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Freddy is the only permanent resident of the TWiT Brick House

Freddy the Raccoon showed up at TWiT to watch a taping of This Week in Tech with Kevin Rose on July 21, 2013. In that episode, Leo re-created Kevin's famous throwing-a-raccoon-down-the-stairs video, which had only gone viral a few days earlier.

After the show, Freddy decided to stick around. He has since made appearances on a number of TWiT shows, but most often can be seen between shows. He seems to enjoy staring into the camera and waving to the viewers.

When he decided to stay, he took up residence in the dumpster in the alley behind the Brick House. In November, it got really cold and he moved into the Jeffries Tube above the front windows.


To date, he has appeared on:

This list does not include any pre/post-show appearances or on-camera appearances between shows.

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Actual Puppet History

The following is the real-live history of the raccoon puppet:

In about 1979, Patrick Delahanty's father took a business trip to San Francisco. He purchased the puppet and gave him to Patrick when he returned to Maine. Patrick kept the puppet (and a number of other raccoon stuffed animals) throughout his childhood. Eventually, the puppet and other stuffed animals were given to younger cousins. Some of these somehow made their way back to Patrick's parents' house. When his parents sold the house in 2002, Patrick re-claimed many childhood possessions like old Star Wars toys (which are worth something), Lego (worth more for sentimental reasons), and some of the raccoons.

The raccoons remained at the back of Patrick's closet until March 2013 when he was packing to move to Petaluma. All the other raccoons were either taken by his girlfriend or donated to the American Red Cross (where, less than a month later, they may have comforted children affected by the Boston Marathon bombing). Patrick decided to keep the puppet and brought him back to the Bay Area more than 30 years after he left.

When Kevin Rose was scheduled to appear on TWiT, Chad Johnson went looking for a raccoon stuffed animal. Unable to find one, he put a call out via which Patrick volunteered "Freddy". Other than leaving to attend dinners for the Brick House 2nd Anniversary and the 2013 Christmas Party, he has remained at the TWiT Brick House ever since.

When TWiT moved to the Eastside Studio, he could be seen with the TWiT staff holding a little bindle.