leo Laporte In the meanwhile…

Brian Brushwood I don’t believe that as long as we have a two-party government.

Leo Laporte He hates the government.

Brian Brushwood As long as it’s just the cribs and the bloods, you’re still voting for a gangster every year.

Leo Laporte Basically, we’re screwed.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, maybe.

Leo Laporte Just from both sides basically.

Brian Brushwood You know what? As soon as I can afford to seastead I’m going to move out to the Pacific Ocean and open a casino.

[Multiple Speakers]

Leo Laporte It’s going to be amazing. On your boats.

Robert Scoble Okay. Let’s talk about casinos though. In fact, I don’t have it here, but they’re putting microchips into the playing cards so they can sense whether you’re stealing an ace off the table and you can’t even see these chips.

Leo Laporte If you’re going to a casino, you’re given all rights anyway as I learnt when we try to bring a video camera into the Bellagio.

Brian Brushwood One of these days, I got to tell you that there was an epic story, I’ve only told once online, I don’t think I can’t get away with doing it now. But, there was an amazing night that I found myself full-on cheating in Las Vegas.

Leo Laporte We’ll talk about that and…

Brian Brushwood It was terrifying and awesome.

Leo Laporte The amazing membrane separating business and government has been permeated. Robert Gibbs goes to Facebook, it has Google’s Eric Schmidt go to commerce.

Becky Worley I’ll Google it. Let me find out.

Leo Laporte Would you Google that, find out, is Eric Schmidt gay?

Becky Worley Is Eric Schmidt going to Congress? You’ll find out about our amazing is blank, blank, blank Google thread that MIME is going to.

Leo Laporte Oh dear. That MIME is going to eat me alive. But meanwhile, before we do that let’s take a little break. You guys smoke them if you got them. The – the smoking lamp is on. I should...

Brian Brushwood What are we talking about, I got to decide if I want to do a bio break or not.

Leo Laporte You got time. I’m going to talk about GoToMeeting you don’t care about that.

Brian Brushwood Okay, no. Well I what I mean, I just don’t have a good story for GoToMeeting.

Leo Laporte He’s saving it up for the Audible.

Brian Brushwood I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Leo Laporte The Audible, save it for the Audible baby. I’m talking about GoToMeeting, It’s funny Brian, you can duck but your hair goes right through the camera.

Go to – he ducks under the camera but his little spikes just go right – this is the best way to meet online, in fact business travel as we all know is just – lately worse and worse, it’s no fun, it’s stressful and of course it’s hugely expensive, it could just kill your profits. But you do have to meet with people, that’s why we revert – resort to the conference call, but come on, a conference call.

You know they’re out there, you know playing with their Facebook while they’re listening to you, that’s why GoToMeeting is so great.

When you hold your meetings online they’re more compelling, more exciting, more interesting. In fact I use to GoToMeeting even if it’s just going to be a conference call. It’s so easy to set up, I click a link, it puts an e-mail out to everybody sending – giving them all that information – by the way this includes in the conference bridge, so you get a phone number, the meeting code and all that, that’s part of it, it’s build in free. So it sends out all that to them, they call in, they – if they don’t have the GoToMeeting software installed, it takes 30 seconds, they’ve got it installed, it’s secure and then by the way, if you decide to show them something, you can, because they’ve got the window open.

They don’t even have to make a phone call. They have the choice in the GoToMeeting software, it says would you like to call this number or just press this button we’ll use your mic and speakers. If you got an iPad it works – they ask permission. What are you laughing at? If you have an iPad, they ask permission. They tell you.

If you have an iPad it works great. Actually, I was – it was kind of cool. I was in a GoToMeeting with my iPad sitting at my backyard here and I could hear and I was like – I put on my headset and it was so cool, I didn’t need a phone or anything. $49 a month, that’s it.

As many meetings as you want, as long as you want. It is such great software. 128 bit SSL, if you are doing conference calls, if you are traveling too much and you like to travel less, if you have sales presentations, products demos, training sessions, collaborating on documents, little higher, a little higher right there, right there. A little higher, there you go.

Denise Howell Spiky Brian hair in the foreground.

Leo Laporte It’s amazing. I think they should pay extra for the Brian hair.

Brian Brushwood You know what? We’ll work something out, use promo code Brian’s hair.

Becky Worley See how that works for you.

Brian Brushwood You’ll get zero percent off.

Leo Laporte Oh, oh my goodness. Amazon,

Brian Brushwood Yeah this is huge.

Becky Worly Yeah, let’s talk loud.

Denise Howell Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s huge, this is the story. Denise wanted to say something. Go ahead Denise.

Denise Howell Oh, I was just going to say, I like how Brian’s hair is a moving target, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.

Brian Brushwood It’s useful when we start to – things start to get heated, well like – I believe this, I believe that politic, hey I’ve goofy hair.

Becky Worley I thought it was like Dilbert’s boss, it just got spikier as you got a little [indiscernible] (33:16) and then it going comes down.

Leo Laporte It’s not fooling me one – for one moment.

Brian Brushwood When I get angry, it gets taller.

Leo Laporte Are you in the militia? I know you’re in a militia.

Becky Worley Yes, yes.

Brian Brushwood I’m going to buy some guns. Guns are alright, we live in Texas.

Leo Laporte We love Brian, are you kidding? Brian, you are my only Republican friend.

Brian Brushwood I’m not a Republican, and only – I don’t call you dirty words. What are you doing? Come on.

Leo Laporte Alright, let me move on to Amazon, which this week made a big play. They basically said, “Yeah we are here baby,

Becky Worley Bring it.

Leo Laporte Bring it. So, maybe Becky you can give us a summary of what Amazon announced.

Becky Worley Well basically, what they’ve done is created a cloud service for your music up to five megabytes free.

Leo Laporte Starts with five gigs.

Becky Worley Oh sorry, five gigs, sorry. I’m having

Leo Laporte And then if you buy one Amazon mp3 album, you get a 20, for a year, every year.

Becky Worley And then or you can pay 20 bucks for that…

Leo Laporte Well it’s weird because it’s a buck a gigabyte, you can go up to terabyte but it’s $1000 which is ridiculous.

Brian Brushwood What?

Becky Worley You can download music.

Leo Laporte But wait, but wait. Everything you buy on Amazon, all the music you buy on Amazon doesn’t count against your total.

Becky Worley Right.

Brian Brushwood Alright.

Leo Laporte So basically, they‘re saying “hey forget that iTunes thing”

Becky Worley You can stream it on your Amazon device – your android device, they have – they got an app for that. You can download it to as many computers as you want. I called Amazon for clarification on that, because I thought, oh well the download, that’s kind of crazy, that’s the big thing that Apple has been so five..

Leo Laporte Apple has that five.

Becky Worley Authorized devices and they said no, no, as many devices as you want.

Leo Laporte It’s unprotected.

Becky Worley Yeah. So this is – is this the solution for multiple devices, music everywhere consolidation. Is this it?

Leo Laporte There’s one limit. The only – It works on Android, it works on new browser, It doesn’t work on your iPhone or any iOS device.

Becky Worley Except through the browser, it does work in Safari.

Leo Laporte Kind of, it’s weird though, you only get to play one thing through QuickTime. Its not – you can’t have a player.

Becky Worley You can create playlist which you can with the Android app.

Leo Laporte My suspicion is that you’ll have iOS apps within a few weeks.

Brian Brushwood So.

Leo Laporte I don’t think Amazon is against that.

Brian Brushwood When you listen to Amazon’s position, I mean, basically they say – the question of course is, whether or not they need extra licenses to run things this way or they could just [indiscernible] (35:27)

Leo Laporte And, Sony is not happy

Becky Worley Sony thinks, their spokeswoman said, we hope they’ll reach in – a license deal but, we’re keeping all of our legal options open, which is very clear.

Leo Laporte Somebody in the chat room made a good point you can put your iTunes music on as many as iPods or iPhones as you want. There’s no limit there, but only five computers.

Brian Brushwood At any given time, because once you hit your five, you can scrap all of them and then pick a different five.

Leo Laporte Once a year you can scrap them.

Brian Brushwood Oh, it’s only once a year.

Leo Laporte Okay. It’s really frustrating. You have to de-authorize. And if you forget to de-authorize like – you forget to get rid of the computer or you format the drive, you kind of have to.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Becky Worley Maybe, we should just tackle that really quickly. Do you think Steve Jobs has music on a bunch of different of computers? He’s going..

Brian Brushwood You’re talking to a man.

Becky Worley When can we consolidate? When can we do this? And have they been afraid of the license question. Is that?

Leo Laporte I think it’s pretty clear that Apple has plans to announce exactly this. They bought LaLa which does this. They built this ginormous operations – network operations center in North Carolina, I think they were going to do this and I think Amazon jumped their announcement.

Brian Brushwood Now, do you think that Apple has worked with – I assume they have to have been working with the music industry to get licensing to make sure everything is above board with – with the [indiscernible] (36:37).

Leo Laporte The music industry used to give Apple a pass, right? That’s how Apple got started and then now Apple is the number one music retailer in the world.

Brian Brushwood Bar none.

Leo Laporte Bar none.

Brian Brushwood Whether its physical media or digital.

Leo Laporte And the music industry is not going to give them anymore free passes. They’re terrified of Apple, I think.

Brian Brushwood When Amazon was asked about the issue of licenses, because obviously, if Amazon is just going to offer the service, then why is Google wasting their time trying to put together their music service and looking for licenses? Same thing for Sony. According to Amazon, “We do not need a license to store music in a cloud drive, the functionality of saving mp3s to cloud drive is the same as if a customer would have save their own music to an external hard drive or even iTunes.”

Leo Laporte I beg to differ.

Robert Scoble Here – here’s a different way to look at it. I showed my son this. I mean – and I said what – isn’t this cool, you can upload all your music. And he was like, dad we are listening to Pandora in high school now.

Leo Laporte Right.

Robert Scoble It – it doesn’t matter that you can upload your audio and your music to someplace. You just got to Pandora and type in your artist name and it will just playing.

Leo Laporte There’s a difference, because in Pandora you don’t get to choose a song.

Becky Worley Playlist. This is all about that.

Brian Brushwood Specific songs.

Denise Howell Right.

Leo Laporte Now, Denise what – Amazon says you don’t need a license. That’s not what the music industry says.

Denise Howell That’s right. An, Amazon has stepped into this legal mirage that’s been going on. Did you guys see the Hulu, April fools joke, where they put you back to the late nineties?

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Denise Howell Yeah. So, they stepped right back into that time zone – when they decided to do this because Michael Robertson who – Leo you should have on [indiscernible] (38:03)

Leo Laporte

Brian Brushwood

Denise Howell Yeah

Brian Brushwood He’s the one who promised the – that was – the democratization of rock stardom basically.

Denise Howell Yes

Brian Brushwood The middle-class rock star.

Leo Laporte Yeah

Denise Howell He’s – he is on your list as a triangulation guest list.

Leo Laporte I’m sure he is. Yes

Denise Howell Yeah.

Leo Laporte He is now.

Denise Howell He’s a really interesting fellow and he’s been at this since the late nineties when his first company got sued into non-existence with the then largest copyright verdict ever awarded hundreds of millions of dollars which has been long passed now. But, anyway, they – they were trying to do this – what seems like a totally commonsensical thing, that, you’ve bought it, you should be able to time and place and device shift to your heart’s content but the content industry has never bought into this.

Leo Laporte And as Robertson points out, the law has nothing to do with common sense.

Denise Howell Right.

Leo Laporte It’s the law, whatever the law is. But have – do we have a law? Do we have – Is there ever been any decision on this?

Denise Howell There has – there have been decisions along the way that are sort of incremental. And, I’ve seen the Wall Street Journal and other people say, Oh, well the fact that the Supreme Court didn’t step into the Cablevision decision which came out a while ago. You guys probably remember. In 2009 the Supreme Court decided, we’re not going to touch that Cablevision if they have these remote DVR facilities. We’re going let that happen because really, it’s just – it’s not, it’s the users making a copy on their own local space which we know they can do under the Betamax decision from so long ago.

Brian Brushwood Now.

Denise Howell And, all that Cablevision is doing is providing some sort of remote back-up of that, and it’s really just the users making the copies. Here – this is a little different. Right? I mean, we’ve been talking about, here you have a locker – you have a drive where you can upload stuff that have downloaded from Amazon you can upload whatever’s on your computer. It’s like when you first open iTunes and it doesn’t scan and it says can we see what Mp3s you have and we’ll add it to your iTunes library. It’s the same thing the same thing. They are going to add it to the Amazon’s vast…

Leo Laporte And make a copy, and make a copy.

Becky Worley And that’s what Tom said, this is just drop box what’s the big deal.

Brian Brushwood And as I understand it part of the reason that they shut down because it was a very sensible thing. This is a time when a lot of people were still on dialup and they said – we talked about this before buy instead of actually uploading and encoding your CD and spending hours to upload it why don’t you just put it in we’ll look at the red book audio tag on there like you got that disc, well now you have access to those. Part of the problem as I remember it is over a decade now was just like yeah but you are that’s not there. They did not encode it, you did not upload it you’re just giving them your files and that illegal. Where as this is different, this is the case where it really grabbing the files and uploading them is that correct or is that the distinction that makes this okay.

Denise Howell No because the users you have to remember that the whole digital music arena is governed by the licenses that apply when you download those things unless you’ve gotten them off of some P2P file sharing service, right?

Leo Laporte Oh then I’m in the clear.

Denise Howell If you’ve gotten them legally them you’re hemmed in by all the licensing around that file. If you’ve gotten them illegally well then you know you’re already

Leo Laporte You’re just a thief.

Denise Howell Yeah. Exactly. So…

Leo Laporte What do the licenses say do they say you can’t do this?

Denise Howell No that’s the fascination thing. Amazon and I was really thrilled to look into this and see that Amazon has gone out on a limp with it’s own Mp3 download service it’s telling people and for everyone listening to this show you’re all going to say ‘dah’ well off course we can do this but the law doesn’t agree with you necessarily and the entertainment industry certainly doesn’t agree that you can copy, store, transfer and burn for personal entertainment non commercial use everything that you download from something like Amazon’s Mp3 music service or iTunes. iTunes has very different terms by the way. They don’t tell you that you can copy, store, transfer and burn but Amazon does, which I thought was really interesting these terms of service aren’t that old they might have been drafted with this kind of service in mind but yeah we’re going to go ahead and let people see our ..

Robert Scoble So now is the music industry changing its stance because ..

Denise Howell …transferring and storing them.

Robert Scoble Did you say you lived down there with the music industry are they changing their stance because of the proliferation of these streaming services now. Because it Spotify, over in Europe you just type in a song name and it starts playing.

Leo Laporte Well all of these, MOG, Rdio, Rhapsody they’re all licensed right.

Denise Howell Right and that’s streaming. But we’re not

Leo Laporte Streaming it’s not storage.

Denise Howell We’re talking about a user downloads for their own personal use.

Robert Scoble But they know that where the world is moving and I think they’re starting to change their – if I was in the music industry I would start changing my legal stance on this stuff because I know kids of he future kids of today are streaming they’re not downloading anymore. They’re not – my son is not stealing music, he see.

