TWiT Fit 14

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TWiT Fit
Episode 14

This weeks TWiT Fit was a Q&A session from the IRC and Stickam chat rooms. Al Scardino answers questions about running, building muscle mass and exercising in the winter months. Al asked at the beginning of the show for listeners to send any questions they have about fitness and nutrition to him for subsequent episodes.

Eat To Live

Leo recommends a book titled Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. From the forward: "Americans have been among the first people worldwide to have the luxury of bombarding themselves with nutrient-deficient, high-calorie food, often called empty-calorie or junk food..."

One Hundred Pushups

One Hundred Push Ups is a training regiment which claims it can enable you to do one hundred push ups in six weeks. There is an iPhone App from this organization which will help you regulate your training regiment.


  • If you can't afford a trainer you should get yourself an exercise partner. This is somebody who will help keep you on track and motivated about your fitness regiment.
  • If it's too cold outside to exercise and you can't afford a gym membership there are several indoor exercises you can do, such as push ups and jumping jacks. Think of 3 exercises you can do in your home and do as many as you can. As time goes on start increasing the amount. Don't set unreasonable goals.
  • An underweight person can be even less healthy then an overweight person. To gain weight you must eat healthy, not eat tons of fatty foods. Nutrient supplements and protein drinks can be a good way to build mass.