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Episode 297

This Week In Tech 297: Six Years And Counting

Cisco's flip flop, Spotify ends ad-supported music, the guy who owns 50% of Facebook, the cake is not a lie, and more.



  • The guys did talk about IPv6 ... something very important to the Internet:
    • But, IMHO, they underplayed the importance - and urgency / impending nature - of IPv6.
      • Capable platforms: all modern OSes and routing platforms are "IPv6 ready" ... IDS/IPS platforms and CDNs are perhaps a bit lagging, but expect those vendors to catch up - if not now, *soon*.
      • Deployment: IPv6 is coming *soon*; over the course of this year (and next, to be honest) expect IPv6 to go from something most ISPs are just starting to publicly test to something widely available at our homes. (Reference Comcast's trials, VZW's LTE & T-Mo's IPv6-only(!) trials).
      • Addressing: While it seems cumbersome at first glance, IPv6 addresses aren't that bad once you get used to hexadecimal & colon-delimited chunks (seriously, muscle memory kicks in pretty quickly - aside from need to hit shift to type a colon :) )

Notable Quotes

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    • -- Panelist @ MP3 time code

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