Leo Laporte All though Robert all of these services like Rdio, MOG and I think Spotify, it’s in Europe only, allow you to download copies to your device don’t they or local copies, you just have to validate that you have a license for it once a month because you have to keep paying the $10 a month.

Robert Scoble After you’re paying the $10.

Leo Laporte Yeah so in order words you do have a physical copy on well I don’t know if that’s physical but you have a copy in your device. You know it strikes me that Apple actually knew what it was doing and they were just playing a little game of chicken with Amazon and Amazon blinked launched this service and now Steve is sitting back saying, “Hey, lets see how that works out”

Becky Worley Yes. This kind of reminds me of like the U.N. we have to go in there and we have to – somebody has to go in there and you hit the first salvo against Gaddafi, who is it going to be?

Leo Laporte Arab League says we’ll do it, we’ll do it come on everybody follow me, so the U.S. goes, yeah and then where did everybody go?

Becky Worley Psyche and look back I mean as a consumer advocate what I’m hoping is that Amazon has done this and either, as you said Leo this is what I think is the worst case scenario that Apple goes fine Jeff you fight this battle I don’t want to deal with this I got too much stuff but as the consumer advocate what I’m really hoping is that Google and Apple just speed up their time tables and go fine we’re all in.

Leo Laporte Oh. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Becky Worley Lets all get in tomorrow and..

Leo Laporte Takes us on.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Come on.

Becky Worley Yeah. We’re all in.

Brian Brushwood Could this be a case where Amazon is doing something to bust out of it’s second or third place because it’s trying to get in, off course it’s second place in music I assume in digital I know it’s way behind Apple and off course it’s..

Leo Laporte I think Walmart is second place.

Brian Brushwood Okay so it’s – so third place right. Same thing on online video you know you got your Netflix and your Hulu and then Amazon is in third place in here. Maybe this is a way where they can try to get a first move or advantage to change the rules or shake up the landscape to get a better position both for their music and for their video.

Leo Laporte Well, well look, what Amazon is doing with the Amazon Prime with streaming they’re going after Netflix, they’re going after Apple on the music front. I mean Amazon is they’re going after publishers they’re saying with the kindle I think they’re going to do an Android application they’re going after Google with the Android market place. I mean Amazon is moving on all fronts at this point.

Brian Brushwood So what’s interesting is again Michael Robertson, he is now at Mp3tunes which does a very similar thing and yet an interesting quote in [indiscernible] (45:19) technical article. He says “Unlike us, Amazon is also a music retailer this means they ventured into a license with all the major record labels to sell music but these licenses have specific restriction, things Amazon can and can’t do and things they’ve agreed they wont do” so maybe it’s kind of a move point whether it’s illegal what they’re doing it’s certainly a violation of their current licenses and it could screw up to their ability to sell music.

Becky Worley And Reuters said that Amazon only informed the labels a week prior to the announcement that this is what they were doing and one of the people who was quoted in this Reuters article said I’ve never seen a company of this size make an announcement, launch it and then figure it say we’re going to figure out this – on the back end.

Leo Laporte I have. Google did that with the Google Book search they said we’ll scan the books, we’ll figure out the rights later.

Becky Worley Right?

Robert Scoble And then in a way that works right because they get known by us as first mover and so what if they have to pay out a billion or two later on. It’s a good market strategy isn’t it?

Brian Brushwood I mean is this the case where finally Amazon is doing what we’ve all wanted or what all those thought was common sense for the longest time and they’re pushing the issue maybe they have the money to spend on it maybe they stand to gain market shares as the result of the publicity or changing the landscape. I mean regardless it’s like I don’t care if it’s legal or not like good for them I mean push the envelope on this. This is ridiculous laws they have nothing to do with common sense.

Becky Worley And it also goes back to what the fundamental egos of all these different companies are I mean Apple always says we are a design company, we make hardware. Google has always been about information well, Amazon has always been about the consumer. Amazon has always been trying to sell and this is fundamentally benefiting the consumer it’s in their best interest.

Leo Laporte We want it. We want it.

Denise Howell They have two ways of protecting themselves legally here and they’re covering themselves on both front because we talked about the terms of use for their own music download service and how they’re going out on the [indiscernible] (47:12) there and saying affirmatively that users have these various rights that the music industry doesn’t necessarily or has not historically ever agreed with. But then they also have you signed up for this service yet?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Denise Howell Have you gone through the process?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Denise Howell Have you noticed that it’s a quite a process to first you have to log into your account then you’re presented with the terms of service and it’s not just something that’s lurking around the bottom of the web page or there are some terms of service now you have to read them you have to click okay I read them and then there is like captcha that says you know yes I’ve read them and here is the captcha confirming that I’m a human being and I have read these and I agree.

Leo Laporte I – I didn’t let my bot read this. This I read this.

Denise Howell And when you go and you actually read the terms of service there are all kinds of representations when you sign up for the cloud drive and the cloud player that you are only going to use them for your own personal use, you are not going to share, you are not going to – and that everything that you upload you have the rights to upload they are all legally your own designated file that you can go ahead and do what you will with.

Leo Laporte I also..

Denise Howell So they’re trying to cover themselves on two fronts.

Leo Laporte Let me point out that it isn’t just music when you go to your cloud drive there are pre-made folders for documents, music, pictures, and videos I mean this is a storage.

Denise Howell It’s a drop box.

Leo Laporte As much as – well it’s a drop box without the clients but how long before we get clients. I mean it’s – that’s just a question, write the whole software.

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte So that’s an interesting business it’s seems to me that the business model here is we give away this free service, we get everybody to store stuff here and oh by the way if you keep buying albums from us we wont charge it.

Brian Brushwood Do you think that 20giggs of free space, do anyone who buy a single mp3 is in some way a bribe to convert the entire user base into an army of evangelists for their service.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes.

Brian Brushwood I mean it’s like how hard will it be?

Leo Laporte It’s like Amazon Prime, isn’t that what Amazon Prime’s all about?

Brian Brushwood Yes, absolutely.

Leo Laporte I have to say I’m rooting for Amazon and I don’t know why; it’s just the goodwill thing but I just feel like good, go for it Jeff, I like you.

Becky Worley Yeah get down.

Leo Laporte Get down.

Becky Worley Yep.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (49:20), so Denise, if you were going to – if you were a betting gal, what – how do you think this is going to shake out?

Denise Howell I’m betting that there’s going to be litigation about this if they can’t…

Leo Laporte I bet you’re right.

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Denise Howell Scramble and get something worked out in the mean time. I’m also really surprised because there’s already litigation about this pending against Michael Robertson’s company; there are cross-motions for summary judgment pending and the case against Mp3tunes.

Robert Scoble Yeah. But Michael Robertson is one thing Amazon is a whole nutty thing, it would create a much deeper outcry on our behalf.

Leo Laporte The courts don’t care about us. Outcrying?

Robert Scoble

Yeah they do at some level.

Leo Laporte Really?

Robert Scoble Yeah I think so.

Leo Laporte I thought they weren’t exposed to like read the papers or anything, as supposed to be [indiscernible] (50:01).

Robert Scoble Yeah. When their kids when they go home and their kids are bothering them, you know what…

Leo Laporte Daddy.

Robert Scoble Dad why did you vote on this thing this way? You know the world has changed and they world has changed in the last five years. There’re lot more of our kids who are doing this stuff.

Denise Howell Yeah and I totally agree with you Robert that it’s kind of strange for all of us, I mean we’re all above a certain age and for us, I guess we can see, we’ve developed these huge libraries of music, we’ve been downloading legally over the last several years and would like to be able to move them around more freely. So this seems like a big issue to us but to the Pandora and the streaming generation, I think some of this is too little too late.

Leo Laporte I have to say I used Rdio for a while and fell in love with it and then somebody said, oh you should try MOG and I love MOG even better same thing ten bucks, it’s a streaming music, you never own the music, right, you pay ten bucks a month, you could play on anything; they’ve got an iPhone, Android, and web based players. Soon it will work on the Sonos, which is great because that what I use for my audio, Rdio does work but it’s got nine million songs and the 320 kilo bit streams. So it’s…

Brian Brushwood Wow.

Leo Laporte And then if you say you want to download the connection to the device you do, I have to say I don’t feel like I need to own music anymore.

Robert Scoble I’m with you. I haven’t bought a song in a long time.

Becky Worley It’s just that the obscure stuff is hard, that’s the one thing that I still purchase but you got to have sort of…

Leo Laporte Where do you buy it?

Becky Worley You know [indiscernible] (51:44), we’re are really…

Brian Brushwood

Leo Laporte You like Hawaiian music? Oh yeah, The Pirate Bay, I get a special credit card over there. Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero.

Brian Brushwood So here’s what great about questions like this is whatever we see shakeout in the world of music, seems to shakeout about seven years later in the world of video. So its interest and you know [indiscernible] (52:04)

Leo Laporte That right. And you know the movie industry is watching this with very – interest.

Brian Brushwood Well I’m hoping that they can jump to the, you know jump to the end conclusion faster because it’s boring to see them do the same kind of disinformation about pirated music and the same kind of disinformation that the RA did a decade ago.

Leo Laporte It’s – yeah, with – the time is changing. Time is changing and I have to say the music industry is terrified. If you saw the Stubbs when I was going to the Dignition event, at Stubbs, I got a buttonholed by a music industry executive who said I had ambushed him on TechTv eight years ago.

Brian Brushwood Well, this is like live while the stream is going on?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley Wow. He’s still mad.

Leo Laporte Yeah. And he was still mad.

Becky Worley Wow.

Brian Brushwood Wow.

Leo Laporte Do you remember that Becky, I don’t know if you remember we did a music event, it was a town hall and we had the guy from – was is NWA or Public Enemy, Public Enemy.

Becky Worley Oh, Chuck D.

Leo Laporte Chuck D.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, because he was pushing MP4.

Leo Laporte He was pushing but he was also pushing downloadable music. He was a big proponent of Napster and we had this guy – I don’t remember his from the music industry and I said well how is going for you?

Becky Worley That’s a hell of an ambush Leo.

Leo Laporte Well he said, I still – you never let me talk and I had – you’d also go to commercial when it was my turn to defend the music industry. I said I’m sorry, I don’t remember doing that but

Becky Worley Have you ever watched television before?

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley You can’t speak for 17 minutes in a roll buddy. Sorry. I mean its Leo.

Leo Laporte So I said aren’t you making more money than ever before. He said, No! We are not. And actually then I went out looked in his truth. Music sales are plummeting.

Brian Brushwood Well, hold on, that’s counting new sources of revenues like ringtones and all the stuff.

Leo Laporte It’s not counting streaming, it’s not counting ringtones.

Brian Brushwood Okay, then you can’t, then you can’t – that’s not fair. You know it’s like I’m sorry that you’re not selling more pieces of plastic and you know ‘boowho’, meanwhile you know if you’re making money on ringtones and licensing music.

Leo Laporte And yet I just saw a stat this is something like 80% of all music is still bought on CD.

Becky Worley That’s hard to believe, I do not believe that.

Brian Brushwood Very hard to believe.

Becky Worley Not that it’s not true, but it’s just one of those random stat of things.

Brian Brushwood I do agree that they is some percentage though.

Becky Worley If we’re talking about bad stats, did you guys see the IDC numbers on the feature of the mobile operating systems? So their estimates, in 2015

Leo Laporte This is what they make up though. They have number..

Becky Worley Wait but this is crazy; Android 45% sure; Blackberry, 13%: IOS, 15%; Windows Phone 7, 21%.

Brian Brushwood Well, what did they base that on?

Becky Worley They basically did a swip-swap.

Leo Laporte They’re smoking crack.

Becky Worley Right now, Symbian all the Nokia phones are 21%.

Leo Laporte Right, oh they said all the Nokia – they’ll get all the Nokia numbers.

Becky Worley They just did an exact swap on the numbers this week in bad stats.

Leo Laporte And this is why you don’t listen to analysts when they say stuffs like this. The charge huge amounts of money to companies for this stupid stuff and I never report these numbers because they are made up.

Becky Worley This one was one of those that just went, wow that is [indiscernible] (54:55)

Leo Laporte It’s some dweeb that they’ll be asking me for job in four years, so they are just making this crap up.

Becky Worley I’d was just vamp before you – while you look for that stat Leo.

Leo Laporte Strategy Analytics predicts that the physical CD sales will decline by nearly a third this year and for the first time put digital music sales on top. Most music is still sold on physical CDs.

Brian Brushwood I don’t care if that’s 51%, I’m still amazed. That’s amazing.

Becky Worley I’m amazed too. It’s just wow.

Leo Laporte Let me see if I can find it.

Becky Worley And that’s not projection either, that’s a [indiscernible] (55:24)

Denise Howell I can see tons of stories though that iTunes sells more than Walmart does.

Leo Laporte They do.

Becky Worley Yeah, song by song.

Leo Laporte But it’s just individual I mean in the long run, if you include Walmart plus I don’t know Sam Goody, I don’t know who still sells…

Robert Scoble Who sells, who sells…

Leo Laporte Amazon YE

Becky Worley But in terms of number of transaction.

Leo Laporte And Becky’s Hawaiian CDs.

Becky Worley Yeah. Dotcom, I’ll be registering that, now.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah.

Becky Worley But that’s actually a good point, if you did it by number of transactions as opposed to number of total music, I bet that would be wildly in the digital phase.

Brian Brushwood Well and certainly if you found some way to produce metrics on user engagement, I mean it’s just like that is where music is alive now, it’s on digital and the idea, and what’s funny is like – when it comes to music executives, I remember being in college and buying used CDs, I never bought a new CD ever. I’d buy all used CDs which when I look back on it means that I absolutely never gave a single dollar to any of the artists that made that music.

Becky Worley No you did because you supported the people who then went out and bought new music that they could now afford, hypothetically it’s a chain.

Brian Brushwood I subsidized the person who bought the original disk.

Becky Worley Yes.

Brian Brushwood I guess I can see that, alright. But still I got to imagine that that same level of involvement, people buying stuffs online, you know, even at the heavy discounts that they’re able to get it from Amazon, they got to be doing more for the music. There was a fantastic graphic I will have to look this up, you’ll have to be vamp for me again. There was a fantastic graphic talking about what it visualized what artists get paid and for an indie artist to make minimum wage per month, they have to sell about 150 physical CDs. Now and then, how many 99c downloads is much, much bigger, how many albums much, much bigger? Then when you get in the streaming on services like you know Rdio or MOG or any of those guys, like in order to make the same amount of money for minimum wage, the biggest one of the bottom depending on – I forget which service was at the bottom of it was 1.5 million streams in order to make the same amount of money that if they press their own CDs and sold them out of the back of their car.

Becky Worley Welcome to ‘R’ world. What do you think [indiscernible] (57:22) when he heard this?

Leo Laporte Hey, just out of curiosity…

Brian Brushwood Yeah. I know, absolutely. How hard it is to make CDs.

Leo Laporte That’s hard to be curious. We’ve got five really hip people here and one audience member. How many of you have played a CD in the last say month?

Brian Brushwood A physical CD?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Oh I definitely have but then again that’s because like we had a train wreak on NSFW and they gave you the CD so it’s in the car.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Brian Brushwood And it’s just easy, its just right there. By the way I’m going to post it.

Leo Laporte But you do as a regular point, you never do?

Brian Brushwood I mean I don’t pick it up in the living room but in the car.

