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Roundtable during TWiT 311, the first show at the brickhouse
A view of the Control desk and the Roundtable set in the distance at the TWiT Brick House

The TWiT Brick House is the name of the former TWiT Studios in Petaluma California. Almost all of the Netcasts on the TWiT network were recorded there. The TWiT Brick House replaced the former TWiT studio, The TWiT Cottage, which had housed all of TWiTs shows since 2005. On August 21, 2016 TWiT moved to the new TWiT Eastside Studio.

The new building cost in excess of US$1.2 million. It took over 7 months for the Studio to be built and be ready to be used for broadcasting. The first show that was broadcast from the TWiT Brick House was TWiT 311 on July 24, 2011.



Studio Audience

If you wanted to visit the Brick House and be in the studio audience, you had to email 20 to 30 audience members could be accommodated. Shows in Leo's office had room for up to 8 audience members. Visitors would be required to sign a waiver. Refer to TWiT Brick House Directions and Info for more information.

Floor Plans

First Floor

The Bricks in the front foyer of the TWiT Brick House
  • TWiT sold personalized bricks in the entrance lobby as a fundraiser.
  • Alex Lindsay and the Pixel Corps have an large versatile studio including a green screen cove and separate control room.
  • Sets:
    • Leo's studio/office, modeled to be like the old TWiT Cottage
    • TNT Newsroom
    • The round table
    • The living room
    • Radio Corner (Leo's Ham Station and an antique AM transmitter and mixing board)
    • Sky box elevated set
  • "Production Alley" which is used by Continuity
  • Two rooms and one area by the kitchen for editors.
  • Another glassed in office for Lisa Kentzell, CEO of TWiT.
  • Two other offices for the Engineering Manager and another staff member
  • A former closet which became an office for Patrick Delahanty in 2013.
  • A large kitchen/dining area.
  • A reception area with the brick Wall of Honor.
  • A conference room.
  • A loading dock with conveyor belt to the basement.


The fire sprinklers in the basement were too low for the space to be up to code as an office area. The equipment necessary to make TWiT happen (the Tricaster, audio and video processing equipment, Streamomatic, etc) was stored in the basement, with only the control surfaces upstairs. This kept the noisy, heat-generating equipment off the sets.

The basement was also used for storage.


  • The name "The Brick TWiT House" was thought up by Dick DeBartolo in a Daily Giz Wiz episode where Leo and Dick were pondering a new name to replace "The TWiT Cottage". Leo described the new place as being a brick building as opposed to the wood-based TWiT Cottage.
  • The building is the former home of BiAS Sound. The building has also served as a drug store, and was originally built as a furniture factory.
  • The TWiT Brick House is just under two blocks away from the former TWiT studio, The TWiT Cottage.
  • The first show broadcast from the TWiT Brick House was TWiT 311 on July 24, 2011.
  • The new building cost US$1.2 million

Walk Throughs and Images

Check out the new digs at Google Street View