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Loe I listened to your most recent podcast about "back to the mac" announcements. And I also listened to MacCast. I am so frustrated and confused. Why is it that all the Mac Tech Analyst never discuss how poor the mail/contacts/calendar features are in Mac OS. We "deep dive" into iLife one feature at a time.

It seems to me that Mac needs to bring the mail, contacts and calendar apps up to "business-grade" in order to make the complete move to mobile me and cloud. If this is where they want the mac eco-system to go, why don't they develop these apps to work more like gmail and google apps. BTW I understand that you all use gmail for this reason - but why are we not expecting that same level of quality from Mac, if it is an eco system they are trying to build, can we add our communications and organization tools into that eco system.

I want to use my mobile me account to sync my 9 macs and ipads and iphones. But to do that I have to use the lite version of these features. I use to use outlook in my corporate days - more then 10 years ago, and that old version had better feature set then the Snow Leopard's feature set for these 3 apps [or should i call them modules really]

I am looking for the basics not fancy stuff - strong spell check for email - copy and paste a contact to make a second card for the same company - print the notes and attachments for a meeting/appointment - maybe even share calendars for meeting invitations

all of this i could do in outlook but when i switched to entourage and tried to sync with mobile me it made a complete mess. so i decided to "down-grade" to the mac apps just to get clean and consistent syncing

so every time they upgrade the OS i keep buying it and installing it hoping to find some more robust features in mail, contacts and calendar - i don't think i have seen any new features here in 5 years - not practical ones anyway.

Please discuss this on your show and get feedback from other users to see if this is my personal pet peeve or are other mobile me users disappointed repeatedly by the OS upgrades? Bev —Preceding unsigned comment added by Graphicmatter (talkcontribs) 07:42, 3 November 2010