Becky Worley Oh I put a kid CD in my DVD player to listen to a story book that was the last time.

Leo Laporte There you go. Robert you ever play CDs.

Robert Scoble No.

Leo Laporte No.

Brian Brushwood Here’s the visual, I just posted it to you in the chat room there.

Leo Laporte Denise do you ever?

Denise Howell Zero, no, no.

Leo Laporte Zero, yeah.

Robert Scoble And here, I’m going to show you something that you haven’t seen here, so this is next WEEK in TECH now.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Robert Scoble Alright there, since you announced and talked about video. This is an app called Shoyu, it’s not on the market yet, its coming out in a week or two or weeks.

Leo Laporte SHOYU?

Robert Scoble Yes, Shoyu.

Becky Worley For those of you who are not watching, it’s flipboard. I mean who’re just listening.

Leo Laporte Flipboard for video.

Robert Scoble Yeah, it’s flipboard for video. And you put your Facebook, your Twitter and some other things in here and it shows you a grid of a thousand videos that you can fly through and discover new video.

Denise Howell But those things have been curated for you.

Robert Scoble What’s that?

Leo Laporte Curation is the key.

Denise Howell They’re curing for you.

Robert Scoble No, this is not curing –

Leo Laporte Well it is, because it’s from your Twitter feed or your Facebook feed. So it’s curating?

Denise Howell That’s right.

Robert Scoble From your Twitter feed and from your Facebook and from the service itself, so there’s some serendipitous video in here as well. And what’s really cool is if, let’s see – let’s find – let me find a good one.

If you start playing this video, and so it’s EMIO I’m not sure if EMIO has the

Leo Laporte And this is iPad only Shoyu?

Robert Scoble Yeah. But down here

Denise Howell In the meantime we’re all marveling at the thinness of the new iPad

Leo Laporte It’s so thin.

Robert Scoble Down here you can play it on your Apple TV through AirPlay.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s cool.

Robert Scoble And that is really cool for music and videos, there’s two apps that I know of, that are coming out this week that have this airplay technology and bring in videos, so you can push video..

Leo Laporte Spin, Spin has this – if you are in a music Spin as an app, it does that as well, that has AirPlay built into it so you can find music and videos and play them. Here for your delectations as were doing show and tell is that graphic that you were talking about.

Brian Brushwood Yeah it’s up at

Leo Laporte I like visualization of graphics. So selling out, how much do music artists earn are online?

Brian Brushwood I’ll give you mine. I’ll be the first admit, this is not entirely fair, because we are talking about a self pressed CD and then later they compare it to streaming which is of course…

Leo Laporte CD album, retail album, album download. As the ball gets bigger, they’re making more money.

Brian Brushwood No, no, no, I’m sorry, as the ball gets bigger they’re making the same amount of money but it requires that many more sales.

Leo Laporte How much more to sell?

Brian Brushwood This is to make it minimum wage, $1160 a month.

Leo Laporte Ah, got it. So if you want to make minimum wage $1160 a month, you sell 143, $10 self pressed CDs because you get a 100% of the profit.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte Or 155 CD albums or eleven thousand six – retail albums or 12,029 downloads. It goes up for mp3, retail CD, track download. To make a minimum wage as an indie artist via streaming on Rhapsody, you have to have 849,817 plays to make that money. That’s the size.

Brian Brushwood Keep going, keep going.

Leo Laporte Keep going, there’s more. No.

[Multiple Speakers] (60:49)

Leo Laporte To make this in Last FM 1.5 million.

Brian Brushwood Keep going.

Leo Laporte To make it on Spotify it’s a – if you can’t fit the ball into the screen.

Brian Brushwood 4 million plays per month to make a minimum wage. I almost said minimum rage which would have been appropriate.

Leo Laporte So in other words.

Becky Worley But these, all these services – well that’s weird because you would think they – they’re being subsidized by the artist obviously right now and by the labels so that they can.

Leo Laporte It’s radio.

Becky Worley Yeah, it’s promotional.

Leo Laporte Are you saying Rebecca Black is making minimum wage?

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Is she making anything?

Brian Brushwood Probably not, I would imagine, I mean my guess is, after the fact once she hit 70 million downloads on YouTube, YouTube sends an e-mail saying, hey you want to be a partner? You can make money in the future.

Becky Worley Poor Charlie [indiscernible] (61:30)

Brian Brushwood My guess is they don’t retroactively…

[Multiple Speakers] (61:31)

Brian Brushwood … its not even her yeah. Although, it’s a different age now, I mean, she now has the ability to profit from ancillary sources…

Leo Laporte She’s making money on the ringtones.

Brian Brushwood She could live engagements.

Leo Laporte People are – millions of people are buying, Friday, Friday ringtones, you know why? Because people finally realize ringtones are about annoying your neighbor. And what’s more annoying Friday, Friday it comes after Thursday.

Becky Worley I think ring tones are the new coffee-table-book. It happened and you have to talk about it.

Brian Brushwood Someone in the chat room claims, its Raven’s Crops says that she is making a $175,000 a month on you two.

Leo Laporte Okay, I’ll take it.

Brian Brushwood Well, wow.

Becky Worley Did you see the Fallon Colbert Friday remake, you know my favorite part about that. It’s that Taylor…

Brian Brushwood Hicks.

Becky Worley Taylor Hicks

Leo Laporte Who is that? Is he any of the guy directed An Officer and Gentlemen.

Brian Brushwood No, I don’t think so.

Becky Worley He was on American Idol

Brian Brushwood He won American Idol.

Becky Worley And what I loved about it, oh I’m so glad we’re talking about now, is because the entire season that I was watching American Idol, when he was on it, I thought that if you took George Clooney and Leo and you had a love-child, it would be Taylor Hicks.

Brian Brushwood I Believe that.

Becky Worley You have to look at the picture of the guy.

Leo Laporte It does kind of a look like me.

Brian Brushwood I can totally see that, you have a harmonica.

Leo Laporte Friday, Friday [indiscernible] (62:48)

Becky Worley [Indiscernible] (62:49) sing it, sing it. I’m telling you.

Leo Laporte It’s just the grey hair, all those grey haired guys looks the same.

Becky Worley It’s great for those of us with daddy issues, so it’s super, it’s super.

Brian Brushwood That is awesome.

Leo Laporte Come on and sit on my lap, I’d like to tell you a little story about something called

Becky Worley Oh, nice Segway daddy.

Brian Brushwood Read me a book daddy Leo.

Leo Laporte Remember when I, remember I used to read to you, you’d sit in my lap and I’d say, let me tell you a little bit about Harry Potter. I’m actually. I’m a big fan of and I think you all are. I know you are Brian because you do a lot of – you travel….

Brian Brushwood Travelling all the time.

Leo Laporte Traveling man. Audible allows you to download any from almost 80,000 audio books. You’re the guy who turned me on to the Steven King books

Brian Brushwood How far along are you?

Leo Laporte I’m still on five I think, I still got a ways to go because I interrupt with other because I don’t want to just read Steven King.

Brian Brushwood Well you’ll spend a whole year doing it. I mean it’s a year long extravaganza.

Leo Laporte I’m saving when I circumnavigate the globe in my trawler, then I’ll have the Steven King. So meanwhile, I’m varying it up, I’m reading, I’ll tell you what I’m loving right now. Do you read sci-fi?

Brian Brushwood Oh, my gosh, are you kidding me.

Leo Laporte Do you know Peter F. Hamilton?

Brian Brushwood Wait a minute, hold on. You know I’m crazy about Peter of Hamilton.

Leo Laporte So you’ve read the Dreaming Voyage.

Brian Brushwood Yes, I just finished the Voyage Trilogy I read the first two and I was waiting for the third one to come out.

Leo Laporte So.

Becky Worley I’m watching of romance happening right here over…

Leo Laporte Come here and sit on my lap Brian.

Brian Brushwood I love the singularity too Leo.

Leo Laporte Alright, this is the greatest sci-fi book ever. I think it’s really one of my new favorites. I am so digging in.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, it’s, what’s great about, it’s science fiction. That’s hardcore science fiction but somehow manages to completely flip flop from being a full on fantasy novel.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood Within, there is a…

Leo Laporte He mixes the genre is very, interestingly.

Brian Brushwood It’s still like it’s on the same world but there are a set of conditions that allow a fantasy novel to take place within the science fiction novel. Have you gotten to the end?

Leo Laporte No, no, I’m in book one, don’t say a word.

Becky Worley Oh, well you’re just starting it.

Leo Laporte I just started it. But you know it’s funny because I download War and Peace which is by the way a damn long novel. It’s really, really long

Becky Worley Great observation [indiscernible] (64:53)

Brian Brushwood [indiscernible] (65:10).

Denise Howell You know we learn a lot on TWiT. We do.

Leo Laporte Damn long novel, there are several different versions of War and Peace and there’s some really – there’s the one that is beautifully read. I started listening and then I thought, well maybe I should do this Dreaming Voyage first, I’ll save War and Peace for my circumnavigation. And then I realized, really he is as good a writer as Tolstoy, I mean the – this is very vivid and in some ways it’s kind of like War and Peace in the sense of it’s a very palpable real world with a lot going on, lot of people, it comes alive. I have to say this is the year 3535.

Brian Brushwood If indeed man is still alive.

Leo Laporte If women.

Brian Brushwood Oh right.

Leo Laporte Can survive. They will fall in love. There is actually a lot of hot sex in this book.

Brian Brushwood What – that’s what’s great about Peter F. Hamilton, is that he doesn’t lose touch with what makes for a good story. I was about to say meal. You gobble the book down.

Leo Laporte It is a good meal. I love this. But anyway, but that’s – you could get, this is a three book trilogy, you can get the first two right now free.

Brian Brushwood Yes. And of course I don’t know if the listeners – if you are going to start at the beginning – I’ll tell you the pick can be The Dreaming Voyage…

Leo Laporte Oh you’re right, no you’re right. You should go back.

Brian Brushwood I’m going to say start with Pandora’s Star because this takes place a thousand years after Pandora’s Star and this is the time

Leo Laporte And Mazzy is still around.

Brian Brushwood Yes he is. Boy…

Leo Laporte [indiscernible] (66:14) don’t spoil it.

Brian Brushwood So good.

Leo Laporte You’re right though, now the only thing I don’t like about Pandora’s Star and then it’s – that’s 37 hours and then Judas Unchained and that’s another 37 hours. But the only thing I didn’t like is when Al Capone showed up.

Brian Brushwood Oh no, no, you’re thinking about a different series.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s not this one.

Brian Brushwood No, no, no you’re thinking of the Night’s Dawn trilogy

Leo Laporte Night’s Dawn, I don’t like that as much it’s a little weird.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, well and that by the way Major Spoiler you just gave up on the Night’s Dawn because you spent the whole first book not understanding what’s happening and then that it doesn’t happen till the second book.

Leo Laporte Oops.

Brian Brushwood That’s alright.

Leo Laporte That’s alright don’t read the Night’s Dawn trilogy anyway read Pandora’s Star. This is the one with the prime.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes. With Morning Light Mountain.

Leo Laporte Hey you know what, this you’re right this is a great book.

Brian Brushwood You got to read those two first and this one, then the Night’s Dawn trilogy takes place 1000 years later with the couple of a same characters.

Leo Laporte You should – you’re right, you should read this first.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte You’re absolutely right. So and then you [indiscernible] (67:05) this is two books so you can get both of these and you’ll be done.

Brian Brushwood And what’s great is one of the character is from the first two books essentially…

Leo Laporte Becky, Becky looks so boring.

Leo Laporte Well, Denise and Becky you are like; “Oh, is this a nerd fest or what? I’d swear to God”.

Brian Brushwood Nerds.

Becky Worley No, it just I wait...

Denise Howell No, actually I’m taking notes because I’m looking for my next [indiscernible] (67:24) in Audible.

Leo Laporte You might like this.

Denise Howell Just for me as opposed for my kids.

Leo Laporte Yeah this isn’t a kid book. Do you – now there are great kid books I should say on

Denise Howell There are.

Leo Laporte It’s a really great [indiscernible] (67:33).

Denise Howell And in fact I mean audible is why I’m not in Becky’s boat of having listen to its CD recently because I do it all for him on audible.

Leo Laporte No baby beluga for you. You’ve got and Redwall, oh I love Redwall. When you’re – in about two years, in two years your kid will love Redwall, oh its such great stuff.

Denise Howell Redwall okay I’ll put that one down.

Leo Laporte Yeah Brian Jacques there’s a lot of these.

Denise Howell You know that Kathryn Lasky books they did the movie last fall the Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Denise Howell They did with that movie what they didn’t do to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, they took a great series of book and tried to condense it all down and it’s really bad if you’ve read the book. So you don’t like the movie, so I actually haven’t let him watch the movie but the books are great so look for Kathryn Lasky, she’s done two very long series of kids’ books.

Leo Laporte Redwall, the author just passed away Brian Jacques and that’s sad because he was writing an amazing series, there are a five of them now I think, I highly recommend those four I would say what do they say the age children.

Brian Brushwood Young adults?

Leo Laporte Yeah, no it’s a little bit younger I’d say a 10 year old, 11 year old boy would be perfect for this because it’s about a mouse, a young mouse who has to fight and stuff it’s – they’re animals. So it’s a little bit the younger kid but I just love this, if you love fantasy, the thing is an adult would love this too. Well, now we just giving you like 20 different books you have to get.

Brian Brushwood It kind of none yet – none of them were the ones I wanted to share that’s the funny part but I’ll save them for another time.

Leo Laporte Okay go ahead. Alright, alright because there are so many that’s just what happens when people look to Audible.

Brian Brushwood There are so many to choose from.

Leo Laporte We get together, we start talking, have you heard. So I’m going to say Pandora Star right.

Brian Brushwood That’s just the beginning.

Leo Laporte And that is unchanged. That would be a good two to get if you love sci-fi, it is about an epic battle for the survival of the human race.

Brian Brushwood And it takes place like it’s one of those 1000 years from now everything changes and yet the important part is all still the same. Attractive ladies, attractive men getting together.

Leo Laporte They’re even more attractive because they have had rejuve treatment.

Brian Brushwood That’s right yeah. People will kill each other and then they just – like it’s a video game they come back.

Becky Worley I was not bored I was just obsessed with finding photos of Taylor Hicks.

Leo Laporte Oh my God.

Brian Brushwood Wait, look, did you Photoshop that?

Becky Worley Doesn’t that unbelievable.

Brian Brushwood That looks like you Photoshoped.

Becky Worley No.

Brian Brushwood Leo's face on – I’m going to hold that right up to the camera.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, I can do it I can do it.

Becky Worley I know Leo will do it, he will take a screen grab. It’s just from Google search – images, it’s un – it just drove me nuts the entire season.

Leo Laporte You think that looks like me?

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte His head wait a minute.

Brian Brushwood I actually thought you had Photoshoped Leo's features onto George Clooney’s face.

Leo Laporte His head is actually, strangely large. This is kind of weird, seriously. Does that looks like…

Brian Brushwood No, well in fact I actually thought it was a bad Photoshop when I first saw it.

Leo Laporte It looked like a bad Photoshop.

Becky Worley Now that is the DNA mix of Leo and George Clooney. See?

Brian Brushwood Case closed, my friends.

