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  • from LukeS:
  • Monday, November 28, 2011; 11:11 (-5 hrs GMT):
  • ok, someone changed the template from TWiT to Tech News Today, changed the following episode link to TNT and changed the links back again.
  • I will save the files offline and upload them on my site with password so it can be verified.
  • It is not only extremely annoying but a hack.
  • As for those continually trying to justify attack due to bad content:
    • you wouldn't be liable for it if you wouldn't cause it and support those that cause it.
  • I will try to fix this in the next hour or so, but it may not work.
  • Similar problem occured on the Google Show Notes Page back around July 2011 (summer 2011).
  • It is the second time this happens.
  • They seemingly would try to get away trying to fool my kids and descendants as well.