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Update on the Windows shortcut vulnerability

I was checking Steve's tweets and blog, but nothing on this latest exploit. I was ready to sell everything, buy gold, and head for the hills, but not a peep since the recording?

From the page

Question: [ 01 ]

Aperez 08:13, 29 July 2010 (PDT) (Armando A. Perez, Pasadena, CA)

Question: Where does AV fit in today's computing landscape? While listening the podcast, in particular, about the LNK vulnerability, I realized that there was no mention (at least none that I could pick up) about Anti-Virus solutions protecting the user from new exploits. This caused me to wonder, how effective (and relevant) are the AV solutions in today's computing world in protecting users? Are IPS/IDS systems more effective today (and the next step up from AV), compared to AV?