Becky Worley I’m saying, I think we’ve figured it out.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Becky Worley Wow, Mr. Leo

Brian Brushwood I don’t know if you guys are watching [indiscernible] (70:30) going nuts right now.

Becky Worley I’m obsessed with that.

Leo Laporte Alright, alight, alright. Grey hair, we all look like – go to and you get two books absolutely free, that’s the platinum account you signed up for that and your first month’s free, first books are free and you get to keep them forever, so it’s a great deal, This thing in the chat room somebody hacked my DNA.

Brian Brushwood So I got a question and I don’t know if anyone else has dealt with this, I kind of only want to bring it up if somebody has an experience that they can explain to me but has anyone use the Facebook migration tool to go from private page to a public one yet?

Leo Laporte No.

Brian Brushwood Well because they had it, they came out with it quietly like a couple of weeks ago and it’s…

Leo Laporte Okay. That’s a great thing because people like you; you really don’t want your public on your personal page. You want to move them to a fan page.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte I had this problem and the way I got rid of it was I deleted my Facebook account.

Brian Brushwood Right. Well, for those of us who don’t want to follow on the footsteps of Leo, this sounded like a dream come true but then I read they yanked the tool earlier this week because people were using it not understanding that it was a permanent shift, your private page went to your public page and it became – this whole thing, it lost all of the content that you had created and lost all the messages lost all – it preserved who is following you but it lost all the tags, all your photos, all – everything and in fact there was an article in…

Leo Laporte Seems pretty buggy actually.

Brian Brushwood In Facebook, they yanked it because nobody understood what they’re doing.

Leo Laporte Including Facebook it sounds like.

Brian Brushwood Christina Warren on Mashable details her horrific problem just how on earth she created it for herself and however since then, somebody has [indiscernible] (72:05) through it but I was hoping one of you guys had experienced it because I think a lot of personalities when they first get started you say, yes.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (72:12) said yes to everybody, I got 5,000 friends and that was the max and now and that was unusable.

Brian Brushwood Right, well and I met that 5,000 max now. So I have to say no to a bunch of people but there is enough people who I care but they get what I’m – they get what I’m putting out there right now that I know I should use this but apparently like it’s difficult, like you can’t have the same phone number attached to both your private one and your public one because they’re separate entities and no two entities can have the same phone number apparently.

Robert Scoble Yeah, I…

Brian Brushwood So I don’t know.

Robert Scoble I deleted 10,000 people so…

Leo Laporte Yeah, I remember you did that.

Brian Brushwood Why are you guys just mass murderers? What is wrong with you people?

Becky Worley I was the no [indiscernible] (72:47).

Denise Howell Well Robert, do you have a private page or a public page?

Becky Worley Well, for you it just doesn’t matter?

Robert Scoble I have both I have – is my private one which is pretty public because I turned everything public and then I – Scobleizer is my public page where everybody can follow but I keep the private one for people I have actually met face-to-face and I can remember after I get home. I have about 7 – 18,000 friends right now on it but I got to the 5,000 limit very early and quickly realized that was unworkable. I’d – I had something like 5,000 people waiting to be my friend after they got to 1,000 and it just wasn’t workable and then I changed the rule. I have to actually know you and meet you face-to-face.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I did that too, yeah.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Robert Scoble And then actually some of my private page is more like a regular Facebook page that I…

Leo Laporte But that’s what we really need because we – if we’re going to report on Facebook we need to have the experience of what it’s like to be a normal person not a public figure.

Robert Scoble Avatar or something, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Yeah, [indiscernible] (73:42). Hey, I got to interrupt for a second, though I hate doing this show anywhere near April 1st.

Brian Brushwood I thought you just going to head there, I hate to host the show, I hate you, I hate this job, I’m out.

Leo Laporte It’s over, good bye. I hate you all.

Brian Brushwood I think you like me, April Fool.

Becky Worley April fools. Okay there were some great April Fools out there.

Brian Brushwood Yeah and I – I don’t know why everyone hates on April Fools, April Fools is the Christmas of the Internet, all these businesses they ramp up.

Leo Laporte There if it’s done well – there is a lot of stuff it’s done [indiscernible] (74:14).

Brian Brushwood YouTube, they did the 1911 thing.

Leo Laporte YouTube 1911 was okay.

Brian Brushwood Dude, what do you talk about the [indiscernible] (74:20).

Becky Worley Gmail Motion – Gmail Motion was the best.

Leo Laporte Gmail Motion was pretty amazing.

Brian Brushwood Do you know that somebody made Gmail Motion, did you see that?

Leo Laporte Yeah, they actually did it.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, somebody…

Becky Worley Well, okay we should explain this? This is a gesture based email command system and Google did their absolutely prototypical rollout video professionally done.

Leo Laporte But we know they’re going to do this because they do this every year. So it’s not a huge surprise.

Becky Worley It took me 15 seconds, I mean I – I definitely had [indiscernible] (74:45) my mouth.

Leo Laporte You know what I’ll show a little bit of this and I’ll tell you when – there’s always a point in April Fool’s joke, a good April Fool’s joke is plausible but has to have a point where you go, oh. And there is a point in this where you go, oh, they say Gmail Motion, a new way to communicate. The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed.

Video Presentation (75:05).

Leo Laporte So far so good.

Video Presentation (75:07).

Leo Laporte Let me go to a 7:20.

Becky Worley I’d say it went awhile.

Video Presentation (75:12)

Leo Laporte No, I’ll tell you exactly what this says.

Becky Worley As soon as I saw the expert.

Leo Laporte Yeah. So they show and they have – this is good – they have – like – diagrams and stuff and then they have a demo.

Video Presentation (75:24)

Leo Laporte The demos were [indiscernible] (75:26). Okay, first of all.

Brian Brushwood The guy looks awesome.

Leo Laporte It’s Pat Polson, but, then watch the gestures.

Video Presentation (75:36)

Leo Laporte Okay. Now he’s completely dead pan, which is part of the giveaway.

Brian Brushwood Well.

Becky Worley Reply all.

Leo Laporte Here’s the – this is the one where I go, okay, its April fools.

Video Presentation (75:36)

Becky Worley This is it. You’re right. You are so right. Your knees, he put his knee up in the air.

Leo Laporte He licks his fingers and presses…

Brian Brushwood He crossed his fingers like a cigarette there.

Leo Laporte Now I have to say, that is absolutely

Video Presentation (76:05)

Leo Laporte Okay, April fools.

Brian Brushwood Now it’s almost like Google has like a competition in-house. Because they also had the animal translate feature. You saw that one right?

Becky Worley No.

Brian Brushwood Where they go to the farm and they show this whole – like – they made it looked like a Borat-style video where they were punking a guy, but I’m sure the guy had to be in on it. But like essentially, your mobile phone, you record a pig snorting.

Leo Laporte Where was that?

Brian Brushwood Google Translate for Animals. I’m sure its there.

Leo Laporte Is that this year?

Becky Worley While you look for that one, can I just admit that the Livid Lobster one cracked me up?

Brian Brushwood Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte This is Cali Lewis’ crew and John [indiscernible] (76:36) wrote this crazy. Go ahead

Becky Worley It was this outrageous press release, congratulations, we’re so excited. This Leo Laporte’s TWIT Network and this venture capital firm and this fund.

Leo Laporte A number of people believe this. I want to tell you.

Becky Worley Funding partnership have a 67% stake in Livid Lobster acquired for the cost of $47 million. Now, I, the fish hook was so deep at this point.

Leo Laporte You believed it

Brian Brushwood You believed it

Becky Worley For 10 – for like 10 seconds I went, ah. And I thought, oh my God, there really is a tech bubble they’re buying media. These fools are buying Techmedia, I mean…

Leo Laporte Well, I’m glad you thought it was foolish.

Brian Brushwood Did you see that – by the way that this guy turned the Gmail Motion thing.

Leo Laporte Into a real thing.

Brian Brushwood Into a real thing using a Microsoft Connect?

Leo Laporte I was going to say, Connect would be the way to do it. Yeah.

Denise Howell I was going to say, yeah Connect, its big time.

Leo Laporte So this is Translate for Animals?

Brian Brushwood Channel – chat room is saying that they think this was from 2010 or 2009.

Leo Laporte It says Copyright 2011 Google?

Brian Brushwood Yes, I don’t know. Maybe it’s an old idea.

Leo Laporte They did the toilet dance?

Video Presentation (78:01)

Leo Laporte This is pretty obviously a joke.

Brian Brushwood Of course, they’re saying several years ago in the chat room, but I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Alright – alright, so we won’t repeat it if it’s several years ago. You did see the new ThinkGeek ones. A few years ago they did the Tauntaun sleeping bag.

Brian Brushwood Yeah which became a real product.

Leo Laporte And it became a real product. Which I think is pretty gross. Cause what’s the story?

Denise Howell I had to keep myself from buying that.

Brian Brushwood Oh, are you kidding me? I would still get one of those to put my daughter in there.

Leo Laporte So, it was what? It was in Empire Strikes Back?

Brian Brushwood Empire Strikes Back in order to survive against the harsh winters of Hoth, Han Solo splits open a Tauntaun sticks Luke in there.

Leo Laporte So disgusting, and so you buy this sleeping bag with like – plush entrails.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte And you get in the sleeping bag with the entrails of the Tauntaun and it’s real, they made it.

Brian Brushwood And what’s funny is like somebody – apparently that’s the business model is, see what Thinkgeek comes up with for an April fool’s joke and then decide to make because that’s what happened with the iCade we saw at CES. The guy saw it as a joke and – people will so buy that.

Leo Laporte That’s right. If somebody doesn’t make the Apple Store Playmobil Set, they’re really missing the boat here.

Brian Brushwood Oh, you know a joke once there, if you pan down, there’s a set of 3D glasses that do away with the 3D. And let me tell you, my daughter is seven years old, she will not wear 3D glasses, cause she hates stuff flying out in her face. And so, I’m seriously – it meant as a joke, I’m totally going to buy some.

Leo Laporte I love this. So, here is the keynote theater in your Apple Playmobil Apple Store, there’s Steve Jobs Playmobil with the turtle neck and the jeans and your iPhone slots right in there and you can download – prepared keynote speeches from Playmobile, and if they don’t make this – there’s Steve Wozniak, on a Segway, lining up, first in line..

Brian Brushwood Where’s Leo with a live stream?

Leo Laporte I’m surprised Robert, that should be – is that you? Maybe that’s Scoble there. Cause there should be a Scoble in line there.

Becky Worley So great, look for the rat-face t-shirt.

Leo Laporte This is just perfect. I love – I have to say I loved the angry birds pork rhymes.

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Robert Scoble Hey this is not flip board T-shirt why don’t you try them out?

Leo Laporte I just – I think stink thinky has the best. But the reason I brought that up, is always a little scary when you’re doing this show shortly after April fool’s, you might be sucked in, and nothing more humiliating right to go on the air. But you’re going GMA.

Becky Worley Well– try to fad check something like this on a day-by-day basis.

Robert Scoble [indiscernible] (80:05) was that I didn’t know the all new story was real right…

Leo Laporte Right

Robert Scoble …supposedly somebody got fired at Facebook for insider trading, I still don’t know

Leo Laporte Was that real? I think that was real.

Robert Scoble That night?

Leo Laporte Well so tell me, this is – we’ll play a little game. Real or not. Okay this just cross the wire, so it might be real.

Becky Worley Okay.

Leo Laporte Amazon has come up with a new android phone.

Brian Brushwood What?

Leo Laporte It’s called the Blaze, dual gigahertz 1.2 gigahertz core, Qualcomm MSM8660 4.3 inch display, front facing camera, near field communications but get this. That’s a solar cell on the back.

Brian Brushwood Get out of town

Becky Worley No way.

Leo Laporte April fools. You think April fools. She’s going to make a call comes with Gingerbread. HSPA plus which means it’s probably TMobile. The Amazon Blaze UI I don’t know that one.

Brian Brushwood Chat room is split. I’m seeing fake and real almost

Leo Laporte It came out on April 3, so they miss the boat.

Robert Scoble Fake because, solar cells would never work on a

Leo Laporte It wouldn’t give enough battery life.

Brian Brushwood But it doesn’t matter though. It’s one of those things – you don’t put a solar cell because you want effective charging, you put because…

Leo Laporte Just a little bit more.

Brian Brushwood Because you want to have a green reputation, you want to make money of.

Robert Scoble That’s like Jason Calacanis, oh the next iPhone is going to have a solar cell, give me a break.

Brian Brushwood No, no, no, she really did, she got up and left.

Leo Laporte But what if.

Brian Brushwood That was like, that’s why she went

Becky Worley Sounds good to me.

Leo Laporte That’s true, that’s

Denise Howell Nice timing with their music announcements.

Leo Laporte Yeah, this is from Android community which is at Android Lawn,

Brian Brushwood I’ve got $5 it says it real. You want to play?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood You’re on.

Leo Laporte But I’m not going to be against you.

Brian Brushwood Oh, you’re going to be on my side?

Leo Laporte I think it is real.

Brian Brushwood Scoble, you got five?

Robert Scoble I don’t think that prototype is real. I bet there’s going to be an Amazon phone or some device like

Leo Laporte We’re also hearing that that ..

Robert Scoble It just don’t make sense because of the strength that they’ve had with the kindle, why not get into this game and try to build a brand around mobile phones.

Brian Brushwood The reason I think is real – either it’s a hoax not affiliated with Amazon, who published this story?

Leo Laporte

Brian Brushwood No, no, no. I mean it just seem weird that they would do it two days after because everybody make sure

Leo Laporte It’s April fool.

Brian Brushwood Everybody make sure to wrap their presents very deliberately for April first and to miss it by two days, at least I would be pretty stupid.

Denise Howell Hey, is this just sort of a strange straight rumor? Not an April’s fool joke.

Leo Laporte Maybe that’s what it is.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, maybe. Could be a bogus. Yeah we see that same kind of hoax before the iPhone release which we should talk about. As you guys already talked about that last week, do you think that.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute. Okay wait a minute. had this on April fools.

Brian Brushwood April’s first. Oh I lost $5.

Leo Laporte I think you’re going to lose your five bucks.

Brian Brushwood Better call it back.

Robert Scoble I just thought that solar cell gives it away because solar cell does absolutely nothing on an other mobile phone.

Leo Laporte It’s not enough. It’s not enough juice.

Robert Scoble No, it does nothing and it would increase the cost by $30 or $40.

Leo Laporte Why did you transform my phone?

Robert Scoble So just use some of your thinking of how to design a mobile device that would be hot in the market place.

Becky Worley I just called my Amazon contact, they’re like what? And he’s

Leo Laporte Not so.

Brian Brushwood Chat room had it at the exact time, it was a tie between you and the chat room.

Becky Worley They said I’m doing the double check because maybe I’ve been in another planet but they said we never heard anything about it.

Leo Laporte Oh and in fact when they published it, at androidpolice they had the name was Rekindle. Now I do think that Amazon’s going to do a Kindle android tablet, I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen.

Robert Scoble By the way, one of my April fool’s jokes I think three years ago, it was before the Kindle came out and if you go back and read it, it was announcing the Kindle because I’ve already seen it at that point.

Leo Laporte So, it wasn’t a joke

Robert Scoble I didn’t call it an Amazon, I called it an Apple thing. But.

