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The TWiT Cottage is the nickname given to the former studios and headquarters of TWiT. The TWiT Cottage is located in Petaluma, California, USA. The new TWiT Studios (the TWiT Brick House) officially replaced the Cottage on July 24, 2011.


TWiT founder Leo Laporte first rented a small room upstairs in the building circa 2004 as studios for his radio show, The Tech Guy. After deciding to start TWiT Live, Laporte extended the area of the cottage they rented, until they had rented the entire building. The TWiT Cottage officialy closed on July 24, 2011 when TWiT moved to the TWiT Brick House.

New Building - The TWiT Brick House

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The first broadcast from the new studio was TWiT 311 on July 24, 2011. The last broadcast from the TWiT cottage was The Tech Guy for Sunday July 24, 2011.


In January 2010, Leo Laporte gave a tour of the TWiT Cottage in preparation for a trip to CES. It is avalable here.

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