Brian Brushwood This is great, because you know what’s funny,

Robert Scoble I got in trouble by the way, I’ve never been invited to an Amazon press release since the..

Leo Laporte Oh really.

Robert Scoble Oh yeah, they we’re not happy with me even though I did as an Aprils fool joke, even though I didn’t name Amazon in there they were not very happy.

Leo Laporte We should do a trade, I’ll go to the Amazon events, you go to the Apple events for me.

Robert Scoble That sounds good.

Becky Worley You need some of a co-op for the things you’ve been banned from. I can’t believe I didn’t get banned for the Steve Jobs live streaming thing.

Leo Laporte I’m kind of shocked you didn’t either.

Robert Scoble What did you last stream?

Leo Laporte So Becky was at the I – what was it the iPhone.

Becky Worley Air Book.

Leo Laporte Macbook Air announcement and she was in the demo room and that we were using FaceTime to talk to her and it was the best grab we’ve ever done on TWiT and she – Steve Jobs came up to her, we were live and she says Steve, Steve and she interviews him on FaceTime.

Becky Worley Two questions, two or three. It was very short. I was shocked that I didn’t – I mean I was holding the phone up like this

Robert Scoble Katie Cotton didn’t swat you. Because I tried to interview him right after the

Leo Laporte She usually swats me, yeah. But this is Becky Worley from ABCs Good morning America. I think it’s a little different.

Becky Worley I think I just looked like a Bimbo, so they just weren’t threatened.

Leo Laporte Well I think Denise is right, it was FaceTime.

Becky Worley Well I was using his own products, so it’s sort of like you can’t really bite my hand.

Robert Scoble I tried to pull my Motorola Xoom out to compare to the iPad 2, they say oh, oh ,oh. You could do that when you buy one, so you know.

Becky Worley You’ve got to be on best behavior in the magic room

Leo Laporte Ooh, the magic

Brian Brushwood This was a great segment because it started with you guys complaining about April Fools and then me trying to defend it, but then I got [indiscernible] (85:25) and then now, now I feel bad. So it’s like maybe, maybe there’s a problem when you’re in news reporting live.

Leo Laporte It’s like the game of Thrones.

Becky Worley So, going back, we we’re, before the show we are watching that Charlie Sheen video on ABCs Good morning America this – today about his live show and I had pitched yesterday to do the story about this sequel injection that Lies a Moon virus, and they said now we got a lot of stories we got to do. And so we didn’t end up talking about [indiscernible] (85:51) and all, but I thought that was, there were people asking is that an April fool.

Leo Laporte And that’s one of the biggest story of the week. In fact I was bit by it on the radio show, because people are calling up over and over again. So just to give you that story, it’s a bug in MySQL which is a database used by pretty much everything, everywhere on the internet, it is a SQL injection bug that allows a bad guy to take over the database that a website is delivering, injects some java script into the page that you get from that website.

Becky Worley Put a link in your line up of websense, did a whole video of what happened and if you fast forward..

Leo Laporte Oh, I’d love to see that.

Becky Worley Yes, really interesting, all of the scare ware that is then downloads on to your computer.

Leo Laporte Well the interesting thing that’s you know websense is watching the growth of this when they first announced it on Tuesday, I think it was 24,000 sites had been impacted, by Thursday it was 640,000 sites. And I just did search on Google for that, Apples’ for that the java scripts string and I got several million sites. So it’s growing exponentially.

Brian Brushwood Well and we’ll see if it grows beyond that but keep it in mind to put it in prospective when we get tens of billions of web pages out there. So we’re looking at 0.01% at this point.

Leo Laporte Right, but what it does I – I’m knock on wood because I – we run MySQL on everyone of my sites, just see this is part of the LAMP stack, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP that’s what LAMP stands for and now there are alternatives like PostgreSQL but most people use MySQL so I’m going to go down here and I’m seeing there’s a video all right here we go.

Becky Worley Then just fast forward but it just puts up some really compelling scareware that looks they call it windows stability center as opposed to security centre and it has you install a – and then reboot the computer and then what it does is as you are compromised, you need to buy something new and then you end up it has a perfect [indiscernible] (87:52).

Leo Laporte I like it that they’re showing this on Windows XP. It’s got to sense something doesn’t it.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Using internet explorer too I might add but the truth is it – the hack sites are initially websites not your home computer but if you go visit websites some of which are completely normal websites you’ve visit many time before but once they are hacked they start effecting and impacting your system. And I – we heard from a lot of people on the show today who had exactly this warning you’ve got a bug, they install the bad stuff and they are stuck forever, I mean they just – they’re just in a bad shape.

Robert Scoble I just talked to Brian Acker who was one of the main developers of MySQL.

Leo Laporte He wrote MySQL.

Robert Scoble And – and I he was talking to me about the new drizzle database which is a fork of MySQL and he said they did all sorts of re-engineering to make that really small and lighting get rid of a lot of [indiscernible] (88:46).

Leo Laporte Of course remember Oracle bought MySQL and there – a lot of people like Brian are a little unhappy with that and drizzle was kind of a response to this but actually.

Robert Scoble No, drizzle started before they got bought I might – he put it this way he said that a lot of the corporate customers who are using MySQL like SAP force them because they were paying millions of dollars to put in feature that the internet, you know me and you don’t need and also that there was just a bunch of stuff that they [indiscernible] (89:16) and debug.

Leo Laporte So there – there it will, just pass it right here on this video this is the warning that you get on your PC put Microsoft Security Essentials alert. Is that the warning or is that the actual.. is that really see this is – I’m even confuse you know that’s.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s not Microsoft Security Essentials that is the pop up that you get. The potential threat details, unknown Trojan and you have three buttons clean computer, apply actions or close, of course you’re not going to close it you’re going to say well, gee I better clean the computer and/or apply actions I don’t know what that.

Becky Worley And then…

Brian Brushwood Either way they all – all the three take you there.

Becky Worley You restart, you restart again and then what it does is it takes you to a page that does a scan, a complete scan on your system, it shows you where you’re uncompromised and Leo got a 410 in the video and you’ll see it has a perfect set up for inputting all of your credit card information.

Leo Laporte That’s nice. So that you can buy this fix of course.

Brian Brushwood Wow, that does look good.

Becky Worley And it goes [indiscernible]. (1:30:16)

Leo Laporte Windows Stability Center.

Becky Worley Yeah. Windows Stability Center.

Leo Laporte That’s it, purchase license for – this is – this is Microsoft, I’m buying this from Microsoft.

Becky Worley Of course.

Leo Laporte It said it would secure.

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte There was a Visa logo right on there. How could they have that if it’s not real?

Becky Worley Especially the special discount offer.

Leo Laporte Verify. Yeah.

Becky Worley Makes it really compelling [indiscernible] on sale (90:35).

Denise Howell So I have a couple of questions. Leo, would you ever see this on a Mac?

Leo Laporte No.

Denise Howell No.

Leo Laporte Not now anyway but there’s no reason they couldn’t write this on a Mac.

Becky Worley But we’ve been saying that for 12 years [indiscernible] (90:50).

Leo Laporte Yeah, why should they attack the Mac?

Becky Worley Because the market share is higher and the...

Brian Brushwood Still not high enough.

Becky Worley But the income level of the…

Leo Laporte It’s so easy to do this on Windows.

Becky Worley But the income level of the target is so much higher, why wouldn’t you?

Leo Laporte Well I – all I could say is we know that these exploits are possible because Safari was hacked in 5 seconds at Pwn2Own about three weeks ago.

Denise Howell Yeah.

Leo Laporte We know that there are plenty of vulnerabilities in the Macintosh. Now there is one thing on the Mac that is a little different. I think you would be asked for your administrative password before any of this could have happen, that’s one extra layer but I don’t think that – I think that lot of people would just say, yeah, fine, here is my password, do install this.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, that’s something that always drives me nuts and not that I’m saying you’re doing right now but everyone says; oh there’s no viruses on the Mac and it’s like that’s because you’re not a big enough target.

Leo Laporte I think that’s it, I really do think there are plenty of vulnerabilities so...

Becky Worley Is it possible that it’s just had a weird respect?

Brian Brushwood No, no it’s not.

Becky Worley Is it possible?

Leo Laporte Oh yeah.

Brian Brushwood Not when there’s money on the line.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah.

Brian Brushwood It’s absolutely not possible that out of respect.

Becky Worley I know but then why – but the money is there.

Brian Brushwood Don’t…

Leo Laporte Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, think about it. There is hundreds of millions of windows computers out there and you’re going to have by the way very high percentage of success because most of these users are novice and EFI users who are going to go for this.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte They are also terrified about security already.

Becky Worley Fair enough.

Brian Brushwood Plus also the big money is in getting a zombie botnet so that you could run [indiscernible] (92:08) spam.

Leo Laporte Actually in this case – in this case they’re not doing that. What they’re doing is getting your credit card.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Becky Worley I have been waiting for this…

Leo Laporte They’re charging you $50 and there are some cases where you pay a yearly fee.

Brian Brushwood Wow!

Leo Laporte They have you; you never know that you were hacked.

Becky Worley Yeah that’s called Norton AntiVirus.

Brian Brushwood Oh man. Wow.

Leo Laporte You know what – I worry less…

Becky Worley I won’t take that bag because that mafia is coming after me. I am – I’m going to change my address.

Leo Laporte I worry – I actually worry less about – somebody made a good point in the chat room, less about Macintosh OS X more about iOS, I think that the real – now this is a majority platform, the iPhone. This is going to be a very juicy target soon.

Becky Worley Okay, but we’ve been talking about that over and over again and everybody’s trying to sell you a mobile security suite…

Leo Laporte True. True.

Becky Worley …and I’m sorry, where is it, I’m not recommending it until I see a mass attack.

Leo Laporte Well – look if you’re a hacker – hey Brian give me that $5 that you…

Brian Brushwood Yeah, all right, all right. That you won from me?

Leo Laporte I would like to give you $5 to come on this show, we’ll change your voice and face, you don’t even have to – you can Skype from a secure location and tell us why don’t you write attacks for Macs, what's the story? I want to know that.

Becky Worley Let’s get back [ph] iOS (93:16) the power of a 1,000 hackers.

Robert Scoble I’ve talked to a few of them, Leo, and they say that architecture is dramatically different, it’s a…

Leo Laporte Well they don’t know it. I think that’s probably the case that they don’t know it.

Robert Scoble That is harder to get into, right. They don’t have Macs, but all the – Microsoft used to invite hackers up to Microsoft every year when I worked there and have conferences with them and they only use Macs. So may be there is a little bit of...

Leo Laporte You mean the bad guys all use Macs?

Robert Scoble A lot of them did.

Leo Laporte That’s interesting. They feel safer with Macs.

Robert Scoble A lot of them have Linux as well but if – you would walk around the room you would see a lot of Macs and a lot of Linux machines not really many Windows machines.

Brian Brushwood Well, we’re talking about Macs, I guess at WWDC they announced?

Leo Laporte Yep.

Brian Brushwood And what’s the predictions? What are we thinking we’ll see?

Becky Worley No, no iPhone for you.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking.

Leo Laporte That’s fascinating. Isn’t it? Why do you – that’s the general rumor, we agree that’s the case?

Brian Brushwood I would if it weren’t for the Verizon iPhone coming out just a couple of months ago.

Becky Worley It’s difference.

Brian Brushwood Yeah. And plus also it’s like they have doubled down every single year for four years now, I – it’s time for them to do some profit taking.

Leo Laporte I’d said this on MacBreak Weekly, it’s time for Apple to declare victory.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, well just [ph] to pull up (84:21) Microsoft and sit on their fat laurels and be all I guess right, number one right here.

Leo Laporte Yeah, well they don’t need to release another one. They’re selling just fine, thank you.

Brian Brushwood And they probably will have exciting announcements form the software side and I can see that in the fall shortly before Christmas, I could see a dual-core processor, iPhone 5 coming out.

Leo Laporte September.

Becky Worley What about…

Brian Brushwood You think so that early?

Leo Laporte Well...

Brian Brushwood I think you announced in September, yeah.

Leo Laporte They’re saying September?

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I think [indiscernible] (94:47) get in the Christmas

Robert Scoble [indiscernible] (94:47) October.

Leo Laporte Yeah, they only get in the Christmas stores, you need to get it pretty…

Brian Brushwood I’m also hearing iOS 5 will have really tight integration with Twitter which I’m hearing.

Leo Laporte Oh great, finally! I’ve been waiting for that feature.

Brian Brushwood Well I don’t want to jump around stories but did you see that article about how many people are really using Twitter?

Leo Laporte Hold on a second. Let’s talk about how many people are really using Twitter in just a moment. I do want to get a commercial. We are running way late because we started 40 minutes late so people who are watching live, East Meets West will begin momentarily. Tom Merritt is in the house.

Brian Brushwood And they were also doing Frame Rate afterwards, early Frame Rate this week.

Leo Laporte Oh you’re doing Frame Rate.

Brian Brushwood Yeah. Because I got a show on Tuesday.

Becky Worley It is on like Donkey Kong around here. I’m just saying.

Leo Laporte Did you actually say that?

Becky Worley I have the t-shirt. Nintendo sent me the t-shirt, who is it? Yeah, they sent me the t-shirt.

Brian Brushwood Oh like Donkey Kong – my favorite is to offer my donkey congratulations to you.

Leo Laporte He said it, not me. Don’t point the camera at me. He said it.

Becky Worley I’m bringing it back.

Leo Laporte Is that from a movie?

Brian Brushwood It’s something the kids say.

Leo Laporte The kids say that.

Brian Brushwood Yeah the kids say.

Leo Laporte Not my kids.

Brian Brushwood The kids who have never played Donkey Kong.

Leo Laporte My kids have no idea what Donkey Kong is, are you kidding?

Becky Worley You know what I love – you know I love about this I’m the only girl that comes on the show that Leo gives [indiscernible] (96:03) to. I love it, that is a bad [ph] feel (96:04)

Leo Laporte No. It’s true I don’t flirt with you. I flirt with all the other pretty girls.

Becky Worley No you give me a good [ph] ration (96:08) of abuse. I like it.

Leo Laporte Just because I know you can kick my…

Brian Brushwood You can kick his ball out from underneath him.

Becky Worley What ever you say [ph] derrick (96:17), give us your ad, I can’t wait to hear it.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Because I look like that Taylor Hicks guy.

Brian Brushwood Come on Taylor Hicks, rock us with a Carbonite ad.

Leo Laporte I like to tell you about Carbonite. It’s amazing backup strategy for everybody.

Becky Worley There he goes.

Leo Laporte It’s Carbonite, Carbonite, yes it’s Carbonite, backup, backup, I need an Auto-Tune.

Becky Worley That was…

Denise Howell Oh my gosh, can we build that into the new studio.

Leo Laporte Auto-Tune. Oh yeah we can do that, right.

Denise Howell Auto, Auto-Tune.

Leo Laporte We can have Auto-Tune built into this studio. I think so.

Denise Howell Yeah.

Leo Laporte Now you know why the number one Google search when you type is Leo Laporte is, is Leo Laporte gay?

Becky Worley Hot. Hot.

Brian Brushwood Hot.

Leo Laporte We’re trying to change that hot, is Leo Laporte Taylor Hicks. I think that would be good. I’ll take that.

Becky Worley You don’t have to do…

Brian Brushwood Give me 20 minutes.

Becky Worley …Google accuses Microsoft of stealing all their search results so…

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley I think what we got to do is just use both Bing and Google and just search over and over is Leo Laporte hot, is Leo Laporte hot. We’re going to change it.

Robert Scoble Well and if you get the +1 turned on you can click +1 on the links you want to [indiscernible] (97:22)

Becky Worley See.

Brian Brushwood We got to talk about that too that’s right.

Becky Worley Carbonite, Carbonite.

Leo Laporte We got lots more to talk, let’s talk about Carbonite, Carbonite everybody did install it tonight. If you install Carbonite what happens immediately is it starts backing you up to the cloud I think automatic backup is very important, because nobody – let’s face it nobody remembers to do that. It is also safe in the cloud. And you still can’t have a local hard drive back up that’s fine I’m not against that. The problem is if there is a fire, you know something bad happens, a tsunami or whatever, you lose the backup. When you put it in the cloud, it’s offsite, it’s safe. And Carbonite is kind of like Dropbox or Amazon cloud because you can go to your Carbonite account on any computer any time, they even have an iPhone, Android and BlackBerry app there is your data you could download it and use it. So really it’s unlimited cloud storage, forget this $55 a year.

Brian Brushwood Can I tell you what made me a believer?

Leo Laporte What?

Brian Brushwood Because I thought it was so clever because it’s like I got my desktop PC, right? And then I also have the studio upstairs so I back everything up to the studio upstairs and then I also back it up to my laptop and I think I’m so freaking smart and then we go out for two months to Orlando so I pack my studio PC, my desktop PC and my laptop into the car and on the drive out I leave everything in the car.

Leo Laporte Oh shoot.

Brian Brushwood And all of a sudden I realized all my pictures, my kids, baby photos everything I’ve worked on in one physical location and we’re the middle of like Mobile, Alabama, no idea if I – I have had never worried more about my car being stolen.

Leo Laporte Tell me [indiscernible] (98:47).

Brian Brushwood I did not, I did not but it maybe realize…

Leo Laporte You were right in the line.

Brian Brushwood No matter how smart you think you are, no matter how many physical copies you have with you…

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood They can go away, they can go bye-bye. Yeah I’ll go to the cloud.

Leo Laporte Got to go to the cloud.

Becky Worley Remember [ph] Dave Krona, old shooter at …? (99:01)

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley His house burnt and he had everything backed up.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Wow.

Becky Worley All his photos, all his – everything.

Leo Laporte Was it all in the house or he had it offsite?.

Becky Worley All backed up offsite.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Dave didn’t lose anything, that’s the key. Try it free for two weeks Mac or PC, use the offer code, TWIT. And if you decide to buy $55 a year for a 12 month subscription we’ll turn that into a 14 month subscription, absolutely free. That’s 14 months for the price of 12.; offer code, TWiT. You got to back it up to get it back, so do it right with Carbonite, Carbonite. Now if you go to Wolfram Alpha and you type in Leo Laporte and Taylor Hicks, you do get a comparison.

Becky Worley Hey.

Leo Laporte Hey.

Becky Worley If you go to Google…

Denise Howell And I’ve got to point out Leo this Taylor Hicks meme has been a meme in the making since it least 2006.

Leo Laporte What.

Denise Howell Because I Googled, is Leo Laporte Taylor Hicks…

Leo Laporte Yes.

Denise Howell And god it dig result of you in some video says it doesn’t look like Leo enjoys take offs. It’s dated July 22, 2006, and one of the commenter says “That guy kind of looks like Taylor Hicks”.

Becky Worley I knew this.

Brian Brushwood That’s awesome.

Leo Laporte I never even heard of Taylor Hicks till today. This is – my life is changing.

Becky Worley See.

Leo Laporte +1, so this is Google’s attempt to I don’t know to be a – do a Facebook.

Brian Brushwood Yeah

Leo Laporte It’s a like button.

Becky Worley Yeah kind of if you like a result.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Becky Worley If you think it’s the right result.

Leo Laporte Oh but I bet you, I bet you by golly I’ll get it to be able to a +1 button on my website. Don’t you think any time soon?

Becky Worley You can do it for the ad already. You could [indiscernible] (100:38)

Leo Laporte I think that’s just matter of time. And what this gives Google – and Robert you’re kind of a big pusher of his notion of the social graph and – plus search right.

Robert Scoble Yeah. But I don’t know I think they’re setting up something that they’re going to release at the Google I/O conference and…

Leo Laporte We keep waiting for Google Me or whatever; this Facebook killer is it going to be that?

Robert Scoble Well I don’t know, I don’t hold that…

Leo Laporte I don’t think so.

Brian Brushwood No there is no way. There is too many things we go to Facebook for and when we go to Google we don’t go for any of those same things.

Becky Worley And we should explain for those you don’t know about this, it’s only visible to those who follow you through or your contacts through various – and it’s a very arcane, who can see, what you post and…

Leo Laporte If you got to...

Brian Brushwood And that’s the part that freak me out, when I first read this.

Robert Scoble First of all you have to turn on your Google Profiles…

Leo Laporte Right.

Robert Scoble …you have to go to, yeah /, and then hit return and set up a Google profile and then you have to turn on the +1 feature and I forget how to get there to turn it on and then there will be a page. So if you go to my profile you can actually see the page of all the +1 I’ve done, I’ve done a couple hundred already.

Leo Laporte And here is mine right here but see I only +1 my blog in TWiT Live, so...

Denise Howell Yeah that’s the problem isn’t it just another waiting game of Google.

Becky Worley [indiscernible] (101:50) the +1 is Leo Laporte [indiscernible] (101:52).

Leo Laporte That’s an interesting question, yeah.

Robert Scoble And that’s what we’re expecting is by clicking +1 in the results, so here let me show you.

Leo Laporte I can show you, I can show you. I got it, I got it here.

Robert Scoble Actually I don’t have it turned on, on this machine.

Leo Laporte I’ll get so here is your profile Robert Scoble, I actually like Google Profiles. So you can turn on and off these top tabs, you don’t have Picasa tuned on, I turned off Buzz and Picasa Web but we both have +1s turned on and these are all the things you’ve +1ed but what is the value of that?

Brian Brushwood Well that’s what freaked me out when I first started read that on – what’s the point of liking it if I’m the only one who knows because it’s not like anyone subscribes.

Leo Laporte This is typical Google, isn’t it?

Brian Brushwood Yeah well I [indiscernible] (102:32) and then I dropped like oh by the way the people who can see it are anyone who is on your Google chat list and then that was the moment I was – because I keep my chat open so I got a bunch of people following on that I don’t even know, but it’s like it’s like the fact – did all of a sudden hit me, and I was like wow Google knows everything I do in my Gmail and everybody I chat with on...

Leo Laporte You know what you should do is call the FTC, I’m sure they’d like to hear it.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Robert Scoble Here I haven’t +1ed TWiT yet, so if you turn it on and somebody put the URL to turn it on.

Becky Worley The easiest way is just go

Robert Scoble Yeah. And you click it and it shows a +1 and then it’ll show up on my profile. Now what I’m expecting this to help is Google search results will notice that I’ve clicked +1 and some pages actually have a bunch of people of who have clicked +1, so if everybody in the audience goes in and clicks +1 on TWiT, you’ll probably [indiscernible] (103:28)

Brian Brushwood But what does that do? Does it affect the search results? Does it –?

Robert Scoble It’s – first of all it shows you 15 of your friends or 15 people have clicked +1 on this search result. So visually you’ll see, oh a lot of people like this single result and I’m expecting that that it will help the result, it will help that single result move up the list and turn more places.

Brian Brushwood I mean you might be looking at customized searches down the road, but the reason that, the like exist right now, is because it gives you access to the deep user involvement for everybody on Facebook. A Facebook like is way more powerful than a tweet or even a search result…

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood …because, when you – because it sticky and it sticks around for a long time. You could like something and a week later, your mom could finally get around the checking it out.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood There’s no user involvement like that with the Google results. I want to go…

Leo Laporte Well Google – I think, Google I think Google ultimately wants to mine this information and use it somehow in a social search result. So when you search for a page, it’ll say, well here’s what our results are, here’s what your friends liked. But that it’s not going to – there’s not going to be a – that’s not going to be useful as there’s a mountain of data.

Robert Scoble Yeah. After everybody adds +1s to a bunch of things…

Leo Laporte Right.

Robert Scoble …like restaurants and stuff, think about being able to go to [ph] Goo (104:37), and say show me all the sushi restaurants my friends have liked? That would be interesting.

Brian Brushwood Here’s what I think will happen.

Leo Laporte Bing is already doing this effectively with Facebook. If you do a Bing search you get, here’s what your friends said or liked or thought.

Brian Brushwood What I think will happen is this – it will be data mining this information, they’ll pay attention to who your friends are and what they +1 and I could see a time in the future where every time you do a search, just as on Gmail you have the – was it the important email – emails up at the top in their own little section. I could see important results like…

Leo Laporte Priority results.

Brian Brushwood Exactly. Priority search results specific to you.

Becky Worley They’re not doing that yet in terms of – well I see this as hugely positive to the overall algorithm because if you have this kind of human oversight, maybe you’re crowdsourcing it but nonetheless, you’re getting eyeballs on your results.

Leo Laporte Matt Cutts admitted that, yeah, you got to have a human – we’re doing some human stuff, everything – and even an algorithm is a human imposing something – some curation on a search result. But what’s happening is Google’s getting left behind a little bit because social search is going to be the future of search and Google needs that.

Becky Worley So functionally, I think that not enough people in the mainstream can subscribe to Google properties in this way or have any social interactions with Google, so we’re actually a bad test case because many of us do – are aware of Buzz, have tried it out. And this goes – actually the point we are making earlier which is Apple is a hardware company, Google is an information company, and you know what? Facebook is a social company.

Brian Brushwood Exactly.

Becky Worley Twitter is a social company. You’re just – you’re putting your peanut butter on my chocolate here people.

Brian Brushwood Well, no and actually that’s a bad metaphor because peanut butter and chocolate are awesome, whereas I don’t know how good social media and Google are together.

Leo Laporte I – well, I don’t know if Google can do it but it is valuable.

Robert Scoble And in fact Leo, already it says underneath TWiT. You and two other people +1, so.

Leo Laporte Interesting.

Robert Scoble And on TWiT, you and one other person +1 there, so already those results are showing up as having some weight to them that didn’t exist before.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, and I’m not going to say that this is going to be a disaster. I’m not saying it’s going to be a Google Buzz, but you’re working against your brand and that never works well. When – very few cases, do you get a case where Apple becomes a phone company and it works.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Brian Brushwood And it takes a lot of elegance, a lot of precision and a specific vision to get there and I don’t know that Google has it work against their brand. Google is a search company and I don’t go there to find out what movies Becky likes.

Becky Worley And they don’t have the leverage in social yet to roll this stuff out.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Becky Worley I mean it’s experimental, fair enough, but they need to leverage in terms of critical mass of people who are using it for that reason.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Becky Worley And are connecting that way.

Denise Howell I like getting concept because it works for me the same way that Twitter works. You only see who you follow, so it’s hard to get spammed in Twitter.

Leo Laporte Right.

Denise Howell So if someone is out there trying to plug in +1; that’s not going to do any good if they don’t have people following them.

Brian Brushwood And number of people on the chat room just +1ed Bing.

Leo Laporte There you go. +1 Bing. You’re good at that Twitter bombing, the chat room bombing, Google bombing.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Alright, here’s one that will make you a little nauseous. This is the new Apple iPad commercial, have you seen this yet.

[Video Presentation]

Leo Laporte We got all that of course. Yeah.

Becky Worley Can they turn to make me buy it?

Leo Laporte They’re all good things.

[Video Presentation]

Brian Brushwood I know, you may be disgusted but that is exactly the kind of ad they should be putting out now. That is a victory lap; that is a self-coronation, that is like, yes this is it, we won the game and why don’t you buy one now because it’s over.

Leo Laporte No, you don’t really need to say much about the features.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte This is magical’s revolutionary.

Becky Worley And nobody can get their hands on one, so.

Leo Laporte It’s sexy.

Becky Worley Screw you, Android.

Brian Brushwood Yeah right.

Becky Worley [ph] Zumis (108:31)

Brian Brushwood But that was [indiscernible] (108:32) all of that is – that is all – did you just make a hand gesture? All of that is conveyed – you know, I don’t but I could not – I’m sorry.

Leo Laporte What did she do?

Brian Brushwood You don’t want to know, it’ fine. She made a magical hand gesture.

Denise Howell We all know what she did.

Brian Brushwood This – it conveyed all that sentiment without ever saying that it allowed them to take the high road and or appear to take the high road but also just gave a nasty Sucker Punch to Android.

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s what – that’s what Apple has always done.

Brian Brushwood Yes.

Leo Laporte We think for those who think different, for those who are smarter, better, cleaner, faster, more magical than others, we’ve got a device and if you want to be one of us, make sure if you use it.

Denise Howell You’re making me feel like such a fan girl, I mean, that ad just pulled on my heart’s rate – it worked on me, yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it worked.

Becky Worley Needham and Company issued a new note to Investors Tuesday, increasing projected iPad 2 sales for 2011 by $10 million, actually this is all iPad sales to a total of $30 million.

Robert Scoble Too low.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte I’m saying $40 million, $45 million.

Brian Brushwood Just for the iPad 2?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Wow.

Robert Scoble Yeah. I was in the Verizon day-before-yesterday and they’re sold out but they have thunderbirds there, thunder –

Leo Laporte [ph] Thunder hubs (109:42).

Brian Brushwood By the way.

Leo Laporte [ph] Thunder wraps (109:44)

Becky Worley They came out March 29, they started selling in RadioShacks. I called around the country…

Leo Laporte Nobody has it.

Becky Worley [indiscernible] (109:50) in the morning, they got couple.

Brian Brushwood I have that bad light leak problem I mean, I’m going to get a fix because I know that…

Leo Laporte Oh really, you have it because I’d like to see this.

Brian Brushwood I left to back at home. To be honest, that’s the reason I justified buying an iPad 2 after owning the iPad 1 is the iPad 2, I told my wife, it was like I’m going to leave this at home, I’ll use it when I’m home, when I’m gone, this is the kids magic window to see daddy on the road. And I know, you’re down on Facebook but man is it amazing.

Leo Laporte I’m not because you have to use it. I mean, I’m on it.

Brian Brushwood My three year old, I cannot understand a word she’s saying over the phone, it’s all high pitch…

Becky Worley Oh, yeah, yeah.

Brian Brushwood But when she’s actually dancing and I’m talking about like [indiscernible] (110:26), but she’s flapping her arm and I realize she’s saying I’m a little bird.

Leo Laporte You need to see her.

Brian Brushwood It changes the way you communicate with your kids.

Leo Laporte So, you’re using FaceTime?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, well actually – usually Skype but now that I jailbroke.

Leo Laporte So you’re not actually saying Facebook, you’re saying FaceTime.

Becky Worley FaceTime

Brian Brushwood Did I say Facebook?

Leo Laporte I was really confused but I got it now.

Brian Brushwood Sorry. No, I was a million different places from here…

Becky Worley As a parent, it’s a – I mean, the Skype thing is unbelievable. And also being able to use it over 3G.

Leo Laporte So, Skype, I agree. FaceTime, I’m a little bit – I’m starting to come around on this

Brian Brushwood Well, I jailbroke my iPhone just so I could do FaceTime over 3G. And that looks fine, it looks as good as Skype.

Leo Laporte I wish they would allow that.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, It’s ridiculous that they don’t.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Or, it should be some kind of big fat warning like, warning you’re going to get some part of performance or something where they’d just claim…

Leo Laporte So, how big is Twitter really?

Brian Brushwood This was shocking to me, and this fundamentally changed my strategy.

Leo Laporte Really.

Becky Worley I haven’t heard the story. So brief me.

Leo Laporte So this is a Silicon Alley Insider, their chart of the day and which you can follow on Twitter.

Becky Worley Link page du jour.

Leo Laporte Link page du jour. Twitter claims, what do they claim 150 million, no I’m sorry, Twitter claims…

Brian Brushwood 179 million. Now you have not read this Becky – are you looking at the article right? Don’t look at it. I’ve got a quiz for you. What they did was they broke down, how many Twitter claims 179 millions accounts. Now we know for sure, like I have Schwood but I’ll say, I misspelled Schwood. Don’t follow that one. Yeah, and all it does is, says, hey are you looking for Schwood as Shwood. This is how you spell this is where you go. And we know that there’s accounts like Schwood’s hair, Becky’s legs, Tom Merritt’s beard, Leo’s [indiscernible] (111:56)

Leo Laporte Leo’s balls.

Becky Worley Nice.

Brian Brushwood No, they really are – they really are yeah, the exercise balls. Yeah, and so, but the question is, like how many of these are real legitimate accounts, so they ask how many of those 179 millions million accounts, do you think have or following at least one person.

Becky Worley Are following?

Brian Brushwood Are following, out of 179 million.

Becky Worley That’s a pretty low level.

Brian Brushwood Following one person yeah.

Becky Worley One metric, you signed up you follow one person. I’d say 150 million.

Brian Brushwood 119 million.

Leo Laporte Okay. 80 million [ph] thrown out (112:30).

Brian Brushwood Okay, and then how many do you think are being followed by even one person?

Becky Worley I would put that considerably lower, maybe 80 million.

Brian Brushwood 85 million.

Leo Laporte A lot of people joined in and nobody follows them.

Brian Brushwood Okay. I think it’s reasonable to say that most average users of Twitter follow at least 50 people would you say? Would you say is a reasonable number?

Becky Worley Yeah.

Brian Brushwood How many do you think follow at least 50 people?

Becky Worley Half.

Brian Brushwood Like 17 million.

Leo Laporte 10%

Becky Worley Wow.

Brian Brushwood 17 million used Twitter the way we.

Becky Worley I think it’s a good point, I heard at one point that the attrition rate was 70%. Sign up, watch it for a couple of days, overwhelm [indiscernible] (113:07).

Leo Laporte Say, almost any normal person. If there’s a lot of incentive, it’s – that’s, that’s their reaction.

Brian Brushwood There are only 12 million Twitter users following at least 64 people. That’s amazing to be. And it – I mean, like I have been…

Becky Worley And it never came back the second time to follow new people.

Brian Brushwood Or yeah, they don’t use it right or it’s like – and part of the problem is –

Robert Scoble Most people – my dad just got on it 2 weeks ago. He has no clue what to do with it.

Leo Laporte If he says [indiscernible] (113:32) he’ll maybe get a book deal and a TV show. There’s an opportunity there.

Becky Worley Yeah, I mean.

Robert Scoble I have to show him how to find new people to follow. If you’re not insider, you follow maybe your celebrity friends and other than that, who else would you follow?

Leo Laporte I had a little thought, if you thought about Twitter the other day because there’s a new service called Hashable that is an interesting service. The idea is you hash, you put a hash tag in there. For instance, I going to sit down and do a show with you guys, I should say, hash me or hash show with, and then you’re Twitter handles. Then hashables like keeping track that if you want to exchange contact information. I can put a hash tag in there with your Twitter handle and it will – data base all of that. So, what’s it’s doing is it’s using Twitter as a signaling mechanism that really isn’t about being human-readable, it’s about machine-readable. And I realize a lot of the value of Twitter isn’t in human-readables stuff. In fact, if you go to Twitter these days, a lot of times you go I don’t know what I’m reading. About three quarters of it is just kind of hash.

Brian Brushwood rt@something# whatever…

Leo Laporte Well no, I understand a lot of the acronyms and stuff, but I just think that people are less and less communicating information – pros, more and more communicating kind of machine information. And I wonder if that is really the future of Twitter, is as kind of a signaling mechanism that might have data, machine-readable data as well as human-readable data.

Brian Brushwood You know what it is? I think Twitter has a chance to eventually become the code that they show on The Matrix.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Exactly.

Brian Brushwood Where you could get into The Matrix, you could experience it as people and programs and stuff, or you can sit there and just look at the green raw code floating in front of your face and I think that’s what Twitter is.

Leo Laporte This was my original idea, we call – I call it the [ph] River – the (115:20), I wanted to create an XMPP stream because XMPP allows you to have human-readable text but also buried underneath it in metatext all sorts of additional information like GeoTagging, like this is a link, this is opinion, this is a reference to somebody else. Lots of metadata, you can have all of that going in the stream and I think Twitter would be more usable if they didn’t focus on human [ph] read (1:55:44).

Brian Brushwood Well…

Leo Laporte Well – and one of the reasons I say that is I – I’m going to get, I’ve got the Withings scale, it sense my weight, I’m going to get the Withings blood pressure, that’s going to send my tweet, my blood pressure. I can only imagine in a year or two a Withings thing that tweets my entire – all my biometrics.

Brian Brushwood It aggregates all your individual – yeah.

Leo Laporte It aggregates that, that’s not very usable for human read that…

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte …but imagine what that could be – how that could be used in other ways. I’m seeing more and more stuff like that.

Brian Brushwood So one of the things that struck me is for somebody who wants to build his brand and get well-known as a performer and an entertainer, I have been relying very heavily on Twitter but what is said in the article is Facebook has – a very specific answer to the question...

Leo Laporte Much better.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Brian Brushwood …600 million people visit Facebook each month. Those are people who log in and use it. Whereas Twitter says, well, we got 179 million accounts. If you want to compare deep – we’ll call 50 people deep involvement, we’re looking at 15 million people versus 600 million people.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Brian Brushwood I mean that – I think you’re going to see a lot of people in the next few months dramatically move their efforts towards Facebook.

Becky Worley I feel a huge sea change. I know it’s sort of late to the game but I’m the bell curve monitor. And I feel like Facebook has just cleaved the bell curve and just taken it over in the last month. I think it’s everybody aware that there’s an IPO coming, I think that it’s just a critical mass, it’s so there. And those of us who are very tech-savvy and very Twitter-focused are realizing now, oh, you want to talk to the masses.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Robert Scoble Yeah. The problem is with Facebook, you can’t do what I’m showing you on my screen. You can’t mix 30,000 people together into one stream that keeps coming in at you. And you can’t do something like Flipboard as that easily.

Leo Laporte Yeah, but how – yeah, Flipboard is very good, but how usable is what you’re seeing right now on your screen there Robert. I mean it’s just kind of a…

Brian Brushwood Well, when you’re talking about breaking news.

Robert Scoble For me it’s important to following the news.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Robert Scoble I mean I’m listening to it, I’m watching it, I’m watching the chat room, it is [indiscernible] (1:57:36)

Leo Laporte But I do think…

Becky Worley We are curators.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley For the average human that’s just overwhelming in a barrier to entry.

Leo Laporte But I think really ultimately that’s going to end up being machine readable. I do agree. I think it’s the nervous system of the Internet. I think that this is a signaling mechanism but ultimately humans are not going to be able to keep up with it.

Becky Worley It will influence the influencers.

Brian Brushwood [indiscernible] (1:57:52) I mean you’ll still – yeah, most people will still be able to use it the way we do now but it’ll discover its true value. I agree I can see that with machine…

Leo Laporte Machines need to help us.

Robert Scoble Yeah. [indiscernible] (1:58:04) said these are random people, now these were people [indiscernible] (1:58:07)

Denise Howell Did anyone on the show besides me have to double check and make sure [indiscernible] (1:58:07)

Leo Laporte Hold on, hold on, you can’t both talk at once. Go ahead Denise.

Denise Howell Sorry, sorry. Did anyone have to double check and make sure that it wasn’t Robert that was one of the two people following more than 524,000 people?

Leo Laporte How many are you following Robert?

Robert Scoble 31,000 [indiscernible] (1:58:22)

Leo Laporte Oh, good, you’re not one of them.

Becky Worley You must have time to organize your list because I just can’t – I can’t.

Robert Scoble I’ve 25 lists and there’re almost all full.

Leo Laporte Lists are very useful.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Robert Scoble But they only let me add 500 people to one list. That’s really how I follow people that I really want to follow; I look at the list because that’s 500 people. That’s more of a normal behavior.

Leo Laporte Alright. We got to run because we’ve been really going – got long…

Robert Scoble We didn’t even talk about Windows 8 man.

Leo Laporte I know there’s so much to talk about.

Becky Worley Windows 8 is great, awesome show, thanks guys.

Leo Laporte Okay, it’s great, revolutionary, magical, everybody should buy it, someday. I agree with you, I think Facebook is about to – it’s in an inflection point.

Brian Brushwood It’s [indiscernible] (1:59:03) at this point in the public’s mind and I don’t think there’s – it would be extraordinary difficult for them to pull on Myspace and just lose their status as a fad item at this moment.

Leo Laporte I’m just really interested in the notion that there is a lot of value in textual information but if you go to our chat room where there are 1000 people, actually there used to be but now they’ve all left, you see immediately that it’s almost too hard to follow. There’s got to be some way to – in Twitter, you have – how many people you got in there? 25,000 people you’re following, it’s not usable but there is a huge amount of data in there. There’s kind to be a way to mind that.

Brian Brushwood Well it’s a – I’ve always said that Twitter is essentially when the world started keeping a diary…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood …and how great will it be, I mean I wish 100 years ago, we could know what the entire world was thinking on a very personal – person-by-person basis.

Becky Worley We might [ph] know that (1:59:50) things we couldn’t have gone through to find the good stuff.

Brian Brushwood By the way, did you see the metric, the entire sum of all tweets less than 4 terabytes, it that right?

Leo Laporte Yeah. They can put it on a couple of hard drives and give it to the Library of Congress.

Brian Brushwood That’s amazing to me.

Leo Laporte Yeah. They’re actually using it…

Becky Worley [ph] why if AOL, why (2:00:04)? If that’s the case, why?

Robert Scoble Leo tomorrow DataSift [ph] is coming out (2:00:07), which will let you get value-added this 30,000 people and you can ask it all sorts of questions like show me all the positive tweets or show me all the negative tweets, or show me all the tweets that have Leo Laporte

Leo Laporte This is our – this is our, this week and next week portion of the show. What is the name of this?

Robert Scoble DataSift, that’s coming out on Monday, I’m seeing it for the first time.

Brian Brushwood No, they were working on that – they were working that on when it was Summize before Summize got bought out and got ruined as the Twitter search. Summize was fantastic, you could find any tweet just with the exact words search and then they started to – once Twitter bottomed, it went to crap.

Robert Scoble But now they – Nick Halstead who built the TweetMeme button, he built DataSift, he’s worked on it for more than a year building this infrastructure, that deal with these streams and you’re going to be able to say things like show me any tweet that has the word Leo Laporte in it. But only show me the ones that were written in Kansas or show me – all the ones that have…

Leo Laporte This is exactly what I was talking about, Robert. This is – this is – there’s so much, there’s gold, but there’s a lot of sand in there too and we need a way to pan the gold out of – I think DataSift is actually a very apt name for that. Interesting, I’d look forward to seeing that. That’s cool. Anything else for this week and next week?

Robert Scoble No, I think I gave you all the good stuff. Oh Facebook is doing something on Thursday.

Brian Brushwood You got all your gold.

Leo Laporte Thursday?

Robert Scoble Facebook – Facebook invited a bunch of those press types to Facebook on Thursday to see some sort of new technologies, so.

Leo Laporte Robert, can I get on every week to go this week and next week. Just like a five minute hit.

Robert Scoble I’ll try, my wife is really at mad me, that I’m [ph] taking a Sunday out (2:01:38).

Leo Laporte But that’s what I mean. There’ll be three minutes. You could do it via FaceTime. And now Robert Scoble’s at the beach. What's this week and next week? I think it’ll be fun.

Robert Scoble I’ll see you every other week because there’s not how much new stuff that comes up, so...

Brian Brushwood This week and every other week.

Leo Laporte This week and every other next week. Robert, great to have you. Thank you for being here. Robert is the man at Rackspace; you can go to to read his blog, Building 41.

Robert Scoble 43.

Leo Laporte Whatever. It was off by two. Is it

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte And he is the man to follow at Scobleizer if you want to know what's happening next week. Thank you, Robert.

Robert Scoble Or tomorrow.

Leo Laporte And thanks to your very patient wife. We appreciate it. Becky Worley is on Good Morning America all the time. She did pitch that story on the worm.

Becky Worley I have some credibility as a tech journalist, I’m sure I’ll be doing something about saving on diapers next week so. You can follow my tech stuff at bworley on the Twitter and I’m going home to make my public Facebook page right now, as for sure.

Robert Scoble Are you – you’re going to convert?

Robert Scoble I concur.

Brian Brushwood Oh tell me how it goes because I’m terrified to do it.

Becky Worley We can do it.

Leo Laporte I got one.

Becky Worley You got to do it, you got to do it.

Leo Laporte So I am The Leo Laporte.

Brian Brushwood Oh really, no longer – no longer Leo Laporte.

Leo Laporte Well I – my personal page is Leo Laporte.

Brian Brushwood But then you’re The Leo…

Leo Laporte The Leo Laporte is the public page and then TWiT Network for TWiT.

Brian Brushwood Alright.

Becky Worley [ph] That’s a tough call. (2:03:02)

Brian Brushwood What I’ll do, I’ll – while hold hands and jump off the cliff together.

Becky Worley So I’ll put ourselves in the third person.

Brian Brushwood Here we go, The Brian Brushwood agrees.

Leo Laporte Is Brian Brushwood still alive, find out?

Brian Brushwood Oh that’s right.

Leo Laporte What's the website?

Brian Brushwood I believe it’s

Becky Worley Is Leo Laporte Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift that will be good.

Leo Laporte No I am Taylor Swift.

Brian Brushwood Yeah you can follow me at shwood, s-h-w-o-o-d, there is no C in shwood and hopefully on a public Facebook page.

Leo Laporte And by the way. Yup.

Brian Brushwood Thank goodness. I’m glad.

Becky Worley We can verify that.

Leo Laporte Denise Howell hosts our show this WEEK in LAW, she does it every Friday 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern at She blogs at Bags and – single bag –

Denise Howell There is no S in Bag and Baggage.

Leo Laporte There is no S in Bags and – Bag and Baggage.

Brian Brushwood [ph] Go away, you go. (2:03:56)

Leo Laporte So hard to say, thank you for being here Denise, we really appreciate it, it always a pleasure to talk to you.

Denise Howell My pleasure. So great to be here.

Leo Laporte Great to get some brains on this show once in a while.

Becky Worley And don’t forget to remind people to stick around for the after show.

Denise Howell [ph] Great for join… (2:04:08)

Becky Worley Lots of great lip sinking.

Leo Laporte We’re going to all did…

Brian Brushwood Oh that’s right.

Leo Laporte Really?

Brian Brushwood [ph] [indiscernible] Eileen (2:04:14) said we’re going to putting in as an extra.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, yeah, after show we don’t know where it’ll appear, it might be appear now, might appear later but let’s just put it – let’s just say – let’s just say this. We’re happy in Paraguay. Another TWiT.

Brian Brushwood You crazy woman.

Leo Laporte Is in the can. I like [ph] carb (2:04:32).

Brian Brushwood The thing is that after school I am going to join the [ph] Rodeo (2:04:36).

Becky Worley You’ve got to watch to find out. We’re talking about…

[Video Presentation] (2:04:45)

Robert Scoble Here’s the picture of the ovens that are inside the building and so everything in the building is black because these – there are open fire ovens inside the building and it just smells so awesome.

Becky Worley [Indiscernible] (2:05:59). Nice.

Robert Scoble Yeah, you don’t want to work there, I – it’s worse than smoking believe me, I – but the whole, the walls are all black and the [ph] need (2:06:09) is just going to – it was the best thing...

Leo Laporte When we did The Screen Savers from [indiscernible] (2:06:13) we went to a place called County Line Barbeque. Is that still around?

Brian Brushwood Oh yeah, no definitely County Line is still there.

Leo Laporte They took us in to the smoker, I smell like a hickory free for ages after that.

Brian Brushwood So the two places everyone talks about in Austin is, they talked about the County Line and they talked about the Salt Lick.

Leo Laporte Did they? Oh really.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, those were the two, yeah.

Leo Laporte Okay I enjoyed County Line but I never hear the South by people talk about, maybe it’s too far away right.

Brian Brushwood But the one that I think is most under-rated because they definitely have the best barbeque sauce [indiscernible] (2:06:36).

Leo Laporte Iron Works.

Brian Brushwood No, no, no, no, no, no, Rudy’s Bar-B-Q.

Leo Laporte Rudy’s?

Robert Scoble Rudy’s target. Rudy’s, if you go up to the original one in San Antonio…

Brian Brushwood San Antonio.

Robert Scoble …look at all the wood that they burn here in Lockhart but Lockhart is better. I – I’ve been all those places…

Leo Laporte That’s not bad for the environment.

Robert Scoble Sorry, Lockhart is the best.

Leo Laporte That’s a renewable resource.

Brian Brushwood [indiscernible] (2:06:54). That’s what it is.

Leo Laporte Is Scoble in this room? Almost certainly not. You’re a 110 kilometers away according to this. That’s a – is that right? Yeah, I guess it’s about right.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you’re down on Half Moon Bay right?

Robert Scoble Half Moon Bay baby.

Leo Laporte Oh you know what it’s getting it from your Twitter.

Robert Scoble Yeah.

Leo Laporte You’re in Milpitas.

Robert Scoble Oh that was last night.

Brian Brushwood Have you guys….

Robert Scoble [indiscernible] (2:07:12) tweeted on my iPhone.

Leo Laporte So it’s [ph] tuned in via (2:07:14) the Twitter.

Brian Brushwood Do Apple…

Leo Laporte It’s an honor Robert, that’s a big honor for somebody who would actually write a site to say where you are.

Becky Worley Have you guys – did you see the [indiscernible] (2:07:24) that TechCrunch did about, if you search your name, all the names of the – of sort of the new dotcom millionaires that it’s all gold diggers trying to find out if they’re married. Like if you search [ph] F Williams (2:07:36), the result that comes up or is it have, who was it – I was wondering that Jack Dorsey, if Jack Dorsey married. It’s like all these different things that come up – shoot, it was one TechCrunch, it was so funny and it is sort of a new ego searches, what is the second term when you search yourself, what…

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, as you type your name, yeah.

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Well I get – I love the ones I get, Leo Laporte sucks, Leo Laporte bites my rump. No, actually these are pretty good. You start, is Leo Laporte.

Becky Worley It’s like a non-ego search…

Leo Laporte Is Leo Laporte gay? Is Leo Laporte a Mormon? Is Leo Laporte live? Is Leo Laporte on Facebook? Why would people search for that?

Brian Brushwood Maybe it’s the white shirt you’re wearing, they think you’re a Mormon. He’s got to put a name tag on his side.

Becky Worley Oh, I get husband and leg, I think that’s…

Leo Laporte Well you do have some pretty nice comments.

Becky Worley I was truly honored by that and I just don’t want to go after that.

Leo Laporte Look at the first one is for Brian Brushwood, is Brian Brushwood still alive.

Brian Brushwood Yeah well that – that’s because of the, remember the project.

Leo Laporte And then is Brian Brushwood a gay?

Brian Brushwood And then gay, so I – we’re in the same club right there.

Becky Worley Well apparently, according to this TechCrunch article by Paul Carr, Jack Dorsey girlfriend, Jack Dorsey’s square, Jack Dorsey net worth, then it’s Mark Zuckerberg girlfriend is the first one, [ph] Aaron Peter (12:08:58) girlfriend, Kevin Rose girlfriend, Dennis Crowley girlfriend.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, I bet.

Becky Worley But Biz Stone, no love.

Leo Laporte No love.

Becky Worley Biz [ph] gets ace (2:09:06) so could be worse.

Leo Laporte Kevin Rose Samovar owner, Kevin Rose foundation, Twitter, blog.

Robert Scoble Is Kevin rose.

Becky Worley Is Kevin rose rich, a millionaire, married?

Brian Brushwood Oh, my gosh, there it is single, dating.

Leo Laporte He doesn’t…

Becky Worley Gold diggers…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Becky Worley …after these guys. It’s a gold digger fest.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Brian Brushwood Wow.

Becky Worley I know I love…

Leo Laporte By the way, no, no, no, yes, no. I happen to know – I happen to know Kevin Rose. Now let’s see what is Becky Worley what…

Becky Worley I’m sure.

Leo Laporte Is Becky Worley hot? Who would search for that?

Brian Brushwood I’m so jealous, we get gay, you get hot.

Becky Worley Is there irony people? Hello, hello, but I mean perceivable someone’s able to form an opinion on that without having to search for it.

Leo Laporte It’s funny that they would Google that.

Becky Worley I know. Is she or it, you know I’m so confused. Is Becky Worley hot? That is such a..

Leo Laporte What is interesting is how many people are searching to find out if somebody is gay in Google. I don’t understand is there a Google gay test.

Denise Howell I’m telling you is Tom Merritt leave CNET, is Tom Merritt gay? Eileen.

Brian Brushwood I’ll tell you I have started to phrase a lot of questions, ask questions on Google, but just so I’m hoping somebody else won’t ask the same question, and you find him that like the Yahoo answers thing often as the result that comes up.

Leo Laporte Well this is interesting, I’ll just type is and I get is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler heterosexual.

Brian Brushwood I got the same thing, if Santa real, is Daniel Tosh gay, is Facebook shutting down, and is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler.

Leo Laporte Now I want to know, I want to know

Brian Brushwood I don’t know if he only wrestle heterosexual bears.

Becky Worley You have no idea that Google is such an arbiter of sexuality, because I just type in as like – okay let me think of something that is a good question, and I like is Eric Schmidt going to become the Secretary of Commerce, but I started is Eric Schmidt, of course gay is in there but its only number two, number one is, is Eric Schmidt Jewish? Is Eric Schmidt gay? Is Eric Schmidt a good CEO? So it’s just like every single one – the people are trying to figure out who is gay and who is not.

Leo Laporte Robert what are you showing us there?

Robert Scoble If you search Rob – Robert Scoble gay, you’d find these pictures on TechCrunch.

Leo Laporte Why would TechCrunch publish those?

Robert Scoble I went to this really killer party in London last year and I had a few too many vodkas, guys were kissing me and some pictures showed up on TechCrunch, it was great.

Leo Laporte Wow

Becky Worley Nice.

Robert Scoble And I would do it again.

Becky Worley Wow, the experiment was [indiscernible] (131:41)

Brian Brushwood I think the pump is primed and I’m ready to start tweet.

Leo Laporte Jeez Lewis, lets get going now baby.

Brian Brushwood We’ve not even started.

Becky Worley Oh my god.

Leo Laporte That was just a free show.

Brian Brushwood That was we started with Twit after dark.

Becky Worley So is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler  ?

Leo Laporte Yeah there’s a video.

Brian Brushwood Yes it’s on – I think he means bear on the gay sense, like big burly hairy guys. He’s a heterosexual guy who likes to wrestle big hairy.

Becky Worley Okay, well then that was Twit.

Leo Laporte Thanks for joining us. Let me read three commercials and we will done. It’s just that easy folks.

Becky Worley I can’t believe I brought the best stuff before we even started the show.

Leo Laporte For the rest of you wondering how I can get into new media, this is it. Just invite Becky Worley, Brian Brushwood, Robert Scoble and Denise Howell, and the rest takes care of itself.

Brian Brushwood This is going to be a great episode.

Leo Laporte What happens if you type ‘is TWiT’?

Robert Scoble Is it gay.

Leo Laporte If they say, TWiT gay…

Becky Worley Seriously this is a new business. Is…

Denise Howell [Indiscernible] (132:41).

Becky Worley This should be a new business.

Leo Laporte Yeah that’s a problem. It’s all about Twitter. Is Twitter free, is Twitter profitable, is Twitter safe, is Twitter making money? Well I get no love at all.

Becky Worley Oh here’s a good one, is the – is the world going to end in 2012?

Denise Howell [indiscernible] (2:13:00) just guarding our privacy a little more effectively.

Leo Laporte Maybe that’s it. I mean is Charlie Sheen, bipolar, crazy, dead, insane or manic.

Brian Brushwood Did you hear about our show last night?

Robert Scoble Yeah, do you want to see that?

Brian Brushwood Yeah I do actually. That was a moment of weakness you just heard of my voice.

Leo Laporte I think you do…

Brian Brushwood I want to indulge in some [indiscernible] (2:13:17).

Leo Laporte As a performer – exactly, you want to see somebody else flop.

Becky Worley And he’s got to be so mad at Rebecca Black.

Brian Brushwood What? For stealing?

Becky Worley Yeah. I mean she definitely took that – she took the [indiscernible] (2:13:29).

Leo Laporte Hey that’s what happened. You had your 15 minutes, it’s her turn.

Becky Worley I know, but you could see the man was banking on it.

Brian Brushwood Was that true that was for a [indiscernible] (2:13:40), I didn’t know that, on the [ph] Friday thing (2:13:41)?

Leo Laporte Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I understand is that her parents paid two grand; she said this in her interview with Leno I think at the GMA, you should know Becky. Her parents paid two grand for it, I think it was for [indiscernible] (2:13:52) she’s 13, that makes sense. And, I don’t know how it got on the Internet but I think [ph] Arc (2:13:59) put it on the Internet.

Brian Brushwood Well there’s another one like that, like he’s [ph] Zack stand (2:14:02) back…

Leo Laporte There is ton of them. Exactly, I think this is a big…

Brian Brushwood The thing.

Leo Laporte …thing.

Brian Brushwood It’s a thing the kids are doing.

Leo Laporte The thing the rich parents have done.

Brian Brushwood I mean they new [indiscernible] (2:14:10) adults are doing.

Becky Worley You know I would like to do that. I’m going to suggest this to [indiscernible] (2:14:14) as a story. I want to make my own music video.

Leo Laporte Becky Worley, that would be good. See this is when you have a real media outlet.

Brian Brushwood That’d be great. Throw $2000, you’re like cheese Becky.

Becky Worley What does it look like, like I have no talent?

Leo Laporte Friday, Friday. You know what the problem is? They accidently wrote a catchy song.

[Video Presentation] (2:14:36)

Leo Laporte This is kind of a hit piece I have to say.

[Video Presentation] (2:15:19)

Leo Laporte Progress.

[Video Presentation] (2:15:30)

Leo Laporte I love the way ABC is chopping up YouTube video from BugDave.

[Video Presentation] (135:58)

Leo Laporte In case they forgot to bring their YouTube camera.

[Video Presentation] (136:04)

Leo Laporte What did you expect you nitwits?

Brian Brushwood Now hold on.

Leo Laporte You went there to see a car wreck and you’re complaining?

Brian Brushwood No, no, no because here is the thing. Like in all Charlie Sheen defense like he was a genius on those interviews on the news and he showed a lot of creativity and bizarre energy and that’s what people want him more of but like for example I went to Kevin Smiths thing we did – he showed red statement, did a Q&A afterward. I mean that guy can capture an audience and draw them in and I guess just Charlie Sheen couldn’t. So it’s not that they’re dump for wanting its Charlie Sheen…

Leo Laporte They thought, they thought there would be more there.

Brian Brushwood Yeah. He didn’t have– he didn’t have it.

Robert Scoble All they had to do is watch his YouTube [indiscernible] (137:07).

Leo Laporte Denise gave up.

Robert Scoble News stream channel.

Becky Worley My favorite part of that is that was on from GMA this morning. That piece that we just watched.

Brian Brushwood Really.

Becky Worley And now I don’t feel so bad because I pitched them on the Liza-Moon SQL injection attack and shocking when they took that piece over mine.

Leo Laporte The Liza-Moon SQL injection attack is a huge story.

Becky Worley I know. But they took Charlie over me.

Leo Laporte A real story.

Becky Worley I know. Not al least I wasn’t my fault it was Charlie’s fault.

Robert Scoble So people are asking is the real TWiT an actual TWiT going to be today.

Leo Laporte Yes this is it.

Becky Worley Yes. This is it.

Brian Brushwood Yes this is it and it’s starting.

Leo Laporte Not only are people asking that our producers in here demanding what we ..

Becky Worley It’s a scary part. There has been no drinking perceiving this. This is sober.

Brian Brushwood Like no life.

Becky Worley Procrastination.

Brian Brushwood I mean watching doing this like come on guys lets please really.

Leo Laporte We got to do something. No we lost Denise that’s what we are doing.

Brian Brushwood We are covering so well you thought we are –

Leo Laporte No, Denise is – I think you Skype…

Brian Brushwood Goofing around.

Leo Laporte …Skype crash here Denise. It was a weird thing.

Denise Howell Yes you went offline.

Leo Laporte Yes Skype crashed.

Denise Howell Said My Skype.

Leo Laporte Alright. I guess I should record now.

Brian Brushwood It was good. Is the equivalent of limbering up, we stretched out all our muscles.

Leo Laporte Or used up all our material.

Brian Brushwood Let it rock

Leo Laporte It remains to be seen.

Brian Brushwood Done and done.

Denise Howell I cried off all my mascara watching the pre show video.

Leo Laporte I know.

Denise Howell It was so funny.

Leo Laporte It was wild. All that lip syncing.

Brian Brushwood Happy in paradise.

Leo Laporte Alright here we go. Let me put up the reminder that what you’re about to see is not real.

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